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October - 09



Raj Bhavan has been trying its best

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the news item titled ‘AASYA rues lack of sports infrastructure’ carried in certain daily newspapers of the State recently.        

It is clarified that the swimming pool at Ganga Lake was a project of Tourism Department which was started in 2005 i.e. some five years back. The contributions made by the Raj Bhavan in the project were to expedite the implementation of this languishing project and its inauguration by His Excellency the Governor.

It has always been the endeavor of the Raj Bhavan to ensure that no Government funds are ever mis-utilized or misappropriated. Raj Bhawan has also has been encouraging sports activities and personnel regularly, in order to boost the inherent potential of the youth of our State in various fields.

Raj Bhavan has been trying to promote sports and adventure activities in the State, under the able guidance of His Excellency the Governor Gen JJ Singh.

Raj Bhavan expresses strong displeasure at this offensive news item, which is malicious, factually incorrect and misleading. The news dailies should also have made attempts to verify the contents of the allegations before carrying them in the form presented by the Association. It shall be appreciated if a prominent clarification is carried out in this regard by all dailies which carried this news item.  


Atum Potom

PRO, Raj Bhavan



No bandhs please

Dear Editor,

Bandh calls being given by some of the organizations in order to ventilate their grievances not only hampers the development activities being carried out by  the state Govt but it seriously affects academic career of the students of various institutions of the state also.

It is said that students are the pillar of the nation, but if their career are ruined due to excessive bandh calls, how will these future citizen prepare themselves in order to build strong nation?

We are neither against any organization nor against their grievances but against the excessive bandh calls. Instead of giving repeated bandh calls, the organizations should approach the Govt through memorandum or take other democratic means for solution to their grievances. In case of bandh call in Capital or state as whole,  they should have wider discussion with the apex student body in order to minimize the  impact of bandh on student community.

It is our earnest request to organizations not to give excessive bandh call, rather take up other democratic means such as dharna, rally and procession in favour of their demands. It is seen that sometimes  bandh does not bring any positive solution.


Tahe Tana Tara

K Kholie

Students of

DNGC College



Not the popular voice

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to a news item carried in your daily on 1st October captioned "CoSSAP oppose bandh".

Instead of stepping down on moral ground, the state government continues to be headed by Dorjee Khandu CM whose own son is a accused in the mega PDS scam.

Lokam Tassar, Parliamentary Secretary(Food Civil Supplies),Jarkar Gamlin,Chairman, APKVIB, Likha Saaya, Chairman APEDA are all prime accused  in the PDS case, but not removed and allowed to continue at high public offices by the state government.

The due process of investigation in the mega scam being dictated and abused by the state government which is explicit from the revealed facts. The case concerns food security and very security of survival of the people. The provisions of centuries old Bengal Frontier Regulation were seriously violated by the government in granting PRC to non-APSTs, though the mistake was remedied that too under pressure from students unions who are our kids. The act had thrown open, the cultural marginalisation and decimation of indigenous people.

The due process and very rule of law, public interests are being severely and repeatedly jeopardized by the state government itself. At such a juncture, when our brothers and kids are fighting for proper governance, the few odd CoSSAP leaders are advised to stop abusing the banner of CoSSAP to express support to the extremely corrupt individuals usurping the post of CM and other public offices. The statements made by few CoSSAP leaders do not hold the popular view of majority CoSSAP members and we seriously criticize their statements and disown it. Moreover, the Distt Units of CoSSAP were not consulted and taken into confidence before making such  statement.


A CoSSAP member



Who does these unions stand for

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my anguish and opinion regarding that of the mushrooming of various organisations such as Unions, Associations, Forums, clan based organisation, infinite organisations etc in State of Arunachal Pradesh.

The organisations like AAPSU, ANSU, GSU, NES, GWS etc. are the people oriented and social sanctioned body having the mandate from the common public to spearhead the issue of public interest at large. Basically these social sanctioned bodies are governed by routine work of general conference –cum-election in a particular tenure as an when the time expires. The Union, Association, Organisation, Society etc who are democratically elected through secret ballot can be regarded as social sanctioned body in the society. There are numerous unrecognised and ill organised groups of associations in the state of Arunachal Pradesh that is mushrooming up daily and are thereby taking a series of issue without mandate and social sanction. Such types of unrecognised and ill organised groups of association, union, society etc should be discouraged strictly by one and all.


Toko Nikam,

(On email)



Refund the money

Dear Editor,

As an 2k7 batch Diploma pass out student of Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Polytechnic(RGGP, Itanagar, I would like to ask the concern authority regarding the delay in refund of admission and Hostel caution money of students.

We have completed our three years diploma programme in RGGP Itanagar on July 2010 but have not been paid back our caution money which we deposited at the time of admission into the institution and hostel. Three months have already passed.

