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October - 27



Lets hope for the best

Dear Editor,

Its really painful to learn about the present status of Namsai. Whom to blame? the people protesting for the restoration of issuing PRC to non-APST or the ruling govt? If there had been no fire, there would have been no smoke. Why the state govt. had taken such immature and unwise decision to issue PRC to non-APST while the Chakma-Hajong issue is still a headache to the whole state?

Why the Arunachal govt. is not able to chalk out the border issues with neighbouring state Assam? Can an Arunachali dream of Arunachal to prosper if its leaders start to take the wrong track? These are only some of the questions that will arise on the minds of every Arunachali.

I feel ashamed to learn that Lohit-Changlang Development Forum exists because they are not only upto ruining the two districts, but the state too. If the state govt. could burn the fire, than it’s their responsibility to put it off.

I also appeal all my fellow citizens of Arunachal, especially those residing in Lohit and Changlang to chalk out quick solution in collaboration with the state govt. Lets join hands so that we may able to preserve our status and present our next generation with a more beautiful and colourful Arunachal. Lets not give our next generation to see and feel the status of Arunachal as Tripura is facing now. Hope everything will be settled peacefully with the state govt’s verdict going in the interests of the tribal people of Arunachal.


Kemko Longchot

Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu



Renovate Pasighat-Pangin road

Dear Editor,

The good road communication is the sign of development initiated by the government, which is lacking in our state of Arunachal Pradesh. Not to say about other districts or interior places, the road within the state capital is so horrible and in pathetic condition that the new comers can hardly believe it. The good thing is that we are habituated and have become genetic to live up to the mercy of our successive Congress government.

The present condition of the Pasighat- Pangin road, which is the lifeline of the East, West and Upper Siang districts demonstrate the sheer negligence of our government. The people of these districts depend solely on this road since very inception, which unities and attach themselves for various socio-economical developmental purposes. But the present road scenario has completely detached the local people. It must be mentioned here that this road also leads to the Yingkiong constituency, the home of former Chief Minister who remained in power for almost quarter century.

I appeal the Legislators and Minister of the three districts to look into the road condition seriously and initiate appropriate action for early construction/renovation of the road by GREF and not by PWD reason of which is better known to public.


Komjum Riba

Naharlagun (On email)



Yingkiong township need adequate water supply

Dear Editor,

Since  September 2010,  the Yingkiong Township is facing acute shortage in basic amenities after the flash flood, which resulted in destruction of road, electricity and water supply etc. of the township. Gossang village withstood the worst of the nature fury by mudslide, which is now not habitable as danger of slide is hanging like sword to the throat. The Gossang village is now going to shift as discussed and reported by the administration.

In spite of restoration of water supply by the department, frequent shortage and disruption has put the town on misery, since the water is the elixir of life. On being pursued with the department concern, it has come to the light that out of three water supply sources, only one i.e of Upper Simar was restored since, the problem. The other two sources could not be restored due to heavy financial involvement.

I, on behalf of all the citizen of Yingkiong Town would like to request the higher authority of PHE & WS department and also the “People First” Government to look into the matter and immediately sanction funds for early restoration of the water supply.


Gemin Jiji (On email)




A clarification

Dear Editor,

This refers to my press statement which appeared in your esteemed daily on Oct  26  under the heading “ACR lambasts”.

I have to clarify that the name of the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for women was  referred not in the present case. Rather ACR appreciate the APSWC  in the present case as it has  taken sou moto action which was also published in your daily on Oct 22 last under caption APSCW takes a stand.

I was basically referring to the APSCW  for similar torture cases in the past.


Bamang Tago,

(On email)



Informed choice

Dear Editor,

It is in appreciation of “Disturbing reports on NE women” a letter by Lina Swer, Delhi on 26 October. I appreciate her for taking up such a relevant cause. Ideally, we should have been shy of deviant tendencies. Nevertheless, we can’t disown the stark reality. When we keep our eyes and ears open, we realize the incongruity between what we aspire for and what we have become; individual and society alike.

In Delhi they seem to be getting a fairer deal. We would rather be happy to see the fairer genders trade their skills with gusto like anyone amongst us than to be flogged around for alleged indiscreet maneuvering. I being a coward would learn to keep my own house in order than to point fingers at others. We are not known for protecting their dignity and rights. If the individuals are mature and informed of the hazards involved, we have no right to poke around here. As indicated in the letter, if they are minor or deceived into this trap there is a case for Government intervention. But these cases seem to be a dwarf if we see rampant violation of right to dignified life in our own hearth.


A Citizen, (on email)



The larger question

Dear Editor,

By instigating mob violence against the Khamti tribe in Namsai, the Deoris, along with Mising, Adivasis and hired goons from Assam, the real face and intention of the Deoris stand exposed. Now that their dirty intention of grabbing Arunchal land is exposed, our tribal legislatures should never entertain them with any of facilities from state government, PRC to them remaining far far away out of reach.

Taking note of PRC to Deoris, how can they demand PRC from Arunachal govt. when their Assam-based community is already holding PRC from Assam Govt.? How can they try to demand double benefit when the Adivasis are not getting a single benefit even from the govt. of Assam where their community originally belonged?

To put record straight, Deoris are originally from Assam and a small chunk of their population came to settle down in Mahadevpur, which originally was only known as Lekang, which is a Khampti word.

Linguistically and cultural wise, Deoris never belonged to Arunachal Pradesh. No wonder in the name of protesting for PRC they are torching down innocent Khampti people houses and properties who are being put to ransom because of local legislature's empty promises to keep his votebank intact.

Deoris must realise that whatever they do, they are not going to get PRC within Arunachal. If they are so fond of PRC they should stop believing in the legislature's empty promises and move back to Assam and join their community there and apply for PRC from the Assam govt. This would the best step for their community welfare.

