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October -  18


Execute justice, not the people”: Roing cries as it takes out protest march

ROING, Oct 17: Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS), All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) and trading community of Roing bazaar today staged a protest rally in the town condemning the October 5 police shooting of students and civilians.

The marchers, who set off from Rehko (community hall) in the morning protested outside the office of the deputy commissioner, superintendent of police and police station.

The protestors then marched towards DC residence, which was heavily guarded by personnel of special task force, IRBn and CRPF.  They shouted slogans against DC and SP outside their residence.

They carried banner and placard saying “Justice delayed is justice denied”, “We are not Maoist”, “No more police atrocities”, “Execute justice, not the people.”

Later in the afternoon, the protesters dispersed peacefully at Rehko, after the protest march was successfully carried out in the rest part of the town.

The protest march was participated by students, panchayat leaders, women, non tribal traders and the community people.

Leading the protest movement IMCLS Secretary Tone Mickrow said “a very dangerous precedent will be set if the culprits involved in the police shooting are not punished. Police will now start to shoot people on slightest pretext and this will curtail the democratic rights of the citizen.”

IMCLS president Kelo Pulu declared that protest will not stop and will continue till the demands are fulfilled.

In a joint representation submitted to home minister earlier, the organizations had called for suspension of erring officials, judicial inquiry and compensation to victim.

The memorandum further said that it feel terribly discriminated and let down by the government as the office of the Chief Minister has not even made a comment on the police atrocity at Roing. This has not at all helped to put down the growing public restlessness, it added.

If the Government fails to take any action on or before the 24th Oct’2011 we shall be bound to launch a mass agitation by all democratic means, the orgs further said.

Protest leader and Roing zilla parishad member Namo Lingi said he condemned the shooting of school students and alleged the administration trying to instill fear on citizen by their brutal tactics.

He acknowledged and appreciated the overwhelming participation of trading community in the protest march.

Another protest leader AIMSU secretary Rajiv Mihu said government is now working under the diktat of the corporate. “We can understand that this shooting was necessitated to carry the designs of the corporate.”


Diwali bonanza for govt employees

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Despite resource crunch, the state government today announced 7 per cent dearness allowance (DA) as Diwali gift, considering the welfare of its employees and the rising price index.

According to Finance and Planning Minister Kalikho Pul, the DA would impose an additional annual burden of Rs 39.50 crore (Rs 36.92 crore non-plan and Rs 2.58 crore under plan heads) on the exchequer.

Ahead of the festival season, the GoI had on September 13 last announced an ad-hoc bonus of up to Rs 3,500 to group C and D central government employees and personnel of the armed and paramilitary forces.

Pointing out that the GoAP led by Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin aimed at the welfare of all sections of people, particularly the employees and students, Pul called upon the government employees to work with dedication and sincerity.  Huge amount of central funds for implementation of numerous schemes under the plan head is flowing in, which could be utilized properly on time with the commitment of the government employees, he reasoned.

Implementation of these projects, proper fund utilization and timely submission of utilization certificates would alone facilitate the release of the subsequent installments in most of the central schemes, he said.

Pul said the GoAP has been functioning though there could have been some hurdle in a few departments because of the absence of the ministers concerned and delay of projects under MLA Local Area Development Fund because of the absence of the legislators’ concerned.

“Development of the state and its people is a joint responsibility of the elected representatives, the GoAP employees and the people,” Pul said and urged one and all, including his ministerial and legislator colleagues, to shoulder their constitutional responsibility towards the electors.

“None of us can escape from this bounden duty towards the state and the people. It is time for all of us to join hands, reflect the ‘Team Arunachal’ spirit and take the state to its much desired destination to join the developed ones,” Pul added.


RGUSU appeals for peace

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Expressing concern over the present situation in the Capital Complex in particular and the state as a whole, the Rajiv Gandhi University Students' Union (RGUSU) appealed all sections of civil society to maintain peace and not panic in the. present state of affairs. RGUSU further appealed all the students who left their institutions in fear psychosis to come back and prepare for the house tests, internal tests and get ready for the final examination which is more imperative for the students.

The RGUSU in a release today also called upon all the university students who left the campus to come back and attend the internal tests, which were postponed for the time being by the HoDs due to the present situation. RGUSU appeals all not to breach the peace among the members of the society only for the sake of some politically vested interests. The Union also urged NES and GWS to promote mutual trust.

The union further implores all the organizations/unions not to go for more bandh calls in near future as it  grossly affects the students' community who are the future of this state.

