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September - 14



It is not a right decision

Dear Editor,

The decision of govt to grant Permanent Residential Certificate to Non-APST in Changlang and Lohit district will be a gross violation of right of the local people. If the govt. has given the decision due to the consent given by the local MLAs of the two districts then it is not true aspiration of the people of the district. The MLAs and Ministers of the district only care for vote given by Non-APST. The people of this two district are already facing so many problems viz refugees, unemployment, insurgency. Why to invite one more problem. The non-APST people who resides in this district is accessing every nook and corner of the district and doing business. This law will empower the Non-APST people of the district to own the business and will one day own our land like British East India Company. This menace will not confine to our district only but will spread to whole of Arunachal Pradesh someday. Are our leaders shortsighted? The laws are made by people sitting in Delhi and implemented here. Is there any law maker from our state who could have opposed such law in its nascent stage? And Yes our Governor who advocates for empowerment of the people of the region how he could betray us by giving his consent as he has the power to return it. We will not compromise on anything other than cancelling of the order. If we have to give blood to save our land we will give it but will not compromise on the issue.


A concerned citizen, (on email)



Wangjen’s sacrifice will not go in vain

Dear Editor,

Tahjam Wangjen, an Idol for Arunachalee brothers and sisters fighting for their rights for the last many decades. His sacrifice will never go in vain. All the Arunachalees should always keep alive in our heart the light ignited by his sacrifice to fight against the wrong doers. We the people of Arunachal have to fight in our own to save our motherland until Political parties think above politics and Organisations avoid publicity game. Wake up friends for the sake of the peace and safety.

It was very heinous on the part of the forces to term him an extremist and deprived of early medical treatment. Dont they know an extremist will never stand up to save his motherland.

And the economic blockade by various organisations of Assam was another act of atrocity. Instead of dialogue, they tried to create a gap between peoples in the either sides of the border.


Karsen B(on email)




Why is govt in a hurry?

Dear Editor,

I would like to know from the government why they are so hurried and enthusiastic in granting PRC to non APST without the consent of people of Arunachal. Instead we need lots of development in the state. By granting PRC to non APST, will Arunachal rapidly develop? I don’t think so. It will only end the role of APST in every aspect of life. All the people of Arunachal should come together and raise their voice against the government decision and save Arunachal Pradesh.


Ejum Riram (on email)




Support the students’ demand

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to All Changlang District Students Union and All Lohit Students Union demand for the cancellation of Govt. decision of giving PRC to non-APST in the two districts dated sept.12.

I on behalf of Rajiv Gandhi University Tirap-Changlang Student's union (RGUTCSU) strongly support the genuine decision taken by the apex students union of the two districts. This is a very serious matter so far the rights of the indigenous are concerned.

Besides I appeal the civil organisation, the college students union and community based student's union to support the demands of the students of the two districts.


Wangsu Lowang,


Rajiv Gandhi University Tirap-Changlang Student's union (RGUTCSU)



Living a monitored life

Dear Editor,

Apropos “Living a monitored life” by Tongam Rina published on Sept 8, it was a nice read. It was eloquent as usual. The state Govt. nodal agency can certainly handle the quality aspect also. 5% of major projects would be an enormous sum especially if we take into account our capacity to generate resources on our own. But who bothers? All are happy at the end of day.

But regarding the tax payer issue, I agree in principle but I seem to have a more optimistic view. Being a part of India, we are entitled to a share of the national resources. All the constituents of Indian Union may not be contributing much by the way of tax to the central exchequer. Though, it doesn’t mean that we can splurge on the precious resources meant for development aspect of people. In ideal case we could have spent the precious plan allocation in generation of world class infrastructure. With sound infrastructure there will be better avenue for growth in other economic activity which in turn will generate employment. We can dream of a state which can even contribute to national tax revenue. Or at least we can become a self sufficient state which doesn’t wholly depend on central assistance.


A citizen,

(on email)



Say no to Dam; Save Siang Bridge

Dear Editor,

People who depend on the Siang Bridge especially Mebo circle are finally free from rush hour. Earlier, they had to wake up early in the morning for shopping, medical cases, business etc to go to Pasighat. Even after they reached Pasighat their mind were not in peace as they had to hurry in order to go back to their home, because the Ferry at Siang river used to close after 6 p.m. And in the summer season when the water volume rises they couldn't go to Pasighat which was called by the people as off-season. During those days few people who ran the Ferries would fill their boats as much as they could, not as much as the boat could. Few years back some people lost their near and dear ones, and some were badly injured because of boat mishap, but they said that it was technical mistake, and then slowly the matter became silent. Unwillingly the long waited Siang Bridge has been completed by Gammon after 23 years. One of my friends is exact age to the bridge and she has completed her graduation before the bridge was completed. Now Siang Bridge is not less than a soul to thousands of people. Will the people of Mebo circle, still remain silent when all the others are fighting for their future? Yes, I am talking about the construction of dam in Siang river. What if the dam is constructed and tomorrow the dam is broken due to technical mistake again, then will our soul still stand in the same place? Will we able to wait another twenty-three years again? So, I am requesting my friends from that area to please fight for our soul at the right time, by supporting those who are fighting against the dam. Or do we want to go back to the 'Ferry-life' again?

Look closely at some of those people who are supporting the dam construction mission. Their life style has changed, from bicycle to a motor cycle, motor cycle to a car. Or will the Jaypee give us cars with wings to cross the mighty Siang if anything goes wrong? We should always remember that nothing can replace our Siang Bridge, so I request all to say no the dam and save Siang bridge.


J. Nung Yirang

Siluk (on email)



Our posterity will never condone us

Dear Editor,

Hats off to APPSU for opposing the government’s arbitrary and unwise decision to grant PRC to the Non-APST Citizens of Lohit and Changlang Districts, residing prior to 1968.The government’s decision is a violation of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation of 1873 and is a betrayal to the Indigenous Citizens of the State. We are aggrieved by the step motherly treatment meted out to the locals of these two Districts. Unfortunately the Government will be opening the Pandora’s Box, if the latest order of the government comes into force.

