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October -  11


Arunachal Congress seeks CBI inquiry into Khandu copter crash

New Delhi, Oct 10: Members of Parliament from Arunachal Pradesh and the State Congress has requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to institute a CBI inquiry into the chopper crash of April 30 earlier this year which resulted in the death of state Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu along with four others.

The party in a joint letter signed by its Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs along with the State Pradesh Congress Committee President Nabam Tuki, submitted to the Prime Minister on October 7, has pointed out that despite the directive from the Central Government that only twin engine helicopters could be used for ferrying the VIP/VVIPs, the norm was flouted and queried under what circumstances was it done as this was a single engine chopper.

Preliminary inquiry report, submitted by (Ret) Chief Air Marshal P S Ahluwalia, says that the chopper chose to fly the unsafe shorter air route by flying over Sela Pass to reach Itanagar instead of the conventional longer route via Guwahati.

Secondly, why was there no data flight recorder or cockpit voice recorder in the ill-fated helicopter, the letter said.

Under these circumstances only a CBI inquiry could bring out the entire truth behind the chopper crash, the letter added. UNI


AITF condemns Roing shooting, demands judicial inquiry

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: The Arunachal Indigenous Tribe’s Forum (AITF) has strongly condemned the firing incident which occurred on 5th October, where many innocent students and people were injured.

Demanding impartial judicial inquiry to find out the truth and give exemplary punishment to the persons responsible for the incident, the Forum expressed displeasure over the role of district administration and police personnel and demanded that the state govt. should ensure the people of Roing and the state as a whole that such unfortunate incident do not occur again in future.

AITF  also demanded that all victims should be provided free medical treatment along with suitable compensation to the families of the victims.

Meanwhile, the Forum appealed to the people of Roing to maintain peace and tranquility and let the rule of law prevail for the greater interest of the state.


RKM decries violence in its compound

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: The Ramakrishna Mission Hospital has condemned the incident which followed at R.K. Mission Hospital following a road traffic accident on 2nd October.  Terming it unimaginable and condemnable, the RKM authority said that following the death of one who was a student of D N College a group of students from DN College started threatening the doctor on duty and the sisters. In a violent fit they started breaking the glasses of the emergency wing of the hospital and throwing dressing instruments.

The Two of the 5 people who met with an accident were brought in a very critical condition. The doctors and nurses took utmost care and tried their level best but owing to the seriousness of the accident and multiple injuries two died.

When police came to handle the situation the police were also man-handled and one police officer was physically assaulted, it said.  

“Arunachalis take special pride in our respect for fellow beings. Hence it was so illogical as the group was pressuring the police to arrest the other grievously injured patient. Another person who was brought by police for treatment at the same time was also beaten by the students without any reason.  He had no connection whatsoever with this incident. The students were also accusing the doctors and paramedical staffs of negligence whereas the doctors tried their level best to save the lives, it said.

Local administration and paramilitary forces had to come to the scene to control the situation.

It was totally a shameful act by the miscreants as they had forgotten the very basic ethics and principles of humanity. It expected that educated youths act in a justified, logical manner understanding the situation rather than resorting to unlawful means in violent mood, it said.

“The doctors and paramedical staffs of R.K. Mission, for that matter of any hospital in the state, treat every patient with utmost care. Instead of taking pride in having such facilities in the state they treat the doctors and staffs with an animosity that is completely beyond one’s comprehension”, the press release added.

It has become difficult nowadays to impart care and selfless service to the patients owing to frequent threats from the patient party. R.K. Mission Hospital, Itanagar and Arunachal State Hospital, Naharlagun are the tertiary care centers for the state but face such unhealthy situations and threats frequently.

The whole community, irrespective of tribe, caste, religion and region, should come forward and discourage such practice and punish such persons who are involved in such unlawful and inhuman acts. If such acts continue, then no one would come forward to treat such critically ill patients or road traffic accidents, it added.

The R.K. Mission Authority and doctor’s welfare association deeply mourn for the two who passed away but criticize the act, which occurred in the emergency wing of the hospital, the release added.


