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October - 12



The divide and rule policy

Dear Editor,

I am not proud to be an Indian, nor am I proud to be an Arunachalee. Our country craves to be a regional superpower with massive expenditures on space programmes and show-off events like much criticized Common Wealth Games. They must be building castles in the air! It is wrong to believe that we do not have potentials. But it seems our potentialities are left to be managed by corrupt politicians whose main objective is to pocket public money. Union food minister gets lauded by the Prime Minister to defy order of the honorable Supreme Court for distributing food grains among the poor. Rather they would prefer to let lakhs of tons of food grains rot in the open while thousands of our people still die out of hunger & farmers commit suicide. Who is responsible for this? The political system is a complete failure. The British taught the basics of ‘Divide & Rule’ and even they had not known that it would remain so effective for so long. There are political & social parties representing Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahujans (lower castes) & other ethnic communities, minorities, etc. but there is no representation for the poor or for their cause! Is it because the poor has no ethnic or religious identity? Jawaharlal Nehru once said that the ethnic diversities of our country are the greatest treasures. Yes indeed! Our ethnic diversity proved to be treasures worth millions for the politicians! Some says intellectuals are not interested in politics, some blame it to the lack of faith of educated population in the electoral system & some blame it to lack of choice. Even if an honest educated person choose politics, he will have to use corrupt practices to see himself elevated to the place from where he can do something for the poor. Every care has been taken to inject the feeling of love and respect for our nation. Every year Republic Day and Independence Day are celebrated with great pomp & show. Are these deliberate acts of eye wash so as to keep us away from the real issues? Do these celebrations mean anything to millions of people who sleep hungry and die out of lack of medical facility? Is it the country that our freedom fighters laid their life for? Is it the country that is worth of the sacrifices of our brave Jawans? Can we really celebrate our freedom? Or is it for the ‘democratically’ elected lucky few?

I was happy to be an Arunachalee. Unlike other parts of the country we don’t have beggers on the streets, nor do our people die out of hunger. This is primarily because our people are hard working and believes in own self. The recent revealing of PDS scam & less publicized open secret of corrupt practices rampantly followed by all Engineering Departments are indications of the growing mainland trend of unemployment & increasing economical disparity. Is it not an open secret that almost every job in our state comes with a price tag attached? Is it not an open secret that disproportionate assets worth thousands of crores meant for the poor and unemployed are amassed by some of the Politicians, Engineers & Govt. Officials? It is high time that something must be done to prevent the deprived from rising up in arms!

I would like to draw the attention of our respected Student Leaders. In absence of any strong political opposition in our state, it is the student leaders who must play a pivotal role in safeguarding the interest of the poor. It is a question of the faith of thousands of your less fortunate brothers and sisters who are not as lucky as you! We have seen a ray of hope in you. We have chosen you as our voice and as our answer to the mal-practices of corrupt Politicians, Engineers & Officers. Rs.480 crore, as claimed by the State Govt. is not a petty sum of money, especially when hundreds & thousands of our brothers and sisters are forced to make compromises thereby incurring ir-reparable damages to their lives even for basic requirements like food, clothing & education which are worth nothing more than a few hundred rupees. It is also a shame on us, those who can understand as to what all is happening. It is a crime to cause injustice. Not to resist or raise voice against injustice is also a crime. Let our silence not make us a party to corruption. Time is running out and we must irrespective of our ethnic affiliations raise our voice to save our beautiful land for our future generations. Let them not suffer in this state of anarchy which if not checked will deteriorate even further. Our unity beyond our ethnic boundaries will be our strength.


A Citizen (on email)



The hardship of people

Dear Editor,

The people of the twin Capital complex, Itanagar and Naharlagun is living under the abject hardship due to the bad road conditions.

The "People’s first" Government especially the public work department and the Urban Development Department has miserably failed to live up to the people’s expectation as they lack in sincerity, dedication.

Various sectoral roads is lying un-main tained since last ten years and almost all the residents of the various sectors of the twin capital complex is living in un-hygienic conditions as the garbage are not lifted timely by the Urban Development Department spreading foul smell in the sectors. Such is the State of the affairs of the sectors of the twin capital complex.

The NH52(A) stretch from Banderdewa to Itanagar and Itanagar to Hollongi was built by the BRTF in an excellent conditions with proper drainage system. When the road was at the climax of the its completion by the BRTF, the State Government took over the road to look after it.

