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September - 22



Wrong names find mention in PDS scam


Dear Editor,

I was shocked to see my name in the list of accused in PDS scam. My name appears as accused list no 59. The name should have been Gamme Ete of Roing, who is the holder of power of attorney for M/s CCN enterprise Chowkham. I shall be very grateful if you change the name.


C C Namchoom,


Dear Editor,



Dear Editor,

This is with reference to the lead news on PDS scam published in Sept 21 where a list of 96 names appeared. In the serial number 80, a carriage contractor by the name of M/s Rinchin Kharu was given and address was given as C/o Kiren Rijiju, ex MP. The address of the C/o was unnecessarily written and matter has been immediately clarified to SIC team. As per the records available, the work was executed by one M/s Likha Maj and not by M/s Rinchin Kharu as was mentioned in the newspaper. It seems that in the initial stage of investigation, the SIC had adopted a random and casual approach.

I request the state SIC team to clarify the mistakes and provide correct information to the media and court so that such mistakes do not take place in the future again. People should know the factual position especially related to corruption cases.  A Little mistake or rash publication can lead to misunderstanding. The people of Arunachal has right to know who all have actually been charge sheeted under the PDS scam. After the charge sheet documents are prepared and made public than only a correct picture will be ascertained.


Kiren Rijiju

Former MP


(Editor note: the names that were published are based on Court documents  available with this daily. Whenever, Hon’ble Court releases further documents contradicting/correcting this list, the same will be published by this daily.  )



Where is the morality of our leaders ?

Dear Editor,

The people of state has been closely following the PDS scam after the arrest of Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, I will not question the legality of the arrest as we are not legal experts. The people will be happy to see all the 96 accused put in custody for at least 7 days remand so that we will have faith on the investigation agency and the judiciary, as it is said that Justice should happen not only in paper but also it should happen in appearance too. We have seen big scams in the country like Madhu Koda case, Harshad Mehta case etc but in all this also sufficient arrest and custodial interrogation was done in the lower level to come to the stage of arrest of the top man, but in PDS all who could mange has been given bail, literally by sort of match fixing as the than Yupia DM has come out in open that Mr. Chauhan did not oppose the bail or seek for remand. The question is why these accused were not put in judicial custody whereas the former CM to be in Jail who naturally clears the file on the aid and advice of his council of ministers and bureaucrats.

Few of MLAs are accused in PDS scam, Mr. Lokam Tassar is Parliamentary Secretary of the department for which he is one of the accused (96), Mr. Likha Saaya is Chairman APEDA, Mr. Jarkar Gamlin is Chairman APKB. Can our CM seek their resignation from the respective public office till their names are cleared from PDS scam? Where is the morality of our leaders? Arunachal is a small state in population it should not be haven for corruption and resulting in extremism. A great leader should know how to say no and also when not to decide as it is said not making a decision is also a big decision. I thank our Chief Minister for deciding to make CMs Bungalow, New Secretariat and New Assembly building!


Rakap Nabam,

(on email)



Raise to the occasion

Dear Editor,

Its apparent from silence of local leaders and concerned officials that the time is not far when we would become refugees in our own land deprived of proper identity. Ironically no tribal citizen will tolerate such mishap to happen. Currently every tribal citizen is kept in dark, devoid of any idea for the selection of Lohit and Changlang to issue PRC where the Chakma Hajong problem is prevalent. Presumably it’s a ploy made to freeze the Chakma issue. Apart from this local leaders involved in the ploy have hidden secrets for a supportive backup from the refugees. The government at the same time in leiu of finding solution did not approach Supreme Court and none of the politicians had a say which is completely despairing. There will be drastic influx of outsiders with the advent of dam construction. Now everyone can well conceive situation that will exist in our state as above gets synchronized. So it’s my plea to youth of our state to do their bit within the associations and raise one voice against every wrong decision and bring awareness among people because they are the ultimate power.


Rachi (on email)



Walking dead

Dear Editor,

Its a great step taken by our youth Organisation along with Singpho Development Society and Mahila Mandal to eradicate Opium addiction at Bordumsa and nearby premises. It is enough now, give full stop to opium. Taking opium doesn’t show you are a Raja rather killing your kid’s future. By taking opium they have lost their health, brain, and mind and their paddy fields.

I appreciate my friend Javon Samon writing in support of De-addiction. Many people take opium as a substitute of medicine or they have a wrong perception that it would make them work better.

Have a look at the causes of opium consumption: To be a confirmed drug addict is to be one of the walking dead.

