December - 15


It remains to be seen whether the same yardstick is followed in Arunachal

Dear Editor,

Sonia Gandhi's INC party which considers itself the custodians of moral and ethical authority did all well to axe Sashi Tharoor, Ashok Chavan and Suresh Kalmadi from the covetous post of Union Minister of State for External Affairs, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Secretary of Congress Parliamentary party respectively in connection with IPL controversy, Adarsh Housing Society allotment and alleged mis-appropriation of Common Wealth Game fund. Now, it remains to be seen whether the same yardstick is followed in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Congress ruled sensitive and backward border state is beset with numerous scams, the most prominent of which are the Rs. 1000 crore PDS scam and Rs. 68.44 crore food for work SGRY scam.  While the multi crore PDS scam implicating many top level legislators and bureaucrats including close kin of present CM and former CM Gegong Apang is being tried in the Gauhati  High Court of, the 68.44  crore SGRY scam which was earlier dismissed by High Court following the withdrawal of the PIL by Borang Lama has interestingly been admitted by Supreme Court in a SLP filed by Jodik Tali of Voluntary Arunachal Sena. The Apex Court while serving a legal notice to Govt. of Arunachal has fixed hearing date in second week of January 201 I. The surprise and curious element now is will the Govt. spokesperson Jarbom Gamlin who earlier had mislead the public by stating that even the Supreme Court had dropped the PIL appeal case against Dorjee Khandu's family come out once again and clarify Govt. stand?

The drama of giving clean chit to self was again enacted by CM himself in an all party meeting called in connection with PRC withdrawal issue at Banquet Hall Itanagar. Now that the country's Highest Court has admitted the SLP and also that a member of CM's family is already implicated in the infamous PDS scam and also that CAG had pointed out gross financial irregularities in almost all govt. departments particularly Hydro Power, Mines and Minerals, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Tax & Excise, Education, Health, Social Welfare etc. The present govt. led by Dorjee Khandu has no option but to accept all moral and ethical responsibilities.

Just because state's media as well as political parties and student's organizations remain dumb and mute spectators do not necessarily legitimize all ill doings of the Govt.

Keeping the high moral tradition of the country's oldest political party, Khandu should immediately tender his resignation to Governor or else the Congress high command should direct the Chief Minister to follow the Ashok Chavan's food steps in the greater interest of the public and healthy democratic tradition of the country.


Kahfa Bengia

Former Minister,

Arunachal Pradesh



A forced Chinese citizen

Dear editor,

Since my birth I was an Indian citizen.  For forty years I was an Indian citizen but after October 2010, Jayprakash Arunachal power Ltd had forcibly made me a Chinese citizen in  their Google Imageries. After seeing the Google images in chapter 4 and 5 I was dumbfounded that Pasighat is within the Chinese claim lines.

The Chinese claims Arunachal as its territory and this was a burning Issue in the Indian Parliament & our State Assembly. The JAPL was very irresponsible and the Govt. of Arunachal is to be blamed totally. Now that issue of Public hearing on 20th, 21st & 22nd December is the burning topic and the irresponsible JAPL Company should not be welcomed/entertained in our Adiland.

The columns which appeared in your Daily by J. Darang "Modern Day East India Company" is appreciable and he is right. Now the Govt of Arunachal is the "Modern day Mir Jafar".


Bangkut Perme

(on e-mail)




United by corruption

Dear Editor,

It seems India is united by corruption. It keeps all politicians, whether is a Dravidian, Aryan or a Chink happy. A Tamil A. Raja is happy with all the crores he has pocketed from telecom. Sonia Gandhi is happy with all the money she gets from different Congress ruled states and ministers like A. Raja and corporations like Ambani's Reliance or Gour's Jaypee or Aggrawal's Vedanta. And we have our very own Chinki govt happy with all the money from power companies for dam construction in Arunachal.

Who of these corrupt will not like to enjoy money and corruption in India? Never mind army men on top of cold glaciers, India will always stay united.


Ropi Jamoh

Itanagar (on email)



A little confusion

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the news item on heliport inauguration in Tawang. Ugyen Tsangpo heliport is named after Lama Ugyen Tsangpo the founder of Ugyenling Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Tawang. This the same monastery where the Sixth Dalai lama Gyawa Tsangyang Gyatso spent his childhood.


Ngawang (on email)



Get hold of the culprit

Dear Editor,

I would like to urge the police to arrest the miscreant who misbehaved with the journalists Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen at any cost and at the earliest whatever he may be, big or small, tribal or nontribal. If he is so strong, why attack a woman! Go to Asia games, Olympic, commonwealth games, fight there, and earn medals and laurels for the country.

It is so unfortunate that people are trying to close the doors and windows and suffocate themselves. Journalism is our doors and windows to the outside world. Having said this, I would like to request each and everybody not to misbehave with each other rather follow the path shown by Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Sai Baba, Gautam Buddha, Sriram and prophet Mohammed etc.  


T Doke Lendo

Tirbin(one email)



Door of DDAC is always open for bilateral meaningful talks

Dear Editor,

Of late in an attempt to find an amicable solution to settle the claiming and counter claiming for creation of Lower Siang District and its HQ, a group of Senior Citizen of Aalo had offered to act as mediator between the District Demand Action Committees (DDAC) of Basar Assembly Constituency and District Demand Joint Action Committee (DDJAC) of Likabali-Gensi and Nari-Kayu Assembly Constituencies. This first ever such kind of joint meeting, the two committees facing each other was scheduled on 8th Dec.'2010, in the Gumin Kine hall at Aalo with Doi Ado in the chair along with mediator team members - Tumpak Ete, Kirge Ori, Togum Lollen and Pomar Bagra.

