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October - 02



Give us a break bandh callers

Dear Editor,

Please spare a small space in your reader columns to express anguish over frequent bandh calls. This refers to the 24hrs bandh call on 4th October given by some organisation of the capital complex, virtually claiming to be voice of common man.

The nomenclatures of organizations are so heart touching that you actually starts feeling that you are part of them. But irony is that none of us have ever voted, any of the so called President or Leader of these organisations.  And I also wonder whom they are representing??? ME! You!! Or for themselves!!! Where are the members!! How do they get elect/select??? Who are the voters/selectors??? Do they have any tenure for holding post or they are perpetual President??? Have you ever seen the leader???

There is lots of question lingering around the authenticity of these organisations. AREE BABA!! If you peoples are true leader, then why to play hide and seek game !! Come out to street, make door to door campaign regarding the issue!! Organize  Dharna like way AAPSU and others student’s organisation did recently regarding PRC issue!! Public appreciates such rationale methods of registering protest.  Democracy doesn’t empower any organisation or union to curtail the freedom of citizen! Empty road during strike does not implies that the public support the bandh, rather they feared that their hard earn/loaded vehicle might get damage or destroyed!! Don’t take public for granted!!!

Regarding the resignation of Chief Minister, it is simple equation, when he is enjoying  majority and if he didn’t violate the constitution and his involvement in scam is not proved yet!!! Then on what ground shall he quit the post??

It is earnest request to the common public of capital complex that lets not support any bandh call in future. Let’s not allow to take away our freedoms (guaranteed by Constitution of India) by few individual for sundry issue.

Request to the Organisation: Please be rational, don’t take away others freedom. Who knows someone in the districts might need urgent medical attention!!!

Request to the District Administration: It is your democratic obligation to protect public and his properties. And constitution empowers you to arrest individuals who create public nuisances. Derecognized or banned such organisation.

Request to the Media:  Don’t entertain any press release regarding bandh call. You are solely responsible for making them HIT.



Common man



Yobins be return their rights

Dear Editor,

There is a height to everything, granting PRC to the Non- APST is a long term investment of exploitation of tribal people’s interest of this state. At this juncture the most surprising thing is granting PRC to the Yobins by clubbing them together with the Non-APSTs. The Government is never sincere in addressing the plights of the Yobins. We have always demanded the restoration of our APST status but instead they are deciding to give us PRC that too clubbing us together with the Non-APSTs?

This made us ask one question to the the government, does our government consider us as Non-Tribals? If the Yobins are non tribals then who are the tribal’s of our state?

Enough is enough and do not play with the sentiments of the people anymore , there is always a point of saturation .Yobins have lived for more than three decades without their legitimate right , how long can we go on like this ? .

At this point may I request and remind  Taba Ajum and Sanjay Yadav(referring to-Other side of PRC article) that they have every right of expression, but in exercising their rights they should not hurt the sentiments of the people by clubbing the Yobins and the Chakmas together.


Philip Ngwazah

Phuyosa yobin




Wake up Advisors to CM !

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw kind attention to our Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Dorjee Khandu, that the very meaning of appointing an advisor for him is being defeated at the first instance itself. We don't know what these so called advisors are advising for the welfare of the state. They should guide him properly for the state's benefit, as in the case of PDS Scam if states masses were advisors we would advise him like in this way- on moral ground in democracy if a leader is found to be at fault, he or she should be asked to step down from the post assigned like Shashi Tharoor as he has to resigned from minister-ship for his alleged involvement in Indian Premier League (IPL) Scam, like this so many examples are there. But when it comes down to our state the grammar of democracy entirely spins, if we are very much a part of this Indian union, then same degree of action should be applied, which is being practiced by politicians on morality or on moral ground.  Advisors to Chief Minister, should advice him that entire tainted legislature should step down from the additional responsibilities entrusted to them on moral ground because citizen of this state is no more in need of these black-sheep’s. Also if these legislature when they cannot discharge the duties as an MLA, how come we can expect them to perform the additional charges. So in total Jarkar Gamlin, Chairman, APKVIB, Likha Saaya, Chairman, APEDA, Lokam Tassar Parliamentary Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies, all of the above tainted MLA's should step down till they are proven innocent. Instead CM should let those people take charge who doesn't have scam background.


Better Citizen



Geku- an ideal place for setting up proposed govt. College

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed column of prestigious newspaper, I would like to draw your kind attention regarding establishment of Government College at Geku Upper Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh.

Geku is a place of gentle slope and is well connected with rest of the state which is ideal for the establishment of Government College. The Panchayat leaders of Geku and Katan circles have unanimously decided to appraise government through your daily to establish the proposed Government College at Geku for the welfare of the people of entire Upper Siang District.

Geku is one of the oldest circles and town is taken care by Extra Assistant Commissioner and is well connected to its District Headquarter, Yinkiong, which is only 40 Kms away. It is also well connected to its neighboring district headquarters, Aalo of West Siang District and Pasighat of East Siang District.

Geku having good transportation facilities is well connected with mobile network, internet, banking and other necessary resources for the establishment of college. In context of basic necessities such as drinking water and electricity, Geku is the only place in whole upper Siang District to have a 24 hrs water & electricity supply . The power scenario of this town is expected to be augmented to much higher level with proposed micro- hydel Project at Sikem Stream. As per as health service is concerned Geku has CHC equipped with qualified medical officer and nurses.

Against the project areas requirement of 500 hectors of land for establishment Govt. College. The people of Geku are eager to donate their land free of cost solely for setting up of much awaited Govt. College at Geku.


A.K. Panyang,


Rahul Paloh (Spoke Person)

College Demand,

Committee, Geku



Daporijo in urgent need of college

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to appraise the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to upgrade the Government Higher Secondary School, Daporijo to full fledge college so that the poor student within or around Upper Subansiri district can pursue their further study uninterruptedly. Because I found that most of the students are unable to go down to other parts of Arunachal Pradesh, specially Itanagar and Pasighat due to poor economic conditions. This is a matter of grave concern for all of us.

