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October - 22



Keep writing

Dear Editor,

It is observed in recent times that numerous writers do not wish to publish their names with their letters published in local dailies. Instead, they put ‘concern citizen’, XYZ etc etc. as their identity.

It may be due to fear psychosis or fearing deadly consequences from politicians with vested interest or other unscrupulous people or groups as the write ups are against them! Writing letter by not putting their names also signals the failure of the authority in providing security to its citizens.

Although media is called as fourth pillar of democracy and mirror of the society the same is being suppressed in Arunachal Pradesh which is a matter of great concern. Here journalists receive death threat for unfolding corruption story.

But we cannot be a mute spectator of all these happenings for long. All the sane citizens of our state must rise to the occasion and voice against such foul plays. Bowing down means we have lost the battle.

I call upon those anonymous writers to be brave one to put their names against their all good letters so that readers could appreciate them for their good piece.

Lastly, I appeal to the people friendly state government led by chief minister Dorjee Khandu to ensure security of the media persons in the state so that they can work without any fear psychosis.

Keep writing.


Tanga Dada

East Kameng.



Address our concerns

Dear Editor,

I want to draw attention towards pathetic condition of all para medical workers under NHRM in the department of health.

I am ANM, working under NHRM for last 4(four) years with meagre salary of Rs.7000/- per month serving in such a remote area of our state with hope that one day it will be regularised and can look after my aged parents. But each day, the prospect looks bleaker.

Recently some of our staffs from account section have been had their salary hiked with handsome enhancement but our case seems otherwise. In fact, ANM,GNM and doctors are serving day and night in sub-centres and it there is to be any hiking, it has to be for us.


A nurse (on email)



That sometime is now or never

Dear Editor,

Advent of Hindi language in Arunachal Pradesh is a threat to our indigenous languages thus heralding our Cultural holocaust and TAGIN tribe will be the first to hug this fate among their compatriot.

We do not have any written records of our ancient past. Whatever we have today is oral literature and this oral literature need to be used, practiced, preserved and reviewed or else it will die soon. All the ritual practices, cultural heritages and traditional entities are stored in this oral treasure. In oral literature, language is solitary key to access this treasure. If languages are lost, the whole treasure will be lost altogether.

Advent of Hindi made it easy for us to communicate with each other. We feel more comfortable speaking Hindi than our own mother tongue dialect. Now it has become a link language for us. Even the oldest woman of our society tries to speak to us in Hindi. Rarely a youth speaks his mother dialect.

In Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere, if we see any Mongoloid people talking to each other in Hindi then it is sure that they are either Nepali Or Arunachali. Nagas, Mizos, Manipuris (Pumai & Meitei) use their mother tongues unlike Arunachali. Anyway, this is magic of Hindi.

I am not against Hindi being spoken in Arunachal but I’m against Indigenous languages supplanted by Hindi language. I am not agreed to eat that plate of meat which will cost my cloth in turn''

All we have today is the culture that were  practiced in ancient time and are being transformed from generation to generation. During this transmission many facts, beliefs, ideas and contents of stories or tales etc might have undergone some modifications and exaggeration.

The trends in the process of cultural diminishing are radical and everyone can perceive it.

As per 'time decay model' which is my own hypothesis, there exists an inverse relationship between the time and the cultural decay. As the time pass by, there is corresponding decrease in cultural richness.

For example, in Generation A, both the parents and offspring (Generation B) can speak as well as understand. In Generation B, Parents can understand and speak and offspring can understand only but cannot speak.

When parent do not speak,(Gen C) their offspring can neither understand or nor speak but still sphere of cultural influences exists in limited extents of influence of generation C, in generation D, no cultural activities is upheld thus no conventional identity shall be retained. Our culture will be disappear altogather in Generation D.

At present we are in Generation B so by the year Circa 2160 A.D, our culture will be completely wiped out and our culture will be extinct.

So a golden step is desperately needed to avoid such Holocaust in the days yet to come. But the question is who will lay the foundation stone.  

It need someone and sometime to protect and preserve these shrinking treasures and that someone is You, Me and all. And that sometime is now or never.

So let us lend our helping hands, let’s unite our voices and let us sow the seed of patriotism toward our culture in this land and let us love our Motherland and lets us give a better start now.


Tasing Jeke Nilling

New Delhi-36

(on email)



Hike in fare

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to the notice of the common people about the recent hike in the price of the passenger fare by the private travel agencies.

On what basis the fares are hiked and why the Govt of Arunachal Pradesh and various students union are silent on this issue.