IMCLS demands CBI enquiry as it hold DC, SP responsible for Roing firing

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Idu Mishmi Cultural and literary Society (IMCLS) have demanded CBI investigation into the Roing firing incident that left many students injured.  It also demanded enquiry by high court sitting judge, immediate suspension of Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police, registration of case against SP and D.C involved for supervising the indiscriminate firing and registration of separate case under appropriate law against Superintendent of Police for ordering firing in hospital premises, arrest of SI.S. Lenka, OC-Roing Police Station, arrest of STF,IRBN,CRPF Personnel and  Magistrate on duty and payment of compensation to all the injured.

In a letter to the Home Ministry, Tone Mickrow, General Secretary, IMCLS, said that it hold the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police,  Lower Dibang Valley solely responsible for the Durga Puja incident in which school children were indiscriminately shot by the special task force police. The students were brutally manhandled and then fired at without any provocation, whatsoever, it said.   

The superintendent of police Veenu Bansal has misled the whole media by saying that there was presence of Maoists in the Durga puja pandal, it said while adding that the superintendent of police along with the special task force and CRPF personnel  forcibly tried to enter the government hospital premises. The SP even went upto the extent of saying that the gates of the hospital would be broken if he was not allowed to enter it, it said. The firing was ordered by the SP within the hospital compound itself whereas even at the times of war, the medical set up is always untouched and this exhibits the gross indiscipline on the part of the Superintendent of police for human rights, it said.

It further said that past few months the administration has been proactively propagating the existence of anti –social Maoists among our people.

“We are sad to note that such excuses have been prefabricated to incite confusion and fear psychosis among us ultimately paving the way for such a firing at the school children, at will. If at all there is Maoist among us please establish the same’ the IMCS demanded.

The immediate compensation amount of Rs. 10 lakhs given by the state government have been disbursed to all the injured. Nine injured have been compensated with Rs. 1 lakhs each and Rs. 49,000/- each has been distributed to the two persons with minor injuries.


BJP demands Spl Assembly session, Governor’s intervention

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arunachal Pradesh today demanded special Assembly session to prove the confidence of the present Govt.

Expressing concern over the prevailing situation in the state followed by frequent bandhs being called by various aggrieved organization in the state, state BJP in its emergency meeting here today said the state Govt has lost its confidence and has no moral right to stay in office when the various development activities, peace and tranquility and security of the people at peril.

The present state of affair in Arunachal Pradesh is disturbing and distressing; there is leadership crisis in the ruling Congress with the tug of war between the party and the its government which is unbecoming  of the  ruling party, the state BJP media cell said in a release today.

Expressing concern over the prevailing lawlessness, uncertainty, frequent bandh and camping of a group of ministers, parliamentary secretaries and MLAs in New Delhi for last five months, the Party said there is a complete breakdown of constitutional governance in the state.  The BJP said that keeping in view the present situation, state Governor should exercise his independent power to protect the constitution sanctity and recommend for invocation of Art. 356 (1) for restoration of peace and tranquility in the state. The Raj Bhawan has to exercise its constitutional responsibilities to come over the present crisis followed by deteriorating law and order problems and constitutional breakdown in the state.

The BJP said, the central Govt. is  also duty bound to review the present situation in the state for  safety and security of its citizens


Children surrender catapult

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: At a time when senseless violence seems to be the catchphrase of the state, several children surrendered their catapults during Wildlife Week celebrations in Bomdila pledging to protect wildlife.

As part of the programme, Children’s wildlife film festival was held where four films-- Mastery of Flight, Songs and Signals, Meat Eaters and Life in the Trees --by renowned naturalist and film maker Sir. David Attenborough was screened over a period of two days.

Children from various schools in Bomdila participated in the same and interactive sessions were held after each film along with a quiz on the film shown.

At the end of the two day film festival children pledged to protect wildlife and vowed not to use catapults and toy air-guns for killing birds.

A poster making competition was held with the themes “My favorite wild animal” for the junior category and “Give wildlife a chance” for the senior category. School children from Bomdila, Nafra and Dirang participated in the same.

Forest Division gave special focus on children keeping in mind that future of the world lies in the hands of children.


Roads blocked at Sagalee

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: State NCP unit has said that Doimukh - Sagalee road, Sagalee – Pakke Kessang road and Doimukh – Putin road have been blockaded at various points at by some anti social and unknown miscreants today.  The road was blocked intentionally by cutting and throwing big trees in the road, it said.  Terming it completely anti-development and anti-social, the NCP appealed to the public not to indulge in such activities and urged the authority concerned to book the culprit at the earliest and give stern punishment to the accused.