The teeth have rotted out, the appetite is lost, and the stomach and intestines don't function properly. The gall bladder becomes inflamed; eyes and skin turn a bilious yellow; in some cases membranes of the nose turn a flaming red; the partition separating the nostrils is eaten away-breathing is difficult. Oxygen in the blood decreases; bronchitis and tuberculosis develop. Good traits of character disappear and bad ones emerge. Sex organs become affected. Veins collapse and livid purplish scars remain. Boils and abscesses plague the skin; gnawing pain racks the body. Nerves snap; vicious twitching develops. Imaginary and fantastic fears blight the mind and sometimes complete insanity results. Often times, too, death comes-much too early in life. . . . Such is the torment of being a drug addict; such is the plague of being one of the walking dead.


D.K Singpho, (On email)

Dirak Pathar, Bordumsa.



In case of emergency

Dear Editor,

The artcile below was sent to me via email by a friend and after going through it, I found it important  as well as interesting, so I  wanted to give a look to my state.

We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.

If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) Campaign.

The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name "ICE" ( In Case Of Emergency).

The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with patients, but they didn't know which number to call. He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognized name for this purpose. In an emergency situation, Emergency Service personnel and hospital Staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialing the number you have stored as "ICE."

For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc. A great idea that will make a difference! ICE will speak for you when you are not able to :


Gedo Gamoh,

(on email), Tezu



What is stopping SIC from arresting all?

Dear Editor,

The Controversial arrest of the former CM Mr. Apang has created ripples in the state. Three weeks has elapsed, since his arrest in the multi-crore PDS scam and yet there is no breakthrough in the case. Though many big-wigs, composing of politicians, IAS officers, and contractors have been accused of their involvement in the scam, they have not yet been arrested. Why haven’t Mr. Chauhan made any more arrest? What is stopping him from arresting and interrogating the other accused. It seems he is complacent now after settling scores with the veteran leader.

Its unfortunate that a leader of his stature is treated in a shabby manner by his political opponents we are aggrieved by the recent turn of events. We are still grateful to Mr. Apang for the creation of Anjaw District during his tenure as CM which subsequently brought development and employment to the district though unfortunately he is allegedly involved in the PDS scam, we give credit to him for the surplus availability of PDS items for the villagers in our district during his tenure, which is a thing of the past now.

Considering the incompetency and unreliability of the SIC and the integrity of Mr. Chauhan, We request that the case should be handed over to the CBI, which can only deliver justice to this case.

Yours truly,

Ejenso Yun




An attempt to mislead

Dear Editor,

Apropos of G. Riba's views published in your daily under the caption 'Not the popular voice', I would like to apprise that the claims made by him is totally baseless, and is just an attempt to mislead the readers for reasons best known to him. The people of Daring circle under 29 Basar is well aware of the sensitivity of the issue regarding the creation of a new district and want an amicable solution to the ongoing crisis. The Itanagar chalo delegation of 29 Basar was led by the elders and youths of Daring circle and hence there is not an iota of doubt regarding our stand. We are committed to the development of our area and hence sees nothing wrong in the administrative development of Basar ADC headquarter to a full pledged DC headquarter.    


N. Riba, Itanagar,

(On email)



A short sighted decision

 Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the granting of Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC) to the non-APSTs in our homeland, Arunachal Pradesh. First of all, I would like to question the government of Arunachal Pradesh that whether they had forgotten what the constitution of India granted us? Guess like it's needed to remind them that the government of India states that the government is "of the people, by the people and for the people." And if the people do not want what the government is doing relating to their rights, then how could the government go against them? The main point is, how could the government take such a step which is dangerous for the local citizens without even consulting them for their opinion? The higher authorities sitting in the capital complex have got no right to decide the fate of those people who are residing far away in their concerned districts against their indigenous rights. Look, what I want to state here is that the districts of Lohit and Changlang are already faced by many problems like Chakmas, Hajongs and the insurgency problems. Inspite of dealing these problems with iron hands, now our government is busy granting PRC to the non-APSTs. Kudos to the government of Arunachal Pradesh who is including another problem to the list of problems! The non-APSTs who are already residing in these two districts are trying to win over the local indigenous people by means of encroachment and other anti-social activities. Here, the point comes that how can the government of Arunachal Pradesh grant them PRC? Did the government take bribe from them in any kind to let the outsiders win? Or did the government started having more sympathy for the non-APSTs neglecting their own local indigenous citizens?

If we go through the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873, it is clearly stated that the outsiders need the Inner Line Permit (IPL) to enter the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The outsiders are even not allowed to buy land or have any kind of property in this state. It is also a well known fact that even the supreme court of India cannot go against the provisions of the Act. Then who is the government of Arunachal Pradesh to go against this Act without even prior notification to the local people? If one sees this issue closely, it is visible that this issue is not only a serious one but also the most shameful act on the part of the government. On the other hand, suppose the Supreme Court of India directed this order, then it should follow some procedures to go against the existing Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873. It should be made known to the local people of the area that the court is going to do this and that. And if the local people deny the order, the Supreme Court should also take back the order. Despite of supporting the Supreme Court’s order, the higher authorities and the government of Arunachal Pradesh should convince them that Arunachal Pradesh is one of a true tribal state and such kind of steps is going to be of no good and that granting of PRC to non-APSTs is absurd. India being a democratic country, no court or government can go against the people as “The People” is the only source that is responsible for the existence of this state and the nation/India as a whole.

