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October - 05



Bandh for what?

Dear Editor,

I wonder why three unknown organizations AIPU, AYVF and AYA are very much interested to get the sitting C.M resigned. There is no doubt that it is a political conspiracy by people of vested interests. If they are so much against corruption and nepotism then why only to point out a single leader? What about the other leaders? Are they clean? This protest against a single leader raises some doubts about their intention. And will never gain the support of the common people.

I as a common citizen don't care whether the C.M is Dorjee Khandu or any other leader. What I am concerned about is the Bandh culture hampering our day to day life. For the common people like us life will remain the same even if there is a new leader. Life won't be any better. The political leaders of Arunachal are immature. No doubt. Its sad to see the bandh culture prevailing in our state. Any XYZ organization announces a bandh call and the daily life comes to a standstill.

I am very much against those lazy folks, the so called members of these cheap unions because of whom the hard working communities has to suffer. I appreciate the business communities and others for thier voice against these cheap practices. And I hope they will rise against any other future bandh calls given by any other Association or Unions because they are the worst sufferers. And I would also like to appeal the Student Unions to restrain from such cheap practice at least for the sake of its own student community.

I also wonder if the District Magistrate and Home Ministry are doing enough against such practices. When such bandh calls has been declared illegal by the respected Magistrate himself then why doesn't he orders the arrest of these leaders and teach them a lesson. Only sending armed personnel in certain areas during the bandhs won’t help.

As a Magistrate he cant be like one of us, but instead he should be the one to dictate against such law violators with an Iron fist. I would request the lawmakers to make a law banning  bandh calls with severe punishment for the violators.


Zon (email)



Is it really development?

Dear Editor,

What is the actual meaning of development? I think every one will agree with me that actual development does not mean having big buildings, roads etc. only for the creamy layer of the society and remaining whole population living in drastic conditions in villages who are completely dependent on agriculture sector.

All of us know that we don't have any source of income except agricultural products so we have to depend solely on the fund and packages received from the central government. It is the common practice that whatever the funds and schemes like SPA etc. are being utilized in construction of roads, culverts and their maintenance along with providing modern facilities in  public offices. Who are enjoying all this facilities and financial packages? The one and only answer will the creamy layer staying in capital, headquarters, town etc.

If we are unable to provide even basic requirements of common man, or not even trying to provide these to the whole population, then I think we should not claim ourselves to be developed or developing despite having good roads, big buildings in selected regions.

Therefore, according to my observation, maximum fund should be diverted to the sectors like Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery, Health, Education, Animal Husbandry and Small Scale Industries in order to ensure real development.

Despite being an agro based state we are not self-sufficient in producing at least cereal products for ourselves since independence,  what to talks  about export despite of getting financial packages from the centre to enhance agro-based production. In horticulture also still we can’t make it up to the mark. Large scale horticulture production will not only improve the   tourism sector but would also pave the way for exporting the same.

We can also imagine the whole sordid story of the education  sector in our state when we see the number  of the students get selected to IIT's,  IIM's or IAS.

We should think how we can help the populations living in remote area with poor financial background to grow, develop and become self sufficient. The only solution is helping them to start some Small Scale Industries and to keep regular vigil in the working of the same.

Health sector is also not in a too good position as we have to go outside the state even for a small disease to cure. What is surprising is that we are  still dependent on other states despite huge financial assistance being provided by the Centre in health sector.

According to my vision development in agriculture, horticulture, small scale industries, health and education sectors will make grassroots population self-sufficient. But the party and leaders in power are neglecting all these sectors.

This is not only the main problem, the main problem starts here.The  party or the leaders in power may have different vision which prompted me to ask several questions. But questions again come whether the leaders are fulfilling their vision sincerely and efficiently? I think the answer will be big No. Take the example of PWD department. Despite huge allocation of fund for repairing and maintenance of roads, the present road condition is for all to see. The situation is same with all other departments.

This is my message to one and all that development will only possible if we unite and stand together to bring a change in the system or to bring a renaissance in the present system for development.

Through this daily, I would also like to send a clear message to the present government and leaders in power to look into the matter, work effectively and efficiently and try to manage funds for the agro and horti based activities, education and health sector to make each and every one self sufficient.


