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September - 28



Laws are equal to all

Dear Editor,

How disgusting and shameful that our leaders and top bureaucrats are found involved in the multi-crore PDS scam.

Public Distribution System (PDS) has turned into money spinning machine for our leaders, bureaucrats and their kith and kins.

What could we expect from such leaders, who snatched away our poor people’s breads.

The FIR filed against Chief Minister for his alleged corruption by Arunachal Volunteer Youth Federation published in your daily on Sept. 9th has raised eyebrows of every sane citizen.

If the Chief Minister himself is involved in such corruption, favoritism and nepotism then what can we expect from others? During his tenure as Relief minister, he had not only awarded carriage contract work to his own family members but also illegally appointed some District Relief and Rehabilitation officers. It is evident from this that the seeds of all corruptions were germinated from his blood.

Despite hue and cry from various quarters on the prevailing situation in the state, such as issue of PRC to non-APST, boundary, corruption, nepotism, backdoor appointment etc. our leaders are keeping mum. They are busy in appointing advisors to CM unnecessarily.

Honestly speaking, if our CM is unable to serve people of this state then he should resign from his post immediately on moral ground.

Being a concern citizen, it is my humble appeal to all the people of the state, NGOs and associations to stand firmly and united against the shameless leaders and bureaucrats who gambled our poor people’s foodgrains. Let them realize that our peoples are no more deaf and dumb. We should mount pressure on government to immediately arrest all other PDS scam accused and also cancel license of those contractors. Let them know that laws are equal to all and accused must be given exemplary punishment, if found guilty.


A Concern Citizen



Think about genuine problems of state

Dear Editor,               

The Arunachal Pradesh is known as a land of rising sun. The rich biodiversity and speedy running rivers adds to the beauty of the state. Each and every individual should think twice before they lose their ancestors land to other. One must  zealously save our land. The PRC to non-APST is a signal that outsider’s are planning to grab our land very soon.

No doubt Delhi government is providing us with every facilities but it doesn’t meant that we should let them to push crores of mainland Indian to into our land. We are still miles to go before we can be categorized as general category. The peace loving people of the state is yet to be recognized as Indian outside the state because of our mongoloid features. In our own state we are still minority to some extent, such as in business field. In every corner of the state the non-tribal dominates in business field.

It is fact that 100% of our local indigenous people except those with mental problem will never accept the decision to grant PRC to non-APST. It is a blunder and shameful mistake of the govt to grant PRC to non-APST. The Permanent Residential Certificate to majority non-APST will turn tribal Arunachalee into minority in thier own homeland. These are threats which are equal to Chinese claims to Arunachal.

 In fact, it is time to form an organization like Shiv Sena or Maharasthra Navnirman Sena to resist against the encroachment of outsider to our rights and lands. We don’t care what the Supreme Court says, but we should care what the govt had done to our people. The state govt should protest against the directives of the Supreme Court. In this cause everybody should be ready to fight tooth and nail to protect our ancestor’s land and rights against any illegal invasion. Even though we are deprived from many benefits, our people well understood this burning issue and must cooperate to fight with unity and should support AAPSU or any other organization which is raising a common voice against such blunder. As  Arunachalee, everybody should come to support proposed AAPSU rally against the govt on 28th September so that it could send a louder message to the state govt and the central government regarding our reaction .

Our Arunachalee politicians are roams around in state with red light and siren on the road, that makes our common people quickly gave way for them. This probes, how they are important in our local areas! But if we talk about them in national streamline, these sirens and red light doesn’t get any recognition, sometime our ministers and MLAs also became victims of racism. Why this govt doesn’t pay attentions to racism and other issues outside the state. Why they don’t develop infrastructure of any institution to produce good sports or other glamour star to compete at the national level to mark an identity for Arunachal in national level. Sikkim is a very small state compared to ours, but today they are well known in rest of country because of some big personalities like Bhaichung Bhutia, a football superstar. Why our state govt doesn’t learn from them? Now, we have a sensational small wonder boy Toko Teji, he is more powerful than the leading politician of the state, this time in terms of eradicating  racism. He obviously belong to this state but his budding ground from where he is learning his musical trick to shine in the national level is Assam Valley School,  which is located in a different state that is Assam. We Arunachalees should be grateful to this particular school and this particular state, Assam.     

Without paying attention to the suffering of local tribal’s, the Govt is threatening to snatch our only source of life, the reservation! If govt is for the welfare of people then what is the aim of state govt to issue PRC to non-APST?        

The state is facing multiple failure in terms of development, the rise of unemployment, unfair jobs recruitment, lapses in security system, poor medical and school infrastructure, multiple govt. land encroachment, failure of forest department, poor road maintenance, PDS scam, dying sports and cultural institution, fake ST certificate,  pitiable education scenario, refugee issue  and illegal immigrants entering state. Why don’t the politicians think of all these genuine problems which are disturbing the very meaning of the development? If they don’t think hard on these issues, they must either return to school to learn basics or takes voluntary retirement from politics.

Those indigenous people irrespective of whether he or she is politicians, businessmen or bureaucrats, who support the decision to issue PRC to non-APST, should be banned from the state or else they must  voluntarily surrender their ST status as a true human being and live wherever they feel like home.


Lota Singhi, Neelam Raja, RGU students

Suraj Tayum, Finance secretary ALSU

Kasung Cheda, former AGS, AAPSU




Dear Editor,

We the first batch SSA teachers of Papum Pare district strongly object to the list prepared by Papum Pare District SSA unit for regularization of SSA teacher on seniority basis as the list has not been prepared on merit and seniority basis.

On September 13, 2010, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Commissioner Education in his office chamber where representatives of DSE, SPD, ATA, AASSATA were present. In the meeting, the Education department finally agreed to fulfill the long pending demands of All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teacher’s Association (AASSATA) for regularization of their services on seniority basis. The meeting directed all DCs, DDSEs and SSA district units to prepare list separately for absorption/ regularization of SSA teachers on batch and seniority basis. It also directed them to examine the joining report of each candidate thoroughly while processing the files, applications etc.

But in our utter surprise, they did not maintain the same while preparing the list. Rather the list has been prepared on pick and choose methods as the kith and kins of officers and those holding the post under the association were kept in top priority list. Moreover, the association had never consulted with the first batch SSA Teachers of Papumpare District while preparing the list.

