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September - 08


AAPSU reacts angrily to govt’s decision to issue PRC to non APST

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union has reacted angrily to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh decision to issue Permanent Residential Certificates to Non-APST people in Lohit and Changlang districts.

Making a copy of the order given in the name of Governor of Arunachal Pradesh and signed by Secretary Political to the media, the Union termed it betrayal to the people of the state and arbitrary decision. Terming the order a violation of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 and Supreme Court orders, the Union said that it would accept nothing less than cancellation of the order.

In an Office Memorandum vide No.POL-193/2004/453 dated 24 June 2010, govt has decided to issue Permanent Residential Certificates to Non-APST people in the two districts with immediate effect.

The order states that Permanent Residential Certificate may be issued to Non-APST people and their families who have settled down in the Lohit and the Changlang districts prior to 1968 and in respect of whom proper records are available with the administration.  Before issue of Permanent Residential Certificate, a detailed dossier should be prepared and proper record of the list of eligible persons should be maintained, read the office memorandum.

It is made clear that issue of such permanent Residential Certificate shall not entitle the Non-APST to claim for APST status and they will be entitled to claim any benefit or reservations meant for APST, it read.

The Chief Secretary, Governor and state government seems to have forgotten that these two districts are infested with refugees and underground elements, the Union said while threatening to go to the ST Commission to lodge a complaint against the decision. Union President Takam Tatung while demanding immediate revocation of the order said that by taking a big decision without consultation with the people of the state and prior discussion at the Legislative assembly, the government was intentional hurting the sentiments of the people.

He further questioned the governor Gen J J Singh for agreeing to give consent to such an order. On one hand, the governor advocates for cause of the state, while on the other hand he signs such a paper which will have bad repercussion in the state, the Union president said.

Meanwhile the AAPSU has questioned the Chief Secretary Tabom Bam for not being sympathetic to the cause of the people of the state while alleging him of being indifferent to the cause and suffering of the people of the state. Citizens have not seen the Chief Secretary ever coming out to comfort the people of the even as state continues to bear boundary tension, refugee issue, Union said. We have never questioned him even though he has over stayed his tenure as Chief Secretary because all these while we have been thinking that he would work for the cause of the state being an indigenous Arunachalee, the Union added.


Two days judicial remand for former CM

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: The former Chief Minister Gegong Apang has been given judicial remand of two days by Additional Judge of the Special Session Court, Lakhimpur today on PDS scam.

The former chief Minister has been asked to report in person on Sept 9 for further hearing. The Judge PK Khanikar who had earlier sentenced Police remand of seven days on Aug 24 is reported to be on leave. Later on the Judge had extended the Police remand for another week on Aug 31.

When contacted MS Chauhan, the head of the SIC said that former Chief Minister has been advised to appear in person on Sept 9.

Meanwhile, the bail petition of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang could not come up yesterday for formal hearing as the Judge of Itanagar bench of Gauhati High court Ketulhou Meruno could not hear the bail petition citing personal reasons. However the Judge gave the permission that the bail be heard at a Lower Court.

The former Chief Minister who is currently undergoing treatment at R K Mission hospital Itanagar was questioned by Special Investigation Cell yesterday evening under medical supervision.

The former chief minister was arrested by SIC on Aug 24 dramatically after he was called as a witness in the PDS scam. The procedure in which the former Chief Minister was arrested by the SIC has come under sever public scrutiny with many organisations questioning it.

It may be mentioned here that the prosecution sanction from the government is pending with regard to 44 government employees while the prosecution sanction has been obtained for few IAS officers involved.

The government is yet to come up with a statement on the delay in granting prosecution sanction for Govt. employees.


NE rocked by multi-crore scam: Irani

Staff Reporter

(with input from UNI)

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: “Congress Ka Haat Janta Ke Tijori Par not Aam Aadmi Ke Saath” was how firebrand All India Bharatiya Janata Mahila Morcha (BJMM) president and former television actress, Smriti Irani described the sad status of Congress rule states. While talking to presspersons today at Itanagar today, she alleged that all the Congress ruled North Eastern states including Arunachal Pradesh have failed on law & order front and is rocked by multi-crore scams.

“As I was getting ready to tour Arunachal, I heard news about PDS scam running up to 1000 crore. This entire scam took under Congress rule and one day they will have to pay price for looting the food meant for poor people of this state,” said Irani, who is on a 7-day tour of North East state.

Accusing the Congress party of misrule, she said that BJMM would concentrate on strengthening the party cadres at the grassroots to bring the womenfolk to the forefront of state politics in order to charter a phase of progress and development in the entire country.

On being asked about Arunachal BJP unit not playing the proper role of opposition, she said, “BJP has been playing the active role of opposition everywhere, be at centre and also in state level.”

Earlier she informed that on their way from Tezpur to Itanagar, her team was heckled by hooligans in Sonitpur district this morning due to an All India industrial strike. “Surrounded by hooligans, I called up Superintendent of police and he instructed his police to provide us security. Despite it, Assam police remained a mute spectator though we approached them for help.” She described the attitude of Assam police as shameful and wondered how ordinary people can feel secure if well known personalities like her are being treated like this.

She further informed that BJP national executive meeting on September 29 and 30 to be held at Mumbai would be have at least two women representatives from Arunachal Pradesh.