Since then, the State P. W. D. has not maintained the road.

The road can easily be converted into four lanes to free from the traffic jam and unseen road accidents. The state Government and PWD lack in comprehensive pro-people policy in delivering welfare to its citizens.

The NH-52(A) today is worn out with damaged culverts and bridges and with road full of potholes and water logging is everywhere from Banderdewa to Itanagar and Itanagar to Hollongi.

Practically, the NH-52(A) is now a non existence road. Why the NH-52(A) is today pathetic conditions? Is it not the responsibility of the State Government and PWD?

The State Government and PWD authority should explain to the people of capital complex about the present pathetic conditions of the NH-52(A) and sectoral roads at early. Otherwise the people will not remain silent specta tors.


Techi Necha



PRC – Permanent Resident Construction Certificate

Dear Editor,

To be honest, I like reading newspapers rather than scanning the same on the net, but in some occasions compulsion takes the front seat and I am forced to go through the net, especially our Arunachal Times. I have tried to be a regular reader but can’t help it because of my schedule and also that the news I feel is the same everyday (though I believe it changes). All forms of Unions doing all sort of things, ministers, MLAs, landslides etc. (I even know it’s important though). But last few days I have become a regular reader of the Arunachal Times on net and the news that caught my attention is the recent development in Arunachal about this term ‘PRC’. I always like to run my eyes through the headlines (like most others), but this PRC term has compelled me to pause and I scan the whole news about it. Do not know why I have been reading the Arunachal Times regularly these days or why I like to read so much of this PRC thing. Maybe it is one of the most important bad thing that had happened in Arunachal (apart from the infamous PDS scam; will talk about it some other day). The granting of PRC to non-APST people or I should say Permanent Resident Construction Certificate to non-APSTs. It wouldn’t have bothered me much or I could have taken it as one more faltu drama in Arunachal, but I know it will create a real menace if we allow this few stupid MLAs to grant PRC to these non-APSTs though they have agreed not to go ahead with the same after all those demonstrations and vigorous campaign against the decision to grant PRC to non-APST.

One year back or maybe two, I read it in a newspaper about how the Goa govt. was about to implement law against granting PRC to people outside the state and also against purchasing and selling of land in Goa. Now let me tell you the reason for above. In the past the Mallayas, the Mittals, the Khans, the Kumars, the Singhanias, the Wallaces (read rich people) have been purchasing lands cheaply from the local inhabitants of Goa and constructing sprawling bungalows and industries on the prime land. As the years passed more and more people infiltrated, purchased lands (to tell you, not only people from other states but also from other countries) and settled permanently. And now the situation in Goa is that there is hardly any place for the local people, the Konkanis. They have lost their identity, their culture and tradition apart from their land. So the Goa govt. had to think and implement a law to protect the interests of the locals to whom the land belong. In view of this we should say that we have been smart to have protected our land this long from the rich outsiders, but some few selfish people are trying to sell our land to the outsiders. Thanks to our local people’s determination that they had to shy away. These people, just for the sake of some extra votes were going to put our future in danger of extinction. Okay let’s consider their explanation i.e humanitarian ground- today we grant PRC to 50 people then tomorrow how much, hundreds then thousands and lakhs. At last what? Simple- Arunachal will be occupied by  Non-APSTs. There will be no more Mopin or Nyokum or Dree or any other local festivals being celebrated. You won’t find any Arunachalee doctors, engineers, bureaucrats. No place for the True Arunachalees.

Let me try to explain if I’m successful, granting PRC means allowing people from other states and country to settle in Arunachal. Today they may say only 50 but once you have opened the gate more and more people are going to come in specially the rich people from other state and even from countries because of Arunachal’s natural beauty. Once they come they’ll purchase land which will be quite cheap for them (not to forget that still 20-30%of Arunachalee people depends on the bread earned from their field.), construct their habitats, industries etc.  Schools and colleges will be dominated by non-APSTs and more importantly we will be losing our identity and culture.

Even if not satisfied, I would like to ask those MLAs who were about to grant PRC, two questions-

(1)How long do you think you will be a minister?

(2)Do you have any guarantee that your son or daughter will be an MLA or Minister?

So then how selfish you are, just for the sake of your seat you wanted to grant this PRC to capture non-APST votes. After 40-50 years when you are no more,  your son and daughter will be facing the ire of these non-APST. They won’t have land, no job and no food, unless you have stocked in so much public money (as in PDS) to feed your next ten generations (and I guess you have), even then your 11TH generation will be in dark.