Fortunately, APPSU has blown the trumpet. Now the leaders, intellectuals and Students Unions of the Districts must wakeup from their slumber. It is the need of the hour for us to rise above political affiliation and fight tooth, and nail against this Anti-APST decision. The Citizens of other Districts are requested to express solidarity for our concern by opposing the government’s order, which if not revoked will have serious political ramification in the future. Otherwise, for this Himalayan blunder of ours, our posterity will never condone us.


Suraj Tayang,

(on email), Tezu



If problems were the questions, we are the answer

Dear Editor,

The singular focus of our society towards getting education for their children is to deliver them to nearby towns and cities. Little do the parents and the society know that real education begins at home and how a child, unable to integrate into the community fail to relate to most of the priceless rural ways of living ever after. Worse, little does the child comprehend how his identity has been swallowed up by the alien culture he unknowingly imbibed.

“ Be a Roman in Rome”. Fine but what prevents a regulated child raised by an educated parents to articulate even his own tongue when he in his own home town? Pray! They are not the less Arunachalee anyway. If at all basic knowledge of one’s own culture and tradition accounts for a personal identity without which, he holds an invalid passport, then he is either only a genetically Arunachalee, nothing more or his identity remains obscure, nothing less.

If society wants to see its values, principles and traditions come alive in their children, a child brought up in an accepting Arunachalee environment has the answer. As his love and concern towards the society is aptly registered, despite the stature he acquires in the later years he would proudly wear Arunachalee label, “ Made in Arunachal Pradesh ”. The urge to return to his root safety insured.

The students are unequivocally inflicted with the pressure of getting a job above everything. Then the employees bid village and work elsewhere, somewhere outside Arunachal Pradesh, beyond the reach of the common man. But they appear ten feet taller when they seek the badge of honor in the gruesome “ Operational Bluebird ” ; the incident depicts the clear picture of the above statement propounded. Society measures you at the yard stick of your job and the financial position without knowing that the layman in the village serves the society better than any gazetted officers working elsewhere. What is the use of being in a higher position if they cannot perceive further than their own Himalayan belly? Don’t they feel marginalized when their voice is not heard in the society in spite of their official ranking. Here is our adage, would you go for a cat’s head or lion’s tail.

Prevailing economic situation undoubtably has induced us to negotiate our future and force us to land up anywhere, but humble ourselves to this pressure by compromising our talent and potentiality seems rather costly; appending the materialistic influence upon the youngster’s mindset advocates the features of stagnating society.

If problems were the questions, we are the answer. Following the dictate today, competing and contesting among the educated for the lowest post of any union/ association in other society is a priority set or occurring in a breakneck speed. But the inability to procure an educated person or least the difficulty to find a willing soul for the key post of the society has virtually become as much part of our society as the whiteness of the milk. The mystery of our snail’s pace in progress and development has been categorically exposed, yet we fail to acknowledge the realm of its mystery. Will our society not invite our educated and intellectuals to return home and sit beside the mass of its people, so that they can feel the heart-ache of the later as a man sitting near the fire feels its heart.

There are people who are unemployed, frustrated but refined, financially insecured yet have a sound mind. They are greater and useful than we know. Here they come, and there begins progress and development in the society. Our society has two options; accept them or decline the development altogether. Behold ! By the time the whole village is crowded by these people, Arunachal Pradesh lags not far behind.

We buy great time to have the whisky and let our hair down in its own unique style without any good reason. We throw lavish parties, pub hop through the night, footloose and fancy free almost everyday. Are we really walking for change? Swami Vivekananda remarks, “ So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold everyone a traitor, who have been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them”.

It is both tempting and easy to exist to another man’s world cut off from reality, far away from the lives of our people actually lives, an easy city life tantalizes us, and its irresistibility has been formidably developed within us. Our region is neither Mumbai nor Delhi. No useful purpose will be served in making an unrealistic and romantic comparison. Tremendous gap exists between a sophisticated world and a rural life. The environment that nurtures us to be ‘ rough and tough ’ has its own unique elements. We have numerous qualities that any digital world have obliged to possess them. Take pride to own them. The other world may be dozen score civilized than us, but we are not less human to them.

A skylark soars high in the sky but always keep a watchful eye on its nest despite the height it attains. It is essential that our young men and women receiving quality education from outside should not lost contact with their village roots. Are we waiting for someone to remind us to give up living on the glories of another man’s world and manfully build our world a better place to live?


Dejir Zirdo (on email)

New Delhi



As you demarcate the boundary

Dear Editor,

While appreciating the demand made by the citizens of 28th Likabali and 36th Nari-Koyu constituency for a separate district to be carved out from West and East Siang districts simultaneously, I would like to make an appeal to the state govt. for guarding the interests of the people of Debing- Detak areas and hence make provisions to, not include us in the proposed new dist. It is unfortunate, but true that we have most of our business and other interests in Pasighat and after years of association with East Siang dist, it would be impracticle for us to disassociate ourselves so suddenly from our roots. We sympathize with your demands but vehemently oppose our inclusion in the proposed new district.


T. Tali, (on email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


DLMC inspection yields results

ROING, Sept 13: The regular inspection by the Lower Dibang Valley District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) headed by Deputy Commissioner of the district, Y W Ringu to various centrally funded developmental works carried out by different executing agencies has finally yielded results. The 40.50 mtr length Steel Truss Bridge over Kundil River in between Iduli and Kabang Village has been completed on time despite all odds of unfavorable weather conditions and fund constraints. The bridge has been constructed by Rural Works Department under Rural Infrastructural Development Fund (RIDF) and it will serve as the lifeline for the people of Kabang Village and nearby hamlets.

