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September - 25



Some clarification on prosecution sanction

Dear Editor,

Apropos the term “Prosecution Sanction” of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 in its application to the present PDS scam, I would like to clarify the present position of the law.

On your issue dated 23rd September 2010, under the caption “Court let out 13 accused on single day as SIC takes an unwarranted nap” you have reported that SIC has sought for prosecution sanction for 44 public servants which the government is yet to respond. You also have reported that Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has categorically stated that there was no need for SIC to wait for prosecution sanction. I vividly remember, few weeks ago, when some organisations demanded arrest of other co-accused persons of the PDS scam, statement of the SIC spearhead, Chauhan “SIC is waiting for prosecution Sanction from the government” was also published in your esteemed daily.

Here I want to inform all the esteemed readers that both SIC and the Chief Minister is misleading the general public with the legal term “Prosecution Sanction”. Persecution sanction in ordinary language means an approval from the Government for prosecution of a government servant before a criminal court. It is a permission granted to the Investigating agency by either the central or the state govt to launch prosecution against a public servant when prima facie case is established against a public servant in the course of investigation in connection with any alleged crime.

Section 19 of the prevention of Corruption Act 1988, clearly makes previous sanction for prosecution inevitably necessary to be obtained from Central government if the public servant is serving under the Central government; from the state government if he is under the state government. Unless Previous Sanction is granted by the appropriate government, the Act clearly restricts the Courts from taking cognizance of the offence even if Charge Sheets are filed before it by the Investigation Agency. The statement issued by the Chief Minister to the effect that “There was no need for SIC to wait for prosecution sanction” is totally wrong and misconceived. Unless the SIC is given prosecution sanction, uselessly filing charge sheets against the accused public servants before the Special court shall not serve any purpose, because no court shall take cognizance of the case without the required prosecution sanction. Apparently, statement of Chief Minister is a mere eye wash and it is simply an earnest attempt on the part of the government to let loose the corrupt public servants.

But Sanction envisaged in the Section 19 of the prevention of Corruption Act 1988 means sanction for Prosecution, not for investigation. No sanction is required for investigation or making arrest to the accused public servants in the course of Investigation under the Act. Section 17(C) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, empowers any Police Officer (authorized by the state government) not below the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police or Police Officer of equivalent rank to make arrest without warrant of arrest during the course of investigation. In my view, Chauhan, the SIC spearhead is a Superintendent of Police, who is competent to arrest the accused public servants without warrant of arrest OR sanction from the government. However, his adventure of making arrest froze immediately just after arresting the former Chief Minister.

On one part Government is not giving prosecution Sanction to the SIC for prosecution of the accused persons and on another part in spite of strong public demands and call of propriety, SIC is not arresting the remaining Public Servants accused in the case whilst there is no legal impediment on the SIC for making such arrests. In the present context it is desired that Government accords prosecution sanction immediately for proper prosecution of the accused persons. Notwithstanding accord of prosecution sanction, Chauhan could have arrested the other accused persons irrespective of their file and rank who are not in bail. Government and SIC are not doing what they ought to do clearly signifying that there is clear partiality in the Investigation and it is most probable that there may be partiality in granting prosecution sanctions as well. The Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 is an unambiguous law. If any reader is having any doubt about the classes of offences, provisions of arrest, prosecution sanction etc of the Act, Xerox copy may be obtained free of cost from the office of the undersigned in any working day for which communication details are given below.


Tagum Jamoh


Naharlagun (on email)



Get the wheel rolling

Dear Editor,

The way SIC is dealing the PDS scam is undeniably shady. The process of arrests made and releasing the accuses the same day itself except the former C.M. of the state make one conclude that it is nothing but a case of vendetta politics and corruption under a corruption case. If the former CM has the resource and likely to temper the evidences and witnesses if released, then what about some of those corrupt persons who has the undisputed access to the govt machinery right at the moment ?

Where are all those unions and organisations? A statewide bandh is the need of the hour now to measure the public resentment against corruption. I am confident that support from general mass or 'aam admi' will be total. Though strikes and bandhs affect the normal routine but one is ready to suffer for a genuine cause like fight against corruption to prevent the future generations from being misguided and falling prey to antisocial elements out of frustrations.

It is rather pathetic to see our great leaders cling to their chairs instead of voluntarily resigning until their names are cleared from this dirty scam. Not only those involved in PDS scam but anyone involved in corruption of any magnitude should be alienated socially, there must be some kind of social stigma attached to it. To start with, a person stuck in the quicksand of corruption must not be invited to any social functions or made chief guest not to mention guest of honour. No inaugurations or foundations should be laid by such a person. Public speeches of such persons should be boycotted. As practiced, VIPs accused in the PDS scam or other will be invited as chief guest some other day for a function ignoring the amount of public rations he/she has consumed. This trend must end now and it is us, the aam-admi, to start the wheel of better/cleaner tomorrow rolling.



