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October - 30



An open letter to CM

Dear Editor,

Let me narrate you a story that you may have never heard of. It was during my childhood days that I remember a village which was not as rich as other villages but it was worth being called a rich village. There was a small hydro- power station that supplied the most minimum electricity power to the villagers, but the villagers were happy with what they’ve got. They had their fields to feed them, and hills to provide every minimal necessities they required. Yet they were happy. Let me tell you Sir, The happiness of the villagers didn’t last for long; the electricity in the village was gone. No one knew how. The blame was put on nature, that it had made the river change its course. The villagers were satisfied. The next 3 years were spend in a complete darkness. Sir, can you imagine how hardworking and how talented were the people there that many of them managed to become engineers, doctors by fighting their fate. The respect towards these people will never be ceased. You might be thinking why I am telling you an age old story, but Sir, nothing has changed since then.

Students still study under the flickering candle light or an oil lamp  because the electricity facilities is only for three hours and then after the three glory hours, its complete darkness again. But sir, how many people in this village can afford the oil that has been increasing in its price, and who is there to explain the students that these will only spoil their eyes. Hunger for knowledge knows no bounds; they won’t stop until you stop them.

Mr CM, a saying goes, “children born from same mother don’t get equal looks”…..but atleast the mother treats them equally. In the same way, why some parts in your state gets a very high attention, while some of the area are even not heard.

I know the importance of the tourism industry in the state and the financial security that it gives to the state. Well I am talking about Tawang, during my college days at Bangalore, every morning I read our states daily newspapers, thanks to the new technology, I always read about  what you did for Tawang. The jealousy always creeps in my mind. I know Tawang is a very crucial part of our state but Arunachal is not only about Tawang. By reading this some may think that I am being very critical about Tawang. I am sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks of me that way. I am very proud of Tawang.

In fact I was a very active promoter of Tawang during the ‘Seven wonders of India campaign’ collecting my friends’ email ids and voting for it day and night. But Mr CM, there’s more to Arunachal then only being confined to Tawang, I just wish that your focus shifts to these areas too. It’ll do lots of good to the voters of other districts too.

Mr CM, youths are known to be the most essential pillars for a state. Today’s youth are the future. But, what can we do when the foundation of these pillars are in stake?  I see most of youths today are only running behind the thirst for power. It is good to see them taking part in the making of our state’s tomorrow, but I don’t think our tomorrow’s generation will be interested in leaders who gave up their studies for politics. Please explain to these youths the importance of an educated mind for the working of the state and also running it, so that these youths will not take their education for granted.

I know Sir, that you and many other people might not like me after reading this letter , but it’ll satisfy me that at least I’ve done my duty as your citizen and as a citizen to the state and at least I could inform you of what I thought about my state. It is just that we study in other states and wish that our state was as good as the others. The dream of living in a glorious state during our lifetime is a dream for everyone and this is just a small step of showing what our dreams are. A state without corruption, no soul poor, the right use of our constitution’s Justice, equality and Fraternity and freedom of speech is everyone’s idea and I am just trying to find a way to using these big words, but all the decision is yours Mr CM, we are your followers, you take a step and we’ll surely follow you.


Oyam Saring,

Delhi University,

(On email)



Hail you

Dear  Editor,

We heartily give our gratitude to Sang Khandu, CO, Bomdila for recognizing and highlighting the beauty of nature in our district East-Kameng. A wonder of Nature- Oct 27.

As the district is enriched with many beauties alike which needs real attention to attract the tourist.

Chayang Tajo, Papu-Valley, Bameng, Lada, Sawa etc itself is the best creation of the nature. What we need is some proper planning, better roadways, and a good exposure.

Since the district has been declared a tourist hub last year, the beautification of Seppa is on its way.

As for now we need such more ideas and suggestion like Khandu did. We welcome the entire nature aficionado and their valuable suggestion.


Chapo Phasang

Seppa (On email)



Bring back the peace

Dear Editor,

The incident that held at Namsai in Lohit District on 23rd Oct would not have happened had the legislators of the two districts and the state government taken a matured decision on the issue.

Because of their irresponsible, immature and selfish decision on issuance of PRC to the Non-APST, innocent people had to face such communal clash in Lohit District on that fateful day.

No such incident happened in the history of Lohit and Changlang districts in the name of APST and Non-APST. Perhaps it is the first ever communal clash between two communities, only because of wrong policy /decision of the legislators of two districts and the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

No doubt Non-APST is staying in these districts, but it does not mean that they should claim every right at par with the indigenous people of the Arunachal Pradesh. They were given place for dwelling in Arunachal soil on humanitarian ground. They should be thankful to the people of Arunachal Pradesh in return. But it is surprising that today they are targeting indigenous people instead giving respect and maintaining communal harmony.

