October 26

PM warns of action against those who ‘snatch’ tribal rights
New Delhi, Oct 25: Natural resources in forests should not be exploited at the cost of tribals living there, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, warning those who "snatch" their rights of stringent action.
Inaugurating the first-ever national tribal carnival, Modi said natural resources are mostly in forested areas which are inhabited by tribals and, while pursuing development goals, mineral resources should not be extracted in a way which is detrimental to their interests.
"There is need to extract iron ore, coal but it should not be done at the cost of tribals," he said.
He said no one should get the opportunity to "snatch" away the rights of the tribals, and those who do, will face stringent action.
The Prime minister said, in the past, while iron ore and coal were extracted, tribal people of mineral bearing areas never benefited from it. He said following the introduction of a scheme to impose cess, the money so collected is now being utilised to expand facilities, including infrastructure, to benefit the tribals.
The government, Modi said, is now pushing for advanced technology which ensures that the environment is not severely affected in the process of mining.
Gasification of coal in underground facilities at the excavation sites is helping control pollution and damage to the health of the people in surrounding areas.
Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister also pitched for start-ups to brand and export tribal goods to domestic and foreign markets.
He said once people start buying goods manufactured by tribals, it would help in their economic empowerment. PTI

Arunachal yet to meet its own power requirements: CM
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Acknowledging the power shortage in the state, Chief Minister Pema Khandu expressed concern that despite being touted as the power house of India, Arunachal Pradesh is yet to meet its own power requirement.
The CM made the statement in a review meeting of the department of power on Tuesday at Itanagar. Parliamentary Secretary (Power), Thangwang Wangham and Commissioner (Power), Ashish Kundra, all Chief Engineers, Superintendent Engineers and Executive Engineers of the department attended the meeting.
CM  called for proper coordination between the departments of power and hydro-power so that the power generated by state-owned hydro stations are judiciously and equitably distributed by the power department to consumers.
"It is embarrassing to note that where there is power generation there is no transmission lines for distribution. This has to be sorted out mutually by the concerned departments," he pointed.
The Chief Minister also raised questions over lack of revenue generation by the department, when it was admitted by all that revenue collected has been far less than the actual revenue that should have been collected in all divisions.
Viewing that the actual revenue collected is meagre compared to the actual number of consumers, the CM directed the department to chalk out a fool-proof plan in this regard.
Assuring that the manpower requirements of the department will be positively taken care of in a phased manner, he also asked the officials to submit its exact requirements of manpower for the government to take it up.
"Power department directly deals with consumers and has to provide service 24X7, we are aware of its need to have sufficient manpower. We will ensure strengthening the department as much as possible this year and will take care of rest of the requirements in the next financial year," Khandu assured.
Parliamentary Secretary Thangwang Wangham also advised the officers to seriously take their responsibilities as the power department is one of the most important departments of the government.
Wangham further urged the officers, especially at the field level, to remain in their places of postings as citizens need them all the time. He also advised the senior officers to routinely take coordination meetings of their junior-level officers so that issues are sorted out or forwarded to higher authorities on time.
Earlier, the Power Commissioner Ashish Kundra gave a detailed presentation on the power scenario of the state.
The Superintendent Engineers, representing various power divisions, collectively pointed out that almost all the districts face power shortage particularly during the lean period when generation of power from small hydro projects are at the lowest. They suggested proper transmission lines, purchase of additional power from central grids and maintenance of state-owned hydro projects.
Schemes like DDUGJY and IPDS and proposal for computerization of billing system for consumers were also discussed during the meeting.

Minister puts emphasis on quality education
RGU celebrates its XVII UNI-FEST
RONO HILLS, Oct 25: Emphasising on importance of achieving better and quality education, Education Minister Hongchun Ngamdam made special appeal to the Vice Chancellor and the faculty members of the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) to give suggestions for improving the education system in the state.
The minister was addressing the gathering after inauguration of the XVII UNI-FEST of Rajiv Gandhi University at the university campus here on Tuesday.
Sharing his view on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) grading system, the Minister stated that the present grading system needs reformation as it 'lessens' fears of examination among the students.
And lack of fear for failure in examination makes the students negligent in their studies thereby compromising with their academic competency, he said.
Ngamdam also urged the students of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) to be a sensible and responsible citizen to serve the state and the nation.
"Students must be a responsible and sensible citizen and have an objective to serve the people", he said.
Resenting the reasons attributed to Arunachal Pradesh's low literacy rate, Hongchun said that we need to give up our sluggish attitude and adopt diligence to achieve excellence in every field so that we may be at par with the rest of the country and contribute to the growth of our nation.
RGU Vice Chancellor Prof. Tamo Mibang while addressing the inaugural function said added that RGU being the lone central university in the state has catered not only to the state but also to the neighbouring states in the field of higher education and research.
The Vice Chancellor urged the students to develop positive and athletic spirits through active participation in the three days festival to develop mutual understandings and team work among themselves.
A colourful march-past parade was displayed by participating contingents comprising representative members of various departments of the university. The contingents were divided into four groups namely Pink Panthers, the Green Hornet, the Blue Avatar and the White Big Hero 6.
The Education Minister formally unfurled the UNIFEST flag and lit the Olympic torch while Dr. Anil Milli, Assistant Director, Physical Education administered the oath to the contingents to ensure a free and fair competition.
Earlier, Rajiv Gandhi University Students Union (RGUSU) President Tania Tagia gave the welcome speech.
Registrar of the university, Prof. Rachob Taba gave the vote of thanks. The inaugural programme was attended among others by RGU staff, their family and friends.

