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October -  08


Roing Police and STF celebrates Durga Puja by spraying bullets at citizens

8 injured, Roing on indefinite protest

Raju Mimi

ROING, Oct 7: Protest over the Wednesday shooting of students and civilians by Special Task Force personnel during the Durga Puja celebration continued for the second day affecting the normal life in Roing town.

All shops, business establishments and government offices remain closed after an indefinite bandh call by All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) supported by Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS).

The two community based organizations has hold Deputy Commissioner Garima Gupta and Superintendent of Police Veenu Bansal responsible for police firing and have demanded suspension of the two.

A judicial inquiry into the incident is also demanded. In a memorandum to Home Minister Takar Marde who was on a brief visit to Roing on the next day of police firing, IMCLS and AIMSU have warned of indefinite protest if the demands are not fulfilled.

On the puja night, STF personnel opened fire on group of students grievously injuring eight of them, which included one girl from high school. Two civilians were also injured in the firing.

All the injured were immediately rushed to the Roing district hospital in critical condition. Most of the injured were rushed to Dibrugarh hospital on the same night.

The student victims were eight boys and one girl. Five of the injured are school students and rest from college.

According to one witness, police were chasing and firing at group of students on the streets of Roing bazaar.

“It was around 9.30 pm, when I heard gun shots. I rushed out of my shop and saw young boys running helplessly. They were chased by a group of paramilitary forces, who were taking aim at the boys with their assault rifles and firing.”

Two students injured had AK 47 bullet holes pierced through their thigh and hand. Another bullet had just passed through the head of one injured resulting in deep cut.

The lone female injured in the firing incident, a student from Roing high school had pellet wound and mark of bullet that missed her left hand. Reportedly, she was found lying on a road crying for help, when one passerby helped her.

One student who was the first one to be rushed to Dibrugarh on the night of firing is said to be in very critical condition. Reportedly, his liver is injured by shot pellets causing bleeding from mouth.

As injured were being admitted to hospital on the night of shooting, SP Bansal led a group of policemen of STF, CRPF, IRBN and state police personnel and tried to enter the hospital ward room. He demanded the injured to be handed over to them.

Group of boys resisted the SP from entering the hospital, and meanwhile when the police opened fire on air in an attempt to disperse the mob from preventing them to enter.

SP Bansal reportedly left hospital when he learnt that nine were shot and were in critical condition. He then immediately called for ambulance for the injured to be evacuated to Dibrugarh hospital. His offer was however denied by relatives of the injured.

A source said police action followed after students resisted them from trying to close down puja stalls erected outside the Durga Puja premises. In the altercation, police resorted to lathi charge indiscriminately causing injuries even to puja committee members.

According to one volunteer of the puja committee, police forced their entry inside puja premises claiming infiltration of Maoist. Confrontation started after student volunteers of puja committee resisted, and when STF intervened to open fire.

The Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee that hosts the annual Durga Puja celebration has condemned the police firing on students. It also condemned the police assault on the secretary of the puja committee on the same night of shooting.

An FIR has been filed against police officials responsible for shooting under section 154 CrPC and STF personnel. Separate FIR was also filed by puja secretary for police assault on him.


Mega Rally demands CM’s resignation, calls bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Reiterating its demands for resignation of Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin to facilitate sound leadership in the state for finding out an honorable solution to the Times of India and Deccan Chronicle issue,   the Mega Nyishi Dignity Rally organized by Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) at I G park today unanimously decided to call 36 hours bandh in Nyishi inhabited district/areas of East Kameng, Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri and Kurung Kumey district from  Oct 12 morning.

Earlier, the rally started from Nyirubjolli and Doimukh at 9 am and  later culminated at I G Park.

Sticking to its 4 point resolutions adopted in Nyishi Dignity Rally held on Sept 13, the organizations resolved  that the Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin must resign forthwith to facilitate sound leadership in the state to find out an honourable solution to the impasse.

The mega rally which was organized in protest against the “inaction and betrayal” of the state Govt on Times of India and Deccan Chronicle issue, further resolved to ban circulation of the Times of India and the Deccan Chronicle, the national dailies in the Nyishi inhabited areas.

The rally resolved that minister & Parliamentary Secretaries of Nyishi community shall resign from the ‘anti-Nyishi Govt’. All the 14 MLAs shall accordingly withdraw support to the Govt. They also appeal all the like-minded ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries of  the  state  who  believes in peaceful Arunachal and peaceful co-existence to resign and  the  entire sixty legislators of the state to withdraw support to the present ‘anti-Nyishi Government’ as a solidarity to the sentiment of the Nyishi, they said.

The Rally also expressed concern over the lack of development activities since a group of elected legislators and the ministers are camping in New-Delhi, while another groups  is inside the Chief Ministers bungalow, Itanagar for a long time.

Condemning the lawlessness in the state, the participants in the rally also called upon the state Governor to ensure governance and enforce Rule of Law in the state by changing leadership or imposing President’s Rule.    

Earlier, addressing the gathering at I G  Park here, NES President Bengia Tolum stated that Pradeep Thakur of Times of India and Manoj Anand of Deccan Chronicle wrote the derogatory remarks at the behest of someone to take political mileage out of it. Despite repeated correspondence and cooperation by NES to State Government and 3 consecutive bandh calls by the ANSU, the State government had failed to read the pulse of the people, he said.

Tolum said that the main agenda of the movement was for revealing of source of the news carried in Times of India (4th May, 2011) and Deccan Chronicle (5th May, 2011) wherein Nyishi community was maligned,  

The Rally also reacted to the press statement by GoAP Spokesperson Tako Dabi, who in local dailies, had stated that NES and ANSU did not turn up in the discussion being called by Home Minister Takar Marde. “No invitation was served to us and his press statement was not only unfortunate but was made to tarnish the image of NES-ANSU and to divert the main issue. The GoAP spokesperson should also tender public apology for the wrong statement, the NES president said.

Reiterating that NES and ANSU are not against any community of the state,  they said “We also firmly believe in peaceful co-existence. Rumour mongers and people with ill intention are doing their best to create communal disharmony amongst us but truth will always prevail over everything.”


NESO demands judicial enquiry

AAPSU demands removal of LDV DC and SP

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has hold the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police, Lower Dibang Valley solely responsible for October 5 incident in which innocent school children were indiscriminately shot by the special task force police lead by CRPF personnel at Roing town during Durga Puja celebration. The student's volunteers were brutally manhandled and then fired at, without any provocation.

