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October - 25



Not even on humanitarian ground

Dear Editor,

The recent rally of pro PRC non- APST at Namsai where Non-APST reportedly went on a rampage and attacked shops and damaged properties in Namsai town is eye opener for us and clearly shows the future of Arunachal. Today they are damaging the property of locals, will be no surprise if tomorrow they contest election and decide the fate of indigenous Arunachalee. We can anticipate the situation of Tripura where state is basically run by Non indigenous people.

The Minister C. Mein and MLA Chow Tewa Mein should not be surprised either for attacking their vehicle.

More surprise is yet to come when they start to contest in election against these ministers. Or they start some revolutionary antisocial group among Non-APST against the indigenous APST.

It is really reminds me the famous Assamese lines, kabole dille hubolee bisare.

Hubole dile? We don’t know what they will ask for.

They don’t deserve PRC even on humanitarian ground either.


A  Concerned citizen,

(On email)



Kudos to GSU and WSDSU

Dear Editor,

I want to draw the attention of apex student body AAPSU, other students unions, organisations and association towards the present PDS Scandal.

Except GSU(Galo student Union) & WSDSU(West siang district student union) all other student unions & organisation are sitting silent nowadays.

Meanwhile, I appreciate & praise GSU and WSDSU for the protest rally against PDS Accused.

I think they are the only union till now to keep PDS case alive.

I want to know why other unions & organisation including apex student body AAPSU are silent nowadays.

I urge all other organisation to wake up from the deep sleep before it’s too late or before the case disappear.


Concern student,

(On email)



There should be no room for compromise

Dear Editor,

As we know that the recent mass protest against the issue of PRC to the non-APST of Lohit and Changlang district ended successfully after the govt. has agreed with the people.

We can say that this issue was a crucial one.

For example, our fellow NE state Tripura is suffering solely because of outsiders where the real Tripuris turned into minorities.

I have no offensive feeling against non-Arunachalees.

I read that a group of people from Lohit, Changlang districts are protesting against the govt decision to lift PRC to non-APST people.

I should say that we must never agree and compromise with anything where our future is dark.


Tadar Tallum

NIT Durgapur (On email)



Enough is enough

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw attention of the State Government particularly the Lohit District Administration. That after what we have gone through the most shocking and destructive day in our life at Namsai over the much controversial PRC Issue, the administration lapse in all fronts. With the Issue being so sensitive and local people being so emotional and angered from past couple of months, the District Administration didn't think twice. They didn't take any extra measures to control the whole episode.

We want peace on all fronts. The Non-APST peoples should be made to understand that just by blockades or bandh is no solution. If they want to challenge, let them do it officially with government. Enough is enough.


Chow A (On email)



Namsai incident has saddened us

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw a line of concern as to what went wrong during the PRC rally organised by non-APST yesterday. This rally was to be carried out at Mahadevpur circle in a peaceful manner, but as Khamptis' belonging to Namsai circle, we were shocked to see the entire non-APST citizens in thousands marching towards Namsai town with anti-state slogans and stone pelting . Any such unfortunate incident would aggrevate the locals, as we believe in peace and harmony.

What is of most concern here is that the youth of Namsai did address the local administration about the non-APST rally to be held at Mahadevpur and made an appeal to the local administration as not to allow them to enter Namsai circle due to security reasons. But to our utter surprise there was very little done to stop them, as they marched forcefully inside the township, shouting anti-state slogans and started into stone pelting. This is an unfortunate incident in the entire history of Arunachal Pradesh. We as Khampti tribe are deeply saddened by such outburst.

Ever since the PRC matter came up, as to our knowledge, we as Khampti community have not at any stage taken the course of violence or hatred in this regard. But this incident has shocked us and left us aggrieved. We are saddened by all that happened on 23-10-2010 in Namsai as we feel being betrayed by our local political representatives. And what more do we have to say or expect from them?  

We have lived in this region, with peace and tranquility along with other communities as well. But, now there is a sense of insecurity among us. Having said that, we request our so called leaders not to play with our sentiments and belief. We request them to look into this matter seriously. We would also like to request for an enquiry into this incident and punish the anti-social element behind this. And would request the peace loving citizens of this state to support us.   



