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October - 21



Where are we headed?

Dear Editor,

In reference to an article, “NE artistes hold audience spellbound at Dilli Haat”, it was mentioned that along with Delhi, the North-eastern part of the country truly delivered in showcasing the “rich and diverse cultural heritage to the world by various artists from various parts of northeast region of the country.”  All of a sudden, our collective egos swell with pride hearing about how well north-east India is doing. But, as I went through the complete article, I realized our state hasn’t contributed much to the event. This was an event which managed to captivate the minds of millions of people across the globe; whether for good reasons or bad is debatable.

What went wrong? If Assam could showcase their Bihu Dance, Manipur their martial art form Thang-Ta, classical dances, Mizoram their Bamboo Dance, Tripura their Hozagiri Dance; then what about Arunachal Pradesh?  Apart from the traditional attire worn by only one of the females leading a Contingent, I find it really hard to recall anything of Arunachal centric significance. It’s disheartening to know that we don’t just lag behind the rest of the country; we are also lagging behind the other northeastern states.

I don’t want to start a blame game here once again because all concerned citizens who write in to the Editor; even those that don’t get published have time and again raised the issue about the State’s non-performance at various levels. But, what I want to do, is ask everyone in our state - why can’t we rise above petty politics? Why do the political lines create a divide so wide, sometimes mending them is next to impossible? What I am concerned about now is how a large number of people may never read this in the newspaper because they will instead only look for BRTF contracts, supply orders, pipe laying work etc. Now, these all are important but so are the others.

At the risk of being persecuted, which has found mention in the papers lately about ruffians trying to gag the fourth estate and the worst case scenario of death threat to a Senior Journalist? I feel our State is on the path of complete chaos. I know a lot of focus has been on Hydropower projects, PDS scam, PRC issue etc. Now, these are all issues worth taking up but what about the Human Resource Development of our state.  All of us are an asset if we can on our own but largely with the Government’s help channelize our strengths into productivity. This will lead to inclusive growth, innovation, self sustenance, employment etc. It’s a request to all and also those in power to find out what inclusive growth is – for with this we can bring about the necessary meaningful changes across the state.

Also, I have always struggled with the idea about why Doctors, Teachers, Armed Forces, Police Personnel etc are lesser paid in comparison to other professions. I am not talking about a Super Specialist, a Professor in an IIT, Major or a DIG. I am talking about all the others in this profession who are given meager wages and then asked to put in 110% efficiency.  Somewhere there will be a break down. Lastly, the road maintenance work started in a few places but after 10 days it now requires repair again. Best of Luck!


Kuru Rommel (on email)




Commendable effort but will it last?

Dear Editor,

With the growing numbers of vehicle users in the state capital the problem of road blockade due to traffic jam in Narrow Highway of the capital complex has always been a concern for us.

I would like to give the District Administrators and the Police Department a Hats off ovation for the efforts they are doing to ensure Traffic Jam free roads. The sudden changes taking place at the various traffic points of the capital for the smooth diversion of vehicles has filled my heart with immense satisfaction and I do know like me all the peoples of the capitals too are singing song for them.

Now I'm thinking that for how long the traffic-rule will prevail in Our capital highway which has been making its impact on every state dailies for its rush traffic jams and shameful conditions. When will the concern authority give the signals for the renovations or will it be just a verbal comments which will later disappear in the midst of new problems. Will the State Government and the Concerned Department tackle this problem quickly or we have to wait for some more years until it becomes the Agenda for the Election campaigns.

For how long the mass who are compelled with the situation to reach their respective destination only by walking have to inhale the dust and the splashes of muds.

My concern does not stop here itself because I have seen many a times such changes taking place and every time we feel that finally something new  is going to happen, Alas!..it never happens.

But as a common citizen of this state I'm eagerly expecting the outcome for the best result-A neat clean polished highway with security ensured traffic regulations.


Gomi Maro

Itanagar (on email)



Keep up with the reputation

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of the DIG, ITBP - HQ (Itanagar), Katting Hill towards the plight faced by the local contractors due to delay in preparing bills and release of payments for the completed works by the Engineering wing of ITBP, Itanagar.

As a common man I believe that an organization which is valued all over India as one of the well regimented organization of Indian defense forces, administrative working should also stand at par with their recognition.

However, matter is remarkable at ITBP (Itanagar), civil works department, ITBP engineers often deliberately or needlessly holdup measurement and bill preparation for the completed works which ultimately leads to delayed payments to the contractors causing mental as well as financial loss.

