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October - 07



Mishings have a place in history

Dear Editor,

This is in response to “Native Vs Non-Natives:  Need for a Comprehensive Policy” by Dr. Nani Bath published on Sept 28. It was a well written article by one of the prominent academicians of Arunachal Pradesh. However, we worthily deviate or disagree to the Quote “APST status cannot just be granted to the Mishing of Siang as Mr. Apang wanted”.

It is not apt to compare Mishing (Adi’s) of Siang with the Chakma-Hajong, Karbis and Tibetan.  The existence of the Mishing (Adi’s) of Siang in the region is since time immemorial. History is the record of fact, which cannot be denied at all.

The settlement or existent of indigenous Mishing (Adi’s) of Siang cannot be denied since the time immemorial at Sille-Oyan Circle, Mebo Circle of East Siang District. This Indigenous tribe has their own landed property inherited from their forefather and they are not migrants

Dr. Nani Bath fails to understand the historical background of the tribe.

There exist right to expressions and right to speech for every citizen of India but, out of that, depiction of illogical and annoying thought is not under the scope of the definitions.


Mrs. B. Bori)

Village head, Oyan,

(On email)



Right to express unsolicited opinion but

Dear Editor,

It is in response to a letter published under the heading ‘Untenable demands’ on October 4 by a citizen.

It is correct that every citizen have the rights to express their unsolicited opinion as guaranteed under the constitution of great India.

But I on behalf of the All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association and for all the likeminded citizens and future generations of this beautiful state would like to question whether the same constitution of India had laid down a provisions where it is mentioned that a bidding for the work should not be well informed to the people of the state where the work will be carried out. I do not think there are any such arbitrary provisions anywhere.

Even in the guidelines for any global tender there is clearly mentioned that apart from tender notice published in national media, at least the same notice should be circulation within the state. Where as in the said bidding the same was not followed which is contrary to the standard provisions.

It is also correct that we have local registered contractors who are at par with any contractors of the country to perform such work but here in the said bidding the equal opportunity was not given to the local contractors to participate in the competition as we were not properly given the notice as required. Instead it is apparently clear that we have been deprived of our natural justice. Thus, the question of our ability to bear the expense to visit Delhi does not arise at all.

Now, the question of completing the work on time, without enabling the equal opportunity to participate in the bidding, how can one point a finger at us by terming the demands untenable?

Completion of work in time lies with the department concern only if they practice the standard procedure of giving proper and wide notice to the local contractors. The  letter “untenable demands” was written under duress and not well thought.


Dipak Charu




May you flourish

Dear Editor,

Apropos to Taba Ajum for his bold. You are the path breaker and pioneer I must say and you are the only hope and guide for the young generations and student like us.

Unlike other dailies which are biased, your daily is the only source of true news. Keep up ‘Arunachal Times' team. Your daily dared and published PDS scam, PRC-fiasco, Chakma-Hajong and so on.

Your team has won the heart and soul of the people of the state, minus political leaders. May your daily and team flourish.



(On email)



Expatriates could come together for a cause

Dear Editor,

We come across news stories in media where Non-residents Assamese and Non-resident Nefamese settled in different countries and those in different cities of India celebrate festivals like Bihu, Solung, Nyokum and then send press release informing about the celebrations. Does the duty and responsibility of this set of people end with celebrating Bihu or should they also meet to discuss problems afflicting their native home state? The Assamese expatriates might not be as powerful as Lord Swaraj Paul or a Lakshmi Niwas Mittal. But at all the people involved in the service sector working in different countries can join hands and put their heads together to approach international forums to stop the construction of mega dams in the region.

Many Assamese work in international NGOs, in embassy related jobs, media organisations in US and Europe. Can't they do something substantial for their state? They can generate international awareness regarding the violation of human rights of survival by the Govt of India in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The expat population from Arunachal Pradesh can also join in such a forum.


Parthasarathi Konwar


Ghy-9 (On email)



We can tolerate bandh

Dear Editor,

We know that People First Government in Arunachal becomes People First Corruption, and "aam admi ke sath, corruption ke haat" especially in Arunachal.

Regarding the bandh Call given by some union and association about the resignation of Chief Minister Dorgee Khandu; yes we can tolerate bandh call but we cannot tolerate corruption anymore.

We the growing youth and future citizen of concern state are so shameful at the examples given by our big brothers when we look at the 96 people involved in PDS scam. Everyone knows that the PDS is meant for poor people of the society which is given by central Government. But now PDS is for the benefits of our leaders only, who committed themselves to serve for the betterment of society.

But instead of serving society they are killing poor people of the society. That's why we see the 96 accused in PDS scam. But present government has failed to arrest all with exception of former CM Gegong Apang. Why only Apang? What about others?

In this context I would like to appeal all the Students Organisation of the state to come out to fight together to save our beautiful State "Arunachal Pradesh. Otherwise it is soon going to be named as "Corrupted Pradesh". Now is the right time to bring revolution in Arunachal.  


Tana Jasap (On email)

Dullung Ramghat



Sometimes knowing our own backyard pays

Dear Editor,

This is in response  to ‘Shortcut to Success’ by Jina Bagang, which was published on 4th of Oct  in the Readers’ Forum section. It certainly is reflective of the expectation heaped on the system. I wonder whether he/she will be able to retain this belief after a few years.

He/she will come to know that those who sought shortcut method have accumulated wealth with zeros which is beyond the comprehension of their ill-trained brain. He/she will come to know that they will have amassed uncountable real estates in capital complex, including the newly built monster of a skyscraper near his dwarf government quarter. He/she will come to know that the job he/she is holding is literally forced on him/her by the mentor mantriji through the well known backdoor policy.

