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September - 24



CS should have been careful

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the role of Tabom Bam, a native of the state and the longest serving Chief Secretary.  When he became the Chief Secretary, people of the state had lots of expectations because he belongs to the state. During his appointment as a chief secretary of Arunachal Pradesh, people had lots  of expectation from him because he is a member of our own family of tribals.

We all welcomed him with a silent prayer that he would take care of the people of the state. But our prayer seems to gone wastage with the recent announcement of PRC to non-tribal people settled in Arunachal Pradesh.

 Being a member of Arunachalee community, he should have stopped it. But he did not which force us to think whether our officers really bother about us.  We understand MLAs are under some compulsion where as he does not have any political compulsion.

He should have rejected the govt. proposal. At the most he would have been transferred out of the state.

Our officers and politicians should think about future of the state.


Nabam Akin Hina

Assistant Gen. Secretary




Solve problems of DRDAs

Dear Editor,

District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) an autonomous Apex bodies was established for implementing the centrally sponsored scheme to upgrade rural economy scenario.

I have been transferred from DRDA, Daporijo to DRDA, Aalo. According to the Memo No. CD-47/82(IRD) PT/71 Dated 8th Nov’83, DRDA is an autonomous apex bodies having been set up and duly registered under the Registration of Societies Act in Arunachal Pradesh. Each DRDA will function as a separate registered society in pursuance of the aims and objects set out in the Memorandum of Association leading to the formation of the Agency and in accordance with the rules and regulations framed there under as per decision contained in the Govt. of A.P letter No. CD-47/82(IRD)/88 dated 16-02-83.

The DRDA Department is not given much attention by the State Government. Many DRDA staff are suffering the pay/ salaries problem for many years till date. Now, State Govt. is key for all Developmental and solve the problems of DRDA.

I humbly request the concerned authority that if DRDAs problems is being not solved, please don’t make an unnecessary effort like transfer /posting, new appointment, Extension of Deputations officers, etc.


Tamar Baki,

(on email)



Please includes ad as well

Dear Editor,

From the beginning of the web- version of the Arunachal Times, I have noticed that there is all the news but there is no advertisement.

As we are staying outside the state we are not able to receive the print version of paper, so I request the editor to publish the advertisement in the web itself.


Tadar (on email)




“Target People First” or “Family First” Government!!!

Dear Editor,

The “People First Govt.” led by Dorjee Khandu has been misunderstood by us. By now, everyone must have understood that it actually stands for “Target People First Govt”or say “Family First” government.

Going by all the articles published in your daily, it seems the Dorjee Khandu led govt. is not at all interested in listening to the grievances of the common public. Why will he be? After all, his first priority is his family members. This is at least proved from the fact that he awarded illegal contracts during his tenure to M/S RD carriage owned by his family members and made false bills of `Rs 68 crore against M/s RD carriage’. Not to forget illegal appointment of 14 DRRO [District Relief and Rehabilitation Officers]. I wonder after being awarded a Gold Medal for his meritorious intelligence services rendered during the Bangladesh War, how he could involve himself in all these scams.

The people of Mukto assembly must have never expected all this from him while electing him “unopposed".

The common people of Mukto Assembly must have never imagined even in their wild dreams that his son Pema Khandu has been betraying the Below Poverty Line People all these years by robbing them of their allotted foodgrains in return of their service during assembly elections. At least spare the foodgrains! They deserve it. After all, whatever he have earned till today is all because of them.

There is no doubt that people will remember both of them for their deeds throughout their life and also pass it into next generation. His family has earned a bad name for itself which can’t be rectified how rich they may be. Afterall, money can’t earn  respect though it can buy power.

My appeal to our CM is step down at least on moral grounds until cleared of all these scams. In that way, people will at least start respecting them.


A Citizen



Takampassa is name of a village

Dear Editor,

The news item carried by your esteemed daily on 21st September, 2010 regarding PDS scam and its 96 accused lists. The Sl. No. 85 read as Takampassa (Yazali). The word Takampassa here at Yazali is not a person but a ancient village. The village was not connected to road till 2009. The village is 4 Km from Yazali by foothpath at the right bank of Ranga river and procont ongoing road is incomplete for transportation. If the word is not a clerical mistake then the person who misuses the name of village and deliberately misleading the fact should be given exemplary punishment. There is no FPS or godown/storage facility in our village.

Hence, we the people of Takampassa Village is unaware of   such facility or activity. The villager requests investigating agency to come and visit the village. Again and again it is asserted that Takampassa is not a person but a village with population of 275 person under 16th Yachuli Constituency, Lower Subansiri A.P.

Therefore, body using Takampassa for deliberately misleading people and investigating agency (SIC) the whole responsibility will lie on them. As in one occasion, relief case there were astronomical increase of population and unknown names were listed which was not the part of village. So, investigating agency should boldly look into the fact and necessary interrogation should be made to gain public faith and to save dignity of agency.


Tao Ror

Yazali, ‘C’ Sector.



In case of emergency

Dear Editor,

I would like to add a few words on the concept of "ICE" (In case of emergency) given by one of your esteemed readers. For many times, this idea of accident and the confusion the attendant may have in selecting the right person during emergency passed through my mind but I never got any right idea which is usable in large scale. So, when I read about this ICE concept, I was really thrilled and will definitely like to go for it and hope everyone will slowly but steadily adopt this practical concept which can really make a difference


Siyang Borang,

(on email) Itanagar



Now or never

Dear Editor,

PDS, PRC, DAMS, untrained IRBNs, Illegal Appointments, Nepotism in contract work and so on. Dear Brothers and Sisters of Arunachal (including widely misused, exploited and politician foot licking downtrodden Panchayat leaders) , enough is enough, lets come out to the streets and throw out  these politicians. This is the turning point for the future of Arunachal. Now or never we can change our state.


An Arunchalee,

(on email)



Worrying trend in NE politics

Dear Editor,

We are shocked and pained on the emerging cheap conducts of tribal leaders in the northeast region that gives splendid advantage to outsiders for further exploitation of the indigenous people out of sheer greed and temporary vested interest. The recent inquiry into the PDS Scam (SIC) set up by the state government and the manner in handling such a serious case of corruption that erupts in the northeast for the first time is a clear reflection of the deceitfulness, naughtiness and virtual lack of belongingness and concern of some tribal leaders in the Northeast. When the people in the mainland generally considered people from India’s North East “honest and committed” the cheap conduct of few leaders / people has been giving wrong image on the morality, compatibility and honesty of many Northeastern people in the mainland.     

