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September - 23



What’s happening in Arunachal?

Dear Editor,

PDS scam, arrest of former Chief Minister, integrity of SIC Chief M.S Chauhan, PRC to non -APST, irregularity in DRRO appointments followed by demand for resignation of then minister RD. Police and IRBN atrocities on public, what is happening in our state ?Arunachal is becoming an ocean of corruption, the permanent brake to development. Then comes surprise visits to hospitals and schools. The million dollar question is-how regular are these so called authorities in their offices or where they are supposed to be?!These visits are nothing but a show off of their position and power. Mere regularity in duty by doctors, nurses and teachers will not suffice in the development of a state or a nation. Each and everybody has equal responsibilities towards the development of a place, state or nation. Common people may not be able to hear you if you shout from the top of a mountain or multistoried building. So come down, be reachable, mix with the masses, then even your whispers will be heard. Do not act like a satellite which requires us to install something to receive you! Learn to say-let us do instead of saying, go and do.


T. Doke Lendo

Tirbin (on email)



Strike while it is hot

Dear Editor,

I would like to add a few words of caution regarding the much discussed and criticised red hot topic of PDS scam and PRC issue. Public have very short attention span and we grow tired of issues very quickly and the political circles know this very intimately. Besides, the ruling party is so used to having their way that they don't give a damn to public opinion. This time too they are waiting for the public ire and interest in both cases to diminish and eventually fade away before they can search for another misadventure. Now the foremost question that everyone must be contemplating but is hesitant to ask is where are the unions and organisations that call bandhs every other day, sometimes on very trivial matters?

Now my earnest appeal to AAPSU and the opposition parties especially NCP is to launch a statewide bandh immediately for CBI enquiry into the PDS scam and immediate cancellation of PRC to non-Arunachalees before the public attention is turned to something immediate like food and shelter. AAPSU, because the PRC issue especially concerns the youths and it has the reach and resources to counterweight to government’s despotism and believe me it would greatly enhance their already healthy credibility amongst the helpless public. Moreover I don't remember any occasion when the need for a bandh was more justified and absolutely necessary. Lastly my sincere regards to the Arunachal Times Group for living upto the term Free Press.


A concerned citizen

in hurry Seppa,

(on email)



They don’t have moral right anymore

Dear Editor,

It is a well known secret how these PDS contractors have turned overnight from raank se raja. A common man like us, to be frank, used to feel/wonder what if such fortune favoured us too and sometimes we felt proud of having crorepati among us. But now everybody thinks what I am thinking. As for now they don’t have any moral right to continue as legislators and for others their properties/accounts should be frozen.


Aam Admi




Name find mention in PDS scam

Dear Editor,

This is in reference of 21st September 2010 of News item published in your daily mentioning my name as accused No.64 of 96 accused in PDS Scam

It is to clarify that I was not totally involved in the PDS carriage activities. It was one Shri Gammi Ette of Roing who was the holder of Power of Attorney for M/S MP Enterprise Dambuk. At the same time Shri MS Chauhan IO of SIC has written a letter to Director (Food & Civil Supplies) Government of Arunachal Pradesh Naharlagun vide letter No. SIC/VIG/DCS-33/2008 Dated Itanagar the 23rd April 2008 stating that M/S MP Enterprise Dambuk which had under taken the work of carriage of food grains under PDS for the period w.e.f. April 2004 onwards do not fall within the purview of PIL No. 50 of 2004 of the Guwahati High Court.

Therefore, my name has been wrongly published in the accused list under PDS Scam.


Mida Pertin




Gove should speak out

Dear Editor,

Of late, several vital issues like PDS scam, issue of permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST, border row, hydro-power imbroglio have propped up in the eyes of the public .A series of allegation , contentions, disagreement and apprehensions opposing the performance of the state Government have been brought out in the media. May be the Government have some good reason to explain to some issues, but no satisfactory feedback or comment justifying their stand are revealed in print or electronic media creating loss of confidence and disappointment to the concerned citizens.

Therefore, it is earnestly requested to the State Government to draw public awareness about the genuine facts in order to build faith and better governance.


Jumli Rina(on email)




Not a proud feeling

Dear Editor,

I am a student Class XI Science student. Everyday I feel ashamed of calling myself as an Arunachalee. Looking at the condition of the infrastructure, politics, work's in the govt. Department, the civic sense of the people and most of all the so called ego of being tribal of the state. Unnecessary student unions are formed every day. And why do science students need to form a union. Students in the plains are doing far better job. If the students really want to change the face of the state, I would suggest do it by studying and proving oneself in the society.

I also want to question the AP Govt. about what has it done with the fund provided by the PM. By looking at the condition of the NH 52-A, I am sure that one day the state capital will be disconnected with the rest of the world. And the worst of all the PDS scam. Today I have the right to claim that Arunachal is the worst example as a state. God help Arunachal


A  Student (on email)



There should be a monitoring body for road maintenance fund

Dear Editor,

Every vehicle owner has been paying road tax to the concerned department for plying vehicle on NH52-A road from Banderdewa to Hollongi but the present dilapidated condition of this important capital road is for everyone to see.

Seeing the present pathetic road condition any one will draw a conclusion that the funds for road maintenance are being misused either by the department concerned or authorities at higher level.

Is it not the duty of the Govt to utilize the huge amount being collected in term of road tax and fund being released for road maintenance for development of the road infrastructure?

Waiting for Central fund for four lane capital road for uncertain period of time will deteriorate the road condition further.

Therefore, I would like to request the Govt to introduce third party monitoring system to monitor the utilization of maintenance fund for the Capital road.


