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December - 31


Doctors have bad handwriting because…

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to letter “Doctors need crash course in handwriting” by Dipak Deb published in Dec 27 issue.

An editor has right to edit, accept or reject the articles sent by any contributor. Editor must not publish any irrelevant article just to please the contributor.

First of all, I want to mention here that I am neither a doctor nor a Pharmacist.  Deb should have gathered required information on article before composing his mail. It is known fact that doctors write the prescription in a not-easy-to-read fashion. But it is not because their handwriting is poor. Maybe they do so to ensure that no general people other than doctors or pharmacists could misuse the prescription by purchasing medicines on subsequent occasions on their own will without consulting the doctor. We all know that general people purchase medicines for headache, blood pressure, pain without consulting the doctor.

Pharmacists are trained on composition and properties of medical preparations and also on interpreting the prescription.

But it gives me pain to mention here that a good number of pharmacies have unfit & untrained salespersons who, sometimes, sell wrong medicines for want of adequate knowledge & experience.

Deb should have raised the matter of selling of medicines by untrained, unauthorized and unfit person and selling of duplicate medicines.

My aim is not to dishonour the sentiments of Deb but to express my views so that a doctor may clarify the issue based on the facts for spreading awareness amongst the general public.


B B Pandey,

(on email)



On need basis

Dear Editor,

This is regarding controversy surrounding the district headquarters of Lower Siang district.

The Administration is for the people therefore while expanding the Administration, peoples’ need and requirement should be given first priority.

When Aalo was created as HQ it was the most appropriate at that time. Now, the important part is to select the appropriate place for new HQ which would really serve the main purpose of creating a new district.

Creation of new district HQ is not like selling cakes, those who come first will get first. It is not even a donation which would be just given away in some kind of political meeting.

The creation of HQ is much more bigger issue which is directly related to the need of administration by the common people. The feasibility could only be worked out by the accessibility  of the people coming under the  effect of new administration to its HQ. Therefore cause of Likabali and Nari-Koyu has much more gravity than Basar. Basar does not fall in the line at all for it is only 50 km from Aalo.

It is very sad how some people have easily set aside the Boundary problems stating it is a vexed state issue with need of sacrifices from both the states. If only they could realize how it feels when Assam police suddenly show up in our villages  and arrest our people randomly for want of bribe.

I wish they could feel the pain when some outsider suddenly show up to harvest the paddy crop sown  by us.

For once in a lifetime if they could experience the threat and insecurities of lives of foothill people then they will certainly find that the price of commodities, hardship of Jhoom cultivation are not that big an issue.

Now, if Likabali could provide space for 2000MW NHPC projects then providing space for HQ is very small issue.

I hope all the people of Aruncahal Pradesh extend their moral support for the justified need of Likabali and Nari-Koyu.


M. Karlo

Likabali,  (on email)



Let common sense save our society

Dear Editor,

I would like to pose a question to those individuals or organizations who are raising slogans to fight against westernization. What do they mean by fighting against westernization? Preserving our tradition and culture is acceptable to all and irrespective of our religious beliefs we must work together to maintain the distinctiveness of our rich tribal culture and heritage particularly our language.

However, having said that we also know that, as a society evolves, not only cur culture but so many other societies in the world has to shed certain aspects of their culture which are either redundant or which are simply unwanted in the light of new ideas acquired by the people. Polygamy, child marriage, wearing loincloth shall we preserve them? Today we are enjoying every day in our daily lives the fruits of western inventions in the form of electricity, telephone services, traveling comfortably in motor vehicles etc.

The modern system of mass education to all and hospital institutions are also of western origin. When we are surrounded by so many things, institutional systems of western initiatives which are useful and helpful to us in living a better life, I was surprised to see this protest against westernization.

In fact when we look deeper and ponder carefully, the western ideology of equality, liberty and justice for all finds a similarity in the age old democratic form of social life in our tribal culture where everyone is treated equally and no one is despised for his food habits. No doubt there are bad western influences especially to the youths. Our youngsters are growing up without the proper knowledge of their roots, but my queries to these so called guardian of our culture is:- honestly answer which language are you using while talking to your own children? Where are your children? Where do you learn the values and traditions best? Isn't it at home? Are you near them to guide and inculcate in them the values you uphold? Just blaming an external influence is neither going to erase our own failures to safeguard the ethos of our society nor going to change the face our family, society and future As the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi had said let our minds be open to all ideas. East, west, north, south from wherever the idea comes, if it is found to be good and morally acceptable let us use it, if it is harmful, then reject it. Therefore, please do not deprive our children their right to education and basic healthcare facilities and please do not push us back to the hard days of our ancestors. Let us bear in our minds that in the course of preservation of our unique culture lets keep our minds open lest we turn into a Taliban or take the psyche of a pathetic North Korea. Let common sense save our society.


anti-fascist mind




Kudos to AAPSU

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate all the members of the AAPSU for successfully organising the first ever Martyr's cup and Inter tribe festival in Itanagar!

The festival was one of its own kind and has been very encouraging for all the students of our state who stood forward to compete each other and showcase their talents in various arenas like sports, culture, literature and beauty contests.

Festivals like these give a chance to bond between different tribes and help us celebrate our diversity thereby maintaining brotherhood among us.

This festival was indeed a message to all our Arunachalee people that “What makes us different, makes us beautiful"!

I would further like to congratulate all the part takers and the winners of various events. It was a great experience being part of the beautiful festival.


Subi Taba,

(on email)



Save Arunachal from linguistic marauders from cowbelt

Dear Editor,

No congratulations is enough for T.Jeke Nilling for his brilliant letter "Cultural holocaust because of Hindi"(30 December), which should be an eye-opener not only for the people of Arunachal Pradesh, but for all those linguistic groups who feel proud in imitating other languages and cultures by forsaking their own.