Union Minister visits Subansiri Lower Hydro Project
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Union Minister of State for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Balyan on Tuesday visited NHPC's Subansiri Lower Project.
While interacting with the officials of NHPC, the union minister expressed the hope that the works of the project will resume soon.
During the visit, the union minister was apprised about the project and its present status by the NHPC officials led by Director (Projects) Ratish Kumar. They also visited Vivekananda Kendra Vidhyalay at Kolaptukar village in Dollungmukh Circle and interacted with the students and teachers.
Later in the day, the visiting dignitaries planted saplings in the project campus.

NSCN (R) cadre arrested from Manmao
MIAO, Oct 25: An NSCN (R) cadre, self-styled, Sergeant Major, Bainong Mungrey was apprehended by police from Manmao Bazaar on Monday evening in Manmao under Changlang district.
The police team led by SDPO Miao, John Pada, SI R.Rawat, OC PS T.Lanching and other police personnel arrested the underground cadre without any resistance.   
According to sources, the arrest of the top ranking cadre has given a serious jolt to the organisation, while so far 14 NSCN (R) cadres have been arrested by the Police and other security agencies in Changlang district.

DC asks land owners to accept highway compensation
AALO, Oct 25: Siang Deputy Commissioner Rahul Singh appealed to the land owners to accept the compensation and allow the concessionaire to start the highway works in a meeting held with land owners, Line Departments and Agency at Pangin on October 24.
Reacting to discontentment expressed by land owners over compensation estimate of private plantation and forest land, the DC assured that all necessary steps will be taken from his side to see that then legitimate claims are not denied.
Gemar Padu AE, Highway explained the reason for keeping the compensation estimate of private Forest and plantations items for time being and disclosed that the matter is being pursued with Govt. by the Chief Engineer Bora Ete.
The DLRSO Pangin, P. Ronya, nullified the claims of the land owners to implement Land Acquisition Act 2013 as the notification was issued under Jhum land Regulation 1947.  He assured that the payment will be done transparently and added that compensation of forest items and private plantations will also be given due care by the govt. in the long run. DIPRO

Oil palm should not be expanded in Arunachal Pradesh
[ Dr.Umesh Srinivasan ]
Arunachal Pradesh has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Ruchi Soya Industries to plant 25,000 hectares of oil palm in four districts - East Kameng, Papumpare, Lower Subansiri and West Siang. This brings the total area earmarked for oil palm in the state to 45,000 hectares (or 450 sq. km.). Oil palm is a highly productive crop - more than any other oil crop in the world - yielding up to 6 tons of palm oil per hectare of cultivation. Palm oil is also the cheapest vegetable oil in the world, and is used extensively for cooking and the production of consumer goods like cosmetics and soap. As such, expanding oil palm cultivation in India will be important for India's vegetable oil security.
However, expanding oil palm in Arunachal Pradesh is a risky proposition. First, according to crop suitability maps of the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), no areas in Arunachal Pradesh are suitable for cultivating oil palm. The oil palm plant grows best in temperatures between 25 and 28 degrees Celcius, and plentiful rain (or intense irrigation) throughout the year, which does not occur even in the low elevations of Arunachal Pradesh. For example, winter temperatures in Pasighat can fall to 10 degrees Celcius, which is unsuitable for the crop (average temperature for Pasighat in January is 15.3 degrees). Arunachal Pradesh also has a long dry season,
and receives most of its rain between June and September - in the absence of capital-intensive irrigation and suitable temperatures therefore, oil palm cultivation in low elevation Arunachal Pradesh will not provide significant yields of palm oil.
Oil palm plantations will have to replace other forms of land use in Arunachal Pradesh. A majority of Arunachal's lands are community-managed Unclassified State Forests (USF). Sixty two percent of Arunachal's forest cover consists are USFs. Therefore, unlike replacing other crops in the rest of India, oil palm will replace USFs in Arunachal Pradesh (and the rest of northeast India). Oil palm expansion has already led to massive deforestation, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. Scientific studies have shown that in Malaysia, at least 16% of forest loss between 1990 and 2005 has been because of oilpalm, and 55% of oil palm plantations have been established by clearing primary forest. In Arunachal, USFs provide important products and services to entire tribal communities, including timber, bamboo, medicinal plants, and clean water and air. Also, a significant part of these forests are used for shifting cultivation (or jhum) by most Arunachali people. Unlike oil palm, jhum uses "natural cycles of forest regeneration" to cultivate of multiple crops that can provide a balanced diet, without polluting chemical inputs. Replacing these forests with oil palm will mean the outright loss of all these benefits for the people of Arunachal.
A further concern is that the benefits of oil palm cultivation will be shared by few, while the costs will be borne by many. For example, lands owned by tribal councils in many countries (like Indonesia and Papua New Guinea) have been sold illegally to "people with no customary birthrights" to set up company-owned oil palm plantations without consensus by the overall community. As a study by Curry and Koczberski in Papua New Guinea shows: "Many outsiders acquiring land in this way believe that the cash payments give them 'ownership' of the land in the sense that their children can inherit the block or they can sell it on to a third party. This is often not the view of the customary landowning group...".These lands and its profits were then controlled by a few, powerful, people allied with oil palm companies. In southeast Asia, tribal leaders have been bribed by industry agents to sign over community owned lands to oil palm companies. A similar situation is already occuring in Mizoram, and can easily be repeated in Arunachal Pradesh without appropriate checks and safeguards, and true grassroots, democratic, decision-making. The fallouts of unsustainable and indiscriminate oil palm expansion at the cost of forests have been extremely detrimental to people in southeast Asia - Indonesia and Malaysia are reeling from the effects of massive forest fires, soil erosion, air pollution and declining water quality.
Finally, Arunachal Pradesh's forests (including USFs) have the second highest number of plant, bird and animal species in the world, and new species of plants and animals continue to discovered. In fact, the first bird species to be discovered in India after independence (the Bugun Liocichla), was discovered in West Kameng district in 2006, and named after the Bugun tribe. This bird species was described from community-managed forests (USF) highlighting the importance of such forests for biodiversity and people. Just like this forest which has becoming an international bird watching destination, bird and wildlife-based tourism in many of Arunachal's forests can provide communities with a source of income which will disappear if these forests are converted to oil palm plantations. The Arunachali people have much to gain from protecting their forests. These forests are the cornerstone of their society and culture, provide various materials and benefits, and are becoming increasingly crucial as safe havens for globally important species and economic livelihoods. Oil palm expansion in Arunachal Pradesh must be a consultative process involving the public, with the dangers and potential risks of this expansion made explicit in arriving at local-scale policy decisions. ( Dr.Umesh Srinivasan is a medical doctor and a conservation biologist working in Arunachal Pradesh for the last decade.)

