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September - 19



Thank you General

Dear Editor,

I thank His Excellency the Governor, Gen. (Retd) J.J Singh who is a man of vision with action. When he visited Vijoynagar in Changlang, one of the remotest places of Arunachal Pradesh, he had assured the people that by coming winter he would be the first person to come to Vijoynagar traveling by his car along M-V Road. As he had promised, works have started now along M-V Road that was once erased completely from Arunachal Road Map. And with his constant supervision people of Vijoynagar hope that during coming winter when we travel back home, we would not face preparation for the journey as if we were traveling in a foreign land. Till now when we travel back to our hometown we need to assemble many items for use on the way that takes 5-6 days on foot or wait for months to be airlifted.  

I believe that every politician, bureaucrat and technocrat of our State should follow his example to bring maximum developmental activities benefiting the common people of our State. I am also aware that His Excellency’s visionary approach to bring all round development to this backward state has resulted in timely completion of many important and needful projects such as bridges, link roads, schools, hostels etc. And if I am not wrong, this is the first time that I am seeing in the history of Arunachal Pradesh that Gubernatorial assignment is not just for protocol’s sake only. I wish that all our leaders under whose shoulders our state’s future rests emulate His Excellency’s example in fulfilling the important and needful projects timely.

 In regards to M-V Road revival, I would be doing injustice if I don’t mention the effort and necessary steps undertaken by the Arunachal Government headed by Dorjee Khandu and our local MLA Kamlung Mosang. A Big “Thank You”


Philip Ngwazah




Targeted once again

Dear Editor,

Yet again, an unannounced visit by an administrator to a school to ensure proper attendance of teachers. Why are fault finding missions always directed towards schools and hospitals? So far we haven't heard of a single surprise check in an administrative office, at district, block or circle level. Ask any denizen and they will tell you about how regular the staffs are in these offices. Well! Let’s take it this way that these mentors probably want to hunt down some hapless, easy targets.


Bengia Abo (On email)

RIMS Imphal,



Apply some balm to check prices

Dear Editor,

Today everybody is talking about the rising price. Every situation; circumstance is now being related to the same. Some started cracking jokes also, like wearing vegetables in place of jewels, as the price of vegetables are not less than the same. But did anyone thought what the reason behind it could be. Actually social system is like a spider web, each connected to the other in some or the other way. If one community is in problem the other also get affected.

Likewise our economic system is also the same. When we go to shopkeepers they say the rising price of the transportation charge made them to raise the price, again when we go to transporters they complain that the rising price of the commodities compelled them to do so. Here both of them are trying to suppress inflation for themselves by their own means, without knowing actually they both are responsible for this.

So I’d like to request the leaders of these both groups i.e market welfare and public transport welfare to kindly discuss the situation by sitting together with understanding and draw out a solution for the welfare of poor suffering peoples of the state and I’d like to request district administrator to kindly supervise and execute the same.


Tage Tania

Itanagar (On email)



A cadet trained to wield a gun and hold a pen will respect basic human rights

Dear Editor,

The bullies and the dadagiri of the IRBN is not a new thing, its been there since its inception, but since people are ignorant about their rights, lots of cases get hardly reported. The causes can be traced to the backgrounds and training the IRBN cadets receive. Most of IRBN cadets are barely a matriculate. One may ask what’s the relation between the educational background and the behaviour or attitude. See, education does bring a lot of difference in the attitude of a person, he is aware of civil rights and learns to value the basic humans rights. So the fault lies in the training, these cadets receive. Merely teaching a person how to fire a gun is similar to giving an Ak-47 in the hands of a chimp. Government should ensure that the cadets also receive training in law, and basics human rights and ethics. A cadet who is trained both to wield a gun and hold a pen will respect basic human rights and not take law in his hand. One should remember that the police can also commit crimes and there should be equality in justice for both citizens and police. Breaking the law in order to make people follow the law is not justified. Such acts generate public outrage. For a happening example look at the situation in Kashmir.

Personally, I don’t think my rants are going to be given any damn importance by the authorities but it’s my duty to voice my concern as a citizen.

And finally an advice for my fellow citizens, wear your helmets and beware of the chimps on the street with AK-47 and lathis!


A citizen (on email)



Let the representatives answer

Dear Editor,

Rampant corruption, growing unemployment, environmental catastrophes in the making, and issues of boundary disputes, concerns of granting citizenship status to the refugees and PRC to the non-tribal’s residing in Arunachal..our problems and concerns just keep piling on; and the answer to all these problems? None. Not at the moment, but I would like to suggest a start.

We all have elected our political representatives and so therefore they are answerable to us, if the public wants answers, it is the responsibility of the politicians to meet the demand. So it is with this we should make a start.

What I suggest is that let us all organize a public debate. Call all the elected representatives on respective days and let them answer to the public queries the whole of that day. Though it might take 60 days to complete it, by that time a lot of mess would have been cleaned up.

Let the media and the civil society along with student bodies and academicians handle everything.





Woes of Upper Subansiri district

Dear Editor,

Daporijo, the district headquarters of the Upper Subansiri district has already completed its silver jubilee year but the people of the district are still deprived of development in real sense.

The headquarter is the mirror of development of a district, but it is painful to mention here that the Upper Subansiri district headquarters is lying in a pitiable condition. There is no proper maintenance of law and order, proper town planning and drainage system along the dilapidated road.