(On email)



Close the chapter for once and all

Dear Editor,

The local tribal people should realise that by letting the non-tribal labourers settle within the vicinity of APIL complex, a major mistake had been created by them. More than half of the of the protestors were youths from the APIL line. The administration promised it would be peaceful procession, but they had a different intention. They brought daos, stones and pebbles, iron rods to attack the local youths. Despite going on rampage, the administration did not give firing order, not even a lathi charge order. This shows political backing the group was enjoying.

The larger issue here is about the stake and future of the tribal people. If permanent solutions are not found to it, the tribal people will have to live in fear and suppression in their own tribal land.

MLAs and ministers would want their sons and daughters to be MLAs and ministers like them. But this would not be possible if the non-APSTs are given what they are demanding illegitimately. Today they are pressing for PRC, tomorrow they would wish to see their own man and woman in the state assembly.

If a non-APST is allowed to contest the assembly election, our tribal candidates can never win an election against them. Tribal people increases their population by breeding. Non-APST can increase their population both by breeding and inward-migration. Elections, after all, are all about number and manipulation.

Noting the seriousness of the situation, all the local tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh, cutting across faith and belief, in particular the tribal people of Lohit and Changlang district, should come out to chalk out a program to wipe out the problem from its root for ever.

Allowing this problem to lay low in suppression will only allow the problem to recur time and again. So that once and for all it is a closed chapter.


A concerned tribal of Lohit (On email)



Media should restrain on Namsai incident

Dear Editor,

It has been reported in some print and TV news channels that exodus of non-tribals is taking place from Arunachal Pradesh as a result of the Namsai incident.

Further, it was also reported that the local Khampti youth and others attacked the peaceful procession with lethal weapons. The media further reported women were molested and some villages of Adivasis, others including the house of the local MLA, Chowna Mein torched.

It is to clarify that the reports exodus of non-tribals people, attack by Khampti youth, molestation of women taking part at the procession and torching of villages or houses of non tribals including that of the local MLA  are biased, misleading and do not reflect the reality on the ground. Even the video clips of news  channel clearly show the agitators holding lethal weapons and pelting stones.

Indeed, the leaders of the pro-PRC agitation had been directed by the local administration much earlier not to proceed beyond the Noa-Dihing Bridge; but they defied the order and led the procession upto Namsai  shouting slogans, armed with lethal weapons, like daos, lathis, stones, etc. which provoked the local youth and the others. Further, they resorted to vandalism damaging the houses, vehicles, shops, etc. and seriously injuring the innocent people during the course of the un-authorized procession to which the local people including the students and youth retaliated in self-defense.

Infact, some houses belonging to Khamptis under Lekang circle of Arunachal Pradesh have been torched by the pro-PRC activists who are still in the mood to stage war against the indigenous people by their proposed economic blockade and other series of agitational programs designed to destroy the peaceful co-existence of the area.

The acts of the Pro PRC agitators are condemnable as it may lead communal disharmony. It must not be further encouraged.


Citizens (on email)


Enlightening article

Dear Editor,

The article by Dr. Taba Khanna (“Red, discharging and itchy eyes - what is safe?” 23rd Oct 2010) was enlightening. It will go a long way in creating awareness about such a widespread common disease.

It is so contrast to a recent personal experience. I had accompanied a friend to a private clinic which was his second visit to the same place. He was diagnosed of suffering from asthma. He was traumatized after learning that he was suffering from it. When he asked about the details of this affliction, he was reportedly rebuked. The learned doctor insisted that he has no obligation to tell about it. He said prescription of the medication should serve the purpose. Helpfully, he advised my friend to look up the internet for necessary details regarding this affliction. He searched the net and luckily got many important and helpful tips with regard to this disease.

Unfortunately all people visiting his clinic may not have net facility. We are unaware whether there is any general guideline regarding it. But it would be of much help if proper counseling is given to a patient after confirmed diagnosis of a disease. From the article it appears that professionals like Dr. Taba Khanna are perfect healers of the masses as is expected of all the practitioners of this noblest of noble professions.

Such article should be a regular feature of a popular daily like Arunachal Times. Even if it can’t be published daily, such an article should be published as a weekly feature, preferably during weekends.


John (On email)



Let there be an Arunchalee at Raisina Hills

Dear Editor,

In Google china, the map of Arunachal Pradesh completely disappears, BJYM oganises save "Arunachal"rally, and no visa required for Arunachalee to travel to China by Chinese Embassy, claim & counter claims. Enough is enough.