Tabin Tok Camdir,




Laudable efforts but please continue

Dear Editor,

The checking and survey on illegal possession and occupation of land from Banderdewa to Chimpu by the Capital complex Administration is appreciated and everybody should cooperate. The report submitted must be taken seriously by the Administration as most of the land possession cases are not only illegal but also unplanned & haphazardly constructed building even on the Govt-demarcated land. The failure of our Administration comes with the penetration of lands seekers into the very boundary of the allotted Quarters/ Barracks. The occupants of the quarter are not safe from any side as they are surrounded by undesired neighbors, many colonies/sectors demarcated by the Departments for accommodating their own employees are outnumbered by the private land occupant. Unfortunate on the part of our Administration where there is shortage of accommodation for the employees, many quarters are rented to other by the allotted persons. The encroachment/construction of the Private buildings in between two quarters has crossed all limits. All these unscrupulous activity happen under the very nose of the officials /In charge of Colonies residing there.

If this trend is allowed to continue the time is not far when there would be no sign any Govt Quarter and barrack and even Offices.

If we recall the services of the then Chief Project Officer S.K. Karla, one would wonder how he managed to strictly enforce law by not even allowing extension of a room in ones allotted accommodation without permission. The then A.D.C Narendra Kumar dared to demolish the unauthorized construction in the Capital. But today scenario is different.

I urge the District Administration to come down heavily on such illegal land occupation &unauthorized construction of houses in between the Government Quarters in demarcated Colonies.

A sufficient precautionary measured has to be taken as I recall such happenings in 1990s when the administration  itself had to stop its demolishing drive following Courts stay order obtained by some unauthorized land occupants.


Ajay (on email)



Thank god, they spared the helicopter

Dear Editor,

It is indeed not surprising to see the names of son of chief minister and Gamlin family in the list of PDS accused published in your daily. However since it is made public both of them should immediately resign from their respect chair. In what moral ground they will remain in their chair?

These high profile families are roaming freely after snatching food of the poor people. Although they filled up their stomach by snatching projects of the state, they are still hungry and shamelessly and act as if they don’t get food at home. Would they be able to survive without food for a single day? I don’t think.  

From gate keeper to chief minister are involved. Thank god the helicopter is not in the list. Even the god won’t be able to forgive them.

What type of prosecution sanction the SIC is seeking for? Most of the accused are not the govt employee then what sanction is required for them? Or they need permission from chief minister or other MLAs to arrest their son? It is quite disturbing to see the entire list.

The AAPSU, ANSU, ADSU, GSU, and other civil society should come out in the street and throw out these people from their respective chairs. This so called people’s first govt is a minister’s first govt doing nothing for the people.


Concerned citizen

Manipur (on email)



Judges, Govt and Chauhan should not take the public for granted

Dear Editor,

It has been almost a month since the arrest of the former CM Gegong Apang yet there is no development by the SIC investigation. After all the demands by the ABK, AdiSU, etc… and the recently organized bandh call by the trio organization for the arrest and interrogation of all other accused in the PDS scam; handing over of the case to the CBI and transfer of Mr. M. S. Chauhan, the government is keeping silent on the matter. No action has been initiated so far, accept for a few contradicting press statements by the SIC and the Congress spokes person Jarbom Gamlin, who has been actively representing the government instead of the CM Dorjee Khandu.

What has happened to the big promises of hope ‘to give justice’ to the public by Mr. Chauhan?

Was it just to settle some personal score that he had with the former CM?

Or was he merely following the order of the so called high command?

As one analyse the chronology of the case, it clearly indicates dubiousness not only in the SIC but also in the whole line up of the judicial system.

On 24th August, the Lakhimpur judge sends Apang, for 7 days remand, rejecting the bail petition, although it was argued that Apang had given statement to all the 64 questions asked by Mr. Chauhan.

On 27th August- 2nd bail petition was filed at the Naharlagun High Court but the Hon’ judge Mr. P. K. Musahari fixed the bail application for the 3rd Sept with an excuse to wait for the expiry of the police remand period provided by the trial court i.e. on 31st Sept.

On 31st August – As per Mr. Chauhan’s request that he did not get the opportunity for further interrogation, the judge at Lakhimpur gives a further extension of 7 days remand. Despite the medical board report which had clearly mentioned of his ailing health condition and that he was not ready for interrogation at that point. Bail application does not arise as it was due for the 3rd Sept at the High Court, a good excuse to linger the bail petition.

On 3rd Sept- Another bail petition was moved in the Itanagar High Court bench. K. Meruno was the sitting judge who extended the bail hearing for the 6th of Sept with an excuse of a 2nd medical board report.

On 6th Sept – Mr. K. Meruno who had fixed the bail hearing for the 6 refused to handle the case citing personal reasons, further extending the hearing to the 13th with Mr. P. K. Musahari. However he gave the permission that the bail be heard at the lower court.

On 7th Sept- Consequently bail petition was moved in Lakhimpur but was not granted as the judge Mr. P K Khanikar was on leave, which comes across as a  fine coincident and the additional judge had no power to grant bail further extended the remand for the 9th Sept when the judge would take the seat.

On 9th Sept- In spite of all the necessary documents along with the proof of the 2nd statement, interrogated on the 6th Sept by the SIC team including the 2nd medical board report yet again the judge of Lakhimpur court Mr. P K Khanikar sent Apang for further 14 days judicial remand, rejecting the bail petition with an excuse of the bail being pending on the 13th at the high court Itanagar.

On 13th Sept- once again despite the production of all the potential necessary documents and a winning argument from the petitioner it was once again a futile end result. The judge Mr. P K Musahari rejects the bail with the most absurd excuse that ‘since Mr. Apang was the former CM for long term and is an influential man, he could manipulate the document and influence other accuses if given bail’. So he should not be given bail till the culprits are caught and the case is solved.