(on email)



Certain facts embarrassingly wrong

Dear Editor,

Lately it has been observed that many of our concerned citizens have poured their anger and frustrations in regard to issue of PRC to non-APST. But I do not think people who are fighting for the cause are getting certain facts right especially the student’s leaders. May be they are ignorant or maybe they really donot know the facts. They blame the Chief Secretary Tabom Bam for this mess. My question is didn't they read the powers and functions of Governor and his council of ministers? The governor and all his council of ministers are responsible for any decision on the lines of the constitutional framework and onus is not the administrative head or a government spokesperson alone like Jarbom Gamlin. CS may go but knowing that he wasn't overstaying his tenure because there is no tenure system for the post of CS in India.

Every APST is concerned about the PRC issue but when we really look up to leaders with hope, they should not let it look like they are getting certain facts embarrassingly wrong.


A concerned Arunachalee (on email), New Delhi



Suggestion on ICE

Dear Editor,

Appreciating the concept of creating ‘In case of emergency’ (ICE) by the mobile phone users, I would like to suggest a common and easy trend to maintain ICE numbers.

A user can serialise the number to be used as ICE in order of preferences. One has more than one contact numbers of the near and dear ones.

Write '01 My father", '02 My mother', and the serialised numbers flash up when the contact is open on the top of the display. When we use 'ICE1', 'ICE2', one has to scroll down to see the numbers under the group of 'E' and this may a few minutes.

The concept will work wonders and people will start adopting it the moment they read. I saw something this sort of confusion when the co-passengers try to contact the relatives of one of the victims of Tata Sumo accident near Narayanpur, few years back. Luckily the injured was conscious and he managed to find the contact number of his relatives. This may happen to anybody, anytime and anywhere.

To avoid such awkward situation in case of emergency, all must start the concept right away.


Kada Tabu (on email)




Outsider in our own land

Dear Editor,

I would like to say something to the natives of Arunachal Pradesh regarding the PRC issue which is hot news in newspaper nowadays.  I am from Diyun Changlang, a sufferer because of PRC.

I want all to know that our forefather settled before the creation of NEFA. When Arunachal got its statehood after division of Assam some tribe found themselves settled in both the state that include Khamtis, Singphos, Deoris, Mishings etc. If Singphos & Khamtis are enjoying political and S.T status both in Assam and Arunachal then why not Deori and Mishing?

We were given facility of ST, PRC in Arunachal upto 1989 after that it was stopped. We became outsider in our own land. I want to let it known that we don't have any home, property or land in any other states. We are born in Arunachal and will die here.

We are not like Chakmas who are going to encroach or capture forest land and snatch the rights of the people. Our aim is to live peacefully together. Our people are suffering from unlimited problems which are distorting the minds of the youth. So, I request all the leaders and AAPSU to give a thought on PRC.


Mack Machiya, Diyun (on email)



Tezu had the first swimming pool!

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news item “Governor to open first swimming pool of the state” published in your edition of 24-9-10. I would like to clarify that this is not the first swimming pool of the state. The pride of having the first swimming pool of the state goes to Tezu in Lohit district. The beautiful swimming pool was constructed by the forest department in the premises of forest guest house in the botanical garden. It was constructed in good days of the forest department when abundance of money was prevailing all around sometimes in the nineties. However, the foolish public of the town could not avail the benefit of the pool because of the reasons in the expected lines which was obvious to surface in and around the pool. The pool remained dry and unused soon after and now it is an item to exhibit to the tourists who visit Tezu. The Tezuans feel pride to show the pool not for swimming but to show that Tezu had such a beautiful swimming pool in the state.


Dipak Deb

Tinsukia, Assam,

(on email)



Nobody can make passing allegations on the judiciary

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter sent by one  T.Tatak making a slew of attacks on the judiciary and which was published in your daily on Sep 23. I as a member of legal fraternity strongly object to his derogatory remarks made on the judiciary and the  Justices of the High Court.

I do also sympathize with Mr. Gegong Apang who was arrested in the PDS Scam, but apart from that, under what authority does this T. Tatak question the decisions of the Hon'ble Judges of the Court. It can be simply understood by the mere perusal of the letter that this individual is a confused person obsessed with lofty ideas and perhaps has failed to appreciate the consequence of making wild allegations against the Judicial Officers. The letter published by the individual is very scandalous and contentious in nature, with the intent to lower the authority of the Court and interferes with the due course of Justice and amounts to criminal contempt of the Court under the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.