All the colleges have to conduct their house test in December and the university is to conduct its semester examination in December for which the prescribed syllabus has to be completed in time. If such tradition of repeated bandh calls prevails in the state then for sure the result of the students is going to come down from its height, the Union said and appealed to the bandh callers to avoid bandh call at present at least for the sake of the students. The worst sufferer in the present tussle are the students, the union said adding that other democratic means for fulfillment demands should be adopted instead of bandh calls.

Meanwhile, the union president informed that the VC has approved "Faculty-Wise Games  and  Sports, Literary and Cultural Meet, 2011" and it is scheduled from 21 of this month.


Rally oppose public hearing, construction of big dam

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: The people of Logum Jini, Eyi, and Biru villages of Nyikio Banggo area in a referendum rally held at Logum-Jini general ground on Oct 14 unanimously opposed  the public hearing on 2700 MW Lower Siang Hydro Electrical Project scheduled to be held on Oct 21. The rally was organized under the banner of Nyiko Bachao Forum.

The participants in the rally adopted resolutions opposing construction of dam and submitted it in the form of memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner for immediate action.

While demanding cancellation of the proposed public hearing, the  memorandum said that “we have great apprehension that the project developer Jaypee Group has purposefully prepared EIA, with malafide intention to cheat and dupe the residents of these three villages.”  

In its four-point memorandum adopted in the rally, the NBF said there is lack of awareness in almost all the villages of the Siang and Siyom Valley with regard to the nature of the proposed Siang Dam. Few people of different villages claimed to have attended Dam meeting at the Administrative Headquarters, wherein most of the people did not accept the proposal for construction of a Dam over Siang River, it said.   On the other hand, the Prior-Informed - Consent (PIC) of the project affected, which seems to be mandatory, have been overlooked or might have been stage - managed in the proposed Lower Siang Hydropower Project. The poor and illiterate Villagers are being misled by the power developer.

The memorandum further said that the action of the Jaypee group of company is non-cooperative and there is complete lack of transparency in the public dealings. Till date they have not discussed in detail about the design and proposed construction of the dam. More so, the EIA report seems to have been prepared distorting the facts, to mislead the affected people, it said.

Further, “though three villages falls within submergence zone, but we have not been intimated about the public hearing, which has created doubt”, the memorandum said. “We are not against the construction of dam, but we are against the construction of mega dam like that of proposed Lower Siang project where life and property of innocent and poor villagers are going to be affected,” the memorandum added.


Little light to extreme darkness

Tom Simai

Currently, the political hullaballoo of our state is similar to a spellbinding soap opera. A reputed weekly magazine has been scripting the melodrama, scene by scene on its regular issue ever since the blitzkrieg of political doom wobbled our state. It seems the stratagem of spitting venom on national dailies and magazine has not yielded the desired fruition or else by now some amicable conclusion might have glimpsed the auroras. With the conflict cessation embedded in the abyss of darkness, the political pandemonium is heading towards more capricious beginning; at stake are the life of vulnerable Arunachalees and the communal harmony of the state.   

The once single most powerful party has now become 2 (two) feeble groups, with each fraction accusing the other of sabotage, foul play and horse trading. They are so engrossed in this tussle for supremacy that the priorities of the common people have been totally compromised. Both the warring group has forgotten their mandates and the commitment to fulfill it. Sadly, it’s not anymore a mêlée of ideologies or principle but of muscle, money and power.

The desperate attempt to draw the attention of Congress (I) high command has seen our tactless politicians flooding the pages of prominent magazine and newspapers with choicest denunciations. In the process, they have not only tainted their own image but also distorted the reputation of our state by traversing all sensible frontiers and dragging the rift beyond repair.  And considering the current situation, it seems, the benediction of their party’s supreme authority hasn’t been propounded yet, which means, in the approaching day’s colossal chaos cannot be ruled out.  

No doubt, Arunachal politics is traversing through the darkest phase of its contemporary history and with the pompous ego’s colliding; the news is not comforting for common people like us. The insatiability for political dominance is instigating both the clique’s to conceive more detrimental strategies. The common people who were mere spectators has been dragged and coerced to take sides. Taking sides has transformed this simple personal political brawl into full fledged communal scuffle, something that was never heard in this incredible land of amazing tribes.