However, the DDAC has objected the three points draft resolutions placed by the chair for adoption and passing. The three points resolutions read as follows- (1} The High power committee as decided by the govt. should be pressed to constitute as early as possible to examine the feasibilities on ground and recommend the HQ., and boundary of the newly created Lower Siang District, (2) The resolution passed by the GWS to continue to move with the govt. on priority for creation of Lower Siang District with its HQ at the foot-hills is endorsed and (3) Since the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu had given commitment for up-gradation of the ADC, HQ Basar to DC, HQ, on 10th December 2008, the house has no objection on it.

The DDAC has no objection on the resolution No.(1) and (3) but the resolution No.(2) is not acceptable at any cost. Because of overriding, biased and favoritism policy and step-motherly treatment against the DDAC, the office bearers in the GWS hailing from Basar Assembly Constituency have tendered resignation en-bloc, consequently, the people of Basar Assembly Constituency have disassociated from the GWS and boycotting its activities including the ensuing Bane Keba in January, 2011 at Dumporijo.

It is worth mention - earlier in Nov, 2008, the Khandu Govt. did not approve the proposal moved by the GWS, for creation of Lower Siang District with its HQ., at the foot hills. But immediately after a month the same HCM, had spontaneously on the spot assured and committed to up-grade the Independent ADC, HQ. Basar to full-fledged DC. HQ in responding to one point public memorandum at Basar, before more than ten thousand mammoth public gathering, in presence of the then Home Minister, Jarbom Gamlin and witnessed by the CS, Tabom Bam, the then DC, Aalo, Hujar Lollen, the then ADC, Basar, Amjad Tak and even the then chairperson of Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sangathan (the present GWS, President) Jarjum Ete.

Accordingly, as a follow up action, the creation of Lower Siang District, comprising of Likabali-Gensi and Basar Assembly Constituencies bifurcating the existing West Siang District, with HQ. at Basar was in principle approved by the cabinet on 7th August 2009. Here, it is important to be noted that the DDAC had proposed in its one point public memorandum, the newly proposed District to be named temporarily as `Lepa Rada' in Galo or `Hearth Land' in English in order to avoid over-lapping as well as assuming the geographical position of Basar and Likabali Assembly Segments falling almost at the Central Zone from the extreme points of Tawang-Bhutan border to the West and Tirap¬Nagaland border to the South-West of Arunachal Pradesh.

However, since the DDAC has no rigidity over the nomenclature subject, in its memorandum any, more suitable name for the proposed District was invited. Further, it needs to be clarified that the cabinet while approving the said new district had retained the name - `Lower Siang' proposed by the GWS but clearly in principle approved Basar town as the HQ, as demanded by the people of Basar Assembly Constituency.

Never-the-less, as people of Basar Assembly Constituency, had submitted a memorandum to the then Chief Minister Gegong Apang, earlier on 17th October 2003, to approve Basar Town, as the HQ., of the `Lower Siang District, Basar town is well in the Lower Siang region traced on the map of West Siang District from the extreme Monigong area-China border to the North down to Likabali/Kamku-Assam border to the South. Over and above as per Govt's. notification of 25th November 2005 the administrative circles Gensi, Sibe, Likabali and Kamku of Likabali Assembly come under the ADC, HQ. Basar. As such, the cabinet's approval of the newly created District comprising of Basar and Likabali Assembly Constituencies under the nomenclature `Lower Siang' with its HQ at Basar is justified.

It is also important to be noted- the DDJAC, through media on several occasions and on 8th August 2010 joint meeting at Aalo, have been dragging the CS, Tabom Bam in the on-going Lower Siang District and its HQ issue and alleged him to have misguided the cabinet is quite un-fortunate. The fact is that the CS, Tabom Bam did never initiate at his whims and proposed Basar to be the HQ of the newly created Lower Siang District. By virtue of his being the cabinet Secretary he might have placed the case of Basar before the cabinet for necessary approval as the HQ of the newly proposed Lower Siang District on 7th August 2009, only after the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu's on the spot commitment for the same at Basar on 10th Dec.'2008.

Hence, the allegation leveled against the Chief Secretary Tabom Bam is nothing but an indirect mockery to the credibility and dignity of the Hon'ble Cabinet composed of qualified, politically experienced and matured with administrative capabilities team of Senior Ministers. How such a responsible constitutional institution heading the law-making assembly of legislators with high dignity and honour can be casually misguided by an implementing bureaucrat like the CS?. The allegation leveled against the CS Tabom Bam is totally politically motivated and misleading.

May I appeal my counterpart, the Executive Members and other activist of DDJAC to go by logical facts and accept the reality? The leadership, DDAC and people of Basar Assembly Constituency are also equally concerned the problems faced by our own people at the foot-hills which must be addressed to with concrete planning and collective responsibility.

The door of DDAC is always open for bilateral meaningful talks. We are committed to the same objective. The standing problem can be resolved for the interest of the people and the area between the DDAC and DDJAC, with mutual cooperation and understanding without involving third party.


Gojum Basar

Chairman, DDAC

Basar Assembly






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CNC adopts resolutions on Nyokum Yullo

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: The Central Nyokum Committee in its executive body meeting has adopted a  number of resolutions regarding celebration of Nyokum and formation of  Nyokum celebration committees.

