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September - 20



Politicians in Arunachal should surrender their ST status

Dear Editor,

Despite stiff opposition, the Arunachal Pradesh Government is adamant on continuing with the construction of dams. The CM of Assam Tarun Gogoi at least has a heart which has been proved by the heart surgery. Gogoi is somewhat considerate to the concerns of the grassroots peoples. But the CM of Arunachal Pradesh Dorjee Khandu is a robot employed by the ministers and industrialists of central government. The way poor villagers were mercilessly beaten in the Pongging near Pasighat will go down as a black day in the history of the Adi tribe and all the marginalized poor people of the world. No media covered this merciless attack which was no less than a massacre. Only a few days back, labourers in the NHPC dam project were also beaten mercilessly by the Indian army and Arunachal police.

Dorjee Khandu, Gegong Apang, Mukut Mithi and all other politicians of Arunachal Pradesh should not be tagged as tribals anymore. Their reservation facilities under the scheduled tribe category should be stopped. These ministers who are going against the spirit of democracy should be excommunicated and be regarded as outcast by the tribal forums of the state and the country. The United Nations Forum for Indigenous People should also de-recognise these politicians of Arunachal Pradesh as tribals.

Their lives have become far removed from the life and living of a tribal. A tribal man loves nature and not money. A tribal man fights for his environment, and does not sell out his land for apartments in Delhi, Mumbai, London and New York. The lives of the ministers of this so called tribal state have become far removed from the lifestyle of a tribal. They send their children abroad and have no concern for their state or people. They talk to them in Hindi and no longer use their tribal languages or Nefamese. They are torturing the tribal people in the villages and using armed force and police to beat poor villagers. Can the present ministers and politicians who have gone against the spirit of humanity for the sake of money and power be any longer called tribals? They can only be called the stooge of industrialists and the voice of the Hindi lobby from mainland India. These so called ‘tribal’ ministers of a tribal state have become as money-minded as a shopkeeper in Jaipur or Delhi. Even dowry in the demanded form is showing its ugly head in Arunachal Pradesh. Their only contribution to tribal ethos is the one-day drama where they come in the traditional waist coats to attend the traditional festival nowadays organized in the state capital by some students union.

Yours etc.,

Vox populi, (on email)



I welcome them but please no PRC

Dear Editor,

Being an Indian I do welcome all to participate equally in all affairs concerning our state and at the same time I don’t discriminate any of my non-APST brothers who are residing and contributing for the state. But Arunachal as a newly born state, which has a limited indigenous population and like many other tribal dominated state is guarded by some special norms as inner line permit.  Issue of PRC is restricted only to tribal of the state, who in population is so less that, issuing of PRC to non-APST may compel us to be a minority in our own state.  As we have seen in the states like Tripura and Meghalaya, where indigenous people have been deprived directly or indirectly.  Therefore, the authority should stop giving PRC to non-APST and continue to maintain the same regulation rather than abusing the power which is given to them. My ideology is not against any community; instead it’s for the innocent/ helpless indigenous people who have been deprived from their own right.

So, I request all the pressure groups, actively working NGO’s, intellectual forms and all other concerned citizen to discourage such issue of PRC to non-APST.

“A stitch at time saves nine”, as famously quoted, this is the right time to claim, before it’s too late.


Reekam Bengia,

(On email)



Don’t be divided on tribal lines

Dear Editor,

First of all I'd like to congratulate all the peoples, who have cracked the "money mishandling and misusing" secrets of our state high authorities and govt. I also congratulate all my fellow Arunachalis for opening their eyes and thinking something for our state.

As we all know that, these kinds of stuffs are not new to our state. No one will be astonished to know whatever mishandlings have been done by the high authorities. But yes, it is really wonderful that our citizens have somewhat revolutionized their mind.