In a memorandum submitted to Governor J J Singh AAPSU called for immediate transfer of DC and SP for their involvement in firing incident. A team of AAPSU delegation lead by President Takam Tatung along with members of Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society today met Ankur Garg, secretary to governor of Arunachal Pradesh and submitted memorandum seeking Governor’s intervention in this serious issue. Of the 10 victims, 7 are minors with youngest being Rajen Umpe who is 13 year old. Some of the seriously injured are being currently treated at Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh.          

In the memorandum AAPSU called for immediate suspension of Deputy Commissioner Garima Gupta, IAS and SP Veenu Bansal, IPS for misusing the administrative power in a religious function. They also called for termination of the M. Tato, EAC magistrate on duty and Sub-Inspector S. Lenka, police officer on duty. AAPSU also sought immediate action against the police personnel responsible for the indiscriminate firing and independent judicial enquiry into the incident. Further they demanded compensation of rupees 10 lakhs each to all the injured students.

AAPSU President Takam Tatung urged government to register case against SP Veenu Bansal under religious act for hurting sentiment of Hindu community. “Police led by SP manhandled and fired those people who were reveling during Durga Puja. Instead of giving security, police disrupted Puja celebration and also tortured puja revelers. Doing this they have hurt sentiments of particular community.”

Further he added, “We hope governor will take serious note of such gross human right violation and take necessary action against those culprits. AAPSU will never accept such human right violation against tribal people of Arunachal.”

Meanwhile, North East Student Organization (NESO) strongly condemned the firing on innocent school and college students in Roing, Lower Dibang Valley on Oct 5 by personnel and demanded that the Dibang Valley SP should be immediately suspended to facilitate proper enquiry into the incident.  NESO  Secretary General Gumjum Haider in a release today said the Chief Minister and the Home Minister should respond as to why the para-military forces stationed in Roing had to chase young students and fire at them during a night of festivities. Why the SP and his team also threatened to arrest the critically injured students who are recuperating in Roing hospital and fired some more rounds in the air when they were resisted from entering the hospital premises by the relatives and students, he asked.

NESO demands an immediate judicial enquiry in to the incident where 10 students including a girl were shot at.

While joining the demand of the students and people for immediate removal of S P Veena Bansal, NESO said  no false promises can heal the wounds of our tribal brethrens of this heinous crime committed by public servants who are supposed to protect  the people. The organization also demanded state Govt  to bear the medical expenses of all victims and announce special compensations.

APSTSU condemns Roing incident  

Meanwhile, while condemning the barbaric shooting incident, Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe Students’ Union (APSTSU) has demanded state Govt for punishment to the personnel involved in firing incident and SP Veenu Bansal, for, allegedly misguiding  the jawans. It further demanded adequate compensation to all poor victim students for their treatments, otherwise, it said,  will launch democratic movement.

Pointing out the recent rape and murder incident in Vijaynagar, the Union alleged that this is not the first time that jawans are involved in such barbaric  act. Earlier, they were involved in rapes, molestation, murder of civilians, the union alleged.

It further urged the state Govt to train all jawans  for improving better relationship with the citizens.


Netajis -- Please come back home!!

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Just few days before State Assembly election 2009, this journalist attended an election rally of prominent leader where he had stated, “If I get elected, surely face of my constituency will change.” And after almost 2 years he has truly stood up to his election promise. The face of his assembly constituency has surely changed from bad to worse!

In the last few months, development has taken a  complete backseat in the state and our netaji’s are busy trying to consolidate their power. While ruling party has two camps fighting among themselves, opposition parties sometimes make lighter noise in media as if they are trying to remind us about their existence in Arunachal political scene.

Of 42 ruling MLAs, half of them are campaigning in New Delhi for last 4 months. If they stay longer,  I am worried they may get PRC of Delhi and who knows they might fight election from there. The second camp seems to be basking inside beautiful Chief Minister’s bungalow in Itanagar. However I can’t understand how the MLAs, who are so used to busy life, can stay inside CM bungalow jailed for so many days?

As all the 42 MLAs of ruling party have abandoned their official bungalows, state government can do great charity work by making these bungalows as hostel for students of Dera Natung Government College or make them shelter house for those medical patients who come from interior areas and do not have place to live in capital. There are many poor students who are finding it hard to stay in rented house as cost of living is very high in state capital. The minister and MLA bungalows are also public properties and if they are not interested to stay there, then it should be returned to the public for proper use.

It’s quite shocking to see intellectual community of state keeping mum over this whole political drama. Young souls like us wonder why senior intellectual people of state are maintaining stoic silence though Arunachal is going through the worst phase of its history. Everyday incident of violence are being reported from every corner of capital complex and from districts too. Presently no one feel safe in the capital complex and fear psychosis has gripped the citizen.

It is natural that politicians will fight among themselves for their personal benefit but ordinary citizens of state need to rise above petty politics and think for their future. Many people’s works are getting delayed because of the absence of concern ministers and parliamentary secretaries. How can they treat us like their servant, whereas in reality we elect them to serve us?  The problem in our state is that everybody knows we are heading towards wrong direction but nobody wants to speak out. What is holding them back -- is it fear of politicians or everyone is trying to please their respective netaji’s for some personal benefit?

Though things look very dismal, still this journalist would like to believe that sun will truly rise in Arunachal sooner and we will witness developmental activities. Meanwhile, on behalf of 12 Lakh Arunachalee citizen I would like to appeal all the ruling MLAs, “If you don’t care or love us, at least care for mother Arunachal. Please come back home soon. The mother Arunachal is waiting for you all.”

While winding up this piece, I would like to congratulate that great Arunachalee netaji who stood to his promise and changed the face of his assembly constituency from bad to worse!! Only shameless people like him can become neta in the land of Khushi-Khushi.


Thousands participates in procession of Guru Padmasambhava

TAWANG, Oct 7: A Tenkor (religious procession) of the statue of Guru Padmasambhava was organized at Tawang district yesterday. It was specially sent by the 14th Dalai Lama as gift to the people of Tawang for installation at Urgelling Gonpa which is the birth place of the 6th Dalai Lama.

The Tenkor started at 7.20 am from Urgelling Gonpa after a brief religious ceremony in presence of Chairman Karmik and Adhyatmik Affairs Govt of AP, Rev. TG Rinpoche, Rev Thagtse Rinpoche of Khinmey Gonpa, Abbot Tawang Monastery Guru Tulka Rinpoche, lamas and local people. The DC Tawang Kemo Lollen, SP SN Mosobi and other officers were also present.

The statue reached Sangdokperi Gonpa at Jang at around 9.00 hours.   It was received by the lamas of Kagyu sect and local people. After a brief religious ceremony the Statue left Jang for Lumla via Chorten constructed by former CM late Dorjee Khandu.