Such work culture of the ITBP Engineers make me speculate that ITBP (Itanagar) engineering personnel's are analogous to other civil engineering department of our state or are incompetent in official works which we never expect from a valued organization. If similar fashion continues I suppose that no tribal local contractors of Arunachal Pradesh would be interested to work at ITBP, Itanagar. Instead, they should cooperate and encourage in augmenting the economic status of the locals and assume it as a part of their civic action plan.

Lastly, I call upon  the DIG, ITBP-HQ (Itanagar-) to bring about first-rate work culture in ITBP, Engineering wing to expedite measurement and billing process so that the anticipated bills are released immediately to the poor contractors and to uphold the dignity the organization too.


Techi Tata




An appeal

Dear Editor,

In recently declared APPSCCE(Mains) 2010, only one PWD category candidate has qualified for the Viva-Voice.

24 candidates were selected under the PWD category for appearing APPSCCE (Mains) by Arunachal Pradesh Public service Commission. In the result of APPSCCE (Mains) single candidate is selected for Viva-Voice, whereas it should be minimum of two candidates for one post.

So, my urgent request to the Chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society to intervene in the matter for larger interest of the PWD category candidates.



Pasighat (on email)



Commendable efforts

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Henge Ori for clearing UPSC exam for CPF. I have seen him during his school days at Nikte Middle School. He was a bright boy with child like appearance but mentally tough and intelligent. Despite being an Agriculture Graduate he joined BSF and with sheer perseverance and dedication he qualified UPSC Exam. We are really proud of you.

Also the article of Sang Kandhu on Pangchen Valley (Zemithang) was quite interesting and informative since I myself had served in that District a decade back. More such articles are anticipated from our fellow Arunachalees.


P Sora

Hawai (on email)



Working for a cause

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the kind attention of the Chief Minister, Secretaries, Commissioner and Directors towards the career of highly qualified KVK staffs working under government of Arunachal Pradesh.

KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra), Established in 2004 under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, is the light house of knowledge to the farming community of the State. It is the grass root level vocational training Centre in the state. It offers skill and knowledge oriented trainings in agriculture and allied subjects.

KVK under government of Arunachal Pradesh is neither following ICAR nor state Govt. norms on various aspects like pension schemes, promotions, further study facilities etc.

For this reason, KVK staffs are trying for more secured job elsewhere since their recruitment time, which hinders their performance. So, I request the concerned authorities to make KVK staffs secured like other department staffs or other state Govt. KVK’s so that they can work hard freely without any fear and fully utilize their knowledge and skill to make every farming communities self- reliant economically.  I also appeal all the KVK staff to fight together for our right.


Citizen (on email)



Looking for a blessing

Dear Editor,

I would like to request the great Public leaders of Pasighat, who are always available as  chief guest, guest of honour during festivals and feast to also be available and come forward to solve the banking problems in Pasighat.

The big and oldest town  Pasighat with only one bank ( SBI),with only one ATM counter… God have mercy on us.

One has to spend half a day just to finish work and it happens the whole week.  Just imagine what will the many tourists, visiting Pasighat in January 2011 for centenary celebration will face.

Hope the politicians are listening and planning something to overcome this problem in the shortest notice. The first step is to reactivate the available 'ATM. If it is done, it will be a blessing for the people of Pasighat.


Onong Yosung

(On email)




Let RTI be a tool for good governance

Dear Editor,

Rajiv Gandhi told the nation 22 years ago that 85 paise in the rupee gets spent on administrative expenses, leaving but 15 paise to actually reach the intended beneficiaries. I understand that, to bring openness and transparency in the functioning of the public authority and to involve the citizens in the developmental activities and so as to enable them to check and monitor how the 85 paise in the rupee get spent on administrative expenses, the UPA Government led by Congress Party in the year’2005 enacted a legislation known as “Right to Information Act, 2005”.

But it is regretted to mention that in the 45-Hayuliang (ST) constituency, the lone constituency in Anjaw District, some of political party workers  have been trying to refrain the citizens from exercising their fundamental rights i.e. the RTI Act, enshrined in the constitution of India by misleading and misguiding the citizens of the district.

The most unfortunate part is that in spite of repeated verbal intimation that the application fee is not required in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Anjaw District Administration has on number of occasions refused to accept the RTI application with the reason that RTI application fee is not deposited by the applicant because of which some of the cases have been appealed in the Court of State Information Commission, Itanagar.

