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October - 20



Never let us down

Dear Editor,

PDS Scam is now the most talked topic of the state. In some occasions it turns out to be a gossip. But the thing that mortifies me the most is that with the passage of time like others, PDS issue may become dormant, leaving the culprits unpunished. Literally speaking, many political parties, student unions and other people oriented organizations have waged a war against those fugitive culprits involved in the scam. I do convey my deep reverence to these organisations. Their efforts have invigorated the common people and lit up a light of hope for them. I really salute their hard work and dogged perseverance.

But what I am concerned about is that what are various unions and organizations of Lower Dibang valley and Dibang Valley doing? I tend to get emotional when I don't trace any happenings in these districts about the issue. Weren’t our people victimized? Do not the so called leaders of various organizations feel pity on the innocent people of the villages who starve for a grain? Don’t they feel it is the responsibility to give justice to them? I have a million dollar questions in my mind but I know words won't satisfy me. I just want to tell that this is right time to fight unitedly. It’s now or never. Join hand in hands and teach those culprits a lesson. Your silence can prove to be a source of encouragement to them. Please do not get intimidated by any kind of forces. The common people have great expectations. Never let us down.


Laho Menjo (on email)




The imminent water bomb

Dear Editor,

The “water bomb" or "hydro- bomb" is imminent in near future if we don't utilise our Hydropower properly. Projects equal to Ranga nadi Hydroelectric Project by NEEPCO or Tawang hydroelectric projects(Stage-1 & stage-2) (750 & 750 MW each) by NHPC should be encouraged taking all parameters  into consideration. But what is the credibility of a private company trying to build a MegaDam over river Siang  which touches China, India & Bangladesh and is the largest tributary of Brahmaputra. Leaving aside the environmental, cultural, ecologic catastrophe, dam failures due to floods, earthquakes, lack of proper technology, quality and lack of maintenance is not uncommon. At least 19 dams have collapsed in India alone including Lawa-Ka-bas in Rajasthan which collapsed in 2003. Dam breaks are an unnatural "natural disasters" caused more by "man's arrogance" than natural wraths but no one can dispute the power and danger of "Dam breaks". The people of Arunachal have the Right to life, Right to Health; preserve its culture & Heritage. People’s sentiments have to be given cognisance. Our Leaders & policy makers are our own people, our own leaders. Hope as a representative of their own people they will appraise our sentiments to the centre.


Dr Samson Borang,

Pasighat (On e-mail)



Pirated software adorns offices

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the letter of Kaling Dabi in regard to video piracy. The menace of piracy of intellectual properties in electronic form is not confined only to movies and songs. Almost all the computer software are illegally copied and used by all section of people in the society.  This shameless act is such deep rooted that nobody feels it an illegal act.

The govt. of Arunachal Pradesh does not have guts to act on the trade of illegal piracy of intellectual properties as the Govt. itself is deeply involved in use of pirated software in its offices. All the Govt. offices are dumped with computers and other electronic gadgets of various denominations. All the computers are run on pirated operating systems and programmes. The most popular ones are Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Nicely typed and computer printed documents may bring pride to an office but it equally brings disgrace to it for using pirated software for these works. The Govt. is spending lavishly on computers and peripherals but never spent a penny for installing genuine programme and software in it. The reason is quite mysterious.


Dipak Deb

Shyamapolly, Tinsukia (on email)



Its no wise opinion

Dear Editor,

The New Delhi’s adopted guiding principle for north-East states had been constantly proved bias and provocative, since we keep receiving step-motherly treatment, resulting in economic backwardness, inter-state boundary disputes and infect, swelling of numerous militant organization in the region. As such, the region has indeed suffered so much neglect and apathy from the past that it is next to impossible to catch up with other part of India.

Apart from all, the recent statement made by Union Environment and Forest Minister, Jairam Ramesh, making the Assam Government a party of the MOUs for hydro-power to be implemented in Arunachal Pradesh was quite obfuscation and hypothetical, there by hatching one more alarming conflict, as the region is severely reeling under the border disputes. If such immatured, inexperienced and unsophisticated decision is made; the inter-states river basin will be an additional conflict that we have to face in the days to come.

As per the minister’s wise opinion, no single hydro-power project could be implemented in India without Pakistan’s involvement as part of the MOUs if, project is to be implemented in the rivers inflowing from Indian Union to Pakistan. Likewise, the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Govt. of Bihar and the govt. of West Bengal (the states where the river Ganga touches across its length) would be the party of the MOUs if, hydro-power is to be implemented in Uttaranchal.  How such juvenile assessment had been figured out by the union minister holding such exceptional positions, which may lead to disintegration not only among North-Eastern states but also the entire states of Indian union.

Therefore, Centre should reconsider before making the ultimate conclusion on this matter, rather making labyrinth and perfunctory stand.


Taw Teri,




The wrong card

Dear Editor.