Legislators are saying that PRC for non-APST is only to seek central job. Are not they aware that Non-APST have job under state govt. and other central services.

For the sake of our land, I request the legislators not to mislead/curtail the future of the innocent indigenous people for their petty political gain.

It is also surprising to note that the organization in the name and style of Lohit-Changlang Development Forum (LCDF) also exists in the district. I want to know from the forum that, what is the aim & objectives and does it have the confidence of the indigenous people of two districts?

I urge upon the district administration and state government to immediately ban the so-called LCDF, who ignited the communal tension at Namsai on 23rd Oct’10 in the name of demanding PRC to non-APST.

Bring a solution to instill communal harmony in these two districts.


Concerned citizen

(on email)



Let’s be more responsible

Dear Editor,

I wish to make a response to “larger question” of this column of 27th Oct.

One who lives in glass houses should not throw stones at others!!

I understand we’ve hurt and harmed one another enough. And words he has voiced comes out of deep distress & a sense of insecurity. But let us not lose nerves. In these imbroglios instead of being victim of prejudice why don’t we come out & see things beyond all these chaos.

What he’s expressed, might the other party have much ‘larger question’ towards his party which remains unexposed!! I’m sorry to say that a simple literate person will find his words & thoughts self-contradictory in correspondence with the fact & the reality.

I don’t find justifiable to refute his every point necessary here. I believe we should take the privilege of this space of this esteemed daily to create a world of love & brotherhood instead wagging fingers or throwing stones at one another. And if we’re strong let us think for the welfare of the weaker brother instead of abusing and prospering at their expenses.

Blaming one another will never bring any lasting solution to bridge the gap & to create harmony among the people of Mahadevpur and Namsai.

Our legislators busy mending their own nets to lay in wait for another scheme. Being callous with sentiments and destiny of people, they think they can just get through & shove issues under the carpet. But it’s not so, it makes a difference, it ought to make a difference.

It is my earnest plea to the lay thinking citizens that let us be harbingers of peace, reconciliation & healing to our already hurting and wounded homes and society. Because you alone are called & looked upto as giants of integrity who can stand in the gap. A stitch in time always saves nine. Let us be visionaries of tomorrow’s Arunachal delegating ourselves as responsible citizens of today.


Another Concerned citizen (On email)



In 21st century, we don’t deserve this

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to call made by the APCC to all sections through the print media to say no to bandh calls. While bandh calls are held illegal by the Supreme Court, peaceful demonstrations as a tool of protest by the public are proper in a democratic state. But in a small state like ours having a population of hardly Eleven Lakhs where is the room for even any kind protest by the public if the ruling Congress government have been discharging its duty lawfully while upholding supreme public interest for welfare of the public. Given the existence of highly glorified PM packages, Central funding, etc running to over 24,000 crores of rupees to the state, why the people in the state day in and day out would have been making protest, rallies, bandh calls, etc had the money been wisely utilised and benefits provided to the rightful stake holders. But very unfortunately and obnoxiously, the ruling congress party and the congress government led by Dorjee Khandu have been abusing executive powers of the state and doing all kinds of arbitrary actions and illegalities while blatantly ignoring and suppressing popular demands of the public. While public memory is really short, but the repeated and gross illegalities done by Dorjee Khandu led Congress government in the state is doing enough to time and again to refresh the short public memory.

The authoritarian use of force a year ago to cow down and crush its own employees of the state government employees, CoSAAP who had been claiming its rightful pay benefits; the unresolved and largely neglected Assam Arunachal boundary row which very frequently wreaks havoc to harmony to the public; dysfunctional PDS and chronic and acute shortage of foodgrains for the people across the state; unsustainable, wanton and suicidal trend of putting up over hundreds of mega hydro projects in the hilly and ecologically fragile state falling under the dangerous and destructive Seismic zone 6 of earthquake activity by blatantly ignoring and forcefully suppressing the dam affected people while seriously putting at risk the very existence and survival of people within the state and outside in the downstream; the violations of law and the abuse of machinery to selectively harass few individuals and to shield high profile co-accused in the mega PDS scam and the illegal intervention of the state government in the due process of investigation by the SIC; the serious violations of provisions of the Constitution of the country itself to contravene provisions of the Bengal Frontier Regulation,1873 in once granting PRC to non-APST in the state, though recalled later, which has already sown the seed of grave communal divide and already resulted in untold public suffering at Namsai area. Oh god how much more is in store for the Arunachalees. The public of a democratic state does not deserve such a governance in the 21st Century independent India. The APCC should sincerely introspect working of its party leaders in the government. The kind of governance the Congress government in the state is discharging is not in tune with the ideologies and visions of the great Congress Party which had been inherited by the Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar among others who laid down their lives to gift us this independent nation and the states where the government should enable the citizens every right and opportunity to flourish instead of following authoritarian tactics of a dictator.