We demand for CBI inquiry into the Multi Crores PDS scam in Arunachal and the immediate release of Gegong Apang from custody and trial of the entire 96 person involved in the scam without prejudice in the earliest possible time.

We are concerned on the manner Gegong Apang who is the fifth accused in the Scam is treated. Arunachal is the first state who arrested  and kept a 5 times Chief Minister of a state in custody for more than 26 days astoundingly.


K. ZOU (on email)


All India Tribal Students Assn, Delhi



Have a heart

Dear Editor,

I would like to remind the readers and the education department in particular that SSA teachers are giving their yeomen service to impart education to the rural children in the state with Rs 7200/- and Rs. 8500/- only per month.

I also would like to appreciate Minister Education Bosiram Siram for his initiative and assurance for the welfare of the paid social workers/SSA teachers.

To add more problem in Tirap District under Longding circle deduction of SSA teachers' salary/wages become tradition.

I witnessed two lady SSA teachers who have been officially punished in last two months June and July'10. Both of them were in advance stage for delivering their child/children though they were assigned Village Education Register and Population Census duty when regular teachers and students were on summer vacation. One of them talked and applied for casual leave (though there is no leave provision). Accordingly ADEO Longding accepted both casual leave and joining report, she was on leave as per ADEO’s direction for only 18 days. When the wages come her salary was less than one month’s salary.

I would like to appeal the block/district and state education officer who deal SSA schemes not to deduct their salary on humanitarian ground.


Nokkai Wangsaham,

(on email), Longding



Danger of dams on Himalayan Rivers

Dear Editor,

It is time Indian policy makers rethink their idea of building dams over rivers of Himalayan origin. With the onset of global warming and change in rain pattern, sudden upsurge in water levels are already causing havoc. Despite largescale protests, the Tehri dam was completed in 2006. It is a rockfill dam on the Bhagirathi, the source stream of the Ganga, which completely submerged the historic Tehri town in Uttarakhand. Any further rise in water levels in Tehri will put at risk nearby villages and towns like Haridwar, Rishikesh and adjoining areas. The surging mass of water which has been released after the gates of the dam were opened is a frightening sight. What has this type of ‘development’ made of Uttarakhand? This is not sustainable development. It is out and out exploitative pattern of taking things forward by the power lobby.

An alert has been sounded in 72 villages in the Tehri lake periphery. The administration said it was prepared to face any eventuality. Many government buildings have been prepared for evacuation if the need arises. About 50 people in Uttarakhand are suffering from made-made disasters like landslides and flash floods like never before. The army was called out in parts of of Almora and Haridwar districts, described the worst affected by officials. There is total devastation in Uttarakhand. There are threats to the Tehri dam even though the water level was close to the danger mark. However, green activists sounded warning bells. Environmentalist Anil Joshi said bigger disasters were in store if the government did not check the construction of such dams in the Himalayas.

“It is high time the government reviewed the viability of the dams. In the end, local communities are paying the price because the water cannot be released, so it is submerging the adjoining villages,” said Joshi, the founder of Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation.

Many parts of north India, including the capital, are bearing the brunt of a swollen Yamuna threatened to overflow its banks and the waters of the Tehri dam posed a danger to Uttarakhand, where hundreds of  people have been killed. Unusually heavy rainfall this year has seen large swathes of India bracing for floods and many thousands living in low lying areas being shifted to camps. New Delhi faced fresh flood threats with nearly seven lakh cusecs of water being discharged into the Yamuna river from the Hathini Kund barrage in neighbouring Haryana.

In the wake of the grim situation in Uttarakhand, one of the most beautiful hill states in India which has been destroyed by dams, will the central government in Delhi let the common masses know whom was this ‘development’ for? Who has benefitted most by this sort of development? Will the owners of the construction companies sitting in their suave head-offices in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore take the responsibility of such disasters?

When dam authorities released water after the water level rose due to monsoon, Delhi’s CWG preparations are in chaos. Flash floods in Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh has shown that when it floods, it doesn’t always rain. Release of dam waters from the Tehri dam has flooded the hilly state of Uttarakhand. Arunachal Pradesh and Assam will face the same in coming years.


P. Konwar

Guwahati- 9 (on email)



A pandemonium called Itanagar

Dear Editor,

Sometimes plain observations go a long way in determining the state of affairs of a nation – subsequently the States and in turn the citizens residing in them. All dear readers, this is what goes on in the life of a common man (in a subtle way, his humble observations) in the “pandemonium” called Itanagar –

• MRP doesn’t stand for Maximum Retail Price; here it stands for “Maximum Recovery Protocol”. Products from mobile top ups, stationery, soft drinks etc leads the way in adhering to non-adherence.

• If you drive a bigger car, it doesn’t mean you have to occupy both lanes – the humble hatchback Maruti 800 though smaller will not fit in the footpath i.e. if there is one.

• There’s a reason why we have right/left indicators on our cars – the one behind you can’t read your mind. Next time think of using it.

• There’s nothing more fun and exhilarating than riding a bike but can you all, Please! not try overtaking from the left.

• I have never heard one person being impressed when you do those fancy bike moves in traffic. Rather my ears get polluted by the stream of expletives/gaalis you seemingly left behind.

• I’m sure people didn’t learn how to park while taking driving lessons. If anyone has doubts, you should visit Akashdeep, Bank Tinali, Takar Complex, G-Extension etc (I rest my case).

There are more observations to share but I believe I have hit a home run already. Until next time, just remember, in extraordinary situations – “rules can be bent but not necessarily broken”.


Rommel Kuru




Shortage of honest politicians

Dear Editor,

At present corruption rules the roost in the state and finding an honest politician is like searching a needle in haystack. Polity is ruled by unholy trinity of politicians, contractors and bureaucrats at times. Politicians win the election with generous help from the contractors and contractors are taking help from the bureaucrats. Jail sentence and granting of bail by the court do not carry any meaning for the politicians. They are more interested to play the game of corruption than finding a concrete solution to the problems being faced by the poor people of the state.

Illegal appointments become order of the day. While a large number of educated youths are running from pillar to post, vacancies are filed up through back door appointment. Netas appeal for collective responsibilities in public meetings, but when they reach state capital, they think other way.

