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October -  25


Public Hearing is an imposition on the will of people: Idu Society

Orgs threaten indefinite bandh

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: In a letter to the Member Secretary, Expert Appraisal Committee for the River Valley Projects, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Idu Mishmi Cultural And Literary Society, the Apex body of the Idus have called for postponement of the Public Hearing scheduled for the Dibang Multipurpose Project that have been notified for Oct 28  and 31. Any notification of Public Hearing is an imposition on the will of our people, the representation said. The Society further informed about Oct 5 firing which left ten young people injured and which has led to tense situation in the district.  

“If the administration does not postpone the Hearings, we are afraid that the situation may go out of control. We have requested the DCs of the districts to cancel the Hearings but they are yet to respond” said the letter signed by the General Secretary Tone Mickrow.

Because of the prevailing situation in the district and questionable action of the DC and SP, people here are in no mood for a Public Hearing, it said while adding that the situation, is very tense, and the people have realized now that both the newly appointed DC and SP, on transfer from Goa, were brought in to Lower Dibang Valley, primarily to see that the Public Hearings for NHPC’s Dibang Multipurpose Project take place by hook or by crook and NHPC is an accomplice here, it said.

The Public Hearings for Dibang Multipurpose Project have been postponed for 10 times in the last three years since both the A P Pollution Control Board and the NHPC were not able to convince the people in favour of the project. But, we are pained to see that the will and sentiment of the people of Dibang Valley has been completely ignored while notifying the Public Hearings, it said in the representation.

It said that repeated representations to the EAC have been sent to the centre as majority of the people of Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley are against the project.

The Idu Mishmis, especially the youth and students are now being terrorized in to submitting forcibly in favour of the project by the district administration, the DC, the SP and for a small mountainous area large police force, Special Forces, CRPF etc have been mobilized during the last few months to shut us up and break our resistance, said the letter sent by IMCLS.

A month back, the DC and the SP gave a statement that Maoists are masquerading in Dibang Valley as anti-dam activists, which has hurt our people the most and created further tension in the area. Both the districts of Dibang Valley are oasis of peace for a very long time and we have not seen any incidents of terrorism, extremism etc. Our youth are now branded as Maoists, it said.

On the other hand, after calling the 12 hours bandh in Meka circle on Sunday to protest against 3000 MW Dibang Multipurpose Project, the Downstream Anti Dam Committee (DSADC) is now threatening to launch indefinite bandh.

Serving an ultimatum to Roing deputy commissioner, the committee said, “We want to intimate the government of Arunachal Pradesh that it should call off the proposed public hearing scheduled on October 28 and 31 within three days starting October 26.”

It threatened to launch indefinite bandh if the demand was not met. The 12 hours Sunday bandh in Meka circle went peacefully, though traffic along Roing-Shantipur highway was affected with no vehicular movement during the day.

The anti dam movement in downstream areas of Lower Dibang Valley is now joined by Adi Cultural and Literary Society (ACLS).  ACLS Chairperson and ex MLA Bassu Perme in a letter to Roing DC has objected to construction of ‘mega dams’ on Dibang River.

ACLS has alleged that DC Roing is interested only in Dibang dam unmindful of the concerns of the people. Instead she has created fear psychosis by mentioning ULFA and Maoist involvements in anti dam movements, the society said.


3000 MW Dibang project

In a separate letter to the Chief Secretary Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) has appealed the state Govt to postpone the proposed public hearing on 3000 MW Dibang multipurpose project (DMP) till the completion of enquiry process on Oct 5 Roing firing incident.

Demanding intervention of the chief secretary for postponement of the public hearing, the  Society in its letter said  the people are in the midst of public consultation and  the Roing firing incident derailed the whole process of consultation on the project.

Moreover, the dates of enquiry on Roing incident scheduled to begin from 26th and the public hearing are overlapping while people are eager to give more concentration on  enquiry process, the Society said.


