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October - 08



Saga of mis-governance, PDS, contractors and scam

Dear Editor,

As a responsible non-government organization engaging in creating awareness about good governance with the help of Right to Information Act, we have been watching with keen interest the reactions and counter-reactions from the public as well as the government over the PDS scam following the arrest of Gegong Apang, former Chief Minister for his alleged involvement in the Rs 1000 crores ( or Rs. 400 crores ) PDS scam. In the midst of the news which has found a prominent place in the media, what has surprised us is the news item published in the section of the press on 7th Oct about the reported suspension of lifting of all essential commodities by the All Arunachal Pradesh PDS Contractors' Welfare Association for non-release of pending HTS bills. Though every individual has every right to form association for welfare of their members, does such association have no responsibility towards the society as well? Are they concerned only about "the plight of the contractors" only? It is also very surprising to note that the association is headed by Likha Maj, one of the accused in the scam. Are all the members of the association are aware of this fact or turning a blind eye to serve their own interest? Does he have any moral right to head the association? Maj should resign from the post till his name is cleared from the case. Or the government is bowing to the pressure tactics of such organization whose many members are mired in the PDS scam. Is government aware of this? How shameful is that the government is toeing the line of the association and repeatedly pleading the central government to release the pending HTS bill ?

Though no one denies the right of the genuine claim of the contractors, it is also true that the entire issue of HTS bills in the PDS is so mired in controversy and suspicion that it will need Herculean effort on the part of the authority to clear the mess in the PDS as it is today. The scam in the PDS, which was unheard of till late nineties, is a blot in the profile of a backward and resource-hungry state like Arunachal Pradesh. The best way now is to return to days of CPO when essential commodities were air-dropped, and even in the lean period commodities like rice, sugar, soap, salt were supplied free of cost. When there is cry from some remote parts of the state about non-availability of essential items, is the government doing something to provide relief to those hungry people? Why the Chief Secretary is still holding the relief portfolio in spite of his preoccupation with other administrative works? Why CM is still the Minister-in-charge of Relief & Rehabilitation Department ? Are there no efficient officer or legislator to handle the job so that full time attention could be given during the hour of crisis ?

3 years back when Dorjee Khandu took over the mantle of Chief Minister, he declared with much fanfare to streamline the PDS. But what we see now? Except opening of few FCI depots! The people continue to suffer. In the midst of these, there is a government decision to reintroduce the head load carriage system, which was one the factors of irregularities in the PDS thus giving rise to a scam of such mammoth proportion for a small state like Arunachal Pradesh. Where do we stand today ? The government has not learnt from the   past mistakes. Where is the governance in real terms ? Be it in development of hydro-electric projects appointment of teachers/ DRROs and what not, there is report of irregularities. There is no transparency and accountability. Where Arunachal Pradesh is leading today?  Unless all the right-minded civic society unite and fight for justice, the state will continue to rank in the lowest rung of developmental yardstick.


T.S. Bunyi

Information  Officer

Arunachal Pradesh Right to Information (Bureau)

Cum- Centre for Good Governance & Research



An Open Letter’s to chief secretary

Dear Editor,

As a conscious citizen of the state I would want to know whether Chief Secy is aware about the present burning issue of PDS? Whether he is aware about the rampant corruption being practiced by his officer’s in the state? Whether he is taking some step to prevent all these things?

Lots of things need rectification but our Chief Secy does not seem to be doing anything worthwhile for the state.  My personal opinion is that he should seek voluntary transfer to other state or take voluntary retirement to save his dignity and personal image.

This letter should be treated written in the common interest not personal, because he is responsible to the local people of the state being an indigenous member of the state.    


Nabam Simon,  

Student leader,

(On email)



Not granting PRC is taking away their right

Dear Editor,

I would like to take the platform and bring into focus the basic real facts which have not been hovered upon till now.

The first being, among all the so called non APST people residing in the two districts Lohit and Changlang, there are people who had settled in this area even before India was Independent. These innocent people settled in the places favorable to them without knowing whether they will fall under Assam, the neighboring state, or Arunachal. After the declaration of the state boundaries, these people fell under Arunachal Pradesh. So the point here is that, not granting PRC to these people is taking away their right to their motherland which they own. And since the area in the present day falls under Arunachal Pradesh, the government of AP should pay concern to the grievances of these people too.

The second point is in regards with The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation of 1873. During the British rule it was declared that in larger parts of the Northeast region of India, there are people who shall be easily exploited by people from the developed parts of India. And to prevent the acquisition of the land from the native people, this Act was passed. At that time no boundaries were earmarked. And the Act meant for the native people when there was no one as APST or Non-APST. And now since these people are native to this place, the Act applies on them too and they are the rightful owners to this land.

I am well aware that the above said facts are against the interest of the huge bodies like AAPSU, and many of the citizens of AP, but journalism is all about bringing the truth in front of the eyes of the common people irrespective of the interests of the masses.


Jimmy Sakusa



In our race towards wealthier future!