I once again appraise the Govt. to look into the matter very sympathetically.


Tapak Nayam Food & Civil supplies Deptt.




Please take up PDS issue

Dear Editor,

While appreciating the mass movement against the PRC issue I would like to ask a few questions to the various organizations especially AAPSU, Is PRC issue the most important issue of this time? Is the PDS issue not as important as PRC? I think this  issue is  more important as it involves the height of corruption. Haven't we fallen trap to Govt.'s tactful shifting of focus from the most important issue to another?


T. Darung



India plans to destroy Arunachal Pradesh for its gains

Dear Editor,

First Indian central government destroyed the tribal cultures of N.E.F.A  by imposing Hindi on the tribal people. Now the Indian government with the help of its puppets in the Itanagar wants to destroy the entire tribal population of the state. Mega dams and PRCs to non-tribal’s are steps in this direction. Our grandparents were great samples for experimentation. Should we also give in as guinea pigs to be experimented upon by mainland Indians ?


Ropi Jamoh




Money talks in Arunachal

Dear Editor,

What is happening in Arunachal Pradesh these days is just the case of angoor khatta hain. We all know that everyone is in race to pocket anything by hook or crook. Whether it is a politician or businessmen or a govt. servant or NGo or an individual, all are in same boat on the same race. In this boat some are sitting, some are standing, some are just hanging on and some are standing on one leg. Some may feel they are holier than the rest. But this feeling is a false assurance to one self. Each one of us would have done what others did had we been sitting on the same chair. It feels nice to talk goody-goody now. But if those in power committed gross mistakes, then why it has taken so long to initiate rectification to those mistakes. Are just band calls any answer to these misdeeds? Who gets harassed now?


A concerned Arunachalee




Shopping complex in a sanctuary !

Dear Editor,

It is mysterious how dubious projects, bills, plans get approved without proper surveillance and appraisal, especially those projects worth crores.  Take the recently reported failed project of shopping complex at Gumin Nagar, Pasighat for instance. It left one pondering how the project site was feasible in the year 2003 but suddenly became economically unviable by the year 2009. After seven years there must have been considerable additions of population around the complex that should have rather boost the business or was it opposite in this case?

To add salt to the wound, the estimate was revised from rupees 1.02 crore to 3.37 crore, that too without Govt. approval, by increasing the plinth area of the complex. Whereas projects worth the estimate number one itself was objectionable considering the remoteness of the location and sparely settlements. Where there are many unoccupied shops and complexes in Pasighat main market (some shopkeepers hardly find a customer on some occasions) no sane businessman will opt to start a business in that wilderness only to battle the numerous flies and mosquitoes.

Though the Deputy Director DUDA succeeded in managing a loan of rupees 90 lakh from HUDCO, from where the remaining 2.47 crore was to be arranged to complete the construction? As reported, HUDCO released the first installment of 25 lakh in July 2004 and the second of 44.99.lakh in Feb. 2005 and the repayments were to start from 30th June 2005, the construction works were taken up in the month of September 2004 that mean, the department had only 9 months to bring such a massive complex into business. Was it possible? Repayments of loans and interests were supposed to be generated by renting and outright sale of the shops which was possible only after executing the construction works, yet the department had no idea from where the 72% of the fund will flow in for completion of the structure. Evidently HUDCO too made it clear not to release the remaining fund due to non receipt of loan repayment installments. Now, is the project doomed after such huge expenditure? From where the amount spent, rupees 69.20 lakh and liability of rupees 82.98 lakh being the interest on loan (with passage of time likely to cross the crore figures) come from? With this amount a school building could have been constructed, a health centre could have been equipped with better facilities or clean drinking water could have been made available to many dry areas. But no! Some people just need a shopping complex in a semi sanctuary.





Thank you ACF

Dear Editor,

It was the moment of happiness for YOBIN Community while reading your esteemed daily on 28th sept.2010. I was one among many from my community who after reading a news of Arunachal Christian Forum(ACF) supporting case of Yobins fight for APST status, finally felt like there is still some brothers and sisters or organization in Arunachal who really have a heart of gold and support our long fight to regain APST status.

I, on behalf of Yobins, whole heartedly would like to express our gratitude’s to the ACF for your kind support and help towards YOBIN’S demand for restoration APST status. You are our real brothers and sisters who could see our suffering. I also request our brothers and sisters or any other organizations please, help us, support us and endure with us as we seek for restoration of APST status because YOBIN is an aboriginal tribe from Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. We have been living in Daodi circle (Vijoynagar) from since time immemorial. We (YOBINS) were founded by the government of India on May 7th 1961.


Barak Ngwazah (Bayakhu yobin)




Arunachalee is very sweet name

Dear Editor,

In your esteemed daily one reader commented that he is not happy with the term Arunachalee used for the people of Arunachal. It is nice that they have coined some new terminology like People of Arunachal Pradesh (POAP). However for me Arunachalee is very sweet and appropriate for the people of Arunachal. Also I fail to understand why it sounds like illiterate, underdeveloped etc for some people of Delhi. Do they think that the lee is descended from some rough and tough person like BRUCLEE?

People of Sikkim are called Sikkimis, Mizoram as Mizos and Nagaland as Naga’s. Then why can’t be ARUNACHALEE? The problem is neither the word nor the people of Arunachal but people of Delhi who cannot interpret the word? It is a very emotionally attached word than any other word for the people of Arunachal. It is not always necessary to coin or discover the particular word and get cabinet approval. It is being used from very beginning and should continue to be used it.  I never encounter any person in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkota in my college days who abused the word Arunachalee.


