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October - 26



Namsai an eye opener for Arunachal

Dear Editor,

With reference to the article 'Namsai:an eye opener' by Taba Ajum, I agree with him in terming the incident as an eye opener. It is indeed an eye opener for we now know Arunachal is not as peaceful as it seems, and that the conflict between APST and non-APST at Namsai is just one among many problems.

A friend once said Arunachal is like paradise when you simply live there but once you start observing and studying Arunachal from economic, social and political aspects it’s like a sleeping volcano ready to erupt anytime.

I didn't quite get it at that time but now I understand what he meant. There’s the outsider influx draining our economy, then there’s our society ready to kill each other on the simplest pretexts.

For instance a mere incident between two individual can become a communal war. Then again there’s our political setup corrupt and the masses mostly remaining ignorant. And to top it all there’s the total dependence on Assam for almost everything from transportation to economic development.

Here I would also like to mention that the rushing of Assam students union to Namsai and the wrong media coverage from Assam is condemnable. They should stop interfering in the affairs of Arunachal Pradesh.

While we may be depending on them in transitions they should also realise that many of their citizen are making their living out of Arunachal Pradesh. They should rather be grateful and refrain from giving negative coverage.

While the debate can go on as to who is right and who is wrong and as to why it all started, the incident indeed should be the beginning of a revolution as stated by Taba Ajum and its high time we the people of Arunachal Pradesh come together as one unit and resolve to no longer sit as a mute spectator to all these problems for when the times of trouble comes, it will affect us all.


Gomchi Padu

Shillong(on email)



The mute government

Dear Editor,

Arunachal govt is mute when in it is confronted with difficult consequences. The boundary dispute, the mega dam protest and now this Namsai incident. How dare the govt consider to give PRC to non tribals.

And giving fitting reply to Assamese Medias should be first concern. The Assamese Medias has been playing everything malicious, obnoxious and dirty giving false misleading news. I remember the boundary problem, where they put all the false allegations against local wancho people and instigating economic blockade. Even now, they are instigating economic blockade if the Mega dam project is not withheld or stopped.

Why is our govt so silent about all these? We should send a strong message to the center that we would be seeking assistance from other countries, in case of an economic blockade which would make the central govt jittery and would force them to send forces to disperse and remove economic blockers. Just keeping mum won’t work!


A concerned citizen

Itanagar (on email)



When ministers fool its own people

Dear Editor,

The ministers of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam should be taken to task for supporting the central government plans of setting up dams in the region.

The politicians of Arunachal Pradesh stand nowhere when it comes to the expert committee report and they have not gone through the report which shows the real impact of dams, the potential disaster is higher than potential benefits. The ministers of Arunachal Pradesh has been fooling the people of the state saying that they will get free electricity in their homes but they are not telling them that their houses will be washed away when dam waters will be released and overflow of water storage because of melting of glaciers which is swelling Himalayan rivers. The ministers will never talk about generating electricity to the homes of people by setting up solar panels and tapping of wind energy because hydro-power companies have paid them in crores as bribe.

The politicians of Arunachal Pradesh should stop living in a fool’s paradise. The state doesn’t need hydro-power to become developed. Countries and states which are desert lands have shown tremendous prosperity. Take the example of resource poor countries like Singapore, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand etc. which have developed by alternative means and not construction of dams. Arunachal Pradesh ministers and the central government which has both Congress ministries in power now should know that all the areas where dams have been built in India by displacing tribal people have become hotbeds of Naxalism and violence. The employment opportunity which they have promised is short term and the environment and ecology is destroyed forever. The ministers of Arunachal Pradesh are like the jelly fish—no brains for reasoning correctly and, no eyes (for foresight). They are like creepers which creep on the body of the central government for everything.


Takam Yayi (on email)




Disturbing reports on NE women

Dear Editor,

The news reports of the racket involving the movement of 40,000 women from north-east to work as sex workers in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Delhi is very disturbing, sad and unfortunate.  All these reports might not be altogether untrue. Some people say that north-east girls  are fair and speak good English, so they are used as sex workers. The actual problem lies with their looks been akin to the looks of women in Thailand, which the hub of sex tourism in Asia.

Many of the human traffickers in Delhi donot stretch as far as Thailand for procuring sex workers.

These escort agencies pick up girls from Nepal and north-east India and project them as Thai women to the prospective customers. Many girls take to this as a means of easy money income. But when girls are trafficked from interior villages and small towns with the promise of decent job in Delhi and Mumbai, it is very sad. Most of the women who work are shown as Thai girls in the bars, brothels and pubs in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities of India are actually women from north-east hill states.


Lina Swer, Delhi

(on email)



The vision of I, me and myself

Dear Editor,

It happened today in Namsai and following the current scenario of governance it should not be a surprise to anyone if the Non-APSTs rampages the streets of Itanagar.

For that matter every town in Arunachal is endangered particularly those with hydroelectric power surname. The massive influx of work force will certainly bear a heavy toll on our native people. It is really a alarming situation and will surely scare a few who have a bit of flexible idea coupled with far a sighted thoughts pertaining to our state, a thought which stands for the right and sustainability of the indigenous people.

Definitely that is not what we expect from these current bunches of squabbling and sycophantic politicians whose visions are merely limited to I, Me and Myself.