AdiSU’s appeal

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) has appealed All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) to reconsider its decision to protest against the proposed visit to Union Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh in Arunachal Pradesh. The minister is scheduled to visit Pasighat on Sept 11 to have talks with those protesting against the dams in Siang. It is an opportunity for the dam protestors of Siang valley to explain the reasons why they are opposing  dams and express their resentment against hydro power policy of the state Govt, the union said.

It has already prepared to interact with Ramesh on dam issue, the union said and sought cooperation of AAPSU in this regard.


Committee takes tough stand on district creation and HQ

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: A delegation of the District Demand Joint Action Committee (DDJAC) of Likabali and Nari Koyu Assembly segments for creation of a Lower Siang District has called on Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on Sept 5.

Justifying its demand for creation of Lower Siang district DDJAC chairman Sengo Taipodia said demand for a new district by the people of Likabali and  Nari Koyu dates back to late 80s/90s  and  Assam-Arunachal boundary issue was one of undisputable objectives among others for demanding creation of separate district.

Giving a brief history of demand and subsequent initiatives by the  Govt, DDJAC chairman said that realizing the plight of the people due to geographical and administrative constraints, the state Govt wrote innumerous letters seeking feasibility reports to the Deputy Commissioners of both Aalo and Pasighat for creation of new district. But the feasibility reports never culminated to the creation of any district as envisaged and efforts of district administrations went futile.

The Committee said that delay in taking steps for creation of  the new district greatly affected the people of foothills area.

However, the  people Likabali and Nari Koyu impatiently waited for the final announcement on creation of district, but their dream shattered  on August 7, 2009 when they came to know about the cabinet  approval  on ‘inadequate document furnished by vested interest bureaucrat’.  The committee said Basar was never acceptable as a headquarter when the demand for the district was proposed  to be in the line foothills with the name Lower Siang district.

The committee further  said the Cabinet decision emanated from the feasibility report submitted by  Aalo DC Amjad Tak which was later revoked by the DC himself never got consent of the people of Likabali Assembly Constituency. Interestingly, the committee said the feasibility report talks about problems being faced  by the people of Likabali (foothills) but finally chose to name Basar as its headquarter contradicting himself.

 The Committee pointed out that nowhere in one point memorandum submitted by the people of Basar there is a mention of Lower Siang district. The memorandum has clearly quoted the name of the district demanded as ‘heart land’ or Lepa Rada (in Galo).  We are of the view that there is huge difference between Heart Land/Lepa Rada and Lower Siang District in phonetics, spelling, and connotation or in whatever way it is sensed, the committee added.

It said that Basar may demand for separate district provided they don't drag unilaterally, capriciously and clandestinely the 28th Likabali Assembly constituency area into it, while adding that  any such attempt may create unnecessary confusion.

The committee further said that it won't be left with any choice than to initiate democratic actions to protect the interest of the people as enshrined in the Constitution.

The delegation was led by Election representatives of Nari-Koyu and Home Minister Tako Dabi,  Likabali MLA cum Parliamentary secretary Jomde Kena along with  senior citizens, intellectuals and panchayat leaders.

The chief minister  after patient hearing assured to look into it, the committee informed.


Arunachal Pradesh: Issues of modernity and tradition

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh has   inaugurated a two-day seminar on ‘Arunachal Pradesh: Issues of modernity and tradition, at Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh today. The two-day seminar is being organized by Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies (AITS), Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) in collaboration with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian studies (MAKAIAS), Kolkata.

While we modernize, let us not be uprooted from our traditions, said Governor in his inaugural speech. The Governor further said, “let us not become duplicate entities but retain our age old traditions which have been our strength.  Our traditions and culture are our identity. To save our identity in the face of modernity, we need innovation in every society that wants to progress. Let us sit together and find ways and means for adaptation of the future generations towards traditional knowledge and its richness. We have to blend the two, the modernity and tradition”, he stressed.

Chairing the inaugural function, Prof. AC Bhagabati, former VC of RGU called for redefining the adoption of western culture but at the same time keeping the traditions.

Former Foreign Secretary and Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General Krishnan Srinivasan in his speech highlighted on external policy matters with focus on Arunachal Pradesh’s past traditions with neighbouring countries and its impact in the progress of the State. The future of the North East is to a considerable extent governed by the neighbouring countries. The challenge is about how to relate that future with the interest that India wants to show with cross border contacts to the eastern neighbours and the need to reiterate the identity of the NE within that of India. Confidence building with the neighbours is important, but that has to be complemented with first building confidence about the Indian state with the people of the North East, he emphasized.

In his keynote address, Prof. Tamo Mibang, Vice Chancellor (in-charge), RGU and Director, AITS said, tradition and modernity are two different names of two sides of the coin. While highlighting in-depth on backgrounds of the State and relating socio economic development of Arunachal Pradesh with the modernity, he added, presence of the past is the tradition. He also touched on culture and importance of indigenous language.

Dr. Rakhee Bhattacharjee, Convenor, MAKAIAS, Kolkata informed that this was the fifth phase after successful completion of such programmes at Aizawl, Shillong, Sikkim and Guwahati. This is an attempt to bring together all concerns in a single forum to search for ways and means for translating the dream of development in northeast India into a concrete reality.

