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October - 29



Where is the next platform of public betrayal?

Dear Editor,

While lot of things have been said and done in the Namsai incident, the grave public suffering lingers on painfully. The Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues visiting the area was hilarious and obnoxious since they are the very ones responsible for creating such public disorder and mayhem in the area. Even without PRC, the indigenous people and non-APSTs have been living together in the area harmoniously for decades, which had been severely jeopardized by perfectly wrong decisions. Above everything, the illegal actions and decisions taken by Dorjee Khandu led government on issuing PRC to non-APST people within Arunachal Pradesh which had sown the seed for such communal divide among people will go down as dark chapter in history of the state. One may wonder how come the decision by the state government was illegal. Time and again, I feel the need to remind ourselves that, there is the existing Bengal Frontier Regulation, 1873 which regulates the movement and restricts permanent settlement of outsiders within the innerline areas. The said regulation was adapted by the Government of India and made applicable to this state also. The provisions of the Constitution of India stipulates that provisions of the said Regulation cannot be altered by the central government or state government without an amendment to that effect by the Parliament or the state Assembly. The executive power of the state as vested under article154 are to be excercised as per the Constitution and which are limited as per article 162 to any executive power expressly provided by the constitution itself, laws made by parliament and state legislature.

The saddest and most unfortunate part is that, the Dorjee Khandu led government seriously violated the Constitution of the country itself and the Regulation and invited disorderliness, fighting and untold pain and sufferings for the public. The state government ordering magisterial inquiry into Namsai incident is a face saving exercise and not good enough. An all party committee of the state Assembly should be set up to enquire as to why, without introducing any proposal for amendment of the Bengal Frontier Regulation, 1873 in the state assembly and without taking popular mandate, the Dorjee Khandu led cabinet took such a major decision putting at stake welfare of present and succeeding generations.

We have highly paid Chief Secretary, Secretary(Law), Advocate General, etc who should be guiding our Chief Minister. Why are these public servants failing in their jobs? Time and again, why is the government led by Dorjee Khandu bent into violations of laws at the cost of public welfare. With these public betraying individuals still leading the government, the cause of concern now is, where is the next platform of public betrayal. The public really need to stand united and start its own course of democratic movements to assure its own welfare in the future. The people should start playing proactive roles to remove these public betraying individuals from public offices for welfare of the public for generations to come.


Philin Thomas

Naharlagun (on email)




Govt must prove that law of the land prevails

Dear Editor,

The violent clash between the non-APST citizens and the locals of Namsai is the outcome of a faux pax of the state government by coming up with the PRC issue. Instead of solving the plethora of problems confronted by the state, the so called “people’s first government” have sowed another seed of controversy which has just sprouted. The unsavory incidents at Namsai has proved as a big jolt for the government and shocking for the entire Arunachalees. Unfortunately the common public has to bear the brunt of the aftermath of the conflict. The attack on the vehicles and properties of the local MLAs by the local citizens reflects their indignation over the representatives whom they hold responsible for all these mess.

The district Administration has also failed miserably in discharging its duties. How did the agitated mob manage to enter Namsai Township, whereas the rally was not permitted to cross the Noa Dihing Bridge? This incident amply indicates that the people at the helm of the administration did not deliver the goods. Hence appropriate action must be taken against them. The culprits responsible for instigating communal violence and vandalism must be given exemplary punishment. The government must prove that the law of the land prevails to gain back the confidence of the APST citizens, whom they had offended on many fronts.    


Suraj Tayang

Tezu (on email)




Let there be proper investigation

Dear Editor,

With reference to the comment given by a concerned citizen “larger question'.

He said that Deoris migrated from Assam and has an intension of grabbing Arunachal Pradesh land.

The article itself reveals author’s motive to ignite people who really are unaware of incident that had happened and also reveals author’s immature knowledge of the history.

Why he did not mention when, which year the Deoris migrated? Did Deoris migrate in the recent years? A small community of Deoris has been residing in the state since pre-independence.

They are demanding PRC for educational and central Jobs but issue has been showed as if people are demanding ST or other facilities. It’s a constitutional right and every citizen has a right to freedom of expression if the right is being snatched in the name of caste, creed or religion. The rally was by the people residing in Lekang circle, which got an approval from the Govt. and was supposed to be peaceful.

Presence of hundreds and thousands of women, children itself shows a clear picture that the people didn’t have any intension of any violence. They were expressing their regret over snatching away their rights.

I don’t really want to go any further in this matter because my intension is not to ignite people and create communal dispute among the people. But it’s very regretful when finger is pointed targeting the sentiments of common people who are really unaware of the situation.

Also another thing is that Khamptis, Shyam, Singphos who are in Lakhimpur, Nayanpur, Naharkatiya, Margherita have rights in Assam as well.

So let the govt do a proper survey/investigation regarding who are taking dual benefits. The clear picture will come out. A proper survey of different tribes of people of Arunachal Pradesh residing in Namsai will speak out the truth.


Concerned citizen

Lekang circle (on email)




Nehru’s concept on tribal is passé

Dear Editor,

Thomas Jefferson wrote, ‘the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of patriots and tyrants”.

