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September - 15



Adhere to laid down norms for success of IWMP

Dear Editor,

Can an engineer do the work of a doctor? Yes, this is possible in this land of khusi-khusi , where responsible people at govt. level are manipulating  the various govt rules and procedures to suit their interest. Every year our state govt. sponsors many students to pursue various technical courses. And after completion of courses they are supposed to serve our state in their respective fields. But of late, certain new trends have been observed deviating from laid down norms.  Being an educated person and having the experience of working in rural development sector, it is a pain to observe the cropping up of certain wrong trends in the implementation of rural development programme.

District Rural Development Agency (D.R.D.A.) was established for implementing the centrally sponsored schemes to uplift rural economic scenario. It has various branches like engineering, agriculture, women development, credit branch with Assistant Project Officers to supervise the  smooth implementation of their respective schemes under the guidance of Project Director. One such rural development programme is Hariyali(IWDP) which is to be supervised by  an Agriculture graduate;  so the post of A.P.O.(Agi.&Allied)  were created under D.R.D.A. This  Programme has now been slightly modified and rechristened as integrated watershed management programme (I.W.M.P.) in which  90% activities should  be  agriculture  and  related sectors as per guidelines.

In this programme , each D.R.D.A  should have a   Watershed  Cell Cum Data Entry Centre( W.C.D.C.)  under the overall supervision of a Designated Officer as Nodal officer .But it is  surprising to notice  that certain  staffs at  Director  Rural Development, in order to suit their interest, have manipulated  the guidelines and entrusted  this very programme to A.P.O.(Engineer) instead  of  technically qualified A.P.O.(Agri. & allied).

Already the A.P.O. (Engineer) is burdened with the work of I.A.Y, MNREGA.          Now the question comes -Can an engineer know which crop is suitable for which area?  What depth a particular plant be planted? Which insects will attack which crop and their remedy measures?

Many a times  , our leaders and bureaucrats  impress us in  workshops/ trainings / conferences  to judiciously and properly implement various  central  programmes. Here what I like to emphasis is that  such   manipulation  and  wrong  way  of implementing the programme shall only   result  in utter failure of the programme. If  such trend continue  then a day will come when   an engineer shall be doing the work of a Doctor or an Arts graduate shall be doing the work of  an Engineer , in this land of Khusi Khusi. Hence, the timely intervention of Director cum CEO, Rural Development is very crucial to save the disastrous implementation of I.W.M.P. in our state.


Sargo Tak ,

Ex, A.S.M. ( on Email )



A timely lesson

Dear Editor,

This is in regards to “Arunachal finds a reason to cheer together” by Taba Ajum published on 14th September. We seem to have overlooked the common good. We might be having a record number of organizations. The nomenclature of our community and ethnic based unions and organizations read like tech jargon. Add to it the other organizations based on job and occupation. Kinship among fellow brethren is good in its own place. But to forego the development of the state to pursue our narrow agenda is not good either. The inefficiency and arrogant symbolism of Govt. establishments is a direct consequence of favoritism and nepotism of the people in power and high office. Contrary to it, that establishment with least Govt. interference is known for efficiency and cordiality. This difference is unmistakable. Non state Govt. establishments recruit their representatives solely based on merit, not by ethnicity or any other means. The wonder boy Toko Teji must have put in his whole heart and soul to be in league with his peers of mainland India. His ethnicity might not have helped him in this endeavor. It is true that this is a commercial venture but here also perfection matters. It is a timely lesson indeed.


A citizen (on email)



Don’t drag in the DC unnecessarily

Dear Editor,

Lower Siang valley dam project has been generating lots of heat in the district and the state. No doubt it is a controversial subject and both pro and anti dam factions have their own views and points to support or negate its viability and applicability. Without going deep into the subject my contention is, how far it is justifiable to blame and target district administration in general and DC Pasighat in particular for the issues related to it?

As we all know, bureaucracy is a tool to implement the decision and policies of the government. The safety, security and well being of the people and maintenance of law and order are sole and foremost responsibility of the Deputy Commissioner. While discharging the duties at times it is inevitable to resort to harsher means just to maintain the rule of law. It is very sad and unwarranted when some people unnecessarily target and blame the present DC, Pasighat without giving proper thoughts and justification.  

As to my mind, Onit Panyang , DC , Pashigat is one of the most righteous, dedicated , impartial and capable administrator  a district can have.  Therefore through this letter, I would like to appeal all the concerns not to drag the name of DC in this controversy and should view his actions and deeds with an open mind and thoughts and judge his performance as an administrator rather than un-necessarily brandishing and dragging him in any of the Pro or Anti Dam factions.


Kanggong Taku




Do they have the permission to enter Holongi road

Dear Editor,

Few months back when I was returning from Guwahati via Holongi Road at night time around 1:00 A.M, I saw a lorry truck loaded with goods entering the gate. The Hollongi route which according to the knowledge of general public is not suppose to be used by trucks carrying commercial goods. My question is whether these trucks allowed to enter the gate possess the ratification of tax and excise department. Are these trucks allowed to use the Hollongi route especially during night time when the road is clean and silent and everyone is asleep? I also want to make a point to question our police department whether these travelers have valid documents as we are already facing huge influx of refugees.


Reekam Bengia

Itanagar (on email)



School needs infrastructure

Dear Editor,

It is very unfortunate that the education department is not giving much attention to the problems being faced by the Government Primary School Romi Colony Itanagar. The school established in 2005-06 under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) has been facing many problems due to lack of infrastructure such as drinking water, electricity, sanitation and proper accommodation.

Therefore, I on behalf of the School Management Committee, All Upper `P' Sector Romi Colony Welfare Committee and general public of Romi Colony would like to request the state Government and the education department to take step for solution to the infrastructure problems being faced by the school at the earliest.


Yura Raja

President, All Upper P Sector Romi Colony Welfare Committee, Itanagar



Why compromise now?

