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October -  17


Rally at Roing as deadline expires, five of the eight out of hospital

ROING, Oct 16: Continuing with its indefinite protest, Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) has called a joint rally tomorrow to protest police firing and for fulfillment of its demands.

In a fax message sent to the two organizations on Thursday, the home minister appealed for restrain and cooperation to state government as the deadline given by the two organizations for fulfillment of its demand expired on October 14.

The police shooting incident of student will be investigated by a two member inquiry committee headed by Home Commissioner T Taloh, IAS and DIGP (East) Robin Hibu, IPS, home minister Takar Marde had announced on October 6.

However, the visit of the inquiry committee to Roing has been deferred due to Tuesday’s violence in Itanagar.

IMCLS and AIMSU had demanded immediate suspension of Roing DC, SP, Officer-in-charge and Magistrate on duty. The demand also included judicial inquiry into the whole firing incident.

Five of the eight injured in the police shooting of October 5 have been released from a hospital in Dibrugarh.  

Two injured Jambo Pulu, 16 and Tenzing Linggi, 20 reached home safely today in Roing. Another injured Nanong Langkam, 16 was released yesterday.

Alo Meme, 15 and the lone female victim Emimo Mekola, 14 was discharged from Dibrugarh hospital on October 7.

One adult man Tanya Mihu, who sustained minor injury in the police firing, was treated at Roing hospital.

None of the injuries are reported to be life-threatening, however Rajen Umpey, 16 and Asati Linggi, 15 remained hospitalized in the Dibrugarh Aditya hospital.    

According to one injured Langkam, a class XI student of government higher secondary school was caught unaware when one bullet passed above his right shoulder, during the incident.  “One bullet just passed by me to hit the wall, deflected and hit the floor of the road.”

Langkam was found lying unconscious over a pool of blood. A shot pellet had ripped through his flesh, slightly injuring a rib bone in his right side of the stomach.

Police opened fire on students after an altercation occurred with them, when the police forced to close down the games stall during the Durga puja celebration.

Six were reportedly injured in the pellets shots, after the bullet first hit the road, cement walls and steel railings. Two sustained direct bullet hit ripping through the hand of one and the thigh of the other.


Arson at Takar complex, ACCI, BWC urge traders not to panic

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Days after BB Plaza, one of the most popular shopping destinations in Itanagar was ransacked and looted during the Oct 11 violence, there is a report of arson at Takar Complex, Naharlagun last night.

Three offices including CCRD, a premier cultural research organization which has been documenting the transition among all tribes in the state, Impressions, a printing firm and Legia dental clinic were apparently targeted. Police sources confirm that the cause of the fire that broke out was arson as no business establishment in the ground floor was touched.

The Police and Fire Brigade managed to douse the fire that broke out at 12.30 PM last night.

According to preliminary reports, the culprits managed to get in from one of the back doors of the huge building.

The Naharlagun police has registered a case and launched an investigation. Nine finger prints have been collected.

Police sources further said that miscreants might have resorted to such act in order to create fear psychosis among the common people.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) and Naharlagun Bazar Welfare Committee (BWC) severely condemned the Saturday night arson in Takar Complex, Naharlagun.

They called upon the traders not to panic and continue their business activities as usual.

Violence and vandalism should not be tolerated at any cost, the statement said and asked the police to strengthen its security net along all vulnerable private and government establishments, it added.

Such destructive acts would tarnish the image of this peaceful state, ACCI president Techi Lala, general secretary Tarh Nachung and BWC general secretary Tok Butum said in a joint statement after inspecting the spot.  They exhorted the police to bring the culprits to book immediately and award exemplary punishment so that no one dares repeat such act in future.

Pointing out that traders had nothing to do with politics, BWC joined the ACCI in reiterating  demand for a proper inquiry to asses the total losses caused by vandalism to traders and immediate payment of adequate compensation to the traders, who were looted or whose shops were damaged to help them to run their show in state’s interest.


NCP seeks Centre’s intervention

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: NCP, state unit urged the Union government to urgently take some well thought out measures to avert recurrence of unruly and ugly situation in the state and bring back lasting ease and freedom from fear from the minds of innocent common people whose very survival was jeopardized in the state capital following spate of violence. This kind of thing must not recur in the future, it said while adding that the ruling party at New Delhi and the state had never before shown this kind of gross callousness in terms of the welfare of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. It is very strange and unfortunate that the INC has been ridiculing and putting to stake a simple, innocent population for the wrong politicking of a few of its leaders, it said while adding that the NCP does not think any political patch up would be sufficient to ensure physical-emotional security to the general masses.