Seminar Coordinator, AITS, RGU Dr. SK Chaudhuri, expressed his hope that all the visions and collective endeavour in the two-day national seminar focused on the issues of tradition and modernity in context of Arunachal Pradesh will lead to a meaningful journey. Sanjay Pulipaka, Fellow, MAKAIAS, Kolkata also spoke on the occasion.

The seminar is having three academic sessions. The first session includes, papers on Development and cultural changes: Dilemma of Arunachal Pradesh by Mrinal Kanti Chakma, MAKAIAS, Kolkata, Slaves of Ethnicity: A note on the economies of identity in the north-eastern frontier British India by Bodhisattva Kar, Centere for Studies, Kolkata, My mother, Your Tongue: Reputisation of Mother Tongue Language in Arunachal by Moji Riba, Department of Mass Communication, RGU. PRO TO CM


Living a monitored life

Tongam Rina

Imagine living in a state where we need a third party to check and monitor corruption! For a state dependent on tax payer’s money for every possible need, it’s no mean achievement.

Corruption has reached such a sickening level that state government has to keep aside .5% from total project cost to ensure that projects are implemented.

The state government on Sept 2 made it public that based on consolidated Monitoring report submitted by North East Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (NEDFi) for East Siang district for SPA funds 2008-09 suspended BDO Mebo for alleged embezzlement of funds.

If records are not twisted, the BDO Mebo officially finds his name written in the record books as the first victim of the monitoring system.

Many more will find its name in the records book soon if the reports are read carefully by the government. But given our short memory and shorter vision and selective performance when dealing with cases of corruption, it is unlikely we would see many more names.

On the other hand, the report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the year 2009 is another predictable yet engaging copy to read. If one has the time to read 176-page report, one would seriously want another third party monitoring here too.

If reports of the departmental performance are put in, yours truly would be accused of being repetitive. Added burden would be unlimited abusive phone calls, threats and finally tempting offers! Fortunately or unfortunately the Report is a public document hence the hands at this side of the table are tied!

Well, the lexicon is all too similar year after year. Embezzlement of funds, doubtful payment, wasteful expenditure, undue benefit to the suppliers, poor planning, violations of guidelines, and the list goes on.

Yours truly is just grateful that we don’t have to face taxpayers directly.

It would be too humiliating a time if at all a system comes when taxpayers demand a direct explanation from us how their hard earned money is being spent. We would not know where to look leave alone explain.   

One must appreciate the patience of the tax payers and centre for letting us get away with such daring misdemeanor!


MDFC thrash SLSA in Summer Cup

ITANAGAR, Sep 7: Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) team went down tamely (1-6) to MDFC in their first match of the Summer Cup Invitational Football Championship played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun, today.

MDFC toyed with the young SLSA team and scored as many as six goals in full time.

In another match of the day, MMUFC defeated FC Senki Valley by a margin of 4-1 goals, according to Organizing Committee.

Today’s match:

Game Zone vs BAES, 2 pm

DFC vs. LYFC, 4 pm


CM reiterates Hydro Power as the panacea

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu reiterated his stand over the need of improving the economic background of the state to make it self sufficient and self reliant. He categorically said that the state despite abundant natural resource is lagging behind in various fronts.

The Chief Minister was addressing a consultative meeting of the project affected people of East Siang with the government and Jay Pee group at the Banquet hall today.

People from various strata namely social workers, senior citizens, AdiSU, Panchayat leaders, project affected families, legislators and ministers of Adi belt including MP Lok Sabha, East Parliamentary Constituency participated in the meeting and a strong voice in support of the construction of Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project echoed.

Even for a small project we need to plead the Centre for fund, the chief minister lamented. Hydro Power is only such resource which could sail Arunachal Pradesh towards sustainable and resourceful development, he assertively said.

Endorsing the affected people’s demand of adequate compensation under R & R Policy of the state government, Khandu directed the Power developer to reach the project affected people at the grass root level and start activities which can instill in sense of confidence amongst them. The steering committee constituted for the purpose shall recommend to the government all necessary steps required to be taken up in this regard.

He also assertively told the power developer to employ as much as possible habitants of the district in the project and strictly stick to the commitments made under corporate social responsibilities. It would not be bad idea if the developer starts to act up on this from very next day itself so as to defeat the inhibitions of the project affected people.

Taking part in the discussion, MP Ninong Ering, MLAs Tamiyo Taga, Ralom Borang and Passang Dorjee Sona strongly advocated for construction of the project. Apart from them, various speakers from the project affected area, General Secretary AdiSU, PR Leader placed their views. Several issues pertaining to Dam Height, Environmental Impact, Habitation displacement, catchment area treatment were highlighted. All the speakers welcomed development in the area and wanted the project to come up. However, they requested to guarantee proper social responsibility, adequate compensation, job opportunities and over all development of the area by the developer.PRO to CM


NCP welcomes increase in legislators’ salary with caution

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: While welcoming the Govt. decision to increase more than 50 per cent hike in salary and allowances of the legislators, the NCP state unit urged the Govt. to bring a subordinate legislation restraining the legislators from indulging in alleged percentage culture from all development works in their respective constituency.

NCP state unit vice president Tad Tana in a release today said  the sharp increase of the salary and allowance of the legislators from Rs. 46,000 to Rs. 97,000 per month must not be seen by legislators as competitive bidding to match their counterpart in national Parliament or to match with the 6th pay recommendation hike of the Govt. employees, but realization of their responsibilities for giving clean and  transparent and accountable system of governance. The party further urged the Govt. to realize the functional importance of every occupation and accordingly extend at least 50 per cent similar hike in monthly wages of casual/contingency employees including auxiliary labour crops to meet up with their day to day fight for survival under extreme pressure of inflation and price rise.