However there are neither tyrants nor patriots in this struggle. The question here is who wronged and who has been wronged. The immigration from densely populated region to sparsely populated region is inevitable. The day of reckoning has arrived. The colonial legacy like inner line pass and Nehru’s socialist concept of indigenous tribal are chapters in history.

Wind of change is blowing over our head. We wished to ingratiate worldly luxuries, get sophisticated and embrace globalization. So why are we expecting it to come on platter. Mind it, before goods flow in comes the agent. This world is changing and it is changing real fast. World has accepted that the best way forward for mankind are free trade and democracy. On this twin pillar shall be the future world will be built. Those on wrong side will be left out. Our union government has been treading this path since 1991 and today we are proud of our prosperity. Can anyone remember Swadeshi movement?

The pragmatic way forward is to understand the problem and come out with an optimal strategy. Our state needs vision that would instill sense of urgency and optimism among the younger generation. Give them reasons to invest their intelligence and time. We were wasted by the lure of government jobs and easy money. These two will dry up in a very short time. Then what?

North-east could be the gateway to south-eastern Asian countries and most importantly China. The amount of opportunity it may create is immense. The 21st century war is fought not with missiles and bombs but with trade and commerce. This is just a tip of the iceberg of opportunity.


Geken Ette

Pune (on email)




It’s not a television show

Dear Editor,

Being a tribal belonging to Arunachal, I would like to express that it has been overwhelming to see the outpour of expressions from all the sections of tribes of Arunachal condemning the violence and communal disharmony created by the Pro PRC activists.

This expression has once again made our faith even more stronger that despite of our state comprising of different tribes, we stand united when such atrocities are carried out against the tribal.

We should all be aware of the “Statement of Objects and Reasons appended to the Constitution (Eighty Sixth Amendment) Bill 1999 which was enacted as the Constitution (Eighty Third Amendment) Act 2000” providing special protection and safeguard for the peaceful existence of the indigenous tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh.

Further there are Acts like “Schedule caste and Schedule Tribe Acts ( Prevention and atrocities) Act, 1989”  enacted as, there were similar incidents in many parts of India  like Namsai where the tribals were displaced and their existence on their own land were threatened for some vested political and economical interest.

The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 and the Chin Hill Regulations, 1896 is in place, which provide special protection and safeguard for the peaceful existence of the indigenous tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh. These laws prohibit the entry of outsiders in the tribal area without "Inner Line Permit". Only the indigenous tribal people are allowed to participate in the democratic process”   which questions the non-APST members of Panchayat Bodies in Mahadevpur circle.

The issue of PRC cannot be a matter for the Govt. to enact a new law without public participation, while the majority of APSTs population are opposing constantly. Such immature steps by the Govt can only open the gate to more communal clashes and disharmony.

Non APSTs which demanding PRC should first get back o history. When this population moved in, tribal were more than happy  to offer our land, not  for permanent settlement but on humanitarian grounds as a temporary relief. It is also shocking to realize, that they were only in hundreds and few countable families, specially the Deoris of Lekang  but now at present it is alarming, how they have even crossed the numbers combining all the indigenous population like the Khamtis, the Mishmis and the Singphos of the area.

The unprecedented increase in population of the Deoris ,Morans, Adivasis  is alarming. It clearly shows the failure of the blind administration.

Even the administration of Namsai area failed to hold upon to their duties despite several warnings, giving way for such crimes by the non APST leaders and Lohit and Changlang development forum. The mob did not show any respect to the community which helped their forefathers to rehabilitate at the times of their need.  They have broken the trust between the communities residing in the area for decades.

It is sad that such malicious forces fail to understand the higher truth.

Arunachal is fully a schedule tribe state, one of the few places in the world with so much diversity in tribes, cultures ,believes and above all the combination of all the beauties of humanity and ecology that can be found here. That even the Constitution of India enacted several laws and Acts to protect the interest of our State.

For many of us, it is an emotional issue rather than political issue. We cannot open the Pandora box for such claims and counter claims by some section of society, as we need to protect what we have for our future generation keeping aside the politics of different parties.

The Govt. should form a committee comprising not only of politicians but also of suitable members of society on the PRC issue. On the other side, the activists of Pro PRC should not limit their demand just to the issue of getting a PRC. As they say every problem has a solution. The govt. can amend and enact new law keeping the view that we the tribals are threatened of our culture, henceforth, to protect our rights should be the first duty of our politicians.

The Non APSTs can be issued an alternate form of certificates not necessarily PRC. And if required our Govt. should consult the Parliament of India as to solve this kind of issues once and for all.  

We need to rise, awake and behave maturely as the road ahead is more complicated. We will have to bring the best out of our rights to let the Govt represent the state’s interest as a whole.  The issue of Dams, the scam of PDS, ethnic diversity, loss of culture, drug abuse by youths specially in Lohit,Tirap and Changlang  are the several issues that the state have been facing and have to initiate immediate steps to harmonise this epic problems.. We can’t be just be spectators as it is not a show in television, it is affecting the entire existence of all our past, present and future.