With one of the revered minister claiming on record, the security set up of the state as the worst, even for ministers, what will happen if the communal tumult that’s in embryonic phase metamorphoses full scale. God forbids, if it ever transpires, it’s the naive ordinary people whose dreams will cease prematurely as they will be the prominent one congesting the mortuaries. Whereas the main manipulator(s) will be out of state, out of sight, vacationing abroad, laughing at the stupidity of naive Arunachalees. In such a short span, it’s the greatness of our leaders and their leaderships that has altered our once peaceful state to perilous battlefield. Instead of mitigating the unstable and insecure ambience that has surfaced due to their existing feud, both the stubborn sides are unwilling to sacrifice their ego for the security of the people. They are not at all thoughtful about the destruction level that will enhance as the communal upheaval stretches from capital to districts, districts to circles and circles to villages.

Rumor has it that the current political scuffle is worth Rs 500 cr. An iota of verity in this rumor will delineate the riddle of yore – how and where all the ‘central charities’ has disappeared from our state’s coffer? In simple words, for ‘high and mighty’ that ‘cash-full-of-coffer’ counts not the poverty and safety of our state. For that reason, it will be pure buffoonery on our part to become the pawn of those perfidious minds that only tends to lead us – from little lights to extreme darkness.  ([email protected])


Tawang launch Measles catch-up campaign

Tawang, Oct 17: Tawang became the first district in Arunachal to launch the second phase of Measles catch-up campaign along with the rest of the country.

The campaign is launched simultaneously with 14 other states of the country to fully immunize children at the age group of 9 months to 10 years from measles. The campaign was kick started today in the district by the Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen by inaugurating the vaccination session site at Kakaling Govt Middle School, Mt. Gheshila School and Baby Care School in presence of DMO T C Khirme, DRCHO Dr. Wangdi Lama, SMO (WHO-NPSP) Dr. Tana Takum, DDSE Rinchin Puntsok and CDPO Dondup Pema.

In Tawang, it is expected that the measles 2nd dose would be given in mass immunization mode to 7052 children at the age group of 9 months to 10 years in the 3 weeks long campaign. The campaign shall be concentrated at schools in the first week and thereon it shall move on to the community. All together 118 booths/ vaccination session site is setup and the helping hand are taken from volunteers of NCC, NSS and Pragya and EPS (NGOs) to make the campaign success. (DIPRO)


College students ask teachers to return

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Students’ Union Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar briefing the students’ grievances appealed to all the faculty members and staff of the college who left the state capital after the recent Itanagar incident to resume their duties.

It also appealed to the students to attend their class regularly and further appealed everyone to shun bandh call and not to create law and order problem in the capital and the state as a whole.

Arunachal Pradesh Colleges’ Forum has appealed to the teaching staff of both Govt and private institutions including Dera Natung Govt College, who left the capital due to law and order and unfounded rumour, to return back and resume their duties immediately.  The Forum also appealed to the director of higher and technical education to look into genuine problems of Seppa college and post sufficient lecturers there.

Meanwhile, Forum appealed to the common masses to maintain peace and harmony and said that every organization should say no to more bandh calls, as it badly affect the academic career of the students, business men and general public.

It further demanded immediate arrest of the culprit involved in Oct 11 firing incident wherein late Heri Tai succumbed to bullet injuries and also demanded resignation of home minister.


World Sight Day observed at RKM  Hospital

ITANAGAR, Oct  17: World sight day was observed on 15th October at R.K.Mission Hospital in association with District Blindness Control Society, Yupia, Orbis International, New Delhi and Light for the world.

Dr. K. Zaman, senior ENT specialist, R.K.Mission Hospital appraised the audience about the importance of World sight day. World Sight Day (WSD) is an international day of awareness, held annually on the second Thursday of October to focus attention on the global issue of avoidable blindness and visual impairment. He hoped that with the constant efforts from eye specialists and paramedical staffs of R.K.Mission Hospital and government sector the blindness in the state due to preventable and avoidable causes would be reduced to a large extent. Various activities like workshops, rallies, screening camps, awareness programmes in audiovisual media and write ups in the print media etc are carried out on this day to generate awareness on eye care

Dr. Taba Khanna, Eye specialist, Arunachal State Hospital, Naharlagun gave a power point presentation on the impact of blindness. He briefed the audience that there are about 284 million people are visually impaired worldwide: 39 million are blind and 245 have low vision. 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured. There is a great implication of blindness on the society and the socioeconomic status as blindness handicaps a person from earning and becomes a burden for the family. About 90% of the world's visually impaired people live in developing countries. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the state and for that matter globally and uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment.

