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September - 16



The pro and anti stands on dams

Dear Editor,

Whenever I read about the Dam project, there appear to be no clarification from authority and pro dam group. To me this appears quite suspicious about the whole Dam project. I am neither pro Dam nor against Dam. However, I think there is genuine concern as voiced by so many of the groups and organisation about this. Many of the group against the Dam didn’t consider many of the concern I have with the project. I would like to request all the parties (pro and against Dam) concern thinks again.

Social impact: No amount of compensation can replace the ancestral land that the clan or villages identify with. Government will wash their hand once money is handed over to the beneficiary. Doesn’t worry about long-term rehabilitation of displaced people

Compensation is likely to be swallowed by Babus and Netas leaving behind the real needy one. We can smell the corruption round the corner ready to launch itself when opportunity arises. It will be of enormous amount even higher than PDS scam

Government has no plan to relocate the affected community; affected community will become environmental refugee in our own state.

Do not under estimate the migrant labourers that will overwhelm the local populace, eg 15000-20000 labourers in a place populated with 1000 locals.

Environmental Impact: So far no proper environmental impact study has been conducted by the authority. The impact will be enormous considering the diverse ecosystem in our area. The lower Siang Dam project proposed area is located in a geologically unstable region, likely directly above the tectonic plate

Need proper geological assessment of the area by well known independent experts like geological survey of India. The assessment is done without influence from pro Dam parties.

People need to realise that the environment lost will be forever.

The consequences of any faulty construction could lead to disaster like the one few years ago in Siang. Given India’s tract record of corruption the quality of Dam is likely to be compromised e.g. the CWG corruption scandal

Liability for Damage: The constructing company should be liable for any faulty or damage caused by the Dam for next 100-150 years.

Any damage done down stream should be compensated adequately within this periods.

Cost Benefit analysis: Taking into consideration of all the cost of the Dam project including the above mention issues and the benefit that we are going to get out of this appear to me need rigorous analysis before taking hasty decisions. There were no mentions of cost benefit analysis done prior to propose project.  I urge all parties involved to re think about this as a matter of urgency to consider, if needed brought to the negotiating table to have honest discussions. To me cost of the dam will outweigh the benefit from it.

I am not dismissing the benefit we are going to get from construction of Dam, however the benefit are more for the government revenue than to the common people. There are places up stream where no human settlement where this entire project could be constructed. Authority should carefully choose the place where it can be constructed with minimal impact mention above. It is laughable to say construction of Dam alone will bring development to the area, we have seen past decade or so that the condition of infrastructure in our state is despicable at the best. The need of the hour is good infrastructure- roads, communications, health and education.


Bojir Perme (on email)




Tahjam Wangjen family needs support

Dear Editor,

We are deeply touched to know that Tahjam Wangjen has succumbed to his bullet injury on Sept 12 last. We extend our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and pray the Almighty God to bestow them enough strength to bear the irreparable loss. The kith and kin of Late Wangjen should take solace in the fact that he had sacrificed his life to protect his motherland and that his name shall always be remembered by the people of the State.

Late "Tahjam Wangjen, an innocent farmer of Kamkuh-Russa village and a father of five minor children received grievous injury in an unmindful firing by Assam Police apparently in the presence of SP Sivasagar in connection with the inter-state boundary dispute on 15th August 2010. Now, we strongly demand immediate action against the personnel involved in the indiscriminate firing and thorough investigation by some neutral agency.

He was only bread earner of his large family. His untimely death has rendered the family shattered and devastated with no one to fall back upon. The academic career of his children is at stake and stranded. So the State Government of Assam and Arunachal should immediately compensate the family in a substantial manner to bestow some succor to the poor family at this time of utter crisis.


K. Lowang

Thatwang Boi

Phocham Rangpang

Tingjem Wangsu



Grant of PRC is mischief

Dear Editor,

Grant of PRC to Lohit and Changlang is unprecedented and mischief by the government. It maybe a mere PRC for the government but adverse consequences won't knock at door before it is declared.

We all know our state is faced by problems like interstate border disputes, Chakma refugees and various projects like irrelevant citation of power projects competently covering every river and stream available in our state. We appreciate development if done for the people and with the local tribal people or else it is just a devastating plan hurting the feelings of the indigenous people and bio-reserve as well.

We don't know what the main motive is and what else is going on behind the scene for issuing such a vital certificate to non APST. In my opinion it is not authentic and absolutely a wrong step taken at expense of tribal people of Arunachal pradesh.


Rachi (on email)



Guilty should have been punished

Dear editor,

This letter is to give my solidarity to Mr. Duge  Soki  seeking for  an explanation from  students organizations and leaders of Upper Subansiri district regarding their soft hand on the corruption done by the DDSE of Daporijo. It is disheartening to see our PR leaders and student union compromise on such serious issues. They should remember that they are the representatives of people  and ought to fight for the peoples interest. Just creating temporary hullahoo and subsequently compromising in few days for their heavier pocket is not an act of responsible leaders. The man who openly traded the C.G.I sheets, which were meant for district to his hometown for his own personal use should have been punished. I don’t understand, how come DSU, ATSU and PR leaders  were even ready to sit in the negotiation table. I don’t understand the district which boast of having two cabinet minister tolerate such a open corruption from a bureaucrat. We, the general public owe an answer from them and we deserve to be answered. This whole compromising issue is creating in us a feeling of betrayal and we need to answer before it develops into hatred.


