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October - 06



What does one resort to when nothing else works?

Dear Editor,

Lately a lot has been said and written in your paper as well as other newspapers regarding the PDS scam, some even writing against the organizations which had called the bandh. Not that I am a supporter of bandh calls and not that I don’t understand the miseries of the innocent public during these bandh calls, but what does one resort to when nothing else works?

The issue isn’t why Chief Minister should resign, rather why shouldn’t he resign! He and the government spokesperson claim that he has been given a clean chit by the High Court in the PIL case on SGRY. The issue is not whether Dorjee Khandu has been given a clean chit by the court, but why he awarded carriage contract of 24,800 metric tons of SGRY food grains to M/s R.D. Carriage which belongs to his wife as claimed by AIPU, AYA, and  AVYF.  Understood that it was for relief and therefore urgent in nature hence the government did not call for tender, but surely there were other registered PDS nominees, LAMPS and other co-operative societies who could have been awarded the work. Why his wife? This is a gross misuse and violation of his office and official powers. Very unbecoming of a person who held a public office then and holds the top most public office in the state now. If this is not corruption than what is! Therefore he should gracefully step down.

Next, I would like to highlight one more reason why Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, whose son Pema Khandu is in the list of accused and the four accused MLAs and Minister Jarbom Gamlin, one of the accused MLA is his brother and one Mr. Karka Gamlin is his nephew should resign and step down. In the case of Gegong Apang, the High court and the SIC is of the view that if given bail, Mr. Apang could influence the other witnesses. Doesn’t this apply to the above mentioned persons who are holding powerful public offices? I am sure that everybody including the SIC knows that these people are in a better position to influence other witnesses/ Govt. departments/ Govt. documents and everybody and everything else related to the case much more than Mr. Apang. Shouldn’t they step down, let alone getting arrested and getting bail! Very interesting is the case of one of the accused who is an MLA and Parliamentary Secretary, who doesn’t seem keen on resigning or stepping down. For Gods sake, he is the Parliamentary Secretary of Civil Supplies, the very department which the scam is of! If he should not resign than who should!

Last, I would like to say that a lot has been said about AIPU, AYA, and AVYF, some even calling them - least known/ small/ unheard of/ unknown/ petty etc. organizations. But I feel it is not the organizations but the issue that matters. Cheers! And hats off to them for raising such issues in spite of being – least known/ small/ unheard of/ unknown / petty etc. organizations as called by the others who themselves don’t have the guts to raise such issues! In some sections of the press, it was reported that these organizations are politically motivated. I care the least weather they are or not, but I am of the opinion that even if politically motivated, they have a genuine case, a genuine reason and a genuine issue. And that should and is what matters!


A concerned citizen,

(on email)



The Gorkha identity

Dear Editor,

After going through the decision taken by Government of Arunachal Pradesh regarding PRC to non-APST and various articles published in your esteemed daily, I could not keep myself without writing the following.

Firstly, the views written by Man Bahadur Limbu of Udalguri, and published on Sept 29 last, which has a deep observation and opinion about the identity of Gorkhas in Indian subcontinent, which includes proper safety and security of constitutional right of the indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh. As on date most of Gorkha people all over the world are not aware either politically, socially or from the educational point of view for lack of research upon themselves. As a result the misconception “Nepali” (which is actually a nationality for the citizen of Nepal, may be belongs of any worldwide community) is taking place instead of Gorkha Identity.

Traditionally, Guru Gorakshanath is believed to have been born sometime in the 8th century, whereas some believe it to be anytime from 8th century to several centuries later. He traveled widely across the Indian subcontinent, and accounts about him are found in some forms or others several places including Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Punjab, Sind, Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, Assam, Bengal, Maratha, and even Sri Lanka. Gorkhas (Gurkha) take their name from this saint. Gorakhpur, the district headquarters of Gorakhpur District, is believed to derive its name from Guru Gorakhnath.

The legend states that Bappa Rawal was a teenager, when he came upon the warrior saint Guru Gorakhnath while on a hunting expedition with friends in the jungles of Rajasthan, Bappa Rawal chose to stay behind, and care for the warrior saint, who was in deep meditation. When Guru Gorkhanath awoke, he was pleased with the devotion of Bappa Rawal. The Guru gave him the Kukri (Khukuri) knife, the famous curved blade of the present day Gurkhas. The legend continues that he told Bappa that he and his people would henceforth be called Gurkhas, the disciples of the Guru Gorkhanath, and their bravery would become world famous. He then instructed Bappa Rawal, and his Gurkhas to stop the advance of the Muslims, who were invading Afghanistan (which at that time was a Hindu/Buddhist nation). Bappa Rawal took his Gurkhas and liberated Afghanistan — originally named Gandhara, from which the present day Kandahar derives its name. It is a misconception that the Gurkhas took their name from the Gorkha region of Nepal. The region was given its name after the Gurkhas had established their control of these areas. In the early 1500s some of Bappa Rawal's descendants went further east, and conquered a small state in present-day Nepal, which they named Gorkha in honour of their patron saint. By 1769, through the leadership of Sri Panch (5) Maharaj Dhiraj Prithvi Narayan Shahdev (1769–1775), the Gorkha dynasty had taken over the area of modern Nepal. They made Hinduism the state religion, although with distinct Rajput warrior and Gorkhanath influences. Which has also now become a secular country.