Dr. Lobsang Tsetim, in a power point presentation detailed the gathering about the causes of visual impairment and blindness.  He told that with early intervention and management majority of the blindness can be tackled. The state can proudly boast of state of art services in the field of eye care at very nominal fees in R.K.Mission hospital and told the public to make optimum use of the same. He briefed the audience on the advances in low vision services for rehabilitation of blinds and visually impaired. Low visual aid services would be started soon in ophthalmology department of R.K.Mission which would be a boon to the visually impaired and blinds in the state. He said that much more efforts are needed in terms of human effort and commitment and will from the government and NGO sector to work hand in hand to combat blindness in the state.

Every year the department of ophthalmology organises this event and conducts various programs to generate awareness on the issues of blindness and visual impairment.

A drawing competition and a speech competition was organised in which the students of nursing school, R.K.Mission Hospital participated. Prizes for the winners were given by Secretary Swamiji, Swami Vishweshananda.

The event was attended by monks, doctors, paramedical staffs and nurses and students of school of nursing, R.K.Mission Hospital  


Pasighat police recover stolen beads

PASIGHAT, Oct 17: The cat and mouse game between police and thieves is coming to an end with huge recoveries of stolen local beads on Oct 14 last by the Pasighat police.

Maximum quantities of the merchandise have been recovered after arrest and full disclosures of a four-members-gang. Sources confirmed that Lombang Megu, Nangkong Yomso, Genti Damin (Sharma) and Potak Borang have been detained in this regard and a case has been registered and investigation on.

Earlier on July 10, a complaint was lodged by one Osup Ratan, s/o Toktel Ratan of Siluk village, Mebo subdivision that his beads were stolen from his house, breaking the lock of wooden box and accordingly police launched an intensified investigation and interrogation with the suspects.

Tassar Dingu (SI) along with Taken Rina (Nk) and Tanyi Tali (NK) at Runne village while Oge Darin (SI) along with Roshmi Kr Boruah (ASI) conducted search operations in Mebo, resulting in huge recoveries worth crore.

The SP (Incharge) Pasighat BS Mehra while appreciating the police efforts informed that the accused were also actively involved in the recent Damro (Yingkiong) beads robbery case.

Mehra appealed the citizens to share information to make a crime-free society and cautioned people not to buy goods from dubious persons as they would be prosecuted criminally, if caught. (DIPRO)


Training on socio economic and caste census

CHANGLANG OCT 17: District Level Training-cum-Workshop on “socio economic and caste census 2011” in Changlang district was held at DIET Auditorium Changlang on Oct 14-15.

In his key note address, M.C. Roy, ADC-Cum-Additional Principal Socio Economic Caste Census Officer (APSECCO) said, it would be first of its type in the state. The SECC would be conducted in rural and urban areas and there would be door to door data gathering on Socio Economic status of the people to know the ground reality.

He asked block SECC Officer, enumerators and supervisors to carry out works with dedication to bring out actual members of poor people. He also informed that, the national programme is being carried out with financial and technical support of the Govt. of India to complete the entire process by 31st December 2011.

Manik Bui, Project Director, DRDA-cum-Nodal Officer for SECC in rural area said, the SECC is a challenging task and the entire process would be carried out in close coordination and cooperation jointly by DRDA and Urban Development Department. He also informed that Govt. of India formulated and resolved that, there should be SECC instead of separate BPL survey. The reports would be uploaded in web site.

The Urban Programme Officer-cum-Nodal Officer SECC in urban area, Tadar Tarang, said the training-cum-workshop on SECC is being conducted to build confidence and equip themselves mentally before proceeding in the field.

Among others, M. Roy, ADC, Jairampur, asked for  household list of last census held and advised the participants to avail maximum benefit out of Workshop-cum-Training to carry out SECC duty efficiently.

P.K. Panda, K.P. Singh A. S. Pradhan are Master Trainer & Facilitators (MTF).

Radhe Hinda DIO (NIC) Changlang, explained on the role of NIC and use of Tablet PC.   (DIPRO)


Festival of laughter at Aalo

Aalo, Oct 17: The Nyirmen Festival, (Festival of Laughter) which is said to be the oldest form of rejoicing and merry-making among the Galo culture was celebrated nostalgically on Oct 15 at Donyi Polo Dere Complex.

This festival marks the beginning of Galo New Year and traditionally initiated by the women folk of our society and can be coined as Women Day in our tradition.