Presided over by CNC chairman Nabam Rebia the meeting held at the Nyokum Niya Hall, Nirjuli yesterday, adopted resolution stating that formation of respective local Nyokum  celebration committee should be formed within December 2010.

Stressing on uniform celebration of Nyokum Yullo with rituals, the house further reiterated the earlier resolution of the committee which stated that the regular Nyokum centre should celebrate it with rituals on 26tn February with proper Altar (Yugi) and Priest (Nyub). The House resolved that pre-Nyokum in and outside the state can be celebrated on and from February 24 every year.

Scarifying of Mithun during Nyokum should be minimum, the meeting resolved.

Regarding Nyokum song the house endorsed the earlier decision of the C N C and approved "NYOKUM AANA" as the common Nyokum song.

Finally the meeting unanimously resolved that the C N C would refrain from extending financial assistance to the local committees for the main/pre-Nyokum celebration due to financial constraints. The onus of the raising fund for the celebration would be lie with respective committees, it said.


Yaja Waii Memorial T20 Championship

Pare Rangers stun Pacha Highlander

SEPPA Dec 14: The Pare Rangers stunned Pacha Highlander by 8 wickets in the second edition of late Yaja Waii Memorial T20 Championship 2010-11 which has been playing over the weekend at General Ground Seppa. Won the toss to bat first the Highlander were been bowled out in paltry score of 53 runs only in 11.1 overs.

Man of the match Rahim Yangfo was the outstanding performer who broke the back of Highlander with his three crucial wickets while conceding four runs in two overs. Licha Tehi also bagged three wickets and gave 17 runs in his 3.5 overs.

Pacha Highlander lost early three wickets without a run in a quick succession. However Pebo Gyadi with his 9 runs off 10 with two boundaries and Rajiv Saha 7 runs of 12 deliveries held back the wickets for couple of overs but subsequently losing wickets after dismissal of Pebo Gyadi. In reply Pare Rangers easily finished the target after losing two wickets in 9 overs. Chacho Digging and Tam Gambo was the top scorer with 11 off 11 balls of former and 15 of 21 balls later. Techi Neri was the finisher with his boundary while hammering last nail to coffin. This defeat was severe blow to Pacha Highlander who remained  unbeaten after  it won two of match earlier.

  Earlier in the first match played between Pachuk Bomber and Subu Gladiators, low ranked Gladiators routed Bombers by 32 runs after losing six wickets. Won the toss and batted first, Subu Gladiators set the modest target of 166 runs in 20 overs.  Nasir Ansari and Arpan Tamang were the top run getter from the Gladiators side with Ansari’s 35off 20 balls (6x3, 4x2) and Tamang’s 31 runs off 20 balls (6x3,4x3). Kano Tayeng also added 28 runs in score board with his five boundaries after being faced 30 balls. Ranjan Kumar was adjudged as man of the match for his 4 wickets and five runs from bat too, while Nasir Ansari and Thomas Jomoh bagged two wickets each for Subu Gladiator.

 In reply Pachuk Bombers were bowled all out on 133 runs in 19.5 overs. Fecha Taba was the lone man who retaliated Gladiators ‘ bowling attack and pile up 43 runs in his individual score after faced 25 deliveries with 6x3 and 4x4. Dadang Tana also contributed 19 runs from 25 balls with three boundaries.  Fecha Taba was almost turned the match upside down unfortunately he been got rid off by Thomas Jomoh and caught by Ranjan Kumar at longoff area.  The Bombers’s self confidence being shaken by relegated Gladiators. Bombers earlier stunned the Defending Champion in the opening ceremony of the tourney.


State level training on Human Rights issues

ITANAGAR, Dec 14:  A  three days state level training programme on "Human Rights issues" commenced at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun  from today. As many as 24 officers representing various line departments and NGOs are participating in the programme which is being conducted under the 100 per cent  course fee sponsorship of department of personnel  and training, New Delhi.

Chief guest of the inaugural function, Nandini Paliwal, special secretary, personnel and training while addressing the trainees pointed out that training is as good as re-charging ourselves with fresh understanding and knowledge in different fields of  activities.  

Paliwal, who is also newly appointed director general of training further said that the need of the hour for most of the Govt. functionaries at lower  and middle level is the need to change perception  according to the need of changing situation. Otherwise, we will fail to keep pace with the fast development that is taking place in today's world, she said. Paliwal also said that Govt. Staff  should deliver  their  service to the best satisfaction of the Govt. in particular  and the targeted citizens in general.

While dwelling at length about the values of Human Rights, she said generally the police, general administration and forest department are the forefront Govt. Agencies  confronting with  the Human Rights issues on day today basis. She stressed on periodical sensitization on HR issues through training  and workshop.

Earlier, the Director (Trg.) Pema Tshetan in his welcome address pointed out that Human rights have been at the Center stage of focus in all societies across nations over several decades  and  no country can aspire to become civilized in the truest sense unless the cherished value of liberty, freedom, dignity  and  individual integrity are appreciated and ensured.

The guest resource persons invited by ATI comprises DC Srivastava, IPS, DIGP, Mamta Riba, APCS Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women  and Deputy Secretary (Health & Family Welfare), Pradeep Kuman Behra, Editor, Arunachal front Publication, Tadar Mipong, Vice Chairman (APSCW), Sunil Mow, Sr. Advocate, Bameng Tago, Chairman (ACR)  and Director, training.