As for the other tribes of AP, it is best that they are informed and be made aware of the history of the Deoris and Mahadevpur, so that the tribal people all over the state can judge and denounce such atrocious behaviour shown by the Deoris.

After all these violent behaviour by the Deoris, can any APST justify any kind of help to this community? The answer is an absolute and a big NO.

Regarding Lohit Changlang Development Forum, the name of the organisation too has been hijacked by the Deoris. How can they name the platform as Lohit Changlang Development Forum when the major tribal people of Lohit District like the Khamptis, Mishmis, Singphos, Tangsas, Noctes are not a part of it?

Lastly, I urge upon the state govt and district administration to rehabilitate the Khampti households that were torched down by the Deoris. Also since the name Lohit Changlang Development Forum is misleading, the govt should never entertain any kind of request or application from them and instead arrest the goons heading the so called forum for the violence and atrocities they have displayed at Namsai and Lekang.


Concerned Citizen,

(On email), Tezu



The right and wrong

Dear Editor,

No doubt, you give us the recent happening about Arunachal Pradesh but you never tried to expose the reality of Arunachal towards the public. The duty of media is to highlight the reality and truth to the people, but not take side with government to win its favour. As I am the regular reader of your paper,  it's my duty to tell you what when you are right and wrong.


Lasith Deori




Be careful

Dear Editor,

Recent  Namsai violence occurred due to shameful policy made by Govt of A-P. Such violence will not occur  in future, if Govt is careful about the policies that they make.  I  would like to request Policy makers of Arunachal Pradesh to think  100 times before they passed any policy in cabinet.


Rimi Bam

DNGC (on email)



With gratitude from Basar

Dear Editor,

The 7th September inferno last year had not only reduced the Nyigam Village into ashes but had reflected the spirit of fellow feeling from across the length and breadth of the State with people belonging to all sections coming forward to extend their helping hands to the fire victims.

The entire media fraternity of the State deserves our grateful thanks for taking up the cause of the fire victims, who had lost their homes and hearths as well as indomitable spirit of brave heart Miss Ipi Basar, who had saved an elderly bedridden woman and a minor from the blaze.

Right from the State Governor, Chief Minister, Basar MLA, West Siang DC, Basar ADC, NGOs, Government Officers and officials, Public Leaders, Different Organizations, Numerous individuals had generously donated in cash and kind to provide succour to the fire victims.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the press fraternity represented by Arunachal Press Club and Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists for honouring Ipi Basar during the National Press Day celebration last year, where Chief Minister had rewarded her with a cash amount of Rs 1 Lakh and announced State Award (Gold Medal) in recognition of her brevity.

We are very much thankful to the Students of Tomi Polytechnic, Basar and ITBP Jawans, who had joined the villagers in rescue operation and evacuating operations when the fire broke out; later numerous well wishers had donated in cash and kind.

RK Mission, Aalo, MLA Basar AC, Dakter Basar, Kiren Rijiju, Kito Sora, Galo Baptist Church Council Centre Basar, President & Secretary, Women Welfare Society, Basar, Pushi Bango Welfare Society, Galo Students’ Union, MCP, Officer, Basar, APEDA, Basar, Er. Bengia Tadap, PO APEDA, Er. Somar Potom, PO APEDA Basar, Inspector Legal Metrology Office, Basar, Veterinary Office, Basar, Forest Range Office, Basar, CDPO Office, Basar, Kento Riba, ADC Seijussa, Gori-II, Old Market Upper Women Party, Basar), STO Office, Basar, Students of Pagi ME Scholl, Basar, President Block Congress Committee (I), Basar, President/ Secretary, Women Welfare Society, Basar, Nerto Riba, President and Taje Digbak, General Secretary Galo Welfare Upper Subansiri, ICAR Basar, Mie Basar, Daughter of Lt. Tomi Basar, EE, WRD Basar, All Daring Circle Women Federation, Rekar Doye, Regi Village, Er Markar Bam, , All Galo Officers, Roing, Dibang Valley, Dip Ego Welfare Society, Dipa, Gara Welfare Society, Basar, Kadi Village Youth Party, Er. T. Kamchi, EE PWD, Raima Steel Fabrication, Tezpur, Dy. Director, UD & Housing, Basar, Aalo Mahila Samity Management, Principal/ Teacher/ Staff, Govt HS School, Basar, Gori-I, People of Ego Yamen Village, BDO Office Basar, Bam Women Welfare Society, Old Bam, SDAO Office, Basar, AP State Co-op Apex Bank, Basar, Students of Gori ME School, Basar, AE RWD Office, Basar, Daring Circle, Tapek Nyodu, Principal HS School, Itanagar, All Darka Students Union, VKV Roing, Tomi HS School, Basar, District Sports Association, Aalo, GB Association, Daring, Chaklesang Baptist Church Council, Nagaland, Kardo Riba, AE PWD, Lingam Ete and Rojum Ado, Er Tate Doke, EE PWD, Itanagar, Monya Nyori, DDSE Itanagar, Dirchi Welfare Society, Itanagar, All Basar Dune party, Kobbie Zirdo Itanagar, Tomi Polytechnic College, Basar, All Capital Complex Basar Valley Youth Association, ESPL members of Aalo, Upper Siang Galo Welfare Society, Yingkiong, Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic College, Itanagar, Christian Community, Basar, EE PWD Aalo, HE Governor of AP , Students/ Staff/ Management, SFS College, Aalo, Doyum Taipodia, EE (E) Namsai, Students of Don Bosco College, Itanagar, SBI Branch, Basar, SE PWD Basar Circle, ADC Office, Basar, ADEO Basar (ADC Rumgong, Officer, Public Leader, Rumgong (6,100), VKV Arunachal Pradesh Trust, Dibrugarh through Principal VKV Basar, Mopin Solung Gidi Committee, Tezu, DC (DRDA) Aalo (40,865), AE PHE Sub Division, Basar, People of Basar & Tirbin Circle living in Pasighat, Karko Ao Welfare Society, Aalo, O/o EE RWD, Aalo, Galo Welfare Society, Tago Basar, Director Agriculture, Tomo Basar, SE PHE, Hengo Basar, EAC Bordumsa, Bokar Basar, ADC Capital, Dr Mari Basar, Senior Surgeon, Dr Tomar Basar, Gynecologist, Ar. Jumgam Basar, Dr Marbom Basar, Er Rokom Bada, SE, Dakkar Riba, PD, Moto Nyori, DDSE, Taba Tath Foundation, Er Jummar Kamdak, SE, Haryom Bam, Emin Rumi, Teacher, Bida Gadi, Director PR, Kalinam Sol Group, WRD Division, Basar, Karyom Riram, ADC, Dr Reto Doye, Eye Specialist, Dr Karrik Basar, DRCHO, Tomar Basar & Group, Gokar Lombi, ZPM Tirbin, Dr Emi Rumi, PD APSACS, Tobi Basar, Er Jummo Geyi, EE, All Arunachal Pradesh Christian Group, Brigadier, Aalo, AP Vikash Parisad, Basar, Medical Staff , Basar, Women Society, Itanagar, Rajiv Gandhi University organized by Jumyir Loyi and Dr N Basar, Er T Ketan, CE PHE, Basar Dune Party, Art of Living Foundation .