The comics that led to paroxysm of laughter, the presentation of Erap and Tanu Nunam usually associated and performed by male members, were presented by women to spell bind all genre of audiences. The songs, drama and dances performed on the day gave deep insight into our tribal music world.

The Chief Guest of the function, Dege Ete, PD DRDA in his address stressed on assimilation of all traditional values that bind us together and such exposures through festivity and celebration is essential to infuse such values among our young generation to take pride in our culture and tradition. He urged the senior members of the society to take the lead role to preserve and protect our culture that promote unity and oneness among our people.

Tumpak Ete, writer and expert in traditional folklores elaborated on the significance of the festival and said that like all culture and religion, our women folk too had that idealism to guide the society from time immemorial. The hard working womenfolk in ancient days started this festival as a means of get together and rejoicing and it went on as a regular celebration.

The Arunachal Vikas Parishad Chairman District Unit, Moji Bagra, Jhumar Lollen Priest, Tumge Loya EAC, Ige Lollen all dwelt at length on Donyi Poloism, Nyirmen Festival and other rich aspects of our religion, culture, faith and worship. The President and Secretary Donyi Polo Trust Committee, Aalo Pakjum Ete, and Kenli Ete sought cooperation of all to make the festival an annual event in the month of Oct. (DIPRO)


Training for rural youth

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Momong, Lohit Arunachal Pradesh conducted a two day training programme on “Vermicompost production technology” for the rural youths of Juna Kachari village from Oct 15. A total of 30 rural youth were present in the training.

Debasish Borah, SMS (Agronomy) thoroughly discussed about the concept of organic manures particularly vermicompost, its importance, materials required, cost of production. He also discussed about the detailed procedure of vermicompost production and utilization of available crop residue and bio waste for productive purpose.

In the second day practical demonstration was arranged and the farmers took active part in the practical session. Vermicompost production tank using bamboo was prepared by the participating farmers including release of Earthworm mother culture in a small unit prepared in the house of Maheswar Sonowal a progressive farmer of the village.  The farmers agreed to look after the unit and use the technology themselves.


Arunachal’s Scouts and Guides shines in regional programme

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: A team of 5 Scouts and 5 Guides from Rijo and Bazar Middle Schools headed by Ugdam Jillen, Scout Master and Yade Gongo, Guide Captain of Daporijo Middle School, Upper Subansiri district participated in the regional level Tribal and Gramin Scout and Guide programme held at State Training Centre, NERHMA, Nagaland from Oct 11 and  15. The Arunachalee team secured first position in “Festival of state,’ exhibition, and marriage ceremony and 2nd position in cultural exchange and folk song competitions.  The theme of the  programme was “Let’s kick out Aids together”. Master Reate Maying was adjudged best camper scout. They also participated in state exposition, folk dance, painting and quiz competition.

T Taloh, DSE cum state chief commissioner and other state officers of Bharat Scouts and Guides congratulated to all  the team members and suggested them to  maintain the same spirit in future.

A five-member national/state training team including C Lowang, ALT (G) also participated in the regional level trainers meet organized at state training centre, N F Railway, Maligaon, from Oct 11 to 15  and discussed various points relating to development of scouting and guiding in North East region.


Prayer for peace

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: NBCC management committee held an emergency meeting today  under the Chairmanship of Rev. Likha Ama, General Secretary Nyishi Baptist Church Council. In the meeting it was decided that all Churches keep one day prayer fasting program for the peace and harmony of the State on 20th October in their respective Churches.

The Capital Complex churches will join in NBCC prayer Centre at Model village, Naharlagun.

During the meeting a condolence was conducted for late Heri Tai and prayed for the bereaved family.


Science exhibition

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: The proposed Papum Pare district level Science Exhibition -2011, which was deferred earlier due to on-going examination, would now be conducted on Oct 25 at the same time and same venue. Class IX to XII students of Govt aided and private institutions are asked to participate  in the exhibition with prior information to the authorities, according to an release issued by DDSE, Yupia.


Federation demands  Coop Society  meeting

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Papum Pare Indigenous Intellectual Youth Federation (PPIIYU) has appealed to the executive members of the  Nyishi Cooperative Society Limited, Sagalee  to conduct a general meeting along with the shareholders to discuss various issues pertaining to the  Society.

