October 16

Police under scrutiny as org, family allege apathy
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The Tanw Supun Dukun, Apatani Apex Council on Saturday questioned the role of police department in death of Sub-Inspector Hano Chatung, who  was allegedly found dead  inside his car with bullet injury on his head at 6 miles between Naharlagun-Itanagar on September 14, 2016 last.  Addressing the media persons at Press Club here today, TSD General Secretary Tapi Tai squarely blamed the police department for allegedly failing to instill sense of security in dutiful officer like late Chatung. The Apatani community Apex orgnisation claimed that death of late SI Chatung has somewhere linked to Tarasso incident.
It is said that Assam Police had registered fabricated case against late SI Chatung and SI Ajit Bharali of Balijan Police Station at Behali Police Station alleging their involvement in Tarasso incident.
Subsequently, both officers received WT message from Investigation Officer T. Doley, Dy.SP Biswanath Charali Police district, Assam summoning them to appear before him at his office on September, 02, 2015 for interrogation in connection with Behali PS case no 43/15 U/S 143/447/353/307IPC RW Section25(1) (A) 27 Arms Act.
The family of deceased officer and the organisation claimed that discouragement and lack of support by police department in high profile case (Tarasso Incident) led to mental disturbance of late SI Hano.   
Late Hano had written a letter to DIGP (West Division) on September 09, 2015 seeking approval for engaging a Private Defence Advocate pertaining to summon letter issued by Dy SP Biswanath Charali. However, the organisation claimed that the higher authority in Police Department did not allow late officer to hire private defence counsel.
Demanding thorough investigation on entire episode linked to death of SI Hano, the organisation also questioned the police department.
It questioned why the department was reluctant to announce ex-gratia to the bereaved family. They also condemned the department for not cordoning the dead body of late Hano at place of occurrence which they alleged allowed the people to take photos of the dead officer which was later circulated on social media hurting the family deeply.  
" How can Police Department be so disrespectful towards their own officer and every passerby click picture of dead body and post it on social media with their own version of the story" resented PG Tago, TSD, Papumpare district Unit Spokesperson.  " Even the body had to be collected by the family members from incident site whereas the department should have handed it over to the family"  Tago added.
It further added that even after lapse of one month, the police department has neither conveyed a condolence message to bereaved family nor has it provided any ex-gratia.  The organisation expressed shock at the conduct of the department claiming that none of the members from the department has come to console the family members.
The family members also alleged that the higher authority in police department were putting considerable pressure on late Chatung to put his service pistol(9MM) bullet at incident place, probably  to stage a crime scene whereas video footage evidence has clearly showed  that Subashis Das, DFO Bishwanath Charali confessing in Hindi saying "Firing to Hoga hi".
The organisation also demanded a job for deceased officer's wife on compassionate ground and Rs 50 lakhs as immediate relief to the family members.
The apex organisation of the community demanded the inquiry be headed by officer not less than rank of Additional Deputy Commissioner preferably Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by rank of Deputy General Inspector of Police.
To voice against the apathy of the authorities and intriguing episode leading to death of late SI Hano, TSD is organising a massive "Candle Light March" on October 18, 2016 starting from Nyokum Lapang Itanagar upto Dree-Ground. It appealed the citizens of the twin capital city to join the peace march seeking justice for late Hano.

Rs 53 Cr. for teachers’ salary
BOMDILA, Oct 15: Giving a breather to the SSA and RMSA teachers, Chief Minister Pema Khandu has announced Rs 53 crore to clear all their pending salaries.
The Chief Minister made this announcement while speaking at the Silver Jubilee Chindang Celebration of Sajolang community at Nafra Saturday.
The Finance Department has been instructed to release Rs 53 crore through State Government funds and the released amounts will be transferred to Education Department by Tuesday next, said Pema.
He appealed to the teaching community to discharge their duty sincerely and take care of the students' future.
Observing lack of required attention towards the teaching community, the Chief Minister stressed on showing them more respect for their service they render for building the future of our children.
"Our society pays more attention towards other profession. But did we ever care about our teachers who are serving in villages and remote areas? Did we ever bother to ask what they need?" asked Pema.
He appealed to the people of Nafra to send a good message that teachers here are respected and that the society cares about them. He also appealed the CBOs to take pro-active role in providing assistance to state government to improve services in education and health sectors.

