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Re-polling on Monday, 144 clamped at Seppa

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: The Election Commission of India has fixed Oct 19, Monday as the date of re-poll for 34 stations including 14. IV School Nogi of Taliha. The election in Nogi could not be conducted because of non availability of commissioned EVM, said a release from Election Office. The timing of the poll process is 7 AM-3 PM.

The stations are: 1. Bameng: Sangbia, Jokhio, 2. Chayangtajo: Kapu Dada, Doka, 3. Ziro-Hapoli: Hija-1, Hari-C, 4. Palin: Pry School Building Pania, Songo, Riaga, Belo Happa, Kamrung, Resteriang, 5. Nyapin:Hiba, 6. Nacho: Taying Muri, Jenering, 7. Taliha: Nogi, 8. Daporijo: Dignium, Dulom, 9.Raga: Yadu, Pelmilli, Raga-1, Dakpe, 10. Dumporijo: Taba Rijo, Maro, Ara Nalo, Yudik, 11. Likabali: Siberite, 12.Basar: Badak, 13. Mebo: Mottum, Borguli, 14. Kanubari: Russa, Chopnu, 15: Longding-Pumoa: Pumao, 16. Pongchou-Wakka: Nginu.

Meanwhile, 144 Cr.P.C. has been clamped at Seppa after frequent poll related group clashes in and around Seppa Township from 9 pm yesterday night. To thwart further violence, the District Magistrate Pige Ligu imposed the order. The order debars the movement of group consisting of four people and all type of private vehicle.

The order came into force especially after the mayhem created near senior leader Kameng Dolo’s house by some unknown miscreant that left six cars damaged.

DEO informed that five section of security force have been deployed and another two section are likely to be deputed to foil any kind of incidents during re poll at the four polling stations.

IGP, Deepak Mishra, IPS and SP Chuku Appa along with two section of ITBP were air lifted through Pawan Hans Helicopter to Pipu and two local magistrates were sent separately to Doka and Kapu-Dada respectively to diffuse the tension between two parties today.

Its 13 at

Upper Subansiri!

Daporijo: With the process of casting of votes over in the state, the citizens can take a sigh of relief and celebrate the holidays with festivities and gaiety. Anticipation and speculation on the outcome of the voting will continue till Counting Day on Oct 22 when the leaders of the state will be named. But for the administration,

people and candidates in 13 polling stations of 4 constituencies of Daporijo, Dumporijo, Nacho and Raga, the voting process is not over yet.

Reports of interrupted polling, destroyed EVMs and violence poured in from 13 stations. The administration is in full swing with its preparations for the re- poll.

The polling in the remaining 231 polling stations in the district were conducted successfully despite all odds. Although the reports of minor skirmishes and fights are many, 70.44 % voters turn out was recorded. Doloripu(Taliha) and Makba(Daporijo) have recorded 100 percent voters turnout. (With input from DIPROs)


BJP demands repoll in four stations in Liromoba

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh has demanded re-polling in the four stations in Liromoba constituency for alleged abduction and detention of Polling Agents besides rigging and proxy voting.

In a letter to the Returning Officer West Siang district, a copy of which was forwarded to the Chief Election Commissioner and the state Chief Electoral Officer, BJP general secretary Tai Tagak said that attack, abduction and detention of polling agents of BJP candidate and partiality of polling officials and election related officials caused large scale bogus/proxy voting and booth riggings by the family members of the INC candidate Jarbom Gamlin at Poyom, Tegogamlin, Dabagamlin and Lagigamlin stations.

Written complaints  against violation of election process  submitted to the ARO concerned had also been reportedly torn in pieces, the BJP alleged and further said that Yomcha ADC and Darrak CO being the  relatives of the sitting MLA and minister have continued  in their service which is  violation of the EC instruction.


Society calls for capital punishment

ZIRO, Oct 16: Dusu Aba Duyu Welfare Society (DADWS), Ziro appealed to the concerned authority that exemplary capital punishment is awarded to the culprit responsible for the death of six year old child Dusu Haley (Robin), in order to prevent such crime in future.