Dorjee Khandu lead congress government has miserably failed to deliver to the public in the state and as the CM he is morally responsible for all the failings. Over and above his illiterate background, the present CM lacks basic qualities of a statesman to lead a state where public can aspire for harmony, peace, security, and prosperity. At a juncture in the stage of modern development when the governments across the globe are fighting against world environmental hazards and crying for sustainable development, a government which simply cannot look beyond upfront monies of the mega hydro projects while risking very survival of its citizens donot have the moral right to continue. The time is ripe when the APCC should be engaging with the AICC for restructuring of its own home by making necessary reshuffling in leadership in their party led government instead of blaming the citizens. The AICC has also an important duty cast upon it to effect much needed changes in the leadership of the Congress government since the present leadership has earned but largely deprivation, lawlessness, insecurity, hopelessness, disorderliness, communal divisions, discontentment among the public in the state. The public has the moral, fundamental and democratic right to protest when the state government itself violates the law of the land and becomes traitor of the citizens.


Philin Thomas,

(On email)




Where a signature mars all

Dear Editor,

This is just another aggrieved candidate with the slogan "lost opportunity" if one flash-back to the 22 Oct issue where one such candidate shared her grievances.

The only difference this time that the toll reached a greater height, when 5 eligible candidates officially called for the veterinary officer's viva-voice interview held on 23th Oct but were kicked out right from the doorsteps for the same reason despite providing all essential documents a candidate ought to have.

In short, call letter goes to 12 but actual privilege of the interview was for 7.

Is it justified or makes any sense when one batch gets recruited with the same/ditto documents while the other gets rejected?

Are the esteemed and intellectual board members not even aware of the fact that each University has its own set of preset standard norms and that we students are bound to the same standard procedures. Are we supposed to go against the Institution's rules to be eligible for any interview in our state? Its remains an unanswered question!

But what hurts our sentiments the most is that the esteemed “Theys" fail to realize what agony a candidate  goes through on loosing such an opportunity  when their career is kept at stake for a mere signature.

Perhaps, it will take just a few months to get more "Kalmadis" but another decade to get intellectuals who do really understand the meaning of "Talent search is our motto".


A Citizen





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


SC for reopening of PIL against government

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: In a major blow to the government and the Chief Minister, the Supreme Court has called for issuance of notice regarding PIL No. 52/2007 which was earlier dismissed by Guwahati High court.

Justice R V Raveendran and A K Patnaik today while hearing the Petition  Rahul Aggarwal Versus State of Arunachal for permission to  file SLP noted why the matter should not be remanded to the High Court to the appoint amicus curiae in place of the petitioner and examine the matter on merits.

The PIL No. 52/2007 was filled by one Borang Lama following alleged discrepancies in the lifting of foods under Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana scheme.

The PIL was subsequently dismissed by the Guwahati High Court vide its judgment date 12th of May, 2010.

After the devastating floods in 2004, centre invoked special food-for-work programme under its Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana scheme that aims to ensure food security in rural India. The plan was to employ the flood-affected villagers to rebuild damaged homes and roads in exchange for wages paid in the form of food (75%) and money (25%). The Centre also promised to bear all costs of transport of rice from godowns of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) to the districts.

The records states that in 2004, a contractor hired by the Arunachal Pradesh government transported rice to flood victims, charging `68.44 crore, or about six times the `11.7 crore that the Union government had spent to buy the rice for relief supplies to the north-eastern state. During the time, the present Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu was the Relief Minister in the government headed by the Gegong Apang.

The transport company, an unregistered firm, RD Carriages, received the contract without the required tendering process. Its owner is member of Khandu’s family.

The contract to carry out the scheme was subsequently given to RD Carriages. The firm showed head-loads in places where there are roads; increased the head-load distances where there are no roads; and inflated the hiring cost of trucks by three times.


RIWATCH set to build world-class infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions, Cultures & Heritage (RIWATCH) is all set to establish its infrastructure of international standards and traditional designs at Iduli village near Roing.

This was apprised to the Governor Gen. J J Singh by Executive Director of RIWATCH Vijay Swami along with senior architect Techi Gubin and architect Rochen Ruyi during their meeting at Raj Bhavan here yesterday.