Tad Tana

Vice President

State NCP



Kudos to Teji

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Toko Teji for his incredible achievement! Perhaps it’s for the first time that a son of the soil of Arunachal Pradesh has brought laurels for its motherland to such a great height in National & international arena. Till now Arunachal Pradesh was hardly known to the rest of India and the world and if at all people knew about Arunachal, then it was for some wrong reasons like Chinese claims, backwardness, corruption but this young man has altogether changed the scenario and has brought some respect for otherwise this poor state of Arunachal Pradesh. I always personally felt that our people are bestowed with all kinds of multi-faceted talents but due to lack of opportunity and financial support from any quarter especially from the state Government, the talents of our people remain dormant forever. But now this young man has opened the box of talents of our people especially of the young generation and I hope that our government will learn some lesson from this episode and frame some concrete policies so that the hidden talents of our people are explored to the maximum. Lastly, my salute to his proud parents and also to all the well wishers of Toko Teji who helped him to make the name of our state proud.


Bengia Guma,

Itanagar(On email)



Help us to fulfill the dream

Dear Editor,

The Housing scheme being provided by the govt at Jullang is indeed a very beautiful and visionary project for the people of Arunachal. Many people’s dream to have home at capital will be fulfilled. However there is some confusion in the matter of bank loan. It is clearly mentioned in the booking form that the department would not held any responsibility for arranging the loans. At the same time the applicant in case interested for loans, the tentative details of down payment, total loan amount, EMI and period of return, interest etc are clearly given in the form,

When SBI our nearest bank has been consulted they clearly refused this formula, at the same time they have no idea of any such scheme from the government of India/AP and they straight away denied as they have different formalities for home loans.

Most the beneficiary are govt employee and unless not very corrupted or having extra business, it is impossible or difficult to pay such amount in cash without bank loans.

It is presumed that loans will be provided after 2 installment or 2 months of booking whereas govt has not guaranteed for arranging loans and it appears that it has not tied up with any financial institution or bank for loans. Therefore, although scheme seems attractive but not guaranteed so far for those who are thinking to buy home by loans.

The department may kindly highlight more on this issue or request SBI our nearest bank on behalf of the govt or on behalf of the applicant.


concerned Applicant,

(on email)



Take steps before its too late

Dear Editor,

In certain state of India, the SSA teachers were given Rs. 8000/- per month as a salary way back in 2005. Later in 2007, their salary was increased to Rs 9500/- per month. In 2008, the system of increment (3% every year) was started and accordingly it was given in 2009. For 2010, these State Governments had a proposal to sanction the Regular Trained Graduate SSA Teachers to Rs 18, 330/-, Rs 19,460/- and Rs 20,050/- as per the seniority. Similarly, Junior Basic Teachers salary was fixed as Rs 14,570/- Rs 15,020/-, Rs 15,470/- and Rs 15,940/- as per seniority.

But, unfortunately, in our land of raising sun, since the inception of SSA, we have never seen these happening. Leave aside giving proper pay and perks, to these hard working teachers, most of the times they are made to run from pillar to post for their meagre amount of salary of Rs 7200/- per month which is much less than what their counter-part in other states are getting.

Since SSA is a central scheme, the financial incentives must be same for all, in all those states where ever SSA is implemented. Then, why the SSA teachers of Arunachal are denied of their basic right to have salary at par with that of their counterpart in other states.

We cannot expect to motivate a quality candidate to opt for teaching profession in our state in such a meager amount of salary. Thus leaving no option other than to select those candidates without requisite qualification and skill. This in turn result for poor education quality in the schools. This in turn shall be responsible for creation of  sub-standard and competitive unworthy pool of human resource, which in the long run shall be equivalent to selling out the future of Arunachal to some other better educated society.

For the sake of the future of our State, I implore the Authority of Education Department and Ministry, before it’s too late.

Rectify the education policy and improve the incentives given to the teachers so that quality teachers can be attracted to serve in Arunachal.


Aam Admi of Arunachal (email)



Cherish the state

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the feedback of one of my fellow, Mr. Beda, Chennai.

I don't know whats wrong in the term, "Arunachalee". I can’t understand what’s wrong in that word. We live in Arunachal and so we are called Arunachalee.

