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September - 17



Thank you General

Dear Editor,

I thank His Excellency the Governor, Gen. (Retd) J.J Singh who is a man of vision with action. When he visited Vijoynagar in Changlang, one of the remotest places of Arunachal Pradesh, he had assured the people that by coming winter he would be the first person to come to Vijoynagar traveling by his car along M-V Road. As he had promised, works have started now along M-V Road that was once erased completely from Arunachal Road Map. And with his constant supervision people of Vijoynagar hope that during coming winter when we travel back home, we would not face preparation for the journey as if we were traveling in a foreign land. Till now when we travel back to our hometown we need to assemble many items for use on the way that takes 5-6 days on foot or wait for months to be airlifted.  

I believe that every politician, bureaucrat and technocrat of our State should follow his example to bring maximum developmental activities benefiting the common people of our State. I am also aware that His Excellency’s visionary approach to bring all round development to this backward state has resulted in timely completion of many important and needful projects such as bridges, link roads, schools, hostels etc. And if I am not wrong, this is the first time that I am seeing in the history of Arunachal Pradesh that Gubernatorial assignment is not just for protocol’s sake only. I wish that all our leaders under whose shoulders our state’s future rests emulate His Excellency’s example in fulfilling the important and needful projects timely.

 In regards to M-V Road revival, I would be doing injustice if I don’t mention the effort and necessary steps undertaken by the Arunachal Government headed by Dorjee Khandu and our local MLA Kamlung Mosang. A Big “Thank You”


Philip Ngwazah




Targeted once again

Dear Editor,

Yet again, an unannounced visit by an administrator to a school to ensure proper attendance of teachers. Why are fault finding missions always directed towards schools and hospitals? So far we haven't heard of a single surprise check in an administrative office, at district, block or circle level. Ask any denizen and they will tell you about how regular the staffs are in these offices. Well! Let’s take it this way that these mentors probably want to hunt down some hapless, easy targets.


Bengia Abo (On email)

RIMS Imphal,



Apply some balm to check prices

Dear Editor,

Today everybody is talking about the rising price. Every situation; circumstance is now being related to the same. Some started cracking jokes also, like wearing vegetables in place of jewels, as the price of vegetables are not less than the same. But did anyone thought what the reason behind it could be. Actually social system is like a spider web, each connected to the other in some or the other way. If one community is in problem the other also get affected.

Likewise our economic system is also the same. When we go to shopkeepers they say the rising price of the transportation charge made them to raise the price, again when we go to transporters they complain that the rising price of the commodities compelled them to do so. Here both of them are trying to suppress inflation for themselves by their own means, without knowing actually they both are responsible for this.

So I’d like to request the leaders of these both groups i.e market welfare and public transport welfare to kindly discuss the situation by sitting together with understanding and draw out a solution for the welfare of poor suffering peoples of the state and I’d like to request district administrator to kindly supervise and execute the same.


Tage Tania

Itanagar (On email)



A cadet trained to wield a gun and hold a pen will respect basic human rights

Dear Editor,

The bullies and the dadagiri of the IRBN is not a new thing, its been there since its inception, but since people are ignorant about their rights, lots of cases get hardly reported. The causes can be traced to the backgrounds and training the IRBN cadets receive. Most of IRBN cadets are barely a matriculate. One may ask what’s the relation between the educational background and the behaviour or attitude. See, education does bring a lot of difference in the attitude of a person, he is aware of civil rights and learns to value the basic humans rights. So the fault lies in the training, these cadets receive. Merely teaching a person how to fire a gun is similar to giving an Ak-47 in the hands of a chimp. Government should ensure that the cadets also receive training in law, and basics human rights and ethics. A cadet who is trained both to wield a gun and hold a pen will respect basic human rights and not take law in his hand. One should remember that the police can also commit crimes and there should be equality in justice for both citizens and police. Breaking the law in order to make people follow the law is not justified. Such acts generate public outrage. For a happening example look at the situation in Kashmir.

Personally, I don’t think my rants are going to be given any damn importance by the authorities but it’s my duty to voice my concern as a citizen.