Our innocent or rather ignorant chief minister practically sees nothing beyond dams and hydroelectric projects.

The word dam and development is not synonyms the way he claims it rather are poles apart and will compound to a chaotic demographic instability. But who explains this to him? Who better than his much hyped multicrore PDS scam accused son!


Takam Sakter

Kerela (on email)



Bring back the lost glory

Dear   editor,

I   am   delighted   to   read   the   column'   Ziro   revisited'   of    22nd   Oct   issue by   Taba   Ajum.   He   has   captured   the   true   picture   of   today's   Ziro   valley.   

Once   upon   a time   my   Ziro   was  beautiful,   calm  and   quiet,   her   picturesque  beauty,   verdant   forest   humming   with  birds   continuously   chanting   the  sweet   melodies,   the  valley  surrounded  with   long  range   of   blue   mountain  clothed  in   evergreen  forest  presented  a   fascinating  sight.   But   the things  have  changed  in  last  15  years. Now,   one   sees  buildings  and  road   all  around.  The  paddy   field  along  Hapoli-  pine  grove  road  is  clustered  with  residence  and  commercial  buildings in  very  haphazard  way.  

I  dont  understand  why  our  people  prefer to  construct  dwelling houses  in  paddy  field  when  we  can  use  land   located  at  forest vicinity?

The consequences  is-  fertile  agriculture  land  is  disappearing  very  fast  and  picturesque  beauty  has  gone.  In  absence of proper  'town  plan'  the congested  twin -Ziro  Hapoli township  has   now  become  ugliest  and dirtiest  town in  Arunachal.  

It  is  shame  that Apatanis  known for  having highest literate percentage   in the  state is keeping its home like slum of Mumbai or Kolkota.

We must  not blame the administration alone for this chaos. The fault lies with us too. Unless, the people cooperate, govt. apparently will not be able to do much.

Keeping our surrounding clean is our job. It is unthinkable, somebody should clean the garbage while we litter.

Wake up now. Let us bring back the lost glory of Ziro. Let us give back something to our Ziro. Make it a tourist place. Your children will be grateful to you tomorrow.


Tasso Butung,

(On e-mail)



Sad plight of chopper schedule

Dear Editor,

The state Govt and people of the state are well aware of problems being faced by the people of Anini after the recent flood which completely disrupted the road communication in Dibang Valley. Only hope is that the BRO has assured to restore the bailey bridge and road communication soon.

However the lackadaisical attitude of civil aviation department to provide essential chopper service in the hours of calamity to bring succor to the people of Dibang Valley is appalling. Due to non-availability of chopper service or changing of scheduled of air service many patients have lost their lives on way to Roing. For example one store keeper of civil supply department died on way for want of proper treatment. The family members waited for chopper but the schedule of the chopper service was cancelled later. When the family of the patient took him outside the district by road it was too late.

I feel very despondent to write about it because it is associated with many people’s emotions but unfortunately those persons in helm of affairs are not realizing the sufferings of the people living in this remote area.

I appeal the civil aviation department and Chief Minister  to take over the chopper service from other places where the road communication exist in good condition and not to cancel scheduled chopper service in Dibang Valley at this hour of need to bring succor to the people of Dibang Valley.


Wundu Mihu

Dibang Valley



Work for the people instead of working the people against each other

Dear Editor,

I would like to register my protest against the actions of the Non APST people under the banner of Lohit Changlang Development Forum who had staged a violent procession, although it was stated in a recent release that it would be a peaceful procession, demanding for PRC and against the Government’s decision of revoking the Order of granting PRC, at Namsai on Oct 23, destroying a lot of private property through stone pelting, use of daos and iron rods.

What kind of peaceful rally was it when the protestors were deliberately carrying daos, iron rods, sticks and stones? The violence perpetrated during the procession did not stop only there but has increased to burning down of houses of the innocent APST people in the Namsai sub division.

I too am an innocent victim of their stone pelting as the protestors damaged my house. Mine is not a lone case as the same happened to the majority of property holders from 2 Mile to APIL gate, Namsai. Private residences, business establishments, Shops, vehicles, street lights etc were pelted with stones and damaged with Dao by the thousands of protestors.

These Non APST protestors consisting of Assamese, Deoris, Miris, Adivasis, Nepalese, Morans had the guts to turn the protest violent in a state predominantly consisting of APST people because of the patronage provided by the local politicians in power and their actions of manipulating the people to satisfy their need for power and appease their vote bank.

I would also like to bring up the question of what the ADC Namsai was doing when all the damage was being done. It is his duty to see that the people and their property are protected and no harm comes to the place. He should have deployed sufficient law enforcement personnel as prior information was provided of the procession and permission was granted for the procession to go only till Deobil and not enter into the Namsai town. The area does not lack sufficient police force or the CRPF to maintain peace here. If he cannot discharge his basic duty of administering the area and maintaining peace properly, then he should resign from his post and leave it to competent people to do the job!

Although the private property of the local MLAs too was damaged, it can be seen as the result of their own actions. Newton’s law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and here the damage to their property can be seen as a reaction to their action of wanting to grant PRC to Non APST against the wishes of the people of the state and without consulting the local population. If their property is damaged then they can easily get it repaired as they have sufficient funds, but what will common people like us do? They can stay anywhere they want to and we innocent people are the sufferers.

