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October - 23



No retendering please

Dear Editor,

The Elite Intellectual Forum of Changlang strongly opposes the demand of re-tender of Margherita-Changlang road. Forum earlier also made it clear regarding the said tender. It is clear that tender is open to all any firm having requisite qualification can participate in the tender process. The Forum, also made it clear that we don’t want any local contractor as per as the people of Changlang has experienced. Many local contractors from Itanagar somehow got the works but they couldn’t execute the work with quality as we have seen in our places.

The solid waste management under Urban Deptt; the water supply at Jairampur; the Kuchep-Changlang road; the FM radio station; the private company mobile tower, and many more...All projects are still incomplete since 2006.So, under such circumstances we strongly oppose the demand for re-tender of this said road.

The People of Changlang couldn’t understand why this so-called contractors’ association is demanding the re-tender of the Margherita-Changlang road whereas many project have been awarded without tender. Why this so-called contractors’ association is not demand for re-tender of this projects? We the (Forum) and the People of Changlang welcome their concerned but we have got our own representative, public for the development of our area. The people of Changlang District have never talk about the affairs of others.

We, on behalf of the people of Changlang strongly oppose AARCAs’ claim for re-tender of the road and appeal the Association to re-strain from such unnecessary demand.


Khomtu Mamai (on email)

General Secretary

Elite Intellectual Forum of Changlang



Where are the chart toppers?

Dear Editor,

Taking into account the limitation of CBI, probe into the multi crore PDS scam seems unlikely in the near future as the concerned investigation agency requires government's clearance for getting into action. Few past probes undertaken by the concerned agency too imply that it mostly function on the behest of the people in power. Probes were abandoned midway, on the threshold of solving a case, when ever people at the top feared the outcome will not favour them. Competency of CBI officers are unquestionable but they are rarely given a free hand.

Unfortunately here too, people concerned are at the helm of the state's affairs and themselves happen to be involved in the scam in some way or other. They definitely will never invite the CBI for an independent probe to crack this embezzlement nut and guide the noose around their own neck. As claimed by some directly or indirectly involved of being unstained and all the allegation being devoid of facts then why do they hesitate when there has been demands from every quarter for an independent probe to punish all those involved in this multi crore scam? Why this CBI phobia, if their names are being dragged only to attain some political mileage by few individuals? Why do they show no interest of countering the allegations practically before debasement?

Of being under custody, police or judicial, the former CM's happened to be longest followed by SP Bhutia so far. Does that mean their involvement in this scam happened to be of most stringent nature ? If the serial number of the list of accused published in this daily,20 Sept 10, indicative to the depth of one's involvement then SP Bhutia and the former CM's happened to be no. 4 and 5 respectively, intriguingly, chart toppers are still untouched by the tentacles of present investigating cell.

On the other hand, if the duration in custodial detainment is considered as a measuring scale to weight the gravity of involvement in the scam, the former CM's being the longest, his serial number should have been 1 on the list of accused. As such, the accused number 1 himself dared a CBI probe earlier why should those lower in rank of this scam stars team hesitant to a probe by more competent investigation agency if they are the lesser evils? Why not wash off the dirt of accusation early? Or are we under a failed system where makers law are the law breakers indulging in corruptions, nepotisms, favouritism. Custodian of law too often break the barrier at will, who will rein the bureaucrats, where is the CS, why is the ministry of home silent on this grave issue? Bowling offline, can the citizens be enlightened about the action taken or initiated against the accused of 16 crore treasury scam of Anini ? Or has there been a shady dealing too as usual?

It has been proved time and again that public has a very short memory and flame of every burning issue will extinguish slowly, naturally. It is the preferable tactic of the government in dealing with various demands of the common man. Mistake is ours, tomorrow another election to choose between an angel and a devil will be entrusted on our shoulder, another opportunity to cleansed the undesirable prevailing system, here again we tend to behave like a spoiled child and re-elect the same tainted candidate because of one's superior bargaining ability. Whichever political party forms the government is irrelevant in context to contemporary Arunachal. Our legislators have the surreptious magic of changing colours, even a chameleon, nature's ultimate creation blessed to master the art of camouflage, can learn a lesson or two from them. It will be a matter of presenting the same wine in new bottle. If the system really has to be cleansed, it needs fresh representatives. So long the contents of this container remain the same the probe by an independent and competent investigation agency will be a far cry. All the gimmicks in the name of investigations will be just an eye wash.

