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October -  14


Governor appeals for peace and communal harmony

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Arunachal Pradesh Governor General (Retd) JJ Singh has appealed to the people of the State to maintain peace and communal harmony. The Governor, who has been very disturbed and saddened by the recent unfortunate incidents of violence in the State, especially in the Capital Complex has appealed to every Arunachalee to remain calm and not fall prey to any provocation or rumours.

These are neither in the people’s interest, nor that of our State, he added. He also reminded everyone that all of us have been living peacefully and amicably for ages, where communal harmony has been the basic building block.

Stating the incidents of violence have resulted in the loss of one precious life,  injuries to numerous people, damage to government and private properties, Gen Singh said that it has vitiated the peaceful environment and spread fear amongst the law abiding and innocent citizens, especially the women and children.

Joining all the people of Arunachal Pradesh in condemning it, Gen Singh added that in our society, historically, there has been no place for violence. Peaceful demonstration, protests and rallies are an acceptable part of every democratic society but taking the law into ones own hands does not reflect the people in good light or give a correct impression of our peace loving society.

The Governor has expressed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of late Heri Tai and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul. He also has stressed on speedy investigation on the circumstances leading to the incident and action taken as per the law of the land.

We have always taken pride in being the most peaceful State in the North East. Let us continue to maintain this excellent tradition and work as ‘Team Arunachal’, Governor further emphasised.


Heri Association appeals for peace

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: All Heri Welfare Association (AHWA) president Heri Taro has made a fervent appeal to one and all to maintain peace, tranquility & harmony. He sought prayer support and cooperation at this crisis hour of the deceased family and Heri Clan for the smooth last journey of the departed soul Heri Tai and for his soul to rest in eternal peace.

Late Tai had succumbed to his injuries sustained in IG Park at a Guwahati hospital yesterday. His body is being brought back on Friday for the final rites in Itanagar.


Local MLA appeals for urgent steps for peace and security

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Local MLA Techi Kaso today called on Home Minister Takar Marde besides met Chief Secretary Tabom Bam, DGP Kanwaljit Deol and other local senior public leaders including former ministers and MLAs to hold threadbare discussions on the prevailing disturbed situation in the capital and pleaded with them for urgent steps to maintain peace.

The MLA appealed to all sector level committee leaders and leaders of various religious groups of the capital to come forward for spreading the message of goodwill and bring normalcy at the earliest.

However, Kaso urged the HM to immediately post adequate police personnel at Itanagar and Naharlagun police stations, which were having 26 and 17 cops, against the requirements of 64 each. There should be two inspectors and 11 SIs in each PS, but presently both PSs were having one inspector and 8 and 6 SIs respectively.

Admitting that the strength of both PSs were insufficient considering the rising law and order in the Capital Complex, the HM directed the DGP to urgently post police personnel to both the PSs as required and sanctioned in 2010.  

Kaso said the DGP also assured him to act as per direction to post additional cops to the PSs.

Kaso hoped that with additional police personnel, the PSs would be able to tackle law and order situation effectively.


MLAs appeal people not to believe unfounded rumours

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: A group of MLAs belonging to different political parties today came out heavily against rumour mongers for spreading runmours about communal clashes in the Capital Complex, saying it was unfounded and baseless without any fact.

MLAs Techi Kaso and Bamang Felix (both NCP), Tani Loffa and Tapuk Taku (both AITC), Takam Tagar and Markio Tado (both PPA), in a joint statement, expressed their deep concern at the state of affairs in the Capital Complex since Tuesday last. However, they stoutly denied of any communal violence.

While condemning violence in any form, they called upon all sections of people to refrain from any action that would add fuel to the fire.  Expressing deep shock at the death of a youth at IG Park in unprovoked police firing on Tuesday last, they conveyed their deepest sense of condolences to the bereaved family and urged the state government to institute an impartial inquiry to bring the guilty to book within a given time frame.

However, they took serious exception to the fact that the state government has been very insensitive to various issues during the last few months, otherwise all unwanted incidents could have been averted with tactful governance.