It urged the elected leaders not make the common masses victim of their political game by misleading the innocent people and block roads which is a lifeline for the people of the constituency. NCP urged the political leaders not to behave shamelessly by indulging in activities that are anti people.  

Sagalee Sub - Divisional Youth Forum (SSDYF)  also  decried the  “intentionally road blockades at various points coming under the 15th Sagalee constituency”.

It urged the ADC Sagalee and SP Papum Pare to visit the site and nab the culprits at the earliest and punish them.  Meanwhile, it expressed deep concern at the worsening law and order situation in the state in general and Sagalee in particular.


Tawang DC holds parley on land acquisition for defense purpose

TAWANG, Oct 10: Tawang Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen held a meeting on various issues relating to land acquisition with the defense personnel, para-military forces, BRO, defense Estate Officer (DEO) Tezpur circle, administrative officers and public leaders of Tawang district at his conference hall   at Tawang today.

Addressing the participants on the occasion on the occasion, the DC appreciated all the organizations for their relentless efforts for developing the district. However, he said that there is much more to do which is only be possible with proper coordination and harmonious relation amongst the various agencies.

The process of development should not harm the moor and ethos of custom and practices and religious sentiments of the native, he added.

While stressing on preservation of flora and fauna of the district he said that the people of the district have high esteem and reverence for the flora and fauna, streams and brooks, river and lakes, mountain and hills. Therefore, the development agencies should emphasis on the principle of development with a humane face, he further added.

Speaking about the land acquisition and its dispute and controversies, he said that one has to apply the wisdom of practicing economy of the space. The land is not elastic and whatever has to be done is to be within the limited land available which too belongs to the community. We cannot dislodge local people by grabbing their land. The people have become more conscious about the utility of land and have started raising fingers for illegal occupation by the agencies, he added. He also said that the Govt agencies should restrain themselves from further acquisition of land and clear all pending cases amicably with the land owner through negotiation with the help of district administration.

While emphasizing on maintaining the serene beauty of district, he said that structure should not be built in the area near tourist hotspot, areas of religious interest and livelihood etc. he stated that an executive order has been promulgated in this respect which should be strictly adhered too. He asked the department concern to obtain prior permission from the administration of the area before building any structure. He also stressed on appointing one representative from defense to expedite the regularization of land acquisition matter.

Defense Estate Officer (DEO) Tezpur, L Pegu, in his speech, explained the procedure of land acquisition by defense and stressed that all procedure should be properly followed. He also appreciated the administration for speedy acquisition of land for defense purposes and emphasized on regularization of all defense land in the district and amicable settlements of disputes and controversies with the local people by taking the help of administration. He said that the re-survey of all the defense area is on the cards which should mitigate all disputes and problems.

The deputy commander 190 mountain brigade stated the regularization of land is already under process. The disputes and problem on occupation of some land shall be solved amicably. Problem areas shall be redressed while taking into account the interest and religious sentiments of local people, he added. He also stressed on streamlining the land acquisition as per the laid down procedure.

The public leaders in their speech expressed their concern on the illegal occupation by different agencies. They said that most of prime land is under the unauthorized occupation of different agencies. They stated that their very livelihood is at stake because most of the grazing ground is under the occupation of defense making it difficult for grazers to access their grazing ground. They also stressed on preservation of flora and fauna, lake and rivers, areas of livelihood and religious interest. They demanded early and amicably settlement of all disputes and problems pertaining to land acquisition and wherever applicable disbursement of compensation to the rightful land owners. They also stressed on improvement of BRO roads at an earliest.

DFO Tawang Vijay Pradhan in his speech dealt on length the various provisions of Forest Conservation Act, 1980 and stressed all agencies to follow the laid down norms. He asked all agencies not to deplete the forest but to stress on afforestation.

PD DRDA, Karma Leki in his power point presentation showed the status of various land acquisition by defense, para-military forces and BRO in four parts viz. Actual acquisition, disputed lands, Land under adverse occupation and new proposals.