Dear Editor,

The Govt. has again reiterated that it will not compromise on the proposed amended rule (one time may be) to recruit science and maths teacher. Why is it talking of compromise now. Is it not a compromise to appoint adhoc and officiating jobs arbitrarily without conducting exams to be finally made regular? Why can’t they select the best from the eligible candidates as per the existing rule? Or are the candidates from our state really not fit for it? Is AAPSU ok with it? Points to ponder about.


A citizen (on email)



Kudos to Taba Ajum for uniting the citizens

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend my appreciation to Taba Ajum for his mind blowing article "Arunachal finds a reason to cheer together" published in 14th Sept'2010 in this daily.  It is a must read article for all Arunachalees and will work wonders if given second thought.

Here, I feel it worth mentioning that I am a regular and a belatedly reader of Arunachal Times, just to check out if there is any article by Taba Ajum. Belatedly reader in the sense that this finest daily "Arunachal Times" take at least three days to reach Longding, the far corner of Tirap District.

Well this time around too, my idol Taba Ajum has successfully tried to mobilize the people of Arunachal for reunion in thoughts and action in time of crisis covering every subject that matters to us. Unlike our neighboring state Assam, where every citizen, right from rickshaw puller to bureaucrats or Govt. officials, police personnel to militants unitedly stand in times of need, our people really never voiced together in a matter much concern to us. Be it a boundary skirmishes at Kamku Rusa, Kanubari of Tirap district or recent Govt. order to issue PRC to Non-APST of Arunachal at Lohit and Changlang, everybody kept mum as if nothing happened. By the time we realize, it will be too late.

The problems of refugees in Arunachal Pradesh are looked upon as a mere agenda of APPSU by our societies and citizens alike, instead of fighting, shoulder to shoulder with the APPSU for the protection of our land. In fact, only APPSU is raising this issue on regular basis to the deaf ears of the Govt. I salute this organization.

Arunachal Pradesh is a state which has more associations and unions than its population itself. Then, I would vote to add yet another association like, Boundary Protection Association, Refugee Hatao Committee! etc.

Oh! Out of emotion I have gone a bit far from the point. In fact I was talking in appreciation of the article by Taba Ajum in which he termed Toko Teji as already a winner in his eyes for uniting the divided people of Arunachal Pradesh, no matter whether he win India's Got Talent contest or not. Yes, let's vote together for this wonder boy of Arunachal, a son of Arunachal soil. At the same time, let it be the beginning of new era for re-union of the citizens of Arunachal irrespective of its caste or communities. And if ever this miracle happens, the credit would go to Taba Ajum. You are the winner in my eyes and the wonder boy of Arunachal.

Hats off to you.


Abo Mongwangham




Cancel the PRCs before it creates larger problems

Dear Editor,

I would like to ask our honourable minister Jarbom Gamlin if giving PRC to non-APST in Changlang and Lohit was decision of Supreme Court. What our elected representatives  doing sitting if they cannot oppose the decision. What is the meaning of electing them  if they cannot fight for our people.

Are they only there to increase their salary and perks at the expense of people who elected them?  Though Supreme court is bound to give such decision as it does not differentiate between tribal and non tribal but what about the acts and laws that have been passed to protect this tribal land from non-APST people who are always ready to purchase land from our ignorant tribal brothers. Why the elected representative cannot raise their voice against such mistakes made by central government. We have sympathy with non-APST brother who have stayed here for a long time and who have become Arunachalee by heart but the consequences of this act will be much more than the sympathy we have for our non-APST brothers. So it will be better to cancel such laws which are not in larger interest of the public. Our people will be responsible if public unrest takes place and should not blame the public because the root cause of the problem are our elected members only. We are cautioning the government not to play games with our sentiments. Sometimes they throw Chakmas in our area and now this PRC problem.  But now we will not tolerate it anymore. Enough is enough.


A concerned citizen

(on email)


Work for the betterment of the poor

Dear Editor,

The Karsingsa panchayat thank the State Level Vigilance & Monitoring Committee (SLVMC) for giving transparent inspection reports public regarding ongoing status of PMGSY projects.

We also appreciate the SLVMC for taking up the cudgel with a view to fulfill the objective of ensuring quality of expenditure, particularly in the context of large public funds, being spent under all the programmes of the Ministry of RD.

We strongly urge the SLVMC to carry out its vigilance in dept and in most valuable and effective manner in all rural development programmes so that the funds are not misused by the implementing agencies and the benefit goes to the BPL groups in full measure.

In Arunachal Pradesh, Rural Development schemes are being misused by the executing agencies and contractors which directly deprive the under-privileges from enjoying their benefits. Many BPL beneficiaries remain only in name as they are neglected and left out intentionally. On the other hands the officials of the implementing agencies and the contractors are getting wealthier day by day.

Therefore, the State level vigilance should keep close watch on the programmes of Ministry of Rural Development, whether it is implementing as per the prescribed norms and guidelines.

All section of the people should cooperate and give all possible assistances to the state Vigilance committee for the interest of the poor people and the state.


Kipa Chapo

ASM, Karsingsa



Not at the cost of the poor

Dear Editor,

There is evidence of the extensive range of problems which large dams have caused throughout the world - from engineering mistakes and operational errors; severe social disruption and spreading of diseases; breaking up of cultures; unsurpassed cultural destruction; elimination of forest and significant wildlife habitats; destruction of endangered species; ruination of the very land designed to be productive and pushing the villagers onto marginal land; to the degradation of agricultural land and cash crops.

Forest covers 51,480 sq km in Arunachal Pradesh and these forest make a significant contribution to the natural and economic health. There will be serious effect on environment and human kind if these Big Dam projects go ahead.

Our state govt. signed MoU with various companies without proper rehabilitation and resettlement policies, although there are benefits, of course, which may be countable but have a tendency to fall into the pockets of the rich while the cost fall upon the shoulders of the poor villagers.


