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October - 04



Is not PDS scam an issue for apex student bodies?

Dear Editor,

I do appreciate the apex students’ body, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union and All Nyishi Students Union for registering protest against the Govt decision to grant PRC to non-APST. But I am very surprised to see these students bodies are maintaining silence over the PDS scam involving 96 accused including Pema Khandu, son of chief minister Dorjee Khandu, four sitting MLAs and Govt employees.

It is also more surprising that action is being taken against only former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, who ruled the state for over 22 years. Why such big corruption scam is not handed over to CBI for proper investigation?

People have great expectation from AAPSU from the beginning for its resolve to fight against social evil called corruption, but they have failed to raise voice against PDS scam.

I appeal the state Govt to drop the sitting MLAs and suspend the officers who are allegedly involved in the PDS scam.


Techi Solo

General Secretary

Nationalist Youth

Congress, A.P



Common public are still the law makers of Arunachal!

Dear  Editor,

I would like to congratulate people of Arunachal for the recent withdrawal of PRC to Non-APST. This proves that we, the common public are still the law makers of this state and not any political leader who have been elected by us. Beware corrupted leaders if any! Our victory against PRC to Non-APST was just the beginning. We still have some unfinished business in terms of the Dam issue and PDS scam. We will come to that too very soon and surprise you all.

Secondly would like to impress upon the fact as published in your daily, dated September 3, 2010, in which it was told that Former MLAs Kipa Babu and Takam Sorang have appealed to S H Kapadia, Chief Justice of India to direct CBI to take over the multi-crore PDS scam for free and fair investigation. Now, I want to put a question before both our leaders that what happened to the appeal? It’s well known to us that Indian system works like a snail. So, I would like to request both the Former MLAs to resend the letter again with the list of accused which includes sitting MLAs. Also, last but not the least; submit a copy of “The history of perpetual probation of High Court appointed SIC SP M S Chauhan”. And we assure both our leaders that they are not alone in this fight, but we all are with them and will fight together to punish the culprits. God bless us! God save Arunachal!


T.Tamo (on email)



One can only hope

Dear Editor,

In regards to Taba Ajum's article on 2nd Oct'10, I would like to re-phrase the title as "Arunachal Pradesh has succeeded in gaining celebrity status in the field of corruption". What could be more shameful for a state, when it is on national news for, gobbling up public wealth, worth not in hundreds but in thousands? Especially when the scandal allegedly includes veteran politicians like Gegong Apang and the likes. To top it, we have the ongoing situation on the PRC and hydro project issues among others.

However, despite the grave intensity of the PDS scam, being a concerned citizen, I notice a lack of action on government's part in handling the same.

One can only hope that in the coming future, Arunachal Pradesh is not termed as a Synonym for Corruption.


XYZ (on email)



Shortcut to success

Dear Editor,

I would like to place my deep concern over the recent trends of our youth's taking the shortcut way of getting popularity and making cash out of it. I guess they have manipulated the real dictionary meaning of associations/organisations by their actions. I could see people from my age group talking about cash, politics, and elections while we are busy learning the things and with the books. It starts from school level with the General Secretary (GS as they terms it) elections. So what do we expect from these group? If they really want to do something for our place then why dont they analysis these problems by learning and educating themselves first. With so many Associations, unions, and societies we are still lagging behind. So why don't we invest in education instead ?

Within my own friends circle many feel that since there is no employment opportunities, the best bet is to take up politics as career.

It is really disheartening to see them so hopeless. So I would like to appeal all my fellow youths that there are many more options not just politics. We need to educate ourselves first then we will know what to make out of it.


Jina Bagang

Pune (on email)



Untenable demands!

Dear Editor,

The contractor’s demand (Local contractor demands cancellation of tender) seems to be untenable. I am not the authority to refute the allegation. But I thought as a citizen I can express my unsolicited opinion. If the tender notice was published in national media, the contractors from our state can also certainly bid. Our contractors should look for avenues in national level also as they have rightly pointed out that they are at par with any contractors of the country. The department will certainly impose stringent regulation as per rules in order to get the work done in time with least cost. Package wise distribution of work may not be always feasible in all cases in the interest of the successful completion of the Project in time.

If there is any default in completion of work in time the department will be held responsible by the people. Opening of tender at New Delhi should be appreciated. In this way the people will not have the excuse to blame the department for illegally allotting the work to any un-deserving contractor. Someone bidding for such a high value work should be able to bear the expense to visit New Delhi.