Moreover, if aspiring people, start giving up on our state, then who will take care of it? They are the future of our state and if they start giving up, then our state will never develop.

We aren't blaming on others, but on ourselves. We ourselves elected all those people, and we are the one who are suffering now and are to be blamed. Citizens shouldn't lose heart and encourage others and lead them. Educated lot should guide the illiterate and dumb people of our state towards better tomorrow.

Will we leave our family, if we don’t feel good about them? Likewise, it’s our state and whatever and however it may be, we shouldn't betray it but cherish it.








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Khandu calls for concerted efforts to tap tourism potential

TAWANG, Oct 4: "Arunachal Pradesh has abundant potential to exploit its tourism prospect and make the State a tourist hub," asserted State Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu while addressing the inaugural function of the three day Arunachal Travel Congress organized by Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association under the aegis of State Tourism Department here today.

He called for shouldering responsibilities both by the tourism department and the enthusiast tour operators to bring the state into world tourism map. Informing about the steady increase of foreign as well as domestic tourists inflow in the state in the recent years, Khandu exhorted the department and the tour operators to keep the momentum and initiate innovative techniques to lure the tourists so that they make Arunachal as their prime destination.

Khandu disclosed that his government had been giving due importance on tourism so that this industry could generate huge revenue as well as employment avenues for the local youths and entrepreneurs of the state.

"My government is aware of the hardship and delay factor faced by the tourist while getting inner line permits in the RC, DRC offices outside the state. I have issued specific directions to all RCs and DRCs to issue ILP to the tourists within 15 minutes and make the procedure simpler," Khandu disclosed. He further appealed to the police personnel deployed in the check gates to be more sober in their attitude while dealing with the tourists.

Reiterating his stand over uniform tariff in the hotels as well as for taxis, Khandu directed the district administration to fix the tariffs and upload in the district website so that the tourists could plan out their trip accordingly.  He also pitched for polythene and tobacco free Arunachal besides advocating for hygienic local cuisine promotion to attract more tourist. Khandu categorically appealed to the tour operators to ensure sending expertise drivers who are well aware about the hilly road condition in order to avert any kind of accidents.

State Tourism Minister Jarbom Gamlin revealed about Tourism Master Plan which is poised to make tourism a major industry player in the state. "Keeping in mind the requirement to provide economic opportunities to local communities as also the need to preserve the fragile eco-system and ethnic identity of the people, a tourism development plan has been formulated to achieve both eco as well as cultural sustainability", Gamlin emphatically said.

Gamlin, however, felt that in order to boost tourism in right perspective, the common people have to accept tourism, understand its importance to enhance livelihoods and live with it so that tourism becomes attractive to both visitors as well as hosts. He also hinted on leasing out wayside amenities to the private sectors and said that a proposal on the matter has already been forwarded to the Centre and response is still awaited.

In her keynote address Tourism Secretary Bandana Deori while welcoming the delegates gathered from all over the Northeast, said tourism sector stimulates other economic sectors through its backward and forward linkage and cross-sectional synergies with sectors like agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts, transport and construction. She further advocated that tourism gives financial incentives to preserve architectural heritages and helps the survival of art forms, crafts and culture. She batted for building partnership with other states to promote and boost tourism.

In their speeches, MLAs Passang Dorjee Sona and Alo Libang publicized the potentiality and beauty of Mechuka and Tuting respectively. They requested the Tour Operators to make trips to these areas also.

Local MLA Tsewang Dhondup expressed concern over the poor road condition right from Bhalukpong to Tawang and urged the authorities to improve it to offer tourists a smooth and happy journey. He also highlighted the need to make use of the wayside amenities constructed by the tourism department through PPP model.

Principal Advisor to CM Kiren Rijiju stressed for creating positive impression in order to boost tourism. He advocated for rural tourism incorporated by cultural as well as eco-tourism. He advised the people to extend all possible tourist friendly attitudes to the visitors.

Numerous speakers from Northeast also shared their views and knowledge to promote tourism in the region. PRO to CM.


Four NDFB cadres killed in encounter in East Siang

Itanagar, Oct 4: Four suspected NDFB militants were killed during an encounter with the Army and Special Task Force (STF) personnel of Assam in the hilly Sotung Modi area under Nari circle in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh.