The question that arises here is ‘the integrity of the judges’. Can Gegong Apang really influence other accuses like Mr. Pema Khandu, Jarker Gamlin, Takam Paryo, Likha Saaya and all the others who some way or the other is related or connected to the high profile individuals? The govt. officials who are by and large puppets of the state government? Since the PIL was filed in 2004, was Apang fool enough not to manipulate the documents while he was still in power as the CM till 2007? Why Apang’s  integrity of influencing or manipulation has arisen after all these years that too while he holds no post that could influence any one? What new excuses will the judges come up with on the 23rd Sept?

We the tribal people of Arunachal may be simple but not naïve and illiterate. Therefore the judges, the government or some Chauhan should not take the public for granted and try to fool the society. Everything has a limit to it.


T Tatak,




They cant take a decision sitting in comforts of Itanagar and Pasighat

Dear Editor,

We the Lower Siang Affected People Forum of Pangin-Kebang circle and Siyom Bango Dam Affected Welfare Association of Jomlo circle jointly oppose the proposed meeting regarding Lower Siang hydro electric project being organized by the Land Owner Union at Pasighat on Sept 25 and urge one and all affected people of Pangin, Kebang and Pessang circles to abstain from and boycott the meeting.

The proposed meeting cannot be a right place to address the grievances of the directly affected people of the Siang belt and Siyom Valley.  How can people permanently settled at Pasighat or Itanagar determine the future of the people of  Siang belt and Siyom Valley?  Any major convention or meeting in regard to proposed Lower Siang project should be conducted at affected areas like Pangin, Kebang and Pessing in the upper belt.

We also urge the Jaypee Arunachal Pvt Ltd that instead of yielding to pressure of some people with selfish motives it should conduct house to house and people to people interaction with directly project affected people. Value of land and compensation should be declared by the local administration only with consent of the dam affected people. Any decision or resolution if taken in absence of the affected people will be nullified and declared anti-people.


Dugmo Tali



It is against spirit of RTI.

Dear Editor,

The Right to Information Act was passed in the Parliament to empower the common people for their participation in the development process. It was also mentioned in the Act that the charges for communication shall be reasonable. But the enhancement of the stationery charges from existing Rs 2 to Rs 10  per page by the ruling Govt has disheartened the RTI users.

It is unbelievable that the rate of information has been increased by 500 per cent. It would be reasonable if the Govt would have fixed the rate at Rs 3 per page which is also market price.

The enhancement of charges by amending the RTI rules is against the spirit of the RTI Act and it is a deliberate attempt of the Govt to discourage the use of RTI Act by the common people which is just opposite to the “People First” principle of the Govt.

Therefore, I appeal the Government to revoke its decision and also request the conscious citizens to protest such anti people policies of the Govt.


Rab Kara Jeel

Dev Village, Sagalee


Thank you

Dear Editor,

You are the true vision of our society. You define the true meaning of Media's role. The list of 96 accused published on the front page of your paper is a historic moment and an eye opener to the darker side of our politician. You are the best paper in our state and may you remain an eye opener for ever.


Concern Citizen,

(on email)







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M Phil entrance result out

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: The final result of the entrance test for the M Phil programme of RGU for the session 2010-11 has been declared.

The result is available at RGU website.


Honour for Prof Belliappa

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: A rare honour has been bestowed on Rajiv Gandhi University Vice-Chancellor KC. Belliappa as one of his articles has been included in a prestigious critical volume published in the United States. Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University and one of the foremost American literary critics has included Belliappa’s article entitled, “Macaulay’s ‘Imperishable Empire’ and ‘Nelly, I am Heathcliff’ in Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’” in his book, “The Brontes,” an anthology of critical essays on the three Bronte sisters, the nineteenth century English writers.


KCR demands arrest of all accused in PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: Kameng Citizens’ Right (KCR)  demanded arrest of all  the accused  in the PDS  scam under prevention of corruption Act.

Expressing surprise at the arrest of only former Chief Minister Gegong Apang from among the 96 accused, the KCR in its emergency meeting held at Itanagar today demanded criminal proceeding against the state Govt officials allegedly involved in the PDS scam. It further demanded cancellation of bail granted to the accused arrested earlier as the accused were allegedly involved in the criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of public fund meant for food for rural public.

While demanding intervention of the CBI for fair probe in to the  PDS scam, the KCR also appealed the regional director of the Crime Investigation Bureau to take up the case for proper investigation.


Hapoli Govt Sec school students shine

ZIRO, Sept 22: Mudang Yabyung, a student of Class X won the first prize in the drawing competition conducted to mark the International Literacy Day at Ziro on Sept 8 last. However, the competition results were declared today. Bengia Naina and Nokyem Ngobang (both students of class -VIII) won the second and third prize respectively. All the three prize winning students belong to Government Secondary School, Hapoli. The event was co-coordinated by Gyati Tajang, Assistant Project Officer (AE).


Prohibitory order

DAPORIJO, Sept 22: The Upper Subansiri District Magistrate A Abhayankar in an order banned construction of any type of building/ infrastructures within 50 meters from the center point of Air field, Daporijo on either side in view of the proposed operationalisation of it. This order came into force with effect from Sept 14 and any violation of the order will entail legal action as per rules. DIPRO


New associations formed

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: With the sole aim to fight against on-going corruption in the state, a union in the name and style of Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Union was formed in a meeting today with Nabam Rama as chairman, Michi Ranka as vice chairman and Maru Tayuk (Luke) as general secretary.

The Leporiang Town Welfare Development Committee has been formed recently with Nabam Palang, Kara Doni and Nabam Atu as chairman, vice chairman and general secretary respectively.