Who will compensate us for our loss?

The politicians of our state think only of their own chair and being in power without considering the consequences of their actions for the future generations. Here I would like to bring to the notice of all the politicians that if they work for the people instead of working the people against each other, then they won’t have to worry about the peoples’ support. If you are a good leader then people will support you!


Chow Mongsengwin Maunglang

Namsai (on email)



The betrayed

Dear Editor,

The vandalism by non-APST people during a rally in Namsai Sub divison is really condemnable. The tribal people of Namsai, Diyun, Bordumsa who let non-APST people to reside in their area are now betrayed by the non-APST people. If we look at history the entire Mahadevpur area belongs to tribal people. It is all due to loop holes of leasing lands by ministers and MLAs, Goanburas of the area that non-APST can claim the area of the tribal people. They themselves are to be blamed for the mess.

If the people of Arunachal do anything like that in Assam the people of Assam will resort to economic blockade. It is Shame for our government who cannot protect its own people and its own minister.

We should not find fault in others let us find the fault in ourselves first and reform ourselves and then only we can fight back. So I would like to appeal our government to quickly start trans-Arunachal highway and international trade with our neighbouring country so that we should not depend on Assam for our daily needs.


A citizen



Renovate the road

Dear editor,

The Banderdewa and Karsingsa students are facing tough time to reach their institutions in Nirjuli, Doimukh and Naharlagun due to delay in restoration of  NH 52 A road at Karsingsa block point.

The students are now taking Harmuty-Doimukh route to reach their destination which is not only time wasting, but wastage of money and energy.   It is very unfortunate that due to road blockage for long days, many poor students cannot attend schools regularly.

Not only the students, Govt officers and general public are also facing problems due to delay in road restoration work.

I request the public works department to deploy adequate man and machine for early restoration of road communication to lessen the suffering of the commuters, particularly students. Moreover, it is time to renovate the dilapidated road between Karsingsa and Banderdewa.


Phassang Raish




Take those responsible to task

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight the case of negligence by officials which resulted in death of a patient. Helicopter service is only mode of transportation for Tuting area and as per scheduled copter service is being provided every Thursday at Singa. Therefore, the family members of a patient Papo Mello booked ticket and were ready to take the serious patient to Naharlagun for treatment on Oct 6 by helicopter. But later when the officials at Singa contacted Naharlagun office, the officials reported that the Tuting officials had recommended for double trip for Tuting-Yingkiong route, instead of Singa, as per them, as there were no passenger from Singa on that day. Further, the officials of Naharlagun asked the officials at Singa to request the Tuting officials for a trip to Singa for airlifting of ailing Mello.

However, as the scheduled chopper service did not arrive at Singa on that day, Papo Mello died on Oct 9 for want of proper medical treatment.

Now, I would like to appeal to the authorities concerned to launch an official enquiry to ascertain as to why the scheduled helicopter services could not  arrive at Singa  and who were the officials involved in giving false and misleading information, especially when there was a patient waiting for evacuation at Singa.

Had it not for those officials at Tuting, late Mello could have been saved. The erring officials should be made accountable and given exemplary punishment for their gross negligence so that such incidents do not happen in future again.


Dechen Jabo

Anchal Samity chairperson

II-Tuting Anchal block



Start a campaign

Dear Editor,

The suggestion of Tai Dora to conduct opinion polls through sms voting/e-mail, for and against any major issues concerning our State is an excellent idea. As everybody, though interested, cannot express his/her opinion in writing in the Reader's Forum, they will actively participate in the opinion poll through sms/e-mail votings.

This will enable us to know what majority people think on any particular issue (s) and the collective opinion on any issues of public interest can change the mindest of the society/public/government for betterment of all.

Yes, only thing is to be ensured is that only one vote should be allowed from a mobile number/e-mail ID to avoid proxy voting.


A senior Citizen (email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Khandu calls for peace, extra forces for Namsai

ITANAGAR Oct 25: Concerned at the Saturday clashes between the locals and the non-APST in Namsai subdivision resulting in serious law and order problem, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu accompanied with his cabinet colleagues air-dashed to Namsai to take stock of the tense situation.

The chief minister ordered immediately deployment of additional para-military forces in and around the sub-division to tackle the law and order situation and restore normalcy at the earliest.

With the fear of communal clash looming large, he ordered airlifting of the forces from Itanagar to Namsai to prevent further escalation of the situation.

While appealing to the locals, students and youths not to take law into their hands, Khandu categorically assured them that a magisterial enquiry would be instituted to find out the main cause behind the violent clash and appropriate steps would be initiated.

 At Namsai, the chief minister’s entourage was confronted by agitated groups but the chief minister convinced them that the state government is making all out efforts to tackle the situation to bring normalcy.

He has meanwhile urged both the communities to bury their difference, maintain communal harmony and give no room to spread hatred as they have been living for decades.  Taking strong exception to some outside media house for misleading reporting devoid of facts on the clashes, the chief minister regretted that such provocative reports flare up the situation. He exhorted the media including those belonging to the state to behave in a very responsible while covering the clashes and should not highlight anything without cross checking as per the ethics of the Press Council of India. They should refrain from glorifying violence and eschew suggestive guilt to promote communal peace and amity.  