Concern citizen of  Arunachal (on email)



Let us exercise our rights

Dear Editor,

We would like to request the executive body of Arunachal law students union to postpone the dates of general elections  to a later date. We are sure that they must have gone into a lot of deliberations’ before deciding upon the date.

But we too are a part of AALSU and our academic session should also have been taken into consideration. If the date's are not postponed then our fundamental rights as a member of the union will be violated.

We law students of Delhi are an integral part of the machinery of AALSU, and would be greatly disappointed if the right of casting our votes is taken away by unfair means.

The exams of law students of university of Delhi  are starting from 28th of November. So it won't be feasible for us to participate in the elections, if not postponed to a later date. so it is a benign request from our side to the executive body of AALSU to postpone the date of the general elections.


Kabit Mize

Ligam Noshi

Uttam Bori

Delhi (on email)




Basar needs some attention

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the attention of authority concern about the depressing condition of our beloved Basar.

It is one of the oldest towns and place of many great people but its communication system is pathetic to say the least. Firstly it’s the BSNL network. Hardly once in a week network will be there and rest of the time it is either not reachable or switched off.

Secondly, there are potholes at every inch of the road.

Last but not least, our so called CHC Basar is handicapped without any proper equipment in the hospital. For every minor or major treatment doctor refer them to Aalo or Itanagar. So it becomes really difficult in arranging transportation during emergency for the common people.

Therefore, it is my sincere request to all concern to look after these basic needs of a society, without which it is paralyzed.


Tei Taba (Lappa)

Itanagar (on email)




Environment terrorism

Dear Editor,

The supreme court verdict of blanket closure on felling of trees was to preserve the environment. Now our chief minister is bent upon destroying the environment by his mega dam projects, so our chief minister is the actual environmental terrorist who is going to terrorize the virgin environment of our state. The Hydropower developers are the bodies that sponsor this kind of environmental terrorism.

Rahul Gandhi on the "Vedanta Project" in Orissa where a company had already invested more than 11crores, had clearly addressed in his rally, the rights of Adivasis to their land. What is our chief minister doing to protect the rights of the APST over their land and environment? Our chief minister's policies are crystal clear "Arunachal for sale", the customers are the Hydropower developers, he is the wholesaler, we the people are the mere spectators of the "sale deed" so called the MOU'S & MOA'S.

Our chief minister will never learn a lesson from "Namsai Incident", his policies are shortsighted. The PRC issue, the vandalism by Deoris, Adivasis etc are a clear sign that the hand full of APST are heading towards a cliff. "Humpty dumpty had a great fall....all the king's men and horses could not put Humpty dumpty together again", this little nursery rhyme depicts the future of our people and the state.

We have learnt from our statehood that a union territory would have been better. While Delhi & Puducherry are still Union territories, we went ahead with our statehood to regret now.


Bangkut Perme,

(On email)





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Namsai on path to normalcy under heavy security cover

High level meet on PRC for permanent

solution :Ering

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Namsai subdivision is slowly limping back to normalcy after bloody clashes on Oct 23. The day passed off peacefully today with no reports of untoward incidence. But there is massive presence of security agencies led by four companies of CRPF.

Special security arrangements have been provided at relief camps at Namsai.

Meanwhile, local M.P Ninong Ering visited the victims of Saturday’s violence from New Mohong, Old Mohong and Silathoo at the temporary relief camps in Namsai and assured rehabilitation and immediate compensation for the victims and normalcy in the affected areas.

He informed that a High Level Committee will be constituted soon for bringing a permanent solution to the PRC issue.

Further he stated that there will be a High Level Meeting at Itanagar consisting of local organizations along with govt. representative on the issue.

On the other hand, he gave some tough warnings to the media agencies for misinformation leading to communal riots, disharmony and unrest in Lekang constituency.  While assuring to fulfill the All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union demands, Ering requested the Union and other organizations to maintain peace and harmony so that normalcy prevails again.

Meanwhile a general meeting was convened at Namsai Circuit House hosted ATKSSU, TKDS, ANYA AND TKS Council in which the Assam Moran Students’ Union assured full support to the Tai Khampi Singpho community.


APIC warns against violation of RTI Act

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) has urged all the public authorities to adhere to the provisions of RTI Act-2005 while furnishing information to information seekers regarding Human Rights Violation.

The Commission observed that public authorities are furnishing information pertaining to HR violation without approval from SIC which amounts to violation of Section  24 (4) of RTI Act.

The commission further said, information which does not fall under exempt clauses of Section 8 of RTI Act 2005 has to be provided with the approval from Commission.


Singh appeals for early progress of ALG

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh urged upon the Union Defence Minister for early repairs and up-gradation of subsidiary airports or the Advanced Landing Grounds (ALG) and also apprised him of slow progress of BRO works.

He also requested for sanctioning of two more battalions of Arunachal Scouts, called for more recruitment of Arunachalees in Armed Forces, especially Army, Assam Rifles and Air Force and also requested for more recruitment rallies in the State.

Governor took up these issues in his meeting with the Union Defence Minister AK Anthony at New Delhi yesterday.

During the meeting, the Governor also believing in the potential of the youth of the State, reiterated on setting up of Sainik School in the State and on NIMHANS (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute).