The indifferent attitude of some of the party workers and Administration towards the activists of the RTI, Act has further strengthened the moral of the citizens. So to uphold the spirit of the democracy and the essence of the RTI Act, the activists have launched the RTI awareness campaign in Lohit and Anjaw District from 15.10.2010 onwards through posters and banners..

During the awareness campaign, the citizens of Lohit and Anjaw have expressed their strong resentment regarding the multifold increase in the price of the documents. The exorbitant increase in the price of the documents by the government is unexpected. Nevertheless, we opined that whatever the decision taken by our government is in the interest of its’ citizens so we are ready to accept such orders and notifications but the citizens should be convinced with justifications.

Since, the price of the photocopies in the local market is Rs.2/= per page from where the vendor makes his profit too, how can the government justify in charging the price of the document as Rs.10/= per page from its citizens.

So, I appeal the welfare government to reduce the price of the document so that the citizens can exercise their fundamental rights. If the welfare government does not reduce the price of the documents or unable to justify the citizens for exorbitant increase in the price of the document, it may be send the wrong message to its citizens that the government is trying to refrain the citizens from exercising their fundamental rights and encouraging and safe guarding the corrupt public authorities.

I hope that the state government will appreciate that through this beautiful Act, the RTI activists of Anjaw District could reveal the gross misappropriation of well intentioned government sponsored welfare funds and because of which some executing agencies have started re-constructing the incomplete projects under 45-Hayuiang (ST) constituency. And further it is also observed that due to this Act government laid down norms is being started to follow in the functioning of the government departments in the District, thereby we hope the funds will percolate down to the intended beneficiaries in the days to come.

The state government is putting all efforts for all round development of the state, so it is opined that it will allow the citizens to involve in the developmental activities in larger way which can be possible only if the beautiful Act known as "Right to Information Act, 2005" is allowed to be exercised by the citizens within the framework of the constitution. And this is possible only by reducing the recently increased price of the documents to reasonable rate.


Baritlum Ama

Wakro (on email)



Get hold of them

Dear Editor,

On Sept 20, four drugs peddlers in Bordumsa Sub Division were apprehended, who are now undergoing trail for their heinous acts. During the operation Dhoni Chakma, Santipriyo Chakma and Kusu Chakma, all hailing from Bijoypur area under Bordumsa Sub Division, Changlang District, escaped and are still absconding.

The very wretched part of the operation is that Arunachal Police are till date unable to book the culprits involved in the scandalous trafficking of drugs and opium in and around Bordumsa. The public of Bordumsa are in trepidation of why and how the very culprits involved are still moving freely in the society for which answers are anxiously awaited from the police side.

  Further, it is acknowledged through your esteemed daily that the public of Bordumsa is fatigued of the extensive use and expansion of drugs peddling which has almost enveloped the whole of society. The Singpho Development Society although is still striving hard to eliminate the dreadful menace of drugs and opium addiction in spite of criticism from various quarters. Still it is not late if the police and administration act right now, and nab the absconded culprits and offer proper justification to the ailing public of Bordumsa.


Ongyun Maio

General Secretary

Singpho Youth Organisation,

Bordumsa (on email)




Dear Editor,

I appreciate the article titled "Leaves of Pangchen" by Sang Khandu published in your daily. The details by a long time resident of Zemithang circle are useful. I will visit Zemithang next week.


Samudravijaya K

(on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Centre approves airlifting of essential commodities in inaccessible areas

High Power committee on payment of pending HTS bills

NEW DELHI, Oct 20: Centre has approved airlifting of essential commodities by helicopter instead of head load carriage system in far-flung inaccessible areas and also ordered for a high power committee to assess the HTS pending bills.

The Union Minister for Food & Civil Supplies Sharad Pawar has ordered for constitution of a high power committee to examine and work out modalities pertaining to payment of pending HTS bills for the period of 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-07.

This direction came when Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu along with his cabinet colleague Nabam Tuki called on him here today to reiterate the problems being faced by the people of the state due to non release of  the pending HTS bills which had adversely affected the food distribution in Arunachal Pradesh.

In response to the plea for lifting ration commodities to interior places which have no surface connectivity by helicopter instead of head load, the union minister gave a positive nod and approved the proposal in principle.

Khandu extended his gratitude to the union minister for giving a patient hearing and considering the request which had been a long felt demand from various quarters of the state.

