October 20

Health dept and police clash over Pul postmortem report
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Even after two months, there is no clarity on the postmortem report or the investigation into the case pertaining to the death of former Chief Minister Kalikho Pul who was found hanging on Aug 9.
While the police department has said that final postmortem report is awaited, the Tomo Riba State Hospital authority said that report has been already sent to police authority on Oct 14.
In what appears to be serious miscommunication, the police department had said that investigating team will take over only after the final postmortem report, based on the forensic science laboratory (FSL) findings is submitted. The hospital authorities say that findings have been submitted already.
IGP N Payeng on Tuesday had informed the media that the department has sent the FSL report to the medical authorities. The medical authorities will be sending their final postmortem report, based on the FSL findings, after which the investigating team will take over the case, the police dept had stated.
Reacting at IGP's statement, Medical Superintendent of Tomo Riba State Hospital, Dr. Dukhum  Raina  stated that report  published in newspapers was incorrect and one sided.
Dr. Raina further added that after receiving viscera report from SP Capital Complex Itanagar, he signed the report on Oct 13th and immediately contacted one SI S.K.Jha of Itanagar Police Station.
"But he did not turn up to collect report on that day. As this is a high profile case, I made sure that it was collected by some responsible person. He collected the report the next day as per office record of Medical Superintendent" Dr. Raina said.
Medical Superintendent termed the statement of IGP as ridiculous, which according to him has branded the health department as inactive before the eyes of public and insensitive to a high profile case.
The copy of post mortem which was submitted to Police department was shared with this daily by the Medical Superintendent.
When contacted, IGP N. Payeng refused to respond to queries.

Welfare govt should not conceal information: CIC
APIC celebrates Decennial of RTI Act 2005
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 19:   Central Information Commissioner, New Delhi M Sridhar Acharyulu has said that welfare govt should not conceal information.
Addressing the decennial celebration of Right to Information Act 2005 organised by the Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) on Wednesday at Banquet Hall, he ridiculed the public authorities that denies information in the pretext of confidentiality.  He further said that if the system of governance improves the public redressal system, there would be no need of RTI Act.  
Acharyulu said that government often dodges information under some sections of the RTI Act, while adding that if it complied sincerely, the number of information seekers would be significantly reduced in Arunachal.  
Addressing on the occasion, newly inducted Minister Tamiyo Taga said that government   officials need not panic if everything is right and transparent.
"If everything is right and transparent, there is nothing to be afraid of information seekers. If you are reluctant to share information that means something is wrong" said the Minister while urging the public authority to be cooperative in information sharing.
The BJP stalwart further added that through RTI Act, the government has empowered the citizens to access information, and it is also duty of citizens to be vigilant.
However, the BJP Minister condemned the RTI seekers who indulge in blackmailing and use the Act as a tool to earn money.
"Activists who indulge in selfish-motive are creating nuisances and unnecessarily hampering the office works", he said.  
Taga opined that positive approach of RTI activists should be to ensure judicious implementation of government schemes and funds at the ground level.
Nagaland Chief Information Commissioner Toshi Aier also outlined that if the authority comply to provide information, the room for information seekers will be very less. Nagaland CIC also stressed that Act is significant to improve the governance.  
Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Incharge Hage Khoda expressed concern at negative impacts of RTI Act saying that there was a flood of indiscriminate applications which has unnecessarily affected the government's working system. He opined that such practice should be discouraged by every section of the society.
In the opening remark, the state Chief Information Commissioner Dr Joram Begi said that democracy can be a success only if the people are well informed and well educated terming the RTI Act as an essential part of democracy to maintain transparency and good governance.
Dr. Begi also appealed to the RTI activists to use the Act properly rather than using it as a blackmailing tool.
State Information Commissioner Abrabam K Techi highlighted the achievements of State Information Commission since inception through a power point presentation.
He informed that so far 1082 cases had come to the Commission, out of which 969 have disposed off while 113 are pending. He also disclosed that the total penalty imposed is more than Rs 19 lakhs.
Techi further said that state government is not complying with the direction passed by the commission to initiate disciplinary action against public authority under section 20(ii) of RTI Act.
Earlier, the commission felicitated outstanding RTI activists Payi Gyadi, Nabam Pali and Ashan Ridi during the function. It is said that Associate Professor RGU Ashan Ridi was the first RTI Act applicant.
Later in the technical session, stress was put on maximum disclosures of information by public authority that would minimize applications under RTI Act.  The technical sessions also emphasized on significance of website by each department with information available and updated.
The students of Donyi-Polo School for Visually and Hearing Impaired, research scholars from RGU, students from Arunachal Law Academy and Don Bosco College were among those who attended the event.