Despite being encircled by uphill challenges in the desert of corruption and an obdurate government against independent probe efforts of the torch bearers like AIPU, AVYF, AYA, WSDSU, GSU to combat social evils is inspirational and deserves appreciation and support. Myopia of few cynics who find illogical faults in this movement cannot daunt the spirit and determination of diligent organisations or unions and their supporters. We sincerely hope their efforts will fructify and bring all those who have erred to books.


Legobaying, (on email)




Give them the due

Dear Editor,

I would like to awaken everyone concerned that sportsperson in our state also deserves the advantage in govt. jobs and academic institutions.

Though I am not a sportsperson, yet I appeal to all the concerned authorities that given the time, energy and money lost by the sportsperson for the state, school or college, they should be given a fairer chance even while seeking govt. jobs. Being a sportsperson doesn't mean that he/she shall be directly attached to only sports department for jobs. There are many states like Manipur, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc where there is a direct reservations for sports veterans.

I in support of the sportspersons requests all recruitment agencies irrespective of whatever department it may be like the PSUs, NGOs ,various govt. departments or even the APPSC should give due importance to the certificates/testimonials of the sports veterans in all forms of examinations be it walk in interview, personal interview or Viva Voce tests.


Tobing Megu

Itanagar (on email)



Never give up hope

Dear Editor,

"An appeal” by N Tari, Pasighat, was heart touching. To the Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped society I would like to say they all are no lesser mortals than anyone of us. The greatest scientist of our times and one of the greatest of all the times Stephen W. Hawking" despite suffering from a crippling disease has leaped beyond relativity, beyond quantum mechanics, beyond big bang, to the dance of geometry that created universe. He is the greatest physicist, the Master of the Universe and the person to voyage to frontiers of Cosmos, Space & time.

The result of APPSCE (MAINS) where only one single candidate of PWD category is selected for Viva Voce seems to be unfair but never give up the hope. In order to run, motor vehicles need fuel, which is an ordered form of energy, and in the process heat energy is produced which is a disordered form of energy. The existence of "disordered" form of energy in Public Commission is nothing new, and in our state disordered form of energy exist everywhere, threatening journalist, PDS Scam etc.


Dr Samson Borang,

(On email)



Golden rule is not applicable anymore

Dear Editor,

The publication captioned ‘Brave KGGBV girls clear up road blockage’ as published on Oct’22 in your esteemed daily was eye catching and deserved applause. At last, the fairer sex had to intervene.

In a male dominated society like ours, since ages it is considered unfair to depend on fairer sex for getting work done which is actually considered a men’s work. But this age old ‘golden rule’ seems no more applicable as the men folk are busy loitering in the capital or District headquarters, intimidating the business community or Govt. Officers  or otherwise drunk most of the time. And those in offices seem busy earning extra penny. KGGBH Girls,  Bravo!


Senior Citizen,

(On email)





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Pawar assures to enhance rice quota, fund for FCI godowns in Arunachal

NEW DELHI, Oct 22:  Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Sharad Pawar has assured to enhance present rice quota of 44,750 quintals per month very shortly in Arunachal. The union minister assured this to the members of Consultative Committee of Food Corporation of India (FCI) for Arunachal Pradesh who called on him at his official residence at 10-Janpath New Delhi today. The committee members included Aath Tacho Kabak, Anok Wangsa, Karto Kaye and Nima Sange.

Fund for construction of FCI Regional Office at Itanagar and FCI Godown in all districts is being considered for smooth functioning of FCI in Arunachal Pradesh, the minister further informed the delegation.  In this regards a team of officers from the FCI will be sent to Arunachal Pradesh shortly to visit all districts for finding out the suitable land for the establishment of FCI Godowns.

The Minister further informed the committee members that a high level Committee is being constituted to short out the pending bills of carriage contractors and that he has already approved for air dropping of ration items in the remote area where there is no road connectivity in the state.

The FCI consultative committee member Aath Tacho Kabak  in a release informed that Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and PWD Minister Nabam Tuki assured Pawar for allotment of land for FCI Regional Office and FCI Godown in all districts during their meeting on Oct 19 in New Delhi as conveyed by Pawar to Committee.   