See I am not against tourist visiting the State, but I am against them building resident in Arunachal. This doesn’t even mean that I am not an Indian, I am an Indian and every Indian has got the right to protect its identity and culture.

But at least one good thing that I have seen because of this PRC is that it has united all the Arunachalee to guard its identity and culture. Forget tribe, forget language, we all if united like now, then how strong the tide be we can cross the river.

(Views expressed by the writer are Personal)


By Dr. Limar Angu

J.J Hospital Mumbai



People’s will matters

Dear Editor,

Just as Teji was voted to stardom practically by sheer will power of united public, the same can be exhibited against some of the raging issues like the infamous PDS scam which has brought nothing but shame to our state.

Today Teji is a household name and this little boy has done great job of uniting the entire state in his effort to bring a good name for the state.

His victory is a great example for the contemporary society because it was ultimately the power of the “Peoples’ will” which helped him recognize his latent talent.

Likewise the people of our state cutting across party lines and community should generate a willingness to fight against corruption. The issues like the PDS scam, the brutal murder of Late Wangcha Rajkumar and the mindless mortgaging of the indigenous tribal lands to the hydro power merchants should be discussed and debated in every households, in every streets and gathering and a mammoth public pressure should be built up to do away with all dirty elements within our society.

The need of the hour is nothing but to keep raising these scandalous issues rocking the state and thereby generate and awaken the people’s will to fight tooth and nail against anything evil. Once again thanks to Teji who has shown how powerful the people’s united effort and the social will to achieve a goal can be. Let us arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.


Kaling Jerang





“Where has district student union of West Siang gone hiding?”

Dear Editor,

In relation to present PDS Scam, it is very shameful to know that out of 96 accused, 11 are from West Siang district. PDS Scam accused from West Siang includes sitting MLA Jarkar Gamlin of 31st Aalo East constituency and his son Karka Gamlin along with names like Tugo Gankak, Yater Bagra, Toi Josam, Tomo Basar, Nyater Taipodia, Akoni Taipodia, Tumar Bagra, Yaym Gankak and Gome Gadi etc. These all accused have found their name in the list published on 21st Sept 2010 in ‘The Arunachal Times’ daily. Inspite of these gross corruption till now only GSU had raised voice. On the other hand West Siang District Students Union is keeping mum on this PDS issue. Even during PRC imbroglio, they have kept complete silence which is quite shocking.

Hence forth, we the citizen of West Siang District wants to know,  is there any student organization in our dist such as All Papum Pare District Students Union etc. who raise voice against those shameless PDS accused of our districts. Entire student communities including AAPSU and other district student unions of state should raise strong voice against PDS accused and should not ever keep mum.

 At last our question is where has gone West Siang District Student Union and  where are their President and General Secretary gone hiding. In our view it seems that there is no any students union in West Siang District, which is called the backbone of our society. At present we need and aspire to have strong Student union in our district, whose function should be to mitigate the corruption in the district.


Marge Ado

Gomo Kamki

Gumbin Noshi,




Please, don’t mislead people

Dear Editor,

This is apropos the letter published under the caption “Not the popular voice” in your daily on Oct 9.

The Central Executive Committee members of the CoSAAP on Saturday took serious note of the views aired by one of its anonymous members in his letter by distorting facts and figures purportedly to mislead the general public.  CoSAAP being a conglomeration of organizations of service associations of Govt employees neither supports nor oppose corrupt persons nor practices as alleged by some individuals and organizations.

The CEC, CoSAAP in its press statement had neither protected any alleged individual or corrupt leaders nor it opposed allegations leveled by some organizations. It was only an appeal to the bandh sponsorers to apply reasons considering the problems faced by the Govt employees in particular and commoners in general when bandhs are being called. The frequent bandh calls rather add to the problems of general masses including Govt employees and economic losses to the state.

Further the CoSAAP CEC regrets that some members/individuals misinterpreted the views of CoSAAP and misled the general public and state Govt employees.

The CoSAAP CEC appeals the individual stated to be member of CoSAAP who has issued this contradictory opinion and ones harbouring such opinion to refrain from publishing such misleading statements in the press without verifying contents, context and objectives from CEC,CoSAAP.


