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September - 21



Let the non APST stay here for 1000 years, but why PRC

Dear Editor,

Everybody is making a hue and cry that Arunachal is the hydro power house of India and this potential should be tapped to the maximum to fill the belly of “power” hungry Industries, Netas and babus. Is it necessary that the government should dry up all the rivers, streams and Nallahs of the state? Why there is a Mela like situation for signing MoAs, any one brings a company, shows a stream and MoA is signed in matter of minutes! Why the Government cannot go on phased manner with a fixed target of say 5000 MW? Is it mandatory that no river, even the nallahs should be spared for future generation? Why the Government is not ensuring the timely completion of projects already in construction stage?  Where and how such a huge power will be evacuated? What Arunachal will do with the state share of power? There are no industries of local people to consume your power! Common People of Arunachal are not ignorant they knows that the government is making another PDS out of the hydro power.

Importance should be given to projects below 100 MWs and with a five year target of completion of 5,000MWs, then also we get revenue of 80 crores per day!

When people of particular area/basin does not want to spare their land for hydro project, Govt. should give time, why pushing ahead so vigorously under the pressure of private company, we understand that Private hydro developers should have signed the MoA by knowing the risk factors, involvement of people in a hydro project. Any way the private company have raised their share in the stock market, they are losing nothing, they have got fat bank loans against the MoA. Show the villagers the projects like Ranganadi HEP done by NEEPCO take them to Kameng HEP under execution by NEEPCO, let the Tribals decide their own fate. We are having a government of Nehrujis legacy but why our Chief Minister has forgotten the panchseel written in the entrance of CM’s official bungalow?

And mother of all issues the PRC to Non Tribal: This government will be remembered for this blunder if not corrected now. Let the non APST stay here for 1000 years, but why PRC, the government should legally fight in the Supreme Court if at all there is any directive. India is a democratic country; various institutions are for the welfare of the people not to oppress/suppress the people which makes the country.

People of Arunachal arise awake, let us not sleep  let us fight till end, this is an indirect way to dilute the Inner Line Permit (Bengal Frontier Regulation ).We are hardly  Eight lakhs Tribal people, which will be swept away to oblivion if the population of Laluk, a sub Divison of  North lakhimpur District, Assam comes to Arunachal !


Rakap Nabam ,

(On email)



Don’t just remain a paper tiger

Dear Editor,

In recent days, strong protests have been lodged by  the little known organisations for alleged irregularities, gross mismanagement of public funds done by the ‘Dor Khan’ led Congress government in the state. In fact, it is appreciable and praise worthy.

Among these, there is good news for the unemployed youths too. It is regarding the back door appointment of candidates to the govt jobs through the merit system of favouritism, nepotism, arbitrary and interestingly through pick and choose method.

It reveals from the media report that a particular community was given much preference while making illegal appointment in the department of RR&DM, when the present Chief Minister was the minister in charge of then Congress govt which was headed by the Gegong Apang.

We fail to understand, why there is so much of hue and cry about the illegal appointment this time.  Many a time, petitions were moved in the court, but it was withdrawn or compromised in return of few bucks, jobs and lucrative contract works.

To our utter disgust, it was often told that those activists, who claimed themselves as God father of anti corruption yield to the Dor Khan offers. While doing so, they forget, they are playing with the hopes and aspirations of thousands of unemployed and desperate youths of the state. Even at the cost of common public and daily wage earners by resorting to bandh culture.

According to govt spokesperson, Mr CM is a clean man. The Court has also conferred him with a certificate of cleanliness and also rectified by curative measures as alleged of his involvement in corruption practices. So, question does not arise, why should you bang your head?

There are fears that negotiations may likely to take place. If it is so, it would be our humble appeal to them not makes any nuisance in the name of rooting out corruption. At all this time serious about the welfare of people, fight it out with determination to secure the end of justice through reopening of case by filing writ petition in a court not by resorting to bandh calls and remaining just a paper tiger.  


O. Tayeng

Pasighat (on email)



Learn something from Tripura example

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to issuing PRC to none APSTs.

Its very well said by Taba Ajum that there will be a situation in near future when we will have CM, MPs and Ministers having surname Singh, Chakma, Choudhry etc. I support the various bodies and anybody who raise voice against this issue.

Every one knows of one of the indigenous tribe of Tripura who became minority after arrival of non-tribals and were driven out of their state itself. You can imagine how it felt for them to be driven out of their homeland by outsiders, whom they welcomed warmly before.

On behalf of all the sufferers I'd like to ask the responsible authorities that would they like to make us experience the same nightmare as the Tripura tribals. Its Lohit and Changlang now, but in near future Papumpare, L/subansiri, U/Subansiri and other districts may also face the same problem. Moreover it’s a violation of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873.

Also, I support the voice against the non-tribals holding private lands in the name of their tribal wives. I'd suggest the apex bodies and every concerned citizen of our state to force the Govt. to immediately cancel all such Allotments and certification with immediate affect. They or their children shouldn't be given any kind of tribal privilege.

Few days back  Kantilal Bhuria, Union Minister of tribal affairs, suggested of passing law prohibiting all the holdings and allotments under tribal areas by non-tribals. Bhuria wants banks to stop auctioning the land mortgaged by tribals. He says while non-STs cannot buy land owned by STs, bank auctions in cases of default are proving a cunning antidote to this rule owing to a "nexus between banks and contractors". He said, "The non-STs, especially contractors, participate in auction and buy the land otherwise owned by a tribal. The auctions should stop in tribal areas or the banks should ensure that non-STs are not part of it. Hence our state should follow the same concept, as the future tribals depends on their present decisions. Help us.


Ngilyang l Richo,

(on email), NIT Patna



Help for a cause

Dear Editor,

I would like to appreciate Singpho Development Society along with Singpho Youth Organisation and Mahilla Mandal in their efforts to uproot the menace of opium from Bordumsa. So I would like to appeal the entire like-minded person and especially the state health department to help the organizers as it is a six month long program where they are taking the villagers of particular village for a twenty days program in de-addiction camp and give them free medicine and food, counselling and physical health training. Such efforts will help the poor people of the area who are losing their health, property especially the younger generation in order to finance their addiction to opium. The help from government will be highly appreciated.


Javon Samon (on email)




A holocaust plan

Dear Editor,

The recently held pro-dam meeting at Itanagar on 7th September 2010 without the consent of the affected people is null and void for it is nothing but casuistry. Besides, such a chancy mega project with nuclear bomb affect must not be politicalised at the behest of persons at the helm of people’s mandatory power for it wasn’t the exclusive reason in electing the representative from 35th Pangin Constituency during the election. It is seen that the political sycophants & shrewd petty leaders of the area are toeing in live with-campaigning, displaying, support and trying to disseminate the message of pro-dam construction to outside world which is not true but creating chaotic statements. I am sure pro-dam activists are not just supporting for the cause of development but actually paid to speak on Dam platform. That meeting was a forceful delegation abetted to accomplice and to support in the line of party discipline as the pro-dams are only a few INC members. I urge all the Siang people to join hands to stand for our own rights without fearing the political powers. I am also an ardent INC member since childhood so I urge all my INC comrades not to keep mum fearing our incumbent MLA for we are his electors so why living in fear and uncertainty. Friends he is the one who should fear us. We must force him to fight for our cause but not him to force us for his own cause. Because the effect of politics is only for a few years but the affect of this mega dam will be forever.