‘Arunachal's Lhakpa Tsering retains Raid de Himalaya title’
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: Lhakpa Tsering has retained the Raid de Himalaya title driving in the T3 Category Polaris 1000rzr Xp4.
The Raid de Himalaya, in its 18th year, was supposed to run from Manali to Leh and back covering a distance of 2000 kms in the Greater Himalayas, but the rally was halted midway in Sarchu in Jammu &Kashmir following a fatal crash that claimed the life of Subhamoy Paul of Kolkata.
Raid de Himalaya has the reputation of being one of the toughest motorpsorts events in the country
Lhakpa, for his second Raid de Himalaya title, got off to a flying start from the first competitive stage itself taking the lead by 56 seconds over 9 time winner Suresh Rana.
The first leg in the beautiful and tough roads of Lahaul Spiti was a 250 km run to Kaza. The run within Kaza and the return competitive stage covered more than 300 kms to Sarchu plains in Ladakh region.
The return stages claimed the life of Subhamoy  Paul, who died on the spot after a fatal crash at the speed of 95 km per hour after which the organisers decided to call off the rally  in due respect to the fallen sportsman.
75 cars and 79 bikes took part crossing the highest Himalayan passes like Kunzamla in Lahaul Spiti Himachal and Baralachala in Jammu and Kashmir  with temperatures going down to -15 at Sarchu where the competitors had to halt making it a survival of the fittest against nature.
The subdued prize distribution ceremony took place at Manali on Saturday as scheduled on the basis of the results of the three days run, in which Lhakpa took the top honours.
Speaking to Arunachal Times, he said that “Feel elated that I can do something for my state in a sport which attracts many touristic footfalls after any event”.

Workshop on Customary Laws and Practices for GBs
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: A daylong workshop on Customary Laws and Practices in Arunachal Pradesh for Gaon Buras and Head Gaon Buras with special reference to the Assam Frontier Regulation 1945 was conducted by Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA) on Saturday.
Around 70 numbers of Gaon Buras and Gaon Buris, law students and others attended the programme held at Naharlagun.
Resource persons included Budi Habung, Member Secretary, APSLSA, Dani Belo, Dy.Secretary Law & Judicial, Department Government of Arunachal Pradesh cum OSD, APSLSA, Muk Pertin, Senior Advocate, Gauhati High Court Itanagar Permanent Bench, Gichik Laling, President Gaon Bura & Buri Association and Tachi Lombi, General Secretary Gaon Bura & Buri Association.
OSD, APSLSA, Dani Belo highlighted the roles and functions of the State Authority, while Budi Habung detailed on the roles and function of Gaon Buras under Assam Frontier Regulation 1945. He emphasized on the merits and demerits of the traditional system of justice and informed that Gaon Buras can play a major role in eradicating the evils like child marriage and property rights to female child issues. He requested the Gaon Buras to report serious criminal cases to police & court rather than disposing it by their local ways and informed that State Legal Services Authority would render more possible help to the Gaon Buras in holding of awareness programmes for the members of the Gaon Bura & Buri Association in delivery of justice.
Senior Advocate and President GHCIPBBA, Muk Pertin spoke on the Constitution of India and provision for protection of customary law in the state.
Meanwhile, the state authority on the occasion of Nyirmen Aalo on Saturday setup a Legal Aid and awareness stall at Solung-Mopin Ground, Itanagar, wherein visitors were given brouchers and legal knowledge on the functions of state authority in providing free legal aid etc.

Traditional cultural show attracts people on Day 2 of Nyirmen Festival
Aalo, Oct 15: The traditional cultural extravaganza and mega Ponu was the main attraction of the second day of the Nyirmen Festival which witnessed participation of more than 30 cultural troupes from Aalo and its vicinity at Gumin Kiin, Aalo on Friday.  
Senior citizen, Doyir Ete of Darka Village and Hikar Loyi, HGB narrated their nostalgic association with festivals and cultural movements in the past.
Galo Ane, President, Jumken Doji Ete, Secy, Higam Loyi Ango and President GWS Aalo Unit, Dr. Marbom Basar also spoke on significance of the day and exhorted the youth to take pride in their own culture to maintain its age old identity. Apparel show on traditional and modern attires and costumes were presented by innovative Galo women.
Director RCCN, Liduk Ete, Hoksum Ori and best couple Karngam and Degam Ete were felicitated by Galo Ane for their outstanding contributions for the development of Galo society. Two minutes silence was also observed as mark of respect to late Tumpak Ete who was instrumental in reviving the age old Nyirmen.
Earlier, in the morning the exhibition stalls depicting traditional weaves, handicrafts, art and crafts were inaugurated by senior DPDTC member Y. Riram. DIPRO