The Federation in a release today said that despite several requests, the executive body of the Society failed to conduct meeting, which, it said, indicates abnormality in maintenance of account. Citing an example of mismanagement, Federation claimed that one of the Society buildings was leased out to the telecom department in 1996. Since then the department paid revenue without fail. However, most surprisingly “the balance as on March 31, 2009 has been purportedly shown that the Society is yet to receive the rent (of due months)  from the department.” “What is even more unacceptable is that the rent paid by the telecom department was shown to be paid to some one which is a clear case of cheating and corruption,” the Federation added.  If the executive body of the Society fails to implement bye-laws, maintain transparency and accountability, the purpose of the Society will be defeated, the Federation said and stressed on general meeting of the Society for justice to the shareholders.


Local resident files FIR against Executive Engineer

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: A local resident of Ngaming village Upper Siang District Pepen Kombo in a letter to Superintendent of Police, Upper Siang District appealed for immediate enquiry against Er Tadam Kamcham, Executive Engineer, Water Resource Division, Yingkiong for alleged misappropriation of fund under MIP, BADP and Anti Erosion scheme.

The complainant claimed that on September 26, he lodged a complaint against the Executive engineer at Police Station Tuting but the concerned officer failed to initiate action on the case.

The complainant alleged that the concerned officer in connivance with the contractors have prepared huge amount of fraud bills without physical achievement and mis-utilized the huge sanction amount meant for developmental activities of Tuting Sub-Division under Water Resource Division, Yingkiong.


PR leaders for reconstruction of power plant

ITANAGAR, Oct 17:  All Pip-Sorang Gram Panchayat /Chairperson Welfare Association urged the State Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to provide sufficient fund for re-construction of Dumi- Dute Hydro Electrical Project at Pip-Sorang Circle.

Due to heavy rainfall during the month of August & September’2011, the plant was damaged, it said.

It appealed to the Hydro Power Department & local MLA 20th Tali Assembly Constituency to take necessary action for sufficient fund provision for early re-construction of Project for the greater interest of public as whole.


Org demands treasury office

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: All Kurung Kumey District Youth Organization in a letter to Deputy Commissioner, Kurung Kumey District appealed him to initiate step for immediate establishment and functioning of Treasury Office Koloriang.  

The organization said that the Treasury office structure was constructed three years back but is yet to function. The non opening of the office has caused a great hindrance to common people and the departments of the district, it said.

The organization gave one month time to the concerned authority to shift the Treasury Office at Koloriang and threaten to launch movement within the district if their demand is not fulfilled.


Bandh called off

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Down Stream Village Welfare Association, Mebo Area Bachao Committee and All Mebo Students Union have called off its proposed Bandh call from October 17-19 at Mebo area due to postponed of public hearing in respect of Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project.


Anti tobacco movement

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: All Capital Complex Unemployed Youth Association (ACCUYA) has decided to organize anti-tobacco movement at Capital Complex on Oct 20.

Meanwhile,  ACCUYA has condemned the Oct 11 violent incidents which led to large scale damages of private and public properties.  The Association held the administration responsible for such violence and arson.

Meanwhile, it appealed the state Govt to provide financial assistance to the relatives of late Heri Tai and  to Rogio Tatum who is undergoing treatment in a Guwahati hospital.


Inter school meet

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Ist inter school meet of Calvary English School Yachuli, Sangram and Moinhappa was conducted at Moinhappa from October 14-16 last.

BSE NBCC Chairman James Techi Tara and Poma ASM Techi Ania attended the opening day as chief guest and guest of honour. MLA Techi Kasso and Arunachal Christian Forum, Secretary Toko Teki was the chief guest and guest of honour of the closing ceremony.


Maintain peace: IBCS

ITANAGAR: Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society (IBCS) has expressed serious concern over the present law and order problem prevailing in the state capital due to political unrest. IBCS has urged every community of state to uphold universal brotherhood and maintain peace and tranquillity during the hour of political instability. Further they have deeply condoled the death of Heri Tai who succumbed to bullet injury after firing incident at IG Park. Society prayed to lord Buddha for eternal peace of the departed soul and prayed to give enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear such irreparable loss.  


Association demands arrest

ITANAGAR: All Heri Youth Welfare Association (AHYWA) in its emergency meeting held on Oct 15 unanimously passed a resolution demanding identification and arrest of culprit of the IG Park firing incident on Oct 11 which caused  death of Late Heri Tai on Oct 12.

In a letter addressed to the state Governor, the Association has urged the state Govt to arrest the culprit within a week.

Meanwhile,  All Arunachal Youth Association (AAYA) has  demanded judicial enquiry into Oct 11incident and immediate arrest of the  main culprit of unpre-cedented violence which left the innocent people suffered and vehicles burnt into ashes.