At this critical hour, we all should stand united to face the situation and act in a manner to uphold human values and the age-old tribal ethos of brotherhood and the spirit of fellow feeling, they said.

“Any insensible act at this hour of crisis would go against Arunachal Pradesh and tarnish its image which would be difficult to repair, they added.

In a fervent appeal to all community-based and youth organizations to rise to the occasion, the MLAs said the youths being tomorrow’s future have to shoulder the responsibility to bring order in the society.


PPA condemns violence, blames central leadership for Arunachal crisis

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh strongly has condemned the violent incidence in the capital region. The common Publics should not be made as scapegoat for the Political gain of an Individual, it said. A solution can be always be found if there is an honest effort, the party said while stating that the PPA is ready to act as peacemaker as the both faction are closed to the party.

While the BJP demand for President  rule  is also right, but PPA feels that this is no time for politics; one time last effort should be made to find an amicable solution in the interest of the State, it added.  

PPA further appealed all the Nyishi factions to remain calm in the name of god and our age old cultural tradition and relationships. And we should refrain from becoming the tools of the vested political interested People, it said.

The Party further said that AICC and Congress central observers have to take moral responsibility for not being responsive to the silent magma boiling inside the Rajiv Bhavan Itanagar.

The Congress CM and Party President have become the slave to the 24th Akbar road to the peril of the  State, it added. The national party has exposed its inability and inherent limitation in governing  this sensitive state.

The rank and file of the Congress Party cannot absolve themselves from this betrayal to the Public. If this violence does not stops - Itanagar in particular and Arunachal in general will be the ultimate losers, it said while adding that it is time also to stop mushrooming of the social and political organisations in the capital area.


ANSU appeal for peaceful co-existence

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) appealed to all the citizen of the state to maintain peace, tranquillity, peaceful co-existence and to preserve age-old social relation with other communities.

ANSU appealed all community not to panic and get swayed by unfounded rumours of communal riots, it said while adding that ANSU never subscribe to riots more so communal.

It further requested citizens to inform the executive members if any individual, group and organisation indulge in criminal activity by taking the name of ANSU in any way.

ANSU would also like to appeal to the law enforcing agency to take preventive measures and provide security to citizen to build faith on security personnel.

ANSU also urged the Nyishi brethren not to take up any activity which may defame ANSU and Nyishi community as a whole. We should stand united and try not to divide the Nyishi community for someone’s else political and individual interest, in this critical juncture, it said while adding that each Nyishi must put his or her best to bring back normalcy in the State and Capital Complex in particular.

It further expressed displeasure at the Nyishi MLAs for not taking any initiative so far to tackle such serious crisis. The ANSU appealled them to direct their supporter not to resort to violent activity.  It has come to know that miscreants are trying to defame the image and reputation of ANSU in order to destabilize our movement to create fear psychosis among the citizen by damaging public properties in the name of ANSU, it added.

ANSU basically stands for students and for community welfare only and it took up Pradeep Thakur and Manoj Anand’s derogatory remark as it concerns our community, it said while adding that the union is not concerned on who becomes CM of Arunachal Pradesh.


Power & roads are main source of development: DC

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The Deputy Commissioner, Upper Siang District, Liyon Borang, accompanied by a team of officers and public leaders comprising SDO Mariyang, EAC (Dev) Yingkiong, DIPRO, SDAO Mariyang, Dukkang Pertin ZPM, Toning Pertin, Advocate visited Damro, the biggest village of the district on 12 October last.

An awareness meeting on Hydro-Power Development was held at the village on the occasion. Around 300 representatives of different block villages, clans including all the gaon Buras, ASMs, GPMs attended the meeting and actively participated in the deliberation. All the members expressed serious concern over non-availability of sources of power generation anywhere within the Mariyang submission from beginning of establishment of Mariyang administrative Hqd in 1964 to till date. Therefore, almost all the total populace, intellectuals, PRI members villagers except a few land owners of terraced paddy field of Teke and Barem area lying near the proposed site of the Hydro-Power Project over Yamne River below Mopom area have welcome the proposal for conduct of the properly survey works of the possible damaged, affected assets and properties, reports DIPRO.  