The wild assumption of the individual questioning the integrity of the Judicial officers of the Court is clearly demeaning and lowering the authority of the Court. What material facts and evidences does Tapak has that can lead to the questioning of the integrity of the Judicial officers of the  High Court. Stating a fact is totally different from making wild allegations in order to defame the Hon'ble Justices of the High Court for which he is liable to be prosecuted upon under the Contempt of Courts Act. The reading of the letter depicts the nefarious and capricious designs of Tapak towards the Judiciary. What would have been his statement, if Mr. Apang had been granted bail? Would he have showered praises for the  Justices? Just because the result did not turn up to be what he had expected, can a person then turn back and question the whole Judicial System? Freedom of Speech and Expression cannot give license to make ill-founded allegation against any institution  much less the Judiciary. Scandalizing the Court cannot be Justified. Unfounded and uncalled for allegation against the Judges and statements casting aspersions on the Court would justify initiation of Contempt Proceeding as Scandalizing the Court. It is my heartfelt request to everybody to refrain from making such a scandalous remark and further the media should also be responsible enough, not to undermine the Judiciary and to mislead the public. Here again I would like to reiterate that I have my most sincere feelings for the former CM, but I cannot imply my views upon the Judiciary. I would like to request the Bar Council to pursue the matter and initiate the Contempt Proceeding, so that everybody knows that the Judiciary is not under the purview and domain of anybody and nobody can just make any passing allegations on the Judicial officers of the Court.


Duge Soki,


(On email)



PDS has united Arunachal !

Dear Editor,

Going by the list of accused allegedly involved in the infamous PDS scam, the nature of their arrests and the subsequent release on bail, it appears, prima facie, there has been a deliberate ploy to shift all the blame to a single person. I am not advocating innocence of former CM, my position on the case is neutral. But the question that arises in my mind is why the case was shifted to Lakhimpur branch of Guwahati High court only after the other accused had obtain bail from lower court and just before the arrest of Gegong Apang. Why all other high profile accused have not been charge-sheeted yet. As for MS Chauhan, it seems the IO is either obstructed by some very powerful and highly influential people in the government from carrying out his duty in fair and impartial manner or he himself is happily playing to the tune of his political bosses for some personal gain or fear. Otherwise this IPS officer is simply inept and incompetent and doesn't deserve to remain in his present post. Now the onus is on the Kandu-led Congress govt to prove that it is not conspiring to pervert the course of justice to protect its allies and persecute rival. It can be done simply by handing over the case to CBI by making a formal request to the High court.

Lastly I am tempted to add a rather positive postscript to my letter, that this entire episode of PDS  scam has somehow managed to unite the whole state(next only to Toko Teji) not just by the extend of concern and curiosity it has generated among every Arunachalee irrespective of tribes and community but also by the list of the accused itself which incorporate names belonging to almost all the major tribes of the state!                


Ajong, (on email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Training on SHG

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: ANMA-Integrated Development Association (AIDA) has successfully conducted two training programmes for two days each on SHG management and Leadership at Leel and Pagba on Aug 28-29 and Sept 1-2 respectively. Altogether 78 SHG members from Leel and Pagba took part in the trainings.


Contractors plea to FCI

ITANAGAR, Sept 24:  Informing that the state cabinet has taken a decision recently for handing over the PDS to the FCI for smooth supply of essential commodities in far flung area of the state, the  All Arunachal Contractors Welfare Association has urged the FCI authorities to start carriage works  of PDS food items immediately. The Association further said that the FCI authorities should take the complete responsibility to ensure that the essential food items reach the destinations without any complaint. It hoped the FCI will   deliver the better PDS service than the present carriage contractors do.


AKKYO appeals

ITANAGAR, Sept 24:  All Kurung Kumey Youth Organisation (AKKYO) has urged All Kurung Kumey District Students Union to support the Govt initiative  for head load carriage system for the benefit of the interior people of the district.

Condemning the proposed bandh of the AKKDSU  in favour of its demand for air dropping, the organization said  air dropping has been discontinued in entire district since 2004. It also condemned the PPADC for supporting the bandh call.



ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Tayek Mize and Taram Tadeng have been appointed President and General Secretary of as newly formed Siyom Banggo Youth Welfare Association in a meeting held recently.