AIR ZPCC meeting begins
ITANAGAR, Oct 25:A two days Zonal Programme Co-ordination Committee (ZPCC) meeting of the programme officers of the All India Radio and Community Radio Stations (CRS) of the North East zone began at Itanagar on Tuesday.
In his inaugural address, Additional Director General ( P and A),  All India Radio, North East Zone, Debendra Nath Basumatary has called upon  all the  officers and officials to improve the quality of programme at their respective All India Radio Stations.
Stressing on the need of revenue generation, the ADG also said that the officers should chalk out plan to enhance the revenue earning of radio stations in North  East zone. He exhorted the officers of technical department of the AIR zonal office to extend all possible support to the regional AIR Stations for improvement of performance and revenue collection.  
Lamenting over the non-receipt of feedback from some of the radio stations, Basumatary said regular feedback from all the All India Radio stations is essential to review the performance.  
Technical session and brain storming discussion on administrative agenda of field units are also being conducted as part of two days programme.
A large number of officers from Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya,  Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim  All India Radio Stations including  AIR Station Director from Guwahati, Dilip Kumar Das,  DD(E) P K Bezbaruah are participating the meeting.  

Govt. sanctions fund for infrastructure development of IGC
[ Prafulla Kaman ]
PASIGHAT, Oct 25: The State Government has sanctioned Rs 4.85 crore under State Infrastructure Development Fund (SIDF) for development of infrastructure and flood protection measures at Industrial Growth Centre (IGC), Niglok in East Siang district.
The fund will be mainly utilized for construction of building, road, security wall and protect erosion by Sille river which is posing threat to the IGC land. Execution of the works has been assigned to Pasighat division of Water Resource Department (WRD).
Earlier too, fund amounting to Rs 2 Crores under Special Plane Allocation (SPA) was granted to the industry, which was utilized in construction of a part of RCC boundary wall around the industrial centre.
It is pertinent to mention here that most of the buildings and other infrastructures inside the industrial complex are still lying unutilized while Sille River has eroded several acres of Industry land during the last decade.
The Central as well as the State Government have spent more than Rs.20 crore during the last two decades for development of the IGC.
There is no adequate power supply to run industrial units in the industry.
Presently,  small scale industries - one bottling plant of mineral water and another tile making factory - are running in the IGC. But these two factories were unable to do businesses properly due to lack power supply and surface communication problem.
The cold storage set up in the IGC is also lying defunct due to erratic power supply. Moreover, some entrepreneurs have already shifted their businesses from the industry area to other places/locations due to lack of required facilities.