Pate Marik, asstt  director and Course Coordinator of the Programme presented a detailed highlight of the training schedule  and PTayeng, Asst. Director (Trg) extended the vote of thanks.


IVth district level T20 cricket tournament gets underway

AALO, Dec 14: The IVth district level T20 cricket tournament-2010 was declared open by ZPM Hoksum Ori at DSA General Ground Aalo  today. The programme is organised by the West Siang District Cricket Association.

Altogether seventeen teams are participating in the tourney. The first round of the tournament will be played on league basis; two teams from each pool have to qualify for the super eight.

The ZPM appealed all participating teams to maintain sportsmanship spirit while playing the game. She encouraged the players to prepare themselves for state level and national level cricket tournaments. DCA secretary Tari Rame welcomed the guests and participants.

The inaugural match was played in between the Basar Town Club and J.C. XI. The final of IVth District cricket tourney will be played on Dec 30.   DIPRO


Joint Christmas Carol organised at Hapoli

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Ziro Christian Council (ZCC) organized Joint Christmas Carol at Subansiri Stadium, Hapoli on Dec 11.

Chief Guest of the programme, Likha Saaya, who is also APEDA chairman, said  prayer in faith can change life, what is he today is because of Jesus’ blessing. He told that half hearted Christian cannot receive blessing. To get blessing one must give his/her heart to Jesus. Fear the God and live happily, he said and requested all people to say no to drugs and no to AIDS.

Guest of Honour, Mari Riba, SP Ziro encouraged all the Christian to celebrate the Christmas with full of joy and requested all the ZCC leaders to lead the people in right way, right direction and show God’s love towards the people.

Speaker Toko Teki, general secretary, ACF requested all the people to love each other irrespective of any religion.

He urged the youth not to involve in drugs  use and prostitution and to help the poor, needy and downtrodden people in order to live a pure and holy life.

Michi Bat, council secretary, in his welcome speech informed that ZCC is an apex body for the Christian community of Ziro valley belonging to different denomination of churches to bring unity in socio-religious-culture and cooperation among the church goers of Ziro valley and to promote peace, justice and tolerance in the Ziro valley. The ZCC is doing a yeoman service in the society by giving relief during fire accidents, medical help etc. Michi Tamang, ZCC, Chairman also spoke on the occasion.


APCU delegates take part in executive meet

ITANAGAR, Dec 14:  Two-day executive meeting of All India All India Catholic Union (AICU) was  held at Seva Kendra Kolkata on  Dec 11 and 12. Almost all the presidents and secretary of 164 dioceses all over India including Arunachal Pradesh Christian Union (APCU) president and general attended the meeting.

Various issues including measures to strengthen the existing Catholic Unions and Associations in different diocese in India and issues relating to Dalits were discussed in the meeting. It was also proposed that the next meeting of AICU executive members is scheduled to be held at Mysore in February 2011.

APCU president Tok Buttum in his address highlighted about the positive response of the Arunachal Government towards the working of the APCU in the state. APCU is contributing immensely in  promoting peace and  accelerating development in Arunachal, he said.

Back home, both President and Secretary extended their heartfelt ‘2010 Christmas’ greetings to the people of Arunachal Pradesh. ‘This year’s Christmas shall bring peace and prosperity into the heart and homes of each and every family. May Baby Jesus who is to be born on Christmas be born in every heart and families’, said the president APCU.

St. Joseph’s Parish Nyokum Lapang has started their Carole singing since first week of this month. Visiting into every homes of the faithful in their parish, along with Santa Clause they go around singing to the tune of drums, making a spectacular view in the streets and lanes into late nights at Itanagar town.  Rev. Fr. Tomy who is the Parish Priest is among them.






Appeal not to destroy public properties

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: All Palin Chambang Yangte Gangte and Tarak Langdi Students’ Union expressing displeasure over the damage of Dari to Chambang road under Chambang circle demanded the authority to investigate the reason behind the damage and trace out the culprit involved in it.

It further appealed the people to not to destroy any public property.


Sensitization programme on RTI Act

SEPPA, Dec 14:  A 3 days sensitization training course on RTI Act 2005 for the PIOs/APIOs of East Kameng district started at Seppa today. The training programme is being conducted by the district administration with Topek Kakki, APCS(EG) as course director.

Addressing the participants in the training programme, DC Tope Bam said that RTI is a tool for enhancement of good governance with transparency.  The RTI is very important for all of us but it has become tool for some persons for blackmailing officers and officials of various departments, he said and stressed on judiciously use of fund meant for particular scheme to avoid any complicacy. He further said that the PIOs/APIOs should furnish the required information to the applicant as per the stipulated time.

State Information Commission having quasi-judicial power can penalize PIOs/APIOs who fail to provide information to an applicant, he said and added that in order to avoid humiliation one should respond immediately considering its admissibility. He also requested all the PIOs/APIOs to be attentive during the training period.

Liken Koyu, Course Co-ordinator in his welcome address informed that Right to information (RTI) is a fundamental right  of the citizens under the Indian Constitution. RTI leads to openness, accountability and integrity, he said and stressed on  providing correct information to the citizens. DIPRO


District level farmers training

AALO, Dec 14 : The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) West Siang district has organised a district level farmers training on seed treatment and spraying techniques in field and vegetables at Nitke, a remote place under Aalo circle in West Siang district on Dec 13. More than 80 farmers from various villages like Rime, Nyorak Rakte, Pushi Nyorak, Yigi Kaum, Ego Kato, Ego Yami, Nikte, Dasi and Tabasora attended the training.