RGU results

ITANAGAR, Sept  24: The result of B.A. 3rd year of the Institute of Distance Education (IDE) under Rajiv Gandhi University has been declared. The result can be viewed in the university website - www.rgu.ac.in. The university also declared the re-evaluation and re-checking results of BA 1st year of all affiliated colleges. Meanwhile, the list of selected candidates for admission into MA/M.COM 1st semester as private candidate for 2010-2011 has been declared.


Vote for Teji

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: The Hirik-Hiru Students Union, Kamba appealed all the people of Arunachal Pradesh to keep voting for Toko Teji, a finalist in the India’s Got Talent Khoj-2 being telecast in Colors TV channel. Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh has also appealed to the people of the state to vote for drummer Teji, who has reached the finals of the talent show.


Legislative committee to inspect

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: The committee on estimates of fifth legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh under the chairmanship of Dr Tangor Tapak along with MLA Yumsen Matey, MLA Alo Libang, MLA Tapuk Taku, MLA Phurpa Tsering and other officers will tour Tawang, West Kameng and East Kameng for spot verification of various schemes/ project pertaining to department of social welfare and women and child development, education and health and family welfare from September 27 to October 3.


Societies allege

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Bem Welfare Society and the Abu Dindo Welfare Society have alleged that the Nyishi Idol was not conducted in a fair manner. In a statement the organisations pointed out discrepancies in the voting system and alleged some judges favoured certain candidates while alleging that talent was not criteria in the competition.


Rat menace in KK

ITANAGAR: Rat menace following bamboo flowering has created panic among people in entire Kurung Kumey district since last year, informed Kurung Kumey ZPM chairperson Pisa Guma.

According to a signed press statement of all the seven ZPMs of the district to Relief and Rehabilitation Director, crop of entire circles under the district has been destroyed completely by rodents striking severe blow to the meagre economy of farmers.

While demanding the director for declaring Kurung Kumey as rodent affected area, the ZPMs urged him for spot assessment of the extent of damages caused by rodents and adequate relief for the affected people.


DM order

ITANAGAR: District Magistrate, Itanagar Capital Complex in an order prohibited the use and sale of Air Gun and pellets in capital complex till further order.

It also urged all the Arms License holders of the capital complex to restrain from hunting and killing of birds and animals.

Capital to get a facelift soon

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: If the PWD and UD Minister is to be believed the dilapidated road conditions within Itanagar township will be given a new look once the monsoon is over. The response came from the minister after much anger from the citizens on the terrible road conditions.

Reputed construction firms/agencies have already been awarded works through tender for carpeting roads, construction of drainage, culverts and retaining walls etc. and works will be started on war footing once the monsoon season ease a bit, a press statement issued by PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki said.

The massive road works at an estimated cost of 9128.50 Cr. is part of the project "improvement and construction of infrastructure for urban transport system including roads, parking lots at mission city Itanagar" which was sanctioned by Union Ministry of Urban Development under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

Out of the total amount, an estimated cost of `53 Cr. is being poured in for improvement of road networks at Itanagar township of which ` 33.17 Cr has already been tendered for carpeting roads (63.58 km), construction of drainage (33.820 km), retaining walls (7.225 km) and culverts (71 mtrs), and the balance amount will be utilized in the second phase, the press release said. A third party agency constituted by the Government will regularly inspect and supervise the progress of works. To ensure quality, photographs and videography will be done by department prior to execution, during the course of works and after completion of the works, the release informed.

The minister, meanwhile, sought the cooperation of city dwellers for smooth and timely execution of the road renovation.


A step towards recognizing traditional health practitioners

NAHARLAGUN, Sept 24: In an initiative to recognize and bring the traditional health practitioners under the fold of the formal public health system, a national Pilot Scheme for Certification of Knowledge and learning of traditional health practitioners, is all set to be launched in the state and East Siang has been identified for piloting the scheme. The Project will be later replicated all over the country.

The Scheme to be implemented by IGNOU Institute of Vocational Education and Training (IVET), Shillong and supported by the department of Ayush, Govt. of India will help the traditional health practitioners to get their knowledge assessment for Certification. The Quality Council of India and Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine will provide domain Knowledge and standardization support. The Scheme aims to integrate the folk healers with the public health system.

In this regard, a Consultative Meeting with the traditional health practitioners of the state has been organized today at Itanagar at the Conference Hall of the Directorate of Tourism by the North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine (NEIFM), Pasighat under the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

The folk healers participating from various districts of the state speaking on the proposed pilot Certification Scheme assured all out cooperation, as the Certification will attest their credibility as recognized traditional health practioners. They also endorsed the piloting of the scheme from East Siang as they felt that with NEIFM established at Pasighat, it would be viable to pilot the Scheme. It was also resolved in the meeting to rename the Folk Healers as traditional health practitioners so as to differentiate them from Faith Healers. The Director NEIFM, Pasighat, Otem Dai, who has recently taken over the charge, in his address said  that people in rural areas in particular and others in general seek traditional healing system for its effectiveness and affordability. As doctors from other system of medicines like Allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurvedic are not always accessible for rural patients, the traditional healing system has vital role in supplementing the modern health care system, he added.