If the present trend of corruption continues, one day Arunachal Pradesh will find place in the book of world record in corruption.

We are not against the ideology and People First policy of the Dorjee Khandu Govt but policies are not enough, we want action.  Let the judiciary punish all those involved in the PDS scam.

I also appeal the youth of the state to awake before the non-sense politicians dilute everything.


Tabu Marbom

Ganga, Itanagar



Wildlife protection act in enforced already

Dear Editor,

This is regarding a news item carried in your daily dated 16.09.2010 under the heading " Wildlife Protection Act in Lower Dibang Valley" in which it has been stated that "DC in a notice has enforced the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 in Lower Dibang Valley".

This is a misleading report which will make an impression on innocent public of other districts to think that there is no Wildlife Protection Law in their districts.

It may be mentioned here that Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 has been made applicable in Arunachal Pradesh from 15th May 1973.

Notices issued by DC Lower Dibang Valley is meant for awareness generation, deterrence & also to make the public understand the importance wildlife. It has nothing to do with enforcement of law which is already in force.


Tapek Riba(on email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


MLA announces initiative for Thrizino

BOMDILA, Sep 23: Thrizino- Buragaon MLA Kumsi Sidasow said that he will make all possible efforts for development of his constituency. He was addressing a meeting at Thrizino during his 10-day visit to his constituency after being elected as MLA.

Development is possible only in a peaceful atmosphere, he said and appealed to the people of the circle, especially youths, to maintain peace. He also urged them to create a homely atmosphere so that Government staff, officers and other developing agencies could devote themselves in their works without any fear.

Later, the MLA announced Rs Two crore for construction of ADC office cum Residence, Rs One Crore each for construction of Circuit House and Shifting of Helipad with link road to helipad and ADC Office cum Residence. Besides, he also sanctioned computers for Saint Jorge School Thrizino.

Earlier, Thrizino ZPM Sang Dorjee Sidisow urged the MLA for providing banking facilities by establishing Banks, establishment of Police Station, Post Office, construction of town approach road and black topping of roads, school auditorium for Govt. Higher Secondary School, Circuit House, telephone line and early commissioning of installed mobile tower, arrangement of drinking water supply in Thrizino circle, posting of JE, WRD to monitor and guide various schemes of water resource department in the circle.

He also requested district heads and other officials to station at the circle HQ in the larger interest of the public.

Deputy Commissioner R Tashi, who accompanied the MLA , also addressed the meeting and expressed his resentment over irregularity of teachers.

He said that Village Education Committees (VECs have a greater role to play in this direction since Govt has entrusted them to manage and monitor respective village schools for their proper functioning. They should report to the administration in case of teachers irregularity so that action can be taken against such erring teachers.

He also appreciated the roles Missionaries in educating rural children and district horticulture department for creating awareness among villagers to take up and cultivate cash crop like apple, Kiwi, Papaya, orange etc.(DIRPO)


NEDWS support AAPSU rally

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: North East Development Welfare Society (NEDWS) has extended its support to the movement launched by the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) against the Govt decision to issue PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts. AAPSU is set to launch protest rally on Sept 28.


Bandh against TFC grant

ITANAGAR, Sep 23: Dissatisfied with the answer given by Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner on release of 3rd and 4th installment TFC share of GPMs and ASMs, All Kurung Kumey District Panchayat Welfare Committee has called 24 hour panchayat bandh on October Two as first phase of their agitation to register protest. The decision has been taken at a meeting held yesterday attended by ASMs and ASM chairman of All Palin, Chambang, Yangte, Gangte, Tarak-Langdi Panchayat Welfare Committee. It further decided to go for legal recourse if bandh call does not yield positive result.

Earlier, the meeting formed All Kurung Kumey District Panchayat Welfare Committee and appointed ASMs Choki Tatung, Dari Sojik and Gangte Tallum as chairman, vice chairman and general secretary respectively.


“Handover highway road to BRTF”

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Lendo Ao Welfare Association appealed to the state government for early handover of NH 52-A Highway Road to BRTF particularly from Banderdewa to Chimpu.

The association stated that the work quality of Public Work Department is not up to the public satisfaction.

The association lamented over the work culture of various departments. It said that with  exception of Education and Health Departments in some office employees hardly work for 2 to 3 hours. It appealed them to improve their work culture in the twin capital while requesting the Chief Secretary to take up some initiatives for smooth functioning of every department



Vote for Teji

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: All Nyishi Youth Association, Lower Subansiri District Unit, Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha and All Arunachal Pradesh Private Driver Union appealed to the people of the state to vote Toko Teji, who has entered the grand finale of India’s Got Talent Koj-2.


Teji facilitated

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: The Arunachal Boogie Woogie team along with the participants felicitated Toko Teji, Finalist India’s Got Talent Khoj-2”  at National Cinema hall yesterday. It was a great moment for the participants of Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010 to be with their icon even though for a few moments only.  Teji was impressed with the performances of some of the participants and later said “I have seen dancers in “India’s got talent”; you deserve to be there”.

Er. Toko Jyoti, the proud father was also felicitated on the occasion. He was overwhelmed with the way the people of Arunachal Pradesh has welcomed his son. He thanked one and all for the love they have showered on his son. He further confessed that he was initially not happy with his son’s interest in music. But today his music has made him and the state of Arunachal proud. He appealed the parents to stop discouraging their children from pursuing their interest in Arts or music.

We should stop imposing our decisions on the children, he said.

He thanked the organizers of the Arunachal Boogie Woogie for providing such a good platform for the young talents.

Meanwhile, the Third round of Arunchal Boogie Woogie is on Sept 26 at National Cinema Hall, Naharlagun.

Achu Bagang, President Arunachal Orphan Welfare Association will be the special guest of the evening. The dancers will perform on old melodies of Hindi Cinema.



ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Pushi Bango Students Union has decided to start the second phase of bandh call from 5 am 24th of this month to 5 pm 25th of September.


Appeal for Up-gradation

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Anchal Chairperson 3-Gangte Tarak Lendi appealed to the state government and the department of Health Services for early upgradation of Gangte Health Sub-Centre to Primary Health Centre.

She claimed that due to poor medical facilities people are facing lots of medical related problems in the area.


Union demands resignation

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Demanding resignation of all MLAs allegedly involved in the DPS scam, Hirik-Hiru Students Union said that all the accused in the scam be booked immediately. It further demanded CBI probe in the PDS case and cancellation of trading license of the persons involved in it.