Thus Gorkha is a worldwide community, the descendent of Bappa Rawal the first Gorkha the follower of Guru Gorakhnath. At present day Gorkhas are existing in more than 58 countries world wide. But for their lack of awareness about themselves carrying the misconception on their Identity of Nationality of Nepal, saying Nepali. Similarly the literate mass communication media too use it saying Nepali instead of Gorkha as the community is really regretted.

Further, the written and unwritten history of Gorkhas in each corner of the northeast about their Contribution for safeguard of the soil and development, lifestyle, devotion, honesty, peace loving nature, and the silent expectation for natural justice is though not beyond the eyes of the literate community of the States including the villagers of each corner. The Govt. of Nagaland declared equal right to the certain and genuine Gorkha community of Nagaland who were there since pre independence and has no other home being their own and do and die for the cause of Nagaland, which is obliviously natural justice given to those Gorkha people. Similarly in Manipur, Mizoram and other parts of Northeasten state is so. Let the Govt. of AP as well as the educated APST people think about on their own.


Bikram Chetry




It’s the certificate that’s priceless

Dear Editor,

While expressing our gratitude to the State NSUI for sending to us the certificate(not cash) of Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Meritorious Scholarship Award, I would like to suggest a few things to the eager organizers. When they distribute such awards in future, they should intimate all the students selected for the purpose so that no one would fail to turn up to collect the award. The identity card of the recipients must be checked so as to avoid any unpleasant fraud case of going away with the award money by the wrong person as it happened this time. My daughter Manisha Patsani (the surname wrongly spelt as  “Palsani” in both Arunachal Front/August 21,2010 and the certificate prepared) of Govt. H. S. School, Doimukh, was selected from Papum Pare District to get the award as topper in Humanities Stream. But she could not be present in the award giving function since we did not get any intimation. Some well meaning hand received the award in her place, kept the entire cash award of ten thousand rupees with him/her and sent only the certificate to our school.

When I contacted the State President of NSUI, he told us that the District President of Papum  Pare District Unit had taken the responsibility of the district and he had produced on the dais a girl who received the certificate along with the cash award kept in an envelope. The District President  on the other hand said that he had sent somebody to collect the award as he had some other preoccupation.

On his visit to our school on 6th September 2010 in this connection, the State President of the Organization even gave me a copy of the photo taken on the occasion, but requested me to give him some time to look into the matter. But nothing came out though I gave him sufficient time. The state president told me not to worry for the cash but to be glad that we got the certificate which is priceless.

A certificate of cash award without the cash is nothing but trash. We cannot hang a fake award on the wall just because it has been signed and given away by some dignitary. Moreover, it will remind me and my innocent daughter the unpleasant fraud case and such experience in the district will remain a painful memory.

I, on behalf of my daughter and all family members, express our heartiest thanks to NSUI for the honour bestowed on us. But at the same time I request the state president of NSUI to take back the valuable certificate or to allow us to send it back to them.


Bipin Patsani,

Doimukh,  (on email)



It’s the mega dam that’s a headache, not Chinese claim!

Dear Editor,

According to reports by Indian media in Delhi, the latest Smartphone launched in China contains maps showing Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. This is just another instance where Arunachal Pradesh is shown as “India Occupied China”.

One of the most corrupt politicians of the ‘India-made’ state of Arunachal Pradesh Takam Sanjay, who is a Congress party MP in the state assembly has said that, “This is yet another attempt at painting a wrong picture on the territorial integrity of Arunachal Pradesh and we strongly protest this nefarious design.” Sanjay lodged a formal protest over Apple’s latest iPhone4 step with the Indian central government. Will this pet of the central government called Takam Sanjay also lodge a formal protest against the anti-tribal policies like construction of mega dams, granting PRCs to non-tribals and gross irregularity and corruption in PDS in the state?

For a person on the streets of Itanagar or a remote village in Miao, it hardly matters whether it is they are in Indian territory or Chinese territory. But for the ministers it is a matter of serious concern. This is because they cannot indulge in rampant corruption under Chinese government. They will have to give up their luxurious life and live like any other common man and work for the public. All these media hype regarding Chinese claim over Arunachal is like making a mountain out of a mole hill. This is one issue which helps the ministers and politicians to distract the common man from the real issues and problems of day-to-day existence. Whether the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are with China or India is secondary, whether these tribes will survive in the wake of 168 dams all over the state is the actual issue which should bother the people of Arunachal. The headache of the common man in Arunachal is mega dams being planned by India, not the so called Chinese claim which crops up now and then.