Gen Singh stressed on revitalization of Rajya and Zilla Sainik Welfare Boards.

Drawing attention to the abundant fresh fruits and vegetables in Arunachal Pradesh, Governor advocated for sourcing of Army supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables from Arunachal Cooperative Societies. He added, it will not only help the Army in getting fresh items but also give impetus to rural economy of the State.


DoNER inspects work at East Siang

PASIGHAT, Oct 28: D. Bandhopadhyay, Under Secretary, DoNER (NEC) monitored the ongoing central funded projects in East Siang on Oct 27 last.

The official inspected the construction of Pasighat–Ledum–Tene–Koyu Road (60 Km) and NLCPR Schemes being implemented in the district.

He was accompanied by the CE (E/Z) PWD Er. Toli Basar, SE Boleng Er. Tayor Taloh and the EE PWD Pasighat-Division Er. Tapi Darang.

After the inspection, Bandhopadhayay while interacting with the Deputy Commissioner, Onit Panyang at the Siang Guest expressed his satisfaction and further informed that the carpeting works has peeled off in some stretches of the road.

The site engineers confirmed that the payment to the contractor has not been released yet and the defects will be rectified free of cost soon.

He further said that bridges over Poglek and Tolon River are extremely necessary and  scheme for construction of those bridges have already been included in the State’s priority list of NLCPR during 2010-11.

Er. Darang stated that the bailey bridges at 24Km, 31Km, 33Km, 38Km, 40Km, 44Km & 51Km are badly required to be replaced with RCC bridges  but the estimates of these bridges were not included in the ongoing projects due to limitation of sanctioned amount. Bandhopadhyay also visited, girls-hostel (200 Boarders), library building, laboratories for Geography & Physics, security compound wall around the college campus and lavatories for Boys & Girls at JNC Pasighat under the NLCPR scheme. The 2nd Block of Girls Hostel for 100 boarders and Library building are yet to be completed.

Meanwhile, the Engineer-in-Charge informed that the project could not be completed due to cost escalation of materials and for want of State Share.

The Revised estimate is 100 Lakhs more than the sanctioned amount and justifying the issue, the concerned department stated that the cost escalation may be considered as per Clause 6.2 of the Revised Guidelines of NLCPR.

Bandhopadhyay would hold meeting with the PWD authorities for review NEC/ NLCPR work and meet the Principal Secretary (PWD) and Chief Secretary at Itanagar on Oct 29 next. DIPRO


ACDSU demand action against perpetrators of Namsai violence

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Condemning the violent incident that broke out at Namsai Township on Oct 23, All Changlang District Students Union (ACDSU) said that it was not a peace rally organized by the non-APST, rather a well planned strategy to evoke communal clash by vested interests.

The union demanded stringent action against the perpetrators of violent activities and also appealed the state Govt and apex student union to take appropriate step in order to protect the life and property of the local people of Namsai and restore normalcy.

Despite having advance knowledge of the procession, the administration has failed to prevent the violent activities, the union resented. Local people have no idea about the formation of Lohit-Changlang Development Forum, the union said and urged the Govt to take action against the Forum which created terror among the people.


DA acts tough against violators of Child Labour Act

ITANAGAR, Oct 28:  Two persons, namely, Sanjit Kr Chowrasia and Md Mahfush Alam have been arrested for engaging child as labour in fabrication unit in contravention to Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986. The accused were arrested during a surprise visit conducted by Capital DC Deepak Kumar and ADM-Cum-Estate Officer in Capital yesterday.  

They are remanded to police custody for further investigation.

The Capital District administration has warned the businessmen/small industrial establishments in Capital Complex to avoid engaging child labour.

Engaging child labour is a heinous crime and it will invite spot fine of minimum Rs 10, 000 and imprisonment up to maximum one year, the administration said and added that violators of Child Labour Act will be brought to book.


DPMSHI gets its NSS unit

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: State Liaison Officer (NSS), Directorate of Higher and Technical Education, Dr Vishwanath Sharma has inaugurated the National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of the Donyi-Polo Mission School for Hearing Impaired (DPMSHI) in an impressive function here today.

The NSS is basically meant for higher institutions but main motive behind the inclusion of DPMS for Hearing Impaired in NSS is to demonstrate the ability and skill of the differently abled children who are no less than any other normal children in the society, said Sharma in his inaugural address as the chief guest. Sharma said ‘We need to explore latent talent of these children by providing them proper opportunities. He also asked the students to work hard to achieve the goal in life.

The NSS volunteers of School along with their programme officer Suraj Upadhaya and other staff organized a social service and planted sapling and nurtured flower garden in school campus to make the occasion a memorable one.


MLA emphasis on education sector

KATAN, Oct 28: MLA Dambuk Assembly Constituency Jomin Tayeng inaugurated upgraded Primary School under SSA at Katan Village, around 26 km from Roing near Assam-Arunachal Boundary in Lower Dibang Valley District yesterday.

Tayeng in his speech lauded the VEC for quality construction of the school building and exhorted the parents and teachers of the school to take proper care and maintenance of the building.