While urging the AAPSU to raise voice against the burning issue, the union alleged negative attitude of the state Govt  on PDS scam.


Civic Action Prog

DOIMUKH, Sept 23: Under the Civic action programme of 31st Bn. of ITBP, the Commandant gave away desks and benches to Tigdo Middle School.

Commandant R.S. Chaudhary speaking on the occasion has said that he has sent a proposal to the government of India for providing infrastructure to the school including toilet, blackboards and community hall.

The chief guest Tana Bado ZPM Doimukh provided ceiling fans and water filter to the school.

Speaking at the occasion, he lauded and praised commandant for his commitment towards the school.

Chuku Paji, the head master described the problems of the school and thanked the 31st Bn. of ITBP for its generosity under the civic action programme.


Nepali meet

ITANAGAR, Sep 23: The two-day national conference of Nepali Surksha Parishad was held at Siliguri, Darjeeling recently.

The main aim of the conference was to promote the pristine glories of the Nepali community living in different parts of the world.

It also discussed on various issues like education, health, terrorism and influence of western culture etc.

Around 80 delegates from Nepal and different states of the country, including Assam, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh etc., attended the conference.

Parishad’s Pasighat unit chief secretary Bishnu Bhandari and secretary Sanjiv Chetry represented Arunachal Pradesh at the conference.


Health camp

Tawang, Sept 23: 117 RCC in association with SSB and District Hospital, Tawang organized a Medical Camp in Zemithang circle.

ADC Lumla Lobsang Dorjee, ADC inaugurated the camp.

A team of doctors with Capt. G Purohit, MO 117 RCC, Capt. A.K. Yadav, MO, 90 RCC, Dr. Arun Singh, MO, Lumla PHC, Capt Nitin Vaish imparted treatment to the patients.

Patients were provided health awareness regarding ill effects of alcohol, smoking, tobacco, and HIV/ STDs by doctors, and lifestyle modifications were also suggested.

A large number of people from in and around Zemithang circle turned up for treatment. 50 children were immunized during the camp against six killer diseases by the NRHM team from District Hospital, Tawang.

Keeping in view the national aim of population control and prevention of spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases the camp distributed free condoms and emergency contraceptive pills. (DIPRO)


Repair road

ITANAGAR, Sep 23: Pakke Kessang Block Congress Committee (BCC) urged PWD minister for immediate renovation of Seijosa road from check gate to Goloso, which is lying in a dilapidated condition for the last 10 years due to lack of maintenance. The road, which is the lifeline of people of Seijosa area, was further damaged during last monsoon compelling STS authority to suspend bus services, BCC informed. People are facing hardship following suspension of bus services due to damage caused to the buses by worst road condition. Now, neither the STS director nor the station superintended is ready to provide fund for bus repair, it said while urging STS authority for providing a new bus.


Public hearing

Tawang, 23 Sept.: Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board conducted Environment Public Hearing in respect of proposed Tawang Basin Projects, Stage-II at Sports Complex, Lumla.

N. Tam, Member Secretary, APSPCB, Itanagar convened the Public Hearing under the Chairmanship of Karma Leki, i/c District Commissioner, Tawang.

Project affected families, villager, local persons, public leaders including Jambey Tashi, MLA, Lumla attended the Public Hearing.


Foundation stone

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: All Lower Subansiri Students’ Union (ALSSU) office foundation stone was laid by former ALSSU General Secretary Tania Tajing at Manipolyang, Ziro in presence of Koj Tachang President of Apatani Students Union along with members of ALSSU and All Yachuli Students Union.


Bail petition of Apang rejected

ITANAGAR:  The Lakhimpur Special Session Court has rejected the bail petition of former  Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Gegong Apang today.  Apang was arrested on  August 24 by SIC for his alleged involvement in PDS scam.

The bail petition will  come up for hearing at Itanagar Bench of  the Guwahati High Court on Monday.

On Sept 9, the former chief minister was sent to 14 days judicial remand by Lakhimpur Special Session Court.


APCC reacts

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) said that the name of the APCC president Nabam Tuki has been dragged in a news item without iota of truth under the caption ‘Questions galore for SIC on PDS scam” published in this daily on Sept 21 last.    

The news item including the name of Tuki has disheartened the rank and file of the APCC, the party said in a release.


Medical store suspended

ITANAGAR: Director of Health Service, Ex-Officio Drug Controller, Naharlagun in an order suspended M/S Banderdewa Drugs Store, Banderdewa for a period of six months due to discrepancies.

The decision was taken after detection of some serious discrepancies during a normal inspection of medical shop by Drugs Inspector along with Assistant Drugs Controller.



ITANAGAR, Sept 23: All Ha Bango Youth Welfare Association has condole the death of Nayang Taso (Sioji) who passed away yesterday at Naharlagun hospital after prolonged illness. Late Taso who was studying in class X in government higher secondary school, Itanagar was resident of Nayang village of Pipsorang circle, Kurung Kumey district. Expressing shock over his death, association has prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.



ITANAGAR, Sep 23: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU) condoled the death of Gochi Tassang, who was serving as handyman under Rural Works Division, Poma. Tassang, son of Late Gochi Taluk of Gochi village of Tali, died at his Govt residence at Vivek Vihar on September 22 after a prolonged illness.

His untimely demise has caused great loss to the Union, who was one of the very active and dedicated members of the Union, AAPWU in its condolence message said and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

The members of Sagalee Educated Unemployed Self-Help Group (SEUSHG) and Pape Panchayat Youth Forum (PPYF) have condoled the death of Nabam Yarang, mother of Nabam Lagi, president of the SHG and PPYF. The members of both the SHG and PPYF observed few minutes silence as mark of respect to Yarang and prayed for her eternal peace.

BJP demands CBI probe into foodgrain diversion scam

New Delhi, Sept 23: The BJP today demanded a CBI inquiry into the scandal related to the Public Distribution System (PDS) in Arunachal Pradesh allegedly involving former Chief Minister Gegong Apang and present Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu's son Pema Khandu, four MLAs and 94 others.

The scandal is related to distribution of foodgrains through the PDS. It is estimated that the extent of fraud may run into `1,000 crore. The foodgrains have allegedly been diverted for sale in Assam's free market, denying what lawfully belongs to the poor people of Arunachal Pradesh.

