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September - 27



Time for a common voice

Dear Editor,

PDS scandal outrageously disproportionate in its magnitude for Arunachal Pradesh, an infant baby who refuse to grow leave aside standing on its own. The state wishes to stay forever as white elephant at the cost of tax payers. It is out now, many affluent cats, some even owning Ferrari car, are involved in dirty scandal. They became affluent not by virtue of their hard work but by robbing the poor who elected   them. We need educated and morally upright people to run the state. These neo literate pseudo politicians cannot distinguishes what is unethical. It is obvious now, fair investigation cannot be conducted under present circumstance, as dear  kith and kin of Chief Minister, parliamentary secretary to food and civil supply and MLAs are involved in the scandal. Without any worthy political opposition to raise the issue, alternative solution to seek justice lies in the proactive voice of civil society and Unions but the question is who will spearhead  the movement. Time is ripe to prove their mettle that they really care for welfare of common people.  And they will  fight tooth and nail in seeking justice, irrespective of the  community  the offenders belong to. Leading from the front in fighting to eradicate  corruption is more important  than create mess for location of NIT and polytechnic colleges. Campaign to end corruption should be as intense as for voting Tako Taji,our beloved trend setter and proud son  of this land. Then, why our so called union leaders are maintaining uncanny silence? This is time to speak up, this is time to boycott these pseudo politicians. Why no union leaders are coming forwards to call  capital bandh. We are now glad to suffer any hardship arising out of bandh to get social justice and want to see those criminal behind bar. They commit   crime not  only  against poor but entire humanity of Arunachal Pradesh as PDS provides apart from AAY and BPL ,ration for APL also  which ensure food security to many of us. PDS scandal is just a tip of iceberg. We are plagued by many corruption yet to be exposed. Government is failing in every front: education, health, communication and transportation, drinking water, sanitation. Common men are fed up of government apathy to deliver services. People from Arunachal should mobilize and discard these tainted politicians and corrupt officers. If not now, beware! so called union leaders, people will not repose faith on them and they will be eroding  sanctity of good image, which is everything.     


A student of RGU


(On email)



We are together

Dear Editor,

I on behalf of the entire affected people of Lohit and Chanlang Districts would like to express deep concern about the PRC issue which has already drawn wide support the decision to grant PRC is a gross violation of Eastern Bengal Regulation Act 1873 and will jeoperdise the very existence of the innocent tribals who are yet to eqaute themselves with mainland people.

The support of the like minded people, organisations, unions and associations like AAPSU, ANSU, ATKSSU,AMSU, ALTCSU, ADiSU, etc are heart-rendering and I salute all for the united stand and wish them to stand together  till the goal is achieved. It’s time to fight against such draconian act and the politicians who are on the selling spree off our identity and motherland for their temporary and vested ends. We are always with student leaders, the future builders of our Arunachal Pradesh, in this fight for the noble cause. Long Live Lohit, Long Live Changlang and Long Live Arunachal.


CP Monglang


(On email)



Connecting India!

Dear Editor,

It was a time when we were really excited by the thought of getting the BSNL cellular network in our area. With the hopes high as the BSNL advertisement went on claiming “Connecting India” and “BSNL hai toh Apnapan Hai” thrilled our minds by the fascinating advertisements in the TV. When finally the BSNL Tower came up on our famous hill top which could easily be seen from the busy market of Lumla township, we the local people could hold our breathes due to the joy of having the service.

But now after two years past, the BSNL cellular service remained dormant as it was during the start. We had however convinced ourselves that the frequent network failure could be easily rectified by the BSNL agency as they had said “Naya Naya hai, technical problem hai, theek ho jayega”.  But this “theek thak” network is yet to knock the doors of Lumla and even the district headquarters Tawang till this date.

The locals of the district had been repeatedly complaining about the poor network service to the SDOT (Tawang), but to our dismay the complaints have been going to the deaf ears.

Some few years back there had been a mass protest and rally against the BSNL service in the district headquarter. The furious mob had even attempted to burn the BSNL office building. After a much conversation and assurance from the BSNL authorities and the district administration the matter was brought under control. But the assurance for a better network service remained assurance only and never was practically implemented. In plain words, the network has worsened.