The above list has been prepared according to available records, donated in general fund. In addition to this, numerous persons has donated personally to the affected families/individuals which could not be listed here and it is understood that many helps that came in cash, kind or services has not been recorded during the time of emergency.

We once again extend our sincere thanks to all those who stand by us during time of miseries.


Nyigam Fire Victim Committee

Basar (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Security blanket at Namsai subdivision, more than 300 take shelter at relief camps

ITANAGAR/NAMSAI, Oct 26: Namsai continues to be tensed but under control as more forces has been flown in from the state Capital to contain escalation of violence.  

Even as a security blanket has been thrown all over the sub division, women, children and elder citizens of New Mohong and Old Mohong have been brought to temporary relief camps at Namsai.   

The number is reported to be the 300 in three relief camps who have been given temporary shelter at a school, APIL and and Congress Bhavan.

Yesterday night three arsonists were caught while trying to set houses on fire at Mohang village.

The forces had to resort to air firing at Mahadevpur yesterday evening as violence erupted after entourage of the Chief Minister left the area.

Apart from two companies of CRPF already at the Sub-divison, four more companies currently posted in Assam would reach the area, according to official information.

Officers of Arunachal Pradesh Police from neighbouring Anjaw and Lower Dibang valley districts are in Namsai area while SDPO Miao is camping at  Diyun for monitoring the situation.

Security hav been strengthened at Mohong Villages and Alubari at Chokham with Mobile and Foot patrols.

Meanwhile official sources from the district informed that the some private and government vehicles are plying and people are coming out of their houses. However, it seems confidence has not yet returned after the huge mob had created mayhem at Namsai town on 23rd October. The episode is still fresh and haunting the business community and the local residents.

District administration has appealed everyone not to believe in false rumours and maintain peace.

In an encouraging development, Dirak Check Gate (NH-52) is open.

On the other hand, three organizations including ATKSSU, ANAYA and Tai Khampti Development Society in memorandum to the Chief Minister has demanded immediate arrest of the persons who are responsible and had instigated the PRC rally with the intention of violent against the Tai Khamti Society inhabiting at Namsai, Mohong and the adjoining areas , suspension of the Deputy Commissioner, Lohit, A.D.C, Namsai, Superintendent of Police,  Officer In-charge Namsai Police Station, Officer in charge, SB Branch.

It further demanded immediate grant of compensation to the victims of old and new Mohong villages, Lekang circle, and Namsai.

The three organisations further demanded that there be thorough investigation of the incident by SIT state govt, cancellation of Franchisee and Candidature of Non APST in Panchayat Raj institution, disqualification / discontinuation of election of members belonging to non indigenous communities/ groups to the panchayat bodies in Lohit and Changlang district.

It further called on the government to take immediate and strong action against the media who are giving false information and creating disharmony among the communities. Meanwhile,  All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) has strongly condemned the attack on tribal people of Namsai subdivision by non-APST citizens in the last few days. Terming this incident as an eye opener for Arunachal, APPDSU said if today non-APST could dare to attack Arunachaleee tribal in Namsai, in future they may start dominating in every area of Arunachal.

Expressing sympathy with indigenous tribals of the area, APPDSU stated that they will support every endeavor of student’s bodies like All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union and Mishmi Students Union in their fight to safeguard interest of Arunachalee tribal.

Further APPDSU has appealed to home ministry to deploy enough forces to save locals from being attacked by non-APST. They also urged government not to issue PRC to non-APST even on humanitarian ground. Adi Bane Kebang has expressed serious concern over violent clashes in Namsai area between indigenous tribal’s and non-APSTS. ABK has appealed both sections of people to maintain peace for betterment of society. Further they have denounced destruction of government properties and also attack on public leaders by unruly mobs.  


Indigenous Forum demands govt action

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Arunachal Indigenous Tribes’ Forum, has demanded the State Government to take immediate steps to maintain communal peace and harmony in trouble-torn Namsai sub-division upholding the peaceful coexistence between APSTs and non-indigenous population in Lohit and other affected areas.

The mastermind and accused involved in Namsai violence on October 23 must be brought to book, a memorandum submitted to the State Chief Minister by the Forum demanded.