At around 1.35 pm it reached Drema Laghang at New Lumla were it was received by Chairperson ZP Tsering Lhamu and the local people of Lumla. Here also a brief religious ceremony was organized.

The statue reached Urgelling Gonpa at around 5.30 pm after taking the route through Changprong, Temilo, Shyo village, old market, Nehru market and Changbu village. Then it was religiously established at Urgelling Gonpa.

Thousands of people participated in the Tenkor. The people were also seen along the road side holding incense stick, khadas and chanting prayers to have glimpse and blessing of the Guru.

Guru Padmasambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche or Lopon Rinpoche was a great Buddhist sage from Nalanda who transmitted Buddhism at whole Himalayan region including Tibet in the 8th Century. It is believed that He purified Tawang and made it a holy place, livable for human being.  DIPRO


Arunachal weightlifting team leaves for C’Wealth Championship

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Yukar Sibi, Sorum Hitlar Tagru and Takio Yana have left today for Cape Town in South Africa to represent India in Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship. Sorum Hitlar Tagru and Takio Yana  will compete under 62 kg (Boys) and 58 kg (girls) weight category in  youth section, while Sibi, 62 kg, will compete in both  Junior and senior section of the Championships.

Yukar Sibi, a record holder in  National Youth Championship, National Junior Championship and National Senior Championship, also  achieved record in Sub-Junior National weightlifting championship in Imphal, Manipur in 2007, Junior record at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana in 2011 and Senior record in Bangalore in 2011. At present, Sibi ranked 4th in the Commonwealth weightlifting ranking.

Takio Yana is the first athlete from Arunachal Pradesh to win International medal in Weightlifting. Recently Yana won three silver medals at a time in Youth section in her 58 kg body weight category at Asian Weightlifting Championship in Pattaya, Thailand. While Menu Tajo of 48 kg had missed a medal at Junior World Weightlifting Championship in Pisa, Malaysia this year. Menu’s medal prospect is still bright in weightlifting. Presently both Yana and Menu is the student of SAI, SAG centre Naharlagun.

Sorum Hitlar who is second International Weightlifter after Yukar Sibi from Arunachal Pradesh has won Bronze Medal in Youth section in his 62 kg body weight category in Penang Malaysia in 2011.


Governor meets family members of Martyr Pate Tasuk

ITANAGAR, October 7: Arunachal Pradesh Governor General JJ Singh visited the home of Late Lance Naik Pate Tasuk of 21 Rashtriya Rifles’ 17th Guard Regiment, who laid down his life while fighting militants in Kupwara area of Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir on August 25 last.

Accompanied by the First lady Anupama Singh, who has recently returned to State Capital after a knee operation, Governor met the family members of Late Tasuk near Karsingsa, 30 km from Itanagar and assured them of full support from the State government.

General Singh inquired about their welfare and financial entitlements to the martyr’s family. While assuring his best to expedite the process the Governor also reminded them of the time taking procedure.

Praising Late Tasuk’s gallant services, Former Army Chief said that Martyr Tasuk was a brave soldier and a warrior, who has made every Arunachalee proud.  

A soldier’s wife at heart, First Lady shared her experiences and advised Tasuk’s young widow, Pate Ari to use what ever financial aid comes to her properly for herself, her mother-in-law and her children’s better future. She also advised her to take up job oriented professional courses. Singh consoled Late Tasuk’s mother, Yayir who broke down during the meeting.

Late Tasuk’s uncle Pate Marik briefed the Governor about the paper works.

Later the Governor and the first lady offered prayers at the burial place of Late Tasuk.

Tasuk, 30, is survived by his wife, a 2½-year-old son and an 8-month-old daughter, 60 years old mother and many relatives.

Hailing from Patey village of Chambang circle in Kurung Kumey, Late Tasuk joined the Army on March 17, 2001. He passed Class VIII from Chambang government middle school before joining the force. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)


A Children Park

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: State First Lady Anupama Singh inaugurated a children park at Raj Bhavan Complex today.

The park has walking track, benches, hedge lines, water point, green turf, new slides and swings, paintings of flora and fauna and cartoon characters on the wall and has proper security fencing, lighting and drainage.

The Governor Gen JJ Singh, Padma Mamang Dai, APSCW Chairperson Gumri Ringu, Secretary to Governor Ankur Garg, hosts of officers and officials from various departments, members of Muskan Welfare Society, large numbers of children from ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘P’ sectors of Itanagar and their parents were present on the occasion.

Interacting with the children, the Governor said that it was a dream come true for him as he always wanted to create such facilities for them. He congratulated the children and advised them present to keep it clean and plastic free. He also appreciated the officials of various departments who had put in their effort in creating the park.

Reminding the people that the special occasion coincides with Wildlife Week celebration, General Singh said that Arunachal Pradesh is a gifted land with rich biodiversity. One of the global biodiversity hotspots, it is home to a fascinating array of wildlife. Arunachalees are guardians of this treasure and it is the responsibility of Arunachalees especially every children to protect it for posterity.

Showering his blessing for the children who took part in the cultural programme, the Governor made personal cash contributions towards the schools as an appreciation and encouragement.

Speaking on the occasion, State First Lady urged upon the children to enthusiastically utilize the facility and reminded all the importance of physical exercise for healthy body and mind. She also emphasized on maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the park.

Giving a brief background of the park, Secretary to Governor said that the plot where the park came up was laying unsed but with the unflinching support of the first couple and various departments the park has been created. He expressed his hope that it will be maintained and suggested planting of flowers during flowering seasons.  

Speaking on behalf of the people residing around the park, Bapir Megu expressed gratitude to the First Couple, Secretary to Governor and department and forest for creating of the useful facility. While assuring to take care of the park, keep it clean and to maintain it properly, Megu added that now children of the locality would be found playing on the road.

Adding festivity to the occasion, cultural programme along with games and sports activities were organized.

Tritha Deb, a Class IV student of VKV, Itanagar presented a solo Indian classical dance while her school mates presented a group dance and a patriotic song.

On the eve of the inaugural function, a painting completion was conducted at the park.

Earlier on the day, State First lady also inaugurated a gymnasium at Raj Bhavan, which has be christened as ‘Mithun Gymnasium’, named after the State Animal of Arunachal Pradesh.