It is known to every First Batches SSA teachers that they were appointed on February 7, 2003, vide no. 2. ED/ 629/APT/ 2003. There was a clear cut order in the appointment letter that all the teachers appointed must report to DIET, Naharlagun for 30 days pre-service induction training with effect from February 24, 2003 to March 26, 2003. And their joining will be accepted only after completion of induction training which means persons cannot be authorized to join in between February 7, 2003 and March 26, 2003. Hence, as per order, joining report submitted after completion of Induction Training should only be regarded as an authentic joining one. The First Batch SSA teachers of Papum Pare district, who joined in their respective posting places on March 27, 2003 will be recognized as officially correct and true. Hence, those teachers who had written their joining date in biodata before March 27, 2003 is totally false and fabricated.

Therefore, we fervently appeal to the concern DC and DDSE not to encourage the present seniority list prepared by Papum Pare SSA district unit and rectify it immediately in consultation with all the First Batch SSA teachers of the district. The list of First Batch teachers is available at DDSE’s office at Yupia for immediate reference.


Techi Takam, AT,

Tana Jomin, AT

Nabam Tayi, AT



Thank you Arunachalee, says Teji’s parent

Dear Editor,

It feels great to witness that Arunachal Pradesh, with its diversity, has accepted Toko Teji as its own defying differences like tribe, religion, community, clan and age. As family members and proud parents of Teji, we are overwhelmed by the warm response and support extended by the people of the state to enable Teji to reach the finals of the India’s Got Talent Khoj-2, an immensely popular reality show on Color Channel.

Teji, a son of this soil, has shown exceptional skills on the drums from his early childhood. Despite our objection, which is but natural for parents, he went ahead with his passion. It came as a big surprise for us to know that he had qualified for the reality show at the eleventh hour. In fact we were not aware of the audition and other formalities till the day a formal permission was sought from us as parents! All credit goes to his school, the Assam Valley School near Tezpur. Today, he has made us, the state and the school proud.

A self-taught passionate drummer, Teji has reached the finals of the reality show and would be competing with several other individuals and groups in the grand finale on 1st October 2010.

The fact that cannot be overlooked is that never in his life Teji had a professional tutor. He improved his art from listening to audios of great drummers and accessing YouTube clippings that had instructions. Any lesser mortal would have given up in exasperation trying to learn an art devoid of any assistance. Teji stuck to what he started about ten years ago.

While other states of the North East like Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, Manipur  and Mizoram have had their share of limelight and contributed immensely to change the image of the region; Arunachal Pradesh remained always in the back benches. If not for the repeated Chinese claim over it, the state might not have even found mention in the media and common talk. For the first time in its history, the state has found in Teji a way to break the shackles of identity crisis. This could be possible only because of the support given to him by the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

If Teji emerges the winner Arunachal Pradesh, despite its backwardness, this state would established an identity of its own.

This is a humble appeal to the people to extend their support to Teji and make the region swell with pride. Its time to declare for another time that Arunachal Pradesh is not all about ignorance but is full of talent, waiting only for exposure and a platform. If called for Arunachal can be the pride of India.

As it would be impossible for us to individually express our feelings to the people, we take this forum to express our sincere gratitude to all organizations which have supported Teji all through the programme and still campaigning for his win. We also thank every individual even for a single vote he or she might have sent for Teji and hope that they would continue to do so. Special thanks also go out to the HCM Shri Dorjee Khandu for recognizing the young talent & announcing the financial incentives which will go a long way in encouraging the younger generations of the state. We are also equally thankful to His Excellency Gen (retd) J.J. Singh   for felicitating Toko Teji,

On behalf of Teji, who is currently in Mumbai preparing for the finals, we thank one and all and once again appeal wholeheartedly to keep on voting & supporting to make him win the Grand Finale of India’s Got Talent Khoj-2.

Thanks Arunachal!


Toko Jyoti and Toko Natu, Parents,

A-Sector, Naharlagun



Implement schemes in true spirit

Dear Editor,

Since few days back I’m very much disturbed with the present system of functioning of the State Government.

It hurt me a lot to learn that the UD department, which had recruited some experts and officers for JNNURM scheme, has not engaged those experts and officials even after completion of one year of their recruitment. It is also surprising to note that those highly qualified youths are also mum on the matter.

I would like to question the UD department as well as the State Govt. that if at all they were not ready to implement the scheme, then what was the necessity of conducting such recruitment process? Why are they playing with the careers or other people? As far as my knowledge is concerned all of them were engaged in various posts before they were being asked to join UD department. Who will compensate them for all this? It is really painful to see them suffering due to no fault of their own.

I think the mute and deaf leaders, bureaucrats and officers in the state have totally forgotten the concept of professionalism, human values and humanity.

I hope, the Govt., especially UD department will resolve the matter immediately for the greater interest of unemployed youths of the state and implement the JNNURM schemes in the state in true spirit.



M.Tech (Final Yr)




Voice against corruption

Dear Editor,

Through the columns of your daily, we would like to know from the elected leaders of our state that are they really committed to serve the state? Do they understand the meaning of moral responsibility?

Here is some best examples from our national leaders. Leaders like Natwar Singh, the then Union Minister of External Affairs, resigned on moral ground after his son was found involved in a scam. Sibu Soren resigned from ministership after he was charged with conspiracy of murder of his PA. Another example of good leadership is the then chief minister of Maharastra Vilash Rao Deshmukh, who resigned owning moral responsibility for terrorist attack on Mumbai and Sashi Tharoor, a minister in UPA Govt, who resigned from his ministership after some allegations were levelled against him.

In Assam too, we have seen Ripon Borah, Education Minister, resigning from the ministry voluntarily after he was charged with alleged involvement in a murder case. Recently, Union Minister of Civil Aviation Praful Patel tendered his resignation on moral ground after the Mangalore air crash.

There are numerous leaders who have resigned from their respective posts owning moral responsibilities for numerous reasons. In BJP too, there are leaders like Sh. Shah, the then Home Minister of Gujarat, who had resigned owning moral responsibility for a fake encounter in Gujarat.

Our so called leaders, who are accused in PDS scam, should learn lesson from those people and tender resignation on moral ground. If the charges against them are baseless and false then why they do not go to the court for the clean chit and speak out the real truth before public?

Lastly, I appeal to the people of this state to wake up from deep slumber and voice against such corruption by our respected leaders.


Nabam Akin Hina


Nabam Simon

Conscious citizen





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4th round of the Arunachal Boogie Woogie will be held on Oct 3

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: The 3rd round of the Arunachal Boogie Woogie dance competition was held at National Cinema Hall, Naharlagun yesterday.