Sharad Pawar advised the Consultative Committee members to cooperate with state Govt. for smooth functioning of the FCI and keep vigil over the activities of the officials of FCI and Carriage contractors.

Earlier, the Consultative Committee members submitted a report on the PDS activities in Arunachal. During their discussion with the union minister, the committee members highlighted the problems related to PDS.


Everester Tapi Mra felicitated

ITANAGAR, Oct 22:  Everester Tapi Mra was felicitated with a trophy called “The Kardungla trophy” named after Kardungla pass in a function in Army headquarter of 14 Core Command, Leh by Lt. General S. K. Singh.  The rare honoured was accorded to Mra when he got an opportunity to accompany the Arunachal Pradesh Governor J J Singh during his visit to Ladakh in the 1st week of this month. Both Governor J. J. Singh and First Lady of the state Anupama Singh were present during felicitation function.

During the tour Mra visited the Winter Army Warfare School in Siachen Army Base, the highest battlefield in the world and delivered a lecture on mountaineering aspects like frostbite and its precautions, long distance ice climbing techniques in high altitude which helps maintain stamina during long distance march and danger of avalanche and precautionary measures. He had practically demonstrated techniques of long distance ice climbing  which was followed  by personnel.

“The scenic view of the land mesmerized me. Army personnel away from family with high spirit guarding the border post touched my heart and I am really proud of their dedication and loyalty. During our interaction in the warfare school compound the army personnel were equally very happy to share my professional climbing experience which I cannot forget.” said Mra.

Meanwhile, Taro Chatung, Chairman of Taro Opey Foundation extended sincere thanks to Governor J. J. Singh for giving Mra an opportunity to accompany him during the visit. Such gesture of the Governor will encourage youth of Arunachal Pradesh, he said.


NRHM contractual staffs allege discrimination

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: The doctors, GNMs, ANMs and laboratory technicians working under NRHM/reproductive child health (RCH) in the state have decided not to accept salary as per new revised pay scale and alleged discrimination in revision of pay scale.

In a representation to the health and family welfare minister, it was claimed that the proposal to hike the salaries of NRHM staff was discussed in a meeting between the GoI’s additional secretary PK Pradhan and MP Takam Sanjoy in New Delhi on August 11 last. Accordingly, the state chief minister in his independence speech announced hike in salary of NRHM staff, the representatives claimed.

Subsequently, a sanction letter vide No APRHM-200/128, dated 16th August was  circulated by the district health administration clearly stating hike of about  100 percent salaries for doctors, GNMs  and ANMs. This was followed by another revised pay structure issued  on 24th September with about 20 to 30 per cent hike in salary. However,  the pay structure of all the non-technical staffs like data assistant, DPM, DAM, etc, remained the same, causing discrepancy, the representation alleged.

The representation further said that all the NRHM contractual staffs including doctors, nurses and other allied health workers in a joint meeting on Wednesday decided to register their protest against discrepancy and pleaded the Govt to consider their genuine demand sympathetically.


High-level meeting discuss plan for centenary celebration of Pasighat town

ITANAGAR, Oct 22:  The preparation for the centenary celebration of Pasighat town kicked off in right perspective with a high-level meeting held under the initiative of state Tourism department at Itanagar this morning.

Apart from Ministers and MLAs, top officials of the state and East Siang district administration and district level organizing committee members took part in the meeting.

Addressing the participants, tourism secretary Bandana Deori disclosed that ‘honouring the past, visioning the future’ shall be the theme for year-long celebration that shall coincide with the Siang River Festival-2011. She further informed that a core-committee headed by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu will be formed and Education Minister Bosiram Siram, Power & Tourism Minister Jarbom Gamlin, Finance & IPR Minister Setong Sena and Home Minister  Tako Dabi be included as its members.

In his address Siram said the onus of making the centenary celebrations a success is on all the citizens of East Siang and Pasighat in particular. UPA Chairperson, Sonia Gandhi has agreed to grace the occasion, he said and further informed that Sonia will inaugurate the Raneghat Bridge over Siang River apart from laying foundation for 50 bedded AYUSH hospital and a polytechnic institute at JN College campus.   Setong Sena assured all possible help from the government for the successful conduct of the celebrations, while, Home Minister Tako Dabi expressed his desire, in presence of DGP and both the DIGs, to have a new benchmark in maintaining law and order during festival.

