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Jamia students come out in protest

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: More than 200 students of Jamia Millia Islamia gathered today to lodge their protest against molestation of one of its students. On Oct 22, an Arunachalee girl was victim at the hands of school children. She was eve teased while she was on her way back to her hostel after classes. The worse was to follow. As she went inside the campus to lodge a complaint to the Principal she was harassed by the school children once again. Showing exemplary courage, she fought back.

On Sunday, Police arrested two children after she lodged a complaint with the assistance of her friends and Arunachal Students Union Delhi.  However they have been let off on bail the next day. While speaking to this daily, the girl, who has become the voice of the nation for her extra ordinary courage, said that Delhi Police has been cooperative with her.

“But this is just one side of the picture. Most the time when students from NE go to police with their complaint, cases are not registered”, she said.  

A Ph. D scholar from the same Institute who has been at the receiving ends herself, while speaking to us said that the support they received today was unprecedented. Students from other parts of the country and teachers came out in support.  

Many including the boys spoke about the treatment they have been meted out by the school students.

Later the students submitted a letter to the Vice Chancellor demanding action against the school principal and students. They informed that many of the cases have gone unreported and the earlier reported cases have also gone without being solved or the culprit being booked. They further said that the mobile police van should be increased during the school closing and opening time and advocacy on North-East culture through seminar, debates, poster campaign.

Meanwhile the Women Commission further expressed deep regret on the recent attack on an Arunachalee student. The APSCW called on the Delhi government that special attention and a helpline may be provided to ensure safety of the girls from Northeast.

On the other hand All Aruanachal Pradesh Students Union strongly condemned the molestation of Arunachalee girl on Oct 24 in south East Delhi and gruesome murder of a Naga Girl. It termed the episode as “unfortunate & barbaric”.

It called on Delhi government and the union Government to deal with iron hand in such cases so that our students and people from the north eastern region don’t feel alienated from the mainstream India.

The elected Members of parliament from the region and all the state governments of north eastern India cutting across party line need to be united as well as vocal in their stand against such atrocities committed against our people, the union further said.

The union said that it would take up the issue to North East Students’ Organization (N.E.S.O).


Arunachal takes a step forward to combat opium menace

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: In an effort to contain illicit opium cultivation and its trafficking in the state,  a three-day training programme regarding illicit opium cultivation, trafficking and drug law enforcement got underway today at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun.

Development Commissioner (Finance) Vijay Kumar Dev said that illicit opium cultivation, trafficking, addiction, nexus with insurgents is a big problem and if this problem is not effectively dealt now, it will snow ball into a much bigger problem.

He further pointed out that the sensitive location of Arunachal Pradesh bordering Myanmar and China makes it even more important to control the menace.

He said that “carrot and stick policy” need to be adopted to deal with the problem.

Rajiv Walia, Regional Director, United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) said that he has come here to get firsthand experience from field functionaries about the extent of the problem and get suggestions from them. He said that this training programme will provide professional input to DCs & SPs, which will help them to deal with this problem more effectively.

The training is organized by Amit Singla Secretary (Tax and Excise) in association with UNODC New Delhi, National Academy of Customs, Excise & Narcotics (NACEN), Faridabad and Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance.

Singla said that illicit opium cultivation are prevalent in few districts of Arunachal Pradesh and that DCs and SPs of those districts have been taking steps from time to time to check the menace.

However he admitted that drug de-addiction and alterative development are another big challenges facing administration.

It was under the guidance of the then Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India P.V. Bhinde that the issue assumed greater urgency for tackling in a more effective manner.

Jagjit Pavadia, Narcotics Commissioner of India, P.V. Subba Rao, Director, Ministry of Finance, K. Raghavan, Project Director, UNODC and Lalan Kumar, Additional Director, NACEN were among the other resource persons who gave inputs on drug law enforcement.

Among the officers who are attending the training programme are DCs, SPs, DMOs and Supdt. (Tax and Excise) of Tirap, Changlang, Lohit, Anjaw, Upper Siang and West Kameng Districts apart from officials from PHQ, PTC, Health Department, CRPF and ITBP.

Pema Tshetan, Director ATI also spoke during the program.


Resolution of boundary dispute with China requires patience: S M Krishna

BANGALORE, Oct 28: India on Wednesday said the resolution of boundary dispute with China will take time, requiring "a lot of patience", even as it  acknowledged occasional Chinese incursions but said there was no cause for alarm.