On the report of economic blockade, the chief minister said that the matter would be taken up with his Assam counterpart to ensure that no such move succeeds.

He accompanied by  Home Minister Tako Dabi, PHED Minister Chowna Mein, Namsai MLA Nangsati Mein, Home Commissioner T Taloh, DGP K Deol and his advisor Tame Phassang, (PRO TO CM)


AR nabs NSCN (IM) town commander, retrieves I-cards issued by govt authorities

KHONSA, Oct 25: 19 Assam Rifles along with Arunachal Police has nabbed Self Styled Captain Pante Hodoung on Oct 24.

Self Styled Captain was placed as town commander of Longding and Wakka by the Shongshen battalion of NSCN (IM).

He is reported to have carried out extensive extortion amounting to Crores of Rupees, mobilization of NSCN (IM) cadres and threatening of local people.

He is the son of Thangoi Hodoung village Rokho, Myanmar.  

One 9 mm Chinese Pistol with Two live rounds, two Nokia Mobile Phones containing numbers of top cadres of NSCN (IM), local conduits and a few highly placed people of the district, extortion money amounting to Rs. 4380 and one fake driving license No 8279/KSA/PVT/09 in the name of Albert Lowang son of J Lowang, Borduria was recovered from him.

Interrogation revealed that Self Styled Captain, a Myanmarese Cadre, is married to a local girl of Khonsa who is daughter of Tefang Ajang, an employee of Government of Arunachal Pradesh posted in Khonsa.

Hodoung was apprehended from Lianwang Sumnyan’s house, a resident of ALC Line Khonsa, DC office Dist Tirap, I/ Card No 441/06 dt 19 Jul 2006.

His house was under surveillance as a large number of intelligence reports pertaining to his involvement with NSCN (IM) were received by 19 AR unit. Tilit Nokbi of Dadam, Tirap Dist who was with Hodoung at Lianwang Sumnyan’s house, Japang Kamhua, AP Police, Khonsa with I/Card No C-545 dated 01 August 1993, Somwang Homcha of Borduria were nabbed.

Interrogation of apprehended cadre revealed alleged involvement of a large number of influential people of the district. The information being of sensitive nature is being further investigated. The apprehended cadre, linkmen and recovered items have been handed over to the Police.

The Army has expressed concern at large number of voter ID cards and driving licenses used by the cadres issued from the Govt offices.

It further said that large numbers of cadres including Tangkhuls, Nagas and Myanmarese have married local girls of Tirap. These matrimonies have created a vast network of sympathizers for these secessionist organisations making the job of security forces very difficult as a large number of people tip off the cadres about the move of forces. The people need to be educated as ultimately they end up spoiling their and their children’s lives as these marriages generally last only till the cadres operate in the district, it added.


Medical camp at Heema hospital attracts large crowd

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: A very large number of people from all walks of life rushed to Heema Hospital to attend the one-day free Asthma detection camp cum free lung function test at Heema hospital today.

The camp was jointly organized by Heema Hospital, Itanagar and Lupin Multi Drugs Company.

Earlier, inaugurating the camp WRD and Civil Aviation Minister Atum Welly appreciated the Heema hospital and the company for organizing the free asthma and lung test for the benefits of the people, particularly for the citizens of the state capital.

Taking serious concern on the increasing air and noise pollution problems particularly in the state capital, he said that the increasing pollution in the state capital is a major threat to the health of the citizens.

He suggested that a strategic step should be made by the concerned department to control the ever increasing air and noise pollution and also appealed the people of Arunachal to cooperate with the concerned department and fight against pollution problem of the state particularly in the capital to have a healthy health.

Heema Hospital CMD Dr. Byabang Rana briefing about the health and environment problems in the state said that unplanned construction works and increasing numbers of automobiles has contributed to health problems. Further terming the tobacco and its byproducts as one of the main cause of Asthma, he suggested that, along with the government, the NGOs and general public have to initiate steps to check smoking in public place and also appealed the tobacco byproduct users/consumers to give up their habit.

CMD further assured to conduct such free medical camp in near future and informed that Heema hospital has been empanelled recently.

Dr. Rinchin Dorjee (MD) medicine highlighting the objectives of the free medical camp and the causes of Asthma informed that Asthma patient in the state is increasing. It needs proper awareness campaign in the state.

Dr Balang Lamgu, Dr Kento Basar of Heema Hospital, S Dihingia of Lupin Multi Drugs Company also spoke on the occasion.

Amongst other, Geology and Mining Director Tasser Talar and Doctors of RK Mission hospital, Itanagar attended the inaugural function.


Younger brother kills the elder, abscond with the weapon

KOLORIANG, Oct 25:  Bengia Taha, age around 20 years shot dead his elder brother Lt. Bengia Tajik in the wee hour of Sunday at Sarli in Kurung Kumey District.

The elder brother died on the spot and accused younger brother is absconding with the gun.

Incident took place on Sunday at around 4.00 am when the younger brother Bengia Taha took the 12 bore gun of their father Bangia Tam, GB Tai Village and shot at his elder brother at his face. The incident was triggered from a minor brawl between the two brothers which took place in the previous night.  In the next morning, the younger brother took up the 12 bore gun of his father and as the elder brother came out of his room, fired at his head. The bullets hit him in his face and he died instantly.  The accused younger brother Bengia Taha, has however managed to escape and is still absconding with the gun. Magistrate along with the police had reached the spot and conducted the inquest of the dead body.