Grassroots monitoring system to check work progress: Pema
TAWANG, Oct 19: Chief Minister Pema Khandu has said that his govt will launch a grassroots level monitoring system to check work progress in the state.
He was addressing a meeting at Zomkhang hall during his first official visit to the town as Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister while calling for transparency and accountability in all govt of India schemes being implemented in the state also called for the centre to send monitoring team to inspect the flagship programmes.
Chief Minister requested the Govt officials to act as a link between the Government and the public. Further, he asked all the HoDs to be well versed with all the flagship programmes of the Govt so as to ensure proper implementation of the same.
He said that while performing officials will be rewarded, the non-performing ones will be dealt with strict action.
Stressing on the urgency to perform and to deliver, Khandu said that enough time has been lost due to political instability in the state. He assured the people that the government is today stable enough to focus on development front from now on.
While reflecting on the tourism potential in the district and the state, he informed that central ministers would be soon visiting various tourist circuits in the state to study the sector to develop its potential in a professional way.
Calling for cooperation from people of Tawang and West Kameng districts, the Chief Minister said that he would need their support to shoulder the responsibilities that he has been entrusted with.
Further calling for peace and tranquility in the region, Khandu stressed that petty issue should not be an impediment to larger benefit of the State and emphasized that any differences should be resolved through dialogues.
He was accompanied by Minister Health Jomde Kena, PS (RWD) Jambey Tashi and MLA Tawang Tsering Tashi. DC Tawang Sang Phuntsok, SP MK Meena, ZPC Jambey Tsering and other officials and public leaders.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Pema Khandu was accorded warm welcome at several places enroute   Tawang. People had lined up at Sela, Jang, Lhou, Khrimu, Bomdir, Kyableng, Khartot, Lemberdung, Bomba-Bumteng, Changprong, Urgelling, Changbu, Nehru market and old market. The HoDs of the district gave a pompous civic reception to the Chief Minister at Circuit House.  
Earlier, Chief Minister accompanied by 42 BRTF Commander RS Rao on way to Tawang inspected the proposed Sela tunnel that will curtail travel time to Tawang by one hour. He also attended a public meeting at Senge village in West Kameng district, where local public appealed the CM to address the issue of power crisis in the area. While addressing the public at various places enroute Tawang, Chief Minister Pema Khandu exhorted them to continue the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the district.  He appealed them to rise above party line for proper development of the district and the State as whole.

Congress mother of defection politics: PPA
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: People's Party of Arunachal (PPA) has accused Congress party as the mother of all defection politics.
Reacting to a media report, wherein former chief minister Nabam Tuki made a statement against PPA on the merger issue, PPA president Kahfa Bengia claimed that it was the Congress Govt. led by Nabam Tuki, which had zeroed the PPA's strength of legislators in the Legislative Assembly by using all sorts of 'unethical' and 'unconstitutional' means and ways.
"Not only the five legislator of PPA were forced to merge into INC but more importantly, the same Congress Party in the past too, never allowed other smaller parties like NCP, TMC and PPA to exist with their ideologies and party manifestoes," he said.
Congress which ruled the State and the Country for more than two third of the total length of governance since Independence has no moral and legal right to talk about the validity or invalidity of merger of its  own legislators into the PPA fold, Bengia stated.
"The complaint of INC leadership of foul play by PPA is simply laughable and holds no water in the eyes of law as well as the people of Arunachal Pradesh," the party president said.
Terming Congress as the root cause of defection and the culture of "Aaya Ram and Gaya Ram", Bengia further stated that the Congress party is yet to tell the people of Arunachal as to what action did it initiate in the past vis a vis the repeated petition for disqualification under Anti Defection Law lodged by PPA, NCP etc. before the Court of Speaker.
"It would be in the fitness of things on the part of Congress leadership to realise their follies of hegemony politics and allow the PPA led BJP Govt. to function smoothly and to realise the long cherished desire of the people for a peaceful and prosperous Arunachal Pradesh.
He urged the people of the state and Pema Khandu led PPA and BJP legislators in particular not to get bogged down by any pressure tactics of Congress leadership and their repeated preaching of Constitution and morality.

APSPCB proposes waste management and pollution control stations
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) Chairman Techi Tagi Tara on Wednesday met Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change Ajay Narayan Jha in New Delhi and discussed various issues related to waste management and pollution control in Arunachal Pradesh.
Chairman Tara also submitted a proposal to the Secretary Environment & Forests to open an ambient air quality monitoring station (AAQMS) in Arunachal Pradesh, provide inventories for noise pollution, electronic, bio-medical and hazardous wastes, an official release said.
He also emphasized on organizing campaigns to raise awareness among public about causes and effects of environmental pollution.
Taking note of the concerns raised by the Chairman, the Secretary assured to consider the requests, saying that "Arunachal Pradesh being a strategic and sensitive border state will always receive preferential and immediate consideration by the Union Government."

Students upset at pathetic condition of Government run schools
[ Karyir Riba ]
Roing, Oct 19: The All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) has expressed huge displeasure over the pathetic condition of Government run schools around the district, and have demanded the education department to put an immediate check on all the shortcomings and initiate proper mechanisms towards it.
AIMSU Education Secretary Mapu Mihu, along with his team, visited various Government run schools at Haru Pahar, Rukmo, Abali, Koronu, Simari, Emuli and Mayu, and interacted with both the teachers as well as the students, in order to evaluate the present prevalent education scenario.
"It was very disheartening to find that most of the schools lacked basic infrastructure mandatory for a school to function, due to which timely and effective education is not being provided to the students", said Mihu.
According to the AIMSU, there is acute shortage of teachers and lack of subject teachers in all the schools. Ironically, basic amenities like desks, benches, blackboards, text books, proper water and electricity, teachers common room, proper sanitation, are being deprived.
Execution of mid-day meals was also found to be inefficient. "It was a huge shock to know that no mid-day meals are being provided at Simari Government Primary School, depriving the children from their basic right", said Mihu.
The school buildings remain in dilapidated conditions, and lack of school boundary walls cause a lot of problem for the school authority as often land dispute with locals arises, and they also have to deal with theft and destruction of school property. It has also been noted that due to non-existence of teachers' quarters at Emuli Govt. Primary school, teachers have to make a daily commute from Roing to the village (20km approximately), facing bad road conditions which puts at stack the efficiency of teaching.
Abali Govt. Secondary School, despite being a secondary level school, does not have a Science Laboratory and Computer room.
The student body has also written a letter to the DDSE Roing regarding the matter and to look into the matter at the earliest.