The Deputy Commissioner L. Borang informed that the development of surface road transportation and communications and the Hydro-Power Projects are the two fundamental bases for all forms of developments.

All the speakers, ZPM, ASMs Advocate, Gao Bunas, intellectual elders while welcoming the proposal appealed the state government and the concern executing company to provide job opportunity to the locals especially to affected property owners and sound compensation against damaged properties.

The Gaon Buras also expressed resentment at concern authority for non-establishment of VKV or Novodaya Schools in the area even after the local people of Mariyang area were ready to donate lands for the purpose.


PR leaders blame CM and HM for Oct 11 fiasco

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Coordination Committee (APPRCC) condemned the firing incident at Indira Gandhi Park on October 11 which resulted in the death of Heri Tai and injuring many others.

The unprovoked and indiscriminate firing was unwarranted and highly condemnable it said while adding that Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin and Home Minister Takar Marde must own moral responsibility for the mishap.

APPRCC term the initiative of Nyishi Consultative Committee (NCC) as an act of betrayal to the Nyishi community. It was formed with a political objective and to serve the interest of their mentor rather than the Nyishi community, it said.

The tension prevailing in Arunachal Pradesh especially in Capital Complex is borne out of leadership crisis following the death of Late Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

The APPRCC appeal all the communities of the State not to get swayed away by the rumour and to stand with us to ensure that justice is done to every one of us.

It further said that to bring back normalcy in the State and to build congenial atmosphere to let each tribe usher in communal harmony, 3 member committee deputed by the Congress High Command thoroughly asses the political situation of the State. The visiting 3 member committee should also read the pulse of the people who are relentlessly crying for change in leadership with complete breakdown of internal security in the backdrop, it added while adding that panel intervened and take apt and timely decision in changing the present leadership headed by Jarbom Gamlin in order to rescue the Arunachal Pradesh from further deterioration of law and order and to revamp the Congress Party whose image has been damaged beyond repair within the four months of Jarbom Gamlin led Govt in the State.     

The committee further condole the untimely demise of Heri Tai who succumbed to bullet injury.


Community workshop on Wildlife Conservation at Shergaon

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: A one day community workshop on “Benefits of Wildlife Conservation” was organized by the Shergaon Forest Division, on the occasion of National Wildlife Week  in the Shergaon Community Hall on October 11 with the objective to understand the composition of wildlife in the region, their value and threats faced and to instill a sense of pride over the resources supported by communities; stress the need to manage our wildlife resources by understanding the benefits of wildlife conservation and to evolve a participatory action plan for better conservation based on traditional and modern knowledge.    The workshop was attended by Gaon buras, Government officials, VFMC members and members of the public.

Umesh Srinivasan, National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore introduced the audience to the wildlife of western Arunachal Pradesh, their value and threats.  For example, only 7 pairs of the babbler bird Bugun liocichla, has been reported in the eagle nest wildlife sanctuary and this bird is not found anywhere else. Some other wildlife commonly found in this region are flying squirrel, golden cat, laughing thrust, parrot billed, sun bird, false cobra, krait, loris. Hunting posed a major threat especially to the larger mammals whose breeding rate is not very fast.

K Mazumdar, WWF-India threw light on the benefits of wildlife conservation especially the tangible benefits apart from the environmental advantages. He stressed on the close association of tribal people with the nature and wildlife resources. Loss of wildlife would lead to loss of certain customary practices. For example, if the hornbill gets extinct, then how would the tribal people decorate their headgears? Conservation could be done through people’s participation through Community Conserved Areas (CCA) by initiating community based tourism activities like bird watching, trekking, home stays, local guides, etc. He explained the CCA model at Zemithang, the development of facilities, income options generated and economic impacts of the project. Conservation initiatives like high altitude wetland conservation were also explained to villagers.