Certainly the department will be cautious as the media is ever vigilant in highlighting any lapse. Take the case of NH-52A. The department is facing un-precedent public hue and cry. It will certainly try to avoid such a scenario.

The public only knows how to blame the department. They seem to be oblivious of the hurdles faced by the state government departments unlike the public dear BRTF. If the department is truly serious in getting the work done it shouldn’t compromise in anything whether it is internal or external matter. It should preferably have a PR cell to keep in touch with the public. If it is not possible the government can consider winding up this department for good.


A Citizen (on email)




We are a bunch of lazy, arrogant fellows!

Dear Editor,

Apropos the letters on the use of term Arunachalee, I would like to add my point of view. Arunachal Pradesh is the home to many tribes and sub tribes. Our mother tongue is neither Hindi nor English or Assamese for that matter. The name Arunachal Pradesh was given by the then PM of India Indira Gandhi which means 'the land of rising sun'. We,the people of Arunachal Pradesh didn't name it. So this name is geographical. It is not a historical name or something which we can be proud of.

A reader has pointed out that the people of Nagaland is called as Nagas. But we don't call the people of Madhya Pradesh as Madhyalee. It's in the central region of India hence the name. And I really don't feel proud to call myself Arunachalee. Just that my home is in Arunachal. We are a bunch of lazy, arrogant fellows who find it very easy to put the blame on others for every single mess.

I would rather prefer the term People of Arunachal Pradesh.

We live in a state named by someone from outside.



Chennai, TN,

 (On email)



Next time, let’s think thrice when we stand before the EVM

Dear Editor,

There is an old saying that goes, when you point a finger at someone, the remaining fingers are pointing back at you. How many of us have ever realized this holding true in the present 'day to day affairs' of Arunachal Pradesh ? I am certain that every one of us know the involvement of the 'already named' political leaders in 'the infamous scam' long before the SIC divulged the truth. So the question now is; who is responsible for their instatement in power? Who elected the 'tainted', 'now on bail' leaders, whose resignations are being demanded now? What were we doing when the largest democracy accorded us the right to exercise our franchise 'free and fair' ? Who elected the leaders under whose very nose the PRC to non-Arunachalees were about to be granted much against the will of the real citizen ? Who elected the representatives who never attend even assembly sessions, not to mention raising genuine issues pertaining to the state or at least from their respective constituencies? It’s too late as of now ! The cat has licked the spilt milk. The only consolation now is, knowing that even the elite, more literate masses in more developed states commit this same mistake 'again and again'.

Next time, let us think 'thrice' when we stand before the EVM. Let us elect leaders who will solve our boundary problem, not sell our food grains, raise issues for the Lisu or Yobins, and not try to grant PRCs to Martians. Let us also remember to elect leaders who do wrong things to us and then warn us not to complain and to call bandhs and instead ask us to complain in written so that they can throw the memorandum away. Folks, let us not spill the milk again.


Dr Bengia Abo

RIMS, Imphal,

(on email)