The telephone exchange of Lumla is without any man power. The costly machines and generators are at the mercy of god. Although repeated request made to the concern authority in the district, no tangible steps have been initiated towards the problem. The sorry state of affair is that till now only the cellular service had the network problem but the problem is gradually switching on to the landline service also. Forget about the much propagated 3G service or the BSNL Broad band.

The BSNL authorities need to seriously think about the persisting problems and come to the rescue of the sick network of the district. We the Panchayat leaders and Public leaders of Lumla call the attention of the BSNL General Manager to look into our grievances.


Sangey Norbu

ZPM, Dudungkhar-Zimithang

Tsering Tashi

President BCCI

Lumla Block



People get a government it deserves

Dear Editor,

I wonder whether we are citizens of a parliamentary democracy. I thought in a democracy the people wield the power. Contrary to it, once elected, the leaders act arrogantly. People get a government it deserves. May be we have sold our votes while electing them. Otherwise, how we can stand by the tainted leaders, even after they have been exposed in public. We are indebted to the media and the Arunachal Times in particular for publishing the name of the people involved in PDS scam. Its vigilant act has exposed their true color.

It is true that leaders need to recoup the expenditure made in election. Investments are made to get higher return. PDS scam is justified as per this skewed logic. But, what about the reason behind granting of PRC to the non-APSTs? It is certainly a case of underestimation to the people’s conscience. No other reason can be ascribed to it. The people should wholeheartedly support APPSU to force withdrawal of this order. It must not be left as a matter concerning the only two districts.


A citizen



I salute them

Dear Editor,

Yet, another example of generosity has been showed by Non-APST like Navil Shing, Sanjit Das, Sanjay Yadav and many more (The other side of PRC story- Taba Ajum). This is how (Non-APST) earned love and Respect from the state. Not to deny the fact that we are the same Indian brethren though, but we have natural or bylaws demarcation that we should respect. I am quite delighted with their sensibility and inspired by their thoughts. I thank them for having the same conscience, the spirit that we need.

I would like to thank Taba Ajum for highlighting their views and would like to apeal every citizen, organization, student union of the state to give reinforcement to APPSU to stand against the order. This is the right time to Stand together and act upon.


Dhon Bagang

Kra-Dadii Club, Seppa




Every one need  to be clear

Dear Editor,

I refer to your article "The other side of the PRC story" by Taba Ajum (Sep 24).

You have a reference to the Yobin tribe, so I want to make a statement. Every student organization, NGO, political parties and the people of Arunachal should be clear on this. We are not demanding for PRC. We are asking for the restoration of ST status, which is our legitimate right. Why is it that the restoration takes over three decades? What went wrong? We ask these questions to the Arunachal government.

As far as I know "Yobin" is the correct spelling. But you have "Yobbin". I appreciate your rationale.


Liahey Ngwazah,

(on email)



Judiciary is no holy cow!

Dear Editor,

‘Nobody can make passing allegations on the judiciary’ by Duge Soki published on 25/09/2010 was an interesting read. We layman have least of prejudices and unaware of the nitty-gritty of the legal parlance. But of late I have seen media reports exposing the high level of corruption prevalent in the judicial fraternity also. We human beings seem to be fallible in whatever profession we are in. The latest addition to this saga was the controversial transfer of a tainted Judge to Sikkim High Court. I can’t afford to take any side but I think the days are over when the public perceived this profession as holy cow. Hope this piece also doesn’t invite contempt proceedings.


A citizen (On email)



Swimming Pool to keep us cool!

Dear Editor,

Amidst high voltage issues grabbing the attention of the public, the inauguration of swimming pool at Itanagar brought much needed sense of relief. This report also had its share of controversy, though. With another township claiming to have the first swimming pool in the state as against the claim made for Itanagar swimming pool. First or second it doesn’t matter. We also want to have our first experience in life to swim in a real swimming pool as seen in Bollywood flicks! May be the Govt. is keen to keep us cool in times of such charged atmosphere!


