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October - 15



The public don’t deserve this treatment

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to the news item captioned "Apang granted bail". Thanks to the High Court, at least the serious abuse of law and machinery to selectively and unduly harass one of the fatherly figure of the state by the state government and the SIC has been stopped. Kudos to the independent judiciary in a democratic state. At last, legally, formally and publicly M S Chouhan, the SP SIC has acknowledged the dictations and interference to the SIC in its working by the state government when he submitted before the high court that, the state government prevented him from discharging duties of investigating officer and prevented him from interrogating Gegong Apang. The submission made by M S Chouhan in the High Court was again a ploy by the state government and the SIC to dupe the court and secure further detention of Mr Apang to harass him and it was also an effort to mislead the conscious citizens following the case.

The latest development has come as perfect negation to clarifications made by smarting Government Spokesman and Minister(Power&Tourism) Mr Jarbom Gamlin sometime back during a press conference where he said that the State govt has no role in arrest of Mr Apang and the SIC is functionally independent. What a smarting great lie to dupe and mislead the public. Mr Apang was arrested and detained in custody for over one and half month now, a period enough to complete the process of interrogation. Moreover, Mr Apang being detained as accused in the case was under complete disposal of the SP SIC being the IO. The grant of bail to Mr Apang and rejection of plea for further detention by the SP SIC by the double bench of Gauhati High Court is the legal proof above other claims and evidences that the law and machinery, the SIC was abused by the state govt and the SIC to improperly and selectively harass one individual. And with the top positions in the state government still occupied and usurped by the extremely corrupt and wicked individuals, any citizen may be victimized any time.

As per provisions of the law, the SIC is duty bound to investigate other accused in the case by making arrest, detention and interrogation. And the SIC being prevented by the state govt from doing so, it should have applied for warrant of arrest for all the other accused to the High Court. But as per record the SIC has not taken any such steps so far which explicitly tells its incompetency, inefficiency, arbitrariness and biasness of the SIC.

The bottom-line is that, the individuals and the family members accused in the PDS scam and occupying high public offices in the state govt and the key personnel in the SIC needs to be immediately replaced to enable proper investigation of the case. Meritorious investigation and exemplary punishment to the guilty can only bring transparency and efficiency to the corruption plagued PDS system. And a sound and efficient PDS can only ensure food security and security of survival of the people. Please don’t be cynical, there are over 50 million Indians who starve even for single meal a day. If the public are not vigilant and proactive, such days for Arunachalees are not very far. So many accusations are lashed out against the organisations fighting corruption, why? Throughout the state, a person having ration card with a monthly entitlement of 35 kgs of rice hardly gets 10 to 15 kgs and that too after standing in long quues for hours and hours together. And during many months, even a single kg of food grains are not available at our FPS and we pay double price for food grains at the open market. The public don’t deserve this treatment.

We need to be constantly vigilant, proactive and to fight to achieve welfare and security of our own future. The AAPSU, AdiSU, GSU, AIPU, AYF, AVYA  are the ones fighting to achieve the objectives which are our very own. They deserve our salutes not accusations for the gut they are showing to fight the corrupt, exploitative and tyrannical governance. The politically motivated, extremely corrupt and wicked individuals are still occupying the top positions in spite of stealing the due shares of public. What is a wrong, if these organisation even if politically motivated are trying to fight for our welfare. Let’s encourage them and join the fight for our own welfare. In the wake of latest revealation at the High Court about interference to the working of SIC by the state government and for any merit, faith and confidence to return in working of the state government, it is sinequanon that Dorjee Khandu, Jarbom Gamlin, Jarkar Gamlin, Lokam Tassar, Likha Saaya, Tamiyo Taga steps down from their respective public positions on moral ground at this juncture and till such time the individuals or their family members are acquitted from the mega PDS Scam and case. If the above named individuals fail to step down then the state Cabinet and the ruling Congress party should be taking initiatives to drop their tainted leaders.

Tabom Bam, Chief Secretary being controlling officer of the SIC and having close family ties with some of the prime accused in PDS case needs to be immediately replaced and transferred out of the state. The Union Home Ministry can be approached to do the needful.

M S Chouhan also needs to be replaced immediately to remedy the grossly improper and prejudiced process of investigation done so far in this important case of huge public ramification. As of now, it seems nothing is being done to meet the popular demand, so what is illegality in peaceful demonstration by unions, citizens to protest in exercise of their fundamental right to freedom which had been upheld by the Supreme Court of India in numerous cases. And when the leadership in the state government is violating democratic conventions, established regulations and codified laws, notwithstanding they are supposed to govern the public as per various laws of the land upholding public interest to deliver welfare to the public, the state government directly or indirectly encourage bandh calls by the citizens to ventilate public grievances.


A Concerned Citizen    (On email)



PDS news not personal view of Associate Editor

Dear Editor,

We have seen media houses being threatened in Bollywood movies and in the more developed, more elite, states of 'Mera Bharat Mahaan'. It comes as a surprise to find Arunachal Pradesh among the elite group though not as developed as they are.