Arunachal needs paradigm shift to boost it's economy
[ Denhang Bosai ]
They say 'little drops of water and little grains of sand make the mighty ocean and the vast desert.' The famous Lizzat Papad started by a group of few women in the South is today a multi-crore cooperative industry.
They say that Dhirubai Ambani the founder of the Reliance Industries stepped out of his village in Gujurat to start a business in Bombay (now Mumbai) with only Rs.4 in his pocket. However, we the people of Arunachal don't seem to understand that 'slow and steady' wins the race. We all want to become 'lakh patti' or 'crore patti' overnight. Is it possible?  No. Never.
The few rich or moneyed people in the state show no interest in Agro-base industries which can generate lots of employment opportunities for the youth apart from the huge profit they would make.
Every moneyed man or woman in the state is overtly obsessed with the urge of becoming an MLA. Has the post of MLA become so lucrative that they are ready to cough off in crore? For strange reason (s) the people and the planners are neglecting the life-sustaining and economy-boosters; the agriculture, horticulture and their allied sectors while indulging too much in asset or infrastructure creation. Going by the priority lists, these sectors are languishing at the bottom whereas they should have been on the top. Roads, bridges, buildings are absolutely necessary but they can be built at anytime and by anybody.
But I always maintain that had the successive governments in the past paid adequate attention to cash crops like kiwi, large cardamom, king chilli, orange, ginger whose gestation period varies from 1-6 years then today Arunachal would have been an economically strong and vibrant state.
The farmers are earning very good returns from large cardamom, kiwi and king chilli. It is needless to mention that the farmers of Lohit, Anjaw and Lower Dibang Valley had suffered due to lack of proper marketing facilities vis-a-vis orange and ginger in the past. This should not happen to the farmers who have taken up the task of growing kiwi and large cardamom on commercial scale.
Marketing facilities and cold storages may be made available to them. The ever hungry and cunning middle men from the plains must not be allowed to exploit the farmers like they have been doing all these years. Interestingly, kiwi, large cardamom, orange, pineapple, ginger, king chilli etc grow very well all over the state. So, the government should intervene and if possible create co-operatives and auction centres to facilitate the farmers to sell their produce at good price.
The greatest advantage of these cash crops is that even poor and marginal famers can grow them unlike tea and rubber that require huge land and recurring expenditure. The government should encourage the farmers by providing the technical expertise and the seeds and saplings at the right time. It has been experienced that the seeds and saplings are issued at the wrong time and the farmers cannot do anything. I am or for that matter all of us are surprised by the fact that in spite of the change in people's food habit, the agricultural cycle that they practise even today is the same; the slash and burn method and farmers continue to sow and grow crops like kochu and millet that today's children no longer relish.
The departments like Agriculture and Horticulture have been in existence for ages. But sadly, they have failed to motivate and change the mindset of the farmers. This is a bitter truth. Now, the iron is hot and these departments should strike now.
The farmers themselves have realized the futility of shifting cultivation and are attracted to cash crops having seen their fellow farmers earning handsome returns. These departments should seize the great opportunity that has presented itself and egg on the farmers to switch over to cash crop farming. But the departments alone can do precious little.
The government both GOI and state government should lavishly fund these important departments. The farmers should be trained from time to time and the transfer of technology and expertise from the concerned departments to the farmers should be a continuous process.
The elected people's representatives should stop concentrating on village CC steps, Culverts and other unproductive schemes that the contractors demand with a profit-making motive and encourage the villagers to grow kiwi, large cardamom, king chili etc that have ready buyers and yield good returns.
The opportune time has come for the leaders too who have the wherewithal for a paradigm shift in the interest of their people. The villagers who used to clear the path leading to the jhumland, rivers on community basis without spending a single penny have been so overtly molly-coddled by them ( leaders) that they have started demanding government sanction for every little community work they execute in the village. In the past the villagers used to make traditional steps on the steep roads that worked better than CC steps and make log and bamboo bridges on community basis.
These steps and log bridges worked wonderfully well. But today, they need sanctions. This is what spoon-feeding culture can do. This practice should be discouraged. Instead of talking about huge dams, TAH etc let us set our village economic activities in order first because they are the basis and the foundation of our economy. Let our farmers spread the hotness of king chilli or hathi jolokia, or mithun jolokia or bhoot jolokia or  raja jolokia or Naga jolokia or harang jolokia to make the taste of India. Let our farmers grow so much kiwi that it finds a place on every breakfast table in the country.
Let our farmers produce so much large cardamom that no Indian is left without tasting its aroma. If our economy is strong then other developments will auromatically follow suit. With a young, energetic, visionary and enlightened Chief Minister in Pema Khand in the helms of affairs, we can dream and dream big.
Today, he is the hope of the farmers who see a real pragmatism in him. Hope in the interest of the state's speedy development he will be ever ready for a paradigm shift if called for. Being young and educated he is pregnant with new ideas and innovative mindset. The Agri-Horti and its allied sectors need more boost if the state has to develop and prosper in the true sense of the term. The time has come to accord more importance to Agri-Horti sector after Health and Education. We have wasted precious years merrily going through the stereotyped jhuming which has proved to be unproductive, destructive and environmentally disastrous.
Now, when the farmers are more than willing to go for cash crops to improve their economic status  and the economy of the state, the government should volunteer to help them in whatever ways it can. The Mother Nature has been more than kind to us by bestowing upon us all that we need; lush green forests, fertile land, perennial rivers, suitable and climate. But have we reciprocated by harnessing these wonderful gifts of Nature? I think not and I believe you will not disagree with me.