A citizen (on email)



We have a shy

Dear Editor,

At very outset let me begin by congratulating you for bold and courageous journalism especially after revelations of murky PDS scam. By reading your paper it reminds me of those forgotten anonymous saying “Be a healer if you cannot become a King”. So you are the healer of our common and deserving citizen of Arunachal, in absence of true & honest leaders. The fund meant for hungry citizen of Arunachal and developing State have been siphoned off by our unscrupulous politicians and Babus who are loitering around in the garb of administering the citizens of Arunachal as if they are the most clever & intelligent person living in this world and rest of the citizens  are living in fools paradise. Everybody knows this kind of cheap propaganda & hypocrisy had never lasted in the history of this world. The heat of corruption can be recognized & felt even by untrained animals leave alone the common citizen of Arunachal.

No doubt by opening the Pandora of corruption (whether PDS scam or scam in all Engineering Departments etc) of the State by various type of so called leaders or babus is nothing new. Only the difference is that these murky deals have recently been revealed through your local newspaper which can be read even by the common citizens which otherwise even this opportunities was not available to them so far. Even more surprising is that the so called students organizations who used to launch a bandh call or utter a big, big talks even for petty matter has silently disappeared when the real bandh is required by the common public against corrupt leaders & babus. The another surprising thing is that everybody is writing through you esteem paper either in support of those corrupt leaders or against the leaders without giving any viable solution to clean up the corruption except for demanding resignations.

Therefore in this Reader Forum I am going to give few tips to clean up the mess. Because enough had been highlighted about PDS & other corrupt dealing by our unscrupulous politicians and babus. So here are the tips.

Without further delay the State should be brought under President Rule because the sitting Chief Minister or Ministers or  MLA’s  have no moral right to occupy the Govt. Chair  after revelation in PDS scam. This is not only against the spirit of constitutions but also against the very spirit of democratic principles. Thereafter the murky PDS scam can be handed over to CBI or any other impartial investigative agencies to find out the exact black dealing as per  Court directive.

While investigating PDS scam, the Governor should simultaneously review all murky deal of all the Department of the State since last three decades. Governor need not go far away to dig out the proof of corruption. By going for a morning walk, he can see the proof how many multistoried buildings are coming up in the Capital and who is the financer and what kind of smooth road, supply of water & power are available to the Common citizen leave alone surplus food.

The Governor should set up three types of independent statutory body.

Performance Commission :- whose objective should be to verify and certify the job or development carried out by the all the departments before releasing the payment without which no payment will be made to any firm, individuals or company.

Finance commission:-  whose objective should be to control all the finance of the state especially funded by the Central Govt.  These body will not release any payment  unless issued satisfactory certificate by performance commission.

Planning Commission:- whose objectives should be to plan for state development. All the department in consultation with concern official of the departments and representatives of where development is likely to be done.

The three wing should function independently so that the corruption can be avoided and to maintain integrity.

Meanwhile all the politicians should be placed under probation so that they are trained to run the state. Otherwise the time is not far off when our state will be another breeding ground for militancy. Remember in democracy the ultimate power rest with people not with unscrupulous pseudo elected leaders.


Shocked Citizen



Short sighted policies will make a Kashmir of Arunachal Pradesh


Dear Editor,

Sept 23, 2010: All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi comes to Guwahati campus of IIT and makes a statement, “Construction of big dams in the North East is not ‘anti-people’and the concern of the common man is being given top priority.”

It seems Rahul Gandhi has not done his home work well like most politicians in India or it might be because Assam has the same part in power as at the Centre.

August 26, 2010. The same person went to Niyamgiri in Orissa and assured the Dongria Kondh tribe saying, “I am your soldier.” Here the self-proclaimed ‘aam aadmi ka sipahi’ is posing as the voice of the tribal community which is firm on not letting Vedanta Resources mine bauxite in the Niyamgiri. Is it because the BJD is the party in power in Orissa? Rahul Gandhi must have calculated the protesting communities as the most viable vote-bank for the Congress in Orissa at the moment.