Chakmas celebrates Maha Kathina Civara Dana in style
[ Indrajit Tingwa ]
Diyun, Oct 19: The Chakma community who are Theravada Buddhists celebrated the 1st Maha Kathina Civara Dana on Wednesday at the Gautam Muni Buddha Vihar, Diyun. The foundation stone for the new building of the Gautami Muni Buddha Vihar was also laid during the occasion.
The Civara (robes of monks) Dana ceremony is considered by Buddhists as a supreme act of accruing merit. The robes are woven  in a single day between sunset and sunrise. The Kathina Dana ceremonies are held after the completion of three months Varsa Varsh (Summer Retreat) when Theravada Buddhists follow stringent observations of the religious practices. One hundred and one teams of six women each participated in the Maha Kathina weaving ceremony in the intervening night of October 18 and 19.
The robes were consecrated on Wednesday to the Bhikkhu Sangha during the religious rites which was attended by people from various walks of life. More than three hundred monks, nuns and novices congregated in the ceremony., former minister
Altogether fifteen kalpatrus were offered on the occasion apart from other offerings. Actor, singer Phonsok Ladakhi who is associated with the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII),Pune was also present during the programme.
Ladakhi during his address said that his father had some years back led a sixteen member team 'Padyatra' from Ladakh to Tawang. He added that he was impressed by the land and people of the area. He talked about his desire to bridge the gap between North and North East India. Ladakhi also sang a very beautiful Buddhist devotional song which impressed the gathering.
Parliamentary Secretary Environment and Forests Chow Tewa Mein said that the Theravada Buddhist communities of the area were yet to realise the core value of the religion and practice hence more propagation was needed. He lauded the organisers for holding the ceremony in such a grand manner. Mein further advised the Chakma community to maintain cordial relations with the local indigenous populace and that any problem can be solved together.
Parliamentary Secretary Nikh Kamin said peace should prevail for advancement. Former minister C.C.Singpho also spoke on the occasion and appreciated the Chakma community who has over the years refined and evolved into a vibrant society.
 The President of the organising committee, Dilip Boudh informed that one of the aims of the celebration was to bring together the Theravada Buddhist followers belonging to different communities on a single platform to create greater bonding amongst them.
   The new building of the Gautam Muni Buddha Vihar is expected to be completed within a span of next five years if everything goes on expected lines. The temple is estimated to cost about 1.5 crore rupees which will be raised entirely from voluntary donations of well wishers and devotees. It will have a plinth area of 6,300 square fleets and two floors.
Devotees from twenty seven villages attended the ceremony.

Special outreach prog on mother and child health
KOLORIANG, Oct 19: With the objective to educate the rural people about various schemes launched by the Govt. of India for the welfare of mother and child in health sector, the Directorate of Field Publicity, Ziro and Bomdila unit conducted a Special Outreach Programme at Amphongne village, Kurung Kumey district on October 18.
To highlight the importance of the awareness campaign a pre- publicity programme was also conducted wherein a rally was organized and publicity materials were also distributed. The mammoth rally was participated by ASHAs, Anganwadi workers, PRI Members, GBs, Govt. Officials and general public of Amphongne village and nearby areas.
Superintendent of District Hospital Koloriang Dr. Bony Tuluk delivered speech on Mother and Child Health as a resource person. He informed the gathering about various centrally sponsored health schemes specially meant for Mother and child like JSY, JSSK. He stressed on the need of registration, Anti-Natal and Post-natal checkup and encouraged institutional delivery for the safety of both mother and child.
He also informed that the Health Department has developed a system called "Mother and Child tracking system" to ensure safe delivery and to maintain proper record.
DMO in-charge Dr. S Rigia also spoke on the occasion and disseminated information about Mission Indradhanush. Remote places of Kurung Kumey district like Damin, Parsi Parlo and Sarli were covered under the mission, he informed.
CDPO Koloriang Ringu Kama spoke at length about Adolescence Education, Kishori Shakti Yojana etc.
Anchal Chairperson, Yappa Binya Topo requested DFP to organize such awareness programme in near future and assured to extend all possible help.
The other highlight activities of the awareness programme were Healthy Baby Show, Oral Communication, and Photo Exhibition.

