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October - 19



Let there be PRC for genuine ones

Dear Editor,

Being a Local resident of Lekeng Circle, I do welcome and support All Lekang Youth Student union (ALYSU) and my Non-APST brothers and sisters for mobilizing and organizing rally at Mahadevpur Town to raise voice against the govt. decision to cancel PRC to Non-APST.

I am shocked and pained on the sudden cancellation of PRC to Non-APST by State government.

Going by all the detailed reports submitted by the committee on 17/05/2010 before emergency cabinet meeting held in the office chamber of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, the committee did not emphasize and give priority only about the indigenous Non-APST like Deori, Mishing, Moran, Kochari, Tai Ahom, Adivasi, who have been residing permanently since NEFA time. Because of the mixing  and clubbing of these tribes with other Non-APST tribes who are temporary residing under inner-line Pass, there was hue and cry in every nook and corner of Arunachal Pradesh which later on compelled people first Government led by Dorjee Khandu to cancel the order of PRC to Non-APST. The issue of PRC is long pending demand of these tribes.

Hence, this is my appeal to the fellow citizens of Lohit and Changlang District and particularly Non APST Brothers and Sisters of Lekang Circle to continue to raise voice unitedly through peaceful democratic means before the Government of Arunachal Pradesh so that grant of PRC is immediately re-notified  for  the genuine indigenous Non-APST tribes.


Pingkham Munglang

New Mohong Village,

(On email)



Difference between being peaceful and being mute

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to the article "I know I am yelling at stone deaf" published on 16th Oct 2010. It is disturbing to see the condition of the basic infrastructure in our state, call it health or education or just any institution. We know we are pathetic.

In an era like now when everything seems possible, where people boast of creating babies in test tubes breaking history and records, we reside in a fair place called "Arunachal" where we struggle for the smallest of the basic amenities. Bitter but true.

In the same paper a lady mentioned about her personal experience of her pre-matured child birth. Now I don't know how many of us saw the grave threat concerning the proper medical facility for new born and mothers alike. Modern technique to cater for the complicacies of pregnancy is required at least in a state capital.

Arunachalees are known to be peaceful in nature. Well, there is a marked difference between being peaceful and being mute. There are many areas where flaws are being accepted silently in our state by us, the people.

I just hope these words would go in not "so deaf" ears. If probing into the system to make it better is intruding then I say let’s be intruders. Lets not wait for circumstances, rather lets change the circumstances. Let’s be a changing generation.


Hage Mala

Mumbai (on email)



Old tactics of Assam police

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to Joram Achu’s letter published in Readers’ Forum “Let this a be a lesson” dated on 6th Oct.

After reading the letters, I could not keep mum and I want to share some good experience with the Assam police. Whenever any AR registered vehicle is coming from any side they become alert and behave like a hungry Tiger.

They engage some Havilder and officers stay behind the Pan Shop who gives direction to extract money from AR registered Vehicle. They will ask for Driving License/RC Book. When everything is OK then they will ask for Pollution Certificate even it is very new Vehicle also.

Despite knowing that some Vehicles are non-pollutant, they want money. Many a times they don’t treat the photo copy of the document attested by first class magistrate as authentic. I don’t take my own vehicle whenever I go to Assam because it is a horrible experience. Giving money is not a problem but problem is physical & mental harassment, example as stated by Mrs. Joram Achu.

In Arunachal many vehicles has Assam Registration, but I have never seen Arunachal police check only “AS” registered vehicle. Every vehicle is checked.

On the other hand, I am very satisfied and appreciate R.Chandranathan, IGP (Admn), Government of Assam for taking action against Officer In-Charge of Laluk Police Station.

I would like request common people of Assam to protest against any harassment meted out to citizens.


Concerned Citizen,

(On email)



An appeal to leaders of Tirap

Dear Editor,

One blessed Bandh Day, I leisurely reached office on foot. My colleague met me at the office main entrance and told me there was no one in the office. However, as my quarter is located at considerable distance, I decided to stay back and rest for a while. When I stepped in the establishment room, I saw one book which read’ “proceedings of 4th State Legislative Assembly Sessions”.

I browsed the pages of the book when unintentionally I noticed the word ‘Tirap’.  It was reference to Tirap district by one Legislator during a debate session. My curiosity grew and I started reading from the beginning of his speech. The member had sarcastically questioned the representatives of Tirap district as to how Tirap is deprived when there have been so many prominent leaders from district. Many of them hold important portfolios.

In fact, we had our first speaker of the house Nokmey Namati from Tirap district. We have cabinet ministers of all major departments of the State from Tirap.  Tirap had some very strong leaders in L. Wanglat, TL Rajkumar, Wangcha Rajkumar, Wangpha Lowang, H. Ponglaham and Tingpong Wangham to name few. The district has two most reputed schools in RK and Sarada Mission. Then how my fellow members say that they have been deprived by the State government when they themselves are at the steering chair?”

At my instant thought I developed hatred for that particular member and thought it as a move to impede the sympathy from Chief Minister for Tirap.  I closed the book with a thud and walked out of office. But, on my way back home I was perturbed by the question raised by that member and tried to analyse the veracity of his point rationally.  Gradually my conscious won over my love for our leaders and I realized how true he was.  When the successive representatives of the district have been given power and position to develop their own place, there was no justification for blaming the State government of whom they have been important elements. Tirap is one of the five parent districts of the State. Which means we have had representative in the State government since Council days.

As pointed out by the member, we had Cabinet Ministers of almost all the major government departments including Education and Home. But when we compare the education and law & order scenario of the district with rest of the districts of the State, it is worse. What stopped them from developing the district with hardly one lakh population since last three decades? No doubt, fund flow was limited. But so do for other districts. It is definitely not because of step-motherly treatment by the State government but due to inability or corruption from the concerned leaders and lack of emotional attachment with its people and the district. Not many may know that Changlang district was bifurcated from Tirap couples of years back and now the two districts boast of 12 MLAs in the 60 members house of the State. If they raise genuine issues in right platform in right perspective then there is no reason why the government should not yield to their demand.   What else could a poorly educated like me conceive in mind? But I bet many highly educated person will also agree with my view. By the time I reach my quarters, I prayed to Almighty Rang to bestow enough wisdom to the present set of leaders from Tirap not to emulate the mistake done by our former representatives and work with missionaries zeal so that no layman like me can paint similar unrefined but true portrait of them in future.