Jammu & Kashmir, India’s only Muslim majority state (according to the demography of 1947, which is same for the state till date), was the first state in India to ban cow slaughter in India with due respect to article 48 of the Constitution of India. Such was the heart and mind of a Kashmiri in the 1950s. And look at Kashmir today. The series of wrong policies by a certain group of people in sitting in the North Block of Delhi has made what Kashmir is today. If the Government of India goes on with its shortsighted strategies of the so called ‘development’, in the coming decades it will make a Kashmir of Arunachal Pradesh too, not to speak of Assam.


P. Barua,

Guwahati (On email)






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12 years after induction in IPS, MS Chauhan is still on probation!

The history of perpetual probation

of High Court appointed SIC SP

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: Intrigued people of the state had marveled after the PDS scam hit the limelight in recent times. Notwithstanding the fact that it was working under the directives of the High Court, there were questions asked and perpetual anger too at the partial behavior of the Special Investigation Cell looking into by now infamous PDS scam in the state. Even as the state government  reasons that SIC is no way under the control of the government, the records available with this daily makes ample suggestions that the person heading the SIC is surely under the control of the state government.  

One is forced to ask whether competent authorities dealing with PDS really took into consideration the glaring questionable reports pertaining to the officer heading the investigation.

Twelve years after his induction into the coveted Indian Police Service, Mayank Sheel Chauhan is still knocking the doors of Home Ministry and Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) questioning why he is being kept on perpetual probation.  

Appointed to the Indian Police Service in 07.09.1998, Chauhan’s services should have been confirmed two years later.  But even as late as 08.04.10, he wrote to the Home Ministry asking for deemed confirmation in the service. The matter came up on 2 Sept 2010 at Central Administrative Tribunal, Guwahati Bench.

The records reveal that the Review Board, AGMUT, had sent in reports of officers of 1998 batch for their confirmation in service in Feb 2002. But Board had recommended extension of Chauhan’s probation by six months. That was the beginning of the history of perpetual probation of the person who today heads the investigation cell looking into one of the largest scam that has hit the North east. It is more incredible that he has been bestowed with absolute sweeping powers by the High Court which includes conversion of SIC headquarters to a Police station!

In 2004, Chief Secretary Delhi in her capacity as member of Review Board had stated in her observation “Unsatisfactory reports were given to me about the habit of the officer (Chauhan), which include seeking pecuniary (financial) favours, running up bills in hotels while on govt duty. As such the officer may be unsuited for Indian Police Service, as in years to come, the temptations would grow. Even in terms of his overall contribution, I am informed that Chauhan’s work was very casual and not dependable. The remarks in the ACR also bear this out generally. In the light of this, confirmation case may be deferred”.

She however suggested that the case be reviewed, and details may be obtained from superior officers under whom he served.

As suggested, a review was again held in the same year in which it observed that Chauhan had earned very lukewarm and adverse remarks during his training and subsequent posting in Goa.

Again 2009 Review Board  met under the Chairmanship of Home Secretary (Centre) in which it was decided that details of Departmental Enquiry (relating to at least two accounts of complaints against Chauhan) by “Arunachal govt and later purportedly closed by it may be sought from govt”.

The Arunachal Govt responding to a letter by Home Ministry informed by its  letter vide dated 19.05.2010 and 8.06.2010 that during the tenure of Chauhan as SP West Siang, a fact finding inquiry was conducted after a complaint was received against the officer for corrupt practices and working against Public Interest in June 2005.

The  DGP East that time, S Prakash in his report concluded that conduct of Chuhan amounted  to gross misconduct and liable to be dealt with departmental action under All India Service (Discipline and Appeal Rules) 1969. The Chief Secretary that time approved the recommendation.

However, the departmental case against Chauhan was closed by the than Minister Home Jarbom Gamlin on the ground that the charges against the officer was superficial in nature. The decision was later reviewed by the state government and subsequently it decided to initiate a departmental case.  

In 05.05.06, the matter was referred to Ministry of Home Affairs for necessary action against the officer  in which the state government attached a copy of the preliminary inquiry report.