Centre’s indecision a mockery of democracy: BJP

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: BJP in a letter to the Prime Minister of India has called for immediately resolving the political crisis in the state. It further said that if political crisis is not resolved, why Art.356 (1) should not be invoked in Arunachal Pradesh till normalcy returns keeping the state Assembly in abeyance and under suspended animation.

Indecisiveness to resolve the prevailing leadership crisis is anti-people attitude and mockery to the democracy, said National General Secretary Tapir Gao in a letter.

Since the new government took over after the demise of Late Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, internal feuds and infighting has became rampant in the ruling party which has caused lawlessness and lack of governance. The prevailing situation has become such that no single developmental projects/schemes files are being processed or cleared which can not be overlooked, he added.

People of Arunachal Pradesh should not suffer and deprived of the developmental activities in the state and essential commodities it said while adding that medicines, PDS items are not reaching the border areas and there is no restoration of monsoon damaged roads and other communications, the party stated.

Arunachal needs a stable and transparent government with a great dreams and hope people of Arunachal Pradesh has given mandate to Congress Party, the letter read.


Forum says no to public hearing

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Nyiko Bachao Forum (NBF) spearheading the anti-dam movement in Nyiko Bango Area comprising of three villages of Eyi, Logum Jini and Biru has vehemently condemned the move of Land Owner' Union (LOU) for demanding re-fixation of date for public hearing regarding the proposed 2700 MW Lower Siang Hydro Electric Power Project (LSHEPP) over Siang river.

“By demanding re-fixation of date for public hearing, LOU is undermining the interest and sentiments of entire populace of three Siang districts. Such kind of move by few people with vested interest deserves condemnation from all section of the society, NBF said in a release and urged LOU to refrain themselves from making any kind of cheap and controversial press statement relating to the proposed Lower Siang Hydro Electric Power Project which may hurt the sentiment of indigenous people of the three Siang districts.

It urged LOU to respect the resolution adopted at Pessing (Jomlo Mobuk) under the banner of Dam Affected Peoples Forum of Sirit-Siyom Bango (DAPFSSB) and Logum-Jini by NBF recently on October 14 and 15 and requested LOU to fight for the common interest.

NBF reminded that the people of three districts would not participate in any public hearing even if Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) fixes the date of public hearing in future.


CRPF assures help to villagers

KHONSA, Oct 24: The Commandant, 36Bn CRPF assured the villagers of Kaimai, Tirap of every possible help for the development of their village.

Besides giving security to the villagers the establishment of a permanent post of CRPF Company in the village would usher in better development for the village,  Balav Chand Sharma, Commandant, said in a meeting on October 22. He assured the people to provide Solar Street light and take up the issue of provision of bigger transformer to improve electrification of the village at the highest level.

Earlier, amidst a large gathering K. Lowang the village chief apprised Commandant of all the rules and regulations that governs the village. He assured him of full cooperation from the villagers and further urged the CRPF to create friendly atmosphere with the villagers as better coordination between the CRPF and the villagers would only serve the purpose of establishing the post. DIPRO


Nabard funding for rural infrastructure crosses Rs One lakh crore mark

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Loans disbursed to Governments by NABARD crossed the Rs. 1,00,000 crore cumulatively and stood at Rs. 1,02,844 crore as on 30 September 2011. This included loans disbursed to 28 States and Union Territory of Puducherry as well as to the NRRDA to support the rural roads component of Bharat Nirman.

Government of Arunachal Pradesh started availing loans under RIDF and RIDF V. The cumulative sanction and disbursement in the State as on 24 October 2011 is Rs. 746.08 crore and Rs. 508.97 crore respectively for 82 projects.  