The child, son of Dusu Tachang (Constable) of Hari village, Ziro was found brutally murdered. It said that Donik Raja, S/o Donik Taying, had befriended the innocent child and taken him to a jungle on October 11 last.  After killing child, he served a letter to child’s parent asking a sum of Rs. 2, 15,000/- (Rupees two lakhs fifteen thousand) as the ransom to set the child free. Three days later, the child was found murdered. Raja took the child from Para-Line area of Hapoli town.

The Police has since arrested Raja, who is reported to have admitted his crime.

Demanding capital punishment, the Society said that such a heinous crime is not acceptable in the civilized society.


Raja urges preventive measure

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Congress candidate Balo Raja in a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer, Arunachal Pradesh said that PPA candidate for Palin-Chambang assembly constituency Takam Tagar is creating fear psychosis among the people of the area by adopting violent means.

He said that in order to conduct free and fair election under congenial atmosphere it is crucial that Takam Tagar, with his “well equipped armed militia” should be immediately arrested as a preventive measure.

In the letter, he states that “armed and well equipped militia of more then 250 people from Palin & Yangte has moved towards the designated Re-polling booths led by the PPA candidate himself. The fact that Boma Kamrung, Riaga, Sango and Restariang which would go to re-poll is at least 100km away from Palin area where these people do not have their name in the electoral roll speaks volume of their criminal intention and pre plan attempt to disrupt the normal process of free and fair poll.

 He further alleged that more than motor cycles and four four wheelers has been completely damaged belonging to his supporters and well wishers. He further said that in Poll related violence so far five people has been seriously injured, and that they had undergone treatment at R. K Mission Hospital Itanagar and General Hospital Naharlagun. F.I.Rs has been lodged in Palin Police station but so far no action as been taken, he alleged.

He further said that his personal vehicle was ambushed and damaged and fired at.


Thongdok alleges militants interference at Kalaktang Poll

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: INC nominee for Kalaktang constituency Tenzing Norbu Thongdok stated that militant outfits from Assam had interfered in the poll process at the constituency. He alleged that his opponent R K Khrimey of NCP involved the militants of Assam to threaten and intimidate the voters of Ankaling, Boha, Balemu, Painaktang, Yulongripam, Sikaridanga, Rowta and Demachang areas.

He further said that militants had infiltrated in the Arunachal territory before the poll which was informed to the Returning Officer and the Police. He said that Congress workers and even government officials had received threatening phone calls from the militants who ordered that they vote for NCP candidate. He further alleged that four militants had in fact fired at people of Boha village. They were forced to flee after being chased away by the youths, he said.

Thongdok alleged that on Oct 10, even the ASM of the Painaktang village was asked to leave the village.

Thongdok had earlier on written to the Returning Officer for postponement of polling at Ankaling, Boha, Balemu, Painaktang, Yulongripam, Sikaridanga, Rowta and Demachang areas unless there was adequate security arrangement.


CM, Governor extends Diwali Greetings

Itanagar, Oct 16: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and Governor Gen (Retd) J J Singh have extended Diwali greetings to the people of the State.

In his message, Khandu expressed the hope that colorful and Joyous festival would illuminate all with Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and Knowledge.

He further hoped that the festival would strengthen mutual understanding amongst the people.

The Chief Minister further wished that citizens take safety measures against fire and that celebration is pollution free. Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh while greeting the people of the state expressed his hope that the festival of light will instill every citizen with the strength and courage to deal with the challenges before them.

Gen Singh said, Deepavali truly reminds us that when knowledge conquers the darkness of ignorance, the light of true wisdom prevails


Children’s Science Congress

PASIGHAT, Oct 16: Rastriya Madhyamic Siksha Abhiyan conducted 17th District level Children’s Science Congress (CSC) at Bharat Scouts and Guides Hall Pasighat on October 15 last.

Out of nine projects presented by students of seven schools, Mery Jopir of IGJHSS secured 1st position with Yabom Jamoh of Siang Model School and Vikram Dabi of Gandhi ME School in 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Speaking on the occasion DIPRO, O Pertin advised the participants to present correct information, data with supporting materials and to take part in literary and scientific activities to improve personality.


PPA demands annulment  

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: In a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, PPA has demanded that there be no re-polling at Pumao under Longding-Pumao assembly constituency. It said re-poll was recommended even after it was informed to contesting candidates and their agents that there would be no re-poll in the constituency.