Considering the urgent needs for renovation of school buildings, extension of class rooms and hostels in the district, a proposal of around ` 5 Crore was already submitted to the Govt. and further informed the villagers that the Education Minister has assured to provide some fund under RTE Act for the same. Responding to a list of memorandum submitted by the villagers, he informed that a proposal for construction of Steel Bridge over Jia River and black topping of approach road from Roing-Shantipur road to Katan village has already been submitted to the govt.

He also informed that a Flood Protection Scheme under Non-Lapsable Central Pool Resources was also submitted to the Govt for protecting the both sides of the Jia river owing to its recurring flood threat every year.

A construction of a bypass road from Shantipur to Sunpurah via Kabang Village has also been proposed to the Govt.

He also assured to take up the construction of approach road to newly constructed Steel Bridge over Kundil River to the concerned department and has further given assurance to construct security fencing with cattle trap at Kabang Village.

He sought support and cooperation from all the sections of the society in his endeavour to bring some changes and development in the area. He also called upon the teachers especially tribal teachers to discharge their duties with utmost sincerity dubbing them as the tomorrow’s man makers.

DDSE Tanyang Tatak has lauded the VEC chairman for proper execution of work and timely completion of the school building. He informed that a sum of Rs 20,000/- was provided to purchase Desk and Bench for the school and further informed that priority has been kept in present AOP for extension of class rooms.

On the Occasion, School Incharge Joel Tayeng has submitted a memorandum demanding erection of a security fencing around the school building, supply of electricity, drinking water, toilet facility, extension of class rooms and provision of bench & desk.

Darbo Tayeng, VEC Chairman in his memorandum has demanded for posting of more teachers to the school which is presently run by single teacher, filling of sand gravel at approach road to Katan and set up of a Unit Heath Centre in the village.

Public of Kabang village has also demanded for renovation and maintenance of Parbuk to Kabang village and for early completion of approach road to steel bridge over Kundil River.

In the inaugural function, Lod Gambo, SDO (SADAR), Mibom Pertin, ZPM, Mage Tacho, AE (WRD), Panchayat  & PublicLeaders and other Officers & Officials of Education Department were present among the host of villagers. (DIPRO)


AJA flays Tax and excise dept

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Arunachal Judo Association (AJA) today joined Arunachal Shito-Ryu Kare Association (ASKA) in flaying tax and excise department for ‘willfully’ depriving meritorious sportspersons from being appointed in the department under reservation quota (5%).  The tax and excise department is exercising this practice for the last three years undermining the HC order, AJA said adding that Six Inspectors and Four Assistant Inspectors have been appointed in the department without conducting any interview. It alleged that all the appointed are kith and kin of higher authorities.

AJA demanded the Chief Secretary to cancel all the appointments made and also suspension of the deputy commissioner (Legal) for his alleged misuse of official power.

Revealing more corruptions in the department, AJA informed that the file endorsing appointment of D Yakap, a medal winner of 33rd National Games by the chief minister in 2008 and another file recommending appointment of Yakap along with two meritorious sportspersons, namely T Dolo and T Raju in the posts of as Assistant Inspectors and Constable by the Director of Sports and Youth Affairs surprisingly went missing from the department.

It demanded the department concerned to recruit the posts before APPSC departmentally from meritorious sportspersons within a month. AJA said that candidates for group ‘B’ post are recruited within the department.


Sena lauds Don Bosco Society

Foundation of DBC Auditorium

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Minister of Finance Setong Sena, lauded the contribution of Don Bosco Society towards education and development of state of Arunachal. He further said, “Don Bosco has been on the fore front of providing quality education and inculcating a disciplined way of life which is absolutely essential for development.”

He said while laying the foundation stone for Don Bosco College Auditorium today with a seating capacity of one thousand.

He specially congratulated Don Bosco College for its excellent academic performance and discipline. While concluding the speech he extended all support for the.

“Don Bosco College, the first ever private college in the state of Arunachal, has enabled the students of every section of the society to attain quality education without going to Delhi, Bangalore or Shillong and spend a lot of money and return as misfits in the society,” said Techi Kaso, MLA, Capital Complex.  He also thanked the Chief Minister for his kind gesture of providing grant in aid to the Christian minority institution all over the state.  Nabam Vishal, advisor to the Chief Minister and president of Don Bosco College Welfare Committee, also spoke.

General Secretary of Arunachal Christian Forum, Toko Teki, thanked the magnanimous gesture of the Chief Minister in acknowledging and aiding the efforts of Christian Community by providing financial assistance to Christian institutions as it is being done for the institutions of other communities in the state.

The foundation stone was blessed by Rev.Fr. Jacob Mittathilany, Vicar of the Diocese of Itanagar.

It’s on teachers whether students build the WTD or break it down.


AAPSA Talent Search 2010

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: MLA Bamang Felix, 19 Nyapin Koloriang Constituency inaugurated the AAPSA Talent Search 2010 here today in a colouful function attended by over 1000 students from 31 AAPSA member schools with the theme “Together To Excel” and the sub-theme “Know AIDS for No AIDS”.  