From the above lines, I strongly did not mean to hurt any non-APST. The only thing I feel is that Arunachal Pradesh is a fully tribal state and there are many rich customs, traditions and occasions which is to be kept alive for the times to come. In this regard, any other outer interference to the peace loving people of Arunachal Pradesh comes, it is going to be a matter of great threat to the government of Arunachal Pradesh and also to the government of India. I appreciate the local Students’ bodies and other citizens of Arunachal Pradesh for their noble work in raising their voices against the granting of PRC to the non-APSTs. I extend my full support to them.

Last but not the least, I assume the government is also not deaf and blind not to hear and see the demands of the majority of local Arunachalees and the people of Lohit and Changlang in particular who are against the decision of granting PRC to the non-APSTs. It is better on the side of the government of Arunachal Pradesh to withdraw this decision in time so that the peace and prosperity of our beautiful state continues on the right track.


Mewang Lowang,

(on email)




State needs strict monitoring policy

Dear Editor,

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Arunachal Pradesh welcomes the statement of the Union Planning Minister V Narayanswami wherein he assured of expediting the implementation of Prime Minister’s package in the state.

However, the Centre should see to it that the crore of fund sanctioned by the Centre to the state is judiciously spent against the schemes.

It is to be mentioned here that present state Govt under the leadership of Dorjee Khandu  is charged with embezzlement of public fund running into crore which includes the PDS and other related schemes. When the credibility of a leader is challenged on grounds of massive corruption, nepotism and so on, the release of huge amount from the Centre to the state under that tainted leadership is highly objectionable.

Today SPA has become the genesis of corruption.  Schemes such as SCA, SPA are earmarked against each constituency but funds are misused as there is no proper monitoring mechanism.

The Union Govt and the AICC should see to it that the central fund is judiciously spent by creating public assets. What we need now in the state is to sharpen and modify the concept of monitoring and vigilance thereby bringing about an area of transparency and corrupt free governance.

In fact schemes like ACA and SPA should be amalgamated with the annual budgetary allocation  so that the entire amount is thus reflected in the state Annual Operation plan for every body to see and know.


Kaling Jerang

RTI chairman

NCP, Arunachal Pradesh.






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


MSME prog

ITANAGAR, Sep 21: Branch MSME Development Institute, Itanagar is organizing an entrepreneurship skill development programme for Beauticians for educated unemployed youth of Arunachal Pradesh at Dona Beauty Parlour and Training Institute, Akashdeep complex, Ganga from September 28 to October 8.


Orientation prog

ITANAGAR, Sep 21: The first ever awareness cum orientation programme for farmers club at Pichola was organized by Pichola and Tani Hapa village Farmers’ Club yesterday.

District Agriculture Officer, ADEO and NABARD officials and panchayat leaders, who attended the programme, suggested farmers club to take full advantage of the programme. NABARD officials informed about financial assistance and schemes available with the Bank for farmers club.


Awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: All Palin Chambang Yangte Gangte & Tarak-Langdi Students’ Union is organizing an awareness programme on socio-economy, educational and health sectors from October 20-30.


Posting of CO demanded

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: The panchayat leaders of Chikom and Pate Anchal Samiti blocks under Upper Subansiri district informed that circle headquarter of Puchi-Geko has been running without circle officer since Aug 13.

Pointing out numerous problems including administrative inconvenience being faced by the people of the Puchi-Geko circle due to absence of circle officer, the Panchayat leaders appealed the State Govt. for immediate posting of a circle officer at the earliest.


Govt. appreciated

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Tawang unit of All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association (AASSATA) has lauded state government’s assurance to regularize the service of teachers under SSA on seniority basis w.e.f October 15.



ITANAGAR, Sept 21: The Nyishi students of Rajiv Gandhi University have elected Tame Tahi and Tao Abo as president and general secretary of Nyishi Students’ Union, Rajiv Gandhi University (NSURGU) for the session 2010-11.



ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Jhony Borang, Oinam Tayeng and Tado Gyadi have been selected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Association Kerala in its conference held at Kerala recently.



ITANAGAR, Sept 21: The Shree- Abu Welfare Society (SAWS) has deeply mourned the untimely demise of Tassar Teki, an employee of State Fishery Department. Teki, son of Tassar Kiokam of Gumto village under Papum Pare, breathed his last on September 19 after a prolonged illness.

He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. The society members prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


GSU demands arrest

ITANAGAR: Galo Students Union (GSU) has demanded the arrest of contractors allegedly involved in the PDS scam, especially from Galo areas.