Expressing grave concern over the prevailing situation, it demanded immediate deployment of paramilitary forces to protect the life and properties of all Arunachal indigenous people and ensure law and order at Namsai and other affected areas. It also demanded for constitution of a special investigation team to investigate the matter and another independent fact finding commission to look into the administrative breakdown which led to the outbreak of crowd violence in Namsai.

The Forum also demanded suspension of all PRCs already issued to non indigenous people in the state, including Lohit and Changlang, through notification effective immediately till a long term solution to the problem is not worked out.

While demanding compensation and relief to the affected families, the memorandum demanded the Chief Minister to ensure free and uninterrupted movement on NH 52A and all roads leading to Lohit and Changlang. Economic blockades and other such provocative actions must not be allowed within the territory of the State by any group, it added.

Meanwhile, the Forum suggested the Chief Minister to hold a consultative meeting involving think tanks, senior citizens and civil societies to hammer out/formulate a long term policy to resolve the imbroglio.

Meanwhile, Forum’s interim committee chairperson Bengia Tolum categorically blamed lack of policy of the state government on PRC to non-APSTs and its toing and froing on the issue for the Namsai episode. Had the Government a concrete policy on PRC to non indigenous people in the state the Namsai incident could have been avoided, he opined.

Forum’s Co-chairperson Jarjum Ete also briefed the Presspersons on the entire issue and forum demands to the state Government for early resolution of the imbroglio.


Tirap model EPDS -- saving grace for scam-hit PDS

ITANAGAR, Oct  26: Today PDS has become synonymous with scam and chaos in Arunachal in the aftermath of alleged multi-crore scam that has shaken the conscience of the people, most of whom are dependent on PDS. Nothing is clear about the whole episode as of now but PDS has become the victim of public ire and anguish and the gullible consumers have obviously lost faith in the system. In fact, they are fed up with the morass of confusion and wild allegations and counter-allegations levelled against one another vis-a-vis the alleged scam.  The consumers are interested only in getting their quota of ration on time.

However, in the dark cloud of PDS fiasco in the state, the Tirap model e-PDS is emerging as a silver lining and is proving to be the saving grace. This e-PDS is slowly but surely become a household name not only in Arunachal but in the whole of Northeast. Conceptualised in insurgency-infested Tirap district by the then DC, Ankur Garg and present DF&CSO, Amit Bengia, the Tirap model e-PDS is now all set to roll out to other districts including directorate as an extension of the pilot project in the current financial year.

This Tirap model e-PDS will go a long way in minimizing human interference and thereby checking malpractices. It is indeed a boon for the common consumers who had to hitherto face bureaucratic delays and whimsical and callous attitude of the babus. The introduction of e-PDS will make the whole system transparent and consumer-friendly.

In order to facilitate successful implementation of the new and innovative system, DF&CSO Bengia is presently engaged in imparting orientation training to his counterparts from other districts at Directorate of Food & Civil Supplies, Naharlagun in order to acquaint them with the intricacies of the ambitious project. (For details please visit www.tirap.nic.in)

Tirap’s then DC, Ankur Garg and present DF&CSO, Amit Bengia who were conferred gold medal and silver medal respectively on this year’s Independence Day for their initiative, deserve kudos in unqualified appreciation. It is also a testimony to the fact that sincere and dedicated officers can achieve success working in a place like Tirap district wherein conditions are often hostile and challenging. DIPRO


Aalo brought to a standstill as students take out rally against PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: “State government immediately hand over infamous multi-crore PDS scam to CBI for independent and impartial investigation,” read one of the many banners during a rally organized by Galo Students Union(GSU) and West Siang District Students Union(WSDSU) against PDS accused of Galo community.

According to the report, around seven thousand students turned up for rally and whole Aaalo town was brought to standstill by the rallyists.   

Large number of students were seen in the rally. Girls and boys in school uniform could be heard shouting slogan against PDS accused of Galo area and demanding blacklisting of all firms in PDS scam list. Meanwhile both GSU and WSDSU submitted a memorandum to deputy commissioner, West Siang district to immediately act against tainted firms and contractors involve in PDS accused. They have also demanded immediate arrest and detention of the Contractors or firms and officials involved in the PDS scam in the Galo inhabited areas and West Siang district.  They have also demanded immediate handover of PDS case to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) for impartial investigation.

The two unions stated that they have been all along closely watching the whole PDS scandal case with the belief and prayer that the district administration shall take stringent and appropriate action against the contractors, firms and the officials involved in the scam. After  careful observation for a long time the union has come to a unanimous conclusion that the district administration headed by the Deputy Commissioner has not done enough in this regard. There has been let up and apathy on the part of the district administration probably due to political pressure and involvement of people who are themselves holding the reins of the government, the two unions stated. The two unions have questioned why the district administration has allowed the tainted firms and contractors to be engaged as carriage contractors even after they were named as accused in the PDS scam and investigation was not being carried against them. The foremost thing in such circumstances would have been to blacklist their names and disengage their services till the matter was settled by the court. Such indifferent and illogical action of the government and the district administration has forced us to draw an inference that all concerned is hand in glove with the firms and contractors which makes things more painful for the civil society.

They have questioned how someone could use registration number of a Yamaha Motorbike and pass it off as a truck that transported tons and tons of food grains meant for poor and needy people residing in Galo inhabited area and West Siang District right in front of the West Siang district administration, District Transport Officer (DTO) and District Supply Officer (DSO). GSU and WSDSU have demanded immediate action against those officials or persons allegedly involved in this case.