Vox populi,  (on email)



Corrupt leaders can just shower few bucks

Dear Editor,

I really appreciate Galo Student Union for demanding arrest of all those accused in PDS scam among the Galos.

My respect also grows for Adi Student Union for their fight against corruption.

All  PDS accused should be taught the lesson of their life for surgically looting the food meant for the stomach of the poor. But what is intriguing and condemnable is AAPSU, the apex student body's silence in the PDS imbroglio.

Masses think that CM and power minister are protecting their relatives involved. Is the AAPSU leadership also relatives of the PDS accused? Then, the incredibility and relevance of the AAPSU is in the downward track. If the only opposition in the state starts protecting their corrupted relatives to whom shall we public go now?

Instead of bandh calls which is antidevelopment in the long run, we should start boycotting those corrupt leaders. Doctors ,academicians, good student leaders should be the chief guests, guest of honours etc. Because these people are literate, with more innovative ideas. Corrupt leaders can just shower few bucks to the public, which they loot from the public itself.


T.Doke Lendo

Tirbin, West siang



No mean job to be a student leader

Dear Editor,

I don’t understand why our publics are dependent on student’s organization only in all issues. There are many political parties in our state who could take up the cudgel. Why not common publics choose the good leaders and why our people are selling themselves during the election?

We see our leaders are not around at the time of needs.  But at least some of our leaders can speak about important issues in the Assembly.

My personal opinion is that students organization should concentrate in studies but we have seen that students organizations play the role of opposition in our state since inception.

Nowadays most of our students are very active in politics because they think that it is short cut to earn their livelihood.  This is because they are being used by political leaders.

Taba Ajum rightly pointed out in his earlier article that today’s student’s leaders are puppet of some leaders and some seniors. It is a fact and it is prevailing in the today’s student’s organization.

It is not easy to  become a student  leader  without spending  lakhs of rupees  and deserving  candidates are losers because they have no financial backing.

There are lots of questions within us which we have to rectify our self.

It is my sincere appeal to our great leaders and seniors of the state please don’t use and expect too much from students’ organizations otherwise these organisations will never change.


Nabam Simon,

(on email)



Let this a be a lesson

Dear Editor,

I received a letter from R.Chandranathan, IGP (Admn), Government of Assam informing the suspension of Police officials including Pankaj Kumar Ray, Officer In-Charge of Laluk Police Station, Assam and his subordinate who were on duty that day when they unnecessarily harassed and mercilessly beat up my husband Talla Joram on 2nd August at Laluk Police station, Assam.

They beat up my husband on the pretext that he had no valid vehicle documents and demanded money without scrutinizing the documents.

The IGP also informed that the criminal case has been filed against these erring officials.

It is to mention here that Assam Police especially Laluk Police station harass the Arunachalee people in one pretext or other and demands money without any authentic reason.

Whenever Arunachal bearing registered vehicle approach, they become restless and indulge in extortions and come up with unnecessary allegation just to make some quick money.  

I hope, from this incident now Assam Police of Laluk might have learnt a lesson not to harass innocent Arunachalee without any valid reason.

I personally express my gratitude to DGP and IGP of Assam government particularly R. Chandranathan for appropriate action against those officials. I also express my heartfelt gratitude to Government of Arunachal Pradesh and ANSU for whose prompt initiation and support, the protest could be successfully registered to Government of Assam.

I Hope, that such support may continue in future for those aggrieved.


Joram Achu, ASM,

(On email)



Prove your worth

Dear Editor,

One of your esteemed readers wrote about the salary of SSA teachers in our state on Oct 5th issue.

What made me think is the view that such meager salary would bring poor education quality to the state. No doubt he/she may be a dedicated profession but what about the other SSA teacher who are posted in rural areas. How many days do they come to school for teaching? What portions of syllabus are covered in a year by those teachers? What have the students learnt from them in whole year? At the end of session exams are conducted for sake and students are promoted to upper class. Now one may ask the students of second or third standard to spell out a word, they are not able to do.

Teachers need to prove themselves and show that they are dedicated professionals. Rest of us will certainly support and stand with them for a genuine cause.








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Govt appeals Centre for upgradation of AIR and DDK

NAHARLAGUN, Oct 5: A delegation headed by Minister, Finance & IPR etc Setong Sena, accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary, IPR T. Taiju, MLA Kamthok Lowang and IPR Director Leki Phuntso called on the Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Ambika Soni in her Office chamber at Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi yesterday to apprise her of the existing poor scenario of Doordarshan and AIR infrastructure in the state.

The team submitted a ten point memorandum on the initiative of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu relating to upgradation of DDK and AIR services in Arunachal Pradesh with latest technical infrastructures and digital transmitter power from 100 KW to 400 KW of AIR Itanagar for wider coverage and setting up of Press Information Bureau (PIB) office at Itanagar with posting of required support.

During the 20 minutes discussion, Sena, apprised the Union Minister on issues pertaining to strengthening of DDK and AIR Itanagar and also urged upon her to increase the transmission capacity of DDK Itanagar by Satellite uplinking so that programme of DDK Itanagar reaches to all the districts of this hilly state.