Highlighting the law and order situation in state capital, the Association in a memorandum addressed to the chief minister said that criminal activities should be stopped. Pointing out the bandh calls which affects the general public, the Association also appealed to the Govt for good governance and peaceful co-existence in greater interest of public service.


News Impact


Please defer the date of submission of application

Dear Editor,

The recent situation in our state has left all of us dazed and confused. Every other day , there is a bandh or at least rumors about a bandh. These recent events, to which the common people like us are not related, has severely affected us physically and mentally. Everyone got affected in some way or the other but I write for the aspirants of APPSCCC(E)2011 Mains who were enormously affected by these grim turn of events. Not all of us have relatives at Itanagar. Outstation candidates like us are left in a lurch. We cannot go back and we cannot go in owing to the prevailing situation. Inservice candidates have to obtain a no objection certificate from HODs but without their presence in their respective offices, most of the candidates are yet to get this important document for appearing the most prestigious examination of our state.

On top of that, the Commission has been maintaining a stoic silence, aggravating our confusion.

I , on behalf of all the aspirants, request Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to defer the last date of Submission of Mains APPSCCC(E)2011 application by at least ten days so that the in-service candidates can also have a fair shot at the most prestigious examination of the state .

Yours etc

Inservice aspirants,

(on email)



Kebang versus development

Dear Editor,

I was one of the witnesses of Kebang held at Pessing on Oct 14 and 15 regarding Lower Siang HE Project (2700Mw). I would like to share my experiences of this Kebang.

The kebang was organized by Bogum Bokang Kebang, my question to the said organization is that what is the creditability?  As of date they are replaced by Adi Bane Kabang. So, it is clear that to conduct a kebang in the name of Bogum Bokang Kebang is a false and misleading procedure.

Among the assembly of 500 most of the speaker of that kebang were  Senior Govt officials  from Arunachal Civil and Police Services posted in Itanagar and other parts of Arunachal.

The kebang was organized just to oppose the Lower Siang HE Project (2700 MW) to be executed by Jaypee Arunachal Power Ltd.

It is sorry to mention that there were no such valid points of discussion about the refusal of this project.  

We all know that Arunachal Pradesh can excel in Hydro Power. It will provide employment facilities both directly and indirectly to our young generation. Almost all big developers of India like Reliance, Jaypee, L&T, DS Group are in Arunachal Pradesh only because of Hydro Power.

During the meeting, only those persons were allowed to address the gathering, who were anti development anti Hydro power policies. I will not be surprised, if any anti national activities are active in Arunachal. It is my personal opinion that in next 5 -10 years you will see the underground anti national forces activate in Arunachal Pradesh. Will these so called “desh bhakt” be able free Arunachal Pradesh from extremist?

The members of Bogum Bokang Kebang expressed that they are ready to take extreme action against those who are in favour of hydro electric project.  That is a clear indication of communal conflict and inter Adi society clash in the near future.

I request all forums of Adi Communities not to invite non Adi person in our Adi kebang.


Pashoney Lego

Ayeng,  (on email)



Playing with our sentiments

Dear Editor,

Judgment Day has come. Once upon a time, Arunachal was known as "Island of peace" in the East. Now we are passing hard times. Reported ransack and looting of the BB Plaza on broad day light, Arson attack at Takar complex are not a good news for Arunachal. Many bikes and cars were torched to ashes during the Oct 11violence. Due to lawlessness and feeling of insecurity in the state most of the Govt. officers fled away to their home and wait for hostile atmosphere to calm down. No office is functioning properly since many months due to leadership race at Delhi and the people of the state are enjoying the game of leadership after the death of Late Dorjee Khandu just like world cup football or cricket which is not a healthy sign for future of Arunachal. Leaders have no role to play but to play with the sentiment of the people. They have nothing to do but do with money and power.

If congress Govt. is so incompetent and failed to discharge their obligation, they should dissolve the Govt. and give a chance for spirited leaders of young generation. If brother & sisters of Arunachal cannot live together in one home better stay apart so that they can enjoy fullest test of life.

Govt. should think for the development of this state and thank the people of the state for not demanding separate homeland for every community of the state. May God save us.


Tabit Tapak




Peacemaker but not troublemaker

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my concern regarding the conflict incident happened at NH-52 of Capital Complex, stone pelting between the two groups on 11th Oct.