Public leaders, Sherap, Tsering Tashi, Jambey Tsering ZPM Jang-Thingbu, Chombey Kee (YUVA) also spoke on the occasion.

Later in the afternoon, the DC attended the Zilla Panchayat Performance Assessment Committee (APPAC) under Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability Incentive Scheme (PEAIs) meeting and reviewed all the schemes being executed at district by Panchayats. DIPRO


Angry students protest Roing firing

ROING, Oct 10: Hundreds of students of Government Higher Secondary School of Roing today held protest rally condemning the October 5 incident of police firing on students and civilians.

The protest rally demanded judicial inquiry into the incident including suspension of DC, SP, Officer-in-charge and Magistrate on duty at the time of firing.

The protest went for two hours covering all parts of Roing town. With a strengthened police control the protesters marched in two rows from the government high school campus and returned to the starting point.

In administrative and police building compound, IRBn and CRPF personnel guarded every entrance to the office.

The protesters carried placards reading “yes to democracy, no to autocracy”, “we are Idus, we are not Maoists”, “This is not Lalgarh, this is Shantighar”, and chanted: “We want justice”.

According to the organizers of the rally, a peaceful march was intended to draw the attention of the state government towards administrative high handedness.

As previously reported, eight students were shot by personnel of special task force during the durga puja celebration. Another two were brutally assaulted by police personnel in the baton charge.

Similar protest rally was organized at Tezu by All Mishmi Students Union, Mishmi Student Union of Tezu College and Kera-ah Students Association, followed by submission of memorandum to governor of Arunachal.

In the joint representation, the student groups has alleged police firing on students as racially motivated, where the local tribal were selectively targeted to be shot.

Normalcy prevails in Roing town as bandh call by All Idu Mishmi Students Union was called off on Saturday.Every shops, offices, schools and business establishments opened today.

The union, however, said the protest will continue indefinitely till the demands are fulfilled.


BJYM  demands proper distribution of PDS, improved law and order

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: East Kameng District Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) has appealed to the deputy commissioner to streamline the public distribution system (PDS) in the district and check prices of essential commodities including rice for benefit of poor and common people.

Expressing concern over the prevailing corruption and spiraling price rise on essential commodities including rice, the BJYM in its meeting held at Seppa on Oct 8 adopted various resolutions demanding the East Kameng DC to issue strict directives to the fair shop owners for proper distribution of the PDS items to the consumers in their places. The BJYM alleged that instead of distributing PDS items at their respective places to consumers, many fair price shop owners sell the commodities at Seppa town at higher rate causing artificial food scarcity in out post areas of the district. Moreover the prices of essential commodities including rice are beyond the reach of the common people in open market, it said.

The meeting attended by BJYM state general secretary Ram Tajo, office bearers of district BJYM, mandal presidents and party workers also took serious note of law and order situation in the district and urged the district administration to take adequate measures for improved law and order. It further demanded night patrolling by the security personnel along with a magistrate.

The meeting also adopted resolution requesting the MLAs to implement the schemes under MLALAD fund as per prescribed guidelines and not to release fund to the contractors before complete execution of work.  Alleging that MLAs of  East Kameng district are not following the norms  under MLALAD fund, the BJYM threatens to launch democratic movement in case of   failure of the MLAs to implement the schemes as per norms and guidelines.

Expressing concern over the lack of development activities followed by  prevailing political situation in the  state, the East Kameng BJYM appealed to the state Governor to declare President’s rule in order to bring normalcy in the state.


CRPF distributes computers, sports kits to schools, library

Tezu, Oct 10: The 186Bn CRPF, under its Civic Action Programme, distributed three sets of computers and sport-kits to the Police Welfare School (PWS), and Bamboosa Library, Tezu, today. Of the three, two computer sets were handed over to the PWS and one to Bamboosa Library by Lohit deputy commissioner R.K. Sharma, who attended the programme as the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Sharma said that every one of us should discourage the use of uniformed forces for terrifying small kids. A picture of safety and security and punishing the wrong-doers and love for motherland is the tag line of the paramilitary or any other armed forces of our country and emphasized in inculcating the sense of feelings of “in safe hands” or “protected” to the children by teachers. The children should be encouraged to join in  armed forces because it will give them the chance to serve their motherland.

