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October - 28



Public knows it all

Dear Editor,

It is funny how the so called people first government is still in power after what they have done, and we are still waiting for some more drama, to our state. PDS scam, PRC issue, Dam issue, you name it.

The present government is a complete failure and self centred. They know no public welfare.

The present conflicts in Lohit and Challang is just to draw public attention away from the PDS scam. To save the PDS accused, they wont even refrain from risking future of the state. It was present governments brilliant idea to give PRC to the non-APSTs. The present communal conflicts is only and only because of wrong or most probably, intentional) government policies. Thanks to the ill/un-educated politicians of our state. And also for making Non-APSTs look more like a threat as never before.

The people friendly government is acting like a communist government by forcing their ill conceived policies to the common mass. If majority of public dont want dams in Siang basin, why are they so interested in the same? Development is ok, but for whom? For those Non-APSTs that they are going to host after that? This is one Anti-Arunachalee and Non-APST loving government. Question is not about the advantages and disadvantages of such a mega project. The question is simple, if public dont want it, then why on earth leaders are so interested? A very simple explanation is that leaders are not representing the public but themselves. Unfortunately, public knows it all.

Dorjee Khandu should, by all means, take moral responsibility of the present state of affair and step down as CM. Its not never going to happen and we know why!


An Arunachalee


(On email)



Check out!

Dear Editor,

This is in connection with an article written by one ‘concerned citizen’ in the Readers’ Forum of Arunachal Times of Wednesday issue under the caption, ‘the larger question ‘. He was referring to the Deoris, Mising and Adivasis of Assam who are availing benefit both from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh simultaneously.  Behold! ignorant indigenous tribal people of the State for you have many other people who are availing not only double benefit but sometimes triple and more.

For example many people of Tibetan origin came to Arunachal Pradesh and obtain PRC and Tribe Certificates (which is just a matter of one thumb impression) in the name of their akin tribes of the State. At the same time, they have citizenship of Tibet, Ladakh, Sikkim and may be of many other states or countries. But since they are peaceful by their nature we seldom care to ponder over the prospective threat to economy and demographic structure of the State.

Similarly, we have our own people who marry man or woman of other NE States like Manipuri, Naga, Mizo, Khasi etc who are indigenous tribal of their respective States. In this way they reap double benefit. The children of such couples have tribe certificates of two states, both mother and father’s places. They are getting scholarship and stipend from the Arunachal government and many staying in hostels of State government aided institution like RK Missions schools and other government hostels. Unlike the indigenous tribal people of State who have instinctive love for their motherland, they do not have slightest of attachment for their adopted place as their only motive is to make economic profit by exploiting all available sources of the State. They avail all welfare schemes of the government at the cost of more deserving actual indigenous tribal of the State who are uneducated and hence unaware of any such schemes. They study here and later serve their native State. They earn from here and invest in their original State. This is perfect example of British policy of Economic and Brain Drain theory.

This menace has always haunted me since my student days. However due to lack of proper platform and more because of apprehension of backlash, I have so far failed to perform my duty towards the future of our society. But now time has come and we have no choice but to fight tooth and nail to stop this malpractice if we have iota of responsibility towards our children. This practice is bad not only for our State but for the entire country as a single person is availing facilities of tribal related welfare scheme  of the government from more than one State at the same time. Therefore, the Government of all the North East States should take immediate step to arrest this illegal practice as the problem is not limited to Arunachal Pradesh only. I would also appeal the student organizations or AAPSU to be precise, to devise some mechanism to check this system.

I also appeal all the indigenous educated people of the State to impress upon the chief/GBs/Panchayat leaders of their respective villages not to recommend the application of those people who has not surrendered the citizenship of their original birthplace. And in the meantime, AAPSU and all districts Students’ Unions must spearhead the manhunt to identify any such person who is availing double benefits.


A Common Man,

(On email)



Time to initiate dialogue and restore peace

Dear Editor,

We would like to share our opinions with people of Arunachal Pradesh. It’s well enough to assume that Non –APST of Arunachal Pradesh is adopting violence rather than peace. The Pro PRC activists who created mayhem in Namsai on 23rd Oct. last is alarmingly threatening the indigenous people’s right; it challenges and provokes the existing mutual understanding among indigenous inhabitants and non APSTs of our state. The tactic they are adopting in name of democratic movement is highly condemnable and intolerant.  We Arunachalee are peace loving people we do not protest against other Indian brothers and sister who are residing peacefully within the state, but every outsider must realize the rights of son of the soil. They should respect tribal people rights and Arunachal’s status of a restricted area under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873. No non- Arunachalee has right to claim permanent settlement within the state, even if they possess billion of assets within the Arunachal. We will not tolerate such communal acrimony generating within the non APSTs against indigenous people. They must be thankful to indigenous people who welcome them with open arms to work and reside in the state. The generosity we have shown towards Non APSTs doesn’t mean that we are let them claim for permanent settlement, and let them enjoy the APST status. Nor we are weak and pliant to watch silently without retaliating against them.