A Common Man,

(On email)



'Pen Is Mightier Than Sword'

Dear Editor,

Threat to Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of reputed paper is really unfortunate and uncivilized act.

In other corner of the world, people treat and salute media person with great respect but it is contrast in our land.

Instead of giving encouragement to write on matters concerning the welfare of the society or giving freedom to Press/ media fraternity, some groups try to suppress it.

The civil society should not remain silent on this matter, because media is lone weapon to fight and expose the facts.  'Pen Is Mightier Than Sword.'


Koj Kapa (on email)



Irrational house rents and prices of vegetable

Dear Editor,

I agree with Duge Soki's view on rates of consumable items which was published on 14 Oct. Capital administration has fixed the rate of each and every item which is not followed by the shopkeepers. And the rate of same item is not same within capital complex and even in same market. Items are brought from Hollongi and Harmoti and the moment it reach Capital, the prices shot up more than the double the original figure.

In capital complex, these days it is impossible to get a rent house according to our requirement because rent fees are very high. And getting a rent house in capital complex is not possible task. The reason is everybody migrates to capital and the main reason is allotment of land to private parties and shortage of Government quarter. I request the concerned authority to fix the rent fees accordingly and sanction house rent allowance to the State Government Employees as early as possible.


A Citizen



Right to increment

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to the kind attention of the chief minister, health minister and mission director toward injustice regarding salary of contractual para-medical staff working under NRHM.

Except for Doctors, nurses, Lab Technician others are enjoying pay increments.

We need right to equality; we also need pay increment on the basis of qualification. I also appeal all the contractual para-medical staff to fight together for our right.


XYZ (on email)



My take on Koro Language

Dear Editor,

I would like to express some excerpts on the issue of Koro language. I want to clear the doubts of the general readers about the whole episode.

First of all, I appreciate and welcome the forgiveness sought by Dr. Gregory D. S. Anderson and his colleagues. I especially acknowledge and respect the scholarship ability of Dr. Anderson who has relentlessly pursued me about the wrong reporting in the media through personal email messages. A true scholarship/researcher can be judged only by the ability of accepting events that takes a wrong turn. I hope the letter by Dr. Anderson which appeared in the Reader’s Forum of Oct 14 has made everything clean and clear which I was trying to do before. There are mixed reactions from the readers and linguists on this issue. I want to make it very much clear here that I am not against the research carried out by the group of linguists rather I was just trying to clarify the facts which may lead to wrong records in future.

I really appreciate their efforts and encourage them to develop Aka (Koro) language. My motive was just to make them aware about the existence of information and literature which will help them in carrying out proper research and documentation. It is very much true that I am not a scientific linguist and also not an anthropologist but I have a personal experience by virtue of being a part of the community and also acquired legal degree of research on the tribe. My reactions were not pessimistic rather it was an optimistic reaction which I think now Dr. Anderson has well received. Hence, I personally appeal him to carry on his research work and I will be happy to help him out in my capacity. At this juncture I would like to express heartfelt thanks to Kada Tabu who has received my feelings in true sense. I acknowledge his request of writing more abstracts about lesser known tribes and my tribe which I would like to do in future. I would like to add here that there are about dozens of publications in different journals and books written by me apart from my book and thesis. To mention few of them are “Akas of Arunachal Pradesh”, in   The Radiant, a journal by the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh, Vol. – I, 1999, “Akas and Their Forests: A Study on Traditional Management of Forest Resources in Arunachal Pradesh” in Arunachal University Research Journal, Vol. – 6 (2), 2003, “Towards the Sustainability of Forest Resources: A Case Study of Akas of Arunachal Pradesh” in RESARUN, a journal by the Directorate of Research, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Vol. – 29, 2003,  “Linkages between Bio – resources and Human Livelihood: (A Study on the Akas of Arunachal Pradesh)”, in The Deccan Geographer, a Research Journal of Deccan Geographical Society, Pune, Vol. – 44, No. 2, 2006, “Sacred Places, beliefs, festivals and rituals of the Akas of Palizi Village”, in Dynamics of Villages in Arunachal Pradesh: Emerging Realities, a book edited by T. Mibang & M.C. Behera, Mittal publications, New Delhi, 2003, “A Note on Marriage Practices in the Aka Community of Arunachal Pradesh”, in Marriage and Culture: Reflection from Tribal Societies of Arunachal Pradesh, a book edited by T. Mibang & M.C. Behera, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 2006, “Significance of rituals in Marriage system of the Akas of Arunachal Pradesh”, in Marriage in Tribal Societies: (Cultural Dynamics and Social Realities), in the book edited by T. Mibang & M.C. Behera, Bookwell Publishers, New Delhi, 2007, “Life cycle rituals in the religious life of the Akas of Arunachal Pradesh”, in Religious History of Arunachal Pradesh, a book edited by B. Tripathy & S. Dutta, Gyan Publication, New Delhi, 2008, etc.

What I tried was not to depict myself as an Aka educated person or expert of Aka community rather it was a kind of worldwide awareness about the procedure of carrying out proper research. That’s what I had jotted down in my clarification that literature review is an important aspect in the research world which one has to abide. I sincerely appeal my fellow friends of Arunachal to understand my feelings and decide whether I am binding the linguists to do research in my state? I request all to be a part of good things else remain quiet and do not jot down anything which is out of context.