Everybody knows very well that Siang Mega Dam is a major development for the country but it juxtaposes a catastrophic disaster in disguise for the area where it will be constructed. The benefits are gained on the tears and painful suffering of the affected innocent people. Thousands will be render homeless and yet thousands will be scattered landless vagabonds. In one sense it is another Nagasaki-Hiroshima bombing that would annihilate the civilization and lives of our Adi people. The land owners/Dam affected people will be made to remain as a mute spectator to see their ancestral land & properties being swallowed up by the Dam, rendering them homeless and landless vagabonds, while billions of dollars that comes out from the Dam will be enjoyed by the company and a part by the Govt. It is surely not a development for our area but an economic exploitation, a dictatorial rule over the innocent tribal people like the pre-Indian independence British rule. It’s ridiculous! Knowing everything our leaders have become dictators, imperialist and sold our public mandate for their selfish greed.

I wonder why GOI is initiating in this mega project on Siang for JAYPEE after questioning the Chinese project of Dam over Siang in Tibet. The Chinese project of water diversion was a threat to border problem, also that could dried up the ecosystem of lower Siang valley but the JAYPEE project is a plot to “ADI HOLOCAUST.” If our leaders and govt. keep on exploiting us like this then we should retaliate and take other options for survival. If our  leaders and  Indian  Govt is turning step- motherly deaf ear to our cries then we shouldn’t be hesitant to take help from our neighboring country Chinese govt. to get set Adi wide for “To Do or To Die” and fight till the nadir of our live. Moreover the GOI will be as usual ignore us underestimating and discriminate racially. I won’t be wrong assuming “ADI IS AN ENDANGER SPECIES NOW.” It is high time we should realize that we will be living for nothing so let’s die for something;

With its rich heritage of Flora and fauna Arunachal could be developed through Horticulture, wood & Agro-base industries, Textiles, paper industries, Juice processing plans, Aromatic and medicinal plant cultivation, tourism and sports. Still, we have film industry which could be developed where the state can accommodate many people like actors, dancers, directors, lyricist, musicians, photographers, singers, writers and including many departments. Hollywood is developed through films and also it is known by it. Chennai and Mumbai is known by Films (Bollywood & Tollywood) Hong-Kong, Columbia, England, Japan, South Korea, Thailand earns billions of dollars by films industries. Food, sleep and Entertainment go along with the human existence. Moreover, theater is the mark of civilization.


Karunath Pazing,

(on email)



Interesting news

Dear Editor,

Going through 'News Impact' section published on Sept 19, I came across an interesting report. It reported of ‘Dui Kilo Welfare Committee’ highlighting the shortage of dustbin. The kind of the demand they made and the nomenclature of the committee provided the excitement. When no one uses Dust Bin it is very appreciable on their part to ask for it. Certainly they must be using it unlike us. The nomenclature was not far behind. In Itanagar I never heard of any locality named ‘Dui Kilo’.

Then this welfare committee emerges with this unique interesting name in tow. Hope this is not the last report of this kind!


A citizen (on email)



Don’t forget the Yobbins

Dear Editor,

In the light of opposition against the order to grant PRC to non-APST, I'll make a comment. If this order includes the Yobins, the state government has considered a legitimate need. This APST and PRC are securely tied to the rights of the land. So far, we have our land but we don't have permanent right on it. What is this joke? Who has the right to the Vijoynagar Circle of Changlang district apart from the Yobins?

Let there be protests. But in the process never forget the legitimate needs of the Yobin people.


Liahey Ngwazah

(on email), Bangalore



Unwarranted tactic

Dear Editor,

It was shocking to read about the cheap treatment meted out to two members of press fraternity. People look upon the fourth estate as the watchdog of the ill-ridden society. Whatever may be the reason such a mean tactic was unwarranted. It deserves condemnation from all irrespective of the high handedness of the perpetrator.


A citizen(on email)






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RTE will ensure quality elementary education: Tayeng

ROING, Sept 20: A meeting cum Awareness Programme on Community Mobilisation and Preparedness for Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009 was held at Anchal Samiti Hall here today. The programme was jointly organized by DDSE’s Office and Zilla Mission, Roing (SSA).

MLA Jomin Tayeng who took part in the programe hoped that the implementation of Right to Education Act will ensure quality elementary education to all the children. Urging the implementing authority he said, “the law book does not become effective in itself, but the persons who implement it makes the law effective”. Narrating the deteriorating conditions of the school buildings in the district he said that greater emphasize should be given in reconstruction of dilapidated school buildings in order to improve the educational atmosphere. "Without a proper school building, class room and no subject teacher, how can child have education?" he stressed his point. He suggested for formation of a committee to evaluate the performance record of all the schools in the district and accordingly transfer and posting of the teachers need to be done on the basis of the results of each school. Citing that some teachers are serving at remote and hard place like Dambuk for more than 16 years and some are in the soft place for more than 20 years he suggested for maintenance of record on the length of services in order to do justice in their transfer and posting. He further said that the welfare of the teachers needs to be looked into so that they may do their job with more interest. He also requested the Deputy Commissioner of the district for unannounced visit to the schools to find out the ground realities.

Y W Ringu, Deputy Commissioner of the district who is also the chairperson of the Zilla Mission, Roing (SSA) said that the Right to Education Act has imbibed a feeling of hope to provide a free and fair education to all. Citing acute shortage of mathematics and science teachers in the district, she said that the rationalization with minimum resources is very difficult but with the implementation of the act the rationalization of the teachers will be done in the larger interest of the society. He appealed all the Public and Panchayat leaders, parents and teachers to extend their support in creating awareness and proper implementation of the act in order to give man making and character building education to the children. She further exhorted if every one of us perform our duty with sincerity, we can together make a change for better.

Tanyang Tatak, DDSE informed that the RTE Act 2009 has been initiated since April 1 this year in the district. Under this act free education to children up to 14 years of age shall be given. He further informed that free text books and free admission has been given to all the children from elementary to Class VIII and free school uniforms are yet to be received from the govt. He also informed that due to irregularities and being absent from their duties, pay of 110 teachers in the district have been held up.

Chiliko Meto, Zila Chairperson, Mibom Pertin & Namo Linggi, ZPMs, Basu Perme and Sakole Linggi, Ex MLAs also spoke on the occasion.

Anchal Chairpersons, Principals, Head Masters, Officers and Teacher Incharge of Block Resource Centre (BRCs) and Cluster Resource Centre (CRCs) participated in the programme. DIPRO


Trained teachers demand appointments

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Arunachal DIET Pre-Service Teachers Association (ADPSTA) has appealed the education department to give preference to trained teachers in appointment to the posts of assistant teachers as per Govt notifications.

In a representation to the education minister, the Association  said  state Govt notification issued  on April 2, 1999 had clearly mentioned that  only those candidates who have completed 2 years  pre-service teachers education training (diploma in elementary education (DEED) from DIET shall be recruited as assistant teachers and no untrained teachers should be recruited  in regular basis.