It was in connection with this incident that Kahfa Bengia, the former Minister along with 7 others relatives had gone to Sarli on Sunday, when the vehicle they were travelling met with a tragic accident at 17 Kms Koloriang-Sarli Road, killing 4 persons and critically injuring another 4, including the former Minister.

In another case at Parsiparlo in the district, one Keji Pacha former ASM Parsiparlo was critically injured when one Langkung Tare assaulted the former ASM with a dao on Oct 20. A criminal case has been registered at Sangram Police Station. The victim was evacuated from Parsiparlo by a helicopter on the next morning. Police force was rushed from Koloriang by helicopter to Parsiparlo for maintaining law and order. The accused is absconding and could not be arrested till now.


Ete stress on steady effort to strengthen Panchayati Raj

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) has conducted state level training on Panchayat Mahila Evam Yuva Shakti Abhiyan (PMEYSA) for Papum Pare district today. Around forty participants including EACs, circle officers and panchayat leaders participated in the programme.

SIRD director Nyabin Ete said Arunachal Pradesh has fulfilled its commitment for women empowerment covering 38 per cent women representation in the 2008 Panchayat election.

The activity mapping and fund, function, functionary for Panchayat have already been notified. However consistent effort is highly required for strengthening of the Panchayati Raj system in state, Ete said.  Panchayati Raj director Bida Gadi said that coming five year (2010-15) will be very crucial for the optimum and judicious utilization of the 13th Finance Commission Basic Grants of Rs 179.108 crore and performance grants of Rs 94.755 Crore (2011-2015).

Course Director Narayan Sahoo, Asstt. Director, Panchayati Raj, SIRD stressed the need of empowerment of Panchayati Raj for vibrant society. Pointing out the effort of the government for making the Panchayati Raj a viable local self government, he said that convergence of 13th Finance Commission Grants is the major way out for the financial empowerment of the PRIs.

During the coming 5 years different sectoral allocation are earmarked in the 13th finance Commission Grants which he has presented to the forum (see table).


Five Finalists for Arunachal Boogie

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: The Finalist of the 1st Arunachal Boogie Woogie State level dance completion was declared during the last elimination round in front of packed audience at National Cinema Hall.

Vijay Singhie (08) East Kameng, Takam Nikum (12), Tadar Nimey (10) Kurung Kumey, Ana Hina Nabam(01) and Rinchin Norbu Bapu (15) West Kameng on account of the average of judges points and public voting percentage made it to the finals. The judge’s points and public votes have an equal weightage in point’s tabulation.

Shatabdi Nath (06) despite securing highest public votes could not make herself into the Grand Finale. Yajum Pangking (13), also had to exit in evening.

The five finalists will leave for district tour from Oct 29. They will perform in their respective districts to garner support for their victory in the competition.

The voting counters will be opened from Nov 3 -5. The Grand Finale will held on Nov7. The Hornbill Centre for Development staged a drama “LAPYA” before the show. It was appreciated by the women activists of the state.

YD Thongchi, Chief Advisor of ABW and Commissioner Cultural Affairs said that the art form of Drama flourished in India in the past, but due to technological boom this art form is diminishing slowly, such efforts of the younger generation would keep up this art form. He said that drama is one of the greatest medium to reach to the masses and pass a message as elegantly as possible.

Chief Patron ABW Setong Sena encouraged the children to continue to polish their skills and participate in the national level competitions and bring laurels to the state. He wished the Arunachal Boogie Woogie team for the success of the programme.


APCC, BJP appeal for peace

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee has appealed all brethren of Lekang, Namsai and Mahadevpur to shun hatred and maintain peace and communal harmony. The Congress party also appealed the state Govt to immediately find out amicable solution of the problems.

Terming the recent violence in Lohit district very unfortunate, APCC said Lohit has always been known for maintaining peace, harmony and coexistence with spirit of brotherhood for decades. The APCC further said a problem can not solve another problem and  peace is pre-requisite to address the problem.

Expressing shock over the ugly incident in Namsai, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arunachal Pradesh today urged the state Govt to convene an emergency meeting of both the non-APST and tribal communities for amicable solution to the problem and also appeal to the people of Lohit to maintain peace and harmony.

The BJP blamed the state Govt for present turmoil in Lohit where the tribal and non-tribal are living peacefully since time immemorial.


District Level Archery Competition

DAPORIJO, Oct 25: The first ever District Level Archery Competition for Upper Subansiri was conducted by the All Tagin Youth Organization on Oct 23 at the Rijo ground, Daporijo with 22 participants from all over the district. Tabu Dobin scored 12 points and was adjudged the winner of the Archery Competition, while Tapak Murging with 10 points came second and Rori Siga came third. The winners of the competition were awarded with cash prize along with trophy.

Inaugurating the function, Deputy Commissioner Ameya Abhayankar lauded the enthusiasm of the people of the area for their interest in sports and stated that such competitions should be encouraged even further so that sportsmen of the area can develop and excel in their sport.