Highlighting the importance of the scheme, he said the Certification will recognize their traditional health knowledge and distinguish them from Quacks in the field. Later, he also informed that on the infrastructural front, the construction works for the full-fledged NEIFM, Pasighat has begun and will be completed within two years. He also called for the need to form association of traditional healers at district level and state level.

The Director, (Indigenous Knowledge and Technology) IGNOU Institute of Vocational Education, Shillong,Debjani Roy,also underlining the role of traditional health knowledge termed the scheme as a  Mega project adding that the Scheme will be piloted from the North Eastern region  and would extend to other states of India in a phased manner. She sought the opinion & suggestions in formulating the Standardization procedure.

G.Hariramamurthi, Assistant director, Institute of Ayurvedic and Integrative Medicine ,Bangalore explained that a Survey would be undertaken as a part of the scheme to identify the folk healers and also specific areas of their practices from the state.

Anupam Kaul representing the Quality Council of India, an autonomous organization supported by GoI said that the Council which works in the field of Certification of products, Services and skills, recognizing the traditional healing knowledge as an established system since ancient time, has come forward to help out in the certification process.

Dr. Mesing Pertin, Medical officer in the AYUSH divison  called for the need to set up Ayush based hospitals in the state and for efforts to created public awareness on the ancient and time tested Ayurvedic medicine system. Stating that people still depend on traditional system, she said that that it is an encouraging trend that many people are now turning to folk medicine as can be seen from the rising number of patients in the OPD of the  NE Institute of Folk Medicine  in Pasighat.

The folk healers participating in the Consultative meeting are Y. J. Lego , Tasung jamoh, Tasen Zirdo, Nawang Thupten (Shakya),Tate Lamdik, Tayum Tado, Rengeb Tado,  Rubo taggii, Porchiu Dasi. Representatives from Tirap , Changlang and Anjaw were unable to make it to the meeting due to bandh Tinsukia. (DIPRO)


Strong reactions from student after hate campaigning against Tatung and Kena

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Strong reaction are coming out after news of NLCT elements threatening Jomde Kena, local MLA Likhabali and Takam Tatung, President, AAPSU emerged from Likhabali town. Today Nabam Tamar vice-president of AAPSU in a press statement condemned such dastardly act and urged police to launch proper investigation into the case.  

In a crucial stage when AAPSU is gearing up to fight against state government’s decision to issue permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Tirap and Changlang, this action has came as a shock for entire student community of state, stated Tamar.

It was discovered yesterday that posters were pasted across the Likhabali town with provocative words against Takam Tatung and local MLA Jumde Kena. The wording of posters had accused Tatung of representing MLAs and MPs instead of student community.  While questioning such baseless allegations, Tamar pointed out that present team under the leadership of Takam Tatung had worked hard for the student communities and youth in general.  

“Due to AAPSU’s pressure, recruitment for Arunachal scout was held in Arunachal instead of Assam.  AAPSU website has been launched and first time committee on Chakma has been formed with AAPSU also being part of the team. We also pressurized govt to form boundary commission,” said Tamar. He went on to add, “AAPSU has been regularly fighting to improve the quality of education and also to provide stipends to poor students. On every matter we have fought against government and in fact we are playing role of opposition. Despite all these efforts, how can anyone point finger at AAPSU leader Takam Tatung,” Tamar questioned.

He urged misguided youths not to fall prey to cheap politics being played by politicians . “If any underground youths approach us to help them in starting new life, AAPSU will always help them. Without ever trying to understand under which pressure we work, people should not point finger at AAPSU,” Tamar stated.

Meanwhile AAPSU has asked government to take serious note of threat to the life of their leader Takam Tatung and urgently take necessary steps. Last year also before election when AAPSU had opposed entry of Nagaland People’s Party into Arunachal political scene, Tatung was threatened by some underground elements. Taking into account of repeated threat to his life, government should provide him with security, AAPSU Vice-President Tamar demanded.

He further added that movement against PRC issue will continue and AAPSU will never compromise on this.

All Kurung Kumey District Students Union has condemned act of carrying out hate agenda against AAPSU President Takam Tatung and Likhabali MLA Jomde Kena by underground elements. Terming this incident as serious matter, union has asked government to carry out investigation and arrest those involve in carrying out such hate campaign. Further AKKDSU has asked state government to immediately cancel the decision of giving PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang district. Union has endorsed AAPSU stand in this regard.