Dr. Gibji Nimachow




Paniduria needs the attention of the CM and Governor

Dear Editor,

Paniduria is a small village comprised of approx. 170 families ,occupied by Noctes and are either Roman Catholics or protestants, located at Borduria-Bogapani constituency in Tirap.

The Almighty or man has been so unfair to this village because when the world is in 21st century of computer age, the village is still without any tarred road for vehicular movement. India has reached the 63rd years of Independence but the village is still in the early age.  I believe in “no road, no development”, hence where is the question of the village development. The road has never been tarred and the villager has to walk from Tupi village through Noksa to Paniduria.

I appreciate Governor for what he is doing for remote Vijaynagar.  

Likewise, I pray that not only  governor but the chief minister comes to the rescue of this village from backwardness by constructing a proper tarred road under their supervision.

“Paniduria” got its name from Assamese which means “land of rivers” which is in fact bounded by river of Tirap and its tributaries.

The village was a torch bearer in business and trade among the Nocte community through their barter system with the Assamese.

One would wonder why such a dynamic village still has no proper road to this day.

Tea, coffee, rubber, apple, bamboo grows well in the vast stretches of the village land. Other cash crops which grow in abundance are orange, pineapple, banana, litchi, beetle nut.

Moreover the district administration should invest in growing rice in the vast plains of new Paniduria. Looking at the power sector, Paniduria is just the right place for the installation of windmills which could generate electricity for the whole village and also the installation of the solar panels. It is also my duty to inform the telecom operators to install a tower in Paniduria, because the village is in the centre of 9-12 villages on hilltop and hence the network would be much better then at present.

There is no reason why the district administration should not develop this village. But after decades of seeing the village road in such a pathetic condition, I wonder whether the government really cares for this village. Hence I request the governor and the chief minister to take up the issue and make sure that the village road is properly tarred so that the people even in this village could breathe a new air of development.


Khunlong Matey

NERIST,  (On email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Civilian-security personnel clash leaves

scores injured in Pasighat

Police Station vandalized

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: In a shameful event which could have been prevented, a Police station has been vandalized, scores of citizens, mostly students arrested and 11 CRPF jawans and at least seven civilians have been left injured. The unpleasant incident happened as the citizens were celebrating Durga Puja.

Even as the citizens’ gear up to celebrate the 100th years of establishment of the Pasighat administrative centre, they were in for shock when a drunken brawl led to stone pelting and lathi charge at around 10 PM on Oct 16.

The outcome of the brawl and inept handling of situation was a vandalized police station following stone pelting for six hours, 14 arrests, and registration of two cases and trips to hospital and ransacking of two shops.

Thirteen people have since been let off.

According to Officer in Charge Police station, T K Saikia, the incident happened when scuffle broke out among the sections of the crowd at Saw Mill area on Oct 16.

One SI and four constables were deployed to oversee the security arrangement of the area with 14 CRPF Personnel. While they were at the middle of the festivities, someone pelted stone which resulted in more stone pelting.

The CRPF in an effort to control the situation allegedly beat up devotees. But the situation took a turn for the worse when angry citizens started pelting stones at the personnel injuring six of them. Atleast seven civilians are reported injured after the CRPF started indiscriminate lathi charge.

The situation was controlled after senior citizens and higher ups of the police and administration intervened.

However later on the citizens took out their anger at the Police station and damaged the CRPF bus and Police cars and injuring five more CRPF personnel who were at the police station.

The OC said that recently renovated police station is in tatters with most of the windows and decorative lights gone.

According to AdiSU, the para-military force, which administration rushed for tackling the situation after a small clash broke out between some groups in Pasighat town and AAP failed to control the situation, arrested some innocent people and assaulted them out of frustration. AdiSU said that the groups involved in clashes had abandoned the place before the force (CRPF) arrived. The arrested included Bogong Students’ Union general secretary Dana Moyong, who was also brutally assaulted, AdiSU (apex) co-convenor and former JNC general secretary Nit Tamuk.

While condemning the act of brutality by CRPF, AdiSU also demanded immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary forces from Pasighat and punishment of erring police.

Conglomeration of different students’ organization including All East Siang District Students’ Union, All Bogong Students Union and J.N College Students Union have taken strong exception to the whole fiasco and condemned the civil Police and District administration for the whole situation. President of ABSU Tabit Gao while expressing his disappointment at the incident has called on the state government for immediate action against the CRPF personnel involved and the S.P Incharge East Siang & O.C Pasighat for their inept handling of the situation and putting the innocent common public at the mercy of CRPF Personnel and giving a free hand to them.

It also called for an independent enquiry committee to unearth the truth behind the unfortunate incident failing which All Bogong Students’ Union have threatened to hit the street for want of justice.


AAPSU draws govt attention on food crisis in K/Kumey, calls on PDS tainted MLAs to resign

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) called upon the state government to immediately provide succor to affected people of Kurung Kumey District who are facing acute food crisis with the onslaught of famine like situation due to bamboo flowering in certain places.

A delegation of public leaders of the affected area yesterday called on to the AAPSU president Takam Tatung to highlight their grievances and requested him to impress upon the state government.

The whole situation has become more awful with the scarcity of the PDS food item in far flung areas of the district where people are mostly dependent on the local products but with the phenomenon of bamboo flowering and the rat menace has left the common people helpless and at the mercy of PDS items.

The union  call for the release of pending bills to the genuine PDS contractors, suggested the elected leaders who have figured in the PDS scam to resign from their various portfolios on moral ground. It also suggested suspension of officers involved in the scam till their name are cleared and in order to pave way for impartial investigation in the whole scam to bring back semblance of good governance.

The apex students’ union of the state strongly condemned the show cause notice issued by one Sri Pisa Gunia, Zilla Parishad Chairperson Kurung Kumey District to the President of All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union for highlighting the plight of the common masses of the district in connection with food scarcity & mismanagement. AAPSU term the act as “Mischievous” and not in tune with stature of a Panchayat leader and said that they should represent the true spirit of great Indian grass root democracy but the act smack of political opportunism at the cost of common mass.