It further stated that PPA had demanded that there be re-poll in Niausa and Niaunu polling stations because of “rigging”. The demand was denied but the authorities surprised the Party by announcing that there would be re-poll in Pumao  which recorded a 72% polling.


CoSAAP at AISGEF meeting

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh, Member secretary Pate Marik and Treasurer Tage Grayu would attend the national executive meeting of All India State Government Employees Federation meeting being held at Panaji, Goa from October 24-25.





Indegenoniuos communites and land rights

Kameng Dorjee

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Land is the prime need for all human beings BUT unfortunately in North East India in the name of “Forest Policy” the Govt of India has acquired tribal land & is gradually pushing out the indigenous tribes out of their age-old habitats.

Every time the land of a tribal community has been acquired for some project of the Govt they have been paid “cash compensation” – realizing pretty well that they have no respect for cash & stacking a few rupees is not a part of the tribe cultural ethos.

Besides, while the land is acquired, if it is for an industry, there is a promise for a “job”, so when the tribes while away the “cash compensation” , they survive on a “promised job”, which is never delivered as the job offer is turned down citing that the tribes do not have sufficient skills. The land is lost forever & there are no jobs!

At the same time, certain politicians & agencies of the Govt have been very keen to facilitate settlement of Illegal Bangladeshis, this has created a lot of controversial issues & does not seem to end, though at the moment Assam & Tripura are the worst affected a trend of Bangladeshi illegal settlers moving to Manipur & Nagaland is being witnessed. The condition of the fencing of Indo-Bangladesh border is best left unsaid.

Today, Bangladeshi illegals are found almost in every part of the North East Region.

To preserve the unique cultural identity of the Tribes of North east India, the land alienation activities conducted under the supervision of the Govt, its officials & their agents must STOP with immediate effect!

If the Govt is keen to “develop” the tribes then its has to be done in a cautious way & taking into consideration the tribal way of functioning, their value systems, morals etc. Emphasis should be laid on overall socio-cultural development & not merely on material advancement.

Thus the Govt of India needs to address the land alienation issue when drawing up any “plans” or launching welfare “schemes” for tribal development. (The contributor is a Tour Organiser, based in Mumbai. He can be contacted at history.travel@gmail.com)



Dr. Jayadeba Sahoo,

India as a spiritual oriented country is very well known for celebrations in the form of different festivals and fairs. The number of festivals celebrated here is hardly comparable to festivals celebrated by other countries. Twelve months in a year filled with more than thirteen big festivals. The main festivals celebrated in Bharat with great zeal and enthusiasm, pomp and gaiety are Shiva Ratri or Shiva Jayanti, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Shri Krishna Janamashtami, Navratri, Dassehra and Deepawali, etc. Deepawali has a special importance amongst them. Though all these festivals are celebrated as per tradition, each festival has its own scientific, moral, ethical and social value. If Deepawali is celebrated with the correct understanding of its cryptic Truth, then it will render immense benefit to the humanity at large.

Now what is the arcane meaning of this auspicious festival?

If we go into the depth of the word DEEPAWALI, its meaning is an array of lamps. This doesnt sound so meaningful, but there is very deep enigmatic spiritual meaning behind this word, Actually, the flame of a lamp is always compared with the soul and there are a variety of lamps (different stages of souls) such as a constantly lit lamp, a dimly lit lamp, a lamp that has gone out, a flickering lamp etc., which symbolises the rise and fall of the stages of a soul. The light of a soul can remain constantly burning when it is in the remembrance of the Almighty Authority- the Supreme Lamp who is also the Eternal Source of Light. This saying is closely associated with the present time which is the Confluence Age, when we souls, through remembrance of God-father make our stage constant, eternal and unshakable', only then we can go to the world of light, peace and prosperity - a world where there is no darkness, no friction, no sufferings and no crime.


In the world people believe that Deepawali is celebrated to mark the great victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and other devils. People believe, that when Lord Rama came back from exile, the Ayodhya Niwasls (Citizens of Ayodhya) decorated the whole city, lit lamps all around, white-washed their houses, public and other important places. They displayed fireworks, danced with joy, exchanged expensive gifts, arranged parties and other celebrations. So, many people, no matter how rich they are, worship the goddess MAHALAXMI (combined form of Sri Laxmi and Sri Narayana). In the evening of Diwali Day, People put extreme emphasis on cleanliness, because it is believed that LAXMI (goddess of Wealth/Prosperity) stays at a very, very neat and clean place.

