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October - 14



Nothing but a cowardly act

Dear Editor,

The recent death threat to journalists, particularly the associate editor of this daily, invites severe condemnation. This is nothing but a cowardly act of an individual or a group who anticipate conviction for certain crimes they have committed if this sting probe of media continues. Obviously if any harm befall this brave and daring lady concerned, the government will be answerable if prompt action is not initiated from their end. Doubtlessly these cowards will prefer to attack from behind as they have no courage to fight face to face as their faces are smeared with guilt.

On the other hand isn't it victory ? If we observe this incidents from an optimistic angle. The people who resort to such lowly and disgraceful tactics show their frustration and helplessness as the end slowly closing in. It’s a simple case of drowning man trying to grab a twig. They vividly visualize their world made at the expense of common man's pocket crushing. The once powerful started to show the sign of submission. This perverted act should rather prove to be a catalyst and boost one's determination to go deep into the dark world of corruption and unearth what games do people in power play. This is a victory for common man and serves as an assurance to so far demoralised souls that everyone is equal in the eye of law. This is another feather on the hats of those who are on the side of the debate that pen is mightier than sword.

My best wishes to the brave lady whose contribution in this fight against corruption and irregularities are invaluable and also to the team of this outstanding daily.


Lego Baying(on email)




Human resource underdevelopment!

Dear Editor,

It is a fact that the anti dam and pro dam organisations has their own opinion and justifications. Its my earnest request as a citizen of this virgin state to be realistic in approach. Let’s have it today and lets think about our future generations. To the pro dam organisation I would like to ask “Is building of skyscrapers with more than 100 floors advisable in our state? To anti dam organisations I would like to ask "what’s wrong in building a 10 storied apartment?” We need development but not exploitation in the name of development.

To me, Arunachal needs dams but not mega dams as we are in seismic zone-v. Proper RR policy for affected population should be the first priority(Upstream & Downstream).To our government as a citizen I would like to request not to kill "The Goose that lays Golden eggs like the farmer did". More than 130+ MOU`s within short span of time make us feel that the hydro potential of our state more important than 8 to 9lacs tribal population.  Hydro resource seems to be more important than tribal human resource, so rightly we can coin a term "human resource underdevelopment".

The Land Acquisition Act was of the British Raj and was a weapon because for them the wealth and resource of India was more important than the Indians. Now we have a government elected by us and they are our representatives. Our government has been working for us and hopes it continues to look after our welfare. Pray that our Leaders don`t become like King Midas and every citizen of this state would surely hate a Midas Touch, no daughter or son of Arunachal would like to turn into a golden statue.


Dr Samson Borang

Pasighat(on email)



There are thousands of Tongam Rinas

Dear Editor,

Its a disgrace to see such bullying of media persons in Arunachal, when the press is standing with the grievances of the common people as high priority. Yesterday’s news on a death threat to the senior journalist is a case of acceptance by the people involved in the PDS scam.

This is an illusion of corrupted leaders and the white colored officials of this state that they can get away with this cheap strategy of disposing the story. Every common man knows the name of every single accused in the PDS scam and tomorrow is always a new day, a new fight for a justice. Taking out one Tongam Rina will not solve the issue; there are thousands of Tongam Rinas waiting to fight for the freedom of speech and a platform to give it back to every traitor who has been backstabbing our Arunachal Pradesh.

The media fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh should strongly reciprocate to this threat and in my view choose a democratic way of fighting against these miscreants.

The news item really made me ashamed because of the ' bollywoodish' steps taken by the unknown people to demolish the courage and strength of the one person who is fighting for a cause, who is fighting for us.


A citizen (on email)



Why only blame politicians and system?

Dear Editor,

Its good to see many people commenting on corruption in the state. But why only blame politicians and system? Corruption is a vicious circle in context of Arunachal Pradesh. Even our innocent villagers are no longer innocent now a day. Those brothers of ours in the villages who depends on us even for small matters becomes highly intellectual and resourceful during the time of election and will start advising us. They would openly declare that they vote only to those who pays or promise jobs for their relatives. You end up humiliated trying to advice them to vote for genuine one. Now, when we pressurize the politicians to pay for votes and provide jobs to our relatives irrespective of their talents in exchange for vote, do we have right to question them about development and good governance? Do the MLAs and Ministers have machines for spinning money and jobs? In one hand we pressurize them to do wrong things and on other hand we blame them for wrong doings. If we want them to do development, we should not ask them for heavy donations or ask to put our relatives in jobs, pay for our medical expenses etc and most importantly pay for vote. The proponents of anti-corruption and good governance should approach the matter of corruption in its totality, not banging only one door. A massive political awareness should happen especially in rural areas. Once the elections ( of MLAs/MPs/Students bodies etc.) becomes a fair and clean affair, rest will take care of itself.