However, the victims of Mohong Village under Lekhang Circle of Namsai sub-division of Lohit district have paid the blunder of the state government immature and irresponsible decisions.  The decision to grant PRC to Non-APST residing in the Lohit and Changlang districts prior to 1968 and its subsequent revocation after student’s hue and cry against it has led to this situation. The state government knew that this situation was going to be happen and seeds of hatred which they showed going to bear violent fruits. They knew it day before the revocation of PRC issue. In spite of sensing danger hovering over these communal sensitive areas, the state government has failed to instil sense of security in local people. It seems that our state government is meddling with its own people, without concerned about their future security.  The state government should formulate a policy for non-APSTs settling within the state while taking their grievances into account so that they should not be in deprived. It should call all party meeting including the representatives from Pro PRC and Indigenous tribes to resolve the impasses and restore peace and tranquility in the region. Every sensitive issue need feedbacks and consultative meeting with senior’s citizens and civil society. The role of media is also essential for communal harmony; the government should lead media interlocutors with representatives from every local dailies and electronic media to trouble torn area to study the ground reality.

Last but far from the least, unless the state government has come with comprehensive policy formulation to resolve such imbroglio, Arunachal Pradesh shall soon topple Jammu & Kashmir to attain number one position of political unrest among the Indian states.


Kasung Cheda

former AGS AAPSU

Suraj Tayem Finance Secretary ALSU

Hassang Tok Convernor Sangcha Ajin Society.



Infamous dramas of the whole country are re-enacted in this state

Dear Editor,

The vexed policy of lax state government to grant PRC to non APST of Lohit and Changlang districts and later easily relenting to evident pressures from various unions and organisation with lightning haste seem more like an astute tactic of diverting attention to minimize the pressure off a core issue. The reaction to the unpopular decision was palpable. A government with emotion seem absurd and ridiculous. It will be interesting to know though, since when did this government started developing benevolent feelings ? Ironically the custodians to maintain law and order are in a killing and lathi charge spree. This stark truth need no elaboration. What are the findings and action taken of all eye wash enquiries ordered at every occurrence of such atrocities?

Not to be out done by our counter parts we too have our own scams and controversies to boast of and counter the infamous scandals of all time, in reply to Big bull stock scam, 1994, we have 16 crore treasury scam, Anini, The Taj corridor case can be matched by various abandoned dubious projects involving crores, Bihar's fodder scam ? We our PDS scam, situation leading to stone pelting in Jammu kashmir, recent stone pelting incident at Pasighat. In fact, Arunachal is more like a theatre where unfortunately infamous dramas of the whole country are re-enacted. If the government continues with laxative policies it will not be a surprise when we will have our self made incidents to match Godhra riots, Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter, JMM bribery case and out run the rest.

One can clearly understand the hurt feelings of the non APST brethrens.

Naturally a child will cry if a lollypop is dangled infront and abruptly denied. For concerned people lollypop of PRC was materialising but sudden revocation made the whole issue topsy-turvy. A mammoth gathering of 20,000 people, as reported, will result tumultuously could have been well anticipated. Yet the administration was caught napping. How the peaceful rally supposed to take place at Mahadevpur entered Namsai circle ? Considering the fully charged atmosphere after revocation of insipid decision to issue PRC to non APST residents of the area, half hearted security arrangements pre-turmoil force one to raise many question marks. What made the government to issue PRC in the first place itself ? If PRC can be granted to non APST on humanitarian ground, why not feed the semi starving indigenous people of the state by recollecting the embezzled 1000 crore on humanitarian ground too ? This whole episode seem conjured to distract the gullible common citizens from an issue looming large on the sustenance of few people in power by master conjurers but deplorably, in the process the hope, aspiration and sentiments of many innocent citizens were played with and a permanent crack is hammered on the stainless wall of once peaceful area and an irreversible reaction has been triggered


Legobaying (on email)




Some points to ponder at

Dear Editor,

I wish to highlight to the GoAP that Arunachal Plywood Industries Ltd.(APIL) mill at Namsai has stopped its operation long time back when the SC of India banned timber cutting. Accordingly, the Adivasis labourers who were brought from outside the state has to be relocated to their original place from where they were brought, as no work is left for them at Namsai.