Yours concerned Arunachlee,






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State policy for persons with disability soon

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has emphasized for conduction of field census so as to identify exact number of person with disability (PWD) in order to ensure that the fruits of government’s welfare measures reach them in the true sense.  Khandu further directed the Chief Secretary to issue directives to all Deputy Commissioners to start up the field work with specific instructions to established nature and degree of disability of PWDs. He was presiding over the 2nd State Coordination Committee meeting held here in his conference hall today to discuss at length on the draft State Policy on PWDs and action plan for the year 2010-11.

While the chief minister felt the need to implement pension schemes for the PWDs at the rate of Rs. 500/- per month, he gave specific directions to the Social Welfare Department to submit the list of PWDs before 31st March 2011 so that adequate fund could be placed from the state budget and the proposal could be taken up for cabinet decision.

Khandu further assured to initiate steps to provide free education to the children with disability under inclusive education of SSA Rajya Mission.

The house after a threadbare discussion on the state policy for PWDs, empowered the Secretary Social Welfare, Women and Child Development cum Commissioner for persons with disability to finalize the state policy with the approval of the government. The house further accorded approval to the annual action plan placed and desired to execute the action within next two quarters.

Among others, Niani Natung, Chairperson APSSWB, Yeshi Tsering, Principal Secretary to CM, VK Dev, Development Commissioner, Tape Bagra, Commissioner, M Pertin Commissioner, Ajit Srivastava Secretary SW&WCD, Swami Vishweshananda, Secretary R K Mission, T Taniang, Chairman APHWS and H Sharma, Principal Donyi Polo Mission School for Hearing impaired were present. PRO to CM


Local women need greater participation in literacy mission: DC

Itanagar,  Oct 1:  The Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Sadhana Deori advocated for appointment of women members as chairpersons of block and gram level Shiksha Samities as local women need a greater participation to enhance the literacy rate of the district.

She was addressing a meeting of the Lower Subansiri Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti which was held to discuss the scheme under Shakshar Bharat programme here today.

Urging the members to implement the programme in need base and transparent manner said Raga block where literacy rate is lowest in the district should be given priority.

Informing that only 190 grams can be covered under the programme, she requested the Zilla Parishad members to bring awareness on the limitations of the scheme to the villagers and  the Panchayat leaders  so that confusion is avoided and the programme is implemented smoothly.She also gave the responsibility of identifying and choosing the villages to be covered under the programme to the Zilla Parishad members  included in the Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti. She also advised the members that all the volunteers and Preraks will be appointed only from the  natives of the area.

Lower Subansiri  Zilla Parishad Chairperson  and chairman of the newly constituted Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti, Likha Tongum,  said government of India has given us so many good schemes  for the development, it is our people who could not properly implement it. This is another such good scheme and new to the state, it should be ensured that there is no political interference in any level of its implementation for its successful implementation. He requested the members of the Samiti to work as a team and  set an example so that others can reckon their service in the future. Yumlam Tana, DAEO, spoke on the guidelines and criteria for  constituting the Shiksha samitis at District, Block and village levels besides highlighting the adult education scenario of the district in last  few years.  While, Gyati Tajang, APO, (Adult Education) spoke on the  Shakshar Bharat Programme.  M.Y. Golo, DDSE, while thanking the members for participating in the meeting urged the Panchayat leaders to support the programme whole heartedly.  The meeting was also attended by ZPMs Hibu Uma, Taba Pinji, Bar Sumpi, Officers and NGO representatives as members of the Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti. DIPRO


National Blood Donation Day observed

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: National Voluntary Blood Donation Day was observed at General Hospital Naharlagun by organizing a blood donation camp in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh State Aids Control Society (APSACS) today. Eleven units of Blood of different blood groups were collected from donors.

A seminar was also conducted on blood donation highlighting the importance of blood donation as well as people’s misconception about it through power-point presentation by Dr. Keni Ete, Senior bio-chemist of the hospital.  Blood donated on the occasion would be given to poor and needy patients of the hospital free of cost, said Dr. D Raina, Medical Superintendent.

Co-inciding with National Voluntary Blood Donation Day, the Arunachal Capital Students’ Union of Monpa’s (ACSUM) has also  successfully organized a blood donation camp at RKM Hospital, Itanagar today. As many as 52 students from different colleges and schools have voluntarily donated blood to make the programme a grand success, ACSUM president Thutan Nima said.


Greetings on Gandhi Jayanti

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen. JJ Singh has extended greetings and good wishes to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and expressed his hope that the occasion will guide all towards Gandhiji’s path of truth and non-violence and remind each one to rededicate oneself towards promoting peace, tolerance and harmony and work for the progress of the nation.

In his message, Gen Singh said, Mahatma Gandhi dedicated his life for the cause of the most deprived and the oppressed sections of the society and also for strengthening communal harmony. Therefore, on this momentous day, let us once again remind ourselves of his ideals and pledge to work for the eradication of poverty, illiteracy and discrimination in the nation.

May the spirit of truth and Ahimsa (non-violence) be with all of us throughout, Governor wished.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu  also in his message extended  his heartfelt greetings to  the citizen of Arunachal Pradesh and the nation as a whole on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

Khandu in his message said, ‘Mahatma Gandhi was the man who played a significant role for achieving independence for India from the British Empire, with his simplicity and strong willpower.’

‘Let us make our nation a better place to live in with instilling communal harmony, eradicating poverty and illiteracy from its root,’ the message said.


BJP welcomes revocation of PRC order, suggests measures

ITANAGAR, Oct 1:  While welcoming the cabinet decision revoking the order to grant PRC to non-APSTs, State Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh today  said that Govt.  should not to take such sensitive issues  in future without  realizing the permanent socio-political  impact which will fall upon the indigenous citizen of the state.

The party was represented by Dominic Tadar, State General Secretary and Kojum Riba, National Vice President ST Morcha in yesterday’s all party meeting and welcomed the decision of the Govt on PRC, Chakma and Hajong refugees, boundary and bandhs in the Capital complex.  