This is apropos to the news published in your daily dated 7 October. BJYM members of Arunachal unit slammed RAHUL GANDHI for his remarks equating RSS with the banned outfit SIMI. I fail to understand on what basis BJYM is slamming Rahul Gandhi. Is it because he belongs to Congress? Or they are doing because of simply toying up with high command? First I want to ask whether BJYM has any historical and grassroots knowledge about V.H.P, BAJRANG DAL, R.S.S? Does BJYM Arunachal Unit have any political manifestoes or ideologies or just following up blindly with armchair national Unit?

It is known to all that R.S.S has remained controversial since the time of its foundation. Whether it may be assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Malegaon blast case, Godhra carnage or demolition of Babri Masjid.

No one can deny the fact of link between V.H.P, Bajrang Dal, R.S.S. and BJP.

So where does Arunachal BJP unit stand on religious based politics ideology called  "Hindutva"?. What they really know about these deep webs of links? Up to what extent they justify the demolition of Babri Masjid? Do they have any knowledge about Kandhamal riots?

So it will be better for them, if they play corruption free and development card rather than making none sense voice on religious based politics.


Madik Tachiring,

(on email)

Ber sara, Delhi



Time management

Dear Editor,

I know that I’m writing this in vain. People will read it and forget it. I am totally confused about the formation of the student unions in the state. Presently there are dozens of them of which none have done any influential act. All they do is condemn, praise, agitate, appeal and worst of all, calling strike which ultimately causes severe loss to the state's economy. They themselves being students can’t understand a student's woe. Union maniacs cause disturbance to the students’ education too. Ask the students whether their syllabus gets completed by the time the final/ board exams approach? Please start acting responsible.

Thank you.


Atoniya Natung,

(on email),  Nirjuli



Just enjoy their ignorance

Dear Editor,

When I read, “Conquering the Ramp” of Oct. 8. I found Ms Vyang Yirang being asked by her friends of Institute of Massco Media, Noida. Is the capital of Arunachal, Mizoram?

A tragic episode of mine at AIIMS in 2009 echoed in my mind, when I was asked while attending my elder brother for treatment. From where, you come? I answered, “Arunachal Pradesh”. Again he asked, “Where is Arunachal situated”? I was overwhelmed. So I answered “you might have stopped reading papers, magazines, books etc”. Because Arunachal is the eastern most and one of the 28 states of India.

Some people of Delhi or Mumbai try to prove their supremacy by asking such stupid questions. But instead it shows their ignorance. So my appeal to all the students is that they should not feel irritated by volley of such questions rather should feel satisfied that we’re ahead atleast in general knowledge though not in other developments.


Getbo  Pangin,

(on email)



The mistaken pride

Dear Editor,

The stretched silence of govt. with regard to PDS Scam despite obvious indication of its occurrence is a clear sign of legislator’s mind-set in opposition to public view. The mistaken pride of forgetting responsibility and an oath that made him respectable is clearly a human self-esteem. Days are turning into weeks and weeks into months without the requisite probe into the con are a betrayal to the public trust. Administration’s lack of interest to take any major initiative in PDS scam is just like publicly displaying cooperation with the processes of criminal justice.

Instead of meeting the issue boldly and submitting a clear and positive diagram for dealing with the question, the administration convention adopted a platform, the larger part of which is devoted to boasting and self-congratulation on political vengeance. The sole hope of justified impact is the unions and organizations and each individual that are indeed helping to establish stability to the issue.


Haku Tatak

Mascot Network Society (on email)



Attempt to gag the public voice

Dear Editor,

In recent times our country has taken giant strides towards development and many of these developments has been an outcome of the efforts of some very spirited person or organisation who have seized with both hands the opportunity that has been brought about because of efforts made by the legislature in the form of the RTI Act, 2005. This Act has gone a long way in bringing some transparency in every aspect and realm of public interest and has been a tool to contain corruption upto some level. The intent of the legislature while framing this ACT was to insert transparency into every dimension of public related organisation so that even a common public can ask for any question aand get the desired answer back. But the recent notification of our dearest state Arunachal Pradesh who always seems to be caught in the wrong footing, increasing the rate of RTI Information from the existing rate of Rs. 2/- to Rs. 10/- per page is in total disregard of the spirit of the RTI Act, 2005. The exorbitant increase in the rate of information (five times of the present rate) belies the very fabric and structure of the RTI Act. The Act is a beneficial legislation that aims at bringing transparency into every level of public- governance but the act of the state government in increasing the rate of information is in total disregard of the Act, whereby the very essence and foundation of the RTI Act has been given a go by. It can be easily interpreted that this act of the state amounts to witholding of information, which should be vigorously opposed from every quarters. It is the RTI Act that has brought about some level of awareness among the masses of this poor state and this increase in the rate of furnishing of information is intended to discourage the application under RTI Act. What does the government want to hide from the public?

The cost of photocopy in the market is Rs. 2/- per page and at this rate also people are making profit and running their business. So, what is the logic of the state in increasing the rate of information from Rs. 2/- to Rs. 10/-. The Act is not a tool meant to churn profits for the state rather it is a social legislation and as such the increase of the existing rate is clearly arbitrary and made with malafide intention so that the practice of making RTI apllication can be discouraged.