Swami informed that the Medical Research Lab opened at Roing to study Bronchitis, in collaboration with Stanford University, California involving two medical officers is the first step towards taking Arunachal Pradesh on international platforms.

Swami also informed that RIWATCH is going to conduct its’ first International Conference on January 7 and 8, 2011, on ‘Global Collaboration and networking on preserving and nurturing rich cultural heritage with special emphasis on North East.’ The Governor expressed happiness on the developmental plans of RIWATCH and appreciated its work in preserving and nurturing culture, traditions and heritage of Arunachal Pradesh and the North East.

Earlier, the RIWATCH functionaries gave details of the proposed building plans that have been designed by extensively incorporating rich cultural aspects of Arunachal Pradesh. It will have an administrative block in the shape of Arunachalee Cap, a common dining hall will in the shape of Basket, a hostel shaped like various ornaments, workshop shaped like mountains & hillocks and a guest house designed like a monastery.

It may be mentioned here that Governor Gen. Singh had laid the foundation stone of RIWATCH on Nov 7, 2009 with a hope that the institution will help in better understanding of the richness of age-old cultural assets of the region and state. PRO to Raj Bhawan.


Centre committed to develop NE region:

Union minister

ITANAGAR, Oct 29:  The Centre is committed to the development of North eastern region and overall central assistance allocated for the northeast during 2009-10 is around Rs 16,000 crores. This was stated by Union Minister of State for Urban Development Saugata Roy at Guwahati today.

Addressing the day-long conference on “North East Urban InfraCon-10’, Roy said that cities hold tremendous potential as engines of economic and social development. But rapid growth of urban population puts a huge strain on the physical infrastructural development of cities. Overcrowding, paucity of affordable housing, bottlenecks in urban transport, concerns on public safety and security are primary challenges in the urban areas, he said. To tide over these problems, the Central Government has started a most ambitious programme called JNNRUM for the development of cities all over the country. The programme is also being implemented in the North East Region, Roy added. The minister, however, admitted that the North East region is one of the least developed regions in India with its economy mostly depend on predominance of agriculture besides low level of development of natural resources and low progress in industrial development. The level of urbanization in this region is lower than the rest of the country while there is rapid growth of urban population in the region.

The union minister said in one of the significant initiatives, Government has been earmarking at least 10 per cent of the total plan budget of the central ministries for specific programmes in the North East region. If the actual expenditure incurred in the north eastern region including Sikkim falls short of earmarked 10 per cent, the balance is required to be transferred to the Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources for the northeastern region and Sikkim, he said.

He further informed that North Eastern Region Urban Development Programme is being implemented with the technical and financial assistance from Asian Development Bank.

Arunachal Pradesh PWD and Urban Development Minister Nabam Tuki and delegates from other NE states took part in the conference.  The unique conference was organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, North East in association with union ministry of Urban Development to discuss and formulate a road map for urban development of the cities of the region. PIB


Union MHRD Secretary to visit Arunachal in year-end

NAHARLAGUN, Oct 29: The secretary of the union ministry of the human resource development Anshu Vaish (SE &L) has agreed to visit Arunachal Pradesh in the third week of December.

She gave her consent when the Arunachal Pradesh Education Minister Bosiram Siram called on her at New Delhi today.

During her tour, she would visit interior schools of the state to assess the functioning of the schools like KGBV and other government run and aided schools. The Secretary also gave her commitment to boost up the elementary and  secondary education in the state with sufficient allocation of fund for construction of teacher’s quarter, extension of school buildings and headmaster rooms in the primary and upper primary school girls and boys separate toilets.(DIPR)


Buddha statue consecrated

BOMDILA, Oct 29: Guba-Lhabhab-Duichen, a most revered day by the Buddhist world over and believed to be Lord Buddha’s sojourn to heaven for preaching and his subsequent return to earth was commemorated by consecrating the Buddha statue by Rev. T.G Rinpoche here at Buddha Park this morning.

Rev T. G. Rinpoche reiterated that the Buddhist of the Mon region need to endeavor further to uphold the values and the principles of Buddhism by way of enriching oneself mentally and  spiritually. Urging the district administration and the devotees to ensure proper maintenance and beautification of the Buddha park with all its religious sanctity,  Rev T. G. Rinpoche summed up his religious discourse by explaining the Eight Verses for training the mind which paves the way for a purposeful and meaningful life.


DAHV office ransacked, accused nabbed

ITANAGAR, Oct 29:  The directorate of animal husbandry and veterinary office Nirjuli was ransacked by a miscreant at around 8.30 today. The incidence came to light of all the officers and officials of the directorate at 9.30 a.m. when they came to the office.