N. Loya  ADO  demonstrated  the method of spraying techniques in field and vegetable crops, while R. Riba  ADO dwelt at length on  packing of vegetable seed. J. Jini ADO briefed about seed treatment.  

5-Ubu ZPM Hoksum Ori appreciated the DAO and district administration for organising such important training for farmers.  DIPRO


Marina appointed as APSSWB Chairperson

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Marina Nido has been appointed as Chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh State Social Welfare Board, Naharlagun for a period of three years.

Meanwhile, staff of APSSWB extended its gratitude to state government and the central social welfare board, New Delhi for appointing Nido as its chairperson.


Govt lauded

ITANAGAR, Dec  14: All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Association, Lower Subansiri district Unit appreciated state government for regularizing 58 SSA teachers.

It further appealed the government to regularize the other SSA teachers as per the vacancies shown by the Director of School Education, Itanagar and expressed hope that the state government would fulfill the demands of the SSA teachers.

It also appreciated the AASSATA president and General Secretary Taruk Tajuk Tarh and Techi Tana for their tireless initiatives for the cause of the SSA teachers of the state.


Science exhibition

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Director of School Education is organizing a state level science exhibition on the theme” Science and Technology for Challenges in life” at Government Higher Secondary School, Itanagar on December 15.

Meanwhile, Prof AK Das of Rajiv Gandhi University has consented to attend the function as Chief Guest.



ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Obang Rukbo Doruk has been appointed as general secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation, East Siang District Unit.

Janu Nekam Nayam and Negia Welfare Society in its conference has selected Tapen Moya and Sikap Nayam as Chairman and general secretary of the society, while Tunu Negia and Milu Nayam as Chairman and general secretary of its women wing.

The function was attended by MLA Punji Mara and Kolu Hagin as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


Use correct village name: Society

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Richukrang Area Welfare Society has appealed the Govt establishments including various departments to record the correct name of the village Hojopu Pankar village and Patiwa Pankar village under Bana CD block in East Kameng district. The Society said that the correct nomenclature of the  village  is  Hojopu Pankar village and Patiwa Pankar village, not  Hojopu and Patizang village.



ITANAGAR, Dec 14: All Segi-Gusar Unemployed Youth Forum (ASGUYF) has appreciated the Gusar Segi Anchal block ZPM Pakde Uli for getting done several development schemes under Backward Region Grant Fund and RSVY within two and half years.

Some of the development works included construction of  police beat house at Bazar tinali at Dumporijo town, construction of Gusar Segi circle welcome gate  and Donyi-Polo Namlo at Kuporijo under BRGF, the Forum said and hoped that  the ZPM and Minister Takar Marde will  strive for more development works in the area.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: All Leel Youths Association (ALYA) has decided to conduct mass social service at Govt Middle School, Leel and Health Sub-Centre Leel camp on Dec 26.



ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Arunachal Pradesh has appointed Tarh Sokia as president of Kurung Kumey district Nationalist Youth Congress unit for effective functioning of theparty in the district.


Land dispute solved: GBs

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: The Gaon Burahs of the Sagalee sub-division have solved the 22 years old land dispute between Longchung village under Sagalee circle and De-Dollo village under Leporiang circle. This was informed by the All Sagalee Sub-Division Gaon Burah Association (ASSGBA) in a release today.

The Association further informed that GBs also solved a murder case as per customary law.

The GB Association extended sincere thanks to administration and senior citizens for supporting the GBs in solving two long pending cases. It also appreciated both the parties for showing their maturity.


69 motorcycles seized

ITANAGAR: The Capital region administration has seized 69 motorcycles today as it cracked down citizens riding without valid papers and helmets. Cases have been registered under the MV act while the bikes have been kept at Police stations.

The Capital Complex has seen spate of accidents involving bikers in recent months. The crackdown is likely to be continued.


AdiSU call 72-hr bandh in Siang beltagainst public hearing

ITANAGAR: Adi Students Union (AdiSU) while continuing its fight against Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project (LSHEP) has called for 72-hour bandh in East Siang, Upper Siang and West Siang districts from 20th to 22nd December.

AdiSU while opposing proposed public hearing on 20th of this month in regard to LSHEP said this whole drama is being carried out to destroy the Adis and they will not let this hearing take place.

Further AdiSU has expressed concern over reported attack on house of Tanyang Tatak, DDSE, Roing by unknown group on 13th of this month. Stating that crime rate has increased manifold in Lower Dibang Valley, AdiSU suggested deputy commissioner to take transfer on moral ground.


No progress on journalists assault case

Press fraternity to launch democratic protests

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: One of the accused in journalist assault case Venkata Lakshmipati Raju, a serving production manager of M/s SMS Smelter, was granted bail today by the court of additional district magistrate, Talo Potom.

While granting bail, he directed the accused to present himself every week in the Naharlagun police station.

The ADM, who also heard senior reporter of the Sentinel Arunachal, Nyapi Bomjen, one of the victims, urged the police to speed up the investigation when investigating officer (I/O) SI Niliang Lali reported that no progress has been made in identifying the accused.  

On behalf of Press fraternity hearing was attended by senior journalist Pradeep Kumar, who is also the advisor of Arunachal Press Club (APC) and APC president Jarpum Gamlin.

 "There are definite clues on whereabouts of the assailant therefore police must react sharp and fast,” Kumar said.