Seminar on ‘Classical Indian Philosophy’ held
TAWANG, Oct 25: A seminar on 'Cultivation of a healthy mind' and 'The Understanding of Classical Indian Philosophy' with Ven. Anyi Yangchen la was held at Kalawangpo Hall on Tuesday.
The seminar under the 'Arunachal Mindfulness Project' was organised by the Flowering Dharma society in collaboration with the Department of Karmik and Adhyatmik  (Chos-Rig) Affairs, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and supported by Losel Nyinje Charitable Society and Bharat-Tibet Sahayog Manch, Tawang.
The project aims to inculcate and promote the values of love and compassion, Secular Ethics, Education and Ecology.
Ven. Anyi la (Lisa V Blake from USA), an experienced practitioner and teacher of meditation was awarded the National Association of Professional Women's Wellness Award in 2009 and is currently the meditation trainer in District Institute of Education and Training,  Leh Ladakh.
In his welcome address, MLA Tsering Tashi exhorted all the participants to listen and learn about the General Philosophy of Buddha Dharma. He spoke about the initiative being taken up to promote Bhoti language so as to nourish the culture and identity and help people understand the religious texts thereby bringing about change in their outlook.
Chairman DoKAA Jambey Wangdi while giving the synopsis, cited the opportunity as one of the rarest and requested everyone especially the students and the beginners to grasp and avail the maximum of wisdom and knowledge. He also informed about the overwhelming  support shown by the Chief Minister Pema Khandu for the conduct of the seminar.
During the seminar, Ani Yangchen la dealt at length on the Quest of  Siddhartha  Gautam before achieving enlightenment  to find inner peace and answers to the existence of  profound suffering , Nalanda Tradition, Eight Worldly Concerns in Buddhism, Middle Path, Precious Human Life, Mindfulness, Impermanence and Analytic Contemplation. The seminar also saw Ven. Ani la taking  questions of the participants in the Interactive session and demonstrating steps of Analytic Meditation.
The first volume of 'Seeds of Nirvana', a guidebook on pilgrimage sites of Monyul , published by the Department of Karmik and Adhyatmik Affairs was also released on the occasion.
The seminar was attended by DC Tawang Sang Phuntsok, Chairperson Zilla Parishad. Jambey Tsering,  SP Tawang MK Meena, monks, nuns, Govt. Officers & Officials, Public leaders and students. DIPRO

NDRF conducts Community awareness programme at Pangin
PANGIN, Oct 25: The three-day community awareness and school safety programme cum demonstration by the 12 Battalion NDRF in collaboration with the DDMA Siang concluded successfully on Oct 24.
The programme was held to generate awareness amongst the people especially children, on different aspects of natural disasters and to impart first hand information on how to cope with them in case of their occurrence.
Attending the programme, SP Doge Jini emphasised on the importance of acquiring knowledge on disasters and its benefits.
The NDRF team displayed several techniques for rescuing people in distress and showed techniques to stay safe in cases of disasters. They also displayed different rescue equipments and techniques to operate them and demonstrated mock drills depicting real life situations.
The concluding ceremony of the awareness programme was held at Boleng Town, Siang district. It was also witnessed by students, government officials and the public with full enthusiasm. The entire exercise was very beneficial for the people from all walks of life and of all ages especially as Siang district is also highly vulnerable to different natural and man-made disasters.

IT fastest growing sector with unlimited career opportunities: Prof.  Mibang
NAHARLAGUN, Oct 25: Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world in this modern age with unlimited career opportunities, said Rajiv Gandhi University Vice Chancellor Prof Tamo Mibang.
He also said that IT has taken a big leap in Arunachal Pradesh in the recent years, which is very encouraging.
Prof. Mibang said this while inaugurating  two days workshop on ''Research Labs using C-DAC Lab kits in NER Institutes' organized jointly by Centre for Development in Advanced Computer (C-DAC) and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, RGU for the students and research scholars of Engineering and Computer Science in the conference hall of the Computer Science Department, RGU on Tuesday.
He advised the students and research scholars to take full advantage of the workshop. He also called upon the authorities of the premier computer science institute to continue to provide support and expertise in extending computer-related educational programmes in the state.
Prof. Ganga Prasad G.L. senior Director from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Bangalore, gave a detailed background of the research and development projects undertaken by the institute since early nineties that included development of super computer, different IT application tools etc. He informed that major thrust areas of the institute were to 'design, develop and deliver several programmes of national importance' that finally helped India develop a strong footing in IT.
In order to make learning process, C-DAC has developed various lab-kits and research-kits which are helpful to students and researchers in their works and make them practical.
Earlier, Prof Ani Taggu, Head of the Department of Computer science and Engineering, said that though the world is changing fast, it is difficult to effect new technological changes among the masses unless it is made practical. He stressed on practical uses of IT applications and called upon all to learn from the experts and scientists from the institute.
Several IT experts on various subjects from C-DAC and other computer institutes are participating in the two-day workshop that comes to an end on Wednesday.
Apart from Prof Utpal Bhattacharjee, Dean of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and basic Sciences, Obang Tayeng , DIPR, many research scholars and experts attended the inaugural function. DIPR