PS, officials of education dept visit Sikkim
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Parliamentary Secretary for education Bamang Felix along with officials of education department who are on an official tour to Sikkim on Tuesday visited Government College Tadong. It is the oldest government college which is being intended to be developed as state University by Sikkim government. The team took an overview of the College.
Later an informal discussion took place with the faculty members.
The delegates also made a round of Sikkim Manipal University which is a private university.
Visit was made to take stock of the facilities so that a comparative can be made with private university in Arunachal. Delegation was overwhelmed with splendid infrastructure facilities of Sikkim Manipal University which was bristling with vibrant academic environment of international class. It was stark contrast to the lack of apathetic and very poor infrastructure facility of private universities in Arunachal which is presently having 7 private universities of very poor quality.
Parliamentary Secretary Felix made welcome gesture to Manipal team to set up such university of high quality in Arunachal. He said if they desire the government will welcome them.
He also visited some government schools of Sikkim including Deorali girls senior secondary school which has infrastructure equivalent with well off private schools.  He was really impressed by the reading corners and educational facilities offered to kindergarten children who are being groomed at par with best school anywhere.
Later Parliamentary Secretary also visited Aho Kishan Secondary School in the rural area and interacted with the children and faculty of the institution. In the evening there was interactive session with India Today groups who had come to declare Sikkim as best performing state in educational sector in small state category.

DC emphasizes on judicious utilization of fund
ZIRO, Oct 19: Lower Subansiri  Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen emphasized on the need to select  need based schemes and projects in consultation with the District authority and the PRI members and judicious utilization of funds to create good infrastructures.
Haphazard construction of infrastructures under various departments is an eyesore, as they remain unused and gets dilapidated in the longer run, which is a sheer wastage of government funds, the DC said while addressing the District Level Monitoring Committee meeting for various schemes under ACA, SPA, NLCPR, NEC, RIDF, MSDP, PM’s package, SSA, RMSA, CSS, Ministry of Tribal Affairs etc at his conference hall here on Wednesday.
To avoid this wastage, he directed nodal Officer for MSDP schemes to endorse the proposals to the steering committee before onward submission to the higher authorities for prioritizing need based schemes. Streamlining MsDP schemes in the planning and proposal level is very essential, he added.
The Deputy Commissioner also directed DTO tourism to submit a list of defunct tourist’s lodges and wayside amenities in the district to facilitate proper planning in future.
While directing DPO to schedule monitoring visits to various projects Lollen said, “There should be no compromise in the quality of work. Henceforth there will be continuous monitoring of the infrastructure projects. What we create today should always remain an asset for our future generation.”
On being informed about few contractors delaying construction of girls hostel under MsDP inspite of repeated reminders, Lollen directed DPO and DDSE to survey the construction sites, again change the contractors if they don’t heed to the directions.
He further asked all the executing agencies to submit thier UCs in time and keep updated various MIS of different projects in their portals to facilitate fund flow.
He also expressed concern that important projects like the Mini secretariat, Biotechnology park etc are yet to see the daylight because of litigations and other complaints. He suggested for involving the elected representatives and PRI members to amicably resolve the issues. The development of our district should be above all our intents, he added.
Further, the DC advised the ZPMs present to guide the unemployed youths in adopting Sustainable development schemes so that their zeal and energy can be garnered in the developmental process. The works should be done in the true spirit of a good citizen to enhance and speed up the developmental activities in the district, he added.
ZPC Hage Kobin appealed all the executing agencies and the PRI members to work in tandem for effective implementation of various projects.
All the ZPMs present were unanimous in their view that physical verifications and updated progress reports needed to be monitored by the Monitoring Committee. They also opined that the status report of all the schemes and projects submitted to the DPO should also be endorsed to them well in advance. They also felt the need to expedite the construction of the outdoor stadium, in the midst of the Hapoli town as it’s the centre of all sports and other activities.
The HoDs presented their updated status reports of various schemes and projects under ACA, SPA, NLCPR, NEC, RIDF, MSDP, PM’s package, SSA, RMSA, CSS, Ministry of tribal affairs etc.  
The meeting was attended by ADC Nending Chatung, HoDs, executing agencies and ZPMs of the district. DIPRO

Preparation afoot to celebrate Tawang Festival
TAWANG, Oct 19: Preparations are afoot to celebrate the annual Tawang Festival in a grand way organized by the Department of Tourism in collaboration with the District Administration.  
The festival, which has turned into a global event since its inception in 2012, aims to showcase the rich and vivid culture of the entire state besides exploiting the challenges of nature in the form of adventure tourism.
Eminent personalities from various fields, including tinsel world, media, and political leaders are expected to attend the festival this year. Prominent among them are US Ambassador to India Richard Verma, Editor-in-chief  (Zee News), Sudhir Chaudhary and Hindi film superstar John Abraham, who also is the brand Ambassador of Arunachal Tourism.
Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, Chief Ministers of Assam  and Arunachal Pradesh Sarbananda Sonowal and Pema Khandu will also attend the festival.
The street carnival wherein hundreds of dancers would be performing traditional folk dances at the streets of Old Market is going to be the one of the major attractions during the festival.
Inclusion of various traditional sports like Thekpa Tengri (Tug of War), Behgar (weightlifting), Pungger (shot put), adventure sports like Paragliding, Trekking and  Abseiling, Dutho  Damu dance by monks of Tawang Monastery,  Yak Cham, Aji Lhamo, Lion Dance, Ngabro Cham, and traditional dances of various tribes would add more colours to the festival.
Ethnic dress show would showcase the traditional attires of various tribes, including Shartsoneng, Mago-Thingbu, Pangchen, Brokpa of Tawang region.
Popular playback singer Aditi Singh Sharma, New York based Nepali Singer Raju Lama, popular Sand Artist Rohit Kumar, comedian  Jitesh Chawla of Mumbai, Hindi Rock Band M-Sonic, Korean Pop Contest Winner Brooks, Arunachal Idol 2015 winner M Karbak amongst others would also perform to enthrall the visitors.
The entire celebration can be witnessed live in all the 14 channels of News 18 Network and social media live feeds can be seen in the Facebook page of Tawang Festival and  North East Today.
MLA  Tsering Tashi and Deputy Commissioner Sang Phuntsok has been constantly monitoring the preparation which began almost a month ago.
Government employees public, army, paramilitary forces, GOs,  student unions all have been working in tandem and in close coordination with the Festival Director Tsetan Chombey to make the event a grand success. DIPRO