However, the case was closed against the officer after a review note dated 11/03/08 by the than Home Minister. This decision was made known to the centre by the Home Dept vide letter 30.04.08.  

Meanwhile, the centre requested the state govt to submit a detailed report leading to closure of departmental case against Chauhan. The case came up again for examination. The Home Commissioner (Arunachal Pradesh) observed that state government did not have any grounds to close the departmental case against Chauhan, other than the ones recorded by Home Minister. However the note from Commissioner was overlooked as the then Home Minister Gamlin on 17.07.09 recommended for closure of case citing four reasons including a point that there was no specific approval of the Govt of Arunachal for initiation of Departmental enquiry against Chauhan as the enquiry was conducted in secret by Special Branch CID, DSP.

Meanwhile even as Chauhan is crying to CAT over mental and financial agony incurred because of perpetual probation, the questions remains whether he is the most efficient person to head the High Court constituted SIC.



PRC issue gains momentum in state

ACR supports AAPSU, questions the legitimacy of PRC

ITANAGAR, Sept 26:  The voices against grant of PRC to non APST in Lohit and Changlang is gaining momentum.

Arunachal Citizens Right (ACR) endorsing rally proposed by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union to protest against the issue of PRC to non APST has said that state govt is confusing the people of the state. Its Chairman, Bamang Tago asked which order  of the Supreme Court the government was  referring to while adding that even if Apex Court had passed such an  order or directives, it is the prime duty of the state government to file a counter affidavit to protect the interest of its people. The people of Arunachal can’t be victim of democracy, he said.

He said that Bengal Regulation of 1873 is still enforced in the state while adding that there are thousands of non Arunachalees who have been  settled prior to 1964.

He further added that “in true sense, Arunachal people are not a party to who says “We the People of India”  in the preamble because N.E.F.A (Arunachal Pradesh) amalgamated to Indian system much after  26 January 1950. However, Arunachalees have been loyal and abide by the Indian constitution therefore it should be the duty of Indian judiciary or the constitution to protect the rights and privilege of the Arunachalees, he said.

Meanwhile, All East Siang District Students Union (AESDU) is going to organize a symbolic rally passing through heart of Pasighat town on 29th of this month to protest against state government’s decision to grant permanent residential certificate (PRC) to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang districts. Union has urged all the residents of Pasighat and nearby areas to join in this protest rally. In a press statement AESDU stated that protest rally is being taken out in solidarity with AAPSU’s propose rally against granting of PRC to non-APST which will be held on 28th of this month. AAPSU is going to take out protest rally on 28th of this month which will start from Akashdeep market and culminate at Chief Minister’s bungalow.

Meanwhile, a meeting was convened at Bordumsa town to discuss about PRC issue today.  The meeting presided over by Wangpha Tinki, president of All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union unanimously decided that people of these two districts will fight against grant of PRC to non APST.

Representatives from All Mishmi Students Union, All Tai Khampti Singpho Students Union, District Students Union of Changlang and various regional youth organizations took part in the meeting.

Joining AAPSU, various student bodies of these two districts will organize protest rally on 28th of this month at district headquarter of both Lohit and Changlang. Student bodies of Lohit and Changlang have appealed to student organizations like ANSU, GSU, AdiSu, ATSU and civil society groups like NES, GWS, Adi-Bane Kebang and ACR to support people of these two districts to fight against the draconian order of granting PRC to non-APST in Lohit and Changlang.

All Hrusso (Aka) Students’ Union (AHSU) has extended its support to  the AAPSU movement against the Govt decision to grant PRC to non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang district. While condemning the Govt decision on PRC, the union said the controversial issue has further strengthened its  resolve  to  check illegal possession of PRC certificates by outsiders in West Kameng district.


Consultation meeting on dam held

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: Lower Siang Dam Affected Youth Association (LSDAYA) organized awareness cum consultation meeting on 2700 MW Siang hydro project at Bodak and Pongging on Sept 25 last.

NGO representatives from Assam including Takam Mishing Porin Kebang (TMPK) general secretary B Pegu,  All Assam Students Union (AASU) Dhemaji district unit president Chittaranjan Basumatary, Jonai AASU unit president Niranjan Prakash  along with 17 delegates attended the meeting, informed the association in a release today.