B. Byania



Save Arunachal before it perish

Dear Editor,

Instead of giving importance to the development, government is betraying the state by issuing PRC to Non-APST.

In place of creating employment opportunities for our youths, the politicians just gave themselves a raise. They should have at least thought about the educated/qualified youth of the state who are wandering directionless in search of jobs. If this situation continuously for next five or ten years definitely, one day the state will be nowhere.

Therefore, while appreciating the act of those organization/individuals whoever voices against these act of corruption by the state Govt, I would also like to urge the people of Arunachal Pradesh be more careful about the happenings in the state.  


Citizen (on email)



There is no diversion of funds

Dear Editor,

The allegation leveled by a group of Panchayat Leaders against Block Development Officer

Cum Programme Offier Ziro-I CD-Block, Ziro on diversion of fund under MGNREGA of Ziro-I CD-Block, Ziro as appeared in your daily dated 13th September is baseless. We received a sum of Rs.1043000 /- from DRDA, Ziro under MGNREGA.

So, on equal distribution of aforesaid fund among 127 Gram Panchayats , the fund per Gram Panchayat is Rs. 8212/- with which durable asset cannot be created and as such , a meeting was called by Block Development Officer Cum Programme Officer, Ziro with all Anchal Chairpersons to find out modalities acceptable to all for creation of durable assets with above fund. Accordingly it was decided unanimously to utilize the entire amount at Reru-Kalung Anchal Samiti which is within the Ziro-I CD-Block, Ziro. The work taken up is as per perspective plan of MGNREGA and as such the diversion of fund does not arise.


Tage Appa

Block Development Officer

Ziro-I CD-Block, Ziro.

Lower Subansiri

Dist. (AP)



What happens to Parsi-Parlo road?

Dear Editor,

The Parsi-Parlo road was sanctioned few years back with a project cost of Rs 52 crore funded by NARARD. But even half portion of the road is not completed yet. I think only development of road infrastructure will expedite the development in others sectors including health and education.

Therefore, I appeal the ASM of Parsi Parlo and students union of the concerned area to pursue the matter with the construction authority for early construction of road.


Bulang Raju




Come together for a united Arunachal

Dear Editor,

After going through the article “Arunachal finds a reasons to cheers together" by Taba Ajum, I personally too feel that our state is still bitterly divided on communal line. the attitude of we don’t care still prevails among  each tribe, which in fact result in lack of development in each tribe regions and state as a whole.

So, to eradicate all this major problems like underdevelopment, poverty, corruption and unemployment, all we need to do is to unite and fight against all the ills. For this we need to forget out communal differences and all should come under one umbrella as one family as one Arunachal. It is then we can see some dramatic change in Arunachal.


Taggu (On-email)



IRBn have shown it again

Dear Editor,

Once again IRBN personnel have shown how they can take law into their hands. I would say if today citizens are facing such a barbaric act from security personnel, it is the govt who is responsible for it. When a requirement of security personnel comes up politician put their relatives or their worker's relative. This system of autocratic and favourtism from our politician has created the situation like in seppa. The qualified persons are rejected and the result is the problem we are facing today.

If authorities had selected without any political pressure we would have not seen the barbaric act of those security personnel.



Karnataka(on email)



DDAC believes no fruitful results can be reaped by engaging in media war

Dear Editor,

The ironical statements expressed under the heading, " We don't have Patience of Buddha's dimension'; using satirical words like - nefarious designs, ill-faked bullets, hijack, deceitful opportunism, ill-informed in an attempt to show the tough stand of DDJAC(Likabali & Nari- Koyu) over the "Lower Siang District" and its HQ issue by the chairman, DDJAC in your esteemed daily are provocative to which the DDAC(29-Bsr) is disinterested to fall fray, but tempted again to clarify DDAC's stand.

The DDAC is convicted to pursue its chosen goal with not by hatred and untouchables but with the Magic word "Patience" ; love and mutual understanding guided by logic. Unfortunately, the DDAC has been alleged to have hijacked by nefarious designs with deceitful opportunism, the District issue from the hands of the DDJAC.

The fact is that GWS in its Aalo conference in 2008 passed a resolution for creation of a new District to be named `Lower Siang' comprising of Ramle Bango, Jigo Bango, Dolok Bango, Yego Bango, and Ego Bango curbing out from the existing West and East Siang District.. Accordingly, the proposal was moved and placed before the Government for favourable consideration and approval, perhaps in November 2008.

Up to this stage neither the leadership nor the people of 29-Basar had raised any objections though one of our Dari administrative circle (Ego Bango) was included by the GWS in their proposal for the creation of Lower Siang District, without referendum or obtaining consent of the leadership and people of 29 Basar.