I would like to ask the head of the institute of RGGP, Itanagar, when the money would be refunded?



(On email)



Come together for Arunachal Pradesh

Dear Editor,

We already know that “education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man” in the words of Swami Vivekananda. But today I’m not going to educate the people rather I would like make an appeal to the public that last time when a viral affected our poultry and eventually to human beings i.e., H1N1, all of us had taken various appropriate steps to prevent it so that everyone can live peacefully. I request all the public to show same enthusiasm towards HIV/AIDS as it is spreading rapidly.

I would like to request the public to show same interest towards PDS scam as we showed to Toko Teji.

Further I would like to request all associations, organizations, NGO, govt. etc. to organize a rally against those who are involved in PDS scam on a holiday so that mass participation can be possible. And to give a message to those anti-social elements that people of Arunachal Pradesh is not sleeping.


Kenli Doji,

Don Bosco College,



Tainted MLAs should resign

Dear Editor,

I am neither in support of bandh caller nor to those who claim bandh as illegal. But I too wish our chief minister Dorjee Kandhu should resign on moral ground. As, I think being the leader of the leaders, he is the one responsible for whole untoward incident happening in our state. Like granting of PRC to non-APST though the order has been revoked, mishandling of PDS scam.

So, I don’t understand why some common/concern citizen is against the demand for his resignation instead of supporting. Here I don’t mean we should support bandh.

If our honourable chief minister is really innocent in PDS scam, then why he is unable to ask his four sitting MLA’s to resign for better Arunachal, whereas he have both power and genuine reason to do so.


Ashamed Arunachalee,

(on email)



Hospitals need facilities

Dear Editor,

Recent unannounced visit of various PHCs, CHCs and District Hospital by Hon’ble Health and Family Welfare Minister is highly appreciated as at least he could know the existing deteriorated conditions of the various Hospitals.

I also thank Tapen Siga, the local MLA of  Daporijo constituency for successful conduct of malaria awareness camp at Sippi where more than 500 mosquito nets were distributed to the public with some precious advices. Here I would like to place some problems prevailing in the District Hospital.

Even though doctors and technicians in Daporijo are highly trained and qualified but we lack laboratory that is with well equipped with instruments to carry out tests. Most of the poor people cant afford medical facilities outside the district. So the need of the hour is proper facilities so that citizens can avail health facilities within the district.

Lastly it is an appeal to the state Government to look into the matter immediately.


Tabu Marbom,

 (on email)




Save animals

Dear Editor,

People For Animals, Itanagar request the State Government to ban all the issued licensed guns/rifles used in hunting & killing innocent animals. We request them to take up some strong measures against ongoing cruelties and to implement laws into immediate action. We really feels that there is no need of licensed guns/rifle to peoples  in this peace loving state and free from all anti social elements. All are using these weapons to hunt innocent wild animals, which is really a big concern.

We really, appreciate Tamo Dadda who has come forward to raise his voice against the inhumane activities. And we feel it will encourage all others.

Further, requests all the Govt, people of the State, Student Organizations, & all others to come forward to support our demands over the causes.


Teli Toni,

People For Animals

State Unit Itanagar



Karo is not a hidden language

Dear Editor,

Apropos the edition of 6th October, 2010 under the caption, “Researchers stumble upon hidden language in Arunachal” I being the first person from the Aka community to undergo complete research on my own tribe would like to clarify some facts as below:

I appreciate the report of linguist K. David Harrison in popularizing the Aka tribes worldwide but I do not agree with him when he claims that these groups of people who speak Koro dialect are hidden and he had discovered it. In the light of this I would like to inform readers worldwide through your edition that the Akas are divided into two sub-tribes namely Hrusso and Koro. The former sub-tribes inhabits the West Kameng district and the later inhabits East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, except one village in West Kameng namely Tania. In fact, the Aka (Hrusso) is constitutionally recognized and the Koro is still housed under the Aka tribe, in other words Koro is not recognized as a tribe or sub-tribe by the constitution of India. I had carried out a comprehensive work on the tribe from 2004 to 2008 to get my doctoral degree. The details of which is available in form of thesis and also it is published in book form by Commonwealth Publishers, New Delhi.  There is no denying the fact that the dialect of the two groups of Aka community is distinct which I had also mentioned in my works. The dialect of Koro is very much in usage since time immemorial and the same is available in different literatures including my book. Hence, I sincerely appeal the researchers not to go so deep by using terms like discover or hidden when the dialect is already in usage for many years and already available in literature. Before, claiming any new findings one must discover the available literature what is called literature review. The detailed field survey conducted in the year 2006 revealed that the Koro sub-tribes migrated to their present habitat from the northern part following the route of Kameng River. They are inhabited in 9 settlements namely Bana, Chijang, Kadeya, Kichang, Pichang, Pochong, Sopung, Tania and Yangsey with a total of 197 households. They are further divided into a number of exogamous clans namely Degio, Chijang, Yame, Sopung, Badi, Dore, Drumbra, Netan, etc. The total population of the sub-tribe was 1293 with 652 male and 641 females respectively (Household Survey, 2006). There are number of facts collected on the basis of first hand information which can be accessed by referring my PhD thesis and the book entitled, “The Akas: Land and People”.