In this context, it is worthwhile mentioning that many Adivasis labourers from APIL participated in the unauthorised pro-PRC non-APST violent rally at Namsai on 23rd October, where many tribal youths were physically injured.

Relocation of these Adivasis from outside Namsai is urgently needed because firstly, no work is left for them there. Secondly, their active participation in such anti-state rallies reflects their anti-tribal people sentiments which is responsible for vitiating peaceful atmosphere at otherwise peace-loving Namsai. After all, the tribal people are going nowhere because Arunachal Pradesh is their homeland. Thirdly, speaking from economics point of view, considering the large size of unemployment amongst the Khampti people, even if the APIL is revamped no labourers from outside will be required as the Khamptis can be inducted into the APIL's payroll. Partially, this will address the unemployment problem amongst the Khampti people. Lastly, if the APIL is not revamped, the entire land leased out to APIL by GoAP including the vast tract of land behind APIL should be allotted out to the local tribal people so that the land could be used productively.

I request the political leadership, students' bodies, public leaders, general tribal public and administration of Lohit District to take note of this issue and act upon it immediately.

The recent ferocious drama of Namsai is a reflection of complete incompetence & reckless attitude of the state government machinery to contain any untoward incidents. Forget about convincing the people to maintain peace & patience through print media, they are unable to speak even in front of the camera.

On 26th October, 2010, while viewing the so to say BREAKING NEWS, which of course does not lag behind in breaking the unity of the citizens of India , on NE TV, Tako Dabi, Home Minister was reluctant to speak and directed someone else to speak. It was so nice to see our Ministers smiling when the innocent public are crying for help.

I hope some pro-PRC groups are educated enough to convince their people that there is a judiciary in India to provide justice and Police forces are there to take to task who violates the law.

Let their be common forum for discussions to reach an amicable solution. Arunachal Pradesh may be a corrupted but a peaceful state. There is a saying "In Rome, do as Romans do".  Similarly, if pro-PRC supporters are politically & emotionally very much attached to Arunachal Pradesh, then be peace loving like the people of Arunachal Pradesh.


Concerned Citizen

Namsai (On email)



Root out the problem

Dear Editor,

This refers to the news item "DC takes exception to unlawful activities- Seppa" dated oct 25. Needless to say the said matters was never been done in closed door.

Illegal activities have been there for mored than a decade. Its just that administration has closed its eyes. Apart from temporary huts and selling of local liquor , gambling at the surrounding and beneath the Nyiboo(priest) Lapang is a major concern in the form of volley ball, carom, Housie, Cards, chess, ludo and billiards. People from different walks and age blatantly bet on every games staking their money, time and life.

Many young ones waste their precious time as they watch all these activities and are inspired to follow these of the adults.

As a helpless youth of the locality, I would like to request Mr Bam and DUDA to eradicate these anti social activities from the root rather than giving a seasonal inspection.


Dhon Bagang

Kra-Dadii Club Seppa,

(On email)



For a cause

Dear Editor,

Recent agitation against the PDS (Public Distribution System) dupery by Galo Student Union at Aalo was significant and praiseworthy. Indeed, it was a clear cut message of intolerance from the people of Arunachal Pradesh to the malfunctioning of the disabled leaders. Now is the time for kind coordination and cooperation among all the student unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations across the state to fight against this menace.

Lets put our hands together so that the culprit could be brought to justice. So, wake up every one and put pressure over malfeasance governance until a fresh dawn emerge. Infact, every ones contribution into this noble cause could be proven worthy in making this place inhabitable for the future generation as well.


Gopin Padu

Naharlagun (on email)





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Namsai remains tense despite security presence

AAPSU appeal for compensation for the victims of Namsai violence

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Namsai, the epicentre of Oct 23 violence following a non-APST rally demanding PRC is still tensed but under control.

DIG east Robin Hibu, when asked by this daily said that  three companies of CRPF reached Namsai this evening while one more company would reach tomorrow. According to official sources, adequate security arrangements are being put in place at Piyong, Lathou apart from strengthening Mahadevpur, Chowkham, and Mohong villages.

It is also reported that pro talks ULFA leaders visited Mahadevpur today.

Citizens from Mohong villages, numbering around 300 continue to be at the temporary relief camps at Namsai.

Meanwhile, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has urged state government to immediately provide compensation to those Khampti families of new and old Mohong villages, whose houses have been burnt down by non-APST people in the last few days.