The party demanded thread bare investigation into the recent horrifying events in the state, its capital in focus, with immediate effect, delivering of justice to the sufferers who incurred financial and other losses owing to the riot like situation which claimed a life and relieve the people of the state out from the just experienced incredible impasse.

“Arunachal Pradesh seem to have been taken for granted by the leaders of the party in power and their cronies. This is nothing but a big insult to the injury to the people as the basic essential tasks like developing the communication, power, civil hygiene, health and allied things are being constantly sacrificed at the alter of inter-group rivalry in power politics in the APCC”, the party president Ngurang Pinch said.

“It is therefore, incumbent upon the political parties other than INC to come together on a single platform and provide alternative and imaginative political leadership to Arunachal Pradesh. INC has become a hackneyed party and proved itself totally misfit for the present day Arunachal” it said.

“The change will have to be primarily for attitudinal and emotional integrity of the masses to serve the purpose of the state and not the narrow, sectarian, ambitious and opportunistic whims of a bunch of outdated leadership. Only a total change and not any patchwork can save us from repeat of the nightmarish situation we have just been dragged through. NCP also urges the unbiased part of the APCC to ponder over the necessity of change” it said.

The NCP also urged the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to minutely read the pulse of the overall situation of the very present and also the future to an immediate extent and do his necessary bit which he has always been doing.

The state unit of NCP also observed two minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul of Late Heri Tai and prayed almighty God to grand enough strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss. And also appreciated the role of All Heri Welfare Society (AHWS) for maintaining peace.


All-tribes meet appeals Govt to ensure rule of law

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: All-tribes consultative meeting was convened by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) here at Hotel Donyi-Polo Ashoka yesterday in order to bring out solution to the turmoil prevailing in the state. Community leaders representing various communities and students organizations, NGOs of the state took part in the consultative meeting.

Acknowledging the failure of law and order in the state, the house appeals to the state Govt to ensure rule of law in the state capital at the earliest and requests state Govt to provide justice to the Nyishi community earliest as possible.

Expressing deep concern over the spread of false rumours of communal disharmony in the state, the house strongly disowned and condemns ‘such frame up of SMSs’.  

After discussion threadbare, the house strongly condemns the publication of derogatory remarks in the national dailies about the Nyishi community by Pradeep Thakur of ToI and Manoj Anand of Deccan Chronicle.  This is an undignified remark to the entire communities of Arunachal Pradesh as a whole, the House felt and discouraged such development. The house also unanimously condemns the state Govt for series of unprecedented incidents occurred, especially on Oct 11.  

The house also declares that henceforth any individual fight or disagreement between any group and individual should not be referred with communal character and no community and students organizations shall shelter them.

At the beginning of the meeting, the house observed two minutes silence prayer for eternal rest of the Late Heri Tai, who was killed in a firing incident at I G Pak here on Oct 11.


Orgs demands arrest of police personnel

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Nyishi Elite Society (NES) has demanded state Govt to arrest the culprit responsible for the death of late Heri Tai immediately. The guilty should be awarded exemplary punishment as per the law, the NES said.

Tai was injured at the IG Park firing on Oct 11 and later succumbed to his injury at GNRC Hospital Guwahati.  It further said that one of the injured in Naharlagun police firing Rogio Tatum of Yangte township has been evacuated to Guwahati on Oct 14 for further treatment.

Holding the state Govt entirely responsible for the unfortunate incident ‘as a fall out of which, the capital is reeling under acute tension and fear psychosis’, the NES in a single point Memorandum addressed to Chief Minister said the unfortunate incident could have been avoided had the Govt taken precautionary measures  to prevent the   ‘Govt sponsored’ NCC rally.  NES in its memorandum further mentioned that the Nyishi community has declared the said rally as Anti-Nyishi rally.  

The ugly incident has taken place due to short-sightedness of the law enforcing agency of the state Govt and failure to understand the volatile situation, the memorandum added.

The NES looks forward for a positive action from the state Govt on priority to help restore peace and bring normalcy in the state, it said.

Gichik Abu Welfare Society has demanded the state government to book the main culprit and arrest the entire police personnel who were involved in the firing incident at IG Park on October 11 and terminate them from their service.