Speaking as Chief Guest at the opening ceremony he asked the student to be disciplined in all areas of their lives and to respect their school uniforms and not to degrade it in any way through misbehaviour any time.  

“You must make the best use of your God-given talents and be responsible for your lives”, said Fellix.   Commenting on how wrong choices made by young people affect their entire lives, Felix said, “You can be the world’s most successful doctor or engineer or the most successful goonda.  The choice is yours!”   He also spoke about the key role that teachers play in moulding the lives of young people.  Teachers can make students who can build the World Trade Centre and students who can break it down.   

The MLA also announced cash awards for the best three disciplined participating schools of AAPSA Talent Search 2010.  

The inaugural function also consisted of walk-past by the 1000 strong participants, band display by Holy Cross School and cultural items by Don Bosco School and M. K. Memorial School.   

Talent Search 2010 is the second such event organized by AAPSA with the aim of nurturing young talents.  


An Inglorious Moment

Tom Simai

Now it is evident that the granting of PRC to non-APST was a shrewd and secretive scheme of our bird-brained politicians to secure their political future. And in the process, unfortunately, they have pioneered the most inglorious moment in the history of the state. The incredible chronicle of harmonious co-existence has been tainted by the bevy of irresponsible people ruling the state.

The recent Namsai crisis where many innocuous natives were mangled delineates about our visionless and egoist leaders who entailed the step of building gaps instead of bridges among different communities. And it’s very unfortunate that we are being governed by them. God save us.

The two districts, Lohit and Changlang categorized as the most non-aggressive districts were chosen for the initial experimentation of PRC onslaughts. And it seems gradually, the conspiring politicians were planning phase wise to offload the PRC baggage in all the districts of the state. Apparently, the local inhabitants of the two districts being grimly passive and non-vocal, it was labeled as non-volatile zone, a perfect place to introduce their lethal cerebrations of granting PRC to non-APST. But before the cabal could yell eureka, thanks to agile vigilance of student’s body like AAPSU that grasped the conspiracy and instantly choked their joyful exclamation. The swift response of AAPSU not only stirred the state but also saved these two stolid districts from being burdened discreetly with another baggage of adversity.

Evidently, the upsurge of Namsai brawl is the result of the reckless strategy embraced by the state, which has caused us immense embarrassment. In fact, it was a hasty political move that was meant to backfire and it has, inflaming Lohit district with all the possibility to engulf Changlang district sooner or later.

The districts that were known for communal harmony are now facing the wrath of communal violence. Who is responsible? Of course, the state government for bestowing the fang to the non-APST throngs to strike back. Moreover, the local administration is also equally responsible for the unfortunate event because even after knowing the sensitiveness of the issue they allowed the procession of non-APST community to traverse the danger zone. The mayhem was inevitable.  Additionally, it’s perplexing to witness the aggression of the non-APST community who has co-existed harmoniously with the locals since many generations. Their vicious act suggests the involvement of inimical elements from the neighboring Assam who are manipulating the situation for their benefits.

I presume, the state’s non-APST communities leaning on Assam is clear clue of betrayal and those involved in the recent riot should be declared as traitor and deported from the state. A genuine non-APST of the state will never let the outsider to hamper the harmonious co-existence of the region.

Meanwhile, the reason conferred by the government for granting PRC to non-APST was for ‘seeking employment’. Isn’t it ridiculous that the government is not worried about its own population that’s reeling under the scourge of unemployment? Why the state government is not concentrating to solve the state’s burning issues like unemployment, refugee problem, drugs abuses, healthcare, education etc instead of inventing newfangled turmoils. Perhaps, the answer might open another boxful of worms like the PDS scam.

Conclusively, it is weird that most of the local representatives of Lohit and Changlang districts, instead of protesting the PRC blunder are the grinning members of the granting committee. They are to be blamed for the Namsai violence and they should on moral ground, if there is any, resign from their post. But unfortunately everyone knows that all the sense of morality disappears when it comes to power. The power to pocket the public money, grab the public lands and destroy the public’s future. Indeed, gone are the days of good leaders and good policies, it’s the time of bad politicians and bad policies. God save Arunachal. (The writer can be reached at [email protected])


ATSU appeals for doctors

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: All Tirap District Students Union (ATSU) has drawn the attention of director of health services about lack of doctors at district hospital, Khonsa.

Terming the condition of hospital as miserable, ATSU stated that main deficiency of hospital included lack of specialist doctors, insufficient medicines, non-availability of equipments and others.  ATSU claim that due to lack of availability of specialist doctors, often patients are referred to hospitals at Dibrugarh or Guwahati.

During such situation poor people always face lots of problem because of high cost involve in getting treatment at places like Guwahati.  Keeping this in mind ATSU has requested director health service to provide gynecologist, medicine and surgeon specialist doctors for Khonsa district hospitals.


Koloriang students get a taste of tourism

KOLORIANG, Oct, 28: A day programme on “Sensitization of Tourism Activities” was organized at Govt. Middle School Nikja with the theme called “Catch them at Young” by Tourism Department and sponsored by Education Department under the aegis of DDSE Office.