Arunachal Pradesh being a culturally diverse state has many instances of sub- tribes speaking distinct dialects within a short geographical distance and these dialects are in usage for many years without proper scripts. Hence, in the absence of any written script the dialect could not be claimed as a new or hidden dialect rather proper research can be done for development of scripts, popularization and conservation from extinction.


Dr. Gibji Nimachow,

(on email)

Rajiv Gandhi University





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


PDS items travels on bikes

Tongam Rina

ITANAGAR, Oct 8:  The workings of Food Corporation of India have been long under the scanner. Mired into controversy because of its inapt handling of distribution of food in the North East region, the Corporation finds itself being investigated by Central Bureau of Investigation.  

The special audit by FCI itself found out that an excess payment of Rs 193.53 crore was made in just one year (2003-04). According to reports, in July 2004, 5,000 quintals of rice for onward dispatch to Arunachal Pradesh kept in some private godowns in Nagaon in Assam disappeared.  

As the premier investigation agency looks into details of transportation of sugar by FCI, vide its case RCGWH2010 (A) 0004, U/s 120B, 420, 468, 472, 477A IPC and section 13(2) R/W 13 (I) (d) of prevention of corruption Act, 1988 against Hanifur Rahman & Others, more interesting details are tumbling out.

On Oct 5, Margi Ngomle of Yachugi village in West Siang received a call informing him about Notice (No.5160 dated 28/09/10 under section Cr PC) from Central Bureau of Investigation’s Anti Corruption Branch looking into anomalies in the transportation of Sugar by Food Corporation of India. Inspector of Police of CBI’s Anti Corruption Branch, Guwahati, in his Notice directed Ngomle to bring the original registration certificate of vehicle no AR-08-2699 allegedly involved in transportation of sugar.

Interestingly, the vehicle happens to be a two wheeler!

Ngomle says the vehicle in question is Yamaha RX100 motorcycle which he bought in 1998 which  subsequently was sold.  He alleges that a large sum of money has been paid as transportation charges against the motorcycle without his knowledge while he maintains that he has nothing to do with Public Distribution System or transportation of food items for FCI. Ngomle is not amused.

“Now, I have to go to Guwahati and report to the CBI on Oct 12” says an angry Ngomle as he questions the role of District Transport Officer (DTO) and District supply Officer (DSO) of West Siang District for landing him in trouble.

He further reveals that at least two other bike owners from West Siang have been summoned by CBI for the same case.

The falsification seems to grow with each passing day.

As he gets ready for an unplanned trip to Guwahati, Ngomle says “I shall be left with no alternatives than to file a defamation case against the concerned DTO and DSO”

When the infamous PDS scam came into light some years back, incredible statistics were revealed. For instance, in a particular circle in Arunachal with a population of 2,784 (according to 2001 census), every individual consumed at least 24 kg of iodised salt per month while another record revealed that every individual consumed upto  64 kg rice every month!

The multicrore PDS case, which was in slumber for quite sometimes, once again came into limelight after the high profile arrest of former chief minister Gegong Apang by the Special Investigation Cell for his alleged involvement in the case.

As the Cell investigates the case, it has flipped flopped on the amount involved in the case and grant of prosecution sanction by the state government against its employees. While confusion reigns supreme within the SIC forcing citizens to question its competence, there are reports that contractors would not lift PDS food grains for FCI for non release of pending bills including Hill Transport Subsidy amounting to more than 500 cr. Six North east states including Arunachal Pradesh gets reimbursements from the government of India for transportation of food grains under the PDS. While the first is reimbursement of Road Transport Charges (RTC) for lifting of food grains from the nearest railhead of FCI depots to the base depots, the second is Hill Transport Subsidy (HTS) for moving the stock from the base depots to the approved principal distribution centers.

Arunachal alone requires Rs 200 Cr a year as hill transport subsidy to deliver PDS commodities in the state, according to official sources.

With dirt continuing to pile up the distribution system even after constitution of a whole cell to look into anomalies, the question remains how serious is the government towards ensuring food security to its people.

FCI engaging motor bikes to deliver essential items and the centre questioning the workings of PDS in the state, the trouble has just begun for the people of the state.