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman told reporters the scandal was not investigated properly by the local police.

Four MLAs Likha Saya, Lokam Tassar, Takam Pario and Jarkar Gamlin were also facing charges.

Many of the accused were out on bail and the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) which is constituted by the state government had been formed post an order of the Guwahati High Court consisting of an IPS official of the state and three other officials, who were unable to investigate the case properly.

The fraud was perpetrated by allowing bogus ''carrying the freight'' bills. The Hill Transport Subsidy, which is available for the North-East states have been misused. .

The Congress which remained silent on the scandal involving son of present CM and sitting ruling party MLAs, should express its views because 'aam admi' in Arunachal Pradesh was denied his legitimate source of food grains, she added. UNI


PPA calls for all party meet on PRC issue

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: People’s Party of Arunachal Pradesh (PPA) called upon Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu to call an all party meeting at the earliest on PRC issue so that a consensus opinion could be taken up.

"It would not be appropriate to select MLAs of Lohit and Changlang alone to settle major issues like PRC to non APST which involves state’s interest," PPA in a release said.

"The present policy to issue PRC to any non APST, specially in Lohit and Changlang district by the ruling Government is not a welcome step. Rather it is against the interest of indigenous tribal people in the state, PPA in a release said, adding that Supreme Court cannot impose any law against the interest of its people.


Nonexistent habitations find mention in project report

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Shopping complex at Pasighat undertaken by Department of Urban Development and Housing is one glaring example of short sightedness and non feasible site selection coupled with non adherence to laid down norms.

The work on construction of Shopping Complex at Gumin Nagar, Pasighat at an estimated cost of ` 1.02 crore was administratively approved by the State Government in May, 2003. Funds were to be arranged by the District Urban Development Agency (DUDA), Pasighat through loans to be raised from HUDCO. However, the estimate was revised (January 2004) to ` 3.37 crore by enhancing the plinth area from 1293.90 sqm to 4556.57 sqm without Government approval.

Scrutiny of records of DUDA, Pasighat revealed that the Deputy Director, Urban Development and Housing, Pasighat entered into an agreement (March 2004) with HUDCO for loan of ` 90 lakh @ 8.75 per cent interest per annum. However, no efforts were made to arrange the balance fund of ` 2.47 crore required to complete the project. DUDA was to repay the loan along with interest from the revenue generated by renting and outright sale of the shops. The repayment instalments were to commence from 30 June 2005 and repaid in 34 instalments at an interval of two to three months to be completed by 30 October 2013.

HUDCO released ` 69.94 lakh in two instalments (First installment of ` 25 lakh in July 2004 and 2nd installment of ` 44.99 lakh in February 2005). The work was taken up (September 2004) departmentally and work valued ` 69.20 lakh was executed up to January 2006. Further funds were not released by HUDCO due to the non receipt of loan repayment installments which was due from 30 June 2005.

The Chairman, DUDA requested (April 2008) the Government to repay the outstanding loan and interest on DUDA's behalf as the project was economically unviable due to its remote location and absence of any human settlements in its vicinity. The contention of the DUDA contradicts its earlier assertion that the proposed shopping complex site is surrounded by 10 habitations as shown in the site plan while proposing the shopping complex.

In January 2008, DUDA issued expression of intent for selling/ leasing of the incomplete shopping complex and in response M/s. Jaiprakash Power Venture Ltd. expressed their willingness (June 2008) to take over the property, but never turned up for negotiation as of August 2009. Meantime, the total loan liability up to March 2009 was ` 1.53 crore (Principal ` 69.94 lakh Interest and penal interest ` 82.98 lakh).

Thus, due to unauthorised increase in plinth area of the shopping complex and inability to mobilise the required funds, the proposed shopping complex remained incomplete. Due to remoteness of the location the property could not be disposed off resulting into unfruitful expenditure of ` 69.20 lakh besides creation of an additional liability of ` 82.98 lakh as interest and penal interest, which would increase with the passage of time.

The matter was reported to the Government in September 2009 but no reply has been received yet (December 2009).


Union demands prosecution sanction against govt employees

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Union (APACU) has urged the state Govt to grant prosecution sanction for arrest of Govt employees allegedly involved in PDS scam.

Expressing resentment over the contradictory statements by SIC and state Govt on arrest of Govt employees the union also questioned the integrity of the Dorjee Khandu led state Govt  on PDS scam.

While SIC said prosecution sanction from the Govt in regard to 44 employees is pending, state Govt on the other had denied that SIC sought prosecution sanction, the union pointed out.

Alleging that the present Govt reluctance to grant prosecution sanction  against Govt staff, it   said,   state Govt must respect the provisions under Section 197 CrPC which clearly states that  Govt should respond to application by any investigation agency for prosecution sanction against accused public servant.

The union further said that the  state has  remained underdeveloped due to nepotism, favouritism in awarding contract works. It alleged that instead of floating tender for departmental works, the Govt prefers to distribute works violating central guidelines. Many first class registered contractors were deprived of  contract works last year as the works had been allotted to selected persons with violation of rules, the union further alleged.

The union appealed the present Govt  to take immediate step to root out corruption, otherwise, it said will be compelled to take its own course of action against corruption.


Orgs question government

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Arunachal Indigenous Peoples' Union (AIPU) Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation (AVYF) and Arunachal  Youth Association (AYA) criticized the statement given by Govt. spokesperson Jarbom Gamlin against  the  demand of Chief Minister's resignation for his alleged acts of nepotism, rampant, corruption and mis-governance.

Gamlin in a press statement recently said that allegation against CM were uncalled for as the court did not find any misappropriation and corruption against the CM in the petition filed in the HC and Supreme Court.  As such, he said, the demands being made by these NGOs are unfair and politically motivated.

Reacting to the reported statement of Gamlin that SIC is not under the control of the state Govt, the organizations alleged that  the spokesperson was trying to hide the misdeed of the  chief minister, whereas, Pema Khandu, son of present CM, Jarkar Gamlin, sitting MLA, the brother of cabinet minister Jarbom Gamlin and Karka Gamlin who is the son of Jarkar Gamlin are the accused in PDS scam.

Terming the report of dismissal of Khandu’s case by Supreme Court as baseless,  the  organizations questioned why Govt did not respond to other allegations such as FDR in Relief & Rehabilitation Schemes, RGGVY, illegal appointment of 14-DRROs,Dying Ering Wild Life Sanctuary, tourism schemes etc.