NCP for immediate resumption of air dropping of PDS items

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Reacting to Govt's alleged confusion over whether to introduce head load carriage system of PDS items in remote corner of the state, the senior Vice President of NCP state unit Kahfa Bengia urged the Dorjee Khandu led Govt. not to succumb under pressure from few elected representatives and issue immediate directives for air-dropping of PDS items in all inaccessible routes in the state.

Expressing concern on the pathetic conditions of the Govt. employees, student's community residing in hostels and the public in general, Bengia opined that under the present circumstance air operation is the best option.

Past experience revealed that head load system especially during rainy season is an unwise step leading to lots of leakage, risk of life and damage to PDS items, the NCP leader said. He further claimed that in a series of scams in PDS, some of which are still pending in the form of PIL are partly because of head load system.

Realizing the pulse of public and students bodies like All Kurung Kumey District Student Union and DPPYO (Damin Parsi Parlo Youth Organization), Govt should immediately order airdropping of PDS items. Any delay tactics to buy time will result in deterioration of the situation and starvation of the poor and needy in border pockets of the state, Bengia asserted.


Support Teji: AAPSU

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has appealed to the people of Arunachal to come out and support Toko Teji who is participating in the reality show “India’s Got Talent Khoj-2” in the Color Channel. AAPSU stated that already Teji has made Arunachal proud by reaching quarter final of show and his further progress will make our state more popular throughout the world.

“First time an Arunachalee boy is making waves in a national television with his talent. It is duty of every Arunachalee to support the Teji in his endeavor. We have to understand that his success is a success of whole Arunachal and we all should stand behind him like a rock solid,” said AAPSU president Takam Tatung.

SMS voting lines will be opened from 9 PM Sept 10 to 9 AM next morning. To vote for Taji,  one can send sms to TT 56882. 100 votest are valid per SIM card.


Sonam calls for basic facilities to workers

Itanagar, Sept 7: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam distributing free exercise book to BRO labour, who were working on the road sides near Siji and Garo West Siang District recently, lamented that Border Roads Organization not issuing facilities like raincoat and other necessary items to its labour who are working in the remote areas of the state.

He assured to raise the matter in the next INTUC meeting so that the BRO labour could get their facilities as per norms.


AUSDSU says no to hydel projects in Upper Subansiri

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Joining the bandwagon of anti-dam activists, the All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union (AUSDSU) demanded the State Government for withdrawal of all hydel projects in Upper Subansiri district, including the 2000 MW Subansiri Upper Project at Menga.

The students union, which has remained silent on issues relating to dams till yesterday, vehemently criticized the Government for proposing to set up seven more major dams in the district without assessing their future impacts on local people. "The proposal of the Government for setting up seven more dams in the district shows its less concern for the area and its people," AUSDSU said in a release.

AUSDSU has taken serious note on geographic and demographic aspects and the risks involved with construction dams. "Nature will play its havoc when time comes. But, before that the havoc will be caused by the sudden explosion of population from outside in the form of labour force."

While appealing to the people of Upper Subansiri district to support the Union in its move against construction of mega dams in the district, AUSDSU has decided to organize a gathering of intellectuals and well wishers of the district to throw more light on the issue and gather more public opinion.

Meanwhile, the Students union cautioned the State Government, Local Ministers, MLAs and KSKEVL, the executing agency of Subansiri Upper Project, not to risk the lives of innocent people for their own benefits.


Ensure achievement of revenue target: Kri

TEZU, Sept 7: Tezu MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary (Transport) inaugurated the Boundary Wall and Security Fencing of the State Transport Office complex at Tezu today.  The boundary wall and security fencing was constructed under TFC fund by the Urban Development Department and was completed as per specification and in stipulated time.

While addressing the gathering of officers of Tezu and staff of state transport office, he highlighted the efforts of  the present government in streamlining the transport services, revenue generation and checking of revenue leakages in the state.  He also informed that very soon the state transport booking counters will be computerized which will bring effectiveness and transparency in revenue collection process.  He also stressed on proper registration of vehicles which otherwise results in loss in revenue.  He also appealed all officers and staffs of state transport to ascertain that the targets fixed for every financial year is achieved.

Lohit Deputy Commissioner, R.K Sharma, speaking on the occasion stressed on the need of such boundary wall and security fencing around all government establishments and on the areas earmarked for the concerned departments. Further, he appealed the officers and staff to do their duties with full sincerity and honesty so that no doubt on integrity of the officers and staffs can be raised.  He also invited innovative ideas from concern officers and staffs to compete with other Pvt. transporters so as to achieve the desired objectives and fixed targets of revenue generation.

SP Lohit, ADC Tezu, EAC Tezu, Head of various departments also attended the inauguration function. DIPRO


Governor’s Quiz Competition

ITANAGAR, Sept 07: Papum Pare District Level Governor’s Quiz Competition was conducted at Government Higher Secondary School Polo Colony recently under the supervision of quiz master SD Barman.

KV No. 1 bagged 1st position; Government Higher Secondary School, Naharlagun and Government Higher Secondary School were adjudged as 2nd and 3rd prize winners respectively.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, Deputy Director of School Education (establishment) M Nyori encouraged the 13 participating schools of the district and advised the students to maintain discipline and respect their teachers.