State gazette notification on July 2nd, 2001 and National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) New Delhi clearly mentioned that assistant teachers should be class XII pass with two years DIET diploma course certificate, the association further pointed out.

It further urged the state Govt to appoint the trained teachers on officiating basis or under SSA scheme till formulation of recruitment rules and creation of adequate policy for appointment of assistant teachers.


Issuing PRC to non-APST a historical blunder

ITANAGAR, Sept 20:  Endorsing the demand of apex student body the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU), today one of its federal unit All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) has also came out strongly against the issuing of permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts. APPDSU has asked government under which circumstance they have issued PRC to non-APST and asked them not to cheat people by taking shelter of Supreme Court.

Union reminded state government that under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 non-APST people need inner line permit (ILP) to enter Arunachal and they are not allowed to buy property. So, how could state government think of granting PRC to them? As now it has been made clear by various experts that even Supreme Court of India cannot meddle with this act, government should explain to the people of Arunachal how they can say that they issued this order under Supreme Court guidelines. APPDSU has also questioned the role of ministers involve in granting PRC to non-APST. Urging them not to forget their tribal lineage, union wondered how group of ministers could take decision in favor of non-APST as they also very well knows that this order will seriously harm the interest of locals. APPDSU wanted to know whether present government works for the interest of outsiders and not for the local tribal population. Already Arunachal is facing numerous problems like Chakma-Hajong refugee issue and boundary problems, state government has gifted new headache in the form of PRC to non-APST, union added. Further APPDSU warned that people of Arunachal will never forgive present government for making this historical blunder of issuing PRC to non-APST people.


Ensure strict implementation ofpolicies for  project affected people

ITANAGAR, Sept 20:  The Downstream Affected People’s Movement of Kamba-Kaying pertaining to Siyom run-of river projects in West Siang district (in short DAMP) has urged the Govt and private power developers to ensure strict  and  mandatory  implementation of the provision of National  Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy 2007 (NRRP-2007), state Rehabilitation  and Rehibilation Policy -2008,  Schedule Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Right) Act 2006 and other  relevant acts for safety and security of the project affected people.

The organization in a memorandum to Chief Minister said it is  neither against the policy of Arunachal Pradesh Govt nor against any power developers, but the authorities concerned  must  take  the project affected people of the the downstream affected areas particularly of Tato-II Hydro power project  into confidence besides strict adherence to the  mandatory provisions of the guidelines and codal formalities while implementing hydro projects.

The Movement further said state Govt and private power developers must ensure safety and security of the people residing in project area and downstream and ensure people’s participation  in public hearing. Stating that organization will work on resettlement, relief and disaster, the memorandum urged the power developers to ensure effective implementation of  relief and rehabilitation and disaster management plan for safety and security of the project affected people.


Overwhelming response for Miss Tirap – 2010

KHONSA, Sept 20: Miss Tirap-2010, the much – awaited mega event, is receiving overwhelming response from the aspiring participants from across Tirap district. The participants are mostly school and college – going students who want to showcase their latent talents through the beauty pageant.

The event, organized by the famed Selp-Help-Group Shine Tirap as a part of a crusade against drug abuse and injustice with the central theme, ‘let beauty prevail’, will be held on 9th October ’10 at Nehru Stadium, Khonsa. Many prominent personalities both from Tirap and outside are expected to attend the show.

The winner of the contest will be richer by Rs 50,000 and  will undergo 3 months computer course while the 1st runners-up will get Rs 30,000 and 2 months computer course. The 2nd runners-up will be awarded Rs 15,000 and 2 months computer course. Also, there will be 8 sub-titles with Rs 5,000 each for grabs. Popular musical groups from neighbouring Assam and local artistes will enthrall the gathering. During the day on 9th Oct’10, an awareness campaign against opium addiction will be conducted by a team of Doctors and resource persons for the GBs and Panchayat leaders.

Against the backdrop of insurgency problem in the district, such an entertainment programme will bring respite for the people and will, without an iota of doubt, enthuse the young girls to groom themselves and hone their skills to participate in bigger events outside the district in future. The chief patron D.Bosai added that the Shine Tirap had proved its mettle when it successfully conducted the Miss Tirap-2007 and hoped that the ensuing event would be a roaring success too. (DIPRO)


EDP under PMEGP begins

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Arunachal Pradesh Seva Sangh chairman R T Tara   inaugurated the two-week long 2nd phase training on EDP under the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) at Multi-Disciplinary Training Centre (MDTC) Midpu, Doimukh on Sept  16 last. Altogether 33 beneficiaries are participating in it. Arunachal Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board (APKVIB) chief executive officer Sukamal Dev was also present on the occasion.

Earlier, the first phase  of ten-day long training on EDP concluded on Sept 10 last. Altogether 24 beneficiaries (22 from East Siang and two from Upper Siang) took part in the programme.

Sukamal Dev and  MDTC principal Vishal Nath Rai distributed certificates to the participants during  the valedictory function.


Training and job placement for BPL youth

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The Don Bosco International Society under the aegis of DB Tech (Don Bosco Technical Education Association) with its headquarters in New Delhi is launching training and job placement for BPL youth the country over.  In the training centres spread through the length and breadth of India, the project is to benefit 40000 BPL youth in the coming three years.  Financed by the Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi, the three months’ training and job placement in the fourth month is provided free for eligible youth. In Arunachal Pradesh the DB Tech MoRD project  will be first launched at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar by 24th September and will provide training in Hospitality, Information Technology Enabled Services (Computer) and Retail.  Registration forms are made available for eligible candidates at DBYC Itanagar (0360/2292843). The Programme will primarily cater to youth belonging to BPL families to be self reliant and economically empowered to live better lives in the years to come. The different programmes will be given certificates from nationally reputed institutions and from DB Tech and Ministry of Rural Development.   

DB Tech is a network of 125 Don Bosco skill training centres spread across 25 states in the country making it the largest NGO (Non Governmental Organization) engaged in livelihood training in India. All the centres in 10 DB Tech regions provide employment-linked, market-oriented vocational training of short duration to the economically and socially marginalized youth. In the first phase DB Tech will impart vocational training to 40,000 youngsters over the next three years. The Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) under MoRD aims to provide employment-linked, market oriented training to youngsters in the age group of 18-35 years from below poverty line (BPL) families across the country. The scheme provides livelihood skills to youth by mainstreaming opportunities in the sunrise sectors of the economy. “Our Mission 2020 is to provide skills, training and job placement for 2 million young people in ten years,” says DB Tech India National Coordinator Fr A.M. Jose SDB confident of DB Tech network across rural India comprising of 6,38,000 villages harbouring 72.2 percent of the population.  “The training that we impart will not be just training for training sake.  The uniqueness of the programme is that 75% of the trainees will be placed in job within and outside North East and we hope the young people of Arunachal seize this golden opportunity to better their lives”, said Fr. Cyriac SDB., Director of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar.