On the basis of intelligence reports, the police forces of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh were alerted to prepare for the operation. In the ensuing encounter yesterday, the forces from Assam shot dead four members reportedly of the NDFB, including its 'area commander', official sources informed.

Two AK 56 rifles were recovered from the possession of the slain ultras. A trader, kidnapped last week by the militants, was rescued in the operation.

A team of Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP) personnel, which was sent to the area recently, had to beat a retreat as they were ill equipped to take on the militants, sources added. UNI


Mixed response to 24 hours bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: Unlike the earlier 12 hours bandh call given on Sept 16 that forced the Capital Region to shut, the 24 hours bandh call which started this morning by three unknown organisations failed to evoke any drastic response from the citizens.

In Itanagar, most shops were opened while vehicles were on the road, though the numbers were lesser in comparison to other busy Monday morning.

The state transport busses were seen on the roads while few trekkers, tempo and auto services also preferred to defy the bandh. Police sources informed that there was no any untoward incidents except minor stone pelting at Papu Nallah & Nirjuli. Sources further informed that though some bandh supporters tried to set a fire to a garrage near the I. G. Park gate on main road, they have been chased away.

The Band call was given jointly by Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union, Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation and Arunachal Youth Association demanding Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu’s resignation for alleged manipulation of funds as Relief and rehabilitation Minister, handing out contract works to his family members and constitution of SIC for enquiry into fund misappropriation.


Wonder boy comes home with smile intact

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: After winning hearts of millions with his performance and infectious smile, the drumming wonder boy Toko Teji came home today to a rousing reception.

Teji missed India’s Got Talent Khoj-2 title by a whisker but he definitely was the find and flavour of this season’s contest with his unique drumming talent.

Speaking to media soon after his arrival from Mumbai after a strenuous journey, Teji said that he feels like a winner because of unprecedented support and love shown by the people of the state.

It feels like a dream, says the class XII student who is determined to pursue his studies in music.

Hailed by the media and citizens in the state for bringing the state to one platform and giving a reason to celebrate, Teji said that after he made it to the quarters, he was inspired by the people to do better.

“Till that I was doing it for myself but when I saw the support, each performance for them” he said.

Toko Tatung, uncle of the wonder boy and  one of his biggest supporters said that he has been overwhelmed at the resilience of the boy who till sometime back was known as the noise polluter in the family. Meanwhile, hundreds of people turned up to welcome him back despite the bandh call. Teji was accorded a traditional welcome at the helipad by cultural troupes from various tribes after which he was taken in a cavalcade to his parental home where he was felicitated by his young fans, well wishers as well as relatives and family.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Techi Kaso said that Teji had a lot of responsibility ahead to bring more laurels not just to the state but also to the nation. He extolled the young to follow Teji’s determination and work hard to realize their dreams.

AAPSU Vice President, Sonam Tenzing said that while he was grateful to the various student organizations for having extended support to Teji, he was also hopeful that the state govt will do more to promote talent like Teji in the future too.

Others who spoke and felicitated Teji included DGP Robin Hibu, Teji’s ambassador to the northeast Bamang Tago of ACR, ANSU President Niglar Veo and Apatani Students Union President Koj Tachang and veteran journalist Pradeep Kumar who suggested that Teji be made a tourism brand ambassador of the state.


Pasighat reels in darkness

PASIGHAT, Oct 4: Even as Pasighat is all set to celebrate its 100th year, people of the beautiful town are deprived of electricity. The constant power cuts have angered the people so much that they don’t want to find out the causes of it anymore.

Unlimited power cuts, unscheduled load shedding has literally thrown the citizens to unlimited agonies. For the last few weeks, the residents of the town are experiencing no power supply at all.

Government offices and businesses establishments are suffering badly and all that the power department officials can do is throw up their hands in despair.  

With temperature rising, the anger of the people has only grown. The assurance by the department concern for early restoration of power is being received with usual skepticism.


APPSC launch awareness campaign

TEZU, Oct 4: An awareness campaign on Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) was organized at Indira Gandhi Govt. College Tezu yesterday. Such awareness campaign was held for the first time since the establishment of the commissioner in 1988.