In a press release issued, AAPSU president Takam Tatung and general secretary Tujom Poyom has taken serious note of indigenous tribal being harassed by non-APST in Namsai sub-division.

Both has appealed to the state government to immediately provide compensation to Khampti villagers who are now living in makeshift camps in and around Namsai after being forced to move out of their home by non-APST people.

“It’s sad to know that Arunachalee people are living like refugee in their own land of birth. We will not accept such behavior of non-APPST. If they want to live in Arunachal, then they have to learn to respect the sentiments of local,” stated AAPSU president Takam Tatung.

He also asked government of Arunachal Pradesh to protect territorial rights of tribal people and also asked people not to politicize this issue.

“This is a state issue and with reports pouring in that non-APST living in Assam is also taking interest in PRC issue, it has become a major concern. State government has to make sure that no one interferes in internal matter of Arunachal,” Tatung said.

Questioning the slow response of administration towards October 23 violence at Namsai town during the rally by pro-PRC supporters, AAPSU general secretary Tujom Poyom has asked government to make re-shuffle in Lohit district administration for betterment. “Locals seem to have lost trust in present administration. Keeping this in mind, state government should immediately reshuffle district administration,” stated Tujom. He also asked state government to arrest those non-APST people who provoked locals during the October 23 Namsai rally. “Leaders of non-APST who instigated violence should be immediately arrested. Also those people at helm of government who created this mess should also solve it,” said Tujom.

Meanwhile AAPSU President Takam Tatung has asked state government to immediately respond to their 11 points demand put forward sometimes ago. “Government is yet to give proper respond to our demand. If they do not properly respond to our demand, we will be forced to seek our own course of action,” stated Tatung. He further added, “With Pasighat town gearing up for centenary celebration, AAPSU has demanded that Jawahar Lal Nehru College (JNC) situated in Pasighat be declared as state university. Government should expedite this process.” AAPSU president also added that despite assuring them, education department has not released 5 month stipend of government run schools.


Bomdila gears up for Torgya

BOMDILA, Oct 27: The annual Drub-Chod-Chenmo festival, popularly known as the Torgya of the Monpas in this Metal-Tiger year would be celebrated at Gontse Gaden Rabgye-ling Monastery Bomdila with four days programme from fourth to seventh of November.

The festival would showcase various spiritual dance known as cham  which is likely to be witnessed by  tourists  and outsiders.

The main events would be preceded by 3-days great self initiation of thirteen yidam (deities) of Vajrabhairava, Fire puja   and Naga ritual and 2-days spiritual cake creation  and spiritual cake retreat from 29th of this month. Meditational retreat of spiritual cake, burning of torma (spiritual Cake), initiation of white tara and Mandala darshan would be major events of the four-day long main Torgya.

It is indeed fascinating to watch the colourful Chams that mark the occasion. It is believed that the Torgya ushers in peace, prosperity and goodwill thereby destroying the negative forces. It is also assumed that the rituals performed during the festival help ward-off natural calamities and other disasters.

Coming on to the Chams performed during the Torgya, it is always performed within the confines of a mandala and is a part of tantrik ritual which was initiated from the great master Padmasambhava who performed this dance in order to prepare the ground for the Samye monastery in Tibet and to pacify the malice of the lha and srin in order to create the most perfect conditions. This dance stands in connection with the origins of tantricism and procures great blessings. Since then, this tradition has been followed from master to master and monastery to monastery. Chams are performed by trained Lamas who have gone through many spiritual process like taking initiation of a particular deity and doing retreat for many days in order to make themselves compatible to perform the spiritual dance. These procedures were specifically taught in oral instructions passed from a tantrik master to student.

It is believed that the people who participate and watch the Mandala process accumulate merit. The sand is traditionally made from ground precious stones. Since each grain of sand is charged with the blessings of the ritual process, the entire sand Mandala embodies a vast store of spiritual energy. The creation and destruction of the Mandala is a reminder of the profound Buddhist concept of impermanence. To the monks, the Mandala is a particularly poignant and important ritual art form. Of all the artistic traditions of Buddhism, the ritual of painting with coloured sand is one of the most unique and exquisite feature. Formed of a traditional prescribed iconography that includes geometric shapes and a multitude of ancient spiritual symbols, the sand painted Mandala is used as a tool for consecrating the earth and its inhabitants. According to Buddhist history, the purpose, meaning and the technique involved in the spiritual art of sand Mandala painting were taught by Sakyamuni Buddha. This tradition has been preserved over the past 2500 years in an unbroken transmission from master to disciple.