The miscreant forcefully entered the office chamber of the DAHV and ransacked the entire room and damaged the furniture and threw away the official files out side the office complex. In addition to these, Govt. vehicle (Ambassador car) bearing Regn. NO.AR-01B-0039 belonging to the Director which was parked in a garage within the office complex was damaged badly, police sources informed. The matter was immediately reported to the Nirjuli Police Station for prompt action and FIR was lodged. Accordingly, police swung into action and nabbed the accused one Tadar Raju. A case has been registered and investigation is on. The police force also rushed to the spot and verified the damaged caused.

The S.P. Capital Complex Chukhu Apa also immediately rushed to the spot and assured all sorts of supports from the police personals to check non-recurrence of such incident in future, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh Veterinary Association (APVA) strongly condemned such repeated incidence and urged the Govt. to give exemplary punishment to miscreant so that such incidences are not repeated in future. The Association further requested the Govt. to provide  police protection for the officials during office hours so that they can discharge their duties in peace.


Give work share to local firms: PPA

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Informing that Arunachal Pradesh Govt has granted Prospecting License for Limestonne to M/s Satyam Group (Mining & Mineral Ltd) and other few firms for establishment of cement plants in Tiding area in Anjaw districts, the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) appealed the state Govt to look into interest of local firms too.

The party welcomed the capitalists to invest resources in Arunachal Pradesh.  However, it urged the state Govt to be careful while granting such license to any private corporation.

Stating that M/s Satyam Group is reportedly trying to monopolize work of extraction of limestone in Tiding area, the PPA said instead of monopoly, there should be a competitive spirit and local firms also be allowed to participate in such venture.

The development without involving indigenous people can’t be term as real development, the party said and urged the Govt to ensure employment opportunities to indigenous people while issuing license to company like Satyam Group.


ANAYA reiterates demands

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: All Namsai Youth Association (ANAYA) today urged the state Govt to fulfill its 9-point charter of demand in connection with the bloody violence at Namsai on Oct 23.

 The state Chief Minister promised the public to fulfill the demands soon, but none of the demands has been fulfilled yet as per assurance, the ANAYA informed. The demands of the Association includes immediate arrest of the persons responsible for violent activities, suspension of the Lohit Deputy Commissioner, Namsai A.D.C., Lohit SP, Officer In-Charge of Namsai Police Station, Officer In-Charge, SB Branch, constitution of special investigation team for thorough enquiry into the incident and adequate compensation to the victims of clashes.


Three Police ranges for Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The Arunachal Pradesh Government has divided the State into three ranges, namely Western, Central and Eastern Range, for effective policing.

Tashi Lama, DIGP, has been given the charge of Western Range consisting of Tawang, West Kameng, East Kameng, Papum Pare and Capital (City) Itanagar. He has been given the works of operation and community policing in Western Range, training, PTC, Banderdewa, Telecommunication, FSL and any other works allotted by the DGP.

Robin Hibu, DIGP, has been given the charge of Eastern Range consisting of six districts,  including Dibang Valley, Lower Dibang Valley, Lohit, Anjaw, Changlang and Tirap. He has been assigned the works of operation and community policing in Eastern Range, security, road safety cell/traffic, planning branch, prosecution branch, RTI, PRO, all court matters, reserve branch, all India Police duty meet/Sports and any other works allotted by DGP.

Madhup Tewari, DIGP, has been given the charge of Central Range comprising six districts which include Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri, West Siang, East Siang and Upper Siang. He has been assigned the works of intelligence (special branch), operation, deployment and administrative matter of AAPBn, IRBn, liaisoning with CPMF on matter of deployment, crime (NCRB/SCRB/NCB), human right commission, Assembly/Parliament questions, library, CMCU/SIT/computer cell, police vigilance, DGP/IGP conference, Interpol/IB/RAW, border and any other work allotted by DGP.

DC Srivastava, DIGP, has been given the charge Police Headquarters (HQ) and he will handle the affairs of APH&WCL, modernization, housing and central Govt sponsored scheme, welfare branch, establishment, administration, fire service, officers mess, canteen, compliance of all senior officers visit note.


Thongchi retires after a fruitful journey

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The outgoing Commissioner Y D Thongchi was accorded a warm farewell by the officials of various govt departments during a function at JN State Museum here today.

Thongchi is going to retire from Govt service on attaining the age of superannuation on October 31 next. He was holding the offices of Commissioner, Cultural Affairs, Transport, Food & Civil Supplies, Legal Metrology & Consumers Affairs, Supply & Transport, and IPR & Printing Departments.

Relieved of daily affairs in office, what he says ‘I feel I was carrying a big stone on my head during my service period.’ Thongchi, the Sahitya Academy Award-winning writer divulged that he will dedicate his rest period of his life for the society’s cause – active literary works.