DDSE, TT Tara also advised all the schools of the district to participate in such literary competitions and encouraged the winners and other students of different schools of the district to maintain spirit of competitiveness.

He further lamenting over the poor participation said that despite wide circulation and information about the competition, less numbers of school took part in the competition.

ADEO Tadar Chape, Dr. AK Mishra and M Boje Kamki also spoke on the occasion.

Hunting is favorite hobby even the elite citizens and government officials

Dear Editor,

The recent arrest of twelve people at Seijosa by the wildlife team has brought to the fore the menace of hunting rampant in our State. They were booked under the wildlife (protection) Act, who was on a hunting expedition and in possession of sambar deer meat. The wildlife lovers were all in praise of the DFO of the wildlife team who showed guts and dedication towards his duty by arresting the offenders, irrespective of their status. Though hunting prevailed since the time of the early man, it was basically for his sustenance. Gradually with the advent of civilization, hunting activities ceased. History is replete with hunting activities carried out by the Kings and Monarchs. Hunting of Tigers and Lions was synonymous with their grandeur and they took pride in exhibiting their kill in their durbars. This tradition of the royalty was kept alive during the Colonial period also. In the modern era, with an increase in human population and never –ending greed of the human beings led to the killing of wild animals for various purposes. Its population has dwindled to an alarming extent and several species are on the verge of extinction.

So it was imperative for the government to enact laws to save them from further extinction .The wildlife (protection)Act was enacted in 1972,which deals with declaration of  national parks and wildlife Sanctuaries and their notification. It establishes the structure of the State’s wildlife management and the posts designed for wildlife movement. It provides for setting up of wildlife advisory board. It prohibits hunting of all animals specified in schedule I to IV of the Act. These are notified in order of their danger of extinction. The Amendment to the wildlife (protection) Act in 2002 is more stringent. It has altered several definitions. For instances, Fish are also included under animals.

An offender violating the provision of the act is punishable with imprisonment for a term, which may extend to 3 years or with a fine of Rs, 25,000 or with both. Any offence committed in relation to any animal, like the use of their meat or its parts like a trophy shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term not less than one year and may extend to six years and a fine of Rs, 25,000.In case of subsequent offence of the same nature, the term of imprisonment may extend to six years and not less than two years with a penalty of Rs, 10,000.

Despite the existence of these laws, hunting of wild animals still continues unabated. The matter of regret is that, such crimes are committed by even elite citizens and government officials. The recent news of a Doctor, Engineer, and Teacher along with other government employees being booked under the wildlife (protection) Act at Seijosa has brought to light this pastime of some officers, which is prevalent in most parts of the State. For instance, in Lohit District it has been noticed that some Officers and government employees are into hunting spree, as if it was their prerogative to do so. These wonderful creations of the God, right from the cute squirrels to elegant Deer and Antelopes has fallen prey to their bullets for their sadistic pastime.

Even the Aquatic eco-system is not spared. Villagers in the adjacent area of Tezu laments that some people resort to illegal means, such as poisoning the rivers with pesticides and explosives for a big catch. On condition of anonymity, a government employee once revealed that, the generator set meant for official use was used by his superiors for fishing purpose. (What a judicious use of a government asset!) One should realize that our state is endowed with rich flora and fauna, which is the envy of other states. So it should be our Endeavour to admire it and preserve it for posterity. These beautiful animals are the essentials components of the eco-system and we, human beings have got no moral or legal right to take their lives.


Suraj Tayang

Tezu (on email)



The arrest cast a doubt on the government and SIC team

Dear Editor,

The news of arrest of Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang has spread like wild fire in the state.

It would be wise that instead of arresting Apang the government should raise its voice against corruption. We have seen all round development in the state only due to his dynamic leadership. His arrest is only to damage his reputation as well as to harass the veteran leader.

The way Apang was arrested is not fair and it is direct insult to the people of Arunachal Pradesh as instead of arresting him, SIC team should have traced out the real culprits.

We voice our grievances against illegal arrest of Apang in the allege Multi crore PDS scam.

We demands immediate arrest of all the government employees involved in the case so that actual culprits can be booked and punished as per the law.

We demand the entire case should be handed over to CBI for further investigation so that the real culprits of the PDS Scam can be booked and punished.

The arrest of Apang is just like a pick and choose policy. We further demand that the investigating agency must prove its impartiality by arresting legislators, contractors, officers who directly or indirectly involved in the Scam.

The unprecedented arrest of Apang is glaring proof of corrupt governance of the party. The corruption level of Congress party in the state has reached to that extend that it will not spare even a fatherly person. The arrest cast a doubt on the government as well as the SIC team. It reflects the casual attitude of the Congress government towards such an important case having large public ramification.

It is most surprising to observe that in spite of several appeals by the various sections of people of Arunachal Pradesh/NGOs and Apang himself regarding handing over the case to CBI, government is reluctant and nor shown any position in this regards.

Delay on the part of government has cast doubt that there is foul play to harass the veteran leader.

We strongly appeal to the state government as well as people of state to wake up if they want to see golden era of Arunachal Pradesh and pursue the matter continuously to its logical conclusion.