Another association, namely All Sangram Circle FPS Welfare Association (ASCFPSWA) was formed in a meeting held at Sangram recently with Tamchi Taigh, Hillang Tadap and Tamchi Nyamedak as chairman, vice chairman and general secretary respectively.


AACWA demands retendering

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: All Arunachal Contractors Welfare Association has urged the power department for retendering NIT for system improvement of HT/LT line in and around Daporijo Electrical Division for the benefit of the bonafide local contractors.

In a letter to state power secretary, the Association resented that the NIT No DAED/DB-1/2010-11/877-92 Dt 7/09/2010 provided only 18 hours for purchase and submission of tender document. It said, the NIT published in a local daily on Sept 19 asked for submission of tender documents on Sept 20 at 3.30 pm, which is not possible for the contractors to do the same within few hours, the association added while threatening to fight for right of the bonafide contractors.


CJ visit Tawang War memorial

TAWANG, Sept 22: Chief Justice of Guwahati High Court Justice B. Lokur today visited Tawang War Memorial and paid homage to the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the cause of the nation.

Justice had to stay back in Tawang for more than the stipulated time because of harsh weather condition.

He visited Jang Waterfall yesterday. During morning hours he also interacted with Govt officers during his visit to the Kalawangpo Convention Hall and DC's Office and also visited District Hospital and Tawang Craft Centre Emporium.(DIPRO)



ITANAGAR, Sept 23:  Subu Lento has been appointed as president of the All Arunachal Contractors’ Welfare Association Lower Subansiri unit.


SSA staff appeal

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Arunachal Pradesh Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Contractual Employees Association (APSSACEA) has appealed the education minister for regularization of their service.

In a 8-point charter of demand submitted to the education minister, the  Association further demanded separation of elementary education from the directorate of school education,   yearly increment of salary at the rate of 10 per cent and all benefit and allowances applicable under  the norms of the central and state Govts.

Court let out 13 accused on single day as SIC takes an unwarranted nap

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others, wrote George Orwell in his classic novel Animal Farm. If we look at the workings of the Special investigation Cell headed by M S Chauhan into the infamous PDS scam, it looks like he and his team has taken the maxim rather literally.

The records available with this daily indicate that out of the named 96 accused in the PDS scam, at least ten accused were released on the same day they were arrested. Amongst the other accused, one Gyati Koyang was arrested on 3.08.07 but was released after three days on 6.8.07. Likewise P K Nath, another accused was arrested on 8.8.07 but was released the next day on 9.8.07. Scrutiny of the document also show that four accused including Hage Bath, Likha Maj, Likha Saaya and Takam Pario surrendered before the court on 24.08.07 but were released on interim bail by the court on the same day.

As per the records, interim bail granted to these four accused were regularized by the Special Judge, Yupia on 26.08.08.

The records also indicate that 13 out of the 18 accused persons from the 96 accused were issued summons by the Investigating Officer (IO) M S Chauhan and on their arrest, they were given interim bail.  No remand was sought for by the IO against any of the 13 accused.

Records available with this daily also says that the records of the 13 persons having been granted interim bail was also looked into by the High Court in the course of the proceedings of PIL no 50/04 and after hearing the parties, the Court fixed another day for the parties to appear before the Special Judge, Yupia wherein the cases of the 13 accused were collectively heard on 29.08.08 and the interim bail granted earlier to the accused persons was regularized. The Special Judge, Yupia while regularizing the Interim Bail highlighted that the IO of the case did not request for any remand.

Going by the records, it appears that singular exception was made in the case of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang who was arrested on 24.08.10 and remanded to Police custody and thereafter in judicial custody till date.

On the other hands, the investigation of Case No. 08/2005 is complete and charge-Sheet submitted vide No. 01/2003 dated 03-12-2008 U/S 120 (B)/468/409 IPC R/W 13 (1) (d) & 13 (2) PC Act, 1988.

Some 200 persons have been examined and their statements have been recorded U/S 161 as well as 164 Cr. P.C.

Among the Govt officials prima-facie charges are found established against Late J.P. Rai, IAS former Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Hage Batt, IAS, Former Director of Supply & Transport, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, M.M.Sen, Former Senior Finance & Accounts Officer, office of the DST, Naharlagun.

Accordingly, Charge-Sheet vide Charge-Sheet No. 01(A)/2009 dated 26-10-2009 U/S 120 (B)/468/409 IPC R/W 13 (1)(d) and 13 (2) PC Act, 1988 has been filed against the four officials before the Court of the  Special Judge (District & Sessions), North Lakhimpur, Assam.

The Final Charge-Sheet of Case No. 08/2005 in respect of the remaining public servant and Carriage Contractors are to be filed after receipt of Prosecution Sanction.

While SIC has said that it has sought Prosecution Sanction from the government against 44 public servants which the government was yet to respond, the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has categorically stated that there was no need for SIC to wait for prosecution sanction. According to laid down rules, the government has to give permission for investigation against public servants.

Though the High Court has granted sweeping powers to Chauhan to carry out the investigation in PDS scam, going by the records of cosmetic arrests and irregularity in retaining them, Chauhan has lots to answer and explain.


Person arrested so far in connection with SIC (Vig) P.S. Case No. 8/2005.


Sl.       Name                  Date & time of arrest                    Remarks

1.  Tapik Pertin                  13/9/06 at 1330 hrs                 Released on 13-9-06  

 Former C.O./ERC Palling                                                 at 1930 hrs.

2.  Chechung Chukhu         13-9-06 at 1100 hrs                Released on 13-09-06

 Former C.O. Pakke-Kessang.                                           at1930 hrs.