E Basar (on email)



Please don’t commit harakiri

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news report "ANSU reacts to Ramesh statement, demands power projects" ('Arunachal Times', Oct 10, 2010). The leaders of the All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) are committing a ‘harakiri’ by asking for construction of mega dams on the rivers in Arunachal Pradesh. More than accusing Assam for the backwardness of Arunachal Pradesh, these misguided leaders should question the integrity of the politicians who have siphoned crores. One most important question is that why is ANSU looking at the central government for development schemes? Can’t the youths of the state think of indigenous ways to develop the state? Why can’t the ANSU think of engaging its educated youths of coming up with projects on solar power generation and harnessing of wind power in the villages of Arunachal Pradesh. Why are the people of Arunachal Pradesh so very handicapped by taking central type of development all the time since its inception?

During my 2 years stay in Vietnam, I see local youths of villages make mini projects for power generation. Each village has solar panels and many villages have small wind powered electric projects. Mega dams or large dams are avoided by the Vietnamese people. And the villages of Vietnam are prosperous and thus electrified compared to our state. They use solar power and wind energy for electricity. Thus the people of Vietnam do not disturb the ecology nor do they harm the interest of the neighbouring countries.

Why can’t the youths of each village in Arunachal Pradesh think of tapping the horticulture and floriculture resources of the state? No one is stopping any state from self-development. Begging for aid from the centre should be stopped by the students unions of the state, especially the ANSU.


Ngurang Rikham


Vietnam (on email)



Let the truth prevail

Dear Editor,

The abusive and death threatening calls by some miscreants deserve strong condemnation.

They may be either illiterate, who does not know what the PDS matter is all about and who are the ultimate victims for such racket or poverty stricken, who has not received any food supply benefit from the PDS.

The unknown caller may reconsider the fact that Media is a channel through which the common men are informed about the developments happening in our state.

Let the truth prevail.

I, on behalf of concerned citizens, render complete moral support to the Media Fraternity for their fearless stand and disseminating information to the public eyes.


A citizen



Good job

Dear Editor,

Apropos Dr. Gibji Nimachow's "Karo is not a hidden language", I acknowledge his work on his tribe, the Aka. His thesis "the Aka - Land and People" may help Mr. K. David Harrison better understand the existence of the dialect of the tribe. His claim over the whole tribe and its dialect as discovered by him is nothing but his ignorance.

It would be knowledge booster if Dr. Gibji continues writing abstracts about Akas which may help understand the lesser known Tribes of the Akas and Buguns.


Kada Tabu (on email)



Slap on our democracy

Dear editor,

Its really shocking that some of journalists are threatened. It’s a slap on our democracy. Now in such a condition what will our journalists do? We all know that media are the mirror of society.  When some miscreants try to break the mirror than how anyone know the image of society.

Now many questions arise, who will care of our state is they are our own state govt? Think again my readers. Save our journalist and save our image of society.


Angry Arunachalee

(on email)



Media is the mirror

Dear Editor,

I strongly condemn those people who are threatening media persons of the state for publishing news regarding PDS case in the state. I advise them to desist from such nefarious activities as the PDS being related to poor people needs wider exposer. This is fundamental rights of the citizen to know the pros and cons of the entire PDS episode and the media being the mirror and Fourth Pillar of the democracy has every right to inform the people about the happenings of the state.

Without media, the citizen will remain ignorant about the system of governance. Therefore, we respect the activities of media and media people.

Regarding accused in the PDS scam, I would like to ask as to why the SIC is still not arresting all remaining 95 persons who are allegedly involved in the PDS scam.  I also request the authorities to disclose the exact amount involved in the scam without delay.


Techi Necha




Free and fair

Dear Editor,

I would like to appeal the concerned authority to organise the coming walk-in-interview in free and fair manner for the post of the Resource Teachers and volunteers under the SSA Rajya Mission.

Though, it would be walk-in only but the selection must be on the basis of talent, sincerity, honest, patience, fluency as well as academic records.


Bomyi Doke,




Why we prefer them than locals

Dear Editor,

The district administration had once fixed a rate for all the commodities with respect to the Capital Complex and was widely published in the newspapers (we don't remember the rates now). Now I am wondering time and again whether the rate of the items as fixed by the District Administration is still in operation or whether the whole fixation and publishing of the rate was a namesake exercise.

There seems to be no uniformity in any of the items that are available in the market. The worst affected areas are the "Sectors" where the rates of the items are much higher than the MRP. When you ask the reason, the most common of the answer would be "auto-fare or rickshaw fare". Now how far is this logic applicable? Suppose a chewing-gum costs one rupee, so would the auto-fare of 40 rupees make the chewing-gum a thing worth 41 rupees? Well everyone would say no, but more or less it is the system that is prevalent in our dear state, because there is no authority or agency who keeps a tight vigil on this.