N L Togu,


Pate Marik,

Secretary General







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Media fraternity registers protest against death threat to journalist

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: Highlighting once again how dangerous life is for the media fraternity of the state, senior journalist Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times has been threatened with death by some unknown persons.  Ever since the PDS case started making headlines, The Arunachal Times office has been getting unending abusive and death threatening calls.

“A truck will crush your car or bike and police will think it’s an accident case. You people should stop writing about PDS case to save your lives,” are some of the words used by the unknown callers to threaten the news desk.

The major threats were directed towards Rina who had been ignoring these bullying tactics for over two weeks, assuming they were merely knee jerk reactions. But two days ago, she got the shock of her life when somebody dropped a threatening note at her home. “Your days are numbered. Stop writing or face deathly consequences. Get out”. These were the chilling words written on a neatly computer typed letter. It is to be noted that about 15 days ago she had received a similar letter urging her to stop writing about the PDS case.

While media houses in Arunachal are used to abusive and threatening tactics at office, this incidence of threat to life reaching the private residence of a senior journalist has shocked the entire media fraternity of the state. Issues like PDS and PRC are of public interest and it is the prime duty of the media to provide full information to the people of Arunachal about such sensitive cases. If random persons start intimidating the media fraternity to stop writing on issues, then there is no point in having media houses in Arunachal, members of the press shared. They went on to say that on a sad note, we have to accept that the fourth pillar of democracy is leading towards a slow and sure death in this state.

Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) has taken serious note of this violation of privacy and threat to life. The Union has written a letter to the Chief Minister and the Director General of Police and sought police security for Rina and the publication where she works.

The Union also acknowledged the support received from SP City, Chukhu Apa for his assurance of safety and for regular patrolling.

Furthermore, the APUWJ has expressed repulsion over this incident and questioned how the people of Arunachal can expect the media to function independently under these hostile circumstances. The Union has registered its strongest protest over these attacks on the freedom of the Press and has appealed to the authorities to send the threat issuing document for forensic tests to determine the origin and intent of the sender.


AASU-AAPSU to jointly move Centre on

boundary dispute

AASU lifts economic blockade permanently

CHARAIPUNG, Oct 11: The people of Arunachal living in Tirap district, especially Russa gets sort of Durja Pooja bumper offer with the permanent lifting of economic blockade by the All Assam Students Union (AASU).

The decision was the result of marathon discussion at Charaipung in Sivsagar district and a border area by the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and AASU under the tutelage of North East Students Organisation on Sunday afternoon.

On August 21 last 13 Assam based organization imposed indefinite economic blockade following breaking out of border skirmishes at Russa which shares border with Assam. The Assam based organization lifted the blockade after the intervention of NESO and persistent appeal from AAPSU.

The historic meeting which was chaired by NESO chairman Samujjal Bhattacharya and secretary general Gumjum Haider also resolved to jointly fight for early and permanent solution of long pending boundary row.

The AAPSU and AASU will jointly move the Centre and both Assam and Arunachal governments for permanent solution of the inter-state boundary disputes.

Talking to media person after the meeting, NESO chairman said NESO would continue to put pressure on the Centre for permanent solution of the border disputes among all the states of the region. “People in Delhi (Centre) don’t want the people of the states of the Northeast to be united that is why they don’t care for permanent solution of boundary problem and creates misunderstanding between our people”, he alleged.

NESO Secretary suggested for people to people dialogue between the boundary dwellers to create an environment of bonhomie and security.  He also suggested the Assam based electronic media to abide by the media ethics and to be impartial while covering sensitive issues such as border row.  

The meeting also decided that regular meetings by the student bodies involving local people and gaon buras would be organised to ensure peace and harmony. The meeting called upon the governments of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to ensure that the joint patrolling by the police personnel from Assam and Arunachal does not affect the common people.  

When AASU executives expressed concern at the extortion notice being repeatedly served to the people of Assam living in the border area by the NSCN based in Tirap district, AAPSU president Takam Tatung said that the people of Tirap and Changlang are also facing the same problem. He suggested for joint efforts to solve the menace in order to solve the misunderstanding between the people of Assam and Arunachal.

All Papum Pare District Student Union President Nabam John, All Tawang District Students Union President Nima Tenzing, West Siang District Students Union President Karyom Loyi, All Tirap District Students Union President Jiten Wangsa and Kamku Russa gaon burah also attended the meeting along with other executive members.