Apang granted bail

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: The former Chief Minister Gegong Apang has been granted bail by Guwahati High Court. The former Chief Minister was taken into custody on Aug 24 for his alleged role in PDS case.

On Thursday the Division Bench of Gauhati High Court comprising of Justice I.A. Ansari and Justice A.C. Upadhayay heard the arguments on the Bail Application of Gegong Apang.

M.S. Chauhan, S.P, SIC also appeared on the direction of the High Court with records of the case diary. Arguing for Gegong Apang, the senior advocate J.M. Choudhury described the continued detention of Apang as unnecessary and unwarranted. He submitted that the case of prosecution is based entirely on documentary evidence and since all the records of PDS scam have been ceased by the SIC the continued detention of Apang is unnecessary.

When the High Court asked a pointed question to M.S. Chauhan as to why a further custodial interrogation of Gegong Apang is necessary, M.S. Chauhan could not give any satisfactory reply. M.S. Chauhan also tried to blame the Government of Arunachal Pradesh by submitting that he has been prevented by the state Government in discharging his duties of investigating officer and due to restrictions on him he could not properly interrogate Apang.

Senior advocate J.M. Choudhury described the investigation conducted by M.S. Chauhan as unfair and discriminatory and further submitted that his client had given written answers to all the 64 questions put to him.

Apang continued to be in judicial custody as the court order yet to reach him.


National Himalayan Trekking Expedition 2010 gets underway

Ojing Tayeng

BOMDILA, Oct 8: The  National Himalayan Trekking Expedition 2010 was flagged off at Tourist Lodge, Bomdilla yesterday.

The Expedition is being organized by Arunachal Mountaineering and Adventure Sports Association in collaboration with Department of Tourism, government of Arunachal Pradesh.

The month long expedition comprises of 19 batches/groups, with 15 trekkers in each batch. The first batch comprises of 17 trekkers from West Bengal, Manipur and three Geography students from Bomdila Government College.

Flagging of the NHTE, Deputy Commissioner West Kameng Rinchin Tashi briefed about the geographical features, social, religious and other activities of the District.

He appreciated the state tourism department and the AMASA for giving an ample opportunity to the people of other state by organizing trekking expedition and expressed the hope that the expedition would bring good result to the state. He advised the participants to spread the message of environment consciousness, flora and fauna conservation to the rural population in various designated camps during their trekking period.

District Tourism Officer Leena Perme also advised the participants to maintain environmental conservation guidelines given by the organizer during the trekking.

She expressed the hope that expedition would go a long way in promoting tourism activities.

Guest of Honour, Superintendent of Police SB Tamang also extended his best wishes to the trekking troops.

Earlier, AMASA President, Tsering Wange highlighted the aim and objectives of the trekking expedition and briefed on global warming.

Environment protection pledge was also taken by the participants and others.


AAPSU demands govt action

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: It’s been almost eight months since tragic fire incident in a private hostel at Palin town claimed the lives of ten school children.  Initially state government had promised compensation and government jobs for the next of the kin of the victims.

Taking up cause of these traumatized parents, AAPSU President Takam Tatung has urged state government to give equal compensation to all parents who lost their loved ones in the tragic fire incident.

“Government has not distributed compensation equally which is causing discontentment among the parents who lost their children. They are yet to overcome the tragedy of losing their children and now government is playing with their emotion by not distributing proper compensation,” Tatung said. He further added, “State government had even promised to provide group D category job to victim’s parent. State cabinet had given approval for in this regard but till now none of them has been given job.”

There was proposal to construct a memory for 10 children who lost their lives on that fateful day. Proposal has remained only proposal as government has not provided any fund to construct the memory, he said.

Meanwhile team of AAPSU is leaving tomorrow for Russa area to have peace meeting with members of All Assam Students Union (AASU). It is to be noted that in the month of August boundary skirmishes broke between Assam and Arunachal at Russa village located in Tirap district. As a result, Assam based organizations had imposed economic blockade against people of Tirap district causing great trouble to the ordinary citizens.’

“In this meeting we will discuss all the issues with AASU and citizen of both Assam and Arunachal living near the boundary. Just for one incident, imposing of economic blockade by Assam based organizations is wrong and we will tell them about it,” said the AAPSU President.


Association questions shoddy handling of PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: Condemning the ‘shoddy and biased’ handling of PDS issue, All Kayi Youth Association today said that arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang was nothing but  politically motivated and SIC is investigating the case at the whims of political boss.  Expressing resentment over slow progress of investigation, the Association rued that no action has been taken against other accused in PDS scam after action is being taken against Apang only. It further asked - does SIC have the courage to arrest the son of the present CM, four MLAs and other moneyed and influential people who are also accused in the scam?

The head load carriage system, over billing and preparation of fictitious bills started during the 2001, the Association claimed. Therefore, it said, entire blame of PDS irregularities should not be thrown on a single person.