And finally an advice for my fellow citizens, wear your helmets and beware of the chimps on the street with AK-47 and lathis!


A citizen (on email)



Let the representatives answer


Dear Editor,

Rampant corruption, growing unemployment, environmental catastrophes in the making, and issues of boundary disputes, concerns of granting citizenship status to the refugees and PRC to the non-tribal’s residing in Arunachal..our problems and concerns just keep piling on; and the answer to all these problems? None. Not at the moment, but I would like to suggest a start.

We all have elected our political representatives and so therefore they are answerable to us, if the public wants answers, it is the responsibility of the politicians to meet the demand. So it is with this we should make a start.

What I suggest is that let us all organize a public debate. Call all the elected representatives on respective days and let them answer to the public queries the whole of that day. Though it might take 60 days to complete it, by that time a lot of mess would have been cleaned up.

Let the media and the civil society along with student bodies and academicians handle everything.





Woes of Upper Subansiri district


Dear Editor,

Daporijo, the district headquarters of the Upper Subansiri district has already completed its silver jubilee year but the people of the district are still deprived of development in real sense.

The headquarter is the mirror of development of a district, but it is painful to mention here that the Upper Subansiri district headquarters is lying in a pitiable condition. There is no proper maintenance of law and order, proper town planning and drainage system along the dilapidated road.

Though the present district administration has taken up measures for beatification of the town and development of the district, it remains to be seen how far these development measures would be transformed into reality.

I request all elected representatives, public leaders, department concerned, NGOs and general public to work united to make Daporijo one of the most beautiful district headquarters in Arunachal Pradesh.     


Tadak Siga,




When common public is left with only one third of the total of everything!

Dear Editor,

I would like to narrate a nursery rhyme here,

"ba ba black sheep, have you any wool,

yes sir, yes sir, three bags full,

one for my master, one for my dame,

one for the little boy, who lives down the lane"

This rhyme was once interpreted by a learned Judge of the Gauhati High Court in the context of the modern times. Here, the "black sheep" signifies the "executives" of the state, the "wool" means the "developments and other benefits", the "master" here is the "politicians", the "dame" here includes the "family and friends" and the "little boy" is the "common public". So, from the rhyme itself it can be understood that one third of the total developmental funds etc. goes to the Masters, the other one third goes to the Family and friends, and the common public is left with only one third of the total of everything. So, how is it that possible that a state can develop while using only one third of every plans and scheme that is made available for the state and the common cause of development of the public?

In our state every legislator including the CM boasts of developmental works carried on by the govt but the same appears to have vanished. The education minister boasts of Right to Education and up gradation of the education system in the state, but the real story is for everyone to see. The plight of the education system is writ large on the face of the state, where there are namesake schools, with few students and fewer desks and benches and still fewer teachers. Every day more and more schools are making desperate cries for the posting of teachers.

The health sector is literally in shambles. Except for the capital complex, right from Doimukh to every district in the state, the health centers and the namesake hospitals are not equipped enough to prevent the public dying from mere dysentery to malaria. God knows, how far the people have benefited from the National Rural Health Mission.

The MGNREGA Act also needs to find a place in the top pedestals of the irregularities occurring in the state. There is no concrete data available with anybody, even the State institute of Rural Development as to how far the act has been successful. Except for few pockets of the state, most of the districts have not been able to provide the guaranteed number of days of job to the public and in some instances only providing with 7 days of work only.

The PWD and UD ministry has also been doing laudable work towards the development of the state. The road connectivity is so poor that till now many places are to covered by foot. Even in places where there is road connectivity, the condition of the road is such that it is not motorable at all. The Urban development is also negligible in the state. In spite of many district headquarters being declared Urban, it can be presumed and assumed, how is the development of these areas faring when the state capital itself is no better than a slum.

The  organs of a government is divided into three types viz. the Executive, the Legislators and the Judiciary and this division had been so intended so as to separate this three organs to prevent anarchy. But in our state the Legislators are the executives and they are the judiciary. So, with the assimilation of these three organs in one, the powers of this one organ have multiplied immensely leading to rampant mis-utilisation of the powers and functions of their respective offices.