Dear Editor,

I am to throw some focus on today’s ulcer of our society corruption, of which the chief elements being the offer and acceptance of gratification. It seems that there is no exact remedy for this running sore, because all of us are directly or indirectly responsible for this social curse. Today we don’t talk about its dark side, since it has became a system of our contemporary living. Instead we have adopted it according to this ‘now’ socially accepted norm.

Among many other reasons, today’s way of our lifestyle has encouraged this evil to a great extent. Today we are in a fierce competition to become more powerful and wealthier than others, and in this ‘rat race’ we often adopt every means to achieve our goal, whether it is ethical or unethical. One must not forget that personalities like Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are not revered because they were rich people. Instead, they are worshipped and remembered today because of their priceless contribution of knowledge to the mankind. Contrary to this, there is no example of remembering any billionaire in the world history today because of his wealth. So, it turns out that instead of running after power and wealth, we can render better service to society and mankind as a whole by imparting knowledge.

And now, to the remedy of this disease; we all indulge ourselves in this painful practice because we have weakness of developing within us some kind of desires. It is notable that human desires cannot be contented; in another words it is unfulfillable. One must not forget the teaching of Lord Buddha – ALL DESIRES BRING PAIN. In fact, happiest is he who does not want anything. Although, there is no any clear-cut or particular cure for this ulcer, we can lessen its effectiveness by not offering or accepting bribes to meet our desires.

I was much impressed by words of Baba Ramdev in an interview with Shera, the official mascot of the XIX Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010. It is remarkable that Babaji suggested the Government of India to close all the Currency Notes of big denominations such as 1000, 500, 100, and 50 Rupees, and to make transactions with 10 and 20 Rupees notes, so that giving and taking of bribe become impracticable and difficult, because one should have to carry a bulky bundle to bribe someone, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. Although Baba Ramdev has asserted these words in a light and ridiculous manner, it is a matter to be pondered upon.


Kalom Megu,

(On email)

Namsai Police



Time to make right choices

Dear Editor,

Arunachal, today is fragmented into many groups of union and associations. Name any community or even a locality and one is sure to find many unions representing them. While it’s good to be represented through these mediums, sadly most of them lacks in credibility. The fault, I believe, lies in the election of the representatives itself. For instance in AAPSU, credibility of a candidate does not matter to the voters as long as he belongs to one's community. A Galo, Nyishi, or Adi voters would never vote for candidate other than the one representing their community even if it means that the candidate from other group is much more qualified.

It’s saddening; more so because it’s a student’s body that supposedly are the future of the state.

Another trend, even more alarming is the growing nexus between these unions and the politician. The silence maintained by the highest student body, AAPSU during the ongoing PDS scam suggest of such nexus.

Lastly, we do have a choice and the future of Arunachal depends on our choice. It’s time we question ourselves and the choice we make.


Gomchi Padu


(On email)



Misplaced facts

Dear Editor,

“The Mahatma’s Vision of Gram Swaraj”, that appeared in some local dailies (2nd October, 2010) is timely and interesting. Mahatma Gandhi believed that India lives in villages and therefore, the very idea of the institution of Panchayat Raj resolves round Mahatma’s concept of Gram Swaraj.

However, the article contains some wrong factual information. Firstly, it is not North East Frontier Agency Panchayat Raj Regulation Act. It is only North East Frontier Agency Panchayat Raj Regulation. Secondly, the Regulation was passed in 1967 and was actually implemented in 1969 with first election. Thirdly, this is not an Act but a Regulation. Fourthly, the Regulation does not accord the status of Gram Panchayat to the traditional village councils but to a village authority constituted under the Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) Regulation, 1945. The concept of village authority is yet to be defined properly. Section 5 of the 1945 Regulation says, “The Political Officer shall appoint such person or persons as he considers desirable to be the members of a village authority…..” Going by this definition, village authority means Gaon Bura as members of village council are not appointed by the Political Officer.

Such mistakes are often found in the papers and even in official government documents/web portals. Very often we tend to combine Regulation and Act together. So, most of the journalist friends would write Inner Line Regulation Act, 1873 or Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act, 1873. It is only Regulation and addition of Act is legally wrong. Regulation and Act have two different legal meanings.

Arunachal 2010 Diary published by Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Government of Arunachal Pradesh writes, “On August 15, 1975 and elected Legislative Assembly was constituted and the first Council of Ministers assumed office”. The 1975 Legislative Assembly was just a provisional Legislative Assembly (converting Pradesh Council) and definitely not an elected one. It also mentions that Arunachal Pradesh was known as NEFA till 1972. NEFA (North East Frontier Agency) came into existence only in 1954. Before 1954, the Present Arunachal Pradesh did not have fixed name. The official web portal of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh (http://arunachalgovernor.gov.in) reproduces the same contents of Arunachal 2010 Diary.