I've been commenting and will continue to comment and request our fellow citizens to open their eyes and to use their brain in choosing the leader. Its not necessary that we elect that person who have spent more money for campaigning during elections. Yes, its true for our state. Whoever spends more money, distributes money to people, wins the election, whatever his/her educational or social background be. We should know that how much money a person spends on winning, he will recover more than that during his tenure. Now it’s time we realize and decide to choose a 3rd grade or a well educated and clean leader.

Whatever is the condition of our state, we citizens are the most responsible ones for that. It was we who elected those leaders, whom we are blaming now. And most important is that, our state is internally divided into "tribalism". That's the main problem. We should understand that we are first of all Arunachalees than anything else. We should understand and respect the cultures of other tribes. Our state can’t be divided under tribalism. A leader should understand that when he is in power it’s not only that he should focus on upliftment of his own district or area; he should understand that he is standing for the whole state. In my opinion, whoever sits on the ruling seat should first of all try to solve the recent problems faced by our state, instead of planning for the future. Without mending present problems and planning for future developments is like constructing a "bamboo skyscraper".


[email protected]



The land of ‘Robber barons’

Dear Editor,

India promotes itself to be a very spiritual country. The Indian businessmen and Indian ministers from mainland India is all out to kill the native tribes of Arunachal Pradesh by building dams all over this north-eastern state. Alongwith Arunachal Pradesh, the people of Assam will also suffer. The north-east lies in the most earth-quake prone seismic zone V and is home to numerous agrarian communities. But these Indians have no idea top appreciate nature and know money, money and only money. Coming in contact with Indians, simple Arunachal people have also become corrupt and only think of money. People like Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, K.K. Birla, C.P. Jain, Pranab Mukherji, Kalmadi, Anil Agarwal, Navin Agarwal, M.S. Mehta, Jaypraksh Gaur of Jaypee Associates Ltd, etc. have shares in the National Hydro Power Corporation and the Lower Subansiri Dam which is coming up in Arunachal Pradesh.

The tribal people of Arunachal will have the same fate as that of the tribal people in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Orissa who have been uprooted due to damming of rivers and mining. India is a land run by robber barons. It’s funny to see these robber barons loot the grassroot and tribals and dump give some of the loot to the Hindu temples like Tirupati.


Ropi Jamoh (on email)




Power failure

Dear Editor

It is really painful to share that there is a frequent power failure in Bordumsa. Due to frequent power failure the public and the student in particular are the worst sufferers. Every day people wait for hours in State Bank India for withdrawal of money due to power interruption. Student are the worst sufferer because the mid- term exam are coming and power failure comes in like a demon to scare them. Gas agency, government offices all suffer because of chaotic power supply.

I appeal the concerned department to supply power in proper and systematic manner.


Ngubin Doke

(On email)



Repeal before it spills

Dear Editor,

Strange is the way of our Arunachal Politicians, so it seems with the current issue "PRC to Non-APST" which has become eye of a storm. No doubt the order is obnoxious as well as illicit, which every Arunachalee believes.

Despite of that we are quite amazed with the order that came across with the desk of so called state representatives. Hadn't they thought a while for the consequences or even try to stand against the order? How could they consent to such order besides they are already embattled with many issues alike, such as NSCN threats, Chakma Hajong infiltrations, inter and intrastate border disputes etc.

If the Government see a genuine reason to stand with the same order then they ought to take better precaution for the uprising of a storm that is generating among every Arunachali.

Hence, this is an appeal to the concern politician to re asses the order before it turns to wrath and redeem themselves as a substantial leader.


Dhon Bagang

(on email), Seppa



Who is lying?

Dear Editor,

Who is telling the truth and who is trying to manipulate the fact? There is contradictory statement by the SIC and the state govt regarding prosecution sanction petition in arresting all 44 accused. Whether be the SIC or the state govt, one is definitely misusing the dignity and honour of his official powers by delaying to the prosecution.

Every person involved in PDS scam must equally be held responsible. As, one of the concerned citizens, I think the crux of the matter is corruption, clamours of political parties for more and more fund from the centre, temporary act of servility to hydro power developers, swollen with pride but eavesdropping bureaucrats and sopped organisations are making things worse.