The Union also questioned the SIC for its alleged failure to arrest all the accused in PDS scam, except former CM Gegong Apang.

While demanding cancellation of the trading license of the business firms allegedly involved in the PDS scam and blacklisting of the persons concerned the union said that contractors are the main culprits and they are responsible for poverty and hunger in rural areas.


IRBn meet BTFC in final

ITANAGAR: 3rd IRBn will lock horns with BTFC in the final of Papum Pare Summer Cup Invitational Football Championship at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun tomorrow at 3.15 pm.

The 3rd IRBn beat CCSC 4-1 in the second semifinals to enter final today.

Borum ZPM Taro Modi will attend the closing ceremony as chief guest.


Kipa appointed as advisor

ITANAGAR: Former Minister Tatar Kipa has been appointed as Political Advisor to Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh. He will be in the rank of cabinet ministers.

Short realisation of royalty of  ` 14.28 Cr, undue financial benefit to the lessee

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Undue financial benefit extended to a lessee by incorporating lower rate of royalty in the agreement resulted in short realisation of royalty of ` 14.28 crore in Geology and Mining Dept, Arunachal Pradesh.

The Government of India (GOI) periodically determines the royalty payable on minerals which is collected and appropriated by the State Government. Accordingly, an agreement is to be executed between the lessee and the State Government stipulating, that the lessee shall pay to the State Government royalty at the rate prescribed by the GOI from time to time in terms of the provisions of the Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) Rules. The rates of the royalty prescribed by the GOI during the period April 2007 to March 2008 varied between ` 2,599 and `  4,042 per ton.

Test check of the records of the Director of Geology and Mining (DGM), Itanagar (June 2008) revealed that a mining lease agreement was executed on 21 October 1997 between a lessee and the State Government fixing royalty at `  528 per ton of crude oil for a period of 20 years effective from 16 June 1995 without any reference to the prevalent rates of the royalty. The lessee extracted 53,872.6622 tons of crude oil between April 2007 and March 2008 and paid royalty of `  2.84 crore at the rate of `  528 per tonne against `  17.12 crore leviable at the rates prescribed by the GOI from time to time during the aforesaid period. Thus, incorporation of a fixed rate of the royalty instead of the prevalent rates from time to time in the agreement as was done in case of the agreement entered into with M/s Oil India Limited, a public sector undertaking, resulted in short realisation of revenue of `  14.28 crore besides extending undue financial benefit to the lessee.

The case had been reported to the department/Government in October 2009; their replies were not received (November 2009).

Non-levy of additional royalty

For delayed payment of royalty, additional royalty of `  1.48 crore though  leviable was not levied.

Rule 23(1) of the PNG Rules, envisages that if any royalty is not paid by the lessee to the State Government within the time specified for such payment, the amount of such royalty shall be increased by ail additional 10 per cent for each month or portion thereof during which such royalty remains unpaid. Test check of the records of the DGM Itanagar in June 2008 revealed that the State Government executed a lease agreement in September 1997 with a lessee for extraction of the crude oil. The agreement, inter-alia, stipulated that the lessee should pay royalty to the State Government within 31 days of the month to which the operation; extraction relates. Accordingly, the lessee extracted 44,684.193 93 tons of crude oil between March. 2007 and February 2008 for which royalty of `  13.69 crore was paid between May 2007 and April 2008 after delay ranging  between one and two months. For the delay in payment of the royalty, additional royalty of `  1.48 crore though leviable was not levied and recovered by the department.

The case had been reported to the department/Government in October 2009; their replies were not received (November 2009).


France looks at opportunities in Arunachal

Consul general calls on Governor, CM

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: France is looking at opportunities in Arunachal in various areas like agro sector, tourism and power.

This was informed by Jean Louis Rysto, Kolkata, Consul General of France who is on seven days visit to the state.

“There is general interest about Arunachal throughout the world as this state is still yet to be fully explored. We also want to understand the people, culture and the economy of Arunachal Pradesh” said Jean Louis Rysto who is also head of the economic mission of consulate during a media interaction this evening..

Development should not lead to the destruction of culture and heritage of the society, he said.

State is endowed with lots of natural resources but due to lack of basic infrastructure the state is facing lots of difficulties in promotion of tourism and other developmental activities, he added.  Further he added Arunachal also need to open up and encourage cultural and education exchange programme to promote the state.

Meanwhile, Consul General called on the state Governor Gen J J Singh at Raj Bhavan here this evening.  During the half an hour-long meeting, the Governor and Consul General discussed on the various aspects of development, including initiatives on power and tourism sectors in Arunachal Pradesh.

During his stay at state Capital, Consul General will be meeting local leaders, social workers and also the local media.  He will also visit Ziro, Bomdila, Dirang and Tawang.