It should be noted that this paper has carried unbiased news on all aspects of the PDS viz the ongoing investigation and its discrepancies apart from naming those being investigated. Wherever necessary it has questioned the integrity of the investigators as well. Ultimately, many of those named may be found innocent and acquitted.

This act of intimidation rather re-enforces the commonly held viewpoint. Moreover most of the PDS related press releases were views of organisations and not a personal view of the associate editor. It’s unfair that she should be targeted. Let’s pray that the innocent are spared, and the investigating agency plays fair. Meanwhile let Munni do her work.


Bengia Abo

RIMS Imphal (on email)



Fourth pillar of the democracy must be kept intact till eternity

Dear Editor,

It was shocking to read about the death threat received by Tongam Rina, a senior journalist. It’s unfortunate that while the writings of the eminent journalist is lauded by readers across the state and elsewhere (through internet), she has been intimidated by some anti-social elements. It’s a matter of pride for the state, that today it can boast of journalists like Tongam Rina, Taba Ajum, Tom Simai and others, whose articles are enlightening and thought provoking. They have done a commendable job by consistently highlighting the burning issues confronted by the state. For instance, the contentious Assam – Arunachal boundary issue, the Chakma Refugee problem, the dismal education scenario of the government schools, the grievances of the SSA Teachers, police atrocities, the government’s random decision to build 100 odd dams in the state, the PRC imbroglio and most recently the PDS Scam, in which several bigwigs are accused of their involvement.

The multi crore PDS Scam has triggered widespread resentment across the state. If it had been in some other parts of India, the public outcry would have compelled the people at the helm indicted in the scam to resign on moral ground to facilitate the smooth and impartial investigation process. Unfortunately owing to the muteness and submissive nature of the general public, it seems that the corrupt politicians are manipulating the investigation process. That’s why there is no breakthrough in the case till date. The most disgusting matter is that instead of repenting after gobbling the public money of such mammoth proportion, they have now resorted to bullying tactics to dissuade the media from writing about the ugly scam, which is a big blot in the history of Arunachal.

I strongly believe that, journalism is a noble profession unlike other professions, which aims only at earning a decent salary to meet the needs of the materialistic world. The journalists are the torchbearers of the society. Despite several constraints, the media fraternity in Arunachal is playing a substantial role for the society and state. I plead with Tongam Rina and the media fraternity not to panic due to the current turn of events. They are rather requested to pursue with their noble pursuit with extra zeal and vigour. The administration must ensure the safety of the journalists. The bar of journalism must be raised high at all cost. The fourth pillar of the democracy must be kept intact till eternity.


Suraj Tayang,

Tezu, (On email)



Struggles to withdraw my own money!

Dear editor,

One of the most difficult task in Naharlagun is drawing money from ATMS. The biblical words ''from the sweat of your brow.....'' really applies here.

We have to stand in a long queue for a long time in the sun or get stuffed inside the ATM room to get our chance at the machine. Most of the time only one  ATM functions of the three of which one belongs to ICICI.

Its funny to see that a long queue of people that draw money from ICICI ATM are all SBI card holders, because  both the SBI ATMS are closed or having technical problems. I request the concerned authority to please set up more ATMs for public convenience. Here I would also like to appeal to all not  two damage the ATMS, as it only causes more trouble for us all.



Naharlagun, (On email)



A bold decision indeed

Dear Editor,

The Galo student union decision to organise rally against PDS scam in Galo areas is indeed a very bold decision in the midst of life threats to media and other pressure from very high up to those who are raising the voice against the scam.

The student union should not only invite the student community for rally but should also invite the other civil society of Galo like GWS, public leaders specially PRI members who appears to be very active in development of Galo areas. Let’s see how many of them turn up for rally against these shameless but big people.

The firm involved in these areas should not only be blacklisted but also the person involved should be socially boycotted. What we can expect from them for our society when they did not care while deprive to the poor. It appears that they won’t allow our children to live happily in our society. Let them enjoy their own wealth but not at the cost of our children foods.

AAPSU should also come forward.


A citizen, (On email)



Open the eyes of society suffering from willful cataract

Dear Editor,

The threat given to the Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times is vehemently condemned. Such act which intends to curtail the freedom of press and the society vicariously needs to be crushed at the very beginning of its dastardly head showing up, lest it should take the dimension and stature beyond the hands of any law. These are but the product of desperate souls indulged deep into trouble with corrupt practice trying to show themselves clean in the eyes of society who otherwise make a living by taking the life source of others. But these habitual semi criminals fails to understand that not the life of journalist but instead their days are numbered. And also they fail to understand that with one gone there are hundreds with more vigour to pursue the legacy left by one.

How many Tongams can they stop to voice against such act dooming the whole society and the poor mass in particular? This episode has rather united the fight to wanton corruption.

Despite the growing voices against corruption, it is a fact that our society glorifies the corrupt and the usurpers. Some of the highest/biggest criminals are comfortably seated on the top most jobs on the behest of the society and whom highest respect is accorded available at all levels. This practice of according highest respect to the biggest thief should be stopped immediately. Due to habitual obedience received and respect offered by the citizens, these unscrupulous thieves are getting bold day by day losing all inhibitions to the extent of giving threat to media person. Therefore before whole situation goes out of hand and takes an ugly turn, the society must realize without wasting a wink of an eye and revolt against this decease of corruption.