In today's age nobody can remain unaffected by the inflation but would that justify the selling of a small bunch of "laipatta" or "Kaddu-patta" or any other local vegetable at an exorbitant price of rupees 20 per bunch. I remember last time I bought a pineapple, it was 50 rupees per pineapple and as told by the vendor it was 50 rupees because it is a big pineapple but as for me I did not find anything extraordinary in the pineapple to call it "big".  I do understand the hard work that is being put into bringing these leafy vegetables and other fruits to the market, but wouldn't everyone agree that these rates are  too high? Well, the "kaddu-patta" almost grows in wild, "laipattas" or any other local vegetables don't require any special attention and you don't import these items, there are no taxes on these, then what is the reason that we are being robbed of our hard earned money?

As far as I can see, it is our mentality that is leading to this situation. We the tribal people are always trying to make the biggest profit margins, whereas the non-tribals are happy earning a profit of a rupee or two on an item. And that is one big reason why the "Maruaris" and "biharis" are getting rich and richer and richer, because they are taking away all our money, because we all prefer going to them, because they charge lesser amount, and because we can at least bargain with them. Whereas go and try to bargain with a local and tribal people of our state and they would never budge an inch and pat comes the reply "either take it or leave it".

The local vendors need to understand that a symbiotic relation should exist between the vendor and the purchaser, otherwise the public tends to look for some other alternative and the only alternative lies in the non-tribals, and as such our own people gets deprived of the much needed cash which instead goes to the outsiders. Hope wisdom prevails......


Duge Soki (on email)



Grand people Alliance Proposed

Dear Editor,

Never in the brief history of Arunachal the need for formation of a transparent, secular and democratic forum with like minded individuals cuttings across Party lines, ethnicity, sex, religion, & Profession was so badly felt as on date to give collective direction and wisdom to the fully derailed present government mired in countless controversies.  

To name a few like Rs 1000 Crores P.D.S Scam involving the powerful legislators, bureaucrats and the Contractors, Gross irregularities & financial mismanagement as reported by CAG, mortgaging of almost entire river basin to the private merchant, continues inflow of anti social elements within the State, persisting refugee problem, non adherence to established C.P.W.D guidelines in implementing all Government schemes under SPA, BADP, NCCRP.

The forum would appeal all intellectuals, senior leaders, the youth, government employees, religious leaders. Media Fraternity to pool their valuable suggestion and advice in making the vision of the forum a grand success. A vision for creating a clean accountable transparent corrupt free Arunachal.


Komjum Riba




We hope to learn from mistakes

Dear Editor

We would like to ask for the understanding and forgiveness of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, the Aka people and Dr. Gibji Nimachow in particular, for all of the issues that have come about as a result of the reports about our work with the Koro Aka. It was extremely bad of us to have overlooked Dr. Nimachow's important and groundbreaking work. We hope to get a copy of this soon so that we can use this major resource in our work. It was even worse to criticize his comments, which we obviously did not understand properly and which we unfortunately replied to when we really did not understand them. We have made many mistakes in this process and we have caused much misunderstanding. In part these mistakes were made because we used terminology that we did not understand in their proper local context. This is entirely our fault and we are responsible for these misunderstandings and mistakes. We are just ordinary people and we make mistakes, and we hope to learn from these mistakes so that we never repeat them. We have made these mistakes because we still have much to learn about Arunachal Pradesh and its many vibrant cultures. We have great respect and admiration for the people of Arunchal Pradesh. It is our sincerest desire to continue to learn about this amazing place, and we hope that the people of this glorious state will show us understanding and show us the way as we try to learn more about Arunachal Pradesh and its people. Thank you for sharing some of your culture. We hope to prove to be worthy of this opportunity some day.


Dr. Gregory D. S. Anderson, Dr. K. David Harrison (on email).





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Police recovers elephant tusk, arrests two more

Pinna Kitnal Muklom

MIAO Oct 13: Miao Police today caught Sukhamoi Chakma @ Buba (35) of Santipur-III under Diyun circle in Changlang district who was absconding with the tusk of an elephant on late night of October 4 last.

The whereabouts of Sukhamoi Chakma could be traced due to the diligence of Investigation Officer ASI Dumai Singpho. An informant was used by Singpho to get the information to the alleged accused.

IO Singpho along with four police personnel of Miao Police left for Gunanagar III under Chawkham circle, Lohit district and apprehended Chakma at 0030 hrs. The police personnel had to track over two hours on foot before reaching the spot wherein the alleged accused was taking shelter.

Along with the Sukhamoi another suspect Anil Chakma (20) was also detained. Both have been booked under case no 52/10 U/S 379/34 IPC.

After interrogation accused Sukhamoi Chakma showed the police where the tusk was hidden. He had buried the tusk weighing 2 kgs and 14 inches near the jungle area of Khachang village.