All the 44 accused must be immediately prosecuted according to the nature of their involvement in the scam so that an impartial and independent judiciary can protect the rights of the people.


Haku Tatak (on email)




Not the popular voice

Dear Editor,

The public specially the youth and the younger generation of Dari Circle had been witnessing the developments taking place regarding creation of Lower Siang District. The creation of the said district needs no elaboration as the fact is known to everyone who commands minimum awareness and especially the Galo community who are party to it. It is seems that a few chunk of people are deciding the fate/feature of Dari Circle without gaining mass consultation with the public/people of the area. From sources it is learnt that Dari Circle is unilaterally included in the new district wherein Basar is made it’s headquarter.

Youths and upcoming generations were never informed or consulted when such an important decision having huge ramification on our future were being decided. We were under the impression that the said Circle’s stand was as per the various resolutions passed at Bane Kebas. Now we are apprehensive why the decision makers never took VIIth Bane Keba resolutions into consideration wherein Ego Banggo is also included in the new district, an outcome of relentless threadbare discussion and instead seems inclined to side with Basar’s One point Memorandum. The inclination seems like switching to the side of the balance which would weigh more. Furthermore amongst various other issues discussed and adopted a feasibility report suggesting Dari as headquarter was made which was never submitted to the government or GWS. The plight of the people of Dari seems to be sidelined and left to die its natural death by the decision makers. We therefore vehemently object taking side to Basar one point memorandum before our very own dear causes are addressed. This inclination by the decision makers I feel is quite illusionary without any logic or rationality. Having said that I don’t mean I am against any kind of development in our area rather I would have appreciated more if the decision makers had felt necessary to seek our popular view or opinion which would have been more pragmatic.

The duty of leadership is to take the public into confidence and lead them to a brighter future with visionary mission. History is evident that one wrong decision of the leadership can doom the whole community, race or entire public he leads. The decisions in this regard must be made in the interest of greater mass and benefit of public keeping the interest of future generation sustenance. Therefore it seems the inclinations publicised and projected is not a popular view of the greater mass. By going through the immediate history of district struggle by foothills people and by the personal experience, our conscience does not allow us to turn our head away from their reasonable and cogent demand.


G. Riba (on email)



Wakka in dire need of school teachers

Dear Editor,

Many schools under Wakka circle in Tirap district have been facing teachers’ shortage, particularly Mathematics and Science teachers for last two years. Even the students of the upgraded Govt Higher Secondary School at Wakka and Secondary school, Nginu fail to show good performance due to shortage of required teachers.

Therefore, I, on behalf of the Wakka Youth Welfare and Cultural Society (WYWCS) request the education department to take immediate step for posting of adequate teachers in the schools in order to improve education scenario of Wakka area. We also request the elected leaders of Tirap district not to interfere in transfer and posting of teachers and other Govt staff in the district.


Gangsong Gengsa Jangba, Spokesman




Improve power supply to Daporijo Township

Dear Editor,

The recurring default in transformer at Polo Colony in Daporijo town has made the life measurable. Irregular power supply or power failure to the colony due to   default in transformer badly affected the students who are preparing for their half-yearly examination.   

Therefore, I request the authorities to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the highly populated Polo Colony  in Daporijo.


Talin Timba

Polo Colony, Daporijo



Is there no vacancy in Nirvachan Bhawan ?

Dear Editor,

In addition to various departments of the state Govt, Arunachal Pradesh is boasting of various other establishments like office of the state CEO (Nirvachan Bhawan). But till date we find no any advertisement for appointment in the state election office.  Is there no any retirement and promotion in this office since its inception?

I request the authorities concerned to announce all the vacant posts including UDC and LDC in the state election department along with the recruitment policy for the benefit of educated unemployed youths.