When the DLMC member inspected the bridge site recently, J Angu, AE (RWD) informed that the bridge is being given the final touch however due to shortage of fund, the construction of approach road, protection of the abutment and strengthening of the Embankment could not be carried out. He apprised the committee that a revised estimate of `21787500.00 was sent to the govt. to carry out the remaining work besides training of upstream and downstream side of the river.

The committee also visited the construction site of road from Jia Tinali on Roing-Shantipur Road (9.20 km) to Bizari via Idili (17.8km length) Phase-I which is executed by Public Work Department under Non-Lapsable Central Pool Resources (NLCPR).

Bom Borang, AE(PWD) apprised that work for `50 Lakhs released by the state govt out of ` 545.15 Lakhs on last March has been carried out and the department is awaiting for release of more fund by the state govt to continue the construction work.

The Committee expressed satisfaction on the progress of both the works and further asked the executing agencies for early completion of the remaining works.


Road erosion at Ganga Lake

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Road erosion at various points near the Ganga lake caused by the recent heavy rains has threatened the historic lake, informed Batt Welfare Committee.

Only a stretch of few meters is left between the erased road sites and the natural wall of Ganga lake. If proper protection measures are not taken immediately, it might burst anytime causing a great disaster in nearby village, BWC feared.

Mud and landslide triggered by recent rains also washed away paddy fields, sericulture, orchard gardens, medicinal/ornamental plants and domestic animals of Batt villagers. It appealed to the authorities concerned to visit the affected areas and assess the damages caused to the villagers.

Meanwhile, All Banderdewa Circle Students Union appealed to the authority concerned to provide relief to the flood affected people of Pichola and Tani Hapa and repair the damaged Panbari bridge.


AMSU against PRC for non APST

ITANAGAR, Sep 13: All Mishmi Students Union (AMSU) has appreciated All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and District students Unions of Lohit and Changlang for raising voice against issue of permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST populace of Lohit and Changlang districts. AMSU urged student bodies to keep fighting against this decision until governments cancel the order.

Further AMSU informed that people of Wakro area of Lohit district has offered the land at Kathan village for the establishment of head-quarter for the proposed ‘Arunachal Scout’ which has also figured in the AAPSU’s eleven point demand placed before the government of Arunachal Pradesh on 8th Sep 2010. The land will be donated free of cost. Expressing gratitude to apex student body AAPSU for including this demand, AMSU informed that setting up of Arunachal Scout headquarter will go long way in saving interest of local as area face constant threat from underground elements.

AMSU has further questioned the working of boundary committee which has been set up by govt. of Arunachal Pradesh for the proper demarcation of the district boundary of Changlang and Lohit. But the committee is seems to be good in paper and within their air- conditioned office.  Neither have they visited the actual boundary till now nor do they seem interested with their given task. Hence the union urges the committee to come out with the feasible solution at earliest to ease the problems being faced by the people living along the boundary.


APCU to Participate in National Conference

Itanagar, Sept 13: Tok Buttam, the President and Taw Tebin, the General Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Union (APCU) will represent Arunachal Pradesh for the first time in the 56th Annual All India Catholic Union (AICU) National Conference to be held from 16th to 19th September at Pastoral Institute, Shanti Kiran, Mangalore, Karnataka.   

Representatives from 164 Dioceses from all over India will be part of the Conference. The conference will address issues and concerns of the Christian Community.  The problems pertaining to Dalit and Tribal Christian Communities will be widely dealt with during the conference.

The Biennial elections of the AICU Office Bearers will also be held on 19th September.


AAPWU annual general conference venue declared

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union conducted a meeting under the chairmanship of its President Jalley Sonam at its head quarter here today. He declared that the annual general conference of the All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union will be held at Daporijo from October 29-30 2010.

APWU President Jalley Sonam congratulating the newly elected office bearers of the Upper Subansiri District Unit assured to provide all possible help the district unit.

He further advising the worker to stand united and resolve any issues through mutual understanding further told them to maintain the ideologies of the trade union and enroll their names in the Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

During the meeting AAPWU General Secretary Changma Tajo advised the newly elected Upper Subansiri District Unit AAPWU to work according to the ideology of the trade union dedicatedly for the betterment of the working class of the state.

AAPWU Convener Tadum Yangfo also advised the district unit to be dedicated in their assigned duties and extend their help the people.

Newly elected President and General Secretary, Upper Subansiri District Unit AAPWU Tabi Marde and Taje Digbak appraised their grievances on the occasion.

They appealed to the state government to release pending Bonus of the workers and urged the members of the district unit to maintain unity and appealed to the AAPWU head quarter office bearers to extend help to the district unit.

Other newly elected office bearers of AAPWU, Upper Subansiri District Unit are Tatak Dabu vice President, Yania Murtem Women Wing President, Yaning Tachring Vice President Women Wing and Chuna Lui General Secretary Women Wing.


PR leaders demand posting of CO

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The Anchal Samity chairperson and ASMs of Mopom area in Upper Siang district has appealed to the state Govt for immediate posting of a CO to Mopom administrative circle.  The Panchayat leaders in a letter to the chief secretary resented that  the CO headquarters has no circle officer after the then CO was transferred at Pasighat without reliever during the first half of 2009.   Moreover,   the staff of the CO office who was looking after the administrative works  had also been transferred to Jengging this year without reliever, it further said adding that at present  there is only a group-D staff at the circle office.

Meanwhile, Mariyang-Mopom Anchal Samity chairperson Ani Moyong appealed to the Upper Subansiri district deputy commissioner to submit the list of panchayat leaders of the district to the  higher authorities of  Panchayat department for immediate release of honorarium.  


PR leaders lodge complaint

ITANAGAR, Sept 13:  The BDO cum Programme officer of Ziro–I CD block has misused his official capacity in implementation of MGNREGA scheme. This was alleged by a group of panchayat leaders in a complaint letter to the Commissioner, Panchayati Raj.