The chief minister along with  three MPs Mukut Mithi, Takam Sanjoy and Ninong Ering earlier on the day met Union Ministers Jairam Ramesh, Sushil Kumar Shinde and V Narayanswamy and discussed at length the issues pertaining to their respective ministries. PRO to CM


A kg of salt still sold at `150 in Kurung Kumey

Committee takes stock of bamboo flowering

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: A 5-member committee of the state Govt headed by Kurung Kumey DC visited the interior areas of the Kurung Kumey district to get first hand information on bamboo flowering and subsequent damage of crop by rodents. The team visited Damin, Parsiparlo, Pipsorang and Tali.

The Committee found that common salt was being sold for `100-`150 in the areas. There was no rice in the stock of CPO centres in some of the circle head quarters.

During their visit, the committee members interacted with the local people and collected first hand information about the extent of bamboo flowering and damage caused to the agricultural crops by the rodents.

Bamboo flowering has been extensively reported from Damin, Koloriang and Sarli circles and some villages in other circles have also been affected.

Meanwhile, the administrative officers along with agriculture department staffs have started loss assessment in the field.  The assessment report is likely to be submitted to the Govt. within 20 days.

The Committee has found scarcity of food grains prevailing in the areas. The people depend solely on the food grains air dropped to the CPOs, which otherwise are meant for the Govt. officers and staffs. The scarcity has been complicated by the bamboo flowering and damage to agriculture crops by the rodents. The Agricultural crops have been either damaged or the people have abandoned cultivation fearing the rodents menace.

The Parliamentary Secretary, Civil Supply Lokam Tassar who accompanied the Committee has assured the people of improving the condition within few weeks. He also assured that common salt will be provided to the people through the CPOs. He further informed that while the air dropping for CPO Centres will continue, food grains will be carried to the remote areas by head load, where local people will be involved in the carriage.

Tassar  was also accompanied by  two  officials of Power Developer, who have surveyed the Kumey River for construction of Hydro Project at Parsiparlo and Damin. The Parliamentary Secretary also declared immediate construction of porter tracks connecting all these Circle Head Quarters without road communication, according to an official release.


AAPSU, ABSU demand enquiry into Pasighat incident, punishment to erring personnel

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) President Takam Tatung has strongly criticized the atrocities meted out to the public of Pasighat on Oct 16 during Durga Puja celebration by the CRPF. He demanded proper investigation into the whole episode and exemplary punishment to the personnel involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, All Bogong Students Union (ABSU) has appealed the home minister to constitute a fact finding committee into the Pasighat incident of Oct 16.

Condemning the lathicharge by CRPF jawans on innocent festive revelers on that fateful day, the union in a memorandum to the home minster demanded him to suspend town Magistrate, OC and SP incharge for their alleged inept handling of the situation and also demanded immediate arrest of personnel and suspension from service for their involvement in the unpleasant incident within two weeks.

The Durga Puja celebration in Pasighat is a symbol of unity and manifestation of spirit of universal brotherhood between tribal and non-tribal, union said and resented that atrocities committed by CRPF jawans during peak hours of celebration has created panic among the festive revelers.

Union also threw a volley of questions to the authority. It asked how the violence that broke out at the 2nd mile, Pasighat area spread upto main market celebration point and why the CRPF jawans were given free hand to resort to lathicharge. It further resented that boys detained in police lock up were also allegedly beaten up by the CRPF jawans.


Misuse of flood damage restoration fund

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: One Geli Ete of Aalo has lodged a complaint to state Chief Vigilance officer on alleged misuse of fund under Additional Central Assistance (ACA) allocated for  flood damaged restoration works in Aalo and demanded investigation in to the fund misutilization.

 Equipped with voluminous documents received through RTI, Ete in its complaint letter said  that state Govt had received `399 crore  under ACA during 2008-2009 for restoration work of flood damages caused during 2005-2008.

Out of ` 399 crore,  ` 70 lacs allocated to Aalo PWD division were not properly utilized for flood damage restoration work by then executive engineer, PWD Aalo division, the letter said. The letter further alleged that out of ` 70 lacs, ` 68.75 lacs were improperly spent and out of ` 68.75 lacs at least ` 50 lacs shown spent having no relation with road restoration works.

Ete further said that most of the Aalo township roads are still laying in deplorable condition. Considering the dilapidated condition, the roads need no maintenance works but reconstruction, he said.


Students demand action on PDS, to take out protest rally

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: Starting a new moment, Galo Students Union (GSU) and West Siang District Students Union (WSDSU) is organizing joint rally on 26th of this month at Aalo to register protest against PDS accused from Galo inhabitant area.