Pointing out the CAG report on hydro power projects, the organization further said that the CAG has given statement showing the mis-appropriation of upfront processing fees incurring loss of interest amount of  Rs. 3.12 crores per annum.

In support of their demands, the organizations  threatened that  they have decided to launch 24 hrs capital bandh, 36 hrs Papum Pare District Bandh and 48 hours state wide bandh within very short period of time  and appealed  other organizations and conscious citizens for their support.


FPS awaits PDS items

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: With FCI godowns remaining closed, the FPS dealers in Kurung Kumey district have not gotten PDS items of August, 2010 quota, informed All Kurung Kumey District FPS Welfare Association.

While seeking clarification from the Government on close down of FCI godowns, the FPS dealers association has demanded for immediate dispatching of the same items against the mentioned month.

The association supported All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union (AKKDSU)’s proposed bandh call on September 29 in protest against Government’s adamant attitude of refusing continuation of air dropping of PDS items in remote parts of Kurung Kumey district.


NCP-APCC war of words on appointments of advisors

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Arunachal Pradesh raised question over the frequent appointments of advisor to Chief Minister.

Describing the appointments as anti-people policy, the party said in addition to incurring additional financial burden to the state exchequer, such act of the state Govt discredited all important position and status of the post of CM.

Demanding immediate halt to such appointment-spree in the larger interest of the people of the state, state NCP vice president Tad Tana said “Our party would have welcomed the appointment of advisors to CM if it would have been done on the basis of experience, expertise for the benefit of its people.

The party urged the Chief Minister to make public - how many advisors have so far been appointed, the reasons and the criteria of appointment, as well as the requisite annual budget involved in it.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today  said  the only deserving persons with vast experience are being appointed as advisor to CM and such appointments are under the prerogative of the CM. The NCP  has nothing to do with such appointments and appointments in other departments,  the APCC said while adding the NCP raised voice  against it due to frustration and jealously and to gain cheap political mileage by misleading the  people.  


Chief justice calls on governor

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, Justice Madan Bhimarao Lokur called on Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh at Raj Bhavan here in the evening. During the meeting, they discussed on various aspects including strengthening judicial system at District and Sub Divisional courts in the State and also dwelled on infrastructure for High Court bench.

The discussion also touched on traditional justice system of Arunachal Pradesh. Gauhati High Court Chief Justice, who is on an eight-day tour to the State from September 18, arrived here yesterday from Tawang.

After reaching at the Capital Complex, he visited the Itanager bench of Guwahati High Court at Naharlagun. Today, he held court at Naharlagun and will be visiting Yupia to inspect the permanent site for the District and Session Court tomorrow.


Organisations comes out in support of AAPSU rally

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Various organizations are coming out to support All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) to fight against the state government’s decision of granting residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts.

Galo Students Union (GSU) has urged every Arunachalee and especially Galo community staying in capital complex to join AAPSU protest rally to be held on 28th of this month.  GSU stated that in many Galo dominated districts also non-APST people are making inroads and in future they will demand for PRC in these districts too.

All Upper Subansiri Capital Complex Students (AUSCCSU) terming the decision of state government to grant PRC to non-APST as anti-Arunachalee decision has urged them to immediately cancel this order. Further union while supporting the stand of AAPSU in PRC issue has urged civil societies and other student groups to wage mass movement against this decision. All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union has appreciated AAPSU for taking strong stand against government’s decision to grant PRC to non-APST people. Meanwhile union informed that a meeting will be held on 26th of this month at Bordumsa circuit house to discuss about PRC issue. They have appealed all civil society, general public and youths of two districts to attend this meeting.  Union has further has asked all students and public living in capital complex to join the AAPSU protest rally to be held on 28th of this month.


Posters against AAPSU president and MLA

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: What could be termed as shocking act, posters has been pasted across Likhabali town by some unknown elements claiming to be member of National Liberation Council of Taniland with provocative words against local MLA Jumde Kena and AAPSU president Takam Tatung. According to report, locals were surprised to see posters and immediately matter was reported to the higher authorities.

Meanwhile Galo Students Union has condemned the act of targeting AAPSU president Takam Tatung by anti-social group. In a statement union stated that at this juncture when AAPSU President Takam Tatung is leading the movement to fight against issuing of PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts, no true Arunachalee could think of committing such heinous crime.  He represents the entire student community of state, so targeting him is like targeting every student of this state, union stated. Further union has demanded that state government should take this threat seriously and take necessary action to safeguard life of AAPSU President Takam Tatung.


Committee demands dropping of Tassar

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Parsi-Parlo Area Development Committee (PPADC)  has  appealed the state Govt to drop Lokam Tassar from the post of the Parliamentary secretary for food and civil supply and transport for his alleged involvement in PDS scam till the investigation on scam is over.

How come a person accused in the PDS scam is assigned to hold the responsibilities of looking after the daily affairs of the departments, the committee questioned and said that it is nothing but giving him more opportunity to temper with all the prima-facie evidence available against him in the departments.

The tainted Parliamentary Secretary has no moral rights to hold the public office at this juncture, the committee said.

PPADC further informed that famine like situation is prevailing in the Damin and Parsi- Parlo areas because of the bamboo flowering and rat menace.

The committee also supported the bandh call given by student of Kurung Kumey   on PDS issue and demanded the state Govt not to re-introduce head load carriage system at least in the famine year in the interest of the poor and needy consumers  the border areas.  


The other side of the PRC story

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: With recent decision by government of Arunachal Pradesh to issue permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts getting controversial with each passing day, it is the non-APST people who has come out against this order. Large section of non-APST people who have made this state their home for decades does not support decision of government to issue PRC to non-APST in the two districts. They feel that most of the non-APST people staying in Arunachal have PRC of their own hometown and there is no need to get another PRC.

Navil Singh, a native of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh who was born and brought up in Daporijo town but currently working in a private company in Itanagar told this journalist that he opposes giving PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts. “Most of the non-APST always knew that we won’t get PRC here. So, we all have built our own house and property back home. Already we are not able to make use of our PRC status back home, what we will do with another PRC here,” said Navil. He further added, “My father works in Arunachal Pradesh state government department. We get voting rights here. We get ration cards to buy food stuff. What more can we ask? I think people who want to create division between APST and non-APST are playing this PRC politics.”