We had come to know from reliable source that the proposal as moved by GWS was not approved, the reason may be known to the Government. After that only, the people of Basar on an auspicious occasion had invited the CM Dorjee Khandu to Basar on 10th December 2008 and submitted a One Point Public Memorandum demanding up-gradation of the ADC, HQ Basar to full pledged DC, HQ for the areas falling under its administrative jurisdictions, creating a new district to be named temporarily as "Lepa Rada" with an invitation for a suitable nomenclature, if necessary. While responding, the HCM assured to fulfill the demand before ten thousand mammoth public gathering.

Subsequently, the demand of 29 Basar was approved in principle by the cabinet on 7th August 2009. However, though we didn't propose the nomenclature "Lower Siang" as proposed by GWS, the new district has been created with its HQ at Basar bifurcating the existing West Siang District and retaining the GWS's nomenclature. Since then, the DDJAC have been vehemently opposing Government approval of Basar as the HQ of the newly created "Lower Siang District" till today.

The DDAC sincerely do state that before submitting the one point public memorandum to the CM, the popular consent of 28-Likabali AlC couldn't be obtained due to constraint of time never-the-less the consensus process was on at certain level which was due for final touch. The DDAC hoped to complete the process at a later but suitable stage, which is yet to be achieved for which the DDAC is still optimistic.

With this view in mind the DDAC was ready to attend and participate in the proposed joint meeting between DDAC and DDJAC at Likabali on 3rd August 2010 with an aim to find an amicable solution of the standing district issue which was unfortunately postponed to 7th August.  The DDAC was ready to attend the rescheduled joint meeting on 7th August 2010 but this time too, the proposed joint meeting at Likabali was cancelled.

Under compelling circumstances the DDAC Basar with 200 plus delegates under the slogan " Itanagar Chalo" came to the State capital on 7th Sept 2010 to remind the CM and his Government to expedite the long pending district creation issue with HQ at Basar as assured and approved in principle by the cabinet. Before meeting with the CM, the DDAC had a consultative meeting with GWS in its Head Office at Itanagar on 7th  September 2010 in which the DDAC requested our apex welfare body to maintain neutrality in dealing with the sensitive ongoing district issue.

Earlier, on dated 11th March 2010, while the chairperson and her office bearers of the GWS was on tour at Basar, through a letter, similar request and appeal was made to take urgent appropriate steps to pursue the matter to the Government in favour of demand of 29 Basar which is already approved in-principle or convince our own Galo comrades, particularly Likabali and Nari-Koyu areas to accept the reality and to respectfully wait and be prepared to accept the final decision of the so called "High Power Committee" yet to be constituted, which would be the best policy for all of us for the sake of our Community's unity, peace and harmony in particular and state as a whole forever. The people of 29 Basar and DDAC had always participated, co-operated, offered to extend full support and cooperation to GWS and will continue to do so in welfare activities anytime at all levels.

It is worth mention, in consultative meeting on the 7th Sept. 2010 in its Head Office, Itanagar, GWS Secretary General had verbally requested the DDAC to attend and participate in a joint meeting within a month or two, which we agreed to but the next day, we were suddenly invited to attend such meeting on 9th September 2010.

However, as almost all the delegates had already left for Basar, hence, we sent a reply letter to GWS expressing our apology for not attending the same under unavoidable circumstances. As such the remarks made to DDAC for not maintaining the integrity and dignity with the highest welfare body is quite unfortunate.

29-Basar had given birth to leaders like Late Tomo Riba and Late Todak Basar, it wouldn't be wrong on our part to remember their names for good and greater cause. However, the DDAC do clarify that it made no mentions of their names during our recent media release. Hence, the comments made by DDJAC against DDAC about the late two leaders into the ongoing issue through media is unfortunate.

The people of 29-Basar know what is the right and wrong course of path to be chosen and pursued for the overall development of the area in particular and the State in general. Pursuing of popular and legitimate grievances of people is not a risking business to tarnish the image of our larger community. The sarcastic remarks made by DDJAC like "playing on ill-informed advice of vested few" and "risking the image of the people of Basar" etc are beyond decent limit. They should exercise minimum restraints from making such provocative comments, after all we being members of the same community is bound to work and live together else it will be a futile attempt to dissociate from each other.

At last, the DDAC believes no fruitful results can be reaped out of engaging ourselves in the media war. Further, the DDAC firmly believes in talking across the table by embracing the magic word "Patience" coupled with tolerance, love, and mutual understanding to find an amicable solution out of a burning issue. The door of DDAC is kept open forever for any meaningful dialogue as and when situation and circumstances so calls.


Gojum Basar







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ITANAGAR, Sept 15: All Subansiri Upper Project Affected Area Youth Association (ASUPAAYA) has appointed Gurmin Nasi as its vice president for smooth functioning.



ITANAGAR, Sep 15: Tadar Abu Charitable Society has condoled the death of Tadar Hare, one of the senior members of clan who died today. Popularly known as Padu late Hare was a man full of joy and loved by everyone who knew him, society stated. Further they have prayed for the eternal peace of the soul.