The most interesting one is a statement that “people of Arunachal Pradesh are represented at the Union Government by one MP in the Rajya Sabha and two MPs in the Lok Sabha” in the official web site of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh (http://ww.arunachalpradesh.nic.in/govt.htm). Are our MPs represented at the Union Government or Legislature (Rajya Sabha and Lok sabha)? Secondly, 1950 is mentioned as the year when the plain portions of Balipara Frontier Tract, Tirap Frontier Tract, Abor Hill District and Mishimi Hills Districts were transferred to the Government of Assam. P.N. Luthra’s book, however, says that the plain portions were transferred in the year 1951, vide Notification No. TAD/R/35/50/103, 23, Feb. 1951. It would be wrong to say that plain portions were transferred to the Government of Assam. They were transferred to be included as a part of Assam (or transferred to the administrative jurisdiction of the Government of Assam).

This trend reflects the necessity to include knowledge about state’s history and polity in school curriculum and more vigorously in that of college and university. Factual information of any sort can be obtained either from Research or University departments.


Nani Bath (On email)

Rajiv Gandhi University



Allow us to plant bananas on these potholes

Dear Editor,

Even after much hues and cries for the proper road maintenance in the state capital which at present has the ugliest face I've ever known, the inertness of the concerned authorities and PWD dept suggest that its high time that we make our own decisions. So what they want is that we should get ready with bananas for planting in those huge potholes that are simply superficially filled with as much mud and sand as possible. And not to forget about the ditches that are and get filled with over flowing water even in the slightest and shortest rain. That of course will be a good place to breed fish. Atleast this would help state's agri, horti and fishery departments a lot. So my appeal to the concerned authority is that if they are not willing to take any step in this regard than at least allow us to grow bananas and cultivate fishes which would help provide self-employment and simultaneously will increase State's economy. At least we can get the reason to be thankful to you.


A. Bagang,  RGU

(On email)



Volunteer at CWG

Dear Editor,

The Arunachal volunteers youth federation, youth union etc by the name it sound like the great union who really takes cares of the hopes and aspiration of the youth of Arunachal. There are many burning issue related to youth including, drug addiction, alcoholism, AIDS, school dropout, education, unemployment, lack of opportunity in sports, culture etc. If they really think about the youth of the state then they should concentrate in the welfare activity addressing these youth related issues instead of calling unnecessary bandh harassing the people. These union appears to be neither representing youths of state nor they are volunteers.

If they are really volunteers, then they should go to Delhi and volunteer at the common wealth game or clean our General hospital. Otherwise don’t call bandh in the name of youth and volunteers.


Concerned youth,

RIMS (On email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Deplorable state of affairs in Govt runs schools

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: With private schools mushrooming all over the state, government schools are fast turning into haunted houses as children are deserting them for private schools. The dilapidated school buildings and poor infrastructure have made government schools quite revolting.

Though majority of ordinary Arunachalees depend on government schools for their children’s education but state government has not done enough to improve the facilities.

According to a survey conducted by well known Delhi based NGO (name withheld on request) on education scenario of Arunachal, it has been found that around 83% of children ranging from age group 6 to 16 years attend the state run government schools.  10% children go to private schools but their numbers are increasing each year as parents are turning towards private schools for better education and 0.5% attend central government funded schools like KV, JNV,etc. The most surprising aspect of report is that around 6% children from age group 6 to 16 years do not go to any school. The team visited various primary and upper primary schools in almost all the major districts of state to conduct the survey.

Another figure which is cause of concern is high percentage of school dropout. According to survey in the age group between 15 to 16 years, school dropout percentages of boys are 12.5% and that of girls are 13.9%. In most cases it has been found poor financial condition is the major reason for dropping out of school. Even in lower age category (3 to 4 age years range) survey found that most of the children especially those from rural areas hardly attend any pre-school education or Anganwadi. Children from interior areas have been found to be attending school very lately and they constitute the highest number of school dropouts.

Despite all the recent bad vibes, survey found that teacher’s attendance in primary and upper primary schools are quite impressive with 80% turnout. When it comes to infrastructure aspects, report does not have any impressive thing to say about government run school.  Whereas 24.4% of primary schools have no access to water supply, 5.1% has water supply facilities but tapes are running dry due to non-availability of water. On a positive note report says that 70.5% primary schools are now getting access to proper water supply.

As per as toilet facilities are concern, 30.8% of primary and 11.8% of upper primary schools do not have toilet facilities.  20.5% primary and 30.3% upper primary schools have toilets but which are not usable. Of all the schools team visited, it has been found that in 88.4% primary and 57% upper primary schools there are no separate toilet facilities for girls which are quite shocking.  Whatever state government official’s claim but this survey report surely is a slap on the face of Arunachal government. If education department can’t provide basic facilities to lure rural children to attend school that means something is wrong with their basic education policy.


NCP demands review of state RR policy

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Nationalist Congress Party, State unit urged the state Govt to reconsider and amend the RR policy on land valuation as per open market principles and as per the will of the people who are the real custodians of their resources.