Silver Jubilee Chindang celebration at Nafra
CM, Rijiju appeal for preservation of traditional culture, identity
BOMDILA, Oct 15: Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Saturday appealed the Sajolang youths to preserve their traditional identity. He said with the advent of modernity, we have to accept change but it must not be at the cost of one's indigenous culture. Chief Minister said this while joining the Sajolang community at Nafra to celebrate the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Chindang festival.
He stressed on the importance of CBOs in preserving traditional culture. "Without their initiative, our youths won't be motivated to learn our ancient culture and dialect, which has been passed on through generations," observed Khandu. He expressed concern that as the elder generation of the community dies down, who are the last repositories of ancient culture, the youths will be forever disconnected with their own culture.
Speaking on development initiatives of the state government, the Chief Minister asserted that dependency on centre for funds has to stop some day. "If we have to move ahead, we have to work on how to convert our natural resources to a revenue generating source," he said.
Advocating for hydropower, the Chief Minister said that state has to tap its natural resources and think of how to make it beneficial for the society. He appreciated the Bichom dam resettlement plan implementation, which he had inspected the previous day.
Observing the success of Bichom dam's development efforts, the Chief Minister expressed that Bichom residents could become the ambassador of hydropower. However, he stressed that development should not be at the cost of one's culture and said that development projects will never be forced on people.
The Chief Minister appreciated the spirit of festivity expressed by local Sajolang community who breaking away from tradition didn't bother to submit a single memorandum to him. He, however, assured that all development needs of the constituency will be fulfilled in consultation with the local MLA.
Earlier, the day's celebration began with a group song followed by formal opening of 25 years of central celebration of Chindang festival by the CM. Among the hosts were festival Chief patron Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs and festival patron Japu Deru, MLA, Bomdila.
Also speaking on the occasion, Rijiju said that a society that has lost its culture is like a body that has lost its soul. Culture is an asset that once lost could not be regained and has to be protected by the local community alone, he stressed.
Earlier the Chief Minister visited the Sajolang cultural emporium put on display by a local women self help group 'Ladoh Buchung Phong'. The items on display were traditional male/female outfits, bamboo items, hunting equipment, war materials and others. A traditional hut of the Sajolang community was also on display.
The festival committee  also released a souvenir book on the occasion - 'Heritage, Culture and Habitat of Sajolang community through Chief Minister. This was followed by a traditional 'Pong Ho' dance, which is performed by male folks to drive away the evil spirit.
 Among others, the festival was also attended by Parliamentary Secretary (Health & FW) Phurpa Tsering, Parliamentary Secretary (PHE) Kumsi Sidisow, West Kameng Deputy Commissioner Dr Sonal Swaroop and NEZCC Deputy Director D. Vashum.

APCC question Madhav statement
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has made fun of BJP leader Ram Madhav, who asserted to make Arunachal Pradesh a 'corruption free State.  Leaders of the saffron party were expert in making false promises, Congress said.
The BJP general secretary's statement made during the swearing in ceremony of Tamiyo Taga as Minister was published in sections of local dailies on Saturday.
"All the time, the BJP was alleging the former Congress MLAs and ministers as corrupt. Now all of them are in their house," APCC said.
“How Ram Madhav can proclaim that he would make 'corruption Free State', when an MLA, whose family is facing charges of the infamous PDS scam, has been inducted as minister”?  
APCC said that the BJP leaders were always good at making promises without actions. The people of this state cannot be befooled anymore with such false statement, the party said.
"The people were expecting huge development package from the visiting national BJP leader but to the utter dismay, no such announcement was made," APCC said.
"At least the BJP led Govt. at the Center and its visiting leader should have announced to clear the pending package sanctioned during the UPA regime,," the party added.