Some of the States which availed themselves of maximum financial support from NABARD for rural infrastructures were Andhra Pradesh (Rs. 9,711 cr.), Uttar Pradesh (Rs.7984 cr.), Gujarat (Rs.7,324 cr.), Tamil Nadu (Rs. 6,523 cr.), Madhya Pradesh (Rs.5,464 cr.), Maharashtra (Rs.5,493 cr,), Rajasthan (Rs.5,406 cr.) West Bengal (Rs.4,694 cr.) and Karnataka (Rs.4,406 cr.). Rs. 1.03 lakh crore was disbursed to the governments against 4.48 lakh projects worth Rs. 1.28 lakhs sanctioned to them spread over 31 broad activities as per the infrastructure requirements in the rural and agricltural sectors. Maximum funds were utilised for irrigation and agriculture (40%), followed by rural roads (33%), rural bridges (12%), rural drinking water supply (9%) and social sector (6%).  These loans are   presently available at 6.5% interest p.a to state governments for creating infrastructure conducive not only to boost demand for agricultural credit but also to enhance the productivity of credit. RIDF was set up with NABARD by the GoI in 1995-96 with an initial corpus of Rs. 2,000 crore. The funds were sourced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from Scheduled Commercial Banks in proportion to the extent of their shortfall in agriculture lending. For the current year (under RIDF XVII), an amount of Rs. 2,000 crore has been earmarked specifically for creation of warehousing infrastructure in different states. This has opened a new channel of funding from NABARD to support streamlining of storage of food grains at the production, distribution and consumption levels, not only for state governments, but also for government owned/supported entities and private sector entities which supplement storage requirements for agricultural and allied sector products.   

Some of the projects involving large financial support from NABARD are Bansagar Major Irrigation Project in Madhya Pradesh, works in Narmada Main Canal projects in Gujarat, Irrigation project in Narmada Valley, Canal Irrigation Projects in Uttar Pradesh, Rural Drinking Water Supply projects in Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, High Level Bridges in Punjab, Bihar and Orissa, etc. A few special innovative projects sanctioned during 2010-11 include construction of fishing jetties in Maharashtra with the aim of providing waterfront and shore-based infrastructure facilities for fishing activity, Development of Beel Fisheries in Assam for undertaking a host of works like development of bund embankment, rearing & stocking centre, approach road, fish landing centre, removal of water hyacinth, etc. A project for constructing potato cold storage was also sanctioned to the West Bengal state government, to create storage capacity of 4,000 MT. Some of the other projects which were of special advantage to different governments were Development of Forestry (West Bengal), Slaughter house and Meat marketing (Mizoram), Mini Hydel Projects (Nagaland), Rural Marts (Sikkim), etc. Projects under soil conservation, watershed development, drainage & flood control schemes, systems improvement in rural electricity supply, rural drinking water schemes and rural health centres, etc., were also financed by NABARD.

Implementation of these sanctioned projects will create 78,721 lakh mandays of employment, besides the long term, multiplier benefits to the economy of the States. All the projects, on completion, will additionally create irrigation potential in 164 lakh ha. and improve 3.30 lakh km roads and create rural bridges of 6.67 lakh meters. Construction of rural roads and bridges have significantly impacted agriculture by improving the ability of farmers to transport and communicate with remote farming areas.

Creation of social infrastructure in rural areas in terms of primary and secondary schools benefited about 95 lakh people.  Creation of such infrastructure projects improved access to education through increase in the enrollment level of students in the schools in the benefited areas. In many areas, the enrollment of girls has shown an upward trend in majority of schools. Primary Health Centers (PHCs) benefited about 569 lakh people. Quality of life of rural people including farmers improved as a result of the PHCs in rural areas. Rural drinking water supply projects benefited about 1,081 lakh people in rural areas thus benefiting rural people in quenching their thirst and eliminating drudgery of getting safe drinking water.

To ensure smooth and timely implementation of the projects, NABARD has put in place a system of monitoring selected projects to guide and help the Implementing Agencies of State Govts. Social monitoring by way of display boards at the project site as also posting of details of sanctioned projects on NABARD’s website ensure public awareness.

Evaluation studies on RIDF projects conducted by both in-house and reputed outside institutions like IIM have observed that NABARD has played a very proactive role in financing and management of infrastructure projects in rural areas. Studies also put forth that RIDF supports to State Govts. give a fillip to public investment in infrastructure in rural areas that makes positive impact on the otherwise declining rate of capital formation in infrastructure for agriculture development.