Informing this in a press statement, GSU Secretary General Pakmik Taipodia said enough has been talked and written about PDS but till now government has not taken any substantial step against the accused.

 “In recent days many people have raised question regarding the integrity of SIC. Keeping in mind sentiment of people of this state, government of Arunachal should immediately hand over PDS case to CBI for impartial investigation,” said Pakmik. Further he added, “We demand government to immediately arrest all the Galo PDS accused. Their arrest will salvage the image of Galo society, which has always been known for their intellectual thoughts.”

The two unions has also demanded that all the firms from Galo area involved in PDS scandal should be immediately blacklisted and henceforth such kind of tainted persons and firms should not be given any contractual works

Terming PDS scandal as a slap on the poor citizen of Galo area and Arunachal in general, two unions have urged state government to recover stolen food grains from accused and distribute it to poor Galo people. Meanwhile two unions has asked Amjad Tak, Deputy Commissioner, West Siang district to come clean on recent revelation about Yamaha RX 135 bike lifting tons and thousands of PDS food grains in the district.


BRO DG assures road development soon

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: MP Ninong Ering along with Parliamentary Secretary for agriculture Rajesh Tacho met Border Road Organisation DG Lt General MC Badhani at Delhi and apprised him of the present roads condition in Dibang Valley district and road between North Lakhimpur to Pasighat.

Meanwhile, Badhani informed  the visiting delegation that the road from Roing to Anini would be through by November 15, when the Baily bridge on river Dri would be launched.  He further said steps would be taken to complete Jonai to Pasighat road in this current financial year.

Later, Ering, Tacho and MP Mukut Mithi met Union Minister of Defense AK Antony and apprised him about the other roads under BRO in Arunachal Pradesh including the Trans Arunachal Highways.


DNG college cries for infrastructure development

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: When the Central Govt is over the moon with its policies and programmes to boost the education sector of the country for a knowledge based and informed society, the Dera Natung Govt College in Itanagar is crying for infrastructure development.

The college which was established way back in 1979 does not have common rooms for boys or girl students.  The college does not even have a single usable toilet, not even for girl students.

The college has produced large number of intellectuals, leaders, bureaucrats within three decades of its inception, but within these three decades no massive renovation, maintenance or repairing works of the college buildings were carried out  nor there any infrastructure facilities developed  to accommodate growing number of students. The college infrastructure can hardly accommodate 1000 students, on the contrary, around 4000 students are now pursuing education in this premier institute. One can now imagine, what could be the quality of education.

Lamenting over the present dilapidated condition of the College, the  Dera Natung Govt College Students Union  further disclosed that  due to lack of infrastructure half of the students of the BA 1st and 2nd year with major subjects are finding it difficult to attend classes due to lack of sufficient sitting arrangement in congested room. Moreover, in most of the class rooms, the ceilings remain as samples. Cracked wall and water logging in many class rooms are common scene, the union general secretary Tanya Agu said.

 The union appealed the Government to provide infrastructure facilities and renovate the existing dilapidated college buildings for the convenient of growing number of students.  Infrastructure development will pave the way for solutions to numerous other problems of the college, the union felt.






Resignation denied

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: Lokbin Nilling of All Tagin Youth Organization today said  he did not submit resignation letter as general secretary of the organization nor any executive body  meeting was held regarding his resignation. He further claimed that he had already submitted a one-point memorandum to the Education Commissioner on Oct 12 demanding action against Daporijo DDSE.

Earlier, ATYO president in a release clarified that the organization did not raise any demand for suspension of Upper Subansiri DDSE.


Union decides

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: The executive members of the All Palin, Chambang, Yangte, Gangte and Tarak-Langdi Students’ Union in a meeting have unanimously decided to seize the powers and functions of its General Secretary Gora Anand till November 2.

Further, the meeting extended its awareness touring programme due to ensuing ANSU election and other unavoidable circumstances.


Farmer’s club

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: With the support of NABARD Regional Office, Itanagar, the AMYAA Voluntary Organization of Namphai-I, Miao would form 10 farmer’s club under Khagam CD Block of Changlang District.

Through the formation of these farmers’s club, the implementing agency aims at facilitating the BPL farmers to take bank credit, apply modern methods, science and technology in their traditional occupations, increase agri-based productions and to introduce them the important concept of saving.  Through farmer’s club the farmers who once depended only on their traditional occupation such as jhum and wet cultivation etc during the ‘on season’ of monsoon for their annual income will be trained to invest their time and money on other alternative sources of income during the ‘off season’ of the year.