Singpho is confident that with the arrest of the alleged accused more information will be obtained on the ongoing elephant tusk racket in and around the area.

Though pleased with the arrest of the alleged accused, the IO said that help and support of the local people is necessary to arrest others involved in tusk thieving. Viable information provided in time could go a long way in solving cases he added.

Earlier on October 6 Subhas Chakma (30) of Prabhat village, Gunanagar II, p.o/p.s Chowkham, Lohit District and Jyotimoy Chakma (42) of Dharmapur I, p.o/ p.s Miao Changlang District were arrested.

The police personnel who accompanied the IO were Head Constable S K Gogoi, Constables B Loma, N Tayu, S Abu of Miao police station and Constable N Tikhak of Chawkham police out post.


Citizen threatens defamation suit

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Margi Ngomle, who appeared before CBI Anti-Corruption Branch Guwahati yesterday on being summoned in connection with a case of carrying PDS items through motorbike No AR 08-2699 from Lakhimpur FCI to Likabali-Aalo, said that neither he is a PDS contractor nor he lifted any PDS item through the said motorbike.

While expressing his strong resentment over the entire episode where his name has been unnecessarily dragged in to such scam causing mental harassment to him and his entire family, Ngomle, in a press briefing this afternoon said that CBI Anti Corruption Branch, Guwahati will provide him in written detailing the quantity and date of PDS item carried by the said motorbike within one or two days.

Ngomle, who is a former NCP president of West Siang District, further informed that the said bike which he bought in 1998 was sold to another person after 11 month.

Is it possible to carry PDS item through motorbike from North Lakhimpur to Likabali-Aalo?, a visibly angry Ngomle questioned.

He said that a defamation case would be filed against the person, whoever be found responsible for defaming his name and causing mental harassment to him, as soon as he receives report from CBI.

Earlier, he alleged that a huge sum of money has been paid as transportation charges against the said motorcycle without his knowledge.

He further revealed that at least two other bike owners from West Siang have been summoned by CBI for the same case. When the infamous PDS scam came into light some years back, incredible statistics were revealed. For instance, in a particular circle in Arunachal with a population of 2,784 (according to 2001 census), every individual consumed at least 24 kg of iodised salt per month while another record revealed that every individual consumed upto 64 kg rice every month!


NESO, APWWS seeks action

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The North East Students Organization (NESO), strongly condemned frequent intimidation to Press fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh and demanded the Govt to provide security to Tongam Rina particularly and the media houses in general in Arunachal Pradesh.

Expressing shock over the intimidation letter dropped in the private house of Rina, the NESO general secretary Gumjum Haider in a press statement  today said  the services rendered by media persons  should be appreciated by all of us.

Describing the plight of the media persons as well as their role in Arunachal Pradesh, Haider said without any corporate and industrial support to the media, the media persons with their meagre salary have been performing their duties with dedication and sincerity for cause of common people. Everybody should restraints themselves from this kind of unbecoming act, he added. NESO also strongly feels that lack of proper administrative measures against unlawful activities and absence of drastic follow up action against criminals is one of the reasons for such growing criminal activities.  Cold blooded murders and rapes are very common in the state but we have never heard of any exemplary punishments against dreaded criminals, Haider said and demanded the state Govt to speed up the follow up actions and act very tough against the criminals.

Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (APWWS) expressed shock and anguish over the death threat being received by one of its activists and Associate Editor of Arunachal Times Tongam Rina.

Condemning the act of intimidation, the Society said death threat to a lady journalist, who is daring to highlight various issues of public interest, is a shameful and cowardice act. It demanded the Govt. to immediately arrest the perpetrators and provide proper security to media houses and journalist especially to Rina.

Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Union (APACU) has strongly criticized threatening to a journalist and condemned the cowardly act of unknown person.  

APACU president Nabam Rama demanded inquiry in the incident and stringent punishment to the accused so that no person dare to issue such threatening letter near future.

The Union also appealed state Govt to provide security for the media persons and called upon the media fraternity to keep on their role and fight against the injustice.

Karko Ao Welfare Association (KAWA) and Rina Welfare Society (RWS) have condemned the death threat to one of the senior journalists of the state by unknown persons.

Death threat to a courageous lady journalist to suppress the Freedom of Press in the state is a cowardice act and condemnable by any conscious citizen, said the organizations in a joint release today. Both the organizations appealed the police and general administration to book the   persons involved in it.

Meanwhile, West Siang District Students Union (WSDSU) also condemned the life threat to  Rina and appealed the state Govt to find out the person involved in it.


Death threat to journalist open challenge to home ministry: AdiSU

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The death threat to one of the daring journalists of Arunachal Pradesh is a direct challenge to the home ministry of the state, said Adi Students Union (AdiSU) today.