3rd Nyishi Idol-2010

ITANAGAR, Sept  20:  The grand finale  of the 3rd Nyishi Idol 2010  was organized successfully  at Siddharta Hall here on Sept 19 last.  Altogether five artistes entered the final, however, results will be declared on  Sept 22 at the same venue.

Former ANSU president Techi Nera and ANSU general secretary Likha Tabo were the chief guest and guest of honour of the grand finale respectively. NES general secretary Vijay Sonam and information and public secretary were guests of honour.


Training on extension functionaries

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Lohit conducted a two training programmes for extension functionaries of Namsai Sub Division from Sept 15.

A total of 17 extension functionaries (AFA) working under SDAO Namsai, I/C BDO cum EAC Chongkham and DTO, FTC Kherem have attended the training programmes. First training was conducted on Integrated Pest management of Vegetable crops.

In the first day Debasish Borah, Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy) while giving a brief description about the activities of the KVK and urged the help of all the field workers for effective implementation and dissemination of knowledge among the farmers.

Madhumita Sonowal, Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection) detailed about the recent concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), its importance, tools of IPM and management practices of pests of Major vegetable crops of the District.

The second training, was conducted on the topic Integrated Nutrient Management (INM).

Debasish Borah, SMS (Agronomy) thoroughly discussed about the recent concept of INM, its importance, components of INM. He also discussed about the INM practices of major cereal crops of Lohit Dist. particularly rice. In his training SMS (Agronomy) give details about Vermicompost Production technology, Biofertilizers, Green Manuring, use of microbes for composting, Use of crop residue and bio waste as a source of nutrients.

The trainers and trainees agreed for better interaction in future and confirmed that the technology available with the KVK will effectively be disseminated among the needy farmers of the district. Some of the trainees also requested the scientists of the centre to conduct trainings for them regularly. Training compendium was distributed among the trainees for both the programmes.


SDP for unemployed

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: A 30 days Skill Development Programme for 25 unemployed Youth was formally inaugurated by the Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Namsai, Sub-Division M.C. Roy today at Wingko village. This Programme is organized by the National Youth Project, Arunachal Pradesh which is sponsored by the NABARD.

This effort is being made with an objective of uplifting the Socio- economic condition of the villagers, as this village was adopted by the NABARD, which is a maiden venture by this financial institution in the entire state.


Students demands action

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: All East Kameng Student Union (AEKSU), All Pipu-Chayang Tajo, Gawe Purang, Sawa student union (APCGSSU) and All Bameng Khenewa and Lada Student Union (ABLKSU) who visited various school and government offices in  Chayang Tajo block has said that there is shortage of teaching staff and non-teaching staffs at govt. hr. sec. school chayang tajo, furniture. it said that of the 12 teachers, there were only two teachers including the principal in charge. it further informed that girls hostel land at Chayang Tajo has been encroached causing risk of soil erosion.

It further said that K.G.B.V. at Chayang Tajo  needs principal while adding that as per guideline of k.g.b.v there should be around 100 students but at present the student strength is only 70 nos. and it was also found that during this current academic session there were no new admissions.

The unions further said that staffs of CHC Chayang Tajo are absenting from work and there is shortage of medicine.

The union further said that employees of various departments are not regular in discharging their duty.

It further informed of shortage in PDS supply and improper electricity supply at Chayang Tajo. The union in a letter to dc has called on him to direct various heads to be punctual in their duties while adding that district administration should carry out unannounced  visits to ensure attendance of govet employees.


“Withdraw petition”

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: All Chayang Tajo Youth Welfare Association (ACCYWA) appealed to the PR leaders of Chayang-Tajo area to withdraw the petition on BADP scheme in Chayang-Tajo constituency so that the payment of genuine contractor may be released as early as possible and also for the greater interest of the common public of the area.

The association claimed that the public of the area are satisfied with the quality and work implemented under BADP scheme.

However, the association appealed to the MLA Chayang-Tajo to monitor the works implemented by the various executing agencies and to check judicious use of public money.

It further demanding sufficient supply of medicines and posting of medical staff at Chayang Tajo appreciated the MLA for posting doctors at Chayang Tajo and also appealed to the concerned department to post Veterinary staff along with medicines at Chayant Tajo immediately.

The association appealed to the Chief Minister to include Chayang Tajo under tourism centre of the state and state transport department to provide daily bus service from Seppa to Chayamg Tajo.

Meanwhile, highlighting the poor quality and slow progress of road construction works from Seppa to Chayang Tajo by Gammon India Limited, the association lamented over the PWD Bameng Division and NEC incharge for their poor monitoring of the road project.


Training on record management

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: A week-long   Training Programme on “   Record Management” commenced at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun today. 48 officials of AP Civil Secretariat/ HoDs from Itanagar/ Naharlagn & different districts of AP are attending the programme.  

Director (TRG) Pema Tshetan in his inaugural address pointed out that ministerial staffs are an   important part of Govt. machinery & much depends on their contribution for efficient running of the government departments. He expressed his strong anxiety about the poor state of Record management in the Govt. offices & lack of proper attention towards records maintenance.  The Director hoped that Training-cum- Workshop on Record management will provide proper sensitization awakening & understanding about the principles of good record management & procedures of clearing, maintenance, storage & preservation of records including the need to undertake periodical review & weeding exercises.


Training Cum Workshop on Capacity  Building held

Seppa, Sept 20: The three days training cum workshop on capacity building for resources group of the district was inaugurated today by East Kameng District Deputy Commissioner Tope Bam at BRC Seppa.

Addressing the learned person in the program, Bam said that the  teachers are the builder of the nation and the career as wel. He appealed them to be hardworking and dedicated in performing the duties. He directed that those who want to pursue higher studies should obtained official permission from the competent authority. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the schools he said that he might make sudden visit to  any schools in order to check the numbers of teacher present in the school. the stern action shall be initiated against those  found absent in the school during his visit. He appealed local teachers to be sincere and dedicated  so a s to develop good report with the teachers by not involving in  making groupism. They should extend their support and security to non-local teachers. He also asked to report any problem arise in the schools for which he will be ready to extend his security and help.

The program commenced with the welcome address by Shri Kata Rangmo, District Adult Education Officer, Seppa. While explaining the  aims and objectives of the training  R .Pathak, Pedagogy Coordinator said that the  capacity amongst the resources group is to be built up with an aim to extend on-site academic support to the new and untrained teachers in their locality so as to bring about the improvement in teaching-learning process and to achieve quality education as per the desired of the SSA.

Tapip Ramsing, DDSE express his deep concern over the poor functioning of various schools in the district and asked the teachers to be sincere and dedicated  in discharging their duties at their respective posting places so that the educational scenario would be improved thereby the lost traditional status of the teachers are gained in the soceity.

As many as 150 resources person at the district, block and cluster level have been nominated as KRP RP, DRG, BRG and CRG amongst ADEO,s BRCC, CRCC and talented and experience teachers for extending their on-site academic support in teaching learning process. They are being well equipped with pedagogical skills and innovatives teaching-learning process like child centered approach, activities based teaching and development at no cost, low cost teaching learning material (TLM) and its effectives use in classroom. Besides the multi-langual education (MLE) needs to be impart to achieve  quality. Approach to language teaching English and hindi, science, Maths, SIST teachings, have been scheduled to be imparted. Apart from it financial management and maintenance of account, kitsbox and quality aspect are to be imparted.