3.  Feroj Modi                     13/9/06 at 1130 hrs                Released on 13-9-06

 Former ADST (AP) Lilabari.                                              at 1930 hrs.

4.  N.C. Bailung                  14/10/06 at 1100 hrs              14/10/06 at 1620 hrs.

5. Midlang Pertin                30/10/06 at 1200 Hrs              Released on 30-10-06 at

I/C SDO, Hunli-Sub-Division                                             1640 hrs.

6.  Bijoy Gupta                   31/7/07 at 1000 hrs                 31/7/07 at 1715 hrs.

P.O. & P.S. Dibrugarh, Assam

7.  Mridul Deka,                  31/7/07 at 1230 hrs                Relesed on 31/7/07 at

Vill & P.S. Ramhari, Assam.                                            1715 hrs.

8.  S. Bhattacharjee,           31/7/07 at 1145 hrs.              31-7-07 at 1715 hrs.

P.S.Makum, Dist. Tinsukia, Assam

9.  Gyati Koyang,               03/8/07 at 1445 hrs.                Released on  6/8/07 at

Vill: Haribasti,  1600 hrs.

Lower Subansiri, A.P.

10.  P.K.Nath                    Arrested on 8-8-07                   Released on 9-8-07.

Vill: Tashua, P.O. Mahishasan,                                        at 1030 hrs.


11. Nikh Kamin, MLA       17/8/07 at 1205 hrs.                  Released on 17-8-07 at

E-Sector, Naharlagun                                                     1600 hrs.

12.  M.M. Sen                  03/7/09 at 0830 hrs.                  Released on 3/7/09 at

Vill & P.O. Nowjalia, U.P.                                                1800 hrs.

13.  S.P. Bhutia,               13/7/09 at 1240 hrs.                Released on 18/7/09 at

                                                                                    1030 hrs.

14. Gegong Apang,          24-8-10 at 1100 hrs.                  Remanded in

 Former Chief Minister                                                     Police Custody for

Arunachal Pradesh                                                         7 (Seven) days.

15.  Hage Batt, IAS            24/8/2007                               Surrendered before

Former Director Supply &                                                court and released

Transport, Arunachal Pradesh                                          on bail by court

16.  Likha Maj.                  24/8/2007                               Surrendered before court

Proprietor of                                                                  and  released on interim

M/S Sahil Enterprises,                                                 bail by court on the same

                                                                                  day which was regularized

                                                                                 on 26-8-08 by

                                                                                   Spl Judge, Yupia.  

17.  Likha Saaya,                       -do-                            Surrendered before

Proprietor of M/S N.L. Yameen                                    court and released on

Enterprise, Nirjuli                                                        interim bail by court on the

                                                                                   same day which was      


                                                                                      on 26-8-08

                                                                                     by Spl. Judge, Yupia.

18.  Takam Pario,                  -do-                                    Surrendered before

Proprietor of                                                                   court and released

M/S Reniya Enterpirses,                                                 on interim bail by

 HO: Itanagar and P.A. holder of                                       court on the same day

 MPS K.K. Lamp.                                                          which was regularized on

                                                                             26-8-08 by Spl. Judge, Yupia.




Chakma refugees arrested on charges of drug peddling

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: In a major breakthrough four Chakma refugees were arrested by Bordumsa police from Bet camp inside Bijoypur village on charges of drug peddling on Sept 21. The arrest of four Chakma refugees namely Pradeep Chakma, Lal Chandra Chakma, Shantipriyo Chakma and SK Chakma have once again highlighted how refugees are involved in anti-social acts in this area.

Confirming their arrest, officer in charge of Bordumsa, Tek Chand Dhiman informed that all of them have been booked under various section against drug offence.

According to officer in charge, 25 gm of brown sugar were recovered from SK Chakma and 13 gm of heroine like white powder were found from Lal Chandra Chakma. Further he added that police have launched detail investigation into the matter and are hopeful of making more arrest in the coming days.

“Drug menace is spread throughout this region. We are hoping to interrogate the arrestee and get more information about drug syndicate in entire area,” said OC Dhiman.  

Singpho Youth Organization of Bordumsa which has been fighting against drug abuse among young Singpho youths have welcomed this arrest and offered to help police in nabbing drug peddlers.


Food grains stock nil in FCI base, PR leaders serves  ultimatum

PASIGHAT, Sept 22: The FCI base depot Pasighat has not issued food grains for the last two months despite payment of cost value of the food grains with the FCI office from District Food and Civil Supplies Officer, East Siang District, informed Bogong Anchal Block, Pasighat Okom Yosung.

The total quantity comes to 787460 quintals of rice for the month of August and September 2010 for East Siang District and FCI base depot Pasighat issues monthly allotted quantity of PDS rice to East Siang, Upper Siang and West Siang District since August 2010.

However, there is no stock of rice available at FCI Pasighat for the last two months, he added.

He further said that the quality of rice and wheat for distribution in all cooperative/lamps Ltd and all Fair Price Shops in the state is also a serious issue and are not fit for human consumption.

Yosung, appealed to the Director of Food and Civil Supplies government of Arunachal Pradesh to intervene into the matter so that  the consumers could obtain better quality of food grains in the state.

The East Siang District Panchayat leaders further threatened to launch agitation against FCI authorities if they fail to supply food grains in the district within 10 days and also appealed the Director of Food and Civil supplies to immediately intervene into the matter.