Siram chief guest

ITANAGAR: Education Minister Bosiram Siram and Principal DNG College T Ete have consented to attend as chief guest and guest of honour in the VIIIth general conference cum selection of central executive committee of Arunachal Teachers Association at DNGC Auditorium on September 29.


CJ to visit Tawang

Tawang: Chief Justice Guwahati High Court Madan B. Lokur would arrive in Tawang on Sept 18 on a two day visit. He will be visiting Tawang Monastery, War Memorial, Bumla, Sangetser Lake among others. (DIPRO)



ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Pem Tsering has been elected as General Secretary of government college Bomdila Students union recently.

Sameer Khabisow and Miza Sagro have been elected as President and General Secretary of All Hrusso (Aka) Students’ Union in its XIth general conference held recently.

Three IRBn boys suspended, cases against citizens for destruction of public property

SEPPA, Sept 15: Three IRBn boys involved in yesterday’s Seppa incident have been suspended and case has been registered under Sec No-99/10/341,325,392 of IPC. A case no. 98/2010, under section no. 143/427 IPC r/w prevention of damage to public property (PDPP) act has also been registered against the public for attacking police station.

According to Police, teacher Khya Sonam, who was on a motorcycle, was tortured by the IRBN for not wearing helmet yesterday. It is reported that he was severely   injured and was taken to district Hospital Seppa by the police immediately after the incident. Further he was referred for the further treatment outside.

Citizens angry at the brutal assault attacked Seppa Police station at around 6 pm.

The incident took place during the negotiation period between representatives of the teachers and the IRBN personnel in presence of the superintendent of police Kime Aya and former AAPSU president Kanu Bagang when suddenly the infuriated mob attacked the police station that incurred heavy damage to the police station building including police vehicles, according to police sources.

Meanwhile in view of the incident and security of the people,  Mige Kamki, Addl.Deputy Commissioner, East Kameng District imposed 144 cr. P.C in the district restricting the movement of the people in group and individual from 9 pm to 4 am  in the morning. Kamki further called an emergency meeting of the administrative officers and deputed EAC Wanja  Ramdasow  for the magisterial enquiry of the whole episode. DIPRO


Tuki re-elected as APCC chief

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Congress stalwart and sitting incumbent Nabam Tuki was elected president of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today.

After withdrawal of candidature by Takar Marde and Tatar Kipa by 3 pm today, Tuki was left alone in the fray and declared elected as per election provisions.

“The party leaders want that the Congress remain united and that is why my candidature became unanimous,” a visibly happy Tuki said.

Tuki, who is also PWD and UD Minister, was appointed APCC president on 30th August 2008 after the demise of sitting incumbent Omem Moyong Deori, one of the tallest Congress leaders of the North East region.

Tuki said AICC general secretary V Narayansamy is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow to address the rank and file of the APCC and state leaders to steer the party forward.      

Born in Ompuli near Sagalee in Papum Pare district, 47-year-old Tuki involved himself in political activities through student organizations and made a vigorous journey from student politics to national politics.

He was elected from Sagalee assembly constituency in 1995 and since then he has been representing that seat in the assembly while serving as minister holding different important portfolios. He was elected unopposed in 2004. Beginning his journey as state NSUI president in 1983, Tuki has had a very long innings in organizational matters. He was elected NSUI (NE) coordination committee chairman in 1996, became all India NSUI general secretary (1986-1988) and Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress president (1988-1995), bedsides serving as general secretary, vice president, treasurer and working president of the APCC, leaving indelible footprints.

Tuki captained the ruling party along with CLP leader Dorjee Khandu, gaining massive mandate for the party in the October 2009 assembly election in which the Congress won 42 of the 60 seats.

Tuki said the victory was because of the multifaceted developmental works persistently taken up by the “People First’ government through its and the party’s policies and programmes for the greater welfare of the people.


APCSOA seeks Governor’s intervention

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers’ Association has sought the intervention of the Governor for solution to various pending grievances of the APSC cadres.

In a representation to the  Governor, the Association  resented that  due to lack of proper streamlining and identification of cardre posts, carrier of many cadre officers have been stagnated.  Many directorate level cadre posts in departments   like social welfare, UD and Housing, Land records and Geology and mining  have been decadred, it claimed.

Reiterating its demand for discontinuation of alleged arbitrary appointment of chief engineers of the line departments as secretary of  the respective department, the Association said, in fact these posts should have been held either by IAS and state Civil Service Officers being as feeder cadres.

While demanding incentive for judicial magistrates, the representation further said in the prevailing single line administrative system in the state, most of the APCS officers are designated as judicial magistrates. Though few session judges and additional session judges have been appointed with introduction of judicial service in phase manner, the Association said that all lower courts are manned by the APCS officers who are discharging the role of judicial and executive magistrates without any extra remuneration and incentives.

The Association appealed the Governor to impress upon the state Govt to address the grievances  considering the role being played by the APCS officers in the state.


Arunachal Boogie Woogie begins

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The main rounds of Arunachal Boogie Woogie, a dance competition organized by Hornbill Centre for Development, began on a colorful note at National Cinema hall, Naharlagun this evening.

The dance competition aims to provide a platform to the hidden dancing talents of Arunachal Pradesh and bring them at National level.