The program was attended by 73 participant across the district. DIPRO, Seppa


Arunachal Boogie Woogie Dance

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The second round of the Arunachal Boogie Woogie Dance competition 2010 was successfully held on the evening of 19th September 2010. The evening was a cultural fair where the participants competed on traditional dance numbers. The participants presented the vivid cultural traditions of the state with beautiful dance numbers of their respective tribes.  The traditional attires or costumes enchanted the judges and the audience.

The result of the first round public voting was announced in the evening.  Yajum Pangking (Code 13) topped the voting chart with 49% of total votes followed by Rinchin Norbu Bapu (Code 15) and Shatabdi Nath (Code 06) and made their place in the top 14 finalists. The other participants those who made themselves through into top 14 are Tako Yazar (Code 07), Tadar Nemey (code 10), Tana Rina (code 14), Takam Nikum (Code 12), Takam Taming (Code 02), Nabam Ana Hina (code 01), Tana Rini (Code 05), Taw Nanu (code 09), Apostle Pertin (code 04), Jumgie Riba (code  11) and Vijay Singhie (code 08).

Aanand Chintey and Tana Rinnu were eliminated.

The top 14 finalist will compete in the third round dancing to the tunes of the evergreen old Melodies of Hindi cinema on Sept 26 at National Cinema Hall, Naharlagun. Two more dancers will be eliminated in the same evening on account of the average of the judge’s points and public voting. Out of the 14 finalists Takam Taming (02) and Rinchin Norbu Bapu (15) has been kept safe by the judges owing to their splendid performances in the second round securing the highest judges points. The fate of rest 12 depends on public voting.

Gumjum Haider, General Secy. North East Students Organisation (NESO) said that the state of Arunachal has no dirt of talent. It is only required to tap those talents. He also spoke about the tremendous talent of Toko Teji who is taking part in the “India’s got Talent 2”. He appealed everyone to support Teji. He further said that Teji is the breakthrough and more will follow. He expressed hope in the dancers of Arunachal Boogie woogie as they too have the talent to compete at the national level.

Haider said that he will support the organizers for the cause at any level and appealed everyone to support the same.

The evening was also graced by veteran singer, lyricist and cultural activist Jomnya Siram, Deputy Director, Department of Art & culture with his family. The programme was also attended by Sri S. Venkatesh, PD, Impac  ITC Bangalore.

Ajay Kipa, the chairman of the organizing committee appealed everyone to come and encourage the emerging talents of the dancers of Arunachal Boogie Woogie. Further, he also appealed the people of the state to come forward and support the latest wonder boy Sri Toko Teji.



BTFC enter final

Itanagar, Sept 20: BTFC stormed into the final of summer cup invitational football c’ship defeating MVFC 4-2 in the first semifinal at RG stadium today.

BTFC will play against the winner of tomorrow’s 2nd semis to be played between CCSC vs IRBn in the final on Sept 22.



ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Department of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Arunachal Pradesh will felicitate everester Tapi Mra on September 22.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Secretary, Sports and Youth Affairs Wangki Lowang has consented to attend the occasion as chief guest.


Football tournament

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Nationalist Congress Party state unit president Ngurang Pinch has consented to be  the chief guest  of the closing ceremony of the 4th Himveer Football Tournament ITBP Cup-2010 at Subansiri Mini Stadium on Sept 21.


IMFL retailers against more licence for liquor shops

ITANAGAR, Sept 20:  Expressing concern over the overflow of license for IMFL retailers All Capital Complex IMFL Retail Association (ACCUMFLRA) has appealed the authorities concerned to stop issuing such license in the capital region with immediate effect.

Considering the present downturn in the liquor market, authorities should maintain a gap of minimum five years while issuing new license for IMFL retailers  the Association said.

Advocating for strict adherence to rules and regulations while issuing new license, the association further said  there should be gap of 300 mtrs  between two liquor shops and shifting of liquor outlet to new place should strictly be prohibited.


Student felicitated

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Arunachal Tamil Sangam has felicitated Yashni Nagarajan,  class XII second topper  in Arunachal Pradesh  in 2009-10 academic session  during a felicitation function held here yesterday. A silver medal and certificate of appreciation were conferred upon her as a token of appreciation. The function was presided over the ATS president Thiru K Moni and attended by most of the Tamil members of Capital Complex.

She was the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya No 1, Naharlagun and currently doing B Tech in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in National Institute of Technology, Itanagar.


BJYM demands CBI probe in PDS scam

ITANAGAR:  Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Arunachal Pradesh unit has urged the state Govt to hand over multi-crore PDS scam  to CBI for fair probe and demanded arrest of  all accused in the PDS case.

It further demanded that chief minister take the responsibility of increasing law and order problems in the state and resign  on moral ground.

Meanwhile, the BJYM decided to organize a Jammu-Kashmir Bachao rally in order to bring peace in trouble-torn state.


Minister assures water supply to DNGC

ITANAGAR: While responding to the one-point memorandum  submitted by the Students Union of the Dera Natung Govt College, Itanagar, PHE Minister Chowna Mein has assured to provide 24 hours water supply to DNG College  building including Nyari Welly Girls Hostel.  This was informed by the union in a release today.

While lauding the minister for his assurance, the union hoped that other ministers will look into the various other problems being faced by the premier institute of the state.


GSU supports AAPSU

ITANAGAR: Galo Students’ Union (GSU) extended its support to All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union’s demands for immediate cancellation of granting Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC) to non APST by the state government.

It further condemning the state government’s decision regarding PRC issue said that it hurt the sentiment of every Tribal population of the state and also condemned the recent Seppa incident, where a junior teacher Khya Sonam was beaten by the IRBN personnel and demanded the state government to post and deploy the IRBN force to Border area of the state.

Questions galore for SIC on PDS scam

96 named as accused including Gamlin, Saaya, Pema Khandu, Pario, Tassar

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The ongoing investigation in the PDS scam by the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) headed by an IPS Officer M.S.Chauhan appears to be getting highly politicized and murkier. Information received by this daily from reliable sources has brought out disturbing facts which not only raise serious question on the fairness of the investigation but also on the integrity of M.S. Chauhan.

It is learnt that the numbers of named accused in the case are ninety six (96) which include Pema Khandu, the son of present Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Jarkar Gamlin who is sitting MLA and the brother of cabinet minister Jarbom Gamlin. The list also includes the names of Karka Gamlin who is the son of Jarkar Gamlin and the sitting MLAs like Likha Saaya and Lokam Tassar, Takam Pario@Tagar (See List)

It is intriguing to know that out of the 96 named accused not a single accused except the former Chief Minister Gegong Apang and SP Bhutia have been arrested so far and sent to police or judicial custody. It is learnt that out of the 96 named accused many accused obtained bail from the then Deputy Commissioner, Yupia. In none of these cases the SIC headed by M.S.Chauhan had objected to granting of bail as clarified by then DC Yupia in an earlier release.