I had heard Spiderman's Uncle say, "with great powers come greater responsibilities" but it is opposite in our state. With greater powers, the people are getting more irresponsible.

Today the corruption is so embedded in our system that it is running in our veins, in our breath and it is everywhere. There is no agent to fight this corruption.

Every day it seems that, a new organisation springs up to the already endless and unregistered list of the organisations that is prevalent in our State. These organisations, which are supposed to be the voice of the people eventually, end up speaking individual tones. Everyday scores of organisations are demanding and fighting and taking up issues against illegal appointments, embezzlement of public property and funds, violation of rights and atrocities to the public etc. etc. and dharnas are held, bandhs are called, slogans are written and shouted all over with the poor public also pouring in their supports. But what usually results is that the Govt. "assures to look into the grievances" and "Compromise" is arrived at, at the cost of the faith of the public. Why is it so? Is it because that the disease of the corruption has so deeply corroded our conscience and system that even the People's Organisations are also not spared or is it that the organisations were formed at the first instance with the intent for personal gains and favours? Maybe the best answer lies with the persons who have made many "compromises" in their life. Why is that there is no single organisation, no single leader of executive whom we can trust to really do something for the public? Why is it that the leader we look forward to, whom we believe can bring about a change later on turns out to be a mere politician?

I would be happy even if I get my answers by the next life, but till then we will have to be satisfied with the one third that the "black sheep" throws our way.

Deeply frustrated with the system,


Duge Soki, (on email)




A parasite called corruption

Dear Editor,                 

 The cases of rampant corruptions being heard every now and then offer us a glimpse of where our state is heading toward. We must know that corruption is like a parasite which cannot exist on its own. Manipulation of anything good by any wrong means or for any wrong ends is corruption. Those corrupt leader or officials who take perverse pride in vulgar display of their materialistic prosperity should remember that corruption is perversion of what is lawful and if corruption itself is justified by legislating it into law then they themselves will start crying to get rid of this perversion.


Ajong (on email)






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Unauthorized retention of upfront money proves costly

ITANAGAR, Sept 16: At a time when various organizations have questioned how state government is using the upfront money received from hydropower developers, comptroller and auditor general (CAG) report has exposed the unauthorised retention of Govt fund. As per the report unauthorized retention of funds outside the Government accounts had deprived Government of interest income amounting to ` 3.12 crore.

According to the GFRs (Rule 8) and CPWD Code (Para 6.3.4), cheques and demand drafts (DDs) received in government account from any source are to be deposited immediately with the state exchequer. The government of Arunachal Pradesh has been entering into Memorandum of Agreements (MoAs) with different private parties and PSUs under Built, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis for execution of power projects as per the State Power Policy. According to the terms and conditions of MoA the developers were to remit processing fee and upfront money for signing MoAs.

As per CAG report, the test-check of records of Chief Engineer (Hydro), Itanagar in audit revealed that 28 DDs for ` 578.57 crore were received from twelve private developers and National Hydro Power Corporation Limited (NHPCL) towards processing fee and upfront money against power projects for signing MoAs. Audit noticed that the Secretary (Power), instead of remitting the fund to the ‘Government Exchequer’, initially retained the money received in current accounts and thereafter kept the funds in short-term deposits. Subsequently, these amounts along with the interest were transferred to Chief Engineer (Hydro Power) through cheques for remitting the same into Government Exchequer. It was found in the audit that short-term deposit of ` 578.57 crore could have earned interest of ` 12.78 crore even at the minimum short-term rate (5.5 per cent per annum) whereas the Secretary (Power) deposited only ` 9.66 crore. Thus, the balance interest amounting to ` 3.12 crore not remitted to the State exchequer resulted in loss.

It has been mentioned that state government received ` 95.77 crore from two developers namely Athena Energy Venture Pvt Limited (` 93.00 crore) and Velcon Energy Limited (` 2.77 crore), which was initially deposited in Vijaya Bank. The interest received from Vijaya Bank for 3 months was ` 21.35 lakh against the interest that could have been earned amounting to `1.32 crore, resulting in loss of interest of ` l .l l crore.