A man of simplicity, sober and above all, with a towering personality, he had the suggestions for his sub-ordinates: “Do whatever you can, good result will follow suit.” He further told them to work for peace and prosperity of the State with a positive frame of mind, which will do away with the negative thoughts.

Thongchi, who himself is a stanch believer of Buddhism, also asked the officials present not to feel sorry on his retirement, saying it’s not the real retirement; the ultimate one comes when a man leaves this material world.


Several speakers including K Riram (Under Secretary, Civil Supplies), T Tada (Director, Research), P Ligu (Director, Art & Culture), R N Koley (Assistant Director, Research), B Pertin (Dy Director, Research) and J Siram (Dy Director, Art & Culture) have expressed their delight on getting the chance of working under the guidance of Thongchi, the efficient and energetic administrator. They wished him a good health and happiness on the second innings of his life.

The Assistant Director Koley had earlier given a brief sketch on the life and achievements of Thongchi and the latter’s priceless contributions to the State.

On the occasion, Thongchi also released four books – ‘An introduction to Boot Monpa language’, ‘The Meyors and their language’, ‘Oral literature of the Tagin on creation of Universe of AP’ and ‘The Monpas of Tawang’, besides unveiling the State Gazetteer.


Infrastructure at Chayang Tajo in desperate need of intervention

DC visits Chayang Tajo

SEPPA, Oct 29: East Kameng DC Tope Bam has called upon the teachers to discharge their duties with sincerity and dedication. He was addressing a gathering at Govt. Hr. Secondary School, Chayang Tajo on Oct 26.

Teacher draws respect for their unique position in the society as nation builder, Bam said. The teachers will have mental satisfaction only when their students show excellent results, he added.

Bam was accompanied by SP, Kime Aya and other heads of the department of the district during his Chayang Tajo visit.

The Govt HS school was established way back in1962, upgraded to Hr. secondary in 2009. But the school is still facing shortage of improved infrastructure. Boys hostel building of the school is totally unfit for human occupation and science laboratory was found to be unproductive with its broken windows and doors.

Further, the team physically inspected Police Station, Craft centre, KGBV, Power House, BSNL, SBI, SDO and ADO offices, Health centre and the Govt. quarters. It is ascertained during the course of inspection that most of the buildings in existence are under dilapidated condition which needs immediate renovation and maintenance. It was a state of sorrow for the team to witness the pathetic condition of Health Centre which has remained almost defunct due to lack of medicines, accessories and staffs. The newly constructed 08 bedded casual ward is also unproductive without a single bed or any accessories installed there.

The DC has seriously viewed the illegal and un-authorized occupation of public in the Govt. quarters. He directed the SDO to immediate action to evict the authorized occupants of the Govt quarters. It is worth mentioning that the Home department has created sufficient infrastructure such as Police barracks and quarters but due to inadequate posting of force, the barracks  and quarters remained abandoned.

Public leaders and All Chayang Tajo Youth Welfare Association (ACTYWA) in a meeting next day submitted a memorandum urging the DC to intervene for all round development of the area.

The memorandum included issues like proper construction of 81 km Seppa to C/Tajo road by Gammon India Pvt. Ltd within stipulated time, installation of a new DG set, adequate posting of teachers and  para- medical staffs in education  and health sectors, permanent setting up of one company or section of IRBN/ITBP/CRPF in order to maintain law  and  order problem, immediate repair  and  maintenance of damaged Govt. offices/quarters.

Kime Aya assured to pursue the state Govt. for deployment of at least one section of ITBP or CRPF  force at Chayang Tajo and appealed the people of the area to maintain peace  and  tranquility. No one can escape from law, one or the other day the accused will be nabbed, said SP while referring to the recent attempt to kidnap case of SK Nath, the Project Manager of Gammon India Ltd.

DC also said that he would look into the grievances and take up the matters at higher level. He requested the people of the area to take full advantage of Govt. schemes and cooperate with the officers for over all development.

The ZP Chairperson, Sipi Bagang and SDO incharge Dahey Sangno also spoke on the occasion. DIPRO


DoNER under secretary inspects civil secretariat construction site

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The under secretary of the Union DoNER Minister D. Bandopadhaya has inspected the construction site of Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat Building and other sites at Itanagar today.

The visiting officer was accompanied by Chief Engineers Er Toli Basar, PWD Eastern Zone and Er Kuru Sera, PWD Central Zone besides Superintending surveyor of works Hage Pilliya,  in-charge Chief Engineer (PWD WZ) and Executive Engineer Er Rotu Techi, PWD Nlg Division.