KKDFA Cup Football Tournament begins
AHC defeats Dokum Colony by 5-0
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: The 1st ever Kurung Kumey District Football Association (KKDFA) Cup Football Tournament was kicked off on Monday at Sangram by Executive Engineer, PWD Yazali division, Er Tai Nikio.
Altogether 8 teams are participating in the tournament. The Kurung Kumey district team for the various upcoming tournaments will be selected from this event.
In the first match of the tournament the Atu Hillang Club (AHC) defeated Dokum Colony (DK) by 5-0.
Speaking on the occasion Er Tai Nikio emphasized the players to play the game in the true spirit of game. He also called on them to avail the opportunity of 10 per cent job reservation offered by state government for the sportspersons of the state. Er Nikio further expressed happiness over organization of such kind of football tournament in a remote SDO headquarter like Sangram.
ASM chairperson of 5 Sangramanchal samiti, Hillang Taro who was also present on the occasion appealed to the players to properly follow the rules framed by the organizers.
District football Association President Er Tamchi Syam asked the players to bring laurel for the district and appealed them to play the game in fair manner. He thanked all the HoD of various departments present in Sangram specially the PWD division for helping in preparation of  the ground. Syam also lauded Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner Kamki Darang for extending the all possible helping hand to the organizer.
Also present on the occasion  were M Tato, SDO Sangram, Er Byabang Togu, EE PWD Sangram division, Advisor Tamchi Taming, Panchayat leaders and members of DFA Kurung Kumey.
The organizer expressed sadness over absence of district sports officer at the inaugural ceremony.
A friendly match was played between DFA XI and Chief Guest XI,  wherein  the latter won by 2-1. The final match of the tournament will be held on Oct 30.

DFP conducts awareness prog on mother and child health at Loiliang
TEZU, Oct 25: An awareness programme on Mother & Child Health and Mission Indradhanush was organised by Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP), GoI, Tezu unit in coordination with district health department at Loiliang village under Lohit district on Oct 24.
Addressing the gathering, Lohit DC, Danish Asharf called on the villagers to attend awareness programmes and gain knowledge from the expert and also implement the knowledge gained in their daily life while sharing it to others.
Highlighting on the role of ASHAs in rural health delivery systems, the DC informed the pregnant women and newborn baby mothers to always keep in touch with ASHAs of their area during pregnancy and after delivery as ASHA is the immediate health staff to provide necessary approach of health check-up, immunization and others.
Earlier, the programme began with a mass awareness rally which was participated by students, teachers, ASHAs, Aanganwadi workers, PRI members and villagers.
Tezu unit, DFP officer, Mihir Kumar Jha explained the aims and objectives of the campaign and said that the campaign is to increase awareness regarding the Reproductive Maternal Neonantal Child Health and Adolescent (RMNCH+A), Mission Indradhanush, Population Stabilization, "BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO" and Anemia among Adolescent girls as well as other health related issues like Kala Azar, Malaria, Dengue, leprosy and Filarisis.
Lohit DMO, Dr. S Chai Pul explained about RMNCH+A said that every pregnant women should enroll their name at the nearest Govt. Hospital and must insure at least three times health check-up, two times TT vaccine and Iron Tablet as per doctor's advice and also insure institutional delivery for safe mother and healthy baby.
Speaking about Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY), the DMO informed that all the enrolled pregnant women are to be given at the time of institutional delivery by the Govt. of India, Rs.700 for rural area and Rs.600 for urban area for new born mother's healthy food.
The DMO also demonstrated to audience about the technique of hand wash and appealed that hands must be washed properly before eating food and after the toilet.
Gynecologist, General Hospital, Tezu, Dr. Amin Tayeng explaining about Population Stabilization informed that at least three years gap must be kept between two children and there are many methods for temporally family planning like Condoms, Cooper-T, Oral pills, I-Pill etc. He also provided tips for prevention of Anemia among Adolescent girls in his presentation.
Dr. S. Manyu, Medical Officer, PHC, Loiliang educated about the gathering about Malaria, Dengue and Leprosy and provided tips how to prevent them and also detailed about Mission Indradhanush.
Superviser, CDPO, Tezu Nuri Elapra also spoke about Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and Anemia among Adolescent girls.
S. Tiwari, DTO, DDSE, Tezu also briefed the gathering about Anemia among Adolescent school girls.
Free Medical Health Camp and Voluntary Blood Testing were also organised during the programme in which around 150 patients benefitted while 14 youth gave blood for Voluntary Blood Testing.

AKDDSU demands cancellation of appointments
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Alleging irregularities in selection of some candidates for the posts of MTS/MPW under Health Department of Kra Daadi district, the All Kra Daadi Distract Students' Union (AKDDSU) has demanded cancellation of all the alleged illegal appointments.
In a representation to the Chief Secretary, AKDDSU claimed that 'serious' anomalies were detected in the certificates of some of the candidates, who have passed in both written examination and viva voce, by the fact finding committee constituted by the Director of Health Service on September 9, 2016.
The committee was constituted after a complaint was lodged by the students' union claiming foul play in the recruitment process.
"Even thought the fact finding committee has made it clear in its report that serious anomaly has been found in the recruitment process,  the DHS, DMO and DC Kra-Daadi have failed to take cognizance and have issued appointment order in total disregard of the committee's report," the representation said.
The union demanded immediate cancellation of appointment orders of all the 11 candidates with alleged fake certificates and conduct of fresh interview for the same posts.
It also demanded a SIT probe based on the report of the fact finding committee and suspension of the Deputy Commissioner and District Medical Officer for their alleged indulgence in favouritism and nepotism till the enquiry is over.
"The Director of Health Service should also be relieved from his duty for his alleged failure to comply with the fact finding committee's report which was constituted as per his order. The Director has issued clean chit to the DMO office Kra-Daadi thereby, completely neglecting the report of the fact find committee," it said.
The students' union demanded the state government to fulfill the demands within 15 days.