HC directives to State Govt

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: Responding to a writ petition filed by Arunachal Law Students’ Union general secretary Kipa Kanam and one Joram Taging, the Itanagar Permanent Bench of Gauhati High Court has directed the State Government to initiate regular recruitment process for the post of Tourist Information Officer (TIO) under the Department of Tourism within two months. Further, those TIOs, who have been appointed on officiating basis without any written interview vide order no. Tou(Estt) 3/94 PtV dtd 02.03.2009 and  Tou (Estt)/99 Pt. A/177 dtd 24.08.2009 and whose services were extended by order no Tou (Estt) 60/2000/167 & Order No Tou (Estt) 60/2000/168 dtd 08.07.2010, officiating/adhoc services shall not be extended beyond 23.08.2011, the court verdict said.


Teji says thank you to Arunachal, Govt announces Rs 10 lacs

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: Drum prodigy Toko Teji has thanked the people of the state for supporting him in his quest at the India Got Talent Khoj 2 on Colors Channel. While addressing the media this morning in Itanagar, he said that the success story would not have been possible if it was not for the constant support and love from the people of the state.

Teji is set to perform on Oct 1 at the final rounds.

A shy teenager, Teji said that Talent show was a chance to showcase what people of the state are capable of. People of India know that there is a place called Arunachal and that we got talent, he said.

A student of Class XII, he says that he wants to complete his schooling first and train as a musician.

A visibly happy Toko Natu, the mother of the drummer said that she never thought Teji would be a drummer even though he had started showing his inclination to music while still a toddler. I thought he would be a dancer since he would react to any sounds instantly, she said while admitting that her son is a good dancer too.

Toko Jyoti, the father of the teenager said that he gets upset when judges are harsh towards his son even as the Uncle Toko Tacho says judges are not musicians and their criticism pushes Teji to work harder.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu today announced Rs 10 lakh as an incentive for young prodigy. Teji along with his parents called on the chief minister in his official bungalow this afternoon.

Despite being so young, Teji has spread the name of Arunachal all over the country; Khandu said and assured all possible help to him in his endeavour to achieve success.

 “Never before any Arunachalee has won such fame and accolades for the state the way Teji has achieved by displaying his skills in one of the most famous talent show”, Khandu said.

 You are already a winner, but I am sure the whole state would stand behind you, Khandu said while praying for his success.

“I humbly appeal the people of the entire North East region, particularly the state to extend their support,” a happy Khandu said after felicitating Teji with a Thanka, a khada and a letter of appreciation.

In his message to the young generation of the state, the chief minister called upon them to take a cue from Teji and work towards the glory of the state in their field of liking and the state government would equally support them too.


AAPSU to take out protest rally against PRC

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: With state government not in a mood to relinquish from their stand of issuing permanent residential certificate(PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts, All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union(AAPSU)  has decided to fight tooth and nail against this order.  Recently AAPSU has already served the ultimatum to the state government to revoke the order immediately or face strongest protest.

As a first step towards marking their movement against issuing of PRC to non-APST, AAPSU is going to organize protest rally on Sept 28.

The rally which will start from Akashdeep market will culminate at the resident of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu.

Disclosing this, AAPSU President Takam Tatung, in a press statement today said, “Through this protest rally, we want to tell government of Arunachal Pradesh that people of this state will not accept this order. Another motive of rally would be to bring awareness among ordinary citizens regarding issue of PRC to non-APST.”   While citing the example of Assam agitation of 80s launched against illegal Bangladeshi migrants, Tatung went on to add that, “Until this order is revoked we won’t give up.”

Tatung further warned there would be major law and order problem in coming days if governments do not revoke this order. “It’s not only about Lohit and Changlang, the entire people of Arunachal are very angry and sad with this order. When this anger grows and if people’s movement is launched, state government will be in deep trouble,” said Tatung.  

Asking government not to fool its own citizens, he said days of government doing whatever they want to do are over. “Today people of state know what Bengal Easter Frontier Regulation Act of 1873 is. They know that Arunachal is 100% tribal state and non-APST can’t buy property here. They know that even Supreme Court of India cannot meddle with this act, he said.

AAPSU has urged people of state to support the union in their endeavor. “We request all the NGOs, civil society groups and ordinary citizens of state to come and support AAPSU. We also request capital based civil society groups to join our protest march,” said Tatung “This is do or die situation for us. To protect right of indigenous tribal of Arunachal, we have to fight against this order. This decision of issuing PRC to non-APST is a historic blunder and till the last drop of blood we will fight against this decision.”


PRC to non-APST highly deplorable: NYC

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: Condemning the decision to grant permanent residential certificate to the non-APST, Nationalist Congress Party today said people of the state are yet again stunned by the gross apathy of the State Govt.

Describing the Govt decision as most irresponsible act in the recent history of Arunachal Pradesh, NYC national general secretary Mongol Yomso in a release today said, State Govt has taken another shocking decision while the people of the state are yet to come to term with the shock and inept handling of the PDS scam. The callous act of Govt is highly deplorable and inexcusable, he said.

The Dorjee Khandu led government is meandering from one bungling to another, the release said while adding that state government is hell bent on giving away not only the natural resources but the whole state to outsiders. After giving away natural resources like hydro power and mineral, now it has altogether given away the sacrosanct right of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, the release said.  Yomso said, any sane person will not take a decision that will compromise the political right and power of the people of state in the long run. The decision to grant PRC to non APST will have serious and irreversible consequences on the political, social and cultural aspect of the state in the days to come, he added.

Granting of PRC has completely negated the security and autonomy provided by the ILP, NYC leader said and added that  the  state Govt has exposed Arunachal Pradesh to dangerous silent demographic invasion.

Yomso called upon all right thinking persons and NGOs to fight together for revocation of the  Govt decision.


10 among 179 students tested hepatitis-B positive in Seppa

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: As many as ten students were tested hepatitis-B positive among 179 students during school level health program cum advocacy meeting organized by District Health Society at Seppa today.  