Though the present district administration has taken up measures for beatification of the town and development of the district, it remains to be seen how far these development measures would be transformed into reality.

I request all elected representatives, public leaders, department concerned, NGOs and general public to work united to make Daporijo one of the most beautiful district headquarters in Arunachal Pradesh.     


Tadak Siga,




When common public is left with only one third of the total of everything!

Dear Editor,

I would like to narrate a nursery rhyme here,

"ba ba black sheep, have you any wool,

yes sir, yes sir, three bags full,

one for my master, one for my dame,

one for the little boy, who lives down the lane"

This rhyme was once interpreted by a learned Judge of the Gauhati High Court in the context of the modern times. Here, the "black sheep" signifies the "executives" of the state, the "wool" means the "developments and other benefits", the "master" here is the "politicians", the "dame" here includes the "family and friends" and the "little boy" is the "common public". So, from the rhyme itself it can be understood that one third of the total developmental funds etc. goes to the Masters, the other one third goes to the Family and friends, and the common public is left with only one third of the total of everything. So, how is it that possible that a state can develop while using only one third of every plans and scheme that is made available for the state and the common cause of development of the public?

In our state every legislator including the CM boasts of developmental works carried on by the govt but the same appears to have vanished. The education minister boasts of Right to Education and up gradation of the education system in the state, but the real story is for everyone to see. The plight of the education system is writ large on the face of the state, where there are namesake schools, with few students and fewer desks and benches and still fewer teachers. Every day more and more schools are making desperate cries for the posting of teachers.

The health sector is literally in shambles. Except for the capital complex, right from Doimukh to every district in the state, the health centers and the namesake hospitals are not equipped enough to prevent the public dying from mere dysentery to malaria. God knows, how far the people have benefited from the National Rural Health Mission.

The MGNREGA Act also needs to find a place in the top pedestals of the irregularities occurring in the state. There is no concrete data available with anybody, even the State institute of Rural Development as to how far the act has been successful. Except for few pockets of the state, most of the districts have not been able to provide the guaranteed number of days of job to the public and in some instances only providing with 7 days of work only.

The PWD and UD ministry has also been doing laudable work towards the development of the state. The road connectivity is so poor that till now many places are to covered by foot. Even in places where there is road connectivity, the condition of the road is such that it is not motorable at all. The Urban development is also negligible in the state. In spite of many district headquarters being declared Urban, it can be presumed and assumed, how is the development of these areas faring when the state capital itself is no better than a slum.

The  organs of a government is divided into three types viz. the Executive, the Legislators and the Judiciary and this division had been so intended so as to separate this three organs to prevent anarchy. But in our state the Legislators are the executives and they are the judiciary. So, with the assimilation of these three organs in one, the powers of this one organ have multiplied immensely leading to rampant mis-utilisation of the powers and functions of their respective offices.

I had heard Spiderman's Uncle say, "with great powers come greater responsibilities" but it is opposite in our state. With greater powers, the people are getting more irresponsible.

Today the corruption is so embedded in our system that it is running in our veins, in our breath and it is everywhere. There is no agent to fight this corruption.

Every day it seems that, a new organisation springs up to the already endless and unregistered list of the organisations that is prevalent in our State. These organisations, which are supposed to be the voice of the people eventually, end up speaking individual tones. Everyday scores of organisations are demanding and fighting and taking up issues against illegal appointments, embezzlement of public property and funds, violation of rights and atrocities to the public etc. etc. and dharnas are held, bandhs are called, slogans are written and shouted all over with the poor public also pouring in their supports. But what usually results is that the Govt. "assures to look into the grievances" and "Compromise" is arrived at, at the cost of the faith of the public. Why is it so? Is it because that the disease of the corruption has so deeply corroded our conscience and system that even the People's Organisations are also not spared or is it that the organisations were formed at the first instance with the intent for personal gains and favours? Maybe the best answer lies with the persons who have made many "compromises" in their life. Why is that there is no single organisation, no single leader of executive whom we can trust to really do something for the public? Why is it that the leader we look forward to, whom we believe can bring about a change later on turns out to be a mere politician?

I would be happy even if I get my answers by the next life, but till then we will have to be satisfied with the one third that the "black sheep" throws our way.

Deeply frustrated with the system,


Duge Soki, (on email)




A parasite called corruption

Dear Editor,                 

The cases of rampant corruptions being heard every now and then offer us a glimpse of where our state is heading toward. We must know that corruption is like a parasite which cannot exist on its own. Manipulation of anything good by any wrong means or for any wrong ends is corruption. Those corrupt leader or officials who take perverse pride in vulgar display of their materialistic prosperity should remember that corruption is perversion of what is lawful and if corruption itself is justified by legislating it into law then they themselves will start crying to get rid of this perversion.


Ajong (on email)






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MVFC, BTFC enter semis

ITANAGAR, Sep 18: MVFC and BTFC entered semifinals of the Second Summer Cup Invitational Football Championship defeating their respective opponents Game Zone and DFC at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

MVFC defeated Game Zone 4-1 in the first quarterfinal while DFC was beaten by BTFC 5-2 in another quarterfinal match.

Yesterday, GHSS, Polo Colony beat LYFC 1-0 and BEAS defeated AUFC by a margin of 4-0 goals.