Kabu to meet Jummi Combats Bene in final
BEMFT- 2016
AALO, Oct 25:Kabu SC will meet Jummi Combats FC Bene in the final of the first BingaEte Memorial Football Tournament on October 27.
Kabu SC beat MAE FC 2-1 in a thrilling second semi-final match at Aalo general ground on Tuesday, where Biri Pada of MAE FC scored an own goal.
Kabu SC took the lead through goal from Ginjom Loya which was equalized by MAE FC with goal from Baken Ete.
MAE FC went close to take the lead in the second half but good defence and exceptional goalkeeping by Kabu SC kept the scoreline tied.
On the other side, Kabu SC took advantage of the wide gaps created by MAE FC as the match approached the climax.
Luck deserted MAE FC as Pada scored an own goal which turned out to be the match winner for Kabu SC.

4th Greater Kameng Badminton Tournament-2016 begins
BHALUKPONG, Oct 25: The 4th Greater Kameng Badminton Tournament-2016 was inaugurated by Parliamentary Secretary (Sports and Youth Affairs) Nyamar Karbak at Bhalukpong Town Club on Tuesday.
A total of 127 players-11 from Tawang, 23 from Seppa, 35 from Bhalukpong,  22 from Dirang,  11 from Nafra and 25 from Bomdila are participating in the tournament, which consisted of men and women's singles and doubles, veteran, sub-veteran and mixed doubles.
Responding to a single-point memorandum submitted by the Organising Committee on behalf of the badminton players of the region, Karbak assured to take up the scheme of multi sports complex at Bhalukpong  at a cost of Rs 2 crore in the next financial year.
Parliamentary Secretary cum local MLA Kumsi Sidisow also attended the opening ceremony and spoke on the occasion.
EAC Bhalukpong Tomo Riba, CO Khoda Raakhi, DFO Khelong Divison BK Jawal, 10 Bihar regiment Major I Mittai, CRPF 138 Battalion OC A Rahman, APCC Secretary Soni Degio were also present on the occasion.

Water supply disrupted
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Water supply to Vivek Vihar and adjoining market areas, RWD Office, Power House, T-II & III etc. has been disrupted due to the ongoing road widening works by PWD necessitating realignment of the 150 mm diameter supply line.
Water supply will remain disrupted until the road and realignment works is completed.
The Department will supply drinking water through tankers to the affected areas, according to an official release.

RKSM student shines at Ntnl science seminar
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Nyohai Wangjen, a class IX student of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Girls' School, Khonsa came second at the National-Level Science Seminar 2016 on the topic 'Pulses for Sustainable Food Security: Prospects & Challenges', held at the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai on Oct 4 last.
She had qualified for the National-level Science Seminar 2016 after topping the state-level competition which was held at Itanagar on Aug 28, 2015.
Wangjen received a certificate, citation and a cheque of Rs.12,000 besides, a Golden Pass for lifetime visit to the Nehru Science Centre.
Tirap DC, Ravi Jha has also congratulated Wangjen and her teachers on her stupendous success and hoped that other students would also emulate example.

Yingkiong bandh peaceful
YINGKIONG, Oct' 25: The 12-hr dawn to dusk Yingkiong bandh called by AdiSU and All Upper Siang District Students Union (AUSDSU) demanding cancellation of the viva-voice test fixed on November 4 for the posts of MTS/MPW in the District Medical Office, Yingkiong passed off peacefully on Tuesday.
Adequate police forces were deployed by the district administration to maintain law and order during the bandh period.
There was no report of bandh related untoward incident.
All the government establishments and offices functioned normally. However, markets and other private establishments remained closed while private vehicles stayed off the road during the bandh period.
It is pertinent to mention that in view of the earlier agitations against conduct of the recruitment process for the posts of MTS/MPW, the Director of Health Services, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Naharlagun had constituted a Director Level Fact Finding Committee. Based on the report of the Fact Finding Committee, the Director of Health Services instructed the Deputy Commissioner, Upper Siang District, Yingkiong to conduct the viva-voice test of MTS/MPW posts vide their letter No.MUS/ESSTT-71/2016 dated 9.9.2016 and date for viva-voice has been fixed on 4-11-2016 accordingly. DIPRO

Voluntary blood donation camp
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Twenty-six units of blood were collected in a voluntary blood donation camp organized by All Ori Youth (AOY) Capital Complex in collaboration with Indian Medical Association Arunachal State Branch at TRSH on October 25, 2016.
Many youth from Capital Complex and doctors from TRSH turned up for the camp.