All Arunachal Orphans welfare association Presidents Achu Bagang attended the function as special guest. He was accompanied by a small kid from the orphanage run by Achu.

Speaking on the occasion, he appreciated the Arunachal Boogie woogie organizer for giving a platform to the young talents of the state and also highlighted the activities of Arunachal orphans welfare association and appealed help from one and all in cash or kind for running the orphanage situated at Polo Colony Naharlagun.

Meanwhile, Shatabdi nath and Yajum Pangking have been adjudged as the 1st and 2nd highest voted dancer of the week. Along with Nath and Panking the other participants who could make themselves into the 4th round (top 12) are Tadar Neme, Takam Taming , Takam Nikum, Jumgie Rina, Taw Nanu, Rinchin Norbu Bapu, Tako Yazar, Vijay Singhie, Apostle Pertin and Nabam Ana Hina.

The 4th round of the competition will be held on October 3rd at NC Hall, Naharlagun from 5pm onwards. The Next round is Indian Classical/Folk round.


Training prog on disaster management

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  The director in-charge of the department of Relief, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management B. Siram, has  inaugurated the training programme on Disaster Management for  Panchayat members, officials from Rural Development, Panchayati Raj departments, voluntary organisations and representatives of print media today. The programme is being conducted by State Institute of Rural Development.

Siram in his Inaugural address dwelt on the need for training as a medium for creating mass awareness on disaster risk mitigation in the state.  Giving several instances of disasters and its cause, Siram also expressed gratitude  to the  SIRD Arunachal Pradesh  for conducting training programme on behalf of the RR and DM department.

Earlier, SIRD director Nyabin Ete highlighted the need for proactive approach towards disaster management. He clarified that there is a need for sensitization  programme to dispel the myth that ‘ only administration is responsible for disaster management’ and that individuals and community cannot contribute in the process on their own.

Stating that most of the disasters leading to irreparable loss occur due to made-made intervention, he stressed on the need for more training programme to enable the trainees to spread awareness on the important and critical role of individuals and community as a whole in managing disasters.

Course Coordinator cum Dy. Director SIRD Kirto Loyi explained on details of the about the training programme and the course conten. Loyi also called upon the participants to utilize the training programme.

Stating that  print and electronic  are the best media to reach out to  large number of individuals, he said the participation of elected PRI members in the training  will ensure planning for disaster risk management  to become an integral part of district development planning. He also called for continued support of the officials from department concerned.

The participants in the two-day training shall be taken to the field visit  in the capital complex region.

Rakesh Srivastava, Assistant Director and Co-cordinator of the programme also  called upon the  print media to take up disaster management issues in order to bring awareness about the risk management measures, particularly for the capital complex region.


RGU students observe Tourism Day

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: The students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (PGDHMT) of Rajiv Gandhi University has  observed World Tourism Day  in the university today.

The chief guest of  the programme Prof. Amitava Mitra, Registrar-in-Charge and Professor in Economics delivered a brilliant presentation on different aspects of tourism, its prospects and challenges with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr. R.C. Parida, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management was the chairman on the occasion.  He  appreciated the organizer for holding World Tourism day for the first time in the University. Mr. Debia Tadam, Event Coordinator suggested  tourism professionals should be given preference for recruitment in Govt. jobs in order to plan and implement tourism policies more effectively.   Earlier the programme started with a group song performed by the tourism students. All the learned faculty members of the department and students were present in the august gathering.


State BJYM urges for development in interior areas

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  Arunachal Pradesh unit of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha has asked government of Arunachal to give special attention to interior places which is not seeing any major development activities. In a press release vice-president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, Tomi Haider while highlighting the problems faced by people of interior places like that of Baririjo circle of Daporijo, urged government to start working sincerely towards rural upliftment. Though this circle was established way back in 1982, still there is no proper water supply, electrification and no proper road connectivity, Haider stated. There are villages like Riko, Lebri-Laigi, Dego and few others which are yet to be connected by road. Especially during the time of emergency it becomes tough for villagers to move around.

He further informed that despite crores of fund under schemes like SPA, BRGF and others being pumped into 26th Dumporijo assembly constituency not any visible development have taken place in the area. He has also requested officials of newly created Maro circle to judiciously use the fund allocated for infrastructural development and also requested state government to immediately post circle officer at Maro circle.

Haider has requested citizens and young youths to join Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha protection rally under banner of Kashmir Bachao and Arunachal Bachao which will be held on 9th October 2010.


RGU celebrate Hindi Week

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: The Rajiv Gandhi University celebrated ‘Hindi Week’ starting from Sept 21.

Addressing the valedictory function  as chief guest Prof. Mibang, the acting Vice-Chancellor, said Hindi has taken its place along with the local languages. He asked for  mutuality of linguistic development and said that the more languages a person learns the more competent and open he becomes. He also stressed the importance of Hindi as a link language.

The guest of honour Prof. A. Mitra, In-Charge Registrar, viewed that the linguistic atmosphere in the state is so open that a person can easily improve his/her competence in Hindi here. The Special guest of the programme Dr. Tana Showren, Deputy Registrar, stressed on imparting training to the personnel so that the official use of Hindi improves.

Prof. N. Nagaraju presided over the valedictory function while Dr. A. Tripathi, delivered the keynote address  Dr. Oken Lego, who is the coordinator of the Hindi Week celebrations, read out the message from  Union  Minister for Human Resources Development, Kapil Sibal.

The week long celebrations included essay writing, debate completion, poem writing and recitation, and other such activities. The faculty members of the Hindi Department, especially Jamuna Bini, organized competitions and cultural programmes. The students showcased their talents by participating in the activities.


NABARD  sanctions progs to  KVKs and NERIST

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: In order to support farmers in their capacity building, NABARD has sanctioned three programmes to KVK, Lohit, KVK, Tawang and NERIST, Nirjuli.

Programme sanctioned for KVK, Lohit for organizing ‘Technology Week’ at Chowkham circle in Lohit district will help the farmers to acquaint themselves with training-cum-demonstration on fisheries, training on vermiculture and exposure visits, training on apiculture and training-cum-demonstration on broiler farming.

Similarly Department of Mechanical Engineering, NERIST, Nirjuli has been sanctioned a programme for training on ‘Bio-Diesel and its economic benefits’ to 20 farmers of Papum Pare district.  The NABARD also sanctioned  financial assistance to KVK, Tawang for making a documentary film on yak. The film will focus on traditional yak rearing, preparation of different yak products from its milk and hair.