On the day, the Governor Gen Singh also formally inaugurated the wooden cottage named a ‘Hornbill Cottage’ after Arunachal Pradesh’s state bird.  The six-room prefabricated wooden cottage has 4 bedrooms and 2 living rooms on ground and first floor levels and a complete modular kitchen and modern washrooms. The Wooden Cottage is eco-friendly and energy efficient as the natural thermal insulation property of wood makes sure that wooden homes remain warm in winters and cool in summers. Wooden homes are healthier to live in as wood does not emit electromagnetic discharge, resulting in minimum dust. Wood also keeps the humidity and temperatures naturally regulated.

Situated on Hilltop, ‘Hornbill Cottage’ offers a magnificent view of the Rajbhavan, its beautiful Rose Garden and the surrounding mountains.  It has already become an object of great curiosity among the visitors because of its unique construction and beauty. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)


GBPIHED Celebrates Wildlife Week

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development (GBPIHED), North East Unit, Itanagar celebrated the 57th Wildlife Week by distributing Piglets and Sewing machines among Self Help Groups (SHGs) in four project villages (Hong Nichii, Hong Nitii, Hija & Lempia) in Apatani plateau, under its GOI-UNDP CCF-II Project entitled “Biodiversity conservation through community based natural resource management in Arunachal Pradesh” during October 03-04, 2011 in collaboration with Nature Care and Disaster Management Society (NCADMS), Ziro.

In this project, the Institute is engaged with the local people to conserve the rich biodiversity of the state through various activities. One such activity is formation of SHGs in villages in consultation Biodiversity Management Committees for rearing piggery, primarily to promote the economy of the villagers and secondly, to reduce dependency on wild meet through more availability of pork.   

Apart from distributing 35 piglets and 8.5 quintals of pig feeds to four SHGs, and sewing machines to other two SHGs, awareness workshops were also organized at Hong Nitii village on 3rd and 4th October 2011.

The events were graced by Nila Mohanan, Deputy Commissioner, Lower Subansiri district and Hibu Tadii, Divisional Forest Officer, Hapoli. More than 80 participants representing villagers, members of the BMCs, SHGs, officers and staff members from Forest Department also took part in the celebrations. Distributing one fashion designing machine and three sewing machines to SHGs constituted on tailoring,  the Dy. Commissioner appreciated the gender focused activities such as tailoring, piggery, fishery, kitchen gardening, etc., implemented by GBPIHED and NCADMS in Apatani plateau under this project. She stressed upon the importance of biodiversity conservation through community participation emphasizing that unless the people of the Arunachal Pradesh protect and conserve their wildlife, many of the species may disappear and many more will be further threatened in near future. She urged the members of the BMCs and SHGs to fully cooperate with the Institute in its benign effort  for the the conservation of the unique wild flora and fauna of Arunachal Pradesh.

Tadii, DFO Hapoli, reiterated that community role in conservation is pivotal for translating the efforts of the Institute in to reality. He urged the villagers not only to restrain from hunting of wildlife but also to continue patrolling their own forests in order to detract the poachers, who indulge in illegal hunting.

During the events, Er. M.S. Lodhi, Scientist from the Institute while welcoming the participants highlighted about the importance of Wildlife Week, and the necessity for conserving the flora and fauna.

Mihin Dollo, Programme Manager of GOI-UNDP CCF-II project appraised the participants about the objectives and activities of the  project, particularly conservation initiatives made through this project by means of providing alternative livelihoods.  He also provided basic information on rearing, feeding and medication techniques on pig husbandry.  

Rubu Buker, Chairman, NCADMS informed the participants about the activities of the organisation on conservation, particularly that of culturally valued species such as Schizothorax (Ngilyang Ngyee), squirrel (Takhee), etc. Tapi Elyu, Chairperson and Mr. Mudang Chailyang, Secretary of BMC-Hong Nitii also spoke on the occasion.

Dr. Prasanna K. Samal, Scientist Incharge of the Institute reported that under this project, the Institute, so far, has constituted 22 BMCs in West Kameng, Tawang and Lower Subansiri districts, who are effectively implementing conservation focused  activities like plantation of threatened medicinal and aromatic plants, tree species, declaration of Community Conserved Areas and Sacred Grooves, forest patrolling, etc.;    livelihood oriented activities like tailoring, fishery, weaving, beekeeping, poultry, etc., and economy developing activities like plantation of horticultural crops such as large cardamom, kiwi and orange, promotion of community based tourism apart from creating awareness on resource conservation.


Workshop cum training programme on Caste Census

BOMDILA, Oct 7:  The West Kameng district DRDA has organized a District level Workshop cum Training Programme on Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011 at the Indoor Multipurpose Sports Complex, Bomdila today.

The DC cum Principal SECC Officer West Kameng Rinchin Tashi in his keynote address highlighted on the aims and  objectives of the census operation and reiterated that the people actually living in the Below Poverty Line should not be victimized on account of the laxity on part of the Enumerators / Supervisors, Block Officers, PRI members and other stake holders for ones comfort and vested interests. BPL survey needs to be carried out every five years but it is not done so and therefore, the victimized and the aggrieved ones have to suffer for a very long period of  time, he observed.

Acknowledging the vital role that the PRI members could play for an error-free census, the Principal SECC Officer took strong exception of the absence of some of the Zilla Parishad Members  and Anchal Chairpersons who failed to turn up even after being officially intimated. The Panchayat leaders of the concerned area along with the Gaon Buras could assist the Enumerators, Block Officers and the local administration for correct and error-free documentation by providing the correct logistics; he added and urged the Chairperson Zilla Parishad to ensure full co-operation and active participation of all the PRI members in the upcoming census. Though optimistic of a successful census in the district, DC Tashi seemed bit apprehensive of the availability of Data Entry Operators to be made available by the concerned firm(s) at the right time and in the required numbers and therefore, asked the Block Development Officers to be mentally prepared and workout in advance, the requirements and availability of Data Entry Operators from within the blocks itself to fall back upon, if need be.

Assuring the house of the whole hearted support and co-operation of the PRI members of the district, ZP Chairperson Logiang Rikhong called upon the Enumerators and the Block officials to take up the census operation with a missionary zeal and ensure that no one is victimized and complete the national duty without fear or favor.

PD District Rural Development Agency Dagbom Riba & V.P Singh Deputy Director DUDA dealt on the role and responsibilities bound with the Census operation in the Rural and Urban areas respectively while the District Informatics Officer PK Thungon spoke on the role of NIC in the Census operation.