It is also not understood as to why the SIC headed by M.S.Chauhan did not try  to arrest large numbers of named accused which include influential persons like Pema Khandu, Jarkar Gamlin (MLA 31-Aalo/East), Karka Gamlin, Likha Saaya (MLA 16-Yachuli) and Lokam Tassar (MLA 21-Koloriang).

The pertinent question then is since Pema Khandu, Jarkar Gamiin, Karka Gamlin, Likha Saaya and Lokam Tassar are named accused in the PDS scam why they were not arrested and interrogated in police custody by M.S.Chauhan.

The then Deputy Commissioner, Yupia Bidol Tayeng had gone on record that he had to grant pre-arrest bail in many cases because bail applications were not opposed by the prosecution. Why did SIC headed by M.S.Chauhan not object to granting of such bail?

Has M.S.Chauhan tried to investigate as to who were the food & Civil Supplies Ministers during the period of scam from 2002-04 and whether he tried to examine their role in the scam?

Is it true that the present PWD & UD Minister Nabam Tuki was also the Food and Civil Supplies Minister during the period of scam, if yes, then whether there is any evidence linking him with the scam and whether Chauhan has tried to investigate it?

It is a common knowledge that the account number 4660 UCO Bank, Itanagar is the personal account of the then Director of Food & Civil Supplies Dr. N. N. Osik (Dr N. Lego) which showed transaction of crores of rupees during the period October 2002 to August 2003. Despite this shocking evidence why Dr. N. N. Osik (Dr N.Lego) was not arrested so far and interrogated in custody.

Going by the records, it appears that M. S. Chauhan has subverted the investigation to protect the interest of persons in power.


List of Accused

1. Doctor N. N. Osik   alias Dr. N. Lego.

2. Hage Batt,            IAS, Former Director of Supply and Transport

3. J. P. Raie,             IAS, Former Director of Food and Civil Supplies.

4. S. P. Bhutia,         Former S. O. to then C.M. of A.P.

5. Gegong Apang,    Ex C.M. of A.P.

6. Amar Milli,           Staff of Former C.M. of A.P.

7. Nikh Kamin,         Former MLA of A. Pradesh

8. Kartik Sena Sinha,  MLA of Assam

9. C. N. Lungkeing,   Ex Dy. Director Supply and Transport, Mohanbari, Assam

10. V. Abraham,        IAS, Ex Director Supply and Transport,

                                  Arunachal Pradesh

11. M. M. Hussain,  Ex Finance & Accounts Officer, DST Naharlagun

12. C. N. Bailung,     Ex ADST, Mohanbari, Assam.

13. Feroz Modi,        Ex Addl. DST, Lilabari, Assam.

14. Tapik Pertin,       Ex CO/EAC, Palling.

15. Cheechong Chuku,  Ex C.O. Pakke Kessang, Present CO, Tezu.

16. R. Chirang,          Ex Inspector of Supply, Mohanbari (Retired now).

17. Mridul Deka,        Gate Keeper, DDST, Mohanbari.

18. Subrata Bhattacharyye, S. K. DDST, Mohanbari.

19. Midian Pertin,     Former CO, Desali, now posted as SDO, Hunli.

20. Pranay Kr. Nath,  LDC, Ex SK of Desali CPO. Now O/O D. C. Roing.

21. Gyati Koyang,     Section Officer, O/O DST, Naharlagun.

22. Bijoy Gupta,        Prop. of M/s. A. K. Traders, Dibrugarh

                                 Carriage Contractor.

23. Likha Maj,          Prop. of M/s. Sahil Enterprise,

                                 Naharlagun Carriage Contractor.

24. Likha Saaya,       M/S N. L. Yammen Enterprise, Carriage Contractor.

25. Tugo Gangkak,   Carriage Contractor.

26. Takam Tagar       alias Pario, Carriage Contractor.

27. S. K. Agarwal,     Carriage Contractor, Lakhimpur, Assam.

28. G. C. Sharma,     M/s Arunachal Trading Company, Likhabali.

29. Maka Belo,         M/s. M. B. Enterprise, Daporijio.

30. Ojing Apang,       M/s. Kine Nane Enterprise

31. Tadom Mibang,   M/s. Tadom Bigang, Boleng.

32. Yagar Chije,        Mechukha

33. Goapur Makcha,  Itanagar.

34. Srikanth Rai,       Silapathar, Assam.

35. Gamme Ette,       Roing, A.P.

36. Robin Bikulsaria,     Tinsukia, Assam.

37. Ranu Thingkatra,     M/s. Arunachal Food Product, Deomali

38. Dinward Wangham,  Prop. of M/s. Wanglam Assc., Longding.

39. Mahavir Prasad Agarwall.

40. Subir Chakraborthy,  Ex OSD, Office of DCS, Naharalgun.

41. Otem Modi,         Proprietor of M/S Mariong Commercial Co-operative.

42. Jarkar Gamlin,    Proprietor of M/S K.G.B. Enterprises, Along.

43.  Pema Khandu,   Proprietor of M/S Shela Transport, Tawang.

44.  Phuplu Singpho,  Miao, Changlang district

45.  Yater Bagra,       Proprietor of M/S Eastern Agency

46.  Tai Eshi,             Proprietor of M/s Tai Eshi, Nari Village,

                                  East Siang District

47.  Toi Josham,       Liromoba, West Siang District.

48.  Tomo Basar,      Basar, West Siang District.

49.  Yameng Taga,   Payum/ Rumgo, West Siang District.

50.  Karka Gamlin,   Along.

51.  Nyater Taipodia,  Likabali, West Siang District.

52.  Mahanand Kr. Poddar @ Manoj Poddar, Likabali, West Siang

53.  Akoni Taipodia,  Proprietress of M/S Akon Taipodia, Likabali.

54.  Tummar Bagra,  Proprietor of M/S Tummar Bagra, Along.

55.  Yaym Gangkak,  Mechuka.

56.  Gome Gadi,        Tirbin, West Siang.

57.  Muhilum Pul,     Proprietor of M/S M Pul Enterprises, Tezu.

58.  Kayowlum Towshik,  Proprietor of M/S Towshik Brothers, Chaklagam.

59.  Chow China Kong Namchoom, Chowkham.

60.  Jawlin Latho,     Proprietor of M/S Tayeng Enterprises, Chowkham.

61.  Andre Keche,    Proprietress of M/S  Lopo Enterprises, Anini

62.  Vijay Linggi,      Proprietor of ERAPDS Nominee and Carriage

                                Agency, Roing.

63.  Lava Umbrey,    Proprietors of M/S Mega General Store, Desali.

64.  Mida Pertin,       Proprietor of M/S M.P. Enterprises, Dambuk.

65.  Simmee Umbrey,   Proprietress of  M/S Valley Supply Agency.

66.  Roitong Singpho,   Proprietress of M/S R.S. Trading Co Mudoi,  Changlang

67.  Phosum Khimhum,   Proprietor of M/S Phosum Khimhun, Changlang

68.  Roimo Haisa,            Proprietress of M/S Roimo Haisa, Changlang District.

69. Rajesh Agarwwal,      Power of Attorney Holder of M/S Roimo

                                       Haisa, Changlang.