A day after his talks with Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi here, external affairs minister S M Krishna said both the neighbours are eager to have cordial and friendly ties.

He also said that China is not building any dam on Brahmaputra river, reports of which had raised concerns in India which publicly amplified these.

 When referred to incursions by Chinese troops, Krishna told reporters said the border with China is not delineated and "as a result there could possibly be incursions once in a while but there is nothing to be alarmed about as the border is peaceful and relations are warm."

Krishna said even if incursions by Chinese troops occur when the Indian authorities are not aware, these are addressed at ground level.

On the Dalai Lama, he reiterated that the Tibetan spiritual leader is a "guest" and free to go wherever he wants within the country.

AAPSU to meet PM

on China issue

Meanwhile,  a delegation of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (A.A.P.S.U) led by the union president Takam Tatung is scheduled to leave for New Delhi on Oct 31 in their mission “Delhi Chalo” to meet Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and other central leaders in connection with the repeated claim made by China with regards to Arunachal Pradesh.

The union shall also raise the issue of safety of North Eastern students and crime committed against people coming from the region.



RGU hosts international seminar on Identity and Cultural Dynamics

RONO HILLS, Oct 28:  A three-day International Multidisciplinary Conference on “Identity and Cultural Dynamics: Tribes of South Africa, Nigeria and North East India” got underway today at Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills. The conference is being organized in collaboration with Indian Council of Social Science Research and Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi. The Conference hopes to address issues of critical contemporary relevance such as the problem of identity, dying socio-cultural tribal institutions, the issue of the tribal woman, linguistic politics and go beyond the politics of exclusion and distortion to awaken contemporary nation states to the realization that only through the re-establishment of democratic, reconciliatory, gender friendly grass-root tribal traditions could create a more equitable, more just world order.

In her keynote address, Prof Annie Gagiano, Professor Emeritus, Department of English, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa spoke on “Uneasy oscillation or Mutual Accommodation -- Portraying Engagement between Tribalism and Modernity in South African Literature.

She said “It would be true to say that no South African tribal culture survived the nineteenth century in its original form, and that some tribal cultures have been all-but obliterated or absorbed into a modern society”.

“Literature is the ambidextrous creature which, signifying on the one hand the absorption of the oral tribal into the technologies of writing, print, publication, distribution and intellectual scrutiny, on the other hand serves, conserves, rejuvenate and transmits culturally vital knowledge and experience” she added.

Vice Chancellor of the University Prof K C Belliappa while addressing the conference spoke on the issue of identity confronting the communities. He said that it is important to strike a balance between modernity and tradition while adding that tribal communities are faced with two extreme ends. Either they patronized or marginalized, which is at all not healthy, he said.

Shreya Bhattachrajee, the Coordinator of the seminar underscored the need for sustenance of tribal languages.

Scholars from the Universities of Rajasthan, Mysore, Madras, Nagaland, Tezpur, Gauhati, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, North Eastern Hill University, Meghalaya and Rajiv Gandhi University, along with Prof Charles Bwana and Prof M. Rutanga from Department of Political Science & Public Administration, Makerere University, Uganda are participating in the Conference.


Seppa killing gets murkier

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: The recent killing of Tako Tagak, IRBn jawan, in Seppa is getting murkier as more chilling details have come out after his relatives visited the place of occurrence to get first hand information. Tako Agung, elder brother of the victim and Tarak Eha, an advocate and also a relative, visited Seppa and brought out many untold stories behind the murder of IRBn jawan.


Unlike reported in most media that the incident was a drunken brawl between IRBn and ITBP jawans, the actual reason for eruption of fight seems quite the opposite. They went to the very place, a small restaurant in Seppa, where the altercation started between two groups of uniformed men.

The owner of the restaurant, a lady in her mid-age who didn’t wish to be named in media, gave her account on what led to the death of Tako Tagak.

“It was 17th of October, when at around 7 O’clock I was about to close restaurant that some people knocked at the door. I yelled from inside telling them as that restaurant is closed. But they didn’t listen to me and started banging the door, which was tied using a plastic rope, which broke soon.

Two men got in and asked me for cigarette which I duly gave and soon returned them money, hoping they will leave.”

For her, the agony started from here. “The two men didn’t leave and soon started abusing my staff for no reason. I was trying to pacify them when one young man turned up near counter. He was wearing police pants. The two men later turned their attention to that young man and attacked him without any provocation. This is where the brawl started. Later I realized that two men in civil dress were ITBP jawans and man at receiving end was IRBn jawan.”