Among others, MLAs Jomin Tayeng, Dr Tangor Tapak also spoke during the meet and suggested steps like need for a comprehensive plan for the celebrations.

District officials briefed about challenges ahead of celebration and ‘way-forward’ to make it a grand success. However, Deori said, “We shall assess the ground realities in next 2 days and submit a detailed project report within 10 days.” The Sentinel Arunachal and Centre for Culture and Research (CCRD) shall be the official media partner and event manager, she further informed.

Earlier, Director of CCRD which is the official event manager provided ‘first’ glimpse of planned themes and events that included photo exhibition titled, ‘100 years of History’, tribute musical tour, trek to historical Abor Expedition 1912 site at Kekar Moying, songs on Siang, contemporary dance and theatre presentations, time capsule, moments of remembering, living histories, school competitions, exhibition of performing arts and crafts and guided boat cruises over Siang and fishing expeditions will form part of the centenary celebrations.


NEISA seeks apology

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: North East India Students Association (NEISA) based at Pune has expressed deep concern over depiction of Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory along with Jammu and Kashmir in an autobiography by noted Supreme Court lawyer Fali S Nariman. In the chapter 1 of the book, a map has been incorporated in which state of Arunachal and Jammu & Kashmir have been marked as controversial with shades. Further a note which reads as “This map only shows the geographical area. It is neither accurate nor drawn to scale” finds space in the same page. NEISA members held a meeting at Pune and expressed anguish over clubbing of Arunachal with J&K as disputed land. Informing about details of meeting, NEISA Chairman Ritum Tali says, “We are shocked to see such blunder being committed by a man of Fali S Nariman’s stature. We have drafted resolution of meeting condemning this blunder and have sent to PMO office, home minister of India, CM of Arunachal, leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and Lokh Sabha.” Further he added, “At a time when China is claiming Arunachal as part of them, this blunder will work in their favour. Government of India should immediately intervene and make sure that this map is being removed from this book.” NEISA also stated that Fali S Nariman should apologize to the people of Arunachal for this mistake and have threatened to launch legal action against him for hurting sentiments of people of this peaceful state.


First ever cultural street show at Tawang

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: For the first time in Tawang, the Environment Protection Society (EPS) has organized a three-day cultural street  show in order to create mass awareness on global warming as well as attract more tourists in the district from Oct 17 to 19.

The show including the folk dances was very much enjoyed by the tourists visiting Tawang from all over the country. The tourists were also given an opportunity to perform and showcase their talents.

The show could have never been possible without the support from the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, MLA Tawang Tsewang Dondup and the department of Tourism, the Society  said and  extended gratitude to them and hoped that their support will continue  in future too.  It also lauded the NHPC, Govt departments including police for their support to the noble cause.

The Society decided to organize the street show every year to help increase the tourist flow in Tawang in particular and state as a whole.


Estimate Committee to visit Siang belt from Oct  25

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: The members of the Fifth Legislative Assembly Committee on Estimate will be conducting an official tour to West Siang, East Siang and Upper Siang districts for spot verification of various schemes/projects under Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Education, Health and Family Welfare departments from Oct 25 to Nov 1.

The Committee headed by its chairman and MLA Dr Tangor Tapak will be accompanied by three officers and two officials of state Legislative Assembly, according to an official release. Aalo DIPRO adds: The Estimate Committee of the Legislative Assembly will be visiting Mechukha and Aalo of West Siang district from Oct 25 to 27.


Red, discharging and itchy eyes - what is safe?

Dr. Taba Khanna

Every day at eye out patient department, many patients are coming for consultation and treatment with typical common complaints – redness, watering from eyes, discharge, gluing of lids in the morning, blurring of vision and seeing rainbow like color haloes around the point sources of light. Many of them are coming after trying possible home remedies or popularly used, over the counter eye drops like I-TONE, ITIS, BETNOSOL-N, eye appli-caps, rose water, cold water, warm water, surma and list goes on.