NCP state unit Monitoring Committee on Hydro Power chairman Tsering Naksang in a press statement today said that National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy 2007 and Arunachal Pradesh State Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy 2008 are simply policies and not laws. Hurriedly drafted policies were aimed at more on benefiting the hydro power developers rather than making the land owners as equal partners/ share holders in the power business.

The NCP leader that the Govt should have discussion and debate in the Assembly as well as in Panchayat level and village level and with  media and legal fraternity before approving the  policy  which would sound the death knell of very existence of tribals.

Pointing out the valuation of the last category land as ` 1.7 lakh per hectare and use of the language such as “in case of irrigated land the valuation will be suitably enhanced by the state Govt. in consultation with the requiring body”, he said it  simply reveal the dictatorial attitude of the govt. on one hand and extreme degree of its helplessness on the other.

Naksang urged the Govt. to immediately have a thorough review of its entire RR policy taking into account gross total land requirement for 137 plus power projects, total loss of flora, fauna, forest, aquatic life, biodiversity and ecological imbalances both upstream, side stream as well as downstream habitats.

He also urged the govt. and its machineries particularly the Commissioner rehabilitation and Land management and the 16 Deputy Commissioners to comply with the verdicts of Supreme Court as well as High Courts in matters of fixing the price of the land and other statutory benefits to the poor land owners.

Pointing out the land acquisition process both for public and private sectors, he said in case of public sector the acquisition of land could be in the name of public interest whereas in private sector the acquisition invariably has to be in the name of individual company’s commercial interest.

It would be legally not correct on the part of the land acquisition authority to use the term public interest as is being done recklessly in Lohit, Anjaw and other parts of the state while invoking the provisions of the Act of 1894.  The present situation wherein the rates of land  and other resources are already fixed well in advance (as per PWD, WRD, Hroticulture & Agriculture rates etc) by the govt. simply restricts the owners bargaining power in free market situation, he said. The present RR policy is not only static but highly unjustified, he added.

He further said that per unit valuation of land in hectre and not acre or mtrs is nothing more than making mockery of the tribal resources.

In view of the Centre’s Look East policy for  opening up trade  and business with neighbouring  countries,  Naksang opined that the North East region as a whole and Arunachal in particular, should have pressed for grant of status of special economic zone so that the people reap the benefits of sky rocketing price of their land for various economic and commercial activities.

Instead of visualizing the true value of our vast natural resources, the state leadership have mortgaged  the land for decades at the will of the private companies, the NCP leader said.


Ering assures  registration of land

PASIGHAT, Oct 7: MP Ninong Ering visited Magnang village, about 23Km away from Pasighat today and attended a public meeting organized by the villagers of Magnang.

While speaking on the occasion, Ering assured that according to the Schedule Tribe and other forest dwellers Act 2006, all the genuine cases prior to Dec 13th  2005 would be considered by the government. The local administration, forest department and social welfare departments are also taking care of the rights of bona-fide schedule tribes, he said. He appealed the villagers to cooperate with the government to protect the rich forest and wildlife.

The MP also assured the gathering that the flood control project would be implemented within this financial year. The MP was accompanied by the DFO (T) B. Darang, Sille-Oyan CO K. Perme, Executive Engineers- T. Darang (PWD), T. Tebo (RWD), D. Padung (WRD), T. Takoh (PHE) and State Organizing Secy. Seva-Dal Oyin Yomso.



Traders booked

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: In an unannounced inspection, the Mobile Inspection Team of the Department of Legal Metrology and Consumer Affairs has booked 15 traders of Polo Colony, G-Extension and Dam-Site area of Naharlagun today for violation of provisions of weights and measures Act and Packaged Commodities  Rules.

All the six meat sellers inspected in the area were found using unverified and non standard weights, even road stones in lieu of standard weights. Similar case of irregularities in weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments were also detected from 5 other traders while the rest of the traders were booked for violation of Packaged Commodities Rules like selling of goods at a price exceeding the print price marked on the packages, packaging of commodities without having registration as packer, alteration or smudging of print price etc.  

At the inspection premises, the Mobile Inspection Team advised consumers present to be alert on such malpractices and also asked them to report Inspector Legal Metrology at C-Sector, Naharlagun for Naharlagun area and at HQ Office for Itanagar area whenever any such irregularity is noticed.


Sonia to inaugurate Pasighat Centenary Celebration

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: To mark the hundredth year of Pasighat town, in January next, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi is expected to inaugurate the Centenary Celebration.  

The nod came from the AICC Chief when the State Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, along with his cabinet colleagues Nabam Tuki, Bosiram Siram and MP Takam Sanjoy called on her today at her 10 Janpath resident at New Delhi to tender a formal invitation to her.

 Khandu while apprising Gandhi about the coinciding of Siang River Festival with the Centenary Celebration which would add more colour to the entire event, also requested her to inaugurate the Bridge over River Siang, the foundation stone  of which was laid by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.   