We don’t want bandh anymore

Dear Editor,

What to say of the current situation? It’s really frustrating to see large numbers  of unregistered organisations/unions being formed in the our state especially in the capital complex area on everyday basis. Although they are capital based self-styled organisations, they use the word Arunachal in their nomenclature which is really disheartening to see. Let me tell the general public something regarding such activities. Actually, it’s very easy to form unions/organisation in our state. All we need do is collect some friends or like-minded lazy people, occupy your wishful executive post, give the press release the other day, raise voice through the media(not through the common masses) demanding near impossible things from time to time. Do we know why bandh calls given by any self-styled organisation succeeds even when the administration declares it illegal? It’s because of us. We the people only are solely responsible. Nowadays, most of the people like to stay well informed through the newspaper, news etc. All they do is give their bandh date through the media. The business communities be it tribal or non-tribal fearing damage to their properties down their shutters, govt. employees and students simply take it as a holiday. Months ago, when AdiSU (Adi Students Union) had called a Pasighat Bandh against the Lower Siang dam project, the district administration headed by Onit Panyang along with police and paramilitary forces had successfully forced the shopkeepers to keep the market open. The same thing can be done here. There are enough Security personnel in the capital area starting from ITBP,IRBn,CRPF,APPBn and our very own city police. Cosaap has already rejected the bandh call. If the govt. acts tough, the unnecessary bandh calls can easily be thwarted. Calling a bandh demanding the CM's resignation just because his son is involved is totally uncalled for. I am not supporting  Mr. Khandu, he may be directly or indirectly involved but that has to be proven in the court of law. If these organisations or any organisations have any proof reagarding the CM or any person holding office of power,they make it public through the media. Call a bandh,rallies etc regarding important issues like the arrest of all the 96 accused, dropping of accused parliamentary secretaries, handing of the mulit-crore PDS scam to the CBI, the general masses will surely support it as was witnessed in the recent AAPSU rally against the PRC issue. Also,the administration should put a check and do something concrete against these numerous new self-styled organisations and community based groups mushrooming in our state. For the whole of the students and youths, there is AAPSU.As for different tribes, there is AIMSU,  GSU, ANSU, ATKSSU, ATSU, Adisu etc. The district based student unions are the branch student unions of the AAPSU. Also,every tribe has a society for common welfare of its people like NES,GWS,TWS etc.. Now where and whats the need of organisations like capital youth organisation,              All Arunachal Youth Organisation, Arunachal Youth Organisation, All Abotani Clans Welfare Association, A IPU, AYVF and numerous others.I think the readers column page will be full if start making a list. Please,Please,Please we dont want any more. Please Govt, ban them and frame a law halting such formations so that all those self-proclaimed public leaders intending to form such unions be discouraged. If they really want to serve the people why don’t to join the existing unions/organisations where people are elected to its every post.


Marlik (on email)



Thank you

Dear Editor,

Thank you Arunachal Times for covering the PDS scam. The Arunachal Times is the true mirror of our state. So don't let the PDS scam get swabbed. Keep reporting every day regarding PDS, so that one day we all Arunachalee may wake up specially our student brother in protest against the Khusi-khusi government led by khusi-khusi leaders.


A concern citizen,

(on email) Pasighat



This is no solution

Dear Editor,

With reference to the news item under the headlines “APCF plea to Govt” published in your esteemed daily on Sept 30, we would like express our opinion that if any move is being taken to raise the age of superannuation of Govt servants from 58 to 60 years, it is laudable and appreciable as such move will encourage the Govt employees to improve  work culture, thereby accelerating development process in the state.

We can not deny the unemployment problems in the state. But for solution to unemployment problems, we have to create pressure on both central and state Govts for formulation of policies in favour of large number of the unemployed youths of the state.  The unemployment problems are not related to superannuation age of the Govt employees who are rendering dedicated service for development of the state.

Therefore, the 15-days ultimatum served by the Arunachal Pradesh College Forum to the Govt against any move to raise superannuation age should be withdrawn.


Karan Kholie,

Tahe Tana Tara

Students, DNGC, Itanagar






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


SHG members construct bridge

ITANAGAR, Oct 3: The members of Anya Self Help Group constructed a new hanging bridge over Lagun Nallah at Upper Damsite through a two-days mass social service at Tigdo Colony, Damsite,  Naharlagun on Oct 2  and 3. The bridge will now connect Upper Damsite with Tigdo Colony and Transport Colony, Naharlagun.  

The bridge over the Lagun Nallah was washed away on Sept 7 by flash flood.  Though the people constructed a bamboo bridge over the nallah, it was again washed away on Sept 27 night. The repeated washing away of the lone bridge had created lots of problems for the inhabitants here. At last the women members of the Anya SHG took the initiatives for construction of bridge on self-help basis.

Tigdo colony was one of the worst hit areas during the flood of June 2008.   The flood had washed away many houses and many had to start their life from scratch once again. Now even after 2 years, the situation remains the same.


AASYA rues lack of sports infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Oct 3: All Arunachal Pradesh Sports Youth Association (AASYA) rued lack of sports infrastructure in the state.

Criticizing the State Government for giving sports little importance as compared to other sectors, it appealed for developing sports infrastructure to build sportspersons of national and international calibre. Sportspersons in Arunachal Pradesh are handicapped by good infrastructure and that is why we failed to produce sportspersons who can compete in prestigious sporting events like Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc.

The association, in its release, went on to say that punching bags of our karatekas, boxers are banana trees and soil bags and their indoor stadiums happened to be the tree shadows! Despite of all these odds, some sportspersons are consistently performing well at national and international level only due to their dedication and love for sports, it said.