In fact, the present epidemics of red, hot, itchy and discharging eyes, which has been relentlessly troubling our population is due to epidemic conjunctivitis, caused mainly by group of viruses. The conjunctivitis caused by these viruses usually presents with redness, watery discharge from eyes, foreign body sensations, occasionally associated with fever, throat pain, dry cough, pain and swelling in front of ear (s) especially in children. The disease is highly communicable, usually transmitted by air, direct contact with discharge material through handshake, sharing fomites etc. These are usually self- limiting and wanes off over a week time. But the bad news is that it is usually superadded by bacteria within few days to develop into purulent type of conjunctivitis causing unsightedness with dirty and swollen eyes, which gives great discomfort to the patients.

Now then what the poor patients, who are at the mercy of unforgiving organisms should do? Try one of those home remedies? Buy commonly used eye drops from chemists? Take advice of  friend who had suffered and became alright with certain remedial measures? Request your family physician to prescribe one or still confused and just bear the brunt of troubled eyes? My sincere advice would be to consult DR. RIGHT- the Ophthalmologists. Why so? Because, some other serious diseases of eye can mimic the common conjunctivitis, which can be rightly diagnosed by competent doctors only and most of home remedies like rose water,  warm or cold water will clean the eyes and will not eradicate the organisms, while Itone and its group will relieve your foreign body sensation for few minutes but will not cure at all, while those who take over the counter medicines, use them with inadequate dose or with wrong combinations. It not only helps organisms to develop resistance against applied drugs, it can aggravate the disease processes such as conjunctivitis turning into corneal ulcer, purulent discharge into bloody discharge or prolong the disease course. It is not uncommon to hear from parents and patients that,  “ Doctor, after application of certain eye drops advised by chemists, blood came out from eyes.” This is exactly what can happen to others who are using medicines inadequately. They are helping the organisms to flourish, become stronger and violent. In the process, which you thought were right, you may be inviting more and more opportunistic organisms to invade the eye, resulting to complications like membrane formation in conjunctiva and subsequent gluing of lids and development of slow or non-healing  corneal ulcers, which are potentially blinding.

Apart from seeing the eye specialists for advice and treatment, the general population can up to some extent prevent themselves and their kith and kins from spreading in the family or among peer group of their children, which can be done by maintaining some simple measures by: -

• Avoiding sharing of towels, handkerchiefs, pencil, pen or soap of infected person. Such fomites should be washed thoroughly

• Frequent washing of face with clean and cool/cold water.

• Avoid shaking hands with patients.

• Taking care of common door handles, as in toilet or bathrooms.

• Avoid prolong sharing of closed and crowded room with the infected persons.

• Washing your hands with soap before and after applying eye drop/ointment on your relatives.

• Wearing of goggles by patients helps to avoid uncomfortable wind and light and to some extent reduces transmission by controlling dissemination of organisms.

• Educate each other about the ocular hygiene in the community, if you have learned something about its transmission and prevention.

So, avoid self medication and save the God’s most beautiful gift to us and enjoy the beauty of His creation.


Training cum demonstration prog on low cost vermicompost technology

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: A three-day training cum demonstration programme on low cost vermicompost technology concluded at Thembang  In West Kameng district today.

The programme was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) West Kameng district under the aegies of NABARD, Itanagar.

As many as 40 delegates including scientists, state Govt officials and KVK officials, practicing farmers, farm women  and unemployed rural youth attended the programme. The main aim and objectives of training programme was to create awareness among the farmers about the importance of organic farming.

Dr. N.D. Singh, Programme Coordinator of the Kendra highlighted the role and functions of the KVK especially in the field of Frontline demonstration, On farm trials and training on agriculture and its allied sectors in West Kameng District.

Addressing the  inaugural function as the Chief Guest Dr. K.K. Baruah, Director National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang stressed upon the farmers to take up organic farming as the post-green revolution impact on production and soil health due to over utilization of chemical has posed several adverse affect.

Jam Tsering, Zila Parishad Member of Thembang block who is the Guest of honour encouraged the farmers to adopt organic farming and also delivered a brief discussion about the vermicompost technology.

N. Phaichulpa, West Kameng District Horticulture Officer,  while addressing the gathering as Guest of honour focused the importance of vermicompost and its benefit in terms of soil health, production and higher income.