Describing the  formation of the  high level committee on Chakma-Hajong issue as positive step, the party however,  suggested  the state Govt to include representatives from all political parties in the committee, so that, the political parties take equal responsibility in resolving  long pending issue.  On boundary issue, the party suggested  various measures including continuous dialogue with Assam govt the civil society of both the states,   formation of village volunteer force along the boundary line, formation of peace committees at the affected areas and establishment of regular police check gates at the strategic points along the Assam boundary line.

The party also expressed serious concern on the frequent bandhs in the state Capital, Itanagar by one organization or the other affecting the life and property of the citizens. The party asked the state Govt. to take necessary steps to curb such kinds of bandhs and impose restrictions upon them.

The party said that the  Govt. should discuss issues with the agitating citizens and address their problems genuinely and also appealed to all organizations to resort to some other means of protest to ventilate their grievances with the Govt, so that the innocent citizens are not affected.


NCP demads spl package for flood ravaged Likabali farmers

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has demanded special financial packages for flood affected farmers of 28th Likabali constituency. According to an NCP release due to continuous downpour since last 7 days, wet cultivation fields and shifting cultivation lands belonging to 38 villages of the foothill area of West Siang district have been damaged due to flood water.

People of villages like Depa and Durpai are facing lot of problems due to flood and their paddy fields have been totally washed away, release claimed. Likewise farmers of Sibe and Gensi circle are facing major problems due to heavy landslide. NCP release further claimed that road to Sibe circle has been blocked in many points and this may lead to food scarcity in the region.


Estimate Committee visit W / Kameng

BOMDILA, Oct 1: The Committee on Estimates of Fifth Legislative Assembly headed by Dr. Tangor Tapok, MLA cum Chairman  of the  Committee inspected Community Health Centre Dirang on Sept 29. The Committee chairman suggested the SMO Dirang to conduct tour in remote villages and create awareness about the importance of immunization and other related NRHM schemes.

The Committee members also inspected Anganwadi Centre Pedung, Sera village, Bank Colony, Gandhi Colony and verified  SNP record, school run by Anganwadi  and interacted with children, Anganwadis and senior citizens  on  30th September at Bomdila. Later the committee inspected SSA school buildings in various locations in the township and also visited NRHM building in district hospital and indoor wards of the district hospital.  DIPRO


CRPF Challenger Football Tournament begins

BTFC beat RGU in penalty kick

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Oct 01: Bamang Taji Football Club (BTFC) defeated Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) 3-1 (6-4)  via penalty kick in the opening match of the CRPF Challenger Football Tournament at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

The tie was decided through spot kick after both sides were locked 3-3 all in regulation time. All the three kicks taken by Toko Poliam, Takam Tayam and Tayeng Abo of BTFC found the target while RGU could convert only one out of four shots taken by them in the penalty shot out.

Earlier, RGU took the lead 11 minute into the match through Mudang Mulo and doubled the score in 19th minute through Millo Tara. BTFC’s Takam Tayam reduced the margin to 2-1 in 25th minute. RGU was leading the match 2-1 in the first half.

The second half saw fortune fluctuating from one team to other till very end of the match.

Mudang Mulo again scored in 20 minute of the second half to give RGU 3-1 lead. Stung by the goal, BTFC increased the pace of attack and reduced the margin to 3-2 through Rocky Ramsing (28 min) and Tayam finally found the equalizer in 32 minute (3-3).

Earlier, Education  Minister Bosiram Siram, in his inaugural speech as chief guest, highly praised the performance of 138 Bn CRPF deputed in Itanagar and other parts of Arunachal Pradesh in dealing with internal security, disaster management and other insurgents/militants problems. Being impressed by various welfare activities undertaken by CRPF, Siram opined for organizing Civic Action Programme frequently by the forces to have regular interaction with the public and to remove misunderstanding, if any.

He said that games and sports  play a crucial role in fostering love and brotherhood; it guides us to the principle of co- operation to fight against unsocial elements. This tournament is organized with the goal of peace, harmony and co operation between the protectors and protectees of the nation, he said and hoped that it will go a long way in  erasing the myth about the cruelty of the forces, who are serving for safety and security of people of our country.

Commandant Bhupendra Kumar, 138 Bn CRPF informed about various activities undertaken  by the unit under its Civic Action Programme. He said that this unit organized a district level football tournament at Daporijo during July, 2010, established computer labs with all required accessories at Hr. Sec. School Palin, Middle school Koloriang and Middle School Bhalukpong.  The unit had also arranged First Aid course for the teachers of Middle and Higher Sec. School, Koloriang  with the help of DMO, Koloriang and provided them first aid boxes with necessary medicines. A  library has also been  set up at Bhalukpong, the Commandant informed.

He also emphasized on the importance of Civic Action Programme the and role of CRPF in our country.

Altogether 10 teams are taking part in the tournament organized by the 138 Bn CRPF as part of its Civic Action Programme.

Today’s matches:

1. Pachin Youth Club  vs Veteran Fotball Club

2. G4 FC vs DC XI


Local contractor demands cancellation of tender

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: All Arunachal Registered Contractor Association (AARCA) in a letter to Chief Engineer Eastern Zone, PWD, Itanagar expressed dissatisfaction on the recently held tender process of double laning road from Changlang to Margerita (36.10 Km) under central road fund.

It appealed the concerned department to cancel the request for pre-Qualification Bid of Double Laning from Changlang to Margherita and  issue a fresh advertisement for the same to enable the local registered contractors to participate.  It threatened to take up democratic steps to stop the said tender work and claimed that Arunachal Pradesh have well experienced and eligible contractor to take up such huge work.

It alleged that the recently held tender process of Double laning Road from Changlang to Margherita at the cost of Rs.105.08 Crores shows nepotism of the concerned department.

Adding that such state importance tender notice should be published in local news papers/channels, but the tender notice was published in national news papers only, which was later available in department website on July 29, 2010, the association claimed. It further said that as per the advertisement the last date of submission of documents for pre-qualification was September 15th, 2010 at the Chief Engineer, (EZ), PWD, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh and later which was to be opened at the Chief Engineer (P-9), Ministry of Road & Highway, Transport Bhawan, New Delhi Office on September 17, 2010.