 The team further requested the UPA Chairperson to lay the foundation stone of Polytechnic and AYUSH, NEIFM Institutions at Pasighat during her visit.

 “The Pasighat Centenary Celebration, in fact, is the celebration of 100 years of Social and Political evolution of Arunachal Pradesh as also the celebration of a common identity of different tribal communities in the state as Arunachalees”, Khandu said while requesting Mrs Gandhi to spare a day time from her busy schedule to inaugurate the celebration.  

 The yearlong celebration of Pasighat Centennial (1911-2011) with the theme “Honouring the past, visioning the future” will be manifested by tribal gaiety and fervour. Founded in the year 1911 by the Britishers, Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh. (PRO to CM)


AAPSU demands increase in flights

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has demanded that number of flights between Naharlagun and Guwahati be increased at the earliest. At present there is only one flight to Guwahati.

AAPSU President Takam Tatung has urged civil aviation department to increase number of flights from present one to at least two a day.

“Most of the time seats are being booked by VIPs and their relatives. Ordinary Arunachalees who want to use this helicopter service for medical and other emergency purposes, do not get seats. They are facing lot of hardship because of VIP bookings,” said Tatung.  

He added, “If there are atleast two flights a day from Naharlagun to Guwahati and vice-versa, it will go a long way in solving the  problem.” Meanwhile AAPSU president has requested education department to immediately recruit all the wait listed  junior teacher (JT) and assistant teacher (AT).

“Everyday complaints are pouring in about non-availability of teachers especially those of subject teachers from various parts of state which is hampering education of many young students. State government should recruit these wait listed teachers, so that problems can be eased,” Tatung said.


Tax and Excise dept collects ` 3.5 cr, sets a target of  ` 5 cr

ROING, Oct 7: The Tax & Excise department of Roing has collected more than ` 3.5 Crore revenue in the year ending 2009-10, informed K Zirdo, Superintendent Tax & Excise in a review meeting on Value Added Tax (VAT) held at Anchal Samiti Hall here today.

The department has kept a revenue target of ` 5 Crore in the current financial year, he further informed calling for support and cooperation from all the business community of the district to achieve the target. He requested all the unregistered firms to get their firm registered and also for timely payment of tax and submission of Return Reports. He also asked them to come forward without any hesitation to clear any kind of doubts regarding VAT and C-Forms.

Local legislator, Laeta Umbrey while taking part in the meeting have opined that tax on perishable items like fresh vegetables, fruits, fish need to be re-considered and assured to take up the matter in the state assembly. He called upon the business community to maintain the beauties of the Market Area and stop erection of pan gumtis haphazardly. He requested the district administration and the tax & excise department to check construction of unauthorized pan gumtis in nook and corner of the township as it adds to the ugliness and become a shelter for illegal selling of liquors. He observed that the Consumers Forum in the district should be revived in the interest of the consumers and called upon the youths to come forward and do business with a view to do service to the people besides earning profit.

Y W Ringu, District Collector cum Deputy Commissioner of the district have sternly said to take punitive action as Executive Orders on banned of use of polythene bags and illegal selling on liquor has already been issued several times in the district. She asked the Superintendent of Tax & Excise to monitor on daily basis the selling of liquor by the Whole seller and Retailers in order to check the selling of illegal liquor in the district. She opined to involve NGOs in the cleanliness drive of the market area and the township.

Vijai Linggi, Secretary Bazaar Committee highlighting grievances face by the business community said that due to double payment of tax on Assam and to the State Govt., the traders have to impose high prices to the customers in order to make profit and run the business.  He further said that 90% of the business man does not have awareness regarding VAT and C-Forms and requested the department concerned to conduct such coordination meeting time to time.

Namo Linggi, ZPM Roing, Amme Linggi, ASM Chairperson Roing, Kotege Mena, Trading Licence Owner and others also spoke on the occasion. Administrative Officers, Panchayat Leaders and Business Community attended the meeting. (DIPRO)


Low Intensity Cyclone hit Seijosa

Seppa, Oct 7:  A low intensity cyclone accompanied with heavy rain and thundering, bedraggled Siejosa Township on Oct 5 last.

ADC, Seijosa, Kento Riba informed that  cyclone which occurred around 5.45 Pm lasted for 10-20 minutes and left many establishment of the town disarrayed. The establishments like residential and non residential including the commercial and the govt. offices have been badly affected due to the falling and uprooting of the trees nearby.

It also left trails of destruction to the adjoining areas of the town, particularly the  residential, non residential, MIBT building having CGI sheet hatched roofing which were blown away during the cyclone. Though the intensity was not so high but the force it came with was such that it uprooted the trees standing either side of the PSI NEC road from Siejosa to check gate to VKV Seijosa and laying on the road thereby completely disrupted the vehicular movement since 7 pm only to be restored today at 11 am with the help of senior citizen and available govt. employees under the active supervision of AE PWD Seijosa.