Ligam  Noshi

New Delhi (on email)



Let the veterans handle it!

Dear Editor,

In the media I see many student organization representatives invited as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor. I salute their untiring effort to oblige such requests. But personally I detest anyone speaking from the Podium. I think such mundane lectureship should be left to our veteran politicians. At least they will not be found wanting in it. We don’t need any more of their ilk. But it is a case of personal preference. No malice implied to anyone.


A citizen (one email)






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Flood fury continues

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: The students of Abotani Vidya Niketan School, who are residing in hostel, have been living in fear psychosis as Pachin river has changed its course and flowing just a few meter away from the school hostel, informed Pachin Welfare Committee (PWC).

Beside this, the recent flash flood also damaged many dwelling houses, residential plots, personal properties and killed scores of domestic animals incurring heavy losses to the colony dwellers, PWC said. It appealed to the authorities concerned to depute a designated officer for spot verification of the situation at Pachin Colony and also to list out affected people. Further, PWC appealed to the local MLA to provide relief to the flood affected families to cope with situation.

The road from Itanagar to Basarnallo has been cleared for light vehicles. It was possible only due to the efforts of All Papum Poma Students’ Union (APPSU), which organized a social service to clear the remaining blockages along the road on September 13, an APPSU release said.

The social service was actively participated by Upper Balijan ZPM Nabam Sukia and her team of panchayat leaders, members from All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU), Jote Panchayat Youth Welfare Association (JPYWA) and general public. The union expressed gratitude to Parliamentary Secretary Nabam Rebia, All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU), PWD department and general public for their initiative, contribution and cooperation to clear the road successfully.

Meanwhile, Lobi, Panchali, Doriahill, Sinkiview Welfare Committee said that M/s Friendship Poultry firm incurred loss of  `  7 lakh due to damage of the poultry firm in the recent flash flood at Lobi Kula camp. The committee appealed for providing relief against the damages.


Dumprijo cry for development

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Upper Subansiri district BJP unit accused the local leaders of ruling party including PRI members of not taking up grievances of people of Dumporijo constituency with authorities concerned for redressal.

Pointing out the grievances and problems being faced by the people including shortage of power supply, shortage of teachers in schools and alleged misuse of development fund, BJP district unit president Lompak Paksok said that inadequate supply of power coupled with frequent interruption and load shedding badly affected day-to-day life of the public, particularly the students community and Govt staff.  The BJP unit suggested the authorities concerned to install few more transformers at different locations in the township to cater to the needs of the increasing number of population. The conditions of existing transformers are not good enough to bear the required power load, Paksok added.

On the other hand the BSNL authority has failed to activate its tower situated at the Dumporijo hill top despite power supply is made available as per requirement, he alleged.

Pointing out the pathetic educational scenario in this constituency, the district BJP leader said most of the schools under Dumporijo are run by only single teacher.  The party demanded posting of adequate teachers and construction of teachers’ quarters in Dumporijo area.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the implementation of the BRGF (Backward Region Grant Fund) schemes in Dumporijo circle, the BJP leaders also alleged that BRGF fund are not properly utilized.  He further alleged that “the schemes proposed in the village are implemented in the town and in some cases the funds are withdrawn without executing work”. He urged the concerned authorities to check misuse of fund, or else, he said, the people will be compelled to raise voice for justice.


Lifeline of Tirap extensively damaged

KHONSA, Sept 14: The Khonsa-Bogapani-Joypur road which is the life-line of Tirap District has been extensively damaged following incessant rain over the last couple of months.

The Hukanjuri checkgate to Joypur in Assam has been in deplorable state for the last few years for want of maintenance. However, the Arunachal part of the road from the checkgate to Khonsa, the district headquarters has been badly damaged during the rainy season. The approach roads on both sides of Bogapani bridge is in horrible condition. Due to accumulation of mud in huge quantity, the vehicles, especially the light vehicles cannot be driven through that portion. Many vehicles have been damaged while manoeuvring  the slush and mud. No maintenance has been forthcoming from any quarters as yet.

The whole stretch of KBJ road from Pullong bridge upto Khonsa is in pitiable state. A number of gaping holes have appeared in the middle of the road. The problem is compounded by total lack of drains. The people are facing untold sufferings because of the poor condition of the said road. The HCM and others who matter have been apprised of the pathetic KBJ road condition and action is awaited. If something is not done urgently, the condition of the road will go from bad to worse and the sufferers will be the common people. The people have high expectation from the elected leaders of the district. The KBJ road was in news recently when Assam imposed economic blockade. (DIPRO)


Upper Subansiri for proper implementation  of Sakshar Bharat Mission

Daporijo, Sept 14: A Meeting cum Orientation programme on implementation of Sakshar Bharat Mission in Upper Subansiri was organized under the chairmanship of Nakap Nalo, Zilla Parishad Chairperson here  yesterday with the EAC/Circle Officer cum- BDOs, all Anchal Samity Chairpersons and DAEOs.

The meeting was to discuss and orient the PRI functionaries at different levels for the successful implementation of Sakshar Bharat Mission in Upper Subansiri.

Welcoming the gathering, Nalo appealed to all the PRI functionaries to render their valuable services towards the development of Adult Literacy through this flagship programme of Sakshar Bharat Mission 2012 and promote a learning society by providing opportunities to neo- literate adult for continuing education by establishing Lok Shiksha Kendras in each Gram Panchayat.

P.Kalita, DTO(Scout)-cum- Master Trainer for Sakshar Bharat Mission for Upper Subansiri explained the various steps in implementing the programme with the active participation of PRI functionaries and their role, as Panchayats are to be the implementing Agency at the operational level. He also proposed to hold different orientation programmes from the PRI functionaries and the Preraks.