Union serve 10 days ultimatum to DC

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: All Upper Siang District Students’ Union in a letter to Deputy Commissioner, Upper Siang District regarding issue of Schedule Tribe and Permanent Resident Certificates to five individuals, serve 10 days ultimatum to the concerned authority to clarify and re-verify their documents.

The union alleged that ST and PRC were issued to  some individuals after  they produce  proxy documents  in 2008-09.


Social Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: All Bogum Bokang Students’ Union, Upper Siang District conducted a mass awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Anti-narcotic and drugs from September 9-13.

Besides, cleaning of community water tanks, community halls, village roads and various schools compound, the union members highlighted about first aid information on disaster management.

The union appreciated the public and administrative staff of their respective area including Tuting Bazar Committee, GBs and Mahila Mandal Committee for their cooperation.


AKKDPWC reiterates demand for release of TFC share

ITANAGAR, Sep 27: All Kurung Kumey District Panchayat Welfare Committee (AKKDPWC) has threatened to go for democratic movement if the authority fails to respond positively to release the TFC share of ASMs (30%) and GPMs (50%) of entire Kurung Kumey district in the proposed meeting between ZP chairpersons, ZPMs and Anchal Chairpersons and Kurung Kumey deputy commissioner on October 2.Meanwhile, AKKDPWC has called off its proposed phase wise panchayat bandh on October two for time being till the outcome of the meeting is announced.


ALDF formed to provide legal guidance

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: A meeting was held today among the Arunachalee law students of Delhi University and the legal practitioners in Delhi and NCR region. During the meeting, a common platform known as Arunachal Legal Forum Delhi (ALFD) was formed with immediate effect. The main aim and objective of this forum will be to guide persons in help of legal aid in Delhi and the NCR region. The first time office bearers unanimously selected are Kabit Mize, Ligam Noch and Uttam Bori as president, secretary and vice president respectively.


Spl security to Kena sought

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  All Kara Welfare Society has taken serious note to issuing of alleged threat to Likabali MLA Jomde Kena by members of NLCT underground elements. Society has appealed to the state government to provide Z+ security to Kena in view of this threat. Further society has termed allegation against Kena as baseless and an act done with political interest.


Training prog. for Anganwadi workers

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  A two days training programme for adolescent girls and Anganwadi Worker for Daporijo ICDS Project was conducted  on Sept 24 and 25. Adolescent  girls from Daporijo Project along with newly appointed Anganwadi Workers/AWH took part in the programme  conducted under Kishori Shakti Yojana(KSY) scheme.

CDPO Tao Nalo  all trainees and requested them to take maximum benefit from the training. In the technical session Dr.Y.Hankar, Medical Officer,TB in-charge, District Hospital Daporijo dealt in length about the STD, AIDS, TB and other health education related  topics.  Kegam Basar (Ado) highlighted the role of AWW in the field of child Development and Pre-School Education. M.B. Don, Supervisor gave training on crafts making and details on MPR filling to newly appointed AWW.


ALSSU  clarifies

ITANAGAR, Sep 27: Reacting to a news item published on September 26 issue of this daily, All Lower Subansiri Students’ Union (ALSSU) clarified that the Union had neither discussed regarding PDS scam within the Union nor it decided to take up the issue. Hence, the news item published in the name of ALSSU should be treated as null and void, ALSSU, in a release, said.


BJMM delegation

ITANAGAR, Sep 27: State Bharatiya Janata Mohila Morcha president Kenjum Pakam and general secretary Bengia Yayang left here today for Mumbai to attend 2-day national executive meeting of BJMM on September 29 and 30. They will apprise the national party leaders of various issues confronting the state as well as take up them in the meeting.



ITANAGAR, Sept 27: Arunachal Wado-Kai Karate-Do Association has appointed Tassar Tamang, Likha Paul and Rakum Dugi as overall in-charge of the association’s Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri and Upper Subansiri district units respectively.


Open Badminton championship

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: Arunachal State Open Badminton Championship 2010 will begin at Raj Bhawan Badminton Court here from October Six to 12 next.

The championship will be conducted for all age groups, including Boys and Girls U-13, U-16, U-19, Men &Women, veteran Men’s of age bracket 35 yrs -45 yrs and above 45 yrs.

A team comprising 12 players and two officials from each district will participate in the championship and they will be provided free fooding and lodging during the tournament. Interested teams may confirm their participation on or before October Three, according to Arunachal State Badminton Association.


APCYA sports meet

ITANAGAR,  Sept 27: ASM Nabam Yakum and DYC President Papum Pare District Nabam Taja have consented to attend as chief guest and guest of honour in the 1st sports meet cum social service being organized by All Parang Circle Youth Association on October 2.


Ganga to P. Nallah road via Jollang damaged

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: The 12 KM long road from Ganga to Pappu Nallah via Jollang has been badly damaged due to incessant rain for the last couple of months claimed Five Village Local Contractors Committee, Jollang.

It appealed the Chief Minister, PWD and Local MLA to immediately release fund to restore the damaged road.


NKS appeals

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: Nationalist Kishan Congress suggested the newly appointed members of consultative committee, Food Corporation of India for the state of Arunachal Pradesh to highlight scarcity of food items being face by the people as well as the pending bills of the state carriage contractors with the concerned Union Minister.


Admn directives

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  Capital complex administration has expressed serious concern over the influx of persons having criminal background into twin town of Itanagar and Naharlagun by obtaining inner line permit (ILP) by using local contacts. In a press release, administration informed that these criminals have been found indulging in criminal activities  which has led to increase in crime rate in the capital complex.

Capital deputy commissioner Dr S.B Deepak Kumar has appealed to all citizens to register the name and bio-data with photograph of the persons coming from outside the state to work in capital with the police to maintain their record.


Improve road condition, says PRYWA

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  Pare River Youth Welfare Association (PRYWA) has appeal to the PWD minister and Sagalee PWD division to look into deteriorating road condition of Sagalee area. Citing various examples, association has urged government to take up maintenance of road on urgent basis as local are facing lot of problems due to poor road condition.


KKSU supports AAPSU movement

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: The Kargu Kardi Students Union (KKSU) has extended its support to the rally  being organized by AAPSU against the granting  of PRC to the non-APSTs. Instead of find out solutions to the boundary problem, Chakma refugee issue, the state Govt has added salt to the wound by  taking decision to grant PRC to non-APST, the union said.