The 8th of November would witness the enthronement ceremony of the Abbot of Gontse Gaden Rabgya ling Monastery Mon Bomdila appointed through Religion and Culture Department by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. DIPRO


Allahabad Bank step in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Oct 27:  Keeping pace with other front ranking banking institutes of the country,  Allahabad Bank has finally moved in Arunachal.  State Chief Secretary Tabom Bam has inaugurated the first Allahabad bank branch at an impressive function at E Sector here today.

Established in 1865 during the British era, the Allahabad bank has now 2371 branches all over India, out of them 71 branches are in North East and 36 branches under its Dibrugrarh zone. While inaugurating the bank as chief guest, Bam hoped the bank will play a greater role in economic development of the state. Expressing happiness over the selection of prime location for bank branch, Bam also stressed on proper security system.

Guest of honour and Capital DC Dr S B Deepak Kumar in his address urged the banking institutes to concentrate in rural areas too for benefit of rural masses.

Among others, Chief general manager of Dibrugarh Allahabad Bank branch K J Tiwari, Itanagar bank branch manager K Noroh, assistant general manager J Mishra also spoke on the occasion.

The Bank management also felicitated the excellent performers of   North Lakhimpur, Dibrugarh, Duliajan and Sibasagar branches of the Allahabad bank on the occasion.


Prime accused in an accident case surrendered

PASIGHAT, Oct 27: Dangki Saring (18), the prime accused in Lt. Takit Ering accident case has been surrendered before the OC Pasighat Police Station on Oct 24 last. He has been arrested U/S 279 and 304 IPC and remanded to judicial custody up to Oct 31 for further investigation.

The secretary, Tirki Manmong Odong (TMO) Pasighat, Tabung Ering in a written statement informed today that Dangki Saring, S/o Lt. Akom Saring of Mirbuk Charali, Pasighat has accepted during the interrogation before the Ering family members and TMO that he had hit Lt. Takit Ering on April 20 evening last near the Mirmir Tiniali with his bike and instead of admitting him to hospital, quit the place immediately.  

Later the 57 years old Ering was found spot dead. In this regard a FIR was lodged and the case had been registered by the police on the next day.  Meanwhile the TMO demanded exemplary punishment to the culprit(s) and appealed all the citizens of Pasighat not to allow their underage youths to drive two-wheeler, cars etc to protect more lives in future. DIPRO


AdiSU not demoralised by Ramesh U-turn

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Stunned by the sudden change of tone in voice of Union Minister Jairam Ramesh on dams, Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) in a release said that, the union was not demoralised by the recent comment and will continue to fight against dams in Siang basin.

However, it is undecided yet how the union will greet the union minister when he visits Arunachal next month, AdiSU said. It said that  the Union minister was informed through a representation that what Adis actually want. However, AdiSU representatives will meet the Minister before his visit to the state, the release added.

Meanwhile, AdiSU, in a meeting on October 20, has decided to extend the tenure of the present executive committee which is due to expire in Novemver.


Disaster management training for school children

ITANAGAR, Oct 27:  The Capital district administration has organised a two days training-cum-awareness programme  on disaster management  for schools at Govt. Hr. Secondary School, Konkon Nala  and Kendriya Vidyalaya-2, Gohpur on  Oct 26 and 27 respectively.   Altogether 2700 students including teaching staff took part  in the training programmes.

Addressing the students and teachers at KV -2 Gohpur today on the occasion, Capital DC Dr. S.B. Deepak Kumar urged the student community to take maximum benefits from such awareness programme.  Later he presented a first-aid kit to schools and also  interacted with students and teachers.  Field Officer Dawa Thinley, who coordinated the programme, urged the students to take part on disaster management activities. Project officer Dr. Nawang Phuntso, RR&DM elaborated the concept of disaster management and its functioning in the State.

Station Fire Officer, S C Majumdar along with his team demonstrated the basic technique’s of rescue during any kind of disaster. The team also   demonstrated safety measures during disaster. The principal from both schools extends their gratitude to Capital administration for organising such a useful programme. The institute requested the administration to conduct such training in regular interval.


Tirap ePDS model set to roll in the state

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: To popularize the Tirap model ePDS, an orientation programme was conducted by the Directorate, Food & Civil Supplies, Naharlagun, for the District Food and Civil Supply Officers who were taken through various aspects of the ePDS system which is slated to be soon rolled out in the state. The programme held today was well attended by several DF&CSOs and senior officers of department.