Acknowledging the need for investing massive financial resources in further developing the infrastructure in rural areas, NABARD has now designed a new financial product viz., Nabard Infrastructure Development Assistance (NIDA) for this sector outside RIDF as well.


Young citizens repair road

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Young citizens inhabiting Vivek Vihar have set a benchmark for all the denizens of the capital complex.

For the last two days, the young boys under the guidance of their elders have been toiling under a scorching sun to repair the Vivek Vihar road which is in highly dilapidated condition and witnessed several accidents.

The residents of the locality have contributed money, each according to their own capacity for purchasing of sand, cement, gravels and a small labour force.

The boys have lauded the efforts made by the senior citizen of the colony for providing the labour force, money and moral support to them for undertaking the project. The urban development department donated Rs. 5000 for the voluntary project.


Training for SHGs on integrated farming system

ITANAGAR, Oct 24:  A training programme on Integrated Farming Systems involving different components like pig cum fish culture, vegetable and fruits, field crops like pea, mustard, potato cultivation after rice was organized under the initiative of Basar ADC for the progressive farmers of two SHGs of Sago and Sadi villages at Dere of Sago village yesterday.

A team from KVK West Siang, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar attended the programme as resource persons accompanied by progressive farmers Tobi Nyodu of Nyodu village and Migo Basar of Chirne village.

The team interacted with Marbom Ango, ASM, Sago village as a representative and leader of the SHGs. and assured the SHGs to supply 100 Tissue Cultured Banana Saplings var. Grand-9 through Basar ADC. They also assured the farmers for extending full technical support and guidance as and when required. The team encouraged the farmers for composite fish farming in integration with piggery, vegetables, fruits and field crops for diversified sources of income. The team also inspected the fish ponds by the two SHGs.

Dr. Sachin Shinde, ADC, Basar, suggested for early completion of the remaining works of pond making and piggery shed near the fish pond.

The resource persons comprised of A. Kirankumar Singh, SMS (Agronomy), Dr. Moloy Sarmah Baruah, SMS (Animal Science) and Dr. Pranabjyoti Sarma, SMS (Horticulture).


AVP conducts district level sports competition

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Arunachal Vikash Parishad (AVP) has organized two days district level sports competition at Dree Ground, Ziro in Lower Subansiri district on Oct 22 and 23. Altogether 92 participated and out of them, 38 were selected for state level sports competition to be held at Itanagar in Nov 2011.

The sports included 100 mtrs, 200 mtrs, 400 mtrs, 800 mtrs, 1500 mtrs, 5000 mtrs race, long jump and short put throw.

Addressing the valedictory function as chief guest,  Bamin Tani,  Principal, Govt Higher Secondary School,   Ziro stressed on more participation of youth and students in games and sports and urged them maintain discipline and sportsman spirit. He also gave away the certificates to the winners of the sports competition.

Zonal organizing secretary Mithlesh Kumar briefed about the importance of sports in maintaining national unity and integrity. AVP Lower Subansiri district general secretary Mudang Elyu and AVP president Gyati Pada also spoke on the occasion.


MLA clarifies stand

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: MLA cum Steering Committee Chairman Tamio Taga said that the steering committee to study the effects and benefits of proposed Hydro Electric Project at Siang valley was constituted by the governor years back. He was clarifying after demand of his resignation from the post of chairman and Legislative assembly surfaced.

The 18 members committee comprised of eight MLAs, Six Officers and four other members from Adi community and does not enjoy any financial benefits. But any complain against Dam may be submitted to the steering committee for necessary verification, he added.

He further said, where he has been reported to be chairman of Lower Siang HE Project is malicious and misleading, he said while adding that the proposed Lower Siang Project is under a private company. How can the state government appoint a chairman on behalf of a private company, he asked.


RGU inter faculty meet

RONOHILLS, Oct 24: The three-day inter faculty meet -2011 of the Rajiv Gandhi University concluded yesterday with a positive note that sports and games activities plays a vital role in human life.