Siram stresses on early restoration of road network

PASIGHAT, Oct 11: The Education Minister Bosiram Siram along with the Urban Development engineers  has  inspected the ongoing maintenance work of Pasighat road network today.

He urged the concerned department to complete the work with quality within the December 10.

While interacting with the local officers and leaders, Siram appraised that the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi has consented to grace on the ensuing Centenary celebration.

Earlier, this morning, the minister attended a function  as chief guest organized by the Naomi English School (NES), Pasighat, which has been upgraded from primary to middle standard today. Speaking on the occasion Siram appealed the school authority to introduce student centric teaching methodology and stressed on vocational activities. He appealed the President NES Dana Pertin and teachers to encourage the students preserve traditional values in order to preserve own identity and culture. DIPRO


Public hearing on EIA on Khuitam hydel project held

BOMDILA, Oct 11: Adding up to the power scenario of the district, another Public Hearing on the Environmental Impact Assessment in connection with the construction of 66 MW Khuitam Hydro Electric Project by Adishankar Power Pvt Ltd was held at Salari under Dirang circle in the district today.

Expressing his satisfaction over the large turnout of the local populace and the PRI members of Rahung, Khuitam and Salari, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi, who chaired the Public Hearing, maintained that investments and projects of such magnitude help in uplifting the socio-economic condition of the people. He, however,  said that the natives should create an amicable and a conducive atmosphere for the investors to implement projects for the development of the area and the state as a whole.

Reiterating on the importance and the need to maintain the social fabric, DC Tashi called on the people not to be carried away by the rosy financial prospects rather plan and judiciously invest the compensation money for a secure future. He further asked the project proponent to maintain complete transparency in its workings and strict adherence to it in order to avoid future complicacies besides implementation of the corporate social responsibilities for local area development and completion of the project in time.

Earlier, Member Secretary of the Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, Conservator of Forest N. Tam in his role as a neutral body for the hearing, made aware the project affected people of the various acts and other regulations related to the mandatory Public hearing and urged for active participation so as to be fully aware of the impacts that the proposed power project could have on the local environment and on the lives of the people in the days to come.

The Khuitam Hydroelectric Project is a run of river project proposed on river Gang. The total land requirement for the project is 49.14 ha. The project envisages construction of a 19m high barrage from the river bed level, a Head Race Tunnel of 6.3m diameter to carry a design discharge of 100.35 cumecs over a length of 3km, a surge shaft of 21m dia, 3 numbers penstocks of 2.90m diameter and a surface power house with an installed capacity of 66MW. As of today, only 38 households have been projected in the affected list. DIPRO


State NCP calls for mechanism to address all hydro projects related issues

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: Nationalist Congress Party, Arunachal Pradesh unit today appealed the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to evolve a mechanism to address all issues related to construction of hydro projects in Arunachal.

In a memorandum  address to PM, the NCP state said need of the hour is to constitute a mechanism involving all stake holders including project affected people, policy experts, members of scientific community, environmentalist, sociologists, dam experts  to address all issues relating to dam.

The memorandum said real concern is not anti-dam or pro-dam, but the  reckless manner in which the MOAs were signed without maintaining transparency and taking public into confidence. 135 MOAs were hurriedly and secretly signed without the free, prior and informed consent of the people especially the traditional village authorities and the three-tier Panchayati Raj Institution, the memorandum claimed while adding that with implementation of  over 135 power projects, the huge influx of outside population and consequent distortion and irrelevance of Inner Line Regulation Act of 1873 will be harsh reality in the  sensitive and backward border state  which is already facing the burden of sheltering lakhs of Chakmas-Hajongs and Tibetan refugees. Such huge influx as labour forces will cause demographic imbalance and also distort the political destiny of the natives, the memorandum added.

The memorandum further said that the RR policy as well as Hydro Power Policy (both centre and state) failed to address the real concerns of the tribals in terms of Nehruvian policy of protective development vis-a-vis Arunachal. The state govt. before adopting and implementing unilateral decision on policies such as Hydro power and RR should have at least allowed healthy democratic principles of debate, discussion and consensus starting from Legislative Assembly to Gram Sabha.

It further said before inking 135 MOAs in a short span of 3 to 4 years, the sate govt. should have carried out a cumulative environmental impact assessment studies as well as comprehensive biodiversity studies. The present tactics of obtaining NOC by the private companies from various state Govt. Depts. are not only seen as postmortem exercise & an eye wash to the tribals and more particularly an infringement on the customary rights of the Tribals over their age old inherited natural and cultural resources, the memorandum pointed out.