 Earlier in the day, Gamlin met DIG (Security) Robin Hibu to impress upon him to take personal interest in cracking the case. Hibu said, “I have personally spoken to SP (Capital Complex) on the subject and we hope to solve it soon.”

Kumar and Gamlin also called on SB Deepak Kumar, Deputy Commissioner (Capital Complex) to urge him to monitor the progress of the case, given the gravity of incident.

 Expressing dismay over the progress of the case, Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) President, Tongam Rina stated, “I am not surprised at the development. Four years back, a drunkard assaulted a female journalist, who landed up in hospital. Although police charge-sheeted within two weeks but till date, despite repeated reminders to the authorities, journalist in question is yet to get justice and nothing has happened.”

Meanwhile, the APUWJ and APC in a release stated that a joint meeting will be held in the APC at 11 am tomorrow to chart-out series of democratic protests after expiry of 48-hour ultimatum and till the authorities nab the culprit involved in the cowardice and shameful incident.

 “In case authorities fail in their duty, we will seek support of the owners of the print and electronic media in launching series of democratic protests,” Gamlin said, adding that it is time that civil society and government respond positively on continual attack on the fourth pillar of democracy.


The new sets of law

Tongam Rina

Apart from the existing traditional and Indian Laws, if popular trends are any indication, there are bunch of people, who set new laws according to their arrogance, the size of pockets, egos and tribal affiliations. Like it or not, these sets of new laws are recognized and followed. Dare defy it, we are in trouble.

Now the poor citizens have no option but to follow the new rules set by select bunch of citizens because they know existing Indian law has no relevance here.

This is one state where people get away with crimes like murder, day light extortion and corruption. We absolutely get away with everything and anything. With such encouraging precedents, beating someone, looting or maiming and even killing is just like any day to day errand. Tomorrow is just another normal day.

In short, we are a tribe who has total disregard for law.

No matter who is at the fault, motorists are not only forced to pay after an accident but they are beaten up too. Beating up doctors, journalists on duty is not shocking any more.

One is left wondering why we take to violence at the very first instance. Is it total lawlessness or a deeper social problem that makes some of us believe that violence is a way of life?

Why is that some of us have no respect what so ever for other fellow human beings. Why do some of us have such limitless arrogance, rudeness, anger that ultimately results in violence?  

As yours truly think about a possible remedial measure, more and more questions come up.

Why do we choose to be just mute spectators to such unpleasant and despicable acts?  Are we really members of a tribal society that believes in fairness and ethics? And what about the great Indian justice system?   

Is it because law and law makers are blind spectators too?

As a society, somewhere we have to look within ourselves and find solutions.  To start with, we must stand up for what is right and fair. Enough is enough.


Ipi Basar selected for National Bravery Award

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: The brave girl Ipi Basar has been selected as one of the awardees of the National Bravery Award 2010 (Bapu Gaidhani Award) which will be presented by the Prime Minister of India in January next at New Delhi.

Ipi will also participate in the Republic Day Parade 2011. This was informed by the Indian Council of Child Welfare (ICCW) president Gita Siddharta.

Last year, during the blaze in Nyigam village on the black Monday, Ipi saved the life of 70-year-old completely paralyzed Yompu Basar, her next door neighbour and mother of Jumnya Basar, a teacher. She lost no time, jumped into the fire and saved the septuagenarian and 4-year-old Pompi Basar, who refused to leave her loving granny to die inside the burning house.  Ipi forcefully picked up Pompi first and despite getting her hand burnt entered the house again to rescue the immobile old lady who by then had sustained burn injuries on her leg. Her courage and determination helped her to pick up the woman.    

All had praise for Ipi, daughter of ASM Toi Basar for saving the duo’s life. “She was god sent and gave me a new lease of life. My all blessing are with Ipi for a happy and bright life,” was the old woman’s spontaneous reaction.  

For her brave act, the state government and press fraternity and Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy and other had already felicitated her.


PR leaders allege discrepancies in implementation of  NLCPR Fund

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: In a memorandum to the Chief Secretary, ASM Konsing Tajing Taki has alleged misuse of NLCPR Fund under PWD Boleng Division, East Siang District.

The Ministry of DONER, Govt. of India sanctioned improvement and extension of Dosing - Pareng -Sine -Yibuk-Ligging Road funded under NLCPR for an estimated cost of Rs. 1826.08' Lacs (18.26 Crore) vide Govt. order No. DNER/NLP/AP/ 113/2007, dt. 03-03-2009 and released the first installment of Rs. 575.21 Lacks (5.75 crore) during 2009-10.

The progress of the work was never started till August 2010 and without calling tender, the department engaged private JCBs, Bulldozers for broadening and formation  cutting of road though the department is well equipped with its own JCB, Bulldozer and other manpower, he said. As per RTI information received from Executive Engineer, PWD Boleng Division, there is clear cut gross violation of NLCPR norms and guidelines and misappropriation of fund earmarked for the road. Out of Rs. 2.70 Crore LOC received by the department during 2009-10, an amount of Rs. 1.80 Crore has been shown as expenditure incurred from August 2009 to 31st March 2010 though, even 5% of the work was not executed at all, but without any hitch, major payments were made to M/S Donyi-Polo Enterprises, (Rs. 48.05 lacs (approx), M/S Gagam Enterprises (Rs. 26.34 lacs Approx), M/S Mibang Service Station (Rs. 21.41 lacs approx), Departmental Labour Payment (Rs. 18.54 lacs, approx).