The Union also called for immediate release of students’ stipend and once again reminded the education department to take the grievances of the students seriously.


Cheats dupes citizens worth crores

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: In a major breakthrough, City Police arrested four people who cheated citizens of the start running to crores.

The arrested are Jyoti Boruah S/O Noni Boruah, Chandmari Guwahati, Mridul Sharma S/O Dijen Sharma, Chandmari, Prasana Sonowal, S/O Lt. Baneshwar Sonowal, Dispur, Bitu Choudhury @ Tayjib Islam S/O Lt Moynul Haque, Chandmari in connection with Itanagar PS Case No. 57/10 U/S 420/34 IPC from Guwahati recently.  

After duping the innocent people of Itanagar, Ziro and Doimukh running into two and a half crores of Rupees, they were hiding in Guwahati.

The modus operandi of the cheats was to run a Firm with impressive looking office in the name of some enterprises with credentials of having worked with government and private departments. The boss would appear very religious and with very impressive presentation.

In the instant case the cheats opened an office in the name of M/S Gogoi Enterprises cum G-10 Infra Tech at Kahilipara, Guwahati.

Next they would identify a person who has the knowledge and accessibility in Arunachal Pradesh. The preferred person would someone who has some connection or link with the people of Arunachal through marriage or work. After they had identified, they were offered fake contract work for laying of OFC network. Once the person agrees to carry out the work in AP on their behalf, they are given the Letter of Intent with details of fictitious survey report. Technically everything appears to be in order and the parties enter into deed of agreement before the Court.

In the instant case the total cost of fake work order for laying OFC from Kimin to Raga is worth Rs.7.35 crores. The work was awarded to Tadar Niglar, Prop. NGUFFA Group and another person from Yachuli from whom the firm collected Rs. 75 lakhs as 5% indemnity and 8% as commission.

In the similar fashion they also duped people of Doimukh worth Rs. 99 lakhs and Ziro worth Rs. 51 lakhs.

The gang had three groups working simultaneously at Doimukh, Itanagar and Ziro in the business of duping people. After they duped the people, the office and the people disappeared.

The proprietor of the dubious Firm is on the run, according to an information of City SP Chukhu Apa.


78 from Tirap makes it to Arunachal Scouts

ITANAGAR, Oct 18:  Encouraged by the support and training given by 19 Assam Rifles, 78 youths from Tirap district were selected in Arunachal Scouts during the recruitment rally held in the month of April 2010 at Jorhat.  A total of 295 youths have been selected from entire Arunachal Pradesh during the rally.

The boys were earlier trained at Battalion Headquarters in Khonsa by 19 Assam Rifles. After that they were taken to Jorhat in unit transport and their stay, food and other administrative requirements were catered for.

The selection of youth in such large numbers has dented the support base of NSCN factions in the area.  This will further give impetus to the success achieved by the unit in the counter terrorism operations in the district, a release stated.

19 Assam Rifles has also short listed around 600 boys from Tirap for the Assam Rifles recruitment rally being held at Jairampur from 08 - 13 Nov 2010. These youths are being trained and prepared by the unit for the said recruitment rally.


DA takes step to regulate traffic

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: In order to regulate traffic on the roads in Capital Complex region, the capital district administration has taken a series of initiatives including awareness and sensitization prog among road users including taxi drivers, sumo operators besides strict enforcement of traffic rules and regulations from Oct 14 last.

Meanwhile, the administration also issued 15 days deadlines to all road users to set things right under traffic rules and regulations such as proper display of registration number, valid driving license, registration of vehicles. It also gave a 30 days’ time to the Tempo, Auto, Sumo and Taxi drivers to use proper uniform of drivers (Khaki shirt and Pant) and get their cab drivers badge from DTO’s office, Naharlagun.   The district administration sought cooperation of general public in making the Capital a accident free zone.


JAC seeks people’s cooperation

ITANAGAR, Oct 18:  Reiterating its stand on alleged corruption and maladministration of the present Govt, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the three organizations, namely, AIPU, AYA and AVYF has sought cooperation from the people to root out corruption from Arunachal Pradesh.

The Committee in a release today said that the present Govt under the Chief Minister Dorjee  Khandu is neither ‘People’s friendly’ nor ‘Development-specific’.  It further said the people of the state have given up hope in the Khandu-led Government while adding that a drastic change was required at the helm of affairs in order to save the state.


Changlang gets VKV

Changlang, Oct 18: Parliamentary Secretary, IPR & Printing Thinghaap Taiju  inaugurated the newly established Vivekananda Kendriya Vidyalaya here at Changlang today. The 32nd  school of the VKV had started functioning smoothly on 1 October last.

Speaking as a chief guest on the occasion, Taiju informed that establishment of Vivekananda Kendriya Vidhyalaya was a long felt need of its people. He hoped that the opening of VKV at Changlang would be a boom for the poor people who cannot afford to spend much in education. He hoped it not only would produce a better citizen rather it would help improving overall quality of education in the district.

Taiju also revealed that he has been negotiating with the state government for development of infrastructures in its permanent site and hoped for the positive outcome in the current financial year.

The Changlang Deputy Commissioner, Opak Gao appreciated the members of VKV family and Public leaders of Changlang for their support and co-operation in bringing up the Vivekananda Kendriya Vidhayalay at Changlang.

He also thanked the MLAs of both Changlang North and South for their contribution in repairing the temporary school building in which the school is presently functioning. He appealed the members present in the house for their co-operation for  early  development of  its infrastructure.

The Secretary, Vivekananda Kendriya Vidhayalaya, Arunachal Pradesh trust Vishwas Laparkar emphasized on the fact that the VKVs in Arunacha Pradesh imparts the ideals of patriotism, Preservation, propagation and promotion of culture, self discipline and respect for elders besides formal education to its students. He assured that VKV Changlang would be one among the best VKVs.