Nuney Tayang


All Tayang Welfare Association



The biased NE media  

Dear Editor,

Nagaland has encroached upon around 24,635.83 hectares of land in the D-Sector, while about 18,365.74 hectares of Assam land has been grabbed by this neighbouring state in the A-Sector of the inter-state border, which is known also as the Diphu Reserve Forest. 60 per cent of the around 17,152 hectares of land in the Dakhin Nambar Reserve Forest called the B-Sector of the Assam-Nagaland border, is under the encroachment of Nagaland.  Naga miscreants set fire to the dwelling house of Powal Handique on the night of August 27. The miscreants also abducted a woman Mina Teron from the village, which falls in the D-Sector of the Assam-Nagaland border. Later, the women of the Mikir Basti Jyotipathar rescued Mina Teron. How will the newspapers in Nagaland report this? Or will it even report? Even if there is a report, the perspective will be from that of Nagaland. Here truth will be sacrificed for territorial expansion. Though the style of expansion of NSCN (IM) is very primitive in concept, the modern media of Nagaland never guides the public on the lines of fact.

On August 13, the Assam Police outpost under construction at Charaipung in Sivasagar district was demolished  by miscreants. They also assaulted the workers engaged in the construction of the outpost. The attackers claimed that the area belonged to Arunachal Pradesh, though it was far before the Teok river, which is the ‘status quo’boundary line between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Tension spread among the people of Charaipung after a shoot-out between Assam Police personnel and NSCN (K) militants on the evening of August 15, the Independence Day.  How will the newspapers in Arunachal Pradesh report this? The news story will be tilted towards Arunachal Pradesh.

Meghalaya is said to have encroached upon Langpih and Khanapara in Kamrup district.  How will the newspapers in Meghalaya report this issue? The blame will always be shifted on Assam.

On 29 August, 5 Nyishi men had an altercation with a Mising inhabited village over a marital discord between two families in two border villages, one in Arunachal Pradesh, the other in Assam. How did the media in Assam cover the incident? The personal clash between two families became an inter-state border problem.

The above examples should be taken up by the reporters, journalists, editors and other people associated with the media as a test to check and realize their integrity and unbiasedness in news reporting. Journalism should be non-biased. A true and honest journalist should not take sides and let public know the fact. Facts should be the object of worship and not the boundary expansion of the state. Irresponsible and biased reporting will cause further damage to the growing boundary disputes in north-east. Is it possible to organize workshops and training programmes to sensitize the mediapersons about the nuances of reporting in such conflict zones? Is it possible to bring the journalist fraternity of north-eastern states under a common platform and mould them into mature, responsible journalists and unbiased editors?

Yours etc.,

Molokhu, (on email)




Behaviors un-becoming of their stature

Dear Editor,

The recently concluded assembly session has proved the intentions of our politicians. It is evident from the proceedings that a lot of issues had been sidelined and their own personal issues were brought to the fore, when the rest of the state’s population is facing a lot of turmoil, all the legislators could think of was a rise in their own allowances.

There are numerous cases where a lot of workers are paid a pittance against the work they input and here our politicians are getting fatter pay packets all for nothing. There are also cases of not inducting personnel in to service due to non-availability of funds and yet the very politicians who promised these unemployed youths are out to make more money for themselves.

Our politicians’ behaviors are very un-becoming of their stature. Whatever little respect they commanded has all been washed down the drains of morality. What is the logic of the recent pay hikes in their salaries is beyond the comprehension of any sane thinking mind. It is for all to know the extent of corruption in our state and the way the politicians pocket the state funds and yet they are greedy as ever. Their hunger is never satiated. Don’t they have a little sense of shame left in them? Let that be an open question to all the politicians. What don’t they have that they want a pay rise? All the provisions that they enjoy at present are all at the expense of the state exchequer and yet they ask for more, just because the MP’s at the centre makes an issue and get away with it, our legislators like the tree dwelling mammals apes everything that happens in Delhi. They are a all bunch of circus clowns and the only thing they can best do is immitate Delhi.

There are instances when lower rung Govt. officials and workers haven’t been paid in due time their salaries and the reason being non availability of funds.  In the recent celebrations of teachers day across the state many politicians remarked the contribution of the educators and academicians and exalted their contribution to the society and many spoke of them as guardians of the society and yet when it comes to honoring them and their hardwork it is evidently shameful. They are paid pea nuts and that too, many never on time. Is this the gratitude shown for serving and shaping a society with the sweat of one’s brow? How deplorable.

Recently someone commented on the rash and undisciplined driving of the JNNURM buses in the capital city. The fault is not of the driver but of the agencies implementing the project. If a city has to be upgraded as according to the guidelines it is only but logical that infrastructures be created first to support the delivering medium. It is clearly logical that proper roads wide enough for the commutation and proper designates of bus stoppages have to be created for the smooth flow of traffic, but as is evident nothing is in order. What is exactly happening here?

Now as it is said action speaks louder than words let us all stand up for ourselves and act before its too late.

As a mark of protest let us all show our solidarity against the current dark situation by a candle light protest. Let us all light a candle in the open street at 10.00 PM on Friday the 10th sept.


exasperated , (on email)



Where talents has no place

Dear Editor,

While extending congratulations to the legislators for their allowances hike, I would like to ask the government through your daily if it would minimise the corruption prevalent in our state.

Other things like PDS scams etc aside I being a demoralised and a really, very very frustrated youth would like to ask if our youths would be given free and fair chance in competitive exams.