A K Tamin

Abo Tani Colony







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Contractors blames FCI, Govt for crisis, reiterates demand

ITANAGAR, Sep 19: Arunachal Pradesh PDS Carriage Contractors Welfare Association (APPDS-CCWA) has reiterated its demand for clearing all genuine outstanding payments of carriage contractors to help many of them to repay loans taken from banks, including State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd.

While highlighting the facts regarding entire gamut of HTS, APPDSCCWA said that "carriage contractors transported essential commodities supplied through Public Distribution System (PDS) to the remotest parts of the state after signing agreement with the State Government. The rate of      ` 2.25/qntl/km fixed by the Central Government in 1995 was superseded by a 2001 notification changing it to `125/qntl/km and the HTS payment were made at that rate during 2001-04 by the FCI after proper checking of the bills. Surprisingly, another notification in 2005 arbitrarily decided that the 1995 rate will be applicable and the excess payment made erroneously during 2001-04 should be deducted from the outstanding bills," it said.

However, the contractors association said that the most conclusive record was the recommendation of High Power Committee of secretaries headed by the Cabinet Secretary constituted at the direction of the Prime Minister, which says that the payment made by the State Government from the rolling advance given by the FCI in 2001 was in order as per GoI notification.

"Recently, Union Food Minister Sharad Pawar had reportedly told the State Government that ` 45 crore HTS payment for 2007-10 would be released. However, FCI’s ` 24 crore rolling advance was paid by the State Government. Thus, the FCI has evolved a new rate of `1.15/qntl/km in total violation of the GoI notification and deducted the so called excessive payment made while paying      ` 24 crore. And the so called excess payment has been deducted from ` 45 crore making it to ` 24.07 crore which was announced by the Union MoS for Planning."

"How could the FCI make payment at almost half the rate of the agreed rate that too after five years"? AAPPDSCCWA questioned. The Central Government and FCI, instead of appreciating the genuine efforts of carriage contractors, have blamed them on baseless and unsubstantiated grounds of excessive billing which in fact was the mistake of the FCI and GoI, it added.


Payment without ascertaining completion of work

ITANAGAR, Sept 19: Payment to the contractor for construction of building for 37 Angan Wadi  Centres was made without completion report as required under the agreement. Payment of ` 13.75 lakh for construction of 11 AWC building appears to be fraudulent in absence of any supporting document to prove that they were actually constructed. Besides, the contractor was extended undue benefit as the buildings constructed were sub-standard.

The Centre released (March 2002) ` 1.88 crore to the State Government for construction of building for 150 Angan Wadi Centres (AWCs). Each AWC building should have one room not less than 5 X 5 m, one store room of nine sqm, and a child friendly toilet. Out of the 150 buildings, work order for the construction of 37 AWC buildings in different districts was awarded to M/s. Angami Trading Company (M/s ATC) in March 2003 for ` 46.25 lakh at the rate of    ` 1.25 lakh per AWC with a stipulation to complete the work by June 2003. Accordingly, an agreement with M/s ATC was entered into on 31 March 2003. As per the condition of the work order, no advance was to be paid and payments against the bills were to be made only after the receipt of completion report from the Technical Authorities and handing over reports from Child Development Project Officers (CDPO). As per work order/agreement, the walls of the building should be 20 mm thick cement bonded, CGI sheeted roof with cemented floor, enamel pain-ted and a safety tank.

Scrutiny of records of the Director, Social Welfare, Women and Child Development department (February and March 2009) revealed that the date of commencement of work was not on the records produced, however, it was noticed that the contractor had sought (November 2004) extension of time up to January 2005, which was indicative of the fact that work was incomplete as on that date. The approval for extension of the time sought by the contractor was also not available on record. However, the bill for the entire amount of ` 46.25 lakh was drawn in March 2003 and payment was made to the contractor in September 2004 without receiving completion reports and handing over reports for 37 AWC buildings as required under the agreement apparently even before the buildings were completed which is evident from contractor requesting extension up to January 2005. These were confirmed by the Director of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development in November 2008. The Directorate also did not produce any measurement records or photograph to prove the completion of the AWC buildings. The Department forwarded (November 2009) completion reports in respect of 26 AWCs and stated that completion reports of 11 AWC could not be traced. Scrutiny of 26 completion reports furnished by the department revealed that six out of the 26 completion reports furnished did not belong to 37 AWCs allotted to M/s ATC.