DNGC boarders in a fix

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The boarders of Tai Bida Boys’ Hostel and Nyari Welley Girls Hostel are in a quandary as they are unable to save their household items including books from the jaws of roaming domestic animals in the Dera Natung Govt College compound, Itanagar.  Hostel prefect Ninde Taring in a release today said domestic animals like goats, cows are not only wandering in the college compound, they are roaming freely in the veranda of the hostels and enter the dining hall.  They even enter hostel unannounced if the door of the hotels remain open even for a while.

The prefect requested the owners to confine the animals or not to let them roam freely within the college campus.


Leaves of Pangchen

Sang Khandu

I was posted in Zemithang Circle under Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh and was there for almost seven years. By coming close to the people of the area and seeing the Geographical features of the area I became interested about their culture and mystical hearsay of their legend. So, I felt that I should share with all the hidden culture and nature’s amazing treasures of Zemithang.

Zemithang is the last administrative centre of India, located 96 KM from Tawang via Lumla. Entire circle’s population is 3000 approx as per 2001 census. The local name of “Zemithang” is “Pangchen”. Zemithang was named when administrative center was set up. “Zemithang” means “sand valley” and some says “Pangchen” means the “locality who gave up the sin” .The inhabitants of the area are known as Pangchenpa which means the people who gave up the sin.

They speak Monpa language. Their main occupation is grazing and partly Millet cultivation. Their staple food is millet. Their domestic animals are yak, zso, cow, goat and sheep. They do not use bulls for ploughing.  They depend on barter and exchange products of milk like Churpi(local cheese), Ghee etc for grain. Now a days they also depend on labour wages. They follow Buddhism (Nyingma sect, Old Buddhist). The people of the area are religious and don’t kill. They believe that wild animals are treasures, killing of which may bring ill luck to all living beings.

One can visit Zemithang and enjoy stunning rock mountain, rock walls, beautiful river valleys, attractive picnic spots and wonderful natural formation of river shingles and pebbles in Nyamjangchu River bed. In winter people of Tawang and Lumla come for picnic and enjoy the natural beauty of the valley.  

While travelling in the night, on the way, one can see wild animals like Porcupines, Boar, Ungulates, Antelopes etc. During the day, Langurs, Monkeys, Wild cats of different species etc. are a common sight.

A visitor once told me that Zemithang is a palace of God for only in the palace of God wild animals can be seen. But there is a great question mark whether the place can be saved from the outside hobby killer.


In comparison to other villages of Monpa, all the villagers of Zemithang Circle are rich in Monastic dance because of the presence of Gorsum Stupa and practice of Nyingma sect of Buddhism. Bardocham is one of the characters of Baacham. “Baacham” means “mask dance”, according to them Baacham consist of about 21 episodes.

Bardocham is one of the character through which they give message to all that killing is a sin, therefore, one should abstain from killing animals and love the animals equally like human. This rich culture of folk dances was at the stage of extinction, if His Eminence Tsona Rinpoche had not provided financial aid to the villagers for procurement of cultural costumes during my time.

Macaque of Zemithang

Arunachal Macaque (Macaca munzala) are abundant in the Zemithang area. It is a recently discovered new species, new to science, by the researchers of “Natures Conservation Foundation, Mysore. The species is endemic to the area and is not found in other parts of the world. Uttra Mendirattra was a student entrusted by Natures Conservation Foundation to study on Macaque when I was posted there.

Water falls

On the way one can enjoy beautiful waterfalls at Sirdi village and Bapa-tengkang (BTK). Each has got its own magnificence. These waterfalls add to the beauty of emerald lap of the nature.

Gorsum Chorten

The most significant monument of Zemithang area is the Gorsum Chorten. It is considered as one of the oldest and the largest Stupa in the Himalayan region. Since ancient times, every year religious melas are held for getting blessings during which pilgrims from within and abroad visit. The mela is called Gorsum Chorten Kora. ”Kora” here means circumambulating, “parikrama ” in Hindi.  The sacred door of stupa is opened in every twelve years.

Gorsum Stupa was constructed by Lama Sangey Pradhar of Kharman village. According to the legend of the villagers, when Lama Sangey Pradhar was just of about 6 months old, he was taken to the cultivation field and laid down unattended while his mother was working. He rolled down and a Monkey came to his rescue. After this miraculous incident he came to be known as Lama “Sangey Pradhar” which means deliverance from the Monkey or enlightened Monkey. It is said that before construction of the Gorsum stupa, the place was full of malevolent spirits. So, Lama Sange Pradhar constructed the Stupa to ease the villagers from these evil spirits. Gorsum means Rock Bridge. It is said that in that particular place, earlier there happened to be a Rock Bridge over a stream or river constructed by the Kharman villager. As per the assumptions made by the villagers, the Stupa was constructed in 12 century AD.I was told that the completion of the construction of the Stupa took almost 12 years. According to two scholars from British London Library (one British Nationalist and the other American Nationalist) who visited Zemithang, Pangchin Stupa found mention in 1935 records of British London Library. Gorsum Chorten, one of the historic monuments and heritages of Arunachal Pradesh was on the verge of destruction, if His Eminance Tsona Gontse Rinpoche had not renovated it at the right time.

Meditation hall/cave

Among the incredible places are the ancient meditation halls, Gonchung Tsamkang and Gorsum Tsamkang constructed under caves. Gonchung Tsamkang is at half day trekking distance from Zemithang Circle HQ. There is an amazing story associated with this place. It is said that in the early days when there was no Lama, the People of Pangchen, from far would often see a Lama licking dew drops on the leaves nearby Gonchung cave early in the morning. When people go near to see him they could find no one in the cave. So, the women folk of Kharman village planned to catch him and one day before dawn, the women folk spread strong Ara (Local distilled wine) on the leaves and when the lama got up in the morning and started licking the dew drops he got intoxicated and fell asleep. Thus, they caught him and brought him to the village and made him the Village Lama. Perhaps Lama Sange Pradhar was his son. T.G.Rinpoche’s Meditation hall is at Gorsum itself. One can have an experience by meditating inside the cave Gonchung.