The society further demanded allotment of land to deceased family at cremated area and compensation to the kit and kin of the deceased’s family.

It further said that a martyr trophy should be organized every year by NES, ANSU and NCC at state level to honour Heri Tai, who lost his life for Nyishi community at IG Park incident.

Meanwhile, Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang, Chimpu Donyi Polo Gangging condoled the death of Heri Tai.

The members of the Gangging prayed almighty God for the eternal peace of the departed soul and bestow enough strength to the bereaved family member.

The members also prayed for communal harmony and peaceful coexistence of all section of the people.


NES calls for Nyishi MLAs to withdraw support

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: In a letter to all the fourteen MLAs belonging to Nyishi community, Nyishi Elite Society has called for withdrawal of support to the Jarbom Gamlin Govt led government.

Of the fourteen MLAs, seven belongs to Congress Party.  

Invoking a resolution adopted at the Mega Nyishi Dignity Rally of October 7’ , the Nyishi Elite Society in a statement called for withdrawal of support from the Jarbom led Government and resignation from the post of Minister/Parliamentary Secretary honouring the sentiment of the Nyishi community.

The Mega Nyishi Dignity Rally’ of Oct 7 had also  called for resignation of the Chief Minister while terming it as anti- Nyishi.

It said that while the Chief Minister has not resigned till date, he was fomenting infighting within the community and that there was lawlessness in the state and lack of governance.


ACR welcomes AICC intervention

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR) has welcomed the intervention of AICC President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi into the internal matters of the Congress party that has been divided into two rival factions triggering a leadership crisis in the state.

A faction of the party headed by PCC President and PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki have openly revolted against the leadership of Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin and calling for change in leadership. As a result the government machinery has gone defunct putting a brake on all developmental and welfare activities. The recent spate of violence, especially in the state capital and few district headquarters, are also ramifications of a government, which is not stable and unable to govern with conviction. In other words, the Congress has failed to deliver in a state, which it runs with absolute majority, it said.

The stalemate is going on for more than four months now. Frustration of the citizens of the state has grown to the optimum, especially witnessing the lackadaisical approach of the central Congress leadership in resolving the matter, which can be best termed as an internal matter of the party, it said.

It earnestly appealed to the Congress High Command not to let the impasse continue as it concerns the life, property and future of the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh.

“Whichever way may her decision go, but it would surely clear the mist that has engulfed the political scenario of the state. The stake of Arunachal Pradesh is now at the hands of the AICC President” it said.


Orgs appeals for peace

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization (APATCYO) has appealed to the people of the state to maintain peace and harmony for better future.

Expressing concern over the prevailing state of affair in the capital complex in the recent week, the organization also called upon the state Govt to take bold steps for restoration of peace and harmony.

All communities, social organizations, political parties and individuals should work to promote brotherhood and love that binds Arunachal Pradesh  together and to bring back normalcy in the state, the Organsiation said.

Yego Bango Welfare Society appealed all the people of Arunachal Pradesh to work together to maintain peace and tranquility in the state at this challenging situation.

The future of state depends on the peaceful co-existence of all the tribes of the state; we should not harbour any communal feelings among our fellow brethrens, it said.

“We have already lost 4-5 months without any development in the state, but our peaceful act will surely stop the further loss and damage, we must realise it and must act together to gain communal harmony in the state, especially capital complex”, he said.

“If we maintain peace we will have a proper developmental process and there will be prosperity in the state. But if there is a continuity of unrest, it will result in economic crisis”, it said.


Association say thanks for the support, Church remembers its member

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: All Heri Youth Welfare Association today condoled the death of Heri Tai, who succumbed to bullet injury sustained at I G Park on Oct 11. The Association members observed two minutes’ silence and prayed for eternal peace of departed soul.

Meanwhile, the Association said that the family members of late Heri Tai and AHYWA extended heartfelt thanks to Nyishi Elite Society, All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU), CRC, Naharalgun prayer team, Industries Minister, MLAs capital DC, media, all cross section of societies, NGOs, individuals for extending solidarity, support, cooperation and blessings at the hour of grief by joining last rite of Late Tai from Naharlagun helipad to Itanagar I G Park.

The Association also extends its especial thanks to Er Katung Wahge, SE (PWD), Deputy Resident Commissioner Guwahati, D J Borah,  Dr Kalita and members of Guwahati Nyishi Students Union and others for extending tireless service at Guwahati at the hours of need.