Civil secretariat building is being constructed by M/s Simplex Project Ltd, Kolkata under the PWD Capital Division ‘A’ and funded under NLCPR, DoNER ministry.

While interacting with the engineers, the secretary expressed his full satisfaction over the progress of work. He also met state chief secretary Tabom Bam and Planning secretary Ankur Garg.


School health prog on Hepatitis B

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Lower Subansiri District Health Society in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb (India Private Limited) organized 2 days School Health Programme on  Hepatitis- B  under NRHM at Govt Hr. Sec. School, Ziro on Oct 28 and 29.   

11 cases of Hepatitis B were detected out of total 520 tested during the programme.

DC Sadhana Deori monitored the day-long programme and interacted with the students and teachers regarding the testing and counseling of the positive cases. She also directed the school authority to maintain confidentiality regarding the outcome of the tests.

Dr. J Khopey, MD (Pathology) briefed on Hepatitis B infection through power point presentation on Oct 28.

On the second day of the programme DFWO Dr. Nani Rika highlighted the aims and objectives of the School Health Programme and requested the students and teachers to take opportunity of free testing of Hepatitis- B.

DMO, Dr. Hage Tam, briefly highlighted the dangerous nature of Hepatitis -B, mode of transmission and its prevention. He requested all the students to be disciplined in all respect for a healthy life. He further informed the students that Hepatitis- B is one of the most dangerous infection and a silent killer.

The Hepatitis-B test kits were provided free of cost by Bristol-Myers Squibb which was was represented by Pranab Sharma.


Yoga training cum  natureo therapy camp

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: A seven days free Yoga training and natureo therapy camp was held at Arunachal Pradesh Charitable Trust (APCT), Lekhi village and Rajiv Gandhi University from October 22 organized by APCT in collaboration with Seva Bharati, Arunachal Pradesh.

Himadri Purokayastha, North East Yoga Pramukha, Yoga Bibhaga, Seva Bharati Purbanchal, Guwahati has given free natureo treatment to local patients and trained the participants.

About 80 patients were treated freely and 45 persons participated in the Yoga training.


KKSU eyes on private telecom service

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Expressing resentment over the poor functioning of the lone BSNL telecom network at Aalo in its adjacent areas, Kargu Kardi Students Union (KKSU) has appealed to the private (telecom) sectors like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel to step in West Siang district to provide better services to the people.  There is huge market for private telecom sectors with large number of mobile users in the district, the union said.

Complaints have been lodged many a times against the irregular functioning of the BSNL, but yielded no results, rather the service has gone from bad to worse with the passage of time, the union said. Not only mobile service, the land line service is also in a mess, the union further said while adding that  BSNL is unable to meet the demand of the increasing numbers of its subscribers.


Prog on farming concludes

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The five-day training programme on three pronged fish farming technologies for hill regions for the Northeastern region organized by Directorate of Cold Water Fisheries Research, Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) ended at RGU on October 23 last.

Parliamentary Secretary (Industries) Nabam Rebia and RGU vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. T Mibang, who attended the valedictory programme as chief guest and guest of honour respectively, distributed certificates to the participants.

The programme was sponsored fully by National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad.






Society assured

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Chijen Rijiju and Yangzom Rijiju have been appointed as president and general secretary of the women wing of the Sajolang Elite Society.

Meanwhile, the Society also conducted a meeting with the officials of KSK Company at Nafra regarding job opportunities for local unemployed youths.  

After threadbare discussion, the Company officials agreed to give first priority to local youths in job sector, the society said.


No collection in the name of Union

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) has strictly prohibited collection of collection from the business community and well wishers of twin capital towns of Itanagar and Naharlagun in the name of ALSU without prior knowledge of the conference committee chairman and vice chairman.


UAEA express solidarity

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Unemployed Arunachalee Engineer’s Association (UAEA) has expressed solidarity with indigenous tribal people of Namsai.

UAEA stated that though government plans to give PRC to non-APST, but they are keeping mum on hydropower developers not following MOA/MOU terms for reservation of 15% job for APST citizens. Union drew the attention towards hydropower developers setting up head offices in Assam instead of Arunachal and thereby not implementing all terms and condition of MOA/MOU.


Association draws attention of govt

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: All Nyapin, Sangram, Phassang Youth Welfare Association has drawn attention of education department towards lack of subject teachers in government higher secondary school, Nyapin.

In this regard association has demanded immediate posting of subject teachers in the said school. There is an urgent need for senior teachers in political science, geography and commerce department. Besides school also need junior teacher for English and social science, the association added.