It is high time we realise that communities which remain indifferent to their own roots and legacy are bound to extinguish from the face of the earth. Moreover, such rootless communities never get minimum respect from the others. Just because Bengalis are hell-bent on embracing Hindi by forgetting all things Bengali so as to become "true Indian"; the community have not only been reduced to minority and non-entity in urban West Bengal, the dominant and outsider Hindi-Urdu speakers publicly mock and abuse the Bengalis and their culture right in the soil of West Bengal.

West Bengal of today is nothing but a colony of Bihar-UP-Rajasthan and the indigenous Bengalis have gladly accepted it and thus in verge of disappearance just like the Dodo.

It is hoped that Arunachal Pradesh will draw inspiration from Nilling's letter and save their rich, unique, diverse culture from been completely invaded by the linguistic marauders from cowbelt.


Kajal Chatterjee,

Kolkata,  (on email)





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Itafort cries for attention

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Dec 30: Itafort, one of the historical sites of the state and from where the state capital derives its name is in doldrums for want of proper maintenance. The fort, which is believed to be built in  14th or 15 century by the rulers of Ahom dynasty needs proper care and management from the concerned department and the people of the state.

With three different entrances; western, the eastern and the southern, there is nothing much left accept a few bricks left almost abandoned.

The department alone cannot be blamed for the loss of the historic fort.

The ever growing population in the state capital and their endless desire has drastically changed the landscape of the sites. The only exception is the southern portion.

There are no remarkable changes in the maintenance despite call for its renovation from the citizens and many organizations.

Despite lack of  beautification, preservation and proper management of the remnants, the Fort remains a major tourist attraction, at least for the first timers. In almost all the government brochures, the Fort finds mention but its remains in a pitiable condition.

Even the garbage management within the fort is almost nil. With a new year approaching it is expected that the concerned authority would do something drastic to save it from further decay. If urgent steps are not taken, the historic site would be lost forever.

With beautification of town gaining momentum, atleast in papers, it is expected that authorities would heed to the cries of the Fort.


Chidambaram to visit Tawang

ITANAGAR, Dec 30: Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan are expected to arrive in Tawang on December 31 for a day long visit.

Minister parliamentary affairs and DoPT V Narayansami will also accompany the visiting delegation.

During the visit, Home Minister and the Governor are scheduled to inaugurate the newly-constructed office of the deputy commissioner and the ropeway connecting Tawang monastery to Gyanggong Ani Gompa.

Chidambaram would leave the same day.

Chidambaram’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh in less than a fortnight of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s tour is also being seen as India’s strong assertion of sovereignty in the Tawang region and an answer to Kashmir card that was played rather unabashedly by China just before Jiabao’s visit.


Winter Cup T20

ITANAGAR, Dec 30: Senior’s Squad (SS) defeated United Eleven by 17 runs in thrilling match in the Winter Cup T20 tournament being held in Jairampur.

Scoring the lowest total of tournament so far SS was all out for 92 in twenty overs.

Chasing a low target of 93, United eleven were bowled out for 75.

Nontu Das of Senior Squad was declared Man of the Match. He took 5 wickets in 4 overs.

In an another match played earlier the Kohan Tai team defeated Machum team.


News Impact

Si Donyi priest

ITANAGAR, Dec 30: Chakto Siga would be the priest of Si-Donyi Festival Celebration at IG Park, Itanagar on January four.



ITANAGAR, Dec 30: Arunachal Pradesh Community Information Centre Employees Association mourned the untimely demise of its member Tenzin Droma, who died on December 29 last.

She was working as CIC operator at Lumla CD Block and was an active member of the association.

The members of the association extended its condolence message to the bereaved family members.



ITANAGAR, Dec 30: Bamang Payo, Lindum Tanam and Mui Chaga have been selected as president, general secretary and vice president of Arunachal Tempo Welfare Association in its general meeting cum election held here today.


Indigenous day

ITANAGAR: Indigenous Day would be observed at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun tomorrow to mark the significance of indigenous ways of life.

Retired IAS officer YD Thongchi and Nyishi Elite Society president Bengia Tolum would attend the programme as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


ARASU calls 48hrs bandh

ITANAGAR: All Raga Area Students’ Union in a meeting held at Hapoli has decided to call 48 hrs bandh within Raga area from January 3 in protest against the viva voceconducted under SSA, Lower Subansiri District.

The union claimed that seventy one AT and JT posts were reserved for Raga block, but candidates who are not from Raga area qualified under the reserved quota. It further alleged that the candidates who were absent in written test qualified for viva voce.

It demanded the authority to re-conduct the interview of Raga block in Raga immediately.


Nyokum Yullo at Bana

ITANAGAR: The Nyokum festival would be celebrated at Bana from February 24 to 28 next for the first time. This was resolved in a joint meeting of people of Richukraung and Bana circles.

The representatives of the Nyishi community of both the circles were invited on the meeting.

The meeting also constituted a festival organizing committee headed by Parang Richo as chairman.


APCC greets on New Year

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee extended New Year greetings to the people of the state.

The party urged one and all to spread the message of love, peace and communal harmony for the well being of mankind.

It further extending greetings to the followers of Indigenous Faith expressed hope that the festive season will bring in peace, tranquility and prosperity to all and take the state to a new height of progress and development.


National Youth Day

ITANAGAR: Viveka-nanda Study Circle, Naharlagun is organizing drawing, devotional song, quiz and extempore speech competitions among the different age groups from January 9-12 as part of national youth day celebration.