The implementing agency AMYAA will follow-up these farmer’s club and bring about a substantial change of development into the lives of farmers who still live below the poverty line.


Fulfill assurance: AEKSU

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU), while appreciating the recent high level visit to Lada circle of East Kameng district led by PWD Minister Nabam Tuki to take stock of the developmental activities, hoped that the assurances given to the people of that remote area by the team during its visit would be fulfilled.

According to AEKSU, the visiting team had assured to introduce chopper service to Lada, construct helipad, provide road connectivity within Lada township, construct suspension bridge over Pachuk river, Mule and porter tracks.

Meanwhile, the students’ union demanded for resuming APST bus services from Seppa to Chayangtajo and Rilloh which was discontinued after ’90s. While describing electricity problem due to which the day-to-day life of people have become standstill, it appealed to the authority concerned to increase the power generating capacity of Pakke Kessang mini hydel project from present 30 mw to 60 mw to meet the demand. AEKSU informed that the mini hydel project is remained defunct for the last few months due to technical snag.


DSU serves ultimatum to EE

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: Doimukh Students’ Union (DSU) has given 20 days ultimatum to the Executive Engineer (EE), PWD, Doimukh division to re-start construction works of Tigdo village suspension bridge over Pare river.

Inordinate delay in completion of the bridge, which was supposed to be complete two years back, has created lots of communication problem, particularly to the people of Tigdo village, said DSU in its letter to the EE.


‘Parish Day’

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: The celebration of Parish Day of Holly Rossary Church at New Palin will be attended by APCU president Tok Butum, general secretary Taw Tebin and Rev. Fr. CC Jose as chief guest, guest of honour and special guest respectively on October 31.


Awareness campaign in College

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: Development of human resources through education, quality education, protection and preservation of indigenous culture etc. were some of the main topics discussed during the educational awareness campaign organized by Nyishi Students Union of Rajiv Gandhi University (NSURGU) at Government College Yachuli on October 15 and 16 last.

The NSURGU appealed to the State Government to provide the minimum basic requirements of the college for smooth functioning.

Earlier, the students of the college requested the NSURGU to apprise the Government of various problems faced by the college and students, like shortage of infrastructure, insufficient teaching staff, construction of auditorium, introduction of honours courses, etc.


ANYU unit excels

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: The Kurung Kumey district unit of All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) had participated in traditional folk song and dance competition for Tadar Tang memorial trophy, traditional sports (dapo and bobo) competition for Chera Talo memorial trophy and emerged champion which was conducted by ANYA state unit during its convention at Nirjuli from October 14 to 18 last.

The ANYA unit expressed gratitude to the public leaders, officers and senior citizens of the district for extending all support to participating team.


Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Oct 20: Palin Area Youth Welfare Association (PAYWA) has decided to conduct awareness campaign on socio-economic development, organize Late Zeemi Tassar Memorial Football Trophy and ‘Rekham Padha’ dance competitions during its first ever foundation day celebration on November One next at New Palin.


Upper Siang to enhance participation of citizens

YINGKIONG: The Electoral Information Brochure of Upper Siang will be released on 21 Oct last, on the occasion of Mass Awareness Programme where people from all walks of life are expected to attend from various parts of the district, reports DIPRO.

Pawan Kumar Sain, DEO cum Deputy Commissioner Upper Siang informed that this is a measure to enhance participation of citizens in the democratic electoral process. All out efforts are being taken up to spread awareness among voters regarding effective participation in the electoral process. The day will also utilize to popularize electoral participation, advance votes education and disseminate information about electoral process. Emphasis will be given from 100% EPIC coverage in the district. (DIPR)


New branch of Vijaya bank

ITANAGAR: Finance Minister Setong Sena would inaugurate the Vijaya Bank branch office at Barapani Bazar, Naharlagun on October 23.


Union demands release of payment

ITANAGAR: All Papum Poma Students’ Union (APPSU) has demanded the authority concerned for releasing payment to the contractors against their works of formation cutting at Poma water supply project under PHED, Capital Division, Itanagar, within a short period.

According to a Union release, Centre has already released       ` 40 crore in two fiscal year but the contractors’ payment has not been released till date whereas formation cutting works is almost complete. The Union threatened to take its own course of action if their payments are not released immediately.




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