We urge our daring journalist to carry on the noble work of investigative journalism and open the eyes of society who are suffering from willful cataract. There are very few of your genre to take on evil despite experiencing threat of highest nature and a helpless government with every machinery to curve the same. We re-iterate her not to succumb to the threat of these shameless creatures.

Further we urge upon the government to provide fool proof protection to the journalist who is giving highest service to the people with meagre pay check. The perpetrator’s should be investigated and must be punished adequately to restore the confidence of the citizens.


Damba Riba (on email)

Vice President

Karko Ao Welfare Association



Thanks for saving my baby

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight a painful personal experience related to a case of delivery in pre- matured stage which is risky in Arunachal Pradesh where no proper facilities is available for such cases.

Now I am a mother of a healthy child who is now almost 13 months old. My child was delivered in pre-matured stage of six and half month old. One can imagine the uncertainty that I went though as Itanagar does not have facilities to meet such situations.  

At the advice of a local doctor, I rushed to Guwahati with mixed feelings.  

I reached Pratiksha Hospital which is well equipped to handle such critical case where delivery of my pre-matured child was handled with outmost care. I thank this particular hospital for that care that was extended to me that saved my pre-matured child.


Tamin Yangam Gumjr (Mara) (On email)




This land of rising sun

Dear Editor,

 In this land of rising sun, many unprecedented incidents had happened, right from assassination of former MP Wangcha Rajkumar and now Multi-Crore PDS Scam.

The  Govt should call CBI for thorough investigation of the matters.

The way in which former CM Gegong Apang was arrested is condemnable, the bureaucrats and  the politicians who are involved in multi-crore PDS Scam and snatched the food of poor people should be prosecuted under law and not a single person should be spared.


Koj Kapa (On email)



Let there be tender for quality work

Dear Editor,

This is regarding demand of cancellation of the Tender for Margherita-Changlang road by “All Arunachal Registered Contractors’ Association”

In this regard; we would like to urge the so-called Contractors’ Association to participate in the pre-qualification process, instead of its request for cancellation as it is open to all.

The Margherita-Changlang road is long cherish dream of the people of Changlang but the “All Arunachal Registered Contractors Associations” demand for its cancellation has hurt the sentiment of the people of Changlang. Rather they should appreciate the Central Govt. and local representative for sanctioning such huge amount in a single package.

However, we are not against any individual or organization, but we experience loopholes or so to say incapable of the contractor in executing the work in time, for instance the Kuchep-Changlang road since 2008 is still incomplete as the same case in Jairampur water supply project, the PMGSY roads in Bordumsa. So, under such circumstances we wouldn’t compromise with development of the area in addition we shall request the State Government and concerned Authority of CRF not to cancel the ongoing pre-qualification process.

We would like to ask the contractors’ association why they are not demanding for re-tendering many package under RGGVY, PMGSY, where works have been awarded without tender/ expression of interest.  Rather, we would like to request the concerned authority and State Government to directly award the said work to renowned company like BRO, or L & T etc for quality work.


Khomtu Mamai,

Lincha Jongsam

Samcha Jongsam

Jempa Taiju, (on email)





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“Ride in Paradise” to promote tourism

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: The Arunachal Bullet Club (ABC) a  premier organization for Royal Enfield motorcycle enthusiasts of the state is organizing a North East Riders Meet-2010 and epic ride across the length and breadh of Arunachal Pradesh from November 8 to 16.

Over 150 Royal Enfield motorcycle riders from across the country and few riders from abroad will descend on the state capital in the first week of November to undertake the ride.  Riding with a view to promote tourism and awareness about Arunachal, the riders will undertake a seven-day, 1,263 kms-long goodwill journey called “Ride In Paradise” with stoppages in Ziro, Daporijo, Along and Mechukha.

The North East Riders Meet will open with a conference on 9 November where a region-wide body will be formed. A proposed rock concert on the same night by acclaimed all-women band from Shillong, AFFLATUS will be the pre-cursor to the ride, which will be flagged off on the morning of 10 November.

On their arrival at Mechukha, the riders will participate in the Border Area Cultural Festival, which is also being organised to coincide with the initiative.

Pasang Dorjee Sona, Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Marketing Board, who is the Chief Patron of the mega event said, “With the recent inclusion of Mechukha in West Siang district as part of the list of approved tourist circuits there is a big need by which  the other destinations in the circuit like Along, Pasighat, Ziro and Daporijo leading on destination Menchukha need to get promoted. This ride will achieve the goal.”

With the construction of a convention centre and new tourist accommodation there, there is an urgent need to create a brand visibility for Mechukha as a corporate and retreat tourism destination, he added.

Jose further said the meet and the ride is being organised to promote a spirit of unity and understanding amongst the peoples of the eight northeastern states through the camaraderie and bonhomie of riding together.  It is expected that with the participation of the large number of riders from across the region, there will develop a mutual respect for the region’s cultural diversity as well as create a common understanding about the issues that confront every state. He said that one of the main objectives of the meet also aims to form a broad-based, common association as a parent body to oversee the all the associations in the North East states, which would promote mutual cooperation and friendship in the region. “We are expecting that after this maiden edition, this event will become a routine annual event for North East riders,” he expressed.