Its not right to increase the fare very often without any government notification and I would like the editor to take up the issue for the general cause



Naharlagun (on email)



Lost opportunity

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my experience of appearing interview for the post of RFO(Range Forest Officer) held on 19th Oct' 2010. As I was well prepared, I was very confident to face the interview board. I got up early morning, freshened up and after a brief revision, did my morning prayer. Then I started off and reached the interview venue. I placed my educational documents for formal scrutiny.

To my great shock and surprise, the official in-charge of scrutiny, APPSC rejected my B.Sc (Agri) Degree  certificate stating the reason that it is provisional.  After hearing that, I contacted my college authority and placed my grievances before them. then college authority said, provisional certificate should be accepted because All the University provides provisional certificates only to the individual students before holding their  convocation.

With a hope, I asked my guardian to place the matter before the APPSC  authority and request for consideration as I have worked very hard for the exam and didn't want the opportunity to go simply that too for not so valid reason. But the authority told that the certificate is provisional and it can't be accepted. Then  I have requested the concerned authority to give me in written the reasons of rejecting my candidature, but they denied stating that there is no such provision.

Producing the same certificate, I had appeared for Junior Research Fellowship for the post of Teacher, and had faced many campus interviews also. They have scrutinized and accepted it.

Even for the this RFO post, I have submitted the same certificate, they didn’t have any problem with it. Then why I am not allowed to appear at the final stages of recruitment?

From where I will bring the original degree certificate when the convocations is yet be held?  If provisional certificates are not accepted then why it is issued to the students?   Most importantly who will  give me justice for the time , money and opportunity I have lost?  Who should be blamed for this?


Tsedar Wangmu,

Lhou, Tawang (on email)



Need for good lessons

Dear Editor,

Numerous talents, be it in sports, music or other fields, in nook and corners of Arunachal Pradesh, are not getting the basic facilities as well as a good platform to expose their talents. In this direction, some of our neighbouring states like, Assam and Meghalaya are doing a good job in providing such facilities to hone budding talents.

For example, Classical Music is a very important and integral part of any singing talent hunt. But, our singers are not well trained in this form of music for which their hope for participating in TV reality shows like, Sa Re, Ga, Ma.., Indian Idol, Chote Ustad etc. remains a unfulfilled dream.

I, therefore, sincerely appeal to the department concerned of the State Government to provide facility to learn classical music in Itanagar.



BA 1st Year,

DN Govt College






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


For national interest, Ramesh changes tune on power projects

Implementation of 15000 MW by Dec: Dorjee Khandu


ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The barrage of notes and letters to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh by Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh suggests that the fear and concerns of many in the state that Environment Ministry might try to halt the mega power projects, especially Siang projects are rather unfounded.

Jairam Ramesh, who famously said that he does not want to be the Minister of Stoppages, indeed wants to be Minister of clearance if one goes by the letter to the Prime Minister, Oct 14 in which he clearly reveals that projects in Arunachal should go ahead because of its strategic importance.

The letter is specific to Siang projects while the minister informs the Prime Minister that there was no truth in the “campaign launched by some people that my position on hydel projects in  Arunachal Pradesh weakens the national interest”.  

This is in sharp contrast to earlier stand taken by the Minister who was reported to have written to the  PM urging for a review and moratorium on power projects in Arunachal Pradesh.

The extract of letter is reproduced here.

“Overriding a number' of objections, on August 2nd, 2010,  I approved the grant of the Terms of Reference (TORs) for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the 2700 MW Lower Siang Project being executed by a private company." This is an extremely important project from a strategic point of view that is essential to strengthen our negotiating/ bargaining position vis-à-vis China on the Brahmaputra waters issue. There will be other such projects on the Siang.

MoE&F, keeping this perspective in mind, should play a proactive role for facilitating speedy implementation. Draft TOR letter to issue immediately with corrections in DFA". The TOR approval letter was issued to the company on August 3rd itself.

The Minister further says that he was also “the only one to raise the Siang River issue and the fast-tracking of projects on it in the first meeting of the Group of Ministers set up under FM's chairmanship to provide guidance in coordinating external interface on energy security matters that was held on July 8th, 2010”.

In a note sent to the Prime Minister on April 14th this year, after a 2nd meeting of the Task Force on Hydel Power Projects chaired by the Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Ramesh states that “we should take up projects on the Siang Basin as a matter of urgent priority. If this means even more attractive R&R packages and if this means giving additional incentives to the Arunachal Pradesh government, we should agree. We must begin work on Siang Basin projects soon as national projects. I am prepared to put environmental and forest clearances for them on a special track given their strategic importance.”