30 Panchayat leaders including Gram chairpersons in its letter alleged that  the BDO illegally diverted MGNREGA fund meant for all 7 Anchal segments to Reru-Kalung Anchal segment. They requested the Commissioner to take action against the persons involved in fund diversion and issue directives for non-diversion of MGNREGA fund.

Meanwhile, Gram Panchayat Member Totpu-I, Sagalee Techi Pahi concerned over the implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act Scheme said that people of Sagalee CD Block has been deprived of 100 days work by the authority.

In the last five years the authority has provided 3,4,16,16, 16 days of work out of 100 days under the MG-NREGA, he alleged.

Pahi strongly condemning the authority for not providing 100 days of work under the scheme appealed to the people to fight for their legal rights to get 100 days work in a year.


Eid Milan celebrated at Ziro

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Eid Milan Utsav was celebrated by the Muslim community in a grand manner at Jama Mosjid, near Forest Gate Hapoli on Sept 11 last.

The president of the All Arunachal Tribal Muslim Association Md Zakir Kyoda inaugurated the Hapoli branch office of the Association on the auspicious occasion.

Kyoda called upon the Muslims to live a peaceful life and maintain brotherhood with all other community members. Er S H  Choudhury  and Er Byabang Pratap of Power Grid Corporation  stressed need of maintaining peace and harmony.


Sagalee CHC needs urgent attention

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Nationalist Congress Party, Sagalee unit has urged the Papum Pare district medical officer for immediate posting of doctors and para-medical staff with adequate medicines to Community Health Centre, Sagalee.

Alleging that the health sector in Sagalee area has been neglected for last two decades, the NCP unit said the CHC is the only health Centre which provides essential medical service to the patients of Sagalee area before they rush to Itanagar for further treatment. It demanded the authorities to equip the CHC with modern equipment, adequate life saving drugs and medical staff.


Nirjuli imposes the order

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Following the order of the Capital district magistrate, the Nirjuli Market Welfare Committee (NMWC) has prohibited dumping of debris or building materials on the road side of Nirjuli area and selling of gutka, cigarette and pan masala within the 1 km radius of educational institutions in Nirjuli.


Big wins for MVFC, BTFC

Itanagar, Sept 13: MVFC thrashed FC Senki Valley 9-1 while SLSA was mauled 6-0 by BTFC in today’s league level matches of Summer Cup Invitational Football Championship played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun.

Today’s Matches

CCSC vs Game Zone, 2 pm

IRBn vs DFC, 4 pm



Union appeals

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: All Mengio Students’ Union (AMSU) appealed for posting atleast two veterinary doctors at Megio to tackle diseases in Mithun.

Two staff presently on duty are not sufficient enough to cover entire Mengio area as diseases continue to claim mithun for want of treatment, AMSU, in its letter to Director of Veterinary Department, said. It further appealed for providing financial assistance in the form of relief fund to the owners of died mithuns.


Counselling programme for mothers

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Highlighting the Do’s and Don’ts for a pregnant mother from pre-natal to post-natal, a counselling programme for eligible mothers was organized by Jarkum & Yania Charitable Society at Hawa Camp health sub-centre, Kimin yesterday.

Altogether 63 women from both Upper and Lower Sher and Sele villages availed the benefits of the counselling programme. Health Assistant of Hawa Camp health sub-centre (i/c) Huri Aman and her staff and accredited social health activists (ASHAs) were the resource persons of the programme which was conducted under Mother NGO scheme of Nani Shala Foundation under RCH programme of NRHM, Naharlagun.


Teacher day

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Teachers’ Day was celebrated by Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyala, Siyum/Nacho in befitting manner by organizing various cultural, literary and games & sports competitions among students on September Five last, according to a delayed report received here today.

In his speech, Orphan Trust chairman, Tapa Baki, who was the chief guest, spoke about promotion of compulsory girl’s education. He also stressed on quality education and extra curricular activities among students to improve their skills.

Echoing the chief guest, Tajin Mosu, guest of honour, called upon teachers to discharge duty properly as per their reputation and maintain discipline in and off the school as well.



ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Ramle Banggo Welfare Society congratulated Mukti Nath Doley, Junior Teacher of Government Middle School Namey, East Siang District for getting National Award from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy.

This award is given in public recognition of valuable service to the community as a teacher of outstanding merit.



ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The final of the football tournament conducted in memory of Late Tarung Pabin, former Minister by Mirem Sport Association at Mirem would be held on Sept 25.

Minister Education Bosiram Siram would be the Chief Guest while MLA Tamiyo Taga will be the Guest of honour.


Scouts & Guides Course

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: A general informative course for Scouts and Guides on progressive training on Scouts and Guides, effective planning and proper implementation of activities etc was organized by Bharat Scouts and Guides, Dist. HQ Tezu at Govt. Sec. School Namsai on September 7 and 8 last.

Over 35 Scouts and Guides from Namsai division attended the programme.

The concluding function was attended by GHHS, Namsai principal CT Moungkang.


Renovate approach road

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The Chimpu –II Gram Panchayat Member Tagru Tari has appealed the PWD department to renovate the approach road to Sangay Laden Sports Academy and office of the Directorate Sports and Youth Affairs, Chimpu  at the earliest.

The panchayat leader said that the recent flash flood added woes to the office goers and general public by damaging culverts and drainage system of the approach road which has been lying in dilapidated conditions for many years due to apathetic attitude of the authorities.

Many of our leaders speak about the importance of sports and games activities in the state, but they fail to realize the need of better road connectivity and sports infrastructure for grooming up good sports personalities, he rued.


DD anniversary

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Doordarshan Kendra, Itanagar will celebrate the 51st anniversary of Doordarshan telecast on Sept 15th. To mark the foundation day, a prog will be held in at Banquet Hall, Itanagar where M.P. Takam Sanjay has consented to grace the occasion as Chief Guest. As part of the celebration, Binni Yanga would be felicitated for her contribution towards the uplift of underprivileged women and children.  During the function two short films- one on Binni Yanga and another one on journey of Doordarshan will be screened.



ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Arunachal Pradesh Patient Welfare Committee Vellore (APPWCV) Office would be inaugurated by Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling on September 14 near Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun.


Committee appeals

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Donyi Dokum School Committee, Itanagar in its general meeting highlighting the grievances of the government primary school Donyi Dokum Colony appealed to the state government particularly the Education department to provide sanitation, electricity, drinking water and other infrastructure to the school immediately.

It claimed that due to lack of infrastructure and other basic facilities, the students and parents are facing problems.


Union express gratitude

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: All Sagalee Students’ Union (ASSU) expressed gratitude to All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) president and its finance secretary, NCP state unit vice president, Toru anchal samity chairperson, among others, for their contribution in renovating the 60-bedded MIBT Boys hostel of Govt Middle School Laptap.


NERIST Seminar

ITANAGAR: A seminar on ‘Renewable Energy Technology: Issues and Prospects’ is being organized by the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments of NERIST on September 24 and 25 at NERIST, Nirjuli.

The seminar is intended to provide a platform to explore cutting edge ideas and to exchange research findings and experiences. Academicians and professionals of various science and technological institutes of the country are expected to attend the seminar.


Vote for Teji

ITANAGAR: All Lower Subansiri Student’s Union has urged people of Arunachal to keep voting for Toko Teji who has entered the seminal round of reality show India’s Got Talent Khoj-2 which is being telecast in Colors channel. Nirjuli Market Welfare Committee has also appealed to all the traders’ community of Nirjuli market and general public to vote Toko Teji.

The seminal final round voting will start on Saturday 18th September from 9 pm to till 19th September 9 am. One can vote for Teji by messaging TT to 56882.



ITANAGAR, Sept 13: District Congress Committee, Lower Dibang Valley District deeply mourned the sudden demise of IFS Kayang Pertin, of Meka village Roing.

It prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul



ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Jumge Rallen and Hilek Kena have been elected as president and General Secretary of Kara Youth Association.

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SIC and Govt flip flop on prosecution sanction

Figures in PDS scam exaggerated: Sanjoy

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Even as the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) said that government was yet to give prosecution sanction for 44 government employees in the multi crore PDS scam, the government today said that it was yet to receive any request in this regards.

Addressing a press conference here today, the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu said that whenever the prosecution sanction is sought from the government, it would not hesitate to grant sanction and that the state government would not raise any objection against arrest of any public servant involved in the case.

He further said that SIC never sought prosecution sanction while it dealt with Dr N N Osik and others while adding that  no prosecution sanction is required from the government for the SIC to arrest all those involved in the scam.

He reiterated that the Arunachal Pradesh government has nothing to do in the ongoing investigation by the Special Investigation Cell constituted by Gauhati High Court, into the PDS scam.

On the other hand, Member of Parliament Takam Sanjay while terming the figures being quoted in the media on PDS scam as exaggerated said that SIC should tell the quantum of the amount in the scam. While informing that scam was worth Rs 400 crores as per official records from the year 2001-2004, he said that SIC should not go beyond the figure while stating that no one was above law.

MS Chauhan who head the SIC during a press conference while refusing to divulge the exact amount had said that figures being quoted (`1000 cr) in the media was correct and it could be more.

Meanwhile the MP said that Central government has decided to open Passport Seva Kendras in all state capitals and the same will be commissioned at Itanagar soon.

On the other hand, Government Spokesperson Jarbom Gamlin said that state government while abiding by the Supreme and High Court directive took a decision to grant PRC to non tribal of Lohit and Changlang who have been residing in the districts prior to 1968. He said that the decision was taken to in order to facilitate children of non APST to get central jobs and pursue higher studies. While dismissing the fears that government decision was against the interest of the indigenious communities, the minister said that granting of PRC to non tribal population do not give them any right to enjoy additional facilities.

The government had formed a cabinet subcommittee headed by Gamlin with Home Minister Tako Dabi, Chowna Mein and C C Singpho to look into grant of PRC after the Court directives.


HC rejects Apang bail petition

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The Itanagar Bench of the Guwahati High Court has rejected the bail petition of the former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Gegong Apang today.

In his verdict while rejecting the bail plea, the Judge P K Musahari stated that there is no chance of absconding or jumping the bail, but it must be borne in mind that being the former Chief Minister of the state for several terms, Apang has enough resources and he may utilize the same to influence or rein over the key witnesses if he is enlarged on bail which would go against the interest of the investigation.

On Sept 9, the former chief minister was sent to 14 days judicial remand by Lakhimpur Special Session Court.  The drama began on August 24 when Apang was arrested by SIC for his alleged involvement in a multi-crore PDS scam.


All is well with the govt and party: Nabum Tuki

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee while dismissing media reports emanating from Assam on the eve of Party elections in the state said that all is well with the party and government. Its president Nabum Tuki who called a joint press conference with Chief Minister, MP Takam Sanjoy, Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin and Parliamentary Secretary Lokam Tassar said that election was an internal matter of the Congress party and media should report only facts.

An electronic media in Assam had reported that there is division and infighting within the Congress party and Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu was sponsoring candidates for party president ship against incumbent Nabum Tuki.

The Chief Minister while refuting the media claims said that it is up to the party to decide who they elect as their president and the Congress high command to decide. He said that the contesting candidates had come to him but he had given freehand to all.

MP Takam Sanjoy said that party will adhere to the decision of the high command.

RWD Minister Takar Marde, former minister Tater Kipa and Nabum Tuki are in the race for the party president. The election is due on Sept 17.


