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September - 13



We would like to have an answer

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the news item "Upper Subansiri ATA clarifies" published on your esteemed daily on 12-09-2010. Being a native and permanent resident of Upper Subansiri, it came as a huge shock to me to learn that a "compromise" has been arrived to regarding the issue of the alleged corruption by the DDSE and it has been left to the imaginations of the readers as to what the "compromise" might have been. It is an open secret to every student and resident of Upper Subansiri that the DDSE had diverted the materials meant for the district to his hometown which was detected at the check posts also. Now we are left to wonder as to how the Hon'ble ministers and the panchayat leaders are empowered to compromise a case of corruption, misappropriation and embezzlement of the public property and why are the Education Minister and the PR minister so interested in such a issue when there are issues of importance to the state that need their attention? Maybe these leaders should don the uniform of the police and go around doing compromises whenever there is embezzlement of public money and property. The report also read that students were also present during the "compromise".

Now, we would like to know who these students were, was it the ATSU, AUSDSU, ANYA or ANSU, who were they? I don’t know about ANSU or the ANYA, but I would like to ask my brethrens in the ATSU and AUSDSU, that how can they allow a compromise to happen? And doesn't the report of compromise with the students reflect a very sorry image for them? We, Tagins have always been considered as backward, and the reasons lie in non-availability of opportunities and measures.

Now these types of rampant corruptions are one of the reasons that explain our ignorance and attitude. So, are the All Tagin Student's Union and All Upper Subansiri Student's Union are also of the opinion that the matter should not be pursued? It is a question that I believe all the people of Upper Subansiri would like to know and we would be glad to have an answer.


Duge Soki, (on email)



Government’s arbitrary decision will not be tolerated

Dear Editor,

The decision to grant Permanent Residential Certificate to the non-APST residing in Lohit and Changlang Districts is shocking and arbitrary.

The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh has committed yet another blunder.  While taking such a big decision which would have serious repercussion, the government did not think it appropriate to consult the people. The Government must implement developmental scheme, promote beneficiary polices, but not at the cost of local people.

The people of Lohit and Changlang have been inflicted with many problems including atrocities of refugees, undergrounds outfits and of late the issuing of PRC to Non-APST. Government seems to have forgotten that a spark neglected can burn a house.

The tribes of Lohit and Changlang District will fight tooth and nail, if the government fails to roll-back its orders.  

We have tolerated many anti-people polices of the irresponsible govt. for the past many decades, but now it’s the time to fight the un-tolerable.



Soliu Ngadong (on email)



Implement govt decision on Head Load Carriage

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter of ex-ASM Chera Siro published in this daily on Sept 11.

First of all I would like to clarify that on public demand, the state Govt. had approached FCI and the Centre for air dropping of PDS commodities. The FCI in turn referred to its notified guidelines and explained its inability to bear the air-freight charges for airdropping of PDS commodities, instead issued notification for head load carriage system in respect of PDC Damin and Vijaynagar by fixing the rate at Rs. 125 per Quintal/Km in the year 2007.

In compliance with the notification of FCI, the state Govt. streamlined the transportation system.

Further on demand of the elected legislature, PRIs, Govt. agencies and general public of all head load areas, the state Govt. in its recent notification has also approved Head Carriage System in respect of PDC Damin and Vijaynagar by continuing the air dropping system of ERC to CPO centers.

Therefore, the voice being raised by the vested people from road head areas, knowing nothing about the reality of the problem of head load areas are baseless and politically motivated.

I, on behalf of the PRIs of the Kurung Kumey district resolve to co-operate with the Govt. approval on reintroduction of PDS Head Load Carriage System and request the authority concerned for early implementation of Govt decision.


Pisa Gunia

Zilla Parishad


Kurung Kumey district



Govt should grant prosecution sanction for PDS accused

Dear Editor,   

When the 19 people including 4 MLAs arrested on PDS scam were released on bail earlier, the former Chief Minister Gegong Apang was sent to 14 days Police remand by the North Lakhimpur special session Court in the PDS scam.  