Some of the benefits include reduction in under and over allocation of ration to FPS, reduction in diversion of essential commodities, containment of arbitrary decision making, induction of transparency and accountability, reduction of redundant workload, fast disposal of stakeholder grievances, dissemination of information as per public requirement, protecting the interest of all the genuine stakeholders, checking of duplicity / invalid ration cards at various levels, ensuring equitable distribution of PDS items on time etc.

Feedback was taken during the orientation programme from all participants to ensure that the final system to be rolled-out in the entire state is free from any loopholes. All the participants were highly optimistic about the future of the ePDS system and felt that it will revolutionize the activities of the department and will immensely help the general consumers in getting benefitted by the PDS system. In the near future a central consumer grievance cell with a toll-free number will be established by the department. There will also be an online forum where citizens can obtain quick response to their grievances from senior officers & decision makers of the department. It may be added here that department is leaving no stone unturned to revive the image and the past glory of PDS. As of now the department is beset with a plethora of problems like non-payment of HTS  bills for last 6 years, curtailment of allocation of rice from GoI, shortage of manpower etc.

The resource persons consisting Amit Bengia, DF&CSO and some of his key officials and Mayank Premi, alumni of IIT Delhi, also  subject matter expert and designer of  the ePDS software together conducted the day long programme.

The gathering was introduced to the ePDS software and its multitude of features which have been designed to minimize workload and erroneous decision making.

Amit Bengia reiterated his long journey with the ePDS system which was conceived nearly 2 years ago, it’s challenging times and how through appropriate and timely decisions these challenges were overcome. He also updated the august gathering on the real-life benefits that have been obtained in the last few months since the formal launch of ePDS in Tirap. (DIPRO)


TCLSU demands arrest of culprits behind Namsai incident

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Tirap Changlang and Lohit Students Union (TCLSU) of Itanagar demanded immediate arrest of president and convener of Lohit Changlang Development Forum suspected to be the main culprits behind the October 23 incident at Namsai.

Describing their act as anti-Arunachalee, TCLSU said that on the one hand they are demanding PRC in Arunachal Pradesh claiming themselves as Arunachalee, but on the other hand they are imposing economic blockade against Aruna-chalee people which proves that they are not Arunachalee.

The students union also questioned the competency of the present Namsai ADC, who miserably failed to tackle the situation although prior information was given to him about the procession. He could have deployed sufficient forces to maintain peace. But he did not, the union alleged.

While demanding for granting compensation to the victims of Old and New Mohong, Lekang and Namsai, it urged the Government to investigate the incident through a Special Investigation Team (SIT). It further demanded cancellation of franchise and candidature of non APSTs in PRI, disqualification/discontinuation of election of members belonging to non indigenous communities and groups to panchayat bodies in Lohit and Changlang districts.

Nationalist Youth Congress has taken exception to violence taking place in Namsai over PRC to non-APST. In a press release NYC wanted to know under which provision present state government wanted to issue PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts. Further empathizing with local citizens, NYC, hope that soon peace will prevail in the area.


APWWS appeals for cooperation to tackle crime

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: The Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society has sought the cooperation of the organisations and citizens alike to tackle crime committed against women in the State.

Its president Gumri Ringu made this appeal while reacting to a statement by Arunachal Citizens’ Rights Bamang Tago in which he had  questioned the role of some women’s rights activists in propagating violence. He made this reference while condemning a video clip in which a young girl is shown inhumanly tortured by group of women.

APWWS further condemning the women who carried out the inhuman act and demanding immediate booking of those involved as per the law of the land said that instead of taking law into their hands, aggrieved should approach  the Arunachal Pradesh State commission for Women (APSCW) which is the constitutionally established authority to uphold the rights and justice of women and the APWWS, being one of the facilitator, be approached by the victims through verbal or written complaints. The society further clarified that it just cannot take action in the air without receiving written or verbal complaints.

The organization further called on the society to address the root cause that leads to violence.


Tea growers give priority on SHG formation

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Arunachal Pradesh Small Tea Growers Association (APSTGA) in its meeting held here recently discussed the importance of formation of self help group to take up tea cultivation in state in bigger way and also discussed other important issues of the Association.

Speaking on the occasion, chief advisor of the Association Boa Tamo called for institution of shelf help group for tea plantation as a profit making self-employment venture.  He also appealed the state Govt to give priority on tea plantation in the state to enhance the income of the rural people.

The meeting unanimously fixed Nov 30 as the last date for submission of documents of the shelf-help group of tea growers and appealed the respective district unit of the Association to take responsibility of forming the SHGs.