Even in SSA recruitment there's rampant nepotism and money play. Will the government explain the appointment of DRROs and DACOs etc? And there are posts like TIOs, AMDOs etc which have been given gazetted status just after some time of conducting its exams. There are also adhoc/contract appointments which are not known to people. After some time, they are regularized.

There are some people I’ve known who have no knowledge at all compared to youths like me and they are working as Officers in our government.

And there are well qualified and talented people who are underemployed or not at all employed (denied rather). It is often complained by the public and press that some government offices run with very few attendances of the staffs who are negligent, lazy and what not. Well, who are these staffs?  Who appointed them?

It is indeed frustrating, really very frustrating to know that the posts have already been discussed/distributed when you've just qualified for viva voice. In some, even before the written exams. What can one expect from staffs who are appointed like that? And it is demoralising to see some organizations trying to give some hope by pretending to fight against illegal appointments but they somehow remain silent later on.

We need sincere and hardworking people to take our state towards development and it can be done only by appointing able and deserving people through free and fair competition. It is useless to hope for that. Not at all! And people like me can just share my woes like I’m doing and remain ignorant just because there's no remedy.


A frustrated youth,

(on email)



Let there be more social workers who can take on the corrupt system

Dear Editor,

Nowadays PDS scam involving high profile politicians, businessman and bureaucrats including some IAS officers has been a burning topic and covering the headlines of almost all the newspapers. Added is the controversial arrest of former chief minister of the state,  Gegong Apang leading to dissatisfaction and suspicion among the public and condemned by several organizations. Some people consider it as a high profile scoop, a purely political vendetta while some are terming it as the opening of the Pandora’s box.

But, amidst all this, we forget to give credit to the ‘steel man’, who has fought tirelessly to unearth the fact behind the greatest scam in Arunchal’s history.

Bamang Anthony (Tago) has been working even before he filed the PDS PIL in 2004.

This visionary man had the courage to voice against the corruption without bothering the involvement of some high profile ministers and bureaucrats of the state who are the disguised gods of the state must be appreciated and honored.

We cannot deny the fact that the most of the corruption are being done openly.  Our present government is no exception. Who doesn’t know about illegal appointments, dealing in hydro power projects etc.

 But we cowards abstain from these issues. Few great souls have the courage and has started to fight against the corrupt system and we should be thankful and acknowledge their contributions. Bamang Anthony will be remembered in the history of Arunachal Pradesh. I hope, we will see more of these dynamic social workers in the near future.


B. Byania (on email)






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Lohit to celebrate International Literacy Day

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: A series of programmes involving students and other organizations have been planned as a part of the International Literacy Day across Lohit tomorrow.

The celebrations will be inaugurated by DC Lohit R.K. Sharma while the valedictory programme at Dimwe will be graced by Col. M. S. Bhagi, Commander, 48 BRTF.

The celebrations in Tezu, is being jointly organised by the Nehru Yuvak Kendra, Lohit Zilla Saksharata Samiti, VT-AWIC Youth Library Network, Lohit and the 48 BRTF. The programmes in the form of a day-long Literacy campaign will include presentation of inspiring skits on literacy, poetry recitation, story telling, painting contests, involving several Govt. school students, as well as display of youth magazines, literacy materials, and posters. Similar programmes are also being organised at Wakro by ASSET and APNE Library and at Lathao by the Lathao Youth Library, targeting the nearby villages. The entire campaign is aimed to sensitize the common man on the vital need for an empowering literacy and to promote a purposeful reading habit.


Workers Board lauds Govt

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam and All Arunachal Pradesh government Departmental Labours’ Union in separate releases appreciated Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for increasing the salaries of contingency, casual labours and auxiliary labour corps of the different departments of the Arunachal Pradesh.

Meanwhile, the AAPGDLU appealed the state government to implement the policy of regularization of casual and contingency labour of respective department and also appealed to the Horticulture, Power, PHE and Agriculture departments to release the bonus of employees of the respective department immediately.


AAPPTF meeting held

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation conducted its awareness meeting at Yingkiong recently under the chairmanship of its Secretary General Dobing Sonam.

Speaking on the occasion, Dobing advised all the drivers to keep their vehicle documents and driving license up to date.

Meanwhile, taking serious note on the dilapidated Yingkiong township road and the Yingkiong to Komkar block point he appealed the Local MLA and concerned department to renovate the township road immediately.

Briefing about the lack of proper Taxi/Auto stand within Yingkiong township, he  appealed the district administration to look into the matter and informed that the taxi auto fare would be increased due to increase in Petrol prices.

All the District executive body of the federation, vehicle owners and drivers attended the meeting.


District unit ANYA demands suspension of DDSE

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: All Nyishi Youth Association, Upper Subansiri District Unit in a letter to Chief Secretary appealed for suspension of DDSE Upper Subansiri District for alleged misappropriation of public money.

The association alleged that Panor has lifted CGI sheets and other material from DDSE Stores DIET building, Daporijo and shifted the materials to his private residence at Pasighat.  If he is authorized to continue as  DDSE, the education scenario of the district would deteriorate, it added.


Association calls for PDS items

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Arunachal Pradesh Fair Price Shop Dealers Association (APFPSDWA), in a memorandum, has appealed to the Food and Civil Supply Minister to supply PDS items, specially Rice, Kerosine and wheat, to the Capital city as per the actual allotment to meet the requirement.