Master Trainer VP Singh conducted an exhaustive training on the Socio-Economic Caste Census schedules meant for the Rural and Urban Enumeration Blocks of the district followed by queries and clarifications. Block level workshops and training programmes in the district would be completed within this month and the Census would begin from 1st of November to till 30th. DIPRO


DA discuss Power Project with citizens

YINGKIONG, Oct 7: The Deputy Commissioner Upper Siang District, Liyon Borang accompanied by a team of officers from Yingkiong and Panchayat leaders of Mariyang Anchal block held an interaction public meeting with HGB, GBs, ASMs, student leaders and villager at Adi Pasi (sibuk) village yesterday.

The state government has already signed an MOA with the M/S Abir Construction private Ltd for the proposed 60-70 MW hydro power project to be constructed over the Yamne river basin in stages - II and the immediate affected villages comprised of Padu, Pasi and Damro.

The objective of the meeting was to get the public into confidence before property survey and actual construction of the project is started.

Advising the people and stressing the economic output, value and importance of the hydro-power development in promoting other fields of developments, Borang called upon people to extend full corporation with the local administration and the constructing agency to overcome the various   phases of work to accomplish the construction of the project there by fulfilling the needs an opportunity of the affected local people as per norms and guided rules.

ZPM Dukkang Pertin, ASM Oki Yompang, GB Lungkang Moyong while welcoming the proposed project, appealed the local administration and the company to provide proper compensation against the damaged properties and employment opportunity to local youths. Earlier, the same meeting was conducted at Padu Village.

The next awareness meeting is being fixed at Damro on October 12.

On the same day GBs, PRI members of Adi Pasi village expressed serious concern over non posting of CO at Mopom circle Head quarter for the last few years and urged the state government to take immediate action in this regard. DIPRO


District Task Force meet on MSIA

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The District Task Force meeting on Measles Supplementary Immunization Activity was held under the chairmanship of West Siang Deputy Commissioner on 4th Oct last.

Chairing the meet, West Siang Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak stressed on working out a comprehensive movement plan at various levels and called for collective effort to launch the programme successfully and all administrative officers will be given necessary direction and meeting with Panchayat Bodies will soon be called to mobilize resources for logistic support, he said.

West Siang Zilla Parishad Chairperson Jarsa Gamlin appealed all to cooperate with the medical department to fulfill national mission of a measles free nation. He also disclosed that officers from Delhi are arriving at Aalo shortly to inspect the resistibility of up gradation of District hospital and urged all related Officers to turn up for coordination on intimation.

The District Family welfare Officer, Dr. Moli Riba who is spear heading  the campaign said that measles catch-up campaign introduced by govt. of India is targeted to eradicate child mortality all over the word. Schools and Anganwadi centre will be targeted to locate all children falling in the age group of 9 months to 10 years of age. He sought the cooperation and help of administration and other line departments in carrying out the extensive campaign for three weeks starting from 9th of Nov11 next.

Meanwhile rigorous training is being imparted to all Medical Officers and Para medical staffs in the district hospital and Dr. H.S.Sarang, Consultant UNICEF will give useful tips in the training session to launch the pr ogrammme. (DIPRO)


Remove Ministers and  Parliamentary Secretaries”

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Arunachal Pradesh Intellectual Youth Federation (APIYF) has appealed to the Chief Minister to remove all those Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, who have brought bad name to the Congress party and created hurdles in all development activities in the state with malafide intention to topple the present government.

“APIYF sincerely appeals to the Chief Minister to remove those ministers and parliamentary secretaries from their respective posts immediately and entrust their port-folios to efficient and capable MLAs of the party so that development activities can be continued without any hurdles and further delay,” the Forum said in a release.

It alleged that the present political situation (crisis) in the state has been directly or indirectly created by the present APCC president.

“The APCC president is all set to destroy the strong hold of the party in the state creating division and disharmony within the party. It is quite ridiculous to see that Nabam Tuki being the APCC president is indulging in anti-party activities,” the release said.

The Forum further blamed those politicians with vested interest for the prevailing law and order problem in the state.

“The present law and order problem in the state are not because of the present CM but it is because of those ‘crooked’ politicians who are holding important port-folios in the cabinet and not extending their cooperation to the Government,” the release said.


Socio-Economic and Caste Census workshop

SEPPA,  Oct 7: The District Level Workshop on Socio-Economic and Caste Census presided over by the East Kameng Deputy Commissioner Tope Bam was held at DC’s office Seppa today.

Addressing the participants, Bam stressed on the importance of socio-economic and caste census and appealed the enumerators for physical verification and house-to-house visit with correct and factual data and discharge the assigned duty with utmost sincerity and dedication to make it success.

He also briefed about the role and responsibilities of enumerators and supervisor and also urged the administrative officer for logistics and other supports to the enumerators and supervisors.

On the occasion, manual instructors and other relevant guidelines for enumerators/ supervisors were distributed. The day –long workshop was attended by ADC,SDO,BDOs, EACs, COs and block level master trainers. DIPRO


Association demands release of salary

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: All Arunachal Pradesh IT Consultant Association (AAPITCA)  has demanded for immediate release of 6 months pending salary of 256 IT consultants working under Arunachal Pradesh Manpower & Project Consultancy Limited (APM & PCL) in all the 16 districts since 2009.

The IT faculties have been working without payment since April 2011 in all the remote areas of the state, the Association said and urged the headmasters of all concern IT faculties school to understand the problems and bear with till the further extension order is issued from APM&PCL office and SSA department.

AAPITCA has been demanding since 2011 for proper job reservation, enhancement of salary and declaration of computer as one of the major subjects.

“But no positive result has been achieved from the department concerned although the demands were appreciated and forwarded by the Education Minister to SSA department for further approval, it said.


Union demands development of school infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: All Kimin Students Union has appealed to the higher authorities to develop infrastructure of various schools under Kimin and Kakoi circles at the earliest.

The Union in a release today said that during its visit to both the circles from Sept 26 to Oct 3,  the students found that the institutions have been facing various  infrastructural problems like shortage of teachers’ quarters, class rooms,  desk and benches, besides supply of electricity and  drinking water. The release further said that shortage of teachers and absence of boundary wall of schools are another major problems.

The union also appealed the local administration to direct the absentee teachers to perform their duty at posting places regularly. It also appealed BRCC and CRCC to inspect schools regularly and said that they submitted the names of absentee teachers to the EAC Kimin for necessary action.


Moral education is the key to the eradication of  corruption

Itanagar Oct 7: The Sociology Department of Don Bosco College held a seminar on ‘Corruption’ today. In his key note address, Dr. M. Hussain, H.O.D, Dept of Sociology, RGU, said “Corruption is in every sphere of society from ‘baby food to the air we breathe’; corruption begins at home.” Basing on the thoughts of eminent social thinkers like Socrates, Emile Durkeim, Auguste Comte, Max Webber, he said that religion of love is the antidote to the cancer of corruption. Moral education is the key to the eradication of corruption. Morality is the conscience of the society which needs to be nurtured and there is no holiday from morality. Quoting Nobel Laureate Chandrashekhar, he said, ‘Youth must learn to think’. Corruption is the wrong application of any skill or material. He exhorted the students, ‘every sociologist must be an activist’ and they should think globally and act locally.