DC calls for student’s participation for clean and green Itanagar

Efforts on to make Naharlagun Waste Plastic Bottle Free Zone

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Deputy Commissioner Dr. SB Deepak Kumar today called for clean and green Itanagar in an awareness meeting on Solid Waste Management held at Kingcup Public School, Itanagar organized by ENVIRON, an NGO largely working on solid waste management in North Eastern Region.  

He asked for cooperation from all section of the people especially from teachers and students to make a clean and green Itanagar.

Taking part in the prize distribution ceremony on drawing and speech competition among the students to involve themselves on solid waste management, Deputy Commissioner of Itanagar capital complex, Dr. Kumar has given the emphasis on the individual roll on Solid Waste Management.

Talo Potom, Additional District Magistrate of Itanagar has conducted an oath taking programmes among the students for clean and green Itanagar asked the students to clean the school campuses along with the surroundings.

Prof. A J Kashyap, President of environ said that until and unless we change our nature of ‘use and throw’ nobody can manage solid waste problems.

He said discarded materials should only be put inside a dust bin to ensure solid waste management.

ENVIRON is implementing “Awareness and primary implementation of Municipal Solid waste management in Itanagar capital complex” sponsored by NABARD, Itanagar in association with Capital administration, Itanagar.

In this connection ENVIRON has organized rag pickers for collection of non-biodegradable solid waste particularly plastic bottle which will be formally inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner, Itanagar on Sept 14  at his office premises and activities will be started from D Sector Naharlagun.

ENVIRON is planning for vigorous collection of plastic bottle from roadside, dust bin and drain by the organized rag pickers to make Naharlagun a “Waste Plastic Bottle Free Zone”.


DHS concerned at the low immunization coverage

Training on NBITS

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: A three days training on Name Based Information Tracking System (NBITS) organized by Arunachal Pradesh State Health Society, National Rural Health Mission, was inaugurated today at Naharlagun. NBITS is a system which would track all the pregnant women and child at all the level. This would ensure provision of all health services to the beneficiaries which would improve the status of Maternal and Child health in the state.

Inaugurating the training, DHS Dr. T. Basar stated that tracking of newborns and mothers are very important for reducing Maternal Mortality Rate, Infant Mortality Rate &Total Fertility Rate, which is the main aim of NRHM. Expressing his disappointment on low coverage of immunization in spite of pumping in huge amount of money in the state, he exhorted health service providers to look into it and ensure improved coverage of immunization in the districts and the state. He further pointed at the lack of infrastructure and facility being the reason for non-functionalization of 50% of the health facility.

He, therefore, requested all the participants to be sincere, determined and devoted during the training and to take back the knowledge to share it with ASHA’s and health workers in the districts to help reduce MMR, IMR in the state to a certain extent.

Earlier, Gajender Pal Singh, Manager, HMIS, GoI, MoH&FW, giving a brief on NBITS, shared that NBITS focus primarily on mother and child which is the main aim of NRHM and thereby tracking of pregnant women and children in order to capture all pregnancies and births, to have case specific monitoring of maternal and infant mortality.

Further, giving a view point of centre, he said the aim is to gather institution wise information from all the states and to have an accurate data and have all the data in one portal under HMIS, he said.


Building dams on Siang/Yarlung Sangpo is seeking conflict

NE civil societies write to China and India

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: 51 civil societies and human right defenders from across the India's North East today submitted a memorandum to Chinese ambassador and Indian Prime Minister urging both the nations to let stop damming of Yarlung Sangpo and Siang River.

A delegation from the region submitted the memo addressed to the Indian Prime Minister and Chinese premier this afternoon urging both the governments to stop all existing and proposed dam construction activities on Siang River both in China and India and collectively agree to hold these rivers as Heritage Rivers.

“We submit this memorandum to the leaders of two of the largest economies on this earth, India and China, hoping that there will be sanity and boldness in dealing with the proposed dams in upper and lower reaches of Yarlung Sangpo/Siang/Brahmaputra Rivers. Several communities in this stretch of river identify it by several names and attaches spiritual, cultural and economic importance to Nature, and they are first users and in fact the defender and protector of the river and its ecosystem. We fear that this being not only one of the finest rivers but also the finest ecosystems on earth, the communities surviving on this ecosystem will be destroyed by the politics of water and energy and the game of one-upmanship of these great nations”, the memo read.

“China is not only building a series of dams but also diverting water in the upper reaches of the Siang river in the China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and some millions of gallons of water will be diverted to dryer parts of China resulting in massive flow reduction. Any blocking of the river either by way of building any kind of dams or by simply diverting it will have irreparable and devastating impact on the ecosystems and the peoples way of life in Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and also in the lower reaches of Bangladesh, it said. We also fear that India’s efforts to build many dams (including the ones in Lohit and Subansiri rivers) is a way to pre-empt any Chinese dam upstream using the highly illogical view of stopping dams in upstream by building dams in the lower portion of the river. Nor can China build dams because of the unfounded logic that the country downstream is not using its water. Both the logic is problematic for the very fact that this river, its water and its ecosystem are already being used by the people settled along these rivers for generations, the memo read.

For a mere 8 – 10 % growth we cannot allow thousands of  people to be displaced from their ancestral villages, nor can we allow millions of trees, of medicinal plants, of numerous other fauna and flora to be submerged or  perish due to lack of water. We cannot allow thousands of fisherfolks and farmers to suffer for lack of water or live in constant fear of a dam break.   We cannot facilitate the destruction of our bio-diversity for the sake of India’s GDP.

India is not only making efforts to building dams in Siang river but is preparing to built more than 100 mega dams in other rivers of the Northeast. Apart from the numerous problems associated with Dams, building dams on the Siang has serious implications. We have witnessed painful conflict between India and China in the sixties and we do not want to see the conflict continue or escalate as ultimately it is the people suffer. We see that there is already an additional conflict brewing due to the dams proposed both by China and India. For this reason both the country must refrain from building any dams in the whole stretch of this river. This will help build peace and trust between the two countries. Building dams on Siang or in Yarlung Sangpo will therefore be considered as seeking conflict.