70. Dingwong Wangham, Proprietor of M/S M.S. Wangham

                                         Associates, Longding, Tirap .

71.  Wangsa Lamra,   Proprietor of M/S Wangsa Borduria, Tirap District.

72.  Pankaj W. Wangsu, Proprietor of M/S Pankaj W. Wangsu, Tirap

73.  Neelam Tago,          Proprietor  M/S NBC Enterprise, Naharlagun.

74.  M.K Chakraborty,    the then D.S.O. Khonsa, Tirap District.

75.  Nabam Dudang,         Proprietor of M/S Mana Enterprises.

76.  M/S Tawang Lamp,  Tawang.

77.  M/S Jang Lamp,        Jang.

78.  Nabam Tadap,          Proprietor of M/S Nabam Tadap Agency.

79.  Ngurang Taka,         Proprietor of M/s Maa Kali Traders, Itanagar.

80.  Rinchin Kharu,         PD Nominee-cum-Carriage Contractor of Nafra,  

                                        Bomdila C/o Khiren Rijuju, ex-MP

81.  Aswini Agarwal,       Power of Attorney holder of Maka Belo, Daporijo.

82.  Maruk Dulom,          Proprietor, M/s Maruk Dolum Daporijo.

83.  Y. Byaling,                Proprietor of M/s Y. Byaling, Hills Trading Agency,


84.  Taba Vinod

85.  Takam Passa,     Yazali.

86.  Likha Soni,         Naharlagun, Holder of Power of Attorney of Khoda Apik.

87.  Bake Tach,         Parsi Parlo, Proprietor, of M/s Baba Enterprises.

88.  Pisa Minju,         Sarli.

89.  Ragne Sorang,  Proprietor of M/s Ragne Enterprises, Tali.

90.  Lokam Sikio,     Chiya Kurung Kumey.

91.  Lokam Nima,     Chiya Kurung Kumey.

92.  Pisa Goniya,      M/s Pisa Sampa Enterprise (holder of power of attorney of

                                Lokam Nima and Lokam Sikio).

93.  Mimiyang Bengia,  Proprietor of Friend Association, Naharlagun

                                      (Power of Attorney holder of Takam Tagor).

94.  T. Tagru,                 Proprietor of M/s T.T. Enterprises, Naharlagun.

95.  Yukar Tagung,        Proprietor of M/s Balaji Enterprises, Naharlagun.

96.  Lokam Tassar,        Proprietor of M/s Lokam Yassi, Itanagar.




NCP questions SIC and govt on prosecution sanction, demands CBI Probe

Call for clarification on CAG report

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Nationalist Congress Party Vice President Tad Tana concerned over the contrasting press statements by SIC and the state government headed by Dorjee Khandu on PDS scam said that only CBI can handle the situation.

He further said that SIC SP blamed state Government for not granting prosecution sanction against 44 Government employees while the state Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu in press briefing recently denied that SIC sought prosecution sanction from the government. Such blatant contradictions are either cooked up with mutual consent of both parties or there are serious problems with both public authorities, he said.

Tad further opined that considering the magnitude of the scam involving four sitting MLAs and others and the fact that the accused No. 5 Gegong Apang is openly daring an investigation by CBI, such complicated case must be handed over to CBI and on whose findings, the High Court shall be in better position to deliver justice to the people of the state.  Tad further stated that the Congress regime with host of dishonest and corrupt leaders against whom number of PIL's and complaint are pending, have lost all moral and ethical rights to rule the state even for a day.

He further expressing resentment over the statement regarding the denial and questioning of the CAG report itself by former Power Secretary T Norbu Thongdok, appealed both the public authorities not to mislead the public and give a joint press statement to clear the issue.

The NCP threatened to take up suitable legal step against the authorities regarding CAG report if their demands were not fulfilled.


Allegation on FPS dealers unfounded

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: Arunachal Pradesh Fair Price Shop Dealers Welfare Association (APFPSDWA) along with the Fair Price Shop Dealers of Papum Pare District in an emergency meeting held recently regarding Gross Irregularities in Fair Price Shops as alleged by All Papum Pare District Students' Union (APPDSU) clarified that the Press Statement made by APPDSU, that appeared in the local dailies without any fact and figure holds no water at all.

The fair price shop dealers admitting that Papum Pare is the highest fair price shop license holding district, said that APPDSU should also know that this district is the highest populated district in the State including twin Capital City in which PDS items like Rice, Kerosene, Sugar allotment made from the state Government is also lowest in quantity for which this association has been fighting tooth and nail with the government for enhancement of PDS items in the district.

It further said that instead of leveling any unfounded allegations, APPDSU should cooperate with the Fair Price Shop Dealers. It further claimed that Papum Pare District is only the district where the PDS items like Rice, Sugar, SK Oil, in all schemes are implemented successfully under the guidance and supervision of district Food and Civil Supply Officer, Tam Takia.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh Fairs Price Shop Dealers' Welfare Association (APFPSDWA) has also extended support to the proposed Bandh call on September 29 by the All Kurung Kumey District Students' Union (AKKDSU) in protest against the Government’s decision to introduce head load system for dropping PDS items in the various interior circles of Kurung Kumey District.


CM advised us to speak on respective MLAs on PRC: Union

ITANAGAR, Sept 20:  All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union of Arunachal Pradesh today met Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and placed their grievances regarding issuing of permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST. They also highlighted the danger posed by the growing number of Chakma and Hajong refugees in Lohit and Changlang districts. Quoting Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873, union termed the order of issuing PRC to non-APST people as gross violation of the said act and dilution of the rights of local tribal.

According to union, chief minister had promised to look into the matter. However CM advised student bodies to seek clarification from their respective area MLAs in this regard.

Under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 outsiders need inner line permit (ILP) to enter Arunachal Pradesh and they are not authorized to buy property in the state. Keeping this in mind, one wonders on what basis government has issued order to grant PRC to non-APST in the two districts, union questioned. Union has also drawn the attention of government towards non-APST people enjoying voting rights in Panchayat election. The basic definition of Panchayati Raj system which talks about local self governance gets lost as outsiders are becoming part of Panchayat election in the Lohit and Changlang district, union lamented. Also how could be they become Panchayat members without having PRC, union questioned. Union has requested state government to immediately revoke this order of issuing PRC to non-APST before situation turns tense.  Public and ordinary citizens of two districts are very angry with this decision and there is growing anger which may explode anytime. There may be serious law and order in the coming days and communal tension between APST and non-APST may take serious turn, union warned.   Also union has asked the state government to control the growing menace of refugee problems in the two districts of Lohit and Changlang. They have requested state government to push all the Chakma and Hajong refugees to their respected designated camps. Only those with proper refugee cards and documents should be allowed to stay in these designated camps. The refugees who do not posses proper documents should be treated as illegal immigrants and deport back to their place of origin, union stated. Further the student body has requested government to set up police outpost in M-Pen area to prevent any untoward incident as this had witness clashed between locals and Chakma refugee.


People resolve to maintain peace in boundary area

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The senior citizens, panchayat leaders of both Arunachal Pradesh and Assam living along the boundary area under Kimin circle have resolved to maintain peace and harmony along the both side of the boundary area.