Further both the union have served 30 days ultimatum to the district administration to meet the demand of two unions. If no action is taken, union will be forced to take out democratic protest against the district administration headed by the Deputy Commissioner, they added. Other participants in rally included Kardu Kargu Students Union, Jigo Yigo Students Union, Upper Subansiri Galo Students Union, Basar Area Students Union, Ramlo Bango Students Union, Pusi Bango Students Union, Bokar Students Union, Kamki College Students Union and UBU Bango Students Union.  


Seeds of violence, mistrust & anger

Tongam Rina

The violent repercussions of ill-advised govt decision to grant Permanent Residential Certificate to non-Arunachalees of Lohit and Changlang, residing before 1968 and subsequent withdrawal is for everyone to see.

The seeds of violence, mistrust, anger and discord have been sown among the communities that lived in harmony for so long.

Deoris, Khamptis, Singphos and other communities are today dependent on the security forces to ensure that they do not kill each other or burn down each other’s houses.

Enough post-mortem has been done on the government’s immature decisions but bloody protest of Oct 23 could have been avoided had the  Committee constituted by the government taken a little more pain to study the mood of the people.

The Committee obviously did not give much thought about the popular mood while it took trip to two districts on helicopters.

Citizens were not informed about the decision to grant  PRC. It was the students that informed the media and the citizens about the decision of the committee.

Though many of us might have agreed that non indigenous communities do deserve a certain kind of privilege, the way the government slapped the biased decision of granting PRC to people of just two districts made us rethink.

Hurriedly, the government withdrew the decision to grant PRC after the students took to the streets.

A cruel joke was played on APST and Non APST communities alike. The consequences are for all to see.

However, the saddest thing is that instead of taking the course of the law or confronting the government, aggrieved non APST communities decided to take their anger out on the native community.

There is absolutely no justification to the violence that Namsai and other areas witnessed on Saturday.  Those responsible, including the government officers who miserably failed to ensure the safety and well-being must be taken to task at the earliest.

None in Lohit, irrespective of who they are, has gained anything and the violent outburst has only managed to divide the people.

Though the wounds are fresh and anger deep rooted, it is on the citizens to pull together. At the end of the day, inevitably the communities will have to live together. We have to make a start somewhere to bridge the gap and give a chance to peace and harmony. There is no other way.

On the other hand, the veil of secrecy that the government of Arunachal puts around itself is not seen anywhere else in the country. The laughable thing is most of its decisions are blurred and myopic. Decisions are taken and dropped at the whims and fancies unmindful of consequences.

 Its about time the irresponsible rotten spoilt sixty members of legislative assembly and lazy, scared and yes sir-madam babus give a thought to the welfare people of the state. Yours truly say no more, because the fact remains that people have gone on the streets to register their demands and protest. The media houses did not do a paid photo shoot here.


Agatha calls for effective monitoring of rural development schemes

NEW DELHI, Oct 26:  Union Minister of State for Rural Development Agatha Sangma today called upon the Arunachal Pradesh state level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee members under the ministry of rural development for effective monitoring to ensure implementation of the schemes in the most effective manner so that public funds are put to optimum use and rural people reap the full benefit of the development programmes.

She said this when  SLVMC members Karto Kaye  and  Nima Sange called on  and apprised her on various projects being implemented under different agencies in the state at Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi today. Former minister Anok Wangsa and National Vice-Chairman Nationalist Kishan Congress Aath Tacho  Kabak  were present in the meeting.

Agatha said unless committee members conduct field inspection before and after the completion of projects a true development cannot take place.  Another main problem which hinders the speedy developments is the untimely submission of utilization certificates of the projects, she said. She further said that it is mandatory for all the state Govt to constitute both state and district level vigilance and monitoring committee as per laid down norms of the Ministry of Rural Development.

The members also called on senior officers of the union Ministry of Rural Development including Joint Secretary, Under Secretaries, Directors and other officers at New Delhi, according to an release issued by the committee.


Training on vision screening for teachers

BOMDILA, Oct 26: A one-day workshop on teachers training on Vision screening was held today at Bomdila. The Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Itanagar in collaboration with the Education department with support from ORBIS International, New Delhi and Light for the world Austria organized the programme.

The resource person Dr. Lobsang Tsetim and his team from RKMH Itanagar conducted the training. 51 teachers attended the workshop from the various public and private schools of the district.

Lauding the role played by the Ramakrishna Mission in the health sector besides providing quality education in the state, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi called upon the teachers to take up the job with a missionary zeal. Though the teachers are overburdened, they need to be the torch bearers in this noble cause for the children, Tashi opined.

As level of awareness is less in villages, the teachers ought to disseminate information gathered in this workshop and create awareness by involving the Gaon buras and panchayat Raj Institution members for wider reach, he added. On hindsight, DC Tashi took the opportunity to impress upon the teachers to refrain from politicizing transfer/ posting and other local issues which has cast a shadow on the sanctity of the teaching profession, he observed.

While underscoring the importance of teachers in shaping the destiny of the society, DDSE B N Lendo reiterated on strict adherence to the provisions laid down in the Right to Education and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and to maintain the Village Education Register.

Among others, identification of disabled children is a must and necessary feedback on the issue needs to be communicated to the concerned authority for remedial measures, he said.

Earlier Dr. Lobsang Tsetim gave a brief presentation on the introduction and orientation of the workshop. He informed that the Mission has been working in this field for the last six years. As the district has got no ophthalmologist posted in any one of the hospitals, picking up West Kameng has been a logical choice, he said.

Anatomy of eye and its function, common eye disorders in children, eye safety, procedure for vision screening, a practical hands-on training session, an Action plan and a video programme titled Mookai story for the teachers were the activities taken up by Dr. Lobsang and his team in the workshop. DIPRO


HWC celebrates foundation day

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: The Heche Welfare Society (HWS) Dumporijo celebrated its 7th foundation day cum Memorial Day of Late Popak Bage Heche  on Oct 24 in a befitting manner.