Remains of Dunmo Hashang, the Demon Queen of Gepu Kala Wangpo, who was the king of Mandral Gang at Tawang.

It is said, that Dunmu Hashang, the queen of Gepu Kala Wangpo was a demoness and belonged from Dung, a hamlet of Kharman village under Pangchen, now Zemithang Circle.  The house shown above is one of the oldest houses and is four storied. It is said to be the house of Demon Queen. Nobody knows when it was constructed. From generations people have continued to stay in the said house by renovating it from time to time. The Dunmo Shukthri is inside a jungle just below the Dung village. Dunmu Shukthri here means throne of Demon Queen.

Most astonishing and interesting story is about Shemikang, a small stream which flows through Kharigor, a hamlet of Shocktsan village.

The ultimate source of Shemikang is Lhabruichang Tso,Chsamling Tso and Chsarigar Tso. “Tso” means lake. Shocktsan villagers worship these lakes as their deity. It is said that drinking or using the water of Shemikang improves one’s vitality. I became interested and started asking the elderly and prominent people of the area like Chotack, GB, Lama Rinchin, Ex- ASM about the reality and the folk lore associated with the lakes. According to them, as per the legend of the village, once two grazers while passing through Chsarigor Tso saw a Gangbe (divine frog) with light emitting from its entire body. By seeing this they got astonished. It is said that the frog was extraordinarily big, so out of curiosity, they planned to kill it. They sharpened few bamboos and placed them just below the fall where the frog generally comes down. Unfortunately, the Gangbe fell on the trap and the two delighted grazers collected it and kept for drying just above the fire place. In the process of drying, the oil of the frog fell in their vegetable while cooking. After eating this vegetable their sexual temptations were beyond control. So one of them satisfied his sex with a cow and other ran for his wife but he could not reach her and face death on the way in a grazing hut. Now the ruins of hut is known as Dursa Laapsas. “Dursa” means grave yard and ”Laapsas” means a kind of flag or thing offered in honour at the place while passing.  Dr. L Tempa, MO, who was also posted during my time, speculated that perhaps there may be some herbal plant nearby the lakes that had caused the incident mentioned above. Out of curiosity I decided to climb the height of the Grolleteng where these stories about the lake started.

While starting for the trek to the lakes, people of the locality told me that the place and the lakes are considered to be the deities of the villagers and most visitors are unable to see the lakes as it remains covered by fog. Since I was determined to trek and to have a glance of the place and lakes, I started praying for my successful journey and ultimately when I started, the weather was sunny and beautiful at Grolleteng. I felt I am in the heaven of the nature and was feeling invited by the nature and the deity. In delight, I burnt scented incenses and offered my prayer. I witnessed pieces of fog coming and going, blown gently by wind, as if the nature is clearing view for me. Earlier I was told, even on photograph clear pictures of the lake couldn’t be captured but I could take beautiful photographs of the picturesque lakes and the surroundings. Grolleteng is at about an altitude of 14000 fit. I was escorted to the place by Jamyang Dondu, Koncho Monpa my DA and Tsewang Rinchin my office attendants.

Loan from the nature.

Other interesting place is the small hillock near the lake called Tsebum Chorten.  In the premises of the Tsebum Chorten and lakes, there are many small stupas. Jamyang Dondu told me that according to their legend this is the place where once the local people sought loan from the nature by offering prayer and later returned the gifts back to the nature. The phenomenon stopped after a person cheated the nature by not repaying the loan.

The place where once the people took loan from the nature.

Yak Thokmey,

At Grolleteng, mountain pass, there is a natural rock formed in the shape of Head of Fish. It is believed that any passerby who sees a yak tied to the fish headed rock will be bestowed with good fortune and success in life.

Pilgrimag e place at Taktsang.

Under Zemithang circle, at 35 Km to the East of the headquarter, there is a pilgrimage place called Taktsang which means Den of Tiger. It is said that Guru Padma Sambhava meditated there in the disguised form of Tiger and from that day the Holy place was known as Taktsang. The whole area is dotted with number of rock caves and crevices considered holy by the locals.   Pilgrims passes through these rock caves to cleanse ones soul of all sins. It is also believed that one who visits this place will get blessings to reborn to human life.

Zangdo Peri

If we climb upwards from Taktsang Gonpa at about an altitude of 15000 feet there is a standing rock mountain which look like a Chorten (stupa) from distance. The place is locally known as nature’s Zangdo Peri, which is considered as the Holy Palace of Guru Padma Sambhava. On the top of  Zangdo Peri ,there is Holy Throne of Guru Padma sambhava. I, with Lobsang Zimba, then ADO, Zemithang and family members were escorted to the Holy place by Rev.Gyana  Rinpoche,  one of the re-incarnate Lama of Shocktsan village and Rev.Lama Lhondup, care taker of Taktsang Gonpa on 2nd November,2002. A natural meditation cave is also present at this mountain called Urgyen Drukpho(Meditation  Cave of Guru Padma Sambhava).

Reaching at the top of Zangdo Peri, we felt like touching the sky. From there we can see number of lakes. The famous tourist spot Madhuri Lake is located just beneath the opposite face of the Zangdo Peri. It is said that these lakes are offered by the deities as sacred water to the Guru Padma Sambhava.  Seeing 108 lakes from the top is considered auspicious and fortunate.   (The contributor is an APCS officer, currently posted as Circle Officer, Bomdila)


Awareness campaign on techniques of tea plantation

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: An awareness campaign on techniques of tea plantation was organized by Arunachal Pradesh Small Tea Growers’ Association at Daporijo recently.

Attending the campaign, Upper Subansiri district agriculture officer (DAO) T Lida said that tea plantation could be incorporated with watershed programme as watershed programmes like Haryali. If tea crops are covered under the watershed programme then it will help not only for growing tea but also increase the per capita income of rural people, he said.