Millo Tasser, ACF, Shergaon Forest Division documented the local wildlife in local Sherdukphen language through a delightful interactive session. Pictures of the animals were shown to the audience; their unique characteristics explained and on the basis of which the audience were requested to identify the animals in their local language. The villagers could identify most of the animals but only few birds. Especially the smaller birds remained unidentified.

K.S. Jayachandran, Divisional Forest Officer, Shergaon Forest Division talked about main aspects of the Wildlife Protection Act as well as the government schemes on conservation such as Sacred Groves, unique eco systems like wetlands, community reserves and Compensatory Afforestation linked Village Forest Reserves (VFR). Villagers were interested in availing the benefits of different schemes discussed and an action plan was devised regarding framing of proposals.

M. Taipodia Jini, Circle Officer, Shergaon moderated discussions about the reasons for reduction of forests, wildlife commonly seen and those not seen nowadays, wildlife conflicts, local laws against hunting and its implementation and the various traditional practices which conserved forests and wildlife.

An exhibition of paintings was also conducted on the sidelines of the workshop through painting competitions conducted jointly by Shergaon Forest Division and WWF-India, Tezpur focusing on wildlife and its conservation for school children of Rupa, Singchung, Tenga, Shergaon and Kalaktang.


Orgs appeal for peace and harmony as it questions Govt

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Expressing concern over the recent development in Arunachal Pradesh, Arunachal Vikas Parishad (AVP) today appealed all peace loving citizens of the state to work together for peace and co-existence.

“Whatever may be the reason behind the present turmoil, we cannot allow the situation to escalate such an extent where our coming generations will be pushed in chaos and total insecurity,’ the  AVP said in a release today. It also appealed the Govt to ensure safety and security of the citizens and properties and improved law and order. All action and efforts shall be for peaceful, united and prosperous Arunachal Pradesh, the  Parishad added.

All Arunachal Pradesh Social Youth Progressive Union (AAPSYPU) has appealed to the all the tribes of the state to remain united and promote goodwill and brotherhood among each other for co-existence at this crucial juncture.

The union also appealed to all the Galo breathens who have left the capital complex to come back to their places and keep up the long traditional good-will among other tribes. Expressing concern over the  violence activities which left several injures on Tuesday, the  Union blamed the state Govt including Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin and Home Minister for the prevailing  law and order situation and  also demanded their resignation.

State Govt should have shown maturity in dealing with such situation, particularly when the NES-ANSU declared the rally as ‘Anti-Nyishi”, the union said and questioned why the state Govt is adamant to clarify the stand on Times of India issue when the NES-ANSU has time and again rejected the report of two member committee. The union further questioned as to why the bandh was not declared illegal and  extra paramilitary forces were not deployed during bandh which coincided with the rally. It alleged complete failure of the capital district administration and appealed the state Govt for disciplinary action against the deputy commissioner.

The union further appealed to all “vested interest people and politicians” not to divide the Nyishi tribe on any issues for their self benefit’. It also appealed the Governor not to remain as mute spectator and  impose President’s Rule.

Meanwhile, the union deeply condoled the death of Heri Tai, who succumbed to bullet injury and  prayed to Almighty God to give enough strength to the bereaved family of Late Tai. The union further appreciated All Heri Welfare Association (AHWA) for showing maturity for communal peace and harmony.

Gichik Abu Welfare Society also deeply mourned the unfortunate killing of their “son-in law” Late Heri Tai in violence incident on Oct 11.   Late Tai was working as security guard under BSNL office at Naharlagun. The Society prayed to the Almighty God for peace of the departed soul and also give more strength to the bereaved family. While condemning the police personnel who involved in shooting incident, the Society held the  state Govt responsible for the incident. The society also condemned the infighting within the Congress party, bandh call by a little known organization like Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribes Union and also ANSU-NES for declaration of proposed rally as Anti Niyshi rally, which, the Society said, caused to sacrifice their ‘son-in-law’ late Heri Tai.