Today’s matches:

CCSA vs NERIST, 1.15 pm

3rd IRBn vs MDFC, 3.15 pm


Horticulture Census and Crop- Cutting survey from this year

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: During a review meeting held at Directorate of Horticulture, Chimpu on yesterday, in order to review various activities of the department it was informed that in order to get the realistic productions, areas and scope for future production and area expansion, the department has mooted to start Horticulture Census and Crop- Cutting surveys from this year for which govt has earmarked budgetary allocation.

 All District Horticulture Officers and senior officers of the department attended the meeting and presented the achievements and problems being faced in the ground level.

Jombo Ratan, Director Horticulture, who had recently taken over as director, had outlined his priority and said that compact area and cluster approach cultivation will be given first priority. A thorough survey will be made about availability of suitable areas along side the highways and other roads where huge cluster garden will be established. Arunachal Pradesh has huge potential in horticulture and a meticulous planning is need of the hour to harness the potential along with dedicated execution of projects coming from the central as well as state government and urged the district officers to be sincere and withstand undue pressures. Highlighting some recent achievements, he said that the state government has finally approved long pending need of a separate horticulture board and the department is now vigorously coordinating with organisations like NHB and others for marketing of surplus productions like ginger, apple, kiwi, oranges, pineapple etc and ease the chronic marketing problems. A detail plan is being made to start Minimum Support Price for various horticultural items of the state so that we can ensure minimum remunerative income to the farmers who wants horticulture to be their main occupation for livelihood, he said.

He also said that since a new team has come with new Director, Commissioner and Minister, a new spirit should prevail and new era of horticulture revolution should begin in Arunachal Pradesh and economic development of poor rural mass through horticulture should be apparent in coming years. Numerous medicinal plants, bamboos and other spices crops can make the state number one state in horticulture in this country provided there are joint dedicated efforts from the officers, farmers, political leaders and the government, he the director added.


ATA demands assistance, Org questions Police highhandedness

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Arunachal Teachers Association (ATA) has demanded financial assistance for Khya Sonam, a teacher, who is undergoing treatment at R K Mission Hospital after being grievously injured  by the IRBn personnel at Seppa recently. While visiting Sonam at hospital yesterday, an ATA delegation said that Sonam is still battling against multiple injuries.

Khya Sonam, junior teacher of the Govt Middle School, New Seppa was beaten up by IBRn personnel on Sept 14 at Seppa for not wearing a helmet. Instead of spreading fear psychosis, the men in uniform should learn to earn respect and gain public confidence, the ATA said. The Association said such repeated incidents by few irresponsible jawans will only invite criticism. It further demanded the state Govt  for enquiry into the whole  incident and take concrete step to avert such incidents in future.

East Kameng Social Welfare and Cultural Organization (EKSWCO) has vehemently condemned the brutal assault on Khya Sonam, J/T, by IRBn personnel at Seppa on September 14.

While expressing serious concern over the rising police atrocities on innocent people in recent times, EKSWCO criticized the district authority for not taking any positive measures to stop such atrocity in the district. It also appealed to the competent authority to direct district administration for a thorough investigation on the matter for further necessary action.


Awareness camps on Farmers Club and Self-Help Groups

ITANAGAR, Sep 18: NN Charitable Society under the sponsorship of NABARD, regional office Itanagar, conducted awareness camps on Farmers Club and Self-Help Groups at Yazali on September 11 and Pistana on September 15 last.

Both the camps highlighted about various schemes and financial assistance available with NABARD for SHGs and Farmers Clubs and the procedures and benefits of forming such clubs.

Ziro-I ZPM Taba Chiji attended the Yazali round of the programme as chief guest, who lauded NNCS for organizing such important programme.

Guest of honour, B Menia, ASM Chuyu Panchayat, briefed about formation of farmers club and exhorted farmers to take up agricultural activities seriously.

APRB Yazali branch manager spoke about the process for granting Kishan Credit Card to farmers club.

NNCS chairman Nangbia Amar Dui spoke on the importance of such awareness programme.

The Pistana round of the programme was attended by Horti, Agri, Bank officials of Yazali, HGB and GB general public, among others.



Football tourney

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union is organizing a football tournament at Daporijo. Altogether 12 teams are participating in the tournament.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Daporijo and T Bayor have consented to attend the opening ceremony as chief guest on September 20.


Sree Sree Bishwakarma Puja

ITANAGAR, Sep 18: Arunachal Tempo Union Itanagar, led by its cabinet body, for the first time, celebrated ‘Sree Sree Bishwakarma Puja’ at Tempo Stand (Mithun Gate) yesterday.


Rates fixed

ITANAGAR, Sep 18: Palin Circle administration, in a meeting held on September 15 last under the chairmanship of Palin ZPM Techi Azad, has fixed the market rates of various commodities/items for Palin. The meeting held at BRC hall Palin, was attended by Palin CO, panchayat leaders, business community of Palin, police personnel and officers of various departments, including horticulture, agriculture, veterinary etc.


Committee demands dustbin

ITANAGAR, Sep 18: Dui Kilo Welfare Committee highlighting the shortage of dustbin in the area appealed the Urban Development department to provide dust bin at Dui Kilo.



ITANAGAR, Sep 18: Leporiang People Welfare Committee Capital Complex (LPWCCC) condoled the death of Nabam Yarang, wife of Nabam Taru of Sango village, Leporiang, and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul. Yarang, 60, died yesterday after a prolonged illness. She left behind five sons and two daughters, informed an LPWCCC release.