Brief explanation on the role of Chief Executive Officer in block level and the procedure to frame the progressive activities in the block level to execute the Sakshar Bharat Mission was explained by Tamar Baki, State Key Resource person (SKRP) under Sakshar Bharat mission. He stressed upon the adequate representation of woman and their literacy in eradication of illiteracy in a society. He added that it is in this background that Sakshar Bharat has been devised as the new variant of National Literacy Mission. It will cover all adults in the age group of 15 and beyond though its primary focus will be on female population of different categories like SC, ST, Minorities and other disadvantage group in rural areas in low literacy states.

Tabu Mosu, District Adult Education officer cum Member Secretary of Sakshar Bharat Mission  hoped to get all possible support from all the corners to eradicate illiteracy from the district and urged the PRI functionaries in working towards making the Sakshar Bharat Mission Programme 2012 a success in the district. (DIPRO)


Game Zone win, IRBn held to 1-1 draw in Summer Cup Football

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Game Zone pipped CCSC 1-0 in the first match while  3rd IRBn was held to a 1-1 draw by DFC in today’s second match of the 2nd Papum Pare Summer Cup Invitational Football Championship played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun.

Today’s matches:

MDFC vs YS XI, 2 pm




AMBASU demands

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Maro, Baririjo Area Students’ Union (AMBASU), in a memorandum, has demanded the RD & PR Minister Takar Marde for immediate posting of a Circle Officer at Maro.

The 7-point memorandum submitted to the minister also demanded, among others, for immediate posting of English and Science teachers at Govt. Sec. School, Maro, Science and Social Studies teachers at Govt. Middle School, Tasi Donyi (Dula), Hindi and Science teachers at Govt. Middle School, Baririjo, One teacher at Govt. Primary School, Tapi Luchi, Maintenance of Boys and Girls’ Hostels of Govt. Sec. School, Maro and Govt. Middle School, Tasi Donyi (Dula), Bus stands at Bora-Ropuk, Silu bridge point, Tapi, Dula and Tasi Donyi villages along with resumption of APST bus service from Daporijo to Baririjo via Dumporijo and Maro, APST staff quarter at Baririjo and immediate black topping of road from Maro to Baririjo.


Fresher meet

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: North East Homeopathic Students Welfare Association has organized its 10th fresher meet at its college premises today.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest AAPSU General Secretary Tujum Poyom said that the homeopathic college is lone in the state and being run by NGO’ Abo-Tani Charitable Society, this college needs state government’s attention for funding and its development.

He further assured to look into the problems of students community regarding stipend, book grant and job reservation at Director NRHM.

Guest of Honour, AAPSU Finance Secretary Debia Muj advised the student to maintain discipline in their study to become good doctors.

He further advising the students to avoid ragging in the college, suggested the students to informed AAPSU for solution and suggestion, if any problem arises.


Engineer’s Day

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Arunachal Pradesh Engineering Service Association (APESA) is celebrating engineer’s day at Water Resources Department Conference Hall, Itanagar on September 15.

The Engineering fraternities from various work department of central, state and PSU are expected to participate in the function to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sir Visvesvaraya.


Govt acts

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Nyishi Students’ Union Upper Subansiri Unit (ANSU-USU) has withdrawn its 15-day ultimatum served to the Government a day before the expiry of the date following positive response from the Government to fulfill its demand, an ANSU-USU release claimed.

The union has been demanding for posting of a regular Principal and required subject teachers at Govt. Hr. Sec. School Muri Mugli. Meanwhile, the union informed that a vice principal and subject teacher were posted in the school recently.


Committee demands

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Palin Chambang Gangte Yangte Tarak-Lendi Panchayat Welfare Committee (PCGYTPWC) has demanded the Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner to take necessary action as per the directive of Director, PR for immediate release of TFC share of GPMs and ASMs.

It threatened to take other democratic means, if the DC fails to take action within four days for release of their TFC shares.



ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) president has appointed Paul Tad, Tana Bapu and Nabam Takam as president, vice president and general secretary of the Union’s Papum Pare District Unit, Doimukh.

Nabam Ruponi, Sumpi Biku and Nabam Yarup were appointed president, vice president and general secretary of Women’s wing. All the office bearers are appointed for three years effective immediately.


RGU results

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All the re-evaluated and re-checked results of BA II year (Hons and pass), B.Com II year (Hons & pass), B.Sc II year (Hons), B.Sc. & B.Com. I year examinations of all affiliated colleges under Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) have been declared, according a RGU release.


Dept lauded

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers Association Sangram Unit (ASSATASU) lauded the Education Minister, Commissioner and Secretary Education for giving assurance to AASSATA to regularize the services of teachers serving under SSA on seniority basis and increase their salary.


Posting of teachers demanded

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Tumlang Yaki Kaung and Tagum Youth Association (ATYK&TYA) has appealed the Kurung Kumey DDSE for posting of regular teachers in Govt Middle School Yaki. It informed that the middle school is running without regular teachers for last five years.


PPA questions SIC

ITANAGAR: People’s Party of Arunachal said that the statements of Special Investigation Cell (SIC) M. S Chauhan regarding PDS scandal is “not consistent and creating confusion in the minds of the common people”. In contrary to his press statement, the State Government has made it clear that SIC never sought prosecution sanction from the Government for prosecution of 44 government employees in the multi crore PDS scam, PPA general secretary Ashan Riddi. The party while stating that it was duty of the SIC to act swiftly further said that the State Government is very clear by saying that no prosecution sanction is required from the government for the SIC to arrest all those involved in the scam.

The party further asked why Chauhan was hesitant to reveal the quantum of amount and names of alleged officials.


Upset students propose bandh

ITANAGAR: The All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union (AKKDSU) has resented the state government’s failure to fulfill its charter of demands which includes introduction of air dropping of PDS items despite assurances by the government. The Union has proposed 12 hours Bandh call on Sept 29 at Kurung Kumey district.    