It appealed the State Govt  for immediate arrest  and termination of police involved in shooting incident and also appealed to the youth of the Nyishi to maintain peace and communal harmony for solution to the  problems.

While condemning the Tuesday’s firing incident which resulted in death of one person and caused injuries to many others, Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe Students Union (APSTSU) today demanded magisterial inquiry  and punishment to the culprit  as per law.

APSTSU also appealed all the citizen of state not to take law into their hands and refrain from destruction of public and private properties and maintain brotherhood among the Arunachalees.

Meanwhile, the APSTSU also decided to support the peace rally   which is going to be organized by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) in Capital Complex and also appealed all the NGOs, all the community base students  organizations and youths of the state to voice together for maintenance of  peace and harmony and promote brotherhood in order to bring back normalcy in the capital complex.

The Union observed that some people of the state have lost their faith in the importance  and role of democracy  after the untimely demise of Chief Minister late Dorjee Khandu. It appealed one and all to respect itself and believe in fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution.

Meanwhile,  APSTSU and All East Kameng Students Union (AEKSU) condoled the sudden demise of Late Heri Tai, who succumbed to bullet injuries in Itanagar violence and  also condoled the sudden demise of Late Ginda Cheri,  student of Basar Polytechnic and Late Kangam Welly, student of Govt Hr. secondary school Seppa who lost  their lives in a road accident in Seppa yesterday night.

GWS calls for peace, appeals Galos to come back

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The Galo Welfare Society re-affirms its traditional bond of brotherhood with the Nyishis in this difficult time, said a statement while appealing to all sections of the society to promote love, peace and brotherhood and discourage rumours.

As the parent body of the community, we also appeal all Galos who had left the capital complex apprehending breach of communal peace not to spread wrong message back home, it said while requesting them to come back to their working place, help in confidence building measure, and continue to contribute to the development of the state.

“The recent spurt of disturbance and destruction of some property belonging to some Galos seems to bear political motive. Such isolated incidents have nothing to do with our brotherly relation with any other fellow community” it said.  The Galo Welfare Society also appreciates the gesture of the Nyishi Elite Society in postponing their proposed bandh given the taxing circumstances. We solicit the concern of fellow Arunachalis and request them to stay calm and help restore normalcy in the best interest of our beautiful state, it added.   

The society also grieved the loss of late Heri Tai and offers deepest sympathies to the bereaved family.


Inspirational Awardees exhibit their talents

Aalo, Oct 13: Out of 34 selected inspirational award winner, 9 turned up to exhibit their talents through seminars and exhibitions in a function held at Gumin Kiin on 12th Oct last.

Gracing the function as Chief Guest Aalo DIPRO Gijum Tali exhorted the participants, especially selected students to expose themselves in the best possible way in the State Level Competition. Lauding the education department for instituting such awards for talented students, he said students today needs proper guidance and encouragement to excel in their academic pursuits. He called upon the students community to utilize their youthful energies and prepare themselves to catch up with present day competition.

The DAEO, Moli Tato reiterated that teachers and students should react and give positive responses to incentives given by the govt. to inspire the talented students of the district.


USSATA unit demands early release of salary

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: The Executive members of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association (USSSATA) Upper Subansiri district unit have appealed to the concerned authority to release the pending salary of the SSA teachers with areas at the earliest.

The AASSATA unit in a release today said that three months’ salary from July to Sept from the director of State SSA Rajya Mission have been released during August  last with arrear of April  for other districts, but the  SSA teachers of Upper Subansiri yet to receive their salary amount. The AASSATA district unit  further said salary is delayed due to negligence of district salary disbursement authority. It threatened to  refrain from their duty if the  salary is not disbursed at the earliest.


RGUSU meets VC

ITANAGAR, Oct  13:  Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) led by its president  Tao Abo met the new RGU Vice Chancellor Prof. David Reid Syiemlieh  at his chamber in his first day of assuming office recently and expressed gratitude to him.

The union informed that the VC assured to give top priority for the well-being of student community and try his level best for uplift of the lone university of the state. The union hope that the new Vice Chancellor will keep up the expectation of the students in particular and the state as a whole and take the RGU administration to a new height.


