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October -  12


Itanagar tense as rival groups clash

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The Capital region witnessed unprecedented violence today which left scores injured, some seriously and several shops ransacked and few private residences damaged. Shopping complexes B B Plaza and Teli Plaza were ransacked and dozens of vehicles were also set on fire by the protestors.

Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribes Union, a little known organization had called the 12 hours bandh today to press for improvement in law and order situation in the state.

However, the bandh soon turned violent as the Nyishi Consultative Committee’s Procession cum Referendum Rally on the Times of India issue coincided with the bandh.

The Itanagar Police station was also gheroud for more than an hour after a boy was injured allegedly by police firing at IG Park. The police refutes that it fired any bullet.

Earlier several places within the park was set on fire including the main rostrum.

The National highway and the sector roads within the twin township were all blocked with boulders and bamboo barricades by the anti rally faction.

At several places, clashes broke out after supporters of the Nyishi Consultative Committee, were prevented from holding a rally in I G park at Itanagar. The rally which was eventually called off had started from Nirjuli and was to culminate at I G Park.

The situation soon went out of hand, as the limited police force could not do much as the protestors easily outnumbered them.

The Home Ministry is yet to come out with a statement on its failure to control the situation.


Gamlin, Tuki appeals for calm

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: Arunachal Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin today called upon people of all communities of the state to remain calm on the face of the situation that has arisen out of the bandh call today. “We must collectively tackle these issues on the basis of dialogue and consensus. Violence has to be rejected at all costs.”

Gamlin said he was personally very pained by the series of events that unfolded today. “This is a sad moment for our state when our young people are embarked on a path of violence. We must look within ourselves to see what can be done to reverse this trend.” He called upon all Community Based Organizations and Civil Society Organizations to work collectively in collaboration with the Government to ensure that law of the land prevailed over everything else.

He also extended his deepest concern and commiseration to all those who were physical injured or had their property damaged. “While we cannot ever hope to undo what happened, we must, as a society work together to ensure that the events of this day are never repeated in our history”, the Chief Minister added.

The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee president Nabum Tuki in a statement has appealed for peace and to stand up for a better and peaceful Arunachal.

“The recent developments in the state, particularly in Itanagar, do not augur well for the society and peaceful co-existence of all individuals. The reported incidents of violence amongst brothers of the same community has pained me beyond the limit and as a senior member of the community I appeal all to maintain extreme restraint and foster brotherhood by leaving aside enmity for petty political reasons’ he said.

“I also earnestly appeal to members of all communities not to take the sad affairs otherwise and do their bit to restore peace and harmony.

We are a distinct state with distinct tribes and have been living and prospering by supporting each other, not by creating divides’ he said.

“I condemn in strongest words the recent developments without taking any side. Whatever may be the reasons, in this situation, everybody will be in the losing side. By creating rift and making warring factions, only the vested interest individuals will gain, which too will be short-lived. In the long run, we as individual members of the community will be the losers’ he said.

He appealed to all to maintain peace and harmony for the good of all, including various communities of the state. “I also appeal to senior members, leaders of the community and those behind the ‘development’ to retrospect and think twice before taking any step that would hamper peace and tranquillity and disturb law and order”.


36-hour NES-ANSU bandh call deferred

ITANAGAR, Oct 11:  The Nyishi Elite Society (NES)  today said that it has  deferred its proposed 36 hours bandh in Nyishi inhabited districts from Oct 12  until further notification “in view of tense situation arising out of unwarranted police firing incident at Indira Gandhi Park here  today causing fatal injuries to one of the anti- rally cadre against the Great Nyishi Referendum Rally organized by the Nyishi Consultative Committee (NCC)”.

The decision has been taken on urgency in consultation with the Executive Members of NES, All Nyishi Students and senior members of the community as fallout of the unfortunate incident, the NES said in a release.

The NES vehemently condemned the police firing and demanded immediate action to the erring cop.