M.D. Prasad, Incharge District Training Officer, Salari, West Kameng district lauded the farmers to grow crop orginically as consumers prefer organic produces compare to chemically produced crop due to health reasons.

During technical sessions, Dr. N.D. Singh, PC spoke on “low cost vermicompost technology” through slide presentation and also carried out method demonstration on vermicompost preparation.

Toktel Boko, SMS (Plant Protection) and Arvind Pratap, SMS (Agronomy) demonstrated the construction of different type of vermicompost unit and also its economic turn over.

DC calls for mass awareness on health schemes

YINGKIONG, Oct 22: Upper Siang deputy commissioner Pawan Kumar Sain has called upon health officers and officials of the district to work with more dedication and sincerity to bring a change in the health sector.

Speaking in the governing body cum review meeting of the District Health Society and Rogi Kalyan Samity of the District Hospital on October 20 last, Sain appealed them to inculcate values of duty as the health duties are considered divine. Proper training and education should be provided to the common masses so that they become aware of the facilities and avail them, he said.

Sain said that the expecting mothers should be motivated for proper pre-natal check up and hospital deliveries.

He also wanted more coordination and cooperation amongst the administrative officers and the medical department in the outpost for proper implementation of various health programmes. While assuring his all help for uplifting medical facilities in the district, the DC appealed to the executing agencies for civil works for proper utilization of funds and completion of works in time.

MLA Alo Libang stressed  for creating awareness among people through IEC to give up old age tradition and go for modern and scientific medical facilities. The laboratories should be upgraded to avoid wrong treatment, he said adding that medical officers and staff should be more dedicated in their duties and ASHAs be motivated for improving the overall health scenario.

The Tuting Community Health Centre (CHC) would be taken over by Karuna Trust, he informed and hoped that the NGO will serve the need of the people of the area.

Assuring that he will provide all cooperation for improving the health facility as health is one of his priority sectors, the MLA appealed to all to contribute to make the district a success example in health sector.

Dr. Kaling Dai, district medical officer, presented the achievements under NRHM in the district. He exhorted the medical officers and staff to re-dedicate themselves to achieve the targets set up under NRHM.

Dr. Tatok Gao, DRCHO presented the District Action Plan and Dr. Gepeng Litin, Medical Superintendent presented the achievement and Action plan of Rogi Kalyan Samity of the District Hospital which was approved in the meeting. DIPRO.


Global Iodine Deficiency Day observed

ROING, Oct 22:Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Day was observed in Lower Dibang Valley District yesterday with a view to create awareness regarding the deficiency diseases of Iodine prevalent in the region, its remedial measures and precautions to be taken.

District Health and Family Welfare Department organized mass awareness campaigns at Denlo village and Jawaharlal Nehru Vidhyalaya, Roing  to mark the occasion.

Zilla Chairperson Chiliko Meto attending the programme as the chief guest at JNV School has lauded the efforts of District Health and  Family Welfare Department under the leadership of DMO, A Yirang. He exhorted the students to concentrate on their studies and to keep themselves away from drugs and not to resort to antisocial activities saying that they are leader and future of the society.

SDO Sadar, Lod Gambo, incharge Deputy Commissioner who was the  Guest of Honour on the occasion  called upon the student community to maintain health and hygiene apart from their regular studies. He also asked  them to disseminate the information  about the need of maintaining good health in order create a disease free society.

DDSE T. Tatak  who presided over the programme has exhorted the JNV students to maintain discipline and excel in studies.

DMO Dr Atlok Yirang, in his inaugural speech has highlighted the importance of the day and informed that the district falls under Iodine Deficient Disorder endemic area as the water and vegetations of the Himalayan Region are low in iodine content. He suggested to take iodine rich diet in order to supplement the body requirement of iodine.