Pointing out the absence of a free and fair water sharing treaty between India and China, continuous militarization on other side of LOC,  the memorandum said any foul play by China at source or a major outbreak of war between the two Asian giants or a major seismic upheaval would simply wash away 80 per cent of the Arunachal population  and its resources.


APCC chief attend party meeting at Khonsa

ITANAGAR, Oct 11:  Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Nabam Tuki visited Khonsa town on 9th October. Accompanied by his office bearers, Tuki held a meeting at Khonsa which was attended by members of DCC, BCC and other party workers of Tirap district. DoTC chairman and MLA, Yumsen Matey was also present during the meeting along with Changkom Hondik, former minister and general secretary APCC. In his address APCC president urged party workers and leaders to cooperate with district administration for all round development of the district.


Two Chakmas arrested yet again

Pinna Kitnal Muklom

Miao, Oct 11: Yet again two Chakmas have been arrested by Miao police in connection to sawing off elephant tusk late night on October 4 last.

The two accused, namely, Subhas Chakma (30) of Prabhat village, Gunanagar II, P.O/ P.S. Chowkham, Lohit district and Jyotimoy Chakma (42) of Dharmapur I, P.O/ P.S. Miao Changlang district have been arrested on October 6.

Officer-in-Charge Miao Police Station Anand Roy informed that the accused have been booked under case no. 52/2010/U/S 379/34 IPC.

However both the accused have been sent to judicial remand for recording their statement U/S 164 CrPC.

The elephant owner Samtikam Tikhak of Maithingpum village was informed of the incident on October 5.

The mahout had left the animal chained to a tree in the jungle area of Doimukh Nalah, Khanchang village informed IO Dumai Singhpho. The elephant’s tusk, measuring over a feet have been removed, he added.

Singpho further said investigation is on.

However, two other Chakmas are absconding with the tusk sawed on the left side of the elephant. The property value of the tusk has been placed a little over ten thousand rupees.

The absconding persons are Phaksa Chakma of Gunanagar I, P.O/ P.S. Chowkham, Lohit district and Bumba Chakma of Santipur-III under Dyiun circle Changlang district.

With the arrest of the two accused it’s a breakthrough for Miao police as the arrest will give some lead to this big racket being carried out in the area and elsewhere.

Miao police station has five cases registered in this regard with three cases being registered this year alone.


NFDB conduct survey to augment fish production in state

NAHARLAGUN, Oct 11: The Executive Committee of National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), New Delhi has decided to take up development of only bigger fish farms in cluster basis in Arunachal.

This decision was taken in a review meeting on the implementation of Development of New fish ponds of various state Fisheries departments during the past three years recently, informed Tage Moda, Director of Fisheries, in a press release. The NFDB has also authorized to conduct technical feasibility parameters study to the dean Dr. Jay Ram Dhanze, College of Fisheries, Central Agricultural University, Lembucherra, Tripura for taking up intensive aquaculture in Arunachal Pradesh for entire sixteen districts viewing the topographic/climatic/ecological three zones, namely, high altitude extreme cold climate glacier region, Mild climate middle zone, and warm climate foot-hill region.

Meanwhile, based on the decision of the NFDB, the Dr Jay Ram Dhanze  along with Professor Dr Ratan Kumar Saha  has conducted Fisheries resource feasibility survey in Lower Subansiri and Papum Pare district from Sept 26 and Oct 2. The team was accompanied by Tage Moda. Many fish farmers are showing much enthusiasm for construction of new fish ponds.


Adolescence Education programme for secondary level students

NAHARLAGUN, Oct 11: A state level adolescence education programme for students was held at Bharat Scouts and Guides office, Polo Colony today. The  role play competition on  the themes  relating to healthy relationship among adolescence, charms and challenges of adolescence, HIV/AIDS, stigmatization, cause and impact of drug abuse, was organized mainly for class IX students of Govt schools  of the various districts of the state on the occasion.

Joint Director of School Education, Bodong Yirang, the chief guest in his address said adolescence education is to enhance life skills, particularly sexual health among the learners, besides helping them develop  positive attitudes.  Yarang also distributed prizes to  the winners of the competition, namely, the Government Higher Secondary School Bomdila (1st Prize), Govt Higher Secondary School Pitapool, Lower Subansiri District (2nd prize)  and Govt Higher Secondary School, Palin Kurung Kume district (3rd Prize).