We are an integral part of India and it is a country where "unity in diversity" stands. A fellow Indian of North, South, West or Heartland India cannot be more Indian than a fellow Arunachalee. We are Indians to the Core and Democracy is in our blood.

Now the political leaders of India, use Human Resource of Arunachal Pradesh to negate the Chinese Claim over Arunachal Pradesh and  also to make our fellow Indians who are very poor in Geography & G.K and the whole world know about this state  and its people.

We have many veteran leaders. Make any one of them or the most capable leader "His Excellency, the next President of Indian Republic" and secondly an "Arunachal Regiment" in the Indian Army.

If Punjab proved, why not Arunachal!


Dr Samson Borang,

Pasighat, (On email)



Start a campaign

Dear Editor,

It will be great if your daily conducts opinion polls through sms votings and or e-mails, for and against any major current affair (like many other news papers do) everyday. One vote per sms or e-mail ID should be allowed to prevent proxy votings. It will be useful to approximately quantify what the majority of Arunachalee feels about a particular issue.


Tai Dora

Naharlagun, (On email)



The million dollar question

Dear Editor,

Jairam Ramesh have changed his tunes for National interest on power projects.

Once the Ministry of Surface Transport had change the tune for National Interest by handing over the work from BRTF to Assam PWD(Baihata To North Lakhimpur).

The Secretary Water Resource is of the view that, of all the Projects and from international point of view,  Siang Basin Projects are of Strategic importance, a comment which will definitely have repercussions. The mistake committed by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, which changed the notion "Hindi Chini bhai bhai" to "Hindi chini bye bye”, which eventually led to the Tibetan Refugees outnumbering the locals in many Places in Arunachal pradesh, many of them now having ST,PRC and Ration Cards.

India is trying for Permanent membership in UNSC and needs China's support  which  already is a permanent member with Veto powers, playing with the Dragon will make it Spit fire under compulsion, the first volley of missiles will strike the so called Projects of Strategic Importance, strategic importance to establish India's First user right is another wrong notion.

A Country which has a record of severe human rights violation in Tibet and crushing Ten Thousands student protestors will never ever bow down to any kind of International Pressure.

Even USA always have given the status of "most favoured Nation" to China many a times. Maoist in Chattisgargh, Jharkhand & other Seven States  of India is another factor where Govt. of India had failed miserably.  Why?  Roots lie in the exploitation of tribals by its own Govt.

Supreme Court had put Blanket Closure on Felling of Trees in Arunachal Pradesh. now leave alone the trees, the total Flora & Fauna will be either submerged or may cause total extinction due to these projects and man's activites.

Mr Jairam Ramesh Knows the hazards of BT Brinjals but have forgotten hazards of Mega Dams. The so called Projects of Arunachal Pradesh will generate 3,42,000 persons according to our Chief minister. Thanks the Local Tribals don't have enough Human resource to fill this employment and instantly will be outnumbered. Arunachal will become the dumping ground.

As far as strategic importance is concerned Tawang and Subansiri Basins are by far more vulnerable than Siang Basin as was witnessed in 1962 Indo-China war and those basins are under Govt. Undertakings like NHPC.

If Siang basin is equally or more strategic than why not a Govt undertaking/company rather than private company which calculates it's profit first. The Bridge over River Siang needed almost 25 years which was Constructed by Gammon India LTD, a private company, but it was under the strict supervision and Direction of BRTF. Heavens knows under whose supervision and direction these Private Company will build the 2700MW Dam over River Siang. How long it will take and its credibility in building an earthquake and flood proof, unbreakable Dam& missile proof is a million Dollar question.


Bangkut Perme

Pasighat (On email)



Stand strong and united

Dear Editor,

I am extremely pained to hear about the Namsai incident. Its a sheer act of aggression by ungrateful bunch of thugs who have thrived on our resourceful land and partaken in its bounties. We cannot rely on the diseased and corruption ridden government which almost sold our land to invading thugs by granting PRC to those rogues to stand by us at this tragic hour. I vehemently call all my brethren through this bold paper to stand strong and united to thwart this aggression with iron hands.


A brother in anguish,

(On email)



Arunachal deserves better individuals

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the burning law and order problem at Namsai because of PRC to non-APST people. The state government and the local Ministers, MLA's of that area are solely responsible for creating such dangerous situation in the area.