Meanwhile, KKSU deferred its proposed rally scheduled to be held on Sept 29 in view of the on going half yearly examination  in  West Siang Siang district. However, the union  said that it will go with its protest rally in coming month if the district administration continues to turn deaf ear to our demands for action against the absentee Govt. officials.


8th Travel Congress at Tawang

ITANAGAR, Sept 27:  Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association (APTAO) is organizing its 8th Travel Congress  with 3-day event beginning from Oct  3 next.  Chief Minister Dorjee  and Power Minister  would attend the  programme as chief guest and guest of honour respectively. Representatives from Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI) and representatives from tour operators bodies from Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim and Arunachal, ACCI, and financial institutions like NABARD, NEDFI and SBI are expected to take part in three day mega event.


2 school children die

ITANAGAR:  Two girl  school children  have been found death  in a ditch  near the directorate of horticulture, Chimpu on Sept 25 last, informed Local Management Committee for Construction of MLA Cottage in a release today.  The deceased were identified later as that of Tame Tuter and  Sali Doyom, the release said and appealed the Govt to provide adequate compensation to the parents who lost their  children.


SBI to launch e-payment service

ITANAGAR: The Tax and Excise department has joined hands with the State Bank of India (SBI) to launch e-payment services and developed the e-payment functionality for payment of taxes through SBI portal by internet banking. The service will be launched at a functioned to be held at conference hall of SBI, regional office Itanagar on September 29.


Judicial remand extended

ITANAGAR:  North Lahimpur special session court has extended judicial remand of the  former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Gegong Apang till October 11. Apang was arrested on August 24 by the Special Investigation Cell for his alleged involvement in the multi-crore PDS scam.  The bail petition of Apang will come up for hearing on September 30.


Cable theft

ITANAGAR:   The miscreants had stolen under ground cable of BSNL in the main road below the culvert near Axis Bank on  Sept 26 night,  informed the BSNL sources adding an FIR has been lodged at Itanagar Police station to find out the culprits.  Around 900 telephone connections of Central Library and surrounding offices, RKM Complex, Vivek Vihar VIP complex and Vivek Vihar area have been  affected due to cable theft, the sources informed. However, cable repairing work is going on and BSNL customers are requested to cooperate.


NBCC conference

ITANAGAR: The Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) is conducting the 9th NBCC Mission Conference at Town Baptist Church, Koloriang town from 1st to 3rd of October.  In the conference, the speaker will be Rev. Changha Chippo, General Secretary of NBCC.


Mega dam will submerge Pasighat town, claims Society

PASIGHAT, Sept 27:  Pasighat Citizens Welfare Society (APWS) claimed that according to the inundation map report of the Jaypee and NHPC of both the Siang and Dibang projects, Pasigaht town and its adjoining villages including entire Mebo area, `D' Ering Wildlife sanctuary and Pasighat Reserved Forest will be under complete submergence of flood in case of dam breakage.

Stating that historic town Pasighat is on the verge of extinction, the Society further said as per the MOU signed, neither the Govt. nor the power developer Jaypee will be responsible for loss of lives and properties.

The PCWS asserted that the dam construction on the Siang rivers at  Pongging nearly 12 km far off Pasighat cannot be allowed until and unless  there is clear cut disclosure of Govt. policy and initiatives towards safety and security of the people of downstream Pasighat.

Since Pasighat is located in Siang River bed, the citizens who experienced worst ever flood in 2000 are  living  in constant fear of flood  even  in case of  normal rise of flood water,  Society said.  It further said that ‘40,000 mw mega dam being built in Tsanglo river in China’ and the proposed 2700 MW Siang dam on the same river  threatening the existence of downstream people are at all not appreciable.

Meanwhile,  reacting to the news items issued by Land Owner Union, Society  said that the union only raised voices for themselves to  get benefit  of  land compensation without a logical concept to the grievances of majority down stream people. They are also dwellers of Pasighat and cannot play with the sentiments of the people with their infamous pro-dam activities  with selfish motive, the Society said.

The Society further said said authorities should prepare to cancel MoU for Lower Siang Hydro Electric Power Project  as the development cannot take place at the risk of live and properties and without a transparent and convincing dialogues and initiative by the Govts both at the centre and the state.

The Society also decided to organized a public referendum rally on Oct 12 to have a debate and discussion on the proposed 2700 mw mega dam on Siang river and appealed all the forums, NGOS, Unions, Associations, resources persons and citizens to attend it. It said democratic voice of citizens are not anti-development but for the posterity and welfare of the future generations.


One - day workshop on Treasury Net

Treasury net software to bring transparency in  fiscal transaction

ITANAGAR Sept 27: The department of Accounts and Treasuries and NIC Arunachal Pradesh State Unit organized a one day workshop on Treasury Net which deals to improve the existing treasury Accounting System of the State.

It is a web-based system which caters to online transactions of departmental bills and challans as well as generates compiled account. Developed on Linux based platform it is fully secured with a Login_id & User Password from accessing it.

Minister Finance, Setong Sena attended the programme as chief guest.  Pointing out that present computerized system in Itanagar as well as Naharlagun Treasury do not have any interface facilities with other departments, Sena said the new treasury net software developed by the NIC has the facilities of easy accessible by all departments and budget monitoring system.

The minister said the purpose of the software project is to achieve transparency in the process of estimation, allocation, monitoring of budget and fiscal transaction. The treasury net software is being developed for implementing in all treasuries and sub-treasuries. Initially in the 1st phase the Itanagar treasury has been selected for the pilot project and later to remaining treasuries in phased manner if successful. The system of Cheque and electronic clearing payment would be introduced in the treasuries of Arunachal Pradesh in the Phased manner, the Minister further added.

Earlier, the Commissioner Finance Swati Sharma in her speech highlighted the significance of modern day technology and e- governance in the state. The introduction of such software will reduce the time wasted on browsing through ledgers, vouchers and bills for single information and also will be able to submit the compile monthly cash accounts & payments accounts to the Accountant general on time.

She further said that the details related to GPF accounts are already computerized. The use of treasury net software would take the state one step further to the State governments pursuit towards e-governance initiatives in finance department.

SIO Y Junu Singh in his keynote address gave a brief report on treasury net in Arunachal Pradesh and its significance.

The programme was attended by Director Finance, all HODs, special invitees, participants and mediapersons. DIPR


Bodam Koyu passes away

PASIGHAT, Sept 27: Renowned social worker and Mirsam ASM Bodam Koyu has expired  this morning  at a hospital, Dibrugarh today.