Bandh gets support

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Koloriang Damin Parsi Parlo and Sarli Students’ Union (KDPPSSU) has supported the 12-hour Kurung Kumey bandh called by All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union (AKKDSU) on September 29 to register its strong protest against Govt’s adamant attitude of refusing to fulfill various demand of the union, including reintroduction of Air dropping of PDS items in remote areas of Kurung Kumey district.


Implement Persons with Disabilities Act

ITANAGAR, Sept 18:  All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society (AAPHWS) has appealed to the  state Govt to  implement the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act 1995 for the benefit of all  disabled persons in  the state.

Pointing out  various provisions of the Act which ensure equality, justice and right to live with dignity, the Society said that  state Govt should take up step for implementation of the Act on humanitarian ground.

The Society also appealed all the elected representatives, student bodies and NGOs   raise voice in favour of handicapped persons.


Social service

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Prem Nagar Colony Welfare Committee, Naharlagun conducted social service and tree plantation programme yesterday.

Taking part in the programme MLA Techi Kaso appealed every sector committee to start clean and green drive programme in their respective sectors.


NBCC conference

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) is conducting its 9th NBCC Mission conference at Town Baptist Church, Koloriang from October 1-3.

Meanwhile, General Secretary NBCC Changha Chippo has consented to attend the conference as speaker.


Social Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Itanagar C Sector Welfare Association has decided to conduct social service at government middle school ‘C’ Sector on 2nd October on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.


National Integration camp

TEZU, Sept 18:  Nehru Yuva Kendra, Tezu would organize National Integration Camp (NIC) at Tezu from Sept 20-27. Participants from Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Nagaland, Meghalya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh will take part in the camp.  

Parliamentary secretary (Transports) Karikho Kri will be the Chief Guest on the inaugural day with Deputy Commissioner,Lohit R.K.Sharma as Guest of Honour.


APCC convention

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) Nabam Tuki informed that a state level convention will be held in November next in Itanagar.  AICC president Sonia Gandhi and AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi would be invited for the event.


FRA 2006 consultation in Itanagar and Miao

ITANAGAR: A team of the Joint Review Committee of the Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006 constituted by the Ministries of Tribal Affairs and Environment & Forests will visit Arunachal Pradesh from September 19.

The team will conduct public consultation for Tawang, East and West Kameng, Papum Pare, Kurung Kumey, Upper and Lower Subansiri, East, West and Upper Siang districts at Itanagar on Sept 20 while a public consultation would be held on September 21 at Miao for Dibang Valley, Lower Dibang Valley, Lohit, Anjaw, Changlang and Tirap.


Chief Justice in Tawang

TAWANG: Chief Justice, Guwahati High Court Madan B. Lokur arrived today in Tawang on his maiden visit. He said that the purpose of the visit was to understand the judicial system of Arunachal Pradesh and Tawang in particular. The Chief Justice visited Tawang Monastery and Manjushree Vidhyapeeth today while he is scheduled to visit Bumla and Sangatser Lake.


Petrol depots to shut

ITANAGAR: Capital Complex Petroleum Depots Association has decided to down the shutters of petrol pumps in the capital complex in support to the proposed 24 hours Bandh call given by All India Petroleum Dealers Association from September 20.

Meanwhile, in a meeting between representatives of Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) and the officials of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas at Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi today deferred their decision to go on an indefinite strike from September 20 following assurances from the government.

Govt  admits lapses by IRBn, moots replacement

Itanagar, Sept 18: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu admitted serious lapses on part of the India Reserve Battalion (IRBn) posted in various parts of the state.

Taking serious view of the law & order problems created by the IRBn personnel posted at different towns like Aalo, Seppa, Naharlagun, Roing and Longding, the chief minister informed media persons yesterday that his government is contemplating to replace the IRBn with CRPF, taking into consideration the need for training and guidance to the IRBn personnel.

Khandu said the wrongdoers will not be spared by the government and necessary steps would be taken to ensure discipline among the rank and file of the IRBn.

It may be mentioned that the government has already suspended few IRBn personnel for lapses while on duty recently.

The chief minister said a Congress legislature party meeting later today would take a final decision on this.

There was severe shortage of officers in the IRBn as a result the personnel lack in training and proper guidance, leading to unlawful acts by some young recruits in recent times, he observed.

The government would like to ensure the IRBn personnel undergo physical training to keep them trim and fit so that they can discharge their duties in a much more effective manner, Khandu added. UNI


HC admits election petition

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: The Itanagar bench of High Court has dismissed the objection petition filed by Markio Tado stating that there is no any merit in the application.

Takam Sorang filed an election petition in the HC alleging booth capturing at eight  polling stations during last Assembly election.

While dismissing the counter petition, the HC in  its verdict on Sept  14  last said that  “the election petition contains sufficient material facts and particulars disclosing triable cause of action and the same is not liable to be rejected under order VII rule 11 (a) of the CPC.  “…. I do not find any valid reason or ground for allowing this application taking recourse to provisions under order VI rule 16 and order VII Rule 11 (a) of the CPC. This application is found without any merit and the same is liable to be dismissed’, the HC judge said in his verdict. and ruled that election petition should proceed. High Court  also  ordered calling of records of register of voters counter foil (form 17 A) of 38 polling stations of 13 Itanagar (ST) assembly constituency. “The court for its satisfaction, may call for the  said records for coming to a conclusion as to whether votes were cast by impersonation and materially affecting the result of the defeated candidate/petitioner”, the HC said in its ruling.