ZPM  Pakde Uli ZPM,   ADC Gejum Ete and DPO S. Timba were also present at the event. (DIPRO)


Three Arunachalee weightlifters to represent India in C’wealth Youth and Jr C’ship

ITANAGAR, Oct 25:  Three weightlifters from Arunachal Pradesh will represent India at Commonwealth Youth and Junior Championship to be held in Penang, Malaysia  from December 18.

The lifter trio of Yukar Sibi, Sorum Hitlar Tagru and  Menu Tajo have qualified for the championship in a selection trial held at NIS, Patiala on October 23 and 24 last.

Yukar Sibi, who could not take part in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games due to injury, secured first spot in the 62 kg Men’s category. He lifted 110 kg in snatch   and 150 kg in Clean & Jerk, which is 3 kg higher than his 2008 CYG performance. He will participate in Junior category.

Tagru secured 2nd spot in the 62 kg Men’s category for Youth championship. He performance read  Snatch: 92 kg and Clean & Jerk 121 kg. Menu Tajo, who will be the first female weightlifter to represent Arunachal Pradesh  in an international weightlifting event,  secured 2nd spot in 48 kg women category for the Youth championship with a total lifting of 136 kg (Snatch 60 kg +  Clean & Jerk 76 kg).

However,  Sambo Lapung could not qualify for selection as he failed to secure second spot in men’s 56 kg category for youth championship.


Booming Tourism Spot

BOMDILA, Oct 25: Of the many monasteries that dot the district including the famous Gontse Gaden Rabgyeling Monastery, popularly known as the Upper Ganpa in Bomdila, the Sang-Ngag Choekhor Dargeling Monassery of Chillipam located in distance of 31 kms from the district headquarters Bomdila, has of late became a hotpots tourist destination because of its unique and picturesque location from the madding crowd.

The imposing Gompa with its well maintained vast compound and the mystical serenity and tranquility which encompass the area, this Gampo stand out in all aspects.

On Saturday last, the Gaden  Phel-Gyal Ling cultural hall of the Gompa ,funded by the Directorate of Arts and Cultural and constructed at an estimated cost of ten lacks was inaugurated by the local MLA cum Chairman Arunachal Pradesh state pollution Control Board Tenzin Norbu Thangdok and Commissioner Y.D Thongchi.  Dealing at length on the origin and evolution of Buddhism, Y D Thongchi rejoiced in the fact that Buddhism originated and spread from our country. He opined that the learned Lamas needs to simplify and enlighten on the various practices and rituals thereby doing away with the mysticism surrounding it in order to make in more understandable and approachable. Concerned over the fast disappearing forest cover, Thongdok suggested use of other alternatives and urged for taking up horticultural activities as geographical condition are quite conducive in the region. As the district boast of various tourist potentials and destinations, an all out effort should be made to develop eco-tourism and ban hunting in the area.

He announced five lacs for the cultural hall of Chillipan and another six lacs for the one at Lungboktang from his MLA’s fund.

Among others Commissioner YD Thongchi, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi and ex-Minister D.K Thongdok spoke on the occasion.(DIPRO)


DC takes exception to unlawful activities

SEPPA, Oct 25: DC east Kameng Tope Bam conducted a surprise inspection in & around Nyibu(priest) Lapang  located here near Shopping complex of DUDA. It was ascertained during course of inspection that the area where temporary huts exists is totally unhygienic & suspected of unlawful activities such as sale of locally made wines unauthorized.

The huts in existence is having no formal land allotment order from the Govt./District Administration which therefore is illegal & treated as unauthorized.

Meanwhile, the DC  also physically inspected the Cultural Hall existing adjacent to Lapang where the evidence of sale of locally made liquors were found causing unhygienic atmosphere which is defilement of a forum for cultural activities. Moreover, the Lapang being located near the daily market where the denizens of every nook & corner of Seppa Township come to do their daily marketing should be away from all unlawful activities, the DC seriously viewed.

He has issued a order prohibiting sale of any kind of liquors(IMFL & country made) in & around Nyibu Lapang area & cultural hall with immediate effect.

While, the DM/DC has directed the President & General Secretary of East Kameng Nyibu(priest) welfare Association to explain in person & also to execute an undertaking before the DM that the Nyibu Lapang/Cultural Hall shall not be used for unlawful activities such as sale of liquor in any form & other related unlawful acts. (DIPRO)


Multi Disciplinary Training prog

ITANAGAR, OCT 25: A day long training programme covering Agriculture & Allied sectors was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Papum-Pare on Oct 22 at Kokila, Balijan circle.

All together 30 farmers from Hollongi and Kokila village of Balijan circle attended the programme.

Tadang Meena, Subject matter Specialist (Agronomy), KVK P/Pare highlighted the objectives of the training programme and aware the farmers about objectives and mandates of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra under ICAR.

Morseng Modi, SMS (Horticulture), has taught the farmers about the improved package and practices of Tomato and Cabbage. She further focused on the management of major pest and diseases attack during nursery raising of tomato and cabbage. The control of these pest and diseases will give a good quality seedling and a higher production.

The layout, design and construction of fish pond, fish pond management and conservation of fish were covered by Vivekanand Safi (SMS, Fisheries) and Tana Kaehe, a Progressive farmer of Hollongi village.