SIC IO SP Chauhan informed the media that those arrested persons were granted bail by the then judge of the special court Yupia. On the other hand, the then judge of the special court said his name should not be dragged unnecessarily and clarified that the IO did not seek police remand for interrogation.

Now the question arise under what circumstances those 19 people were granted bail while the former chief minister was sent to police remand in the same PDS case.

Why the Govt is not granting prosecution sanction with regard to 44 Government employees. Why all those involved in this multicrore PDS scam are not arrested yet?

I think there should be an enquiry committee to find out answers to all these questions and the reasons for granting bail to the accused.

In Arunachal Pradesh very often dreaded criminals arrested by police are granted bail.  Such act demoralizes the police personnel and it is one of reasons for increasing crime rate in Arunachal Pradesh.

Sometimes, the police personnel and law makers are also breaking the laws.  It is seen that traffic police violate the traffic rules, while some police officers, MLAs and administrators use red lights violating the rules and guidelines.


Rab Kara Jeel

Dev. Village Sagalee,

Papum Pare District



Govt’s partial treatment

Dear Editor,

It remains a mystery as to why some organizations oppose when we speak for our pie. Has not we got any right to ask for something which is due for us? Are we being punished for doing good work, or being politically lame?

We would be glad to hear if somebody pinpoints what kind of developmental activities took place in Ziro valley till date. Yes, there is one private college -- St Claret and few good schools like VKV but all these were built with public contribution.  Someone may mention about the DC office, few Govt schools and hospital. But do they really come under Govt. developmental initiatives?

The present grievances are not because Polytechnic is going to be shifted out. Rather it’s the cumulative effect of all the step-motherly attitude of Govt.

So, I, once again, would like to appeal the present Govt. to consider autonomous council to Ziro valley. So, at least aam admi like us won’t feel that we are being punished for doing good work.



Niti Vihar, On mail



Demand for a cause

Dear Editor,

This is vis-a vis the demand of new district and its related controversies. The people  involved in denying the District and its headquarter at Nari or Likabali area may divulge the true objective behind their demand.

The demand for HQ at Nari or Likabali area is loud and clear; to have an Accessible Administration for the poor people at the interstate boundary having manifold problems due to distant location of District Hq. Hence all thinking heads should support the cause and give justice to the genuine demands of common mass.


An aggrieved citizen

RGU, (on email)




Illegal appointments

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate NCP for their outstanding attempt to uproot corruption in the state including various government departments where the unqualified and incompetent persons are holding various post without facing examination & thus depriving the talented and competent youths. In the department of ‘Labour & employment’, ‘Relief, rehabilitation & disaster management’ also, there are many illegally appointed Labour officers & Relief officers. The post of Labour officer is of grade B officer and the post is to be filled up through competitive examination by APPSC. These incumbents should remember that they’re not competent & were not recruited through open competition, so should keep low attitude.

It is my earnest request to the state opposition party to look into these departments as well.


An aggrieved citizen

RGU, (on email)



Individual versus collective

Dear Editor,

This is apropos " Get to common platform" by Mr. Jumli Rina which appeared on Sept 11 in your daily. I fully agree with him. We are too much with "me and mine" mentality. Both the committee should sit together and find an amicable solution which seeks general benefit of the community. The government has been very kind to us by giving us a district among many such demands pending. Instead of thanking the govt., we are giving them much headache. Unless we shed this kind of mentality, the Galos will not have a collective growth. Of course, individual growth is possible and it is happening also.


E Basar (on email)

on email



Seek fund for the roads

Dear Editor,

It is nice to see the local MLA Newlai Tingkhatra expressing his concerned for the road conditions of his constituency, through Reader’s Forum.

However our MLA could have maintained the Safaikati-Kanubari road during his minister ship instead of using bulldozer to make roads in tea garden.  It would have been better to maintain the road as it is the life line of his people.

DOTC fund could have been utilized for this circle but it has been used mostly to please the politically linked contractors without any visible output. Many a time’s underground elements are being blamed for low quality works whereas in fact it is something else.

Therefore Honorable MLA, it is not too late to pray for funds for the roads, although you could have done it earlier when you had more power and more sources.  All the best.