BJP calls for corruption free state
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The state council meeting of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) concluded on Saturday with the call for a corruption free Arunachal for all round development of the state.
Addressing the final day of the meeting here, BJP General Secretary Arun Singh said that endeavors would be made for all round development of the poor and weaker sections of the society in Arunachal Pradesh.
Highlighting about various developmental initiatives of the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre to achieve the dream of making India a developed country, Singh informed that more than 1 crore free gas connection has been given so far under free gas connection scheme for the poor family and  21 crore bank accounts have been opened under Jan Dhan Yojana.
Even in Arunachal Pradesh, more than 1 lakh bank accounts have been opened and over 1 lakh people have been insured, Singh said.
He exhorted the party cadres and workers to work hard to fulfill the dream of founder of the party Deendayal Upadhyay, who dreamt of a strong and corruption free India.,.
Singh also alleged lack of work culture by central Congress leaderships.
Sharing his thoughts on the kind developmental approach Arunachal Pradesh should take, Senior BJP Leader and newly inducted Cabinet Minister Tamiyo Taga said that thrust should be given to the horticulture sector in Arunachal Pradesh in order to improve the economic condition in the rural areas.  
He assured the party workers that BJP will work for all round development of the State in line with the values and principles of the Party.
State BJP president Tapir Gao urged the party workers to 'internalise' the ideology and principles of the party and work towards bringing about a transformation in the society. He further appealed to the party workers to generate awareness about the philosophy of BJP to the larger section of the society so that value based political culture start germinating in Arunachal Pradesh.
Senior Party leader and National Council Member R K Khrimey, State General Secretary (Organisation)  Ramesh Kadaganchi, also spoke on the occasion.
The resolution which was adopted at Kozhikode National Council meeting to make the birth centenary year of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay as year of the welfare of the downtrodden across the country was ratified and formally adopted by State Council.

ICBCS-2016 commence at RGU
RONO HILLS, Oct 15: The International Conference on Global Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development (ICBCS-2016) commenced on Saturday at Rajiv Gandhi University.
The three days biodiversity event was inaugurated by Dr. T. Madhan Mohan, distinguished Scientist and Adviser Department of Biotechnology, GoI and Dr. P. Sanjeeva Rao, Adviser Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI.
Organizing Secretary of the ICBCS, Dr. Hui Tag while highlighting the aims and objectives of the conference called upon all the participants to adopt the idea of 'think global and act local' and to act responsively at local level to ensure maximum biodiversity conservation index at local and regional level to achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Target 2020.
Vice-Chancellor of RGU, Prof. Tamo Mibang urged upon the researchers to apply science and technology coupled with traditional holistic knowledge to ensure nature conservation and sustainable development at regional and national level.
Dr. T. Madhan Mohan apprised the participants about role of DBT India in biodiversity research, conservation and rural development through interventions of different innovative biotechnology schemes operated by the DBT in North East India. He urged upon participants find out to ways and means to address the current rate of biodiversity losses due to anthropogenic pressure and global climate change which ultimately would affect the livelihood and food security of the millions of people.
Dr. Sanjeeva Rao informed the participants about funding process of SERB DST for environmental conservation and development in the NE India.
The plenary lecture of the first day was delivered by Prof. K. Raja Reddy, Department of Plants and Soil Sciences, Mississippi State University, MS USA.
Exponent of climate change, crop modelling and food security and who have the knowledge of both Eastern and Western world, Prof. Raja informed the participants about enriched state of art knowledge on global climate system, sustainable development and food security.
Further, four technical sessions were held which witnessed lectures delivered by several invited speakers and panel experts hailing from different universities and research institutes from across the country, USA and European Union member nations.
ICBCS 2016 has more than 300 registered participants, over 200 oral presentation and 54 poster presentation which is divided into 13 technical sessions. The technical sessions are being accompanied by exhibition by the State Medicinal Plant Board led by Member Secretary, APSMPB, T. Gapak, Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Krishi Vigyan Kendra Karsingsa, ZSI and other organizations GoAP