The celebration started with hoisting of Society flag by its president Tagam Yoka Heche. This was followed by floral tribute to Late Popak Bage Heche by the Heche members. President of Topo Welfare Society Tayir Bulo, ASM of Tator-Tani-X Binra Nidak, ASM of Tator-Tani-VII Tadu Nguki also offered the floral tribute and recalled the activities of Late Popak Bage Heche for greater interest of his society.

The participants in the celebration from various places including Itanagar and Daporijo later discussed the matter related to socio-economic development in a meeting held at New IB, Dumporijo. The society president also presented annual report.

On the eve of its foundation day celebration, the Society members  conducted a social service  and cleared weeds, debris and drain of approach road in and around of medical compound of PHC Dumporijo on Oct 23.  The society also had conducted social service at same place twice earlier. Medical Officers of said PHC Dr Sogi Muri and Dr(Mrs) Rocha Wangsu Muri also extended all possible help to the social workers and appreciated their noble deed.


BJP launches emotional integration mission

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: BJP National Convener (Chairman), the North-East India Sampak Cell (NEISC), Sunil Deodhar yesterday called upon the BJP workers of the state to actively participate in the various initiatives of the NE states Sampark Cell. He was addressing the members of the state BJP office bearers, senior leaders and frontal wing functionaries at state BJP Headquarter, Itanagar.

Arunachalees are inborn patriotic Indians which needs truly be reciprocated by the brothers and sisters of the mainland, he said while adding that BJP is making its sincere efforts for emotional relations and unearth the root cause of various problems confronting the region.

He further called for early establishment of Sampark Cell of State Unit.

Necessary training inputs are being planned at the national headquarters for which suitable workers have to be identified and put in service, the national convener said.

Deodhar is currently in a week long visit to different parts of Arunachal Pradesh and heading the mission reaching out to different sections of the people of the state with the Bharatiya Janata Party, formally launched a separate and special unit in the BJP in order to strengthen the emotional integration of other parts of the country and the North East India.


Measures for  proper sanitation in Seppa township

SEPPA, Oct 26: A meeting on the health and hygienic and proper sanitation of the township was held on 25th of this month in the office chamber of DC Seppa. The representative of the market welfare association, officers of the DUDA, HoDs of various department and the PRI leaders and public leaders took part in the meeting.

 DC T Bam, expressed his concerns over the sanitation problems of Seppa township due to lack of awareness amongst the residents. Quoting field survey report, he disclosed that there are more than 1500 house-hold which are indulging in open defecation without having proper toilets.  A few of them are having toilets of RCC/SPT etc. but no septic tank. The human excreta are directly discharged from the toilet building through the pipes to the streams and rivers.  The DC said that such ill considered actions of town dwellers are polluting the air and water there by becoming sources of many diseases.

After having discussion over the matter the house resolved that the town dwellers  shall construct toilet with septic tank within a period of 2 months failing which legal action shall be taken. The economically backward family shall construct temporary toilet digging underground till a permanent type of low cost toilet is arranged by the DUDA and no formal allotment will be given by the district administration to the family without having toilet with septic tank.

Since Seppa is an Urban town no one will be allowed to rear pigs making temporary shelters, an executive order shall be issued to remove all sheds of pigs from the township area within a period of 1 month failing which DUDA shall take appropriate action to remove /seize the pigs with the help of Magistrate and  Police.

The meeting further resolved that Dist. Admn will take stern action as per the existing executive order to remove all stray animals from the township area.  DUDA chairman also directed its Member Secretary to construct a cattle jail for stray animal and nominal fine will be imposed which will be credited to the DUDA revenue fund.  

The meat and fish sellers on the road side shall be removed to concentrate their service in new shopping complex, Seppa.

Regarding law and order problem, Seppa SP has appraised the house about the active initiative of the police to contain criminal activities, the members present in the meeting unanimously voiced that the public and Govt. employees will whole heartedly co-operate the Police to secure life and property of the people in the district.

Bamboo plantation within the Seppa township area which is safe haven of mosquitos as well as cause of encroachment tactics by the public shall be made to remove within a period of 3 months w.e.f November onwards by issuing an executive order by DC/DM failing which the Dist. Admn and DUDA shall take appropriate action to remove the entire plantation within the township.

Reasonable fare shall be fixed for Auto Rickshaw/Tata Sumo which are found to be charging exorbitant rate from the town dwellers and  villagers. DIPRO


A wonder of nature

Sang Khandu, APCS,Circle Officer, Bomdila.

Among the wonders of nature, Paoso water fall is one of the most beautiful and miraculous one. The waterfall is in between Marginhla and Seppa on the way to Chayang Tajo in East Kameng District, few kilometers away from Seppa district HQ. If a holiday camp is developed/constructed on the site without disturbing the natural beauty, the visitors and staff posted in the district can enjoy their holiday.

The site can even attract tourists as the climate of East Kameng District is hot and having a shower in the fall would be rejoicing.  

When I was posted in Sawa Circle during 1997 to 1999, while passing through I often stopped at the point to get fresh and enjoy the marvelous scene.