Earlier this morning, Jean Louis Rysto called on the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu in his residential office.

Welcoming France’s investments in infrastructure development to boost up the tourism sector, the chief minister during the discussion highlighted huge potentials of the state including power and tourism. He stated that lack of basic infrastructure is the major hurdle in promotion of tourism  in the state.

Highlighting the initiatives of France in promoting its relationship with India through various cultural, educational welfare programmes, the Consulate General said “We have a similar culture that of yours and coming up with a proposal for cultural exchange incorporated with handicrafts and textile exhibition between France and Arunachal Pradesh would be a better idea.” He stressed on promotion of education through students exchange programmes besides preservation of age old manuscripts.

Khandu also appreciated the educational exchange programme proposed by the Consulate General. He dwelt in length the abundant resources of the state in terms of Agro-Horticulture produces, medicinal plants etc. and also opined that Consulate General concentrate on socio-economic  development of the region.

Rysto, who started his diplomatic career at the French Embassy, Thailand had earlier worked in Algiers, Chile, Costa Rica, USA, New Zealand, Argentina and Yemen, before his posting in India. (with input from PROs to CM and Raj Bhavan)


Democracy it is!

Tongam Rina

Given the fact that our state had vibrant village democracy till it was diluted by Panchayat Raj system and politically appointed Gaon Burah, sometimes it’s surprising that we don’t have any space for dialogue and discussion.

It’s a sad reflection on our society but one thing that’s conspicuously missing in our state is debate and discussion.

We always seem to arrive at a conclusion without ever looking for a way out through discussion or a consensus.

The decision to give permanent residential certificate to communities from outside the state is one glaring example. The mess could have been avoided had the government tried to inform beforehand of its intention to give PRC.   Citizens do understand that we elected them to take decisions on our part but at the same time we expect that they will not take such sweeping decisions where citizens are forced to ask questions. Not that anyone will actually listen. Worse part is there is not even a space for them to ask questions.

Since there is lack of space, citizens do come up with their own way of protest. One example is bandh. In most cases, organisations call a bandh when they want to make a point, not necessary valid. Reasons for calling bandh vary. Some want to announce their arrival, which most of the time will begin and end with the space they get in newspapers while at few times, there are genuine points.

No matter whatever the reasons citizens gleefully play along.

Whether we agree or not with the cause, at least the residents of Capital Region never misses a chance to enjoy the breaks the recurring bandh brings along.

The bandh call the other day by some unknown organisations demanding the resignation of Chief Minister managed to shut down the Capital Region. Was the total shut down any endorsement of the demand or was it an indicator of our total lack of concern and utter laziness?

No matter what ever may have been the reason, it was just another example that we don’t have a faculty that’s capable of questioning. The situation is compounded by lack of debate and discussion.

Yours truly recall two incidences.

A few years back, a group of scholars of repute were stranded in Gohpur because some of us refused to let them inside Arunachal because we did not agree with what one of the scholars had to say in a private email on Inner Line Permit. The private mail was thoroughly circulated and that was the end of it. The seminar never happened.

One more incident happened in Assam where representatives from Arunachal were invited for a regional consultation.  Among the invitees were Chakma refugees.  Some members who were part of Arunachal delegation walked out when the Chakma refugee representative started speaking.  This time platform was the problem. It was beyond our dignity to share the same platform as the refugees.

Today with grant of PRC to non APST, there is a question mark on relevance of ILP. Refugees have found their names in the electoral list. To borrow a line, today when a Chakma refugee sneezes, their lobby around the world catches a cold. So much so that India will sit up and prescribe a medication. Unlike us, the refugee community has been successful in sharing what ails them.

Our response would be a state wide bandh. Predictable that will be called a democratic protest! Democracy it is!


Teji reaches final of IGT, Arunachal gives a rousing reception

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Wonder boy Toko Teji has entered the finals of India Got Talent, a talent show being telecast on Colors TV.

Teji who has returned home for a short break would leave for Mumbai on Sept 24. The final of the mega show is slated for on Oct 1.

On his arrival, Teji, a student of Class XII was given a rousing reception at Naharlagun helipad by his well-wishers this afternoon.

Later, he met the Governor Gen JJ Singh, who assured to vote for him. The Governor has appealed all to extend support to the ‘Star of the land of Rising Sun’.

He told Teji who was accompanied by his parents Toko Jyoti and Toko Natu, that he was proud of achievement. The Governor also presented ‘Team Arunachal’ badge and a memento.


ANSU for termination of erring IRBn personnel

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: All Nyishi Students Union while taking serious exception to inhumane behavior of the IRBN personnel who physically assaulted Khya Sonam, a teacher for not wearing a helmet in Seppa said that the maximum punishment for violation of the traffic rule is a pecuniary punishment unless it is a case of hit-and-run. It further said that suspension of erring personnel has become common which has proved to be a failure to restrain them. Therefore, Union demanded immediate termination of the erring IRBn personnel involved in the case.