The CDPO, Sagalee ICDS project stated (December 2009) that there is no place with name `Bonoriang' (name provided in list of AWC entrusted to M/s ATC) in his area but added that there is a place by name `Bokoriang' which has an AWC. Similarly, CDPO, Niausa ICDS project stated (December 2009) that there is no place by name Ledua-1 but there is a place in the name of Zedua-1 which has AWCs.

Four buildings of AWC Bokoriang, Zedua-l, Senua-1 and Miao-1 under ICDS projects Sagalee, Niausa and Khagam were physically verified.

It could be seen that AWC building at Zedua-I, Senua-I and Miao-I are bamboo structures and not as per the specifications given in the agreement. Similar scenario in the remaining AWC building constructed by the said contractor also could not be ruled out. In the absence of completion certificate, the payment of ` 13.75 lakh for construction of 11 AWC building appears to be fraudulent. Besides, 26 AWC buildings constructed at a cost of ` 32.50 lakh were sub-standard and not according to the specification, thereby, extending undue benefit to the contractor.

Doubtful distribution of SNP items

Due to inclusion of 74 non-functional AWCs for procurement items under I ICDS project, distribution of Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) item worth         ` 28.13 lakh remained doubthful.

The Government of India (GOI) has been supporting the States at the rate of half of the financial norms laid down for various categories of beneficiaries or 50 per cent of the actual expenditure on Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) whichever is less.

Between January 2007 and March 2008, the State Government accorded administrative approval and expenditure sanction for `18.51 crore for implementation of SNP in the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) projects in Arunachal Pradesh. The amount was sanctioned for procurement and transportation of supplementary nutrition and kitchri items in respect of 3037 Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) up to June 2007 and 4277 from July 2007 onwards.

Between March 2007 and March 2008, the Directorate of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development incurred ` 14.46 crore on procurement and distribution of SNP items but did not maintain any records on these activities. As per ICDS norms, the rates are with reference to per beneficiary per day (normal child: Rs. Two; severely malnourished child: ` 2.70; and pregnant women and nursing mother/adolescent girls: ` 2.30). The Directorate distributed SNP items without ascertaining the actual number of beneficiaries. The Directorate stated (February 2009) that items were issued among all the AWCs in equal quantity which also meant disproportionate distribution of SNP items in violation of SNP norms.


Roads along Indo-China needs attention”

ITANAGAR, Sept 19: Abray Manyu, one of the advisors to the Chief Minister has appealed the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu to provide Mule Track along the actual Indo-China border to facilitate the movement of Indian Army even in the rainy season for a secured border.

Mule Track along the Actual Border will also be very helpful to stop Chinese infiltration and the villagers can make their inter district movement through this Mule Track for trade and business purpose, he said.

In a letter to the CM, Manyu said even after 48 years of Indo-China war, infrastructure in border area has not been improved up to the mark as border roads are situated far away from the actual border.  

Giving an example of disruption in road link particularly in border area, he said recent blockage on Chaglagam road caused by landslide is still not cleared. In rainy seasons the roads remain cut off for six to seventh months in a year, he further informed.  

The advisor said, contrary to the poor development of border infrastructure in Arunachal Pradesh, Chinese have made highways and railways up to the border of Arunachal Pradesh. As a result, Chinese armies are making frequent infiltration into the Indian territories, he claimed while adding that  recently in Chaglagam, Chinese came into the Indian territory crossing four camps from actual Mc Mohan Line and encountered with Indian army.

Manyu further said that at a time when Chinese are making their claims over Arunachal Pradesh, the   Google Map has also shown half of the Anjaw district under their (Chinese) territory.