The seminar began with Henry Newmann’s celebrated hymn ‘Lead kindly light’ sung by the college choir. Choreography on Patriotic song ‘Bande Mataram’ was staged.  Fr. Nicholas the Principal of the college in his welcome address said, “Corruption is the deadliest disease that is corroding the very fabric of society today.” Highlighting the role of youth in fighting corruption he said, “Youth need to be ‘the change’ they want to see.” Various research papers on topics like: Recent scams, their impact on society and possible remedies, were discussed at length during the seminar. As many as 50 students took active part in the seminar.

Governor seeks report on law and order

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The Governor has  sought a detailed briefing from the law-enforcing authorities of the State on the present law and order position in the State and the Capital complex in particular.

The Commissioner (Home), Director General of Police, IG (Police) and DIG (Intelligence) called on the Governor at Raj Bhawan here on Oct 6  and briefed him on the certain recent developments in Itanagar and Naharlagun.

The Governor also expressed his concern on the recent unfortunate incident in Roing and wished for an early recovery of the injured officials, policemen and the citizens. He was informed that a high-level committee will soon be set-up to enquire into the issue.

While advising the senior officers to take all steps to ensure public order and uphold the rule of law, the Governor stressed that it was important to monitor the situation very closely. Arunachal Pradesh has been an oasis of peace in the entire North-eastern region and it is important that the atmosphere of fraternity, harmony and tranquillity prevailing in the State is not vitiated by forces with vested interests, he added.


Durga Puja celebration

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Governor General JJ Singh along with State First Lady Anupama Singh participated in the Durga Puja celebration at the B Sector Shiv Mandir on Oct 7 and offered prayers at the Durga Puja pandal. Large numbers of people from all walks of life, including children joined the first couple.

Organized by Raj Bhavan Durga POuja Committee, large numbers of people in best of their attires attended the Puja at the mandir, which was established in year 2002.


Magi Lake trekking expedition held

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Eco-Friendly Society, Likabali organized a trekking expedition to Magi Lake recently. The trekking was accompanied by scientist from GB Pant Himalayan Environment, Itanagar Unit and Likabali Forest Department.

The expedition was carried out to create awareness among the people to preserve flora, fauna and its bio diversity and to develop the Magi Lake into a tourist spot.

The society claimed that the said lake is surrounded by tropical evergreen forest and is rich in wildlife and having potential for promotion as tourist spot.

It appealed to the state government to develop Magi Lake for easy access and make it to the tourism map of the state.

The society has also decided to organize Magi Lake festival during Makar Sankranti.


Mithun disease

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Palin Area Youth Welfare Association claimed that Mithun disease is spreading in Palin area for the last two months.

It appealed to the Veterinary Department to immediately deploy Doctors along with medicine to control the further spread of disease.


Dharma and Mani Mantra

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: A discourse on the topic ‘Dharma and Mani Mantra’ with question answer session is being organized by AT&AKT DMCFC Sanggey-dLing, Thembang, Arunachal Pradesh at Siddhartha Centre, Narang-Chilu, Dirang on October 8.

The discourse would be initiated by Dr. Rikya Lhavoe Rinpoche.



ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic faculty, staff and students deeply mourned the tragic demise of Rahul Kumar who died in a road accident on October 2.

Late Rahul was a first year student of the polytechnic college.

The Polytechnic family in a condolence meeting observed two minute silence and prayed almighty god for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

Tadar Abu Youth Organization deeply mourned the sudden demise Assistant Teacher Tamin Riamukh who died in a road accident near Ziro on October 1.

He was a dedicated teacher and social worker. His death is a great loss to the society.

The members of the organization prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and extended its condolence message to the bereaved family members.



ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Pumcho Tapok, Charu Maniam and Tapa Ruji have been appointed as president, vice present and general secretary of newly formed All Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Welfare Association.

Sonam Yangfo and Abing Bengia have been appointed as president and general secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers’ Union, Papum Pare District Unit for a period of three years.


Annual conference of ALFD

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The second general conference cum annual meeting of Arunachal Legal Forum Delhi (ALFD) was held on Oct 2 at Arunachal House, New Delhi. The new members for the session 2011-2012 were formally selected with Halley K Jamoh and Laryom Sendak as president and general secretary respectively.

Oni Mibang was selected as the vice president. The union was formed in September 2010 with an aim to spread legal awareness among the Arunachal students residing in Delhi and NCR.


APCC condemns Roing incident

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee condemnd the reported indiscriminate firing by the police and paramilitary forces in the heart of Roing town. The law enforcing agency should maintain utmost restraint in dealing with the public and firing bullet should be the last option, it said while adding that the APCC expects the Government to function more efficiently and deal with the law and order problem with iron fist.

The Committee further said that the non Arunachalee IAS and IPS officers posted as DC and SPs in the District should be briefed about the culture ,tradition and social system of the District where they are serving ;as our state has a unique tribal  pattern which differs from place to place.

The APCC further requested the Government to release financial help to the injured students and book the culprit of the incident, whether it is government servant or public in the relevant section of the law so as to bring back normalcy in the district at the earliest.


VoA campaign round

ITANAGAR, Oct 7:  The 1sr campaign round of the top 13 contenders of Voice of Arunachal session-2 will be held at October 8 at Cinema Hall Naharlagun.

MLA Tani Lofa and ZPM Sagalee Techi Abraham have consented to attend the programme as chief guest and guest of honour.


ACCYWA call capital bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: All Capital Complex Youth Welfare Association (ACCYWA)  has declared 12 hours capital complex bandh on Oct 10 in favour of its demand for handing over NH -52 A road to BRTF for better road condition. Association said that it had given an ultimatum to the state Govt, especially PWD department for handing over of the road and also jointly organized dharna on Sept 2 in favour of its demand, but till date no any assurance was given by the PWD and UD minister.

The Association further said that the PWD minister has not properly implemented the scheme for last 10 years for improvement of capital road and it remains in worse condition till now. It claimed that departmental officers  had  submitted DPR  of Rs 284 crore for 5 times to higher authority for improvement/widening of  Capital road, but the authority  of department is not taking interest in road improvement, whereas the Prime Minister had already announced   2/4 lane  Capital road during 2008.