Why does the state and our beloved ministers go on doing blunders? Would releasing 10% DA/DR  for the service men only mean good- governance? I hope not, what about the most of the masses, who are unemployed? The RTI is a tool for the unemployed youths to keep a check on the arbitrary action of the state and to look into all the illegal appointments made on extraneous consideration. So, is the govt. justified in increasing the existing rate? I hope all the student's organisations and unemployed organisations and all the welfare associations protest this raise in the RTI fee.

The so called "people-first" state govt. who is supposed to look into the welfare of the public goes on make gross mistakes. Why is the law and order not improving? Speaking of law and order, i am here reminded of the death threat to a journalist. It is a shame and such act depicts the helplessness and failure of the authorities concerned to instill the respect of law and order within the subjects of the state. I still remember a programme with the media, where the media had shared their experiences about being bullied and being threatened. Is it permissible? The freedom of press is an essential ingredient for survival of any civil society and such cowardly act is condemnable. But it is to be seen how far the authorities will be able to pursue this matter? The most probable of the answer seems to be in negative as there are still some very serious answers that the public is awaiting. What is the outcome of the investigation of alleged high handedness of the police by murdering two innocent persons- Lt. Nguso in Naharlagun and Lt. Miti Mepo in Roing? Is the investigation over? I just hope we get to know the results soon.

It is a shame that while the rest of the world is moving forward, we the people of Arunachal are stuck in a state that seems to be reeling backwards and towards oblivion. Sometimes a wish arises out of the sheer desperation of the existing state of affairs as to "whether we would not be better off in communist country as being claimed by some nearby countries?" Then at least there will be no high and low class and it brings a wry smile on my face when I think of our dear politicians in such a situation.


Duge Soki (on email)




Few questions for Govt

Dear Editor,

I have few  questions for the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

Have the government seen the road condition from Banderdewa to Hollongi ?

When will the four lanning of NH52 road start?

Will the concerned department maintain the Trans Arunachal highway, when they have failed to maintain the 50 KM stretched of National Highway?

Why the govt. is silent over the PDS scam and why all the accused are not being arrested?

Will the govt continue to make the backdoor appointments?

Have the culprit officers of Rs.16 crore treasury scam of Anini been punished ?

Who is responsible for the increasing law and order problem ?

Why did they decide to issue PRC to Non-APST?

Construction of many dams, what is this?

Who actually is the government ?

Many more questions to be asked!


Arunachal Bachao,

(On email)



Man is equal to all the other animals

Dear Editor,

In modern era basic needs of human being for living are food, shelter, clothing and Education. Education for both formal and informal accounts for all his endeavours. In the absence of knowledge men are equal to all the other animals. And highly qualified, eligible and deserving Teachers can only impart quality education to the student community and the society as a whole. Most of schools in our state especially in remote areas are running without a sufficient numbers of Teachers. Due to insufficient of teachers, the students' academic careers are badly affected.

On the other side, after undergoing rigorous written examination and viva voce test, hundreds of highly qualified, eligible and deserving candidates are waiting for immediate appointment as teachers.

I request the concern authority to look into the matter seriously and immediately recruit all the eligible, qualified and deserving wait-listed JT(S/St & Hindi) and AT candidates on merit basis and give us chance to render our best services for imparting quality education in the society.


Pullom "napeh"

(on email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


SUBPGRC writes to PM, demands fresh MoUs on hydro projects

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Subansiri Upper Basin Project Grievances and Redressal Committee (SUBPGRC) has appealed the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to take step for scrapping all the MoUs signed with the power developers by the state Government and demanded fresh MoUs with consideration of all the aspects including safety and security of the people of the project area of the state.

The committee informed that it has submitted a memorandum to the PM raising objection to construction of dam, particularly mega dams in Subansiri Upper Basin.

People residing in nearby areas of Subansiri river have been facing seasonal flood followed by landslide and river bank erosion. Under such circumstances, commissioning of many mega dams in the basin would invite disaster, the committee said.  The Committee further claimed that state Govt unilaterally signed MoUs for nine hydro power projects in Subansiri basin despite stiff opposition  from the people.  While signing MOUs, the state Govt did not consider certain aspects such as accessibility of project site and  prior consent of the  affected people, the committee added.

It is evident that  major earthquake usually occur every 40 to 50 years in the region,  bursting of dam in case of quake will bring catastrophe for  the people, the committee claimed. It further said four projects, namely, Oju-I, Oju-II and Nyare and Naba are situated in the periphery of the international boundary with China and may spell doom in case of war.


Accused in trader murder case arrested

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: At last the long hand of law catches up one Sime Kilo, an accused in the murder of Late Rajendra Choudhury of Logun Hardware Naharlagun.

It may be mentioned here that Rima Bado, late Kiora Sonu, late Bado Sonu and Sime Kilo murdered late Rajendra Choudhury at Naharlagun on March 15 last. One of the accused Rima Bado was immediately arrested and other three were on the run.

While Kiora Sonu and Bado Sonu were killed in the encounter with the Army in Tippi area couple of months back, the lone fugitive Sime Kilo was finally arrested by Itanagar police. Now it has been confirmed that most of the burglary and robbery were done by this gang, informed Capital SP C Apa. A water tight case is being made and they are facing trial for murder and robbery, he added.