Farmers’ Training on Biodiesel gets underway at NERIST

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: The five days Farmers’ Training Programme on ‘Bio-diesel and its economic benefits’ started at Mechanical Engineering Department of North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) today.

Addressing the inaugural function as the chief guest Prof. J. Choubey, the director, NERIST emphasized the need of mind setting for turning this century into the green fuel century for the development of rural populace and to meet the sustainable future viable energy.  

Biodiesel is manufactured from plant oils, animal fats and recycled cooking oils and it is renewable, energy efficient, biodegradable, reduces tailpipe emissions, including air toxics, he said.  

Lauding the Mechanical Engineering Department of this Institute for pursuing their best efforts to conduct several such  outreach programme apart from their regular academic activities, he requested the head of Mechanical Engineering Sunirmal Ray to explore the possibilities for conducting similar programmes in future also.

NABARD official O. P. Mounglang addressed the function as special guest and highlighted the NABARD role in Arunachal Pradesh and committed for developmental activities.

Chairman of the organizing committee of the training programme Sunirmal Ray in his welcome address highlighted the importance of setting up a DST soponsored “Bio-diesel Reactor system” within the department for the upliftment of rural masses.

The guest of honour Prof. M. Muralidhar, the head of the Centre for Appropriate Technology and rural development has given an overview of bio-fuel scenario in North Eatern states and its recent development. He asked the participants to take part in the programme generously and explore the possibilities for the development of bio-diesel concept. Co-c-ordinator of the programme Debabrata Maji said biodiesel may stimulate agricultural development and create employment as well as income for many of the rural poor. At the same time, it may satisfy a significant part of the country’s fuel demand, increasing energy security and saving foreign exchange, he said. One important positive impact on rural development is that it puts unproductive land to productive one and the biodiesel programmes on government land pursue environmental goals by protecting degraded soils and establishing forest cover. A Training Manual was also released to mark the occasion.


Darang to represent Arunachal

Tom Simai

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Bonny Darang, a popular designer has been invited to showcase the ethnic wears of Arunachal during the famous hornbill festival to be held in Kisama, a Naga heritage village situated 22 Km away from Kohima from December 01 next.

Darang who has represented the state at the VIII World Bamboo Congress held at Bangkok last year informed that she will be showcasing the traditional dresses of the various tribes of Arunachal.

Though it’s a proud moment for me and an opportunity to highlight the ethnic wears of our state but lack of sponsorship is a worry, said Darang who also owns a boutique ‘Bonnie Creations’ situated at Itanagar.

Besides sponsorship, I’m also looking forward for support from individuals who can help me to get the dress materials of different tribes so that I can represent my state properly in such a platform that has global audience, she added.

Along with the colorful tribes of my state it will also highlight the amazing culture that we still follow, she said.

It’s a rare opportunity for an Arunachalee and I hope people from across the state will come forward to help me so that I can highlight the intricacy of our traditional wears prepared by conventional weaving, she divulged.

Earlier, I’ve disdained many invitations from national and international forum to showcase our traditional attires due to lack of financial assistance, she further  added.   

It is to be mentioned that Darang had represented the state at Bangkok on her own expenses though she had approached the state government but her pleas were politely refused.


ATA pleads for rectification of pay anomalies

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) appealed to the Director of School Education (DSE) for early rectification of pay anomalies of teachers and officers under Education Department.

While demanding for a uniform pay structure, ATA said that the teachers and officers of Education Department in different districts are drawing pay in different pay scales after implementation of 6th Pay Commission  which will affect them during their pension period.

Since implementation of Right To Education (RTE), though partially, the headmasters of various primary and upper primary schools are facing a uphill task in maintaining their respective schools for want of fund. ATA appealed to the DSE to release fund according to RTE Act to schools for successful implementation of the same Act.

ATA also appealed for filling up all vacant ADEO and APO posts in various districts and blocks on seniority and merit basis and 50 per cent promotional avenues of Assistant Teachers.


Tawang KVK conduct field prog on soyabean

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tawang has organized a field day programme on balance dose of fertilizer in Soyabean crop at Lemberdung village on Oct 25. SMS (Agronomy), C. K. Singh has demonstrated balanced dose of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur in Soybean crop at Lemberdung, Maidung and Onghar village on soil testing basis. He also discussed about the role of plant nutrients for Soyabean production along with the deficiency symptom of plant nutrient found in Soyabean crop in Tawang district.