Association to meet Bihar CM on Pertin case

PASIGHAT, Sept 19: Kamin Pertin, the son of revered politician Bakin Pertin is missing for the last three months but authorities have not been able to trace him yet.

On the other hand, Pasighat Market Association (PMA) in a consultative meeting held on Sept 16 last has decided to send a eleven member team to Bihar to pressurize the Bihar govt to press for the arrest of Bindeswar Yadav (Kaka) the prime suspect, in connection with Kamin Pertin missing case.

A eleven members team headed by PMA president Onyok Tamuk would proceed to Bihar to meet the Chief Minister and Home Minister on Sept 24 next to seek immediate arrest of the suspect.

The Member of Parliament (LS) Ninong Ering has requested the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary  of Bihar to extend full cooperation to PMA and to hold a proper enquiry in this matter.

The local MLA and Education Minister Bosiram Siram stated that he is personally pursuing this matter with higher authorities too. The minister also informed that appointment with Chief Minister of Bihar is being sorted out so that the PMA representatives could meet and appraise the entire gamut of the matter during their visit.

Meanwhile, the DC Onit Panyang appreciated PMAs efforts and SP Aloke Kumar informed that a police team was sent to Bihar but couldn’t trace Yadav in his native place and the investigation is still on. (DIPRO)


ST for Bhutanese in Dirang

ITANAGAR, Sept 19:  In recent days student organizations particularly from Upper Siang, West Kameng, Tawang, Lohit and Changlang districts are making serious allegations about non-APST trying to get Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe (ST) certificate using fake documents. Their allegations were substantiated when All West Kameng Students Union(AWKSU) with the help of apex student body All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) exposed nefarious design of one Tsewang Dorjee, a person of Bhutanese origin, currently living in Dirang village managed to get ST certificates using fake documents.

After AAPSU and AWKSU lodged complaint against Tsewang Dorjee, additional deputy commissioner (ADC) Dirang, had constituted enquiry board to verify the APST status of Tsewang Dorjee.  The investigation revealed that his father migrated from Bhutan decades ago and settled in Dirang. It was also found that in earlier days he had admitted that he is Bhutanese and that his father has came from Bhutan. But later he backtracked from his statements. Instead he submitted a Photostatted copy of PRC, ST, birth certificate and a copy of agreement stating his inclusion into Dungkharpa clan of Dirang. He had claimed APST status based on his entry into Dungkharpa clan.  But during investigation, Tsering  Dorjee, head of Dunkharpa clan in his statement clearly stated that inclusion into his clan cannot be used as mere excuse to gain APST status.

The board after examining all documents and talking to many witnesses unanimously came to conclusion that Tsewang Dorjee is of Bhutanese origin and has recommended to competent authority to cancel ST and PRC issued to him immediately. Meanwhile praising All West Kameng Students Union for their effort, AAPSU president Takam Tatung said this incident has exposed how non-APST people are getting ST certificate using fake documents. “Our districts students are trying to find out more such cases in West Kameng, Tawang and Upper Siang district. Especially in these area Tibetan refugee and Bhutanese origin people have manage to get ST certificates. Soon we will bring out more such case in public domain,” stated Takam Tatung. He also urged government to come up with proper policy about properties built by non-APST men in the name of their APST wives. “As per present policy, most non-APST men build properties in the name of their APST wives. They can own that properties as long as their wives are alive. After wives death, even the children who by birth are non-APST can’t own it. So, government has to formulate a policy on what to do with these properties,” said AAPSU president Takam Tatung.


Union questions Govt decision on PRC, seeks CS’s removal

ITANAGAR, Sept 19: Tai-Khampti Singpho Students Union which has been battling against refugee menace in Lohit and Changlang districts since ages has termed the granting of PRC to non-APST in these two districts as a slap on the face of people of these two underdeveloped districts. In a press statement union questioned how APST people including Chief Secretary Tabom Bam and group of APST ministers passed this order which is against the interest of APST people of these two districts.