The union stated that government has been depriving the people of the district while adding that head load carriage system of PDS items does not make any sense as it had failed in earlier occasions too.

Seppa tensed after IRBn boys beat up teacher, 144 clamped

SEPPA, Sept 14: Seppa is tensed with the ugly face of Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBn) once again coming to the fore. This time, a govt teacher was their victim who forgot to wear a helmet.

The incident took place at around 3 P. M. today in main market of Seppa town when Khya Sonam, a Junior Teacher in Govt Middle School , New Seppa  was on his way to pay electricity bill when an IRBN personnel stopped his bike and started abusing him with filthy language for not wearing a helmet.

Sensing trouble, Sonam showed his teacher I card and he even gave his bike’s key to him so that he could go back home to bring his helmet.

“In the meantime, some other IRBn personnel joined in and started mercilessly beating him. They did not stop even when their superior, a sub inspector, tried to intervene, a relative of the victim informed.

The critically injured Sonam is admitted in District Hospital Seppa and referred outside the district for further treatment.   

According to a source, the public got infuriated with the inhumane treatment to a teacher, that too for merely not wearing helmet, by the IRBn. Later in the evening, the angry public attacked the police station and damaged vehicles parked outside the stations.

When contacted an officer of the Police Station, Seppa while confirming the incident said that sic IRBn boys along with an officer of the APP was on duty when the incident took place. He said that Police station has been extensively damaged by the agitating public. He further said that the IRBn boys have been identified and kept at the Police station while adding that no one has lodged an FIR against the incident. He further informed that details of the incident have been sent to Police Headquarters in Itanagar.

144 crpc has been clamped in the area to deter any untoward incident.

The Home Department is likely to send additional personnel to take control of the situation.

All East Kameng Students Union president Tukfi Riang while reacting to the incident demanded suspension of all those involved while questioning the workings of the IRBn.  He said that IRBn has been creating terror instead of reassuring people of security and safety.

Meanwhile, the public and the relatives are demanding immediate suspension of all the personnel involved in the incident.


AAPSU continues its tirade against Govt on PRC to non APST

Changlang, Tirap & Lohit students question govt decision

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has launched blistering attack against state government for their statement that PRC to non-APSTS is being issued under Supreme Court directive. AAPSU which had issued 20 days ultimatum to state government to revoke this order reacted angrily today after government spokesperson Jarbom Gamlin, himself a former AAPSU leader, in a press briefing yesterday informed that state government is only implementing Supreme and High Court’s directive in this regard.

In a press statement AAPSU President Takam Tatung asked government not to play with the sentiment of tribal population of this state. “People of the state had no idea that such case has been filed in high court and Supreme Court by non-APST seeking permanent residential certificate (PRC) in our state. Why we were kept under darkness all these months,” questioned Takam Tatung. Further he added, “The so-called committee to look granting PRC to non-APST were headed by APST citizens like Minister Jarbom Gamlin, Tako Dabi, Chowna Mein and CC Singpho. How can they take decision in favour of non-APST? They should have at least consulted local citizens and asked for their view.”

Union further stated that whoever supports the cause of non-APST will be from now treated as traitor and people of Arunachal will not forgive them for siding along with outsiders. Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873 provides special right to people of Arunachal. Under various sections of this act outsiders cannot buy property and settle within the state. Supreme Court of India also cannot interfere with  this act. Terming this order as violation of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873, AAPSU urged state government to file petition in Supreme Court to re-asses this case. “Our state is a 100 percent tribal populated and this order grossly violates rights of tribal population. We will file complaint at ST/ST commission and if our voice is not heard, we will approach United Nations as this order poses danger to indigenous tribal’s of this state,” stated Tatung.

AAPSU has also threatened to launch statewide agitation if this order is not revoked. “Until this order is revoked we will keep fighting. We appeal all the political parties, business communities, elite and civil societies, student communities, bureaucrats and every other Arunachalee to join together with AAPSU to fight against this order,” said AAPSU President Takam Tatung. He also asked state administration to immediately cancel land lease given to many outsiders in Tezu town.

Meanwhile, All Tirap District Students’ Union expressed strong resentment over the decision of state government for issue of PRC to non-APST of Changlang and Lohit districts.

The Union said that the state government is not concerned about the people of these two districts instead the government is aggravating the problems in most unfair way by allocating the status of PRC to non-APST peole.

Meanwhile, Tirap Changlang and Lohit Students’ Union, Itanagar unit while supporting the stand taken by AAPSU regarding the issue of PRC to non-APST resented the government decision.  The Union said state government betrayed the people of the state by deciding to issue PRC.

The union further highlighting the refugees and other problems of the area said that the state government is unable to take appropriate step to solve these problems and on the other hand they are creating another problem by taking decision to issue PRC to non-APST.

It appealed to the people of Arunachal to come forward and raise their voice against the government’s decision to save Arunachal.

All Tai-Khampti Singpho Students Union also reacting to the state government’s decision regarding PRC issue said that the issue of PRC to non APST dwelling in Lohit and Changlang is completely illogical and against the will of local indigenous people.

All Changlang District Students Union (ACDSU) vehemently opposed the Govt decision to grant Permanent Residential Certificates (PRC) to non-APST in Changlang and Lohit districts.

The union will never accept the decision which was conceived without taking the local citizens into confidence, its president Munglong Ngemu said in a release today. The union said in spite of   promoting the cordial relations between tribal and non- tribal, such immature decision will ignite conflicts in both the districts.  Govt’s wrong move will create a public unrest in these two districts, the union further warned and appealed the state Govt to withdraw the decision to grant PRC to non-APST.


Upper Siang battles aftermath of flood

Yingkiong, Sept 14: Flood ravaged Upper Siang district continues to be struggle with ration items and petroleum yet to reach Yingkiong. Effected families have been accommodated in the relief camp till normalcy is restored. However essential services like water supply, electricity have been partially restored.