Dr. Deepanjali Deori, Programme Co-ordinatior, spoke about the importance of livestock and poultry and the diseases prevalent in Tawang district along with their control measures.  AFAs M.D. Pandey, R.Chakroborty also spoke on the occasion.

Among others AFA Lham Drema and GB Dorjee Tsering of Lemberdung attended the programme.







ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA), Kurung Kumey district unit of ATA and  Assistant Teachers (A) Central Ad hoc Committee have condoled the untimely death of Late Bengia Sakter, AT/A and his wife who died in a tragic road accident on the Sarli-Koloriang road on Oct 24.

Late Sakter was a very active and dedicated teacher. His untimely demise is a great loss to the teaching community and the society as a whole, said the organizations in condolence messages today.  

The members of organizations trio conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family members and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

They also urged the Government to provide ex-gratia relief to the family members of the Late Sakter.


Asso questions

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Arunachal Pradesh Government Registered Contractor Association, East Siang District Unit criticized the last bidding tender of double lanning of Changlang to Margerita Road which was processed at Delhi.

The association demanded that the work should be allotted to the registered local contractors and added that if such trend is repeatedly in near future, the local contractor of the state will suffer.


Film released

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Nyig Anya Nge 2, a Nyishi film Directed by TG Tara was released by Borum III, ZPM Taro Modi at Siddhartha hall, Itanagar recently.

The film will be shown at Sagalee, Yazali, Seppa and Kurung Kumey District on November 7, 12, 20 and 26 respectively.



ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Tamuk Tagiang has been unanimously elected as President of Doi-Kilo Welfare Committee in a meeting held recently.


AKWS to conduct games & sports competition

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: All Kara Welfare Society (AKWS) has decided to conduct various games and sports and traditional cultural competitions during its week-long conference scheduled to begin from November 9 next.

Jomde Kena, parliamentary secretary (Sc. & Tech.) will attend the conference as chief guest while social worker of Liduk village Kajum Rallen would be the guest of honour.


AAPSU endorse

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) Federal Speaker Chera Tamakh stated that Tageng Nyitan has been endorsed as president of All East Siang District Students Union.


ALSU conference

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Arunachal Law Students Union will held general conference cum election from 26th to 28th November.


Silver Jubilee

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Christian Revival Church (CRC) Naharlagun will celebrate the silver jubilee at the Church premises from Nov 19 to 21. Eminent Bible scholars Rev. Dr. D. L. Sanchu from Nagaland and Rev. Dr. Nyakdo Tasar of Arunachal Pradesh will bring the jubilee messages as speakers in the Silver Jubilee celebration. Large number of delegates and leaders from CRCs of the state and outside are expected to participate in the celebration.


College Annual Day

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: The XIth Annual Day of the Government College, Bomdila will be celebrated in a befitting manner on Nov 4. Dirang MLA Phurpa Tsering and NESO general secretary Gumjum Haider would attend the celebration as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


ANSU-USU to get office building

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki would attend the opening ceremony of office building of the All Nyishi Student Union, Upper Subansiri unit (ANSU-USU) at Daporijo on Oct 30.


AKKDSU defers bandh

ITANAGAR: Welcoming the Centre’s decision of airlifting essential ration commodities in inaccessible areas, All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union has deferred its proposed 24 hours Capital bandh call on Oct 29.  The union appealed the state Govt to issue directives to the concerned authorities to execute the Centre’s order at the earliest.


Union demands bonus

ITANAGAR: All Aruna-chal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) has appealed the concerned authorities of Public Health Engineering Department, Department of Forest, Department of Power and Public Works Department for immediate release of departmental workers Bonus before Depawali.


Vigilance awareness week

ITANAGAR: NABARD, Arunachal Pradesh RO, Itanagar is observing the Vigilance Awareness Week from Oct 25 to Nov 1.

Among other awareness activities, a pledge has been administered by GM, NABARD to all officers and  staff that NABARD would continuously strive to bring about integrity and transparency in all spheres of its activities. The staff also took pledges to work unstintingly for eradication of corruption in all spheres of life and provide value based service to countrymen. On this occasion, a message from Chairman and Managing Director of NABARD has also been read out to all staff.


AAPWU meet

ITANAGAR: PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki would attend the 8th Annual General Conference cum Rally of All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) at Daporijo on October 30 as Chief Guest.

Indian National Trade Union Congress President Dr. G Sanjeeva Reddy and Parliamentary Secretary Labour and Employment Padi Richo have consented to attend the programme as Guests of Honour.

Meanwhile, delegates of 18 member of AAPWU, Papum Pare District Unit left for Daporijo to attend the conference.




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