Death threat to  Associate Editor of  The Arunachal Times, Tongam  Rina seems open challenge  to the home ministry, the  AdiSU said in its memorandum submitted to Home Minister today. The Union appealed the Minister to engage capable and competent police officer to trace out the person who intimidated Rina. It is time for concerned department to prove their competency in the matter, the memorandum added.

Stating that the press fraternity as a whole is pride asset for the people of Arunachal Pradesh as they are relentlessly raising the issues confronting the society and its people besides highlighting the developmental activities of the state, the memorandum said that if media persons are threatened and demoralized in such way, the days will not far when Arunachal Pradesh shall be engulfed by unlawful activities.

AdiSU  further said  that  state Govt should prepare bill and place it before state Assembly for enacting laws exclusively for media persons and media houses so that Fourth Pillar of the democracy discharge its duty without fear.

Demanding deployment of adequate security personnel for media persons in the state, the Union said, ‘We understand the personal security concern of journalists  who dare to write in any issues. People are also pleased with courageous reporters daring to adhere in the spirit of journalism.


ANSU demands construction of Hoj-Potum road

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) today demanded the authorities concerned to start construction of road from Doimukh-Hoj of Papum Pare District to Potin-Yazali of Lower Subansiri District at the earliest.

It is unfortunate that the demand for construction of  said road yielded no positive results till date, the union said and   resented that though the tender process of the road was initiated two years back  construction work is yet to start. As a result the road is laying in dilapidated condition and the people of Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri, other districts who use the road in summer season are facing lot of problems, the union said in a release.  The union also impressed upon the State Govt., particularly to the elected leaders of above mentioned road affected districts to jointly pursue the matter with the central and the State Govt. for early start of the road.

The union also demanded land allotment certificate on time to the genuine and deserving dwellers  in Capital Complex and initiate proper remedial measures against various outlets who are involved in issuing Inner Line Permit/Pass.


APSACS to carry out awareness generation

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Arunachal Pradesh State Aids Control Society (APSACS) is soon going to organize multimedia campaign through out the state to bring awareness among younger generation youths about HIv-Aids.  

Informing this in a state level committee meeting of multi-media campaign held this evening here, APSACS Project Director Dr E Rumi said there will be musical and sports event organized to create awareness among youths.

Starting from 10th November at Daporijo, APSACS is organizing musical contest at 9 different locations all over state. Various bands or groups will be invited for participation and from each district one winner be selected. The participants can belt out numbers from any language. Every band has to compose a song on HIV/AIDs for presentation.  

Later a state level competition will be held among winners from 9 districts. In the next few days APSACS will come out with more details about this musical contest. The main cause of organizing this musical contests is to generate mass participation of youths and spread awareness among youths. Meeting was also attended by Tasor Pali, member secretary APSACS, R.Rina joint director (Basic Services) APSACS, media fraternities and NGOs.


Freedom of speech

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: India takes pride in itself for being the largest democracy of the world. Our constitution guarantees us freedom of speech and expression.  But often we are compelled to wonder whether these facts are true in regards to state like Arunachal Pradesh.

First of all freedom of speech and expression does not make any sense in Arunachal. Those people in power including politicians and high level bureaucrats hate this constitutional provision. In fact they have opened up the new front to bitterly oppose implementation of right to freedom of speech and expression in this state. It has become a great sin to express your views on any corruption issue or against any politicians, departments or officers. Just for expressing your simple and honest view, you can be ruthlessly punished. If a young college pass out speak about illegal activities in any departments, then he/she will be tortured while seeking government job. If any contractors speak about favouritism or nepotism while awarding contract works, he/she will never get any contract works. If any honest government servant tries to do good work, he/she will be given punishment transfer.

About role of media which is consider to be fourth pillar of democracy, its better I don’t talk about it. I only would advise young generation students not to take up journalism as profession in Arunachal at least for next 15 years and yes one year of bitter experience has made me give this honest advice.

 Ever since it became full-fledged state Arunachal has been ruled by one political party in dictatorial fashion with virtually no opposition to counter them.

Just like Communist party of China do not like any question being raised against functioning of government of China, in Arunachal too no government likes any questions being raised against their functioning. I hope I won’t be booked under National Security Act for using “China” word.  

Government seem to forget that we are part of this great democratic Indian system and citizens of this state has every right to put up question against wrong doing of government. But the situation is quite hopeless for young professional like us in this state. If we try to highlight wrong doing by any department then it gets personal. Head of the department will start gunning for head and if he/she is not able to catch hold, then concern ministers also start head hunting against the complainers.

It’s really tough to understand why people of Arunachal can’t take criticism. No people are perfect in this world and if somebody pin points the loopholes, they should accept mistake and move on. But in our state, no one is willing to accept criticism. Successive governments have always ruthlessly crushed whoever had tried to raise voice against their bad governance. Many talented men and women are today living jobless just because they dared to raise voice against wrong doings of state.