The residence of Chowna Mein, Minister was vandalized, C T Mein was almost attacked and his cars damaged by the mob.

But they are the very ones responsible for the whole lot of public sufferings, over 75 persons injured and huge amount of properties damaged in the incident. They did not have any qualms in making mockery of the sentiments of indigenous people of the state and to toy with the centuries old Bengal Frontier Regulation, 1873 when the state cabinet had decided to grant PRC to non-APST people.

Dorjee Khandu CM and his cabinet colleagues and the Chief Secretary who had passed that decision are individually responsible for the whole mess. Time and again, I feel Dorjee Khandu should step down from post of Chief Minister and take up other assignment as minister or so and Tabom Bam, Chief Secretary should be transferred. That is all more important because of PDS scam also.

The post of Chief Minister of a state has a duty cast upon it to administer the state through various laws, regulations etc to maintain peace and order in the state. Governance is not just doing business of bringing fund and siphoning off of fund, but it has an aspect of administration of law, regulations, etc also.

But sadly, our innocent Chief Minister and intelligent Chief Secretary is more proactive in violating established laws, regulations, etc and inviting public clashes and disorderliness in this thence peaceful state.

Our 21st Century Arunachal Pradesh definitely deserves better individuals at the top to lead it. I sincere feel that, we deserve a new Chief Minister having few qualities of a statesman. The present Chief Secretary also really deserves to be replaced. Only when that is done, the state and the public can hope for new order to set in Arunachal Pradesh.


Philin Thomas,

(On email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Namsai Subdivision tensed as sporadic violence continues

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Namsai Subdivision remains tensed for a second day today after violent clashes broke out yesterday when non-APST people under the banner of Lohit-Changlang Development Forum took out a rally demanding restoration of PRC, an order which was revoked by the state govt.

Meanwhile today a house of Khampti Gaon Bura was burnt down by supporters of PRC seeker at Noa Dihing area. More than ten houses at New Mohong and Old Mohong and Salatoo villages are reported burnt down this evening and vehicles bearing Arunachal numbers are blocked.

On the other hand, there are reports of violence at Noapotia under Chowkham circle.

However this could not be confirmed because of bad BSNL networks.

Namsai town is deserted with all shops remaining closed and movement of vehicles very minimal.

After yesterday’s violent, there is an uneasy calm in the entire town, which was the epicenter.  

An official said that along with Army and personnel of Arunachal Pradesh Police, IRBn and CRPF have been deployed in the entire Subdivision.

A team of All Assam Students Union reached the area after inflammatory reports being broadcast in Assam based media houses. They retreated after an assessment at the ground, in which they found that the media reports originating from print and electronic media houses were not only malicious but aimed at further communal divide.

It is reported that local boys are camping around additional deputy commissioner and asking for deployment of army immediately. Talking to this daily one local citizen of Namsai told, “There is stoic silence. But rumors are flying thick and fast. Situation is really much tensed”.

Today a meeting was organized at Namsai town which was attended by members of All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union and local publics.

The meeting unanimously condemned the attack on ordinary citizens of  Namsai by non-APSTs.

It said that to add insult to injury, the "peace-rallyist" staged vandalism on the day when the general Buddhist populace was observing "Pot-wa", a day of great religious prominence according to the Buddhist calendar.

The ATKSSU also condemns the local administration for doing too little, too late to contain the violence.  The ATKSSU demanded that the state government of Arunachal Pradesh take immediate action against the officers of local administration whose inefficiency resulted into this grave situation.

They have also demanded immediate arrest of president and general secretary of Lohit and Changlang Development Forum for instigating violence against locals in the name of peace rally with mob of around twenty thousand people. For long non-APST and local Khampti has peacefully lived together but these leaders for their gain have divided people, it added.  The ATKSSU also demanded prompt redressal of the grievances of the people who were on the receiving end of this attack on civil society and called for mature behavior by all the concerned to avoid such incident in future.

The total injured after yesterday’s mayhem, which has shocked the state, is reported at 70 including the pro and anti PRC protestors and police personnel.


4 dead, former minister critically injured in road accident

KOLORIANG, Oct 24: In a major road accident on Sunday near Koloriang in Kurung Kumey District, 4 persons have died and 4 critically wounded. Among the critically wounded is Kahfa Bengia, former Minister and former MLA from Koloriang,

All the 4 wounded persons have been evacuated from Koloriang by a helicopter in the evening and admitted in the RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar.