The identity of IRBn jawan, who was involved in initial brawl, has been held back because of the investigation.

The entire fight between two groups of jawans later took place at Seppa auditorium, where ITBP force had put up camp for election duty. It was here that late Tago Tagak was allegedly shot dead by ITBP force.

There was one more person from fire department of state police who was also beaten by paramilitary jawans that day. “It was Diwali night and I was just passing through the road leading to auditorium, when I realized that there was something wrong going on. I was standing there and suddenly one of the ITBP jawans asked me to come inside their camp. When I went in they started beating me mercilessly and I soon blacked out. As I was in state police uniform, may be they thought I am from IRBn and attacked.”

According to some of the documents assessed by us, initially five weapons were seized from ITBP camp for investigation.

But authority has released three of them and have retained two which include one 9mm Carbine and one 5.56mm INSAS Rifle. Now the family members are pinning their hope on the authority for speedy justice.

“We have nothing against ITBP force but we want justice for my brother who was killed in such controversial circumstances. We have met officials investigating this case at Seppa, who have been very co-operative and have assured us of fast trial,” informed Tarak Eha, relative of late IRBn jawan.



State level Tribal Archery Competition starts

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct. 29: The 4th State Tribal Archery Competition organized by Arunachal Archery Association was officially declared open today by Pasang Dorjee Sona, the newly elected member of legislative assembly.

The tournament which started from 26th October is being held in collaboration with Archery Association of India under the guidance of Ministry of tribal affairs, Government of India at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest Pasang Dorjee Sona said, “Being tribal state we have a long history with archery. It is part of our tribal culture and we should encourage such kind of sport.” He further hopes that archers from state will represent India in the Commonwealth Games to be held next year in New Delhi.


BCC recommends names for expulsion

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Block Congress Committee, 37 Pasighat West (ST) Assembly constituency has recommended expulsion of 20 members from the party for involving in the anti-party activities during the recently concluded assembly election. The names recommended for expulsion includes Tajom Mibang, Oyan ASM, Sen Pao Oyan ASM, Ono Panggeng Ngorlung ASM,

 Ojing Aje Ngorlung ASM III, Miti Paron Ngorlung ASM II, Tipet Tarang GPM Chairperson Ngorlung II Segment, Neshi Modi GPM Chairperson Ngorlung I Segment, Anupi Panggeng Debing ASM II, Yapet Gamnoh GPM Chairperson Rayang, Onong Tadeng GPM Chairperson Lingka, Tate Tatan Vice President VCC II Mirem, Tani Taloh President Block Youth Congress, Yatok Taga ASM Mikong, Tanyup Taga GPM Mikong,Yalek Saroh GPM Ledum, Tagum Saroh GPM Ledum, Yayam Taruk GPM Mirem, Yalek Mize GPM Mirem,Taying Talom GPM Mirem and Takar Tatin GPM Mirem.

Meanwhile, APCC has also expelled 65 INC ASMs and members from 18-Palin Chambang Assembly constituency, 28 GPMs from 4-Dirang Assembly Constituency, 26 ASMs, GPMs and other members from 6-Thrizino-Burgaon Block, 38 GPMs and BCC members from 42-Dambuk Assembly Constituency and 33 GPMs and othermembers from Mariyang-Mopom Block from active and primary membership of the party for involving in anti-party activities.


Allocation of PDS items on website

Changlang, Oct 28: The information on FPS wise Sub-allocation of food grains to be drawn from the wholesale nominees for the month of October 2009, containing statement showing Circle wise /FPS wise number of ration cards as on 30.06.2009 and Allocations under APL, BPL, AAY and ANN along with the special allotment to various residential schools of Changlang district and allotment under BPL and AAY for emergency stock have been made available for public at a touch of button in the district website, www.changlang.nic.in/pds.html. (DIPRO)


Outreach camp at Khela

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: An outreach RCH camp was organize at Khela village under Khonsa block today by District Health Society,Tirap. In the camp various medical cases like Fiever cases, Amoebiasis, worm infestatation, upper resiratory tract infection, Scabies and Acid peptiec syndrome were treated. Besides Antenatal check up, imimunization to children and blood slide collection were also carried out. Altogether 128 cases were attended during the camp.

The medical team consisted of Dr.K.Perme DRCHO, Dr.K.Socia MO, Immunization team and Malaria staffs.