He further makes note of a comment by Secretary Water resources which states that “in order to strengthen our negotiating position with China, over-riding priority should be given to hydel projects on the Siang River. There are hydel projects on other rivers like Subansari and Dibang but from an international point of view, it is the Siang Basin projects that are of strategic significance”.

Interestingly, on the other hand, the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on Oct 11 vide letter number DO.No.CM(AP)-07/09 to Jairam Ramesh and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh requested that the Inter Ministerial Group decision that “Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) will not hold up the environment clearance of individual projects presently under process for want of basinwise studies” should continue. Clearly unaware of Ramesh’s change of heart,  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu further writes that since all major rivers originate from China and it can divert the Siang before it enters India, therefore, “speedy implementation of Hydro Electric Power project is of strategic importance to establish India’s First User Rights. Any undue delay in statutory clearance will affect the nation’s interest adversely”.

The Chief Minister says that Arunachal has targeted to start implementation of Hydro projects with total capacity of 15000 MW by the end of Dec 2010.

In the five paged letter, the Chief Minister writes that “out of the total 132 numbers of projects allotted only 23 projects are mega projects of more than 500 MW capacity with total installed capacity of 31580 MW. The projects above 100 MW upto 500 MW with installed capacity of 4492 MW are only 15. In fact 40 projects are small below 25 MW with installed capacity of 562 MW while projects upto 60 MW are 29. The projects above 60-100 MW are 25 with installed capacity of 2107”.

The CM further writes that except for 3000 MW Dibang Multi Purpose Project which is storage projects, rest are Run- of- the-Rivers with small pondage and do not have capability of any large storage.

The letter further brushes aside the downstream concerns of Assam.  It is estimated that a project of 1,000 MW capacity provides direct/indirect employment to 6,000 persons,” Khandu writes in his letter.

He further informs the centre that the projects of Arunachal Pradesh will generate employment for approximately 3,42,000 persons. As Arunachal Pradesh will not be able to fulfill this demand, opportunities will be available to other states, mainly Assam. The projects would also benefit the people by direct or indirect employment and boost up the economy and living standards of the people apart from unparalleled opportunity to Assam for economic development.  


                                         The Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh is slated to visit Pasighat and Itanagar on Nov 12 and 13. This development came after the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu met him earlier this week in Delhi to press for early implementation of power projects in Arunachal.



AG local employees faced with uncertain future

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: “Auditor General (AG) office, Itanagar, would induct maximum numbers of locals from Arunachal in its office to uphold close affinity with the state,” these are words of Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai during his visit to Arunachal in the month of February which brought cheers among outsourcing (contract) employees of AG office, Itanagar, of which majority are locals.

Exactly seven months later, things have drastically changed.

Now these employees are on the verge of losing their jobs as AG office has hired new employees and has given them till December to leave on their own terms or they will be fired.

It is to be noted that AG office, Itanagar was established in 2008 which was carved out of from the combined AG offices at Shillong. Most of the present employees have been working with them since the day one of the establishment of office.

“With our hard work, we have established AG office. In the initial days due to lack of employees, we have performed duty of clerk, peon and even sweeper. Now, they are telling us to leave just because we are outsourced employees. This is like backstabbing,” said one employee of AG office.

Meanwhile All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has taken serious note of problems faced by AG office employees. AAPSU President Takam Tatung has warned that if tribal employees of AG office are fired without any fault, repercussion will be very bad. “We understand the fact that AG office conducts their own exams to hire people but marginalization of locals will never be tolerated,” said Tatung. He further added, “During his visit to Arunachal, CAG’s Vinod Rai had specifically stated that AG office based in Itanagar will hire more locals for better co-ordination. But now they are hiring outsiders and planning to fire local employees. What has happen to his words,” Tatung questioned.

Taking example of Shillong AG office, where more numbers of locals are employed, AAPSU president urged AG office Itanagar to follow similar trend.

“Locals should be given preference for jobs. In comparison to outsiders, locals will have much better idea of work culture of state,” said AAPSU President. He went on to add, “As most of the present employees are working in AG office, Itanagar for quite long and have immensely contributed in the development of this office they should be offered regular job considering their contribution,” urged AAPSU President Takam Tatung.


ACCI lauds police

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) appreciated the city Police under the leadership of SP Chukhu Apa, for arresting the lone absconding alleged murderer of trader Rajendra Chaudhury.

With the state posing to take up various developmental activities, such a step by the police would instill confidence among the outside investors who have been showing keen interest to become part of state’s development process.  