Yours concern citizen (on email)



We don’t have patience of Buddha’s dimension

Dear Editor,

District Demand Action Committee (DDAC), Basar’s statement which was carried in some sections of the local media has necessitated this respond. We will not be repetitive, nor will we be party to the nefarious design of the DDAC Basar to ignite needless media frenzy out of the issue. Lest our position be misunderstood, since that has been the covert attempt of some few, we would once again like to put things in most proper perspective possible within a minimum space.

Our highest forum viz Galo Welfare Society (GWS) called a historic consultative meeting comprising of delegates from DDAC Basar, DDJAC Likabali and Nari-Koyu, senior citizen including the executive body of GWS on Sept 9. The initiative was praise worthy to give a platform to express the grievances of both the parties before the parent body. But to the utter surprise and dismay without considering the integrity and maintaining minimum dignity required to the highest forum the DDAC Basar did not turn up. This is just one that we are quoting from the many instances of our effort for amicable settlement. It is pertinent to mention that the people of Basar were signatory to all the Bane Keba, review meeting and finally submission of memo to Chief Minister which they never objected on those occasions which shows their contradictory stand.

“Committee Demands Basar as Headquarter”, goes the heading in their press release. True, no one is interested in making a case out of that. If Basar gets a new district-read Leppa Rada district- let the headquarter be in Basar, as they are demanding.

What we repeat, and once again would like to state clearly is that there should not be an iota of confusion regarding our long pending demand for ‘Lower Siang’ District. The two demands are poles apart. We request the DDAC, Basar not to fire their ill-packed bullets from our shoulder.

Their demand-one point memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister during election last time- speaks of a Leppa Rada district. And the consent of the people of 28th Likabali was never sought, as is being tried to project in their press release. The record speaks volumes about the existence of demand for creation of a new District comprising of two Constituencies which has already been submitted to the print media for ready reference. We have been actively engaged in a movement for a separate district for 28 Likabali and 36 Nari-koyu since decades. Basar should not try to hijack our issue. Instead, they need to focus on their demand only.

The DDAC, Basar also allows for any other name for their district. Why not they stick to their Leppa Rada? We are not going to be tempted by offer of change of nomenclature of their district. Also, names of eminent leaders like late Tomo Riba and late Todak Basar should not be cheaply dragged into this; they were leaders of such stature whose legacy spreads across the state. By the same token, the DDAC Basar needs to ponder and understand that by their very acts of deceitful opportunism, they are risking the very image of the whole people of Basar.

One should not play to the ill-informed advice of a vested few to tarnish the good image of larger community.

Finally, we again clarify that our demand is for creation of Lower Siang district comprising of 28 Likabali and 36 Nari-Koyu only. If other people have similar aspiration for a new district, they need to fight out on their own. Much damage has been done to our cause already; we do not need to say that we don’t have patience of Buddha’s dimension.


Sengo Taipodia


District Demand Joint Action Committee





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Government decision on grant of PRC to non-APST draws flack

ITANAGAR, Sept 12:  The recent decision by government of Arunachal Pradesh to issue Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts is fast turning into a highly emotive one. Already All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has given 20 days ultimatum to state government to cancel this order, failing which it has threatened to launch massive agitation throughout the state.

According to reports, indigenous people of both the district are absolutely furious with this decision and there is a feeling of being betrayed by state government.

Talking to this reporter one resident of Tezu told over the phone, “We had suffered enough due to the refugee problem. Today Chakma has become majority in many areas of Lohit and Changlang districts. This all happened due to wrong policy of our government. This decision of issuing PRC to non-APST people has added to the misery of Lohit and Changlang residents.”

Meanwhile today All Mishmi Students Union (AMSU) of Lohit and Anjaw District came out strongly against state government decision to issue PRC to non-Arunachalee people residing in Lohit and Changlang. In a memorandum written to state Chief Secretary Tabom Bam, two unions stated that decision of government is a gross violation of rights of the bonafide tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh and it is against the provision of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873.