The association questioned the concerned authority that why the Application of Pre-Qualification couldn't be scrutinized at CE's (EZ), PWD Office, Itanagar and as assured by the concerned department to provide opportunity to the local registered contractors to compete the bidding of such contract works and why the tender didn't issued on package wise to enable the local registered contractors to participate.

The association further questioning that on what reason the government made the enlistment of contractors, if the local contractors are not given the opportunity to participate in the bidding in the state, alleged that despite repeated representation to concerned department local registered contractors of state are always being deprived of contract works in state level or national level due to hard and fast rules of the concerned department to reject the local contractors of the state and added that until and unless the local people are provided opportunity to bid in such huge amount tender works, how can the local contractor get experience to execute huge works.


The Mahatma’s Vision of Gram Swaraj

Jarjum Ete

It just occurred to me that the birth day of the Mahatma would be an opportune time to  bring up the issue of GRAM SWARAJ in the larger public domain – howsoever brief it may be. And when the Mahatma, the Great Soul, would be remembered in different ways by different people all over the world, we could very well do a little retrospection on his philosophy of Gram Swaraj or self-ruled villages in our own context.. More so, when the Indian National Congress party is celebrating and observing the 125 years of the foundation of the party in different ways and the party is in power in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It also gives us an opportunity to try and see the things in perspective.

Gram Swaraj, perhaps, means a village where each villager will have a say in its governance, in the administration of the village, for everyone’s good and welfare, and where every adult person will be party to all deliberations,  discussions and decisions regarding the plans, programs and policies for the advancement of the villagers and their socio-economic, cultural and political progress. Gram Swaraj  to my understanding would also mean a self ruled village unit where every person will have access to education, health, food, sanitation, hygiene and safe drinking water, where every woman will have access to pre natal and post natal care, will not suffer domestic violence of any kind, where elderly ones will be well looked after and respected, where every child will be loved, taken care of, educated and not neglected in any way.

When it comes to our state, Arunachal Pradesh, a tribal state with around 40% non-tribal floating population mostly in the urban pockets. Here, the institution of Panchayati Raj is quite an interesting juxtaposition.  Quiet an intriguing combination, unlike the other sixth scheduled states of  the north east region.

The traditional tribal institutions of the various groups in the state are still  very much in vogue, albeit with some interventions from the state and district administrations. However, the Panchayat Raj as a notion has been in practice in this state since the very late sixties, when the Government of India, had decided to implement the recommendations of the Daying Ering Committee Report of 1965. The Parliament passed the North-East Frontier Agency Panchayat Raj Regulation Act  and it was put on implementation by the Government of India in 1967. As per the provision in this Act, the Agency Council was formed at apex level followed by Zilla Parishads at District level, Anchal Samitis at Block level and Gram Panchayat at village level. The traditional village councils which were already recognized under the North-East Frontier Administration of Justice Regulation, 1945, were accorded the status of Gram Panchayats. However, after the extension of the 73rd  Constitutional Amendment Act has created a separate structure of the Gram Panchayats at the village level, quite different from the traditional village councils.

The whole effort towards the implementation of the  73rd Constitutional Amendment Act (CAA) and the talk about empowering the Panchayats was an attempt in post independent India, under the initiative of the then Congress Prime Minister, late Rajiv Gandhi, to achieve the Mahatma’s vision for a truly independent country, of empowered villagers in rural India where still 70% of Indians are believed to  be living. The Gram Sabha, the bottom most strata of rural India comprising of all the voters of the  Panchayat elections, is expected to be the most  crucial and empowered unit of the whole institution of local self government. And all decisions of planning and policy formulation and implementation has to be initiated at the Gram Sabha level. Even the Planning Commission of India insists on that. However !!

In Arunachal, after the implementation of the 73rd CAA, in the 2003 election, we witnessed the entry of 3000 plus elected women representatives (EWRs) into the male domain of local self government which was erstwhile dominated by 99.9 % men. However there was no devolution of powers to the panchayats. In fact, the Twelfth Finance Commission grant to the Panchayats of Arunachal was not even released to the PRIs by the then state government whereas the utilization certificate was actually sent to the Finance Ministry in Delhi. And none of the PRI leaders were the wiser till a delegation of  members from the Federation of Elected Women Representatives of Arunachal Pradesh (FEWRAP) called on the concerned authorities in Delhi.

After the 2008 elections, where the earlier figure of 38.8 % of EWRs was reduced to 38%, through the collective efforts and interventions of the Congress party’s panchayat unit, the Rajiv Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sangathan (RGPRS) and the Panchayat Coordination Committee of the PRI representatives, and some support from key leaders in the government, some attempt at devolution of powers to the Panchayats happened.

However, the crux of the process of empowerment of the people in rural Arunachal through  the institutions of panchayats is yet to happen in the state. Even today, the villagers of Arunachal are not aware that they are not  just target beneficiaries of the various welfare programs of the welfare state, but the reason for the country’s governance and partners in that whole system of  democratic polity.

I was traveling with a few members of the  National Forest Rights Act Review Committee ( a joint committee of  MoEF & MoTA, GoI ) in Arunachal Pradesh – 19th Sept at Seijosa in East Kameng district, 20th Sept at Itanagar, the capital township and 21st Sept at Miao in Changlang district. During the interactions with the tribal people it just occurred to all of us from the NFRAC that despite the presence of  local self government bodies since the late 60s in the territory, the ignorance, unawereness and illiteracy of the local level leaders  led to the loss of traditional land rights of the various tribal groups. And today, the people want back what was theirs.

One young man even asked us,’Do you think the naxals and Maoists of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh would have just taken to the arms for fun ?’

Without their lands, forests and waters, what are they to do – now or in the future? – is what they asked us. If this question is not addressed in earnest, I have a hunch that the vision of Gram Swaraj by the Mahatma will fail miserably in Arunachal despite the efforts of the governments in the centre and the state also.