It is time for the state police to work out a foolproof strategy to protect the interest of the business community which has been an indivisible part of state’s socio-economic development right from the NEFA days, ACCI said in a release. The Bazar Welfare Committee and business community appreciated Chuku Apa, SP and OC, Itanagar for nabbing the culprits allegedly involved in the murder of a trader at Naharlagun.


NCP welcomes Pawar’s decision, urges SIC to expedite probe in PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Oct 21:  Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Arunachal Pradesh has described the step being taken by Union Minister for Food and Civil Supplies for paving way for payment of pending HTS bills as land mark decision and pre-Christmas gift to the poor people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Pawar has ordered constitution of a high power committee to examine and work out modalities pertaining to payment of HTS bills for the period of 2004 to 2007 yesterday.  The Party also welcomed the union ministry's decision for approving airlifting of essential commodities instead of head load carriage system in far flung inaccessible areas.

The NCP Unit however urged the State Govt. as well as the SIC probing the multi crore PDS scam to expedite the investigation process and book all accused in the scam under relevant section of law.

State NCP president Ngurang Pinch said that sooner the exemplary punishment to the accused, the better it is for restoration of the lost image of the state and justice to the aggrieved poor and needy. The party further suggested immediate cancellation of the license of the PDS nominees involved in the scam and  fresh issuance of license to firms/cooperative societies with excellent track records.

An initiative for third party monitoring involving mediapersons and grassroot Panchayat Raj Institutions shall not only bring transparency and accuracy in distribution of PDS items but shall go long way in improving the lost image of the state, Pinch added.

Pinch further said NCP Arunachal Pradesh being a democratic and secular party with a vision to provide neat and clean Governance will always try to focus the important issues of the state and also determined to play the role of constructive opposition party in the State.


Magisterial enquiry for Pasighat violence

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: A Magisterial enquiry has been ordered to unearth the facts that led to violence in Pasighat on the intervening night of Oct 16 as citizens celebrated Durga Puja.

DIG (E) Robin Hibu appealed the people not to flare up the situation and let the law take its own course. He further said that report of the inquiry will be submitted soon.

Alleged drunken brawl among section of festival revelers led to stone pelting injuring scores of citizens and CRPF personnel alike, 14 arrests and a vandalized police station.

The violence which could have been avoided has shocked the citizens and security forces alike.

The last thing anyone in the town wanted was a drunken brawl as it gears up to celebrate its 100th year.


LCDF to launch agitation

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Lohit and Changlang Development Forum (LCDF) has decided to launch a series of agitation in protest against lifting of Govt decision to issue PRC to non-APST of Lohit and Changlang districts. The Forum has been compelled to take the path of agitation as the Govt did not respond to its plea to reconsider its decision on PRC within the given time which expired on Oct 20, the Forum president said in a release today. As per scheduled, the Forum will take out peaceful procession from Dirak Check gate to Apil gate, Namsai on Oct 23, stage dharna at administrative office on Oct 26, call 24 hours Lohit-Changlang bandh on Oct 29. Forum further said that it will launch economic blockade from Nov 1 in favour of its demand for reconsideration of the lifting of PRC to Non APST in Lohit and Changlang districts.


City Police arrest NLCT cadre

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Itanagar police succeeded in arresting another member of the National Liberation Council of Taniland (NLCT), namely, Ngurang Jayanto @ Baburam from Itanagar.

It may be mentioned that Ngurang Jayonto @ Baburam was the collector of NLCT and wanted in many cases of extortion and criminal intimidation in the twin city of Itanagar and Naharlagun, according to police sources.

Sources said, there are still couple of NLCT fugitives who are on the run and continuing their criminal act of intimidation and extortion. The manhunt against the fugitives has been started and hopefully the long hands of law will catch them up sooner or later, informed the source.  Capital SP C Apa appealed to the people to cooperate with the police by passing information against the activities of antisocial elements so that police can take action. People can contribute much for peaceful society, he added.


Brave KGGBV girls clear up road blockade

SEPPA, Oct 21:  Every word of praise must be less for the girls of the KGGBV school, Bameng for their yeoman service rendered to the area that remained cut-off from rest of the world for almost a week as they cleared up the road blockade between Bameng and Pakke at Wayno point on Oct 19. The brave girls cleared the blockade manually enabling the vehicle’s a safe passage to Bameng.

Lada CO Tajum Ronya informed that the road remained blocked for almost a week forcing the people of Bameng including the Govt employees to face starvation-like situation.

Seeing the situation of the people of Bamang who are living without food and other essential commodities and with no efforts from Govt departments to  come to the rescue of the people, the brave KGGBV girls have taken up the task and cleared the blockade.