So far so good. He/she will get a job with his hard labour. After spending half of his/her service life he/she will be still walking alone on the road bare foot. Still trying to make both ends meet with mixed result! All of his/her contemporaries and even recently inducted colleagues will be on four wheelers. Not a most enviable position to be in. I request one reader to complete this story. I know only up to this. It is not meant to discourage this young soldier. Sometimes knowing our own backyard pays.


(on email)



Why have a name we cannot pronounce

Dear Editor,

Arunachalee is indeed a sweet name given to people of Arunachal Pradesh as stated by one  Arunachalee from Imphal which was published in your paper on 2nd Oct.  But I am with Mr. Bida and the fellow from Delhi who brought up the issue, not because I agree with their reasoning but because our people find it difficult to pronounce. Some people pronounce it as Arunachonee and the others Orunasolee.

This you realised only when you are outside of the state especially in Hindi speaking area for long period of time. I am not comfortable with the word Arunachalee whenever I am outside the state. Infact, I was not comfortable with the word Arunachal itself during my one year stay at Bareilly, UP. The reason was my pronunciation of the very word Arun-Anchal at that particular area where people speak pure Hindi. Despite of my best effort I pronounce it as Arunashal and very often I was corrected by my friends.  My mother pronounces it as Arunang because my tribe has the habit of suffix “ng” after every word.

Some tribe of the state pronounce it as Orunashal pordesh and some Orunashan. Some tribe even pronounce it as Arrnachal and others Arunacchal. Most of the educated people of the state, Politicians and bureaucrat pronounce it as Arunaaachal Pradeessh. The fact is none of us except few language experts can pronounce it perfectly like the people from mainland. Sometimes I wonder why we should have a name which we cannot pronounce. Why can’t we have one that can be easily pronounced by every one of us. And why not if Bombay can became Mumbai!




East siang, (On email)



Can’t take part in 100 metre race everyday !

Dear Editor,

Every year the intake capacities of the students are increasing in Rajiv Gandhi University but the numbers of hostel seats remain static. So, many students are compelled to stay in Nirjuli parting huge money as rental fees.

On the other hand is the insufficient bus service that gives us lots of problem.

Every morning the students are forced to take part in 100 meter race competition to at least find a space to stand on the bus. Some of the students are compelled forego their punctuality because they can’t compete in the race.

Most of the students lose their good mental or physical behavior and it also effect the academic career.

Therefor  it is my sincere request that one bus is provided for the students residing in Nirjuli.


Kiryi Potom




Uncanny silence

Dear Editor,

So far no legislators either of the ruling party or the main opposition has made any comments against the currently burning infamous corruption case involving multi crore rupees meant to feed thousands of poor, hungry mouths but gobbled up by few individuals with gigantic appetite. Why this uncanny silence ? They have been elected to champion the cause of the common mass. Basic necessities like dal, roti, namak are involved here, if the legislators, irrespective of their party affiliations, do not consider this issue of depriving the common man of their basic necessity that is essential for survival important, than I wonder, what issues could be more important to them ? Murder is a murder, corruption is corruption, irrespective of whoever has committed the act. Is it the party discipline that is preventing them to call a spade, a spade? It will be perilous to be under such a government which dictates its members not to voice against its tainted and corrupted leaders. Or are they share holders in this case? This muteness will rob our leaders off their moral right to howl against such cases in future if some opposition members happened to be involved. How will they argue?

If only our leaders representing us spearhead this fight against social evils with determination and dedication there would not have been frequent bandh calls here and there resulting out of frustrations. One must realize that the fuse wire has been ignited and the consequence can be very ugly if damage is not controlled at this early stage, it is unnecessary to point out who stand foremost for this task.

The recent bandh, called by trio organization, is a small step towards fighting social evils like corruption, nepotism and favoritism, which are the root cause of frustrations and internal disturbances, it must not be seen through political prism, it is not a simple case of demanding the resignation of C.M. or who so ever, but an assertion of denial by conscious citizens. Such calls will always find a place in the heart of common man; some might have certain compulsion not to openly voice their support but are heaving a sigh of relief with the realization that there are still some courageous and selfless soldiers left to lead from the front for the cause of weak common man. Though one must restrain from damaging public or Government property and harm to fellow citizens in the process resulting to derailment of a genuine cause and lose hard earned public support. Downing shutters, deserted roads are not the only scale to measure the success or failure of a protest but stirring up general public consciousness and gaining more and more support, not necessarily practical or physical presence all the time, are more important fuels to keep the lamp of a movement burning and we have a long long way to go yet.



(On email)



When the mobile phone  fell into water

Dear Editor,

I would like share the grave danger of giving mobile phones for repair at Banderdewa.

My Nokia 7610 worth Rs10,600 had developed problem when it fell into water. I had gone to Banderdewa to "Montu Mobile Repair" shop with the phone. They asked for time. So after 4 days I was told that there was display and software problem, corrupted IMEI and so on. How could all this crop up?  Moreover they changed the camera also.

To my horror I witnessed that they were changing the original parts of the customer’s phone to a Chinese one and selling the original parts as spares. Profits in two ways, I must admit!

But as a customer I could argue for some time. Only consolation was that it was playing some music. Later I was asked exorbitant sum of ` 1500. but settled for ` 550.But just reaching Nirjuli the phone stopped working. The same evening I gave the phone at NOKIA Care Centre in Itanagar. After two weeks I was told that the parts are changed and IMEI cannot be reinstalled.

Now I am in fix. Neither do I have "case memo" nor could I complain against "Montu mobile repair". Losses in both ways.

Hence I would like to caution brothers and sisters of Arunachal not to  give phones for repairs to these cheats and the Newspapers should not let the paper distributors slip false pamphlets or ads.


A mobile owner,

(On email)



Good days are here

Dear Editor,

During the period of NEFA, there was not much voice unlike todays.