Pointing out the dilapidated condition of capital road after the few months of renovation, the Association also   said that the PWD minister is absent from the state for last three months when the Capital is facing its worse road condition. It also questioned the state Governor, CM and AICC president for not taking measures against the absentee ministers.


Aalo Bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Paktu Ao Youth Welfare Association in a meeting has decided to launch its first phase of 24 hrs bandh on October 10 and 11 at West Siang District Headquarter Aalo and entire Paktu Ao dominated area. The association is demanding immediate transfer of West Siang Deputy Commission Amjad Tak.


Players’ leave for world cup

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Rei Yadi, Tage Saa and Likha Lej from Arunachal Pradesh are among 42 member national karate team selected for the 7th World Junior and Cadet Karate-Do Championship and 2nd U-21 World Cup to be held at Melaka, Malaysia from October 13 to 16 next.

Sensei S Deben Sharma, Sensei L Marik and All India Karate-Do-Federation Joint Secretary Sensei Likha Tara are the coaches and official. The three karatekas along with coach Sharma already left here for New Delhi today. Tara and Marik will join the rest of the team at New Delhi tomorrow.

The Indian contingent will leave for Malaysia on October 10.

The team is being led by AIKF president SK Thiagrajan and general secretary SB Sharma.


Society demands apology

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: Referring to the ‘defamatory news items’ published in May, 2009 against Changlang SP T Amo in ‘a false, fabricated and baseless case’ registered at Itanagar PS (case No. 80/2009) All Loyi, Lollen, Lotem and Amo Welfare Society (ALLLAWA)  today  demanded  that those responsible for defaming the reputed officer, who is also member of the society,  should apologize  to Amo at the earliest.

The Society further said that “as the case was false from very beginning,’ the trial court has acquitted him after going through all evidences.


RGU new VC takes charge

ITANAGAR, Oct 7: The new Vice-Chancellor Rajiv Gandhi University Prof. David R. Syiemlieh has taken the charge of the office of the Vice-Chancellor on 5th October at Rono Hills, according to an official release.

Prior to his new assignment with RGU, Prof Syiemlieh was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.


Home Minister to visit disputed border area

ITANAGAR: Home Minister Takar Marde is visiting all the disputed areas of Arunachal Pradesh along the Assam-Arunachal boundary. During his visit he would interact with the people to know the ground reality.

He would visit Dollungmukh, Lower Subansiri on October 8, East Siang and Lower Divang Valley districts from October 10-12.

The Minister would be accompanied by Director Border Affairs, DIG (Western, Central and Eastern Range), President and General Secretary All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU).


ZP  for infrastructure developmentof new district

ITANAGAR:  Tirap district Zilla Parishad chairman Rongnai Maham hoped that the  state Govt will leave no stone unturned for development of infrastructure for the new district Longding. He further hoped that creation of new district will pave the way for faster development and provide effective and better administration to the area.

The ZPM also appreciated the relentless and sincere efforts of three representatives of Wancho area for creation of new district and also other legislators who supported its creation. Considering the needs and multi faceted administrative roles at the present time, Govt decision for creation of a new district curving out of Tirap has brought a smile on every Wancho, he said.


News Impact


Few days to recall and promote our own cultural heritage

Dear Editor,

Tradition and culture are the main backbone to show our identity. But in today's generation, it seems like our people are not into it much. If you go in villages, firstly your own village, then you will see its totally different what we used to have earlier. I am not saying that we should not go with today's life. We should be where we are now but at the same not forget who we are.

What i want to know is, don't you think it would be good to observe few days to recall and promote our own cultural heritage? Moreover, as we have number of different tribes, we need to have inter-tribal interaction so that we can know better of each other. Like, I have many friends who doesn't even know the pronunciation of my tribe Wancho. They put "g". Just the way, I put "d" in Shertukpen" instead of "t".

Keeping this in point, I think it would be better if we follow few days, or a week to recall our different tradition by having traditional attire with folk songs and dances. It will be very good and interesting also. Just the same as that of Hornbill festival, an annual festival observed by Nagaland with the same view.

Hopefully people will bring this topic in some general meetings, like that of AAPSU, most importantly by the student unions in each district and MLAs and Ministers and in state assembly meeting. Don't forget who we are.


Nokkha Wangsa

National Institute of Technology, Calicut,




A frightened voice

Dear Editor,

The Home Minister of Arunachal Pradesh is depressed because of going infighting among Congress leaders for leadership and seeking diversion from the party’s internal problem. The Home Minister is expressing his anguish and frustration and finding relief hopelessly commenting on NPF(Naga Peoples Front) party and its leader Neiphu Rio.

It is very unfortunate that a Home Minister who cannot control and direct his own party MLA’s is making such irresponsible comment to a National Party like NPF and its esteemed leader. The Home Minister is confusing NPF, an Indian democratic party with Naga National Workers. He should remember that these two parties are two different motivated parties having different objectives. Since the twelve (12) MLAs of Tirap and Changlang has no objection at launching of NPF party in Arunachal than who is Marde and on what founded reason he is opposing a National Party like NPF?

The NPF Party was formed after observing all necessary norms by the Chief Election Commission of India. If Marde feels that there is any undemocratic thing in NPF fit for such opposition then why doesn’t he approach the Chief Election Commission of India? Without any proper reason and out of depression his uninvited comment on NPF and its leaders show his own weakness and fear psychosis for NPF party.

It is believed that Marde had a short term memory otherwise he should have remembered who brought NSCN(K) in 1998 and subsequently NSCN(IM) in the year 2000. Since then, pitch battle was fought between both factions of NSCN in the jungles and villages of Tirap and Changlang breaking peace and tranquility in these two districts. The fighting between arch rival groups for control over Tirap and Changlang cost many lives and properties of these two districts. In Tirap great number of public leaders had lost their lives and untold number of common public lives had lost in cross firing incidents. Remaining a mere spectator the State Government neither showed their sympathy to the families of public leaders and common people who suffered nor the government tried to control the unstoppable NSCN faction wars. It is painful to know that some of the leaders from other districts of the State do enjoy the pain and agony of Tirap and Changlang people by calling it as we deserved it.

The home Minister failed to remember who took shelter of NSCN parties for last three Assembly Elections. After paying undisclosed sums to these parties during election time and winning all seats with thumping majority and now accusing Naga Peoples Front and its leader Mr. Neiphu Rio of trying to destabilise Arunachal just at a throw away cause. It is not NPF but Congress party who is destabilising the state by inviting the anti- national and anti- social parties hence checking the state from its wanting development.