Allegations baseless and misleading

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Reacting to the news item published in a section of media recently alleging use of bad quality grocery items under Mid day meal in  Piyong Circle of Namsai Sub-Division, Lohit Deputy Director of School Education today clarified that Grocery items  were supplied to respective block after through check and school authorities received in good condition.

Condemning the allegations as baseless and misleading, the DDSE K Rina  in a release today further said Mustard Oil were supplied in sealed packages, while potatoes and onions were purchased from respective blocks locally and distributed to each school by the Asstt. District Education Officer as and when required. Therefore, the question of adulteration in the commodities under MDM Scheme is miles away from the truth.

He further informed that there are total 17 Primary schools and 7 schools with Upper Primary in Piyong circle and  enrolment as approved by PAB is [a] Primary – 451 students [b] Upper Primary – 329 students. So items were supplied as per guidelines of MDM keeping in view the nutritive requirements of the students.  

Regarding allegation that ‘children had fallen sick after consumption of Mid day meal, the  release said, DDSE visited the respective schools in Piyong circle under Namsai Block on Sept 22. No Diarrhea, vomiting or Nausea cases has been occurred after feeding MID-DAY-MEAL nor found any kind of adulteration in Grocery items, the DDSE said while making available the supporting documents obtained from the respective schools.

He further informed an independent enquiry constituted by the Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Namsai headed by Namatra Bhatt Circle Officer Piyong   found the allegations are baseless and unfounded.

However, the DDSE appealed to the general public of Lohit District to inform him “if there is any irregularity in Mid-Day-Meal or other issue before going to press”.


Blood Donation camp organized

PASIGHAT, Oct 1: The General Hospital Pasighat organized a Blood Donation camp today to mark the World Blood Donation Day in the hospital premises. The volunteers (students) from JN College, APWWS (Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society), Seva Bharti, CRPF and APP personnel donated blood  to mark the occasion. All together 203 volunteers registered their names but 25 could donate their blood, informed Dr. Onik Moyong Supdt. GH Pasighat.

A seminar was also organized by the Hospital authority to motivate the youngsters.  Dr. T. Ering and Dr. K. Jerang both the Pathologists were resource persons in the seminar. The DDHS Dr. K. Lego  said it is the highest form of charity which can bind the society  regardless of class, race, colour or religion.  All were checked by experts before donating their blood, Dr. Lego added. DIPRO


PPADC reiterates demand

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Parsi Parlo Area Development Committee (PPADC) reiterated its support to bandh call given by AKKDSU on  Oct 4 against re- introduction of head load carriage system and  also demand for dropping of Lokam Tassar from the post of PS, F&CS and S&T till completion of investigation into his alleged involvement in PDS scam as a carriage contractor.  The Committee said this decision  were  taken in all executive members’ meeting of PPADC held at  Itanagar today to counter  the press statement that appeared in local dailies  recently and to initiate future course of action in this regard.

Regarding relief for the victims of bamboo flowering in Damin and Parsi-Parlo areas, the PPADC urges the state Govt to send relief package directly to DC, Kurung Kumey and not through PS, F&CS and ZPC. If possible third party monitoring should be sent to verify the actual implementation of such packages, the committee said. The committee claimed that  last year also relief package worth `15 lacs was sent to Damin & Parsi-Parlo areas but not even a single grain of rice or a rupee was made available to the poor and needy people of the areas.


District TV and HIV co-ordination committee meeting held

ZIRO, Oct 1: The first meeting of the District Tuberculosis (TB) and Human immuno syndrome Virus ( HIV) Co-ordination Committee of Lower Subansiri district was held at the office Chamber of Deputy Commissioner here today.

While exploring  various options available with the medical officers, medical workers and counselors   to  arrest  spreading   of TB and HIV in the district,  Deputy Commissioner Sadhana Deori suggested for  proper coordination among the health workers. There should be cross–referrals of all diagnosed patients of TB and HIV by the medical officers manning TB and HIV sections. She also suggested the Medical Officers to check the pharmacies and other health workers so that syringes and needles are not re-used and recycled.

Dr. Hage Nibu, while briefing the aims and objectives of the meeting  informed the members that research has proved that there is very high chances of co-infection of TB and HIV to the patient of the of either of these two diseases. This has compelled  the government India  to  start  National framework for Joint TB/HIV Collaborative activities. The framework elaborates the various activities to be undertaken at the National, State, District levels to address the problem of TB/HIV co-infection in the country. It also enhance the collaboration between RNTC and NACP .  

DMO, S.Kakoty, DFWO Dr. Nani Rika, ICTC in charge Dr. Kuru Tama and other NGO representatives and HIV counselors also took part in the meeting. DIPRO


Kurung Kumey DHS reviews performance in health sector

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: District level review meeting of the District Health Society (DHS) was organized on Sept 28 last. Altogether eight Medical Officers in-charge from CHCs and PHCs were turned up in the meeting.

Presiding over the meeting Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner cum DHS chairman Bidol Tayeng  stressed the need of holding review meeting at least half yearly. He directed medical officers to ensure proper utilization of RKS grant and submission of proper report which will be useful in planning and policy making.

Doctors and teachers are back bone of the society, the DC said and directed the medical officers to be in the posting place regularly.

District RCH Officer Dr. Litum Bagra, while highlighted the objective of NRHM, requested all medical officers working in remotest areas of the district to discharge their duties diligently for the benefit of people living in far-flung areas.

During the meeting performance for the year 2009 and 1st & 2nd quarter ‘2010 have been reviewed which was presented by MO  in-charges  of  respective community health and public health centre and DPMU officials presented the achievement of district head quarter in toto. DIPRO.


Orientation training on  SGSY

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: One day basic orientation training on Swaranjayanti Gram Swarazgar Yojana (SGSY) was held on 24th of September at Raga CD-block. Held under the sponsorship of DRDA, Ziro, training was attended by about 250 Swarozgaris/SHGS.