This is not the first time that people come voluntarily and clear up blockade. In last month also there was a blockade in same point and one Tani Liyak with his own expenditure engaged labour and cleared up the blockade.

It is worth mentioning here that road from Pakke to Bameng is  under maintenance by a  contractor but irony is that no machines and the labour of that contractor have been seen engaged in the work, as informed by the citizens of Bameng.   DIPRO


APSCW takes a stand

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women has recommended to the state government for immediate setting up of a state human right commission.

This call came after a violent video clip involving a girl was located by the Commission.

The APSCW while taking suo moto cognizance of the violation of human rights called upon the society to take recourse to peaceful, law abiding means to resolve interpersonal crisis.

While resolving to request competent authorities to immediately look into the matter on account of gross violations of human rights and affronting of her dignity, APSCW also noted the violation of the right to privacy.

The Commission further decided to request the District Magistrate to direct for initiation of action under appropriate section of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act.

The APSWC called upon the society to cooperate for maintaining the dignity of womanhood by stopping further spread of the MMS. The law of the land and the protection of Human Right Act allows even convicted criminals a right to be tried in a manner allowing a basic recognition of persons basic human rights, the APSCW noted.

The video, in circulation is a horrific clip involving a girl in which she is shown tortured by other women.


Ziro revisited

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: In 2000, as a 16 year old school boy, first time I visited picturesque Ziro town more popularly known as Apatani valley situated in Lower Subansiri district. For a boy who was confined to in and around plains of Arunachal, this chance of visiting hilly Ziro was absolutely tempting. The most alluring part of visit was idea of experiencing snow fall in reality.

 Though it was month of March but still I had hoped that I could see and experience snowfall. I guess a 16 year old boy has the liberty to dream!  Also I was excited about seeing my parents.

A year before that if I am correct there was state assembly election and my parents were transferred to Ziro from Papum Pare district on political ground. This political transfer practice has intensified in recent years but I am yet to understand what our politician gains by this practice.  I think it’s more of to satisfy their personal ego.  And yes coming back to my experience of visiting Ziro, somebody has rightly said first love leaves lasting impressions on individuals.

I instantly fell in love with beautiful Ziro valley and this remains true till now. Everything about place mesmerized me. Natural beauty of Ziro could be compared with some of the most beautiful places of world. Besides natural beauty it was human saga of Ziro which really impressed me.

During the visit to Hapoli market, I saw both Nyishi and Apatani women selling vegetables. Most amazing part was the perfect bonhomie between them. Nyishi women selling vegetables could speak fluent Apatani and Apatani women too were seen conversing in Nyishi language. More I spent time in Ziro, more I was impressed with the way Nyishi and Apatani people have learnt to live peacefully together despite many past differences.

People from various districts of Arunachal can also be found there.  Despite hostile weather condition, people living in this valley are amazingly hard working and have proudly safeguarded their tradition from the onslaught of outside influence. Now when I look back, I feel like Ziro is an ideal example of what our leaders like Tomo Riba and Daying Ering dreamt of, an Arunachal where people respect each other’s distinct identity and do not discriminate on ethnicity or tribe.

Recently during much needed Durga Puja break, I decided to visit Ziro town to bask beneath Mother Nature. In the backdrop of recent demand by Apatani youths for creation of Ziro valley autonomous council, I thought this could be the best time to visit Ziro town again and see for myself what changes has occurred. On 15th October when I reached Ziro I was shocked to see the changing scenario. Entire Ziro valley has literally turned into a concrete jungle. In every corner new buildings has came up. Hapoli town is fast turning into an urban nightmare. Most of the government lands have been encroached upon. Huge buildings can be seen standing in front of government quarters. Well, it’s understandable that with development such things happens, but the way beauty of Ziro valley has been damaged, it made me quite sad.

Most of the market areas are very dirty and at some places garbage’s can be seen all over the road. A place frequented by tourists from all over the world cannot afford to be so filthy and for this both citizens and administration are to be blamed.

We have to understand the fact that places like Ziro, Tawang, Mechuka etc are gift of Mother Nature and it’s our duty to safeguard such beautiful places. With respect to hydropower projects and their proponents, in the long run when government jobs dries up, it is tourism sector which can become source of living for many Arunachalees. For these we need to protect our tourist destinations for future. Like me there must be many people who love Ziro valley and it is our since plea that natural beauty of Ziro is saved.

Empowering the girl child in ASSET way

WAKRO, Oct 21: The ASSET, an Wakro based NGO has scripted another success story in its story of empowering the girl child in Lohit district.