The 4 who died have been identified as Lt. Bengia Tagar, (ASM), Lt. Bengia Tobin, Lt. Bengia Sakter (Teacher In-Charge, Damin) and Lt. Bengia Yajik.

Apart from Kahfa Bengia, Bengia Bonghi, Bengia Manmin and Hussain Ali, the Driver are other injured. The driver Hussain Ali is reported to be in coma.

The accident took place at 17 Kms Koloriang-Sarli Road in the morning. Kahfa Bengia along with his relatives were proceeding to Sarli on hearing an incident where a relative Bengia Taha had shot dead his own elder brother Lt. Bengia Tajik in the early morning today. They were travelling to Sarli in the Mahindra Xylo vehicle of the former Minister to look into the incident.

The accident took place when the driver of the vehicle tried to reverse the vehicle at the 17 Kms Koloriang-Sarli road, where a big boulder had blocked the road.

Some ITBP personnel from Sarli, who were going down to Koloriang in a 407 Mini Truck were trying to remove the boulder when the vehicle of former Minister also reached the block point from opposite direction. As the driver of the former Minister tried to reverse the vehicle, the vehicle fell down in deep gorge down the Kurung River. The vehicle could not be seen from the road as it fell to about 500 feet into Kurung River.

The local people near the accident site and the ITBP personnel rushed down to the gorge and carried the injured and the dead bodies over to the road.  Lt. Bengia Sakter (Teacher In-Charge, Damin) and his wife Lt. Bengia Yajik died on way to Koloriang from the accident site.

The Deputy Commissioner, Kurung Kumey rushed to the accident site on getting the information. The DMO Kurung Kumey also rushed to the spot with first aid and medical team.

Meanwhile the  relatives of the injured persons thanked the  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for responding to the SOS of the District Administration and helping in the evacuation of the injured persons by helicopter.


SUBPGRC reiterates demand for fresh MoUs  on hydro projects

ITANAGAR, Oct 24:  The Subansiri Upper Basin Project Grievances and Redressal Committee (SUBPGRC) in its IVth consultative meeting on mega dam in Subansiri Upper Basin unanimously urged the state Govt to scrap the MoU signed between the state government and the power developers and insisted that fresh MoU be signed with prior consent of the people.

Meeting was held particularly to elicit opinion of the people of Upper Subansiri district who are residing in the capital complex on construction of dam on Oct 23 at Naharlagun. The meeting further decided to fight   for its demand for scrapping existing MoUs signed for dam construction and organize an open debate on mega dam at Daporijo  in collaboration with students union and likeminded NGOs.

Addressing the meeting, Committee president T G Baki squarely blamed the state Govt for signing large number of MoUs for hydro project without prior consent of the people.  He said, hasty signing of MOUs without having debate and discussion with the people revealed the dictatorial attitude of the authorities. “If the Govt really thinks of a positive development, one or two projects could have been taken up on experimental basis,” he added.

SUBPRGC convenor Ajit Nacho said,   most of the villages located near the river sides would be compelled to vacate their area. On the other hand there is no enough and suitable land for resettlement of the displaced people, he said while terming the Govt initiatives for construction of large number of dam as anti-people and anti development.

Indiscriminate and hasty signing of MoU for hydro projects in Subansiri Upper basin implies foul play, said former minister Nyato Rigia. Immediate gain from the hydro power cannot solve all the problems of the dam affected people in future, he said and called for consensus opinion on dam.

Participating in the meeting, People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) general secretary Dr Ashan Riddi said earning money and securing clerical job by mortgaging the life of future generation is not a development. Did the power developers feel the necessity of consulting local people before they took decision to construct dams on land of the local people, he asked.  

All Tagin Students Union vice president Raju Maling said that the union will stand against construction of mega dam in their land which may bring catastrophe for future generation. Former ZPM and SUBPGRC coordinator Pongpo Mra also spoke on the occasion.


Files go missing from Tax & Excise deptt, alleges ASKA

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Arunachal Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Association (ASKA) in a release alleged that the file containing the list of meritorious sportspersons submitted through Arunachal Olympic Association twice to Tax and Excise department in 2007-08 for recruitment under sports quota went missing from the office of the department.