Mid-day meal committee members meet
MLAs trying best to improve Tirap education: Aboh
KHONSA, Oct 19:  The meeting of the members of Tirap district mid-day meal committee was held at Khonsa on Oct 18  in which MLAs Tirong Aboh, Wanglam Sawin, ZPC Sontung Bangsia, DDSE Pubi Lombi, BEO, BEO headquarters Sephua Wangsu and functionaries of Khonsa BEC, HoDs and public leaders attended.
While describing the education department as the backbone and bedrock of the district, Parliamentary Secretary Tirong Aboh who represents 56-Khonsa West Assembly Constituency said that all the elected leaders of Tirap district were trying their best to improve the education scenario of the district. He told the participants that though the district had made headway in some sectors much was needed to be done to catch up with the other more developed districts of the state.
Aboh said without mincing his words that the leaders including the PRI members, public leaders and officers of TCL were responsible for the poor flow of development funds adding that a more coordinated and diligent effort was required from all the stakeholders to improve the funding pattern of the three backward districts.
He urged the PRI leaders and officers to play a more pro-active role to impress upon the GOI and the state government by submitting the schemes on time adding that the schemes should be holistic, realistic and truly beneficial for the people. He assured the DDSE that he would provide necessary funds for procurement of utensils and construction of kitchen sheds for his constituency in order to make the mid-day meal scheme a success.
While participating in the deliberation 55-Khonsa East MLA Wanglam Sawin opined that most of the problems vis-a-vis mid-day meal  faced by the education department could be solved by involving the villagers and suggested that the mid-day meal items like rice, daal etc should be dropped up to the schools in the district wherever possible.
While appreciating the concerned department for the successful implementation of the mid-day meal scheme against all odds, Sawin exhorted all the stakeholders to work in close coordination to improve the quality of life of the people.
In her speech Tirap ZPC Sontung Bangsia urged the DDSE to take the PRI members into confidence while executing the all important flagship programme of the GOI adding that the PRI members were ever ready to cooperate with the executing authorities provided they were properly guided and informed well in advance.
The ZPC passionately appealed to the MLAs to initiate suitable steps at their level to post more officers to Tirap district saying that most of the departments were under-staffed. She also requested them to implement the IAY and PMAY schemes effectively adding that many needy and poor families were deprived because the CGI sheets issued by the government were inadequate to meet the ever growing needs of the people.
In his key-note address DDSE P. Lombi threw light on the mid-day meal scenario of the district through a power-point presentation. He touched upon all the aspects of the mid-day meal scheme and enlightened the members on the scopes and challenges of the scheme. He said that despite numerable bottlenecks and hurdles the mid-day meal scheme had been a success in the district.
Lombi said that the cooked food items were tasted by the Teachers before they were served to the students to ensure that the food was cooked properly and that hygiene was maintained. He told the members that the mid-day meal was served to the students of 124 schools spread across the district as per the guidelines of the GOI. The DDSE highlighted on the plethora of problems being faced by the department while implementing the mid-day meal scheme like non-release of fund on time, lack of storage facilities, lack of drinking water in many places, ramshackle condition of kitchens in schools and lack of proper road connectivity etc. He urged the elected leaders, PRI members and members of SMC to extend their willing cooperation towards streamlining and improvement of the mid-day meal scheme.
Public leader and member of the mid-day meal committee Ngampay Lamaty also shared his views in the meeting.  
Earlier, CO Asan Kri in his address threw light on the importance of the mid-day meal schemes. (DIPRO)

ABKYW appeals TMPK to strengthen bond
[ Maksam Tayeng ]
PASIGHAT, Oct 18: The Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing (ABKYW) has appealed to the Takam Mising Porin Kebang (TMPK) to play a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between Adis of Arunachal and Mishings of Assam.  
Joining the 45th TMPK Foundation Day celebration at Gogamukh, Assam on Sunday last, both ABKWY president and secretary Aling Pinggam and Toi Modi urged the TMPK leaders and activists to maintain unity among them while building strong bond with Adis of Arunachal.
Referring to close tie between the Adis and the Misings  that has been prevailing since time immemorial, both the ABK youth leaders appealed the TMPK to look into the problem of Arunachalee people who are often being harassed while passing through Assam route, particularly in Bogibeel and Kolajan area of Assam. They also mentioned that several Arunachal registered vehicles often get troubled by Assam police and local guys and the worst sufferers are the Arunachal's patients as the direct plying of Arunachalee vehicles are not allowed to Bogibeel from Kolajan.
Both Pinggam and Modi appealed  to TMPK  look into such unwanted  activities of some vested interests who often create hatred among  the people of both the tribes.
Earlier, Aling Pinggam highlighted the origin and similarity between the Adis and Mishings including their culture, custom, language, beliefs, tradition and arts and artifacts. "In spite of political boundary, Adis and Mishings are inseparable because of resemblance and natural relation between them," Pinggam observed.  