The office building of ADC Seijosa have been partially damaged due to falling of few branches of peepal tree. He further informed that the catastrophe came when the entire staffs of the ADC office were in their late hour working, but fortunately it has gone without injuring anybody.

Besides the community hall of Seijosa was also partially damaged due to falling of tree.   Electricity, water supply, road connectivity and telecommunication facilities were badly affected.  But the restoration of electricity seemed remote and may take weeks together.

After personally assessing the situation, the ADC also directed all affected individual to submit loss assessment to his office for further verification and appropriate action. (DIPRO)


Citizen lodge FIR against bandh callers

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Three organisations called bandh on October 4 last demanding resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on alleged corruption charges. The District administration declared the bandh illegal but the organization stuck to it.

Paying need to the assurances of trouble free day on 4th of October by the administration and Bazar Committees, many people defied the bandh and ventured out.

One such case was that of Kome Yangfo, a resident of G Sector Naharlagun. Unaware of the reason and gravity of the bandh but blindly believing that the administration would live upto its promise of hassle free day, the 37 year old had gone to Nirjuli on that fateful. While returning he was received with volley of stones and pebbles which damaged his Hyundai  i10 car. Whom to blame- the agitator or the administration? Yangfo, approached Naharlagun Police Station yesterday and lodged an FIR against the organization which called the bandh. Case has been registered vide c/no. 129/ 10 u/s 188/427 IPC and has been endorsed to ASI PK Gohain for investigation.

Furious Yangfo is now blaming the administration for encouraging the people to defy the bandh but failing utterly to safeguard people and their assets.


Society welcomes arrest

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The Anggong Society has expressed its gratitude to the investigating agency for its swift and timely action in apprehending the APST Bus driver Amar Sarkar who is allegedly  responsible for the tragic death of Osi Pali on 30th September 2010 in a hit and run case in front of BB Plaza, Itanagar.

The Anggong Society also expressed its gratitude to the eye witnesses who voluntarily came forward and helping the investigating agency in proceeding of the case and further appeals other eye witnesses also to come forward and help the authority in resolving the case immediately.

Meanwhile the Society expresses its resentment on granting of bail to the accused hurriedly before investigation could be completed by the investigating officer. The society also opposes the bail petition moved by one Tai Tarak, President, All Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Association, where it was stated that the accused was innocent. The Anggong Society while terming Tarak’s statement irresponsible said that if the accused was innocent as stated by Tarak then how the accused fled the scene when the incident occurred instead of helping and taking the victim to the nearest hospital. No individual can justify whether the accused is innocent or culprit till the court gives judgement on the matter. The judiciary matter should be left to the court, the society added.

Meanwhile, the entire staff and student community of government higher secondary school, Itanagar has condoled the death of Osi Pali, a student of class XI. In this regard, a 2 minute silence was observed as a mark of respect to the departed soul.


Remove the fear of Maths

ITANAGAR, OCT, 7: Abacus Mental Mathematics Academy, New Delhi, an ISO 9001:2008 registered organization which is committed to work with children in the area of their skill development, organized a seminar on Remove the fear of Maths at JNK Public School, E sector, Itanagar.

S N Kuppuswamy, Director of Abacus, conducted the seminar by giving a detailed presentation on the history of abacus tool, its learning techniques and importance of learning abacus skill. Also the benefits of learning abacus, like improve memory skills, observation skills, removing the fear of mathematics and overall mental growth of the children were demonstrated. The seminar was attended by parents with their children. Many parents have shown interest by asking various queries.

Three students of Abacus, Radhey Hoto, Neha, Saurodeep Charaborty, demonstrated their abilities in abacus. These children were easily and quickly resolved difficult sums and received applauds from the parents.

Abacus has its centres across India including Arunachal Pradesh, at Itanagar, Naharlagun and Ziro.


Sensitization Programme

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The Sensitization Programme through community meetings for PRIs members, NGOs, MOs, ASHAs, ANMs / GNMs was conducted on Oct 4 at Conference Hall of District Hospital, Tezu.

Chairing the meeting Deputy commissioner, Lohit R.K. Sharma, appreciated the departments for having conducted such programme but regretted the poor participation of PRI members.

He has asked the PRI members and ASHAs to utilize the village Health and Sanitation Committee fund as per guidelines and timely submission of SOE. He further directed DMO and DRCHO not to release any village Health and Sanitation committee fund to those villages who does not submit SOE in time. He asked the participants to take maximum benefits from the facilities available in tern of JSY, VH & SC etc.

He also stressed on importance and need of dedicated management in District and requested DMO and DRCHO to make maximum utilization of the resources available under NRHM.

Dr N. Ninu, DMO expressed that the district Health Authority is doing the best to implement any programme as per guideline.

She requested PRI members and NGO to help the Departments in implementing the programme in rural areas.

DRCHO Dr. N. Geiyi highlighted the programmes and policies under DRHM. Dr. D. Perme, Senior Gynecologist and Dr. L.C. Deori, DVBDCO  also spoke on the occasion on Maternal health and Japanese’s Encephalitis campaign at Lohit district respectively.