Narayanasami assures to expedite PM’s package to Arunachal

Itanagar, Sept 18 : Union Planning Minister V Narayanasami said that the Prime Minister’s package of ` 24000 crores has to be expedited in Arunachal Pradesh and for which he asked the state government to approach the Union Planning ministry for necessary support wherever it finds problems in execution of schemes.

Narayanasami, who was at the Capital to oversee the election of the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president, talking to Press here yesterday, informed that the UPA government at Centre has released advance money of ` 24.07 crores on the request of the state government for the early release of entire Hill Transport Subsidy (HTS) pending since long for payment to contractors of PDS.

The Union minister however urged the state government to ensure that the money is judiciously spent for effective and smooth distribution of PDS in the far-flung areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Stating that the Centre has been showing adequate attention towards this sensitive border state, flanked by China in the north, Myanmar in the east and Bhutan on the west, Narayanasami informed that the state government has given proposals for 22 roads in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, which is under the active consideration of the Centre. There are other areas like health, education, drinking water supply and electricity transmission in inaccessible areas, unemployment etc for which the state government has already given proposals to the Centre for release of package, which he assured the Union Planning ministry would take up soon.


Congress says sorry to press fraternity

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: General Secretary (in-charge Arunachal Pradesh) and Union Minister of State for Planning V Narayanswamy and AICC Secretary Sanjay Bapna, along with APCC president elect Nabam Tuki, tendered their unconditional apology to the press fraternity. The Congress had earned the ire of the press for misbehaving with two media persons on September 16 last, who had gone to cover a function at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan on invitation. They were reportedly asked to leave immediately after the welcome address.

The Congress leaders, in a media briefing yesterday, apologized citing miscommunication as the cause of the misunderstanding. Arunachal Press Club (APC) and the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUJW) softened their stand against the party and accepted the apology.

Both the organizations, however, reiterated that people need to make up their mind before inviting media persons for coverage and such wanton behavior will not be tolerated. While appealing to the people the organisations said, “Arunachalees must appreciate that journalism is a noble profession at par with doctor’s service to the society. Every journalists and media houses are doing their level best despite resource and communication constraints. Thus, they must be given due respect and recognition for the services they render.”


AdiSU question contradictory statement

Society demands arrest of 44 accused in PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Criticizing  contradictory statements issued by the SIC and state Govt regarding prosecution sanction in  arresting accused Govt employees  in PDS scam, Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) Itanagar unit  has urged the Govt to grant prosecution sanction regarding all 44 accused immediately for legal action.

SIC IO SP told the media persons recently that prosecution sanction from the Government is pending with regard to 44 government employees while the prosecution section has been obtained for a few IAS officers involved. However, the state Govt clarified it was yet to receive any request in this regard. Alleging pick and choose policy  in the name of investigation,  AdiSU unit also demanded arrest of all accused IAS officers in PDS scam against who the prosecution sanction was obtained.

Demanding magistrate enquiry in whole episode involving arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, AdiSU unit further demanded transfer of MS Chauhan for his alleged doubtful integrality.

While the SIC reportedly did not oppose the bail applications of the arrested 19 persons including four MLAs in PDS case before the special court Yupia saying that custodial interrogation was not required, on the other hand the former Chief Minister was sent to police and judicial remands in the same PDS case, AdiSU unit pointed out. Under what circumstances those 19 people were granted bail, union questioned.  Meanwhile,  Mebo Elite Society (MES) has urged the Special Investigation Cell to arrest all accused 44 Govt employees in multi-crore PDS scam.

The Society said any move to check unabated corruption in the state should not be politicized and law should be allowed to take its own course of action. Appreciating SIC saying that it has been rendering commendable service, the Society urged the  SIC SP  M S Chauhan to deal with firmly against all 44 accused as the  Govt cleared its stand in this regard.

Describing corruption as serious social crime that endangered  the very fabric of democracy in Arunachal Pradesh, the Society said that all politicians, bureaucrats, technocrats and  Govt officials have recklessly  adopted  corruption as best source of income in order to become rich man at the shortest period of time. Misappropriation   of fund at all levels has become highly competitive and open secret in today’s society, said MES president Kaki Ratan in a release today. He added that such corrupt practices badly hamper all round development of the society.


Teji at semis

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union, Naharlagun bazaar Welfare Committee, Monpa Ki-Duk Tsokpa of Bom-dila and Arunachal Tempo Welfare Association appealed to the people of the state to vote Toko Teji, the drummer from Arunachal who has reached the semifinals of the “India’s Got Talent” a talent hunt on Colors Channel.

Nilly Welfare Society also appealed to the members of the society and the people of the state to vote for Teji.

The voting line is open from this Saturday 9 pm to Sunday 9 am. To vote for Teji sms TT to 56882.


Allegation against CM holds no water: Gamlin

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: The government spokesman Jarbom Gamlin told media that no case is made out against the chief minister Dorjee Khandu in the PDS scam as alleged by some quarters in sections of Press.

Little know organizations, Arunachal Indigenous Peoples’ Union (AIPU), Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation (AVYF) and Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) had called a 12 hours Bandh on Sept 16 forcing the City to shut demanding CM’s resignation for his alleged act of nepotism and corruption.  