 Addressing to a massive enthusiastic gathering of collegians, professors and faculty members, Commission secretary Huzar Lollen informed that he shall be visiting all the colleges in the state and would organize the awareness campaign programme. He pointed out that due to lack of awareness, many misconceptions are prevailing in the minds of the aspiring candidates on the functioning and status of APPSC.

In the first session he elaborated about the essence of the commission and it’s functioning, methodology for free and fair conduct of competitive exams and its evaluation techniques.  He further informed that evaluation process has been refined after proper study of other state Public Service Commissions.

In the interaction session, Lollen responded to all queries of participants and cleared doubt and misconceptions regarding conduct of exams and recruitments. Principal, Vice Principal, assistant professors and students actively participated in the interaction session. Lohit deputy commissioner R.K. Sharma and EAC (JUD) S. Paul Choudhury also attended the programme.  DIPRO


Down memory lane amidst the Dawn-lit Mountains

Bharat Barua

While on a sojourn down the memory lane into early sixties in erstwhile North East Frontier Agency (presently Arunachal Pradesh) in the wake of Chinese aggression in the year 1962 come drifting before my mind a kaleidoscope of fond memories. Those were the days when warmth and hospitability of the local people inhabiting in remote inaccessible villages deep inside the mountains and lush green valleys enchanted me immensely and all those who happened to visit the villages in connection with official works or being posted for discharging their duties under various departments - particularly I  connection with functioning of primary schools of the villages. Despite dismal state of infrastructure - whether in the sphere of a communication and that of other basic amenities of life, NEFA being India's easternmost flank which is the first amongst the states of the country to welcome the sun everyday was a land of picturesque valleys, lush green vibrant forests including that of foot hills, areas epitomized by the rich fabric of dance and culture in addition to being a nature's treasure trove.

On being appointed as Base Superintendent  through a competitive examination, my first place of posting was Anini presently District HQ of Upper Dibang Valley district  which was in those days of early sixties was placed under an Additional Political Officer as a separate administrative jurisdiction after having been bifurcated from Lohit district. Mr. R.K. Haranga was the first Additional Political Officer with his HQ at Roing situated at the foot hills of Dibang Valley. After taking over charge of Dibang Valley. Haranga had undertaken a column tour towards the north in Upper Dibang Valley and reached the confluence of the rivers of Matuli and Dri and established an administrative centre at Anini Plateau surrounded by picturesque snow-clad high hills. Having reached Roing I was at a loss as to where to stay and proceed further. Fortunately, Late K.C. Gogoi who was an Assistant Political Officer at Roing was a very lovable and charming person as he was, asked me to share his accommodation during my stay at Roing before proceeding to Anini - my place of posting which was sixteen days away on foot march from Roing. After being briefed about the journey and its hazards by Late Gogoi, APO, the long journey on foot began after couple of days of my stay at Roing. Two Assistant Engineers, namely Mr. Thomas and Mr. Vasani of CPWD also accompanied me with porters to carry essential food items and our personal belongings. During initial few days of our journey, we could stay in Govt Inspection Bungalows called IB made of thatch and bamboos where we spent nightmarish sleepless nights with great deal of trepidation after having learnt about the grave hazards of crossing Maya Pahar - a 4000 ft steep rock and heavy land slides of Airipani where on the disastrous night of 25th May 1958, 43 persons perished without leaving behind any trace including that of an Assistant Engineer  namely  Mr. Munshi.