Dr N. Yirang, MO cum DVBDCO has dealt at length on the topic with power point presentation. He informed that 200 million people in India and 1.6 billion of world population are at risk of Iodine Deficiency Disorder. Human Being requires 50-150mcg iodine daily and when iodine falls below recommended level then deficiency disorders occurs. It can be obtain from food and drinking water only. Iodine Deficiency Disorders can be seen in the form of Goitre, Cretins, growth retardation and brain damage, etc. He called upon the participation of civil societies to fight against IDD.  Dr S J Mitapo, SMO cum DTO has demonstrated the testing of iodine content in common salt with a simple kit. He also spoke on simple tips to minimize the loss of iodine from food such as covering of vegetables while cooking, purchase of only packed/seal common salt and storing of common salt in closed container. S. Bhaskara Rao, Principal JNV Roing  and students of JNV school also spoke on the occasion. DIPRO


Society appeals for fair investigation

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: Nabam Welfare Society has appealed the state Govt to give necessary directives to district magistrate and SP Bomdila to expedite investigation process in Nabam Sonam murder case.

Sonam, who was working as supervisor cum-sub contractor under PHE WTP project for last couple of months, was reportedly murdered in a jungle, five km away from the   Bomdila town in West Kameng district on Oct 7 last by miscreants.

In a letter addressed to the state Home Minister, the Society urged him  that the accused persons  in the brutal murder case should be remanded to judicial custody for fair investigation and charge sheet against the accused should be filed immediately in the district and session Court at Yupia for speedy trial of the case.

The Society further urged the state Govt to extend all possible help to the family of Late Sonam and said that there should not be political interference in investigation process for  fair trial in the murder case.



India and its national character

By Kago Gambo

India has produced several Miss Worlds, Miss Asia-pacifics or Miss Universes which again tell us that Indian women are no less in beauty, talent and personality than other women in the world. India is becoming knowledge and IT (information technology) super power which is really an achievement. Best of the scientists, technocrats or engineers were produced in India who were retained and absorbed by America by paying better emoluments and giving better facilities which led to brain drain. But we can term America bought better man powers found in India which not found in their own land. Majority of the world countries have not so far have nuclear power. But in this spheres as well India has not been lagging behind. We don’t have enough nuclear powers (besides nuclear energy) which would be enough to match any other nuclear powers in case of war or armed conflict.

Above all, the best part of India is its national character. Whenever emergency (be it natural calamities or external aggression) comes up, whole people of India start standing united like a rock and handle it very well. It has been proved during Kargil war and all other emergencies and disasters, like Gujarat earthquakes or Orissa cyclone. Democracy could not survive well in the neighbouring countries and in several other countries in the world. But democracy has survived in India for the last 50 years or so and hopefully will continue to be so in the future to come. Indian leaders and statesmen are no less diplomatic and tactful than any other counter part in the world. This also really makes us proud. One such instance was when we isolated Pakistan at the time of Kragil War almost from every other countries in the world. Other such instance is that lately we could win the heart and friendship of the only super power of the world, i.e. USA. India believes in peace, harmony, unity and integrity. She does not believe in terrorism which is a world-wide phenomenon and cancer like malady. Recent support by India to the USA in the wake of terrorist at tacks at World Trade Centre and Pentagon may not be interpreted as entirely friendship building tactics towards America but be interpreted as her love for peace and non-violence in a greater measure of course by removing terrorism which brings more problems than it professes to solve.

Lastly, if mention is not made of thousand other factors of India which may make us proud of being Indian in the similar manners, we will failing on our part and do injustice to ourselves and mother India. Let us say, what about many other persons and personalities whom we should be proud of and who have not been mentioned here. Even manual and agricultural workers who toil for us since morning till evening silently are to be more proud of their contribution which gives us basic necessities of life or survivals like food, shelter or clothing which form the basic backbone of humanity. Those people who silently sacrificed their lives for the sake of India’s freedom whose names may or may not be found in the history books even do also make us proud.






Fake certificates cause concern

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: Arunachal Teachers’ Association, Papum Pare unit today alleged that many job seekers or admission seekers have been producing fake Class X and Class XII certificates while seeking jobs in education department or admission in colleges in the district.

Such deceitful tactics to obtain a job or higher education has hampered the education scenario, the ATA unit said and appealed the authorities concerned to verify the fakes certificates being obtained from outside the state.


School boundary problem resolved

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: The long pending boundary problem of Govt Hr. Sec. School, Balijan was finally resolved and boundary demarcated in a meeting which was attended by school authorities, school management committee, panchayat leaders, administrative officers and general public of 5th Lower Balijan, according to APPSU, the convenor of the meeting.