All the 15 participants from different parts of the state are in fray for the top honour.

The inaugural round was witnessed by Phosum Khimhun, Parliamentary Secretary, Geology and Mining, as chief guest and AAPSU president Takam Tatung as guest of honour.


Papum Pare ATA condemns assault on teacher

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Arunachal Teachers’ Association, Papum Pare District Unit strongly condemned the IRBn personnel, who mercilessly beaten a junior teacher Khya Sonam at Seppa yesterday.

The unit demanded the concerned authority to immediately terminate the personnel involved in the incident.

The unit further expressing their sentiment said that if any teacher or innocent public violate the traffic rules, the authority should impose penalty as per the motor vehicle act not in term of physical assault.

It appealed the state government to bear the medical expenditure of the victim and urged the ATA, CEC to initiate immediate steps for future course of action if authority fails to fulfill their demands and  Earlier, the Engineers led by Chief Guest paid floral tribute to the portrait of Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya on the occasion. also appealed the student organizations to cooperate with the teacher’s sentiment.

Meanwhile, expressing resentment at the assault on a teacher by IRBn personnel at Seppa yesterday, the Arunachal Law Students Union today demanded exemplary punishment to the erring jawans.

Traffic police may take action against violators of traffic guidelines as per laid down   rules but no one has right to use force on a road user, the union said.

While supporting for the demand of the All East Kameng Students Union for suspension of the assaulters, the ALSU appealed the people to maintain peaceful atmosphere.


Traditional Court hands out stern  judgments

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: In a landmark decision, the Banggo Keba, a traditional village council has come up with some strict decisions on Aug 26 based on a complaint filed by a college student.

Karpe Koyu, who hails from New Tellam village of Nari decided to seek justice at Keba after superimposed obscene photos of her were circulated by Keni Doke, a native of Tabi Ripo in East Siang.

Doke had to give a public apology after he accepted that he had superimposed the photos and circulated it in the Keba, headed by Potte village GB Tanya Ragi. Apart from others, Doke was asked to pay fine of `5,000 and a mithun.

The Keba, meanwhile has issued a stern warning that if anybody is found indulged in such unacceptable acts, he or she will be imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh and in case of students, they should be  rusticated from  school. The victim and her family had lodged an FIR at the Police Station as well.


Upper Siang students decries govt decision

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: All Upper Siang District Students Union (AUSDSU) has endorsed the demand of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) for immediate cancellation of order granting permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang district. Union termed granting of PRC to non-APST as a gross violation of the right of indigenous tribal people.

AUSDSU also highlighted the issuing of PRC and ST to Tibetan refugees in Tuting circle of Upper Siang district claimed that till now they have unearthed few cases of Tibetan refugees managing to get schedule tribe certificate (ST) using fake documents. In this regard, AUSDSU has urged apex student bodies AAPSU to form a special committee to look into this serious matter.


APPDSU demands posting of senior teachers

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union appealed to the Director of School Education and Commissioner to immediately post History, Economics, Political Science and Geography senior teachers at government higher secondary school Polo Colony, Naharlagun, one Economics senior teacher at government higher secondary school Sagalee and one Geography senior teacher at government higher secondary school, Kimin.

Beside the above problems there is urgent need of infrastructure like construction of principal office room, vice principal office room and common room at newly upgraded government higher secondary school, Polo Colony and added that additional class room is also requires in urgent basis for the students of class XI and XII in the school.


Workers appealed to vote Toko Teji

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board chairman and All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union President Jalley Sonam appealed all the workers of the state to vote Toko Teji, who has entered the semifinal round of India’s Got Talent Khoj-2.

The programme will be telecast on Colors Channel on September 18 at 9 pm.

All Upper Liyak Brother Society (AULBS) President Dobing Liyak Sonam and General Secretary Anuk Liyak also appealed all the Liyak Brothers Society capital Complex, in particular and people of Arunachal Pradesh in general to vote Toko Teji.

All Nyapin Sangram Phassang Youth Welfare Association also appealed to the people of Nyapin Sangram Phassang area of capital complex and the people of the state to vote Toko Teji.


DC on unannounced visit, teachers absent

AALO Sept 15: Three teachers were found absent from duty without information to the competent authorities during an unannounced inspection by DC Aalo in 13 schools on Sept 14-15. The reason for conducting these visits is to ensure presence of teacher in their posting places and also to encourage academic scenario in various schools to bring out a better result during ensuring CBSE & State Board examination.

During the visit DC discussed with Principal, Headmasters, i/c HM of the schools on urgent necessity of infrastructures and additional teachers. The DC interacted with students and enquired about implementation of MDM in the schools.

Most of the schools inspected are providing MDM to the school children and they have also complained of no receipt of MDM quota from June 2010 onwards.

Among the schools, PI line M E School was found well maintained under the leadership of Mili Ete Headmaster. Under his personal initiatives most of the small infrastructures were made available to the students and teaching staff while Nehru Memorial Schools needs repair and maintenance of 4 rooms, a prayer hall and separate toilet for girls and boys. On visit to Hissam Primary and Yoji-Yora Schools, Head master in charge insisted for demarcating school boundaries from Army & ITBP personnel.