These two hazardous locations lay few days ahead of our journey on toot. When we reached on the top of Maya Pahar Mr Vasani started crying and myself almost came to the decision of returning back home but, suddenly, I saw a local lady carrying a baby on her back swiftly climbed down. Having seen the ease with which the lady crossed the hazardous rock, encouraged all of us and we all crossed the Maya Pahar safely down to the river bank of Airipani river and also crossed the land slide prone area of Airipani and ultimately reached Anini after the long journey on foot. On arrival at Anini the love and warmth of the people overwhelmed me and I started enjoying my job and life in an atmosphere like that of living in a closely knit family at Anini. It is often said that if nature is lush, it is also raw. Anini, with its picturesque ambience of snow-clad mountains and murmuring rivers and streams flowing by the place had its seamy side as wall including that of lack of communication and other basic amenities having been isolated from the outside world. But most formidable bottleneck was found to be the hostile terrain which  made the journey to and from Anini on foot most arduous resulting in very irregular movement of daks and postal service which entirely depended on persons carrying the dak bags or their back for days together on foot. After staying a year at Anini, I was deputed to open an outpost in Upper Dibang Valley itself at a place called Etalin situated at an altitude of 7000 ft. The life at the new place was somewhat very difficult with its  cold climate, lack of basic amenities without having even a roof to live in. Only memorable aspect of the place was the warm hospitality of the people living in the scattered villages on the hills surrounding the  place of my posting. While at Etalin, I was afflicted by severe Typhoid and Pneumonia and miraculously survived after lying unconscious for nearly three weeks without -any medical treatment. The sincere nursing and prayer of the local nearby villagers could make me live till I was evacuated to Assam Medical College Dibrugarh, which was possible only due to the daredevil spirit of the pilot of a small helicopter, which landed in a small space on a hillock and lifted me safely for treatment at AMC Dibrugarh. Thus, began my service career in erstwhile NEFA.

Consequently, I had the opportunity to serve under present Arunachal Pradesh Government for three eventful decades with several stints at West Siang, Tirap, Lohit and Dibang Valley districts in various capacities till I finally retired from service while being posted at Itanagar -- the State Capital. During my service period of more than  three decades in NEFA and then in Arunachal Pradesh it was my good fortune to receive abundance of goodwill, love and affection from the local people of the villagers, youths, politicians of the state and my colleagues to discharge my assigned duties to the best of my abilities.

Over the decades, erstwhile NEFA after attaining statehood has made very rapid strides in various spheres of development including communication, education, food production, industries etc. which undoubtedly have led to the improvement of the quality of the lives of the people. The state has undergone great transformation in different spheres. Local youth have shined and excelled in different walks of life. The society is changing fast and people will have to adept themselves  with the time. But, it is also felt that care should be taken to ensure that society m the process of change need to be revitalized based on good old values of the past without being swept away and uprooted by the inroads of cross-currents of modernity and materialism that might rock the very fabric of foundation of a wonderful society as it happened in the cases of some ancient civilizations of the past.

At this glorious phase of development of Arunachal Pradesh, it is perhaps befitting to pay our glowing tributes to those stalwarts of the past like Late B. K. Nehru, P.N. Luthra, Verrier Elwing, K.A.A. Raja, R.N. Haldipur who deeply loved this land of rising sun and being in the helm of Administration steered the policies and directions of the beatific territory to achieve this present stage of progress of the state where I have spent my youth and major part of my life. It is also probably worthwhile to remember those outstanding senior officers like Col. U.N. Sharma, I.P. Gupta, Maj. V.P. Singhal, Capt. K. Bannerjee, P.P. Shrivastave, B.P. Mishra, M.S. Adarsha Mishra and  Ms Vineeta Rai, Ms Satyawati who contributed very significantly towards the development of different districts.

Much water have, meanwhile, flown over the rivers of  Arunachal Pradesh, ever since the days of NEFA and the nascent state is presently poised to take a big leap forward in the path of progress and development. It is my sincere prayer to Almighty to lift this land of pristine purity and grandeur to greater heights of glory and bless the people of Arunachal Pradesh to continue live with peace and tranquility in this "Island of Peace" as it is known throughout the country.  (The author , a member of the IAS, retired as a Secretary to the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh)


AdiSU demands removal of CS, SIC Chief and implores MLAs involved to resign

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: All Adi students Union has said that PDS scam should serve as an eye opener and prime motivator for the people of the state to act for securing food security as it demanded stepping down from public offices by all those legislators involved and transfer of Chief Secy and replacement of SIC chief M S Chuahan.

Though the Centre procures huge amount of food for the citizens, these food grains are diverted away by Ministers, Public Servants in collusion with the Carriage Contractors for sale at the open market even today. It said that scams running in PDS in the state cannot be ruled out while wondering how come the Ministers, Public servants and Carriage Contractors involved in the PDS do come up with huge mansions after mansions just in span of few years.

It further said that the investigation process being carried out by the SIC is shabby and explicitly partial though appreciable from the fact that at least one high profile accused in the name of Gegong Apang Ex-CM is arrested.