The association also described the construction of swimming pool at Ganga Lake as unnecessary saying that people of Arunachal Pradesh do not need swimming pool to learn swimming as there are numerous rivers where they can learn it.

The association, meanwhile, appealed to the authority to ease the procedures of finance to sports persons taking part in national and international level competitions to avoid last minute cancellation for want of money.


Orgs cries foul over PRC issue while NCP welcomes

ITANAGAR, Oct 3: All Lekang Youth Student Union (ALYSU) has opposed the State Government repealing the decision to grant PRC to non-APSTs of Lohit and Changlang districts.

Expressing shock over sudden lifting of PRC order granted by the Government to non-APSTs of those two districts, the students union criticized the State Government for succumbing to the pressure of students organizations.

The Government should have thoroughly examined the various news items that appeared in various local medias opposing PRC to non-APSTs and also the status of those tribes like Deori, Mishing, Kachari, Moran, Ahom, Adivasi, Yobin etc., who have been living in those two districts permanently since time immemorial, before revoking its decision, ALYSU said.  It appealed to the AAPSU, various NGOs and organizations/associations to survey the places where those tribes are living to know the real fact instead of spreading confusion and misunderstandings among fellow citizens on the issue.

"Students organizations of various districts other than Lohit and Changlang may not be aware of very existence of those tribes, but All Tai Khamti Singpho Students Union, which well aware of them, should not have raised such ‘baseless issue’ against its neighbouring tribes and communities of Lekong circle of Mahadevpur," it added.

Lohit and Changlang Development Forum, a non-political organization fighting for rights of non-APST living in Lohit and Changlang district has expressed concern over state government’s decision to cancel their earlier of granting PRC to non-APST. In this regard Forum is going to organize rally at Mahadevpur town on 5th October.  

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) welcomed the decision of the State government to revoke its earlier decision to issue permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APSTs of Changlang and Lohit districts.


Estimates Committee reach East Kameng

SEPPA, Oct 3: The Estimates Committee of Legislative Assembly to East Kameng district took stock of implementation of various Govt funded schemes, such as SSA, Old Age Pension and NRHM at Seppa township and its adjacent areas yesterday.

The team led by committee chairman Dr. Tangor Tapak along with local MLA Tapuk Taku inspected NRHM building at PHC Pakoti where the team enquired about the numbers of health workers and availability of medicines at the PHC.

Dr. Tapak, suggested for procurement of the required equipments for the PHC and also advocated for timely conduct of the immunization programmme against polio and hepatitis-B.

The team also visited Sebibo Middle School and  interacted with the beneficiaries of Old Age Pension. The team also made a short visit to some other schools like SSA School at Nyari Welly Model Village, Pacha middle School, Ty-II Secondary School, water treatment plant at Kakukao and interacted with the officials of the executing agency.

While visiting District Hospital Seppa, Dr. Tapak suggested the DMO to submit utilization certificate to get another scheme. He also suggested him to take initiative for uninterrupted electricity supply in the hospital.

Earlier the team visited Pacha Micro Hydel project and asked the engineers present about the condition of the hydel.

The team was accompanied by Kego Essi, project director, District Rural Development Agency, deputy director ICDS, DMO, DRCHO CDPO. DIPRO


CRPF Challenger Football Tournament

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: IRBn football team and Bamang Taji Football Club won their respective matches against Veteran Football Club and Akom United Sports in the Challenger Football Tournament being held at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium today.

IRBn grounded Veteran Football Club by 8-1 goals while Bamang Taji Football Club defeated Akom United Sports 3-2.

Model Village Football Club will play against Capital Complex Sporting  Club tomorrow at 3 pm. The winner of tomorrow’s match will play against IRBn Football Team in the semifinal. Another semifinal will be held between G4 Football Club vs BTFC. Both the semifinals will be held on October five.

The tournament is being organised by 138 Bn CRPF as a friendship gesture under its Civic Action Programme.


Rousing reception awaits Teji as he returns home

ITANAGAR, Oct 3: Having conquered the hearts of lakhs of viewers with his passion and extra-ordinary drumming skills Toko Teji, the pride of Arunachal is set to return home on Monday afternoon by the helicopter service.