Today people are much more conscious because of education. We witness the voice of conscious citizen of today’s Arunachal through mass-media raising important issues like corruption and developmental activities of entire state as well as the nation.

Therefore, people at responsible fields should know the worth of the people. Today’s conscious citizens will not take things lying down.


Bomtem Tayeng




Haunted by spirits of corruption

Dear Editor,

It is indeed noticeable that the once making headlines PDS scam is slowly finding its way to the corner tabloids, almost obscured, while other matters are coming up front. Let us hope it is not another political amnesia. As most people have opined, strict and immediate action should be taken against all the people involved in this foul play. I personally suggest that there should be CBI probe into this matter.

Those who have taken corruption to its peak will come down ultimately. Like the cycle of life, it goes round and there is no escape. It is high time that everyone realize the pathetic condition of our state. Roads are worsening with time; government buildings are old and dilapidated; no proper facilities even in educational institutions which ought to be given basic importance; gap between the rich and the poor growing ever more; and the unending bribery.

What else could be stopping our state from development other than corruption? Here, the central government is not to be blamed, because they send enough money for development but it all gets distributed among the wrong sort of people who uses it for self-development rather than state development. Now that a set of corrupted people have been caught in the PDS scam, they should not be let free. If at all they are spared, it will only mean what a dangerous state is our state in. The corruption bubble will blow up so big one day that it will burst and all the people and things in Arunachal Pradesh will be destroyed, shattered to pieces that can never be put together again. Our state will then be frighteningly haunted, haunted not by ghosts, but by the spirit of corruption.

I only have some faith in today’s young generation who are able to see things from a different perspective and have the spirit to fight against corruption and save our state from sinking into darkness.

Lastly, to all the associations of Arunachal Pradesh, Bandh call is not the solution for every problem. It only hampers the development of our state and our individual self. Think about it.


A student of RGU,

(On email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Researchers stumble upon hidden language in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: A hidden language spoken by less than 1,000 people has been discovered in West Kameng by researchers who at first thought they were documenting a dialect of the Aka culture. But they found an entirely different vocabulary and linguistic structure, according to reports.

Even the speakers of the tongue, called Koro, did not realise they had a distinct language, linguist K David Harrison said Tuesday. Culturally, the Koro speakers are part of the Aka community in Arunachal Pradesh, and Harrison, associate professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College, said both groups merely considered Koro a dialect of the Aka language. But researchers studying the groups found they used different words for body parts, numbers and other concepts, establishing Koro as a separate language, Harrison said.

Only around 800 people are believed to speak the Tibeto-Burman language, and few of them are under the age of 20, according to the researchers who discovered Koro during an expedition as part of National Geographic's "Enduring Voices" project. Koro is so distinct from other Tibeto-Burman languages — around 150 of which are spoken in India alone — that the expedition team was unable to find any other language from the same family that was closely related to it.

"Koro is quite distinct from the Aka language," said Gregory Anderson, director of the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages. "When we went there we were told it was a dialect of Aka, but it is a distant sister language."

Harrison and Anderson announced this in Washington at a press conference organised by the National Geographic Society, which supported their work. The National Geographic expedition, which also included Indian linguist Ganesh Murmu of Ranchi University, was, in fact, in search of two other languages, Aka and Miji.

The Northeast is known as a hotspot of language diversity and researchers were documenting some of the unwritten tongues when they came across Koro in research started in 2008. The timing of their discovery was important.

Surprisingly, Koro has been maintained within the Aka community, the researchers said, even though there is intermarriage and the groups share villages, traditions, festivals and food. The Koro speakers "consider themselves to be Aka tribally, though linguistically they are Koro. It's an unusual condition, such arrangement doesn't usually allow for maintenance of the minor language," Anderson said.

The researchers said they hope to figure out how the Koro language managed to survive within the Aka community. They said Koro is a member of the Tibeto-Burman language family, a group of some 400 languages that includes Tibetan and Burmese.


AAPSU demands SIC to come clean on figure, calls for white paper on PDS

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) today demanded that Special Investigation Cell (SIC) constituted to investigate PDS scandal should come clean on exact figure of the amount involved.

While SIC chief MS Chauhan has said that the entire PDS scandal is worth over 1000 crores, state government maintains that it is only Rs 418 crore.     In a press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung urged government to come clean on this issue while questioning the contradiction. Government should present a white paper on what is the exact figure of this scandal,” Tatung said.

He further added, “Because of Chauhan’s 1000 crore figure statement, Arunachal’s image has taken a beating at national level. Chauhan has to explain on what basis he has quoted the figure. Both government and SIC should come together and clear this whole episode.”  

With former chief minister Gegong Apang being arrested for his alleged involvement in the PDS scandal, Tatung urged government not to target one individual and make sure that everybody involved be arrested.

“From top to bottom, everyone involved in this scandal should be arrested within no time. SIC and state government should stop playing hide and seek game. People of Arunachal want to know every fact and SIC and Govt should provide all updates,” Tatung said.  Further he took exception to people questioning AAPSU’s stand on PDS issue. “Time after time we have been urging state government to expedite this case. What happened to civil societies and opposition parties? Why are they silent, he asked while adding that AAPSU should not be dragged into every issue.

He also urged people not to get confused with AAPSU demand for releasing pending PDS bill. “We have only urged government to release pending bill of genuine contractors who are suffering because of mistake committed by others. Some contractors have taken loan from bank and invested their money for carrying out this contract works. Today they are on the verge of bankruptcy because of non-release of bill.,” Tatung said.

He further said that in many interior places of state people are suffering due to non-availability of food items. “FCI and state civil supply department should take note of these problems. If rural people do not get their share of food items, FCI will be blamed. They should not shy away from their duty of providing food items to poor and needy people,” he added.