“Pay salary”

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: AASSATA District Unit  Upper Subansiri, appealed to the  concerned authority  to release  their  salary  with arrear while threatening to boycott work  unless  the payment  is  made.

Three months Salary with  one month  Arrear  for the  month of April   have been released from the  Director of  State  SSA Rajya Mission Itanagar, in the month of August itself but SSA teachers in the district is yet to get their salary, it said.  


Displeasure at BSNL service

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: AdiSU Upper Siang unit expressed displeasure at  functioning of the concerned authority of BSNL. It said that despite repeated appeals, the authority could not improve the disrupted BSNL network services in Upper Siang District particularly at Mariyang.

It appealed to the concerned authority to look into the matter immediately.



ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Michi Paku and Michi Challo have been selected as Chairman and Secretary of Michi Welfare Society, Itanagar in its conference here recently.


APCC constitutes peace committee

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has constituted a peace committee with APCC Vice President Lombo Tayeng and Padi Hinda as its Chairman and vice chairman along with six other members.

The committee would visit all the affected areas and individuals who were injured in the violence and submit their report to President APCC by October 21.

Meanwhile, APCC has expressed deep sorrow over the unprecedented violence that has taken placed in state capital, Itanagar on October 11 last. It appealed to the people to maintain peace and harmony.


Employment Cell

ROING:   An Employment Cell Committee under the Chair of Deputy Commissioner, Lower Dibang Valley District, Roing was formed recently with District Labour & Employment Officer, Roing as member secretary and DIO, DIPRO and DLIO as members. The main purpose of committee would be to collect data from job market/advertisement etc to help the local youths and job seekers in the district. The committee shall also sought information from Govt. Departments, Semi-Govt. Organization and Private sector employers in the district for any vacancies as per the employment exchange compulsory notification of Vacancies Act 1959. DIPRO



Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clan Youth  Organisation  (APATCYO) today clarified that All Capital Complex Youth Welfare Association (ACCYWA) and  APATCYO have jointly given 45 days ultimatum to the PWD and UD department to start road repairing works in Capital Complex, especially NH 52 A, failing which it threatened to go for  2nd phase 24 hours bandh call.

Earlier, the  ACCYWA and APATCYO had jointly given 12 hours capital bandh on Oct 10 last demanding the authority to hand NH 52 A road over to BRTF for proper maintenance.



News Impact

Who cares?

Dear Editor,

There is a grievous paucity of lots of developmental works and other activities of public interest, besides the law & order complication in our state, owing to counterproductive tug of war for power among the ministers of the ruling party.

Are they serious and who are they?

Anyway who cares?


Millo Byai, Karicode




Unity is the key right now

Dear Editor,

While some of our politicians are busy and camping in Delhi for months and are busy fighting for the post of chief-ministership; the citizens are contributing to the chaos by getting involved in killing each other, calling bandhs, and participating in unnecessary hooliganism against the state. It is a sad and unfortunate development for a young and aspiring state like Arunachal Pradesh who has still a long way to go and many dreams to be fulfilled. It is demoralizing and frustrating to see that the Government instead of working collectively for the developmental activities of the state; creating more employment opportunities, building and upgrading the infrastructures and taking care of the dilapidated health sector of the state, the politicians are away from the state for personal gains.

Sincere request for my fellow brothers and sisters of Arunachal while we are passing through one of the toughest and darkest period in the history of the state, please, shun off the path of violence and start thinking and planning about a bright future of oneself and the state as a whole. Violence is not going to lead us anywhere. Unity is the key right now.


Dr.C. Mongchan

Shillong, (on email)



Where are we headed?

Dear Editor,

Where are we heading? Why our own innocent brothers are made to shed blood for personnel interest of few tainted power hungry people? If same situation prevails in coming days then how will be our Arunachal in future?

When I ask myself these questions, I can’t resist the pain arising from within me.