Engineers urged to emulate professional ethics of  Sir Visvesvaraya

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: We stand in the important juncture of the state today as many highways and hydro power projects are going to coming up in the state. In this juncture the engineers have to emulate the professional ethics of Sir Visvesvaraya in their work for the development of the state said Chief Guest Secretary PHED Er. Tomi Ete during the 43rd Engineers Day celebration organized by Arunachal Pradesh Engineering Service Association (APESA), the Apex engineering organization of the state at Water Resources Department Conference Hall today.

He further advising the engineers to work dedicatedly, highlighted the role played by engineers of the state and remembered those engineers who had contributed and sacrificed their life for the development of the state.

APESA, President Er. K Wahge briefing the importance of the celebration said that in the INDEF conference held at Dehradun on August last, the members had taken a decision to celebrate this engineers’ day to focus on ‘heading and manning of technical departments by technical personnel, removal of disparity in career values of engineers vis-a-vis administrative service and constitution of engineering commission’.

He further appreciating the government for attending the problems of engineers sympathetically, appealed to the state government to consider posting of secretary to other technical departments such as PWD, RWD, Hydro Power and UD departments to allow a balance growth of development in the state and called upon the engineers to remain united particularly regarding creation of engineer commission post.

Chief Engineer WRD Er. Likar Angu highlighting the theme of this year’s engineers’ day celebration ‘Impending Paradigm Shift in Engineering Sciences and Future Challenges’ said that through our knowledge of engineering science, our vision should be to create prosperous society.

Arunachal Pradesh is facing challenge of sustaining its rapid economic growth while dealing with global threat of climate change and being an ecological hotspot of India, convergence of various disciplines of engineering and science are required for adaptation and mitigation of climate change, he added.

Chief Engineer (D&P) PWD Er. Kenjom Ete briefed the life history of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Junior Engineers Welfare Association (APJEWA) today celebrated engineer’s day along with APJEWA foundation day at their office complex situated in D-sector, Itanagar. Capital MLA Techi Kaso joined the engineer’s in their celebration by attending the programme as chief guest.

Every year Engineer’s day is celebrated on 15th September to mark the birth day of Bharat Ratna Mukshagundam Vishvesvarya, who is considered to be the father of Indian engineering. As part of the celebration APJEWA conducted a blood donation camp at Ramakrishna Mission Hospital where members donated blood.  In his address MLA Kaso appreciated engineers for conducting such noble gesture like blood donation camp. Further he also used the occasion to appeal people of state to support Toko Teji who is participating in the reality show “India’s Got Talent Khoj-2” currently on air in Colors channel.


NABARD rues large skill gap in unorganized sector

IDEA Excels Skill Development Initiatives

Gohpur Tinali, Sept 15:  Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA) in collaboration with NABARD inaugurated the fourth Skill development Training Program at Auxilium Women Development Centre, Gohpur Tinali today.  25 rural women are participating in the multi-level skill training for a period of 42 days.

Manager NABARD K. Vhaipei said that there exists a large skill gap in the unorganized sector resulting in shrinking employment. The large portion of school-drop outs and the unorganized workforce do not have the necessary education and skills to be productively employed in any sector.

Therefore the Manager commended the efforts of IDEA and said that it has excelled Skill Development Initiatives and created excellent learning opportunities for women to access employment services.

While motivating the trainees Fr. Ivan Vas SVD, Director of IDEA said that Skill and knowledge is a pathway to gainful self-employment. He encouraged them to learn the art of doing more than one job at a time to be productive, innovative and competitive.

He further said that 100 school drop-out girls and rural women are undergoing skill development training in 4 centres at a time in Banderdewa, Ziro, Daporijo and Gohpur. He assured the participants that IDEA will continue to create a lot of skilled man power to mainstream the rural people of Arunachal Pradesh.  

Speaking on the function Fr. Tomy Edasseriparampil CMF, Principal Sacred Heart School Daporijo expressed that IDEA has stimulated SDP training for the unorganized sector and focused on improving opportunities for women to develop livelihood.

Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Eduttukaran FMA, the Auxilium Centre In-Charge said that the centre offers multi-skilling courses such as soft skills, tailoring, knitting, embroidery, health training, spoken English, etc. for holistic women development.

It is a model for optimal utilization of infrastructure she said. She also requested the Manager the need of strengthening and continuation of skill development initiatives.  

The trainees in their interaction with the Manger NABARD said that they will use the skill for their own domestic needs and also earn additional income to contribute to the family income. Some of them assured the Manager that they will begin garments making and marketing.


BRO urged to complete bridge construction

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The Bharatiya Janata Party Anjaw district unit has appealed  the Border Roads Organisation to complete half constructed RCC bridges over Tidding and Tiluwa rivers on Tezu-Hayuliang road in the district.

In a letter to the BRO director general, New Delhi,  BJP district unit president Bamin Kri informed that the RCC bridges over the said rivers are lying half-constructed since many years. Temporary hanging bridges have been constructed as alternate arrangement allow vehicles with load capacity of five tons only, he said and called for personal intervention of the BRO DG  to ensure early completion of bridge construction.