Sikkim football team visits SLSA
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The Sikkim football team and the accompanying officials, who are currently in the state capital participating in the Dr. T Ao Memorial NE Football Championship, visited Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy, Chimpu on Wednesday and interacted with Director of Youth Affairs DK Dinglow, Director Sports Tadar Appa, Principal SLSA Tabia Chobin, coaches and students of SLSA.
Sangay Lhaden, who hailed from Sikkim and after whom the sports academy is named, served the state as education and sports secretary. She died in a helicopter accident in 2003.
The football team was accompanied by Deputy Director, Sports & Youth Affairs Thupten Rapgyal and Sikkim Football Coach, Mayal Lepcha.

Arunachal meet Manipur in first semifinal today
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: It is expected to be a bumper day for football fans and home crowds when Team Arunachal and tournament favorite Manipur  will be vying with each other for a place in the final of the Dr. T Ao Memorial NE Football Championship at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on Thursday.
The host team roared back into the tournament with a resounding 7-4 victory over Nagaland in their last league level match after a lackluster performance in their first match against Sikkim.
Arunachal will be led by Captain Gangte Chapi while the forward line will be spearheaded by RD Karma and Mihin Pulu, who scored 4 goals against Nagaland on Tuesday.
Vice Captain Techi Takar is doubtful in the first eleven as he sustained injury in the last match.  Midfield game will depend on hard working Pura Byai.
On the other hand Manipur have experienced player like Subhash Singh, played for top clubs like Mumbai FC and Mohan Bagan. There are also three players from Manipur’s Neroca Football Club which have qualified for l-League 2nd Division this year.
Definitely Manipur will start as favorite but Arunachal got the advantage of home crowd support.
Manipur beat Meghalaya 5-0 in the opening match and drew 1-1 with Assam in the second match.

Kabu inch toward knock-out stage
BEMFT- 2016
AALO, Oct 19: Kabu FC inched towards knock-out stage of Binga Ete Memorial Football Tournament, 2016 with a 1-0 victory over Kugi Ao at general ground here on Wednesday.
The lone goal of the pool 'A' match was scored by Dodam Loyi.
Kabu will take on Tadin in the last league encounter on October 21.
Both the teams won two matches each but FC Tadin enjoys a better goal difference.
Earlier, Ngomdir PH FC registered their second win of the tournament, defeating Darka FC 1-0.
Domin Ngomdir scored the all important goal for Ngomdir PH.
Ngomdir joined MAE FC as the runner-up team from pool D.
On Thursday, NEFTU FC will take on SFS in a pool C game. In another pool C game, Kombo FC will play Sora Bros FC in the second match of the day.

NCC enters final
ITANAGAR Oct 19: Nirjuli Cricket Club (NCC) entered into the final of the T-20 Capital Championship League Cricket Tournament defeating Chimpu Richi Club (CRY) by 42 runs here on Wednesday.
The NCC team, who won the toss and decided to bat first, scored 94 runs in 20 overs. Kamsha Yangfo and Sandeep Kumar Thakur of NCC scored 18 and 12 runs respectively.
The pacer duo of CRY Club Teli Sera and Teli Cheye claimed 3 and 2 wickets respectively.
While chasing the target, CRY Club was bundled out for just 52 runs in 18 overs.
Sandeep Kumar Thakur, Manish Sah, Techi Dorio and Yajum Sera took 3, 2, 2 and 1 wickets, respectively.
Sandeep Kumar Thakur of NCC was adjudged man of the match.
The winner of Capital Complex Cricket Club and Hime 11 will play in the final against NCC.
The tournament is being organized by Capital Youth Organisation (CYO).

APCC urges Govt. to implement 7th Pay Commission
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has urged the State Government to accept the genuine demand of Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) by implementing 7th Central Pay Commission, saying that Congress Government had implemented the 6th Pay Commission.
The party also urged the Govt. to enhance the wages of contingency staff and labourers to minimum Rs.18,000 in view of the hike in prices of all essential commodities in the last two years of BJP Govt. in the Centre.
Meanwhile, the party in a letter to the President/Secretary of Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi urged for a modification in the eligibility criteria of ANM course from 12th to 10th standard for Arunachal Pradesh and other Northeastern states considering the low literacy rate and difficult topography of the region.
There is huge need of skilled health staff in the state but lack of students pursuing studies beyond 10th standard, which is evident from its low literacy rate, has created a huge vacuum in the state in the field of health care, it said.
"There is an urgent need for change in the eligibility criteria for seeking admission in ANM course considering the difficult situation, the APCC said and requested that the minimum qualification should be changed in the larger interest of the people.

Ulterior motive behind CoSAAP's movement: Forum  
ITANAGAR, Oct 19:  Reacting to CoSAAP's recent move asking the GoAP to withdraw its decision to make it mandatory for the government employee to get No Objection Certificate at the time of their promotion and retirement, the Arunachal Vigilance Forum (AVF), on Wednesday alleged that the CoSAAP's present executive members have an ulterior motive for carrying out their rigorous movement against the said decision.
'The rigorous movement of the CoSAAP's present executive members against the said decision suggests that they have committed some illegality', claimed the AVF.
Further, in its complaint letter to the Chief Secretary appealed to her to investigate the matter by proper verification of all the service details of the present executive members of CoSAAP from their date of appointment till date along with assessment of their properties to find out the truth.