ANYA takes the lead to popularize traditional sports

Madhurjya Doley

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: In its endeavour to popularize forgotten traditional games and sports among the young generation, the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) organized ‘Dapo’ and ‘Bobo’ competitions on the last day of its 5-day youth convention held at Nyikum Nyia Ground, Nirjuli yesterday.

‘Dapo’ and ‘Bobo’, are two different forgotten traditional sports of the Nyishi community. Dapo is mainly a sport played by two groups comprising one to five players in each group which requires strength and tricks. Players of both side hold a Bambo stick (of size about two to three meter long, 2-3 inch dia, approx), tied together at their sides and attempt is made to lift and push each other out of the ring.

On the other hand, Bobo is a rope sport which requires balance, tricks, energy and stamina. In this sport, a player has to climb on a rope from one end to another. The rope connects two points at two different heights forming a slope with starting point being one meter high (approx). The end point is a given height of about 15-20 meter. The entire rope distance is divided into three equal parts at different heights with end part carrying highest points. There is also bonus points on performance of the player at each stage.

"This is our sincere efforts to revive and popularize those forgotten traditional games and sports which were played by our forefathers in the past," said ANYA president Taring Mama. Initiatives are being taken to include these two sports (Dapo and Bobo) in National Rural Sports. For this ANYA will approach NEC which will take up the matter with Union Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mama said.

Mama claimed that the competition organised at Nyikum Nyia was the first State level competition on Dapo and Bobo.

Kurung Kumey team emerged overall champion of the competition while Capital Complex finished runners up. Teams from all Nyishi majority districts, including Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri, East Kameng, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare participated in the competition.

In other sports, Capital Complex beat Lower Subansiri in volleyball final while in cricket Kurung Kumey lost to Lower Subansiri by six wickets.


State NCP to celebrate

ITANAGAR, Oct  19:  Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Arunachal Pradesh will celebrate the completion of one year by the Party MLAs in the state  with various agenda on Nov 3.

Newly elected Members of the Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly took oath of office beginning the first Assembly Session of the Fifth Legislative Assembly on Nov 3, 2009. During the celebration function, the party leaders would discuss strategy to make the party stronger as an alternative platform for socio-economic development of people and other important issues including PDS scam, hydro-power, boundary and refugee issues and corruption.


Free coaching

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Centre for Career Counselling  and  Pre- Examination Training, Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar  is organizing FREE  COACHING (Funded by the UGC) for APCS & UPSC- Civil Services Examination from 1st Nov. Some brilliant IAS, IPS and APCS officers, besides eminent and experienced faculty members from the colleges, NERIST and the university, will impart coaching to the aspirants on general studies and Major optional papers. The coaching will be beneficial for all the competitive examinations.  Aspirants who want to attend the coaching may contact Dr. M. Q. Khan, the Coordinator at 9436879564/2212983 for further details on or before 28th October.


People cautioned not to touch live wire

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The newly constructed 11 KV high voltage distribution system line between Shiv Mandir to Mithun gate along NH 52A between Naharagun to Itanagar, including distribution transformer sub-stations at Ayurvedic Plantation, Lingalaya temple and Sango Petrol Pump under ongoing REC Scheme, are ready for charging with 11000 Volts electricity at any day after October 25.

Executive Engineer (E), Capital Electrical Division, Itanagar cautioned that no attempt should be made by any one to climb the poles or touch the overhead conductors or the electrical equipments connected therewith, directly or indirectly and added that the department of power shall not be responsible for any kind of loss after due information.


Training prog on three-pronged fish farming technologies for hill regions begins

RONO HILLS Oct. 19: A 5 days training programme on “Three pronged fish farming technologies for the hill regions” started at the conference hall of the  Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills today.

The programme which is aimed at the development and cultivation of fresh river water fish of the hill states is organized by the directorate of coldwater fisheries research, Bhimtal; Nainital; Uttarakhand.

Parliamentary Secretary, Department of Fisheries; JK Panggeng who was the chief guest said, “Arunachal Pradesh has enough natural resources and if the existing water resources are enhanced the state can be self sufficient in fish production. A large part of the states fish needs today is met by fish imported from Andhra Pradesh and neighboring Assam. This training will also benefit the local fish entrepreneurs. RGU Vice Chancellor Prof. Tamo Mibang said, “The state Government needs to come up with a fisheries policy to encourage and protect the local sector. This will not only help the economic condition but also give a boost to the tourism sector in the Himalayan state.    

In his inaugural speech Debajit Sarma, course director,  Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research (DCFR); Bhimtal said, “The aim is to train the state officials on the new technologies of river water fish farming which will result in higher productivity.

The DCFR is actively involved in the promotion of river water fish cultivation in India.

Brown Trout, a popular fish variety in Europe, breeding and rearing has been successfully carried out for the past two years in Shergaon and Nuranang of the state.

The Directorate has also been working on the seed production and cultivation of the pride of the Himalayan Rivers-the Masheer. The fish eggs are hatched in controlled environment and then the fish are ranched or released to the rivers and streams of India and North-East India.