The central church of APCRCC-Christian Revival Church Naharlagun have today condoled the death of its young member Late Heri Tai by observing two minutes of silence and prayed for the rest of the departed soul and for giving enough strength to the bereaved family and relatives. Late Tai from Joru village in Kurung Kumey was a member of the church and is survived by two brothers. The pastor of the church Hillang Taya who has led the funeral service at Itanagar on Friday also leading the condolence prayer during Sunday service remembered him as a cool and decent young man.


Union resents non completion of project

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: All Kalaktang Monpa Students’ Union (AKMSU) today said that the scheme under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojna (RGGVY) in Kalaktang area has been not completed after the three years of floating tender for the same.  Tender was invited and an agreement signed with executing party for completion of scheme within 24 months three years back but the scheme yet to be completed, the Union resented and urged the authorities to retender for the same within 30 days.

The union also expresses displeasure over various developmental activities being undertaken under Kalaktang area. It said the building of the boys hostel, which is under construction, developed crack and there is not even a single ventilator.


ACCI, BWC calls for restriction on Jhandi-munda

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: ACCI and Naharlagun BWC in a letter to the Deputy Commissioner Capital region has called restriction on jhandi munda.

It suggested that isolated place at Banderdewa, Nirjuli, Naharlagun and Itanagar, like Rajiv Gandhi stadium or the field in front of Art & Culture Directorate or Printing Directorate at Naharlagun or some spot in IG park at Itanagar and Nyikum Niya hall at Nirubjuli, be identified by the administration for the jhandi munda for the interested ones to go and enjoy their game there without causing any disturbance in the market areas.

“Many of the gamblers consume alcohol openly and smoke profusely in the public place despite a ban, which causes nuisance. Such an environment discourages the consumers from shopping during the festival when in fact the traders keep huge stocks of merchandise for a good earning. Considering the practice as a great loss for the traders as well as the consumers, the Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) and Naharlagun Bazar Welfare Committee (BWC) would urge you to put a restriction on jahndi munda during Diwali since this year, it said.


9 star Yurkum lifts trophy

Kimin, Oct 16: The 1st Ever Winter Football Tournament 2011 was lifted by 9 Star Yurkum Village Kimin. In the final brilliant match which was witnessed by overwhelming crowds, 9 Star Yurkum Village Football Club defeated United Kimin Football Club (UKFC) by margin of 2-0.

12 teams from Kimin and Kakoi Circle participated in the tournament.

Attending the final match at Mini Subansiri Stadium as Chief Guest Bamang Mangha, the former ZPM Kimin congratulated the winning team and appreciated the organizers of the tournament for successful conduct of the winter Football Tournament without any injuries and controversies among the participating teams.

He gave away trophy with cash amount of Rs. 10,000/- to the winning team.

Tadar Kachi, ADO Kimin attended the closing ceremony as guest of honour.

Earlier on Sept 25, Dr. Tarh Taram, VO Kimin inaugurated the tournament as Chief Guest and had advised the players to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship and termed the Winter Football Tournament at mini Subansiri Stadium Kimin as a platform to showcase the inherent talents of local boys in the field of sports.


Montessori Teaching Learning Aids for  Apna Vidya Bhavan

Wakro, Oct 16: Rural Arunachali children received a welcome gift as Dr Latika Sahni, Dean, Asian Business School dedicated Montessori Teaching Learning Aids to the Apna Vidya Bhavan. The teaching aids have been contributed by His Holiness Sri Sri Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati. Vijaya Nair communicating the saint’s message to Anugrah from Mumbai conveyed that Swamiji was keen on good education and proper grooming of Arunachali children and so are more friends who are keen to join hands in achieving this. Dr Latika, herself an educator for more than two decades, formerly Director with AMITY, appreciated the Apnes and the educational environment maintained by ASSET in remote rural Arunachal. Addressing the Apnes she said that the time of learning is precious and that one must make the most of it. Brig Vikal Sahni interacted with the Apnes and assured his support in all possible.

Col H S Chouhan, Commanding Officer, 26 Maratha Light Infantry handed over a cheque of Rs. 21000/= to teacher Geeta Tamang of the AVB. The contribution will be utilized to further the cause of Ritu ArunachalSankalp (RAS), a program dedicated in honour of Print Media Houses of Arunachal, Army and AWWA.