Jamoh visits GTC, emphasizes on agriculture
[ Maksam Tayeng ]
PASIGHAT, Oct 18: In an attempt to know the ground situation of Gramsevak Training Centre (GTC) and to improve the various departments under it, Parliamentary Secretary, Agriculture Tatung Jamoh held its 1st interaction programme with departmental officials on Monday.
The departmental officials cited various problems and requirements of their respective departments, including need for installation of a new transformer to enhance voltage for soil testing laboratory, shortages of building, staffs and vehicles.
Jamoh urged the officials to submit the detail requirements in writing to him for onward submission to the state government for approval.
While laying strong emphasis on revamping of the techniques in the labs or in the field, Jamoh said that, agriculture being the core economic source of the rural populace need extra attention from the government too.
He also said that nearly 35,000 Soil Health Card has to be issued by the government of Arunachal Pradesh this financial year.

Students congratulate academic achiever
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The Tirap, Changlang, Longding and Namsai Students' Union (TCLNSU) of Rajiv Gandhi University have congratulated Prof. Sumpam Tangjang HoD, Dept. of Botany, for becoming the first university Professor from Nocte community.
Tangjang was recently appointed to the post of Professor in Botany.
Describing him as the torch bearer among the tribes of the four districts, the students' union hoped Prof. Tangjang's achievement would motivate students to achieve academic success.
He was also the first from Nocte community to join as Assistant Professor in Jawaharlal Nehru College, Pasighat in 2003.
The union also congratulated Dr Tonlong Wangpan for becoming the first university Assistant Professor from Wancho Community of Longding district.
He has been inducted as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Botany, RGU on the October 18.

NHPC inks MoU on skill development
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: A Memorandum of Understanding for imparting Skill Development Training to 1000 unemployed youths belonging to SC/ST and BPL backgrounds  in the vicinity of NHPC projects/power stations in the North-Eastern States of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur was signed on Tuesday.  Senior manager (HR), NHPC Ltd, Itanagar Pravesh Kumar and senior Additional Director CIDC Deepak Majumdar signed the MoU.
Director, Department of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Subu Tabin, and Executive Director, NHPC Itanagar Ronel Kumar, were also present. The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) will impart job oriented vocational training in construction industry. The residential programme of three months duration will be imparted in Itanagar, Roing, Tabarijo, Dhemaji, North Lakhimpur, Lumla & Imphal.

WHL reach remote Pega village
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The Women Helpline (WHL) organized a day-long awareness camp in the remote village of Pega under Upper Subansiri district. The camp was held to generate awareness among women folks regarding functioning of WHL and benefit they take from it.
The workers of WHL informed the women about various schemes and progammes and also gave them on the spot counseling on how to access helpline.
The WHL team also organized another awareness programme at Daporijo. The programme was conducted with the help of Muri Golden Jubilee group of Upper Subansiri community headed by the former ZPM Yajum Muri.
During the programme the team WHL came across many child marriage cases. The women group also shared their problems too.

Conference of Baptist Women Fellowship
[ Maksam Tayeng ]
PASIGHAT, Oct 18: A 3 days long 6th triennial conference of Baptist Women Fellowship of North East India with the theme: arise and shine, which was held here at Adi Baptist Union  Mission Centre, Pasighat under Arunachal Baptist Church Council  concluded on Sunday last with huge turn up of believers from all across North-East.
Adi Baptist Union Women Department Secretary Kenjir Kakki and Arunachal Baptist Church Council Women Department Secretary, Gobi Kamsi spoke on the role of women in society.

Union clarifies
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The All Arunachal Pradesh Petroleum Work's Union (AAPPWU) president, Phassang Amar has in a release on Wednesday, clarified that the Union has never supported the suspension of Labour Commissioner-cum-Secretary and OSD to APB&OCWWB, as was published in this daily under the heading "Forum demands suspension of Labour Commissioner" on Oct 13. The AAPPWU president further denied responsibility for the said press statement claiming it as the handiwork of some other person.

Eminent scientist delivers lecture at DNGC
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: An extramural lecture session was organized by the Department of Zoology, Dera Natung Govt. College, Itanagar on October 18, wherein Prof. D. Velmurugan from Centre for Advanced Studies in Crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras, Chennai delivered a lecture on topic "Crystallography, Nobel Laureates and Structure Based Drug Design".
Prof. Velmurugan, who worked with Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman, who received Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985, emphasized on solving practical problems regarding solutions to various ailments related to biomolecules.
At the end of the lecture, the students enthusiastically interacted with the reputed scientist and expressed their satisfaction adding that now their concept is quite clear whatever doubts and queries they had in mind.

Shift college to its permanent site: Students
ITANAGAR, Oct 19:  The Government College Doimukh Students' Union (GCDSU) has in its five-point  memorandum to the Director of Higher and Technical Education on Wednesday, sought early shifting of the Government College Doimukh to its the allotted permanent site.
It also demanded introduction of geography, sociology, science and commerce subjects besides, inclusion of NCC, posting of teaching and non-teaching staff and increasing the excursion quota of the college at the earliest.