Teams trek for days together to reach immunization target  in Anjaw

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: In order to improve the immunization coverage of 0-1 year child and pregnant women and to protect the children from 6 vaccine preventive diseases, 27 teams of vaccinators have been flagged off at Hayuliang by R.K. Borthakur Additional Deputy Commissioner, Hayuliang Sub-Division.

4 rounds of vaccination will be conducted upto Jan next year, which started on Oct  in the inaccessible areas of Anjaw District.

DRCHO Anjaw Dr. S. Chai Pul said the most challenging area is Chaglagam Circle. From Chipru Camp to reach village like Dorinko it takes 3 days on foot. S. Minin a trained vaccinator and S. Towsik are assigned to cover these areas. They will take around 6 days to cover upto the last destination which is Kromna Sub-Centre and the ALCs provided from the District Administration are assigned for alternate vaccine delivery. They will station the vaccine carriers at the fixed locations on fixed dates. The vaccines provided from the Office of Mission Director (APRHM), Naharlagun have VVM in the vaccine vials which will monitor the vaccine potency.

She added, support from Deputy Commissioner, Anjaw C S Jeinow and motivation of the vaccinators will make this programme successful.

In his message Minister Kalikho Pul, RWD & Tax & Excise said let us all work together for the benefit of mother and child.


ABK appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: Adi Baane Kebang has appealed the concerned authority to take strict action against the culprit responsible for the tragic incident which resulted into the death of a young late Osi Pali who was run over by a State Transport Bus on the morning of Sept 30.

The ABK further request the agency not to give bail to the accused as the matter is still under investigation.

The ABK thanked the witnesses for coming forward and helping the investigating agencies in resolving the case.  The ABK appreciated the investigating officer for his swift action in apprehending the accused driver with bus on time.

The incident once again raised the concern of the common denizens of the capital complex on the growing number of accidents due to lack of proper traffic management and bad road condition, Kebang said.

ABK has deeply mourned the tragic death of Late Osi Pali, who was a student of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Itanagar and also the youngest brother of Tashor Pali, Dy. Director,  Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, Naharlagun.

ABK expresses its deepest condolence to the bereaved members of the deceased and pray to almighty to give them strength to bear with the irrepairable loss.


State Badminton C’ship gets underway

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: Aru-nachal State Open Badminton Championship-2010 got underway at  Rajbhawan Badminton hall today.

While inaugurating the championship as the Chief Guest MLA Bamang Felix lauded   the efforts of Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA) in promoting budding youth of the state.

He said, State has lots of potential youth in the field of games and sports particularly in Badminton but lack of infrastructure has deprived and discouraged many promising youths.

He said sports could play a vital role in keeping youths on the right track. He said that because of unemployment and economics constrains, it was easy to lure the youth to the wrong path.  

He further added that Games and sports are one sector where youths can brings laurels to the state like Laa Taller who is the All India Sub-Junior Badminton champion.  Felix urged the state government to give special attention  to  games and sports sector by creating infrastructure in the state.

Guest of honour Techi Lala, President Arunachal Chambers of Commerce & Industries also spoke on the occassion.

Earlier, Chairman of the organising Committee, Tame Passhang, thanked the Chief minister for providing sufficient funds to the tune of rupees ten lakhs for successful and smooth conduct of tournament. He also advocated that parents should also encourage their children to pick up games and sports.

Later, Hony, Secretary of ASBA, Gaken Ete disclosed that the purpose of conducting the event is to encourage, standardise, control, promote and develop the game of Badminton in the state and to select teams who would represent the state and the nation.

Laa Tallar and few others were also honoured by Arunachal State Badminton for bringing laurel to the state, according to an information by Bamang Tago, Secretary publicity, ASBA.


Threats and conservation of wildlife

in Arunachal Pradesh

Tamo Dadda

In the prevailing socio political gloom of PDS scam, rampant corruptions and issue of PRC to non –APST, there came a flicker of hope for the wildlife of Itanagar Capital Complex. The recent order  prohibiting the use and sale of air guns/rifles and pellets in the Itanagar Capital Complex by the District  Magistrate is most welcomed by the wild animals and wildlife lovers like me and others of Itanagar in particular and the people of Arunachal Pradesh in general.

The state of Arunachal Pradesh is leading state in the country where licensed guns are used by the people for hunting all kinds of wild animals from small sunbird to tiger in the disguise of traditions. No tribal traditions advocated for wanton killing of wild animals for just sake of killing, where as various ethos and conservation practices are engrained in various rituals and culture of every tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Just in Nyishi tribe, traditionally it is a taboo to kill any species of Hornbill during their breeding period that is between Apirl- July and majority of Tani tribes regard Tiger as to their brother and it is considered to a bad omen to kill a Tiger but with decay in traditions how many of them follow  such conservation practices?. Rather you find cutting across tribes, people with their licensed guns and rifles hunting all kinds of wild animals. Of the whole hunting equipments, the advent of Air-gun with no requirement of license and low cost has seriously jeopardized the survival of birds and squirrels of this biodiversity rich state.  It would be nice if all the District Magistrates of Arunachal Pradesh follow the grand path shown by the District Magistrates of Capital Complex by banning the use and sale of air guns/rifles and pellets in their respective jurisdictions. Such a small step will be a giant step in the conservation of wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh.    

What about Department of Environment and Forest? It is their duty to conserve and protect the rich biodiversity of the state. It is their mandated duty to do so. Can they tell us how many wildlife offenders has been booked and convicted since their existence in the state and what was the quantum of punishment such offenders got? It is a common knowledge and common scene to find various common and rare animals being sold openly in various markets of Capital complex and District Headquarters across the length and breath of the state. Once I even saw a dead adult golden cat being sold in Itanagar vegetable market. Golden cats are the most elusive and one of the rarest cat species of world. Many Wildlife biologist tread years in the jungles of  NE India and South East Asia without sighting even once this rarest of the rare cat and here in Arunachal Pradesh it is sold in kilograms. On my personal capacity I have filed many FIRs across the state against many hunters and wild meat sellers but it is a losing battle when Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Politicians, even Magistrates hunts innocent animals for fun and time pass. But it is not fun for the wild animal to die or to lose his partner or the young ones to lose their parents.