Various events including sports, games, literary and cultural activities were conducted among the students to chalk out their hidden talents in different fields.

While informing about the main objective of the inter faculty meet, Rajiv Gandhi University Student Union president Tao Abo said the main objective of the meet was to identify the hidden talents of the students in various sports,  cultural and literary fields while adding that the students could also prepare themselves for the forthcoming inter college competition, scheduled to be held in the month of November next.

Abo further thanked one and all for their kind cooperation for the smooth conduct of the meet.

Doimukh ZPM Tana Bado graced the valedictory function as the chief guest.  A colourful cultural programmes besides fashion show also marked the valediction function of the inter faculty meet 2011.

Meanwhile, the student of Mass Communication of the RGU through a skit presentation on Saturday has highlighted the problem of the common people of the society because of bandh culture.

Faculty of Social Science-B (Political Science and Sociology) has been adjudged as the champion Faculty.  (With inputs from Mass Com students)


Shutter down strike deferred

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: The proposed 36-hour Shutter Down strike which was given by Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) from October 26 has been deferred by a day to October 27 morning till 5 pm next day on account of Diwali festival.


DN Badminton C’ship

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: MLA Tapuk Taku and Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh Chairman Tungri Effa would attend the closing ceremony of 2nd Dera Natung Badminton Championship at DN College on October 26.



Tamba Doyom has been elected as president of the  All Tagin Youth Organization (ATYO)  in its 2nd general conference-cum-election which concluded at Daporijo on Oct 23. The name ‘Tamba Doyom’ was wrongly printed as ‘Tomba Doyom’ in our Oct 24 issue. The error is regretted.


Literary, sports and cultural meet

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: All Kimin Students’ Union is organizing a literary, sports and cultural meet for students of Kimin and Kakoi areas at Kimin from November 16-19.

The objective of organizing the event is to inculcate the feeling of brotherhood among the students community and to explore the hidden talent of the students.


Union welcomes move

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribes’ Union (APITU) while expressing gratitude to AICC chief Sonia Gandhi for deputing a high level central observers’ team to Arunachal Pradesh to take stock of the present political as well as law and order situation of the state, hoped that the AICC chief would effect a change in CLP leadership within the Congress party without any further delay.

It also appealed to the people to refrain from criticizing each other and give peace a chance for continuing developmental activities in the state.


NCWA hopes

ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Nirjuli Contractor’s Welfare Association (NCWA) hoped that the new director of the NERIST will start development activities of the institution to restore its lost glory soon.

While welcoming the NERIST director, the NCWA further hoped that he would understand the local sentiment in better ways and turn the institution into the Centre of Excellence during his tenure.


Training on SECC

Aalo, Oct 24: Training on Socio-Economic and Caste based Census (SECC) 2011 for Supervisors and Enumerators of Darak CD Block was held at Kamba, West Siang  yesterday.

Attending training programme, BDO Lijum Ete urged the enumerators to sincerely take part in the census exercise which will be completely paper less.

The census would start from November 1 and claims and objection would be taken up after draft publication of the BPL list in December, he said.

The training was imparted by master trainers Tumken Lomi and Pomin Amo.


17th State Karate C’ship

ITANAGAR: The 17th State Level Karate-do Championship, 2011 would be held at Sangay Lhaden Sports Complex, Chimpu near here on November 26 and 27 next. An organizing committee headed by Arunachal Karate Association (AKA) president Sensei Likha Tara as chairman has been also constituted for smooth conduct of the championship.


NIFCS for ban on dice in state

ITANAGAR: The Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS) in a memorandum addressed to the state Governor appealed him to issue directives to all the district administration to ban gambling (playing of dice) during holy festival of Hindu – ‘Deepawali’ in the state. NIFCS said the ban on gambling should be imposed in view of deteriorating law and order situation, ethical and moral implication of gambling on women and youth and its imminent threat to indigenous socio-cultural fabrics in Arunachal Pradesh.