Meanwhile, the Union while welcoming the decision to withdraw the IRBn from the few districts said that due to presence of untrained IRBn personnel, the Police-public relation has continued to aggravate in these districts in the recent past and it would get worse if they are not taken away.

The Union further demanded the authority to impose restriction on the use of mask unless situation so demands while adding that it is an encouraging factor for them to behave abnormally hiding their identity, which is quite unwarranted in a normal duty. KCR to approach NHRC for justice: Meanwhile, Kameng Citizens Rights has decided to approach National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) demanding justice to Khya Sonam, a junior teacher who was brutally tortured by the IRBn personnel at Seppa on Sept 14 last.

Criticizing the state Govt for deployment of  IRBn personnel  to perform the duty of traffic police in Seppa, the KCR further demanded  termination of all the erring IRBn personnel and constitution of a high level enquiry to investigate in to the whole  incident.


NCP questions recruitment of doctors

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: NCP, state unit has alleged that government is still resorting to backdoor appointment policy of Doctors even though there is recruitment rule for doctors. NCP urged the government to discontinue the “repeated practices” of onetime relaxation technique and immediately allow state public service commission to conduct the exams at regular interval. Party further stated that all those appointment which were made after notification of the RR and Syllabus are simply illegal and subject to scrutiny by laws enacted by the legislators themselves. Stating that appointments of doctors under NRHM and DHS without written interview as gross case of nepotism and highhandedness, Party urged APDA to voice against such practices and further urged the unemployed doctors not to shy away from facing competitive exams.


MLA calls for united efforts for development

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Thrizino- Buragaon  MLA Kumsi Sidasow has assured to work united with the public and Govt officers for all-round development of  his  constituency and the district in general. He was addressing the gathering at Jamiri village during his ten-day tour programme to his constituency after being elected as legislator. He was accompanied by district level officers during his visit.

He further said that all the four MLAs will work together for the development of West Kameng district.

West Kameng Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi stressed on the need of education. He said human resource development is more important than materialistic development and it is possible only with education. The DC urged the parents to educate their children by sending them in schools.

He also requested the heads of the district to reach out people and bring awareness about the various schemes of the Govt.


PRC to Non APST, a draconian Govt initiative

Mishmi community opposed to PRC

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: The decision by the government to issue PRC to non locals of Changlang and Lohit District without even an iota of protest against the verdict of courts can well be termed as a draconian initiative on the part of the ruling government and its leadership.

Lamenting on the fate of the native who are at the verge of marginalization at many pockets of the two districts, the Nationalist Congress Party state unit vice president Tad Tana termed the initiative as cheap vote bank politics of the ruling INC led government .

Tad stated that if the anti-local acts of the government are not challenged now, then the infant state of Arunachal would soon be converted into an open home for illegal migrants from Assam, Bihar, Bangladesh, Tibet and Nepal.

The grant of PRC to non locals not only violets the constitutional provision as reflected in Acts of 1873 but also amounts to violation of human rights of the indigenous population as reflected in various provision of international and national laws, he said.

Urging political parties and all tribal communities of the state as well as various intellectual and social organizations, Tad advocated for agitations for withdrawal of all PRC’s issued so far in two districts as well as in any part of the sensitive backward border state of Arunachal Pradesh. According to NCP Arunachal, such thoughtless acts by the people in power shall lead to alienation, estrangement and gradual extinction of the natives’ identity, culture, tradition and loss of self esteem and pride.

Drawing an analogy between the consequent of PDS Scam and the unilateral decision to issue PRC to non locals, Tad stated that while the PDS Scam brought shame to the image of entire Arunachalee and hit hard the stomach of the poor tribals, yet the affect was temporary compared to issue of PRC to non locals, the consequence of which are irreparable and permanent.

Rebuking the government for being insensitive towards the issue, the NCP leaders suggested for constituting a committee with representatives from all parties AAPSU, Media persons, leaders from the affected districts to reveal the facts leading to such anti-tribal decision and further recommend ways and means to address the threats being faced by the native of the two district in particular and elsewhere in Arunachal in general.

Mishmi community who had today gathered at Tezu town in large number showed their displeasure over the government of Arunachal Pradesh’s order to issue the permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang districts.  All the citizens present during the day, strongly decided to oppose the government’s order and resolved to fight until the government revoke the order.  

In the meeting it was resolved that Mishmi community shall never allow the PRC to be granted to non-APSTs in their own land.  Meeting also authorized All Mishmi Students’ Union (AMSU) to spearhead in their fight against issue of PRC to non- APSTs in Mishmi land. AMSU also decided to coordinate with All Tai Khamti -Singpho Students Union (ATKSSU), All Lohit Students’ Union (ALSU), All Changlang District Students’ Union (ACDSU) and All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) to fight for the interest of the local people.