While expressing shock over the incident, ASKA further said that the department did not respond to the letter forwarded by the Director of Sports and Youth Affairs in March, 2008 for appointment under sport quota.

Further, appointments against six posts of Inspector and four posts of Assistant Inspector were made in the department without conducting interview and services of all the appointed have been regularized through DPC which it came to know through RTI. The department has also placed the posts under sports quota at APPSC for further recruitment, which, according to ASKA, is violation of recruitment rules.

ASKA sought the State Government’s intervention over the issue to direct the department concerned to follow HC order in the appointment of posts against sports quota.


Siram assures infrastructure for Pasighat Pvt station

PASIGHAT, Oct 24:  Education Minister Bosiram Siram has inaugurated the office building of All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF), East Siang unit at the private bus station premises here today.

In his inaugural address as chief guest, Siram, who is also local MLA, assured for immediate renovation of public toilet and water supply connection to the private bus station besides land allocation for construction of office building in near future. He said the transport network in the state is not only a boon for commuters, it also generates employment opportunities for youths.

Appreciating the transport organization for its vast network across the state, Siram also appealed the drivers to produce valid documents and cooperate with security personnel during the time of need.

Expressing his dismay over frequent calling of bandh by some organizations, Siram said bandh not only affects business transaction of the state, such bandh also badly hampers the vehicular movement.

While highlighting the state education policy and various developments being brought by the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu-led government in the state,  the minister appealed the people of the district for their active participation in the Centenary Celebration of the Pasighat town.

The Guest of Honour, Takar Goi revealed various welfare measures being taken by the organization for the benefit of its members and commuters as well as state government. He said that it has succeeded to develop better relations with Assam Public transport federation for the benefit of Arunachal vehicles plying through Assam road and also decided to issue I-card for drivers after proper verification of their identities.  

Among others, ADC Pasighat S.C. Debnath and SP Aloke Kumar (special guests), DTO C Wangsu, D L Sonam, secretary general AAPPTF, Itanagar and district level AAPPTF leaders spoke on the occasion.


AR nabs five hardcore cadres of NSCN (IM)

ITANAGAR, Oct 24:  19 Assam Rifles in a joint operation with Arunachal Police apprehended a hardcore NSCN (IM) cadre at Deomali. Based on the information about the presence of a group of NSCN (IM) cadres in Longkhong, a cordon and search operation was launched by AR at Deomali and apprehended SS Corporal Rockey @ Kiran Thapa resident of Deomali. Thorough search of the cadre led to recovery of letter heads of NSCN (IM) signed by Self Styled Colonel Hormi Thankhul and other incriminating documents. The mobile seized from the cadre contained mobile numbers of all top cadres of Deomali circle. In an earlier operation on 07 Oct, troops of 19 Assam Rifles apprehended SS MLA of NSCN (IM) Kamung Janti of Deomali circle who was extensively involved in extortion activities, providing logistic support and mobilising a group of 10 - 15 heavily armed NSCN (IM) cadres in Deomali circle.

On 11 Oct,  SS Cpl Chingang Lowang of NSCN (IM) was apprehended with two Chinese grenades and a diary containing telephone numbers of NSCN (IM) cadres and Govt officials. After two days following an input regarding move of NSCN (IM) cadres in NTC colony Deomali 19 Assam Rifles apprehended SS Private Sijen Namphu along with 100 gm of Opium.

On 21 Oct, based on inputs received from own sources regarding presence of NSCN (IM) cadres in Khonsa town and adjoining areas a cordon and search operation was carried out at three different pockets. One of the column while carrying out search at Medical colony near Khonsa post office apprehended Self Styled Private Yakap Wangpan of NSCN (IM) who was involved in extortion in Khonsa town along with the Self Styled Town Commander of NSCN (IM) and other cadres. The apprehended cadres made threatening calls to locals that was revealed when his mobile was scanned, Indian currency  worth  Rs. 5,350/- , two mobile phones with Sim cards and one Identity card was also recovered.


Namsai: an eye opener

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Violent clashes which broke out yesterday at Namsai town has shocked the whole state. For a state which never witnessed communal violence of such magnitude, Namsai incident is an eye opener. In fact many people believe that this could be starting point of many such incidents which is waiting to explode in coming days. It’s hard to blame who provoked whom, but this incident has shattered long friendly relation between Arunachalee tribal’s and non-APST citizens.