As  I am told once there was a village near this stream and one day the villagers saw a divine fish which appeared extra ordinarily large. Having seen that they were overwhelmed and by excitement they killed and ate away the fish. Consequently the nature reacted with fury resulting in flood which swept away the villagers who were involved in killing the fish. And those that were not involved in the killing were left unhurt and untouched. From the story it indicates that nature may take its own course of action for killing its creation. Appearance of divine fish signifies the sacredness of waterfall. And I feel a dip in the water may wash away one’s sin. Believing in the importance of the story I am of the opinion that nature lovers, working for the conservation of nature and NGOs of the District should preserve the fall by installing a statue of Mermaid (A mythical sea creature with upper female body and tail of fish) which is popularly known as “Jal Pari” in Hindi. And encourage the sin doer to wash away their sin by having a bath in the fall and take precepts to abstain from all kinds of killings for the welfare of all sentient beings. I do not know how far the story is true but somewhere the folklores have their own truth lying within themselves. (The writer is CO, Bomdila)


Bamin-Bilat village celebrates golden jubilee

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Nestled in the Peneng valley about 26-Km from Pasighat along the Pasighat-Koyu road and house of indigenous Adi tribe roughly numbering about 200 households, the Bamin-Bilat village completes 50 years of its existence this year.

The oldest living person of the village Tapang Taloh unfurled the village flag to mark the golden jubilee celebration while village Anthem was sung by the young singers of the village on Oct 23. This was followed by day-long festivity and interaction meeting among the village dwellers convened at the Bamin Dere (Community hall)  where in Taloh was the Chief Guest.  

All the officers and officials of the village headed by the Director of Border Affairs Rajeev Takuk attended the function and shared their various experiences among the village folks.

Meeting unanimously took decisions which included erection of a Memory Pillar to mark the Golden Jubilee Celebration and Dolung Doman, identification of a permanent general grave yard in the village, formation of a village society for spearheading the over all developmental activities of the village and preparation of annual award giving scheme to felicitate meritorious students of the village.

While expressing resentment over the poor performances of the village students in academic pursuits, Rajeev Takuk announced a 10-year scheme of awarding cash incentives to meritorious students right from class-V to graduation from his individual end. He also hinted at moral and financial support to any student from the village who would qualify for Civil, Engineering or Medical Services examination in the future from his own side.

Tapang Taloh was honoured with the oldest living person award, while Ogeng Jamoh and Opung Jamoh (whose six children are graduates and four of them gazetted officers) got the most successful parent award, Tarung Taloh was awarded for the oldest settlers section. Apart from this CBSE toppers both in Classes-X and XII were also felicitated.

Tarung Pango, the president of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Organizing Committee chaired the proceedings of the meeting. General Secretary Ellison Siram and Assistant General Secretary Ojong Boko also spoke on the occasion.

Awareness campaign on safe drinking water and sanitation

PASIGHAT, Oct 26: An awareness campaign on safe drinking water and sanitation under the initiative of ZPM Kenyom Dabi, was held at Telam, under Nari subdivision on October 25.

Er. Mizing Dupak AE (PHED) Nari subdivision along with JE Dakto Basar and workers undertook a massive cleanliness drive that included garbage clearance and cleaning of the water tank and source to provide clean and safe drinking water to the community. Local villagers also took party in the campaign wit  Panchayat leaders.

Kenyom Dabi, who had conducted study tour to Bangalore on drinking water  and sanitation system recently said, the objective of supplying safe water would not be achieved unless the sanitary aspects of water supply were addressed simultaneously. Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms which are directly transmitted when contaminated water is consumed. Dabi said. He hoped that through this campaign the awareness would be spread among the local people for adopting hygiene practices to keep their environment clean.

Dabi also distributed Water Testing Kits to the ASMs and  asked them to test the water at least once in a month and maintain records in registers, besides intimating the concerned department time to time.

The Assistant Engineer Dupak while assuring technical supports and regular monitoring said water source has been improved by cleaning of pipelines and slow-sand filter which would give good result to the consumers. DIPRO


AEKSU calls for enhancement of APL rice quota

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU) appealed the concerned authorities to enhance the monthly allotment of APL Rice in the district.

It claimed that the APL rice could not be properly distributed to all the card holders living in the remote areas of the district due to shortage of monthly quota of rice.

The union further appealed the Deputy Commissioner and DDSE of East Kameng District and the education department not to recruit candidate from other districts in the ensuing SSA teacher interview in order to make more employment avenue for the local educated unemployed youths of the district.

It further taking concern over the poor infrastructure development in Seppa Helipad demanded the authority to look into the matter for early infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, the union also condemned the attack on Gammon India Ltd official. It appreciated the Seppa Police Department for nabbing the culprit and also appealed the general public to cooperate with the authority to nab the other accomplices of the incident.

It further appealed the Police department to provide enough security force to the Gammon personnel for smooth completion of Seppa to Chayang Tajo road project and also demanded sufficient vehicles at Seppa Police Station.


Homeopathy for mother and child

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Lower Subansiri District Health Society organized an orientation workshop on Homeopathy for mother and child health under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) recently.

Attending the daylong workshop, additional deputy commissioner, W Tikhak asked participants to avail benefit of homeopathic medicines which have ‘no side effect’ and affordable to all. He requested the district health authority to make the same available in hospitals with posting of man power at PHC level. He also requested the homeopathy practitioners to come forward and provide better treatment to poor and needy people.

District medical officer, Hage Tam briefed about the importance of homeopathy in health delivery system, particularly for mother and child health. He assured to make homeopathic medicine available in homeo centre in the district.

Dr. Nani Rika, DFWO, impressed upon the participants about effectiveness of homeopathic medicines on child and against various chronic diseases and during pregnancy. He urged the participants to motivate others to prefer homeopathic system for treatment of various ailments.

ZPM Hibu Uma also urged the health authority to supply sufficient medicines at all PHCs and health sub centres in the district along with trained health personnel in homeopathy.

Dr. G Mery threw light on Homeopathy, its scope and limitation in mother and child health in the workshop session.


NBWC oppose bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Naharlagun Bazar Welfare Committee (NBWC) has  opposed the proposed 24 hours capital bandh by All Kurung Kumey District Studens Union on Oct 29.