The allegations were uncalled for as the court has quashed the writ petition and subsequent review and curative petitions filed by respective petitioners, Gamlin said, adding, the court did not find any case of misappropriation and corruption against the chief minister in the petition filed in the High Court and Supreme Court, which were dismissed by the apex court in 2008 and 2009.

Giving the chronology of the PIL case, he said that one B Lama filed a petition No. 52/2007 in the High Court, which was quashed on May 12, 2010 while another writ petition No. 482/2008 filed by one K Kapoor in Supreme Court which was also dismissed basing on the judgement given by the HC. Subsequently, a review petition No. 2198/2008 and a curative petition No. 40/2009 were filed, which were dismissed by the SC stating no case is made out of it.

Gamlin added that the demand being made by the NGOs is unfair and is politically motivated as there is no case of misuse of power by the chief minister.

He further told the media that the government is contemplating to take action against those NGOs and would take a strong stand against bandh calls, which cause great hardship to the common man and daily wage earners.


Association demands dignified trial of Apang

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: All India tribal Students Association has appealed for dignified trial of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang in the PDS case. Apang may not be completely innocent but resorting to another corrupt means in the name of justice against Gegong Apang alone can never be justified. It is unfortunate that our leaders often loss their moral conscience and sense of respect for elders while pursuing their political goal, it said in a release.

The report of the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) set up by the government of Arunachal Pradesh to investigate into the PDS Scam is fairly laudable as such investigation in looting public money / corruption by politicians and bureaucrats were seldom carried out in India’s northeastern states but Association cannot remain a mute spectator on the growing mainland political syndrome in the Northeastern states where political rivals were often label as a scapegoat and subjected to judicial process and the eroding moral values among our Northeastern politicians and bureaucrats. The Association has reason to believe that Gegong Apang must also be one such victim as the manner in handling such a serious charge of corruption is solely put on his shoulder alone and no attempt to charge anyone of his erstwhile cabinets, MLAs and Bureaucrats is made even after 25 days of his arrest. The onus of proving the charge is on the Government of Arunachal Pradesh and they must come out clean to the public, the Association added.


CAG report questioned

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: Reacting to a news item carried on Sept 17th edition of this daily under the headlines “Unauthorized retention of upfront money proves costly”, the then secretary of Department of Power Tenzing Norbu Thongdok, who is now an MLA has said that figures were misquoted and the report impinged on the reputation of an individual.

In his reaction, the MLA who is also the Chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board said that “In March 2007, immediately on taking over charges of Secretary (Power), I was directed to initiate action to realize upfront money from the CPSUs engaged in Hydro Power Development in the state at par with that of private developers in order to generate state revenue and particularly to revive the AP State Co-operative Apex Bank. After series of meetings with the developers and in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Power and Planning Commission, continuously for several months, the responsibility of payment of  ` 225.00 crores was ultimately entrusted to NHPC. This amount was agreed as a loan component to the state to be repaid out of 12% free power from the projects under NHPC.

On receipt of cheque from NHPC the fund was deposited in Vijaya Bank Itanagar in the account of Hydro Power Development Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh limited (HPDCAPL). The reason for parking the fund in HPDCAPL’s account was to avoid violation of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act. The budgetary provision of the loan component being very small, deposit of ` 225 crores in state exchequer would have violated the provision of act and also affect the whole budgetary system of the state. Moreover, the fund was to be immediately released to the Apex Bank but its bylaw on share capital was yet to be amended to receive the money. The deposits on subsequent receipts were also maintained in the account of HPDCAPL as per the decision of the Govt. and for the reason of Fiscal Management in the best interest of the state. As for loss of interest amount of ` 3.12 crores taking 5.5% rate of interest per annum I would like to advice The Arunachal Times to check its calculation. Deposit of upfront money from time to time has been made at different rate of interest ranging from 5.5 to 7%. The department has been able to bargain by not less than 0.5% higher than the prevailing rate of interest for every FDRs and revenue that accrued out of the interest will be much more than the amount which would have generated from the treasury bills even if deposited in the state exchequer.

It is also alleged that the amount generated by interest out of  ` 95.77 crores for 3 months was ` 21.35 lakhs. This is not correct. The amount of interest was ` 167.59 lakhs and not ` 21.35 lakhs. I do not have the full details of transaction during the period of my time as Secretary (Power), but the statement which I am making here is as I remember and true. In whole of my service life as a Technocrat, Bureaucrat and now as a Public Representative has always kept the interest of the state in forefront and have given my best for the service of the state. It is unfortunate that I should be now subjected to public scrutiny”.

ATNS responds: The facts presented by various arms and agencies of Govt of India are naturally accepted to be true unless challenged by arms or agencies or a section of society. In this case neither of which is true, therefore in case if anyone did find faults as quoted by us from the CAG report, we are sure that such a person or an agency would find a constitutional or legal remedy to be pursued under law against the CAG and not the fourth pillar of democracy.


Another curse for the posterity

Tom Simai

The two most isolated districts – Lohit and Changlang has been reeling under the darkness of negligence from the time of its existence. Since then it has been fighting against the scourge of refugee problems, drugs abuse, insurgency and unemployment. Still it’s fighting. And the state government instead of reinforcing the crusade has decided to dampen the spirit by shipping another cargo of problem – granting permanent residence certificate (PRC) to non-APST that too without taking the consensus of the indigenous tribal people of these two districts and without considering the fact that it will create serious legal complication in the future for the locals.