MLA K. Lowang and Parliamentary Secretary, IPR T. Taiju pleaded for inclusion of Tutsa language in AIR Itanagar Station so that Tutsa tribe, one of the unrepresented tribes with rich cultural heritage, can be given exposure to the outside world.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu had written in June and September to the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister on the issue incorporated in the memorandum and urged her to address the problems on priority. The Union Minister Ambika Soni appreciated the genuine problems of DDK and AIR Itanagar and assured to look into the matter expeditiously as far as possible.  She however, advised that community Radio stations should be promoted   for better outreach to the people.   

Referring to Soochna Bhawan, the proposed Directorate’s Office Complex, the Union Minister assured for early sanction during the current financial year itself.

 Later in the afternoon, Parliamentary Secretary, IPR T. Taiju along with Director IPR Leki Phuntso called on Secretary, Ministry of DoNER and requested him to take up the proposal of Soochna Bhawan considering the urgency of the proposal. (DIPR)


Heat, debate and the fan

Tongam Rina

Amidst unlimited rounds of red tea and tamul-paan, discussions on hydro power project, PRC and PDS invariably take the centre stage at Pasighat. The discussions are so heated and widespread, it’s almost impossible to escape. Everyone seems to have an opinion and something to share on the issues.

The discussion on PDS and PRC, most of them said was not for print. Sometimes, even family members make it a point to remind that some conversations are off the record.  That’s the flip side of being in journalism!

But on hydro power, they were ready to be quoted.

Yours truly could sense that people are deeply divided on hydro power issue.  Though there seems to be consensus that citizens need power, there are different take on the how big it should be.

Some want, some are downright opposed to it while most tread the middle path and says that it would be alright to have projects that could cater to the need of the people without displacement.

It is unlikely that they would ever come to a conclusion that is acceptable to all but yours truly felt that there should be more room for discussion and people should be the ultimate authority to take a decision.  It should be left on them to decide whether they want to have thousand megawatt or micro projects. But is there any space for people’s participation and inputs?

As the heated debate continues, Pasighat, the oldest town in the state is set to celebrate its hundredth year starting from Jan 14 next year.  

But as one get into the town, the extremely bad roads conditions greet you. The only reason that stops one from swearing out loud is the smiling posters of Toko Teji, the wonder boy who managed to put our state in the map of Indian television!  

As one reaches home fuming and switch on the fan, it refuses to move! Apparently, there has been no power supply for a long time.

Aunt promptly hands over a fan (meyap) made of bamboo. One can’t help but smile looking at the forever popular meyaps that’s an integral part of lives of this town.

With unbearable heat reaching its peak, yours truly could not take it anymore and called up the power department. Before the person at the other hand puts the phone down, he announces it’s a Saturday.

So? Allegedly it’s a maintenance day! With no power supply in most part of the town for four days straight, it sounded like a serious joke.

While yours truly gets on to a tirade on how seriously some people take their jobs, her buddy comes up with a helpful suggestion that “people who needs constant power supply should not write against hydro projects”!!

Before the sentence is complete, someone says, “that’s why we don’t complain”!!!

That’s the paradox.

While yours truly sit down with a list of complaints at bad facilities, her uncle informs that roads will be ready on time for the hundredth year celebrations. There is no sign whatsoever of any work being undertaken.  Call it Suresh Kalmadi effect!

How ironical that we have to wait for a certain time to access basic facilities like good roads and power supply.


Union questions goof up on HC notification

Itanagar, Oct 5: The Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU), Itanagar unit has said that the whole issue of granting of bail to former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, currently in judicial custody for his alleged involvement in PDS scam has taken a peculiar turn when the  Guwahati High Court, Itanagar Bench while hearing his bail petition on 30th September, ordered that in terms of notification No. 44 dated September, 5, 2007, by Guwahahti Court all the bail application in connection with the case should be listed before the Division Bench-I of the Guwahati High Court, Guwahati and therefore his bail petition was rejected.

AdiSU releasing the notification to the media  said that  ‘on perusal of the same, it has come to light that Dy. Registrar, Guwahati High Court, Itanagar Permanent Bench, Naharlagun endorsed the notification on 05.09.2007 to all the DCs as well as Addl. Session Judge (FTC), Yupia. However, the Dy. Registrar again endorsed the aforesaid notification on 26-08-2010.

It asked why no cognizance of the notification was taken while disposing of the several bail petitions in the instant case by the DM, Yupia, District Session Judge, N/Lakhimpur and Itanagar Bench of Guwahati High Court.

It further asked how the notification remained beyond the knowledge of the judges as well as the advocates dealing with the bail petitions of Apang? Why the Dy. Registrar endorsed the notification to the Public Prosecutor only on 26-08-2010 after a gap of 3 years and why the notification has been made known to the judge only on 30th September, 2010, the students asked.