Why Conserve Wildlife of Arunachal Pradesh?

This question has always lingered in my mind especially for state of Arunachal Pradesh. A state dominated by the tribal population, who regard wildlife as a resource to be exploited!

Arunachal Pradesh with its numerous species of plants and animals constitutes as a part of Eastern Himalayan landscape and is regarded as one of the world’s global biodiversity hotspots for biodiversity conservation. The criteria for being a hotspot are that an area should have at least half of its recorded species intact and is in danger of being lost, if no immediate step is being taken to conserve this unique Biodiversity. The state due to its unique position at the confluence of the Palaearctic and Indo-Malayan Biogeographically realm has great biological significance as result of the diverse habitats it harbors  panning a wide altitudinal range from 100m to over 6000m. Arunachal Pradesh has the world’s northern most tropical rain forests and it is estimated that 7000-8000 species of flowering plants occur here, which is nearly 50% of the Indian flora .Over 500 species of orchids have been recorded from the state and of the 1250 bird species in India; nearly 600 species have been recorded from the state, so is recognized as an important endemic bird area. The state has around 100 species of mammals and still new species are being discovered such as tawang macaque and leaf muntjac of Namdhapha National Park.

For the conservation for such rich biodiversity, the state has 10 wildlife sanctuaries and two National parks encompassing about 11.44% of the total area. The rest of forests are classified as village reserve forests and Un-classed State forests, where the local people have several rights, comprise the largest (approximately 70%) forest area of the state.  It is our duty to conserve such rich natural heritage that we have got from our ancestors so that future generation can too enjoy and appreciate our nature wonders.

Threats to forest and Wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh

About 11.44% of the total geographical area of the state is under protected area network, which are fairly protected from various biotic pressures. It is the un-classed state forest which comprises around 70% of the forest cover of the state which is highly threatened and has no provision assuring its protection; expect the customary rules and practices of the natives governing this forest. Prior to 1996 the main threats to this forest were from the large scale commercial extraction of timber and cane from this forest, both by the private mill owners and the Forest Corporation. This was stopped by the directives of the Supreme Court of India in 1996. Subsequently the state government also stopped the export of raw cane from the state, though still people extract sawn timbers from this forest for constructing houses or to sell in local markets but such operations are in low intensity.

Since the states populaces are predominately tribal, the practice of hunting wild animals is still widely prevalent as part of their tradition and also due to lack of awareness about wildlife laws and the need for their conservation. It is the hunting done by the so called elites of societies such as Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Politicians, and Magistrates with sophisticated guns and all terrain vehicles which is creating syndrome of empty forests all across the state. The forest may look healthy and beautiful from out side but as you venture inside them, the eerie silence of birds and absences of signs of animals hits you in your face. And what few you may find will be generalists like red-vented bulbul, common myna, common drongo, long-tail shrike etc

Further the population of the state has grown from 8, 64,558 in 1991 to 1,097,968 in 2001with a decal growth rate of 26.21 against the national rate of 21.34, (Census of India, 2001). Such excessive growth of population is also is responsible for the problems of encroachment and damages to the flora and fauna of the state. This has led to the reduction of rotation period of jhum land to 2-3 years from earlier 6 to 10 years cycle, thereby abandoned jhumed land don’t get sufficient time to recuperate. Though shifting cultivation per se is not bad for the forest and wildlife, it is the reduction in shifting cycle which is causing harm to the biodiversity of the state. Beside this the state government is actively pursuing various developmental projects such as Hydro-electrical projects, mining, commercial plantation of tea and kew, mining etc which are detrimental to the welfare of wildlife of the state. And also the bifurcation and notification of more districts from the existing districts, creates huge pressure on the forest and wildlife, as such district HQ has to be built from the scratch and mostly land for such projects comes from the Un-classed forest .

The way forward

At out set any external intervention for the management of forest and wildlife should be with regard to local tradition and customs. The native’s traditional rights over the forest and land have to be duly recognized and any recommendations for the conservation of the forests of state has  to look through the prism of  natives legitimated rights to utilized its nature resources for their economic development, which is at present far low than the national average. But forests and wildlife can not be protected indefinitely only through the ethos and culture of the natives, since culture itself is dynamic. So we need certain guidelines to conserve them. The following measures need to be taken for conservation of these forests and its wildlife;

• Exemplary punishment should be given to wildlife offenders as per Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and such sentences should be widely circulated to deter future offences.

• In Arunachal Pradesh since majority of hunting is done by the licensed guns. It requires a strict monitoring of its misuse. Since every gun licensed holder is allotted yearly quota of bullets. The District magistrates can issue a directive requesting every gun holder to submit a utilization certificate before purchase of every new bulk of bullets. If possible no long barrel gun should be allowed to be sold in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, as short barrel rifle/gun are ineffective for hunting purpose.

• There is should be out right ban sell of air gun/rifle and their pellets in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and also there should be complete ban on sell of elastic bands for making catapult in the state.

• In every vegetable/meat market of the state, especially in Itanagar Capital complex. The Department of Environment and Forest in collaboration with local police should post a forest Guard to control and monitor the sell of wild animals and their parts.

• Regular interaction with school, college students and with general mass should be undertaken to create awareness about the need to preserve and conserve our natural heritage.