Under the initiative of this NGO, Alice Shipsey and Edward Shipsey of Brighton in the United Kingdom announced adoption of girl Shipilu Sisong and Eshuilu Minin at Anugrah today.

Members in ASSET were moved by the desire of Shipilu Sisong, 16, who reportedly never went to school for education. The adopted girl students will be looked after under the RAS (Ritu Arunachal Sankalp), a  program of the ASSET.

Lohit DDSE K Rina also assured full support to the cause of ensuring the right to education of children.

Anugrah while expressing deep concern appreciated Krikong Sisong for his desire to educate his daughter though lately.

KGBV Principal Manju Ama assured that the KGBV Wakro will assist ASSET and the RAS program in all possible ways to ensure the all round development and welfare of such children. Alice a young social activist and Edward Shipsey who intends to support social work of charity are in a month long visit program to promote Reading Habits in young learners through the VT-AWIC Library Network. The duo conducted reading promotion programs in various schools of Chapakhowa, Roing and Tezu and are presently in Wakro.

Similar sessions will also be conducted in Chongkham and Namsai area with the active involvement and support of the Lohit District Administration.

Satyanarayanan Mundayoor who is spearheading a Library Movement in Arunachal Pradesh also informed ASSET that the sessions by Alice and Edward is very well received by the energetic children who are pouring in huge numbers to spend more time on learning.


MP to inaugurate Don Bosco Alumni Annual Day celebrations

ITANAGAR, Oct  21:  Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjoy will inaugurate the Don Bosco Alumni Dimapur Provincial Federation Annual Day celebrations at Don Bosco School, Jully here on Oct 24.

Bamang Felix, Nido Pavitro, Padi Richo and Chowna Mein are among other prominent DB Alumni who are expected to grace the occasion.  

The Annual Day which will be attended by representatives of Don Bosco Alumni from Arunachal Pradesh, Upper Assam, Nagaland and Manipur is the first of its kind to be held in the state.  The day-long programme will consist of meeting of the Organizing Committee of the National Congress, inaugural Session, presentation of reports, entertainment, photo session, business session.

In a review meeting held here at DBYC, the members expressed satisfaction over the way the DB Alumni, Itanagar, has come up with a host of youth-friendly activities. The Annual Day celebration is a unique opportunity for us meet our old pals, said Michi Paku, the President of DB Alumni, Itanagar.


Eye camp organized to mark World Sight Day

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The 11th World Sight Day with the theme ‘reaching the doorstep of people to restore sight’ was observed at Daporijo in  Upper Subansiri  with   a week-long programme.

The Upper Subansiri District Blind Control Society under the banner of District Health Society organized a free eye refraction camp at Daporijo district hospital from Oct 14 to 20 to mark the occasion. During the camp, 52 free refractions cases were done.

An essay competition was also organized amongst the students of class VII and VIII of Bazaar Middle School, Daporijo on Oct 19 on the topic ‘blindness and its prevention’. Damlo Kamra of class VIII, Yajum Singkom of class VIII and Raja Ekke of class VIII   won the first, second and third prize respectively.

On the concluding day of the observation yesterday a friendly football match between DC XI and Panchayat XI was organized. Panchayat XI won the match by 3-1.

The Deputy Commissioner cum chairman DHS,  A  Abhayankar attended the function as chief guest and SP A. Bitin as guest of honour. Abhayankar appreciated the efforts of the DMO’s office in conducting such a good programme and gave away the prizes to the winners of the essay competition and football match. DMO in-charge  Dr. T. Taki informed the public about the importance of eye sight and creation of awareness through the celebration of the day. DIPRO


Students and PR leaders question appointments

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: After hue and cry raised by All Mishmi Students Union against illegal appointment of seven assistant (AT) and five junior teachers (JT) for Lohit and Anjaw district, state government has finally cancelled their appointments.  Earlier AMSU has threatened to lock DDSE offices of Lohit and Anjaw pressing for their demand. Welcoming the decision of state government, AMSU hope that in future such illegal appointment will not be repeated and every candidate shall be given a fair chance.

Meanwhile group of Panchayat leaders from Lohit district had written a complaint letter to Deputy Commissioner regarding appointment of group III and IV category employees in the district without any advertisement.

Leaders claim that peon, clerks and teachers are being appointed directly from Itanagar without any advertisement, thereby depriving eligible local candidates any chance. Panchayat leaders have appealed to all head of department of Lohit district not to accept joining letter of those directly appointed from Itanagar without any interview. Further they have appealed the authorities to immediately cancel all illegal appointments and fresh process of appointment be initiated by advertising vacant posts.