Stressing the importance of the bridges on the said road, the BJP leader said  it is lifeline for the Indian Army and the people living in frontier posts like Hayuliang, Walong, Kibito, Goiliang, Chaklagam and Hawai bordering China and Myanmar.


ASU supports AAPSU demands

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Apatani Students’ Union (ASU) has strongly supported All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU)’s charter of demands, which was adopted in its federal assembly held at Ziro. While demanding the State Government to fulfill the demands, ASU urged for immediate sanctioning of the special package for infrastructural development of education sector at Apatani Valley. The students union also appealed to the Government to release students stipend immediately.

Meanwhile, ASU urged the Government to post a circle officer at Old Ziro immediately.


SDP for Changlang Women

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The 58 days Skill Development Program in Tailoring, Embroidering and Knitting for 30 Changlang Women ended on 15 September 2010 with valedictory ceremony in NewYen man Village under Kharsang Circle organised by Seva Kendra Arunachal (East).

This program was sponsored by NABARD Regional Office-ITANAGAR.

MLA Kamlung Mosang and Bishop George who attended the programme said that after the training the trainees should open production units for self sustenance.

The goal and objectives of the whole program will be achieved when these women bring changes in their personal lives and in the life of their families.

The certificates were distributed by ZPM J Jugli.


Likar Sports Club win Jari Gamlin Memorial Football tourney

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Likar Sports Club defeated Libu Bene Sports Club 4-3 in the final and won the Late Jari Gamlin Memorial Football Tournament played at Kamba General ground on September 8 last.

Dagion Geyi of Karko Ao Sports Club was adjudged the Player of the Tournament while Jumli Karbak of Libu Bene Sports Club was declared best Goalkeeper. Singa Boje of Bogo Boje Sports Club became the highest scorer (8 goals) while ‘Discipline Team’ award went to Kargo Kardi Sports Club.

The winner and runners up teams were given Rs 25,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively.

The final match was witnessed by MLA Jarkar Gamlin as chief guest.

The tournament was organized by Hirik-Hiru Students Union, Kamba and sponsored by Jarsha Gamlin, District ZPM chairperson.

An HIV/AIDS awareness programme was also organized in the sideline of the Tournament from Aug 28 to September 8 by HHSU under the sponsorship of Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society.


Flood causes damage in Payum circle

ITANAGAR, Sept 15:  Recent flood has caused extensive damages in Payum circle under West Siang district.

Payum ZPM in a release today informed that Mebung Bridge constructed under the BADP scheme, Ebung MIP at Bogu village  have been washed away by the flood water.  Flood also created havoc damaging  the  vast agricultural land besides disrupting all road links in the area, the PR leader said. However, there is no report of loss of life.


District Level Governor's Quiz competition

PASIGHAT, Sept 15: The IGJ Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Pasighat bagged the District Level Governor's Quiz competition '2010 beating the Govt. Sec. School in the final round. The prog was conducted among the Govt. Hr. Secondary and Secondary schools on Sept 15 last under the Chairmanship of J. Yirang, DAEO (District Adult Education Officer), at the District H.Q. Bharat Scouts and Guides, Pasighat.

J. Thakur (JT) IGJ Hr. Sec. School Pasighat was the Quiz master of the competition.

While Balek Sec. School secured 2nd position, Hr. Sec. School Bilat and Sec School Nari bagged 3rd position in the competition. (DIPRO)


Solung at Oyan

PASIGHAT, Sep 15: Solung was celebrated at Oyan with traditional gaiety and religious fervor on Sept 14 last. People from all works of life participated enthusiastically.

DC Onit Panyang and SDO Ruksin Yemling Tayeng graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. They were accorded warm reception by the President Sen Pao and Secretary Tamat Takoh.

The Chief Guest Panyang while praying for bumper harvest, peace and prosperity, congratulated the Solung Giidii Committee Oyan and said that the celebration of traditional festivals is like a mirror of a society through which ones own identity is reflected. While moving forward with time, we must inculcate amongst the younger generations of our age-old custom and traditions preserving precious Mithun, flora & fauna, he appealed. Later, he visited the CO office to take stock of infrastructural development and needs.

The Guest of Honour Tayeng appealed one and all to celebrate the festival in true spirit and extended his best wishes.

Earlier, the Cultural Secretary Kokop Tayeng outlined the significance of Solung festival and elaborated on its mythological aspects. The President ABK East Siang Unit Okom Yosung (ZPM, Bogong) was the Special guest.

Other highlights of the day were cultural and magic shows and ponung.  


Integrated Pest Management Training

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The KVK Upper Siang, Geku organized a day long training programme on Integrated Pests Management (IPM) on Rice crop at Rasing, Upper Siang district on Sept 14. The training Programme was attended by 52 farmers from Rasing and Sizer village under Geku circle. The ASMs, GPMs, Gaon buras, progressive as well as marginal farmers attended the training proramme.  