Tally at Nirjuli

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The branch MSME Development Institute, Itanagar will organize an entrepreneurship skill development programme (ESDP) on ‘Tally’ for educated unemployed youth to take up self employment ventures and income generating activities at E-Age Solution, Nirjuli from November three to 15 next.


Foundation day cricket

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: West Kameng Nyishi Students Welfare Association is going to organize 3rd inter district cricket tournament and 6th literary competition on the eve of foundation day of association on 23rd of November.


Free career counseling

NAHARLAGUN, Oct.29: Capital DC Dr. S. B. Deepak Kumar would attend as the chief guest at the Career Counseling  cum Induction  programme for the aspirants of APCS and UPSC Civil Services to be held at D.N. College the Auditorium, Itanagar on November 1.

The Centre for Career Counseling and Pre-Examination, Training, Dera Natung Govt. College, Itanagar is conducting the free career counseling cum induction, which is funded by UGC, New Delhi.

The free coaching in the first phase from November 1 to 16 next will be imparted separately to those who are preparing for Viva-Voce and the second phase after November 16 till mid March will be for those preparing for Prelims -2011.


Foundation day

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The 7th Foundation day celebration cum conference of Kalom Ao Welfare Society (KAWS) at Tirbin will be attended by RD and PR Minister Takar Marde as chief guest on November 20.

The conference will mainly focus on socio-economic development of it clan members in particular and the area as a whole.


13 houses gutted in fire

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Altogether 13 houses and 7 granaries were today completely burnt to ashes leaving the dwellers roofless at Parsi-Parlo, a remote circle in Kurung Kumey district. This was informed by the Koloriang, Damin, Parsi-Parlo & Sarli Students’ Union. 10 more houses were damaged while the locals were trying to prevent the fire from spreading. The union appealed the State Govt to provide immediate relief to the fire-affected families.


Addl charges distributed

NAHARLAGUN, Oct. 29: Consequent upon the retirement of Y.D Thongchi, Commissioner (Cultural Affairs, Transport, Food & Civil Supplies, Legal Metrology & consumers Affairs, Supply & Transport, IPR & Printing) from the Government service on October 31 next,  the state Govt in an order said that Bandhana Deori, IRS, Secretary, Tourism will hold the additional charge of department of Cultural Affairs, while Kapa Kholie, Secretary (UD) will hold the additional charge of the departments of Transport, Food & Civil Supplies until further order.

Ajit Srivastava, Secretary (Social Welfare) will hold the additional charge of the departments of Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs, Supply and Transport, IPR & Printing. DIPR


APDA not happy with enquiry report

ITANAGAR:  Arunachal Pradesh Doctors’ Association (APDA) today termed the magisterial enquiry report on assault case on Leporiang PHC MO Dr Tana Talin Tara as biased and incomplete and decided to move National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for justice to Tana in particular and doctor community in general.

The Association said that not a single witness from the public was invited during investigation. Further, no reference to any medical documents submitted was taken into cognizance and confession of Sarwan Singh (IO), SI, PS Naharlagun was deliberately overruled, it said.


Khrimey to attend conference

ITANAGAR: Former Minister R K Khrimey would attend the 6th International Tibet Support Group Conference at Surajkund, Haryana to be held from Nov 5 to 7. He would also lead a small delegation as convenor of NE region –II core group of Tibetan cause in the conference.

More than 200 delegates from 40 countries are taking part in the conference.


Branch of BOM to open

ITANAGAR: Phosum Khimhum, parliamentary secretary, geology and mining will be chief guest for opening of new branch of Bank of Maharasthra.

Tassar Talar, director of geology and mining and Techi Gubin, director of housing, government of Arunachal Pradesh will be specialist guest for the day.

The new branch will be inaugurated on 1st November.



ITANAGAR: A seminar with theme “Self Reliance for educated unemployed youth of the state” will be held here on November 13 organized by Arunahcal Pradesh Colleges’ Forum.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram and AAPSU president Takam Tatung will attend the seminar as chief guest and guest of honour.


Road improvement works

ITANAGAR: Itanagar township road renovation works such as massive earth cutting for construction of drains, retaining wall and culverts under JNNURM has begun in full swing, informed a departmental release today.

The  UD and Housing, Capital Complex division has appealed every one to extend cooperation and bear with the inconvenience like disruption in traffic movement .



ITANAGAR, Oct 29: Toko Rajesh has been appointed as state secretary of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha(BYJM) Arunacha unit.



ITANAGAR, Oct  29: Aman Para, Jarku Dodum have been selected  as president and general secretary of the LEO Club of Karsingsa for the session 2010 to 2013.

The Leo Club in its meeting held at Karsingsa yesterday also reviewed its constitution.




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