Social Welfare Deputy Director, T Tabin highlighted the importance of adolescence education and said these strategies provide opportunities to learners for going beyond the process of passive listening-receiving information. DIPR


Sportspersons urged to maintain physique

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: “Rampant consumption of Alcohol and other addictive items by our youth is a major drawback in promoting football and other games and sports activities in the state” said Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Constructions Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam during the 3rd day of the 1st Supper State Football League at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

He further said that “though football is one of the favourite sports and despite availability talented players in the state, our state is not able to produce large number of national level football players. Our players have to revitalize themselves and avoid using alcohol and other addictive items to maintain physical fitness, Sonam added.

He appreciated the Arunachal Football Association for organizing the state level league match, and advised the players to maintain the spirits of sportsmanship in the entire matches of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) has awarded an amount of Rs 10,000 to the upcoming shuttler of the state Laa Talar yesterday and appealed the Arunachal State Badminton Association to constitute district body so that the players from every district could participate in the state level Badminton Competition.

In today’s first match Kurung Kumey Football Club beat Capital Complex Sporting Club by 2-0.

Tadar Nibu and Kipa Lal scored one goal each for KKFC.

In the second match, Bamang Taji Football Club defeated Akung United Football Club by 4-2.


Rang-Shum Hum inaugurated at Miao

Miao, Oct 11: Rang-Shum Hum (Rang-Fraa temple) was inaugurated by Rangfraa Faith Promotion Society (RFPS) secretary general Er. L. Khimhum at Miao amidst large gathering yesterday.

Narinda Bhikkhu of Miao Buddhist temple who attend the inauguration programme as a special guest also released a book titled ‘Uniqueness of Rangfraism’ authored by Er. L.Khimhum and published by RFPS.

Speaking on the occasion Narinda Bhikkhu urged the people to continue their devotion towards Rangfraism with outmost sincerity.

Bhikkhu said that he was impressed with the participation of youths who turned out in large numbers. He also called upon them to respect the elders of the society.

Everything that happens depends on one’s karma. Therefore, one must do good to get positive results, he added.

Narindra Bhikkhu further urged the devotees to earn honest livelihood by working hard with sincerity. One may turn to Rangfraa for spiritual guidance, he added.

Namdapha National Park CF & Field Director S A Jongsam observed that with the society following  Rangfraism there has been a positive change. Social evils such as drinking, smoking and intake of opium have decreased  tremendously. Hunting has also been completely stopped by the followers of Rangfraism. They have in turn learnt to respect mother nature.

Er. L. Khimhun, public leader K K Muklom, Kamjai Taism besides many others also spoke on the occasion.

Delegates and Rangfraa devotees from various parts of the district also attended the inauguration ceremony. Mass prayer was also held for the wellbeing of the society.


CoSAAP urges employees to reciprocate

ITANAGAR, Oct 11:  Expressing gratitude to the Govt for releasing 10 per cent pending dearness allowances to the state Govt employees with effect from July 1, 2010 and for enhancing monthly wages of labourers and contingency workers of the Govt, the Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP)  said this noble step taken by the state Govt will relieve  more than 85000  employees from economic overburden caused by the rise in prices of various commodities. The Confederation also appealed the employees including contingency staff to reciprocate the Govt by improving work culture for the betterment of the state.

Meanwhile,  Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat Contingency Employee Association has expressed gratitude to the State Government headed by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for enhancing the monthly wages of contingency workers.

By enhancing the wages, the Government has fulfilled the legitimate demand of low paid contingency workers which will mitigate their economic burden.


JAC says, movement is against corruption

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Arunachal Indigenous People Union (AIPU), Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) and Arunachal Volunteers Youth Federation (AVYF) said that their movement is to root out rampant corruption and prevent nepotism practiced in the state and not against any individual or community.

The JAC in a release today also expressed resentment against the statement of CoSAAP made on bandh. The Committee said the statement has emotionally disheartened the citizens.  It further said surprisingly the Itanagar Market Welfare Association changed its colours at the last moment and turned against the bandh.

It appealed the organizations, conscious citizens of the state to support its movement against corruption and nepotism for better future of the state.   

Meanwhile, Nyishi Youth Organisation (NYO) has condemned the detention of leaders of the three organizations and termed the detention illegal and unnecessary harassment to the  leaders.