He termed the distribution of computer sets by CRPF under its civic action programme as a noble one. Owning a computer set and knowing the operation is the need of today’s education system. This kind of noble initiatives will have a lasting effect in enriching the mental aptitude of the students, he said.

He suggested the schools to include a computer knowledge subject in their academic courses and engage at least one teacher for the purpose. The teacher training in computer can be done in the NIC or CIC without any expenditure, he stated.

He also stated that the presence of public in such programmes will bring good relations between civilians and paramilitary forces.

Roshni Raja, 2 IC (CRPF) speaking on the occasion said that the CRPF in the district are deployed for internal security and to give assistance to the local administration in maintaining law and order. He informed that under the civic action programme 2010-2011 computer sets and footballs are being provided to different schools in Tezu for technical and computer education as well as physical fitness of the students. For the welfare of the students books were provided in the Children Library, Wakro.

Raja hoped that this programme will be helpful in establishing a friendly and cordial relation between the public and the CRPF.

Satyanarayan of Bamboosa Library thanked the 186 Bn CRPF for the generosity and mentioned that the 186 Bn CRPF has always been there since the beginning of the library movement in Wakro. The library in Wakro has books contributed by the 186 Bn CRPF which are useful for learning Hindi language. The computer set will be helpful for writing articles by the students, he said.

ADC, Tezu, W. Khimhun, CRPF Personnels, HoDs, teachers and students of Police Welfare School, Tezu was also present in the civic action programme. DIPRO

Entire village gutted in fire

Daporijo, Oct 10: All the 12 houses, including a pucca, of Lakbak Gongo village under Baririjo circle of Upper Subansiri district were gutted by a massive fire on October 8 last affecting 22 families.

Although there was no loss of life, the affected families were helpless in saving their livestock and all their precious belongings as they were in their fields which were far away from their village, harvesting their crops.

According to Ponga Gongo of Dipu Gongo village, one of the first persons to reach Lakbak Gongo after the fire, by the time he got the information about the fire and reached the village, all the houses had already been burnt  to ashes and he and his team could only partially save the village community hall.

Ponga Gongo informed that the fire was first noticed by a resident of Nguri village under Puchigeko circle.

It was only at about 4.30 p.m. that the villagers reached their village to find ashes in place of intact homes they had left in the morning.

Meanwhile, Galo Welfare Society appealed to the State Government for providing immediate relief to the victims of the tragic fire accident. The Society also appealed to its members for generous contribution for assistance to the victims. DIPRO


AVP conducts sports meet

CHANGLANG,  Oct 10: Changlang district unit of Arunacahal Vikas Parishad (AVP) conducted District level sports competitions at general ground here on October 8 and 9 last to explore sports talent in rural areas of various circles. The winners and winning team to represent Changlang in state level competition.

Boys and girls participants from Bordumsa, Changlang, Khimyang, Namtok, Yatdam and Kharsang took part in the competition.

Attending the inaugural function as chief guest S.S. Choudhury, EAC said that games and sports are the part and parcel of our life and efforts should be made to spot hidden talents in the rural areas. He stressed on the need to gear up sports activities and appreciated the AVP for gearing up in talent hunt.

Er. T. Tarang, UPO Changlang, said, he was the state champion in Archery during the year 1995 and represented Arunachal Pradesh in national level competition held at Rajasthan and could secure seventh position in Archery. He also had an opportunity to meet national archery champion Limba Ram there. He advised participants to take up sports activities sincerely  and informed about state  government’s job reservation policy for meritorious sportspersons.

Organizing secretary North Eastern Region, Atul Jogji, highlighted in detail the aims, objectives and significance of sports and other activities of AVP.

He also elaborated on border are tour to carry message of feeling of belongingness and oneness and to promote national integration.

Changlang unit AVP president Dr. D. Techai said that the sports competitions was conducted to promote sports and to explore sports talents in Changlang district. DIPRO


DIPRO clarifies

YINGKIONG, Oct 10: While clarifying the news item published on September 29 under headline “Police crackdown on gang of thieves”, DIPRO said that the name of the one of the thieves was wrongly mentioned Oti alias Genti Megu (Sharma) instead of Genti Damin (Sharma). DIPRO


JNV hostel gutted down

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: A boy’s hostel of JNV, Doimukh has been completely gutted down this evening. According to initial reports, the cause of the fire is reported to be short circuit which left a teacher injured.