Spiritual Orientation:

Diwali is the memorial of finishing old accounts of the past and the start of the new accounts in the New Year. On the eve of Deepawali, people check all their old accounts and then close them, so that they can begin their new accounts. This is the common tradition of the world. Where we Brahmins are concerned, we have to ask a question to ourselves, whether we have checked all our old karmic accounts. Have we assessed their overall results? Because, unless the result is assessed, it cannot be finished. On the eve of Diwali we have to finish every trace of all old karmic accounts. Because if we dont, they will generate themselves again and again. Have we checked our past account of actions? We have to check whether all our efforts are result oriented, productive and successful, If not, what percentage there is. In the world, people celebrate Deepawali in six ways. They are -

(1) Checking and finishing past accounts and begin with new ones which is to check and destroy old karmic account and determine new deity-like SANSKARS (personality traits). (2) Meeting each other i.e. equalizing SANSKARS with each other. (.3) Wearing new clothes, which is to bring out the Original (new) SANSKARS of soul. (4) White washing of their houses i. e. killing germs of viciousness in the soul. (5) Giving pocket money to children (kharchee) that is to give love & share happiness with all (6) Worshipping MAHALAXMI i.e. to become bestower.

Firstly we have to check the account of our thoughts. Do we have all pure thoughts? Have we won over all waste and ordinary thoughts or do they still put hindrances? We have to check, up to what extent we can give the Introduction of Supreme Father to others through our speech. Up to what extent has our speech become ALOKIK (spiritual) and attractive? In the very same way, we have to check our actions. Are they done in an extraordinary and elevated manner? Do we consider ourselves KARMAYOGIS, YOGYUKT and YUKTIYUKT (righteous), whilst performing our household duties and obligations? Check, up to what extent we have become co-operative, lovely and attractive by nature. In this way we have to check all our karmic accounts.

Secondly on Diwali there is the tradition when people meet each other. Thats why Diwali is also called DEEPMALA (A group of lamps), and firm and determined thoughts are the memorials of the flame of a lamp. We have to check whether we can accommodate ourselves in a group or in a family. Can we mingle with those whose SANSKARS are not similar to ours etc? This symbolises DEEPMALA.

Thirdly people wear new clothes on Diwali day. Exactly in the same way souls too get new clothes on the basis of new personality traits. As the resolves, so is the cloth (body) of the soul. Actually the new costume of the soul is to accumulate Impressions (personality traits) of the new world order of Culture of Peace & Non Violence", which is our (souls) original abode. Otherwise in this old world whatever new clothes one wears, they are made from old material. Because the era is old, here everything is old, decayed, with- out essence and short lived, whereas in the new world everything is worthwhile, attractive, fragrant, everlasting and in its pure form. New clothes i.e. new personality traits are those that are pure, satopradlwn and deity- like.

Fourthly, people white-wash their houses, so that all bacterias, insects and germs can be killed and dirt may be removed. In the very same way we too have to develop new SANSKARS. We need not be worried about our past vicious traits as many people are. This can be made clear by giving a very simple example - suppose a bucket is full of contaminated water and we wanted to purify this. One does not need to take the whole dirty water out first and then pour fresh and clean water into it, but actually If one starts pouring clean water there comes a time when the whole dirty water Is removed and fresh and clean water has taken Its place. Therefore instead of worrying about old sanskars, one should accumulate new, deity, satopradhan sanskars. And then one be comes perfectly pure in this way. This is called checking, transferring and transforming of all past accounts.

Fifthly, children are being given pocket money on the eve of deepawali. Here too we have to give pocket money (KHARCHEE) to all, by way of love and happiness. People give pocket money on special occasions, whereas we have to share happiness with all and forever. Let every for all of us day be utter importance, special and of celebration. Our efforts should be to win over the hearts of all i.e. to come close to all souls and this ymbolises DEEPMALA (an array of lamps).

Sixthly, on the occasion of Deepawali people (howsoever rich they may be) pray for money. They do worship MAHALAXMI on that day at night. We have to share spiritual wealth, which means no one has to beg for. The one who begs is called a beggar. So on this occasion, we have to check ourselves, do we still beg for any thing like asking for material wealth, health, job etc. If this is so then we can't become bestowers. Therefore neither do we have to beg nor to let others beg.