The workshop was attended by the locals Officers, students and the teaching staffs.

Attending the workshop as chief guest CO P. Tayeng appreciated the effort made by the Tourism Department and expressed satisfaction at the standard of workshop. He further added that it is pertinent to safe guard the serenity of one’s rich cultural heritage to be an integral part of tourism.

While calling upon the gathering numbering 480 participants, District Tourism Officer, T.K.Kopak said that tourism has potential to inculcate the spirit of hospitality, discipline, mannerism etc among the younger generation.

He further informed that certain initiative ought to be carried out for the rapid development of tourism sector in the areas and earn oneself a place in tourism map of India. It may be mentioned that poor route connectivity is a bottleneck in the area. He got accolades from all the witnesses for his excellent workmanship in organization of the programme.

He impressed upon the participants to conserve the present flora and fauna which in its pristine condition to boost eco-tourism in the area.  

Meanwhile I/c Headmaster G. Kambu opined that such programme provided exposure to the student. He lamented about the poor infrastructures.

Speaking on the occasion was ADI T. Nyitan dwelled upon the necessity of students participation in the tourism sector especially during their formative age for they are the bright citizen of tomorrow.

The occasion was marked by various cultural items presented by the students of the school, supported by the programme coordinator N. Geyi.  (DIPRO, Koloriang).


DSU draws attention of other unions

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Doimukh Students’ Union (DSU) drew the attention of various students unions, including AAPSU, ANSU, GSU etc., towards some burning issues like immigration and PRC to non APSTs in Arunachal Pradesh which have become a matter of grave concern for all Arunachalees.

Citing the example of Chakma-Hajong, who were granted Indian citizen by the Apex Court despite protest, DSU said that this is the right time to ponder these two most important issues; otherwise, it would be too late for us to take up it.

It alleged that the offspring’s of non-APSTs, including Tibetans and Bangladeshis married to Arunachalee women, are availing all ST benefits provided by the State Government. "Most tactfully, they do not use the title of their father rather they use the title of their mother and maternal grandfather to obtain ST certificate," DSU said.

It also expressed concern over growing population of illegal migrants in Capital Complex, which, according to DSU, has outnumbered the locals.


World sight day 2010 at remote Namtok

CHANGLANG, Oct 28: The month long observation of World Sight Day 2010 concluded on Oct 27 last with organisation of two days Free Eye Checkup camp and Mass Awareness Meeting on Eye Health at Namtok, a remote circle headquarter of Changlang district.

Befitting the theme, Reaching the doorstep of the people to restore sight of this year’s observation of World Sight Day, an eye care team from District hospital, changlang consisting of Dr. Taba Khanna, eye surgeon, Dr. Minsing Ngemu, Medical officer and D. Maity, PMOA, reached the people residing in remote areas and provided necessary curative services and interacted with community on the preventive aspects of eye health. During the month long observation, variety of activities like screening of students, free eye checkup for community, drawing and painting competitions and awareness meets were conducted in Miao and Bordumsa circles of the district by Para Medical Ophthalmic Assistants, D. Bagra and B. Ampi.

Over 1000 students and general public were examined and required services were provided to mark the observation.


Safety tips for students

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: The Road Safety Cell, PHQ, Itanagar organized a road safety awareness programme at Arunodaya Govt. Hr. Sec. School here today and tipped the school children on road safety codes and traffic rules.

Apang Tamut, SP (Traffic) advised all participants to maintain pedestrian safety codes and also educated them about safety measures to be adopted while traveling in vehicle. They were also asked to carry the messages to their parents and relatives of the need to wear helmet, seat belt and obey traffic rules while riding two wheelers as well as four wheelers.

He discouraged reckless riding of two wheelers by young riders which often causes fatal accidents.

Pamphlets containing road safety tips were also distributed among students and staff of the school.


Induction training

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: A three days Induction Training   for newly appointed 9 District Programme Managers for district Level DPMSU & 71 Block Accountant Cum Data Assistant  for block level BPMSU is being conducted  by Arunachal Pradesh State Health Society, National Rural Health Mission, Naharlagun at DHS Conference Hall, Naharlagun from Oct 27.

During these three days training programme, the participants are given brief introduction to NRHM, and its guideline, IEC/ BCC Activities, Financial Management and Accounting Procedures and Health Management Information System under NRHM.

The resource person were Dr. Dimong Padung ,Nodal Officer (NRHM), O. Thamphang, DD (IEC),   Dr. Amping Perme, SPO, (M&E), Rajita Goswami (State Data Manager) & Haiwang Wangsu, ( State HMIS Consultant)  Arup Paul, State Finance Manager.

The methodology of the training was Participatory Learning Approach (PLA).






Society takes stand

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: The Changlang Elite Society has strongly condemned the Namsai violence while it blamed the govt. and local administration.

It said that it was a wrong policy by the state govt while adding that politicians are trying to help the non-APST in order to consolidate their vote banks.  It further said that there was no need for govt to issue PRC when it is already issuing Temporary Residential Certificate (TRC) to all the needy non-APST persons for school admission and government job.

Meanwhile, Society during a meeting held at Changlang on Oct 27 has called for complete ban on selling & purchasing of drugs/ opium.