All Changlang District Longchang Students’ Union strongly condemned the decision of the state government to grant PRC to non-APST residents of the Changlang and Tirap districts and also opposed the enrollment of Chakmas in the voter list.

It appealed to the state government to stop issuing PRC to non-APST and also demanded for cancellation of those PRC issued earlier to non APST.

The union threatened to launch agitation in the district if the government fails to fulfill the demands of the union.


AAPSU takes up the cause of RGU

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) today submitted list of suggestions to M P Bezbaruah led fact finding committee which was constituted after last year’s mess in the Rajiv Gandhi University campus.  Keeping in mind the prevailing uncertainty situation grappling the university campus, AAPSU has urged for immediate appointment of a new vice-chancellor, who is well versed in national values and ethos, has a caring and tender concern for the indigenous tribal people and the one who is devoid of caste and regional prejudices.

Highlighting the fact that Arunachal Pradesh is a 100% tribal state, union demanded that  reservation of around 80% for the Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes is required in appointment to teaching and non-teaching posts for direct recruitment as well as for promotion and in admission to various courses of study in RGU.

AAPSU also pleaded for adequate    representation of Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes (APST) in the bodies like Court, Executive council, Academic council, Selection Committee & any other important bodies of the University.

AAPSU has strongly urged upon the committee to treat its suggestions as exceptional and incorporated in the reports to the government of India for onwards consideration. Union believed these suggestions will ensure the balance and uniform growth of higher education and equal access to global standard of human resource development among the underprivileged and underdeveloped indigenous tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh.


City police bust interstate gang, arrest five

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: The City Police succeeded in busting an interstate vehicle lifter gang and arrested 5 more accused persons from different parts of Assam on Sept 20 night. The team was led by SI K Dev of Banderdewa Police Station. The gang of interstate motorcycle lifter was arrested on the discloser of Tinku Lohar whom the police had arrested earlier. The police also recovered two motorcycles from the possession of the gang members.

The Kingpin of the gang is Mridul Konwar of Laluk and Chakra Kolandi, Ohat Bagan, Assam. Other accused involved in lifting of motorcycles and vehicles from Itanagar, Naharlagun and Banderdewa are Jiten Biswas, Md. Hafeez Khan and Sonu Chowdury of No.2 Parbatipur Assam.

The City SP, said that in spite of best efforts put up by the police, the vehicle theft in the twin city is continuing. He called on the citizens of the city to pass and share any information regarding crime and the criminals while adding that without the help of public, police along cannot do much to prevent and detect crime.


State level painting workshop organized

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: The department of art & culture, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC), Dimapur organized a 2-day state level painting workshop-cum-exhibition 2010 at Tezu in Lohit district on Sept 18  and 19.

Additional Deputy Commissioner W. Khimhun in his inaugural address as the chief guest advised the participating artists to excel in their chosen field. He said though it was a workshop and not a competition yet they should inculcate among themselves the spirit of competitiveness and draw maximum advantage out of it.

Anjaw District Deputy Commissioner C.S. Jeinow, the special guest of the workshop, urged the artists to come out with worthy paintings which invariably reflect the cultural traits of the tribal people of the state.

Jeinow who had a brief stint as state director of art and culture also highlighted the functioning of the state Art and Culture department, NEZCC for preservation and promotion of culture of the North East India in general and Arunachal Pradesh in particular.

Lohit District Art & Culture Officer Augusti Jamoh was the coordinator of the workshop.  He briefly outlined the aims and objectives of the workshop and appealed to the participants to make best use of the two day workshop. G.Bose, an art expert gave live demonstration on magic of colour mixing and its various uses to the participants and immensely enriched them.

The second day of the workshop was attended by DDSE K. Rina as the chief guest. He gave away the certificates to the participants and called upon the young artists to make Arunachal shine in the field of culture and fine arts.

Another Art Expert J.Moni gave a thought provoking lecture on the topic “the importance of perspective, volume and dimension of paintings” which proved very beneficial to the young artists. He demonstrated various aspects of painting techniques to the participants.


Stop land encroachment

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Alleging rampant encroachment of land of Govt Primary School, Senki Park, Itanagar, Capital Students Union (CSU) has appealed the education department to take immediate steps to stop such encroachment.

Meanwhile, the union appealed the director of the health service to declare the interview results of multi-purpose workers (MPW) on merit basis.


Lower Dibang Valley DHS reviews NRHM performance

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Lower Dibang Valley District Health Society in its governing body meeting today reviewed the performances of NRHM and other vertical programs for the year 2009-10.  The meeting also approved ROP for 2010-11.

DRCHO Dr. M. Basar while presenting NRHM performance report of 2009-10 expressed difficulties in obtaining physical and financial reports from VHSCs and also requested member secretary of all RKS to expedite the submission of necessary vouchers and utilization certificates immediately.  