Finally, I would say that, we must all check, whether we have celebrated DEEPAWALI In this way and if we have finished all our past vicious sanskars, so that we can begin with new sanskars. Have we become beads of DEEPMALA, have we put on new clothes i.e. has the soul accumulated new SATOPRADHAN sanskars, have we white-washed all old sanskars and got rid of their traces and have we given pocket money of love to all? If so, only then we can celebrate DIWALI in its natural and true spirit.

This period when Iron Age or Kaliyuga (Dark Age) is coming to an end and the Golden Age or Satya Yuga is about to commence is the present time, called Confluence Age or Sangamyuga (Transition Period). Jesus says, When you see a cloud coming up in the west, at once you say, It is going to rain, and it does. And when you feel the south wind blowing, you say It is going to get hot, and it does. Hypocrites ! You can look at the earth and sky and tell what it means; why, then, dont you know the meaning of this present time.

At this fag end of RATRI - the Dark Age/Kaliyuga, this act of the same Supreme Soul- Incorporeal Point of Eternal Light is going on since 1936-37" descending into Dada Lekhraj Kripalini, a Sindhi Jeweler in Karachi, baptized him as Prajapita Brahma and imparting that spiritual wisdom to establish that Age of Perfection after the mass annihilation of this present degraded society of Dark Age. So, let us all irrespective of different religious faith celebrate this Deepawali to empower our self through process of Supreme Communion (Raja Yoga) with Him to inculcate His Supreme Commands of Universal Values to establish a Value Based Happy Society of Culture of Peace & Non Violence" - our most cherished desire. The understanding of this eternal truth will usher in religious harmony & world peace. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has been engaged in this task for last 73 years since its inception in 1936-37.

The true way of celebrating Deepawali would be to realize the significance of the present auspicious time ( Sangam Yuga, which is end of Kaliyuga - Iron Age and the beginning of Satyuga - Golden Age) and by pledging to discard all negative traits such as anger, greed, ego and lust and by leading a life filled of love, compassion, respect, humility, cooperation, responsibility, divinity to establish a Value Based Better Society of Culture of Peace & Non Violence.

Happy greetings on the auspicious festival of Deepawali The Festival Of Light. (The contributor is an Associate Professor, R.G.U)  


Sanjoy appointed as consultative member

ITANAGAR: MP Takam Sanjoy has been appointed as member of the consultative committee for the ministry of power along with other 26 members.


ANSU calls for deployment of force

ITANGAR: All Nyishi Students Union has called on the government to deploy security forces at Buka and Bello-I and II at Kimin circle after the Assam authority allegedly dismantled a school at Buka on Oct 14. The union said that Chief Minister should take up the matter with his Assam counterpart so that status quo is maintained along the border.

It further said that All Assam Students Union have not respected the joint resolution that was passed between a meeting of the two Union in Itanagar in which it was decided that respective state government would be pressurized for early amicable solution to border issue.

The Union said that eviction was carried out under pressure from the Assam Students Union. It further said that Assam media should not distort facts and should be responsible in disseminating information.


NCP thank EC

ITANAGAR: State Unit Nationalist Congress Party thanked the Election Commission of India, Chief Electoral Office, DEOs, Superintendent of Police and all polling officials of all the districts for their concerted efforts in conduct of peaceful election in the state.

Meanwhile, condemning the damage of EVMs and threatening of polling officers, NCP appealed the authorities to book those involved and delete their names from the electoral roll for a period of 10 years.


October -  17


Right spirit of Deepawali celebration


It is a common perception that Diwali is the festival of light, and celebrated nation-wide on Amavashya-15th day of dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Kartik (October/November) every year.

People across the nation announce Diwali celebration with massive firecrackers, home decorations and sweet distribution.

I abide by the beautiful cultural celebration of the Diwali festival of our country, but urge the very own people to celebrate it in right spirit, by discouraging the bursting of Firecrackers.

While celebrating the Diwali, it is also necessary to understand various harmful effects of firecracker like, noise pollution, temporarily/permanent loss of hearing, nausea and mental impairment, high blood pressure, sudden heart failure, and sleeping disturbances.

Infact it affects many aged persons, creates health problems including respiratory problems especially in our very own state where maximum recorded diseases are specified to be asthma and bronchitis.