All the 40 borders of the hostel are reported to be safe and have been shifted out to a safer location by the district administration.

According to officer- in -charge, Doimukh  station, L Bagra, the fire broke out at 9:30 PM and soon after fire fighters reached the spot and managed to douse the fire which had engulfed the whole building.  More details are awaited.


Capital bandh passes off peacefully, APCC reacts

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: The 12-hour capital passed off peacefully this evening. Except burning of old tyres by the activists in some location on national highway in Itanagar area and burning of a bike near Zoo road just before the end of the bandh,  there was no any untoward incident during the bandh and the security forces were deployed in Capital to thwart any violent incident, according to police sources. Though the APST buses plied on the road with security escort, the bandh crippled the normal life as there was no vehicular movement and business establishments and educational institutions remained closed. The attendance in Govt offices was thin.  The bandh was called by All Capital Complex Youth Welfare Association in favour of its demand for handing over of the National Highway 52-A to BRTF for proper renovation.

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee has said that the bandh called today in protest against President APCC and Minister UD& PWD Nabum Tuki is politically motivated. The responsibility lies on Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin as the bandh was called on his behest by the anti-social elements, it said.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh is well aware of the fact that Tuki is a dedicated leader and has fulfilled the aspiration of the people in his entire political career of 35 years, it said. The bandh is sponsored by the people at the helm of affair and the PCC condemn such unethical activities carried out by own party men, it said.


CSWO condemns attempted rape in Meghalaya

Shillong, Oct 10 : The Civil Society Women Organisation (CSWO) of Meghalaya has condemned the kidnap and attempt to rape of a girl hailing from Arunachal Pradesh by a person belonging to same state on October 7.

The CSWO sources said here today one man from Arunachal kidnapped a girl and attempted to rape her in an isolated area on the outskirts of Shillong.

Incidentally, the girl managed to escape from the clutches of the culprit and met two person to whom she narrated the incident.

The duo, later handed over the girl to the authorities concerned, CSWO said.

CSWO also said the culprit was trying to blame the duo who rescued the girl by saying that the culprit tried to save the girl from the duo. UNI


Training on SECC

Aalo, Oct 10: A two-day district level workshop cum training on socio-economic and caste based census was held under the chairmanship of West Siang deputy commissioner Amjad Tak on October 7 last.

Chairing the meet Tak stressed on the need to carry the census task to its logical conclusion and asked DRDA and BDOs to work out data operation required in all blocks for onward submission to govt. Census is national duty and all officers involved in the exercise should discharge their duties sincerely, he said.

DRDA project director Dege Ete outlined the role and responsibilities of census operation and guidelines for preparation of SECC-2011.

Deputy directors of Urban Development Marconi Potom and Himar Ete spoke about survey in urban areas while DIO K.C. Wangmo highlighted the role of National Informatics Centers. Pomin Amo and Tumken Lomi, MTFs, imparted the much needed training to all trainers.

All administrative officers, BDOs, Survey Officers and Field Assistants attended the meet. DIPRO


Lohit bandh

ITANAGAR: The Lohit District Congress Committee has called for eight hours Lohit district bandh/chaka jam from 5 am to 1 pm  on Oct 11 in favour  of its demand for immediate arrest of persons involved in recent reported abduction of minister Chowna Mein, said Lohit DCC president in a release today. Meanwhile the DCC, BCCs and panchayat leaders condemned the authorities  for its failure to tackle law and order in the state and sought Governor’s intervention  in this regard.


APCRCC mourns the death of Late Rev. Yontem Lego

ITANAGAR: Rev. Yontem Lego, a pioneer Christian leader of the state died on October 9. Lego died due to old age and prolonged illness at his Midland colony Roing residence.

He is survived by four sons.

Lego was the first Bachelor in Theology (B.Th) and Bachelor in Divinity (BD) degree holders among the Adi tribe. A product of Sainik School Bhubhaneswar, Orissa, he was instrumental in translating the Holy Bible and Christian sacred hymnals into Adi (Padam) language.

Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Council (APCRCC) has mourned the sad demise of Late Rev.