More than 200 students, teachers and   staff of District Hospital Seppa  took part in the programme conducted under RCH-II  for educating the school children about the various killer diseases  including HIV/AIDS, RTI/STI, Hepatitis-B and oral and dental hygienic problem.

DRCHO and senior medical officer Dr. Kaya Lapung while addressing the students said the education does not necessarily mean having bookies knowledge only.  Awareness on killer disease like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis-B and its causes and remedies besides maintenance of health and hygiene is equally important in educational life of the students, he said. Lapung further said that the immune system of human body is like that of defense system of the country.  

Dr. K. Shoping informed that hepatitis-B is one of the common diseases widely prevalent in the state and people in Seppa are more susceptible to the disease due to lack of awareness. However, he said, Hepatisit-B can be controlled at the initial stage by taking care of one’s food habits. Dr. Shoping was of the opinion that as the magnitude and the gravity of the danger from the disease is not less than the HIV/AIDS, the Govt should take immediate measures to prevent it further spreading.

Dr. T. Tagia informed the students about the oral and dental hygienic. He  said 40 percent of the health related problem are due to the dental problem  which is very common in the district and most of the dental related problems are caused by the use of the tobacco related products. Stating that disease is more susceptible to the pregnant woman, he called upon them to get check up of the dental in regular interval during pregnancy period.

Quiz competition was also organized where in the students of class XII bagged the first prize while second prize went jointly to the students of the class X and XI. DIPRO


East Kameng police seek people’s cooperation to tackle law and order situation

SEPPA, Sept 22: Cooperation of the people is the urgent need of the hour to maintain law and order in East Kameng district, said Superintendent of Police Kime Aya.

Aya was addressing the public-police coordination meeting held at Seppa yesterday after the unfortunate incident of Sept 14 last.

Assuring total security to the people of the district, the SP said that only cooperation of people will bring results in maintaining law and order problem.

He appealed all the members present to instill good ideas in the mind of children. But at any cost children should not be encouraged for anything that goes against the law, he said.  

Stressing on proper guidance to the students to make them interested in study, SP said that lack of education is one of the causes for unwanted incident. He also emphasized on people’s awareness about the administrative system while tackling law and order situation.

Describing the attack on Seppa police station following the torture of a teacher by the IRBN personnel, as unfortunate, he said problem should be solved through mutual discussion.

Regarding the IRBN personnel, he said the IRBN personnel  are not as bad as they are highlighted but they sometimes stray indulging in confrontation with the common masses due to lack of  proper guidance.

East Kameng Social and Cultural Welfare Organization chairman Dr. Kaya Lapung while questioning the nature of duty of the police said that police should act as the guardian of the society. The attack on Seppa police station was not only because of the torture of a teacher rather it was the result of accumulated grievances of the people due to the police atrocities, he said.

District ZPM chairperson, Sipi Bagang advocated for such meeting in regular interval and take the people into confidence while reinforcing force.

AEKDSU President Tukfi Riang, ATA district unit president Nisham Pao, traders and panchayat leaders also spoke on the occasion.

The house also discussed various other problems that have been facing the police personnel in the district.  DIPRO


2nd phase in-service teachers training prog begins at Tawang

TAWANG, Sept 22: Tawang DDSE Rinchin Phuntsok has inaugurated the second phase in-service teachers training programme at Tawang on Sept 20 last. Altogether 51 teachers of the district are taking part in the five-day long training programme, being organized in collaboration with the DIET, Dirang.

Tasso Tako, Principal GHSS, Tawang and  J.P. Mishra, Principal, DIET, Dirang also attended the function.

In the inaugural address, Phuntsok dwelt at length on the need and importance of such programmes and the role of DIET in providing academic resources. He opined that in-service teachers' training can prove helpful in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the teachers which in turn would help them in bringing about qualitative change in classroom practices and procedures.

Speaking on the occasion Tako highlighted the need of switching over to the activity based learner-centric approach from the conventional method of teaching.

J.P. Mishra, Principal, DIET, Dirang stressed on the need of inculcating moral values amongst the children for improving the quality of life of self and community. DIPRO


Mra felicitated

Youths urged to draw inspiration from Mra

TANAGAR Sept 22:  The department of sports and youth affairs today felicitated mountaineer Tapi Mra, who brought laurel to the state by scaling the Mount Everest, highest peak of the world during 2009.

While appreciating the Everester for making the state proud with his achievement, the chief guest of the function and Parliamentary Secretary, Wangki Lowang called upon the youth and sportspersons of the state to draw inspiration and follow the footstep of Mra.

The Director and secretary of the sports department also spoke on the occasion.

Narrating his difficult journey, Mra said it was his determination and hard work which got him where he is today. He further advised the youth to have positive attitude and determination in achieving their goal in life.

All the presidents, secretaries of various sports associations, sportsmen and media persons took part in the programme. DIPR


IRBn lift Summer Cup Football trophy

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: The 3rd Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBn) team lifted the Second Papum Pare Summer Cup Football Championship defeating Bamang Taji Football Club (BTFC) 4-2 via penalty kick at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

The tie had be decided through penalty kick after both the teams played out a 2-2 draw in regulation and extra time.

IRBn converted their all four spot kicks into goals while BTFC could score only two out of four.

Earlier in a pulsating match, BTFC took the lead 35 minutes into the match through Toko Poliam which was equalized by Pane Raju in the second half (1-1). BTFC was on the verge of victory when their dependable striker Poliam struck again in extra time (2-1). But luck was always in IRBn’s favour as they were awarded a penalty kick in the dying moment after one of the BTFC players handled the ball. And the inevitable happened when Tabe Kamku netted the spot kick to make the scoreboard 2-2.