In a separate Press release ANSU also said that bandh call will be carried out after few days. Meanwhile, the ANSU held both chief minister Jarbom Gamlin and Home Minister Takar Marde responsible for ugly situation in state capital during “anti-Nyishi rally” and condemned them.  Both Chief Minister and Home Minister have no right to hold public posts if they cannot ensure safety and security to public, the ANSU said.

The Union wanted a proper judicial enquiry into firing incident during rally day and asked the public to judge the attitude of state Govt towards law and order problems that the capital is facing for last few months.


ACR’s express anguish at mindless violence

TANAGAR, Oct 11: The Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR) expressed anguish over the mindless violence witnessed in Itanagar on Tuesday, which is unprecedented in the history of Arunachal Pradesh.

While the government under the present leadership has failed to feel the pulse of the agitated people of a community, the administration has, for the umpteenth time, utterly failed to maintain law and order, it said.

Bandh calls are no more a democracy tool and banned by Supreme Court in their past judgement and it is duty of the law enforcement authority to implement, it said while questioning why the district administration has not declared these bandh calls as illegal.

The under-current of the situation turning volatile has been visible since the day a rally was announced by a recently formed organization that evidently was against the ongoing agitation of the community under the banner of Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU), it said.

It would not be out of context to claim that certain individuals with backing from the government are masterminding the divide between members of the same community. This is extremely bad times for the community as well as all law abiding citizens of the state. ACR would like to appeal all concerned not to be swayed away by vested interest individuals and maintain peace and unity for the sake of all.

Meanwhile, ACR appreciate the gesture of NES and ANSU for suspending 36 hours bandh in the five Nyishi inhabited districts of the state.

Going by the volatile situation, the two organizations have shown extreme maturity in doing so. This would be an example set for others to follow.

ACR also appeal to members of all communities of the state to be united at this time of crisis and discourage the  Bandh cultures.


PAYWA sponsored bandh passes off peacefully

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The 24 hrs bandh called by Paktu Ao Youth Welfare Association (PAYWA) and PAPF in Aalo passed off peacefully this morning without any major incident, said the association in a release today.   All the business establishments remained closed and movement of the vehicles off the road. The Association is demanding immediate removal of DC Amjad Tak. It threatened to declare its  2nd phase 36hour bandh on Oct 18 and 19 in case  of failure of the Govt to fulfill its demand.


Training for the Socio-Economic & Caste Census

KHONSA, Oct 11: Training for the Socio-Economic & Caste Census operations for Khonsa and Longding township was conducted by the Dept. of U.D & Housing, Khonsa Division  here yesterday.

Presiding over the training programme, Er.R. Mihu, UPO-cum-Block SECCO, Khonsa dwelt on the significance of the present initiative being undertaken by the government for identifying the socio-economic and caste status of it’s citizen.  

Master trainers  H.P Mohapatra, ADEO, Khonsa and  A.K Mishra, Lecturer, DIET Khonsa gave a detailed training on the various methodologies to be adopted for conducting the census operation.

Er. Nich Jacob, UPO-cum-Block SECCO, Longding town, Er. Tassar Kaman, AUPO Khonsa, Er.Limi Basar, AUPO Longding, Enumerators, Supervisors, Charge Officers appointed against the respective towns attended training.

Meanwhile, a day long socio-economic caste census meeting-cum training was held in  DC’s conference hall at Yingkiong  today.

Presiding over the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner L Borang  highlighting the government policy and program, said the proposed census would be conducted throughout the country and completed latest by Nov 30. The main objective of this census is to classify socio-economic status of each individual citizen, household holders and to  furnish the authentic information concerning socio-economic condition of various castes of  the state and the nation.