The Union further wanted to know what compelled the Dy. Registrar to endorse the notification on 26-08-2010 and that too after 2 days of arrest of Apang.

Due to ignorance or concealment of the notification, Apang has been denied his fundamental right to apply for bail in appropriate court, it said.

   The AdiSU has alleged that the goof up in issuing notification by the deputy registrar, Gauhati High Court, was to ensure that the former chief minister remains under judicial custody, and it therefore demanded action to fix responsibility for such scam.

Meanwhile the Union has asked for an early release of former chief minister Gegong Apang or arrest of all other 44 accused in the PDS scam and the case handed over to the CBI.

In a press statement here today, the AdiSU president Jirbo Jamoh said the union would continue to fight against corruption and more importantly in the PDS. (with inputs from UNI)


NCP demands cancellation of PDS wholesale nominees/ licenses

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: NCP state unit has urged the Governor and the Chief Secretary Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to impress upon the state government to cancel the licenses of all PDS Nominees involved in the multi crore scam.

The black listing of all firms and issuance of fresh licenses to firms, bodies and cooperatives with healthy track records or constitution of a High Power Committee involving representatives from business community, all Political Parties, RCS, DCS, DST and 16 Deputy Commissioners to chalk out ways and means to address the ongoing food crisis in the state is the need of the hour, the party added.

Lamenting over the ball game of shifting responsibilities from State govt to FCI and vice versa, the party termed the entire tactics as kiddish and reflection of a weak and helpless govt. whose legislators as well as machineries are neck deep involved in the scam.

Instead of protecting the PDS Mafias, the so called people first Govt should grant immediate prosecution sanction against all accused involved in the scam in first place followed by evolving a transparent mechanism stated above to ensure continuous delivery of PDS food items to the doorstep of the poor consumers.

The present tactics of buying time to please the powerful PDS contractors lobby is anti-people and shall not withstand the genuine pressure from the public, it added.


DC dissatisfied at non performance

Ziro, Oct 5: The Members of District Health Society of Lower Subansiri  reviewed the performance of  National Rural Health Mission(NRHM) in the District today at the office chamber of Deputy Commissioner.

Presiding over the meeting, Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner, Sadhana Deori, said, health delivery system has not adequately  reached  interior areas and  advised   for more health camps to benefit the poor and rural populace. She also expressed concern over nonparticipation of some members of the District Health Society in the meeting . After reviewing the workings  of various PHCs and progress report on expenditure of RKS fund, the Deputy Commissioner asked the medical officers to submit a list of their requirements so that the DHS can include next District Action Plan.

The meeting resolved to de-centralize the funds under NRHM  including  those of Rogi Kalyan Samittees and  Janani Suraksha Yojana to all Community Health Centres (CHCs), and Public Health Centres (PHCs) and Sub Centres of the District.

It also suggested the Medical Officers to introduce a nominal service charge from the  patients for office expenses and other maintenance and up keep of the Hospital. The meeting also suggested that the CEO, District Health Society should take initiative for timely release of fund under JSY to the respective health facilities in the district

 District Family Welfare Officer-Cum-CEO, District Health Society, while presenting the achievements made during the year 2009-10 expressed concern over non-submission of  utilization Certificates of Rogi Kalyan Samiti fund by some medical Officers. An equal amount of fund whose utilization Certificate is not furnished is deducted from the total allocation of the district by the NRHM. To avoid this every Medical Officers should ensure that  utilization certificates/statement of expenditure should be submitted  to the district Health Society.

ADC, W.Tikhak, DMO, Dr.H.Nibo, and medical officers of District Hospital, CHCs and PHCs also attended the meeting. (DIPRO)


NCP demands CBI probe

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: NCP, state Unit has demanded for CBI probe into all erring Govt. departments including Hydro Power, Relief & Rehabilitation, Mines and Minerals considering the massive financial irregularities as pointed out by CAG in its report.

The party said that Arunachal govt should learn from the Assam govt who has recommended a CBI Enquiry into multi crore NC Hills Autonomous Councils Scam based on AG's reports. The recent CAG revelation of huge financial irregularities in various department are quite serious and to prove that it is clean and transparent, the govt. must recommend all cases of financial irregularities in various department including 1000 crore PDS scandal, Apex Bank Loan scandal to CBI.

The party further urged the govt to expedite the investigation into the inhuman murder of Wangcha Rajkumar, former MP by putting relentless pressure on CBI and Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The party further added that the Anini Treasury Loot of Rs. 16 Crore which is supposed to be under investigation by State Police is yet to be made public and accused punished so that the lost faith of the people on its APCS and other employees are restored.

The party further said that the failure of the govt to tell the exact status of cases would mean complete breakdown of public faith and trust on the govt well as investigating agencies.

The party further said that if the govt. continues playing dilly dallying tactics, NCP shall be duty bound to press for President Rule in the state


Orchids to be rehabilitated

YINGKIONG, Oct 5: Around1 2000 numbers of rescued Orchids will be rehabilitated in the Yingkiong Township which is expected to bloom within 3-4 years time.