I am frustrated I am helpless because I can’t do anything about the current situation of state nor the egoist and power hungry people are going to listen to the voice of common man like me.

But I can obviously request the faction of people who are responsible for all this mess that I want to live normally and lead a dignified life with the fellow people around me irrespective of tribe, creed and religion.

So, please don’t try to create communal disharmony among the people and at the same time I request general public not to follow your leader blindly before analyzing the fact for yourself because sometimes your leader tends to misguide you. When you feel that you are being misguided just ask your instinct whether you are right and then decide.

Forgiveness is the medicine that can heal the deepest wound. I being common man would like to  urge Nyishi brother’s  to forget and forgive the wrong doers who made ill comment about the community and move ahead towards constructive future because enough damage has been made out of this issue.

Our Ministers and parliamentary Secy. at the position I think all of you should resign on moral ground because of the current condition of state. You all should have acted responsibly and collectively and sort out the problem of society rather than fighting among yourselves like wild dogs for power. Let me remind you all that you are chosen by public to serve them not to dictate them. Our state is lagging in almost every field be infrastructure development, health care and education. So dear minister’s come down to earth and try to act like human beings and make our state better place to live in. So that one day we public can proudly say these are the ministers chosen by us.


Michi Tabyo

Itanagar, (on email)



NPF is a political party and will divide our state

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my intense dissatisfaction and anguish at T.Mossang and company who accused state home minister Takar Marde of being incomplete and not supporting NPF.

Does he know who Takar Marde is? He is the man who travelled every nook and corner of Tirap and Changlang just for the people of these two troubled districts despite death threat from the militants.

I feel that Mossang is a spy of NSCN who is hungry for political power. NPF is a political party and it will only divide our state.

He even challenged APPSU and other tribe leaders.  Agreed, the state is going through a bad phase but we won’t let any opportunist to play their dirty game.

He even accepted that he is a Naga and no doubt he will leave no stone unturned to destabilize the peace of state.

APPSU is the voice of youth of the state and many a times the apex student body has opposed the movement of NPF. But, it seems that Mossang doesn’t know the language of words.

Eventually, I request Tirap, Changlang and Longding brethrens not to succumb under the word Naga. We are Arunachalis.


Nikrun Bui Tator, Delhi



Wear your uniform right

Dear Editor,

Since there are many organizations and police forces in our country and the all have their own one common uniform but our states police force is little different. You cannot distinguish who is state armed personnel, civil police or the newsmaker IRBn personnel, someone is wearing khaki with camouflage mixed, someone wearing black cap, khaki cap, blue cap, 'P'cap and others black scarf etc. I think they wear what they wish. Is there no any controlling officer to instruct them how to wear a uniform or they are not trained?  

Being a discipline force they should at least know how to wear a proper uniform. If state police organisation or home ministry cannot provide a different uniform to state armed force's like AAPBn, IRBn then at least give them one particular colour of Cap and whistle cord so they could have one proper unit ID. There are many other organisations deployed in our state, at least learn something from them how to wear a proper uniform.



Naharlagun ,  (on email)



Stop the violence

Dear Editor,

We could have been united without asking for blood of our own brother, Heri Tai. He died begging Nyishis unity. Let us fulfill his desire- a united Nyishi. Also let us profess peaceful co-existence among all community. Please stop violence for the sake of future Arunachal.


Nabam Raju,

Polo Colony.



Let there be thorough enquiry

Dear Editor,                                                                        

It was very disheartening to see the attitude of District Administration towards the local people at Roing. I felt sad and frustrated over the issue. Though I m from Lohit, I have an emotional attachments towards Roing. How come the District Administration give the  orders for firing at innocent local people who were enjoying the event of Durga Puja in their own  ways.  This is totally unacceptable. Are we being treated as terrorist in our own land? Recently both the DC and SP talked about extremist groups have entered Lower Dibang Valley. Now are they treating the local people as extremist, this is totally misuse of power at highest level. Lathicharge is acceptable but gun power is like forcing AFSPA into place. Both the Heads of Department must understand the mentality and culture of local people before taking such harsh action. There should be a thorough independent enquiry into this eventful incident and the culprits should be punished according to law no matter what position he hells.                                                               