L. Borang has called upon the BDOs, enumerators to follow the government guideline and rules and accomplish this great national duty within the given period of time.  He also urged upon all charge officers, enumerators and supervisors to collect realistic data as inputs of this  caste census and  further directed all the charge officers not to appoint Primary School Teachers as enumerators of the census as restrict provisions under RTE. The project Director, DRDA Tayem Bage, advised all the BDOs, officers and officials to be well trained, equipped with knowledge and information required to carry on the census duty successfully.

Among others Rajesh Panyang, ADC, Tapik Pertin, EAC and Talo Jerang, EAC, were present in the meeting cum- training. DIPRO


DDMA suggest ways to deal with disaster

KHONSA, Oct 11: The first coordination meeting of District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) held in the office chamber of Tirap Deputy Commissioner yesterday took stock of the ground position in dealing with disaster in view of recent Earthquake at Indo-Nepal Border at Sikkim.

The meeting decided that communication equipments be made hi-tech by procuring INMER SAT (Satellite phones),  installation of Broad band in the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) of the District. All the high rising trees in human settlement areas/public places and over HT  power lines in and around Khonsa Township should be trimmed after taking the matter with DFO,Khonsa, the meeting resolved.

It was also decided that the Deptt. of Land Management, Khonsa would identify the human settlement in vulnerable locations in and around Khonsa township and District Health unit would made adequate stock of emergency medicines/Inventory to deal with any kind of disaster.

The District Disaster Management Plan be uploaded in the District Website which will be updated annually. DIPRO


AAYA conducts cultural competition

PASIGHAT, Oct 11: To sustain the Adi culture among youth, the AAYA (All Adi Youth Association)   conducted a cultural competition in the Doying Kumdang Hall, at Mebo today.

It was hosted to showcase the artistic skills and co-curricular talents of the youths in the day long competitions with great enthusiasm, informed Sanjiv Pertin, Cultural Secretary, AAYA.

While inaugurating the cultural competition by lighting the ceremonial lamp, the chief guest, Todol Pertin, Jt Secy ABK (HQ) said the efforts to propagate our traditions and culture has to be highly appreciated. Culture refers to the pattern of human activities and it represents through art, literature, costumes, customs and traditions, he added. He gave away prizes and citations to the winners of the competitions.

The guest of honour Nanung Perme Megu, ZPM Mebo Anchal Block, congratulated the winners and stated it was an opportunity to rejoice with traditional fervor and attempt to encourage the local artists.

The President AAYA, Olik Komut said the association has been trying to preserve and protect own tradition and culture for the future generations and good responses and cooperation are being received from the society.

Apostle Pertin (Motum) won the 1st prize for Single-Dance while Tiko Tayeng received second position.  Joshep Megu and Ponung Mitkong  (Seram) secured 1st and 2nd position in Solo-Song competition. The Ayeng village bagged the trophy in folk dance while in group dance Dite Lingkam and her party selected as the best group and Aseng Perme and her party stood runner up.  DIPRO


In remembrance

DIRANG: Convalescing from the irreparable loss the state and the people of the Mon area suffered by untimely demise of late beloved visionary chief minister Dorjee Khandu, Dirang MLA Phurpa Tsering along with other senior panchayat leaders of Dirang paid homage and recited prayers for solace of the departed souls on the eve of Purnima at the MLA’s residence.

They also urged the state Govt. to honour the supreme sacrifice made by Late Yeshi Chodak, the then security officer of the CM and to confer him with the state’s highest civilian award for commendable services and valour.


Healing crusade

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Sub-Council Area-V is conducting healing crusade at Siyum from November 2-4.

Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Minister Tanga Byaling would attend the programme as chief guest. While, ACRYA President, Dr. Joram Dol and Field Secretary Area-V, Mania Kodak will attend the crusade as speakers.


News Impact

Don’t exempt all

Dear Editor,

It would be of immense help if the Bandh callers notify the date in advance. Late declaration of the Bandh call days causes immense tactical maneuver issue. This piece of an atrocity is a living testimony of an unplanned off day. Merging of Bandhs is also detrimental as it would deny one paid holiday for the salaried. If at all Bandh call has been declared it would be better not to exempt any entity or service. Most of the time, the exemptions are contemplated for Magistrate on duty, security convoy, Ambulance, Milk van, Press.