He was 47 and 3rd son of Lt. Tumpak Koyu and brother of Ganesh Koyu IAS, Kaling Koyu DDI, Ainstin Koyu, CO and Botem Koyu,  teacher.

Late Koyu is survived by his wife, two daughters and four brothers. He was brought to Pasighat this morning and people of nearby areas, relatives, kids and kin, well wishers mourned his death and thronged his resident to pay last respect to the departed soul.

In their Condolence messages, the Home Minister Tako Dabi and Education Minister Bosiram Siram deeply mourned the premature death of Late Bodam Koyu.  Both the ministers said with the demise of Bodam Koyu, they have lost one experienced, sincere and dedicated social worker-cum-leader. They paid their condolence to the bereaved family and expressed extreme sorrows for the un-time death.

Meanwhile, Galo Welfare Society, East  Siang district unit president Takir Kakki expressed deep shock at the death of late Koyu. Remembering contribution of the Bodam Koyu as social worker, DIPRO Onyok Pertin said, I personally knew him, he was a friend for all. Sudden demise of Bodam  Koyu is a irreparable loss to Pasighatians, he said.  Pertin prayed for eternal peace for the departed soul and conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family.

The DC Onit Panyang, DCC President T. Padung, BCC President Tobuk Dai, DYC President Okom Tamuk, ABK(East Siang) President Okom Yosung, Otik Pertin, Adum Dai and Odang Moyong local leaders also expressed shock over the sudden demise and prayed Almighty God for his eternal rest, peace in the heavenly abode. DIPRO

Meanwhile, The Adi Baane Kebang, East Siang Unit President cum ZPM Bogong Anchal Block Okom Yosung deeply mourned the untimely demise of Late Bodam Koyu, ASM of Pasighat, Mirsam-I Anchal Segment.

He prayed almighty god for the eternal peace of the departed soul and give enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss.

He was as sincere and dedicated Panchayat Leaders of Bogong Anchal Block.


NCP demands fresh SIC team

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: Pointing out the  media report of unending probationary period of SIC SP M S Chauhan and his alleged dubious role in the capacity of SIC head, Nationalist Congress Party, Arunachal Pradesh unit  today questioned  ---“Why Jarbom Gamlin, the then Home Minister had put in all his efforts to give a clean chit to Chauhan in spite of having shady and unsatisfactory service records which includes seeking pecuniary favours?”

Expressing  surprise over the closing of departmental enquiry against Chauhan by then home minister Jarbom Gamlin on flimsy ground that the charges were superficial in nature, the NCP said Gamlin, presently holding the post of Power,  should come out openly and explain to the public why in the capacity of being the home minister during that period of time, he tried to shield the police officer in spite of his questionable records.  

The NCP  demanded a fresh SIC team to unravel  the truth behind the ‘questionable nexus between M S  Chauhan and Jarbom Gamlin.’


AAF delegation calls on CM, places demands

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: At a time when Toko Teji is making waves in national level, Arunachal Artistes Forum (AAF) has highlighted the pitiable condition of the artists of this state. With no encouragement from government agencies artistes of Arunachal always face tough task of sustaining their life in today’s competitive world. The step-motherly treatments meted out to artistes have contributed to slow but natural death of our rich folk songs and folklore.

With a view to revive the dying art and culture section, members of AAF lead by chairman Nabam Isser meet chief minister Dorjee Khandu and placed four point memorandum. Later in a press briefing held at Hotel Arun Subansiri, AAF Chairman Nabam Isser regretted the fact that no legislator ever raises issues about artistes in the assembly. “‘We have appealed the CM to raise issue in the favour of artistes in the next assembly session. Such steps would boast the moral of artists,” says Isser. Talking about the recently concluded Nyishi Idol-3, the forum congratulated the organizers for putting up a fair and accurate show and for choosing the right contestants who really deserved to be winner. The Forum also congratulated the winners and thanked all the community based organizations for the help in making it a success.

General Secretary AAF Kipa Robniang regretted that the forum should have been established earlier since the inception of the State in the year 1972. Saying that the artistes play a very important role in every occasion by making it lively with their performances, Robniang maintained that the state government is not giving any importance to the artists.

Robnaing informed that in its memorandum, AAF has demanded for its office building at the Capital Complex. Demanded for an Inter tribe festival to be organized under the banner of AAF, it claimed that Arunachal with its vast culture would try to unite with every tribe through this festival. The forum has also demanded for the implementation of honorarium to the yesteryear artists in the line of GB’s and HGB’s. Claiming that the whole state has no auditorium or cultural hall for cultural activities except for the Siddharta Hall at Itanagar which is always busy depriving others, the forum has demanded for the construction of a Multipurpose Cultural Complex. The CM has assured to look into it and hope for his cooperation in the near future, Robniang added.  Also speaking during the press meet, AAF vice-chairman Neelam Pope said, “Every state has some privileges for the artists for their own state, however Arunachal is yet to recognize its own artists’.

 Meanwhile, AAF has also appealed everyone to vote for Toko Teji for making him the winner of India’s Got Talent Khoj-2.


INTUC adopts resolutions

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: Demand for issuing ration cards to poor workers and opening separate fair price shops/cooperatives for working class of the state were some of the main resolutions adopted in the meeting of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) yesterday.

The meeting which was chaired by Parliamentary secretary cum president INTUC, Padi Richo, decided to intervene into the matter of illegal appointments, misuse of Govt. properties, mis framing of labour seniority list by various departments besides formation of district and block unit INTUC, start sites visit of government, semi government, private organizations, big and small scale industries from next month and mobilization of INTUC activities in the entire state.

The meeting lauded the state Government for enhancing wages of casual workers and APB&OCWWB chairman Jalley Sonam for encouraging workers for registering their names in the Board to avail various benefits from the Board.


Dirang LAMPS ensures availability of PDS items at people’s doorsteps

DIRANG, Sept 27: To deliver PDS items at the door steps of villagers of Khelong and Mandalaphu-dung under Dirang circle, a second mobile fair price shop of Dirang LAMPS was formally inaugurated at Mandalaphudung and Khelong villages jointly by Dirang Block ZPM Dor Tsering and Thembang Block  ZPM  Jam Tsering here today.

Earlier, a similar mobile fair price shop had been launched at Senge and Nyokmadung villages that proved highly popular with local people. The idea behind this exercise is to deliver essential PDS items including rice, sugar and salt to inhabitants of remote and far-flung areas who find it difficult to come to PDS distributor to collect their ration items.