The Arunachal Bullet Club (ABC) was formed during 2007.  Its members comprise of Enfield owners who represent a cross-section of the Arunachal society- politicians, Civil Service officers, doctors, lawyers, media persons, teachers, musicians, social workers, businessmen, students, etc.

It may be mentioned that the ABC has been taking out rides in support of various causes and this has been an integral part of the club’s activities. These include a highly publicized protest ride against China’s repeated claims over Arunachal Pradesh where the other riders from the entire region rode up to the 17,500 ft Bumla pass, the last Indian Army Post bordering China. Other notable rides include the ride for a Clean and Green Arunachal flagged-off by His Excellency, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, the ride to the “Lake of No Return” in Myanmar during the Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2008, a ride to Kaziranga along with riders from other northeast states, the Ride for the Mithun during the Bos Frontalis Festival, the ride to Preserve our Greenery - from Shillong to Tawang with Royal Enfield Riders of Meghalaya (RERAM), The Madras Bulls (Chennai), Jharkhand Riders (Jharkhand), Eastern Bulls (Kolkatta) and Rhino Riders (Assam) and more recently, the ride on the International Youth Day 2010 to create awareness about HIV/AIDS among people, especially youth.


Death threat to journalist: Condemnation pouring in

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Condemnations from various organizations against the death threat to Associate Editor of the Arunachal Times Tongam Rina by unknown person are still pouring in.

All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU), All Arunachal Pradesh PDS Carriage Contractor Welfare Association (AAPPCCWA), Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU), Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU), Ramle Banggo Welfare Society (RBWS)  and Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers Association (APCTA)  condemned the death threat to Tongam Rina and demanded security to Tongam Rina particularly and media houses in general.

While condemning the frequent threats to the press fraternity of the state, ANSU said ‘it is an act of anti-social elements to curtail the freedom of expression and role of media. Union appealed the state Govt to provide full security to the media persons.

While expressing solidarity with media persons, the Union also requested the media fraternity to continue to play their role without any fear.

Describing the death threat to a journalist as shameful and uncivilized act, All Arunachal Pradesh PDS Carriage Contractor Welfare Association requested the state Govt to set up a one-man enquiry committee to find out the  persons involved in the incident and give exemplary punishment.

Condemning the death threat to Rina, ALSU also urged the Govt, particularly police administration to provide full security to the Associate Editor and press fraternity as a whole.  RGUSU while condemning the death threat, appealed the state Govt to nab the person involved and do justice to the press fraternity.

The Press fraternity of the state will unable to do justice to the society under such circumstances, said Ramle Banggo Welfare Society, Itanagar said, while condemning death threat to Tongam Rina.

The Society appealed  the Govt to nab the persons behind unfortunate threat to a journalist and provide security to the media persons.

Arunachal Teachers College Association (APCTA) also condemned the life threat to Tongam Rina and said that the barbaric and irresponsible behavior to threaten the senior journalist deserves strong condemnation from all corners of the society.

Meanwhile,  All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU), All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers’ Union (AAPMTWU) and Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) vehemently condemned the death threat to Tongam Rina.

The Media which act as a mirror of the people and play a vital role in disseminating day-to-day information of the world should not be threatened, these three organizations said.

‘We the common people should know that the duty of media persons is to focus on every activities of the Government, Society  and organizations to make a well-informed society.’

Regretting that the role of Fourth Pillar of the Democracy is being suppressed in the state in some way or others by vested interests, the organizations, appealed the people of the state to come forward and fight against such condemnable act which damage the image of the state and also appealed the state Government to trace out the persons involved in it.


Siram stressed on early completion of town beautification works

PASIGHAT, Oct 14: Addressing the officers and local leaders here in D.C’s conference Hall on Oct 13, the state’s Education Minister Bosiram  Siram asked all heads of offices to speed up beautification activities of their respective office buildings, govt. quarters, office campus right now for centenary celebration  January ’2011.

Emphasizing   early completion of town beautification works the Minister  said  the Pasighat  centenary year celebration would be the first of its kind in the entire state and therefore he appealed one and all-cross sections of people, every citizen, both government employees and the  public’s in general  to contribute their time, energy to make the  mega celebration  a grand success.

Earlier  Siram  along with the Deputy  Commissioner, other officers and local public leaders  visited the  proposed sites of erection of   foundation  stone  at AYUS and also spot for erection  of inaugural pillar at  the site of the newly completed  long span bridge over  the mighty Siang river  where Sonia  Gandhi  UPA  Chairperson is scheduled to inaugurate the new bridge.

Later    Siram  graced the  valedictory  function of the 9th Odam Ering Memorial  Football  Tournament  and witnessed the Final  Match   between BSC   and  Alongbar Sports Club and the latter lifted the late Odam Ering  Memorial  Trophy with a case  price of  Rs. 60,000 by defeating BSC  3-2. The former being the runners up received a cash award of Rs.30,000 from the Organizing  Committee.  The Minister advised the players to maintain discipline which is the vital need of any sports and games. DIPRO


DC visits  landslide affected village

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Upper Siang Deputy Commissioner Pawan Kumar Sain has visited the Gosang village and its nearby areas, one of the worst affected villages of the district in recent rain and landslide.