Robbery at Nirjuli

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Nirjuli Market Welfare Committee informed that a robbery at gun-point had been carried out by some unidentified persons  at M/s Doni Enterprises, Nirjuli this evening.

Two salesmen had been physically assaulted before taking the sale proceeds of the day amounting to `63,000/- (Rupees Sixty Three Thousand).

President of the Committee, Nabum Moni said that till date such type of dacoity and robbery were witnessed particularly during night hours only, but now the anti-social elements are so strong that they are freely committing the heinous crime in broad day light.

He further said submission of memorandum to Minister (Home) on 11/03/2010  yielded no any positive response till date regarding provision of CCTV at market place, provision for flashlight tower, police beat houses, conversion of Nirjuli PoP to full fledge police station and CRPF patrolling at evening time.

It said that after witnessing such incident, the state government should immediately fulfill the genuine demands, if it wants to maintain proper law and order at Nirjuli.






Khunjuju and Tapuk attend Chindang festival

BOMDILA, Oct 21: MLA Tapuk Taku has stressed on preservation of age-old custom and tradition in this era of modernity. The need of the hour is for a concerted effort to retain the social fabric with slight changes keeping in tandem with the changing scenario of the world, said MLA Tapuk Taku while attending the Chindang festival of the Sajolangs (Mijis) here at Bomdila yesterday.

Tapuk called upon all to participate in the festival to foster and augment the feeling of communal harmony.

On the other hand, the 9-days Central Chindang was celebrated at Nafra in the district under the patronage of Parliamentary Secretary for HPD and local MLA R.T Khunjuju. DIPRO


Foundation day

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Palin Area Youth Welfare Association (PAYWA) has decided to conduct awareness campaign on socio-economic development, organize Late Zeemi Tassar Memorial Football Trophy and ‘Rekham Padha’ dance competitions during its first ever foundation day celebration on November 11 next at New Palin.


Road inundated

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The G-extension road at Naharlagun has been totally damaged by overflowing water due to blockage of drains.

Stagnant water in the road and overflowing have created lots of problems not only to the shopkeepers but also vehicular movement, said ‘G’ Extension Youth Welfare Association. It appealed to the authority to take necessary action immediately to repair the road.


Police Martyrs Day

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Arunachal Pradesh Police led by DGP Kanwaljit Deol today observed Police Martyrs Day by paying tribute at the martyrs memorial at Police Training Centre (PTC), Banderdewa.

SBK Singh, IGP, Atul Kurkarni, JD SIB and high ranking police officers as well as officers from ITBP, CRPF were present on the occasion.

Police Martyrs Day is celebrated on October 21 in memory of those 10 CRPF personnel who had sacrificed their lives for mother land fighting with marauding Chinese Army at Hot Spring in Ladakh in 1959.

Police casualty throughout the country is on increase due to manifold increase in militancy and insurgency. A total of 799 police personnel were killed and 4,200 seriously injured during 2009 all over India, said Robin Hibu, DIGP (E).


Association calls for retender

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Kurung Kumey District Unit Registered Contractor Association (KKDURCA) has supported the issue raised by All Arunachal Pradesh Register Contractor Association (AAPRCA) regarding the Changlang to Margherita road tender which was floated out of the state.

The district unit association urged the state govt. to immediately retender road work.


BJP appointment

Itanagar, Oct 21: State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president has appointed Ajit Nacho and Daggam Riba as the State Kisan Morcha president and general secretary respectively.

Meanwhile Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha president of East Kameng unit has appointed Hokup Lamnio as vice president.


JAJD’s micro saving project

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Jiyo aur Jine Do, a micro financing empowerment project, Itanagar has deliver five free Car equity scheme in cash value of ` 2,25000 to Yayon Pabin of Aalo, West Siang District.

Meanwhile, the JAJD advised Yayon to invest the money in sustainable income generation activities.


CNC hand over assets

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The Central Nyokum Committee has handed over Nirjuly Nyokum ground, Nyikum Nyia hall and Nyokum Lapang Itanagar including Toy Train, Nyub Namlo to local committees for smooth functioning.

Further, the proposed Tadar Tang Gallery cum Shopping Complex, Nyokum ground at Nirjuli has also handed over to Nirjuli Nyokum Ground Welfare Committee for construction.

Sports meet

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The Athletic Meet of Pania division began at Palin in Kurung Kumey district on October 19.