Demanding CBI enquiry into the PDS scam to unravel the whole PDS episode and cancellation of trading license of all those involved in PDS scam, the Association also said that the accused MLAs, officers involved in the scam should resign till proven innocent.

While appreciating the joint action group of AIPU, AYA, AVYA for fighting against corruption, the Association said, apart from PDS scam, the state is plagued by many other corruption cases. But   the voice of the people against corruption is being suppressed. It alleged that the government is threatening the pressure groups, individuals capable of raising the issues in the public domain.

Exhorting the organizations and media to raise voice against corruption in the state, the Association also extended solidarity with the AdiSU, GSU and other organizations who are raising voice against PDS scam, dam construction and other issues of public interest.


Union initiates action against use of tobacco products

ITANAGAR, Oct 8:  Basar Area Students’ Union (BASU) with the slogan“ Gutka Hatao, Yuva Bachao”(GHYB) have resolved to declare a crusade against sale of tobacco products in the area in particular and whole of state in general.

On Oct 5, BASU made a sudden surprise checking of all the shops of Basar township and seized huge number of banned products. Later, the same was  reduced to ashes in presence of local electronic media and public in order to create awareness against such harmful products.

BASU has said that despite enforcement of Cigarette & other Tobacco Product (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of commerce & Trade, production, Supply and Distribution)Act, 2003 by the state Government in order to protect the public health, the wholesalers, retailers and other shopkeepers in colonies and villages of Basar ADC HQ are still involving in  illegal sale of  such banned products. It is found that the most harmful of all such products like Tiranga, Pan Sugand, Shikar, Pan Parag are rampantly sold in the markets even to the minors without any hesitation.

While dealing with the issue, it was revealed that though the shopkeepers are well aware of the status of banned products and its harmful impacts on health particularly in the youths but it is being marketed in planned manner to acquire great margins. It was also found that due to ban on such items by the administration, the shopkeepers are engaging in illegal smuggling of the same from neighboring Assam through daily Tata Sumo and Bus services.

BASU urged the Government and concerned authorities to look into the matter very seriously and take necessary concrete steps. It also requested all the Maxi Cab/Bus and other Transportation unions to take necessary steps to discourage such illegal smuggling of banned products through their services.

The role of Department of Police is most important especially in entry check points of our state and in addition the Department of Tax and Excise can also play a pivotal role while checking for their assigned duties, it said.  


MLA appeals citizens to stop hunting

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: A one day workshop on “Wildlife Conservation: Values and Incentives” was organized by the Shergaon Forest Division in Rupa on the occasion of national Wildlife week. The workshop was organised with the objective to understand the composition of wildlife in the region, their value and threats faced and to instill a sense of pride over the resources; to stress the need to manage wildlife resources and understand the opportunities for livelihood generation from these resources and to evolve a participatory action plan for effective conservation of wildlife. The workshop was attended by Gaon buras, District officials, VFMC members and members of the public.

The chief guest MLA Tenzing Norbu, and chairman APSPCB in his introductory address related how the daily lives of the people of Arunachal Pradesh were linked to wildlife and the forests around. He reminisced about the abundant wildlife in the forests during his childhood and youth and said that we were lucky to have such abundant and plentiful natural resources. However complacency on our part would lead to disastrous ecological consequences. Norbu made a plea to the public to stop hunting and preserve the forests. He stressed on the need to spread awareness in rural areas and strengthen village institutions to bring about effective conservation.  

The technical session featured talks by P.K.Dutta of WWF - India, Dr Ramana Athreya of Kaati trust, Indi Glow of Bugun Welfare Society and Dr. K.S.Jayachandran, DFO, Shergaon.

Dutta spoke about the wildlife in Arunachal Pradesh especially in West Kameng and his experience on community based conservation in Thembang; this was widely appreciated by the villagers and Gaon buras who expressed enthusiasm to replicate the eco tourism model in their respective villages.

Dr Athreya, who also discovered a new species of babbler Bugun liocichla from Lama Camp area, talked about the incentives for wildlife conservation outside protected areas.   Indi Glow related his experiences on innovative ecotourism models, the problems and prospects. Dr. Jayachandran, gave a presentation on the main aspects of the Wildlife Protection Act.

This was followed by an interactive brainstorming session chaired by the  MLA Tenzing Norbu, with active inputs from the participants.  The brain storming session threw up interesting facts and innovative ideas which were employed to shape up a wildlife conservation action plan for the West Kameng district with special reference to Shergaon Forest Division.

The division also conducted a painting competition focusing on wildlife and its conservation for school children which received enthusiastic participation.


APEDA team in Kaying

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: Continuing with its village to village appearance programme, a four-member team of Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA) reached at Kaying circle in West Siang district to create awareness on the use and conservation of New & Renewable Energy resources.