Today, DC Upper Siang, Pawan Kumar Sain along with Officers, Public leaders, school authorities participated at a special programme on wild orchid rehabilitation under the jurisdiction Yingkiong Forest Division to mark the Wild Life week 2010. DFO Yingkiong S. Manyu, informed that Upper Siang is rich in orchid species population and requires proper identification and documentation.

Awareness campaign, distribution of printed hand slips by volunteers, Drawing/Essay Competition among School students; rally will be part of the Weeklong celebration.


PPA suggest strict electoral reforms

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: While participating the meeting convened by the Election Commission of India in its office in New Delhi, regarding election reform in the country, Peoples’ Party of Arunachal (PPA) suggested to the Election Commission that there be restriction on the double entry of electoral roll by non natives of the States: one at native States and other at place of residing. It further called for strict checking of involvement of Government employees in election and appointment of election micro observers from the Central Agencies and autonomous bodies.

It further said that sacrifice of the Mithun, yak, and other animals during the election may be totally banned.

Party opined that wanton killing during the election may threaten existence of Mithun very soon.

Meanwhile, the Party President Kamen Ringu and General Secretary, Dr. Ashan Riddi is scheduled to call on the Chief Election Commissioner Dr. S. Y, Quraishi regarding allocation of Mithun as the party symbol.


MLA calls for protection of wildlife

MIAO, Oct 5: Local MLA cum APMD&TC chairman Kamlong Mossang called upon the people to open their eyes to the essential need of protecting wildlife for posterity.

Speaking on the occasion of 56th Wildlife Week, Mossang urged the people to understand the rich eco-system we live in and the importance of saving environment and wildlife for our own existence.

He called upon various government departments and NGOs to bring about awareness on the need to preserve our environment.

Eastern Circle CCF Tezu IFS, Yogesh speaking as the guest speaker  called for bringing in  more Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) projects to the state under Public Private Partnership (PPP).

He informed that REDD is a set of steps designed to use market/financial incentives in order to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation and forest degradation.

The objective is not only to reduce green house gases but also to derive co-benefits such as biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation.

He further informed that developed countries offer funds through REDD credits to reduce deforestation in developing countries.

Since, Arunachal Pradesh has very rich asset in nature REDD project can best be implemented here, he said.

Yogesh pointed out that due to long term human disturbance and ghastly exploitation of Mother Nature, the world today is facing the effects of global warming.

Wildlife activist and SEACOW general secretary Phupla Singpho also spoke on the need for preservation of Wildlife.

Singpho further urged upon the locals to restrain them-selves from consuming any kind of wildlife animal. He said illegal market selling wildlife animal should be discouraged by one and all.

While, appealing the youths to respect Mother Nature, he urged them to study our rich flora and fauna to understand the need to protect and preserve our environment.   The office of Namdapha National Park Field Director also organized essay and drawing competition for school students as part of the Wildlife Week. MLA Kamlong Mossang gave away the prizes to the winners.

ADC Miao T Mara, DCCI president Sethai Sena, ASMs, public leaders, government officers and officials and students were also present on the occasion.


Society appeals for funds

ITNAGAR, Oct 5: Singpho Development Society in a letter to Chief Minister highlighting the activities taken up by the society regarding Drug De-addiction campaign in the Bordumsa Sub-Division and its nearby areas appealed the government to provide financial assistance to carry out programme.

It informed that altogether 65 addicts have been successfully been helped  in the Opium Drugs De-addiction camp at Singpho Heritage Center, Bordumsa and added that in its phase wise De-addiction treatment programme, 80 numbers of addicts will be treated for 20 days. Earlier, the society in collaboration with the Singpho Youth Organisation and Mahila Mandal Bordumsa has organized awareness campaign on Drug abuses in Bordumsa Sub-Division recently.


APEDA undertakes awareness campaign on energy use

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: A village to village appearance programme was conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA) at seven different villages under four circles of West Siang district on October 3 and 4 to create awareness on the use of New & Renewable Energy sources.

A four-member APEDA team led by the Information & Publicity Officer (IPO), T Muri is currently undertaking awareness tour in remote villages of the district to make the mission of MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) a success.

Villages like Row (Payung circle), Quyung, Payung, Pilgo and Heyo under Tato circle, Rego (Mechuka) and Herong village under Pidi circle were taken up for the two-day programme.

The programme is being materialized by the APEDA under the aegis of MNRE, aimed at creating awareness about NRE sources at the village level.  

During the programme, as many as 129 persons were imparted technical training on the use and maintenance of Domestic Home Lighting System (DHLS) which had already been installed under the PM’s Package. Speaking on the occasion, T Muri advised the beneficiaries for proper maintenance of the system in time through the checking of distil water and cleaning of solar plate.

Some minor defects in the devices were repaired by the technician, S Kumar, informed the IPO.

Free distribution of distil water and fuse wire were also made to the GBs, he added.