The program was formally announced by Chandralesh Chouhan on 13th June  and presently three Arunachali girls are provided free hostel facility by ASSET to pursue secondary level education under the RAS. ASSET also assured Col Chouhan that more children will be benefitted.



ITANAGAR, Oct 16: All Arunachal Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Teacher's Association (AASSATA), West Kameng unit, has conducted it general conference cum selection of executive members at Bomdila recently in which it selected Limphu Nikhangju as president and Ledo Thungon as general secretary.

The conference concluded with discussions on various issues and grievances faced by AASSATA.


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Eco tourism


Tourism has demonstrated resiliency in the face of the global economic downturn. Globally, the tourism industry generated more than $1 trillion in 2010, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO). And the share of tourism in developing countries is steadily rising, up from 31 per cent in 1990 to 47 per cent in 2010.

Ecotourism, characterized by responsible travel to natural areas that promotes conservation of the environment, is one of the fastest growing segments of tourism worldwide, and is growing at a pace of more than 20 per cent annually - two to three times faster than the tourism industry overall.

Ecotourism can provide local communities with motivation to maintain and protect forests and wildlife. When local people get income and employment from ecotourism, they are far less likely to destroy the natural resources through unsustainable exploitation.

The benefits of ecotourism flowing to local businesses are dramatically higher than those from mass tourism. Standard all-inclusive package tours typically deliver just 20 per cent of revenue to local companies, while the rest is captured by airlines, hotels and large tour companies, whereas locally-based ecotourism operations that hire locally and are based locally can return as much as 95 per cent of earnings into the local economy.

However, failure to limit tourist numbers at popular sites can quickly overload ecosystems and damage fragile natural resources, sometimes permanently.

The best ecotourism programmes strive to regulate against such abuses and guide it toward maximizing local benefits. Training for local people is crucial to ensure they can compete successfully for desirable ecotourism jobs.




Expect fuller and fairer presentation of events

Dear Editor,

Yours is one of the most widely circulated as well as the most read daily of the state. As such your role as a media of information is very crucial the importance of which cannot be underestimated. In December of 1995 the 'Business World' wrote "The role of the press is to inform, to question wrongdoing and to voice protest at injustice. It should voluntarily restrain itself from the temptation of transcending this role. But this must go hand in hand with the action from regulatory bodies and others to correct the wrong doings that the press exposes"

I appreciate the work the daily has been doing and if our expectations are not too high we hope for a fuller and fairer presentation of situations and events. The integrity of a journalist is at par with that of any other noble professions and we sincerely pray that political swings will not sway this integrity. As someone said "the antidote for political deviousness is journalistic integrity. Since truthfulness is not a political virtue, it has to be a journalistic virtue"


An avid reader (on email)



Act before the doomsday comes

Dear Editor,

Like "Have" we too have a hope that our children will get good jobs after our graduation. They don't want us to wade through the same sufferings, miseries, sorrows, burdens, pangs and agonies that they have afflicted in their lives. In school and college too, poor children are the one who toil with outmost sincere, dedication and hard work all through days and night in studies. But the 95% children of rich and bigwigs without doing any hard work turn out to be the cynosure in our society and easily get handsome jobs without any difficulty because of their family position and they become swashbuckler and sadist to us. So the children belonging to well established and influential families need not to worry about as everything is waiting for them. Then even after graduation we poor are not given opportunity even for availing loans to go for self employment. Then how can we go for self-employment when we are deprived even from availing loans and when our basic necessities of life are snatched. Whereas bigwigs are given crores of loans without terms and conditions. If poor are given loan then the bank managers charge huge amount of money for advancing loans as bribe which is too difficult. There is great partiality everywhere in Arunachal and all the opportunities are meant only for the well established people. There is a politics even for selection of beneficiaries under any scheme meant for the self employment of poor and unemployed graduates and due to political interference the genuine candidates are never selected whereas the kith and kin of influential people who even couldn't pass matric examinations after 5-6 attempts are kept in number 1.Even in the selection of teachers under SSA the intending candidates are not  selected. Those candidates who left school gates 15 or 20 years back are appointed that too either the wives or close relatives of rich, politicians and other influential people who even do not know how to pronounce accurately the very simplest word. This has resulted in deterioration of education quality of poor children in our state. Again I hardly find Arunachalee doing job or business outside state. But there is influx of outsiders in our state for jobs and if I am not mistaken all of them are given job by those appointing authorities at the cost of our own people. The reason best known is that those outsiders offer huge amount of money to them. Whereas we poor despite of having requisite qualifications but due to our paucity of amount to meet the demand made by those corrupted officials and politicians we are not given job. Had those outsiders and illegal appointed candidates are not given appointment then I am sure that all the graduates of our state would have gotten jobs. We thought those rich an influential people to be the philanthropist but they turned out to be misanthrope. Infamous multicore PDS scam, bankruptcy, illegal appointments, back door methods of achieving targeted wrong goals and many more are responsible by them not by the poor. Then 99% of lands in the capital and in the district headquarters are grabbed by the Ministers, MLA,s, directors, engineers, administrators, rich and other influential people. They are also directly or indirectly responsible for encroachment of govt. land near all the govt. quarters allowed to them. They are changing their car from cozier to cosiet every day like the changing of cloths after parasitizing poor and common public. It seems that the laws are not meant for them but only to deal with poor and general public. Those law implementing authorities are also acting only at the whims and fancies of those influential people. Now the corruption has become hobby horse for them and has hereditary in blood of their progenies. The real work is done by the downtrodden and destitute but the fruits are being eaten by the persons in power, wealthy and influential group. What those people know the pangs and agonies of poor?