Under the said circle, two villages - Sirom and New Bogne were undertaken for the line up where the APEDA team led by the Information & Publicity Officer (IPO), T Muri imparted training to as many as 35 beneficiaries.

During the course of training programme, the IPO called upon the participants to go for complete and timely maintenance of Domestic Home Light System (DHLS) to ensure its long lasting.

Reasoning that the DHLS had been gifted to remote and border villages of Arunachal Pradesh by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh during his maiden visit to the State on January 31, 2008, Muri advised the beneficiaries not to sell the devices even if the villages have been connected by electricity.

Meanwhile, the ASM and GPM of the two villages urged upon the Director of APEDA, Marki Loya for providing power connecting Bogne and New Bogne villages.

In its next programme, the APEDA team is scheduled to cover villages in and around Anini, the district headquarters of Dibang Valley.   


Training on Low-Cost Fodder Production Techniques

ROING, Oct 8: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Lower Dibang Valley District have organized a one day training programme on Low-Cost Fodder Production Techniques at KVK premises yesterday. The training was conducted considering the needs of cultivated fodders for feeding the livestock so as to improve their milk and meat production potentials in the district, informed Dr T J Ramesha, Programme Coordinator, KVK.

Dr. Robindro Pukhramba, SMS(A.H. & Vety. Sc.) had highlighted the fodder varieties suitable for cultivation in the district. Besides this, a video film show was also organized.

Later, trainees were taken to farmer’s demonstration plots at KVK farm, Balek and they were distributed with technical folder and fodder seeds. A total of 15 livestock men took part in the training programme.

KVK Roing have also organized one day On - Campus  training programme at DRDA hall  under the  chairmanship of T.Basar, District Agriculture Officer, Roing recently.

Dr.S.P.Singh, SMS(PP), ICAR, Basar, procured mushroom spawn from his institute and   conducted  method demonstration  intensively at on campus as well as at farmers plots for farm women and  Extension Functionaries  (Agriculture  Field Assistants ) on  preparation of paddy straw, filling straw, seeding spawn, packing bags and  placing bags in   cost effective house. Besides this a video film on successful cultivation of mushroom   by progressive farmers   of  the North Eastern Region was also shown to convince the worth of  improved method of  mushroom cultivation.

G.Dirchi, SMS ( PP)   provided information on evolution  of  mushroom  cultivation  enterprise and the key role of KVK  in promotion of this enterprise   in the district. Dr.T.J.Ramesha, Programme Coordinator highglighted the present status  of SHGs and  ways and means  to strengthen  them  through   availing technical  support  pertaining to  income generating  avenues  from KVK  and  other  knowledgeable reource centers.

A total of 45 farm women attended the training programme. Mushroom spawn were also distributed to the members of Self Help Groups. (DIPRO)


Taxis without permit


JAIRAMPUR, Oct 08: To regulate the mushrooming of taxis without permits, in a meeting held with the private taxi owners of Jairampur here on Thursday, ADC M Roy has sternly ordered them to obtain taxi permit within Novermber 30 next.

He has also added that the taxi’s which have Assam registration should obtain road permit along with the taxi permit to ply within the state of Arunachal.

Further he has banned under-age drivers from driving passenger cars as well as playing cards on the road side and advised the taxi drivers to maintain etiquette with the passengers.

He informed further that from December 01 onwards, any taxi found plying without permit will be seized by the authorities and to check illegal plying a mobile team will be constituted before December 01.

Speaking about the exorbitant taxi fares he said that the rate will be revised after they obtain the taxi permits and parking place will be allotted to those taxi’s after the widening of NH 153.


1st super state Champions football league begins today

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: The 1st Super State Champions Football League -2010 in Arunachal Pradesh will begin at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun on Oct 9.

Er.Gaken Ete, Secretary, Water Resources Department (WRD) has consented to attend the inaugural function as Chief Guest and while Er.Taba Tedir, Chief Engineer & Director (UD) and Sr. Vice President, Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) has consented to be Guest of Honour Oct 9.

Altogether eight teams, namely, Akom United Sports Club (AUSC), Lower Subansiri, Bamang Taji Football Club(BTFC), Itanagar,  Capital Complex Sporting Club(CCSC), Naharlagun, Model Village Footbal Club (MVFC), Papum Pare, Boni Football Club (BFC), Upper Subansiri, District Sports Association  (DSA), West Siang, (represented by Govt HSS, Aalo), Kurung Kumey Football Club (KKFC), Kurung Kumey and Kameng United Football Club (KUFC), East Kameng are participating in the 15 days sports event which would be concluded on Oct 23.