The process of investigation is apparently and explicitly shabby, improper and partial from the fact that, all high profile individuals related to or persons occupying powerful public offices including Pema Khandu, S/o Dorjee Khandu CM, Jarkar Gamlin, MLA cum Chairman APKVIB and brother of Jarbom Gamlin Minister, (Power & Tourism); Karka Gamlin, S/o.Iarkar Gamlin MLA; Lokam Tassar MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary (Food & Civil Supply); Likha Saaya MLA cum Chairman( APEDA); Takam Tagar alias Pario MLA; Yameng Taga D/o Tamiyo Taga, MLA cum Leader of the Opposition,; Hage Batt, IAS; Dr N N Osik among others were not arrested and detained in judicial custody for interrogation as is the case with Apang. And if some of them are arrested at all, why the M S Chouhan led SIC did not apply for remand of these other high profile accused in judicial custody for interrogation when they being occupying or closely related to individuals occupying powerful public offices have cent percent possibility of interfering with the due process of investigation and tampering with the evidences, it said. The court is not blame able for enlarging any accused on bail when the investigation Officer himself did not apply to the court for remand of the accused so arrested.

The High Court is highly appreciable in not granting bail to Gegong Apang for the possibility that he is high profile person being the Ex-CM and having capability of interfering with the due process of investigation and tampering with the evidences. The moot question now is, why the SIC doesn't infer and learn from the observations and reasons of the High Court and go on arresting and detaining the high profile accused on the said grounds. Moreover, even if any accused is enlarged on bail, the same can be cancelled by the court on the ground of apprehensions of the accused interfering with the due process of investigation and tampering with the evidences, it added.

The PDS and the PDS scam are indispensably related to the food availability & security and the very question of survival of all the Arunachalees, it said while adding that the present government under the leadership of Dorjee Khandu has already committed to snatching away the limited farming lands spread across numerous river valleys in this hilly state by having already rampantly entered into MOU's/ MOA's with power developers for setting up of over hundreds of mega hydro projects by blatantly and arbitrarily ignoring popular demands of various dam affected people.

It further said that Arunachalees should immediately appeal to Sonia Gandhi, President AICC to direct Dorjee Khandu and other Congress MLA's occupying public offices in the Congress led government in the state to resign from their respective offices on moral ground. However, the proposition is very uncertain since beneath the mesmerizing slogans of welfare for poor, the UPA government is mute spectators to over 60 million tones of food grains rotting in FCI godowns, it added.

“We should immediately place the demands before the governor of the state and seek resignation of high profile persons from their respective public offices since the Governor is the Appointing Authority. The PDS scam should be immediately transferred for due process of investigation by the CBI. The SIC under the control and supervision of the Chief Secretary should be overhauled as he is related to few of the accused”, it said.

The Union further added that the process of investigation cannot be impartial under the SIC being controlled and supervised by the present Chief Secretary since above all, he is a native of this state having social relations with large numbers of the accused.

As such, Tabom Bam should be transferred from the post of Chief Secretary of the state for impartial investigation by the SIC in this mega scam in the interest of whole public of the Arunachal Pradesh. M S Chouhan should also be removed from the IO of PDS scam on the ground of explicit partiality and inefficiency he has shown so far in the process of investigation, it added.

And all the accused in the scam should be immediately and uniformly arrested and detained in judicial custody for the due process of interrogation so that they are shielded from the possibility of interfering with the due process of investigation and tampering with the evidences, the union went on to add.

The prosecution sanctions should be immediately granted for all government employees indicted in the scam. Further, cases should be instituted against all individuals and public servants owning disproportionate assets under the Prevention of Corruption Acts, 1988 and relevant laws, the Union said.


Nyapin to host mega health camp

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: The first ever Mega Health Awareness camp at Nyapin is being organized on October 8-9 under the aegis of Rogi Kalyan Samity, Nyapin.

The camp would be conducted by five reputed specialist doctors from RK Mission Hospital and Niba Hospital.

Local MLA Bamang Felix and Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner Bidol Tayeng have consented to be the chief guest and guest of honour of the inaugural function. Meanwhile, the NSS unit of North East Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital (NEHMCH) is also organizing a health check up, awareness cum social service at Donyi Polo School of Hearing Impaired campus at Gohpur Tinali on October 6.