The council will always remember him as an active, kind hearted and devoted leader, APCRCC said in a release.

The APCRCC officials, church members and relatives paid their respectful adieu to the departed soul while attending the funeral service today.


News Impact

Not the true spirit

Dear Editor,

I have to say with grave discontentment that people either have forgotten or they do not know the importance and true spirit of celebrating 'Dushera'.

Drunkard dancing in the pandals, people fighting and uttering abusive words against each other - is this the spirit to celebrate Dushera?

As per as I believe it has a great importance not only mythically but also to our daily life.

The underlying significance of the festival lies in conquering the Ravana inside us; which is lurking high in the form of- hatred, jealousy, communalism, casteism, religions, corruption. But I am afraid that the true spirit of celebrating the festival is eluding:

How many could be burnt, how many could be killed, when everyone inside is Ravana, And every house a Lanka?


Nyatum Doke,

Lipu,  West Siang



Are not they humans too?

Dear Editor,

I think the people in India, and particularly in the North are too critical of almost everything especially the security forces. In the Roing incident, it is learnt that over 10 police personnel have also been injured. Are they not humans too? Also, it is learnt that the firing was ordered by a local EAC who is a magistrate. And yet the whole blame is to be put on the DC & SP of the district. I feel that there is some other deeper conspiracy here. The youth in Arunachal are too keen to take up fight with the security forces which I feel is a cynical attitude. There is a need to shun this attitude in order to have a constructive approach towards the whole issue.


Alfred Kamat

New Delhi,  (on email)



The officer that speak the language of the gun

Dear Editor,

Hurt, angry, shocked, anguished or simply numbed? Words fail to define the emotion current in the minds of Roing townsfolk. But chilling, it is. Veenu Bansal should have known better than any other soul here to let bloodshed in this small sleepy town. Innocent school going children have become the victims of the shadow of the gun. To not lose our cool would be not humane under the circumstances. This small town of ours has been rife with rumour for the past few months, of Maoists raising its deadly tentacles in the midst of common people masquerading as anti dam supporters. The pointed effort of the present administration to establish this fact was amply evident for all who cared to see through. With the shooting spree of the police done the cycle is complete and the puzzle fits perfectly. One wonders at the motives and fallouts of planting such stories. Did Mirpe Tato, the magistrate on duty receive a pat on the back for a job done well? Surprisingly the bullets of Bansal’s men found only Idu and Adi children as the target amidst the hundreds of revelers and devotees thronging the Puja mandal. Is this targeted shooting a sign of the arrival of state sponsored terrorism? If so thanks to Bansal and Company for the enlightenment. The attitude of Veenu Bansal can be attributed to the hard training of IPS cadres. Mirpe. Tato’s, on the other hand is perplexing as he is a local Arunachali and well aware of the eye for an eye philosophy prevalent among the tribals of Arunachal. What blurred his vision? Is M. Tato acting on the behest of higher authority or is it just a blunder act of heroic escape goat. Among the trio of the DC, SP and EAC, who will own up this error of Judgement? With the magisterial hand firmly behind him Bansal seems hell bent on having his way at helm of affair, notably vis-à-vis the dam issue. Students as well as public leaders of both Idu and Adi communities have not missed this fact of the DC and the SP covertly acting like corporate agents ever since their arrival at Roing. The public outcry then at coercive tactic and now at the police atrocity is well justified. The net sites are screaming with the Goa incident of this January in which Veenu Bansal is suspected in a police-drug dealer nexus and is likely to be summoned for a CBI enquiry.  The question that will keep tormenting the public here is why did Mr Veenu Bansal opt to speak the language of the gun? Why did he let out his boys like a pack of hounds when he had every means and options to diffuse any kind of situation?

Veenu Bansal has betrayed all our expectation of a secured neighborhood. All he shall be leaving behind is an indelible scar.


Komini Meto


Abralow Memorial Multipurpose Society Roing



An open letter to the political bosses

Dear Editor,

I hope you are all wealthy and healthy to slug it out in the coming elections. However, of equal importance is the fitness of the state where you and I live. Sadly it had been deteriorating like the nosedive of the Helicopter that took our Chief Minister a few moons ago.