Welcoming the participants, Tassar Daba, APO (credit), DRDA, Ziro spoke about the aim and objectives of SGSY. He also emphasized for formation of more SHGs and urged local people to avail benefit of various schemes being extended under the centrally sponsored programmes. Mugli Tagu, BDO, CD block, Raga graced the occasion as chief guest.  During the day many officers from Raga circle attended as resource persons and beneficiaries were apprised about various aspects of SGSY, marketing products, etc.


Union demands formedicines supply

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: General public of Upper Subansiri district have been suffering a lot for non-supply of live-saving medicines to various PHCs, CHCs and District Medical Hospital, said All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union (AUSDSU).

According to the DMO, AUSDSU said, no medicine is being supplied to those health centres since January last despite regular correspondences made for supply of the same.

AUSDSU also reported break out of epidemic at Puchi Geko, Tapi Lusi and Maro area last month and loss of human lives from various curable diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Diarrhea etc for want of medicines. A team of doctors, along with medicines procured by themselves are reaching Tapi Lusi to tackle the situation, the students union was informed by the authority.

AUSDSU demanded the State Government to send sufficient medicines to all health centres of Upper Subansiri district immediately so that public don not suffer anymore for want of medicines. It also urged the DC to immediately invite tender for procurement of medicine through his united fund.


Geoenpro Kharsang Oil Field Official assures 1% cess payment to workers board

KHARSANG, Oct 1: The team of the Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) today organized its awareness campaign meeting at Geoenpro, Kharsang Oil Field.

Addressing the gathering, APB&OCWWB Chairman Jalley Sonam appealed the authority of the Geoenpro, Kharsang Oil Field to provide employment to the local youths to share the unemployment problems of the state and also suggested the authority to deposit 1% cess to board.

Further, Sonam advised the workers to register their names in the board to avail the benefits besides the benefits they are getting from the company.

APB&OCWWB Cum Labour Commissioner, Secretary Ojing Darung briefed about the APB&OCWWB and highlighted the statuary provisions of the Board and other entitlement.

He further highlighting the workers registration procedure and advising the workers working in various organized and unorganized sectors to registered in the board informed that the worker have to contribute Rs. 25 as Registration fees and Rs. 20 per month as membership fee.

Assistant Manager, Administration & Security, Retd Col. Praveen Chopra appreciating the visiting team for conducting workers and Board awareness meeting in Geoenpro said that due to lack of knowledge on 1% cess payment and the APB&OCWWB the company could not pay any such payment to the board earlier.

He assured the Board officials to deposit 1% cess to board as per the guidelines and laws framed by the Government and also informed that the company is providing necessary items like Medi-claims Insurance, accidental benefits and other precautionary measures to its workers.

Amongst others Sanu Tamang, Zonal Secretary, Eastern Zone, AAPWU, Techi Tara, Working President, State HQ, Tana Yakung, General Secretary (Women Wing) AAPWU, State Unit attended the meeting.


DC inaugurates Skill Development progamme

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Tirap Deputy Commissioner W. Lowang on inaugurated a 36-day skill development programme (SDP) at Khonsa amidst a huge gathering today.  Altogether 25 trainees are attending in the programme conducted by the National Youth Project (NYP) and sponsored by NABARD.

In his inaugural address, Lowang said the 1/3 of India’s population comprises of youth who are job-seekers. He asked the youth to engage in self-employment adding that development of skill is of paramount importance to succeed in any trade. He further told the trainees to take up other trades like piggery, goatery, poultry etc to augment their source of income.

C.Rajkumar, ADTH in her speech said that the quality and design of local handloom products must be improved to attract more customers while Khonsa ZPM Wanglo Gosak urged the trainees to increase production adding that more trainees from interior villages must be included in such training programmes.

Earlier, the co-ordinator of NYP Anil Burman while throwing light on activities of NYP, said that the NYP provides training to the youth to develop their skill in their chosen trade and urged the trainees to come forward to take benefit out of the trainings provided by NYP. DIPRO


PDS vigilance and monitoring committee meeting held: Aalo

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: The West Saing district level  PDS Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting was held at Aalo yesterday.

Presiding over the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak urged the SP to issue necessary directives to the police personnel of the Likabali check post for maintaining register of PDS items especially of West Siang. He further said all administrative officers of sub-divisions and circles should attend the next DLVMC meeting with receipt  and delivery challans.

While reviewing the action plan of the previous DLVMC meeting, the members present in the meeting resolved that the wholesale nominee needs to arrange proper specified godown for easy checking of the  stock position by the  members. They suggested that 100 Mt. godown at Basar may be used by wholesale nominee as transit godown. It was also informed in the meeting that District Administration is looking for land at suitable location for establishment of PDS godown. DIPRO


Students demands infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: The civil engineering students of Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic, Itanagar in a letter to its Principal highlighting the grievances of the civil engineering students appealed for setting up of civil machine laboratory, computers for civil engineering students separately, proper supply of electricity during practical hours and HOD and its chamber in the RG Polytechnic college.

It further, briefing about the shortage of lecturers and reference book and technical magazines in college  library, it appealed the authority to look into the matter immediately.


Panchayat leaders demand regular circle officer

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: The coordination meeting of the 13th Pate Anchal Block under  Puchigeko Circle in  Upper Subansiri District was held yesterday.

The meeting decided to spearhead the movement for regularization of the CD Block Puchigeko and also resolved to maintain cordial relationship within the Panchayat leaders and block officers and to execute any kind of work under all departments of the Puchigeko circle in coordination with the Chairperson of Anchal Block Puchigeko Cirle for the all round development of the area.

It further highlighting the grievances of the people appealed the state government for immediate posting of regular Circle Officer at Puchikego.