• No provision of any law of India exempts any tribal from hunting any wild animal except for few primitive tribes of Andaman & Nicobar Island. The notion of being tribal and liberty to kill any wild animal with impenitent should be dispense for ever and all people irrespective of tribe carrying any wild animal parts and articles should be booked and prosecuted.

• There is urgent need to revamp the State Wildlife Advisory Board.

• The majority of the protected wildlife sanctuaries and National parks are located in the lower altitude of state. There is urgent need to locate and declare sanctuaries in the higher altitudes of the state to protect every possible biome of the state.

• The sad part of whole hydro-power debate in the state is that we hardly hear any word of opposition or protest from the custodian of Forest and wildlife of the state- the Department of Environment and Forest, against any 100 plus proposed hydro power projects which is going to submerge large tract of states virgin forest.

• State Forest Research Institute-once a pride of Arunachal Pradesh has lost eminent taxonomist like Dr S.N Hegde, and Dr K. Haridarsan. There is urgent need to infuse the Institute with fresh bright minds who are really interested in doing research in the field of forest and wildlife science. The long term vision of the Institute should be to develop on the line of Forest Research Institute or better Wildlife Institute of India catering to the wildlife research needs of Eastern Himalayas and other North Eastern states.

• A noble initiative has been shown by Mr Tana Tapi in Pakke Tiger Reserve by involving local Gaon-Buras in the conservation of the wildlife of the park and within their jurisdictions by registering them as a Society. Such novel idea should be encouraged and emulated whole across the state for the conservation of our wildlife.

So we have not yet lost the battle to conserve our forest and wildlife when we have able forest officers like Mr Tana Tapi, Mr Chuku Loma, Mr Nani Shah, Mr Darrang Mije etc who are leading from front. All they need is our public support and encouragement. We should pledge to conserve and not kill any wild animal nor to eat any wild meat and or kill any wild trees unwarranted. Then we can still rise every morning to the chirping sound of birds and enjoy the wild call of hoolock gibbon and roar of tiger. Remember, we may have lots of money and the ability to clone a tiger in laboratory, but no amount of money or technology can bring back the roar of a wild tiger once it is lost forever in the wild. (The author is a Wildlife Biologist and can be contacted at [email protected])


APWWS Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Oct 6:  A one day state level conference on protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act 2005 to mark the 31st foundation day of Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society would be held on Oct 10 at Itanagar.  

Chairperson, Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW)  Komoli Mossang  and Social activist Jarjum Ete would be the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.  

Member secretary (APSCW) Mamta Riba would speak on protection of women from Domestic Violence while Ete would speak on Customary Law.  The day would also see selection/election of new team. The current team is headed by Dharmawati Mongmau and Dipti Bengia Toko.


Society to undertake annual education status report

Tezu, Oct 6: Month long ASER’2010 for Lohit & Anjaw districts began today with 2 days training workshop organized by Amik Matai Society for the ASER volunteers at Tezu with the support of ASER centre, New Delhi being facilitated by Pratham- a NGO working for universalisation of elementary education in the country.

The workshop was attended by the representatives from New Delhi besides the Regional ASER managers, Master Trainers and 25 ASER volunteers from various blocks of Lohit & Anjaw districts.

ASER is an Annual Status of Education Report launched in 2005 and it’s a citizen’s initiative to understand and improve status of elementary education. ASER is a nationwide study facilitated by PRATHAM and executed by local groups in each districts and it is the largest, uniquely participative household survey on education in India ever done by NGOs & local groups.

Amik Matai Society has been identified as the District Partner for the Lohit district in implementation of ASER’2010 survey. The NGO will undertake for the identified 31 villages in Lohit & Anjaw districts this fiscal year and compile the Annual Status of Education Report 2010 for these districts with the involvement of ASER volunteers motivated by the objective every child in school and learning well.


Governing Body meeting of District Health Society organized

KHONSA, Oct 6: District Health Society of Tirap District today organized its first governing body meeting of the financial year 2010-11 at District Hospital Khonsa.

Dr. S. Ronya, DMO Khonsa while welcoming the members requested all the administrative officers and work department HOD’s to extend their cooperation. He highlighted the difficulties in getting UC’s and SOE’s especially from civil works under NRHM and VH&SC.

DRCHO Khonsa Dr.K.Perme made a power presentation of the health Scenario of the District and ROP of 2010-11. During his presentation he was repeatedly focusing on the issue of reporting system and man power relocation. He informed the house that 5 Sub centers need to be functionalizing immediately as these sub centers are located in strategically critical area.

Most of the Doctors coming from outpost express their difficulties in implementing the programme activities as they are already overburden with their clinical routine works.

Wanglo Gosak, ZPM Khonsa block while expressing his solidarity with Doctors serving in Tirap District opined that all these problems could have been easily averted if the doctors were not reluctant to come to Tirap.

Wangliam Lowang, DC cum Chairman District Health Society, Tirap in his chairman speech said that Health Sector alone cannot implement the programme successfully hence intersector coordination and cooperation is a very important tool for success of any programme. He further requested DMO to functionalize where ever Sub center buildings were completed. (DIPRO)


Awareness progs on Panchayati Raj held

ITANAGAR, Oct  6: The Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP) Tawang unit organized drawing and essay competitions on the themes and schemes of Panchayati Raj at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tawang  today. The programme was a huge success and more than 30 students participated in it.

Vidayalaya Principal Mayaram Maurya appreciated the programme and also highlighted the role of Panchayati Raj in development of the rural areas.

Resource persons Deepak Roy, a teacher explained various components and schemes of the Panchayati Raj while Tawang DFP inchrage D Chakravorty highlighted the achievement of the  Govt under Panchayati Raj system.

The Aalo unit of DFP also organized publicity programme on Panchayati Raj to make aware the public about the rural development schemes including Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act at Mongku village  in West Siang district on Oct 3.