YNCP lauds Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: Youth Nationalist Congress Party (YNCP) of Dambuk segment in Lower Dibang Valley district appreciated local MLA Jomin Tayeng for bringing various developmental activities in the constituency.

Recently under his initiatives Dormitory of Meka Block has been renovated, free of cost Bomjir Ghat flagged off and bolder caging works  sanctioned to save government middle school Bolik from  soil erosion,  the  YNCP unit said in a release today.


39th TMPK, MMK & TMMK foundation day observed

PASIGHAT, Oct 22: The 39th TMPK, MMK and TMMK foundation day was observed at the Kemi village (Assam), about 25km away from Pasighat on Oct 15  and 16 last. All the Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) executive members of East Siang Unit, All Gurkha Students Union, Assam students (Simen) were participated the function to make it grand success.

The President ABK (East Siang) Okom Yosung graced the occasion as Chief Guest. In his speech, Yosung narrated the history of Mishing community and their early migration. Yosung also advised that boundary roads must be maintained well by the both governments Assam and Arunachal in their respective areas. He appealed to maintain brotherhood and cordial relationship amongst the states to bring prosperity and peace in future.

Among others, Okop Tamin, M. Ering, O. Rukbo and M. Pao of East Siang district were present on the occasion. DIPRO


Seminar on impact of modern technology in education

ITANAGAR, Oct 22: The Department of Education, J.N. College, Pasighat, organized its 4th Departmental Seminar on the topic -"Impact of Modern Technology in Education”, under the initiative of Dr.Tasi Taloh, HOD, Education Department yesterday.

College Principal Tayek Talom while attending the seminar emphasized the need for more such seminars in future to accelerate the academic interest of the students.

15 papers were presented by student participants.   The key-note address of the seminar was delivered by Assistant Professor Angu Padu, while Assistant Professors Dr. T. Taggu and Minu Sonu presented the summary and vote of thanks respectively. Assistant Professor Tage Yama  played a vital role for smooth conduct of the seminar.

Dr. Tasi Taloh, highly appreciated the performance  of all the participants including his departmental colleagues.



ITANAGAR, Oct 22: Guruk Pordung, former anchal chairperson of Bameng CD block of East Kameng district has been appointed as chief patron of Arunachal RTI Activists.

Tarh Mangha, Dolang Taging and Khyoda Tamang have been appointed as president/action chairman, chairman and general secretary respectively of the newly formed Arunachal Pradesh Public Health Welfare Society.


HHSU to join rally

ITANAGAR: Hirik-Hiru Students Union (HHSU), Kamba has decided to participate in the proposed rally being organised jointly by Galo Students Union and District Students Union at Aalo, the district headquarters of West Siang, on October 26 to register their anger and strong protest against PDS scam accused from Galo inhabitant area.


Speaker, Dy Speaker leave  for Chhattisgarh

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong and Deputy Speaker Tapang Taloh have left for Chhattisgarh, Raipur for attending the 4th India and Asia region Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference to be held from Oct 25 to 29, an official release said.


‘Lapiya’ on Oct 24

ITANAGAR: Hornbill Centre For Development is going to stage a drama titled ‘Lapiya’ based on the plight of women in Arunachal on 24th October at Naharlagun Cinema Hall.


No private vehicle in Banquet hall complex

NAHARLAGUN:  The state Govt has decided to introduce  a new security system for smooth functioning of office work in Banquet Hall, Itanagar with immediate effect.

As per the improved system, no private vehicle including private vehicles of Govt. employees are allowed and entry of private visitors within the Banquet Hall is allowed with prior appointment with the concerned officers working in the Banquet Hall Complex.

All the entry passes for the Banquet Hall earlier issued against private vehicle are hereby cancelled. DIPR


Rights Forum extend support to APSWC

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Human Right and Juvenile Justice Forum (APHRJJF) extended support to Arunachal Pradesh State Women Commission for its recommendation for immediate setting up of a state Human Right Commission and also condemned the circulation of video MMS showing a local girl being inhumanly tortured by some group of women.

The forum termed the act as violation of human right and appealed the state government, NGOs, societies and student’s organization to come forward and give justice to the victims and exemplary punishment to those women who involved in the torturing.  

It further appealed the home department to carry out immediate inquiry to investigate the incident.


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