Indian Air Force Recruitment Rally

NAHARLAGUN: Airmen Selection Centre, Guwahati would conduct a recruitment rally, exclusively for the male candidates of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Nagaland to join as Airmen in IAF in technical and non-technical trades on November 4 at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium Naharlagun.

Those interested may attend the rally or contact Airmen Selection Centre, Guwahati (telephone                  no. 0361- 2843385/  2840051 or log on to www.indianairforce.nic.in or www.arunachalipr.gov.in) for details. DIPR


Workshop on Indigenous Musical Instrument

Aalo: The first ever workshop on Indigenous Musical Instrument was organized by Director Art & Culture, in collaboration with NEZCC, Dimapur at Gumin Kiin Donyi Polo Dere, Aalo today.

The workshop was inaugurated by Jarsa Gamlin, ZPM Chairperson amidst large participants from music lover of the district.

While appreciating the department for organizing such a programme in the district, Gamlin appealed to all the participants to sincerely learn the technique of making all indigenous musical instrument of the tribals residing in West Siang.

J. Siram Dy. Director Art & Culture briefed the gathering about the purpose of undertaking the workshop.



ITANAGAR, Oct 24: Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Field Staff Association deeply mourned the sudden demise of AFA (Sr) Toko Dokho who died on October 21.

He was serving as AFA, Agriculture Department at Ziro and is survived by his wife, seven sons and six daughters.

Dimin Welfare Association (DWA) deeply mourned the death of Late Yasi Taggu of Jomo village, who died on Oct 21 last. She was 89 and her funeral was performed at his native village under Rumgong circle of West Siang district on Oct 22. Late Yasi Taggu was mother of DWA president Takop Taggu and EAC Balijan, Tayi Taggu.

The officers and staff of DC’s office Yupia condoled the death of Tana Pika, contingency staff, who died on October 23 at Amba village, Doimukh.


News Impact


Don’t deprive the unemployed

Dear Editor,

This is response against the article "affected people demand scrapping of Lower Siang project". I agree with your valuable thoughts but can the members assure our future. Always remember your problem is with JAPL not the local employees who are working for their daily living. As a graduate and unemployed of Siang, I want to know who are those members to decide for our life. Please make sure that before writing such words think thousand times. I urge them to come up with bigger thoughts.


Concerned citizen,

(on email)



What will the police do?

Dear Editor,

The anguish of policemen as ventilated recently in your esteemed daily seems genuine and very palpable.

It is very easy to criticize the security forces but difficult to understand their hardship and contribution. As a civilian who has keenly watched the recent incidents of violence in different parts of the composite state; I am impelled to acknowledge the circumstances under which they are discharging their duty. Given the large-scale public violence, what will the police do? Had it not been for the sincere security forces, society will collapse within few hours. It is the police & para-military forces which safeguard the unity and integrity of the nation especially during crisis. Can we imagine what will happen if the policemen stop performing their duty? Except some instances of personal cases, basically, security personnel have always rose to occasion.

With some organisations regularly resorting to unconstitutional means to express their grievances and dictating in every step, forces are having a tough time to control the situation.

All sections of the society should cultivate the values of universal brotherhood, lawfulness and look beyond ones' community or organisation in order to uphold social harmony. First of all, we are human beings, then Indians, then Arunachalees and then members of this or that tribe. May God save the younger generation and common people from misguidance.



Guwahati,  (on email)



Enhance salary

Dear Editor,

I would like to know from authorities of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, Arunachal Pradesh why they are not implementing the enhanced payment till date though Govt has already declared enhancement of salary for SSA teachers.


SSA Teacher



Development and Siang

Dear Editor,

As a child of Siang, I have heard and seen lots of ups and downs of Siang district. How long we the people of Siang will deprive ourselves from development and shall we tell our grandchildren that we have stopped the development to protect you.

My question is to the well educated leaders of anti dam; are they really working for the benefits of people or they are doing for their own name, fame and gain.

So let us grow with bigger thoughts for better future of Siang.