The roads linking Yingkiong and Tuting have been damaged at many places and two steel bridges have collapsed while the Yingkiong Helipad and its approach road was completely washed away.

BRTF road linking Yingkiong with Aalo and Pasighat remains cut off due to heavy landslide at 4 kilo. However, the RWD has restored the rural link road from Simong Village because of which light vehicles can ply avoiding the blocked area.

Officers stranded at Yingkiong and Tuting have been airlifted by special chopper service provided by the Govt while more than hundred people are waiting to be airlifted. Meanwhile, four dead bodies out of 7 dead at Mossing have been recovered as the efforts are going on to find the rest of the dead bodies.

NERIST students Dhruvajyoti Bordoloi and Arun Das, who were among those injured and stranded at Mossing will evacuated tomorrow from Migging while seven  others have already been evacuated yesterday.

The District Administration led by Deputy Commissioner Pawan Kumar Sain along with executing Agencies visited the flood affected areas and interacted with the victims of the recent devastating flood. (DIPRO)


Support pours in wonder boy

Vote for Teji

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Appeals are pouring in from every sections of the society seeking support for Arunachalee boy Toko Teji who is participating in reality show “India’s Got Talent Khoj-2” currently on air in Colors channel.

Congratulating Toko Teji in his stupendous success of entering the semi-final round of reality show “India’s Got Talent Khoj-2” contest, the Apatani Youth Association (AYA) has again appealed the youths and general public particularly of Lower Subansiri District to once again vote with renewed zeal and enthusiasm to ensure Teji’s entry at the mega finals.

Arunachal Pradesh Colleges Forum has urged the people of Arunachal to vote for Toko Teji calling him the proud representative of this state. Forum asked people to stand behind Teji by continuing to vote for him. Arunachal Pradesh Abo Tani Clans Youth Organization. Gangte Circle Intellectual Forum, Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum, All Tam Socio-Economic Welfare Association and gram chairperson 2-Nirjuli Panchayat have appealed to the every section of Arunachal to extend support to wonder boy Toko Teji by voting for him. The seminal final round voting will start on Saturday 18th September from 9 PM and will end on 9 AM 19th September. Mobile users can vote for Teji by sending TT to 56882. 100 votes are valid per SIM card.


Capital bandh demanding resignation of CM, APCC terms bandh absurd

Bandh declared illegal

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU),  Arunachal Volunteers Youth Federation (AVYF) and Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) have jointly called for 12-hour Capital bandh on Sept 16 in protest against non-fulfillment of their demands within the 10 days period which expired on Sept 11.

The organizations have been demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister while charging him with various allegations ranging from nepotism, favaouri-tism to manipulation of fund as the then minister of relief and rehabilitation department. They also demanded constitution of SIC to investigate into the alleged fund misappropriation.  

Meanwhile, these three organizations in a representation to the Governor yesterday  demanded resignation of Khandu and conduction of a CBI enquiry into the allegations.

The organizations in its representation alleged that ‘during 2004, Khandu had awarded contracts work of  `  130 crore to his kith and kin without inviting any tender which amounted to violation of central guidelines.  During 2007, Khandu awarded some contracts of hydro power projects worth `  300 crore to some private players as joint venture without following norms’, the representation further alleged.  The representation claimed that more than `  102792.89 crore received from the various private companies and power developers have not been utilized judiciously. The three organizations appealed the Governor to dissolve the present Govt and seek a CBI probe for impartial and fair investigation into the alleged large scale corruption and mal-administration.

Meanwhile,  terming the demand of the Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union for resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu as absurd and ridiculous, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee today urged the union to withdraw its proposed bandh on Sept 16 in greater interest of all section of the people.

The APCC urged the union not to resort to ‘undemocratic means’ by calling bandh.  It said the bandh will cause hardship and inconvenience to the people.

While strongly refuting and condemning the allegation leveled by the union as unfounded and misleading, APCC in a statement said ‘such irresponsible acts of the union are an attempt to spread confusion and speculation among the people’.

 As far as the office of the chief minister is concerned,  the APCC said the Chief Minister is constitutionally  and democratically answerable to the legislators only as the  legislators elect the  CM democratically.

Meanwhile, the Capital district administration has declared the proposed 12-hr Capital bandh on Sept 16 as illegal and unlawful.

The Capital District DC in an order under Section 144 Cr PC has directed the Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union, Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation and Arunachal Youth Association to abstain from any act that may affect the right, liberty, safety and security of common citizens.


Gross irregularities in FPSs: APPDSU

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Gross irregularities in selling and distribution of ration items to beneficiaries and card holders by Fair Price Shops (FPSs) within Papum Pare led to deprivation and acute shortage of such items, informed All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU).

APPDSU, which conducted a survey to know the  functioning of FPSs within Papum Pare, revealed that Papum Pare has the highest number of FPS license holders with 177. Of them 118 exist in the Capital region alone and most of them are being run by non-Arunachalees on monthly rental basis. According to APPDSU survey, there are 17 FPSs in Itanagar region, 44 in Ganga, 11 in Banderdewa, 16 in Nirjuli, 41 in Naharlagun, 13 in Balijan, 3 in Durpang-Sonajuli, 14 in Doimukh and 18 in Sagalee. Further, APPDSU revealed that it found no shop against many FPS licenses and those license holders have been using their licenses for their own benefit.

"Although ration items like, Kerosine, Rice (including BPL and AAYA), Sugar etc. are issued to those FPSs, ration card holders are not getting those items or these items are not sold to the them. Instead, those items, specially Kerosine and Sugar, are sold to other shops at higher prices to earn double profit," APPDSU claimed.