In fact the adaptation of such oppressive resolutions, besides other things also confirms that the state is in dire needs of visionary and diligent leaders, who implements people friendly laws and policies.  Unfortunately, it is ruled by those who are proficient in selling fake promises and fake dreams. And the innocuous tribal people gleefully trade those bagfuls of lies with their priceless votes.

Ironically, the refugee problem is a permanent blot – a baneful gift to these peaceful two districts. The sluggish attitude of the government to address this subject highlights their inability and helplessness. And the way it is handling the drug abuse issue is promising enough to yield results in another lifetime. These unresolved problems were not enough that the government has burdened us with another one, denying the two districts, the path of peace and progress.  It was natural for development to choke under the colossal weights of unsolved problems and gradually, it is dying an agonizing death.

Earlier, the Khandu regime instilled hope in us, strengthened our expectation of finding solutions to our never ending problems but thanks to the recent controversial PRC issue, it has become apparent that the dawn of prosperity will never caress the mountains of the two districts and there won’t be any songs of joy to reverberate the happiness of life. Under this circumstance, it is crystal clear that the struggle for survival in the two districts will continue till the end of eternity.

Besides the step motherly treatment of the state, the disgracing silence of the public representatives or MLAs of these two districts, over this controversial issue has deeply wounded the sentiments and shattered the trust of the local people. The question lingers, is it a silence of lust for power or a sign of undying loyalty or is it a self imposed muteness for a lure of reward? God only knows. This very representatives, during elections bragged about change by development. We believed and conferred them with extraordinary powers. Is this the development they were flaunting about – agreeing to a policy that might be a reason to loss our ancestral lands in years to come? Isn’t this an act of betrayal, stabbing a knife on the back of their own people who trusted in their vision of change?

They represent us, they are our voice but the silence they have opted over the issue is completely contrasting from the people’s consensus. It is depressing. In fact, it’s a serious issue and the public representatives of the two districts should seriously delineate the public resentment and place their protest over the controversial issue or they should accept the veracity that nothing matters to them more than personal interest and public money not even the piles of public problems. (The writer can be reached at simaitom@ gmail.com)


Central team visits Ziro

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: A central join team comprising of Dr. S. K Bhatia, Additional Commissioner ( Horticulture),  Harsh Prakash, Under Secretary ( Fin.)IFD-member and Dr. R.C Upadhayay, Chief Consultant ( NHM)-member along with Officer from Directorate Horticulture visited Ziro on Sept 17.The team interacted with departmental officers  regarding various development activities taken up under the Horticulture Mission for North East and Himalayan State in the district.

During the discussion the team advised the officers to take up the specific crop which is suitable and commercially viable in the long run while emphasising on Hi Technology floriculture and Poly House.

They visited the primary whole sale market cum auction platform, Hapoli and Kiwi gardens among others.


Arunachal Boogie Woogie

ITANAGAR, Sept 18: The 1st round of the Arunachal Boogie Woogie Dance competition witnessed some extra ordinary performances from the top 16 finalists. Vijay Singhie (Code 08) and Takam Nikum (Code 12) were placed in the safe zone on account of the first rounds performance having gathered maximum points from the judges and have entered the second round. The fate of the rest 14 shall be decided on the judges point and voting average of the first round. Two dancers will be eliminated in the second round and rest shall move ahead for the third round.

The dancers will perform traditional and folk numbers on the second round scheduled for Sept 19 at National Cinema Hall, Naharlagun.

Gumjum Haider, General Secretary, NESO will be the special guest of the evening.


Shoot at sight order

PASIGHAT, Sept 18: Domesticated and semi-domesticated animals continue to roam around the township areas have become a public nuisance leading health hazard and motor vehicular accidents.

 District Magistrate East Siang Onit Panyang in an executive order under section 133 Cr. PC has said that domestic and semi domesticated animals should not let loose in the township while adding that no person should rear pigs in residential and office premises in the entire township.

The order has come into effect from 15th September last and thereafter any stray cattle, pigs etc found roaming in the township would be shot at sight and disposed off.

In another order Deputy Commissioner has ordered not to transact, sell, purchase, transfer and trade with any person/intending buyers of traditional beads, ornaments and antiques like Tibetan brass plate or pots without valid permission from the nearest local administration.  (DIPRO)


Forum terms grant of PRC as historical blunder

NAMPONG, Sept 18: Nampong-Manmao-Jairampur youth forum has opposed the Government’s decision to grant PRC to non APST of Changlang and Lohit District while terming it as historic blunder committed by Government, that might provoke chaos and unrest in the whole district.

While threatening to launch mass protest in favour of its demand, the youth forum General Secretary Youngme Mossang said that the Government should act promptly by withdrawing its decision.

Highlighting the plight of Changlang District which already in a grip of various problems, the forum attributed all the mess to wrong and mean policies adopted by so called policy makers without realizing the grass root  problems.

The Forum appealed every section of the society to come out, cooperate and stand by them in its endeavour along with various organizations to fight against Government stand in giving PRC to non APST of Changlang and Lohit district.


Our law needs to be pro people not pro politicians

Tilu Linggi

The great Indian political factory has never failed to spring surprises on the common man.  A vast section of poor still live below poverty line and survive on the ration irregularly distributed through a system that stinks of corruption. Political leaders getting elevated to the status of demi-god is nothing new in India, a practice abhorred by none other than the greatest dalit leader, B R Ambedkar. But that is little later. For the common man deserves first mention.  