Pasighat,  (on email)



Sorry if deprived you a chance

Dear Editor,

Nyishi Elite Society (NES), Nyishi Welfare Association (NWA), Nyishi Bachao Association (NBA), Nyishi  Nyem Acham (NNA), Nyishi Consultative Committee (NCC), All Nyishi student Union (ANSU), All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA), All Nyishi Youth Organisation (ANYO),  All Nyishi  Educated Youth Forum (ANEYF), All Nyishi Nyizir Yapa Association (ANNYA), All Nyishi Youth Volunteer Federation (ANYVF).

All these are the Nyishi based association I have seen in your daily. Being from the community, I am surprised to see all those nomenclature. I am really disappointed. What was the need to form so many organisations and associations?

In my childhood my teacher used to tell me "sharing is loving" and ''united we stand, divided we fall" but I think my elders never came across those lines.

Which one of these are the real guardians of my society? In recent times we have seen many untoward incidents. Can your matured mind think of staying united under single organization?

Sorry if I have not listed all the association or unions thereby depriving those organizations a chance of publicity.



Karnataka,  (on email)



Shortage of gas cylinders

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring the attention of all concerned through you that there is crisis of LPG cylinders at Marina Gas Agency Itanagar. The agency is issuing coupon for refilling of the LPG cylinders but they are not able to provide the cylinders on time. People are made to wait in long queue with the paid coupons but suddenly they will tell the waiting consumers that the stock is exhausted and to come the next day. This is going on for the last week. So people have to come early to be ahead in the line for that day but still many dont get the cylinders.

So, why is the management issuing coupon and collecting the money when they can't provide the LPG cylinders?                      

It is sorry to state that LPG cylinders are easily available in black market in exorbitant prices. Who is responsible?                 So, I would like to request the management of Marina Gas Agency, Itanagar to look into people’s difficulties and resolve the matter at the earliest.


N. S. Boni



BJP, Hindi and mother tongue

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Ngurang Ajo for his brilliant letter, titled "Advani is a flag-bearer of Hindi brigade"( 22 October).

However, Ajo has pointed to only one side of the coin ie BJP is engaged in Hindu-ising and Hindi-ising the tribals of Arunachal Pradesh and that the party is of the opinion that loyalty towards the nation is dependent on the loyalty towards Hindi! Actually BJP believes in the philosophy of Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan and it is the dream of the saffron-brigade to transform the whole of multi-coloured India into a monolithic Hindustan where Hindus and Hindi-speakers will rule supreme; the vast population of other religious and linguistic groups being reduced to non-entities or relegated to oblivion. And as far as establishing Hindi as the ultimate proof of "nationalism" is concerned, BJP is not the only sinner in this respect. Alongwith the BJP, Congress and all the "socialist" parties go all-out to cement Hindi's "superiority" over all other Indian languages. These sponsors of the language of the  cowbelt feel absolutely no qualms in brainwashing the multi-cultured people of this democratic nation that only knowledge will help them to learn the essence of India! This directly implies that those who are ignorant in Hindi are in dark about national affairs! If this is not a vulgar display of Hindi-imperialism, then I don't know what is! As if projecting it as "national language" is not enough( as if the rest are "anti-national" or "alien" languages!), Hindi is also barbarically referred to as "Rajbhasa" which again exemplifies that Hindi is the "King" of all Indian languages or it is the language of the "Kings" which again implies that Hindi-speakers are the "Rajas" of India and we the "wretched" "philistine" non-Hindi-speakers are mere "Prajas"! It is nothing but a farce that the linguistic group, which do not hold minimum respect to the philosophy of "unity in diversity" and are determined to destroy the country's cultural heterogeneity,  are advicing us about essence of India and "nationalism"!

It is high time the section of Arunachal as well as Indian population, who have got brainwashed by the Hindi-propaganda and try to Hindi-ise themselves,  that too by discarding their own unique cultural identity so as to become "true" Indian, take a lesson from Mr. Ajo's letter. Rightly has he pointed out the fact that the world laugh at those who shed their identity and mimic alien communities. The highly self-respectful South Indians, Marathis and Gujaratis proudly hold their respective mother-tongues in highest pedestal and thus neither do the Hindi-fanatics dare to impose Hindi in their regions nor can the world think of laughing at those proud lot.