The ‘Best Player of the tournament,’ ‘Best Goalkeeper’ and Fair Play Team awards went to MVFC’s Techi Takar, IRBn’s Narba Dolo and Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy respectively. Rocky Ramching became the highest scorer with 10 goals in his kitty.

Borum Panchayat ZPM Taro Modi attended the closing ceremony as chief guest and gave away trophies to winner and runners up teams.


Intl. Teakwondo C’ship

ITANAGAR, Sep 22: Four Taekwondo players, namely Tarak Dotang, Borik Pamo, Suraj Ali and Dharmandar Rawat, from Arunachal Pradesh are participating in the First International Senior Taekwondo Championship which began at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh today, according to Arunachal Taekwondo Association.


Students cry for school infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Sep 22: The Students’ Welfare Committee of Govt Hr Sec. School, Doimukh demanded the State Government, particularly Education Department, for providing the basic requirements of the school for smooth running.

Describing the lack of basic facilities like parking lot, assembly hall and absence of various other required school infrastructure, the students welfare committee, in a release, said that the school was in urgent need of additional classroom to accommodate ever growing students. Presently, 150-180 students have to be accommodated in a single classroom, it said. It also urged the authority for immediate and proper demarcation of the school boundary to prevent encroachment and renovation of teachers quarters.


Teachers appeal against mobile phones

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: Arunachal Pradesh Teachers’ Association, Papum Pare District Unit appealed to the parents and guardians of all the students studying in government schools of the district to restrict use of Mobile Phone during school hours.

The ATA unit further lamenting over the mushrooming of wine shops, hospital and beer bars near all the government and private schools of the capital complex, appealed to the concerned authority to direct proper directives to the nearest wine shops and restaurants of the capital complex, and added that as per education guideline, the wine shop, burial ground and hospital should have minimum distance of one kilometer from school.


Awareness camp on Total Sanitation Campaign

DAPORIJO, Sept 22: An Awareness camp on Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) was held on Sept 18 at Government Higher Secondary School, Maro in Upper Subansiri district.

Addressing the gathering, DC A. Abhayankar urged the public to utilize the Govt assistance. He informed the public that education, health and sanitation will be in his list of priorities. Abhayankar also inspected the school infrastructure at Maro and sought full cooperation from the teaching staff in nurturing the future generation

Er. N. Konia, EE PHED  in his address promised full cooperation to beneficiaries so as to be a part of Open Defecation Free State by 2012.

Er. M. Tatu, AE PHED Dumporijo, I. Bagra CO, Dr. Bagbi MO Maro , Panchayat leaders, GBs, teachers, students and the general public gathered  participated in the programme. DIPRO


AAPWU Tawang unit discuss workers problems

TAWANG, Sept 22: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers' Union (AAPWU), Tawag district district  discussed various problems of the workers  in its general body meeting held at Tawang on Sept 19. Altogether 225 workers attended the meeting.

Addressing the gathering AAPWU district unit president Leki Tsering appreciated the Govt decision to enhance wages of the workers of the state.

 Describing the workers as backbone of a developing nation, he requested all the workers to work sincerely. He also requested, the BRO/GREF to provide medical and casual leave facilities, especially for those working in areas like Sela, Nuranrng, PTso, Nagula, T.Gompa, LGG, 48 Kilo JGR.

All the other members and workers spoke at length about their problems and requested the executive bodies to be their voice.

Among others AAPWU district unit vice president Rinchin Phuntsok and Pem Dakpa, President Western Zone, Bomdila were present on the occasion. DIPRO



Farmers Club Training

PALIN, Sept 22: A day long ‘Farmers Club’ training programme was conducted in order to enhance the agri-allied activities of the farmers at Palin Block Resource Centre (BRC) on Sept 18.  The program was organized by Community Learning and Doing Center (CLDC and  supported by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), regional office, Itanagar.

Inaugurating the programme Palin ZPM Techi Azad exhorted the participants to learn and adopt the most optimum and feasible techniques to improve agricultural and allied activities.

Altogether 68 participants from fifteen farmers clubs of Palin circle have enthusiastically participates the day long program and discussed in dept about the agri-allied activities with the resource experts from various departments including Nabam James, DFDO Papum Pare, Dr. Taba Heli, Program Coordinator, KVK Papum Pare, T.D. Neekum, Sr. Technician Directorate of Agriculture, Naharlagun, Tao Pappu, HDO, Tadar Kash, ADO, Dolang Akum, ADO Yupia, Bamang Raja, VO Palin and Khoda Teri, ADO, Palin.

Earlier, Byabang Rocket, President Community Learning and Doing Centre (CLDC) Palin highlighted the motive behind the formation of farmers club as well as the training objectives.


Arrest all accused in PDS scam: AUSDSU

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: All Upper Subansiri District Students’ Union (AUSDSU) has urged the SIC to arrest all the accused in PDS scam.

Expressing resentment at the arrest of only former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, the Union also called for cancellation of all trading license of the firms in Upper Subansiri district which are allegedly involved in the scam.


Don’t include Gasheng village under DDB’

ITANAGAR, Sept 22: Inclusion of Gasheng village and its forest resources under Dibang Dihang Biosphere (DDB) has been strongly opposed by the villagers.

While demanding exclusion of the village from the proposed DDB keeping in mind the dependency of tribal people on forest resources to meet their day-today needs, West Siang District Congress Seva Dal chief organizer and Gasheng village GPM chairperson, on behalf of the villagers, said that non-fulfillment of their demand would compel them to fight legal battle. They also informed that villagers were ignorant about the development and they are not ready to spare land for it.


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