Earlier, State Super Football league chairman cum commissioner Kipa Kaha presiding over the meeting at RG Stadium on Oct 7 described  the main motto behind  the introduction of the first ever football club league by the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association.

The Football League is being organized to explore the latent talent of football players of the districts and pave the way for them to participate in National Level Club championships and League, he said.

Kaha further informed that participants that State Football Club League is being introduced from this session onwards under the guidelines and instruction of All India Football Federation to give due importance to the existing football clubs in the state.

The organizing committee chairman also appealed all team manager and Coach of districts to maintain discipline and cooperate with the organizing committee. The meeting was attended by all the participating team manager and coach of the respective district.


Ering inspects multipurpose project site at Rengging

PASIGHAT, Oct 8: The Member of Parliament Ninong Ering inspected the proposed multi purpose project  - Sirpo river minor Irrigation cum Micro Hydel project which would help irrigate about 40 hectors of WRC field besides generating 100-200 KW hydro electricity at Rengging today.

A public meeting was also held, organized by the villagers at the Dere (Community Hall). Speaking on the occasion, Ering expressed satisfaction with the progress of work under irrigation project. 40 % including channel cutting and CC drainage of work is complete.

He said that he is making efforts for the welfare of the people in his entire constituency.

He sanctioned funds for construction of a Dere and assured to provide extra financial assistance to the villagers of Rengging for community fencing in the next financial year.

Earlier this week, Ering also chaired a meeting for complete maintenance and improvement of Pasighat road network with the DC Onit Panyang, OC (BRO), EE (PWD) and DD (UD) at the DC office.

Expressing his dissatisfaction over the bad road condition, he urged the BRO authority to initiate prompt action for maintenance of Ruksin-Pasighat road which has already been funded by the government of India. He also appealed the EE (PWD) to take care of the maintenance of Pangin-Pasighat road and suggested the DD (UD) also to complete the maintenance of the roads of Pasighat Township within the month of December10. (DIPRO)


Inter-village boundary dispute


JAIRAMPUR, Oct 8: Inter-villages boundary dispute that has been taken a violent turn here in Changlang district has been come to an amicable end.

Reportedly, the villages – Pulon, Injan, and Old Chompu under Kharsang circle has been encroaching the customary land of Kovin, Honkap and Taipong under Jairampur circle. The encroachment infuriated the later villagers and as a result they stopped all the farming activities done by former villages on the encroached lands. There were also reports of minor clashes between the disputing villages.

The timely intervention of local administrations – Miao ADC T Mara, Jairampur ADC M Roy along with Jairampur DFO JK Hippo has been able to curb the further exaggeration of the clash.

In a meeting that was convened here today, the trio advised the disputing villages to settle the matter amicably without resorting to violence as it will severely hamper the peaceful existence of all the villages nearby.

The GBs, panchayat leaders, and publics of the disputing villages who were also present, accepted and decided to demarcate their boundaries peacefully on November 15 next.

Panchayat monitoring team in Daporijo

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: The third party monitoring team comprising of Director Panchayat Raj, B. Gadi, Director, SIRD N. Ete,  Deputy Director SIRD K. Loyi and Assistant Director SIRD R. Shrivastava visited Daporijo yesterday to monitor the BRGF. RSVY and TFC scheme implemented in Upper Subansiri District.

In a meeting, the Director, Panchayat Raj urged the member secretaries for proper implementation of BRGF Schemes in the district as the centre is strictly monitoring schemes implementation. The DPO was asked to submit utilization certificate for amount sanctioned for the year 2009-2010 to get the next grant from the centre.

He further said Grant TFC would be released and it needs careful implementation through gram sabha and the benefit should go to the people and necessary corrective measure should be taken to correct the past mistake.

The team would visit Puchigeko, Daporijo and Dumporijo, Gusar and Baririjo Circles.


Governing body meet

AALO, Oct 8: The Governing Body cum Review Meeting of District Health Society, West Siang District was held under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak, on 29th Sep 2010 at DCs conference Hall Aalo.

Dr. D. Bagra, DFWO cum CEO Executive Committee, DHS, West Siang District, Aalo informed the house, previous years achievements made under NRHM Programme in respect of West Siang District. He said that the District has conducted most Nos. of VHND in Arunachal Pradesh during 2009-10. All the civil works has been completed in time.

He further  informed that new sub-centre building with attached ANM Qtr. at Nyorak S/C, 2 Nos. of Qtrs. at CHC Mechuka, Labour Room at PHC Bagra and Pregnant Mother Waiting Room at PHC Gensi under NRHM will be constructed under NRHM in 2010-11.

Deputy Commissioner-Cum-Chairman, Governing Body, DHS requested all the departments to cooperate with the health department to bring down the MMR/ IMR/Still Birth Rate/ Promote Institutional Delivery/ Improveed Vaccination Coverage. He also instructs all the MO i/c to utilize RKS fund in proper way as per GOT Guidelines within stipulated time.