Further they informed that no consent has been taken from the local people of two districts before any decision was taken in this regard and they termed the decision as Illegal and against the interest of the local inhabitants of Lohit and Changlang.

AMSU has appealed to the government of Arunachal Pradesh to look into this serious matter and immediately withdraw the order for issuing of PRC to NON-APST people. It is to be mentioned that large hectare of land has been under the possession of refugees within Lohit and Changlang, if the PRC is issued, then it will give a right to the refugees.

AMSU further stated that outsiders who are coming from various state of India and presently residing within these two districts will get double benefit as many of them hailing from other states have Permanent resident certificate in their native home places as well.


Tahjam Wangjen, the hero of Shimhokho losses battle with life

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: After battling for life for nearly a month, Tahjam Wangjen, who had suffered injury due to firing by Assam police on August 15 last at Shimhokho in Kanubari sub-division, breathed his last early this morning.

Tahjam Wangjen, 37, was undergoing treatment at AMC hospital, Dibrugarh and underwent a major surgery on August 20 last. However, the lone son of his parents and father of five children could not recover from the injuries he had sustained and finally collapsed at 7.15 this morning.

He is survived by his old father, wife and four daughters and a son.

Meanwhile, soon after the news of demise of Tahjam spread, hundreds of people have started thronging Kamkuh Rusa. The district administration also started taking precautionary measures while the Tirap SP Paldan immediately rushed to Kamkuh Rusa to ensure peace and tranquility in the area in the wake of the demise of Tahjam.

The mortal remains of the deceased are being brought late this evening to Kamkuh Rusa escorted by teams of Assam and Arunachal police.

Late Tahjam would be laid to rest at his native village, Kamkuh Rusa, tomorrow. Hundreds of people from neighbouring villages are expected to arrive to bid adieu to a young man “who died for his land and his people”. In keeping with the tradition of the Wanchos, the deceased is also likely to be proclaimed a martyr (Nawmai).

Meanwhile, the Launu Circle People’s Forum has mourned the demise of Tahjam and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul. The panchayat leaders of Launu circle also expressed grief over the demise and prayed for giving enough strength to the bereaved members of the family to overcome the irreparable loss.

However, the LCPF and the panchayat leaders condemned the Assam police for firing upon innocent people leading to the death of Tahjam Wangjen.

“The media in connivance with the Assam police is responsible for the death of Tahjam”, they lamented adding that the deceased was branded as NSCN cadre due to which timely medical assistances were not provided to the critically injured victim and thus precious time was lost.


Students renovate hostel

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: The boarders of the MIBT Boys hostel of Govt. Middle School Laptap heaved a great sigh of relief as their hostel, which was in a dilapidated condition for years due to lack of maintenance, has been renovated by All Sagalee Students’ Union (ASSU) in collaboration with All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) and Toru Circle Students’ Union (TCSU) on self-help basis yesterday.

Over 160 students from GHHS Toru, Govt Middle School, Laptap, teachers, executive members of APPDSU, ASSU and TCSU actively took part in the social service.

ASSU expressed gratitude to NCP state unit vice president Tad Tana, Toru Anchal Chairperson Tana Yadum, Ex-ASM Pawer Panchayat Teli Duli, APPDSU president, AAPSU finance secretary for extending physical as well as moral support to make the social service a grand success.


CJI recommends transfer of 20 HC judges

New Delhi, Sept 12: Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia, in a strong bid to cleanse the stables of Indian judiciary of the black sheep, has recommended to the Union Government to transfer 20 High Court judges in public interest.

This is the second highest number of judges whose transfer have been recommended in one go. The former Chief Justice of India M N Venkatachaliah had ordered the transfer of 50 High Court judges during his tenure in 1993.

Justice Kapadia had indicated even before taking over as Chief Justice of India that there will be zero tolerance for corruption and judicial misconduct in the judiciary.

Though in his letter to the Chief Justices of concerned High Courts, the CJI has not given any specific reasons for recommending the transfer of 20 judges but he has mentioned that the 20 judges are being transferred in public interest.

Justice Kapadia has also written letters to the judges concerned seeking their preferences of the High Courts to which they would like to be shifted.