In his address Basumatary called upon the gathering to fight together against mega dam project. If the State Govt is determined to go with dam, it should first compensate and rehabilitate the dam affected people including the people  who are residing in the downstream of the dam project, he said and added  that the people will become refugees in their own land with the construction of the mega dam.

Pegu also assured cooperation to the people of Bodak and Pongging villages in their fight for their right and against mega dam, the release said.


AAPSU appeals all to take part in protest rally

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has decided to go ahead with its proposed rally on Sept 28 against the Govt decision to grant PRC to Non-APSTs in Lohit and Changlang districts. The AAPSU has taken this firm decision as the Govt did not respond to its ultimatum till date. The mass protest rally will be start from Akashdeep market complex, Itanagar at 10 am and will culminate at Chief Minister’s Bungalow.

Expressing resentment over the Govt’s adamant attitude to respond to its 20 days  ultimatum served earlier  demanding revocation of controversial decision, AAPSU president Takam Tatung appealed all the civil societies, NGOs and citizens of state to participate in the mass protest rally on September 28.  Tatung said such decision of the state Govt will not only affect the people of Lohit and Changlang Districts but it will gradually affect the entire state.

Concerned over the future consequences of such controversial Govt decision,  he said  “acceptance of Govt decision on PRC  will pave the  way for non-APST families who are residing even before the India’s independence in various districts  of the state to claim PRC status”.


MLA tells NEEPCO to comply with MOU

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: In a straightway warning to NEEPCO authority, Buragaon-Thrizino MLA Kumsi Sidisow asked the power developer group not to play with life and property of Bichom project affected people and complete rehabilitation works as per Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the State Government. Sidisow, who is currently on a 10-day tour of his constituency after being elected as MLA, was addressing a public gathering at Bichom yesterday.

"NEEPCO should honour and comply with the MoU signed with the State Government. However, the matter of rehabilitation would be settled at a meeting scheduled to be held on October 5 in DC’s Chamber involving CMD and other officers of the Corporation," the MLA said while responding to a public memorandum submitted to him on rehabilation of project affected people.

On job reservation in category ‘C’ and ‘B’ for project affected people in NEEPCO and enhancement of their salary, the MLA informed that he had already spoken to CMD and other officials of NEEPCO regarding the matter. He asked the HoP, NEEPCO Bichom, who was also present in the public meeting, to reserve job for the educated youths of Bichom villagers and also for the educated youth of West Kameng as whole.

The MLA reiterated that the main purpose of his tour was to know the real problems facing by the people of his constituency and redress it as far as he can.

He appealed to the people to work in united brushing aside all party differences to see real development in their area.

He informed that the link road from Mango-pam to Ramu, Chitu, Lichini and Bichom has already been taken up under NSCLR and recommended it to Delhi. Water supply scheme for Ramu and Chitu village, construction of porter track from Bichom to Ramu, Chitu village and Kaspi and Mule Track Chitu to Sachita were also sanctioned, the MLA informed. Further, MP Takam Sanjay has allotted Rs.3 lakh from his MPLAD fund for Hariyali scheme and public can approach Project Director, DRDA for work, he said.

The MLA asked the Bichom ZPM and other PRI members of the village to prepare a list of beneficiaries and submit the same for obtaining CGI sheets.

Regarding posting of teachers, he asked the headmaster to submit subject wise requirement of teachers to DDSE with class wise strength of student. Construction of quarters, maintenance work of Bichom Health Centre and school building could only be taken up after rehabilitation work is completed, he added.