I was deeply hurt and shocked to see and hear from eyewitnesses that few members including the church leaders from the Christian Community irrespective of denominations, Church goers of Capital Complex Local Churches were also pelting stone at their brothers in the name of Politics and Tribe.

According to Bible teachings, our duty is to ‘forgive and forget’ with prayer surrendering everything to His will. We belongs to Christ, marked with His Cross and filled with His commandment “love your enemy,”  then how come we dared to stone someone like that. We are the ambassador of God, the Peacemaker not a troublemaker.

Being a believer, instead of teaching right way as an example for others, we are making bad image about God, Church, Society and even Tribe.

On the last Day of the Judgment, God will recognize and accept us not by our names, tribes, nations, political party but by our faith in Jesus.

Today, you might be laughing, provoking and pelting stone at someone in the name of tribe & politics but remember when your last days come, there will be no one to hear you, see you and help you except our Lord Jesus. According to God’s Ten Commandment, everyone should keep His name above all names and worship Him but through this ugly incident especially the few believers are still keeping tribe & politics above all names instead of God’s name by breaking the 1st Commandment of God. For blood of Jesus was shed once for all so, one must not sin again and again especially knowingly.

Always remember that our soul will not be saved by our tribe, clan, caste, and politics but by the grace of our Lord. May the gracious Lord forgive and forget our believers who have tasted the ugly incident consciously or unconsciously.


Dominic, Itanagar



Give peace a chance

Dear Editor,

The unprecedented violence of 11th Oct has been a nightmare to all peace loving citizens across the State. The unwarranted violence, destruction and damages caused to lives and property on the day has disturbed the peaceful co-existence of tribes and distorted the image of the State once known for most peaceful State in the whole States of Northeast. It has intensified communal tension added to rumours of communal riots. The desultory and highly motivated vested interests of few individuals in the State have deluded the people resulting to outbreak of violence. Violence begets violence. No issue as serious as the political crisis in the State can be solved by taking up to violence rather it will only escalate. It is high time that political leaders in the State pin down their points of differences and dialogue for amicable solutions, if not tension between communities, supporters and organizations will only aggravate. The tactics of accusation and blame game in the post 11th October will in no way lead to restoration of Peace. Adolf Hitler’s dream of conquering and ruling the rest of the world failed just because he took up violent means of dictatorship. There is no record in the whole of world’s history where victory has been achieved through violence. The age-old social bond of brotherhood and peaceful co-existence between different communities must be preserved at all cost to contribute to the overall development of the State.  The State with rich natural resources and thin population must be kept away from being swayed by the money power politicians. The level of corruption in the State is on rocket raise from day to day. Corruption is the root cause of all violence. Solution of issues and problems through money and muscle powers will be short-lived. Amicable solution through peaceful method will have greater permanency. The general public across the State must stop taking sides for personal gains rather introspect to check every form of corruption for better Arunachal Pradesh where peace, prosperity and development will precede all intricacies of politics.  Give peace a chance and shun violence. Let’s be peacemakers and build peace for better Arunachal Pradesh to live in. The State is blessed with unique rich culture and traditional heritage. Let’s stand together to preserve and protect it. Be proud to be an Arunachalee for all times and ages.


Paul Chawang, ( on email)



Sending a bad image

Dear Editor,

This is totally beyond the ethics of the state. The present scenario in the state is sending a bad image of the state across the country. The state is under the huge turmoil of political hullabaloo. The common people are worst hit. It doesnot make any sense to leaders of the state. No one but the people need themselves to find out a way to bring the situation in order.


Sange Tsering,

Karnataka, (on email)






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The fastest growing glacial lake


Nepal’s fastest growing glacial lake Imja is a catastrophe in the waiting, says scientists. The latest danger zone in the Himalayas is growing by 47 meters a year.

Mountain regions from the Andes to the Himalayas are warming faster than the global average under climate change. Ice turns to water; glaciers are slowly reduced to lakes.

When Sir Edmund Hillary made his successful expedition to the top of Everest in 1953, Imja did not exist. But it is now the fastest-growing of some 1,600 glacier lakes in Nepal, stretching down from the glacier for 1.5 miles and spawning three small ponds.

At its centre, the lake is about 600m wide, and according to government studies, up to 96.5m deep in some places. It is growing by 47m a year, nearly three times as fast as other glacier lake in Nepal.

The extent of recent changes to Imja has taken glacier experts by surprise. But scientists and engineers still cannot agree on whether to rate Imja as the most dangerous glacier lake in the Himalayas, or a more distant threat.


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