Union also lamented the fact that local citizen of these two districts were never consulted before taking such a huge decision. They never bothered to seek our opinion even once and also this order is clear violation of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873, union stated. They have asked for immediate cancellation of this order, failing which they will launch series of agitation in coordination with other students bodies, youths and publics of Lohit and Changlang. Further union has questioned role of Chief Secretary Tabom Bam in the whole issue. “He is tribal citizen of this state. Being educated and a civil servant, he should have guided the government in this regard,” union said. Union has sought his removal for failing to protect the rights of local tribal’s. Further they have questioned why Tabom Bam is holding the post of Chief Secretary for the past 6 years, though normal tenure for IAS and APPSC officer for a particular posting is for the period of three years.

Union has also questioned how non-APST people are being allowed to participate in Panchayat electoral process in Lohit and Changlang, thereby killing the basic concept of local self governance. They have also questioned why Governor JJ Singh allowed such kind of order to be passed as people of Arunachal has always believed that he is the savior of tribal people.


PRC and a larger game plan

Taba Ajum                

ITANAGAR, Sept 19: The government of Arunachal Pradesh’s decision to grant permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe (APST) people in Lohit and Changlang districts have been meet with anger by ordinary citizen of this tribal dominated state. There is also growing fear among citizens that this is long term strategy of the government of India to Indianize our state by allowing settlement of non-APST people. Some even view this could be ploy to lift inner line permit (ILP) system from Arunachal as demanded by many mainland Indian politicians and citizens.

What makes us sad is that our state government does not seem enthusiastic fighting against this order. They gave explanation telling us that Supreme Court of India has given this order. I spoke to couple of legal experts and few historians both within the state and from Delhi. They all told me that this order of issuing PRC to non-APST people is direct violation of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873. Under this act, it is clearly mentioned that non-APST can’t buy property in Arunachal. Also one expert explained to me that even Supreme Court of India cannot meddle with this act.  So, question arises how our government claim that they issued this order under Supreme Court guidelines. Please come clean on this issue and let people know the truth.  Already Arunachalee people is paying heavy price for being good host to refugees like Chakmas, Hajongs, Burmese and Tibetans.   

Other day when I came back from my office at 10 in the night, my younger sister who is studying in first year BA in one of the leading colleges of Itanagar said to me, “one of my friend who is from Lohit told me that Harings (non-APST) are going to get PRC and my friend is very sad. She had asked you to write about this issue and highlight the fear of young tribal’s of Lohit and Changlang districts.” I was dumbstruck for some time. Usually one do not expect first year college going students to  care much about what’s going around as they are mostly engrossed in their own mini-world.  But this little girl from Lohit who herself is in the first year of college understanding the magnitude of this order is very scared about her future. Like her there must be many more who feel that by gaining PRC status, the non-APST people will dominate the indigenous local tribal’s.  

 This order has also exposed the double standard attitude of the government of India. They always talk about how China is destroying the culture of Tibet by bringing in large number of Han Chinese from mainland China into Tibetan autonomous region. But they seem to be following similar trend in Arunachal and with this order they have begin their process of turning Arunachal into next Tripura. May be after 10 years, we will have Chief Minister having surname as Singh, Choudhary or Chakma. This order of issuing PRC has scared me too. Today it is Lohit and Changlang, tomorrow it may be East Siang, West Siang, Papum Pare and list will only grow. People of Arunachal together need to stand up against this order.


Citizens raise issues confronting Tirap

KHONSA, Sept 19: A meeting was held at Khonsa yesterday under the aegies of All Tirap Students’ Union (ATSU) attended by government officers, Public leaders and students’ leaders. Khonsa township roads, Khonsa –Bogapani-  Joypur road, district hospital , teacher student ratio and Khonsa Govt. Higher Secondary school boys’ hostel among others  on which the participants discussed threadbare. The meeting presided over by EAC Techu Aran was also attended by women representatives and NGO members.