Further ` 258 crore received from ten private developers were initially deposited in the SBI Bank, Itanagar. Subsequently these amounts along with the interest of ` 2.10 crore for 70 days were transferred by way of cheque  to the Chief Engineer (Hydro) for depositing the same with the State exchequer. The same were deposited into State exchequer on 6 March 2009. The interest on these deposits received was ` 2.10 crore against the interest that could have been earned amounting to ` 3.08 crore, resulting in another loss of interest of ` 0.98 crore.

Another cheque of ` 225 crore received from NHPCL for three Power projects at Dibang River Valley, Tawang-I and Tawang-II, was deposited on 28th June 2007 in Vijaya Bank, Itanagar. Subsequently, the amount was transferred on 4th August 2007 to Arunachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank. The amount along with the interest of ` 7.35 crore (@5.5 per cent) for 217 days" was repaid to the State Government. However, the interest of ` 1.03 crore on ` 225 crore (after allowing 3 days for clearance) kept with Vijaya Bank for 34 days was not transferred to the Government exchequer.

In response to the query by CAG, the management stated on August 2009 that except the drafts and cheques for processing fee and upfront money along with the interest received from the Secretary (Power), all other relevant records were available with the Secretary (Power).

Thus, not only the funds were kept outside the government accounts unauthorized in violation of the provisions of the R & PRs and GFRs, but the State Government was also deprived of interest income amounting to ` 3.12 crore.


Capital shut as orgs demands Khandu’s resignation

ITANAGAR, Sept 16: Capital was shut today following a 12 hour bandh call given by three little known organisations. Schools, Commercial establishment were completely shut while the roads were deserted. The government offices were empty as the employees choose to stay home.

Except a few cases of stone pelting; the bandh was by and large peaceful. The City Police when contacted said that a bike was burnt down at Akashdeep, the city centre.

Few young boys pelted stone at the vehicle of City Deputy Commissioner who were later taken away by Police while a four wheeler belonging to one of journalists of The Arunachal Times was also pelted with stones.

The Arunachal Indigenous Peoples’ Union (AIPU), Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation (AVYF) and Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) had called the bandh demanding resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu for alleged manipulation of funds as Relief and rehabilitation Minister, handing out contract works to his family members and constitution of SIC for enquiry into fund misappropriation.

The organizers of the bandh while regretting the curtailment of fundamental right of the citizens, however thanked common people, pressure groups, senior citizens, business communities and NGOs  for supporting the 12 hrs capital bandh.

Meanwhile AIPU, AVYF and AYA while reacting to APCC statement wherein it had termed the allegations against  the Chief Minister “absurd, unfounded and mis-leading” said that despite knowing the reality of allegation, the APCC should not mislead the people and party members by construing the present Chief Minister as clean imaged leader.

“We consider the APCC statement as anti-people which encourages rampant corruption and mis-governance” it said while adding that it did not drag APCC as the bandh was targeted against the CM “for his misleading attitude towards development, transparency and security of the state”.

The organisations further said that it was with Indian Nation Congress (INC) in the state, so the question of protecting “the corrupted leader within our party” does not arise while adding that  “we should reform and change our leadership who has clean image as well as dedication” .


Govt seeks centre support in border management

ITANAGAR Sept 16: The State Government today reiterated its demands to the Centre for granting adequate fund for four projects, which had already been submitted to the Planning Commission.

The proposal includes connecting 22 unconnected administrative centers along the international border, drinking water facility in border blocks, porter tracks and foot suspension bridges/log bridges in border areas and 132 KV Trans-Arunachal Grid.

The proposals were presented before the Union Minister of State for Planning, V Narayanasamy, who arrived in the State Capital this afternoon, by Secretary Planning, Ankur Garg through a power-point presentation, at a high level meeting at CM’s office this afternoon.