Small kids and children are also prone to get injuries and diseases that can cause serious consequences later.  Even pet like dogs and cats  have more sensing and hearing ability than humans.

Such activities also indicate total failure on the part of the organizations committed to make our earth pollution free and in reduction of global warming.

It is pristine role of every educated person to enable their child in understanding the harmful effects of crackers.

It is important for the government and various schools and colleges  and other institutions to organize anti-firecracker campaigns and on the need of the implementation of environment laws.

Observing " Right to Sleep " government of India has banned cracking of firecrackers from 10 pm to 6 am , and The Central Pollution Board has banned the cracking of fire with a decibel level of more than 125 at a distance of 4 metres from the bursting point, which are encouraging steps. But complete banning of crackers could be much more goodwill act and service for each individual.

However many people around the country favour and still follow the true spirit in celebrating Diwali festval by cooking special meals, decorating homes, family and friends get together and lighting the home with diyas.

Let us each one of us also pledges this Diwali to say no to firecrackers and invest in a green and safer future.

Diwali is the festival of light and age-old tradition  and culture of India which teaches us to vanquish ignorance that subdues humanity and to drive away darkness.

Let us enlighten our lives with the sparkle of joy and goodwill, to forget the past grievances and look ahead towards a brighter and happier future.

Debia Rabi

Tamil Nadu

On e-mail





‘Irrelevant  statement’


This is apropos the news item published in your esteemed daily on Oct 16 stating the expulsion of the Congress leaders. It is really shocking and shameful on the part of the APCC to make such irrelevant public statement dragging my name unnecessarily into anti party activities, whereas I am not even an active and primary member of the Congress or any other political party in the state.

For the information of the APCC, I had quit the Congress party in 2003 as I had denied party ticket to contest PRI election -2003. I was elected to the post of chairperson, Anchal Samity of I-Borum as an Independent candidate. So the question of being in the Congress party did not arise and the question of holding post of APCC Convener, trade and Commerce and inter-state relation is also unfortunate. I did not receive any official paper from APCC or acknowledge  any receipt of appointment letter  for such post.

Hence alleged anti party activities is impractical and artificial, it is an attempt to tarnish my image and to damage my political reputation. Lastly, I would  like to suggest PCC leaders to avoid ridiculous statement in public and not to make a mockery of the oldest party.


Kara Gambo

Former Anchal Samity


Batt Village, Itanagar.



State needs young mind


This is apropos the article written by Mate Yam Natung in Readers’ Forum of your esteemed daily on Oct 16.

It is  true that  it is time we realize that we should make our state a well flourished and developed state and compete with other developing north-eastern state. But for this to happen we need a well aware and well qualified/fully matured mind to run our state.

It is time we choose a correct and able candidate to run our state. According to Ms. Natung, she wants Center to look after our state more nicely. But may I remind you all that a country can’t support a state throughout. Whenever a new state is formed, the govt. supports it for almost 15 years. So, when our state was formed, Center supported it and has been supporting till now. But in the course of time our parties in power enjoyed the funds provided by Center. They made us fool. But it’s time we realize these things.

For instance, during the flood that hit East Siang few years ago, the Center provided atleast 2 crores for the victims. But according to one of my friends, every house was given only Rs 800/- out of it to a village of not more than 150 houses. Where has  the rest of central fund gone.

It's not the fault of the officers only, but also of the villagers. The well educated people know how to exercise fundamental right of "right to information". But they don’t, they think who cares? It has  been going on  and repeated again and again in our state. There are numerous corrupt incidents to mention of.

You can pay a visit to our fellow NE state Sikkim and compare how they are using their funds and running their state. They are using latest technologies to develop their state. Few days before, when I visited their state, I really felt sorry for our state.

Also, once again I request our state student unions to take a heed of needs of our students. We are getting least ST to  general ratio  of seats as possible in a state where 95% of population is ST. In every competitive exam including AIEEE, NERIST, ST seats are very less for our students. For instance, in state specific counselling of AIEEE, there were 56 seats for our state from which only 5 seats were for scheduled tribe. It is  very alarming, surprising and sad for our aspiring students. The state needs young mind. Bright future of the  state largely depends on  youth power.


Ngilyang L. Richo

NIT Patna

On E-mail




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