Dr K.Perme called a meeting and advises the Village Chief, Gaonbura, PR leaders and teachers and other village elders to cooperate and help the ASHA in discharging her duty as she is the link between the village and health service providers. The village people assured Dr.K.Perme of conducting Village Health and Nutrition Day regularly.


Orgs thank CM

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association (AASSATA) thanked Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for his assurance to give priority to education sector of the state and expressed the hope that the demands of the SSA teacher for job regularization would be fulfilled.

All Tirap Students’ Union (ATSU) appealed the newly elected MLAs to give priority to education, health sector and unemployed.


National unity day

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee would celebrate the national unity day on the occasion of 25 Martyrdom Day of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, on October 31.

APCC executive members, all Cells of APCC and frontal organizations including DCC and BCC would attend the function


VEC thanks DC and ADM

ITANAGAR, Oct. 28: In a press release issued by Toko Kale ASM cum chairman of VEC government middle school, Lekhi, has thanked Padmini Singla, Deputy Commissioner and Talo Potum additional district magistrate for solving the boundary problem of school complex. He further appealed to the Deputy Commissioner, Itanagar Capital Complex to issue land allotment order for the school complex, so that no encroachment takes place in the future.


Union calls on employees

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: All East Kameng Students Union has called on the government officials posted in East Kameng to be stationed in their respective posting places. It alleged that employees posted at interior do not stay in their stations. Some have even managed to get quarters allotted in their names, the Union alleged. It further called on the administration to see that employees are actually stationed at respective places.


NABARD sanctions loan for road & bridges

ITANAGAR: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) sanctioning committee in its 105th Project Sanction Committee Meeting has sanctioned a loan of Rs. 2284.29 lakh under RIDF XV to Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh against three Rural Roads and one Bridge Project in Lohit, East Kameng and Upper Subansiri District. The project envisages providing all weather connectivity to three district headquarters and to the neighboring State of Assam.


Lowang reacts to Rajkumar’s allegation

ITANAGAR: Reacting to former Minister T L Rajkumar’s allegation that he lost the recently concluded election because of NSCN interference, MLA Kamthok Lowang termed it false and baseless.

He said that Rajkumar has a habit of making false allegations to save himself from the embarrassment of defeat.  

Lowang further questioned why Rajkumar did not lodge a complaint if his supporters were abducted and beaten up instead of waiting for the results to be declared.


Ralom to lead NCP at assembly

ITANAGAR: Nationalist Congress Party, state unit has appointed Ralom Borang as leaders of NCP legislature Party, Bamang Felix as Deputy Leader, Alo Libang as Chief Whip, Kaling Jerang as Chairman, Vigil and RTI with Ngurang Pinch, Gumke Riba, Tebin Teki and Mongol Yomso as General Secretaries.

Meanwhile, the party would conduct its state level convention at its office, Itanagar on November 15.


APSWC demands action

Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women while condemning the recent killing of a Naga girl in Delhi called on the Delhi government for action against the gruesome murder. The Commission further said that supplementary punishment is given to the accused so that such crimes do not occur again.

October -  29


We need to do something about it


Dear Editor,

It’s been a common practice by the so called Indians in the mainstream to simply overlook people from North-Eastern as inferior beings. Time to time north easterners face derogatory problems.

Likewise the killing of a Naga girl from Manipur in Delhi is an example how they see us as easy prey for fulfilling their lust or harassing the tenants belonging to the community for no reason at all. And all these is happening in the capital city which declares itself as cosmopolitan wherein people from all over the world come to pursue their careers or studies. The recent outburst by the media for attacking the Indians in Australia is uncalled for.

When they treat their own country man and women with discrimination, what can they expect in other parts of the world.

In Arunachal, there have been many unions without any concrete cause that keeps calling bandhs at the slightest pretext. Why are the student unions like the AAPSU being a mute spectator to all these. It seems no one cares.

I myself being an Arunachalee have faced hurdles when I went for higher studies and I have seen how these people treat us. We are alien in our own motherland when we go outside, particularly metropolitan cities.

The sense of being an Indian or shouldering the responsibility to act as an Indian has taken a backseat in me. Honestly speaking why we are being treated like that.

We have never done what they do to us, treating any person from a particular region to be different has never been practiced in any of the north eastern states.

Its time that we as a society act tough. Our unions who are so desperately to call bandhs in the name of so many good causes should at least act like one and do something for our people who are studying in other parts of the country.