Apprising the minister of the fact regarding acute shortage of Rice in the capital city, the FPS dealers association, in its memorandum said that rice being supplied to the twin capital cities of Itanagar and Naharlagun is only 6,700 quintals whereas the total allocation is 13,000 quantal. Likewise, twin city is receiving only 68 KL of Kerosine out of the total allocation of 153 KL. It also urged the Minister to increase the quota of allocation of PDS items for Itanagar and Naharlagun considering the ever increasing population.

It also appealed to the Minister to direct the authority concerned to employ only the efficient one in the post of district supply officers (DSO), and no administrative officers other than the DSO should be allowed to hold the charge of the same post, to ensure smooth and timely distribution of PDS items.


APATCYO raise voice against Ramesh visit

ITANAGAR, Sept 7:  Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization has also opposed the proposed visit of union minister for environment and forest, Jairam Ramesh, to Arunachal. It is to be noted that Ramesh had created fluttered sometime ago by espousing for Chinese experts to be employed in various hydropower project in Arunachal.


Assns demands transfer of Govt officials

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: The Nocte Youths Association (NYA) and Raja Nagar Youth Association have appealed the state Govt to transfer all Govt officials who already crossed their service tenure from Bordumsa subdivision and replace them with new officials.

Pointing out the unfortunate incident of Aug 23 last at Bordumsa, the Association in a complaint letter to chief secretary alleged that Singpho leaders and some Govt officials are responsible for such unlawful activities on that day.

On their way to peace meet on Aug 23 at Bordumsa ADC chamber, the public leaders of Ranjanagar area received information about possible mob attack and they were later detained by the security personnel, Association claimed.



Forum appreciates Padung

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Arunachal Artiste Forum appreciated Delong Padung, the director of Yaken ke binyat for promoting the indigenous culture of Adi Community.


Cooperation lauded

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union conducted its lottery draw which was held in aid of the union fund and CBSE topper felicitation programme.

The Union appreciated Panchayat leaders, officers and public of Kurung Kumey district for their cooperation.



ITANAGAR, Sept 7: Rank and file of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee expressed deep shock at the sudden demise of Nabam Ampi, who died at Nyorch village on September 7 after sudden illness.

APCC prayed to the almighty god for the eternal peace of the departed soul and to bestow enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss.


Monitor schemes

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: All Upper Subansiri District Gram Shabha Coordination Committee has appealed the Govt agencies and panchayat leaders to strictly monitor the BRGS schemes for 2010.


Committee demands street light

ITANAGAR, Sept 07: Banderdewa Bazar Welfare Committee in a letter to Deputy Commissioner Capital Complex said that police personnel are facing problems in ILP checking during night hours at Banderdewa Check gate.

It appealed to the DC to sanction fund for Halogen Street light at Banderdewa Check Gate immediately.


SMC committee constituted

ITANAGAR, Sept 07: Government Primary School, Romy Colony, School Managing Committee has been constituted with Dindo Tassuk and In-charge head master Lido Bagra as Chairman and Member Secretary respectively.


ASM appeals for relief fund

ITANAGAR, Sept 07: ASM of Challo anchal segment under Chambang circle highlighting the grievances of public due to heavy land slide and flood in Gai-I, Tirpu Challo and Nyomi village appealed the state government and local MLA to extend their help to the villagers and also to release relief fund to the victims immediately.

It further appealed to PWD department to initiate immediate steps to clear the Dire to Chambang road.


Teachers’ day

ITANAGAR, Sept 07: Staff and students of Government Higher Secondary School, Seijosa observed teachers’ day on September 5 last.

On the occasion Principal T Ete briefed the biography of Dr S Radhakrishnan and also highlighted about the role of teachers.

On September 04, the students conducted mock teaching and  Class XII student Nakdang Wage was selected as best teacher.


ASBA to felicitate Laa Talar

ITANAGAR, Sept 7: The Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA) has congratulated 15 year old shuttler Laa Talar  for bringing laurels to the state partnering M Saitanuj of Andra Pradesh by winning the gold in  U-16 category in 20th Krishna Khaitan Memorial All India Junior Ranking Badminton tournament held at Chandigarh yesterday.   

ASBA, in its executive body meeting today decided to honour Laa Talar as and when he back to the home state.


Awards for SCIC

ITANAGAR: Friendship Forum of India has decided to award Bharat Excellence Award, India Gold Award and Gold Medal Award besides North Eastern Golden Personalities Award to State Chief Information Commissioner Nyodek Yonggam.


Siang water level recedes

PASIGHAT: The water level of the River Siang  which touched the danger mark due to incessant rain for last three days is now coming down.

On Sunday the river water was flowing 11 cm above the dander level. However, the WRD and RRD which were on high alert today confirmed that the water level has come down to 153.4 Meters. (DIPRO)


Export Awareness workshop

ITANAGAR: Department of Trade and Commerce in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Export Organisation, Kolkata is going to organize a one-day export awareness workshop at Conference hall of tourism directorate here on Sept 9.

Finance Minister Setong Sena has consented to grace the occasion as chief guest.


APYC dissolved

ITANAGAR: Indian Youth Congress dissolved the Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress Committee with immediate effect, according to a release issued by IYC permanent secretary Nitin Sharma.


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