Speaking on the occasion, Mandalaphudung and Khelong ASM Dorjee Tsering said that with the start of this mobile FPS, poor villagers of his anchal segment had indeed got relief from coming down to Dirang town, which was at a distance of 60 kms to  collect their monthly ration items. ‘The exercise has thus saved time and money of about 300 families of these villages’, he explained. Further, the ASM expressed his gratitude to local MLA  Phurpa Tsering for keeping his commitment to ensure delivery of PDS items at the door steps of villagers of far flunged areas. Dirang LAMPS managing director M P Prathapan informed that all far flung villages under Dirang and Thembang Circles would also be soon covered with mobile FPS in a phased manner to ensure easy availability of PDS items at the doorsteps of people. He also thanked all public leaders, administrative officers of the circlce and villagers for extending their whole hearted support for the successful exercise.


Congress flays NYC

ITANAGAR, Sept 27: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee condemned the Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC) for demanding resignation of Chief Minister and Power Minister on moral ground in regard to PDS scam.

The name of both CM and Power minister were not in the list of 96 accused in the PDS sam,   if any one of their relatives were involved in the scam, the name of the ministers should not be dragged unnecessarily, the APCC said. The demand by the NYC does not carry any meaning; rather it is just to gain cheap political mileage, the party said and added that there is no question of resignation of the both the ministers.  The party further said that question of resignation of MLAs also does not arise before they are convicted by the HC. It is HC to decide whether to hand over the PDS case to CBI or any other agency as the HC has been investigation the case through SIT, the APCC added.


AIMSU welcome AASU stand on big dam

TINSUKIA, Sept 27: All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) today welcomed All Assam Students Union (AASU) for coming out against large dams proposed in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

AASU has been recently campaigning against large dams in Arunachal raising downstream concerns of Assam.

In a meeting held today at Tinsukia between AIMSU and Tinsukia District Students Union of AASU, AIMSU Secretary Rajiv Mihu said, "We are happy that AASU has finally begun its tirade against large dams."

Calling for putting up joint resistance between the two union, AASU Information and Publicity Secretary, Pullok Chetia said, "We are with AIMSU and Idu Mishmi people in their fight against large dams proposed in Dibang Valley."

He rubbished the claim recently made by Arunachal MP Takam Sanjoy who said that there are no downstream impacts in Assam. Expressing solidarity with AASU on downstream concerns, AIMSU said,  "Almost all of Lower Dibang Valley district is downstream area of Dibang Multipurpose Project. If Sanjoy is ignoring the downstream impacts in Assam, then he is also ignoring the downstream impacts in Arunachal."

Condemning the many recent statements of Arunachali politicians terming people opposing large dams as 'anti Arunachal' and ‘anti-national’, the union said, "If our leaders are serious about calling someone anti national then its best applies to people who are involved in corruption. If they have guts, let them term those people involved in high profile scam in the state as 'anti national'.

"Fighting for our right own rights is not being anti national or anti Arunachal, but it's a right in itself, added Mihu.

Five member AIMSU delegates to Assam were accompanied by advisor Rezina Mihu and Assistant Secretary Mata Mikhu.


Natives Vs Non-Natives: Need for a Comprehensive Policy

By Nani Bath

The state government’s decision to grant Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC) to some non-APST remains an issue that unites and actually has a potential to bring about unity among various tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh.  It has come at the right time when about 26 tribes are almost divided on 26 fault-lines, mostly on ethnic considerations and primordial loyalties.

It is difficult to ascertain the reasons as to why the PRCs were granted by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to those categories of people who are not considered as the natives of any district of Arunachal Pradesh. If government spokesman is to be believed, the basis for granting of PRCs is a ‘standing order’ from the Supreme Court of India. However, many look to each other in askance with a question: where is the Order? Many also question the government as to why no review petition was filled in the Supreme Court if the Order was actually passed. Where is the curative petition? The issue of granting PRC to non-Arunachalees involves larger legal as well as constitutional issues besides touching the conscience of almost every bonafide native of the state. It also has a political dimension.

My reading of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 has given me to understand that it is within the legal jurisdiction of the local government (the term used in the Regulation) to sanction grant of PRC to non-natives, but Supreme Court’s order to this effect, I feel, would be tantamount to interference in the policy matters of the state government. Therefore, Arunachal government’s argument that it is merely obeying the order of the Supreme Court is a bit surprising. I find the policy of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh incoherent and myopic with full of adhockism. Incoherent because there are different kinds of policies for different categories of people: for Mishings, Karbis, Tangsas, Singphos, Nepalis, Tibetans, Chakmas, etc. It is myopic as it does not take into consideration future needs of the natives (indigenous tribal’s). Any policy is framed as it suits the government of the day. There is no bridge between the past and the present governments, an essential element of democratic governance. All affairs of the government are seemed to be running on ‘ad-hoc system’, including appointment of some Class I officers.

Policy of the Government of India is not without fallacy either. The Government of India has been following ‘guided policy’ towards Arunachal Pradesh since inception. It was guided by the geo-political and strategic considerations while framing policies for the indigenous people of the Frontier Tracts.  Sanjib Baruah argues that “The goal of nationalizing a frontier space has been the major trust of Indian policy vis-à-vis Arunachal Pradesh”.

Pt. Nehru’s desire that “people should develop along the lines of their own genius” did not last long. Presence of large number of Indian Army and systematic induction of teachers from Hindi heartland had direct or indirect influence over the population of Arunachal Pradesh to adopt the culture of mainland India. It is on record that Indira Gandhi appealed to the Ramakrishna Mission in 1969 to set up its mission in the NEFA to ‘Hinduize’ the tribal societies. Both Smt. Indira Gandhi and her father Pt. Nehru did have antipathy towards Christian Missionaries because of their “proselytizing instilled separatist’s tendencies”. During the Prime Ministership of Narashima Rao efforts were made more than once to ‘lift’ Inner Line Regulation considering it as a deterrent in economic development of three Inner-Line states- Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Jan Sangh did not lag behind in its effort to ‘Indianise’ the people of Arunachal Pradesh. An important functionary of the party attempted to cross Inner Line without Inner Line Permit only to be arrested. His contention was that every Indian has the right to visit any place of his own country. It was during BJP’s regime that more than 1000 Chakmas were enrolled in electoral rolls. I am reminded here of a slogan by ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidharti Parishad), student wing of BJP, during my JNU days: “Bharat Mein Rehena Hoga to Vande Matram Kehna Hoga”.