Sain, who was accompanied by a team of officers, while interacting with the villagers revealed that the village will be shifted in safer location with proper planning.  However, he requested the villagers to have consensus opinion on shifting of village.

The DC further informed that the departments concerned has already been instructed to submit damage report immediately for necessary action. While assuring to provide fund for renovation of Gandhi foot suspension bridge which connects the district headquarters with other areas, the DC sought cooperation of general public for speedy development of the area. The team also visited Siri Micro Hydel scheme which was damaged by heavy rain.  EE HPD Taki Tatin informed the visiting dignitaries that rain water washed away more than 200 metres of power chennels each and intake weir of MHS and Anggon MHS and also caused damages to JE’s quarters.

Earlier, the villagers submitted a public memorandum to the DC seeking rehabilitation and restoration of the damaged micro hydel, restoration of food suspension bridge and maintenance of approach road to Pubuk area. DIPRO


BJP urges for renovation of capital roads

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Irked by the deplorable road condition of NH 52 A and all arterial roads within the twin city of Itanagar and Naharlagun, the Arunachal Pradesh State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded the State Government to start road improvement works immediately.

BJP said that while all the sector roads and NH52 A have gone from bad to worst the State Government is busy in corruption cases fighting among themselves and forgotten their duties. The party threatened to launch peaceful strike or Capital bandh if the State Government fails to repair roads.

It is pertaining to mention here that PWD Minister Nabam Tuki had recently announced that road works within Itanagar will be started once the rain recedes.


Workers organize rally, demand timely payment of wages

AALO, Oct 14: All workers of Power Department under the aegis of AAPWU, West Siang Unit Aalo conducted peaceful dharna cum rally from Power House Office complex, Aalo to sub-division office Pakam, West Siang in favour of their demands for timely payment of the labour’s salary recently.

Later, the union leaders led by its president Tumar Bagra, General Secretary Donga Kayi and Women Wing President Yajum Bogo along with labours of Power department interacted with Executive Engineer, Modam Jini and AE Jumkar Ngomdir and all concern JE’s to place their grievances.

Meanwhile, Executive Engineer assured timely payment of labours’ salary in the district, and added that there are there numbers of unproductive labours in the department.

He advised the leaders of the labour union to check such unproductive workers and direct them to devote in their duties for the development of the department and welfare of the people.


I know I’m yelling at stone-deaf

Tom Simai

The solitary primary healthcare centre of Jairampur sub-division in Changlang district that registers a thousand patients every month has been functioning successfully with a magical mantra – referring the poor patients of rural areas to the far-off private nursing homes situated in Margherita or Dibrugarh (Assam). The referral tradition might have minified the local doctor’s obligation but it has multiplied the miseries of the poor patients, compelling them to live a borrowed life forever.

Here, stepping at the PHC doesn’t mean healing of ailment, but procreating myriad predicaments. Initially, it dawns with the two ambulances of the PHC (donated by DoTC and an Oil Exploration Firm) that have only one driver and to avail its services within the perimeter of the sub-division, the patients has to cough up a nominal fee of Rs 100 to the Hospital Management Society. And traversing beyond that means bearing the full expenses of required fuel and sometime, filling the fuel tank, saves nothing for treatment.

Besides facing the wrath of inadequate facilities, the poorest of the poor have to buy the prescribed medicines from the nearby pharmacies as the medical doesn’t provide it free. Moreover, the free medicines to be provided by the allocated ‘Untied Fund’ amounting Rs 5 lacs are yet to embellish the dispensary racks. Comparatively, today, the cost of treatment at local PHC and private clinics are almost equivalent for the poor patients. Whichever they prefer, it is certain to gulp their hard earned money without a burp.  

Furthermore, it’s painful to witness that after spending a fortune they are coerced to recover in an insanitary atmosphere. The tainted walls, broken windows, creaking cots, torn cushions, dirty linens, shattered ceiling, defective fans, rusted metal cupboards, faulty electrical equipments, unhygienic lavatory, littered complex is the environ where the poorest of the poor are forced to recuperate. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the medical officers and staffs are content with the facilities at their hand, they too have grievances. How is it possible to deliver proper healthcare with zero fund, improper infrastructure and minimal human resource? Ironically, the truth complicates the whole situation and the complication only adds to the patients suffering rather than subsiding it.

And most significantly, the sub-division being infamous for opium abuse, the PHC doesn’t feature facilities to administer exigency interventions. For instance, if some addicts opt to rehabilitate, there is no experienced doctor or trained professional to guide them. Considering the rate at which opium abusers are elevating in this region, it becomes obligatory that the entire PHCs of Changlang district should have anti-drugs units headed by experienced doctors to administer the rehabilitation process at any given time.