Awareness prog on MV Act and Traffic Rules
AALO, Oct 25: A day-long awareness campaign on Motor Vehicle Act and Traffic Rules was organised by the Maxicab Association West Siang Unit at Aalo on Oct 23.
All Arunachal Transport Federation, West Siang Unit, president, Kirdo Ete urged the members of the association to follow instructions of the Govt. and ensure safety driving measures to passengers.
DTO West Siang, Hummo Taipodia elaborated on various provisions under Motor Vehicle Act and advised all vehicle owners and drivers to ensure registration of vehicle, Insurance, high security number plates, fitness certificate, Road Permit, proper Driving License etc  for commercial vehicles plying on all routes.
OC Police station, Aalo, Minli Geyi dwelt at length on various sections of laws and penalties and exhorted the drivers to be disciplined avoiding alcohol, violation of traffic rules, smoking while driving, display of number plate, under age driving, bare foot driving, driving without license, headphone in ear etc.
MVI, Gumnya Naso highlighted the objectives behind the awareness campaign and procedures to obtain the license.
Representatives from Insurance Company, Pollution Control Boardand members from Dhemaji District Driver's Association were also present and spoke on the occasion. DIPRO

Education awareness tour prog
[ Karda Natam ]
DAPORIJO, Oct 25: The week-long educational tour/awareness programme by Siyum Nacho Limeking Taksing Students' Union (SINALITASU) concluded on Friday.
During the tour, the executive members of the union visited every school located at Siyum Nacho Limeking and Taksing area and interacted with students and teaching staffs to know various problems faced by the school authority and student community.
The students' union claimed to have found a middle school running by a single teacher during the tour.
Later, the union appealed to teaching staff to impart quality education to the students and asked them to discharge duty with sincerely and dedication for the betterment of the student community.
Meanwhile, the problems being faced by the schools and the students were apprised to the district authority for immediate redressal.

Felix gives importance on co-curricular activities
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Parliamentary Secretary cum Government Spokesperson Bamang Felix stressed the importance and relevance of co-curricular activities for students in schools.
Attending the Annual School Day Celebration of Government Higher Secondary School, Sagalee on Monday, Felix said that Annual School Day provides a good opportunity and platform to the young students to expose their hidden talents in various fields, like literary, sports and culture.
He encouraged the students to participate in such co-curricular activities for overall development. He advised the students not to bring mobile phones to school as it will divert their attention.
He also spoke about the duties and responsibilities of a teacher within and out side the classroom in building a learned society.  

Training on participatory seed production
ITANAGAR, Oct 25:A day-long awareness-cum-training on participatory seed production was conducted at training hostel Gori research farm under ICAR NSP Seed Project, West Siang district on Tuesday.
Farmers from different villages located under West Siang district attended the training, wherein, Scientist PBG (Nodal Officer), Letngam Tauthang spoke about the concept and principle of participatory seed production. It was followed by a power point presentation by Dr. Rita Nongthombam on scientific method of seed production of pea and rapeseed. She also spoke on various aspects of seed production and its timely availability.
Farmers were also informed about resource conservation technology, methods and importance of raising nursery for cole crops.

Festival celebration committee calls on CM
ITANAGAR, Oct 25:A delegation of Boori Boot Yullo Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee (BBYGJCC), Raga led by 25 Raga MLA, Tamar Murtem along with BBYGJCC Chairman, Komri Murtem met Chief Minister Pema Khandu here on Tuesday regarding the golden jubilee celebration. The CM on his part assured to the Celebration Committee to provide all financial support for organizing the festival, said a release.

'Maintain road'
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: The BJP Papum Pare district unit has demanded maintenance of the road stretch from Gohpur Tinali to Rakap at Gera River Bridge. The party's general secretary Techi Tempo has written to UD, town planning and housing minister Nabam Rebia, who is also the local MLA in this regard.
Referring to the road stretch as the lifeline of people from Upper Balijan area, he said the light motor vehicles have to bear the brunt of the deteriorating condition of the road.

17-yr-old girl commits suicide
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Body of a 17-year-old girl was found hanging in her rented accommodation at Ganga, opposite SP office here this morning. The deceased has been identified as Kenbi Taba, student of Govt Hr Sec School, Arunodaya.
Reportedly she had been living with her cousin sister in the rented accommodation, sources said.
The police could not be reached for comment and detailed information.

'Advertise posts'
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Claiming that the state government created 32 posts of health assistant (Junior) in the month of April this year which, however, is yet to be advertised by the directorate of health services, The All Arunachal Unemployed Health Assistant Association (AAUHAA) has demanded that the posts be advertised within this month.
In its memorandum submitted to the director health services, it warned of taking up democratic movement if the demand is not fulfilled and also cautioned against absorbing untrained health assistants in the proposed posts.
It said that many untrained health assistants (junior) appointed on contract basis are trying to get themselves absorbed for the posts.