Credit -Deposit ratio in Lohit stands at 29%

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The District Level Co-ordination Committee Meeting chaired by R.K.Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Lohit reviewed the progress of credit flow under priority sector in Lohit District on Sept 09 at Tezu.  

As per RBI guidelines, it is mandatory for the Lead Bank of the district to hold meetings for review of credit flow on a quarterly basis where various line departments, banks and financial institutions discuss the issues on credit dispensation. The meeting was organised by SBI which is the Lead Bank for the district. Deputy Commissioner said that the banks have to do a lot more as the Credit -Deposit ratio in the district is only 29% which is much below the stipulated norm of 60%. The lending under agriculture sector as per the Annual Credit Plan of the banks were also found to be much below the fixed targets for the year 2010-11. Further, the meeting reviewed the recovery performances of the banks and also performance of the banks various govt. sponsored schemes like PMEGP, SGSY, etc. He advised the banks to improve upon their performances so as to achieve the target for the year.   

O.P.Mounglang, Manager NABARD explained about various schemes of NABARD and requested district officials for their cooperation in implementing the schemes in the district. It was informed in the meeting that NABARD had received two proposals for construction of rural haats at Namsai and Lathao. The DC advised NABARD to liaison with ADC, Namsai for the construction of these two haats. Further, on the proposal submitted by NYP, Itanagar for handloom cluster development at Namsai, it was decided that a joint survey comprising of officials from NABARD, District Handloom & Handicrafts department and NYP will be carried out in the proposed project area to study the feasibility of the proposal.


Arunachal Boogie Woogie Dance Competition from Sept 15

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: The Hornbill Centre for Development (HCD), Naharalagun after conducting various literary, cultural and other competitions particularly in the state capital since its inception has taken a bold step to expose the hidden talents of dancers of the state in form of state level Arunachal Boogie Woogie Dance Competition, which will start from September 15 at National Cinema Hall, Naharlagun.

In a brief press conference held here today organizing committee chairman Kipa Ajay briefing the aim and objectives of the HCD initiated Arunachal Boogie Woohie Dance Competition appealed all the participants to exhibits their talent during the show so that they could get a chance to take part in the national level reality show under the sponsorship of the HCD.

He further, responding to a query regarding ticket tariff informed that the committee is charging a nominal amount, under family package at Rs 1000 for four members (balcony), Couple Package 500 (balcony), single Rs 300 (balcony) and public gallery Rs 200 and added that, if any balance cash amount arises out of this year’s show, the balance amount will be utilized for the national reality show sponsorship programme and the next ABWDC. Regarding voting system, he informed that the decision based on event judges and the spectators voting only.

Technical Director of the committee Tai Gungte and Event Director Tai Tugung also briefed about the activities of Hornbill Centre for Development and the objectives of organizing the ABWDC.

They informed that due to torrential rain this year the organizing committee could not conduct the audition test in all the district of the state. However, 63 contestants from various district of the state attended in the final audition held in the month of August last.

The selected 16 contestants are Vijay Singhie from East Kameng, Shatabdi Nath, Tana Rini, Tana Rinnu, Nabum Ana Hina, Taw Nanu and Tana Rina from Papum Pare District, Tadar Nime, Takam Taming, Tako Yazar and Takam Nikum from Kurung Kumey District, Rinchin Norbu Bapu from West Kameng District, Jumgie Riba and Yajum Pangking from West Siang District, Apostol Pertin from East Siang and Anand from Assam.

Ninu Kanam and Joram Renia are the choreographers of the events. Meanwhile, Parliamentary Secretary Geology and Mining Phosum Khimhun and All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union, President Takam Tatung have consented to attend as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour in the inaugural day on September 15.

Programme schedule: Sept 15 any, Sept 19 traditional, Sept 26 Bollywood Dance (Oldies), Oct 3 Classical Dance, Oct 10 Any (duet), Oct 17 Prop Dance, Oct 24 Western, Oct 31 grand finale.


Arunchal finds a reason to cheer together

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: Few days ago, I received a sms in my mobile from an old Apatani friend urging me to vote for Toko Teji, the Arunachalee wonder boy participating in a reality show known as “India’s Got Talent-Khoj 2” being aired in Colors channel. And since then every day, I am flooded with forwarding messages urging me to vote for Teji. Even in my office desk, bounty of press releases seeking support for Teji has been pouring in. The best thing about this movement is that people cutting across tribe affiliation are voluntarily campaigning for Teji and boy is emerging as rallying point for Arunachalee people to come together under one platform.

No matter how much we may try to hide but there is no denying that Arunachal society is bitterly divided on communal line. Every tribe, every region and every religion are trying to expand their area of interest in the state. We don’t care about what goes in other parts of state thinking it does affect us in anyway. When Arunachalee women were brutally beaten up at Pongging village near Pasighat by police force for protesting against Lower Siang Hydropower project, majority of Arunachalee kept mum as they thought it is subject of Adi community. Chakma’s have become majority in Lohit and changlang districts but again nobody cares, thinking it is issue of Khampti, Mishmi and Singpho tribes. Boundary skirmishes lead to imposing of economic blockade against people of Tirap but that time also there was a grand silence. Recently government issued an order to give permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST people in Lohit and Changlang district. But till now except AAPSU and couple of student organizations from two districts, no other organizations or unions has come out to voice their oppositions. Again most of the Arunachalee are maintaining stoic silence. Where all the civil societies, unions, organizations, etc have gone hiding? By now there should have been mass movement in the street of capital against this decision but?

We have to understand that all these problems are interlinked and sooner or later it will affect the whole state. Also majority of the people of Arunachal are poor and they all face similar types of problems. People living at interior places like Tali, Parsi-Parlo, Taksing, Chyangtajo, Tarasso will have similar problems like that of Tuting, Liromobo, Bumla, Mechuka. There is one common enemy for entire tribal population of Arunachal and that is poverty. Instead of together fighting underdevelopment and poverty, we are so much busy in carrying out tribe and region centric agendas. We forget the fact that moment we cross various check posts and enter Assam, we are classified as Arunachalee not as Nyishi, Adi, Apatani, Khampti etc and etc.