Speaker including EAC T. Aran, Public leaders T. Tongluk, H. Sumnyan, Wangman Lowangcha appealed to the students to play effective pressure group and assured to extend their co-operation whenever  required. Earlier, ATSU president Jiten Wangsa highlighted the problems of Tirap district and urged the officers and public leader of Tirap district to address  problems on priority.

After a thorough deliberation, a resolution   was   adopted and the ATSU executive members were asked to follow-up actions. It may also be added here that insurgency hit- Tirap district is beset with plethora of problems like poor township roads, badly damaged KBJ road, shortage of doctors, irregular power supply, poor BSNL service, shortage of refilled LPG cylinders,  water scarcity in winter  and  a host of other pressing problems that need drastic remedial measures.   (DIPRO)


Summer Cup Invitational Football

CCSA, IRBn complete semifinal line up

MVFC face BTFC in first semifinal today

ITANAGAR, Sep 19: CCSA and 3rd IRBn won their respective quarterfinal match against NERIST and MDFC to enter semifinals of the 2nd Papum Pare Summer Cup Invitational Football Tournament at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today. They have joined MVFC and BTFC in semis to fight it for the championship.

CCSA defeated NERIST 3-0 in the first match while MDFC went down fighting 2-5 to 3rd IRBn in the second match of the day.

Both CCSA and IRBn will lock horn with each other in the second semifinals to be played on 21 September.

Model Village Football Club (MVFC) will test the might of Bamang Taji Football Club (BTFC)  in the first semifinals tomorrow.

MVFC and BTFC defeated Game Zone and DFC  to enter semifinals.



Esse shines

ITANAGAR, Sept 19: Dakter Esse, a student of MA Mass Comm in Hyderabad University has done everyone proud with her outstanding achievement.

She has been invited to Achievers award ceremony 2010 to be held at university of Hyderabad for being the topper in the department of communication, University of Hyderabad scoring 9.00 CGPA out of 10 in 1st semester and 9.55 CGPA out of 10 in 2nd semester in M.A. Mass communication. She shall be awarded with   ` 5000 for each semester by Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, Reserve Bank of India. Daughter of  Yidak Esse and Dakbi Esse she is the only north-easterner in the department of communication to receive this achievers award.


Villagers to shift

ITANAGAR: All Upper Siang District Students’ Union in a letter to Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh highlighting the problems of land slide victims of Mosing, Gosang and Karko village, Upper Siang District appraised that the villagers including GB and Panchayat leaders in a meeting held on September 17 last has decided to shift Gosang and Mosing village to Moying Ramsing area to avoid landslide and flood in near future.

The union appealed to the Chief Minister, Parliamentary Secretary Fishery, Law and Justice JK Panggeng and MLA Alo Libang to provide necessary help to the villagers for their proper resettlement.


Sajolang meet

ITANAGAR: The Sajolang Elite Society (SES) held its 2nd General Conference cum Election on Sept 16-17 at Bomdila, West Kameng District. The house elected Er Aju Khunjuju as the President and Johny Miji as the General Secretary of the Society. The conference was attended by important members of the Sajolang (Miji). Among various other dignitaries of the community, former Lok Sabha MP and Principal Advisor to Chief Minister Khiren Rijiju also took part in the meet.

During the two days Conference, the main agendas centered around education, health and hygiene, and over all socio-economy development of the community.  


ARPA demands viva voice

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Registered Pharmacist Association (ARPA) has alleged violation of recruitment policy while recruiting pharmacists in health department.

Pointing out the declaration of written test results of the pharmacists on Sept 17, the Association alleged that the recruitment results have been declared without conducting viva-voice for those qualified candidates. It further said while there are only two vacant posts of pharmacist, four pharmacists have been declared qualified and names of five others kept in waiting list.


Bandh supported

ITANAGAR: All Palin, Chambang, Yangte, Gangte and Tarak-Langdi Students Union has supported proposed bandh call on 29th of this month by All Kurung Kumey District Students Union against failure by state government to continue air dropping of PDS items in the district. Union is opposed to the re-introduction of head load carriage system in the district.


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