A community's survival and existence is directly dependent upon the status of its language and culture in the society. If unique ethnic and linguistic identity is lost, all is lost and the concerned community is bound to get extinct as the Dodo. Thus all race and tribes of India should call the bluff of the Hindi-zealots and remain true to their mother-tongue, heritage and cultural roots.


Kajal Chatterjee,




The ‘Old man’ and Hindi

Dear Editor,

This is in response to an article published in your esteemed daily in Reader’s forum on October 22 under the heading “Advani is a flag-bearer of Hindi brigade.” As a lay man, we know that the Indian Constitution bestowed on us Freedom and Liberty. However, it does not mean that we intentionally make it mere tool in negativism and self serving comments.

Every Arunachalee know that there is no common language in the State so far. Hindi which is also the National Language is the common spoken language, and English is the Official used language in Aruanchal Pradesh. We also know that Hindi language is prominently used in the more number of States in the country. Arunachal Pradesh is surviving with the Centre’s Grants and has to deal with most of the States where Hindi becomes necessary and unavoidable.

Yes, the Constitution has given the Right to every citizen of India can visit and stay in any part of the country. The visit of leader of L.K. Advani’s stature to different parts of the country always remains the wishes and demand of the people.  The people of Aruanchal Pradesh rather feels the visit  of Advani  was reassuring at the peak hour of Panic and disturbed situation in the State especially in Capital Complex, consequent upon factional feuds  and steep rivalries in the ruling Congress leading to ugliest ever face of violence’s  in the State. The massive response to the Jana Chetna Yatra Rally at Naharlagun on Oct 20 was an event of confidence building measure for the Public.

The writer of the article needs to know about Advani and his contribution to the nation and the democracy of the Land before making a mockery by calling him as “old man” and hurling wild allegations. The writer’s allegations of Hindu-ising and Hindi-ising  by a particular political party in the country reflects the attitude and his  in-depth knowledge about the constitution, and the parliamentary system in the country.

Keeping, maintaining, preserving and protecting our homes is our own responsibility, and thus blaming the loss of our rich tribal culture and tradition in the State on the visit of Advaniji is unbecoming.  


Lichi Soan,  (on email)






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GM food aid causes concern


Genetically modified (GM) technology injects foreign genes into a crop that can improve its appearance, taste, nutritional quality, drought tolerance, and insect and disease resistance.

However, GM food aid bound for Africa has long been a bone of contention among governments, scientists, activists, consumers and aid workers. Most African countries approach GM technology applied to crops with caution.

On 18 August a drought-affected Kenyan government fired the head of its National Biosafety Authority for expediting the process to import milled food aid which might have contained genetically modified organisms (GMO). There have been different degrees of resistance to GM food and GM food aid in Africa.

In 2002 Zambia announced it would not accept GM food aid in any form. Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique said they could allow imports of GM food aid in its milled form as this eliminated the risk of the germination of whole grains and limited possible contamination of local varieties. Lesotho and Swaziland allowed the distribution of non-milled GM food/grains, but warned people that it was for consumption not cultivation. In 2004, Angola and Sudan announced restrictions on GM food aid.

In Africa, the production of GM food is still in its infancy. South Africa (70-80 percent of its maize, soya and cotton production), Egypt (maize) and Burkina Faso (cotton) are the only African countries commercially producing GM crops.

Food aid agencies in Africa usually turn to South Africa for surplus maize. The country has systems in place to segregate non-GM from GM.  Farmers in South Africa certify non-GM content by conducting a basic test, which detects specific proteins produced by a GM plant. The non-GM grain is separated from the rest before being shipped.

However, most critics of GM food argue that foreign genes can produce toxic proteins and allergens, even possibly transfer the genes to bacteria in the human gut; or transfer these traits to other crops with unknown consequences.

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