 A year after invasion, China guaranteed the protection of Tibet’s religious and cultural traditions. It was agreed that the Dalai Lama can remain in office and Tibetan religious customs and institutions can be preserved. The promise was never kept and by 1959 Tibet had lost its cultural and ethnic uniqueness. There are reportedly 8 million Han Chinese as against 6 million Tibetans in Tibet today.

Pt. Nehru envisaged five principles for tribal development in the fifties. One of the principles is: “Tribal rights over land and forests should be respected”. If the Government of India and Arunachal government (both run by same party) fail to recognize tribal way of life and their right over land and forests,  people of Arunachal Pradesh would be compelled to draw a corollary between  Chinese policy in Tibet and the policy of Government of India in Arunachal Pradesh. The granting of PRCs to non-natives has made the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 almost redundant. Section 3 of the Regulation specifies that any British subject or other persons, who goes beyond the ‘Inner Line’ without a pass, shall be liable on conviction before a Magistrate. As per Section 7, it shall not be lawful for any British subject, or other persons not being a native to acquire any interest in the land or the product of land beyond the said Inner Line without the sanction of the Local Government.

 The Government of India, by its own admission, had declared Arunachal Pradesh to be cent percent tribal state. In the Statement of Objects and Reasons added to Constitution 83rd   amendment Act, 2000, it was noted that “Arunachal Pradesh is a State inhabited fully by indigenous tribal people. The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 and the Chin Hills Regulations, 1896 provide special protection and safeguard for the peaceful existence of indigenous tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh. Only the indigenous tribal people are allowed to participate in the democratic process”. The Central government, I believe, had gone an extra mile by providing us with an extra legal protection- the Chin Hills Regulation. The Regulation, to my knowledge, was never extended to the present territory of Arunachal Pradesh.

Land and natural resources are managed as per customary laws, being backed by Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) Regulation, 1945. It is the village authorities/tribal councils that decide who and how the land is to be owned and cultivated. Moreover, the ILO Convention 107 of 1957 which was replaced by ILO Convention 169 of 1989 provides sufficient safeguards to the indigenous people.

We should not be concerned only about recent decision of the government to grant of PRCs to non-natives.  There are other issues which must be addressed to inject element of vibrancy in the Regulation of 1873. What about benami properties held by outsiders? What about status of APST granted to some Mishings, Karbis and Tibetans? What about land allotment made to NGOS and Trusts, including private-run Trust like World Institution Building Programme (setting up ‘University’ at Ziro) from outside? What about Arunachalees ladies buying properties after getting married to non-Arunachalees?

Many organizations blame the present government for protecting its own interests rather than protecting the interests of the governed. Some even point fingers at the Chief Secretary, which may not be altogether right but I also have a feeling that Mr Tabom being a responsible native of the land should have actively influenced the government against taking such step. Government’s decision may not again be altogether wrong but it needs to have a comprehensive policy regarding granting of PRCs or APST status. APST status cannot just be granted to the Mishing of Siang as Mr. Apang wanted or Tibetans of Siyo village cannot be recognized as Arunachalees because  Dorjee Khandu or Thupten Tempa desired. So we need to have a reliable policy not only to meet present requirements but also for future references. Mishings and Karbis may also have a point.

Native Arunachalees hope that the State government is not sailing in the same boat with the Central government with an aim to assimilate Arunachalees’ culture with mainstream India by diluting the population composition. A message for the leaders of (or future leaders) of the state: Laldenga, the founder of Mizo National Front and former Mizoram Chief Minister, had once demanded for inclusion of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 under the ambit of 9th Schedule of the Constitution of India to avoid legal scrutiny. (The author can be contacted at [email protected] rediffmail.com.)


Society rues deplorable  condition of Pasighat township

PASIGHAT, Sept 27: The Pasighat Citizens Welfare Society (PCWS) expressed serious concern over the present condition of Pasighat Township due  lack of proper infrastructure development.

Pointing out its 7-point memorandum submitted earlier to the East Siang deputy commissioner,  the Society appealed   all the department concerned to take up necessary step for proper development of the district head quarter immediately.

Expressing resentment over the present deplorable condition of township road, the  Society said that there is also acute shortage of drinking water in Sawmill area, bus station area, S.S. Mission, Airfield and Muriline under Pasighat Township.

Alleging  that Govt.  has neglected maintenance of the street lights within Pasighat township, the Society further  appealed the electrical department to take immediate steps for installation of street lights for the welfare of the citizens.

It also strongly demand for setting up a police check post at Oyan (Kemi) on NH52 to strictly check entry of unauthorized persons or vehicles from outside Arunachal. It further demanded deployment of security to safeguard Raneghat bridge on both sides of the banks and also adopt emergency preventive measures on any unprecedented flash flood on river Siang from the upstream mega dam.

The PCWS further taking concern over the illegal encroachment of government land by different individuals and the adamant attitude of the District administration on the issue claimed that the Bogong Banggo (Balek group) people donated 64,432 acres of land to Govt. for development not for individual purpose.  The Govt. must conduct eviction drive and protect the govt. land immediately, it demanded. However, the Society called for mass participation in the proposed centenary celebration of the Pasighat township.

Meanwhile, Bogong Anchal Block, ZPM Okom Yosung in a separate release also expressed concerned over the road condition of Pasighat Township.

He said that Pasighat is the oldest town of state and is celebrating its Centenary on 14th January,2011. In this long 100 years Pasighat has not emerged as fully developed town in terms of all round development.

The present road conditions of Pasighat Townships are in a sorry state. The entire roads of Pasighat like JNC Campus, GTC, roads, adjoining villages like Mirku, Mirsam, Diking, Forest Colony, Upper & Lower Banskota, SS Mission, APP Colony, IGJHS School, DEM HS School, Pasighat - Baleks road from DVO's office upto Mirmir Chariali and other roads of Pasighat Townships are in deplorable and dilapidated condition, which is worsening day by day, he said.

He further alleged that the maintenance works carried out on the said roads do not last long due to lack of proper road carpeting and drainage system. Mere road maintenance will not serve the purpose until and unless proper drainage system is taken care of, he added.

Yosung also stated that, UD Department had already completed the tender procedures, and the allotted amount of Rs.5.00 Crore for Pasighat network roads should be expeditiously and judiciously utilized without further delay.

He also appealed all the citizen of Pasighat to abide by the DC order regarding stray cattle to avert vehicular accident and unhygienic atmosphere within the Pasighat Township.

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