At this point of time, yeah! I know I’m yelling at stone-deaf. But as usual, hope intervenes to make me anticipate that the lacerating PHC equipped with referral tradition and flawed facilities will one day understand the significance of saving lives. I’m optimistic that someday it’ll resurrect those humanitarian feelings and render a salubrious future to the rural populaces that walk the excruciating miles and halt, believing that miracles occur only at this doorstep. (The writer can be reached at simaitom@gmail.com)


PHE department take the lead on ‘global hand washing day’

WAKRO, Oct 14: The PHE Division and Lohit DDSE  today organized a drawing and Painting Competition on the theme - “ Clean Hands save Life,”  on the eve of the Global Hand Washing Day on Oct 15.

 21 children from the KGBV and the Apna Vidya Bhavan participated to mark the occasion.  Helena Ngadong  and Bialu Kambrai of KGBV and Apne Luckyso Rangmang of AVB won first, second and third prizes respectively. The winners will receive certificates and cash prize of Rs.500, Rs. 300 and Rs. 200 respectively from Jumdo Kena JE PHE, Namsai PHE division in the presence of KGBV Principal Manju Ama on the Global Hand Washing Day.

Similar contests and awards will be extended to all secondary and Higher Secondary schools in the district, informed Kena on behalf of EE, PHE, Namsai. O.S. Chandran and Anugrah lauded efforts of Kena, EE, officers and all staffs of the PHE department for reaching out to the masses through the young budding torch bearers in this unique way and hoped that gradually a sea change will surely take place for good in public life, “Clean Hands Save Life and Safai Mei Bhalai” was the message received by the children from  Namsai PHE division EE Er. Tayum Tok.

The  PHE department was committed to promote public health by addressing health and hygiene issues through its various welfare programs, the EE said in his message.

Speaking on the occasion as Chief Guest O. S. Chandran, Assistant Commissioner, SB told the children about diseases that can be caused due to taking food with unwashed hands. He asked the children to make hand washing a part of their habit.

KGBV teacher Anura Thamoung, Kirti Rawat, teacher of  Apna Vidya Bhavan and Bomchawlu Yun of KGBV, Wakro and Apne Anjuni Minin also expressed their views.


Upper Siang RNTCP action plan approved

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Annual Action Plan (AAP) of RNTCP for Upper Siang district was approved in the governing body cum Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) Annual Action Plan meeting held under the chairmanship of deputy commissioner Pawan Kumar Sain today.

Speaking in the meeting, the DC stressed of the need to make common people aware of the RNTCP and benefits of the programme so that TB can be cured effectively.

The DC also held a review meeting  for the mass awareness programme to be held at Yingkiong on Oct 21 where all the departments will showcase their activities and schemes to the general public who will be coming from various parts of the district.

Dr. Ahik Miyu informed that there are 92 cases of TB in Upper Siang district. While informing that diagnosis by sputa microscopy and anti-TB treatment is free, Miyu said that Rs 250 is given to each TB patient on successful completion of treatment and another Rs 250 is given to the community DOT providers for every cured patient.


Training programmes for volunteers

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: The Survey of the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) facilitated by PRATHAM (NGO) New Delhi based and Tarhuk Samaj (NGO) with collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University Rono Doimukh is conducting Annual Education survey of Papum Pare District.

Meanwhile,  two days training for the volunteers were conducted by Indrajeet Deka, Coordinator Pratham for the State of Arunachal Pradesh at University premises on Oct 11 and  12.  Around 20 volunteers participate the training. Few selected villages of Papum Pare District will be surveyed during the fortnight programme, as well as survey of few villages of Lower Subansiri and Kurung Kumey District Arunachal Pradesh is being carried out by Tarhuk Samaj a local NGO.


Chayangtajo Head GB passes away

SEPPA, Oct 14: Hopio Bagang renowned social worker and Head Gao Burah of Chayangtajo Circle died at his native place Chayangtajo on last Saturday. He was cremated the very next day.

The 50 year old Bagang is survived by two wives, 4 sons and 7 daughters. Bagang was suffering from liver cancer for a long time. Meanwhile, the relatives and public leaders and common men have condoled the demise and prayed for strength to the bereaved family.  


19 AR implement 2 more welfare project

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: With a mission to support the women and youth of Tirap district under its Military Civil Action plan, the 19 Assam Rifles has successfully implemented two more projects in the district recently.

In one of its welfare project the 19 Assam Rifles procured two computers with accessories and handed over the same to the students from Lapnan village.  The youth in the village have been immensely benefited by the same.

Another project completed by the unit was construction of a hostel for women working in handicraft and weaving centre at Wakka. During visit of Brigadier JS Negi, Vishist Seva Medal, Commander 25 Sector Assam Rifles and Colonel Naveen, Vir Chakra Commandant 19 Assam Rifles to Wakka, these women had projected requirement of a shelter for housing them as they were staying in dilapidated wooden huts.

In a prompt action, the unit under Assam Rifles Military Civic Action Project constructed a shelter for these women and handed over the same for their usage.

19 AR deserves all the accolades for its people friendly actions and the unit will continue to work for the betterment of the district.


Road safety awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Road Safety Cell, PHQ conducted traffic safety awareness campaign at Little Flower School, Chimpu recently.