Earlier, Bichom ZPM, ASM and Bugun Youths Welfare Society general secretary, on behalf of Bichom villagers, submitted an 11-point memorandum to the visiting MLA, which included, demand for rehabilitation of project affected Bichom villagers, construction of link road from Mangopam to Ramu, Chitu and Bichom, water supply at Ramu and Chitu village, upgrading the Govt. I.V. School to residential Middle School, quarters for medical staff along with posting of doctor at Bichom Health Sub Centre, reservation of jobs in NEEPCO in category 'C' and 'D' for project affected people, posting of sufficient teachers at Bichom I.V. School, porter-track from Bichom to Ruma, Chitu and Nes Kaspi, maintenance of Bichom Health Sub-Centre and school building. Deputy Commissioner, R Tashi, who accompanied the MLA, also addressed the meeting. The DC while reiterating the importance of education in developing human resource, praised the ZPM for giving top priority in this sector. He suggested the farmers to adopt modern techniques for horticulture and agriculture farming. The DC appreciated the villagers for preserving flora and fauna. The scenic beauty of the state may attract tourists a lot but an improved behaviour towards visiting tourists could help boost tourism sector to a great extent.

Talking about law and order problem, he requested the public to abstain from using country-made guns. He also informed the public about the Wildlife Act 1972, which protects poaching, illegal trading in wildlife, including birds, animals, plants and its derivatives.

Earlier all Heads of Department also addressed the meeting. DIPRO


Sourabhee Debbarma campaigns for Teji

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: Indian Idol 2009, Sourabhee Debbarma has appealed to the people of the North East to vote for Wonder boy Toko Teji, who has reached the finals of the India’s Got Talent Khoj-2. She made this appeal while addressing a press conference at Agartala Press Club along with Bamang Tago who is campaigning in all north east states to garner support for the Teji.  She congratulated Toko Teji for reaching the final in India’s mega talent hunt event and extended her best wishes.

Earlier, Tago met many individuals and organisations  at Agartala including Twipra Students Federation, Borok Kokrubai Bosong (formerly Kokboro Sahitya Sabha), senior citizens and academicians seeking supports for Toko Teji.

Tago further informed that Sourabhee has consented to visit Arunachal soon.


FSC lift T Pabin memorial football trophy

Pasighat, Sept 26: Francis Soccer Club (FSC) lifted the 3rd Tarung Pabin Memorial Football Trophy (TPMFT) defeating Linka B Team (LBT) 4-1 in an entertaining final played here yesterday. All the four goals were scored by Matuni Padung, who was adjudged the ‘Best Player of the Tournament.’

Witnessing final match as chief guest Education Minister Bosiram Siaram recalled late Pabin and his contributions towards people of the state. He praised the organizing committee Mirem Sports Association (MSA) and relatives of Late Pabin for organizing the tournament in memory of the departed leader. Siram advised the participants to maintain physical and mental strength to become a good sports person.

The minister contributed few amounts for sports developmental activities. Later, he gave away trophies, medals and certificates to the winning, runners-up teams and individual prize winners.

In his speech, Dr. Tapak praised Obang Mize and Isac Missam, president and secretary of MSA for organizing the tournament smoothly and the local people of Mirem for their cooperation. He said that  the youths of the East Siang have great potentialities in the field of games and sports to produce quality players.

Among others, Mrs Pabin, wife of  Lt. Pabin and Bilat ZPM Nakek Moyong were present on the occasion.

Earlier, the duo visited Bilat Primary and Bilat Higher Secondary Schools. He assured the school authorities to meet up all the genuine demands at the earliest possible. He  informed that he is trying his best under the leadership of  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu to bring a sea change in the education sector in the state. He appealed to the teachers and students to bring back Gurukul atmosphere in schools.

While commenting on crisis for teachers quarters, Siram urged the MLAs of the district to construct at least two quarters every year from their developmental funds. He also informed that the Sikshak Sadan-Transit camps would be constructed soon by the department to minimize the said problems. DIPRO.


1st General Body meeting of LOU held

PASIGHAT, Sept 26: The first general body meeting of Land Owners Union (LOU) was held at the Solung Ground Meeting Hall, Pasighat on Sept 25.  The motive of the meeting was to spearhead Siang Progressive Movement under the banner of  LOU.  More  than 400 landowners of 28 affected villages took part in the meeting presided over by Tagom Darang, a retired  IAS officer.

According to a LOU press release, Siang Progressive Movement would redress the socio-economical problems of the people with improvement of road communications, educational status and electricity supply to every household. However, the main objective of the meeting was for fixation of land value/rates including  flora and fauna  in the affected area, the release said.