Please don’t let it happen to us anymore.

Rina  Chithan

Rang Frah Govt.College.








Dear Editor,

This is in regards to the "one page" new article in connection to the "allege" murder of late Ms. R. Hongray and "allege" confession of Prof. P.K. Sinha.

After reading the collection of articles, one can only be "induced" to the conclusion that the "lifestyle" of our north east counterparts, esp. girls, was a provoking factor leading to crimes of passion and lust in the greater part of the NCR region.

But maybe we are forgetting the fact that this is the same region in India where the greatest number of “Hate Crimes" and "Crimes of Passion" are reported annually. There is not a single newspaper which won’t contain an article relating to "Family Rape" and molestation, disgustingly including father-daughter, uncle-niece so on and so forth.

Maybe it’s the whole "Indian Mentality" which needs to be changed at large regarding sex and the status of women in the society. India being a place where women in a family is considered an item of furniture who has to stay inside the male-dominated "maag-maridia" with 'burkhas' and 'ghunghats', and work in the Kitchen whole day. It’s funny considering the fact that the rate of child birth and not to mention abortion in India, is the largest in this God forsaken planet, we talk about "Indian Morals and Values".

This is a grim fact, that Indian males, coming from the rural parts of the country are the most desperate ones, regarding sex, as the exposer to the opposite sex has been kept at the minimum at their youth and time of growth, and the sudden exposer to a more open culture of the north east is too much to handle.

Rape and molestation cases have become a common fact in our daily morning news and we have started to take it for granted. This is a high profile case which was hard to ignore (but will be swept under the carpet by the media and the police to save the image of the city and to "avoid unnecessary reciprocations"), other wise 90% of the cases of molestation and rape goes unnoticed by the media or the authorities owing to a unethical biasness and lack of profit.

If this is the Capital City which is considered the Mirror of the nation, then I sure tell you, the mirror is murky, distorted and dangerous with sharp edges, and needs to be cleaned and protected due to its fragile nature. I know Delhi Police is not known for their efficiency despite the resources endowed upon it, but it needs to act swiftly without bias and make an example that Delhi will not tolerate any crime and will deal with any sex offender, PhD or not, severely to discourage repetition of these crimes.

Gamma Sharma

Rohini Pocket B/5

Software Developer,





Murder of democracy in Aalo West segment


Dear Editor,

Everyone is  aware of the facts that there were rigging and capturing of Postal ballot votes in Aalo west assembly constituency but they could not get proper forum to speak out their anguish.

As a strong believer of democracy and justice I don’t agree that the election was done free and fair. All the proceedings of postal ballot votes were very irregular as it was rigged and captured by Gadam Ete and his workers.  

I don’t want to blame Congress(I) in particular but  I want to blame  Gadam Ete and his workers who have done the illegalities by having captured 65 postal ballot papers from Post office Aalo involving the Postal officials like Post Master Deka, Jotin Dhingia and Sukuni Sharma.  The fact has been revealed  after the arrest of Mrs Sukuni Sharma who kept 65 Nos of Postal ballot papers and cast it in favour of INC candidate Gadam Ete. As per existing law the postal ballot papers are to be registered and handed over to the addressee with proper identification, but all the system seems to be absent in the part of Postal department and there was serious bungling of postal ballot papers. It was found that those Govt servants who were never deployed to election duties also appeared in the list of Postal ballot votes which is illegal and unlawful.

It was clearly witnessed by all sections that democracy has been murdered. I believe in god and hope that the truth always triumphs and god sees the truth but waits......


Kenbom Bagra,  Aalo.







Are the people ready to listen to the truth?

Dear Editor,

First, 72% turn-around is not a thumping sound of our political awareness.

Instead it shows how stupid we are and how gullible we are. Emulating rest of the world and accepting the dictate of the Centre without understanding the basic features of election and resultant governance is utterly unacceptable.

What this election has given us since 1978? A few bunch of ultra rich and corrupt politicians; divided community for reason obnoxious; and lots of sugar-coated praises from the Centre.  Wow! What an achievement. I am overwhelmed.

Second, this turn around was portrayed as our repudiation to Chinese claim? Hold on speculators! We don't give a damn about China and we can't do anything about it as well.  Centre is responsible for it.

Lets's take the veil off of our phony democracy face. It isn't about anti-nationalism but it is about the pleasure of knowing the truth and seeking the truth.


Geken Ette

Symbiosis Lavale Campus, Pune



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