“Teji has won the hearts of the people of the northeast. He is everyone’s star, not just of Arunachal”, said Arunachal Citizens Right Chairperson Bamang Tago who had volunteered as Teji’s ambassador. He said that across the region wherever he went, people have expressed their love and support to Teji and admired his devotion to his art. “He is a winner for the people of north-east”, Tago said.

After a very closely fought finish in the grand finale of India’s Got Talent Khoj-2, where Teji was declared the Runner-Up from hundreds of acts that had auditioned in the talent hunt running for months, he will be welcomed back in his hometown by his supporters and well wishers. Father Supdt. Engineer Toko Jyoti said that he was happy despite Teji not winning the title. “What is important to me is that he followed his dream…that itself is an achievement.”

“He has not lost…it is not a small thing to reach the finals of such a contest. He is perhaps the first Arunachali to get our state a trophy of this kind. He is really cool!” said Yajum Roji, a student who had seen all the three road shows that Teji had performed recently.

“It is only because of Teji that Arunachal is a name that people across the nation will recognise. Even among the northeast states, we were known only because of China’s claim over us. But now we are a proud home state of this talent, “ said Tarh Natung, General Secretary, Arunachal Chamber Of Commerce and Industries. He also expressed his thanks to the people and the business community for having supported Teji.

Kipa Ajay of Arunachal Boogie Woogie said that for them, Teji was still a winner and it will be the effort of the dance competition to bring out many Tejis from the state. Arunachal Boogie Woogie had felicitated Teji during his recent promotional visit here.

After his arrival, Teji will attend a felicitation function at his parental home at Naharlagun where he is expected to meet his well-wishers and interact with them.

The Make Teji Win Campaign has invited everyone to be at the helipad to show support to this young talent and welcome him back to the state.


Arunachal Travel Congress begins at Tawang

Tawang, Oct 3: The 3-day Arunachal Travel Congress began here today organized by Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association under the aegis of State Tourism Department.

The convention is being attended by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Tourism Minister Jarbom Gamlin, Parliamentary Secretary Tsewang Dhondup, Advisor to CM Kiren Rijiju, MLAs Alo Libang, P.D. Sona and Secretary Tourism Bandana Deori.

The convention will mainly focus on sustainable tourism development in Arunachal Pradesh in particular and North East as a whole.

Resource persons from Help Tourism, Silliguri, West Bengal, Regional Director GOITO, Guwahati, Assam Tour Operator Association, NABARD, FGA, SAATO, etc are also participating in the 3- day convention.


Rectification of pay anomalies

ITANAGAR, Oct 3: Education Minister Bosiram Siram has given the green signal for rectifying the assistant teachers’ pay anomalies.

The assurance came from the minister after a delegation of  ATA new executives called on the minister here on Oct 1 and submitted a representation demanding redressal of two-point demands  – correction of pay anomaly from 5th CPC and reservation of 50 per cent  JTs’ posts for the serving AT(A)’s.  

Education Minister also assured to reconsider the matter of promotional avenues, the Association said. The minister informed the delegation that although it was clearly mentioned in the recruitment rule notified in April 2009 that out of 100 per cent JT, 50 per cent post will be kept for promotional avenues for AT(A) and 50 per cent  for direct recruitment, it was, however, reduced to 25 per cent after a Cabinet decision on 7th August 2009, the Association informed. Later, ATA and AT(A) Central Adhoc Committee  after having a threadbare discussion decided to defer the “ultimatum” served to Govt demanding a “white paper” regarding 50 per cent  post for promotional avenue by October 10 and correction of pay anomaly by October 30 to December next after getting the assurance from the Minister.


2-day Gandhi Jayanti celebration ends

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: Two-day Gandhi Jayanti celebration at Dera Natung Govt. College Itanagar concluded today with a seminar on the topic- ‘Gandhi, Khadi and Self employment. The programme is sponsored by KVIC, Itanagar.  A debate competition was also held to mark the occasion.

The main attraction of the programme was the 18-language dance programme which was presented by the Dr. S. N. Subba Rao, a National Awardee on National Integration.

All Nyishi Contractor Association in collaboration with Department of Cultural Affairs, Directorate of Research, Itanagar conducted cleanliness drive at Sothern gate, Itafort yesterday to commemorate the Gandhi Jayanti.