It also claimed to have found that most of the FPSs shops are open for only one or two days in a month and rations items are sold out within that days depriving the actual beneficiaries. There is also an irregular proportion between the number of Rations card holders and quantity of allotment in various FPSs, APPDSU said while describing that there has been lesser number of ration cards against larger quantity of allotment in various FPSs. It is also difficult for one to locate an FPS and to know that what type of items they sell because of non display of signboard and item’s list, it claimed.

Meanwhile, APPDSU appealed to the district Food and Civil Supply authority to check all these irregularities and ask the FPSs owners for producing sell records. It also demanded cancellation of those FPSs, who do not display signboard within short period and reduction of FPSs licenses in capital region for rural areas.


PRC and Courts of India

Tongam Rina

The decision to grant permanent residential certificates to non tribal of Changlang and Lohit have not gone down well at all if one goes by the letters and press releases pouring into the office of The Arunachal Times. All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union leading the voice, there has been incredible number of letters of protest. Predictably so.

The decision to grant permanent residential certificates to non tribal residing in Arunachal prior to 1968 looks like one taken by the government for the sake of it without looking into details.

Changlang and Lohit are not the only districts where non tribal population has resided even before 1968. In almost all the districts of the state, there are number of Indian citizens who decided to make Arunachal their homes. Instead of leaving them out, the government should have taken a decision to grant them PRC as well. After all it is not only the children of non tribal citizens of these two district who need a central job or an education. Others non tribal citizens of Arunachal too need education and employment. There should not have been room for partiality when such a massive decision was being taken. Magnanimity should not be limited to certain areas.

The government categorically said that the grant of PRC to non APST would not infringe into the rights of the local indigenous communities.  Good enough. Why should we deny our own fellow citizens from seeking employments and education opportunities just for want of PRC?

The government says it will have dossier for those who would be granted PRC. Who are we kidding here? Forget about Indian citizens, despite Police Check gates at all possible places along the Assam- Arunachal boundary, the state have not been able to control influx of illegal migrants from Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.  The number is sizeable today. Added to the whole number is dramatic growth of Tibetan, Chakma and Hajong refugees in the state. Many of these refugees certainly are not from designated camps within Arunachal.

The Indian laws say that Arunachal is a restricted area. Let’s not get into the intricacies of laws as we all that know law can be twisted at will by those in power.

Let’s accept that the government took the decision of granting PRC to non tribal since it was a verdict by the High Court and Supreme Court.  Did the state government contest the verdict? Going by the facts, it does not look like state government even tried to do so. If it did, we would have been literally slapped with outcome of the verdict.

Taken that Arunachal is trying to accommodate all, did the state government ever tried to have consensus of those stakeholder apart from elected representatives who have just been given another opportunity to get reelected?  

No doubt, Deoris and Yobbins would be included in the category that would be granted PRC but would the state government take a step forward and take a look at their backgrounds?

Many Mishings spread across East and Upper Siang and Lower Dibang Valley, Yobbins from Vijaynagar and Deoris from Diyun-Bordumsa in Changlang area trace their ancestry even before India found this god for bidden land.  What does government have to say about them?

A government whose slogan is People First can’t afford to take decision that’s arbitrary and partial. If it really is People’s First, fears and apprehension of the indigenous communities need to be taken into account. Taking refuge in questionable Court verdict is not the answer.


Sena demands ouster of CM, CS and Director RR

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Arunachal Anti-corruption Sena has demanded suspension of Director RR & DM TT Gamdik, Chief Secretary Tabom Bam from the post of Chief Secretary, resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for illegal appointment of 17 DRROs.

It further demanded that the illegally appointed 17 DRROs should be dismissed and all the posts should be advertised afresh for open competitive examination.

The Sena alleged that in addition to illegal appointment of 14 DRROs during 2004-05, two UDCs of DC Office Tawang were appointed as DRROs and  posted at ADC Headquarter Mechuka, West Siang and ADC head quarter Singchung, West Kameng District and a Junior Teacher of government Higher Secondary School Kanubari was also appointed as DRRO and posted at ADC Headquarter Namsai, Lohit District during 2006-07.

It appealed to the Chief Secretary to issue an appropriate order to the concerned authority for immediate action.


PCWS consultative meet endorses movement against Dams

PASIGHAT, Sept 14: The consultative meeting of Pasighat Citizens Welfare Society (PCWS) on Dams endorsed on-going movement against Dams on river Siang.

The meeting chaired by PCWS president Mongol Yomso after holding a threadbare discussion on the issue decided to gear up anti-dam movements highlighting the impacts of mega dams among people.

In the event of breach of dam and inundation map shown by JAYPEE and NHPC for both Siang and Dibang, Ranaghat, Mirbuk, Mirku-Dapi, Mirsam, Yagrung, Berung, Sika Bamin, Sika Tode, Sille-Ruksin, Depi-Detak, entire Mebo areas, Pasighat township, ‘D’ Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Deopani protected forest, Old Abali, Jiya, Parbuk, Bolung, Bijari, Pasighat Reserved Forest and Kerim protected forest in the downstream will be inundated and also create havoc at upstream, including Pangin-Boleng, Geku Mariyang and West Siang District.

It also expressed concern over construction of mega dams in Tibet and remembered the 2000 flash flood which created major havoc in Pasighat. It also objected to the construction of the proposed 2700 MW LSHEPP on Siang River.

The meeting cautioned the government and JAYPEE that they can’t carry forward their mission at the support of a handful of pro-dams neglecting the grievances of majority Adis at both downstream and upstream. The clearance of environment impact assessment (EIA) and public hearing process will be protested at highest forum, it resolved.

The meeting was attended by leaders of All Bogong Students Union (Balek group), All Adi Students Union (AdiSU), All East Siang District Students Union, Mebo Area Bachao Committee, Pasighat Bachao Committee, Pangin Boleng Siang Peoples Forum and Siang Dam affected People’s Forum.