Social Service at DNG College

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: A mass social service under the banner of All East Kameng Capital Complex Students Welfare Association (AEKCCSWA) was conducted at Dera Natung Govt College campus today.

The students’ community cleared the thick shrubs and bushes which covered the entire campus especially around Tai Bida and Nyari Welly Hostels.

Meanwhile, AEKCCSWA President Lezen Gyadi and General Secretary Atum Liyak have extended their gratitude to senior student Tana Sushil Tara for his cooperation during the social service.

Sushil appreciating the social service said that youth should take active part in cleaning the temple of learning.


Awareness prog on Panchayati Raj

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: The directorate of Field Publicity (DFP), Pasighat unit has organized an awareness and sensitization programme on the themes and schemes of the Panchayati Raj ministry at Berung in East Siang district on Oct 2. Around 200 persons participated in it.

National drawing, painting and essay competitions were also part of the programme in order to generate awareness and sensitize the people of rural area about the themes and schemes of Panchayati Raj.

The awareness and sensitization programme conducted in  coordination with local administration, PR leaders and educational institutes include group discussion, interactive session, photo exhibition and film show.

Both ASM Olo Dai and a teacher C Dutta highlighted the role of Panchayati Raj in rural development. FPO incharge B Basumatary also spoke on the occasion.


Society decry illegal hunting and fishing

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: Ghora Aabhe Society (SHG) in East Kameng district has appealed the additional deputy commissioner to issue directives to all Govt employees of Seijosa area to refrain from illegal hunting and fishing in and around Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary immediately.  

Expressing resentment over the rampant hunting and fishing, the Society alleged instead of being dedicated to their duties, the employees engaged themselves in such illegal activities regularly.

The Society further informed that Pakke Tour and Travel, a local tour operator under the initiative of the Society is constructing an echo-camp at Seijosa on self-help basis in order to attract more tourists and generate employment opportunity to local youths. The eco-camp will open in November, it said.


SDP on bee keeping

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: A 36 Day Skill Development Programme on Bee Keeping organised by the National Youth Project, Namsai Unit was inaugurated at Multipurpose Community Hall at Hayuliang today. The programme is sponsored by NABARD.

The programme was attended by around 50 farmers from various villages and unemployed youth, Gaon Burahs.

It was a pleasant sight to see five women farmers who had come all the way from their villages to attend the training.

Speaking as the Chief Guest of the occasion, C.S. Jeinow, Deputy Commissioner, Anjaw District exhorted all the participants to take full advantage of the training and avail all the possible benefits that the government is providing. He further enlightened the participants about the self sustenance and monitory benefits which one could achieve through bee-keeping. R.K. Borthakur, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Hayuliang attending the programme as the Guest of Honour emphasised on the need to diversify ones activities so as to enhance the sources of income.

He also highlighted that bee keeping was a source of self employment and the importance the government is giving to such economy generating schemes. District Horticulture Officer and T.R. Tapu, Circle Officer also participated and attended the training programme.

Meanwhile, the National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh inaugurated NABARD sponsored days skill development programme on woollen garments & embroidery which begin at Tawang from yesterday at Craft Centre.

25 economically poor youths from the Tawang locality selected on first come first serve basis are attending the programme.


Consumer awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: Radhpu Multipurpose Cooperative Society (RMCS) in Lower Subansiri district has organized a consumer awareness programme to commemorate the Gandhi Jayanti celebration at Ekhataya village under Pistana circle on Oct 2.

Ziro inspector of legal metrology and consumer affairs Debia Tana explained the consumer rights and duties under Consumer Protection Act 1986 and other standard weight and measures rules and Act on the occasion. He also highlighted on the procedures to lodge complaints to legal metrology and consumers affairs department in case of any grievances against traders or sellers. The resource person also delivered brief speech on the life and activities of Mahatma Gandhi.

RMCS chairman Debia Teji and GMP chairperson Tar Takam also spoke on the occasion. Students of the Govt Residential School Radhpu and Govt Primary School, Ekhataya participated in the essay competition on consumer awareness. The winners were awarded trophy and certificates.






CO’s death condoled

ITANAGAR, Oct 5:  The Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers Association (APCSOA) and Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh expressed shock at the sudden demise of Nati Pertin, circle officer, Yupia  who died at Naharlagun on Oct 4.

Born in Tapat village under Dambuk circle in Lowr Dibang valley district, he served as upper division clerk in state civil secretariat before he joined APSC in 1995.

The members of Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church (APCRC) also deeply mourned the death of Nati Pertin. He was the advisor of CRC, Naharlagun and offered service to the CRC in various other capacities.

Adi Christain Forum, Capital Complex has also mourned the death of the officer.

The organisations conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.


DC to asses schemes

SEPPA, Oct 5:   In order to assess the ground reality of all the govt. funded schemes implemented in Chayang Tajo, the DC with all the head of departments of East Kameng District would visit Chayang Tajo on Oct 20.

This was decided today in a meeting convened under the chairmanship of DC Tope Bam at his office chamber.