My good name is Common Son, and I’m a student. I have got this letter from my teacher who said that all the top political leaders were public school educated and thus speak English. So I write not in the language of a common man fearing it might not be understood.

My only plea is to give my generation a chance. I have completed my +2 this year and I have joined a good engineering college hoping to give relief to my poor parents: the land back which they sold it for my studies and I know many of my friend whose parents are not able to send any pocket money to their sons who stays at the other end of the country far from our home.

Out of many, most of my friends have decided to stay back at home; to have some alternatives of making easy money so that their younger ones could go to studies. No problem with that.

I too can be contractor if my job has been bought by your kid and kins. But my worry is when I came back to my home after four day journey having not eaten anything only with those railways stations water taps.  I saw my village friends with a quarter of Whisky. When I asked him from he bought it, he told me from a liquor vend in the village itself. My teacher use to tell me that I should be happy that Arunachal is becoming like California. He says there are bars in all villages in the west so why not in Arunachal? Yes he also updated with the concept of neighbourhood bars of London, and I am proud to say we are matching peg by peg. Our towns have equal number of bars or even more than the bookstalls.

I believe liquor follow through a steel chain to a bed and folks drink as much as they can during your Campaign. I understand your problem.  The poor uneducated villagers and the youth support the person who supplies more whiskies and the notes. But please take it that you have made it a way to lure.

I applaud then very sharp and honest work of some police officers especially for making the List of the PDS scammers, but perhaps your investigating agent or your babus have filled their belly. Perhaps you should ask your babus to calculate the cumulative loss the state is occurring through your fight for power.

Am I really going to be a man with magnificent buildings, luxuries cars or  a crorepatty with the salaries as a junior engineer, Assistant Engineer, or  Executive engineer in any department of Arunachal Pradesh.?! Because I have seen contrary in this part of country. I guess I must have some important criteria to join that service.

Can you help my parents earn so that I can have a pocket money and enjoy my journey at least in the train. But then you’ve clubbed my parents as a small farmer, a shopkeeper, a good for nothing villager. Remember, during election you pleaded them and now they plead you. Never have you realised that I have a heart of a son too. Nothing is more important to me than the happiness of my parents. But you care not.

As I write, surrounding me is a group of my friends and each one has different dreams. Someone wants to be an entrepreneur, computer engineers, artist, APCS officers etc. We ask each other “Will We be able to chase our dreams in today’s Arunachal? Its better we learn kabaddi.

I don’t care if you wear long or brief underwear; or if your car is Scorpio or the SX4; or you have amassed much money to drive and mislead the youths. But if you don’t stop the ruin. History will force to write – ‘When Arunachal Pradesh was plundered by its own’.


Common son,  (on email)



Lathi charge could have done its effect

Dear Editor,

We the Mishmi students of Rajiv Gandhi University are pained to know the incident which had happened at the night of 5th Oct at Roing town. The district administration in the name of law and order has ultimately shown to the people of Arunachal Pradesh that they were hunting down the students instead of Maoist in Roing town. In the name of keeping the security we expect the law keeper to protect the interest of the people instead of shooting the innocent hapless students. If there was any problem a simple lathi charge could have done its effect but why did the district administration choose to shoot is a big question to be answered by the concern authority.  

We the Mishmi Student Union Rajiv Gandhi University request and appeal to the law keeper to handle the situation with care and compensate the victims as promised by the government at the earliest.


Seema Dele (President MSU RGU)

Imbo Pulu (Gen Secy, MSU RGU)






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Smoking and its risk factor


Smokers are about twice as likely to get the lung infection and die from it, compared with non-smokers. Many of the new TB cases will be in Africa, the eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asian regions, according to a research.

Nearly a fifth of people in the world are smokers; many in countries with high rates of TB where multi-national tobacco companies have expanded their markets. Smoking is a known risk factor for TB, and may reduce the ability of the lungs to fight off infection. It is said that worldwide smoking could lead to 40 million extra deaths from TB from 2010 to 2050. If current smoking trends continue, the number of new cases of TB will rise by 18 million.

Tuberculosis is a contagious infection that mainly affects the lungs, but can spread to other parts of the body.If not treated, it can damage the lungs to such an extent that a person cannot breathe properly.

Sometimes, people do not experience any symptoms for many months or even years after being infected.