Dr. P K Saikia, Medical Superintendent District Hospital Tezu stressed on participation of PRIs members in implementing any   health programme in rural areas. (I/C DIPRO)


Wildlife week observed at Ziro

ZIRO, Oct 7:  The Nature Care and Disaster Management Society (NCDMS), Ziro, in Lower Subansiri district has observed the 56th Wildlife Week on Oct 7. More than 500 people including students participated with placards in the wildlife awareness procession taken out in town. This was followed by a meeting at DRC hall, Hapoli.

In his address, NCDMS chairman Rubu Buker appealed the deputy commission to initiate concrete step to tackle the hunting menace in the plateau. He also advocated for restriction of selling of cartridges for air gun and 12 bore gun in order to minimize the hunting in the valley.

Ziro DFO Hibu Tadi highlighted the environmental displacement due to constant intervention of man on nature for various purposes. He stressed on protection of natural resources for future generation.

Khyoda Meema, a Class X student of Blue Pine School, Rubu Nomo, Class IX, of Abotani Vidhya Niketan and Shivam DS secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively in essay competition which was conducted as part of the  Wildlife week.


Conquering the ramp – creating a niche

Tom Simai

Yet again, dazzling the audiences, with her head held high, Vyang Yirang walked away with the Ms Fresher Crown 2010 organized by Institute of Massco-Media on September 30 at Noida. Once again, after conquering the ‘Fa Fresh & Gorgeous – North East Style Icon 2010, Yirang has made every Arunachalee proud by defeating 23 contestants from across India and winning the Ms Fresher Crown 2010 in an atmosphere that is considered to be hostile for North Easterners.

Earlier, Yirang gave the state a proud moment to rejoice by becoming the first Arunachalee girl to be crowned as ‘Fa Fresh & Gorgeous – North East Style Icon 2010, organized by a reputed cosmetic company Fa’ on June 19 last at Guwahati.

Unfortunately, the state government is yet to recognize the rare feat achieved by this petite girl from the hills of Mebo in East Siang district.

Yirang who is pursuing a dual PG courses in Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising and Integrated Marketing Management which deals with public relation, advertising and marketing in New Delhi and presently working on a documentary about tribal headgears informed that the desire for creating an identity of herself as Arunachalee rather than a North Easterner or Manipuri inspired her to contest in the competition.

According to the ramp history of Massco-Media, it is for the first time that a girl from the North East has won the coveted title of the college and it is also for the first time that a girl from Arunachal has won it, informed Anugrah Bantawa who is her close friend and hails from Darjeeling.  

Yirang’s rhythmic moves to the tune of soccer world cup anthem ‘Waka-Waka’ mesmerized the hundreds of young cheering crowd and her choosing Sachin Tendulkar over Amitabh Bachan as biggest superstar was icing in the cake, said Pratibha Agnihotri who is her classmate from Delhi.

The win doesn’t matter but the positive impact it had, counts because at least now thousands of students of my institute knows about my state called Arunachal Pradesh, she said modestly after winning the contest. Yirang is also a former Ms Arunachal.

Before the event, even the education director of the institute along with the other faculty members and students used to call me either as Manipuri or Mizo or Nepali but now things has changed as most of them recognize me as an Arunachalee, she added .

Moreover, earlier, people within our campus thought the capital of Arunachal Pradesh was Mizoram, some guessed as Manipur and some even dared to think it as a part of China but now after I conquered the ramp they know where Arunachal is and what its capital is, she divulged.

It’s my small contribution for my beautiful state and I swell with pride when I’m recognized as an Arunachalee within our huge campus, she said gleefully.

Revealing about her future steps she said that after concluding the documentation on tribal headgears, I’ll start my work on our traditional dresses, dances, festivals, religion etc. and I’ll be getting a broader platform to showcase Arunachal in a better light as our institute is working in collaboration with Delhi Press and other reputed advertising agencies, so I’ll continue working on it. (The writer can be reached at simaitom@ gmail.com)


ZPM appeals for road development

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: East Kameng ZPM Maya Dolo today appealed to the state Govt to take urgent step for all round development, particularly road infrastructure of Seijosa and Dissing Passo circles in the district.

Pointing out the appalling road condition in Seijosa and Dissing Passo circles, the ZPM said  devastating flood during 2003 had almost damaged all the road infrastructure including bridge and culverts, destroyed Govt properties and paddy field, but the road from APP check gate, Seijosa to Lenka, which is the  life line of the people of the area is not  renovated yet.   She further informed that a bridge over Farring Nalla which was washed away by 2003 flood is yet to be restored.  During this monsoon season, more than 18 culverts on the said road have been washed away, she informed.

In Dissing Passo Circle too, the road from Teenkuti to Nomaroh and  road from Baliso to Dipik to Dikalmukh have been washed away, the ZPM said.

The local elected representative, who is also WRD minister is doing his best for brining solutions to the problems, but only a representative can not do much without the help of higher authorities, she added.