Doctors of the NEHMCH will conduct the health camp and medicines will be provided to the patients free of cost.


‘Bandh politically motivated’

ITANAGAR, Oct 4:  Criticizing the 12-hour bandh call given by All Kurung Kumey District Students Union against the ruling Congress Govt, Kurung Kumey ZP chairperson today termed the bandh politically motivated.

The ZP chairperson in a release today claimed that protesters mostly from road head areas, shouted slogans to tarnish the image of the CM, parliamentary secretary, Food and Civil Supply and PRIs opposing the recent decision of re-introducing head load system.

As per the Govt decision, air dropping of Essential Ration Commodities (ERC) will be continued, he claimed adding that students were also apprised of the situation behind the Govt incapability to introduce airdropping in a recent meeting convened at CM office.


Students appeal for more busses

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: Student’s Union Dera Natung Govt. College, Itanagar in a submission to parliamentary secretary, state transport has requested for starting additional transport bus service for the college. Union informed the present fleet of 3 APST bus is not enough to cater to the needs of student community of DNGC and three more should be introduced.

The students coming from far flung areas like Doimukh, Nirjuli and Naharlagun are facing lot of trouble due to shortage of buses, union added.



ITANAGAR, Oct 4: Capital Complex Sporting Club beat Model Village Football Club 2-0  and entered into  semifinals of the Challenger Football Tournament at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium Naharlagun today. Capital Complex Sporting Club will play against IRBn  in the second semifinal tomorrow.

The first semifinal will be held between G 4 Football Club vs Bamang Taji Football Club tomorrow.





NYC state Unit opposed bandh

Itanagar, Oct 4: Nationalist Youth Congress state Unit (NYC) opposed the phase wise bandh call jointly given by AIPU, AVYF and AYA in capital complex demanding resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu. NYC appealed to the organisations not to launch phase-wise bandh call which hamper development activities and affect the normal life of the people.


Gandhi Jayanti celebrated

CHANGLANG, Oct 4: With the rest of the world, the people of Changlang celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in a befitting manner on Oct 2. The programme started with morning procession taken out by the school children in the Changlang Township.

This was followed by offering of floral tribute to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at DIET complex by the Govt officers and students and teachers.    

Later, social services were conducted in schools, Govt office premises, colonies and market area under the supervision of district administration to mark the occasion.  

 At Daporijo, Govt officials, students, representatives from NGOs and general public under the supervision of the district administration conducted mass social service on the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanti. DIPRO adds.


TTWS new body formed

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: The new executive body of the Tache-Tagia Welfare Society (TTWS) has been reconstituted with Larji Rigia as chairman and Tadam Pakba as general secretary for the period of 3 years.

The Society in its two-days 3rd general conference held at Pakba village under Taliha circle on Oct 1 & 2 also felicitated the prominent personalities of the   Tache-Tagia community who excel in their field of activities with medals and certificates.


Inaugural function deferred

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: The inaugural function of the Geojit Comtrade Ltd (GCL), Naharlagun has been deferred to October Seven due to unavoidable circumstances, according to GCL release.



Seppa:  The PWD Minister Nabum Tuki and DC East Kameng Tope Bam is to grace the Chingdang Festival of Miji community at Lada, a remote circle under East Kameng as Chief Guest and guest of the honour on 14th Oct. Parliamentary Secretary of Forest and Environment who is also the local MLA Kumar Waii would also attend.  


Circle officer dies

ITANAGAR: Circle officer Nati Pertin took his life early this morning. The officer who was currently posted at Yupia in Papum Pare leaves behind his wife, a daughter and two sons and scores of well wishers.  

Born in 1960 at Dambuk under Lower Dibang Valley, Late Pertin joined as Circle officer in the year 1995.

Meanwhile Adi Bane Kebang has mourned the death of the officer and has expressed its deepest condolence to the bereaved family member of late Pertin and prayed for peace to his departed soul.


Lada in need of rice

SEPPA:  Circle Officer Tajum Ronya Lada one of the remotest circles in East Kameng informed that the government staff is facing shortage of rice and other essential commodities.

He further appealed the concerned authority to airdrop rice and other essential commodities at earliest as stock has run out.



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