“The famed golden Masheer has been declared as the state fish of Arunachal Pradesh”, informed Tage Moda; Director; Department of Fisheries; Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Masheer is considered a prized catch for anglers all around the world.

The training programme is being organized in collaboration with the Rajiv Gandhi University; Rono Hills.

The programme was attended by participants from Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Assam, students and media persons. DIPR


Let the citizens decide

Tongam Rina

It was interesting to note that the novel “Such A Long Journey” by Rohinton Mistry was dropped from the

Mumbai University curriculum after the Youth Wing of the Shiv Sena objected to the author’s uncomplimentary observation about the party which is not known for anything productive.

It is depressing to note that University succumbed to political pressure and did not take much time to strike it off the list. The ridiculous stand did not stop there. University apparently dropped it from the list because there were no takers! Timing though was lost on none.  

But perhaps, this is true in almost all the universities where politics play a major role and render the very Institution spineless.  When universities cannot stand up for itself and its well being and become tool for politicians to carry out their unimaginative and short sighted strategies, it is well understood what happens elsewhere.

Such a long journey was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1991 and is worth a read. It is worth a read not because of its take on Shiv Sena but because of the conversational style of narrative laced with humour that is typically Parsi, one of the rare races that are capable of laughing at themselves.

As yours truly found herself rummaging the bookshelf for the long lost copy of Such A long Journey, it was not lost on her that we live in a society which is intolerant, incapacitated and not used to differing voices. Invariably, not to be left out, we end up being party to those who are in power or influential. We are so terrified that we don’t even want to write letters to newspapers with our names and addresses. We know what will happen to us if we ever write anything against the government and bosses at offices with our real names plastered all over.

Among many incidences, Yours truly remembers one particular incident when a young citizen was forced to stop writing letters to this daily after the president of a major political party expressed his displeasure at a press conference and announced it to the dumb founded media people that efforts are on to track down the young citizen. The voice was muffled forever.

Even today, people ask why letters without names are entertained in this newspaper. When citizens are targeted for expressing their views, it is only pertinent that they come up with pseudonyms.  This is the tragedy of a society we live in. A society, which once boasted of vibrant village democracy where only those guilty were punished.

Today, one could be at the receiving end for expressing views which is not in conformity with voices of the high, mighty and influential.

But does it mean we stop writing or expressing our views? Well, Yours Truly will take the easy route and say let the citizens decide. The common citizens might not have a quick fix solution to all the ills but they do have a say and they know how to separate facts from fiction.  That matters.


Dera Natung badminton championship ends

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The first ever Dera Natung Badminton Championship concluded with men’s doubles final match playing between Techi Raman-Nabum Takar duo and Nilly Likha Nilly-Doging Hinda pair at Jubilee Hall of Dera Natung Government College here today. The Men’s singles and Women’s singles titles were won by Ambita Sonam and Mary Tajo respectively.

Attending the valedictory function as chief guest, Lower Subansiri ZP chairperson Likha Tongum praised the college fraternity for organizing such competition in memory of former Education Minister Late Dera Natung. Describing the importance of games and sports, the chief guest suggested the students of the college to play sport to keep themselves physically fit and also to bring glory to the state as well as nation by excelling in their chosen field.

Referring to the performance of Indian squad in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games where India finished behind medal topper Australia, he said that India has no dearth of talent but what letting country down in this sector is lack of professionalism among sportspersons. He suggested the students to  pursue sports sincerely as a career as Government is providing all facilities, including job reservation for meritorious sportspersons.

The chief guest also called upon younger generation to fight corruption for a clean society for all round development of the state.

While unfolding contribution of the late leader towards the state, his simplicity, love and affection for ordinary people, guest of honour and ACCI president Techi Lala asked the students to follow the ideologies of Dera Natung.

He further suggested them to concentrate in their studies to achieve the desired goal and also to respect teachers. According to  Lala, learnings remain incompleted for those who do not respect teachers.

Principal of the College, in his brief speech suggested the students union to utilize fund properly. He said that extra curricular activities are being given importance for overall development of students.

In his welcome address, Prof M Q Khan recalled the contributions of Late Dera Natung. Following his ideologies would be the great tribute to the departed soul, he said.

Students’ Union General Secretary Tanya Agu highlighted the voluminous contribution of Late Natung and lauded the overwhelming response shown to the competition by the students. He said a whopping 60 players including faculty members and staff participated in the tournament which was begun on October 15. Competitions were held for both Men’s and Women’s singles, Men’s doubles, Singles and Doubles for faculty and staff.

Final results: Men’s Single: Ambita Sonam beat Techi Raman; Women’s Singles: May Tajo beat Taw Reena; Men’s Doubles: Techi Raman & Nabum Takar beat Nilly Likha Nilly & Doging Hinda; Singles        (faculty): Jommi Loyi beat Joram Muthu; Doubles (faculty): Jommi Loyi & Joram Tata beat Biri Tako and Khoda Gambo.