Again in our state politicians have redefined the democracy as "buy the people during election, far from the people and off the people after election is over". Those come in power become despotic and follows the kekistocracy and there exist plutocracy in our state.

Again those in opposition have completely forgotten their role of opposition and duties of check and balance for the proper functioning of democracy and transparency of govt. and administration.

During elections all the politicians make false promise of making bridges even where there is no river. They wear velvet gloves during election and throw dust in the eyes of illiterate and poor rustics for power.

In such situations we poor become pessimistic and helpless and at a loss as the poor are becoming poorer and poorer while on the other hand rich are becoming richer and richer and we can find a crystal clear of sky and earth differences between rich and poor in our state.

In the absence of strong opposition we trust student organizations to function the role of opposition to check the corruption atleast to bring back the past glory of our state. But that too seems to be futile as they are not exception to corruption as the so called student leaders have forgotten their duties toward society and instead engaging themselves in piling money that they can spend for MLA,s after they are retired from student organizations and if not MLA,s then atleast for ZPM. Arunachal being the multi-tribe state if such system of nepotism, illegal appointment, corruption etc, continues to prevail then I can see that the time is not far when Arunachal will experience bullet rains and grenade showers when people have to look back their families and home before going out even for small work as they are not sure of coming back alive.

Therefore this is my sincere and earnest request to the state govt. officials, bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians, uppertens thinkers and scholars to realize before the doomsday come and student organizations and civil societies to work dedicatedly and fairly to wipe away corruption from our state for once and all before the river of blood flow from our state.


Nabam Mempu


Sagalee Ripaiyan



Game of chess

Dear Editor,

All  I can do is laugh at the folly of the people indulging in violence, the higher ups exploit them using communal sentiments and they end up being fooled. It’s like a game of chess the sepoys are sent forward to die while the kings rests behind. And to all those people bent on forming unions upon unions, I suggest go get some useful work to do. Had enough, seen enough, faced enough. I’m fed up!


(I’m fed up)

Delhi, (on email)



The day when Babus would be grieving

Dear Editor,

At last good to hear that someone ask for President's Rule. Is that really possible?

I mean, commoners think that President's rule could solve the ongoing situations. But what about the high class babus who would be grieving later, because of the rule that could take away their power. It could be really good if someone out of the higher authorities stands out for the cause and demand for the President's Rule at the central level. This would really put some sense to those power hungry leaders for whom the whole of our Motherland is suffering.



Maharashtra, (on email)



What’s happening?

Dear Editor,

Being a son of Arunachal Pradesh, when I heard the news of worse happenings in our own mother land, I felt very sorry that our own brothers have to face such a situation.

What’s happening in our peaceful mother land?


Tapa Dulom

Sikkim, (on email)



Partial treatment by Govt

Dear Editor,

The state Govt. is yet to respond to the memorandum submitted to the Home Minister, Taker Marde in connection with Roing firing incident.

I find state govt is giving us step motherly treatment in our search for justice. Our main demand is to constitute a judicial inquiry committee and suspend the Magistrate on duty M. Tato, SP Veenu Banshal and OC Lenka.

Why such delay has been made in Roing firing incident? Justice delayed is justice denied.


Thopolo Mimi,

Roing, (on email)





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