DMO Dr. A. Yirang has assured governing body members to increase the monitoring and supervisory activities in all the health facilities in order to bring about improvement in health delivery services.

Lower Dibang Valley deputy commissioner cum chairperson of District Health Society Y W Ringu, while presiding over the meeting exhorted all the health officers to work sincerely and dedicatedly to improve the health scenario of the district. She also expressed her displeasure over large number of dropout rates in routine immunization coverage and expressed the necessity to reduce the drop out rate and increase the full immunization coverage.

Expressing unhappiness over large amount of unspent balance lying in the some RKS, she directed all those RKS to submit the necessary vouchers to the DHS by Sept 30 without fail.  She also directed MO in-charge of Health facilities and Medical Superintendent, Roing to prepare VHAP/BHAP reflecting ground realities and submit the same to DHS latest by Oct 30.

Chiliko Meto, Chairperson Zilla Parishad, Namo Linggi ZPM Roing, and Mibom Pertin, Meka Anchal Block took part in the deliberation.


In-service SSA teachers training begins in East Siang

PASIGHAT, Sept 21: In-service teachers training for 1,155 Junior and Assistant Teachers under SSA Mission are being conducted in all the six blocks of East Siang district.

The first phase of training for 90 trainees of the Pasighat block started at the Bharat Scouts and Guides office premises here on Sept 20 last.

The chief guest of the programme DDSE Tani Talom stressing upon the quality education in the district said, this could be achieved by imparting training to the teachers practically. He said teachers have immense responsibilities to mould the destiny of the nation. He appealed the trainees to maintain punctuality, discipline, sincerity, dedication and determination because the students usually follow teachers’ habits.

While referring Mid-Day-Meal scheme, Talom said it should be carried out properly and negligence would be seriously viewed by the higher and district authorities.

The Guest of Honour and DIET principal Dr. Buk Lego said with the changes of teaching methodology the teachers have to work hard to ensure quality education.  

Presiding over the function   DAEO J. Yirang exhorted the trainees to achieve the target and advised the teachers for practical  and proper implementation of the ideas, teaching techniques and knowledge acquired during the 10 day long training courses in their respective work places.

The District Coordinator SSA Kalom Ering, T. Jamoh RMSA, S.C Sharma (IE) SSA and Chandra Shekharan (CA) SSA Rajya Mission Itanagar were also spoke on the occasion.

The resource persons are O. Darung, C. Jha, Dr. N. Lal, A.G. Ansari and V.R. Sharma, all Junior Lecturers of DIET Pasighat.(DIPRO)



NHPC gets Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Award

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: Union Ministry of Home Affairs has awarded First Prize to NHPC for the year 2008-09 under Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Award for outstanding work in implementation of Rajbhasha amongst Public Sector Undertakings located in region ‘A’.

The award was given away by Vice President Md. Hamid Ansari to S.K. Garg, CMD, NHPC at a function held at New Delhi on September 14 last.

This is the highest award of Central Government given to the field of implementing Rajhasha.

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram and his deputy Ajay Maken were also present on the occasion.

Keeping in view the commendable achievements of NHPC in implementation of Rajbhasha, the Govt. of India has entrusted the Chairmanship of Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanavyan Smiti (Faridabad) to NHPC.


CRPF Challenger Football Tournament

ITANAGAR, Sep 21: The CRPF Challenger Football Tournament organized by 138 Bn, CRPF as part Civic Action Programme as well as friendship gesture will begin at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun on October One.

The winner and runners up teams will be given prizes worth Rs 31,000 and Rs 15,000 respectively in the form of sports/utility items.

Besides, prizes will also be given to the ‘Player of the Tournament’, ‘Best Goal Keeper’ and the ‘Best Disciplined Team’. Moreover, each team will also get consolation prizes.

Interested teams may contact (No. 9436224369) 138 Bn CRPF, Sinkiview, CRPF Campus, Itanagar before September 27.



PR leaders demand action on MDM

ITANAGAR, Sept 21: In a letter to the Additional Deputy Commissioner,  Panchayat members under Piyong Circle of Namsai Sub-Division while informing about bad quality items under mid day meal has sought legal action against fraudulent suppliers. It said that PR members visited the schools where they came across items rations including soyabean, fungus, potatoes and onion which were not fit for consumption.

The members further informed that children had fallen sick after consumption of Mid day meal at Govt. Middle School Nampong and that MDM quota of Rice in the schools is only for 30 days while other cereals & ration is for 5 months. It further said that at Govt. Middle School Adi-Ningroo, the total enrolment figures of students are 76 but the MDM supply is coming only for 21 students. The members further said that the Supplier’s Bill copy is of hardware, electrical and stationery supplier, not of consumer goods.


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