All Kurung Kumey Youth Organisation extended its support to the proposed AAPSU rally against Govt decision to issue PRC to non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang districts.

Adi Students’ Union, Itanagar Unit and Apatani Students’ Union, Capital Complex, Itanagar extended supports to All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union’s protest rally on September 28.

Both the union said that the decision of the state government to issue PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang District is totally against the interest of the indigenous people of the state.

Further, the ASUCCI, condemned the anti-social element for intimidating AAPSU President and appealed the state government to provide security.


Harvest renewable energy: Sanjoy

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjoy said that Northeast, specially Arunachal Pradesh has much potential in the field of renewable energy, but there is the need to explore it first.

He was addressing a national seminar on Renewable Energy Technology : Issues and Prospects, jointly organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering at NERIST today.  He pointed out that water resources are the treasure and strength of the state and needs to exploit it for the development of the state through hydro power. Sanjoy also appealed to the Central Institutes like IIT and NERIST to assess the impact of dams properly as sections of people particularly those residing in the lower stream of the proposed dams were opposing construction. Sanjoy urged for more development in the state taking into account the strategic location of Arunachal. Various engineering and technical faculties from different states of the country are participating in the two day national seminar.


Swimming complex ready for use, Governor calls for proper upkeep

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh inaugurated the first Swimming Complex of the State at Gekar Sinyi Lake today. Pleased with the completion of the infrastructure, the Governor, who has been the driving force behind the development of Gekar Sinyi area as tourist spot said, now the picturesque lake has recreation facilities like boating, trekking and swimming available to the public.

It should run proper and utmost care should be taken about the filtration process to ensure cleanliness, Governor stressed while interacting with Sama Dodum, caretaker of the infrastructure. He laid emphasis on safety measure to avoid any accident.

Anupama Singh, who was also present in the inaugural function called for schools to avail the facility. She also suggested for membership cards for denizens of capital complex, which can be charged on monthly basis and with user fees to non-members.  

The facility has two filtration systems, which can filter 40 to 50 thousand liters per hour. Along with separate changing and shower rooms, technical helpers and life guards are available.

According to a technical staff, water are tapped from the nature stream near the lake and released back downstream. It is not released into the lake nor Lake water is used.

Implemented at a cost of ` 98.40 lakhs by the Department of Rural Works, Popum Poma Division, Itanagar, the project work started on 26th July 2005 and completed on 1st August 2010 with installation of filter unit and power connection.  (PRO to CM)


Tawang students upset with BSNL, BRTF

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: All Tawang District Students Union while informing about the deplorable BRTF and BSNL services have said that it is left with no option but to agitate as repeated representation to the organisations have failed to yield any results.

It said that Tawang despite being a favoured tourist destination is plagued with bad road and phone connectivity. It said that the BSNL and BRTF authorities have not been able to mitigate the problems of the people despite repeated request.


Now, NYC demands resignation of Dorjee Khandu

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: The state unit of Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC) has demanded Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and Minister Jarbom Gamlin’s immediate resignation on moral ground to facilitate free and fair investigation of the PDS scam.

The youth wing of the Nationalist Congress Party, while appealing to the Itanagar Permanent Bench of Gauhati High Court to direct the Government to hand over the infamous PDS scam case to CBI from SIC for impartial investigation to bring the real culprits to the fore, said that the people of Arunachal Pradesh, in particular and the nation as a whole, have lost faith on the State Government headed by Khandu, whose son and wife were also involved in PDS scam as surfaced in print and electronic medias.

It also demanded resignation of all the four accused MLAs of PDS scam so that impartial investigation could be carried out.

Criticizing state’s so called pressure groups, which are remaining silent on the issue so far, the NYC appealed to the all like-minded political parties as well as youths of the state to come under single umbrella to fight corruption and the corrupt Government. It also demanded for freezing properties of all the 96 accused published in local media.

While giving example that how PDS contractors are swindling public money, the NYC revealed that contractors are preparing bill of consuming 30 kg of salt by a single person in a month. "And, people of other states are mocking at us by saying ‘30 kg salt eater," it rued.

Meanwhile, the NCP youth wing lauded the role being played by local media in highlighting the PDS scam before the public and urged the judiciary for speedy trial of the case and exemplary punishment to the guilts.


Ke-Me-Haa celebrated at Roing

ROING, Sept 24: Ke-Me-Haa, the Harvest Festival of Idu Mishmis was celebrated today at Kebali, eight kilometers from district headquarter Roing.