The decision was taken unanimously in a joint meeting held at Budh Bazaar, Kimin  on Sept 18 last.

While discussing threadbare on the uneasy situation caused by the eviction drive carried out by the Assam authority in Lora village inside Arunachal territory on Aug 16, the members present in a meeting constituted 10-member  peace  committee each for Arunachal and Assam. While peace committee of Arunachal side will be headed by Kimin ZPM Bamang Yayu, the Debojani Gogoi will lead the peace committee of Assam side.

The meeting further resolved that status quo on boundary be maintained by both the states and no eviction drive be carried out without the knowledge of peace committees. The house resolved that the peace committees will deal with the individual cases along the boundary area.

The meeting was of the view that all developmental activities in border villages  including Kimin ex-Colony area, Belo Lora Panchayat should be taken place and other essential service like water supply, roads connectivity in both side of the boundary area be provided with consultation with the authorities concerned under Tribal Forest Rights.

Advocating for construction of school, hospital along the boundary area for the benefit of the people, the meeting resolved that the electricity supply which was disconnected on Aug 16 be restored from Arunachal side.


Renewable Energy Technology: Issues and prospectus

NAHARLAGUN, Sept 20: The Departments Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering of North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and technology (NERIST), Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh are jointly organizing a National Seminar on Renewable Energy Technology: Issues and prospectus (RETIP-2010) from September 24-25, 2010 at NERIST, Nirjuli. Academician, Scientists, Engineers, Technologies, Students and  Industries Personnel and other Professionals are expected to participate in the National Seminar.

The major thrust of the seminar will be on current research trends in all renewable energy technologies including the recent research trends in wind energy/solar energy/bio

Fuel; Mini hydro power plants; Fuel cell and hydrogen energy; Alternate fuels; Policy planning for energy sustainability, security and its management; Cost effective design of renewable energy system; Environmental impacts of energy system; Modeling and simulation of renewable energy systems and any other topics related to the theme of the seminar.

Takam Sanjay, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha would attend the Inaugural Function of the National Seminar on Renewable Energy Technology: Issues and Prospects (RETIP-2010) on 24th September as Chief Guest and Prof. Tamo Mibang, Vice-Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University will be the Guest of Honor, where as Director, NERIST Prof. J. Choubey will preside over the function.  Jomde Kena, member Legislative Assembly & Parliamentary Secretary for Science and Technology & IT, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh has consented to attend the function as special guest.

The valedictory function of the National Seminar will be graced by Prof. J. Choubey, Director NERIST as Chief Guest where as Shri D.K. Baishya, Deputy General Manager (Electrical), NEEPCO Doimukh will attend the function as Guest of Honor.

Keynote address, invited talks from IISc Bangalore, IIT Guwahati, NIT Surat and Tezpur University will strengthen the National Seminar. The seminar is intended to provide a platform to explore cutting edge ideas and to exchange research findings and experiences. A large number of participants are expected to attend the seminar from all over the India.

The Seminar is sponsored by MNRE & DST, Gol, New Delhi and supported by APEDA Itanagar, BSNL Itanagar, Directorate of Agriculture, Itanagar, State Bank of India, Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control Society, KVIC Itanagar, KVIB Itanagar, Department of Hydro Power Development, Arunachal Pradesh and Maveric Technology, Guwahati.

The Seminar is jointly coordinated by Gauri Shankar, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Department and Biplab Das, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department and Radak Blange, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Department as Organizing Secretary. ( DIPR)


National integration camp gets underway in Tezu

Stay away from negativism and drug abuse: Kri

Tezu, Sept 20: A weeklong National Integration Camp being organized at Tezu by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan got underway today at Tezu with 150 delegates from Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya , West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The main objective of the camp is to strengthen national integration through cultural exchange.

In this weeklong camp, the delegates will get an opportunity to interact and know about each other’s perception, thoughts and culture and the communities.

Parliamentary Secretary ( Transport ) Karikho Kri who formally inaugurated the camp today amidst a large gathering emphasized that the youths are the future of the nation and appealed them not to be carried away by negative thought and drug abuse.  Further, he stressed on the need to do away with the feeling of regionalism, religion, colour , caste and creed and to come together united as one people and one nation.

Lohit District Deputy Commissioner R.K. Sharma Speaking on the occasion as guest of honour appealed the delegates to utilize this opportunity to understand each other to clear misconceptions of communities and regionalism and spread the message of Unity in diversity.

The delegates put up a very colorful cultural programme during the Inaugural function. (I/C DIPRO)


Call for modification of FRA 2006

ITANAGAR, Sept 20: The implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006 in Arunachal Pradesh witnessed mixed responses from the various participants attending the second phase of the public consultation at Banquet hall Itanagar today. The majority of the concerned voices negated the FRA in its present form and called for its modification with customary rights as the deciding factor. Though some of the members put in their opinions of implementation of the act so that the reserved forests could be secured back as community land but the bone of contention in the act remained the provision of distribution of four hectares of land to a household.

The representatives also expressed better conservation and preservation of the community forests and lands by the local communities than the department of environment and forests in the state.

The panchayati raj leaders, representatives from NGOs, public leaders, lawyers and media persons pitched in their views at length before the Forest Rights Act Committee who took earnest note of the issues which the speakers raised. The FRAC members also questioned the various local issues in confrontation with the customary rights in the FRA.

Bamang Tago of Arunachal Citizens Right raised the apprehension of the government acquiring land under FRA and giving it to private hydro power developers. Putting in the view for amendment of FRA in Arunachal Pradesh Tago said, ‘the distribution of four hectares of land to a household and the definition of other forest dwellers in the Act was detrimental to the people of the state as the people of Arunachal Pradesh were scheduled tribes according to the Bengal Regulation Act’. The need for codification of the customary rights before the implementation of the FRA was also placed by ACR.  

Issues like the unclear and arbitrary demarcation of reserved forests and land by the department of environment and forests in the capital complex, curtailing the customary rights of the locals who have been residing in an area for centuries, the absence of legal records of land rights on ancestral lands, role of the department of environment and forests in notifying wildlife sanctuaries without any prior public concern.

Summing up the day long public consultation, FRAC member Jarjum Ete clearly emphasized that the recognition of Village Forest Management Committees not Village Forest Rights Committee and gram sabha not gram panchayat being the decision making body for the FRA implementation. The issue of forest clearances from the gram sabha to be taken after which the Ministry of Environment and Forests would grant clearances for the Trans Arunachal highway was also cited by Ete. Further calling for creating awareness on FRA, Ete also welcomed recommendations from all sections of the society and urged to send it to FRAC members. The suggestion by Ete for de-reservation of the reserved forests where people are dwelling also came to fore as the dwellers only had recognition but no ownership rights over the land.  

Earlier, Forest Rights Act Committee members Arup J Saikia and Vasavi Kiro appraised the public gathering on the salient features of the FRA 2006 and its implementation throughout the country. The twenty member FRAC has been formed under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Environment and Forests for recommendations on implementation of FRA in the various parts of the country. The FRAC was instrumental in POSCO land cancellation in Orissa.


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