M/S Donyi-Polo Enterprises vide Trading License No. 3093/2007, issued on 22/02/2006, who received the major chunks of bill of around Rs. 48.05 Lakh is a registered firm at Pasighat, under the license holder of Sanju Taloh who is the younger brother of Tapang Taloh, Deputy Speaker of Arunachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly.

The Department has made staggering payments of around 21.41 lakh to M/S Mibang Service Station, Boleng, but how such a huge amount was paid when the department did not engage the departmental JCB, Bulldozers and other man powers at the project site, he asked. The ASM further asked whether departmental outstanding bills /backlogged payments can be made from NLCPR funds

The labour payment as shown in the RTI shows astonishing figure of Rs. 18.00 Lakhs which is out rightly malicious, fraud and cheating because there are no such labourers in the department as we see till today, he added.

The Guidelines for Administration of NLCPR under Article 4. Project Formulation: of Clause (ix) states that "No staff component-either work charged or regular shall be created by the project implementing authorities from NLCPR Funds. All such requirements should be met from redeployment of surplus manpower in the department". It was overlooked by the department.

The leader however said that the present Executive Engineer, PWD Boleng who took the charges after March 2010 cannot be blamed for the misdeeds.

He further said hiring for broadening and formation cutting works by the private JCBs and Bulldozers will cost half the sanctioned amount of the road in the end as is seen in the RTI and it should be stopped soon.

He asked the Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh to intervene personally by instituting a High Powered Independent Enquiry team to verify the facts soon.


Ugly incident over filing of tenders

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Yazali circle often considered to be intellectual hub of Nyishi community witnessed ugly scene on Monday when firing broke out over disagreement on filing of tender for proposed Yachuli to Dullungmukh road connection.

According to report on Monday around 16 participants had arrived to file tender after issuing of global tender by PWD.

Local villagers who will be affected by construction of this 20 km road between Yachuli to Dullungmukh obstructed filing of tenders by outside firms and asked them to leave office.

Villagers wanted to construct road by themselves and did not let anyone file tender.

This led to heated altercation between villagers and few participants. In the heat of moment some participants took out pistol and started firing. Two persons were seriously injured in firing as bullet went. This whole project is worth above 20 crore and have become bone of contention now.

 Confirming about this incident,  Lower Subansiri Superintendent of Police Mari Riba said police have arrested two people in this regard.  He further added that police is keeping an eye on whole situation to prevent any untoward incident. He also added that one attacker was surrounded by villagers and thrashed. Police rescued him and later he was arrested.    

Meanwhile All Arunachal Registered Contractor Association has taken serious note of violence breaking out due to disagreement over tender at Yazali. Association also questioned reason for shifting venue of tender process from Itanagar to Yazali as NIT published tender was to be opened in Itanagar.

Association condemning the whole incident wondered how in a global tender bid all the participating firms are not allowed to bid and termed restraining of bidders by some people as violation of NIT rules and regulations. Arunachal Law Students Union has also deplored the firing incident and urged youths not to take law in their hand.  


Assaults on journalists condemned

ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Various organisations of the state including Apex student body, Human Rights body and BJP today vehemently condemned the assault on women journalists and demanded arrest of the accused immediately.

All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has condemned the assault on The Sentinel Arunachal daily’s two women journalists Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen by an unknown attacker two days ago.

 In a strongly worded press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung stated that such kind of uncivilized acts is deterring young Arunachalees from working fearlessly as journalists.

“If young media persons are attacked in such way, then how can we expect them to work freely? Public often complains that media persons do not do any work but when they tries to cover some incidents, they are being attacked.  Arunachalee people should not have this double standard attitude,” said Takam Tatung.

He further added, “Police should make sure that attackers do not escape without getting punishment for their gross offence. In our tribal society we respect women a lot and person who had attacked two women journalists should be strictly punished for committing such heinous crime.”

 Tatung also urged people of Arunachal to get mature and stop bullying media persons. “Media is considered as fourth pillar of democracy and if we do not let them function independently, our society will not witness desired change. We appeal everyone to give media person their share of respect and let them freely work for betterment of society.” Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR), while condemning the repeated attack on the media fraternity in the state, questions the credibility of Arunachal Pradesh being coined the most peaceful state in the North East. The Rights body appealed the  state Govt. and the law enforcing  agencies  to take up the cases seriously and punish the culprits so that people may retain their faith in the system of law.  

It is  absolutely shameful that we have such people with trends of medievalism in their dealings and characters who do not have any respect for an esteem institution like the press media, who, in the truest of senses, engage their time and space to do something good for the society, the ACR said.  

ACR also expressed concern over the law and order situation in the state, especially of the capital complex, where abusing a person’s rights and dignity has become a way of life.  Of late, within this few months only, there has been instances of physical assaults, verbal abuses and threatening calls to the fourth estate by miscreants, but nothing has yet been done, it said.

Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh also strongly condemned the barbaric attacks on media persons in the state by the anti-social elements on Sunday last. The party demanded the state Govt to take necessary measures for safety and security of media persons  and arrest of  the culprits.

Information is a power and an informed society is the need of the hour to check and balance the state affair and lead the  society to the glory, the party said and called upon one and all to strengthen the growth of media in the state.

Unless the state media is empowered and people know how to take advantage of the positive and productive expose through  media, various developmental measures would get hamper, the party said.

The BJP also expressed concern over the growing insecurity and safety of the people and the long time delay of the construction of four lane state capital roads. It urged the  state Govt take appropriate measures for early construction of four lane capital roads.

Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) has strongly denounced the assault on two young journalists of The Sentinel Arunachal newspaper. AIPU has urged state government to immediately nab the culprit and also warned that they will launch democratic movement if assaulter is not being arrested at the earliest.

Adi Students Union has also condemned the attack on journalists and termed this incident as shame for every Arunachalee who held media in high esteem.

Urging civil societies to respect media, Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) said that media is a great weapon to fight against all evils affecting our society and their freedom should be respected. ALSU asked authorities to immediately arrest culprit involved in assault of journalist and stated this incident should be treated as crime against whole civilized society.

Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board expressed shock over the assault of the two women journalists. The workers board chairman Jalley Sonam urged the concerned department to nab the culprit involved in assault case immediately. He also appealed the people two cooperate with the Fourth Estate of democracy and refrain from such unlawful activities.

Young Mission Adventure Club (YMAC) Arunachal Pradesh also condemned the physical assault of two journalists.

It further said that such repeated attacked on journalist will create bad image for the people of the state.

It further appealed the people to raise voice against such unlawful acts and support APUWJ and APC’S movement for justice.

All Tai Khampti Singpho Student's Union also condemned physical assault on female journalists in the state capital.  Media persons are performing their duty as the eye of  the state, the Union said and hoped that the perpetrators of the attack will be brought to book immediately.


DDSE house attacked

ROING, Dec 14: Lower Dibang Valley DDSE T Tatak’s government residential house was attacked on Monday night.

Tatak's residence is only 70 meter away from a CRPF camp located in the heart of the town.

Shivrai, cook of Tatak was alone in the house during the time of attack. According to source, Tatak was away with a friend for dinner. An FIR has been registered with the local police station vide under section 457/384/427/506/34 IPC R/W Section 3 (2)(a)(e) of PDPP Act 1984.

According to police sources, two men barged inside the house enquiring about Tatak late at night at 11 pm. When they found he was not in the house, they manhandled Shivrai, damaged properties inside the kitchen and also attacked government owned Tata Sumo parked outside.

The miscreants after vandalizing, sped away in a car, the sources said.

Next day, Deputy Commissioner YW Ringu along with several public leaders of Roing including heads of IMCLS and AIMSU gathered at Tatak’s residence to extend moral support to him.  


Arunachal’s “mad rush” raises questions

GUWAHATI, Dec 14: The Arunachal Pradesh government today is in mad rush to dam its rivers for hydro power generation, but the same govt in 1982 had taken a position opposing the dam, said Professor J Bhagbati, former Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University in a inaugural speech during the workshop ‘Water Conflicts in the Northeast: Issues, cases and way forward’, held in Guwahati on Dec 10-11.

“A 30 member Arunachal legislative assembly in 1982 in its monsoon session had taken a resolution of no dams for rivers and no hydroelectricity saying it will submerge many hectares of cultivable land”, Professor Bhagabati said.

He quoted from this daily of 30th Sept 1982 issue that carried a report on people’s reaction on dam in those times: “Gold can be bought, but arable land of this area of deep rocky mountain, deep gorges is a god’s gift and therefore its precious”.

 “Now the same state government is today the biggest protagonist of big dams all over the word. They have now signed 168 MoUs with different power developers”, he said.

The workshop was organized by ‘Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India’ in collaboration with Aaranyak, an organization based in Guwahati.

 Embarking on a new initiative to document selected water related conflicts in the Northeast by the Forum, about 20 major cases of conflicts of different types were identified for documentation.

The struggle of Idu Mishmi people against big dams was one such case identified for documentation. Titled as ‘Idu Mishmis of Dibang Valley Vs Hydro Dollars, a small indigenous community challenges large dams’, the case study was jointly presented by Neeraj Vagholikar of Kalpavriksh and journalist Raju Mimi.

Demographic imbalance, social tension, militarization and degradation of social and cultural values were the resulting conflicts identified with the coming of large dams in Dibang Valley.


Stress on joint survey on 45 MW hydro  project

NAHARLAGUN, Dec. 14: A joint meeting of Changlang district administration & M/s IL&FS, Power Developer to construct Hydro Electric project near Changlang over river Tirap was held on Dec 13 last.

Presiding over the meeting at Changlang circuit house, DC Opak Gao, advised the officers concerned and the power developer to carry our joint survey for proposed 45 MW Hydro Electric Project  to asses the actual requirement of both the government and private properties like agriculture and Horticulture land etc.

Gao appealed PR members and people in general to extend cooperation while carrying out survey. He advised all concerned to conduct the joint survey thoroughly to avoid future complicacy with due consideration of  public sentiment for implementation of Hydro Electric Project to cater to the power need of Changlang and Tirap districts.

Jairampur ADC M. Roy appealed for proper survey of 624 hectares of land required by the power developer in a categorical manner to satisfy the affected persons. He asked GBs and PRI members to be present during survey to get field knowledge. He further asked power developer to bear entire cost of joint survey fixed from January 5 to 24. The power developer agreed to bear the cost.

Among others, ZPMs John Jugli, Changlang South, Marina Kenglang and ex-ZPM Nongmin Kamba Longchang participated in the meeting and appealed all not to start any project activities until full public confidence and agreement is being reached. The power developer clarified that they have done only soil and rock testing.

Both ADCs of Changlang and Jairampur, heads of  the departments, PR members, Gaon Buras and officers from M/s IL & FS Power Developer attended. DIPRO

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