As a Home Minister of the State Marde had failed in finding solution to the NSCN problem in these two districts. In virtual reality both factions are running a parallel government in Tirap and Changlang. The Minister who had failed in discharging his duties, on moral ground has no right in demanding and objecting the launch of NPF party in the State. Launching of NPF party in Arunachal will definitely strengthen the democratic processes of the State which will help our state for development and may find amicable solution to the prevailing problems of these two districts in particular.

Now the voice of Home Minister is no more the voice of “ a Home Minister” but rather a frightened voice of a congress leader because launching of such party like NPF will check the dictatorship of ruling congress in the state and mayhem of the state development.

The People of Tirap and Changlang are Nagas by blood. Some leaders including APPSU from other districts had made issue of from time to time that people of these two districts are not Nagas. Such statements are ego push and out of total ignorance.

After independence the people of Tirap and Changlang were enlisted under 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution as “Nagas”.

So far and so long general public of Tirap and Changlang had accepted the term “Naga” and have no objection using the term then, why APPSU and other tribe leaders are denying that the people of these two districts are not “Naga”?


T.Mossang President

H.Taidong, Secretary

State Unit A.P. (NPF)

(on email)



A rude shock

Dear Editor,

“ Apropos to the news item in your daily dated 5th Oct’11, I wish to say that the opposition voiced by some senior Nyishis under the so called banner of Nyishi Consultative Committee (NCC), comes as a rude shock. The names that appeared in the paper are no less who’s who of the Nyishi society. There were times when whatever they said was followed. If they are still mentally strong and physically alert, instead of harking on hearsays, they should have made efforts to read the ‘Two Member Committee’ Report’, which is said to be already in the hands of the President NES.

In addition to adding one more association in the list of already enormous numbers of associations, which they have time and again despised openly, the unfortunate concerned senior Nyishi members have failed the society for which they had vowed to lay down their lives, if required. I wonder, if they ever said so. And if they did, did they do it only as elected member of the society? What if they are not elected members now? Those thousands who followed them still wish to follow their path of social UNITY and DIGNITY. I wish to urge upon all, specially the elders of the Great Nyishi Society not to forget that we will ultimately leave our society to the future generations: what kind of society that ought to be!

A Pradeep Thakur is a no-body as against a Society. He barks to earn his living; at the cost of others. But when it is understood that his barking was conditioned, how can one sleep it over. Our future generation will question us. Let us be united, rather, in the fight against this injustice.

With due regards, I urge upon the concerned senior members of the society not to be mislead by others. Go to NES and argue, if you should, but desist from echoing the sentiments of other people.”


Akom Nipo Don

Banderdewa, (on email)



When law keepers spray bullets

Dear Editor,

The Idu Mishmi Community witnesses yet again a horrifying nightmare of the heinous act of CRPF, IRBN and Special Task Force spraying bullets at innocent civilians leaving 9 youth serious wounded at Roing on late evening of 5th October. The so-called protectors of law and order take law into their own hands to commit such barbaric and inhuman atrocities of shooting the innocent youth. The brutality of shooting at the youth by the police is a pre-planned execution. To the question of who masterminded such atrocities against the innocents, no room left to doubt on the responsibilities of Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, Roing. They first floated the news that there are Maoists in Dibang Valley. This was done precisely to terrorize the people of Roing. Does a place like Roing with no presence of insurgency like Tirap and Changlang Districts really require the stationing of so many Paramilitary forces like the CRPF, Special Task Force, IRBN? If this is the beginning of Hydro Power Project Plans in Arunachal Pradesh who knows how many more innocent Citizens of the State who stand against such multi-projects are going to be killed. It is high time that MLAs and MPs give up their vested interest of making individual profits and give equal justice for the development of the common citizens. It is the need of the hour that Citizens become more and more conscious of the hidden plans of their political leaders. As everyone witnesses almost all MLAs from constituencies across the Districts of the State have been away for month than 3 months. There is definitely political crisis in the State. All development works stand still. The ordinary citizens who vote to elect MLAs and MPs are often victimized to poverty and injustice. The political situation and the development processes in the State are going from bad to worse. Public need much of awareness in electing leaders to lead them to genuine development. Public have no voice, Organizations and Students Unions indulge too much in politics. There is neither opposition nor people’s movement that can be figure out to bring genuine public development and cross check the utilization of crores of money spent in the name of the development in the State.


Paul Chawang

(on email)



Hell on Earth

Dear Editor,

We all know that Kashmir is known as 'Paradise on earth', but contrary to that Arunachal is now on the way to become one of the ''most disturbed area''. After sometimes Aruna-chal may be known as Hell on Earth. Each and every person from political leaders to common peoples is responsible for it.

Arunachal Pradesh is known as  'Land of  Khushi-khushi' and we Arunachalees are called as peace loving people. But now we may not be known as peace loving people anymore because of the frequent bandh calls, kidnaps, attacks on the innocents, rape and murders, threats to the media persons and to the common public, etc. This has created disharmony among the people of Arunachal Pradesh and frequent bandh calls also creates chaos and mistrust among the political leaders, pressure groups, administration, govt. employees, business communities  and common public. And it also hampers the economic growth of our state.

I want to share one of my friend's saying that perfectly suits my statement; 'Jaag jao! Chain se sona hai to Arunachal se bhaag jao'.


Longngan Ngandam

Itanagar,  (on email)






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Regulation to reduce climate emissions


World’s largest sea faring countries have taken a first step towards reducing climate emissions from shipping with a global agreement to reduce energy use in new vessels from 2013 onwards.

The first ever regulation of emissions in shipping is expected to lead to greenhouse gas emission reductions of 45-50m tonnes a year by 2020.

But China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa have secured a six and a half year delay for new ships registered in developing countries, which could mean the first guaranteed effective date of the reform will be in 2019.

Shipping accounts for 3-4 per cent of man-made CO2 emissions worldwide and this figure is expected to rise to 6 per cent by 2020, with emissions doubling by 2050 if no action is taken.

Environmental NGOs welcomed the tightening of the energy efficiency design index standard but cautioned that because it only applies to new ships replacing older ones at the end of their long lives, the full effects of the decision will take a long time to have any major impact.

In a separate development, the European Commission said it plans to tighten ship fuel sulphur regulations, which should lead to public health savings of billions of dollars, especially in countries like Britain and Holland that border busy sea lanes.

The proposal would cut the maximum permissible sulphur content of fuels to 0.1 per cent from 1.5 per cent from 2015 in sensitive areas such as the Baltic Sea and the Channel, and to 0.5 per cent from 4.5 per cent in all other areas from 2020.