Circle Officer Henkir Lollen and DACO Tapun Taki were resource persons of the programme.

ASM Takong Yosung, the chief guest, suggested similar programme in every village for bringing awareness among the rural people. Field publicity officer in-charge S J Choudhury  also spoke on the occasion.


Final rounds of Mon Sergyeling & Mon Rigshung Sergyeling

TAWANG, Oct 6: Mon Sergyeling & Mon Rigshung Sergyeling, the singing talent hunt show of Mon region reaches its final round which is scheduled to be held on 8th of October next at much dramatized stage prepared near Kalawangpo Convention hall at Tawang.

The talent hunt show is being glamourised while its nearing the grand finale.

After about a month that Mon Ser-Gyeling (General Category) and Mon Rigshung-Sergyeling (Folk Category) are being hosted by Film Federation of Monyul, FFM; the top 5 finalists have been listed in both the Categories. The Mon-Sergyeling category- Dorjee Etron and Tashi Wangchu from West Kameng; Jambey Thuptan, Dorjee Gyetsen and Thutan Tsering from Tawang showcased dazzling performance. However, Tashi Wangchu of West Kameng got eliminated after the top 5 performance show.

 Amongst Mon Rigshung-gyeling (Folk song category) - Sangey Lhamu, Jigme Dondup, Sangey Wangchu, Jamba Chotton and Choibay Kee are in Top 5. A high School headmaster, Sangey Wangchu got eliminated in the Mon Rigshung-gyeling category. About 3000 odd crowd gathered at Parade Ground, Tawang to witness the live performance by the top five finalist of both by Mon Ser-gyeling and Mon Rigshung-gyeling.

 While the elimination rounds were on, the competition to choose the finalist for the grand finale on October 8 took place on Oct 5th in presence of Local MLA Tsewang Dhondup. The top 4 Mon Ser-Gyeling and Mon Rigshung Ser-Gyeling took place at parade ground. One contestant from both the categories has been eliminated. The top 3 contestants in Mon Ser-Gyeling are Mr. Dorjee Gyetsen, Mr.Thuten Tsering and Miss Dorjee Etron whereas in Mon Rigshung Ser-Gyeling category the top 3 contestants are Miss Sangey Lhamu, Mr. Zigme Dondup and Mrs Jamba Chotten.


400 school children attends free medical camp

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: Onge Welfare Society (OWS) in collaboration with the 1st Sikh Light Infantry Regiment organized a free medical camp at Tso Yargay Public School (TYPS) under Mechukha in West Siang district on Sept 30. Around 400 school children of TYPS and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya were offered free treatment and medicines by a team of doctors headed by Regiment Medical Officer and Captain Sachin Sharma  in the health camp.

Earlier, the medical camp was inaugurated by Norsang Onge, the ex-PI and founder chairman of the Society.

The guest of honour Col K Nair, Commanding officer of the  Regiment also  rewarded meritorious students of both the schools and appreciated the OWS for their welfare activities.


Former CM condoles death of Late Pertin

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: The former Chief Minister Gegong Apang and his family members expressed deep shock and grief over the untimely demise of Late Nati Pertin, circle officer of Yupia, who died on Oct 4 at Naharlagun.

In a condolence message, they said, Late Pertin was known for his amiable disposition and multifarious contribution towards the welfare of the society. The void left at his premature demise will be hard to fill up.

“Words are too little to describe the tragedy that has befallen on the bereaved members of the family. We cherish with fond memory of our close association with Late Pertin and continue to do so. At this hour of immense grief, we share the pangs of the unbearable pain that has been subjected to Late Pertin’s family,” the message said.


KGBV staff demand regularization

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: All Arunachal Pradesh Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Teachers Association (AAKGBVTA) has appealed the state Govt for regularization of job and enhancement of salary as per the norms of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

Since the KGBV employees are also coming under the purview of the SSA, its employees should be treated equally and justice should be done to all, the association said.

Meanwhile, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Siyum  in Upper Subansiri district celebrated the Gandhi Jayanti in a befitting manner on Oct 2.  Literary activities and games and sports were organized to mark the occasion.


Association express resentment

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: All Chimpu Bath Lorputhu Youth Association has demanded action against IRBn personnel who have allegedly entered into private residence of one Tagru Tame at around 12.30 am at Chimpu on Oct 4 and physically assaulted the house dwellers without valid reason.

The association resented that instead of arresting erring two IRBn personnel, the police arrested the house owner as culprit.


KK bandh successful: AKKDSU

ITANAGAR, Oct 6:  The Oct 4 bandh call in protest against the Govt decision to re-introduce head load carriage system in various parts of the Kurung Kumey district was total success, claimed All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union  (AKKDSU) in a release today.

Stating that it will continue its agitation till the issue is resolved, the union appealed the state Govt to cancel its decision for head load carriage system.

At a time when  the PDS scam is rocking the state, the Govt is still repeating the same mistake of head-load carriage system, the union said while adding that it has proposed to organize Delhi Chalo programme in favour of its demand.

Criticizing the ZP chairperson for terming the bandh call politically motivated, the union further said that the state Govt should pay heed to the grievances of the people which are represented by the AKKDSU.

ATA unit demands timely supply of MDM food grains

ITANAGAR, Oct 6:  Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) Kurung Kumey unit has  called for timely supply of food grains to the schools under mid-day meal (MDM) scheme in Kurung Kumey district.

Expressing resentment over delay in distribution of MDM food grains to the schools, the ATA unit claimed that only 10 to 20 per cent of the allotted food grains reach the schools at the end of academic session.

However, the Association unit lauded the Kurung Kurung district administration and DDSE for their decision to disburse teachers’ salary through bank account and assured cooperation to the administration in improving education scenario in the district.