While justifying the Government’s plea, Garg categorically specified that the State Government had been consistently enthusing on effective border management and integrated development of power sector. He drew a comparison on the developmental aspects between the border areas and non border areas and said that Arunachal has been witnessing a huge gap between these areas.  "In order to ensure that the rural population of border areas does not migrate to the urban areas, the government needs to provide them with all the basic amenities and fruits of development," Garg emphatically said.

He further informed the visiting Union Minister that the state through its limited resources have been providing fund for effective border management but an accelerated programme to bring the border areas in the developmental track is the need of the hour and for which the state government had been repeatedly pleading the centre for providing fund for these projects.

While referring to the letters written by the Army, Para-Military forces and SIB to the state government for renovation and construction of new porter tracks and foot suspension bridges which had been creating problems for their patrolling troupes and the villagers living along the border, the planning secretary reiterated the need to take up the scheme on urgency. He further advocated for allocating fund for 132 KV Trans-Arunachal Grid on the backdrop of various Hydro Power Projects being undertaken in the state.

After giving a patient hearing, the Union Minister assured to take up the issues with the Planning Commission, concern ministries and the PMO.

AICC Secretary Sanjay Bapna also participated in the meeting. PRO to CM.


Press seeks apology from APCC

ITANAGAR, Sept 16: The Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and Arunachal Press Club (APC) has strongly objected to the treatment meted out to members of its fraternity by Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) after having invited them to cover an event at its headquarters today.

Senior Journalist Pradip Kumar and NE TV representative Tumter Riba, who had gone to the Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan at the invitation of Congress Party to cover a function, were asked to leave the venue at the middle of the programme.

The APUWJ and APC while seeking an apology from the Party said that such kind of treatment is uncalled from a national party, which is in the government both at the Center and the state.

“If at all the programme was not open to media, they should not have made frantic phone calls at the eleventh hour pleading for coverage,” the organizations observed while adding that such attitude that amounts to insult would force the media to boycott all future programmes of the party.


Malaria Training at Daporijo

Daporijo, Sept 16: A three days training programme on Malaria for RFW, SFW, VC and peons was organized under District Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, Upper Subansiri at the conference hall of DHS, Daporijo from September 13 to 15 September.

Training on surveillance activities and basic information, Malaria management and radical treatment, report, DDT spraying activities and blood sample collection etc. were imparted to all the 75 medical staff who attended the programme.

Dr. T.Taki, i/c DMO while inaugurating the programme, appreciated the efforts of Programme Officer T.Tayang for his effort to update knowledge of grass root level staff on Malaria.

Taya Nada, MTS, urged the participants to take full advantage of the informative training programme and dessiminate the knowledged they have gained to the people to eradicate malaria.

Tayeng explained the importance of such programme.


Early Childhood Care and Education

TEZU, Sept 16: An orientation cum capacity building programme for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) volunteers of six districts of Tirap, Changlang, Dibang Valley, Lower Dibang Vallery, Anjaw and Lohit was conducted by SSA Rajya Mission, Itanagar at Tezu recently.

The main purpose of the programme was to impart knowledge to the volunteers on various methods to be adopted, including play way methods, for over all development of children of age between 3-6 years and also make ECCE centres  lively, effective, entertaining and fruitful.

M Kamki, programme co-ordinator, SSA, Rajya Mission Itanagar and  C. Lowang,  resource person from DIET, Changlang highlighted the roles of ECCE workers and methodologies to be adopted for over all development of children making them ready for schooling.

N. Rina, DPC RMSA, P.D. Bhatt, S/T,  R.C. Nayak, ADEO, S. Tiwari, DTO, S.S. Malan, ADEO, S. Chopra District gender co-ordinator, SSA and Sher Singh District IED coordinator SSA were the resource persons who had made the training programme enthusiastic, energetic and interesting.

The concluding day function held at Tezu BRC hall was attended by Lohit deputy commissioner R.K.Sharma, DMO Lohit Dr. N.Ninu, K. Rina, DDSE Lohit and K. Perme, DDSE Anjaw and other officers and staff of Tezu.


NEEPCO organize Hindi diwas

ITANAGAR, Sept 16: The 61st Hindi Diwas was celebrated with a week-long programme at Pare HE project site by NEEPCO from September 8 last.