The decision of mass transfer of judges has been taken by the Supreme Court Collegium headed by the CJI.

The Collegium also includes four other senior most judges of the Supreme Court,e Justices Altamas Kabir, R V Raveendran, Dalveer Bhandari and D K Jain.

Former CJI Venkatachaliah had introduced a transfer policy under which a judge appointed from the Bar quota will not remain in the High Court in which he/she has been practising as a lawyer and the judges promoted from the service quota were also supposed to be shifted to another High Court on the elevation as High Court judge.

Transfer policy adopted by former CJI Venkatachaliah, which was aimed at minimising corruption in judiciary, does not seem to have been seriously pursued by his successors.

The Supreme Court collegium under Justice Kapadia is trying to enforce the transfer policy after 17 years.

The recommendations of the Collegium will now be considered by the Union Law Ministry and President Prathibha Devisingh Patil will finally sign the warrants of the transfers on the recommendation of the Union Cabinet.


Give contract works to unemployed youth: APYF

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum (APYF) appealed to the State Government as well as various work departments to award contract works to unemployed youths who are running from pillar to post  for a job.

Being unemployed, most of our local youths are facing financial problem and providing them with contract works and other jobs will not only help them financially but also help reduce unemployment problem in the state, said APYF in its release.

While taking serious note of releasing payment to contractors against their uncompleted works by various departments, the Youth Forum demanded authority concerned of such departments to refrain from such illegal activity which is hampering development. Payment should be released only after physical verification of the work and on receipt of completion certificate issued by the concerned authority, it said.

The Forum also strongly demanded arrest of all persons involved in PDS scam.

Meanwhile, the Forum appointed Kipa Tara as vice president and Kipa Gungha and Timi Hui as chief advisers of the Forum’s Western and Eastern Zone respectively.


3rd Nyishi Idol-2010

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: The 3rd Nyish Idol-2010 was formally declared open at  Nikum Niya Hall, Nirjuli today.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the programme as chief guest local MLA Techi Kasso said the judges of the talent show should not depend on the votes of  public, instead they should choose the real and talented singers from among the  participants. While recalling the contribution of legendary singers like Techi Mecha, Taw Gumshi, Tassar Teshi, Nicham Sonam,  the MLA  said Nyishi Idol is the right platform for the budding artiste of Nyishi community to  perform.

State unit NCP Youth president Techi Jems and Doimukh Anchal chairperson Nabam Vijay would attend the elimination round as chief guest and guest of honour at the same venue on Sept 13.


Consultative meet decides to abide by GWS resolution

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: During a Joint Consultative Meeting called by the Galo Welfare Society (GWS) under the Chair of its President, Jarjum Ete, it was suggested by all most all the participants that the resolution passed at 7th Bane Keba held in Aalo in January 2008 regarding Creation of Lower Siang District should be upheld by the GWS and it should have no objection to the Creation of another district called Lepa Rada as per the political commitment made by Chief Minister during his visit to Basar on 10th Dec. 2008.

The members of District Demand Action Committee (DDAC), Basar did not attend the meeting; instead they gave a regret letter expressing their inability to attend due to unavoidable circumstances.

In meeting was called do away the doubts, misunderstanding and confusion that has arisen amongst the Galos of the foothills and those of Basar-Tirbin areas in connection with Creation of Lower Siang District.


APLS mission

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: True to its ‘mission’ – providing the much-desired platform to the budding talents, the Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) today had the 16th literary sitting in its series at the premises of J N State Museum here.   

The session, chaired by Dr Pekba Ringu, witnessed the poet in Jamuna Bini of RGU reciting her self-composed poem ‘Ayodhya Vivad’. R N Koley, Assistant Director (Culture) read out an enriching article titled ‘Behind the names’ - on naming pattern of Adis.

Dr Pekba Ringu gave an interpretation of self-composed English fiction - ‘Ow! Wow!! Woow!!! – An Arunachali Romantic Story 2010’, enlivening the natural instinct of the gathering for a moment.  

The meeting also had the participation of Ajanta, Dr S K Ghosh, Tamik Makcha and Jumpi Makcha, among others.