7th Dr. T Ao Memorial Football Championship begins
Staff Reporter
NAHARLAGUN, Oct 15:  The 7th edition of Dr. T Ao Memorial Football Championship began amidst much fanfare and cheer at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium here on Saturday.
Organized by the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association (APFA) in collaboration with Directorate of Sports, GoAP and sponsored by North East Council (NEC), the 11-day long tournament will have 6 out of 8 teams from the entire North East including, Arunachal, Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Manipur and Nagaland, vying  for the prestigious trophy.
In the opening match, Manipur defeated Meghalaya 5-0 to earn full points.
The team took an early lead with goal from S. Subhash Singh in 5th minutes.
N Pritam Singh doubled the score in 26th minutes before Md. Imran Khan made it 3-0 by scoring in 40th minutes.
Manipur was leading Meghalaya 3-0 at half time.
N Pritam Singh again scored in 75th minutes before Mickyson Roy Tynsong of Meghalaya scored a self goal in the dying minutes.
Earlier, Minister Sports & Youth Affairs, Rajesh Tacho unfurled the tournament flag.
Tacho, in his inaugural address underscored the importance of sports and urged the state's youths to dedicate themselves towards achieving excellence in the field. 'Not only do sports ensure healthy body and mind, it helps youth become more disciplined in every sphere of their life', he stated.
He further expressed hope that the tournament which is being organized for the first time in the state would help strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and unity amongst the seven North Eastern states.
Arunachal Pradesh Football Association APFA President, Takam Sanjoy said that the North East states considered as football hotspots have no dearth of talent. 'The North East United Club is regarded as one of the top teams in the Indian Super League while, players from the North East are also currently playing with other top teams', he added.
A website for the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association www. apfa.com was also launched on the occasion.  
Among others the inaugural day of the tournament was attended by Parliamentary Secretary for Sports & Youth Affairs, Nyamar Karbak, Sports & Youth Affairs Secretary, Dani Sulu, Joint Director Youth Affairs, Ramesh Linggi and Director of Sports and Youth Affairs, DK Dinglow.

Kabu, SFS taste their first wins
AALO, Oct 15: Kabu FC registered their first win in the ongoing Binga Ete Memorial Football Tournament, 2016 defeating Puakgumin 4-0 in a pool 'A' match at general ground here on Saturday.
Doli Loya scored a brace while Dodam Loyi and Ginjom Loya netted a goal each for the winning team.
Kabu FC lost 0-3- to Jummi Combats FC Bene in their first match on October 10.
Earlier, SFS FC also registered their first win of the tournament beating Kombo FC by solitary goal.
The all important goal was scored by Tajoy Mibang.
On Sunday, Darka FC will meet Pakam FC in a pool D match while FC Tadin will be up against Kugi Ao FC in a pool A game.

Shiv Mandir Dharamsala inaugurated by Tawang MLA
TAWANG, Oct 15: The newly constructed Shri Shiv Mandir Dharamsala dedicated to former Chief Minister late Dorjee Khandu at the premises of Shiv Mandir near Power House, Tawang was inaugurated by Tawang MLA Tsering Tashi in the presence of HoDs, public leaders and various devotees of the Mandir on Saturday.
The Dharamsala, which presently has six rooms, is basically meant for providing shelter to the poor and needy, including the sadhus at a minimum rent.
Speaking on the occasion, the MLA hailed the noble efforts of the Shiv Mandir committee and declared it as one of the kind in the district. Terming it as one of the most pious and beautiful ways of paying tribute to his late father, the MLA assured his full cooperation in all their noble endeavours.
The late CM, who had great respect for all religions, had immensely contributed to the construction of the Shiv Mandir. DIPRO

"Swaachtha Pakhwada" in Anjaw
HAWAI, Oct 15: The "Swaachtha Pakhwada" in Anjaw organized by the district administration from October 1 concluded with distribution of prizes to the winners of essay and speech competitions in a function at the conference hall of the deputy commissioner here on Saturday. The "Swaachtha" campaigners were also felicitated.
While distributing the certificates, prizes and T-shirts to the winners, Anjaw Deputy Commissioner Mamata Riba, encouraged them to actively take part in such activities and to hone their personality in every dimension to become a contributing participant of the society.
The Deputy Commissioner also briefed the gathering on the cleanliness fortnight and the various other activities organized by the district administration during that period.
Some of the activities organized were financial inclusion drive in collaboration with SBI Hawai and conduction of Gram Sabha wherein Panchayat Darpan forms and Open Defecation Free resolution were signed by PRI members.
Earlier in the morning, a district wide mass cleanliness drive was organized in all the circles of Anjaw as a part of the concluding day of the Swaachtha Pakhwada.
T-Shirts were distributed to the cleanliness campaigners throughout the district to encourage more participation.  
Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner inaugurated the the 2nd District Level Taekwondo Championship at Community Hall Hawai.
Besides providing logistics support and administrative help to the event organizer the District Administration has also promised to provided other requirements for this 2 days event, including trophies. DIPRO

Taloh was never dropped: govt
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The State Government has said that Minister Tapang Taloh was never dropped from the Cabinet but he has voluntarily resigned from his post to pave way for a strong and fruitful alliance of PPA and BJP Government in the state under NEDA.
Clarifying the news item published in local dailies that Taloh was dropped from the post of Cabinet Minister to induct Tamiyo Taga into the ministry, govt. spokesperson Bamang Felix in a press statement said that Minister Taloh was never dropped from the Cabinet. "However, when the matter of BJP joining the Govt. came up, it was he (Tapang Taloh), who volunteered to come forward and resigned for the welfare and greater interest of the state and its people," said Felix.