The common man since Independence has been handing over the keys of governance to politicians thinking these merchants who sell dreams would one day make this reality for him. Mired in those dreams, he continues to endure hardships which have become intrinsic to his life with unfathomable resilience.

How else could one explain his silence when prices of food articles, like sugar, wheat, and the basic amenities went up sharply? Why did he ignore an important politician’s teasing comment – no one would die if he did not consume sugar? Should we not ask ourselves, whether it would be fair to remain standstill wearing a dejected look next time if they say for that reason, “you won’t die if electricity or water supplied or public health facilities were not made accessible?”  

From a layman’s point of view it wouldn’t be apt or precise to term the politicians as leaders, rather than calling them politicians itself. Because we are taught that leaders are those who really dares to lead a society to a right path. Leaders like Lenin, Mao and Stalin were although criticized for their policies but they could never be toppled or thrown out because of their initiative to offer the right to food, shelter and work. What’s most heartening is, in a country like ours we rather find furnitures being hurled at each floor member by another instead amicably sorting out the core issues of the common man for which they are entrusted to do so. To add more to the country’s embarrassment, such scenes are live telecast throughout and the whole world keeps watching chuckling behind. But one good thing about such telecasting is it reveals worldwide how mirthful the Indian political culture is, transcending all limits of decency.

But the moot question is: Should politicians be allowed to continue selling dreams to gullible common man? Politicians have business interests in almost every kind of industrial activity – from slaughter houses to sugar factories, from mining to money lending. The contrast between wealth of the politicians and plight of the common man is starker than day and night.

There is not yet a law or legal machinery which could fasten liability on a politician who reneges on his election-eve promise. Defeat in the next election for non-performance is no punishment. It is just a consequence. Why should politicians who trick the common man to hand over the keys of governance on the promise of bringing them prosperity and peace be not punish for breach of trust?

Most politicians do not appear to even know the basic amenities which a state must provide to the common man? It was crystallized nicely by the Supreme Court in 1983, ruling that every citizen was guaranteed under the Constitution to lead a dignified life, which included “protection of health and strength of workers, men and women, and of the tender age of children against abuse; educational facilities; just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief’.

“These are minimum requirement which must exist  in order to live with human dignity and no state – neither the central government nor any state government – has the right to take any action which deprive a person of the enjoyment of these basic essentials,’ the SC said.

Dejectedly the mockery of such similar fundamental principle was still to be witnessed from an aspect - “House arrest or no arrest, bail or no bail, I am free to go home… There is a law of the United States… In India, bye bye, thank you,” said Union Carbide’s Warren Anderson who was accused in Bhopal Gas leak incident in 1984 as he was being smuggled out to safety. Like any other influential man could have done, unsurprisingly, Anderson sneered at the establishment that knelt before him. He could not care a damn about that establishment under the Indian law which perhaps is not even equivalent to decency of silence.

The list of criminal politicians is long. Our Parliament is not prepared to make any law to stop criminals from contesting elections. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances and Law and Justice in a report submitted almost two years back, rejected the proposal to disqualify any citizen from contesting elections on mere framing of charges against him in a court of law for committing offences. The committee was set up after the Chief Election Commissioner wrote a letter to the Prime Minister saying people like Abu Salem and Dawood Ibrahim could become MPs and MLAs unless the law is amended. Amendments were also suggested in the Representation of People Act (RPA), 1951 to disqualify any person accused of an offence punishable by imprisonment by five years or more from contesting elections even when trial is pending, provided charges have been framed against him by a competent court. The Law Commission and the National Commission to Review the Working of Constitution also made similar recommendation in 2002. Many centuries back Plato realized that creation of wise ruler was of no use to a community but to set up strong legal codes of conduct as he was aware that the laws also required to be amended in a manner to deal satisfactorily with what is never uniform and constant in the real world. But the current political parties of our time mostly don’t seem to develop a will to change the things for good reasons.

Perhaps gazing at our own NE states - the India’s paradox worth contemplating could be similarly picturised left at the mercy of few men. Although utter mismanagement are undeniable, many feel our people are still in untouched sanctuaries like places which desperately cries for need of good roads, free from muddy and multiple potholes, good schools with adequate teachers, government department with regular staffs, employment opportunities, good communication facilities and many more for a decent life. It’s witty to glance at the outsiders when we tell them life out there goes even without electricity and water for months together. One of my friend said, “humhari sadak mein gaddeh nahi balki gaddeh mein sarkar hain”. On the other hand rich class has almost every access to the necessities of life, some profoundly in the name of VIP tag.  Despite of all these no law seems to be stalwartly amended and applied which could give hope to common man, as in practical sense. Theoretically, democracy has evolved into a huge package for us but the truth is, beneath it lays inconceivable outlet. Probably we are no less than “cattle class” to them as it is perceived so by them.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s “Tryst with Destiny” speech in 1947 still remains a reminder for the politicians. “The service of India means the service of millions who suffer. It means ending poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity.” After more than 60 years, millions still continue to suffer whereas highly corrupt state like Japan had surpassed its position in almost same span of time from nowhere to where it is today. Nehru probably forgot to put a deadline for achieving the goals for incredible Indian politicians.


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