It said that house to house raid will be started after 15 days notice within Changlang Township.

Changlang Elite Society would be headed by Khongpong Tangha as Chairman, Renu Mungrey as Vice Chairperson  Ngungtim Changmi as General Secretary.


Healing crusade

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: The Nyishi Baptist Church Council is going to conduct a three-day Healing Crusade at Nyoping Town Baptist Church from Dec 3 to 5.   


PAYWA prog

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Yangte ZPM HR Talo and Pania ADC Choku Takar will attend the first ever conference of Palin Area Youth Welfare Association (PAYWA) on November 11 as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


APDDSU on education tour

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) is conducting its 1st phase of ten days education tour to the district from Oct 21.  The ongoing tour began from Mengio and come to an end at Sagalee on Oct 31.

Meanwhile, condemning the brutal murder of late Nabam Sonam at Bomdila recently,  APPDSU has demanded early completion of investigation process and exemplary punishment to the murderers of Late Sonam.


Meet on Multimedia Campaign

Daporijo, Oct 28: A District Level Committee meeting for the implementation of Multi- Media Campaign, to be organized under the banner of Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control Society and to be kicked off from Daporijo on November 10 was conducted today here.

Stressing on the need to make the event a spectacular and successful one, Deputy Commissioner A Abhayankar stated on the need for the inclusion of the student community, who are the target group of the Campaign.

DMO Dr. Dubom Bagra informed the house about the important aspects of the Multi media Campaign and it was decided that all members would provide their full cooperation to the organizers.

The multi-media campaign aims to mobilize Youth for the prevention of HIV and AIDS and capitalize on the popularity of local entertainment avenues like music concerts and sports among youth between the age group of 15-29 years. (DIPRO)


Houses burnt

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Six houses are reported gutted down in Langri Riang at Bameng circle in East Kameng.

All Bameng Khenewa and Lada Students Union while informing this appealed for immediate relief for the fire victims.

Meanwhile at  Kebang  village, East Siang today, the house of the  Head mam Talo Dupak was gutted by fire. The villagers have come to the rescue of the victims.

All Kebang villagers appealed the local MLA Tapang Taloh to extend his helping hand to the aggrieved family.


JNCSU calls for up-gradation

ITANAGAR, Oct 28:  JN College Students Union while calling for its up gradation to a state university has said that the College possesses 230 acres of surplus land of which 30% is only under use and the rest prone to illegal encroachment.

It said that the College with its already established infrastructure will need only meager amount from the state exchequer to upgrade it and would serve as a platform for hundreds of students who pass out from different colleges of the state to peruse higher education.


DA order

Daporijo, Oct 28: Upper Subansiri Deputy Commissioner has brought out a circular for all concerned to get their vehicle/motor cycles registered within one month from Oct 27.

Defaulters who do not comply with the circular shall invite necessary action like seizing of vehicles on the expiry of one month. DIPRO


Union divides

ITANAGAR, Oct 28:  A faction led by Olik Komut of All East Siang District Students Union in a letter to the All Arunacgal Pradesh Students Union has said that elections which is scheduled for Nov 12-14 should go ahead so that students are given a chance to choose their leaders.

In a representation to the apex students union, the East Siang unit said that recent decision to select someone to lead someone was not based on popular support.

It said that district union is   divided because of interference of the political leaders and corporate houses.

Meanwhile, the Jawaharlal Nehru College Students Union (JNCSU) has welcomed the decision of the AAPSU to end the confusion by selecting a president for the All East Siang Students Union.


NGRG to promote art and culture

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: In order to encourage, preserve and uplift the rich music mosaic and repository of the Nyishi community and to provide Nyishi artistes a platform to look into their grievances, an artistes forum, titled, Nwsw-Gyungle-Rwjz Gouyaa (NGRG) is being formed with Nabam Tati and Techi Lombu as chairman and general secretary.

The Forum sought cooperation in its endeavour to preserve and promote the rich art and culture of Nyishi community.


North East Urban InfraCon

ITANAGAR: The Indian Chamber of Commerce North East, in association with the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, is organizing a daylong conference on “North East Urban InfraCon, 10” to discuss and formulate a road-map for urban development of the cities of the region at Guwahati on Oct 29.

Saugata Roy, Union Minister of State for Urban Development, Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam, Ajanta Neog, Minister of PWD, Govt. of Assam and Nabam Tuki, Minister of Urban Development Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh will attend the function.


APPCRTC convention

ITANAGAR: A three-day Arunachal Pradesh Police Christian Revival Testimonial Convention (APPCRTC) will be held at Indira Gandhi Park here from Dec 3.

Many resource persons are expected to deliver lecture in the convention being organized for the first time under the banner of Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Council (APCRCC).


Thongchi to retire from IAS

ITANAGAR: Y D Thong-chi, Commissioner transport and others would retire soon from Indian Administrative Service.

The administrator, who is one of the most known names in the literary circle in India for his brilliant writings in Assamese, would be given a warm farewell at the J N Museam by various departments of the state.

To mark the day, five books including the Gazetteers of Arunachal would be released.




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