Bandh calls are inherently against the Govt. of the day. So the first two listed entity should not be exempted. Most of us poor can’t afford hiring an Ambulance in case of any medical emergency. Auto rickshaws are our savior in case of any eventuality. So there is no use of exempting Ambulance if the former is in the restricted list.

If we don’t earn during the Bandh day we may not afford buying the milk from the milk van for our children. As for adults they can make do with ever dependable powder. Anyway how many of us can afford a salubrious milk-laden cup of tea in these days of spiraling inflation. As for the last, the presspersons would be able to cover the day as a pedestrian without using press vehicle. In addition to it postponing a Bandh call or expressing remorse for an already executed Bandh call with aplomb is a strict thumb down.





Do some reality check

Dear Editor,

With the changing times Arunachal has witnessed several developments. The higher authorities are I suppose more concerned about their respective areas of interest rather than taking Arunachal as a whole. A loose end somewhere might someday cause a big trouble. This is exclusively regarding the so-called headquarter, Seppa of  East Kameng. Be it the Power Supply, the Infrastructure, Transportation or the basic Modern Amenities like the Internet. Name it and Seppa is bound to top the ranking under the Least developed headquarters. There is only one State Bank Of India in the highly populated area. The nightmare of standing in the long queue is just catastrophic for the human mind. The other day, i witnessed the people queued up till the road in the scorching summer heat. People here need more nationally and internationally recognized banks. The only ATM available is also not much of a relief either, considering the ever- long queue. A lot of people nowadays prefer to study outside, the lack of better transportation connectivity with the Metros make it extremely difficult for the upcoming great minds to explore the outer world.

Communication is the backbone to all the developments. In this computerized world, Seppa is still far from seeing the light of the fully functional Internet service. The calls made to the people of the headquarter will only be answered by a pre-recorded computerized voice, unless you are extremely lucky. There is only one dilapidated post office and no courier facilities at all, piling the troubles up and higher. At least there should be a better postal service, i presume.

It’s high time the concerned Authorities did some reality check for the wholesome development of the state.


Rina Sonam Yaffa,

(on email)



The salaried goons

Dear Editor,

This is in regard to the oct, 7th publication of your esteemed daily, on caption ''Roing police and STF celebrates Durga Puja by spraying bullets at citizens.''

The deployment of STF,CRPF and IRBn in such festive occasions are truly baseless in all regards. They are no better than goons with a crabby mentality who often are blind folded when they have arms and ammunitions in their hands. It seems that our govt. has a certain motive to deploy them in the peace prevailing areas to equalize it with the terror-stricken areas like Tirap and Changlang. Well, there they have insurgents and here we have 'well salaried goons' who are actually meant for the security of the people but in contrast they are the one often posing threat to the people.

Why is it necessary at all to deploy such uncivilised and ill-mannered personnel when our State police alone can bring the solution to its best. Since our long past we have been repeatedly encountering such brutalities of the armed personnel. Is it because that we have right to freedom, so they have the right to shoot?

Therefore, expressing deep resentment over the act of brutality it is my appeal to the Home Minister to look into the matter seriously and to your full concern. I also appeal to the people of our state to rise their voice against such atrocities and brutality now and in near future.


Dular Dujom

Itanagar, (on email)



Give us few more days

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily we would like to say few words on APPCS’s decision to conduct APPSCEE (main) 2011 in the month of Dec 2011. First of all we appreciate commission’s good intention of early conduction of the mains. Certainly it will ensure transferences and fair conduct of exam. But, two month for the exam is too short. It will put lots of mental pressure on the aspirants.

We hope that commission also knows, after UPSC, state public service commission exam is the toughest one. The concerned authority also knows that vast syllabus cannot be completed properly within two months time. Fact is that nobody expected that commission will conduct main exam in such short period of time.