Hundreds participate in 'BRO-Yingkiong Marathon 2016'
YINGKIONG, Oct 25: About 350 people including students and residents of Yingkiong, Moying and Geku took part in a 'BRO-Yingkiong Marathon 2016' organized by the 761 BRTF of Border Roads Orgnaization here on Saturday here on Saturday.
The 10 Km marathon themed 'Run for Fitness'was flagged off by Commander 761 BRTFSK Pradhan, who urged all to run, jog or walk every day to stay fit. He said that fitness increases employability of students and results in better productivity at work place.
Oker Tekseng, Omin Nitik and Ofen Tedo were adjudged winners in the men's category while, Manan Bitin,Monge Libang and Minam Taron were adjudged winners of women's category.
All members of 761 BRTF,105 RCC,1072 FW and 1448 BCC (GREF) took part in the marathon. (DIPRO)

Org clarifies
ITANAGAR, Oct 25: Apropos the news item published in this daily on Oct 21 with the headline 'Association claims extortion by extremist groups', the Hollongi Nyvgam Youth Association (HNYA) on Tuesday, clarified that the NDFB (ceasefire) had collected Rs. 5 lakhs from the villagers of Karbi (Mikir) village under Hollongi Panchayat in 2013 and the demands for extortion has been made recently in the month of Oct 2016.

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Resume talk

The situation along the Indo-Pak border continues to remain tensed. As per report this morning the Pakistani forces started unprovoked firing and shelling targeting Indian positions as well as civilian areas which prompted the Indian forces to retaliate effectively. Heavy exchanges of gunfire took place in various sectors of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistani shelling in Suchetgarh and Chanduchak areas of R.S.Pura Sector has so far left, at least ten civilians injured. The Indian security forces have strongly retaliated and believed to have caused heavy damage to Pakistani Rangers across the border.

 To make situation worse Pakistan based terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba on Tuesday claimed responsibilities for Uri attack that killed 20 Indian soldiers last month in Kashmir. Following the terror attack India had conducted surgical strike inside Pakistan and damaged the terror infrastructures. After that there have been regular exchanges of gun fire in the border areas. Pakistani shelling in civilian areas has created panic among the border people. This growing tension does not augur well for the people of both India and Pakistan. Especially those living near border areas are the worst sufferers. It’s time leaders in both the countries realize that peace and dialogue is the only way forward to resolve any issues of conflict. There is need to de-escalate the tension so that peace be given chance. Urgent steps should be initiated to de-escalate the situation. Violence will not be of any help to either side. Time has come for resumption of talks between India and Pakistan.








Readers’ Forum




Prove the allegation

Dear Editor,

We members of All Nilling Youth Association (ANYA) denounce the allegation made by one Tapa Dadi, alias Taga Dadi, BJP President of Upper Subansiri district unit against Takam Rikung (Nilling), former ZPM of Chetam circle in various social media forum. The allegation leveled by him does not bear an iota of truth and are totally baseless.

As per the article posted by him, Mr. Takam Rikung (Nilling) is alleged to have hatched a plan to damage the EVMs of 24/36 Rikung polling station during last assembly election. Takam Rikung (Nilling) is a man of integrity and he enjoys good rapport with everyone in the district. To our surprise, he does not have even voter list in Rikung. He has been casting his ballot in Daporijo itself since many years then how come he lead a team to destroy the EVMs of the said polling station? If Mr. Tapa Dadi, as he alleged, has any evidence then why did he not lodged an FIR against Takam Rikung (Nilling) that time? If Tapa Dadi do not have any evidence, then All Nilling Youth Association demand that he should tender apology and if not we might use legal route.


Tajam Magria,


All Nilling Youth Association





Injustice does hurt

Dear Editor,

This is in apropos to the news item DM invokes “No work no pay”. The District Magistrate Capital Complex has declared the seven days pen down strike by SSA teachers with support from ATA and RMSA teachers as illegal within its jurisdiction. Of course, how we admit to our part in the breach of trust has to be carefully considered. If a wife is trying to reconcile with an abusive husband, he may take the confession, twist it, blame her for everything and say. “See, I told you it was your entire fault”.

There are those who want us to admit our guilt so that again we come under their control or they have demands and expectations that far exceed what we can honestly give them. Reconciliation can only take place on their unreasonable terms.

It is the environment (society) in which we learn our identity and our self worth – it is there we find ultimate acceptance, emotional care, and nurturing. But because so much is/ was riding on CM’s throne, it has become the thing of enormous conflict. That too at the cost of our state’s exchequer and diverting our two months’ salary.

We remember faults better and longer than we do the good deeds that others have done for us. Ask someone about how 90% of government schools of Arunachal are run by SSA teachers and they will probably refer to political appointments, not skilled, blah blah. I remember many humiliations by the society and complexion arising out of being an SSA teacher. We forget the good things, we remember the iniquities.

Suffering injustice does hurt. When someone tries to get even with you, or slander you, or betray you, the injustice of it can oppress your soul. Yet the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi are crystal clear. We can and we should bear under such suffering for two right reasons:

i) We are following the path of Gandhiji. He went all the way to suffer wrong – the spirit of humble submission.

ii) We rest in the assurance that justice deferred one day will be justice served.


Abson Tana,

Govt. Hr. Sec. School Kimin