8 houses gutted in fire

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Puak Gumin Welfare Society of Aalo has condemned the Fire Brigade of Aalo for failing to prevent the devastating fire accident which occurred at Puak Gumin Sector on October 15 at around 9 pm. Eight houses including properties like traditional ornaments, domestic animals were burnt down in the fire accident,  Society informed adding that cause of the accident is not yet known.

However, the Society resented that although the accident site Puak Gumin sector is just 20-30 meter away from police and fire station the fire fighters arrived the accident site late that too with half-filled water tank with defective equipments. Had the fire tenders arrived on time with full equipments many a dwelling houses could have been saved from the devastating fire, the society said. While condemning the incompetency of the Aalo fire service centre and negligence of duties by the officials concerned, the society demanded for improving the Fire Brigade at Aalo by providing additional fire tenders to prevent such accidents in near future.

Meanwhile, the society appreciated district administration, particularly ADC Kamki Darang, i/c DC, for his prompt action and taking personal initiative to prevent further spreading of fire and also GREF personnel for their timely action to prevent fire.


SKS Energy representatives and project affected people meet held

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The expected Upper Subansiri hydro project affected people, youth and representatives of SKS Energy in a meeting convened by the Taliha MLA Punji Mara have discussed the pros and cons of the Upper Subansiri Hydro Electric Project at Daporijo circuit house on Oct 18.

During the meeting, the members present in the suggested that KSK Energy should finish up the documentation  process like MOU, DPR    for early beginning of the ground level works and expressed the opinion that project should be people friendly and eco friendly.

The meeting further decided that project map should be shown to the locals during public hearing for better understanding and transparency and height of dam to be revised after proper survey.

Other important points discussed in the meeting included job priority to locals in all category of jobs based on their suitability and interview of locals for jobs to be conducted in Upper Subansiri itself.

MLA in his address assured to invite state Chief Minister and higher Govt officials to visit Upper Subansiri and make the locals understand the importance of the project.

R.B.S.Rathore representative of KSK Energy gave a brief description of the project, while other SKS representatives Amit Singh explained the importance of the project.

The meeting ended with an appeal to the inhabitants to cooperate and work together, according to a KSKUSHEP release.


Alien Gods: EP ‘Lunar Blackened Death’

Alien Gods the Metal mongers from Arunachal Pradesh are all set to release their debut EP, at last, a move which has gotten their rabid fans, over excited.

‘Lunar Blackened Death’ the debut EP of Alien Gods is scheduled to release in November 2010. The production duties are taken up by Siddarth Barooa of Lucid Recess studio, Guwahati. The approach towards the sound and making of the album is as one can say typical Alien Gods style. Without concerning about what the metal world would say the band has gone balls out, breaking the stereotypical rules on how metal should be played. The band has stuck to only one rule –Play by your heart. Though the band has been influenced by Black and Death metal, their sound is totally unique to itself, which off course one will be able to tell at the first listen. The song Animal Party is already a big hit in the North east and has been a crowd favorite since it was first played in 2005. Alien Gods is better known as a live band so, they have stuck to their live sound. Though recorded in a studio the songs have not been over processed so the whole EP does not sound superficial at all.

Alien Gods has been around the live metal scene of north east for some time now, but due to various issues has not been able to record their stuffs. The making of the EP is all credited to Bobby Hano from Phoenix Rising event management group, who has helped us with the finance and Lucid Recess studio for the reasonable deal they offer for all north eastern Bands.

The EP as planned will be released all over the world, via internet and in stores throughout the North East and other states. The single Animal Party will be released on 17 October 2010 at their web site in Reverbnation and Myspace. The band will also embark on a nine district tour of Arunachal Pradesh in support of the album and as ambassadors for HIV and AIDs with APSACS and NACO multimedia campaign (Tour dates available on myspace and reverbnation). The band will also be performing in Guwahati, Shillong and Delhi in support of the album more cities to be updated.  The album art has been done by Saloni Sinha a Mumbai based digital artist. The EP will be launched by some big shot at the kick off of the district tour.


Induction level training for SSA teachers begins

ITANAGAR, Oct 19:  East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Tope Bam has called upon the teachers, particularly local teachers to discharge their duties with utmost dedication, sincerity as the teachers are the torch bearer of the society and the role model of the students.

Bam  was addressing the inaugural function of the 20 days induction level training for SSA teachers at DIET complex, Seppa.

East Kameng being the lowest literacy district in the state, teachers  should collectively put efforts by remaining in their respective posting places throughout the academic session to improve the literacy rate of the district.

DDSE Tapip Ramsing  requested all the trainees to be punctual  towards their  routine works of the programme.  He  said that teachers especially local teachers should work hard in order to impart quality education  for improved education scenario of the district.

Valsala Kumari, in-charge Principal, DIET,Seppa gave a brief note on the importance of the training programme.

The training for SSA teachers started on 18th Oct and will conclude on 6th Nov 2010. DIPRO


Death threat to journalist condemned

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association (AARCA) has condemned the death threat to journalist Tongam Rina by unknown person.

Democracy without media is like a vehicle without wheels, the Association said and stressed on creation of working atmosphere for media persons who have been working tirelessly with meagre  amount of salary in order the uphold the very spirit of democracy and create a informed society.