APSTGA Tadak Gab opined that tea could be the lone resource to adopt for permanent source of business for the State, especially organic tea, which has potential to reach the world market. The State Government should focus on land use policy of the State as the climate and physical set up of the Arunachal Pradesh is suitable for tea cultivation, he said, adding that the Government should encourage tea cultivation instead of shifting cultivation for better tomorrow.

APSTGA general secretary Sompha Wangsa said that tea is a farmers’ crop and it is the property of Arunachal Pradesh. The response of the Government is positive and Tea Board of India will soon open branch office in the state, he informed.

Both the presidents of Small Tea Growers’ Associations of Upper Subansiri and Kurung Kumey district also attended the programme.


First Champions Trophy '10 from Oct 25

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The State Super Football League christened as First Champions’ Trophy 2010 will kick off at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on October 25 next. It was finalized in a meeting of the organizing committee on October 16.

The League mainly aims at  bringing the talented footballers to national level club championships and Indian league. The Champion team will represent Arunachal Pradesh at Zonal I-League.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee thanked Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for extending moral and financial support and PWD Minister Nabam Tuki, Sports & Youth affairs Director D.K.Dinglow and his staff, AOA president Padi Richo and Secretary General Gechi Doke, who is also  Secretary, APFA for their all support in organizing the Tournament.


Army recruitment rally

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Army will conduct a recruitment rally for eligible candidates from 20 Nov to  28 Nov 2010 at Pasighat, East Siang district). Besides this, a pre-screening of eligible candidates will also be conducted at Bomdila, Tawang and Seppa on 10, 12 and 15 Nov respectively as a prelude to the main rally at Pasighat. Its aim is to facilitate eligible candidates from remote area of Western Arunachal to participate in the recruitment process in their home districts. During this, the candidates will be tested for correctness of their documents, 1.6 km run, height & chest measurements and a medical examination in general. Those candidates who are found fit in the pre-screening will be required to participate in the main rally at Pasighat.

The candidates from other parts of Arunachal Pradesh can directly report at General Ground, Pasighat between 20 to 24 Nov 10. The candidates of Technical/ Nursing Assistant/ Clerks categories and sons of serving/retired soldiers, NCC Certificate holders & sportsmen who have represented at State or National level will be tested on 25 Nov 10. Written Test for candidates who are found fit in physical tests, documents check and medical examination will be held on 28 Nov. The final results may be expected by the candidates within 3 weeks.

A candidate should be prepared to stay under his own arrangements till 28 Nov 10, if selected in the physical and medical tests.

All interested candidates should be at least 160 cm tall with class VIII as minimum qualification. They should bring along with  them their original educational documents, birth certificate, PRC and character certificate. The educational documents should be countersigned by the DDSE. For more details, please contact ARO Jorhat at 0376-2310830.


Unconditional release to detainees demanded

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The Tali-Pipsorang Capital Dwellers’ Welfare Association and other like-minded organizations have demanded unconditional release of the AIPU chairman Rigam Shantana and three other leaders who have been detained in connection with the 24-hour capital bandh on October 4 last within two days.  

In an ultimatum to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, the organizations alleged that the four detained persons were meted out untold ill-treatment in police custody and strongly urged the CM for unconditional release of the four detainees by Oct 19 next.

The organizations including All Tali-Pipsorang Youth Welfare Association and Tali Area Intellectual Forum  further claimed that the four accused were leading democratic movement under Indian constitution against the alleged corruption in the state. The memorandum further threatened to take its own course of action in case of failure of the authorities to pay heed to their demands  within the stipulated time.

Meanwhile, the former president of All Tali Area Students’ Union, Marbam Tagok wrote a letter to  ANSU president  seeking his intervention for the immediate release of the AIPU chairman and three other detainees.




APPDSU educational tour

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) has decided to conduct phase wise educational tour cum awareness campaign in the district from Oct 21.  

Meanwhile, the meeting also decided to start its first phase of campaign  from Mengio circle.

The awareness campaign will focus on importance of health and hygiene, value of quality education, cordial relations between teachers and students, parents and teachers’ and also highlight on the RTE, social and school boundary issues.

It will organize debate, essay writing, drawing, sports and cultural competition to explore the hidden talent of the students of the district and distribute studies and sports materials during the campaign.


State government appreciated

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union appreciated the state government for revision of minimum rates of wages of contingency/casual employees/workers in the state.

However, the union lamenting over the recruit rules for the group D post (pre-revised classification) said that instead of 25%, the government should have kept 50% of vacancies reserved for contingencies/casual workers for recruitment/promotion in the group D Post.


Arunachal Bachao rally

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, Arunachal Pradesh will organize Arunachal Bachao and Jammu Kashmir Bachao mass procession rally at Itanagar on October 23.  It appealed the people to join the proposed mass rally.


DC reschedules tour

Seppa, Oct 18: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, Tope Bam has rescheduled his tour to Chgayang Tajo from 20th Oct to 26th Oct next.

The DC along with all the heads of department of the various departments would visit all the govt. offices including Schools and  PHC.

After this the team shall have meeting with the public of the area to discuss about the matter pertaining to the development of the area.

Meanwhile the SDO, Chayang Tajo has asked all the govt. officials, the public, PR leaders and the well wishers to attend the meeting positively. DIPRO


Market opened

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Lagun Mini Market has been opened near Lagun Bridge today.

Inaugurating the market, All Capital Complex Contractors Welfare Union president appealed to the road-side vendors to set up their business in the market. He also urged them not to throw away garbage in the nearby Lagun River.


T Takar Memorial tournament

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Late Techi Takar Memorial Football and Volleyball tournaments will begin from Nov 24. This was informed by the organizing committee of the tournament. Late Takar was a former minister and represented then undivided Sagalee constituency.