A sense of frustration is growing among younger generation students as many feel Arunachal is heading towards becoming a failed state.

A childhood friend of mine hailing from Kurung Kumey district recently told me, “We know there so many corruption going on in Arunachal. But still we can’t do anything. This makes me very angry and I also feel ashamed of myself, as despite knowing everything I am not able to do anything.”

Like him, I came across many youths who are angry at present status of state and somehow I feel the anger are just waiting to explode. And the day when this anger spills out, that will be the beginning of the end of corrupt system of governance in Arunachal. Till that happens, this poor and helpless journalist will be patiently watching the changing scenario of state.  


Sonam invited to Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Journey of an unique film in the direction of global cinema fest always continues. This time Arunachalee film SONAM will be screened at the 8th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival. About a hundred international films in several sections attach with each other in the contest - every day up to 30 different movies. Breathtaking adventure, impressive images and extravagant landscapes flicker at the only mountain film festival in Germany on the canvas.

Sonam (The Fortunate One), it’s a tale of love, lust and repentance, the movie become the first feature made in Monpa (Arunachali), a dialect of the Indo-Tibetan branch of languages, with subtitles in English for the big screen projection in celluloid. The film based on an Assamese novel written by Sahitya Academy awardee Yashe Dorjee Thongchi, produce by Garima films, (An unit of Garima Construction Pvt. Ltd) of Guwahati, in collaboration with Itanagar based public charitable trust Mountain Hive. The filmgoers found it as an unique feature film for the picturesque and effective portrayal of a contemporary under represented tribal life culture. The film beautifully shot by director Ahsan Muzid with his mountaineer wife Archana Bhattacharjee, that followed Himalayan Monpa yak herders from a remote region in India. It had won the Rajat Kamal (National Film Award) in 2005 for the best feature film in Monpa. The film attains double triumphs- 37th International Film Festival of India, 2006, at Goa, India, in Competitive Section & Indian Panorama. The film won double coups - 'Jury Special Mention 2007' award and FIPRESCI's (International Critic Federation) Certificate of Merit The 9th International Film Festival 2007 (Organized by Mumbai Academy of Moving Images. SONAM has represented the country in various festivals across the globe, including the National Geographic's All Roads Film Project in USA, Himalay Archie Nederland Film Festival in Amsterdam, Autrans International Mountain Film Festival in France and the UK’s first Himalaya Film and Cultural Festival at London.

The scenic valley of Tegernsee, with its lake nestled at the foot of picturesque mountains, will for the eighth time host the annual Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival in October 2010. This festival is supported by the German Alpine Club, Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and ‘Tegernsee Tourism’. The Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival is a competitive international event, bringing the best films on mountains and their spirit of adventure to the heart of the Bavarian Alps. The festival provides a forum for international filmmakers to meet and exchange ideas and Ashok Kumar Jhuria, the producer of SONAM is supposed to be present at the Film Festival.


Create jobs for unemployed engineers

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineers Association (UAEA) mechanical wing has appealed the state Govt to create large number of mechanical posts and take step to fill up the vacant posts in various engineering departments in Arunachal Pradesh.

Expressing concern over growing number of unemployed mechanical engineers in the state, the UAEA further called for strict reservation of mechanical posts in Hydro power sector for APST  Engineering diploma and degree holders candidates  and added that recruitment process in hydro projects should be carried out in state only.

After having a detailed discussion on the grievances of the unemployed mechanical engineers in the state in its two-day meeting on Oct 7 and 8, the Association resented recruitment of non-technical staff in various technical posts and appealed the concerned departments to maintain recruitment rules and transparency. The meeting also criticized the way the exam was conducted for junior engineers’ posts in power department on Sept 19 last.


Youth camp stresses on Physical and mental strength

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The third day of Vijay hi Vijay camp organized by Vivekananda Kendra, shed light on the need for Physical and more importantly mental strength in today’s youth.

The youth from various colleges of Arunachal Pradesh who were participants of the camp got detailed in the need for mental strength more than that of physical strength. Yoga and its use to increase mental strength and the various dimensions of it were taught practically to the participants. Games based on team work and coordination were also played.

Mukul Kanitkar, Secretary, Vivekananda International foundation, New Delhi, spoke about the glorious present of India in modern times and also clarified that, India will lead the world not by power but by teaching the humanity to live harmoniously as it is India’s destiny. He explained how an individual is not an isolated unit but a part of the family, where a family is the part of the society and the society is a part of the State and the State being part of a Nation and several nations in total make the humanity. Thus he stressed that Samarth Barath is not possible with Samarth Arunachal.

The Kargil Hero Major General (Retd) G. D. Bakshi spoke on “Vijay Kshan”, meaning “Winning Moment” based on his personal experiences in the Kargil war which brew the Patriotism in the minds of the participants.