On the occasion, SP (Traffic) Apang Tamut advised all the participants to maintain pedestrian safety code and briefed about traffic safety measures.

He appealed the people to wear helmet while driving two-wheeler and obey traffic rules.

The resource persons from the cell, highlighted on significance of road signs, traffic safety and demonstrated hand signals besides distribution of road safety pamphlets and other awareness items.

Altogether, 132 students and 12 teachers of the school attended the programme.

Meanwhile, the principal of the school appreciated the road safety awareness team for conducting the programme in the school.


‘Vijay hi Vijay camp’ stress on corruption free nation

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: The finer aspects of life to be followed by today’s youth was the main highlights of the 4th day of Vijay Hi Vijay camp (a leadership development programme for the youths and students) today  being organized  at VKV Chimpu, Itanagar.

Participating in the programme former AAPSU president Kanu Bagang spoke on the evils of corruption in an evolving nation like India. Although corruption has become a global problem we must focus on uprooting corruption from our governing systems, he said and urged  upon the youth to join hands in eradicating corruption by spreading awareness of its subtle effects to the public.

He also appealed the youths to inculcate discipline in every moment of their life.

L. Khimum Secretary RANGFRA society Jilla Pramukh Vivekananda Kendra Changlang Dist, spoke about the need for living for others in a world of voracity. He specified on Dharma , Peace and Culture. He said only Dharma can accomplish peace and sustain a culture.

Earlier yesterday, the third day of Vijay hi Vijay camp ( leadership development training for youths and students) shed light on the need for Physical and more importantly mental strength in today’s youth .

The youth from various colleges of Arunachal Pradesh who were participants of the camp got detailed in the need for mental strength more than that of physical strength.

Yoga and its use to increase mental strength and the various dimensions of it were taught practically to the participants. Games based on team work and coordination were also played.

Mukul Kanitkar, Secretary, Vivekananda International foundation, New Delhi, spoke about the glorious present of India in modern times. India will lead the world not by power but by teaching the humanity to live harmoniously, he said.

He explained how an individual is not an isolated unit but a part of the family, where a family is the part of the society and the society is a part of the state. State being part of a Nation and several nations in total make the humanity.

The Kargil Hero Major General (Retd) G. D. Bakshi spoke on “Vijay Kshan”, meaning “Winning Moment” based on his personal experiences in the Kargil war which brew the Patriotism in the minds of the participants.






Greetings on Chingdang

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Arunachal Pradesh Governor General JJ Singh has extended hearty greetings and best wishes to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the festive occasion of Chingdang and expressed his hope that the festivity and joyous occasion display the cultural essence of the Miji Tribe in particular and also the splendor of rich and diverse life of the people of Arunachal Pradesh in general. May the festival usher goodwill and prosperity in the society, Governor wished in his festival message.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu also extended his festive greetings to the people of the state on the occasion. The CM hoped the festival will spread the message of oneness, peace and love.


Bridge Inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: MLA Techi Kaso inaugurated a suspension bridge at River Doi Kilo to Sanglo Potung recently.

Fund  for the bridge project was sanctioned from his Local Area Development Fund and the work was executed under RWD, Poma Division.

Meanwhile, Doi Kilo Welfare Committee, Pappu Nalla assured to cooperate with the local MLA in developmental activities and expressed hope that the MLA would fulfill the other needs of the colony in near future.


Silli Youth Football Trophy

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: The 31st Silli Youth Football Trophy competition will begin at Silli playground on November 14 next. The first prize for the football tournament would be sponsored by Gobi Zirdo in memory of her late husband Puso Zirdo and the runners up trophy by Bomto Bole, ADEO, in memory of his father Late Nyabam Bole. The draw will be held on November Five at Silli playground.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14: All Tirap District Students Union (ATDSU) has appreciated AAPSU and NESO for holding historical meet with AASU over boundary problem which happened at Russa village two months ago. Due to the meeting held between AAPSU and AASU last week, economic blockade imposed against Tirap district has been permanently lifted.


Workers union lauds APB&OCWWB

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union, East Kameng District Unit appreciated the Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam for handing over the medical assistance to the Rinio Yangfo, a registered casual worker of Seppa Electrical Division at RK Mission Hospital on Oct 12.


ANSU demands action against killers

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: One Nabam Sonam of Bobia village under Sagalee police station has been murdered in a jungle, 5 km away from the construction site of FM radio, New Bomdila by unknown persons on Oct 12 last. This was informed by the All Nyishi Students Union in a release today.

 Condemning such barbaric and brutal act, the union demanded the concern authority for immediate arrest of the culprits and exemplary punishment to them as per provision of laws. The union further conveyed its deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Joint rally on Oct 25 against PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: West Siang District Students’ Union (WSDSU) along with Galo Students Union (GSU) will jointly organize a rally on Oct 25 at Aalo to register their protest against the accused PDS case in their area and demanding the state Govt to black list all  those accused PDS contractors  and their firms.

The union said that it will continue its movement it the Govt fails to pay heed to its demand.


Birth anniversary of Sankardev

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Kristi Kendra, Naharlagun is celebrating 562nd birth anniversary of Srimanta Sankardev on October 16 and 17 at its Kendra premises.