ANCA General Secretary Jotam Toko Hannan appealed the people to preserve the lone historic monument and alleged that huge money is being spent by various departments particularly the engineering department but no adequate fund is being placed under SPA or other means for the infrastructural development of the historic site.

The association assured the department to carry out such social activities to preserve the fort in near future.

Amongst other Incharge Director of Research Batem Pertin, Archeological Officers Kaling Lego and Tao Takar, ANCA President Rab Kara Jeel and other executive members took active participation in the social service.

NSS Unit of Arunachal Law Academy along with staff of ALA also observed Gandhi Jayanti

On the occasion the volunteers took a pledge to work for a better society and also conducted a rally to spread the message of Ahimsa, perseverance, peaceful cooperation and voluntariness as envisaged by the father of the nation.

Besides these, the volunteers conducted social service at Naharlagun Bazar to mark the occasion.



SDP begins at Khonsa

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: The National Youth Project (NYP) of Arunachal Pradesh has launched 36 days skill development programme on Handloom for the unemployed women of the Tirap district from Oct 1. Altogether 25 unemployed women are participating in the NABARD sponsored programme.

Tirap district Deputy Commissioner W.Lowang who was the chief guest of the inaugural function stressed on the need of the self-employed venture on cottage industry, handloom, can and bamboo based programmes.

Presiding over the function Assistant Director of Textile  and  Handloom C. Raj Kumar called upon the trainees to take full benefit of the programme  and also assured all possible support.

Khonsa ZPM Wanglo Gosak requested NYP and NABARD to conduct more such programmes  for awareness among the rural people on the need of small and cottage industries.


‘Bandh illegal’

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: Kurung Kumey district magistrate has declared tomorrow’s 12-hr Kurung Kumey bandh called by All Kurung Kumey District Students Union (AKKDSU) demanding re-introduction of air dropping of PDS item in remote areas of the district as illegal. All necessary actions will be taken by the administration to deal with any situation that may arise out of the bandh call, the magistrate cautioned.

Meanwhile, All Palin, Chambang, Yangte, Gangte and Tarak-Langdi Students Union today said that it has not withdrawn support to the bandh call given by the AKKDSU on Oct 4 and taken  measures to make the bandh call a success.

Regretting over the statement published in the local media regarding withdrawal of support to the bandh, president and vice president of the union in a joint press release said it was a wrong statement issued by an individual of the union and not collective decision of the union.


PI passes away

SEPPA, Oct 3: Nyang Yangfo, wife of Tabing Yangfo, Political Interpreter under Deputy Commissioner East Kameng district is no more. She died after a brief illness yesterday morning and her mortal remains was put to rest this afternoon at her Seppa residence.

She is survived by five children and husband. Meanwhile, the Yangfo Welfare Society has expressed deep condolence over her demise and remembered her contribution as a reserved yet stoic member of the Society. The Society observed two minutes silence and prayed for eternal peace.   


JAC appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: Joint Action Committee of AIPU, AYA and AVYF in response to the state government’s decision to thwart the bandh call termed it as unfortunate and unfair.

The Chief Minister, instead of stepping up the welfare measure towards back ward state of Arunachal Pradesh, along with his political hooligans are trying to put off our voices of good governance, corruption free government in the state, it said.

The Joint Action Committee appealed all citizens including Bazar Welfare Committees of the state capital to cooperate with them during the 24 hours capital bandh call on October 04.

Meanwhile, Medical institutions, Pharmacy, ambulance, Vehicles of paramilitary forces, Magistrates on duty, Milk Van, Press and Media persons have been exempted from the purview of the bandh.


Relief demanded

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: The flash flood on September 27 and 28 has damaged micro Hydel near Row Nalla, Daporijo to Siyum BRO Bridge over Row Nallah and also destroyed various Paddy and WRC field at Rava and Biockching Jobe village including domestic animals, informed All Siyum Youth Club.

It appealed the government to immediately restore the damaged micro Hydel, bridge and provide PDS ration items and relief material to the affected people immediately.


Declare interview result

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: The sports quota candidates from All Arunachal Sports Youth Association appealed the concerned authority to declare the result of the recently held physical and viva voce test under APP, APPBN and IRBN.


Society revived

ITANAGAR, Oct 03: The Popi Sarmin Society which has remained defunct for many years has been revived in conference held at Naharlagun yesterday with Habung Tago as its chairman.



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