The importance of learning Hindi language and the big role being played by the it in communicating people in our country, especially non-Hindi speaking states like Arunachal Pradesh, were highlighted during the week-long celebration by various dignitaries present on the occasion.

The inaugural function was attended by Dr. Shyam Sundar Singh, HoD, Hindi deptt., Rajiv Gandhi University. D Mukherjee, Executive Director, NEEPCO Ltd also spoke on the occasion.


IDEA leads women empowerment

SEIJOSA Sept 16:  A training programme on ‘Women Empowerment and Leadership’ was conducted by Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA) in collaboration with Commission for Women NE Region at Seijosa from September 14 to 16.

Inaugurating the training, Seijosa BDO Sanjay Dolo called upon the participants to take full advantage of the programme and appreciated IDEA for rendering selfless services to the people of Seijosa for their development. Dy. Director of IDEA, Sr. Francia while advocating equal rights and opportunities for women, expressed that enlightened women are the mirror of the society. She motivated the SHG women to work together even amidst hardships by narrating the story of a Tea cup. IDEA Project Coordinator Sanjiv Tirkey touched upon the financial management, book keeping and bank linkage. He also conducted various exercises for practical training and experience.

During a session on women empowerment, Sanjay through a balloon game enabled the participants to understand the roles and responsibilities of women in the society.  He capacitated the women using role play and analytical tool.

SHGs Supervisor, Junas Lakra focused on the leadership of women in community development.

Nabam, Area Coordinator and Head Gaon Burah, said that IDEA has become a life giving force to the women of Seijosa in the process of development.


2nd Kipa Tai Memorial Volleyball Tournament

ITANAGAR, Sept 16: The 2nd Kipa Tai Memorial Volleyball Tournament 2010 organized by Z.Z. Trust will begin at Papu Nallah from September 19.

All the eight participating teams are divided into two groups with winner and runners up of each group qualifying for the semifinals. The teams are, Itanagar Kipa, Itanagar Tali, Chabang-Malo, Langthlot, Sango, Kipa  Magboo,  Tani & Jhon Team, Pinchi Village.

The tournament will be conducted on knock out basis, the organizing committee said, adding that final of the tournament will be played on September 21.



Life saving drugs sought

ITANAGAR:  Former president of All Tali Area Students Union (ATASU) has appealed the chief minister to approve air sorties for  immediate supply of live saving drugs  along with medical team to Tali-Pipsorang area  in Kurung Kumey district  to prevent spread of diseases like measles, diarrhea.   Informing that many children have been suffering from contagious diseases for last many days, he said the situation gets worse due to disruption in road communication and non-availability of sufficient medicines.


Support Teji

ITANAGAR: Rajiv Gandhi University Student’s Union (RGUSU) has appealed to all the people of Arunachal to keep voting for Toko Teji, the Arunachalee boy who has entered the seminal round of reality show “India’s Got Talent Khoj-2” aired in Colors channel. One can vote for him by messaging TT to 56882.


Authority to Tuki, Khandu

ITANAGAR: The Congress leaders of Arunachal Pradesh including the ministers, parliamentary secretaries, MLAs, MPs, state and district level party leaders today unanimously adopted resolution authorizing the CLP leader and Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and APCC President Nabam Tuki for constitution of Pradesh executive body.

This decision was taken at a meeting held here at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan.


Committee for fixation of land rate

ITANAGAR: A delegation of land owners and project affected committee of Tato-II hydroelectric project (700 mw), led by its president Tanya Ronya, yesterday met West Siang deputy commissioner Amjad Tak and submitted a two-point memorandum which demanded immediate fixation of land rate for Tato-II hydel project and announcement of date for public hearing.

Meanwhile, the DC assured the visiting team to fix and announce the land rate before October 15, according to a release issued by the committee.


Office inaugurated

AALO, Sept 16: Office of the Farm Manager, Govt. Agriculture Seed farm Jomlo, West Siang district was inaugurated by Karbom Riram, DAO, Aalo.

The inaugural function was attended by  SDAO Mechuka and all headquarter ADOs.


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