Tadang  Meena, Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy) of KVK Papum-Pare imparted knowledge on Production technology of rabi crops with special emphasis on Potato and Mustard wherein she kept emphasis on application of Biofertilizers and Bio manure for soil health and  higher production of potato. She demonstrated the seed treatment of potato through Azotobacter and PSB. Later, the Seeds and biofertilizers are also being distributed to interested farmers for its application in their field.

The participants were given first hand information on Pest managmemt of paddy with special reference to yellow stem borer infestation in rice which is being taught by Tayon Darang, Programme Assistant, KVK Papum Pare.

All the farmers took active participation in the programme and express their satisfaction over the quality training programme and will take up the follow up action in the future.


Awareness camps on RCH

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: With the aim to create awareness on mother and child’s health in remote and out reach areas, Lower Subansiri District Health Society organised Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) camps at Pistana and Poru on October 23 and 24.

Dr. Nani Rika, DFWO, who led the camps, highlighted the facilities available under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) for the mothers and child health. He called upon PRI members to extend cooperation to the medical officers of public health centres (PHCs) for delivering better healthcare. Regarding Rogi Kalyan Samity (RKS) fund for PHCs, he informed that out of 8 PHCs in the district the DHS has received RKS fund for 6 PHCs which exclude Poru. He assured that DHS would try to get RKS fund for all in the next financial year.

Dr. A Perme, SPO (M&E) stressed the need for timely immunization of children and pregnant mothers and asked the MOs and ASHAs to ensure the same. She also requested expecting mothers to opt for hospital delivery for safety of both the mother and child.

Toko Tute, ASM, Poru-Pistana highlighted the various problems faced by the people, particularly in summer due to lack of health facilities and shortage of technical man power. He urged the health authority for early development of infrastructure for Poru PHC, including staff quarters, which is running temporarily from a teachers quarter.

Antenatal check up with TT injection for 7 women, malarial test and presumptive treatment against 40 patients, immunization of 28 children, general health check up and treatment of over 200 patients were conducted during the two-day camps which was attended by medical officers Dr. T Tath, Dr. P Rime, Dr. K Borang and a team from NRHM office, Naharlagun, including Dr. A Perme, SPO (M&E), R Goswami, SDM and Dr. PJ Sharma, SF, RCC Guwahati and R Dubey, senior consultant.






Death condoled

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has expressed deep shock and sadness over demise of four persons in a tragic road accident at 17 km point in between Koloriang and Sarli in Kurung Kumey district yesterday. The deceased included, Bengia Tagar, ASM, Bengia Saktar, Bengia Togbin and Bengia Yajik.

ANSU described their deaths as great loss to Nyishi community and prayed for eternal peace of the departed souls and conveyed its condolence to the bereaved family members. It also prayed for speedy recovery of all injured persons, who are currently battling for their lives in a city hospital here.

One of the injured includes Kahfa Bengia, who is a former minister and MLA of Koloriang. Though serious his condition is stated to be stable. Besides being former minister, Kahfa Bengia is one of the respected figures in Nyishi community and was also second general secretary of ANSU.

ANSU expressed gratitude to the State Government and the district administration for their prompt action in evacuating the injured persons to Itanagar by chopper, Niglar Veo, president of the students union, said in a release.

Meanwhile, Bengia Welfare Society (BWS) today expressed shock over untimely death of its four clan members. Of the four deceased, one was executive member and three were active members of BWS, it informed.

While conveying its heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family, BWS also prayed to almighty to give them enough strength to bear the irreparable loss.

Meanwhile, BWS requested the State Government to grant immediate ex-gratia accidental relief to the next of kin of the deceased.

Koloriang Damin Parsi-Parlo & Sarli Students’ Union also condoled the death of all five persons, including the driver of the ill-fated vehicle, who succumbed to his injuries this morning, and prayed for eternal peace of the departed souls as well as early recovery of injured persons. It appealed to the state government to provide financial assistance to the poor wounded persons to meet medical expenditure.


APPDSU gets support

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Capital Students Union has supported the stand taken by All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU), which had opposed capital bandh call issued by All Kurung Kumey District Students Union (AKKDSU) on 29th of this month supporting the demand for air dropping of PDS items in the district.

Union stated that already in a recent order central government had approved airlifting of PDS items in far flung areas. Keeping this order in mind AKKDSU should withdraw the bandh call, union added. They also advised AKKDSU to take path of peaceful dharnas and demonstrations as means of protest.

All Papum Poma Students Union (APPSU) has also supported APPDSU stand and opposed the capital bandh issued by AKKDSU. Though supporting the demand of AKKDSU, union stated that issue should be solved within Kurung Kumey district.

Meanwhile APPSU has hailed effort of ANSU and APPDSU for spearheading the movement to establish NIT in Jote. Union also said it will support the movement to establish government Polytechnic at Yachuli.


Seminar on bio-diesel

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: The Mechanical Engineering department of the  North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) is organizing a five-day farmers training programme on ‘Bio-diesel and its economic benefit” at its seminar hall from Oct 27 to 31. The programme is being sponsored by NABARD regional office Itanagar.


Foundation day

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: LEO Club of Karsingsa organized a circle level (Banderdewa) Volleyball competition to mark its 6th foundation day today.

The chief guest of the occasion T Sora, DFO, Banderdewa and guest of honour Taje Singdo, Ranger-Banderdewa encouraged club members to organize such events in future also which help promote games and sports at grassroot level.