FPS dealers to attend national  level meet

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Arunachal Pradesh Fair Price Shop Dealers Welfare Association General Secretary Tarh Miri, Convener Bamang Apa and Advisor Tarh Takio are leaving for Calcutta to represent APFPSDWA in the National Working Committee of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation meeting at Kolkota on October 3 and 4.



Mass Social Service

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: In view of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October, the Govt officers, staff and general public under the supervision of the district administration has conducted a mass social service in Bomdila Township today. West Kameng deputy commissioner Rinchin Tashi and other administrative officers visited every sector to ensure proper cleaning of town during the day.  

At Roing, the District Administration of Lower Dibang Valley District conducted social service through out the Roing township to prepare for the observation of Gandhi Jayanti in a befitting manner in the district headquarter on Oct 2. All the govt. departments, public and  private institutions and bazaar committees participated actively in the social service by cleaning their respective office/school premises and bazaar areas.

Students, teachers, Govt officials and public will take out a procession on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in Roing township. DIPROs


Restore power supply

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: While informing that power supply to Pagba-I anchal segment under Sangram circle of Kurung Kumey district remained cut off since last six month causing great inconvenience to consumers, Pagba-I ASM Tai Yaney appealed to the department concerned to restore the same in the area immediately by taking prompt action.


Workshop on NRHM

Changlang, Oct 1: The Changlang  District Health Society, Changlang in order to generate maximum awareness on NRHM activities among the general mass, organized orientation training-cum-workshop for the Panchayati Raj Institution members.

DRCHO  Dr P R Dutta presented in nut and shell the different activities under NRHM and explained at length the prenatal diagnostic technique. The trainees were also sensitized for judicious use of the fund under VHS Committee.

Dr Dutta also briefed upon the importance of blood donation and appealed all and sundry that they should come forward to take part in the noble deed of blood donation. The training was attended by ZPM(N) Mrs Marina Kenglang, ASM Chair persons, ASMs and GPMs of Changlang. DIPRO


Death condoled

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: All Libo Ramo Bokar Welfare Society of capital complex has condoles the death of Lingpo Yaping, who died in tragic road accident at Jammagiri, Sonitpur district Assam on 28th of this month.

Society has prayed for the eternal peace of departed soul and expressed sympathy towards the family member who lost their beloved son.


Essay competition

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Directorate of higher and technical education, government of Arunachal Pradesh yesterday conducted state level essay competition among college and university students of state. Sponsored by ministry of home affairs, government of India, topic for the essay was “Role of Youth in Promoting National Integration and Communal Harmony.”

Asha Nending (B.Com II yr), Dular Dujom(BA II yr) and Romjir Rakhsap(B.Com I yr), all students of Don Bosco college, Jully bagged 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively. Prize money along with certificate of proficiency will be awarded to winner on 26th January during republic day celebration by governor of Arunachal Pradesh.


Bandh supported

ITANAGAR, Oct 01: All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Organization has supported the proposed October Four capital bandh given by three organizations demanding resignation of chief minister Dorjee Khandu for his alleged corruption and misrule. It also demanded for arresting all PDS scam accused and handing over the case to CBI for impartial investigation. Law is equal for all, the organization said while resenting that only former chief minister Gegong Apang is being targetted in the PDS scam.


APCC oppose Bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today opposed the proposed bandh call given on Oct 4 demanding resignation of Chief Minister.

Nothing could be achieved by such bandh cal, rather it will hamper development and affect the normal life, APCC said while condemning the bandh call.

The Congress party further said that demand for CM’s resignation is condemnable and baseless as the CM has already clarified the allegations made against him the three organizations. It further appealed the administration to deal with such bandh call firmly  and appreciated  the CoSAAP for opposing bandh.

National Students Union of India, Arunachal Pradesh also opposed the bandh call saying that  such baseless bandh  affect the state development. Condemning the bandh, the union said demand for CM’s resignation is politically motivated.

Meanwhile, All Papum Pare District Students Union said it has nothing to do with such bandh call but resented that  only Capital complex is being targeted for such bandh affecting the administrative system and normal life while issues are related to whole state.

Arunachal Pradesh Engineering Service Association (APESA), the apex engineering organization of state has appealed to those organizations calling capital bandh on 4th October to reconsider their decision. Association informed that  the proposed bandh call will hamper the restoration of water supply and maintenance of roads in Capital region thereby increasing  the sufferings of ordinary citizens.


APCC welcome Ayodhya verdict

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) welcomed the Allahabad High Court verdict on Ayodhya land dispute.

APCC in a release said that yesterday’s HC verdict was the only solution to the sensitive Ram Mandir Babri Masjid issue. The Party appealed to both the communities to accept the verdict and maintain peace and tranquility.

The APCC also welcomed the State Government’s decision to revoke its earlier decision on PRC to non APSTs in the state.


Seminar on Gandhi and Khadi

ITANAGAR: National Youth Project, Arunachal Pradesh will celebrate the Gandhi Jayanti with 3-days  programme at D.N.G. College Auditorium here from Oct 2 to 4. The celebration includes a seminar on Gandhi, Khadi and Self Employment and special cultural programmes.

A Gandhian thinker Dr. S. N. Subba Rao, Director National Youth Project – New Delhi will attend the programme as special invitee.


APWWS foundation day

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) is celebrating its foundation day on October 10. The new central executive committee members of the Society will be elected/selected in its general body meeting the same day.


DASU demands arrest of all accused

ITANAGAR:  The Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU) in  a release today demanded immediate arrest of all accused in PDS scam including Dorjee Khandu’s son Pema Khandu and  four sitting MLAs. Meanwhile, the Union appealed one and all to support Toko Teji, a finalist in reality show India’s  Got  Talent Khoj -2 being aired in Colors TV.



ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Chige Boje, Markar Kadu and Banya Doye have been appointed as president, vice-president and general secretary of Ramle Bango Students Union.



ITANAGAR, Oct 1: Takar Dong has been appointed as Chairman of All Nyishi Youth Association, Upper Subansiri District Unit.

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