The speakers spoke about how the glory of our Nation and the patriotism of our people can be positively channelised for the re-building of our nations past glory and bringing it to the global stage as a power which leads the world by mutual understanding and universal acceptance.


Reaching the doorstep of the people to restore sight

Dr. Taba Khanna

“A little onward lend thy guiding hand

To these dark steps, a little further on.”

The popular line from John Milton’s ‘The Paradise Regained’ truly portrays the sense of inability to lead a life with freedom and dignity by a person who is deprived of sight. They lead a life of dependency which ultimately translates into burden on the family, society and nation. By conservative estimate, there are about 185 million visually handicapped and 45 million totally blind persons in the world. In absence of vocational training and proper rehabilitation, the burden on the society is enormous, e.g; if a child goes blind today, he is likely to be with us atleast for next 50 years. If timely corrective measures are not taken, there will be huge social and economic burden on family, since it is estimated that the economic burden of maintaining a blind person including loss of job by his relatives while taking care of him, is rupees nine hundred per month. Now if we multiply this amount with   the 45 million blind population of the world, the amount is at staggering billion of rupees annually. This  cost of blindness is too high for developing countires of  Asia and Africa, where there is inadequacy of social securities and vocational centres for blinds.

But, all blindness is not incurable, 50% of the blindness are avoidable- preventable or treatable. The major causes of blindness and visual impairment such as cataract, glaucoma, trauma, trachoma, refractive errors, diabetic retinopathy etc. can be treated or prevented. Cataract accounts for 48% avoidable blindness and loss of sight due to this cause can be restored by modern cataract surgeries which is being routinely done globally as well as in our state. This is a very gratifying operation, where patients goes back home satisfactorily after brief stay at hospital. Another common cause of visual impairment is refractive errors which accounts for 14.5% of visually handicapped population, can be corrected by simple pair spectacles,  contact lens or LASER surgery. Trauma to eyes are increasing by each passing day due to increase in  road traffic accidents, domestic and industrial accidents, use of crackers in festivals etc and the resultant  blindness can be actually prevented if adequate safety measures are taken at appropriate level.

In spite of the fact that half of the blindness can be restored or prevented, the society is still bearing the burden of avoidable blindness which can be attributed to multiple factors ranging from  simple ignorance to gross negligence. Keeping this in view, the ophthalmologists and other stakeholders around the globe made a paradigm shift in the approaches to blindness from passive hospital based management to reaching community actively by eye care service providers. It has been observed that most of the blind population belongs to people with low socio-economic catagories with illiteracy, poverty, poor environmental sanitation, poor communication network, inaccessibility to good health care centers looming large around them.If it is compounded by geographical barriers as in hilly regions, the problems become more acute due to sparse population distribution and limited transport facilities. In such a situation, unless the condition is life threatening, people will not seek medical help actively and timely. So the changing concept is to take the eye care services closer to the community. This new approach of reaching the community by eye care team has brought about visible changes in terms of awareness generation, community response and acceptance of services in Changlang district. Since 2007, the Ophthalmic Out Patient Department in District Hospital catered little over 2500 patients and performed 102 operations only, while during the same period over 12000 eye patients were examined and treated for various eye ailments and over 450 operations were performed during outreach programmes,i.e, an increase of about 400%  in both OPD as well as Operative cases. There is wide gap in figures between active and passive eye care service seekers, the other important reason is the participation of women and children. Though women and children accounts for two-third of visualy impaired population, they donot actively attend hospital as compared to adult males. In one of my  previous article on ‘Gender and Eye Health’, I emphasized on reaching the community by eye care service providers and National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), has choosen the appropriate theme(Reaching the doorstep of people to restore sight) for World Sight Day 2010, so that more  and more emphasis is given to community outreach programme for  wider coverage. Unless we reach the community actively our target of vision for all by 2020 will be missed.The countdown has begun and we have only another ten years to achieve our vision. Within these ten years more emphasis must be given to priority eye diseases- Cataract, glaucoma, corneal blindness, refractive errors, childood blindness and diabetic retinopathy. The World Sight Day is observed every year on the second Thursday of October aimed at

• Generating awareness among public on eye diseases giving more impetus on the preventive aspects.

• Guide and influences government of the concern countries for participation and formulate mechanism for blindness alleviation including allocation of adequate fund.

• Greater involvement of Non-Governmental Organizations in blindness control programmes.

The endeavour of the medical fraternity is deemed to fail if there is no active participation from community, volunteers and other wings of government. Since the countdown has begun, my sincere appeal to all the section of the society to join hand and strenghten our hands in achieving vision for all by 2020. (The writer is  an Eye Surgeon, District Hospital, Changlang)


10th ITBPF got consolation prize

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Assam State Aids Control Society has decided to award consolation prize to 10th Bn of Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force for donating maximum units of blood in the year 2009-10.