The association also appealed the media fraternity not to succumb to dirty pressure tactics and play their role with renewed zeal.

Arunachal Christian Revival Youth Association (ACRYA) also condemned the death threat to Rina. Association appealed the state Govt to set up an enquiry committee to trace out the person involved in it and provide adequate security to  Tongam Rina and other media persons.


Association demands posting of teachers

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: All Nyapin Sangram Phassang Youth Welfare Association (ANSPYWA), in a letter, has appealed to the local MLA to take up the matter with the authorities concerned for immediate posting of required teachers at Govt Hr. Sec. School Nyapin.

According ANSPYWA, the school has fallen acute shortage of teachers since 2007 and was running without Senior Teachers (S/T) for Geography, Commerce and Pol. Science, Junior Teachers (J/T) for English and Social Science which has affected the academic studies of the students. It also appealed to the authorities concerned to provide internet facility in the school for getting necessary education related informations.


LCDF gets support from women section

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The indigenous non-APST women residing permanently at Lohit and Changlang district in a general meeting held at Mahadevpur yesterday expressed dissatisfaction on the lifting of Govt. decision for issuing Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC) to Non-APST people residing permanently in Lohit and Changlang Districts.

It termed the government’s decision as immature and decited to extend support to Lohit-Changlang Development Forum in its movement. The meeting presided over by the LCDF presided Subin Payeng was also attended by many male members.


NNCS public education programme

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: NN Charitable Society (NNCS) is organizing three-day public education programme at Sagalee under the sponsorship of KVIC State office, Itanagar from October 21.

During the programme seminar, debate and essay writing competition will be conducted.

Meanwhile, ADC Sagalee would attend the opening ceremony as chief guest.


Stakeholders meeting on HIV/AIDS held

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Stakeholders meeting on HIV/AIDS was conducted at DC’s Conference Hall at Tezu  today.  Altogether 30 participants including Lohit SP, the guest of honour, took part in the stakeholders meeting.

In her welcome address Dr. (Mrs) N. Ninu, Tezu  DMO  requested all the staff of District Health department  and all line departments  to take active part in  prevention of HIV/AIDS.

NACO-NERO representative of Regional DAPCU Co-ordinator S. Gautam gave a brief outline on the lessons learnt from NACP – I and II and further decentralization to the District level in NACP – II.

Earlier, Dr. J. Ado DPO, DAPCU highlighted the DAPCU status in Lohit district along with financial status during the year 2009-10. G. Amo Dy. Director ICDS of Lohit informed the participants that already a curriculum on HIV/AIDS had been added to train the Anganwadi workers.

Bhikku Bimalananda Secretary of APV (NGO) pointed out that lack of awareness among the public is one of the main reasons for the spread of HIV.

R. K. Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Lohit informed the participants about various schemes available in  the District Level for prevention of AIDS. He stressed on IEC activities to create public awareness on HIV/AIDS and appealed the Panchayat leaders to bring awareness on HIV in public meeting.






Multi gym inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: MLA Tapuk Taku has inaugurated a multi-gym as chief guest at Officers’ Club, Seppa today.  Among others MLA Tani Loffa and DC Tobe Bam attended the inaugural function as guest of honour and special invitee.

While inaugurating the multi-gym, Taku called upon the gathering to  take care  of the asset and assured all possible help in near future.

The officers’ Club, Seppa which remained almost defunct for years has now been renovated. The gadgets of the Gym have been procured and installed under the initiatives of Kego Essi, Chairman of the Club.  DIPRO


BJP calls for transparency  

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: While appreciating the state Govt decision to construct guest houses in Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore for the benefit of the people of Arunachal, Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh senior vice president P Jamoh alleged that  projects work for construction of guest houses have been awarded to some agencies without floating tender.

Jamoh appealed the state Govt not to compromise on quality of works and maintain transparency while awarding such works.



ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The rank and file of the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today condoled the sudden and untimely demise of Ringku Jamikham, assistant manager of Dawnlit Post, who died in a road accident on Oct 16.

Death of Jamikham is a irreparable loss to the Dawnlit Post in particular and press fraternity of the state in general, the APCC said in its condolence message.

The committee members prayed for eternal peace of departed soul and also prayed for early recovery of N Wangjan, a machine operator who is recuperating in R K Mission Hospital.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Christian Revival Youth Association (ACRYA) expressed deep shock at the sudden demise of late Tako Kamda, who died at Christian Medical College, Vellore on Oct 13.  He was an employee of the  state  forest department and fellowship leader of the Christian Revival Church, Gohpur Tinali. The association members observed two minute’s silence for heavenly abode of the departed soul and conveyed deep sense of condolence to bereaved family.

The members of the CRC Gohpur Tinali also condoled the death of late Kamda and prayed for eternal peace of departed soul.


Awareness on electoral process

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The electoral information brochure of Upper Siang District will be released on October 21 during the mass awareness programme.