` 51 lakh royalty amount in Kurung Kumey swindled

KOLORIANG, Sept 14: The Kurung Kurung district authority has cautioned all work departments and contractors against unauthorized collection of royalty amount on minor minerals by certain unscrupulous persons in the name of Assistant Mineral Development Officer (AMDO).  The administration issued this caution note following the detection of fake transit permit issued using fake signature and seal of AMDO, Koloriang.

Giving details of the recent fraudulent activities, an official source informed an amount of ` 51 lakh has been collected by some unauthorized persons as royalties from the firms/contractors of PMGSY works during the 2009-10. The royalty amounts collected have never been deposited to the Govt account. The authorities found that the neither the seals   nor the signature of the documents to the office of AMDO Palin or Koloriang. However, enquiry has been instituted to investigate details into the fraud.  The district authorities referred the case to the higher authorities of the Govt and decided to lodge a complaint in police station.  Meanwhile, the district authority urged the contractors  to deposit royalties to the  department concerned or AMDO Koloriang only. DIPRO


62nd Rashtra Basha Hindi Diwas

Tayeng hails Hindi language for brining communities together

ROING, Sept 14: The 62nd Rashtra Basha Hindi Diwas was celebrated in Lower Dibang Valley District headquarter today. The celebration was marked by Literary and cultural competition at Rekho Hall, Cheta Roing.

MLA Jomin Tayeng said that without a common language, it was very difficult to interact with people of other tribes in early days but the inclusion of Hindi as medium of communication has made it easier to interact with other people. While urging to maintain the character of Hindi language, he said that this language has not only got national acceptance all over India including south which opposed it earlier as national language but also has got international recognition as Hindi speaking people are found every where around the world. He further said that it is the national language which makes one feels Indian even in a foreign country and promotion of this language must be done by organizing workshops, discussion, etc in schools and colleges.

B K Jayanti, Prajapita Brahmakumari Vishwa Vidhalaya, Roing who attended the programme as Guest of Honour said that language is the medium to exchange ones love and feeling to another. The national languages besides acting as medium of exchange have succeeded in building national integrity.

Abu Saring, District Adult Education Officer speaking on the occasion has said that the importance of the national language should not be only limited to observation of Rashtra Basha Diwas but speaking of the language in correct pronunciation should be practice daily.

Earlier, Essay and drawing competitions on the importance of the national language was also conducted. The winners of various competitions were given prizes along with a certificate and consolation prizes were also given to all the participants.

The program was attended by teachers and students from various schools, parents and officers.


3 DPVB boys to represent IPSC

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: Three students of Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan (DPVB), namely Mst. Henry Tok (Goalkeeper), Mst. Yomgi Sora (Striker) and Pisa Deghe (Defender) have been selected to represent IPSC School at National Level Championship.

Meanwhile, DPVB football team went down fighting 0-1 to Phoenix Public School, Belgum, Karnataka in the quarterfinals of the Indian Public Schools Conference Soccer Championship 2010 held at Tashi Namgyal Academy, Gangtok, Sikkim from September 1 to 5 last.

The DPVB team defeated Sainik School, Goalpara, Assam 3-2 in the first round and beat Scindia Public School, Gwalior comfortably by a margin of 2-0 goals in the second round.

Altogether, 15 schools from different parts of the country participated in the tournament, according to a DPVB release.


NSCN (K) cadre arrested

ITANAGAR, Sept 14:  A joint patrol of civil police and 25 Assam Rifles  operating under the DAH Division apprehended a notorious NSCN(K) cadre near village Malugaon III.

The villagers in the area quickly informed the Assam Rifles when some NSCN(K) cadres were noticed approaching the village. The security forces immediately swung into action and successfully nabbed SS Private Chobu @ Cha Aung after a hot pursuit. The apprehended cadre is resident of Myanmar and had joined NSCN(K) in years 2000. A large number of incriminating documents were recovered from him.

The Assam Rifles had received many reports regarding presence of some NSCN(K) cadres in villages near Ledo in Past few weeks. These cadres are instrumental in illegally collecting taxes or extortion money from Villages, tea garden owners, coal mines and shop keepers. The villagers were even threatened by these cadres of dire consequences if they disclose information to Security Forces. However it is evident that the people of the area have refused to bow down to the dictates of the terrorists, said AR release.


Training on handling of Govt cash and accounts

ITANAGAR, Sept 14: A week-long in-service Training Programme on “Handling of Government Cash & Accounts” commenced at ATI from September 13-17, which is being organized under the 100% course fee sponsorship of DoPT, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Altogether, 34 officials of Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat/ HoDs who are directly handling cash & accounts matter in their respective offices as Accountant/ Cashier/ Dealing Hand are attending the programme.

Inaugurating the function Director (TRG) Pema Tshetan pointed out that the training programme on “Handling of Govt. Cash & Accounts” is being organized for the first time and the course content covers all aspects of Govt.’s Accounts, Financial Rules, Guidelines & norms in depth.

The Director further added that cash & Accounts subjects are the two important subjects on which all Government functions are depended upon and therefore the officials & officers handling Government Cash and Accounts matters should be highly trained.

He further advising the officials to maintain strict compliance of all financial guidelines & norms said ‘while executing the Government funds, the officer should be aware of the fact that all kinds of financial transactions are under close scrutiny of the executive through Public Accounts Committee as well as other State & Central Agencies.

Earlier, T.Lodo, Deputy Director (TRG) & Course Coordinator briefed about the activities of the ATI. He appreciated the Accountant General, Arunachal Pradesh for extending cooperation by deputing senior Accounts Officer S.P Biswas, S.Choudhary and S.K Das as guest resource persons and also appreciated Commissioner of Income Tax, NER, Govt. of India, Guwahaty for deputing Senior Income Tax Officer, C.K Ganguly to ATI, Naharlagun for delivering lecture on various aspects of TDS. & Income Tax for the benefit of the participants.


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