Bandh opposed

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: Bazaar Welfare Committee (BWC), Naharlagun has strongly opposed frequent bandhs call given by various associations and organizations in Capital Complex in recent time for fulfillment of their various demands.

Such bandh calls serve no purpose but harass business community in particular, said a BWC release while urging those organizations/associations to refrain from such bandh calls. Instead, they should adopt other means other than bandh calls to highlight their grievances before the Government and settle it through discussion, the release said. It also urged such bandh callers to give prior information to various bazaar welfare committees of capital complex before publishing their bandh calls in media.

Meanwhile, BWC has prohibited ‘forceful’ collection of donation within its market areas.


AAPSU appreciate gesture of Assam counterpart

ITANAGAR, Oct 11:  The All Arunachal Pradesh students’ union (AAPSU) expresses its heartiest gratitude and sincere appreciation to the AASU unit of Jorhat & Bokaghat and also to the Superintendent of Police Jorhat, for their prompt help to the AAPSU team which had met with a freak accident.

The AAPSU entourage led by union President Takam Tatung including Astt.General Secretary, Boge Riba,Federal Assembly Secretary Duyu Nama and other members of AAPSU were returning from a boundary meeting organized by NESO at Charaipung near Russa, when Scorpio in which they were travelling was hit by a Maruti Van from the behind.

However no injury was reported and all AAPSU members have safely reached Itanagar.


ATDSU demands transfer

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: All Tawang District Students Union (ATDSU)  has appealed the RWD minister to transfer Er. Kago Ribo.  A.E, Water Resource Tawang and Er. R. P Singh, (J.E, WRD, Jang) within 72 hours for their bad reputation and alleged misutilization of sanctioned MIP fund without any work and mismanagement of labours and materials.


AARCA demands re-tender

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: All Arunachal Registered Contractor Association (AARCA) has demanded for re-tendering of Khonsa-Lazu RGGVY scheme in all local dailies for smooth execution.

While describing irregularity in awarding works and cause of delay in implementation of the scheme, AARCA demanded legal action against those two firms, who were awarded work and latter on disqualified them either for failing to submit bank guarantee (BG) or submitting forged BGs. AARCA also appealed to the authorities concerned to take action against former and present EEs (E), DED, Deomali for their alleged irregularities in awarding works which has caused delay in implementation of the said project.


ACF demands action

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) today appealed the Chief Minister to take immediate action against those who have reportedly destroyed the Church in Hayuliang in Anjaw district.

In a memorandum addressed to the CM, the ACF claimed that a Baptist Church has been completely destroyed while a Catholic Church vandalized at Hayuliang on Oct 7. Such incident is a blemish on the secular image of the country and condemnable, ACF said and appealed the Govt to brought the culprits to book immediately and grant suitable compensation against destruction.


AAPWU conference at Daparijo

ITANAGAR, Oct 11:  The 8th general conference of All Arunachal Pradesh Worker’s Union  will be held at Rijo Ground, Daporijo on Oct 29 and 30. PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki would  attend  the inaugural function as chief guest while Dr. G Sanjeeva Reddy, Lokh Sabha member and president, Indian National Trade Union Congress  and Padi Richo, Parliamentary secretary, labour and employment, Land Management will grace the occasion as guests of honour.

Special invitees for event are Jalley Sonam, chairman APB & OCWWB, Tanga Byaling, health and family welfare minister, Takar Marde, RD and Panchayati Raj minister and Tapin Siga, MLA.


District level Archery competition

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: All Tagin Youth Organization is organizing the  1st ever district level Archery competition at Rijo Ground, Daporijo on October 23.



ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The dwellers of Hill Top Colony, Itanagar, in a meeting have unanimously selected Tamuk Tari and Tanik Tarok as president and general secretary respectively of Hill Top Colony Welfare Committee of ESS Sector.


ANYA Rally

ITANAGAR: All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has decided to conduct rally on the theme Harmony with Wildlife for Communal Harmony as part of its convention.

The rally would be start from KV No 2, Chimpu and culminated at Nirjuly on October 14. It appealed the people to participate in the rally.


State Athletics Meet at Ziro

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Amateur Athletics Association (AAAA) will conduct the state level Athletics Meet at Ziro, Lower Subansiri district from November 14 to 18 next. Over 1000 athletes from different districts are expected to take part in the Meet.


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