Ever since reports emerged that state government was planning to issue PRC to no-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts, whole state has been seething with anger. After AAPSU took out a large rally in protest against government decision the order was revoked.

After yesterday’s incident divide between APST and non-APST citizens will widen further. This mutual mistrust will surely affect the relation of these two communities. With around 130 hydropower projects being planned all over state in the coming year, Arunachal will witness large migration of non-APST people into state.

Already we have around 8 lakh non-APST people in Arunachal making their living.

 The tribal people of Arunachal have every right to protect their rights at any cost. Even if rally was supposed to be peaceful in nature, non-APST citizen should not have taken out procession in Namsai town which is largely inhabited by indigenous Khampti tribe. This rally itself was highly provocative in nature. It is very obvious that any ordinary human beings or for that matter even animal will react with hostility if someone tries to attack their home. So, it was quite natural that Khampti people reacted with anger when twenty thousand non-APST people entered Namsai town and created absolute mayhem.

 Also amount of coverage Namsai incident getting in Assam based media houses raises suspicion.

If non-APST people are demanding PRC on the basis that they are Arunachalee by birth, then why are they giving negative feedback to Assam based media organizations and thereby defaming the image of this state. Many Arunachalees in fact was beginning to realize that their demand for PRC can be considered on the basis of humanitarian ground but after yesterday’s violent clash, no one will be willing to support their cause.

But the bigger question is that who is too be blamed for this mess?

For long APST and non-APST lived peacefully in these areas then why suddenly this hostility is emerging? Also report of local citizens attacking properties of local MLAs Chowna Mein and Chow Tewa Mein is quite unprecedented. Never in history of Arunachal had house of any ministers or MLAs been ever attacked because of wrong policy of state government.

Whatever may be reasons but attacks on house of ministers is condemnable, especially damaging vehicle of senior figure like Chow Tewa Mein should be denounced. But local people who were angered over issuing of PRC to non-APST saw these two politicians as representative of state government and vented their anger. This incident should be treated as warning to other politicians including MLAs and ministers that henceforth people of Arunachal will not accept any decision which is against the interest of local citizens. A new revolution has begun in Namsai town and whole Arunachal stands behind residents of Namsai for protecting right and dignity of indigenous tribal’s of this state.


Don Bosco alumni of NE meet at Itanagar

Itanagar, Oct 24: The Don Bosco Alumni of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur celebrated their Annual Day at State Banquet Hall here today.  Other than the thirty three delegates from outside Arunachal, the Don Bosco Alumni numbering over fifty participated in the day long celebrations which included prayer, meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Congress, business session, entertainment and photo session.  

Among the prominent DB Alumni present were the Chief Guest of the Day Takam Sanjoy MP, Lok Sabha and Guest of Honour MLA Bamang Felix and Special Guest Jati Pulu, member Aruanchal Public Service Commission.   

Speaking as Chief Guest at the inaugural function, Sanjoy spoke of the wonderful education that he received from the Salesians.  “I am proud to be a Bosconian.  I acquired a lot of  humane qualities from the Salesians”, said the MP recalling his memorable days at Don Bosco Shillong.  Sanjoy also expressed deep satisfaction over the way all Don Bosco institutions are making progress in serving the youth of the state.   

Speaking on higher education in the state the MP lauded the efforts and achievements of Don Bosco College, Itanagar and St. Claret College Ziro.  Sanjoy also spoke of the long association he has with Don Bosco and stated that the word Don Bosco makes him young all the time, as he is the friend of youth.  Speaking of the vibrancy of Don Bosco and his mission the MP said, “When I hear of Don Bosco, I feel I am 18 years old.”  

Sanjoy concluded with the words, “Don Bosco is my model.”  

Earlier, while speaking as the Guest of Honour, Bamang Felix spoke about his life at Don Bosco Tezpur and the way everyone in society expected a great deal from a Bosconian.  “Don Bosco Alumni should live better”, he said.

Jati Pulu, member APSC also spoke on the occasion commenting on the work being done by various church organizations.  

Nido Pabitro, Parliamentary Secretary, sent a message to the Alumni which was read out to the house.   

Francis Solo, Commissioner Education, Nagaland who is the president of the Provincial Federation of the DB Alumni presided over the function.  The Provincial Secretary of the Alumni, Dr. Stephen Khamson and  President of the Itanagar Unit Michi Paku also spoke.