PTC Team-A defeated PTC Team-B in the final to become winner of the competition.


Maintain transparency

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Capital Complex Registered Contractors Association (CCRCA) today appealed all the departments to maintain transparency while awarding contract or supply work to the contractors. The Association alleged that political interference on awarding contract and supply works, floating NIT and other corrupt practices have deprived the right and genuine contractors from their right to work and also hampered state development activities.

 The society further asked the department concerned to issue tender for the works related to centrally sponsored schemes like SPA, TFC, JNNURM, ACA and works under district de-centralized fund for quality implementation of the schemes and judicious use of fund. Meanwhile, the Association extended its support to the demand of All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association for cancellation of pre-qualification bid for construction of Changlang-Margherita double lane road.


Farm school opens

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: The inauguration of Farm School-cum-Awareness Training programme based on potatoes and other seasonal vegetables at Chanliang  under the Tezu circle was organized by the Block Technology Team ( BTT ), under Agriculture Technology Management Agency ( ATMA ) today under the leadership of Dr. C. Mahapatra, VO, BTT convener, Tezu.

Parliamentary Secretary Transport Karikho Kri urged upon the 28 trainees and villagers to know the importance of such training and avail the services from technical experts for the better uplift of economic status in rural areas.  

M. Choulu, Project Director, ATMA and V.K. Varma, District Agriculture Officer addressed the gathered regarding concept and importance of Farm School and Agriculture.

The Extra Assistant Commissioner, Tezu, H.N. Dubey also attended in the programme.

Chairman ATMA has highlighted the importance of such a farm school and cultivation of crops especially economically viable. Sari Hibu Dante, HDO and Rupa Mannow, ADO were the resource persons in the function.  


PYKKA meeting held

SEPPA, Oct 25: A meeting with all the block Chairpersons was held under the chairmanship of Karbia Dodum,DSO(Sports)-cum-Member Secretary, District Level Executive Committee, PYKKA,East Kameng District here at Kameng hall, DC’s office complex on Oct 22.

The meeting was convened in order to implement 33% women reservation in engagement of Kridashree in all the village & block panchayats.

Kridashree shall be the one who will coach or train the children of a particular village panchayat in prescribed discipline & prepare them for competition in block & District level PYKKA competition of under-16 age group.

The house drew lots & accordingly 48 Girls/women Kridashree were identified out of 137 GPC in respect of East Kameng District.

Panchayat Yuva Krida Aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) is a flagship programme by the GOI,Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports in order to promote & develop games & sports including indigenous games by way of creating  basic sports infrastructures & through competitions at village & block panchayat levels, thereby, identifying talents at District, State & National level. (DIPRO)


Free dental check

ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad will organize a free dental medical camp in three different locations of capital starting from 31st to 7th November. The first camp will be held on 31st October and 1st November at Dera Natung Government College. The second one will be held at government higher secondary school, Nyapin from 3rd to 5th November and final camp will be at government higher secondary school, Palin from 6th to 7th November.



ITANAGAR, Oct 25: An inter-village Volleyball tournament for both Boys and Girls is being organised by Borum Panchayat Youth Welfare Association at Borum village from November 13. Winner and runners up teams would be given cash prizes.


ACR lambasts

ITANAGAR: Taking reference of video clip in which a girl is a victim of inhuman torture by group of women, doing the rounds in Capital Region, Arunachal Citizen’s Rights has said that torture in any form whether it is committed by state actors, community, clan, group or by individual is a violation of human rights.

Bamang Tago said this kind of act should be condemned from every section of the society while adding that this kind of inhuman act is not an isolated case as there have been many cases in the past being promoted and encouraged   by the so called women right activist  of the state in the name of protecting women’s  rights.

He further said that apex organization like Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) and Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women has become silent spectators.  

He said that to control crime, one need not indulge in crime,  Tago said while advocating the stakeholder to come up so that such incidents do not occur again.

ACR has already lodged a complaint with the  NHRC and subsequently filed an FIR at Itanagar PS for necessary action against the culprits.


Ziro GHSS to represent State in Subroto Cup

ITANAGAR: Government Hr. Sec. School, Ziro, will once again represent the state in the prestigious Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament beginning in New Delhi next month. School principal Bamin Tani thanked DSE Tapang Taloh, JDSE Hage Tatung and PET L Sukun Singh for extending all support to the participating team.

GHSS, Ziro is the last year’s State champion of Subroto Mukherjee Cup.



ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Ramle Banggo Welfare Society, Itanagar expressed deep shock over the sudden demise of Dokek Dokey, wife of Domer Dokey of village Tapi Ripo under Koyu circle, who breathed her last at Vellore after prolonged illness.

She was good social worker and her sudden demise is a great loss for the society, RBWS said, and prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Meanwhile, the society expressed gratitude to Minister Tako Dabi for extending financial assistance and other logistic support for airlifting the body from Vellore to Pasighat and for onward transportation to her native village.



ITANAGAR, Oct 25:   The Naharlagun Bazar Welfare Committee today deeply mourned the death of Raju Kumar Sarkar, a member of the committee and manager of Godrej section of the  Green Valley Enterprise, who expired on Oct 24.

The committee members and businessmen conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.




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