Despite being divided so much, the way people of Arunachal is standing behind Toko Teji gives us a glimmer of hope that still there is chance of creating pan-Arunachalee identity in future. What a shame, it needed an 18 year boy Teji to wake up us from this deep communal divide. I don’t know whether he will win this reality contest but already he is a winner in my eyes as he has achieved the most ardent task of uniting the divided people of Arunachal.


GHSS Longding win Inter Dist Goodwill Football Tourney

KHONSA, Sep 13: Govt. Higher Secondary School, Longding defeated Higher Secondary School Khonsa in final and won the Inter District Goodwill Football tournament organised by 36th Battalion CRPF under its Civic Action Programme at Nehru Stadium here.

The three days tournament was participated by 60 players from different higher secondary schools of Tirap district.

Sanand Kamal , Commandant 36th Battalion CRPF gave away the trophies to the Champion and Runners team. He also distributed track suites, participation certificates and snack packets to each player of the tournament in addition to Sport materials and dresses given away in the inauguration ceremony.

Taking the welfare oriented measures to new horizons the 36th BN distributed sewing machines and its all accessories to three villages of Tirap district, namely Bera, Jedua, and Khonsa and have been imparting familiarization training in tailoring like cutting, crafting, stitching etc at its headquarter Khonsa to the women folks of Tirap district under the supervision of Unit CRPF Women Welfare Association ( CWWA) president Dr. Abha Kamal. It has been receiving an over whelming response not only from the participants but  from the local people also. The active involvement of other CWWA members of the unit is making the training session a marvelous success.

Apart from this, Sanand Kamal also distributed competitive books to District Library, Kendriya Vidyalaya Khonsa, Higher Secondary schools spread out in the Tirap district like Khonsa,, Barduria, Deomali, Longding, , Khonsa, and to two Non Governmental organizations namely Aida, NGO and Arun Jyoti NGO Khonsa. The battalion gave birth to a new musical group at Khonsa to be known as  “Blue Mint” by providing public address systems and all other relevant musical instruments. Musical instruments were also distributed to Poakum School and sewing machines and its all accessories to Khonsa Higher Secondary Girls hostel and two NGO groups of Khonsa.

Under the banner of civic action programme the battalion also organized a four days another football tournament during July five to July 8 this year. The objective of the tournament was to create understanding and closer relationship between the citizens and the CRPF personnel. The tournament was participated by 120 players of 8 teams hailing from various villages of Tirap district. The final match was played between Khonsa Football club Vs Kheti Youth welfare association  in which the former defeatedlatter and won the match. The Commandant 36th Bn also gave away all sports gears, track suits and participation certificate to all players during the tournament.


Motorcycle Lifters nabbed

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: City Police arrested Takio Amel, son of Takio Tukia of Dellung under Sangram and a  student of Class-X at Govt. Higher Secondary School Kimin and Raju Lohar @ Tinku of Harmuty on Sept 9 while they were trying to escape with the stolen Motorcycles. It was with the help of public that Takio Amel could be arrested after a long chase at Yupia Road with the stolen motorcycle while his accomplice one Ali escaped under the cover of darkness after dumping the stolen motorcycle on the road.

The other motorcycle was intercepted by the CRPF at Banderdewa Check Gate.


AASSATA calls off proposed pen down strike

ITANAGAR, Sept 13: All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers Association (AASSATA) has called off its proposed pen down strike scheduled to begin from Sept 16 next.  The decision was reached after the assurance of the Govt to fulfill its demands.

The Govt has assured to nullify the provision of re-interview for SSA teachers and also assured early regularization of their service on purely seniority basis, said a release jointly signed by the Association president and general secretary today. A committee was constituted under the chair of education commissioner to work out means and ways to start regularization process, the release said while adding that the chairman also informed the AASSATA delegation that Govt has already approved the decision to hike the salary of SSA teachers and assured to implement the same from the month of October.

Both ATA and AASSATA in a joint sitting resolved that the regularization process of SSA teachers shall start from October next.

Meanwhile, Central Executive Committee of the association lauded the Education Minister, SPD SSA Rajya Mission and education department as a whole for their assurance. The Association also requested the SSA teachers to perform their duty with sincerity and dedication.


Centre recognizes Sow-Rigpa

BOMDILA, Sept 13: Sow-Rigpa, a traditional system of Himalayan medicine, has got the recognition of Centre under Indian System of Medicine through Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2010, reports DIPRO, Bomdila.

Attending a function organized by Mon-Rigpa Society at Officers Club here yesterday on recognition of the system, Chairman of DoKA (Chos-rig ) Affairs, Arunachal Pradesh, T G Rinpoche highlighted about Sowa Rigpa, practiced in entire Himalayan region from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet, Bhutan, Mongilia and Nepal for more than two thousand years. This system of medicine based on Gyud- Zhi (the four tantras) was taught by Lord Buddha 2600 years ago in India and it was translated to Tibetan language in seventh century by Tibetan scholars which later spread all over Tibet and neighboring Himalayan countries, he said.

The system of medicine is known as Tibetan medicine in Tibet, Buddhist medicine in Bhutan, Amchi system in Ladakh and Lahoul and Spiti etc. Presently this system is commonly known as Sowa Rigpahe, he informed.

Before 1959, this system of medicine was the only option available to general public in this region for curing various ailments. But non recognition and legalization of the system caused decline in number of practitioners in the recent years. However, with recognition of Sowa Rigpa traditional system of Himalayan Medicine, a long-felt need of Himalayan community in particular and rest of people of the world in general, has been fulfilled, he said emphatically.