In the first season, Indrajit Barman SMS (Agri. Extension) explained the   mandates of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and urged the participant to take the help of KVK scientist in relation to all kind of agricultural activities. He also spoke on Self Help Group and Farmer Club formation.

In the second season Tasso Tabin SMS (PP) of the KVK institute spoke on the incidence of pests, their symptoms, infestation insects’ stage, mode of survival and their management through integrated practices like agronomical, mechanical, biological and chemical methods. The biological control by introducing biological agent Tichogramma japonica has been initiated in farmer’s field to minimize rice stem borer infestation, he said.

He emphasizes farmers not to abandon field during winter rather take up vegetable crops for home consumption and marketing the surplus. He further asked the famers to bring pest and disease samples for further investigation in the KVK from their cultivation field.

One of the farmer said that KVK scientist should take up training on Rodent management at the field. Another said training on IPM without providing pesticides to the farmers is meaningless and they should approach for such facilities.


APWS pleads for a commission

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: All Puroik Welfare Society (APWS) has appealed to the State Govt for creation of a Commission or Board for overall welfare of the community.

In a representation to the Chief Minister, the Society pleaded that creation of a commission or board   with a chairman and director as its head will serve as a platform or nodal agency for the socio-economic development of the Puroik community.

The representation further said the Puroik community residing in East Kameng, West Kameng, Papum Pare, Kurung Kumey, Upper Subansiri and Lower Subansiri districts are lagging behind in every sphere of life. Though   Govt nominated two MLAs during the 80’s, it did not bring any fruitful socio-economic and educational development for the community, the Society added.


Sports fraternity mourns death of Tadar Hare

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The sports fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh deeply mourned the untimely demise of Tadar Hare, vice president, Arunachal Archery Association. Tadar breathed his last at General Hospital Naharlagun this morning after a prolonged illness.

Arunachal Olympic Association, on behalf of various sports organizations and associations, including Arunachal Pradesh Football Association, Archery Association of Arunachal, Teakwondo Association, Weightlifting Association, Arunachal Karate-Do-Association, Arunachal Cricket Association, Wushu Association, Boxing Association and Athletics Association, conveyed its heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Intra-village tournament

ZIRO, Sept 15: Hija intra-village football tournament organized by All Hija Students Union (AHiSU) kicked off here at Dree ground, Old Ziro on September 12 last.

All together 7 teams from different clubs are taking part in the tournament. In inaugural match Pura-A beat Mikh Pusa by 5-0 goals.

The final match of the tournament will be played on September 20 next.

Lower Subansiri district Fishery Development Officer (DFDO), Pani Taram in his inaugural speech as the chief guest appreciated the organizing committee for giving a platform to the talented youths of the village who will participate in district or state or national level later and advocated that games & sports is an important part of education through which one can keep physically and mentally fit.  

Lower Subansiri district sports officer (DSO), Kamin Toko who was the guest of honour appealed participating teams to be sincere and play fair throughout the tournament.


MDFC win; NERIST draw with  MMUFC

Itanagar, Sept 15: MDFC beat YS XI 2-1in a preliminary round match of the Summer Cup Invitational Football Championship played at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

The second match of the day played between NERIST and MMUFC ended in  a 2-2 draw.

Today’s Matches

1. LYFC vs GHSS, Polo Colony, 2 pm

2. AUFC vs BAES, 4 pm



Wildlife Protection Act in Lower Dibang Valley

ROING: The Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate of Lower Dibang Valley district, Y W Ringu in a Notice has enforced the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 in Lower Dibang Valley District to curb rampant hunting of wild animals. The Notice shall come into force with immediate effect in the district of Lower Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh.

Vide this notice, the District Magistrate have appealed to all the law abiding citizens of the district to refrain from hunting and if any persons gets information about any such incidents of hunting, they should lodge complaints to the Administrative Officers and DFO of respective jurisdiction against the wrong doers.


Apology  demanded

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Parliamentary Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies, Lokam Tassar has served a legal notice to the authorities of the NE TV, Guwahati seeking public apology through media.

Tassar, who is also  Koloriang MLA in his notice served through his advocate said that the NE TV has tarnished his political image by telecasting his photo from Sept 10 to Sept 14 alleging his involvement in the PDS case.

TheConsultant Editor of NE TV has been requested to show cause the authenticity of allegation or tender a public apology, failing which, the notice said, defamation  suit will be filed.


Awareness tour

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: Arunachal Jagriti, a Capital based NGO has decided to conduct district tour in order to bring awareness among the masses about the ill effect of use of tobacco and tobacco related products.

While highlighting the details of its recent activities against  tobacco and drug abuse, the organization in a letter to the Chief Minister appealed him to extend cooperation in its mission against drug and tobacco products in the state.


Football tournament

ITANAGAR, Sept 15: The first ever football tournament organized by All Nipu-Nidak Welfare Society began at General Ground, Daporijo on September five last.

The inaugural function was attended by Jumli Dugi, Anchal Chairperson, Gusar and Yumdu Nguki, ASM, Nguki and Uli, as chief guest and guest of honour respectively. Both the chief guest and guest of honour advised the participating teams to play the game with true sportsman spirit.


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