Participants from seven circle headquarters under Pania sub-division are participating in the meet which aims to tap hidden sports talents. The winners will be selected for district level competitions.

Chuku Takar, ADC, Palin, who attended the event as chief guest, advised the participants to compete the event with sportsman spirit.

Techi Azad, ZPM, Palin, who was the guest of honour, asked the participants to avail the opportunity to expose their talents.


Hopes galore on SLVMC

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Appreciating the State Level Vigilance and  Monitoring Committee (SLVMC) members for inspecting the  implementation of the PMGSY projects in Sagalee area, Karsingsa ASM Kipa Chapo has appealed the SLVMC to  inspect all rural development projects  so that rural people, particularly, below poverty line people  take the full benefit of the schemes.


Society’s plea to education minister

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: The Tai-Abu Hisa Welfare Society (TAHWS) of Yangte in Kurung Kumey district has objected to upgradation of the Govt Secondary School, Yangte at its present site due to insufficient land for this purpose. Moreover, the local people are entirely depend on this land for agriculture activities, the Society said.

The Society in a letter addressed to the Education Minister requested him to direct the local administration and authorities concerned to shift the school to somewhere considering the need of the agriculture land for livelihood of local people.


ABCC supports ACF stand

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: Arunachal Baptist Church Council (ABCC) has supported the demand of Arunachal Christian Forum for restoration of peace and tranquility and suitable compensation for reconstruction of the Baptist Church at Hayuliang in Anjaw district.

While condemning the reported destruction of the Church at Hayuliang on Oct 7, the ABCC said the miscreants involved in destruction activities should be put behind the bar.


Orgs concerned

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: All Nyishi Youth Association, Upper Subansiri District Unit and All Tagin Youth Organisation (ATYO) in a joint meeting have expressed concern over alleged irregularities in Upper Subansiri education department. Both the organizations threatened to launch a democratic movement at Daporijo in case of failure of the authorities to transfer/suspend DDSE of the district for his alleged involvement in corruption.


Pasighat CCC meeting held

PASIGHAT, Oct 21: The final meeting of Centenary Celebration Committee (CCC) was held under the chairmanship of the DC cum-chairman Onit Panyang at Pasighat Oct 20 last.

All the chairmen of subcommittees submitted their estimates to the organizing Secretary Bittem Darang, DFO. Panyang suggested the house to consider and approve the genuine estimates and called for shouldering responsibilities by all, Govt. officers, leaders and general public.

He informed that a master plan would be prepared in the meeting and forwarded to the government for approval in a meeting to be held at the Conference Hall of the Director, Tourism at Itanagar on Oct 22.

The house while discussing on resource mobilization, decided to appeal the Govt. employees of the district to donate one day salary. The committee also approved and asked all the head of offices to arrange necessary funds for immediate painting of residential and non residential buildings from their respective departmental heads.  DIPRO


Govt. move lauded

ITANAGAR, Oct 21: All Kurung Kumey District FPS Welfare Association thanked the Centre, Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu as well as PWD Minister Nabam Tuki and MP Takam Sanjoy, Mukut Mithi and Ninong Ering for approving air dropping of essential commodities in far flung areas.


Recruitment Rally

NAHARLAGUN: Indian Air force will conduct a Special Recruitment rally for unmarried eligible male candidates of the State at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun from October 24 to 29 next. DIPR


Apang admitted to AIIMS

New Delhi: Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang has been admitted today at All India Institute of Medical Science for further medical consultations.

Apang was shifted to AIIMS after the Sessions Court, Lakhimpur granted him permission to go out of the state for health checkups.

The former Chief Minister is a diabetic and hypertensive patient.

Apang who was arrested on Aug 24 for his alleged involvement in PDS scam was granted bail on Oct 8 with the precondition that he would not go out of the state without the permission of the Court.


Few turns up for rally

PASIGHAT: The Pasighat Citizens Welfare Society (PCWS) organized a public referendum rally on Oct 20 last at the Gandhi-Chowk, Main bazaar, Pasighat to have a debate and discussion on the proposed 2700 mw mega dam on Siang River.

Though the society had appealed all the forums, NGOs, unions, associations, resources persons and citizens to attend the same, the turnout was very poor and hardly fifteen persons turned up in the rally on the day. DIPRO


U-16 soccer

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh played out a gaolless draw with Tripura in the opening match of U-16 National Football Championship (zonal) played at Maharaj Bir Bikram Stadium, Agartala, Tripura today.

Arunachal colts will play their second group level match against Manipur on October 23.

BC Das and S Bhattacharjee are the coach and manager of the participating Arunachalee team.



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