‘Reconsider absentee report’

ITANAGAR, Oct 7:  Former All Tali Area Students Union president today appealed the Kurung Kumey district administration to reconsider the absentee report against teachers of Tali-Pipsorang area.

In a letter to the DC, the former president of the union  claimed that absentee report against the teachers are not acceptable as they were engaged in summery revision of electoral roll during the visit of the Tali-Pipsorang ADEO. He further claimed, as per resolutions passed by panchayat of Tali-Pipsorang, teachers are arranged from one school to another under cluster system.


Restore power supply to Mengio

ITANAGAR, Oct  7:   The people of Mengio circle have been reeling under darkness for last one month due to non-supply of power, said All Mengio Students Union (AMSU)  in a release today. The union also has appealed  the chief engineer of the  power department to restore power supply to Mengio immediately.   General people, particularly students are facing difficulties to pursue their study due of non-supply of power, the union added.


DC assures office building for BS&G

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The 1st  West Siang district level unit leaders meet of the Bharat Scouts and Guides was held at Aalo on Oct 5. Besides other participants, 140 Scouts and Guides from different units of the district participated in the programme.

West Siang Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak in his inaugural address as chief guest assured to construct a permanent building for the district headquarters of the Bharat Scouts and Guides( BS&G).

 Tak, DDSE N Potom and many others speakers lauded the role of the B S&G in nation building and appreciated the role of unit leaders of the district. DTO Kempi Pakam presented brief report on Bharat Scouts and Guides activities in the district.

The participants in the meeting including headmasters, vice principals of different schools of the district discussed various issues pertaining to S&G in the meeting.


ASUS members

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Chukhu Logi and Doji Tana Tara have been elected as president and general secretary respectively of Arunachal Students Union Shillong(ASUS). Giogi Modi has been elected as president of Women’s wing of ASUS.



ITANAGAR, Oct 7: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU), West Siang, district unit has claimed that government staffs of Aalo electrical division is not getting their salaries on time since the month of April. In this regard workers will organize a 1st phase of peaceful dharna on 12th October to register their protests.


Badminton C’ship

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Minister PWD & UD Nabam Tuki and Minister RWD & Tax & Excise, and Kalikho Pul   would be the Chief Guest and Guest of honour at the closing ceremony of Arunachal State Open Badminton Championship-2010 being played at Raj Bhawan Badminton hall on Oct 10.

Laa Tallar, one of India’s brightest players is expected to reach the final in the Men’s Open according to the Chief Referee of the tournament  KR.C Singh.   


JAC questions

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Joint Action Committee comprising three organizations namely AIPU, AVYF and AYA has condemned the arrest of four of their members for organizing bandh demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.   Committee termed their detention as illegal and said government should stop such atrocity against their own people.

Committee also reiterated that they will go ahead with 3rd and 4th phase bandh call soon.


Results out

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The results of the BA I, II and III year of the Institute of Distance Education (IDE) held in May-July has been declared, according to a RGU release.



ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Officers and officials of Ziro electrical division has expressed deep shock over sudden demise of late Punyo Tado, who passed away on 5th October at Guwahati after a brief illness. Late Punyo Tado born on 10th July 1975 at Hong village was presently working as upper division clerk under Raga electrical division.  


Union threatens stir

ITANAGAR: Exasperated by non-responsive attitude of the authorities towards its demand for posting of adequate teachers in Govt H Secondary School, Anini, All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) today  gave a week’s time to the Govt to solve the teachers crisis in the school.

Threatening to launch vigorous movement after the expiry of the scheduled time, the union in a letter to Dibang Valley DC said for the last three years, the GHSS is running without principal.  There is no vice principal of the school for last four years, the union informed and further added that there are  no senior subject teachers in Hindi, Economics,  and Political Science  and  no regular junior teachers for Science and Mathematics.


Fee enhanced

ITANAGAR: The state Govt issued notification enhancing the information fee from Rs 2 to 10 per page under RTI with effect from Oct 1. This was informed by the Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission in a release today.


State BJYM slams Rahul

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Arunachal Pradesh unit has slammed Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi for equating the RSS with banned outfit, Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

Describing the Rahul’s statement as unfortunate, the BJYM in a release said today, such statement aims at hoodwinking  the nation on the issue of terrorism. The Congress leader should know that RSS is a nationalist organization which is contributing in nation building, while SIMI is a banned organization for its unlawful activities.

During his three-day visit to Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi Wednesday equated RSS with SIMI, dubbing them both 'fanatical' and 'fundamentalist’.


MLA pleads for alternative road

ITANAGAR: Expressing concern over the repeated damages of NH52-A road at Karsingsa shrinking zone, the Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso has appealed to the Govt to conduct survey for construction of alternative and permanent road from Banderdewa to Naharlagun without touching the shrinking zone or block point.

The MLA also appealed the Govt and concerned department to allocate special financial package in order to restore the road link as well as conduct survey work for alternative road.


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