The LOU specified affected lands in three different categories --- WRC land, developed land, undeveloped land including trees and wild plants.

LOU Executive Director Okom Tamuk while urging the state Govt  to take the union into confidence  during fixation of the value/rates of lands, said, “We are the legal and natural owners of the land by birth.”

He further appealed the corporate/company concerned to consider all the genuine demands of the landowners without any discrimination, who are going to lose their ancestral assets for ever for proposed dam construction.

The house dissolved the steering committee constituted on Sept 6 last and decided to stand united under LOU, the release added. The LOU further decided to invite the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu in  a land value fixation consultative meeting with landowners which is proposed on October 10 next tentatively.

Besides Tagom Darang, altogether 52 persons  from affected villages shared their views in the meeting. (DIPRO)


Tuki to attend Miss Tirap contest

KHONSA, Sept 26: PWD & UD Minister Nabam Tuki will attend the Miss Tirap 2010 as chief guest on 9th October 2010 at Nehru stadium, Khonsa. The beauty pageant organized as a part of crusade against drug addiction and violence by Shine Tirap Self Help Group, has generated much enthusiasm and anticipation, especially among youth.

Attractive cash awards and computer courses are up for grabs. The organizers have received tremendous response from the aspiring contestants. A nite of musical extravaganza will enthrall the entertainment–starved public of Khonsa. Awareness campaign on opium addiction for Gaon Buras and Panchayat leaders will also be conducted on the same day. Come 9th October, all the roads in sleepy Khonsa will lead to Nehru stadium.


Seva Dal repudiates demand for CM resignation

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal today condemned the demand of  All Lower Subansiri Students’ Union for resignation of Chief Minister on moral ground for alleged involvement of his son in the PDS scam.

Terming the demand of the union as baseless, improper and politically motivated, the Seva Dal said multifaceted development activities have been taking up in the state including revival of Apex Bank and implementation of 6th pay commission under the leadership of present CM.



Student pleads for regular power supply

ITANAGAR, Sept 26: Highlighting the irregular supply of electricity to Tai Bida Boys Hostel and Nyari Welly Girls Hostel, DNG College, Itanagar, boarders of the hostels appealed the power department Executive Engineer  to provide a separate feeder connection for DNGC to solve  the problems.


CM convenes meet on PRC

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has convened an all party meeting including representatives from student organizations on September 30 next to discuss about the PRC issue.

A circular was issued today from the CM’s Secretariat inviting all party leaders & Apex student’s organizations to arrive on a consensus opinion on the matter. PRO to CM


Dabi to attend inter faith meet

NAHARLAGUN: Home Minister Tako Dabi will attend a high level inter faith response on reducing stigma and discrimination against HIV and AIDS on September 27-28 at the Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Around 300 delegates from across the globe are participating in the summit besides host of religious leaders from various parts of country.

The summit conference is expected to witness intensive brainstorming on the issue and would draw up specific action plan to address the alarming problem the civil society is facing across the globe. The Minister would make special mention on the aspects of North East India during the conference.


Geojit Comtrade  to open branch office

ITANAGAR: MLA Techi Kaso has consented to attend as chief guest in the opening ceremony of branch office of Geojit Comtrade Ltd at D-Sector junction, Naharlagun on October 4. Geojit Comtrade Ltd. is a Kochi based financial services and enterprises which offers trading servies in commodity futures. It is being managed by a group of experienced and expertise in commodities.



ITANAGAR, Sept 26: The Officer and staff of Rural Works Sub-Division Sagalee mourned the sudden demise of Division’s WC Mazdoor Ngurang Nyajung, who died on September 24 last.

He was serving as a WC Mazdoor and is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter. Ngurang joined the department as Casual Labour in 1988.

Meanwhile, MLA Tani Loffa has deeply mourned the demise of HGB Tara Cheri of Nere village, East Kameng district, who died after prolonged illness on Sept 25. His death has caused a irreparable loss to the Seppa West constituency in particular and  the district in general, he added.

Loffa prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family.


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