Yomto Lollen, District Programme Manager (NRHM) informed that most of the unspent NRHM flexipool, RCH flexipool & RI fund are at Health Centre due to non submission of SoE and UC.





JAC denies charges

ITANAGAR, Oct 8:  The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the AIPU, AYA, AVYF today denied the charges of damaging vehicle and attempt to burn a garage during Oct 4 bandh.

Reacting to the FIR lodged by a complainant against the trio-organizations for damaging his vehicle during the bandh, the JAC secretary in a release today said that the private vehicle was damaged by some unknown miscreants on Oct 4.  No untoward incident occurred during the 1st and 2nd phase bandh calls given by the trio-organizations, therefore, question of damaging somebody’s vehicle and attempt to burn a garage do not arise, the JAC said.

The JAC also lashes out at some organizations and political parties for ‘denying its democratic movement’ against corruption and nepotism.  In spite of knowing the present bad scenario of the state, some citizens, organizations and political parties like BJP, PPA are maintaining silence without performing their duties as opposition parties, the Committee said.


ABK congrats Yirang

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: The Adi Baane Kebang extends its heartiest congratulation to Miss Vyang Yirang who won Miss Fresher Crown 2010 organized by institute of Massco-Media on Sept 30 at Noida, Delhi.  Her achievements in various platforms should be a pride for entire Arunachal Pradesh because she represented the state and made the outsiders know about Arunachal Pradesh ABK said.

Further the community also congratulated Toko Teji for his marvelous achievement by entering the finals of India’s Got Talent Khoj-2 and winning the first runner up title.


SDP on carpet weaving

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh launched 300 hours Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Programme on Carpet Weaving at Tawang which was sponsored by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) Guwahati under the ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India.

The programme was launched on 4th October and it will run upto 30th November 2010. 25 unemployed youths from Tawang locality are attending the 300 hours training programmes.


Traffic diverted

ITANAGAR, Oct 8:  The Capital District administration has issued order  diverting road traffic movement to and from Banderdewa through Doimukh-Harmuti road on Oct 9 and 10 due to breach in the  road formation of NH-52-A at Karsingsa shrinking zone.


Voice of Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: Organizing committee of Voice of Arunachal, a singing competition, today held a press meet where they outlined their plan for coming season.  

The season-2 of Voice of Arunachal contest to find an Arunachal Idol will begin on 3rd of November.    The 3 phase contest will start with district level voice test to be held at Itanagar. This will be followed by state level competition.

  The winner of competition will get a car as prize trophy and one year contract for a Hindi music album. While every kind of songs will be allowed, preferences will be given to local songs. Organizer also informed that contest will be telecast on DD-North East channel and forms for contest will be available in all districts headquarter office of Art and Culture department.  The last date for submission of form is 30th of this month.

Committee further informed that main objectives of organizing this singing contest are to promote tribal culture of Arunachal and expose it to the rest of the India.


Cleanliness campaign

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: A week long awareness campaign on “keep your town clean and liveable place” started on Oct 2 at various colonies of Daporijo township.

Dr. T. Nayam , Dr. Yanya Dulom, engineers R.C Sharma D. Nosi from PHE Department and Molar Bui, HDO were engaged as resource person to educate the dwellers of Daporijo township about cleanliness and the total sanitation so that inhabitants are freed from water borne diseases.  

Meanwhile, volunteers of VK Arun Jyoti also conducted social service during Gandhi Jayanti at New Market and Gandhi Market, Daporijo under the supervision of District administration and VK Arun Jyoti Daporijo Unit.

The awareness campaign was led by S. Timba, District Planning Officer and Pulok Lida, President Arunachal Vikash Parishad, District Unit Daporijo.


Asso. appeals

ITANAGAR, Oct 8: All Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Employees Welfare Association” (AAPSTEWA) said that as per provision of Law, the union had sought bail for one of its employees.

Amar Sarkar, Driver APSTS, arrested by the Police personnel on 01/10/2010, in regards to a motor vehicle accident which claimed a life on 30/09/2010 in front B.B. Plaza Itanagar was granted bail.  

It appealed Anggong Society, which had objected to bail petition not to misunderstand the Association.


Dera Natung Badminton C’ship

ITANAGAR, Oct 8:  The Students’ Union of the Dera Natung Govt College, Itanagar is organizing a badminton championship in memory of former Education Minister Dera Natung at Jubilee Hall of the college from Oct 15 to 19.



ITANAGAR, Oct 8: All Arunachal Pradesh Government Driver’s Association has expressed shock over demise of late Tode Ete, who passed away on 6th of this month. Late Tode was working as driver with director of tourism. Association observed a two minute silence and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.



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