Series of burglary solved by Roing Police  
Roing, Oct 15: The Roing police has busted the culprit responsible for series of burglaries in various shops in the Roing main market area.
According to police, the suspect, a young boy from Cheta village was under police surveillance since some time. After the report of his last heist at a shop in the Lower Market on Thursday, a police team led by OC SK Lenka, and SI M Koyu arrested the boy from his house.
Police informed that stolen items were recovered from the thief's house while rest of the items were recovered from an abandoned building at Cheta. The items recovered are worth Rs.144000.
The arrest has also solved five other cases of burglary registered at the Roing PS since July. The modus operandi was to dig in through the wall to enter the shop. "No locks were broken in all the thefts. A ski mask and an iron rod which was used to dig into the walls of the shops was also recovered by police.
Police informed that although the thief claimed to commit the crimes alone, interrogation is going on to find more details. The stolen items were traded off in Tezu or other nearby towns. A case has been registered against the culprit.

Global Handwashing Day observed at Ziro
ZIRO, Oct 15: The Global Handwashing Day was observed by Apatani Youth Association in collaboration with PHED across various schools of Apatani valley.
Students in large numbers took part in the Handwashing Day and were taught the right way to wash hands. The students were asked to maintain cleanliness by not only washing hands but also to adopt cleanliness as culture to make Ziro valley clean. Soaps and banners were distributed to the students.
AYA has also appealed all to adopt sanitary toilets and discontinue traditional pigsty cum toilet system and avail Individual Household Latrine assistance from the government.
AYA had initiated Mission Open-Defecation-Free and Adopt Sanitary Toilet (MODFAST) during last Dree and is committed to make Ziro Open Defecation free area, informed, Taku Chatung, President, Apatani Youth Association.
Meanwhile, a cleanliness drive was conducted at Diibo village by the AYA with All Diibo Youth Forum on Saturday. Awareness on Mission Open-Defecation-Free and Adopt Sanitary toilet (MODFAST) was also conducted during the cleanliness drive which will culminate on Nov 5. The programme was initiated by AYA with Department of PHED &WS (Sanitation) under Swachh Bharart Mission (Gramin).

SBM(G) is all about cleanliness: DC
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: Swachh Bharat Mission (G) is nothing but all about individual cleanliness by keeping the surrounding and the environment clean, said Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner Kanki Darang.
Addressing the concluding awareness programme on construction of Individual Household Latrine (IHHL) under Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) conducted by Sangram division of PHE & WS at Ampungne Middle School, Koloriang on October 11, the DC  urged the PRI leaders to give full support to the department for successful implementation of the programme in the district.
He advised the department to consider the proposal of villagers for construction of joint/cluster toilets by two or more families together as per feasibility and genuineness.
The Deputy Commissioner hoped the awareness campaigns at GP and village level will have far reaching effect on changing the mindset of the rural people to stop open defecation.
The month-long awareness programme on IHHL were organized at Hiya - I, II GP under Nyapin block, Tumlang-Yaki and Leel - I, II GP under Sangram block and Taaig Panchayat under Sarli block where the scheme has been sanctioned for financial year 2016-17, informed Sangram PHE & WS Division Executive Engineer Bamang Tadh.
The EE informed that the IHHL construction is one of the components provided by the central and state government under SBM (G) as an incentive support to the rural population towards achieving Open Defecation Free (ODF) society in the country.
The other components are providing one Community Sanitary Complex (CSC) and Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) each at every Panahayat, he said.
Information regarding source of funding and its pattern, construction technology and its uses and supervision, monitoring and evaluation to be followed were detailed during the programmes.
Upper Koloriang ZPM Chello Tagar and other panchayat leaders of Yaapak, Mange-Pingang and Yumlam GPs attended the programme.

Health minister makes surprise visit to Itafort CHC
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: Health and family welfare minister Jomde Kena made surprise visit to Community Health Centre, Itafort here on Saturday. During the visit, few medical officers and staff were found to be absent.
Interacting with the minister, Incharge CHC Itafort presented the status report of the CHC.
Informing that all previously supplied medicines are in bad condition, a lady doctor requested timely supply of medicines, TT injection and auto clip etc. The minister while assuring timely procurement of medicine said that the government will never compromise with the quality of medicine.
He further asked the resident doctors and staffs to be sincere in discharging their duties and informed that he would visit the centre atleast two to three times in a month and make sure that the centre is functioning properly.