Like him there are many more non-APST citizens who believe PRC issue may create deep divide between locals and outsiders and it may affect the mutual trust. “Now everybody looks us with suspicion. When people at office talks about PRC issue it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want PRC here, as I have enough property back home to take care of,” told Sanjit Das, a resident of Lakhimpur in Assam who is currently working in Itanagar.

There is growing fear among non-APST people that PRC issue will create hostility between local tribal’s and outsiders. “We don’t want Manipur or say Kashmir like situation where outsiders are being killed for wrong policy of government. We had lived peacefully with locals here and this should be maintained,” shared another non-APST citizen on condition of anonymity. He went on to add, “We do sympathize with tribal people regarding PRC issue. They have every right to oppose the issuing of PRC to non-APST as it indirectly means encroachment of their home and no living creature including animals will ever like their house being attacked by outsiders.”  

Sanjay Yadav, a native of Bhagalpur district of Bihar, who was born and raised in the sleepy town of Miao in Changlang district feels this order will benefit groups like Chakma and Yobbins and  not the non-APST from mainland India as it is being made out in state media. “During my school days, I had also participated in many AAPSU strikes against Chakma-Hajong refugees. Also knowing the topography of Lohit and Changlang, I feel it is groups like Chakma, Hajong and Lisu who will get maximum benefit out of this order. Real non-APST like us will never get PRC and we don’t want also,” explains Sanjay.

It is quite clear that majority of non-APST people are not enthusiastic about getting PRC as they are quite happy with the present set up. There is absolute cordiality at the moment between tribal’s and outsiders. But perhaps things may not remain same in future as seed of mutual mistrust has been planted with the PRC issue.


Tirap, Lohit, Changlang students demand arrest of PDS accused

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: All Tirap District Students’ Union and Tirap Changalang Lohit Students’ Union, Itanagar has said that all those involved in PDS scam should be taken to task as it questioned the lone arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang.

The unions appealed the authorities to immediately arrest all the accused in the PDS scam and while demanding that the District Administration of Tirap, Changlang and Lohit districts immediately cancel all the license of the firms involved in scam.

The Union further concerned at the decision of state government regarding issue of PRC termed it as an unethical attitude toward the native people of Changlang and Lohit Districts.

It appealed to the people of affected areas to fight against such decision and also urged AAPSU to launch state wide bandh to press for immediate handing over of PDS scam to CBI and cancellation of PRC to Non-APST.


Governor to open first swimming pool of the state

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: State Governor Gen JJ Singh will inaugurate the Swimming Pool Complex at Gekar Sinyi (Ganga Lake) on Sept 24. Located at the southern end of picturesque lake, the project is first of its kind in the State.

The project has been developed by the State Tourism Department as part of tourism infrastructure development.

Director Tourism AK Singh informed that there are two pools, one for men and another for women and children built at a cost of Rs. 49 lakh each. Once inaugurated, it will be open for all.

It may be mentioned here that the development of tourist spots and tourism infrastructure has been the top priority of Gen Singh. It was on his initiative that a Diving and Survey Team of Eastern Naval Command, Vishakhapatnam naval led Lt. Manoj Gawli, carried out all the hydrographic survey and safety measures of the lake earlier this year.


Tassar Anung wins Nyishi Idol contest

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Tassar Anung, Nido Yania and Heri Jyoty were adjudged as winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up of the singing competition “3rd Nyishi Idol-2010” held at Sidharta Hall, Itanagar yesterday. The programme was attended by PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki as Chief Guest.

The organizing committee appreciated Minister Environment and Forest Kumar Waii for contributing a Tata Nano car to the winner, Sango Motors, Naharlagun for FZ motor bikes to 2nd prize winner and Bamang Mangha for G5 motor Bike to the 3rd prize winner respectively.

It also appreciated NES, ANSU, APPDSU and other Students organizations, well wishers and general public of Nyishi Community for supporting the organizing committee for successful completion of the 3rd Nyishi Idol.

On the occasion, Nyishi World Video DVD footage was also released by the Chief Guest.


Tawang infested with Mon Ser-Gyeling flu

Tawang, Sep 23: Tawang may be famous for all known reasons like its breathtaking landscape, hospitable people, the majestic Tawang Monastery but this time the last Shangrila is in news for a dangerous flu called Mon-Ser-Gyeling.

Beware! This infectious flu has already encrypted all walk of people of Tawang and is spreading its contagiousness to nearby districts and towns. Irrespective of caste creed, religion and tribe – the young and old are seen engulfed by this fever.

A modest initiative of Film Federation of Monyul (FFM) to locate and groom the talented but unrecognized singers of Monpa community under the banner of    Mon Ser-Gyeling, a mega Monpa singing hunt comes near to bringing its first singing sensation. Of the total 36 contestants, only top ten have been selected after seven rounds of elimination.

From now on one elimination would be made and a complimentary award would be given to the one eliminated in each rounds. The grand finale is schedule on the 9th of October next and the winner shall drive away a new Chevralet Spark Car with One Lakh Cash.

As the countdown begins, it has become extremely challenging for the 4 jury members to scale out a singer as all in the top 10 are excellent performer.

Infamous Bulls group, an unofficial, dynamic and enterprising team who had been participating in various play events has initiated to reward the best performer of every show with a cash prize of Rs. 1000. Amidst electrifying audience, the participants have been performing their best in Temri Sama, Bhama Donglin, Ache Lhamo, Yak Cham, Decho and Kyolu like folk songs besides presenting heartthrob numbers from Hindi movie songs.   The team of Mon-sergyeling is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the event is successful in all fronts.


Centres for Post Harvest Technology at Pasighat

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur and the Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT), Palampur - two constituent laboratories of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi (CSIR), in collaboration with Tribal Development Foundation (TDF), Itanagar, who is working towards sustainable development of the tribal community organized a two day Demonstration Programme cum Workshop at Oyan, East Siang.

Through this programme, rural Technologies developed by CMERI and IHBT were demonstrated to a large number of farmers, NGO’s and Entrepreneurs of Aurnachal Pradesh who attended the programme.

This was followed up by an intensive training cum workshop where the rural people were initiated in the use of the appropriate technologies.

Prof. S N Shome, Senior Scientist, CMERI, spoke on the activities of CSIR for the rural mass of the country through the flagship CSIR-800 mission, which aims at providing a better life to 800 million people of the country.