Lower Dibang Valley District DCC (I) President Roding Pertin, who was invited on the occasion as the chief guest, Pertin started the celebration ceremony of eating new harvested rice by traditional Kewru-prhi-u (burning of paddy).

In his message, he said, “Let me take this opportunity to wish not only our Idu brothers, but to all our Adi brothers and people from different communities of Lower Dibang Valley.”

“Let this occasion be the beginning of our unity and brotherhood!”

He thanked the celebration committee for inviting him as the chief guest and said was personally grateful to Kebi Pulu, Committee president for the invitation.

Earlier, extending warm festival greetings to people, Roing MLA Laeta Umbrey, appreciated every soul of the Idu Mishmi community for preserving its rich, tradition and culture.

Ke-Me-Haa in Idu dialect means eating new rice. The Idus believe that spirits are omnipresent and the offering is given on the day to the spirits for good yield of harvest and health of family members.

Every year on this day, the festival is celebrated throughout the Dibang districts and Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh by the Idu community and in some parts of East Siang and Upper Siang districts.

Traditionally, the preparation for celebration begins much earlier. The women in the community prepare rice beer and the men move out to jungle for hunting and trapping wild birds and animals.

Before the start of eating new rice, the initial offering is made to local deities. The newly harvested paddy is brought home, and a ritual of burning paddy follows which is an offering to the spirit.


Commerce graduate demands Govt job

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: All Arunachal Commerce Students’ Association (AACSA) has appealed the state Govt to initiate steps for recruitment of commerce graduate in various departments and establishments of the state.

Expressing resentment at the non-recruitment of the commerce graduates in various departments, the union in a memorandum to the Chief Minister has also demanded creation of sufficient posts of Commerce senior teachers in the state.

Other demands of the union included establishment of Commerce College in the state and introduction of Commerce stream in all higher secondary schools.


20 more students tested Hepatitis-B +ve

Seppa, Sept 24:  20 more students were found having hepatitis-B positive among 283 students who were tested during the 2nd day of the school level health program cum advocacy meeting being organized by district health society Seppa under the RCH-II, today at Govt. hr. sec School, Seppa.

The doctors organizing the program opines that it’s been only two days of the program where only 25 percent of total strength of students had undergone serological test and out of this 30 students have been tested hepatitis-B positive which is very alarming.

The doctors advised those who tested positive to get treatment at the earliest while asking others to get themselves vaccinated at the designated clinic and hospital.

Unlike the previous program where the numbers of students attending the programme were feeble, more than 600 students had enthusiastically participated and listened attentively at the discourse of resources persons Dr. K Lapung, DRCHO and senior medical officer, Dr. T. Tagia, dental specialist and Dr. K. Shopping incharge of RTI/STI, district hospital Seppa, regarding HIV/AIDS, hepatitis-B and C, oral and dental hygienic and other health related problem.

This time the doctors were more specific on the matter. Dr. shopping who is the incharge of RTI/STI, district hospital, Seppa, appeared very candid with the students and went on explaining about the causes of the HIV/AIDS, nuances between HIV and AIDS. Regarding the un-protective sex, Dr. Shopping informed that sex workers and person having multiple sex partner has a greater chance of spreading and acquiring the disease adding that the teenage is the time where one is more  susceptible to the diseases.

On oral and dental hygienic, Dr. T. Tagia informed the students of the tobacco product like tiranga, gutka, smoking and pan as the causes of the dental related problem.

Apart from this the quiz competition was organized by the visiting team of doctors in which the students of class nine were declared winner while second prize went to students of class eleven.

Besides doctors, students and teachers, the NCC cadets also participated in the programme. (DIPRO)


RGSU supports AAPSU stand on PRC issue

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGSU) has supported AAPSU’s proposed rally against Government decision to issue PRC to non APSTs in Lohit and Changlang district.

PRC to non APSTs is not an issue of those two districts only but a serious matter for entire state. And, it could be happened to any of the districts in near future if Govt remained stuck to its decision, RGSU in a release said. It appealed to the students of different colleges, civil societies and others to join hand with AAPSU in raising voice against the Govt. policy on the issue.

Meanwhile RGU strongly condemned the poster campaign against the AAPSU president at Likabali reportedly by activists of National Liberation Council of Taniland. Committing such heinous act in the name of legendary figure of Abo Tani group of the State is uncalled for, it said.


AIMSU comes out against PRC

ROING, Sept 24: The All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) has expressed its support to all students and civil society organizations that are opposing the govt’s decision to issue PRC to non APST of Lohit and Changlang district. The union said it was willing to support for a state wide protest against the decision.