Later, the members worked out details of the mega National Centenary Celebrations of the Don Bosco alumni to be held here at Itanagar in the last week of January.  


APEDA prog reaches Dibang Valley

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Following the ‘successful’ stint in West Siang district last month, the ‘Village to Village Appearance’ programme has now proceeded towards Dibang Valley district to bring awareness among the rural populace on the optimum use of energy through the corridor of New & Renewable Energy resources.

All these are being carried out thanks to the initiative of the Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA) to make the plans of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt of India, ensuring more and more use of NRE a success.

A five-member APEDA team led by the Information & Publicity Officer (IPO), T Muri that also includes project officer Kamot Perme is currently in Dibang Valley district to translate the MNRE plans of ‘illuminating border villages’ into action.

As part of this programme hosted yesterday, the installation of Domestic Home Light System (DHLS) was done at Ranli village under Arzoo circle and, Kadili and Matoli villages under Anini circle. As many as 31 persons were imparted training on the use and maintenance of DHLS, informed Muri.

Under the Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) programme, 2009, the IPO informed that altogether, 20 numbers of DHLS were installed at Aguli, Purom and

173 villages under Anini circle. Muri further dedicated three Mini and Micro Hydro Power (MMHP) projects to the rural populace – Eyi MMHP (1x10 KW), Aya MMHP (1x15 KW) and Eya MMHP (2x5 KW).

During the programme at Matoli village, the IPO sought all cooperation from the masses for early commissioning of Eyi MMHP, which is being executed under the Prime Minister’s Package. He further urged upon the concerned project officer for coming up with effective planning for early execution of the same.


Society for trained teachers to teach special children

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society, taking serious note on the recruitment of resource/ volunteer teachers in the state appealed the concerned authority to recruit requisite degree, diploma or foundation course certificate holder as resource/volunteer teachers in the state to teach physically challenged children.

It further demanding 3% job reservation quota for physically challenged person in all departments said that the exact roster position has not been shown for filling up of posts reserved for persons by the departments concerned and added that all the departments in the state did not follow the earlier instruction/ notification of the government and added that the back log clearance under the physically handicapped quota needs to be taken into account while working out the 3% reservation quota provided by the government of India reservation policy.






Social service

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Old is Gold, a self-help friendship group based at Dumporijo, organised a social service to repair the road from Bazar to EAC office, Dumporijo which was in a dilapidated condition for years due to lack of maintenance, on self-help basis on October 12 last. They filled the potholes of the roads and the cleaned drains.

The social service was supported by T. Bodung, EAC, Dumporijo, N. Padu, executive engineer, PWD, Dumporijo, Token Dubi, OC, Dumporijo Police Station and general public of Dumporijo.

Meanwhile, the self-help group appealed to everyone to maintain the road properly and keep the town neat and clean. It also suggested drivers and owners of various vehicles to drive carefully to avoid accident since the road is not traffic worthy.


APPDSU oppose AKKDSU bandh call

ITANAGAR: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) has opposed All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union  (AKKDSU)’s Capital bandh call on October 29 demanding re-introduction of air dropping of PDS items in remote areas of Kurung Kumey.

APPDSU said that it would not support the bandh call in any way unless and until the issue is taken up by apex students body like AAPSU and ANSU. However, it would not oppose holding peaceful rally or dharna in Capital by any distirct bodies to highlight their grievances. It also reminded AKKDSU of its jurisdiction of functioning.

APPDSU also questioned Government’s adamant attitude on the issue as AKKDSU is crying for poor people of its district.

APPDSU, meanwhile, opposed the show cause notice served to AKKDSU president by Kurung Kumey ZP chairperson Pisa Gunia.


Engineers appeal

ITANAGAR: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineer’s Association (UAEA) has appealed to the RWD and WRD to immediately advertise all vacant posts of junior engineer which have lying vacant for last couple of months. UAEA has opposed filing up of these vacant posts on contractual basis. Further association has demanded immediate placement of all waiting list candidates in PWD and UD.

UAEA has also requested all the hydropower developers to  keep some quota for Arunachalee engineers especially for electrical and mechanical department.

UAEA has also reminded private developers that in MOA/MOU, there is provision for reserving 15 percent of job for locals but they are not implementing it properly.



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