Highlighting the aims and objectives of the meeting, Bam said that govt. is always at the receiving ends when it comes to blame. He viewed that without looking at the pros and cons of the schemes being implemented under various departments, there has been always a grievances from the people against the concern department which would be clarified through a public meeting with the locals of the concern areas. (DIPRO)


Ego valley open tournament cum festival

ITANAGAR, Oct 5:  The 23rd Ego valley open tournament cum festival will start on 20th October at New Dari  located in West Siang district.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram will attend the opening ceremony as chief guest. Various activities to be taken up during the festival include football and volleyball tournament, cultural and literary activities.


Dept condoles death of employee

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: Officers and staff of the department of tourism, government of Arunachal Pradesh have condoled the death of Tode Ete, one of the long serving driver of the department.  

Late Ete passed away on 2nd October after a brief illness caused due to stomach cancer.

A condolence meeting was held in conference hall of tourism department and everyone one present prayed to almighty to bestow bereaved family members with abundant strength to bear the irreparable loss.


EPD training

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: Six weeks long entrepreneurship skill development training programme on Computer software and maintenance at Pasighat concluded today.

All together, 26 youths underwent the training programme which was sponsored by Branch Development Institute, MSME, Itanagar.


Union demands

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: All Maro Baririjo Area Students Union reiterating its 7-points demands further appealed the RD and PR Minister Takar Marde for immediate posting of Circle Officer at Maro.


New executive

ITANAGAR, Oct 5:  An emergency meeting of All East Siang District Student’s union was held on 30th September at hotel Aane, Pasighat, which was presided over by  Sunday Dupak, General Secretary.

The members present unanimously resolved the one point resolution that the present tenure of the central executive members is long overdue and took the decision to dissolve the incumbent executive team of the All East Siang District Students Union.

The meeting also selected Tageng Nyitan as the new president of union and empowered him to carry forward the union activities and also constitute new executive members of the union.


NBCC mission conference

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: The 9th Mission Conference of the Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) was conducted at Town Baptist Church, Koloriang in Kurung Kumey district from Oct 1 to 3.

NBCC general secretary Rev. Changha Chippo spoke on the  theme ‘Be in the Lord’s labour’.

He also  released a VCD on “Life testimony of Arunachal capital founder Nabam Runghi and senior most Christian pioneer among Nyishis, Taying Bath Tarh.” and also released first ever Puroik gospel cassette called “Jisu Anyang”.

More than 2000 believers of Lord Jesus from Tawang, West Kameng, East Kameng, Papum Pare, Kurung Kumey, Lower and Upper Subansiri districts and Assam attended the conference.


Si Donyi

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: The Tagin Welfare Society Capital Complex has constituted 24th Tagin Si-Donyi Festival Celebration Committee-2011 with Daporijo MLA Tapen Siga, Dr. Ashan Riddi   and Kow Kodak as chairman, vice chairman and secretary respectively of the committee for smooth celebration of the festival.


SDP concludes

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: 42 days long Skill Development Programme (SDP) on jute products organized by the ANMA-Integrated Development Association (AIDA) concluded at Yupia on Oct 4.

Altogether 25 women participated in the training sponsored by NABARD. The trainees were also distributed certificates in the valedictory function.



ITANAGAR, Oct 5: All Honik-Hoke Welfare Association expressed shock at the sudden demise of Songio Talit, who died on Oct 1 last.

He was a class IX student of government secondary school Polo Colony, Naharlagun.

The members of the AHHWA observed two minutes silence and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and conveyed its condolence to the bereaved family members.


LCDF demand re-notification on PRC

ITANAGAR: Lohit and Changlang Development Forum (LCDF) has served an ultimatum  to the state Govt demanding re-notification to issue Permanent Residential Certificates (PRC) to the indigenous non-APST tribes residing permanently in Lohit and Changlang districts  within  Oct 20 next.

While expressing anguish over the sudden lifting of the Govt order for issuing PRC under pressure from student groups, the Forum in its protest rally held at Mahadevpur town today also resolved to launch peaceful agitation in case of failure of the Govt to redress the grievances of the indigenous non-APST.

In its letter addressed to the Chief Minister, the Forum said the Govt had really fulfilled the long standing demands of the non-APST tribes with its order, but the sudden lifting of the order has created a shock wave in the non-APST tribes and communities of the two districts.  


JAC to go ahead with bandh call

ITANAGAR: Stating that the 12-hours and 24 hours state capital bandh calls on Sept 16 and Oct 4 respectively were  successful,  the Joint Action Committee of the Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU), Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation (AVYF) and Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) has  said  that  the organization trio decided to go ahead with 36 hours third phase state wide bandh within a short period demanding resignation of chief minister for his alleged involvement in corruption, nepotism and mis-governance.


Richo in CWG committee

ITANAGAR:  Padi Richo, parliamentary secretary and president of Arunachal Olympic Association has been appointed as member of 19th Commonwealth Games organizing committee.


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