“The fight against the decision must be fought in every corner of Arunachal”, said the union.

Meanwhile calling for immediate attention of state govt on the dismal state of govt schools in Dibang Valley district, it requested for immediate posting of Principal and adequate number of teachers.

Welcoming the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner A Tayeng of Anini, the union apprised him about the worsening state of food crisis, transportation and education in the district and urged him for earliest action in this regard.

The union further disclosed that Dambuk MLA Jomin Tayeng had donated 200 pairs of desk-bench for Govt High Secondary School, Govt Primary School and for Pre-Primary School in Anini.

AIMSU on behalf of all people of Dibang Valley district appreciated the noble gesture of Tayeng which it said was the need of the hour as all of these schools lacked even basic furniture.


RGUSU appeals for reservation

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Rajiv Gandhi University Students Union in a representation to UGC Expert Committee has called for reservation of not less than 80% for the Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes (APST) in teaching and non-teaching  posts for direct  recruitment as well as for promotion and in admission to various courses of study in Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh.

It called for issuance of necessary direction to the University authority to initiate action so as to effect necessary amendments to its Act, Statutes & Ordinances for the statutory support for reservation in appointment to teaching and non-teaching posts and in admission for the Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes.

Adequate representation of Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes (APST) in the bodies like  Court, Executive Council, Academic Council, Selection Committee & any other important bodies of the University was another demand.


Dabi to meet Karnataka HM

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Minister Home Tako Dabi would meet the Home Minister of Karnataka at Bangalore.  The proposed meeting will revolve around security matters as well as management and training in different discipline being undertaken by the Karnataka Police.  He will also discuss on the functioning of home guards and civil defence forces and its deployment beside administrative scenario of the Karnataka Government.  


Hurdle on the way to RTI

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha East Kameng district unit president  Loku Sono  was happy as the competent authority  assured to provide related documents  in response to his RTI petition filed seeking information regarding improvement of Seppa township roads.

However, according to a release issued by Sono the assurance came today after he filed a complaint letter through RTI on Sept 1 regarding exorbitant stationary charges amounting upto Rs 10,024 for providing information.

As  per records, information under RTI  were sought from the competent authority  on Aug 6 last and  the authority requested the RTI users  to deposit  Rs 10,024 on Aug 21as stationery charges.  Sono lodged a complaint to state information commission against exorbitant charges for information on Sept 1 and the SIC reportedly conducted hearing on the complaint on Sept 24.


Panchayat leaders react

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: The Panchayat leaders under Koloriang Assembly Constituency in  Kurung Kumey District today reacted to the statement of Parsi-Parlo Area Development Committee which demanded the state Govt to drop Lokam Tassar from the post of  Parliamentary Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies.

The ZPMs  of the district in a jointly signed press release said ‘such statement by unrecognized and self-styled committee with vested interest people of the area’ has not only tarnished the political image of Lokam Tassar and but also disheartened the  genuine citizens of the  constituency.  Stating that ‘such dirty conspiracy being hatched by  committee chairman’ is condemnable, the panchayat leaders further said this kind  of mischievous conspiracy to tarnish some individuals’ political image with personal interest is against the interest of the society.

There is no any such committee in the name Parsi-Parlo Area Development Committee recognized by Panchayat leaders or administrative of the circle, the release claimed  and demanded the district authority to initiate legal action   against the committee within  a fortnight and said that such self-style committee be derecognized.  

Meanwhile, All Kurung Kumey Youth Organization (AKKYO) also termed the demand of the committee as baseless.


Union demands posting of teachers

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: History subject teachers of the Govt Hr School, Kamba  in West Siang district  is absenting for more than three years, informed Hirik-Hiru Students’ Union in a release today while adding that recently Biology teacher has also been transferred without reliever.

Describing the pathetic condition of the school and deteriorating educational scenario, the union appealed the authorities concerned  to post subject teachers to the school immediately.



NCP hit back

ITANAGAR, Sept 24: NCP State unit, Vice President Tana Tad while reacting to the press statement of APCC said that instead of appreciating the constructive role being played by the Nationalist Congress Party and instead of advising the Chief Minister not to put further burden on tax payers, the allegations against the party of being jealous and frustrated simply reveal the character and quality of the APCC.

Tad Tana, vice President of NCP State unit stated that such remarks from APCC is unfortunate and the party shall forward a copy of its release as well as  reply to Sonia Gandhi, the party President Congress (I) with intimation to NCP President Sharat Pawar to judge and act. Tad further reminded that state Congress leaders before passing negative remarks must remember that NCP is a strong ally of UPA Government at Centre.


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