Students submits memo
ITANAGAR, Oct 19: The Arunachal Pradesh Colleges' Forum (APCF) has submitted a five-point memorandum to the Chief Minister on Wednesday seeking early fulfillment of its demands in the interest of the student community.
Its demands include; immediate cancellation of the post of OSD for college teachers, creation of posts of college teacher/assistant professor, start of Arunachal Government Law College, immediate call back of all college teachers serving in various departments on deputation and posting of Education subject lecturer at Wangcha Rajkumar Government College in Deomali.   

Forum writes to CS
ITANAGAR, Oct 19:  In a representation to the state Chief Secretary, the Arunachal Artistes Forum (AAF) on Wednesday appealed to her to direct the office of the Itanagar Municipal Council to immediately vacate its office from the multipurpose community hall in Naharlagun as the said building has been constructed exclusively for the establishment of Art and Culture department.
The Chief Councilor, Itanagar Class-A, Municipality has been temporarily using the multipurpose community hall, Naharlagun since 2013. However, the IMC has also not vacated a single block of the said building despite Secretary Urban Development/ Town Planning and Urban Local Bodies direction, the AAF has claimed.

Org opposes wine shop license
ITANAGAR, Oct 19:  The Students' United Movement of All Arunachal (SUMAA) has expressed serious concern over reckless issue of wine shop licenses by district administration despite order from Tax and Excise Department.  
In a press statement they said mushrooming of wine shops should be stopped near schools, hospitals and religious places. It also condemned the district administrations for not complying with the order.





Govt failing police force

Even as state was coming to terms with killing of late Dsp Bomto Kamdak at Chyangtajo during the line of duty, the news of another young police officer Hano Chatung committing suicide in the middle of national highway sent shockwaves. At first everyone thought late Chatung killed himself owing to personal issues but as days are passing chilling details of how his senior failed to protect him in the Tarasso incident is emerging. Chatung was officer in charge of Balijan police station when Tarasso incident took place. Assam police have registered case against him and it is believed that prior to his committing suicide he was summoned by the court.

He reportedly knocked the door of senior police and home department officials. But everyone let him down and in all probability it pushed him to take his own life. The Government of Arunachal is miserably failing to protect its own police officials. Incidents like this will deeply demoralize the morale of police force. The state police have also failed to arrest the main accused who killed late Bomto Kamdak. It’s a big slap on the face of police that they are not able to trace the person who killed their own colleague. There can be no bigger tragedy than this. Government of Arunachal should properly investigate the Hano Chatung incident. Those officials responsible for his death should be strongly punished. Also the Government of Arunachal should extend all possible help to family member of Hano Chatung and Bomto Kamdak.








Readers’ Forum





Society in malady

Dear Editor,

Recent happenings in the capital complex is a matter of grave concern and bears naked testimony to the fact that our society is at ill, with broad daylight dacoity and the deteriorating law and order. Come evening, we can see gang of intoxicated young boys engaged in fracas and noisy squabbles a grave menace to denizens. Many of the youths are engaged in the pernicious activity and at times they are so loud and obnoxious that I feel that the slangs are their jargon. Thus our society is vulnerable to the unscrupulous elements and to the nefarious and illicit activities of our own brethrens. This perilous condition spawned by the money culture and is an offshoot of the corruption in our state. The silence of the Government is uncanny. Today we find that many children are languished behind the jail and it is as deplorable as to treat merely the symptoms without treating the disease. Stringent punishment should be met to those of the recalcitrant individuals jeering the law enforcers to their face to ameliorate the ominous situation and it is for the Society and the family to keep track of their wards and impart values and ethics at young age only which can be the panacea for all the social infirmity.


David Koyu






Declare results

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I should like to appeal all the concerned who are involved directly or indirectly in delaying PWD JE Viva result.

In the month of October 2015, the examination for the JE civil was conducted by the Public Works Department and due to sport quota reservation case it took almost a year to declare the result of written examination. Now unemployed youth association has filed a petition against the PWD authority for increasing the JE post from 33 to 66. No doubt unemployed youth association is doing great job for unemployed youth but on the other side they are also harassing the some section of same unemployed youth especially the one who qualified written examination. Who ever win the case, the real sufferer will be unemployed youth.

So, from the core of my heart, I appeal unemployed youth association to withdraw the case and let the result be declared as soon as possible.


An Aspirant





Don’t bow down

Dear Editor,

I would like to request the government of Arunachal Pradesh through your esteemed daily to not bow down to the selfish demands of CoSAAP. For a very good reason, the retirement age of the government servant is fixed as it is. Because it is the optimum age at which a person is most efficient. And on retirement paves the way for the thousands of unemployed youth of the state whose own maximum age limit might be approaching fast. I would like to request the government to infact bring down the age of retirement instead of increasing it so that more and more youths can be accommodated for the chance of a government job. For a very good reason the conditions for availing pensions and retirement benefits have been introduced to check corruption and irregularities like govt land encroachment. So it’s a very good incentive for those government employees who are honest and thus have nothing to fear about forfeiting their rights. But on the other hand for those government employees who have resorted to corrupt means to enhance their properties in spite of having a secure and most coveted government job this is the best means to catch and punish them. Even better than RTI. The agitation proposed by CoSAAP confirms our belief that many retiring government employees are facing the fire because they must've performed some kind of irregularity during their service. So I request the government to not give in to their selfish demands because this is one of the best ways introduced by the govt to check corruption in the state machinery so far.


A citizen


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