During his address, he stressed that the basic needs of the population – namely food, home, health and education – can only be fulfilled if the rural people can fetch sufficient money through appropriate utilisation of technologies. He then outlined the major emphasis which CSIR and the Government of India has placed on making available R&D outputs for typical regional and local technology issues for the people of the North East India – and also on their implementation – so that this region emerges as a strong economic entity. Ginger, turmeric, chilli, cardamom, cinnamon, certain medicinal, aromatic and natural dye plants are typical cash crops of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dearth of post harvest processing of these crops in these states, along with the lack of preservation and proper value addition results in loss of revenue for the farmers, as they receive poor prices for the base product. CMERI has been working through the last few years for providing proper technological solutions for preservation and processing of the agro produce and increasing the shelf life of the end products, all of which has translated to significant increase in earnings of the farmers. Enthused by the response to this effort, CSIR-CMERI has established in Aizwal, Mizoram and Jengging, Arunachal Pradesh Centres for Post Harvest Technology with the aim of proper technology diffusion and training.

The third centre is coming up at Pasighat of Arunachal Pradesh.

Prof. Shome presented various other technologies developed by CMERI, which have potential utilization in rural Arunachal Pradesh. He requested the participants – primarily farmers, NGOs and entrepreneurs – to come forward and work together with CSIR scientists for economic development of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr. Virendra Singh, Senior Scientist, IHBT presented the activities of the laboratory with special emphasis on rural technologies suitable for hilly regions like Arunachal Pradesh. Showcase of IHBT’s rural technologies depicted sustainable development of bioresources, floriculture, mechanizing of farm operations in tea plantations, diversified tea products, bamboo species and quality control facilities for value-added products. The potential of the India Himalayan region for producing various aromatic, medicinal and dye plants were discussed in detail by Dr Singh.

Dr. G.T. Paratkar, Director, Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Biosciences, Mumbai, spoke on the important Medicinal and Aromatic plants grown in various districts of Arunachal Pradesh. He emphasised on grow together concept, and ensured the support of the CARTIB in basic research and development in herbal formulations.

Dr. P.K. Chatterjee, Senior Scientist, CMERI and leader of the projects of North East India, explained the operation and benefits of the post harvest technologies – especially those pertaining to ginger & turmeric processing units.

The Pasighat centre would have training and display units of various rural technologies, he added. He further informed that based on the inputs provided by the local farmers, CMERI is now designing improved and more efficient versions of the sub-processing units for faster drying, reduction in the labor cost, maintenance of hygienic conditions of production, uniform quality, etc. Dr. Chatterjee also pointed out that alternative renewable energy sources would be tried in future for electrification and running of the centres in more eco-friendly manner.

In her inaugural address, former MLA Yadap Apang stressed on development of the rural sector of Arunachal Pradesh through joint efforts between NGOs, CBOs, and CSIR and government agencies. She opined that to eradicate poverty the rural population would have to take meaningful steps in accordance to a carefully developed plan and that the participation of organisations like the CSIR would be instrumental in realising the plans.

The participants manifested keen interest and interacted with the scientists at length. The local farmers were very much excited to learn that a third Centre for Post Harvest Technology & Research would soon be coming up at Pasighat. During the interaction programme with farmers, entrepreneurs and NGOs, it was found that proliferation of similar centres is required over the entire state to reduce the time and cost otherwise necessary for transporting the agro-produce to the two dispersed centres.

Imtiaz  Asif, a representative of TDF, clarified all the queries raised during interactive session, with a special stress on product marketing. He mentioned that the process of registering the necessary data related to farmers/entrepreneurs will soon start at the Pasighat Centre once becomes operational. Efforts are also on, he added, for obtaining necessary international certification for organic farming so that the produce fetches a good value in the market.


Arunachal students meet in Mumbai

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: The Arunachal Student Union Mumbai ASUM conducted its annual fresher meet cum get-together in Mumbai on Sept 18.

The event was marked by various sports and cultural events and interactions among the students community living in Mumbai. Tomi Basar and Kago Manju were declared Mr. and Miss fresher respectively.

Dr Limar Angu, Dr Tok Topu and Er Tana Topu attended the meet and called upon the student community to pursue their courses sincerely and with dedication.

Union thanked APIDCOL and the US roofs of company for their kind support in making the programme successful and urged them for the quick completion of the Arunachal Bhawan in Mumbai, so that the people from the state specially cancer patients, students and tourist do not face  problems of accommodations in Mumbai.

Mean while the union has appointed Dorjee Thungon, Mornu Gangkak and Kaku Sikom as its President, Vice president and General secretary for the year 2010-2011.

ASUM further has congratulated Toko Teji and applauded him for his excellent performance in the talent show India’s Got Talent khoj 2.The union has appealed each and every Arunachalee to lend their support in best possible manner to the youngster.


Resource mapping with GIS by KVK in Papum Pare

ITANAGAR, Sept 23: The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Papum-Pare was held yesterday at the conference hall of SVC, Nirjuli. The participants were briefed through the power point presentation regarding the on-going as well as proposed action plan for trainings, demonstrations and on-farm-trials by the Kendra by Dr. Pranjal Borah (SMS, AS).

Based on the presentation the SAC members discussed the activities of KVK along with the proposed action plan and the house unanimously approved the annual report (October 2009 to March 2010) and upcoming action plan for the period October 2010 to March 2011 of KVK, Papum-Pare has been approved by the SAC members.

The various activities / methodology suggested by SAC members to be taken by KVK in future course of time include resource mapping with GIS of the district, documenting traditional knowledge system, faster dissemination of technology through ICT, careful selection of farmers, weed composting, farmers’ friendly Value addition techniques, micro-planning at village level, weed control at Ompuli areas should be taken up in the coming Kharif season and large scale capacity building programme for greater impact and that DDK must be involved to cover the remedial procedures to combat disease outbreak.

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Bero Ado, Director (AHV). He congratulated Programme coordinator Dr. Taba Heli and all the KVK scientist and officials for their impact oriented activities and opined them to undertake bigger capacity building programme for the benefit of farmers. He also requested all the district heads of agriculture and allied departments to integrate their programmes for bringing ground impact at the farmers’ field.

The district heads of agriculture and allied departments, Dr. P.K. Samal (In-charge of G.B. Pant Institute), Dr. D. Mahanta (Scientist-C, State Council for Science and Technology) and KVK scientist were present in the meeting.


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