PHED Minister Chowna Mein would attend the programme as chief guest while  MLA Techi Kaso and MLA Sati Mein would  be guests of honours on Oct 17.


PDS contractors withdraw ultimatum

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: All Arunachal Pradesh PDS Carriage Contractor Welfare Association has unanimously decided to withdraw the ultimatum given earlier to the state government and state wide agitation against FCI.


SUBPGRC reacts

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Subansiri Upper Basin Project Grievances and Redressal Committee (SUBPGRC) has reacted to the objection raised by a Arunachal Pradesh delegation against the outburst of the Union Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh on construction of dam in Arunachal Pradesh. The delegation of Arunachal Pradesh led by MP Takam Sanjoy  recently met External Affairs Minister S M Krishna to register protest against Ramesh’s statement on hydropower projects in Arunachal. The committee has termed their act as against the will of tribal people of the state.

Meanwhile committee has also demanded the scrapping of all seven hydropower projects of Upper Subansiri basin.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Lower Siang Project Affected Welfare Society headed by Orat Panyang has been dissolved and joined Land Owners Union (LOU), Lower Siang HE Project in a meeting held Pasighat on Oct 12.


AASYA clarification

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: All Arunachal Sports Youth Association (AASYA), in a release, clarified that the association did not blame the Governor for construction of swimming pool at Ganga Lake. But it rued the lack of sports infrastructure in Arunachal Pradesh to groom sportspersons due to which it could not send players to participate at Delhi Commonwealth Games.


Plea to administration

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Bat Panchayat ASM Bengia Yamang, in a letter to Capital Complex deputy commissioner, urged him to direct all Puja Committees not to emerge Idols at Chimpu river after Pujas are over.

According to the ASM, the Chimpu river being a small one could not wash away all such Idols at a time and local people have to face lots of hardship in clearing them. She said that various puja committees have been dumping Idols in the river after every Durga puja, Vishwakarma, Deepawali etc. since many years. She suggested that Dikrong river is the suitable one for the purpose.


Social Service

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Manyul Buddhist Culture Preservation Society and Arunachal Capital Student Union of Monpa jointly have conducted sanitation drive at Thupten Gyatsling Monastery, Itanagar.




NAHARLAGUN Oct. 14: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh has declared October 15 and 16 as holiday under N.I Act, 1881 for the banks located in Arunachal Pradesh in connection with the Durga Puja instead of 17 October 2010, according an official notification. DIPR


JAC resent arrest of leaders

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: While reiterating its demand for resignation of Chief Minister for his alleged involvement in corruption and maladministration, the Joint Action Committee of AIPU, AYA and AVYF today  condemned the  district administration for arrest of its top leaders and ‘detaining unnecessary without any reason’ since Oct 6 last. The Committee said the trio- organizations  should not be treated as under ground organization as they have been performing its role as pressure group through democratic movement.


ATYO GS resigns

ITANAGAR, Oct 14:   All Tagin Youth Organization (ATYO) did not raised demand for suspension of Upper Subansiri DDSE. It was a personal view of Lokbin Nilling, general secretary of the organization, informed its president Tania Bayar.

The general secretary confessed his mistake and resigned from the post, Bayar said and informed all  concerned that the organization has withdrawn the statement.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14:  Capital Complex Tagin Youth Welfare Association is going to felicitate the Class X and XII CBSE toppers (top ten) students  2009-10 of Tagin tribe  at General Ground, Daporijo on Nov 25.


Asso. Formed

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Arunachal Artist Forum Upper Subansiri District has been formed with Karam Dugi and Takio Soki as General Secretary and Chairman for a period of one year.


Committee formed

ITANAGAR, Oct 14: The Kurung Kumey Collegian Coordination Committee (KKCCC) DNG College Itanagar was formed with Khoda Mission as chairman and Gyamar Maya as vice chairman  today.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU), Papum Pare unit and the staff of Power House Doimukh have condoled the death of Yemlal Sharma, who was working as a casual labour in the power department since 1978. Sharma died yesterday at his private residence.

AAPWU Papum Pare unit and the staff of Power House have conveyed their deep sense condolence to the bereaved family and prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Tempo Welfare Association (ATWA), Itanagar has deeply mourned the sudden and untimely demise of Nada Tangu, two wheeler mechanic, at General Hospital Naharlagun on October 12 last. Nada was working as two-wheeler mechanic since last 10 years. The members of the Tempo association prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul and conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.

Four Wheerler Society (FWS), Ziro condoled the sudden and untimely demise of Punyo Tado, UDC, Ziro Electrical Division, department of Power, Ziro, who passed away on October 5.

FWS prayed to almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul and give enough strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee president has appointed Kejan Dondu as District Chairman, ex-Servicemen Cell, West Kameng DCC with immediate effect.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers Association (APCTA) deeply condoled the demise of Limin Ete, who died at Rune-Bane village recently. The members of the association prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.



ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Dongche Chapo and Keji Tapok have been selected as Chairman and General Secretary of newly formed All Kurung Kumey District Panchayati Raj Coordination Committee Parsiparlo Unit in a meeting held on October 11 last.



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