ESDP on computer

Koloriang, Oct 18: 42 days Entrepreneurship skill Development (ESDP) training programme on Computer Basic Application at M/S Indian Computer, Koloriang  Kurung Kumey for 25 beneficiaries for uneducated Youth and Drop out students  is being organized by Rural Development and Heritage Society, sponsored by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (MSME) Govt of India, branch office Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh. This was informed by Tamchi Niania, Chairman, Rural Development and Heritage Society.


Committee appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Sangrik Hapa Colony Welfare Committee, which constructed link road from State Gazetteer Office to its colony on self-help basis, in a meeting on October 15 last, has decided to approach department concerned for construction of culvert, drainage system and boulder for the roads. The meeting further decided to approach the departments concerned for providing electricity, drinking water facility and other basic civic amenities in the colony.


Union demands action

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: All Sagalee Students’ Union (ASSU) strongly condemned the recent alleged murder of Nabam Sonam of Bobia village, Leporiang, at Bomdila.

While demanding immediate arrest of the culprit and prepare charge-sheet against him, the Union also demanded Bomdila Police to ascertain the actual cause of the crime and make it known to the union.

ASSU alleged that release of the accused and allowing them to roam freely indicate of high handedness and criminal conspiracy in the murder. It threatened to take its own course of action in case the authority fails fulfill its demand within a week from October 18.


Committee decides

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Kurung Kumey District Panchayat Raj Co-ordination Committee (KKDPRCC), in its meeting held on October 16 last has unanimously resolved to cooperate and join hands with the Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Coordination Committee in every aspect of movement against the State Government for early devolution of financial power, functions and functionaries (F3) to PRIs. It also resolved to rectify the system and mode of implementation of various schemes in the district for ensuring implementation of those schemes through proper channel.


Office inauguration

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Education Minister Bosiram Siram and AAPPTF Chairman Takar Goi have consented to attend as chief guest and guest of honour in the inaugural function of the All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation, East Siang District unit office on October 24.


Rising Day

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: All Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Employees’ Welfare Association rising day will be observed on October 27 at Naharlagun.


AJ demand arrest

ITANAGAR, Oct 18:  Expressing deep shock over the death threat to the Associate Editor of this Daily, Tongam Rina, Arunachal Jagriti, an NGO today appealed the police  and vigilance departments to launch  operation to nab the person who dared to throttle the voice of the press and a senior journalist.

Describing the death threat to a journalist as cowardly act, it also appealed the authorities to provide security to the press fraternity so that they can play their role as the fourth Pillar of democracy.


Sports meet

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: The 3rd triangular (Dui, Bangte and Bokam) schools sports-cum-cultural and literary competition will be held  at Govt Middle School, Bokam, Palin in Kurung Kumey district on Oct 30 and Nov 1.

Palin MLA Takam Tagar and ZPM Techi Azad would attend the opening ceremony of the meet as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.



ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Black Bear Foundation Trust (BBFT), Seppa expressed shock at the sudden demise of Chilu Doka, Programme Director of BBFT, who died in a tragic road accident on Dirang to Bomdila road on October 12.

He was a sincere and dedicated social activist, his sudden demise has caused an irreparable loss to East Kameng District in particular and the Nyishi society in general.

The members of the trust prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and bestow enough strength to bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss.

All Leporiang Students’ Union expressed shock on the sudden demise of a class XII Students of Government Higher Secondary School Sagalee, Nabam Sonam, who has been murdered near construction site of FM Radio New Bomdila on October 12.

The union demands the concerned authority to immediately arrest the culprits.

The members of the union observed two minute silence and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended its condolence to the bereaved family members.

Capital Complex Upper Subansiri Christian Revival Fellowship mourned the untimely demise of Tako Kamda, who died at Vallore on October 13.

The members prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and conveyed its condolence to the bereaved family.



ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Duleng Tekseng, Teteng Pangkam and Toru Modi have been elected as president, vice president and general secretary of Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) Upper Siang District Unit.


Pressman dies

ITANAGAR:  In a tragic event, Ringku Jamikham, who was working as Assistant Manager with Dawnlit Post, died in a freak accident at Naharlagun on the night of Saturday last.

He was 28 years old.

Nokai Wangjan, Machine Operator of the Daily, who was pillion riding with Late Jamikham was injured and is recuperating at RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar.  Press fraternity has mourned the death of Jamikham. The Arunachal Press Club and Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalist have announced exgratia to the next of the kin of the bereaved.

The amounts will be handed over to their respective families tomorrow.


CS at Changlang hospital

CHANGLANG: A team of doctors led by Dr. Tape Kaye, Dr. Kamlom Mossang, both trained under NRHM along with Dr Minsing Ngemu, MO, Nurses T. Mamai, H. Munya, R. Zongsam, N. Mossang, of District Hospital, Changlang had successfully conducted its first caesarean section operation on Oct 16.

Both the baby and the mother are doing well.


Deep water fishing at Ganga lake

ITANAGAR: A team of senior fishery scientists led by Dr M P Remesan from the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR), Cochi, Kerala will conduct an experimental gill netting operation (deep water lake fishing) in Ganga Lake on Oct 19 and 20.

The Institute has provided the gill nets free of cost to the state fisheries department. The department can now use the net in Ranganadi reservoir and Sally Lake for deep water fishing,  according  an official release.


AKA appeals

ITANAGAR: While lauding the director of Fire Services, DC Srivastava and SSA Rajya Mission for implementing 5 % reservation for meritorious sportspersons in group ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘D’ posts, Arunachal Karate-Do-Association (AKA) calls on other departments to follow suit.



ITANAGAR: Henge Ori(Eshi) has cleared  UPSC examination for Central Police Force(Asstt. Commandant)  held on Sept 2010. He will be inducted as Asstt. Commandant under any wings of CPF. He is son of Kirsen Ori and hails from Yigi-Kaum Village of West Siang.

An Agriculture graduate from CAU-Imphal, he is presently serving under SPG-New Delhi.


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