The grievances of the union are confined to Kurung Kumey district, the Committee said.  The union can stage protest rally or dharna in Capital to ventilate their grievances, but bandh call  in Capital complex by the union would create bad precedent and cause huge loss to the business community, the Committee further said in a release.

All Mengio Students’ Union (AMSU) has extended support to the stand taken by the All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) opposing the proposed capital bandh call by All Kurung Kumey District Studenion Union on Oct 29.

Meanwhile, the AMSU informed that the people of the Mengio area fare facing lot of probem due to scarcity of rice for the last six months followed by non-supply of  rice by carriage contractors. It appealed the carriage contractor to supply rice immediately to the Fair Price Shops in Mengio circle.

Meanwhile, expressing surprise over the opposition to its proposed bandh call, All Kurung Kumey District Students Union (AKKDSU) in a release today said that it had convinced the APPDSU before the announcement of bandh call and submitted a intimation letter addressed to APPDSU president in this regard and claimed that APPDSU had agreed to support the bandh call.






Indira Anniversary

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee is observing the 26th Death Anniversary of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Itanagar on October 31.


Inter-college competition

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Recreational & Creative Activities Forum of NERIST, like previous years, will organize SONABYSS 2010, a cultural and literary festival, as inter college competition involving as many as five different colleges and universities of the region at NERIST campus from October 28-31.


BKMS at zonal football championship

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Boum Kakir Mission School, Midpu football team, escorted by two teachers of the school N Bhattacharjee and AF Alamgir left here today for Guwahati to participate in CBSE Football Championship East Zone, Cluster-I beginning at South Point School playground, Guwahati from tomorrow.

Kipa Bharat is the coach and Byamang Kojum and Byabang Mindu are the captain and vice captain of the team.]



ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Reacting to the news item published on Oct 22 last, All Nyishi Youth Association Upper Subansiri district unit and All Tagin Youth Organisation have clarified that both the organizations neither held any joint formal meeting nor they took any resolution against the Daporijo DDSE. Both the organizations in separate releases termed the news item totally false and baseless.



ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineer’s Association (UAEA) electrical wing has appointed Denny Bagbi and Pagge Rime as president and general secretary respectively.

Meanwhile All Balijan Circle Gaon Burah’s Welfare Association has selected Nabam Nekhi, Techi Kaya and Taba Tagam as president, vice-president and general secretary of the association.


2 panchayat excluded from municipality area

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: The Banderdewa and Karsingsa panchayaat segments has been excluded from the jurisdiction of proposed Itanagar municipality with the decision taken to retain their rural status.

This was decided yesterday after a threadbare discussion between the concerned authority and the public of Banderdewa and Karsinga areas. The people of both the areas extended thanks to the capital complex DC for the initiative in the regard.


Members resigned

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Five executive members from Galo Welfare Society have resigned. In the resignation letters the members have said that they resorted to this extreme step as their demands have not been fulfilled by the society.


BJP mourns death

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh expresses deep shock over the premature death of former BJP Mandal president late Bengia Tagar (ASM), Koloriang in a road accident on his way to Sarli along with his other family members on Oct 24.

The state has lost a dynamic young leader with the death of late Tagar, the Party said. The rank and file of the state BJP and its frontal wings members in a condolence meeting yesterday observed 2 minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed leader and prayed almighty for bestowing strength to the bereaved family members to bear with the traumatic situation. The party also prayed for early recovery of injured persons in the accident.


Academy celebrates 11th anniversary

ITANAGAR, Oct 26: Dewsoft Education Academy Rayang, Roing celebrated its 11th anniversary at Anchal Samiti Hall Roing on 24th Oct.

A seminar, titled, ‘Ateet Se Bhavishya Tak’ (Ek Prayas Safalata ke Liye) was conducted to mark the occasion. The resource person P Aryan (IT Consultant) from Guwahati delivered lecture in the seminar as main speaker. Large number of people attended the celebration function.



ITANAGAR Oct 26: Lokam Nai and Dare Putum have been selected as President and General Secretary of newly formed Damin Area Welfare Committee in a meeting held recently.


Prohibitory Order

DAPORIJO: Upper Subansiri district Deputy Commissioner has issued a prohibitory order restricting movement of two and three wheeler vehicles over the suspension bridge on Subansiri river near Govt. Higher Secondary School, Daporijo as the bridge appears to have become weak and requires maintenance.

The prohibitory order is in force until major renovation of the bridge is done. Any violation of the order shall entail legal action as per law. DIPRO


WMAC suggests War Memorial at Pasighat

ITANAGAR: War Memorial Action Committee (WMAC) under the aegis of Megu Welfare Society submitted a list of freedom fighters of Siang valley to Education Minister and Pasighat Centenary Celebration Committee (PCCC), Chairman cum Deputy Commissioner, East Siang District today and suggested construction of the memorial stone at Siang Guest House, Pasighat complex in memory of freedom fighters during centenary celebration. The committee also assured to contribute some funds for the purpose.

The WMAC said that the 100 years centenary celebration of Pasighat would be more meaningful if we remember and commemorate the sacrifices of freedom fighters of the valley by dedicating a Memorial Stone.

The names of freedom fighters submitted by WMAC are: Lutnyung Megu of Silluk, Kengki Megu, Jongkeng Pertin and Toyi Lego of Damorh, Matmur Jamoh of Yagrung, Tajong Tamuk of Pangi, Jupeng Gao of Yeksi Koreng, Tatop Tamin of Jorsing, Namkir Siram of Babuk, Takep Tamuk, Puger Tagi, Aje Messang and Kosing Siram of Rottung, Tagom Nonang of Kebang, Jotan Gao of Yeksi, Lommin Darang of Kerang and Bote Moyong of Rassam village.


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