Cleanliness drive conducted at Pasighat
[ Mingkeng Osik ]
Pasighat, Oct 15: A cleanliness drive was conducted by Swarvajanik Siang Aarti Mahotsava Commiittee (SSAMC) on Friday at Pasighat to               promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
Further SSAMC also conducted redecoration programme for the sculptures of various leaders installed at various places around Pasighat town.
The statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the main market and the bust of Dr. Daying Ering were thoroughly cleaned and restored.  
SSAMC, chairman, Oni Panyang, Councilor Ward 6 Makpak Peyang, also spoke during the programme.
SSAMC also assured to conduct cleanliness drives by preserving the cultural heritage and to protect and preserve the statues of the leaders.

KKDC restricts hunting and deforestation in Mengi Kabak
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The Kapu-Kabak Development Council (KKDC) has restricted hunting and deforestation for commercial purpose under the jurisdiction of Mengi Kabak under Raga ADC administrative headquarters.
In a release, the council warned that people violating the order will be prosecuted under wild life protection Act 1972.

Lumla town given a facelift
TAWANG, Oct 15: Lumla wore a polished look as an intensive cleanliness drive was carried out across the sub-divisional headquarters on Saturday.
The sub-divisional administration led the social service along with NGOs Yuva Arunachal and National Youth Project.
The social service witnessed huge turnout with hundreds of villagers, officers and staff and the NGO volunteers participating with full vigor.
Sonam Topgay, a local resident and youth leader, highlighted the vitality of cleanliness and urged the public to avoid littering the township and spiting in public places and roads.
He also called upon the participants to refrain from dumping garbage in streams, rivers and water bodies endangering the lives of downhill dwellers and aquatic animals.
"Cleanliness drive in Lumla has been made a sporadic event. Our goal is to intensify the drive and outspread it beyond the headquarter boundaries to all the hamlets to propagate the message of sanitary consciousness. It shall also improve the cleanliness scenario of the region and help in tackling the plastic menace" Lumla ADC, RD Thungon, stated. (Tawang Vigilance)

Will re-engage work force:  EHEPCL authority
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The management/authority of Etalin Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd. (EHEPCL) has said that it will re-engage work force as and when the projects gets environment and forest clearances.
Responding to the news published in this daily on October 1, wherein it was claimed by the Project Affect People's Forum (PAPF) that the power developer had been pressurizing many local project affected persons working with it to tender resignation without any valid reasons, the Spokesperson of Jindal Power Limited in a release stated that EHEPCL is a SPV of Jindal Power Ltd. and HPDCAPL, with the State Govt. undertaking having 26% equity share.
The project is being co-developed along with the state and is currently awaiting statutory clearances.
"The Company has already invested significant resources till date in the project which is currently in the pre-construction stage requiring minimal human capital. We are hopeful of getting the Environment and Forest Clearances soon, post which we will re-engage the work-force," the release said.

'AAP of APBB approved' Bio-diversity park in every district
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: The Annual Action Plan of Arunachal Pradesh Biod-iversity Board (APBB) was approved in its 6th meeting held here on Saturday.
The meeting held under the chairpersonship of Chief Secretary Shakuntala Gamlin also approved the creation of Biodiversity Park in every district linking eco-tourism, constitution of Biodiversity Management Committees and designation of Divisional Forest Officers as Nodal Officer of district.
The members of the APBB suggested the involvement of Biodiversity Management Committees in the management of the park.
The meeting was attended by APBB Member Secretary N Tam, PCCF and Principal Secretary (Environment and Forests) Omkar Singh, PCCF, Wildlife and Biodiversity GN Sinha, Secretary, Agriculture T. Tapok, HoD Zoology, Rajiv Gandhi University Prof. DN Das, representatives from Forestry Department NERIST, Zoological Survey of India, Botanical Survey of India and Scientists of State Forest Research Institute, Itanagar.

Complete all formalities for Pasighat New Market’
[ Maksam Tayeng ]
PASIGHAT, Oct 15:   In a meeting of Bogong Banggo Kebang (BBK) held at Tebo village, GTC on Tuesday last under the Chairmanship of BBK, Chief Adviser, Oling Ering and attended by PRI leaders, ABSU, GBs and NGOs etc, the house appealed to the district administration for early completion of formalities for Pasighat New Market.
In a letter to East Siang DC, Friday, the BBK further urged the district administration for onward submission of its resolution and pleaded for early completion of formalities for establishment of the New Market. In the resolution, the BBK rejected the claim made by Rukbo family while stating that, the Moruk Area (Greenbelt) has already been donated to district administration/state government by the people of Balek group of villages (Bogong Banggo) in the year 1964.
Responding to the repeated claims made by Rukbo family which had created hurdles in early establishment of the New Market, BBK General Secretary, Mongol Gao said that, BBK will reject any claim either group or an individual, if the claimed land falls under the land which has been donated for the greater interest of the people of Bogong Banggo in particular and the district as a whole.

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