The objective of release of brochure is to enhance participation of citizens in the democratic electoral process and to spread awareness among voters regarding effective participation in the electoral process. DIPRO


DSU for quality road works

ITANAGAR, Oct 19:  Doimukh Students’ Union (DSU) has appealed the concerned department to maintain quality of work while maintaining road between Bage Tinali (Nirjuli) to Doimukh. The union also appealed the authorities to utilise the sanctioned amount on road judiciously.

Hali passes away

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Toko Hali, father of Toko Puna, Yachuli ZPM,  passed away on October 8 at his residence, Yachuli.

He is survived by his wife, five sons and three daughters.

He was born on February 2, 1950. He served as a medic and was also a social worker.

The relatives and friends present during the funeral service prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended their condolence to the bereaved family members.

Amongst others, former minister Neelam Taram, Yowa Topu, Dr Tana Tath, T R Nabam, Er Byabang Tugu, JT Obi CO cum BDO attended the funeral service.


Society appeal for action

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The Sajolang (Miji) Elite Society has condemned the brutal murder of Late Sonam Nabam by some miscreants at Bomdila recently.

The Society appealed the District administration to take action against the culprits and give them exemplary punishment.

The Society members extended their condolence to the bereaved family and pray to the almighty god to give them enough strength to bear the irreparable loss. They also prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


ITBP civic action programme

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Commandant of 31st Bn. ITBP Yupia, R.S.Chaudhary under its civic action programme contributed carpet to Govt. M.E. School Tigdo.

Earlier, on September 23, the 31st Bn.ITBP provided furniture to the school and ZPM Tana Bado, who was chief guest, provided ceiling fans and water filters.

Meanwhile, Headmaster of the school, Chuku Paji appreciated to commandant and ZPM for their kind gesture. The commandant has assured to do something more for school.


Mini market opens

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: All Capital Complex Tempo Welfare Association has appealed the administration to extend all possible support to the Lagun Mini Market, near Lagun Bridge Naharlagun which was formally opened on Oct 18. The Association said, the new mini market for selling vegetables, meat and fish will be proved beneficial for daily wage earners and others poorer section of the people.  


AAPHWS appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: All Arunahcal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society (AAPHWS) has appealed the education minister to conduct interview for recruitment of trained teachers/ resource persons for imparting education to disabled students under SSA schemes.


‘Rectify pay anomalies’

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) Lower Subansiri district unit has discussed various important issues regarding AT ‘A’ particularly and teachers fraternity as a whole in its meeting held at Ziro on Oct 16 last. After threadbare discussion, the meeting unanimously adopted resolutions demanding immediate rectification of pay anomalies of A/T ‘A’ and promotional reservation quota from 25 per cent to 50 per cent for in-service AT A teachers.

Lower Subansiri district unit ad-hoc committee (A/T ‘A’) of  ATA Ziro unit was also constituted in the meeting with Joram Jerjo as president, Habung Tadii as vice president and Punyo Chada as secretary.


NYK National Integration Camp

ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), Aalo is organizing National Integration Camp at Aalo from October 25.

The programme is sponsored by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, GOI.

Youths from NYK from Bihar, West Bengal, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam would participate in the week long camp.


SBYWA to join rally

ITANAGAR: Siyom Bango Youth Welfare Association has decided to participate in proposed rally against PDS accused to be organised at Aalo on October 25th jointly by  Galo Students Union and West Siang District Students Union.


APCC demands enquiry

ITANAGAR: Taking strong exception to the clash between civilians and security personnel where in many civilians were reportedly beaten up by the CRPF personnel and scores of citizens arrested on Oct 16 night at Pasighat during Durga Puja celebration, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC)  urged upon the East Siang district administration to constitute an enquiry committee to unearth  the truth behind the whole episode.

Condemning the arrest and assault on innocent people, the APCC  said it is really unfortunate that the law enforcing personnel are taking laws into their own hand which is also condemnable.

The APCC appealed the people of Pasighat  to maintain peace and tranquility and urged administration to restore normalcy and ensure that such incident do not occur again  in near future.


AKKDSU  calls bandh

ITANAGAR: Reiterating its demand for cancellation of the Govt order for re-introduction of head load carriage system of PDS items and introduction of air dropping in remote areas of  Kurung Kumey district, the All Kurung Kumey District Students Union has decided to  call 24 hours  capital bandh on Oct 29.



ITANAGAR, Oct 19: All Arunachal Pradesh Registered Contractor Association (AARCA) has appointed Bamang Raman as its Kurung Kumey district unit general secretary.



ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Tassar Tadu and Byabang Pingam have been selected as Chairman and Secretary of the newly formed Kurung Kumey District Panchayat Raj Co-ordination Committee unit Palin in a meeting held at Palin recently.

Chopa Cheda, Mama Rigam and Bukhe Flago have been elected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of newly formed Arunachal RTI Activists.

D Mite, Sango Mallo and Yania Niji have been re-elected as president, vice president and general secretary of police colony women welfare association, Vivek Vihar.



ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Suphatta Namchoom, Ningroo Nakaseen Maio and Sengkhun Manchey have been elected as new president, vice-president and general secretary of All Tai-Khampti Singpho Students Union.


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