Farmers demand cold storage facilities

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: A delegation of farmers of Jampani area in East Siang district called on the MLA Tangor Tapak yesterday and appealed him to take urgent step for supply of electricity to the cold storage at Niglok Industrial area for the benefit of the farmers of East Siang Siang district in general  and Jampani area in particular.

Tapir Mingki,  general secretary of the  East Siang Farmers Union Sille block further informed that  50 per cent of potatoes produced completely perished  in Jampani area  during last year due to lack of cold storage facilities.  The cold storage constructed is not functioning due to lack of power supply, Mingki said while adding that the matter has been brought to the notice of the authorities concerned many a times, but yielded no results.

However, Dr Tapak assures to take up the matter with authorities concerned for necessary action, he claimed in a release.





Social service

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: NSS unit of North East Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Itanagar conducted awareness cum homoeopathic medical camp at Donyi Polo hearing impaired school. Some of eminent medical officers of college participated in the programme. Free medical treatment and counseling were provided to numerous patients from nearby areas who turned up during the day.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Oct 6:  Nerba Colony Welfare Society will conduct a social service in order to renovate the road starting from SIRD office to Nerba colony on Oct 7.


RGUSU team

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: Mohan Gyadi and Taba Billow would lead the Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union as its President and general secretary for the session 2010-2010.  

Twenty one office bearers of were elected un-opposed.


Taliha cries for development

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: All Taliha Youth Welfre Society has appealed the authorities concerned including the local MLA to take immediate step for development of Taliha circle headquarters.

The Society in a release resented that Taliha one of the oldest circles in the state  is still crying for development.  Drain water with garbage is  following over the town road due to lack of drainage system and garbage are seen  everywhere  due to lack of proper town planning, the Society said.


Poster against leaders  condemned

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: The Congress leaders of Likabali segment condemned the allegations leveled against Likabali MLA cum parliamentary secretary, IT and S&T Jomde Kena and AAPSU president Takam Tatung through postering reportedly by the National Liberation Council of Taniland (NLCT) at Likabali.

Allegations are baseless, motivated and misleading, the BCC said in a release. The people of Likabali have been experiencing good governance and rapid development under the dynamic leadership of Kena, the release added.


State level Karate-do championship

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: 16th state level Karate-Do-Championship will be held at Daporijo, Upper Subansiri district from Nov 26.

The 3-day event is being organized by Upper Subansiri District Karate Association under the banner of Arunachal Karate Association.


Cyclone creates havoc in Dola village

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: An unexpected cyclone has played havoc in Dola village under Pejeriang circle in East Kameng district on the evening of Oct 5, informed All East Kameng Students union in a release today.

10 people were injured during the cyclone, the union claimed while adding that the cyclone has also damaged 8 dwelling houses, 15 granaries.  Many domestic animals including cows, goats and pigs have lost their life under the impact of the cyclone, the union further said.

The union appealed the authorities concerned to provide immediate assistance for rehabilitation of the victims of the nature’s fury.


Reduce fee under RTI: ALSU

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) has appealed the state Governor to revoke the recent gazette notification enhancing the information fee to Rs 10 per page under RTI.

Pointing out the Govt notification No AR-99/2010, Dt Sept 14 in this regard,   the ALSU said the rate is not reasonable as the public will find it difficult to bear the exorbitant rate. The rate of photo copy in the market is Rs 2 per page, the union said.



ITANAGAR, Oct 6: The officers and staff of the Sagalee ADC office have deeply mourned the untimely death of Late Nati Pertin, Yupia CO who died at Naharlagun on Oct 4.

In a condolence meeting the Govt employees observed two minute silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul and also prayed to the Almighty to bestow enough strength to the  bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.

Meanwhile, All Hong Employees Welfare Association, Ziro deeply mourned the death of Late Punyo Tado, who died at Guwahati after brief illness on Oct 5. Late Tado was working as UDC in power department, the Association informed.

The association members prayed to Almighty to grant eternal peace of the departed soul and for enough strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


Contractors demand NIT

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: All East Kameng Contractors Welfare Association (AEKCWA) has demanded the Executive Engineer, Bameng division to issue tender for construction of Para Holling Bridge immediately.

The bridge under RIDF NABARD scheme was sanctioned during 2008-09,  but the construction has not been started yet after three years,  the union  resented.


Seminar on preservation of culture

BOMDILA: A University Grant Commission (UGC) sponsored 4-days national level seminar on “Issues of Development and Change in Tribal Areas of Northeast India” was organized at Govt. College here recently in collaboration with the Buddhist Cultural Preservation Society, Bomdila.

Inaugurating the meet, West Kameng deputy commissioner R.Tashi stressed the need of participative growth for overall development of the Northeast. He also lauded the efforts of Govt. College Bomdila for organizing such useful and relevant seminar at the college.

College principal Dr. H. Lasa spoke on balanced fusion of modernity and traditional values for a healthy society.

Among others, the seminar was attended by 13 scholars from across the country and there were a total of five technical sessions, according to a release from the college.


Road link disrupted

ITANAGAR: Road communication between Naharlagun and Banderdewa  on NH-52 A has been disrupted due to damage in road formation at Karsingsa shrinking zone on Oct 5.

The restoration work has already started in full swing, but it may take at least 3 days and traffic for Banderdewa may be diverted to Doimukh via Harmuty road, said an official release.


Contractors not to lift PDS items

ITANAGAR: All Arunachal Pradesh PDS Carriage Contractors Welfare Association has informed that it would not lift Food Corporation of India items from Oct after the pending HTS bills of Arunachal for 2004-05 were not released.

Likha Maj, its president stated that state govt should direct FCI to engage their transporters to carry FCI items from the base depot to all the Fair Price Shop centers in Arunachal to avert any food shortage in Arunachal.



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