The award of Rs. 5000 will be given to 10 ITBPF at Guwahati on October 15.






AdiSU reacts

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Adi Students Union (AdiSU)  has opposed the proposal that dams construction would strengthen the border strategy. The union was reacting against the delegation of the Arunachal Pradesh who met Union External Affairs Minister S M  Krishna and registered protest against the outburst of Union Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh on dam construction in Arunachal Pradesh. "Dams may be constructed in the areas where local people welcome it but should not impose upon the areas where people are against it, the AdiSU said.

It further said that state Govt or any organization should not take any decision ignoring the people concerned who  are fighting for their survival.

Clarifying the reasons for seeking outside support in their fight against dam construction, the union said it would fight against mega dam constructions in Adil belt and take help from any like minded NGOs from anywhere considering the hostile atmosphere under state government.


Association appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The Arunachal Christian Revival Youth Association (ACRYA) has condemned the Oct 7 incident of church demolition at Hayuliang under Anjaw and requested the State Government to book the culprits under law immediately.

This is not the first incident since incident of Church vandalization also took in  many places in the past, ACRYA urges the people of the state to not to threat the local Christians and Christianity as strangers or foreign religion, since it has been accepted, professed and practiced by the local indigenous peoples.


RTE for PR leaders

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: A mobilization cum training programme on Right to Education (RTE) for Panchayat leaders, GBs, teachers, village elders, parents and VEC members was held at Community Hall Leporiang on October Nine last.

Attending the programme, J Tiwari, District Coordinator, SSA District Mission, Yupia, highlighted the key points of RTE which provides for free and compulsory education to all children of the age of Six to 14 years.

ASM chairperson Nabam Kakum, who chaired the programme, called upon one and all to render their helping hands in achieving the goal of RTE. He urged them for ensuring eight years of elementary education of every child of the said age group and their regular attendance in school.

Leporiang ZPM Tana Tagum Tara stressed upon transparency in implementation of the RTE Act so that the noble mission could achieve its goal.

P Jairam, finance controller, SSA Rajya Mission, Itanagar spoke about responsibility of the State in enrollment of child and completion of 8 years of schooling by them etc.


Contractors react

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Reacting to the demand of the panchayat leaders and general public of Changlang regarding Margherita-Changlang road, All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association (AARCA) today said that it  is not against the  road development but has been raising voiced against wrong policy adopted by authorities by allowing pre-qualification bid to process at Delhi in the name of central policies and guidelines.

Being citizen of the state, the Association members, who are capable of taking any arduous task, particularly in road construction,   also want Arunachal developed at par with other states of the country, the Association said while reiterating that its demand is genuine.


Badminton championship

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Students’ Union of Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar is organizing Dera Natung Badminton Championship in the memory of Late Education Minister  from Oct 15th to 19th at College Jubilee Hall.

Deputy Speaker Tapang Taloh and President, AAPSU Takam Tatung, will be the chief guest and the guest of honour on the opening day.

Chairman APEDA Likha Saaya, and President, Arunachal Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Techi Lala, will attend the valedictory function as the chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


Durga Puja Greetings

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh  Governor Gen JJ Singh has extended his greetings and good wishes to all Arunachalees.

The Governor expressed hope that the celebration of the triumph of good over evil will strengthen the ethical and moral values, sacrifice and compassion.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu also has extended his warm greetings to the people of the state on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja and Navaratri. He believed that the festival will instill a sense of brotherhood and spread the message of peace and love.


RGU release research journal

ITANAGAR: The Rajiv Gandhi University Research Journal (Vol. IX) published by Rajiv Gandhi University was released by Prof. Tamo Mibang, vice chancellor in-charge at function in the Council Hall of the University today.

The journal is dedicated to publication of research papers, articles in the field of social and life sciences, language and literature and humanities. It also publishes research notes, comments and book reviews.


Union withdraws ultimatum

ITANAGAR: All Idu Mishimi Students’ Union (AIMSU) has withdrawn its ultimatum served to the Government to solve ‘Teachers Crisis’ at GHSS, Anini following verbal assurance given by the Dibang Valley DC’s office on behalf of the Education Minister to fulfill its demand.

The association, in a release, said that it has withdrawn its ultimatum for a period of One month from today following the assurance and hoped that the Minister would keep his word and act promptly to solve the crisis within a month. It also praised the DC for conveying the association’s demand to the Government immediately.


Hike in RTI fee resented

ITANAGAR: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state unit today appealed the State Govt to revoke its decision hiking the information free from Rs 2 to 10 per page under RTI

Terming the decision undemocratic and an indirect act of stifling democratic rights of the citizens, NCP said the unexpected decision has made the mockery of the very spirit and purpose of the RTI Act.




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