Chow S (on email)



Anna and politics

Dear Editor,

Anna Hazare entering politics sounds very discouraging for us. As such, it is presumed that if Anna play role in politics, there would be no "Real Anna" for us to fight against corruption in the country. It is obvious that if Anna join politics, he will no more get mass support, his stand would be disregarded, he will engage himself in corruption activities and thereby corruption will rise so high in this country and  it would be too late to eradicate after Anna's failure. So, let's appeal our Anna not to join politics, and let's appeal our Anna to continue fighting against corruption.


Tekom Padung

DPS Itanagar



Don’t jeopardize the peace

Dear Editor,

I would like to cue all those organization’s and associations and their leaders not to jeopardize your own calm and peaceful state by trying yourself to make popular in front of others by organizing defamatory agitation/strike for a small-small causes. Appearing of organization and your name in the news paper only shall not make you great but, your optimistic thought and work will! Let me ask you that, Do you really think that your association or an organization are great or strong enough, when you have succeeded to call for a defamatory Strike that too without positive consequences, which only slows down the phase of development and nothing else?

By writing this piece of article I don’t want to embarrass any particular association/ organization but wants to aware all the people those who are engaged themselves in such kind of activities that our state is on the verge of danger. So, my dear fellow Arunachalee don’t let hypocrite leader of any organization to tempt you with their sweet words. Otherwise, because of all those leader of various organizations tomorrow there may be communal riot between every community in the entire state or many more horrible activities which you can’t tolerate at all! And the time when you realized, it would be so late.

Hoping that, some optimist leader is also there in various organizations who really works for the good cause of organization as well as for the state and country and shall pursue their good deeds in the days to come.


Tatu Ronya

Coimbatore,  (on email)



Too short a time

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to express my regret on time limit given by APPSC for main exam.

Only two months are too short a period for vehement preparation for this prestigious exam.

Therefore, having consideration for the sentiment of candidates kindly extend the exam schedule of  APPSC(main) exam.


Aspirant candidate



What happened to 20 marks?  

Dear Editor,

This is regarding District Statistical Officer examination 2011 conducted by Arunachal Pradesh public service commission on 8th October and 9th October 2011.

I would like to draw attention on 9th October examination i.e. optional subject of mathematics .The instruction was given to attempt Qno.1 as compulsory and any other seven (7) question from the paper, each carrying 10 marks.

If we attempt only these questions then it is of only 80 marks, so what about remaining 20 marks?

Therefore, I request to the APPSC to check the question paper of mathematics optional subject of DSO examination and give the remaining 20 marks if instruction and question was wrong.


A Candidate






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TB death declines


The United Nations health agency reported that for the first time the number of people falling ill with tuberculosis (TB) each year is declining, but warned that current progress is at risk due to under-funding.

New data, published in the World Health Organization (WHO) 2011 Global Tuberculosis Control Report, shows that the number of people who fell ill with TB dropped to 8.8 million in 2010, after peaking at 9 million in 2005. The report also finds that TB deaths fell to 1.4 million in 2010, after reaching 1.8 million in 2003.

At the same time, it states that current progress is at risk from under-funding, especially efforts to combat multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), a form of the disease that fails to respond to standard first-line drugs.

While the share of domestic funding allocated to TB rose to 86  per cent worldwide for 2012, most low-income countries still rely heavily on external funding. Overall, countries have reported a funding shortfall of $1 billion for carrying out TB-related activities in 2012, of which $200 million is for the MDR-TB response.

The report shows that the TB death rate dropped 40 per cent between 1990 and 2010, and all regions, except Africa, are on track to achieve a 50  per cent decline in mortality by 2015.

Last December WHO endorsed a new rapid test for tuberculosis, which it said represented a major milestone for global TB diagnosis and care by providing an accurate diagnosis in about 100 minutes, compared to previous tests that can take up to three months.