Pay via individual account: teachers

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhyan Teachers’ Association, Kurung Kumey District extended supports to the demands of Arunachal Teachers’ Association, Kurung Kumey District Unit’s for payment of Teachers Salary through SBI individual account and appealed to the state government for early regularization of SSA Teachers on seniority basis.

However, it expressed resentment over the demands for appointments of BRCC, CRCC and District Coordinators from regular teachers only and claimed that some of the SSA Teachers are well qualified and efficient to function as BRCC, CRCC and District Coordinators.

It appealed to the ATA Kurung Kumey district not to segregate SSA teachers as  SSA and Regular teachers belongs to same community and the nature of the duty is also same.


LWS contributes to flood affected

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: Lokam Welfare Society (LWS) has contributed Rs.20,000 to the flood affected Lokam people of Chimpu on September 10. The society urged the State Government to grant immediate relief to the victims as per gravity of damages caused to them.




ITANAGAR, Sept 12: Galo Welfare Society (GWS) has condoled the death Late Senmo Riba who died on Sept 10. He was suffering from age related ailments since last couple of months and was undergoing treatment at Guwahati and Itanagar. His body was cremated yesterday at Basar.

A very humble person and a true gentle man with a penchant for smiling and sharing jokes, late Senmo Riba is survived by his wife, four sons and two daughters, GWS said in a message."

After his graduation in Arts from JNC Pasighat, he joined as Field Publicity Officer in the central service of Directorate of Field Publicity under the Ministry of I&B in 1971.

He retired from the post of officiating Jt. Director in 2008.



ITANAGAR, Sept 12: Taw Singkam has been selected as chairman cum general secretary of All Siyum Youth Club.


SMC appointment opposed

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: Some section of Romi colony reacting at the appointment of Dindo Tassuk as chairman School management committee of the government primary school, Romi said that the appointment was made without consultation with the colony president and SMC chairman.

It further extending the tenure of present school management committee, Chairman Lendang Tangum derecognized the recent appointment.


ASM appeals

ITANAGAR, Sept 12: Anchal Samiti Member (ASM) of Rumbang segment under Chambang CD block of Kurung Kumey district Puji Sangte appealed to the Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner and Director of Panchayat Raj to look into the inordinate delay in distribution of CGI sheets to various beneficiaries.


State Open Badminton C’ship

ITANAGAR: Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA) has decided to conduct State Badminton Open Championship, 2010 from October Six to 10 at Raj Bhawan Badminton Hall here.

The Championship would be held for different age categories, including U-13, U-16, U-19 for both Boys and Girls, Senior Open for Men and Women, sub-veteran (35 yrs +) and veteran (45 yrs +).

The tournament aims at tapping hidden badminton talents of the State and exposing them at national and international level.

A 10-member Organizing Committee headed by Tame Phassang has been constituted for smooth conduct of the championship.


DFG, AUFC win in Summer Cup Football

ITANAGAR: DFC grounded GHSS, Polo Colony 6-0 while AUFC beat Game Zone 2-0 in preliminary matches of the 2nd Summer Cup Invitation Football Championship played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

Today’s matches

MVFC vs FC Senki Valley, 2 pm

BTFC vs SLSA, 4 pm


Vote for Teji

ITANAGAR: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) while congratulating Toko Teji for entering seminal of “India’s Got Talent Khoj-2” reality show aired in Colors channel, urged people of Arunachal to vote for boy wonder Teji. Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum and Unemployed Arunachalee Engineer’s Association (UAEA) has also urged people to vote for Toko Teji. One can vote for him by messaging TT to 56882.


Death anniversary

ITANAGAR: On Sept 10, the 442nd death anniversary of  Jagat Guru Sankar Deva was observed at Bomdila in befitting manner. More than 700 disciples and others irrespective of castes and Community attended the ceremony at Kristi Kala Bhavan at Bomdila including the Deputy Commissioner R.Tashi, Superintendent of Police S B Tamang and former Minister  Japu Deru. The day long programme came to an end with Cultural show on Guru's work.