APPSC has been constituted for conducting various exams and till today it has rendered excellent service. So, we do not understand why commission is in such hurry. Just doing one’s duty is not enough. Job should be done properly. Certain thing should be taken into consideration before taking any decision.

Therefore we hope that commission will understand our problem and spare us few more days , if not months. Mid January or last January is best for the APPSCEE (main) 2011.





Teach them value of ethic and morality

Dear Editor

The bandh culture has at last gripped our Arunachal State. Arunachal was last state which was not much affected with political and social unrest unlike other NE states. We once hated Assam for frequent bandh call because as Arunachal is closely linked with Assam due to geographical and other trade affinity. And we heard lot about unrest in Nagaland , Gorkhaland movements, Mizoram political upheaval during early seventy and we thought Arunachal Pradesh is island and Oasis of peace, where tribes numbering about 26 major and minor constituting great Arunacha. The once innocent and straightforward people have atlast taste the money and political powers and in its pursuit we can go to any extent, leaving ethical and humane moral value. The present unrest in the state is end of peaceful Arunachal and entering into new world where money, muscle and political powers seems to provide false promise to everybody, and our people are chasing after mirage and rainbows.  Instead what we should teach our younger generation is to build on core value of ethic and morality. Arunachal is vast state having small population, politically we cannot contribute much for the nation but if we improve the Human Development Index, we can turn our resource rich state into another Hongkong. We should take hints from Japanese who have made their human resources as mantras. Our youths are wasting their energy for short term gain which never promised healthy and wholesome future. Let us take cue from that wise farmer who said '' give your son a fish- he will eat for a day, teach him how to do fishing- he will eat for life''.


T. Butung, Ziro



Bandh to protest the bandh

Dear Editor,

This whole bandh thing has gotten into my nerve so I appoint myself as the President of All Kiba-Kibi Union and declare Capital Bandh to register my protest against all Bandh calls in the state capital.



Itanagar, (on email)



Stay away from NPF

Dear  Editor,

This is in response to T.Mossang and H .Taidong, I would like the duo to listen to their inner voice rather than be the scapegoats of NPF n NSCN. They should understand the nexus between the two Nagaland parties, NPF is engine for NSCN and the later petrol for former. NSCN they are cold blooded killers and have manifested in Tirap. NPF is looking forward a greater Nagalim which even includes districts of Lohit.

T. Mossang will after some years start speaking of greater Nagalim, but the people of Tirap and Longding always want to b part of Arunachal.

Thanks to Home Minister and APPSU for understanding the real sentiment of the people and I would like to ask T mossang to refrain from such publicity of NPF. Please look ahead amd not be instinctive. Tirap one of the oldest districts of Arunachal can never be separated from Arunachal. . NPF is not the only solution for progress but make people in your district to leave opium menace n focus on education. Please do anything but stay away from NPF.


A citizen,  (on email)





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Global hunger


Price volatility makes both smallholder farmers and poor consumers increasingly vulnerable to poverty while short-term price changes can have long-term impacts on development, said a joint report by FAO, IFAD and WFP. Changes in income due to price swings that lead to decreased food consumption can reduce children's intake of key nutrients during the first 1000 days of life from conception, leading to a permanent reduction of their future earning capacity and an increased likelihood of future poverty, with negative impacts on entire economies.

Even if the MDG were achieved by 2015 some 600 million people in developing countries would still be undernourished. Having 600 million people suffering from hunger on a daily basis is never acceptable The entire international community must act today and act forcefully to banish food insecurity from the planet.

The report stresses that investment in agriculture remains critical to sustainable, long-term food security. Key areas where such investments should be directed are cost-effective irrigation, improved land-management practices and better seeds developed through agricultural research.  That would help reduce the production risks facing farmers, especially smallholders, and mitigate price volatility.